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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION OUIL505 ILLUSTRATION 2: Applied Illustration



Credits 30

Module Brief Title: Product, Range & Distribution

STUDIO BRIEF 1: Project Proposal Project Rationale What do you intend to do and why? I intend to design and illustrate a series of characters based from the folklore and mythology of the Japanese culture. I will explore the legends and myths from its culture and represent it using a fresh and different point of view, although I will like to conserve the japanese traditional tone of voice in every moment. I will use book binding and print processes to support my designs, with the intention of producing a set of illustrations in a descriptive visual book format . This brief will bring the perfect chance for my practice to approach and develop my character design and concept skills to a higher level. Not just my drawing skills, but my crafting ability will be key on the development of my work .

THEMES / SUBJECTS What Themes/Subjects will form the content of your work for this module? This should include theoretical and non-creative based content and concerns. This section should identify your consideration of the social, cultural, ethical and creative concerns of contemporary Illustration practice. GENERAL THEMES: I will be working between cultural and historical aspects of the Japanese culture . I will look at the Mythology , exploring the tales and legends found in the Japanese folklore.

SPECIFIC SUBJECTS: I will intend to explore and develop my character design and concept skill , and the interaction of images with short descriptive texts ( narrative) as a whole. I want to re-illustrate some of the most famous and no-that-famous japanese myths from the traditional japanese art, in a way that young generations can find the designs more suitable for the 21 century we are living in nowadays.

PRACTICAL & CONCEPTUAL APPLICATION What areas of Illustration do you intend to investigate in relation to the practical and conceptual, production/ distribution of work in response to selected briefs? SPECIFIC DISCIPLINARY AREA: I will be focusing my project on character design and narrative mainly. In order to improve the professionalism aspect of the project, I intend to support my designs using different practical approaches for promotion such as bookbinding and print making .

AUDIENCE/CONTEXTS: My target audience will be focus on adolescents, aged 12- 18 ,but mainly adults. I'm looking to target an audience that is interested in Character and narrative, an audience interested in the traditional Japanese mythology in a fresh a new point of view . This audience could been involved with videogame character designers, and conceptual artists. PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTION METHODS: I will design and produce my own book design , for my set of character and narrative illustration set. Book binding workshop opened a new horizon to expand and take further my idea, whereas the book itself it will be part of the distribution. As part of the “promotion� aspect of my project, a set of prints will accompanied them to elevate the project to a higher standard. CONTEXTUAL REFERENCES Identify areas of professional/creative practices that will inform the contextualization of the work that you produce. This should include specific illustrators, studios, practitioners and products as well as broader creative disciplines and methods of Production /Distribution. ILLUSTRATORS / DESIGNERS / STUDIOS: Ghibli Studio NinjaTeam Studios Shohei Otomo Hokusai Victo Ngai MTG Wizard of the Coast Bethseda Hayao Miyazaki CREATIVE SKILLS What practical skills do you intend to further develop and apply during your project? What do you intend to use the skills for? Consider extending the use of skills that you already have in order to deliver work of a higher standard as well as identifying new skills that you will need to develop.

I will use a digital approach for develop my characters , although a certain use of traditional media in the process will be present as I move further on the project. On the other hand, I will engage with bookbinding process which is new for me but I'm looking forward to success on this area. I also will be using printmaking processes, more accurate screenprints to support my bodywork.

KEY TEXTS List a selected number of books, articles and texts that are central to your proposed area of practice. These should include a combination of design and non-practice based books, theoretical texts as well as visual publications. You should include a list of relevant websites.

Hokusai : Beyond the Great Wave Handbook of Japanese Mythology by Michael Ashkenazi China and Japan Myths and Legends by Alexander Machenzie


OUIL 505 - Project Planner 1

Module Briefing Studio Brief 1 Research & Proposal Proposal Planning & Research



Proposal Submission/Studio Development week

Current status .


Studio Brief 2 Development & Production

Start to choose and design the best ideas/characters from texts through thumbnails, sketches and roughs

Studio Development week

Re draw the best ideas, in detail , produce a number of satisfied concepts/designs for characters. Bring designs to digital and explore the aesthetic aspects and possible visual outcomes.


Progress Tutorials

Hear and embrace feedbacks. Push the development process harder. Experiment with colour through digital process .


Group Feedback

Embrace peep feedback and consider finish the first final designs for the characters. More detail, more colour, more outcome


Start to plan and design the book aesthetic. Book binding development


Studio Brief - 3 Presentation & Evaluation Interim Crit






Focus on finishing the book . Spent time on the workshop, crafting the final book design.



As an additional work, I will produce design a serie of screenprint to support my illustrated book , separately.



Finishing off the set of print that will support the bodywork.


Group Feedback

Using InDesign to place all the illustration in the book desing that I produced. InDesign workshop will be required.


Assessment Briefing & Final Crit

Editing, configuring and setting the final outcome to a higher standard. Adding additional details if needed. Write the selfevaluation sheet.


Module Submission 09/05/2017

Submission and end of module.

Mm253368 ouil505 proposal 2017  
Mm253368 ouil505 proposal 2017