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MarineRescue Mobile App User Guide

Version 1.0

A dedicated mobile app to help NSW boaters stay safe on the water

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Create a Profile Logging On Important Safety Information & Services Download Instructions MRNSW Contacts

1. Create a Profile


PROFILE SETUP –– Start your profile by entering:

To start, create your MarineRescue profile by selecting the Get Started button. This is a one-off registration that you complete to lodge your personal details when first using the App.

• • •

If you are a MRNSW Radio Club member select I’m a Radio Club Member. Enter your Radio Club call sign and vessel registration number and your details will load automatically.

Your full name;

Your mobile number; and

Your Call Sign (for Radio Club Members)

Then, click Next to continue

Version 1.0


VESSEL DETAILS –– • Enter your vessel registration number;

• Enter your 15-digit EPIRB number; and

• Select the vessel length, hull type and superstructure colour.

• Finish by nominating the communications equipment on board your vessel.

VESSEL SETUP –– We then need to know details about your vessel.

• • •

Tap on the camera icon to take a photo of your vessel OR select an image from your phone’s photo gallery;

Enter the name of your vessel; and

Select the vessel type and location where the boat is kept (stored or moored).

Select Next to continue

Select Next to continue. Version 1.0

TRAILER SETUP –– If you use a trailer to transport your vessel, please enter the following details:

VEHICLE SETUP –– Next, enter the details of the vehicle used to transport your vessel to your departure location.

• •

• •

Your trailer registration number; and

Trailer type

Vehicle registration number; and

Vehicle type & colour

Select Next to continue

Select Next to continue

If you do not use a trailer to transport your vessel select I’m not using a trailer.

If you do not use a vehicle to travel to your departure point and/or tow your vessel, select I’m not using a vehicle. Version 1.0

EMERGENCY CONTACT –– Please nominate a relative, friend or other person for MRNSW to contact in the event of an emergency.

PROFILE COMPLETE –– You profile is now complete and you are ready to start planning your boat trip.

• •

Select Begin to navigate to the MarineRescue Home Screen.

Import a contact from your address book; or

Enter the emergency contact’s full name & phone number in the provided fields.

Click Next to continue

Version 1.0

2. Logging On


HOME SCREEN –– The Home Screen provides boaters with access to important safety information and services:

• • • • •

Begin planning your trip by selecting the Log On button.

You will be directed to the Your Vessel screen and asked to confirm the image of your vessel. If the image is not the vessel recorded when first registering your MarineRescue profile, take a new image by selecting the camera icon.

Log On with MRNSW;

Pre-launch checklist;

Emergency procedures;

Live weather updates; and


Select Next to continue

Version 1.0

PEOPLE ON BOARD –– Next, confirm the total number of people who will be on board your vessel by scrolling through the numbers field.

DURATION OF YOUR TRIP –– Then, confirm the total number of hours that you plan to be out on the water by scrolling through the numbers field.

You will be reminded to make sure you have a lifejacket for every person on board.

Select Next to continue

Select Next to continue

Version 1.0

DEPARTURE AND DESTINATION –– Nominate the location your vessel will depart from and return to. You can complete this by either:

• •

TRACKING FEATURE –– Boaters can choose the safety option of having their location tracked every 30 minutes by MRNSW. Every minute counts in an emergency on the water and this information helps identify where we should start searching for you.

Typing the location in the search field; or

Selecting a location on the map feature.

• •

Select Next to continue

Version 1.0

To select this feature press Track me To opt out press Don’t track me

You must enable Location Services in your phone settings to use the safety tracking service. Please note this will decrease the battery life of your phone.

Log Off

SUCCESSFUL LOG ON –– Your trip details will now be sent directly to MRNSW for acknowledgment and monitoring.


Once you receive an acknowledgment from MRNSW, you are successfully Logged On and free to get on with enjoying your day on the water.

You can update your destination or return time at any stage during your trip. Simply choose the Expected to return or Destination button on this page and make the necessary changes to let us know where you're heading now or your new return time.

You will receive a notification confirming your trip is complete.

Once you have returned from your trip, simply select the Log Off button to notify us that you have arrived safely at your destination.

If you don't Log Off as expected, MRNSW will try to contact you to check on your safety. If we can't make contact, a search operation will begin.

Version 1.0

3. Important Safety Information and Services

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION & SERVICES –– The Home Screen features a range of information and services to help keep you safe on the water.

• • • • • •

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIP –– To ensure you and your passengers stay safe on the water, complete the Checklist feature that details essential pre-launch reminders. Select the checkbox to mark each item when complete.

Pre-launch checklist;

Emergency procedure;

Weather updates;

Map feature;

About MRNSW; and

Your Profile

If you have items that are unique to your boat and/or passengers, you can create a reminder in the text field at the bottom of the page.

Version 1.0

-34° 0.10 S 151° 12.16 E

HOW TO SUMMON HELP –– If you are in imminent danger or facing a less immediate emergency on the water, you need to know how to summon help quickly.

HOW TO SUMMON HELP - CONTINUED… –– You can call Triple Zero directly using the Emergency call 000 button.

The MarineRescue App does not replace an EPIRB or marine radio. You should still ensure you carry all required equipment to immediately summon help in an emergency.

The Emergency Procedure feature tells you, step-by-step, how to make an emergency call on your marine radio or phone.

It also gives you your latitude and longitude position coordinates so you can tell the emergency services where you are.

Version 1.0


WEATHER UPDATE –– The App gives you essential information on weather conditions in your chosen location, including:

• • •

To review your profile, select the Profile button. You can review and update details regarding your Vessel, Vehicle and Emergency Contacts.

Temperature (4 day forecast);

High and low tides; and

Wind conditions.

Please make sure you routinely visit this page to confirm your details are up to date with the latest information.

To review weather conditions for your chosen location select the Location button. Version 1.0

4. Download Instructions

DOWNLOAD NOW! –– Download the free MarineRescue App from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Version 1.0

5. MRNSW Contacts


CONTACT US –– To learn more about the MarineRescue App and the latest MRNSW news, visit our website or contact us on:

P: +61 2 8071 4848



Version 1.0

Volunteers saving lives on the water

Version 1.0