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Lanai™ Description 4 person towable lounge or aquapark base. Specifications 98”L x 98”W x 10”H Paradise is lying in the sun on your own private island. Newly redesigned for 2009, the Lanai™ is a versatile swim platform that can also be towed. Offering a veritable oasis of living space, the Lanai is ideal as a launching pad for any watersports, or just for relaxing. When it’s time to cool off, simply clip off anchor and use the Lanai to tow up to 4 people! Try sitting, lying down, or even standing for extra style points. The unique hexagonal shape offers exceptional stability. AquaLink connectors help attach boats, or customize platform with accessories. The Lanai™ platform is made using a heavy duty 26 gauge PVC, 2-chambered bladder covered in a combination of 600d polyester and 840d nylon for the best combination of strength, durability, performance and style. Extra-wide inflatable floor provides buoyancy, stability and fast sliding while underway. TowControl strap made from padded webbing adjusts to provide flexible handholds for riders while sitting or standing.

Lanai™ Features Rapid Inflate Valve This unique valve system offers the best possible combination of high air volume and ease of use.

1 Year Aquaglide towables are the best in the business. We proudly offer a 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.

SpeedSkin Base A specially coated fabric used on the sliding base to enhance speed and reduce friction.

AquaLink Connectors Stainless steel system offering a wide range of options for Aquaparks, accessories, or mooring.

QuickConnect Towing Attachment Makes connecting to the tow rope extremely quick, easy and safe.

FullWrap Cover Offers the security and stability of a heavy duty cover wrapping completely around the inflatable for higher performance.

TowControl Strap A unique srtap which can be easily adjusted to ride sitting, prone, or even standing.

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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