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Welcome to Mariemont City Schools!

Welcome to Mariemont City Schools!

Hello and welcome to Mariemont City Schools! As the proud superintendent, I am happy to have you and your children joining us this year.

The Mariemont City School District is an award-winning public school district serving students grades K-12 in the Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park communities. Our students, staff and programs regularly earn local, state and national acclaim in academics, arts and athletics.

We pride ourselves on high expectations, continuous improvement and instructional best practices in the classroom as well as student academic growth, passion exploration and global competency. In our schools, students have a well-rounded educational experience, become strong communicators that work collaboratively with others and become deeply committed members of the community and world.

Throughout this guide you will find basic information on our district’s core programs and philosophies. We hope this eases the transition into our schools.

Welcome again to our school district! I am very excited to have you join the Mariemont family!


Our Schools

Mariemont Elementary School

Grades K-6

For students living in Columbia Township, Fairfax and Mariemont

505 Students

Terrace Park Elementary School

Grades K-6

For students living in Terrace Park

359 Students

Principal Ericka Simmons Principal Tami Croll

Our Schools

Mariemont Junior High School

Grades 7-8

Principal Aaron Pfeffenberger

For students living in Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park

249 Students

Mariemont High School

Grades 9-12

Principal Dr. Jim Renner

For students living in Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park

465 Students


Destination 2026 Strategic Plan

Today’s student, at a glance, looks pretty much the same as the students of yesterday; however, on the inside, this student is really very different. In general, today’s student is walking into our classrooms smarter, more experienced and ready to engage in complex learning experiences.

Additionally, today’s global society, sparked by rapid technological advances and innovation, is putting new demands on America’s work force. Students must possess a whole new set of skills and knowledge to be successful in the future, and those skills change from year to year and decade to decade.

So, what does this mean for the Mariemont City School District? How do we prepare the children of Mariemont for their futures when everything about the future is ever-changing?

Instruction must be more intentional and purposeful than ever before. Schooling can no longer be looked at as an event; rather it must become an experience in which students are deeply engaged, find passion and experience practice in their learning. Students must think critically and creatively across disciplines, collaborate to problem solve, understand the global landscape and their place in it, and use technology inside the classroom as much as they do outside of it.

In response to these ever-changing needs and demands, the Mariemont City School District launched Destination 2026, the strategic plan to guide the instructional vision of the district and explore the knowledge, skills and experiences students will need to compete globally and succeed consistently in tomorrow’s world.

Destination 2026 can be found in its entirety on the district’s website.



Mariemont and Terrace Park Elementary Schools

We offer a robust and comprehensive curriculum at our elementary schools in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The curriculum also includes learning in the world languages with exposure to Spanish and STEM learning at all levels. There are also opportunities for advanced courses to meet the needs of all students. Additionally, students participate in a variety of specials classes including music, art, digital citizenship and physical education. All of our work in the classroom centers around our Characteristics of Highly Engaged Students to ensure the academic experience is top notch for our youngest learners.

Mariemont Junior High School

We offer a robust and comprehensive curriculum at our junior high school in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The curriculum also includes learning in the world languages with opportunity to study Spanish or Latin. We also offer our junior high students opportunities for advanced or support courses in order to meet all their needs. Additionally, students at this age are provided the opportunity to enroll in courses that interest them. Students can choose from different elective courses that are art, music, wellness and STEM focused. Junior high students can earn high school credit while at the junior high with opportunity to earn high school math credits, a world language credit and a portion of a fine arts credit. All of our work in the classroom centers around our Characteristics of Highly Engaged Students to ensure the academic experience is top notch for our junior high learners.

Mariemont High School

We offer a robust and comprehensive curriculum at our high school in English, mathematics, science and social studies. The curriculum also includes learning in the world languages with opportunity to study Spanish or Latin. We also offer our high school students opportunities for advanced or support courses in order to meet all their needs. There are honors courses and 21 AP courses available for students. Additionally, students at the high school are provided the opportunity to enroll in courses that interest them. Students can choose electives in visual or performing arts, business, English, health, math, science, social studies, technology and engineering. All courses offered at the high school level earn high school credit toward graduation. We also partner with the Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development which provides business and Project Lead the Way engineering courses for our students on our high school campus or on the Great Oaks campuses. All of our work in the classroom centers around our Characteristics of Highly Engaged Students to ensure the academic experience engages and prepares our high school learners.



Mariemont City Schools offers a wide variety of methods to communicate with students, staff, families and the community. Below are the district’s main sources of communication for news, publications and emergency information.

School Announcements

Parents and guardians have access to the daily announcements (weekly announcements at the elementary schools) which get read aloud to the students each day. They can be accessed through the district website and families can opt in to a daily email subscription.


The official site for all things Mariemont City Schools is www.mariemontschools.org. It serves as the central hub for anything you want to know about the school district. After visiting the home page, you can find more information on the district, schools, academics, arts, athletics, news, support organizations and more with one easy click. You can find a calendar of events for the district as a whole or specific school buildings. Make www.mariemontschools.org your first stop when looking for specific information about the district.


Several times a year, Mariemont City Schools sends important publications to each address within the school district. Be on the lookout for The Experience: the official newsmagazine of the Mariemont City School District, which will provide a behind-thescenes look at our schools as well as relay important information to the entire community. You also can expect to see the Experiential Learning Update and the Mental Health Message in your mailboxes each year, both of which deliver a comprehensive overview of two of the district’s biggest focuses.



Warrior Weekly

In an effort to reduce the amount of emails families receive in their personal inboxes, the district publishes the Warrior Weekly, a weekly e-newsletter sent to all parents and guardians. This will include relevant information from the district as well as messages from the support organizations and community groups.

Social Media

Mariemont City Schools uses social media as an inside look at our schools. You can follow the district on Facebook (Mariemont City Schools), X (@MariemontSchool), Instagram (MariemontSchools) and YouTube (Mariemont City Schools).

PTO Emails

The Elementary Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) each send an e-newsletter via email which serve as the schools’ main form of weekly communication. The newsletters will include school news, PTO news, district news and community news and are a great source of upcoming dates, important reminders and volunteer information. The newsletters are sent each Wednesday morning during the school year.


Mariemont City Schools uses a notification program called SchoolMessenger to relay emergency information in a timely manner; however it is important to note that SchoolMessenger will only be used in the event of an emergency. The SchoolMessenger program utilizes text, email and/or phone communication to send notifications instantaneously, thus increasing the likelihood that our parents and staff receive crucial information quickly. Parents and guardians who have input contact information into the Powerschool system will automatically be enrolled in the SchoolMessenger notification system.


Warriors BEyond

Warriors BEyond is a comprehensive, award-winning, K-12 initiative that allows the students of Mariemont City Schools the opportunity for experiential learning outside the confines of the traditional classroom setting. Warriors BEyond seeks to foster passion exploration through hands-on, interest-based courses that encourage students to investigate new ideas, subjects and activities beyond of the traditional curriculum.



Explorations are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster creativity. Students in fifth and sixth grades will begin each week with a 90-minute, interest-based course that will take place on Mondays for six weeks per session. All Explorations are hands-on, ungraded and focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that intrigues them.


Mariemont Elementary and Terrace Park Elementary sixth grade students enjoy a combined outdoor education experience at Camp Kern - from role-playing as leaders and members of a Native American tribe to negotiating the Treaty of Greenville with General Anthony Wayne to wandering around and learning through the Living History stations in the forest; this is an unforgettable experience of hands-on learning, team building and fun.


After school enrichment classes are for students in grades K-6 and offered throughout the school year. With course offerings ranging from art, music, STEM, leadership, science and many more, after school enrichments partner with community leaders and elementary staff to create engaging courses to extend the school day of our elementary students.

The following programs comprise the Warriors BEyond initiative:

Warriors BEyond


Similar to Explorations at the elementary level, Expeditions provide district seventh and eighth grade students with exciting, innovative learning opportunities during the school year. All Expeditions are hands-on, ungraded and focus on lighting a spark or student interests. Expeditions are offered within the junior high building or at various sites throughout Cincinnati.


At the conclusion of the school year, district eighth grade students have the opportunity to travel as a group to Washington, D.C. to see firsthand what they learned in their U.S. History class. Students and staff chaperones spend three days in the nation’s capital, packing in historic tours, museum visits and even a significant visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


A meaningful tradition for all MJHS students and staff is known as the Mariemont Junior High School Day of Service. Students are divided into groups and disperse to dozens of sites across the city to perform community service projects.


Mariemont High School joins some of the most elite private and public schools in the country by offering Intersession – an opportunity for all students to explore interests and careers and think about the future. For four days in May, students will be able to select between a teacher-led program, an Experienceship or a college exploration path to begin thinking of life after MHS. All opportunities are hands-on and are designed to showcase a possible career path or lifetime passion.


High school students looking to expand their knowledge in a subject not offered through a traditional course are encouraged to participate in Master Class. Students pick their subjects and guide the curriculum throughout the year, designating what and how they want to learn. Previous Master Class students have explored areas such as sign language, book writing, international relations and actuarial science.


Students at Mariemont High School are presented with several opportunities for international travel throughout the school year. Each summer, students from the Service Projects Abroad extracurricular group attend a week-long trip performing service in an underdeveloped nation. Also each summer, students have the chance to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit to learn and interact with a diverse group of students from across the world. International trips may also be offered with a particular class/subject or as part of the Intersession program. Need-based scholarships are available for select international travel trips.




Mariemont City Schools utilizes Schoology as the universal learning management system for students in grades 5-12. Families can expect to use Schoology to access important class and school information and documents.


Used as the universal learning management system for students in grades K-4, SeeSaw is an online tool used to meaningfully engage students and parents in the learning process. It’s student portfolios allow staff to easily communicate with students to grade assignments or offer guidance. It also boasts an active library of student work, giving parents and guardians the chance to see what the students are learning and accomplishing while at school.

One-to-One Common Device

Mariemont City Schools uses a One-to-One Common Device technology platform with all students using a common iPad in all classrooms.

Students in grades 4-12 will be permitted to take the iPad home with them each day, provided that it returns to school with the student fully charged and remains undamaged. Each student iPad will be fully regulated and restricted to pre-approved functionality determined by the district staff for each grade band.

Further explanation on the One-to-One program and Mariemont’s technology ideologies can be found on the district website.

My Mariemont Portal

You can find a helpful list of technology resources used in Mariemont City Schools on the My Mariemont Portal page of the district website.

Student Achievement Dashboard

The district has created a student achievement dashboard for families to access district assessment results, individual student assessment results and quarterly report cards. The dashboard also provides information for the parents such as the student ID number and iPad device number. Families also can use the dashboard to access their homeroom teacher assignment, back to school information and sign up for daily announcement emails.



Mariemont City Schools offers district-sanctioned athletic activities for students at both Mariemont High School and Mariemont Junior High School.

While small in numbers, Mariemont routinely produces quality athletics teams that compete at the highest levels in the state. Since 2017, Mariemont High School has earned 12 Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) state championships in swimming and diving, track and field, lacrosse and soccer.

Mariemont High School Athletics

FALL Football

Girls Volleyball

Boys/Girls Soccer

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Girls Tennis


Boys/Girls Golf


Boys/Girls Basketball

Boys/Girls Swimming and Diving

Boys/Girls Bowling



Baseball Softball

Boys/Girls Lacrosse

Boys Tennis

Boys/Girls Track and Field

Mariemont Junior High School Athletics

FALL Football

Girls Volleyball

Boys/Girls Soccer

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Girls Tennis


Boys/Girls Golf


Boys/Girls Basketball

Boys/Girls Swimming and Diving


Boys Tennis

Boys/Girls Track and Field


Warriors BEwell

In an effort to make the mental health of our students an even greater point of emphasis, the Mariemont City Schools District has launched the Warriors BEwell program – a comprehensive program to ensure well-researched and robust programming and services for our students and families.

Warriors BEwell is a way for the district to communicate with its parents and students about prevention and advocacy programs, research behind the services offered and partnerships with other organizations that help support its efforts. It is a tool that counselors and psychology staff use to review practices and partnerships, stay on top of the latest research and continue to improve in order to support the mental and physical health needs of its students.


Warriors BEwell

The Mariemont City School District has made mental health, fighting its stigma and advocating for its awareness a priority among all of its buildings and within all grade levels. Below are some of the programs in place to help advance this initiative.

Child Focus, Inc.

Mariemont City Schools is proud to partner with Child Focus, Inc. for our therapy, case management and medication management services for our students. Approximately 10% of our students are receiving services through a Child Focus mental health therapist. This reduces wait time and scheduling barriers for our parents and is paid for through insurance or private pay.

Sources of Strength

A program for both Mariemont High School and Mariemont Junior High School. The mission of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide by increasing help-seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults. The peer-to-peer program is facilitated by a group of student leaders and adult advisors who coordinate campaigns designed to encourage, uplift and educate the entire student body on where to find support systems and how to build into their strengths.

Signs of Suicide

Students at both the high school and the junior high school participate in the annual Signs of Suicide screenings which identify students who may be struggling and need some additional support.

Mindful Moments

Students in all grade levels routinely practice mindfulness to become more aware of their self, their body and their surroundings. It is a calming reminder to take a deep breath and let go of stress.


GoNoodle is a program specifically designed for elementary students to get kids moving with short, interactive activities. Some GoNoodle brain breaks work spelling or math into fun, some focus on breathing and calming meditation and others get kids running, jumping in place, stretching or dancing.


The Arts

Mariemont City Schools recognizes the value of a broad education and the well-rounded student. To that end, we embrace challenging academics, a range of extracurricular activities, a robust athletic program and an outstanding array of visual and performing arts.

The district offers fine arts programming in visual arts, strings, band, voice and theater beginning in elementary school and progressing through graduation. At each level, programming builds on foundations fostered in earlier years, challenging students to explore their creativity and hone skills.


Mariemont’s band program includes musicians from fifth through 12th grade. The program is designed to teach students increasingly more about music and instrumental techniques as they progress. Band begins in fifth grade when students are encouraged to select an instrument, develop basic proficiency and experience what it means to play as part of a musical group. Through junior high, we continue to work with students to improve musicianship, explore a variety of music, band literature and further develop the skills and experience required to play solo, ensemble and full band pieces. In high school, our program expands to include a wide variety of styles and venues, including Marching Band, Concert Band, Solo and Ensemble performances, Pep Band and Indoor Competition Drumline.


The chorus program is designed to teach students increasingly more about music and vocal technique. As students’ progress in school and their minds and voices expand, we encourage them to move from simply singing in chorus to learning and developing vocal technique, sight reading skills and understanding of music theory. Chorus welcomes students who simply love to sing while challenging those who are more dedicated by offering opportunities to audition for select groups such as the show chorus Showstoppers or the Chamber Chorus. Students also have the opportunity to audition for the city-wide Honors Chorus and the Solo and Ensemble performances and Pep Band.


The Arts


Mariemont’s orchestra program is designed to teach violin, viola, cello or string bass to students in grades 5-12. The orchestra program provides students the opportunity to improve their musical skills and musicianship. It also is a great choice for students who want to be a part of an independent, enjoyable group and who like making music with others throughout their educational experience. Students in the program also have the opportunity to audition for district-wide and state-wide Honors Orchestras as well as various other on-going extra-curricular orchestra programs.

Visual/Digital Arts

Visual arts curriculum extends from elementary through high school, offering engaging, fun and interesting classes that teach students essential technique with hands-on experience. Fine arts programming includes fine arts (drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, photography, etc.) and digital arts (web design, digital video production, etc.) In all visual arts programming, we strive to teach students the basic principles and elements of design and the historical/cultural context of art.


Mariemont recognizes the value of theater not only in the growth and education of those students interested in pursuing careers in performing arts or theater management, but also in the development of any student whose future might include teaching, public speaking or event/project management. The theater experience begins at the elementary schools where students are given the opportunity to participate in class production – with an emphasis on participating in a collaborative effort, understanding the components of a stage production and learning the basics of stage performance. In junior high, casting is more competitive and expectations for cast and crew are higher. Students learn more advanced blocking and acting and are introduced to the use of light and sound to create mood, theme and plot. The high school productions are directed by professionals and are cast and managed as professional productions with a youth cast. Directors encourage students to become a much larger part of the creative process, collaborating in the development of character and action.


Support Organizations

Parent Teacher Organizations

Each school has an organized Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) led solely by parent volunteers to enhance the Mariemont educational experience for the students. PTOs sponsor activities, raise funds for the schools and provide monetary assistance. They work closely with the administrators at each building to assess the needs and wants of the building. For more information on specific PTOs, visit the district website.

Mariemont School Foundation

The Foundation is independent non-profit 501-(c) 3 organization that was formed in 1996 by a group of committed parents and residents who realized that our school district could not afford to support every initiative that could enhance the educational experience for our children. Private funds were needed to bridge the gap. Today, it supports a broad range of needs within the School District encompassing “the whole” educational experience.

Mariemont Arts Association

The Mariemont Arts Association supports all of the visual and performing arts programs in the Mariemont City School District with our mission directed primarily at Mariemont High School and Mariemont Junior High School as the main recipients of our financial support. It does this through leadership, communication, coordination and invaluable financial support.

Mariemont Athletics Boosters

The Booster Association was created to promote and support the junior high and high school student athletes. It supports excellence in student athletics, with emphasis on student & community participation, sportsmanship, spirit and funding. Funds raised by the Boosters supplement the athletic budget and these contributions enhance the athletic experience of all students.

Kiwanis Club of Mariemont

Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. For over 50 years, the Kiwanis Club of Mariemont has joined with Kiwanis International to make a difference in our local community. As a strong partner with the Mariemont City Schools, the club has a long history of supporting students through mentoring, leadership development and college scholarships.

Welcome to the Warrior family!
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