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María Simó. Recent works (2010-2012) Hi! Thanks for downloading my portfolio. Feel free to reupload it wherever you want and share it with anyone you feel like. The information and images in this dossier are under a Creative Common License. You can find out about the conditions of this license here: Some of this works are available for sale. I’m also work as a freelance designer and illustrator and always looking for new challenges. You can write me for consulting or just say hi at my email:

I hope see you back soon.


Voight-Kampff test Acrylic and oil on canvas. 89.5 x 116 cm. 2012

Mantis (Soulbeating proyect)

The landsc

Acrylic-collage on wood. 35x50cm. 2010

Acrylic on w

cape revolution (Soulbeating proyect)

wood. 60x60cm. 2010

Variations in L. minor (Soulbeating proyect) Acrylic on canvas. 81x61cm. 2011

Variations in L. minor II (Soulbeating proyect) Acrylic and oil on canvas. 65,5 x 81,5 cm. 2012

Piano, piano (Soulbeating proyect) Acrylic on canvas. 100x100cm. 2012

Birthday party (Soulbeating proyect) Acrylic on canvas. 81x60 cm. 2011

Mother (Soulbeating proyect) [next page] Acrylic on canvas. 50x70cm. 2011

Sioux Acrylic on wood. 51x70cm. 2011

La voz del caba単al (The voice of caba単al) Digital illustration and collage. 2011 + info:単al [continued on next pages]

Rubik #3

Digital ilustration. 70x100cm. 2010


DIgital illustration. 25.5x43 cm. 2011

Raw boy sketch Colour pencils on paper. 16x11.5 cm. 2010

Top ranking Digital illustration. 15x13cm. 2010

Rubik #2 Digital illustration 100x70cm. 2010

Rubik #1 Digital illustration 100x60cm. 2010

NO PASA NADA (Nothing happens) (*) On paper Bauhaus women Nothing to be done Life is tiring An open chair Mixed media 40x40cm. 2011 + info:


Diez cuentos (Ten tales) Carmen Laforet. Guadiel House. 14x21 cm. 2010 Los placeres prohibidos (Forbidden pleasures). Luis Cernuda. Guadiel house. 14x21 cm. 2011 El futuro es un bosque que ya ardi贸 en alguna parte (Future is a forest already burned somewhere) [cover] Juan Bello. Bella Varsovia House. 22x43cm. 2011

MARÍA SIMÓ (1987, Spain) is 24 years old. Lives and works by the sea, in Murcia. She's on the home stretch of the Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at UGR (University of Granada) and, besides, studied web and graphic design at the School of Arts in the same city. She combines her training as plastic artist with various comissions as a freelance illustrator in the publishing field, among which it's worth mentioning her artwork for the children's book collection published by Guadiel house and, more recently, her contribution to Juan Martínez Studio's album, "La voz del Cabañal: Graffiti imaginado". She also made the cover of Juan Bello's book of poetry "El futuro es un bosque que ya ardió en alguna parte", release by La Bella Varsovia. She had her 500 characters of glory in media such as El País Semanal and Calle 20, and has been feature in Atem Books' Carpaccio Guide to emerging artists. She showed her works in several exhibitions, lately: "Mi niño malabar" [My juggler boy] at Pupa Tattoo Art Gallery (Granada, 2009), "No pasa nada" [Nothing happens ] at Botánico Café (Granada, 2011) and the group show "Odi et amo" at El Corte Inglés (Málaga, 2012)

Estudios 09.05 - actualmente | Licenciatura en Bellas Artes | Facultad Alonso Cano de Granada (UGR) 02.08-06.08 | Monográfico en Diseño Gráfico Profesional | Escuela de Arte de Granada 02.08-06.08 | Monográfico en Diseño Profesional de Sitios Web | Escuela de Arte de Granada Experiencia laboral 12.10-01.11 | Ilustración portada “El futuro es un bosque que ya ardió en otra parte” | Editorial Bella Varsovia 10.10-01.11 | Ilustradora para el álbum “La voz de El Cabañal” | Juan Martínez Estudio-Gráficas Vernetta 01.10-05.11 | Ilustradora para clásicos escolares | Editorial Guadiel - Junta de Andalucía Exposiciones 04.12-05.12 | Odi et amo. Femme Fatale. Exposición colectiva | Ámbito cultural de El Corte Inglés (Málaga) 02.11-03.11 | No pasa nada. Exposición individual | Botánico Café (Granada) 04.09-05.09 | Mi niño malabar. Exposición individual | Pupa Tattoo Art Gallery (Granada) 03.08-04.08 | Pintura & figuración. Exposición colectiva | Facultad de Bellas Artes Alonso Cano (Granada) Selección de publicaciones & distinciones 05.12 | Beca de patrocinio hosting PromSite |CDmon 04.12 |Catálogo de Odi et amo. Femme Fatale. | El Ámbito Cultural de El Corte Inglés 02.12 | Catálogo de las II Jornadas “Investigar con Jóvenes” | EDARTE (UPNA)-Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación 09.11| Los placeres prohibidos. Luis Cernuda | Editorial Guadiel 04. 11| El futuro es un bosque que ya ardió en alguna parte. Juan Bello | Editorial Bella Varsovia 02.11 | La voz de El Cabañal. Graffiti imaginado | Juan Martínez Estudio-Gráficas Vernetta 08.10 | Diez cuentos. Carmen Laforet | Editorial Guadiel 04.10 | El pájaro verde y otros cuentos. Juan Valera | Editorial Guadiel 09.09 | Carpaccio. Guía de artistas emergentes vol. 2 | Atem Books 09.08 | Beca Expedición Tahinca-Can Bancaja | Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación de la UAB 05.08 | El Talento de la Semana | El País Semanal

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María Simó (recent works)  

Portfolio 2010-2012

María Simó (recent works)  

Portfolio 2010-2012

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