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june | 2013

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Dear Members, Welcome to another beautiful summer and happy Father’s Day to all of our dads at Hammock Beach! June brings us lots of exciting and fun family activities such as our Father/Son Putting Tournament, movie on the lawn, family bingo and lots more family fun. Beginning June 10, Hammock Beach offers its tennis, golf, surfing and stand up paddle boarding clinics for our younger members. For more information about our family activities or our camp programs, please visit our website or contact Marianne Murphy in the membership office. Additionally, we are excited to share a couple great stories about our properties: Grand Golf Resorts of Florida, Golf Talk America Pack Light: Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast is Just Like Home--Only Better, Boca Raton Observer

Here’s to a happy summer! Yours in hospitality,


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Founder & CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts

Dear Members:

At the Member & Manager’s Reception last month, we all had the pleasure of recognizing and rewarding the staff who were complimented by Club Members in the various Comment sections in the 2013 Annual Member Survey. These employees were praised for their hard work, dedication and going “above and beyond” in providing exceptional service for Club Members. I would like to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the staff members listed below once again:


Jason Farrell | Donald Hunt | William Sipos | Madeline Kinney Dean Houghton | Bonnie Lawson

Food & Beverage:

Harry Thorpe | Cindy Rapske | Annie Laraia | Ralph D’Agostino | Monica Wise De’Mon Morgan | Eric Johnson | Nicole Connon | Elizabeth Campanella Carlos Addarich | Sean Sweeney


Walter Sam | Kevin Benjamin | Alessandra Buenner | Margaret Wyszynska Valeri McPherson | Jennifer Bissonnette | Tim Gorman


Gene Paul Lascano | Harry Gilbert


Marie McManus | Marianne Murphy The Club is gearing up for another busy summer season and a grand Fireworks display scheduled for July 5th, along with many activities for adults and kids. We look forward to seeing you around the Club enjoying our great amenities.

Carlton W. Grant, General Manager


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Now that the 2013 Member Survey is complete, I would like to take this opportunity to update the members on the results. The members who took the survey represent a good cross-section of the membership between residents and nonresidents in that 48.4 % live here 6-12 months of the year and 51.6% fewer than 6 months per year. Likewise, the split between golf members and beach club members is 53.9% versus 46.1%. The split between condo owners, homeowners and lot owners was 56.7%, 42.5% and 18.6% respectively.

I would like to apologize for the brief delay in reviewing these results with the membership, due to an error in the original computation of the 2013 ratings. We have corrected this error and would therefore like to review the results at this time. Copies of the survey results are available on-line on the member website or in hard copy at the Membership Office. The results are encouraging in that there are no significant changes in ratings from 2012 versus 2013. That is not to say that there were not areas that indicated a need for improvement. Overall Club Experience Ratings showed improvement in every category. Food and Beverage Quality Ratings were up in all categories except the Atlantic Grille and Lobby Bar. Food and Beverage Service Ratings also showed some slight declines in Delfinos Restaurant, Atlantic Grille, the Lobby Bar and the Fantasy Pool Bar and CafÊ. Value received for price paid ratings for Food and Beverage were up in all categories except the Atlantic Grille and Lobby Bar. It should be noted that both the Atlantic Grille and the Lobby Bar was down in every category. Recreation Ratings for quality of activities, services and products were up in all categories, with the marina showing the most improvement. Recreation service ratings were up across the board with significant improvements in Tennis, Children’s events and marina activities. Club Communication Ratings stayed consistent this year vs. last. Golf Ratings reflected the greatest dissatisfaction among members with decreases in virtually every category. The greatest drop in rating was in the maintenance, quality and condition of the Ocean Course. It should be of considerable concern that these ratings have steadily declined for the last 3 years. The ratings for the Conservatory although better than the Ocean Course, have bounced up and down for the last 5 years. It appears that most of the concerns relating to golf are centered on the investment in the golf courses themselves and not on the personnel. Please note in this newsletter the acknowledgement of staff specifically identified in the survey for a job well done. Although the club ratings were positive, it is apparent from the detailed comments given by many of the members that there are several areas of general concern:


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1. Members are not happy with the current conditions of both golf courses, which are clearly perceived as the jewels of this Club. There is optimism due to current investments which have begun but longer term concern about the future follow through of such investment. Ocean Course conditions need to improve: i.e. sand traps, vines, lake maintenance, and general appearance. Restrooms and Halfway House need refurbishment. Golf carts continue to be an issue. Need better monitoring of pace of play. Concerns exist about member tee time availability during busy times of the year. Conservatory concerns include: greens need refurbishment (to be addressed in June) and general course conditions need improvement. Landscaping of grounds is not acceptable. Inadequate staff levels. F&B service lacking. 2. There is an overwhelming concern about the general lack of maintenance and upkeep of the Club. To put it simply, the club is showing signs of becoming worn and tired. Increased maintenance is needed at pools, locker rooms and fitness center, golf courses and bathrooms, common areas and the lodge. Restaurants need facelift and improved cleaning procedures (i.e. continual dust and cobwebs on chandeliers) 3. There is a sense of overall decline in service provided to the members. Service is inconsistent. This can be partially explained by the higher than normal turnover in personnel which is perceived by some members as a reflection on the management of the club since Salamander has taken over. Inadequate staffing is a continual problem in a number of the outlets. Fitness class growth has not kept pace with increased volume at the Club. Pool decks are overcrowded at various times of the year with inadequate essentials such as towels and chairs. 4. There is a general sense of frustration on the part of members that rules and procedures are not being consistently applied as would be expected in a so called “four star resort and club� (such as dress codes in restaurants and conduct at pools). There continues to be a perceived imbalance in treatment of resort guests versus members.

5. Services provided to members, such as Concierge Service by the Membership staff and Ambassador Program needs to be better explained to the members. 6. Confusion regarding the Club tipping policy exists with some members and needs some further clarification. Many of the issues raised in the survey are perennial issues and have become a main theme in every survey. These issues have not been adequately addressed in the past, and as such have raised frustration levels here at the club. Consequently, the ABOG and the Member Relations Committee have decided to make this a priority this year. In the next few weeks we will be generating a specific list of items to be addressed (agreed to by management and committee members), and we will update the members at each Member Manager Reception what has been accomplished. We will generate a specific action list so progress can be monitored. We will discuss how to best accomplish these goals at our next ABOG meeting and will continually monitor throughout the year. Please feel free to communicate any of your concerns or issues to any of the ABOG members. One other announcement I would like to make, although not to be considered as a Club sponsored or endorsed event, is a project adopted by the Ocean Hammock Property Owners Association. This year they have decided as part of their community outreach program to support a local charity, The Flagler County Food Resource Center in Bunnell. There are 3 things the Center needs: people to man the Center in September; food donations; and to raise money for restocking the Center with food when levels are low. If anyone is interested in volunteering or donating, my wife Denise Buonaiuto is this year’s Committee Chairperson along with Muffy Runnells as Co-Chair. Either of them would be happy to provide you with further details.

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In the 2013 Annual Member Survey – many Members noted they were unaware of the services provided by the staff in the Membership Office, the Club’s Ambassador Program and there was confusion relating to the Tipping Policy, which was revised a year ago. Below is a list/explanation of these services, program and policy, now posted on the member website under Membership:

Member Concierge Services – 888.252.6294

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Membership staff will assist Members in arranging for a variety of services including, dinner reservations, tee time and court time reservations, and business assistance, such as copies and faxes. Such Member services are included with Membership, but the cost of services used will be charged to the Member. • Limited faxing, scanning, photocopying and e-mail • Sending FedEx or UPS letters/packages for appropriate cost. • Advanced golf tee time, dinner and spa reservations for visiting non-resident Members to ensure access to amenities, especially during high demand periods. • Golf tee times and Room reservations at Reciprocal Clubs (Reunion & Innisbrook) • Receiving and coordinating delivery of mail/packages for resident condo Members. • Notary Services • Coordinating large deliveries for resident condo Members.

Ambassador Program – 888.252.6294 The Ambassador program is designed to assist the Membership Director in the orientation process of the Club. The Hammock Beach Ambassador volunteers are a group of enthusiastic members with diverse interests, willing

to engage in social and sporting activities with new and non-resident members. The Ambassadors are a group that reflects the warm and inviting culture of the Club. Coordination of the Ambassador program was recently revised and ABOG members, who are notified of new members joining the Club, will be reaching out to welcome and invite new members to an upcoming member event and get them integrated into the Club community. Non-resident members planning a visit to the Club who would like to meet other members are asked to complete a Member Interest Form and return to with the dates you plan to visit, and you will be paired with an Ambassador member. Click here for form.

Club Tipping Policy

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• Food & Beverage outlets - Club members tip at their discretion by writing a gratuity on the chit or leaving a cash gratuity. All Club purchases are charged to club membership accounts. • An automatic 20% gratuity for golf beverage cart attendants and spa treatments is included. However, you have the option to leave an additional gratuity for exceptional service. All chits and gratuities are charged to club membership accounts. • Golf Member Cart fees have an automatic 9.75% gratuity added and Annual & Semi-Annual Cart Plans include a gratuity. Members may tip additional for exceptional service. • Golf Guest of Member fees do not include gratuity - tipping for golf service attendants will be graciously accepted when Guests of Members play. • Tipping for bellman and valet parking attendants are graciously accepted.



The lunch menu will be available daily from 11am-4pm at the beach and the Lodge Pool (weather permitting). The Member 20% discount will apply to the Menu below:

Lunch Menu …

Lodge Pool and Beach

(All Served With Chips. Add Fries for $4)

Hammock Salad $9.50 Crisp Romaine Hearts, Blue Cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Creamy Ranch Dressing (Add Grilled Chicken $6 or Jumbo Marinated Shrimp $6)

Big Dog $9 Quarter Pound All Beef Hotdog on a Pretzel Roll Hamburger or Cheeseburger $12 Half Pound Burger, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion Chicken Fingers Small $6.50, Large $9 Tropical Fruit Cup $6 Fresh Honeydew, Cantaloupe,Watermelon and Pineapple with Mango Mint Sauce Roast Beef Sandwich $10 Rare Roast Beef, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato on Wheat Bread

Drink Specialties…

Hammock Beach Margarita $12

Our Specialty made with Herradura Silver Tequila and Cointreau

Premium Hammock Beach Margarita $14

Charleston Tea $10

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Specialty made with Patron Silver and Cointreau Jeremiah Weed Iced Tea Vodka, Lemonade, Sierra Mist with a Raspberry Liqueur Floater

Ultimate Rum Runner $12

A Unique Blend of Rums…Light, Dark and Coconut served with Banana Liqueur, Blackberry Brandy and Grenadine

Ice Cold Beer… Bud Light, Corona, Yeungling, Michelob Ultra, Miller Light, O’Doul’s, Corona Light, Heineken From $5.25

Wine… Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir $6

2 0 1 3 L A D I E S I N V I T AT I O N A L This year’s Ladies Invitational had the largest field of players for this event – 77 members and guests! The Invitational included a shopping spree of golf merchandise, a Skills Challenge on the driving range and putting green, a dinner cruise on the Sundancer, an Awards Luncheon and of course, lots of golf!

Congratulations to the winning Ladies Invitational team of Club Member Mary Ann Maurer and guest Peggy Johnston: (Pictured right)

Congratulations to the following flight winners:

Jan McMaster Martha Morse

Jane Davidson Brygitte Lusinski

Jeanne Wronski Diane Skelly

Judy Jack Linda Mahran

Kathy Hodges Sue Scott

2013 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS Congratulations to our 2013 Club Champions:

Men’s Club Champion Marc Fried

Ladies Club Champion Pat Bevan

Men’s Senior Club Champion Mike Becker

Ladies Senior Club Champion Mary Ann Maurer

Congratulations to the winners of the following Flights - Gross and Net Winners respectively: Super Senior Flight Ed Heimann | Penn Davidson

Nicklaus Flight Jim Doyle | Richard Rader

Championship- Annika Flight Sandra Yoder

Watson Flight John Burgers | John Kivi

Senior Championship Flight Kathy Hodges

Senior Championship Flight Tim Hickey

Senior Webb Flight Mia Marchio | Janet Kivi

Senior Nicklaus Flight Barry McDermott | Bob Pearson Senior Watson Flight Bernie Barczak | Randall Hammock Senior Couples Flight John Bladel | Warren Hodges

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Championship Flight Randy Yoder

golf t i p


Every golfer has experienced the dreaded shanks at one point in their golfing career. If you get them, it can be very discouraging and will destroy your confidence. Shanking the golf ball is a result of hitting the ball off the hosel of the golf club and will cause the ball to go sharply to the right. This can be a result of flaws in your set up, backswing, or downswing positions. One drill that I have had success with over the years is the “Tee Drill”. The “Tee Drill” is a very simple way to get yourself out of the shanks.

beach livin g | 10

To do this drill, place a tee just inside the ball. You will want to address the ball, but the key to this drill is that when you make your swing you will focus your attention to clip the tee out of the ground. I love this drill because it gives you instant results. If you happen to still shank the ball with the tee in the ground, check to see if you clipped the tee, odds are that you missed it. After 10 or so shots with the tee drill, you will regain your confidence and be ready to tackle the golf course again!!


Hammock Beach Ladies Golf Association (HBLGA) The Hammock Beach Ladies Golf Association 18-Hole & 9-Hole Groups meet every Wednesday for a day of golf, camaraderie and friendly competition. The season will kick-off this Fall. A BIG “Thank You” to past President, Kathy Hodges, for her coordination, planning and hard work which resulted in a fun and smooth-running season. Welcome to new President, Cindy DeAngelo!

Hammock Beach Men’s Golf Association (HBMGA) HAVE FUN!! The HBMGA was founded on the principal premise that its members were to get together once a week and have a friendly competition and enjoy the camaraderie of the entire group. The friendly competition and camaraderie continues through the end of the year with President, Paul Propis. Click here to learn more about the HBMGA Play Day Guidelines and By-Laws. HBMGA Play Day is Tuesdays. Click here for HBMGA By-Laws. Click here for the HBMGA Application

The Conservatory Men’s Golf Association (TCMGA) The TCMGA is a member-driven organization that exists for the benefit and pleasure of its Male members by focusing on: Fostering a positive environment within The Conservatory Golf Club (TCMGA) for All members and staff Conducting Golf Events and a formal Play Day of year-long competition Interclub play, golf travel outings and member-only social activities. TCMGA tournament representation. TCMGA Advisory Committee representation. TCMGA just held its Board of Directors election and the results for the 2013 Board of Directors are: Vice President Jerry Edwards

Secretary George Cook

Treasurer Jim Kinnard

Game Master John Riesz

Click here to learn more about the TCMGA Play Day Guidelines and By-Laws. TCMGA Play Day is Tuesdays. Click here for the TCMGA Application to join with no annual dues in 2013.

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President Tom De Marco

Women’s 3.0 Doubles WINNERS: Barbara Murphy & Regina Wachholder


FINALISTS: Sara Hale & Melissa Hunt


Congratulations to the following winners: Men’s 3.0 Doubles WINNERS: George Macko & Alan Mandelbloom FINALISTS: Jeff Hunter & Gary Roberge

Women’s 3.5+ Doubles WINNERS: Jaye Silvers & Julie Silvers FINALISTS: Jane Davidson & Terry Roberge

Mixed 3.0 Doubles WINNERS: Melissa Hunt & Alan Mandelbloom FINALISTS: Lori Samuels & Jeff Hunter

Mixed 3.5+ Doubles WINNERS: Sylvia Whitehouse & Sanjay Srivastava FINALISTS: Barbara Propis & Charles Kerr

Net Result: Back-to-back titles for 4.0 Lite; 3.5 Lite are 2nd half winners The Hammock Beach 4.0 Lite women’s tennis team won both the fall and spring halves of the Greater Volusia Tennis League for the 2012-2013 season. This is the second year in a row that they are the overall champions of the 4.0 Lite division. Congratulations! Front row: Head Pro, Gene Paul Lascano, Sylvia Whitehouse, Jaye Silvers. Back row: Jan O’Hara, Muffy Runnells (co-captain), Patti Davis, Sharon Cook, & Barbara Propis (captain).

Also, congratulations to our 3.5 Lite women’s team who won the spring season and advanced to the championship match. Pictured from l-r are team members: Jan Cullinane (co-captain), Jane Davidson, Cindy Deangelo, Regina Wachholder, Lois McDermott (captain), Sara Hale, Terry Roberge, Head Pro, Gene Paul Lascano. Not pictured: Nanci Carstens, Nancy George, Julie Harkins, Tema Kissin, Donna Otto, Lynne Rosewater

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How to get the most out of your Investment of Exercise to impact your waistline! b y Thor Holm, Director o f S p a , R e c re a t i o n & F i t n e s s Now if this was a tabloid magazine the headline would read “How to get rock hard abs in 6 days!” but since my goal is to actually facilitate you moving towards success, I will stick with mine. I am amazed at how often intelligent people get caught up with that kind of sensationalism. The fact is that reducing your waistline is about a three pronged attack. In no particular order, as they all play a role, comes addressing the excess storage of calories or fat. When you want to use fat as energy you will want to utilize the muscles that will demand the most energy which are all located in your lower body. Unfortunately we cannot “spot” reduce as some people would have you believe. So forget about crunching your way to a slimmer you, without the cardio you do not stand a chance. Walking, running, elliptical, swimming, biking, cardio classes you choose, all of them can aid in your goal of reducing your waistline. If you are in a routine where three days a week you are doing ½ hour of cardio and you are not making progress toward your goal something has to give. You either have to increase the frequency, intensity or the duration of aerobic workout with the caveat that we are going to also address your intake of calories. Now how efficiently you utilize energy is dependent on your body composition and your aerobic capacity. If you recall watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics and ever caught the segment on how much he eats (like 12,000 calories a day), here is a perfect example of how low body fat+ aerobic capacity equals an engine that burns a lot of calories. So in your aerobic routine you need to try to push your aerobic capacity higher in addition to those workouts that are lower intensity and longer duration to use calories.

beach livin g | 14

Second prong of the attack is related to reducing your caloric intake. It stands to reason if given the same level of expenditure you simply reduce intake you should make inroads towards your goal. Let’s put it this way, if you are faced with having to spend half your waking hours on a treadmill so that you can eat whatever you want you are probably not going to opt for that lifestyle. So as you are going to the grocery store and pass by the bakery just know that every donut represents about 45 minutes on a treadmill. Making good decisions about the food you eat and in the proper amount is how you get results. There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. If your goal is to reduce 20 pounds you need to utilize 70,000 calories and eat for a person weighing 20 lbs lighter than you are when you start. The third prong is related to the muscles in your core and how they respond to exercise. These muscles function to facilitate movement in our midline, for support and protection of our vital organs and to lend stability to our spine. They are highly oxygenated and respond to higher repetition and lower resistance. Outside of professional athletes, competitive body builders and power lifters, I cannot imagine anyone who really needs to add a lot of weight to these movements and get the results they desire. These muscles will get bigger which essentially works contrary to your goal of reducing your waistline. Being highly oxygenated they recover quickly and will respond to higher frequency. So if all you do each week for abs is Walter’s Core Crazy abs you are missing the picture. That class can provide you with lots of ideas for homework. So let’s review, use big muscles for longer duration to burn calories. Take in fewer calories and the right calories and know what the cost is in work. Your core muscles respond to higher repetitions and greater frequency. Have fun!

A Member Event at Hammock Beach

7 T H A N N U A L L A D I E S H E A LT H & B E A U T Y R E T R E AT F r i d a y - S a t u r d a y, A u g u s t 1 6 - 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 @ t h e C l u b a t H a m m o c k B e a c h

RSVP to the Hammock Beach Membership Office at 888.252.6294 or by Aug 5. Cancellations not accepted after 5pm on Aug 5.

Presenters this year:

Think we Know How we Think? Think Again!

C.W. Randolph, Jr., MD and Genie James will discuss the symptoms of hormone imbalance - commonly recognized hot flashes, night sweats, abdominal weight gain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, sleep disturbances/insomnia, mood swings, depression, worsened PMS, low libido, fatigue and mind fog. Learn about bio-identical hormone replacement as a preferred option for reestablishing the body’s optimal hormonal equilibrium.

What are the unknown forces that shape how we think?Join Jan Cullinane in this “edutaining” discussion about why our thinking is often “predictably irrational.” We’ll explore the cutting edge area of behavioral economics, discover the secrets of our decision-making, and learn how we can apply them to our everyday lives.

From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well

Athletology: Tools for Becoming Emotionally Fit Leigh Weinraub, M.A.–Jack Dempsey said, “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” You have one body, one mind, and one precious chance at life. In order to be your best, you must look out for number 1 and become emotionally FIT! Leave this lecture with fitness, of the emotional kind.

Enjoy a Cooking Demonstration of a Healthy Lunch by Chef Jason!

Shopping and Make-Up Spectacular with Tea Service! Complimentary mini make-overs and an opportunity to check out new beauty products and fun, fashionable jewelry! Please bring cash, checks or credit card to purchase items – Purchases may not be charged to your member account.

Three Course Dinner and Entertainment by the Tangee Renee Band. Sunday August 18, enjoy a round of golf or spa services at the special Member spa menu prices and enjoy discounts up to 50%. Please call the Membership office to schedule golf and spa times.

One Club Accommodation Rates per night: Lodge-Ocean View $152 ($185.17 inclusive) One Bedroom $176 ($214.41) Two Bedroom Villa $216 ($263.13) Three Bedroom Suite $312 ($380.08) Please call the Central Reservations Office at 877.825.4098 and reference the “One Club rate” to book your accommodation.

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$100 per Member; $130 per Conservatory Member, Guest or Extended Family Member (+ service charge & tax). Price includes: Welcome Dinner on the Sundancer with open bar, One Continental Breakfast, One Luncheon, Special Tea service, Dinner with wine and Entertainment and Participation in all Presentations

Team Hammock Beach Sports Day! S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 1 5 , 2 0 1 3

Meet at the Conservatory Pool Deck at 9am 9am-Noon: Sporting Events Noon-1:30pm: Lunch in the Conservatory Dining Room This year we will again select some of our past games that have been the favorites! Sports Day will be an exciting day that will bring out your competitive spirits the entire time! Everyone will be talking about this fun event!

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Teams will be drawn the week of June 10. Registering to participate and playing on a team automatically admits you and your spouse to the Awards Dinner, featuring live entertainment and delicious food at 6pm in the Conservatory Dining Room on Saturday, June 15 after Sports Day, at no charge. Team Hammock Beach Sports day t-shirts will be available for pick up in the Membership Office the week of June 10 and at the Conservatory on June 15. This event is complimentary. RSVP by June 10 to the Membership Office at 888.252.6294 or

Kids Crew Activities in June Movie on the Lawn l 8:30pm Come enjoy a great night on the lawn beside a fire watching a good movie June 8 June 15 June 22 June 29 July 6

Grand Event Lawn Grand Event Lawn Grand Event Lawn Grand Event Lawn Grand Event Lawn

Parental Guidance (2013) rated “PG” Frankenweenie (2012) rated “PG” Ice Age 4: Continetal Drift (2012) rated “PG” Escape From Planet Earth (2013) rated “PG” The Avengers (2012) rated “PG-13”

Thursday, June 13 Family Bingo l 4pm Join the Kids Crew Staff in the Indoor Pool for a great game! Reserve your spot by calling 386.246.5661 by 5pm the day before. Space is limited. $3/per card, you may purchase multiple cards.

Teen Xtreme Scene l 9pm Join us on the Champions Event Lawn for the festivities! Be prompt to the Scene or else you will miss the fun! Reserve your spot by calling 386.246.5661 by 5pm the day before. (Minimum of 10 teens) June 11- Jam Session Camp Fire (Bring your Guitars!) $15 for members, $18 for guests June 25 - Glow In the Dark Flag Football $15 for members, $18 for guests

Saturday, June 15 Father/Son Putting Tournament l 6:30pm This is a fun 9-hole putting tournament for a parent/child team to show which family reigns supreme on the putting course. Join other Hammock Beach families rooting for your team. The theme is “Caddyshack”, Prize will be awarded for best outfits. Sign-up by Friday, June 14 at 5pm. Complimentary for members. $5 per Guest participant.

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Join us on the Champions Event Lawn for the most popular beach game and enjoy the florescent glowing court. Complimentary for members, $12 per guest. Must sign-up by 5pm the previous day (minimum of 10 players). Reserve your spot by calling 386.246.5661.

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Friday, June 28 Night Spiker Blacklight Volleyball 8:30pm-10:30pm l Champions Event Lawn



Monday, July 1 Family Lawn Games 11am-2pm Join us on the Champions Event Lawn for Bocce Ball, Football Toss, Badminton, Corn Hole, Croquet, Blongo Ball, or Horse Shoes. Bring the whole family for a fun day in the sun.

Tuesday, July 2 Family Campfire 8:30pm l Champions Event Lawn Join us roasting marshmallows and making s’mores by the fire on the Champions Event Lawn. Bring your guitars and join us in a jam session as well. S’more kits $5 each.

Wednesday, July 3 Family Karaoke 7pm Bring the whole family down to the Ocean Bar Event Lawn to showcase the talents of all ages. From Disney Classics to Classic Hits the whole family will be singing tunes.

Thursday, July 4 Wii Mario Kart Tournament 8:30pm l Grand Event Lawn Sign up for the ultimate battle of the year!!! Join us on the Grand Event lawn to showcase your driving skills on a large 2 story projection screen. Come enjoy the show as drivers will be showcased in spotlights on an elevated stage. Sign up by 5pm July 2 and prove you are the best (space is limited). This will be an event no one will want to miss! Complimentary for members, $10 per guest participant

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Friday, July 5 Family Fun Extravaganza 11am-3:30pm l Champions Event Lawn Enjoy a day of Family Fun on the Champions Event Lawn Water Tag l Bounce House l Giant Slip n’ Dip Slide l Aqua Extreme Water Obstacle Course Admission for members is complimentary. $16 per guest participant Family Games include Corn Hole, Football Throw, Blongo Ball, Horse Shoes, and Bocce Ball and friendly competitions such as Pie Eating contest, Family Water Balloon Toss, Hula Hoop Contest, and Parents vs. Children Tug-O-War.

Friday, July 5 - Fireworks at approximately 9pm Glow Items Available during fireworks Glow Necklaces $5 l Glow Bracelets $4 Light-up Swords $10 l Flashing Wand $6

Saturday, July 6 Movie on the Lawn l 8:45 pm Come enjoy a great night on the Grand Event Lawn beside a fire watching a good movie Showing: “The Avengers” (2012) Rated PG-13 Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.

Join the Kids Crew staff and jump in the bounce house or play water tag Bounce House only $5 per participant l Water Tag $7 per participant l Wristband for both - $10 per participant Admission for members is complimentary.

beach livin g | 19

Sunday, July 7 Shelly’s Super Silly Spot 11am-3pm l Champions Event Lawn

J U N E B I RT H D AY S Donald Travis 6/01 Cotte Benson 6/01 Lori Wrobel 6/01 Ashley Barton 6/01 Joan Leya 6/02 Carolyn Vallone 6/02 Wesley Wankelman 6/02 Rick Harbour 6/03 Jim Cappola 6/03 Jackie Pepper 6/03 Rajesh Gupta 6/03 Maria Mendez-­‐Ydrach 6/03 Judith Becker 6/04 Tom Hochanadel 6/04 Cynthia DeAngelo 6/04 Edward King 6/05 BernadeSe Walsh 6/05 Grant Hagen 6/05 Patricia Lindsay-­‐Hickey 6/05 Monica BurkeS 6/05 Thor Swanson 6/05 Eddie Schatz 6/05 Jack Gilbert 6/05 Mary Anne Bowles 6/06 Jill List 6/06 Jeff France 6/06 Gerd Noel 6/07 Jeff Southmayd 6/07 Ted Bowden 6/08 Michael Jancosek 6/08

Lee Hanson 6/08 Lisa McMahan 6/08 Sandra Oppenheim 6/08 Alan Alvarado 6/08 Thomas SuSon 6/08 Janet McMaster 6/09 Margrit Salcito 6/09 Gunnar Hildemann 6/10 Frank Dorazio 6/10 Tina Nicoletta 6/10 Paul Pershes 6/11 Tom Jackson 6/11 Keena Lee 6/11 Terry Williamson 6/11 Shobha Joshua 6/11 Patricia Tobin 6/12 Jean Taylor 6/12 Charlotte Mandell 6/12 Ellen Baer 6/12 Jean Fowler 6/13 Frank Lombardo 6/13 Albert Gillespy 6/13 James Hays 6/13 John Ridenour 6/13 Frank DeAngelo 6/14 Scott Guasta 6/14 Vandi France 6/14 Debra Leon 6/15 Morris McQueen 6/15 Suzanne Lynn 6/15

Jacques Bernier 6/15 Brian Burke 6/16 Robert Bogart 6/17 Ronald Trevisani 6/17 Anthony Tucker 6/17 Andrew Nicoletta 6/18 Steven Alpert 6/18 Sara Hale 6/18 Rosetta Clevenstine 6/19 Geraldine Macallister 6/19 Leslie Kohn 6/19 Chauncey Holden 6/19 Barbara Lendrum 6/20 Diana Kaiser 6/20 Stephen Sandherr 6/20 H Blake Hostetter 6/20 Seeta Fruehan 6/20 Mary Currie 6/21 Ruth Corella 6/21 Randy Kaiser 6/22 Deborah Turner 6/22 Sharon VanNostrand 6/23 Marianne Harris 6/23 Joanne Amicola-­‐Olgee 6/24 Susan Green 6/24 Catalina Fazzano 6/24 Larry Smyntek 6/24 Ann Roberts 6/25 Cathy Mudd 6/25 Steve Perrine 6/25

Asta Bertasiene 6/25 Mark Augspurger 6/25 Stephen Schulte 6/26 Diane Skelly 6/26 Debi Demeusy 6/26 Michael Duhig 6/26 Jenna Dillon 6/26 Ron Sykes 6/27 Thomas Schiro 6/27 Leigh Moorhouse 6/27 Joseph Piscitelli 6/27 Harvey Taub 6/27 Jeff Mailler 6/28 Beth Ewing 6/28 Elaine Freiler 6/28 Paul Alfino 6/28 Peter Quinn 6/28 Vadim Ivanov 6/28 Anthony Aulisio 6/28 Peter Birtolo 6/29 Michele Aslanian 6/29 Jaye Silvers 6/29 Penny Grzyb 6/30 Carol Jahn-­‐O’Connor 6/30 Joyce Ellis Hatcher 6/30 Dolly Terzian 6/30 Richard Fehnel 6/30 Bala Policherla 6/30 Pat McLaughlin 6/30

GENERAL MANAGER Carlton Grant 386.246.5511 ATLANTIC GRILLE 386.447.4610 BREEZES BOUTIQUE 386.246.5514 CATERING & CONFERENCE SERVICES Matt Stockman 386.246-5527 CONCIERGE DESK 386.246.5555 DELFINOS 386.246.5650 FITNESS CENTER Jamie Milanick 386.246.5589 FOOD & BEVERAGE Jeffery Sacchet 386.246.5522 GOLF Brad Hauer 386.246.5435 THE CONSERVATORY 386.246.6710


GOLF TEE TIMES 386.447.4611

Member Concierge 888.252.6294 MEMBER & GUEST SERVICES BELL, VALET & TRANSPORTATION Bell Stand 386.246.5590 MEMBER Club STATEMENTS Nancy Sacchet 386.246.5497 POOLS & RECREATION Thor Holm 386.246.5233 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Nancy Burnett 386.246.5564 Ganene Barnard 386.246.5526 Eileen Vinnicombe 386.246.5567 RENTAL ACTIVITY STATEMENTS Linda Schaefer 386.246.5548 ROOM RESERVATIONS 877.825.4098

SECURITY HOMEOWNERS ASSOC. MANAGEMENT Security Office 386.246.5550 Fred Annon 386.446.6333 Chet Pilsbury 386.597.2840 ext.231 THE SPA Jamie Knight 386.246.5580 HOUSEKEEPING 386.246.5570 KIDS CREWSM Catrina Vargas 386.246.5661 MEMBERSHIP 888.252.6294 Marianne Murphy 386.246.5532 Marie McManus 386.246.5533

Marianne Heinz 386.246.5491

TENNIS & COURT TIMES Harry Gilbert 386.597.5020 YACHT HARBOR VILLAGESM / MARINA Neil Kaczmarek 386.597.5031 YH ENTRANCE 386.597.5045 MAIN Club ENTRANCE 386.246.5559

beach livin g | 21

Erin Cannon 386.246.5437

SUNDANCER Reservations 877.446.6465







S AT U R D AY 1 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads- ‘The Super Natural Band, 9pm-12pm

june 2013 2 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner Cruise Coola Spa Event 2-4 pm

3 Member Menu

4 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm

5 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm Member Manager 5:30pm

6 Member Menu Tennis Guest Day

7 Member Menu Loggerheads- ‘Cloud 9’, 9pm-12pm

8 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads- ‘DJ Nite’, 9pm-12pm

9 Member Menu Brunch &Dinner Cruise Couples Golf- Ocean

10 Member Menu Tour of French Wines 6 pm

11 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin-10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Cooking w/Chef 6:15pm

12 Member Menu Tennis “Stroke of the Month” 10am Golf Guest Day Ocean Ladies Play w/the Golf Pro Ocean

13 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

14 Member Menu Loggerheads–‘The Tangee Rene Duo’, 9pm-12pm

15 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads – “The Break Evn Band’, 9pm-12pm Team HB Sports Day 10am-2pm- Cons

16 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner Cruise

17 Member Menu

18 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm

19 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

20 Member Menu

21 Member Menu Loggerheads- DJ Nite’, 9pm-12pm

22 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads – ‘The Madhatters Band’, 9pm-12pm Member Mixer 6-8pm- Cons

23 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner Cruise Golf Guest Day Ocean

24 Member Menu

25 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Cooking w/Chef 6:15pm

26 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm Stag Night Golf Ocean

27 Member Menu

28 Member Menu Loggerheads- DJ Nite’, 9pm-12pm

29 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads – ‘Larry Dean’s Oldies Jukebox Band’, 9pm-12pm

30 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner

be ac h li ving | 22

beach livin g | 23








1 Member Menu

2 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm

3 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

4 Member Menu Tennis Guest Day Red, White & Blue Golf Tournament

5 Member Menu Tennis Singles Championship BBQ Buffet Champions Lawn 6pm Fireworks Display 9pm Loggerheads-Cloud 9 Band, 10pm-1am

6 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Tennis Singles Championship Loggerheads-‘DJ Manchild’ 9pm-12pm

7 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner Cruise Tennis Singles Championship

8 Member Menu

9 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Cooking w/Chef 6:15pm

10 Member Menu Tennis “Stroke of the Month” 10am Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm Member Manager 5:30pm Golf Guest Day Ocean

11 Member Menu

12 Member Menu Loggerheads-‘Swanky Mo’s Lite’ Band 9pm-12pm

13 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads-‘The Break Even Band’ 9pm-12pm

14 Member Menu Brunch &Dinner Cruise

15 Member Menu

16 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm

17 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

18 Member Menu Girls Golf Night Out Ocean

19 Member Menu Loggerheads – ‘DJ Phil’ 9pm-12pm

20 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads –‘The Tangee Renee Band’ 9pm-12pm

21 Member Menu Brunch & Dinner Cruise

22 Member Menu

23 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Cooking w/Chef 6:15pm

24 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

25 Member Menu

26 Member Menu Loggerheads- ‘DJ Steve’ 9pm-12pm Men’s Play with the Golf Pro

27 Afternoon Tea 2-4pm Member Menu Loggerheads – ‘Lisa & the Madhatters’ 9pm-12pm Member Mixer 6pm

28 Member Menu Dinner Cruise Golf Guest Day Ocean

29 Member Menu

30 Member Menu Ladies Tennis Round Robin 10am Afternoon Tea 2-4pm

31 Member Menu Cocktail Cruise 6-8pm

july 2013

T H E C O N S E R VAT O R Y Golf Course & Pro Shop: Closed June 3-Sept 2

THE OCEAN COURSE (hours of operations subject to change)

Fitness Room & Pool: Open 9am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mondays)

Pro Shop: Daily 7am-6pm Beverage Carts: Daily: 8:30am-3:30pm Hammock House: Daily: 8am-3:30pm

H O U R S O F O P E R AT I O N AT L A N T I C G R I L L E Breakfast: 7-11am | Lunch: 11am-3pm Dinner: 5:30-10pm | Bar: 11am-10pm

DELFINOS Seasonal Hours Subject to change

BREEZES BOUTIQUE Daily: 8am-6pm Closes 5pm on Sundays

FITNESS CENTER Daily: 6am-9pm

ROOM SERVICE Breakfast: 7-11am Daily Dining: 11am-10pm

INDOOR POOL Daily: 6am-11pm

T H E S PA Daily: 9am-7pm

LOGGERHEADS Evenings Only Live Entertainment

SUSHI BAR Seasonal Hours No Take-out Available Subject to change

CIGAR BAR Seasonal Hours Subject to change COFFEE BAR Daily: 6:30am-12:30pm Self Service after 12:30pm LOBBY BAR Fri-Sat: 5pm-9pm CONCIERGE DESK Open 24 hours per day

MEMBERSHIP OFFICE Mon.-Sat.: 9am-5pm OCEAN BAR & CAFÉ Daily: 11am-6pm Grill Menu from 11am Weather permitting

PUTTING GREEN Daily: 10am-6pm

TENNIS CENTER Courts: 8am-8pm daily TENNIS PRO SHOP Mon- Fri: 8am-5pm Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm

P O O L PAV I L I O N Daily: 8am-Dusk


Hammock living June  
Hammock living June