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Winter 2018

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Teaching Scholars with a Soul

Marian Catholic’s

Discovery in Service students find that “the call is to community, the impoverished power that sets the soul free in humility, to take the vow that day after day we must take up the basin and the towel.”

A Message from Principal Steve Tortorello '04 Transformative experiences offer opportunities for discovery Through generations of teaching scholars with a soul, Marian Catholic has always strived to develop our students as well-rounded young men and women. The school’s mission statement calls on us not only to prepare our kids for college, but also to form them as future leaders who seek truth, exhibit personal responsibility, and cultivate their individual talents. Our goal is to provide them with a transformative experience that allows them opportunities to discover – discover their own talents, discover their connection to God and others, and discover the good they can do in the world. To that end, Marian Catholic constantly reviews and refines its practices to make sure our curriculum and overall program is cutting-edge and best suited to transform our students and prepare them for college and life. From the early introduction of AP classes decades ago, to the Leadership Program curriculum which we implemented in the mid-2000s in our Emmaus classes, to recent additions such as our engineering program, we continue to innovate and evolve in order to offer our students new and exciting opportunities to grow and learn. This issue of Marian Matters focuses on many of those unique opportunities. We hope that it gives you a glimpse into a handful of the transformative experiences our students have at their fingertips at Marian Catholic. From STEM to service, our kids are cultivating their talents and preparing to be a force for good in the world! Marian Catholic Mission Statement

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Innovating STEM Education Celebrating 60 Years of Priesthood: Fr. William O’Mara

8 Discovering the Call to Service 10 28th Annual Endowment Golf Classic a Success 12 Fall Athletics Highlights 14 Fine Arts in Review


Work Study Program Connects Students to the Real World


Spartan Academy Engages Youth

20 Reunions 22 Alumni Notes 28 Report of Annual Giving 38 Remembered

ON THE COVER: Joi Brown '18, Tristan Cavinder '18, and Joshua Dale '19 exhibit the

robotic air hockey table* created by Marian Catholic’s Engineering 3 class. *Air Hockey Robot EVO (Smartphone controlled - open source robot) by jjrobots is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.


Marian Catholic High School is a Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory high school within the Dominican tradition of study, prayer, community, and preaching. Marian Catholic students seek truth, exhibit personal responsibility, cultivate their individual talents, and demonstrate ethical leadership and Christian service.



The transformation of Room 311 began in the spring of 2016 when Principal Steve Tortorello recognized a need to advance the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum at Marian Catholic. Given the predicted increase in STEM related careers, Principal Tortorello wanted to make sure students had the opportunity to train in STEM related disciplines – coding, engineering, computer-assisted design (CAD), and robotics. After consulting with education experts, including Dr. Matt Kloser, Director of the Center for STEM Education at the University of Notre Dame, Tortorello assembled a team of faculty and staff to forge a plan for the future. Room 311 had long served as a computer lab at Marian Catholic, but with the conversion to iPads in 2014, utilization of the room diminished drastically. Many students no longer needed a dedicated place to type and print papers since they were directly submitting their work to teachers electronically. The dormant resource room was ideally situated for repurposing as the school’s new STEM lab. Fast forward to 2018 and Room 311 is anything but dormant. Home to Marian Catholic’s engineering program, the room is “brimming with stuff” as Tortorello describes it. New tables, computer monitors, 3-D printers and a laser cutter afford students the opportunity to design and create. Computer Science and Engineering Teacher Sam Sullivan oversees the program and is moderator of the school’s Robotics Club. With a BFA in Theater from the University of Illinois and a BS in Computer Science from Governor’s State University, Sullivan may seem like an unlikely fit for the task, but it is clear he belongs in Room 311. “Engineering is a mix of science and design,” says Sullivan. “Having an artistic background compliments the math and science you need to be creative. Engineering is about innovation. You have to be able to think creatively and then back it up with math and science.”

Marian Catholic’s three-year engineering program is the perfect venue for Sullivan, who values the opportunity to teach and develop the next generation of scientific thinkers. In the first year of the program, as sophomores, students are taught the fundamentals of design and introductory mechanics. During the first semester, they build a miniaturized ski lift using any of the materials available in the lab. As juniors, students receive an introduction to computer-aided design and discover how to take an idea they have formulated in their mind and bring it to fruition. They learn how to use 3-D printers to manufacture their own components so they can build bigger, better things. Seniors are exposed to electronics and programming, with the end goal of building a remote controlled search and rescue robot. In the end, the students gain valuable skills in problem solving, design, critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and even writing (students have to submit a technical paper with every major project). According to Sullivan, their exposure to a variety of engineering topics – mechanical, civil, electrical, software – and an understanding of the design cycle, prepares them for any college engineering major. Sullivan is excited by student response to the program. “They enjoy learning. Every new project is something exciting for them to work on.” Often, Sullivan will find students in the STEM lab at Zero Hour (6:55 a.m.) anxious to see how their 3-D print design came out. Did it turn out the way they expected? What changes do they need to make in class? Perhaps it is not just Room 311 that has been transformed.

“Engineering is a mix of science and design. Having an artistic background compliments the math and science you need to be creative. Engineering is about innovation. You have to be able to think creatively and then back it up with math and science.” Sam Sullivan, Marian Catholic Computer Science and Engineering Teacher



“ Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Theodore Levitt, American Economist and Harvard Business School Professor




as Priest, Pastor, Servant, Shepherd By Allen Marazas '64, Contributing Writer

Father O’Mara warmly welcomes faculty, staff, and students to his office near Marian Catholic’s chapel.



Marian Catholic will celebrate its 60th Anniversary next year, but another anniversary will take place in 2018 that is also worthy of note. In April, Marian Catholic’s Chaplain, Father William O’Mara, will celebrate the 60th anniversary of his ordination as a priest.


ixty years ago, Father O’Mara was one of 34 young men of the Chicago Archdiocese Class of 1958 who were ordained in April instead of the traditional May date because Cardinal Stritch was about to leave Chicago for a new appointment in Rome. Ironically, one of Father O’Mara’s first priestly duties was to join his classmates as pallbearers at the funeral of Cardinal Stritch who died unexpectedly a month after his arrival in Rome. Father O’Mara’s initial assignment was as an associate at Infant Jesus of Prague Parish in Flossmoor where his history and Marian Catholic’s intersected for the first time. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, several young priests from nearby parishes, including Father O’Mara, regularly came to Marian Catholic to minister to the students and teach religion classes. This was in addition to the several Viatorian priests permanently assigned to various teaching duties at Marian Catholic. Father remained at Infant Jesus until 1964 when he was assigned to the newly built Quigley South Preparatory Seminary as a theology teacher. During his 13 years at Quigley, Father O’Mara coached baseball, soccer, and hockey in addition to teaching. A second Marian Catholic connection was made, as among his students were future Marian Catholic Vice-Principal John Kozojed and Director of College Counseling Gerry O’Brien. Following his years at Quigley South, Father O’Mara attended graduate school for two years at the University of South Florida in Tampa, while continuing his teaching career at Jesuit High School. Returning briefly to Quigley, he next accepted a position as Principal of Bishop Gorman High School in Tyler, Texas. After eight years as Principal and a subsequent eight-month sabbatical in California, he returned to Illinois in 1986 to become pastor of a newly formed parish in Orland Hills named after Saint Elizabeth Seton. Father O’Mara established the parish, built a church, and helped found Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Catholic School while

“ Priests from neighboring parishes who come daily to hear confessions or to give moral guidance. (Left to right): Father James Wilbur, Father William O’Mara, Father Peter Bowman.” Marian Catholic Mariner, 1964

remaining pastor for 17 years until his retirement in 2003. In 2004, through his friendship with Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, OP, former Principal and President of Marian Catholic, and Father John Siemanowski, pastor of St. Agnes Church in Chicago Heights and an associate with Father O’Mara at St. Elizabeth Seton, Father O’Mara was drawn again to Marian Catholic. He became Marian Catholic’s Chaplain where he blessedly remains to this day. Looking back on his 60-year vocation as a priest, Father O’Mara remarked that his most satisfying years were those spent in an educational setting; at Quigley South, Jesuit High School, Bishop Gorman, and back at Marian Catholic. Father’s career has spanned the country from length to width as well as 60 years, but his life remains close to his Irish Catholic origins on Chicago’s Southeast Side. Those family ties are what led him to the priesthood and a career as an educator. As Marian Catholic’s chaplain, Father O’Mara celebrates Mass for students and staff in the chapel encouraging athletic teams, clubs, and classes to attend as a group at least once each year or at an important seasonal event such as Thanksgiving. He helps plan and celebrate all-school Masses throughout the year and provides liturgies for the faculty at their yearly retreat and beginning-of-the-year faculty meetings. He works with Campus Minister Justin Thirstrup '08 and is available to students and faculty for counseling or just conversation. A regular attendee at football, volleyball, and basketball games, he is one of the Spartans’ biggest fans. Students, staff, and parents greet him with respect and affection wherever they encounter him. His smile is tremendous, frequent, and welcoming. He is warm, honest, and open. He listens but does not judge, and most of all, demonstrates Jesus’ acceptance of all who come to him. Father O’Mara has been retired from his diocesan responsibilities for 14 years, but at a time of his life when many priests are contemplating a life of leisure in Florida, he shows no signs of slowing down. Without a doubt, Father O’Mara is a man devoted to God and his fellow man down to his very soul. It can be one thing to preach the Gospel and another to live the Gospel both of which Father O’Mara, by all accounts, has been doing quite well, thank you, for 60 years.



DISCOVERY IN SERVICE This coming year, 2018, will mark the 45th Anniversary of an iconic Marian Catholic Theology class known as Discovery in Service. Well over 2500 students have had the opportunity to take their Christian call to service outside the walls of Marian Catholic into the community and receive credit towards graduation in the process. Marian Catholic’s commitment to service is a reflection of the values of its foundresses, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield. However, it was Sister Margaret Rose Aulpz, OP, who taught Spanish for many years at Marian Catholic and organized a number of informal service opportunities, who incorporated service into the Theology curriculum and established Discovery in Service as an elective for seniors in the 1973-74 school year. Her idea took root and the class remains a unique opportunity for Marian Catholic students to reach out to surrounding communities while earning a half credit in Theology. Over the years, the program has continued to flourish under the leadership of a number of directors including Sister Kathlyn Mulcahy, OP, former Principal Sister Judith Anne Hasse, OP, Vice Principal Jack Heneghan, and past Campus Minister Mrs. Heather Graham. Former students involved in the program include Marian Catholic’s current President Vince Krydynski '81, as well as over a dozen alumni teachers and staff. Hundreds of

“ I truly believe that this was a process of self-revelation and becoming a better version of myself. My experience at Highland (School) has given me a deeper appreciation for the gifts that I have been given by God which has made me a better person.” Carlos Champagne

Students participate in a Commissioning Prayer Service with Fr. O'Mara and Mrs. Iggins.



Discovery in Service alumni continue to put into practice the skills and ideas they gained in the class in the communities in which they now live. Sister Judith Anne recalls that several of the students who were in the class when she was the director, later went on to service careers of their own after leaving Marian Catholic. Today, the program is under the guidance of Mrs. Denise Iggins with a class of about 30 students each semester. In 1973, the class ran for the entire year. Students must arrange their schedules to allow the last two academic periods of the day to be devoted to Discovery in Service. They spend two days in class with Mrs. Iggins and three days at their service site, which might include working with youth at SPEED PAL, the elderly at an assisted living facility such as Sunrise of Flossmoor or Brookside Senior Living Community, or with adults with disabilities. In the past, service locations have included the Echo Program, Oak Forest Hospital, and several local schools where students assist teachers in both Special Education and regular classroom settings. In class at Marian Catholic, students examine and reflect on strategies for working with others, appreciating differences, giving service to those in need, social justice, and where God fits into all of these topics. They consider their own personal mission in life and the effect they can have on others. They share and discuss their experiences at their service sites and consider how what they are doing impacts both the people they serve and themselves. As a finale to the course, students are asked to create a project that reflects how they have grown and changed

“ From this class I really learned that God places us on this earth to use the talents and gifts he gave us to help others that are less fortunate or are just incapable of taking care of themselves.” Richard Wallace '18

because of their experience and how they are different from the person who signed up for the class. At their service sites, students are expected to not only observe what is happening, but to also get involved through hands on participation. Cassandra Martinez '18 reported, “In reality, we had to actually participate in the work sites.” This involved a number of activities that ranged from simple conversations to cooperative projects where the students worked side by side with elderly residents and the handicapped. Richard Wallace '18 shared his knowledge of technology with the residents of Brookside Senior Living Community to help them use their cell phones and other devices more effectively. He says, “Since my main base of operations is in the library, whenever any of the residents needs any help…they always come to me and I help them.” At Sunrise of Flossmoor, Dallas Carter '18 “helps them (the residents) with projects such as making arts and crafts.” Recognizing the loneliness that sometimes comes with advanced age, Dallas says, “I also try to talk to some of the residents individually. I think they really enjoy my company as much as I enjoy them.” As much as the students may enjoy their work later in the semester, at the beginning, some are uncertain about what to expect. Cassandra, whose assignment is at SPEED PAL, recalled, “When I signed up for the class, I didn’t know what to expect. I completely underestimated our responsibilities.” Dominic Gierczyk '18, who also works at SPEED PAL agreed, “I initially thought it was just going to be ‘you go there and do service’ but I actually have formed bonds with these kids and supervisors and I’m glad it turned out

that way.” Cassandra continued, “My service at my site has positively changed my outlook on life. People who don’t have the same difficulties as these kids take their lives for granted… These kids have to work twice as hard as we do…They have struggled and they have fought. They have an eagerness to learn every day and they make the most of it.” Other students also described how participating in Discovery in Service has changed their lives. Richard, who works with the elderly at Brookside Senior Living Community said, “Now I see life as more of an opportunity to help others.” Eden Harris '18, whose service site is Sunrise of Flossmoor, commented that Discovery in Service has “made me more grateful for the talents and basic functions that I have because a lot of the elderly people I’m around lack skills that I used to easily take for granted. It (Discovery in Service) has made me realize that to achieve happiness you must learn to love what you do and enjoy life and don’t take anything for granted. Discovery in Service has made me a more humble person.” Richard summed up a sentiment expressed by several of the students, “From this class I really learned that God places us on this earth to use the talents and gifts he gave us to help others that are less fortunate or are just simply incapable of taking care of themselves.” As Discovery in Service moves into its 45th year, the class continues to draw a full group of students each semester who may not fully understand what they are getting into, but who will be profoundly changed for the better by their experience.

Dominic Gierczyk '18, enjoys a game of UNO with students at SPEED Specialized Education Joint Agreement, an educational cooperative of 15 local school districts that provides program and support services for individuals with disabilities ages 3-21.

Richard Wallace '18 helps Howard Ward, a resident at Brookdale Senior Living Community, navigate the Internet.  




28th Annual

Endowment Golf Classic Marian Catholic hosted its annual golf outing at Idlewild and Flossmoor Country Clubs on Monday, September 11, 2017 with over 150 participants in attendance. Alumni, parents, and friends of Marian Catholic enjoyed a beautiful day of golf, fellowship, and shared enthusiasm for the mission of the school. At dinner, student Summer Kerksick '19, a recipient of an Endowment Classic Scholarship, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to attend Marian Catholic. Her story of academic success and experience as a member of Marian Catholic’s award winning speech team was an inspiration to both golfers and guests. Over the years, the Endowment Golf Classic has awarded $1.2 million in scholarships to 500 students. Marian Catholic appreciates the support of everyone who helped make this year’s event a success. The generosity of the Marian Catholic community raised $114,000 for our Scholars with Soul, giving even more students the gift of a Catholic education!


SPONSORS Platinum Premier Event Sponsor $35,000 Anonymous Dinner Sponsor $5,000 Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, LTD – Tim '78 & Eileen (Gallagher) '78 Daw Jones & Cleary Roofing/Sheet Metal – Bill '75 & June (Ranieri) '78 Cleary Lansing Sport Shop Golf Participation Gift Sponsor $2,000 Country House Restaurant Marquette Associates Hub International Cocktail Hour Sponsor $1,500 Beautyguard Building Products Patriot Gaming & Electronics – Mark '83, Kimberly, Katlyn '09, and Cassidy '15 Komorowski Savant Investment Advisors, Inc. Mike '80 and Jackie Kennedy The Matese Family JMA Architects



3 5

Course Refreshment Sponsor $1,000 BMO Harris Bank Waukaway Springs Bottling Co. Eileen & Timothy Bergen Lunch Sponsor $1,000 Bonell Manufacturing Co. Flack Global Metals A Friend of Marian Catholic Valspar Morgan Stanley – Samuel A. Sesto '78, Wealth Advisor Hole Sponsor (both courses) $750 Kennedy Capital Management, Inc. Thiernau Financial Services HR Imaging Southland Smiles LTD AkzoNobel Coating, Inc. The Cary Company Franciscan Alliance Amerigo TEM Services Inc. – HVAC Specialists CS McKee, LP Gallagher Asphalt Corporation Heartland Controls Paul & Lisa Jenkins LSV Asset Management

Hole Sponsor (single course) $500 Arnie Bauer Midwest Promotional Group The Stevens Group Monosol Dyer Construction Co., Inc. Gierczyk Development Precoat Metals T&M Tire Seagall Bryant and Hamill Summit Animal Hospital – Dr. Tracee L. Friedrich '97 Tee Sponsor $250 Ryan D. Brothers Scholarship American Sale Geraldine Burke Boston Common Asset Management Dairy Queen H.H.H. Inc. Sportsfields, Inc. Ryan & Juraska, Certified Public Accountants Larson Manufacturing, LLC Shane’s Pawn Shop Caribbean Pools & Spas, Inc. Tail Power Classic & Marian Madness Beckers-Sean McCue Ransford Family Walt’s Food Center LSV Asset Management James Fuerhmeryer Family



1 Summer Kerksick '19 and President Vince Krydynski '81 compare their Marian Catholic experiences at dinner.


2 Peter Robinson '18 and Taylor Glomb '07, Director of Alumni Relations, challenge attendees to ‘Golf with a Spartan.’


3 Jared Lynch '07 and Justin Lynch '06 preview silent auction items.


4 Kyle Ruge '02 and Alec Thompson '18 share strategy on the links.



5 Tori Sweeney '05 and Sandy Sweeney greet golfers.

SAVE THE DATE Marian Catholic’s 2018 Endowment Golf Classic September 10, 2018


6 Endowment Classic Committee members Vince Krydynski, President '81, Eileen Gallagher Daw '78, Joe Zagone '74, Greg Underwood, Mark Peifer '81, Zach Peifer '11, and Chris Lilek '04 announce the proceeds from the event that will help fund student scholarships. MARIAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL


Fall Athletics

CROSS COUNTRY Consistency is certainly the hallmark of any successful athletic program. It is a defining characteristic of Marian Catholic’s Cross Country program, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this fall. Although Cross Country made an appearance in the 1960s under Athletic Department Legend Mike Goldrick, Coach Tim Sovereign has guided the program the last quarter century. Under Sovereign’s leadership, the Spartans have won seven IHSA girls regional crowns, sent boys teams to the sectional level on 17 occasions, and had runners make IHSA state finals 10 times. “Tim Sovereign has provided the Marian Catholic cross country program with amazing consistency, and consequently, he’s gained tremendous respect throughout the South Suburbs, the East Suburban Catholic Conference, and the cross country community statewide,” Marian Catholic Athletic Director Kevin Kelly said. “Hundreds


of Marian Catholic athletes have enjoyed his discipline, expertise, and guidance for a quarter century.” Marian Catholic's success continued this fall, as sophomore Samantha Barrett earned a repeat visit to the IHSA state meet in Peoria. Posting two of her season-best times in the postseason, Barrett was the top individual qualifier at the Wheaton Academy Class 2A sectional and finished in 68th place at the state meet. A huge hockey and Minnesota Vikings fan, Sovereign also coaches track at Marian Catholic and is quick to share credit for the Spartans’ success. “Over the years Marian Catholic has been blessed with some dedicated and hardworking assistant coaches,” praised Sovereign. “Heather Williams (from 2002 to 2014); Kathleen Mesterharm '01 (2013-2014), and our current assistants LaVon Burks and Cari Mills.” This season, with a roster of 15 girls and 14 boys, the program took home two fourth-place trophies from the Southland Prep Invitational. Other highlights include a fourth-place finish out of 12 teams for the girls at the Illiana Christian Invitational and a fifth-place finish out of 11 for the boys. The Varsity

Girls followed up their success at Illiana with a fourth out of 15 finish at the Rich East Invitational as Grace Rado '20 placed second and Samantha Samantha Barrett '20 Barrett fourth. While participation has waned in recent years, Marian Catholic still gains its share of individual and team success with a competitive schedule. Though they enjoyed celebrating the anniversary year, Sovereign and the “harriers” look forward to kicking off another successful quarter century. “The highlight of the season occurred on October 6 when the team was honored by the entire school at the homecoming assembly,” a gleaming Sovereign recalled. “During the assembly each member of the team, as well as the coaches, received a special commemorative 25th Anniversary jacket. Later that night, the team was honored at the varsity football game at midfield with a brief ceremony. Cross country alumni from past seasons were in attendance.”

VOLLEYBALL The Spartan women’s volleyball squad had a tough act to follow after winning the IHSA 3A state crown in 2016, but Marian Catholic responded in impressive fashion. The Spartans finished 30-8 for the seventh 30-win campaign in school history, and captured their third straight IHSA Regional title. The Spartans also won the prestigious Rich East Invite title and a repeat championship at Lincoln-Way Central. They were only derailed in the postseason by ESCC rival and eventual state champion Marist High School. Seniors on the team proudly capped off a four-year stretch that featured 101 total varsity wins!


In women’s tennis, a second-place team finish in the Marian Catholic IHSA Sectional was also followed up by state tourney exploits. Signaling an outstanding future, the Spartans were represented in the IHSA Class 1A state tourney by freshman Taylor Trojan.


Men’s golf capped off an impressive campaign, as Marian Catholic sent two of its seniors to the IHSA State Tournament. After helping lead the Spartans to a second-place finish in the Marian Catholic IHSA Regional at Lincoln Oaks Golf Course, Todd Gervase captured a 58th-place IHSA Class 2A finish and Alec Thompson earned a tie for 76th place overall.


Junior Kevin Ham, from Dyer, Ind., will be among the over 2,000 athletes competing at the 2018 Junior Olympic Fencing Championships in Memphis, Tenn. February 14-19. A member of Marian Catholic’s Fencing Team and the Northwest Indiana Fencing Club, Kevin is ready for the challenge, having competed in sabre events since 2013. His commitment to the sport and experience as a two-time team MVP for Marian Catholic will serve him well!



Fine Arts By Josh Ladner, Contributing Writer

The Fine Arts continue to thrive at Marian Catholic, showcasing student talents with a variety of performances and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


The Marian Catholic Marching Band certainly made a name for themselves in the city of Chicago this fall! On August 26, the band played the Imperial March as they paraded onto Guaranteed Rate Field at the White Sox game with costumed Star Wars enthusiasts. The band then played the National Anthem on the field in front of nearly 1,400 Marian Catholic students, alumni, faculty, friends, and family members. The unique experience opened the door to an opportunity for the band to perform during halftime of the Chicago Bears Monday Night Football Game on October 9 at Soldier Field. Continuing their competitive success, the band won its 38th consecutive Class Championship at the State of Illinois Invitational High School Marching Band Contest as well as the Class AA Championship at Bands of America Grand Nationals.


Marian Catholic Night with the White Sox Saturday, August 18, 2018

in review


Marian Catholic’s choir showcased their vocal excellence at the Fall Choral Concert on October 3, followed by their always cheerful Christmas Concert on December 5. In what has become a tradition, the choirs also performed at the Chicago Heights Rotary Club’s Annual Holiday Luncheon at Olympia Fields Country Club.


The theater program staged yet another incredible performance with its production of “Peter and the Starcatcher” on October 13 and 14. Students explored the bonds of friendship, duty, and love amidst greed and despair in the thrilling adventure story of how a miserable orphan boy becomes the legendary Peter Pan.


The Marian Catholic Speech Team is well on its way to another successful season. The team finished third at the Homewood-Flossmoor Halloween Classic, second at the Eisenhower Speech Tournament, advanced three finalists for Impromptu Speaking at the Ninth Annual Marian Catholic Speech Classic, and took first place at the Thornridge Tree Tournament. The group has high expectations for the remaining contests and looks forward to hosting the Regional Speech competition on February 3.

2017 ILLINOIS MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION DISTRICT MUSIC FESTIVAL Nineteen Marian Catholic students were selected via auditions to participate in the Illinois Music Education Association’s District 1 Senior Band/Chorus/Orchestra Festival at Elmhurst College in November. Seven students were also selected to perform at the All-State Conference in January. Those students are: Ana Godinez '18, Matthew Hrinda '20, Jacob Kopczyk '19, Joseph Musharbash '18, Anthony Soria '18, Erik Curtis '20, and Angelina Einert '18. Congratulations to all!


The fine arts program anticipates an equally creative second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. Don’t miss their upcoming events! Winter Band Concert Sunday, February 11 2:30 p.m. Music in Our School Choir Concert Tuesday, March 6 7 p.m. Spring Musical “Hairspray” Friday, April 20 & Saturday, April 21 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 22 2:00 p.m. Spring Pops Choir Concert Tuesday, May 8 7 p.m. Spring Band Concert Thursday, May 10 7 p.m.




1 Marian Catholic’s Speech Team hoists their 2nd Place trophy at the Eisenhower Speech Tournament.


2 Color guard members Mackenzie Kot '18 and Imani Prophet '18 receive their U.S. Army All-American Marching Band jackets in anticipation of their trip to San Antonio, Texas. The band, which features 125 of the top marching band members from across the United States, performed during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl at the Alamodome on January 6. 3 / Marian Catholic choirs showcased their vocal excellence at their Fall Concert.


4 / Mr. Greg Bimm directs the band as they perform the National Anthem at the White Sox game on August 26.


5 Marian Catholic students performed the thrilling adventure of “Peter and the Starcatcher.”



6 / Back row (left to right): Sara Strus '18, James Szewczyk '18, Ryan Lavin '18, Kyle Lavin '20, Anthony Soria '18, Tolu Thomas '18, Jacob Kopczyk '19, Erik Curtis '20, Andrew Klopp '19, Matthew Hrinda '20, and Quinn Kirchner '18

Front row (left to right): Joseph Musharbash '18, Lauren O’Kane '18, Angelina Einert '18, Katie O’Shea '18, Ana Godinez '18, Jackie Sutherland '18, William Flores '19, and Kelly Osmolski '19



“I’m excited to be a part of the program and help students off-set their tuition. I look at Marian Catholic’s work-study program as more of a service. To be able to help students gain exposure to, and interest in, veterinary medicine – that’s what makes me happiest and gives me the most satisfaction.” Pictured left to right: Dr. Kim Karlin '10, Alexandria Flowers '20, and Dr. Rachel Willard '88

WORK STUDY PROGRAM Connects Students with the Real World


Dr. Rachel Willard '88 – University of Iowa '92 – Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine '96 – Flossmoor Animal Hospital

The increasing cost of private education can challenge even the most dedicated, hard-working families. Established in the spring of 2017, Marian Catholic’s Work Study Program endeavors to make Catholic education more affordable by providing students with positive, entry-level summer work experiences at local businesses that will allow them to earn a portion of their tuition. Marian Catholic is committed to preparing its students for success, both in high school and after graduation. A rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum, along with a comprehensive, four-year leadership program, enables students to develop the skills necessary to excel as both scholars and professionals including written and verbal communication skills, collaboration, decision making, and a strong work ethic. The Marian Catholic Work Study Program offers students the opportunity to refine those skills in a real world setting. Marian Catholic’s Work Study Program pairs exceptional students who are in need of tuition assistance with local businesses from June-August each year. Students work in an entry-level position eight hours a day, five days a week, for six weeks, or a total of 240 hours. In exchange, the business partner pays $3,000, which is applied directly to the student’s tuition, having an immediate impact on the student and their family.

“ I’ve definitely grown more since being here. I’ve been pushed to be more responsible about important things, to set goals for the future. They’re like my second family.” Kayla Schassburger '18

“ When we signed up for Marian Catholic’s work study program, we were looking for someone with a good attitude and consistent attendance. We were fortunate to be paired with someone who made the commitment and never let us down. Having someone here who is willing to do anything, to be so flexible, has been a real benefit for us.” Jennifer Uhrick, Caribbean Pools, Inc.

“I liked that the program gave me the opportunity to help my mom with tuition. It made me want to work harder.” Isaac Ortez-Garcia '20

“It’s good to involve local people, to help build community. You have to start at a young age.” John Benish '84, Kickert School Bus Line, Inc.

Students are qualified to work in a number of industries including technology, real estate, medical and law offices, insurance, and logistics, and are well prepared to assume responsibility for a variety of tasks such as answering telephones, maintaining files, and data entry. For businesses, the work study program offers a cost-effective alternative to a full-time employee by saving time on paperwork and saving money on taxes, health benefits, and other employmentrelated expenditures. Participation in Marian Catholic’s Work Study Program offers businesses access to responsible, respectful, reliable employees. Partners in the program also benefit from visibility throughout the community, as well as advertising and recognition on the Marian Catholic campus. In the workplace, mentoring opportunities allow company employees to foster meaningful relationships with students that further their own professional growth and development.

Students participating in the program have the opportunity to develop marketable business and workplace skills, preparing them for college and the professional world. They are also able to strengthen their interpersonal skills and begin to create a network of business and professional contacts. For Isaac Ortez-Garcia '20, there is another benefit; a sense of pride knowing he is contributing toward his tuition. “I liked that the program gave me the opportunity to help my mom with tuition. It made me want to work harder.” To learn more about Marian Catholic’s Work Study Program, please contact: Michelle Brown Executive Administrative Assistant Marian Catholic High School (708) 996-4634/



SPARTAN ACADEMY Surrounded by LEGOs, Hot Wheels, and robotics kits in Marian Catholic’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab, Mike Jones '97 admits he is a kid at heart. And that he loves science. Both are essential to his role as Marian Catholic’s Director of Innovation and STEM Education. Jones’s involvement with the program began six years ago, the result of the growing interest in STEM education and the importance of engaging students in STEM related topics at an early age. Sharing Marian Catholic’s educational programs with younger students in the community seemed a natural extension of the school’s mission. By the 2013-14 school year, Marian Catholic had partnered with Northwestern University to offer weekend classes for elementary and middle school students. Two years later, under Jones’s leadership, Marian Catholic began offering its own weekend classes in business, veterinary science, and LEGO® robotics. Sixty students enrolled the first semester with the number increasing to 150 students the second semester. The stage was set for Spartan Academy.

Spartan Academy offers STEM focused classes for grades 1-8 throughout the school year, including evening and weekend classes during the fall and spring semesters and a seven-week summer camp. During the summer program, students explore a different STEM topic each week in addition to meeting STEM professionals and taking field trips. In its first year of operation in the summer of 2016, Spartan Academy recorded over 350 one-week registrations. Over 40% of the students returned for summer 2017 with registrations topping at 375 participants from 25 zip codes in Illinois and Indiana. This fall, Spartan Academy hosted Tinker Tuesdays in Marian Catholic’s STEM lab to give students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to make, learn, explore, and share ideas in a collaborative workspace. Each week featured a demonstration of tools and techniques used in material design after which students were free to create their own project. For Jones, “to see the curiosity, to see the students actually figure something out is the best part” of his job. During its evolution, the goals of Marian Catholic’s K-8 STEM Program have stayed the same: to get youth involved in science and to keep them motivated and interested in science throughout their education. With employment in occupations related to STEM projected to grow more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022, Spartan Academy helps ensure students are better prepared for the future. Spartan Academy Summer Camp 2018 will take place from June 12 thru August 3. Past themes have included the great outdoors, microorganisms, film, robotics, and the science of golf. Families interested in giving their children hands-on, practical experience in STEM can find registration information at Specific questions can be directed to Mike Jones, Director of Innovation and STEM Education at (708) 996-4636 or

I think • I question • I design • I create • I collaborate • I try • I solve • I reflect • I learn


Chet Marshall Joins Marian Catholic Advancement Team

“I am bolstered by the pride, the history, and the legacy of the families of Marian Catholic High School.”

Q&A with Marian Catholic’s new Principle Gifts Officer: Q / Welcome to Marian Catholic! Tell us a little about your background. How did you get into fundraising? A / I attended Appalachian State University for three years before finishing my degree at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where I had planned to enroll in medical school. Some mentors

suggested I move into business/ sales—I worked in the printing and marketing business for 20+ years where I completed many projects for charities. After I sold my business in the late 1990’s, I had the opportunity to help educational institutions raise money full-time, which I have done for the past 15 years. It is a nod to my parents and ancestors, many of whom were long-serving educators. Q / Exactly what is a Principle Gifts Officer? A / A Principle Gifts Officer is responsible for meeting with current and potential donors, inviting gifts to the Marian Fund, and assisting donors with any type of planned giving—bequests, life insurance, annuities, real estate, etc.— that they might wish to leave to Marian Catholic. Q / Who have you helped in the past? A / I worked for Culver Academies for nine years, during which time we set the all-time record in America’s history for a secondary school

fund-raising campaign, raising $376 million dollars. I then moved to Valparaiso University for the last five and one half years where we raised $160 million. Q / Those are impressive numbers! What do you hope to do at Marian Catholic? A / I am bolstered by the pride, the history, and the legacy of the families of Marian Catholic High School. Based on that though, I am surprised that the numbers show only 7% of alumni gave back to the Marian Fund last year. The best private school graduates, faculty, staff, and parents all know that to maintain excellence—attracting the best students, attracting and retaining the best teachers, and having and supporting programs of distinction takes money. In today’s world, tuition alone does not suffice. And, unless you have an $11-billion-dollar endowment like Notre Dame, institutions need regular, on-going contributions at all levels on a yearly basis while, at the same time, continuing to build the existing endowment.

Q / What can members of the Marian Catholic community do to help? A / Give every year to the Marian Fund at any level you can afford. Participation is paramount. I have made two somewhat small gifts to Marian Catholic in my short time here. My small total should not exceed the lifetime giving of 64% of the alumni! Remember what this school did for you and your peers—how it shaped you and other students—the Sisters and teachers—the friends made—the life-lessons of honor, civility, faith, focus—and know that for us to continue to educate the next generation and the next generation it takes all of our support each and every year. I am happy to talk to anyone who has questions about giving or is interested in making a gift to Marian Catholic. Contact Chet Marshall at (708) 980-2454 (work), (574) 210-7764 (cell), or via email at






Class Reunions

’67 The Class of 1967 Celebrates 50 Years Members of the Marian Catholic High School Class of 1967 spent Sept. 22 and 23 getting reacquainted and reminiscing during their 50th Class Reunion. The celebratory events began on Friday with a Memorial Mass in the Chapel followed by a Welcome Home Reception in Marian Catholic’s Study Hall (formerly the school’s cafeteria). The festivities continued Saturday night with dinner, drinks, and dancing at Olympia Fields Country Club. As part of the event Saturday evening, the 1967 Reunion Committee honored some of their classmates with a few fun awards of distinction: > Traveled the Furthest / George Archibald (San Diego) > Most Consecutive Years Married / Kelly Giblin Morris (1969) > Most Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren / Phillip Reed (24) > Most Years of Service / Bob Tomlin (33 Years Police Department) The program concluded with a very special presentation to Bea Fodor for her hard work locating all but seven classmates! It was surely a weekend to remember and one the Class of 1967 will never forget.


1967 Reunion Committee members: Nancy Nugent Corrigan Joe D’Amico Mike DeRosa Maria Bianconi Desmond Bill Distler Sharon Perozzi Doughney Bea Jankauskas Fodor Donna Tyrell Landers Kelly Gibun Morris Karen Bruno Pleticha Peg Markey Spinozza



1962 / The Class of 1962 celebrated their 55th reunion. 1972 / Peggy Sons Hoogheem, Marc Bruni, Dianne Moriarty, and Deborah Masterson Marconi



1977 / Bethanne Brennan Vicex, Kathleen Goudie Schum, Theresa Miller Shelling, Twyla Blomquist Sokolewicz, Kathleen Howe-Burket, Gerrianne Billo, Gwen Prist Amundsen, and Ann Marie Brotherly Lamb 1982 / Karen Whitman Harres, Kathleen McNeeley-Welker, Jan Stanfa Basile, and Carol Branka



1987 / Michelle Erdmann Gates, Dawn Hallo, and Georg Hallo 1992 / Stacy Gerstetter, Amber Lucsay, Russel Patrizi, Jeff Daiker, Katie Daiker, and Kristan Juraska Spencer



2007 / Will Wells, Tom Peabody, Jenna Grabiec, Cliffton Gordon, Amanda Phillips, Josh Howe, and Evan Williams 2012 / Ashley Cady, Jess Aguirre, and Alex Vina



Alumni Notes





Tom '78 and Janice Merlo '78 Call celebrated their son’s wedding on September 23, 2017 in Alexandria, Va. Fr. Cedric Wilson, a priest at Marian Catholic in the 1970s, was the officiant. Fr. Wilson has been a visiting priest at the Call’s parish since they moved to the Washington D.C. suburbs over 32 years ago!

Colleen Newquist '79, was appointed Vice President for Marketing and Communication at Loyola University Chicago, effective January 1. Newquist joins Loyola after a distinguished 25-year career at the University of Chicago including most recently as Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations and Development and Campaign Communications. At Loyola, Newquist will lead University Marketing and Communication, serving as the architect and integrator of marketing and communication efforts across the University and counseling leadership on communications, marketing, and media and public relations. On July 15, 2017, Carl Loesch '86 was one of two recipients of the Michael Pressley Award for Excellence in Catholic Education by the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame. Loesch is currently the Secretary of Education for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and previous to that, he served as Principal for Marian High School in Mishawaka, Ind., for ten years.


On June 22, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees Walk of Fame inductees, announced the recipient artists and entertainers for the Class of 2018 including Marian Catholic alumna Shonda Rhimes '87. Rhimes is the television executive for Shondaland Productions and creator of shows like “Scandal,” “How to Get Away with Murder” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Julie Whitman '89 was appointed the first Executive Director at the Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana in September. Julie joined IYI in April 2010 as the Vice President of Programs where she oversaw professional education, organizational capacity building, and data and research programs. As Executive Director, she will provide full-time strategic staff support to the Commission and will be responsible for ensuring the execution of the Commission’s strategic plan. Prior to IYI, Julie served as the Director of Special Projects for the National Center for Victims of Crime in Washington D.C. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Romance Languages from Harvard University and a Master’s in Social Work from Boston College.


Melissa Fraterrigo '91 is the author of the novel Glory Days, named a must-read for the month of September by the Chicago Review of Books. In addition to publishing two books, The Longest Pregnancy, a collection of short stories, and Glory Days, a novel-in-stories, Melissa’s works have appeared in more than forty literary journals. She has been a finalist for Glimmer Train awards on multiple occasions, is a two-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize, and was the winner of the Sam Adams/Zoetrope: All Story Short Fiction Contest. Melissa also teaches classes on the art and craft of writing at the Lafayette Writers’ Studio in Lafayette, Ind. while working on a YA/MG novel with a double narrative.




ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Nicole Lopez '04 By Josh Ladner, Contributing Writer


hile most college graduates seek full-time employment and begin a 40 hour-per-week lifestyle, Nicole Lopez '04 chose to join the military. After graduating from Marian Catholic, Nicole attended Michigan Tech University where she earned a bachelor of science degree in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Military Science. Upon graduating from Michigan Tech in 2008, Nicole enlisted and went on active duty with the United States Army as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Military Police Core. Her first assignment was at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba where she spent a year serving as a Military Police Officer at a maximum and medium security detention facility. As a platoon leader at Guantanamo Bay, Nicole was in charge of about 50 soldiers and served as an Assistant Officer in Charge (AOIC). Nicole was then assigned to Fort Carson in Colorado where she was a member of a military police unit for three years. While at Fort Carson, Nicole deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2011 as an Executive Officer for a military police company. In Iraq, Nicole and her company of about 170 soldiers were responsible for closing the last American-controlled detention facility in Baghdad.


Katherine Grosh '95 became a Partner at Levin Ginsburg in its Litigation Practice Group. Katherine is a graduate of the University of Illinois ( J.D., 2002) and the University of Michigan, with distinction, (B.A., Psychology, 1999). High school sweethearts Joleen Simonetti '95 and Eric Burnett were married in November at Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Ill., surrounded by family and friends including Traci Slowinski '94 (Matron of Honor) and Jimmy Rhodes '93 (Best Man). The Burnetts reside in Frankfort, Ill.


After a brief return home in 2012, Nicole deployed again as a Cultural Support Team Leader with a special operations task force in Afghanistan. It is considered culturally inappropriate for a male to talk or touch a female in Afghanistan, so Nicole’s primary task was to search and question women and children. The task force would conduct night raids in Eastern Afghanistan, so Nicole would work directly with the women and children during the raids, which she proclaimed as “probably the coolest thing she’s ever done.” In 2013, Nicole left active duty, moved to Minnesota where she became a federal employee working for the department of the Army, and joined the Army Reserves. Employed as a Civil Affairs Team Leader, Nicole and her team would work with the local populous providing a variety of services including finding books for schools or working with other organizations to help build schools. In 2015, Nicole worked part-time as an instructor for the University of Minnesota’s ROTC program. After about a year, she left the University of Minnesota to become a Company Commander in Davenport, Iowa. There, Nicole was responsible for a military police company consisting of 169 soldiers overseeing the training, administration, and welfare of the company, ensuring they are ready for deployment at any time. More recently, Lopez transferred to Fort Wayne, Ind. to work as an Executive Officer for a military police battalion made up of multiple military police companies. Although Nicole continues to spend one weekend per month and two weeks per year in Fort Wayne, she now calls Detroit home where she works in Federal Law Enforcement.

Josh Torres '99 joined Franklin College in Franklin, Ind., as a Lecturer of Music. Prior to teaching at Franklin, Josh served as the Director of Percussion at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Ind., one of the most respected high school percussion programs in the country and a consistent WGI Scholastic World Finalist and a four-time medalist. In 2012, Josh served as the coordinator for the Super Bowl XLVI Drumline which performed the National Anthem with Kelly Clarkson and the Halftime Show with Madonna to over 113 million viewers. He has also served as the director of the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) Drumline and organized drumline performances for the Dallas Stars (NHL.) In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his family: two sons, Cameron and Alden, and wife, Audrey, who is the head band director at Franklin Central High School.






Kristin LaVine Okner '01 and her husband welcomed their second son, Weston Anthony, on August 18. Westin joins big brother Benjamin Ellis. Marie Zidek '02 was named the head coach of the Depaul Volleyball Progam on December 22. Marie is leaving her position as an assistant coach at the University of San Diego where she has been for the past four seasons and helped lead the program to four consecutive NCAA appearances. A former volleyball player at Marian Catholic, Marie went on to play volleyball at Northern Illinois University. At Northern, Marie was a four-year letter winner while also earning several academic awards, including Mid-American Conference All-Academic team honors. Zidek graduated with distinction from NIU in 2006 with a degree in Kinesiology and received a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Oregon State in 2010. Jason Grabiec '03 completed an intensive eight-week program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills. Jason is the son of Cynthia and Guy Grabiec of Oak Forest, Ill. The airman graduated in 2003 from Marian Catholic High School and earned a master’s degree in 2016 from Eastern Illinois University. Katie Willard '03 and her husband Eric Wilson welcomed their first child, Asher James Wilson, on May 13, 2017.


Beth Cosgrove '04 was nominated and awarded the title of 2017’s Outstanding Chef of the Year by Timeout Shanghai Magazine on June 2. A graduate of St. Barnabas and Marian Catholic, Beth is the Chef de Cuisine for Alan Wong’s Shanghai, China restaurant located in the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel, a restaurant she helped establish in 2015. Beth received her Culinary Degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.



2006 2010


Kevin Marvinac '05 launched the startup business TransparentCareer. Cofounded with three fellow Chicago Booth classmates, TransparentCareer serves as an MBA-specific job compensation and satisfaction platform based on job functions, industries, and companies. Inspired by his mother, who ran her own career coaching business, Kevin states that the entrepreneurial itch was inevitable and even at 13 found himself, guided by his mother, taking a resume to land his first job and then to building his own online platform while at Marian Catholic at 16 years old. Marvinac obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Notre Dame. He continues to work toward completing his MBA at Booth while working at TransparentCareer. Allison McDonnell '10 and Ryan Zarlengo '06 were married on June 3, 2017 at St. Agnes Church followed by a reception at Glenwoodie Golf Club.

Molly Marz '06 completed her 2nd Marathon this year while also raising over $1,500 for the organization Girls on the Run. Molly, who ran her first marathon in 2016, realized quickly from the experience the positive impact running had on her life by “not only giving me self-confidence but engaging me in teamwork and fostering my own drive and determination.” Marz’s career as a runner first started as a freshman at Marian Catholic as part of the Cross Country team. Molly is especially thankful to Marian Catholic, and especially Coach Sovereign, for helping her realize how important running is to her and for creating a supportive and encouraging environment for her to grow as a runner. Morgan McClainMcKinney Limo '06 was awarded the 2017 LAS Outstanding Young Alumni Award from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for her work to support international economic development in Africa. Morgan is currently a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and is a political science alumna from The University of Illinois (BA '09; MA '11).



Belinda Merkelis '07 a current Master’s Student in the Global Field Program at Miami University, traveled to India in July 2017 with Project Dragonfly. While in India, Belinda spent her time studying the ecological and spiritual landscapes of the Western Ghats.



Julie Powers '07 and Jarred Lynch '07 were married on October 14, 2017, at The Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake, Ind.


Kyle Schassburger '07 By Josh Ladner, Contributing Writer The journey from Marian Catholic to the present has been filled with unexpected trials for Kyle Schassburger '07, but it seems things are falling into place. Kyle was recently selected as the new studio host/producer for Duke football and basketball on the Duke IMG Sports Network as well as being named the Operations Manager for Curtis Media Group in Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point, N.C. While attending Western Illinois University, where he earned a degree in Broadcasting and a minor in Coaching, Kyle gained early exposure to the broadcasting world working for the TV and radio stations at Western, covering both news and sports. The experience led him to his first job after school in Galesburg, Ill. as a news anchor and reporter for radio station WGIL-AM 1400, part of the Galesburg Broadcasting Group, named the Illinois 2011 Small Market Radio Station of the Year. Just two weeks into the job, former President Barack Obama made a surprise stop at Galesburg High School and Kyle was assigned to deliver live updates from the event. Kyle described the opportunity as being “pretty gratifying, being as new as I was.” As a result of his reporting, Kyle received an Associated Press Best Spot News Story Award in 2012. After working for WGIL for a year, Kyle decided he wanted to pursue a job in sports, his true passion. IMG College in Winston-Salem, N.C., the largest collegiate sports marketing company in the country, had an opening for a studio host producer and Kyle managed to land a part-time

role. It wasn’t too long before Kyle met his fiancé and was “forced to grow up pretty fast.” Kyle’s fiancé was originally from Louisiana and she was extremely homesick while in North Carolina. Following his heart, Kyle left Winston-Salem in August 2014 for Baton Rouge where he lived for two years. Working for Cumulus Media, Kyle did everything he could to be on-air, especially when it came to covering sports. In August 2016, prolonged rainfall in the southern part of Louisiana caused catastrophic flooding and a state of emergency. Kyle and his family lost close to 80 percent of everything they had in the flood and decided to make the move back to North Carolina. Still having connections at IMG, Kyle was able to get hired on again in a part-time capacity. Later, when his boss received a promotion, Kyle was hand-selected to be the studio host producer for Duke Football and Duke Basketball in a seasonal role. In addition to being a part of the Duke Football and Duke Basketball broadcasts, Kyle has a full-time job as a Radio Host & Operations Manager/Program Director at Curtis Media Group in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem/ High Point, N.C. area, also known as the Piedmont Triad. Kyle now has his own sports talk show titled ‘One on One with The Schass’ weekdays from 3-6 p.m. on WSJS & ESPN Radio in the Triad. Kyle’s favorite memory from Marian Catholic is the Kairos retreat, clearly a defining moment for him. Even though Kyle lost almost everything in the flood, he was able to salvage his Kairos cross and the letters he received during the experience, treasured mementos that continue to guide his journey.




Jenna Jameson '08 and John Holzhauser '08 married on June 10, 2017 at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Orland Hills, Ill., followed by a wedding reception at Brookfield Zoo. Several Marian Catholic alumni and staff attended, including science teacher and mother of the groom Peggy Holzhauser!

Jennifer Todd '07, daughter of Barb Strzelec Todd '77 and sister of Lindsey Todd '09, married Michael Budde on November 4, 2017. The wedding took place at St. Michael’s in Old Town with a beautiful a reception at W Chicago-City Center. Michael Vanover '07 has been named the 2017 Assistant of the Year for the South Florida Professional Golf Association (PGA). A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) with a B.S. in Resort and Hospitality Management, where he was a PGA Golf Management Student, Vanover is currently a PGA Professional at Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, Fla., where he has been on staff for seven years. After interning at Grey Oaks, Vanover was promoted to managing their hard goods and club fitting operations and is now recognized as one of the top club fitters in the country by all major equipment companies. He shares his love of the sport by offering free golf lessons to Grey Oaks employees and mentoring students from FGCU.


Christal Luster Boynes '08 graduated from Columbia College in Chicago in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management with a focus on Music Business. By day, Christal is the Director of Marketing and Online Sales for her family’s hair care manufacturing company, Essations, Inc. By night, she is an indie recording artist. Christal released her debut EP “Expression” in September 2016 and published her first book, 30 Days of Change: Exchanging Tears for Joy, in March 2016. Luster performs with different bands around Chicago and is currently working on her next book, new music, and a web show, all to be revealed in 2018.


Molly Rockrohr Monk '08 and Russel Monk are proud to announce the birth of their son, Colton David Monk. Born on September 20, 2017, Colton weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long. Congratulations to Alysha Ferry '08 on her engagement to Tommy Bazan. Tommy proposed to Alysha while they were vacationing in Italy at the Villa Borghese Gardens.


Elias Larson '09 a 2016 graduate of the DePaul College of Law, is an Associate Patent Attorney at Lempia Summerfield Katz LLC. His practice focuses on all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent prosecution and opinion work in the mechanical and electrical fields of art. Elias was a State Wrestling Champion at Marian Catholic in 2009.



Hannah Krydynski '10 spent months training for her first Ironman while working her full time job as an Experienced Recruiter at Ernst and Young. Hannah successfully completed the Wisconsin Ironman on September 10, and to top it off, volunteered at the Marian Catholic Endowment Golf Classic the following day! Katie Obbagy '10 and Michael Winner were married July 29, 2017 in Carroll, Iowa on Michael’s family farm. Katie earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace from the University of Dayton in 2014. She is currently a Product Definition Engineer at Rolls Royce in Indianapolis where she designs fans and compressors for jet engines. In addition to enjoying married life, Katie is very involved in the local and society sections of the Society of Women Engineers.


2016 After dating for eight years, Karie Schaberger '11 and Joseph Johnson '10 are officially high school sweethearts! The couple was married in July 2017 at Danada House in Wheaton, Ill. Several Marian Catholic graduates celebrated the nuptuals as members of the bridal party. (Left to right): Amanda Johnson Rebhi '08, Amy Narotsky, Laura Schaberger '04, Jenna Schaberger 07, Maid of Honor Jaclyn (Suzy) Clarke '12, Best Man Darius Lang '11, Damani McClellan '10, Timothy Michels '10, Joseph Schaberger '09, and Imed Rebhi. A member of color guard, Karie will graduate from the University of Illinois’ School of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2019. Joe, a member of the band, is an entrepreneur and owner of two successful businesses.


From Speech Team competitions to writing a cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine, Brittany Spanos '10 has a lot to be proud of at such a young age. After graduating from New York University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Spanos took a job with Rolling Stone in January 2015. She began as an online producer and was promoted to staff writer after just 10 months on the job. Spanos writes a mixture of features, breaking news, and critiques for the magazine and its website. Brittany wrote her first cover story for Rolling Stone in October 2017 on the female hip-hop artist Cardi B. Along with being on the writing team for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Spanos has also written for other publications such as Vulture, Village Voice, Cosmo, Rookie, Lenny, and more.


2010 2011


Clemons Poindexter '12 played the drums alongside Khalid for their performance of “Young, Dumb, & Broke,” on Stephen Colbert, October 25, 2017.

Eric Reid '13, Ball State University '17, was recently sworn in as a police officer in Merrillville, Ind.

Sarah Lisak '16, principal flutist for the Augustana Symphony Orchestra, recently performed “Comfort, Comfort Now My People” in the Joyful All Ye Nations Rise Christmas Program at Augustana College.




Financial Summary

Dear Alumni and Friends of Marian Catholic, The beginning of a new calendar year is a time for reflection. Reflection on the achievements of the past year, reflection on individual growth, and most importantly, reflection on the many blessings that God has bestowed on each of us. As we compiled this list of names, we paused to reflect on the many blessings that God has presented Marian Catholic in the way of our benefactors, the guardian angels called to protect and advance the mission of Marian Catholic High School. The following list of benefactors is one of the reasons we are hopeful that Catholic education will remain a strong option for all who desire it. These gifts allow our faculty and staff to enrich the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students with a Marian Catholic education that earned recognition as a 2017 Best of Chicago’s Southland Private School according to the Daily Southtown. Over two-thirds of the families that have made the decision to give the gift of a Marian Catholic education have difficulty meeting the financial investment of the full cost of tuition and continually call on us for assistance. These benefactors have answered that call. Marian Catholic remains committed to providing the highest caliber education available. Your support makes that possible. For all of the individuals and organizations whose name appears on this list, thank you for your enduring support of Marian Catholic High School and our Scholars with a Soul. May the New Year bring you peace and abundant blessings! In the Spirit of St. Dominic,

Dan Kozlowski Vice President for Advancement

REVENUE $1,218,788

GIVING SUMMARY Sources of Support

Marian Fund


Annual Endowment Fund Spartan Gold Raffle Alumni Fund


Auxiliary Support





Alumni 55% Parents of Alumni 21% Friends 11% Current Parents 8% Corporate Matching Gifts & Foundations 3% Faculty & Staff 1%

Report of Alumni Giving July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Class of 1962 Class Participation - 6.1% Class Gift Total - $973

Scholar Society

Mary Ann Ormsby O’Hea

Spartan Club

Jane Dooley Guagliardo Celeste Klein Phillips Kathryn Sheil Marilynn Masse Torri Kenneth Venuso

Fan Club

Donald Cureton Frank Vesci Thomas Vitelli Edward Brown Carlotta Archibald Alice Riley Chambers Joyce Zeller Glandon Sr. Santina DeLuca, OP

Class of 1963 Class Participation - 9.5% Class Gift Total - $5,450

Principal Society Barry Grenier

Educator Society

Lane Brady Roger King Patricia Pignotti Knepler

Scholar Society

Tim O’Hea Michael & Mary B. (Colby) Paul William Walsh

Spartan Club

Thomas Frazzini Carol Kirsch Middendorf Richard Singler

Fan Club

Barbara Sholeen Corsentino Mia Amundsen LaBeau MaryAnn Brewer Laker Caryn Christopher Wieczorkiewicz

Class of 1964 Class Participation - 7.5% Class Gift Total - $11,570

Board Society

Patricia Wujcik McHenry

Educator Society James Prombo

Scholar Society

Class Participation - 31.4% Class Gift Total - $12,675

Partner Society Spartan Club

Kathleen O’Keefe Cusick Kathleen Schultz Lentz Lynn Berglind Manning Fred Rosenberger Karen Vogel

Fan Club

Dave Bruni Mary Geier Cooper Diana Doerr Cruz Patricia Marshall Hagemann Allen Marazas Joann Schiesher Pelletier Anthony Praxmarer Catherine Riley Seper Eileen Butkus Takach Marilyn Westerhoff

Class of 1965 Class Participation - 8.3% Class Gift Total - $7,935

Principal Society Jay Carr

Partner Society

James & Marijo (Doheny) Hudzik Patricia LePenske Zieske

Educator Society Barbara Ferrari Michael Petrouski

Scholar Society

Daniel Gautsch Jeanne Bartusiewicz Lahey Thomas Sadler

Spartan Club

Thomas Engstrand Linda Pote Graham Lynda Vieha Grant Judith Hack Dave McIntire William Murphy Curtis Ribando Steven Richter

Fan Club

Anne Barry Karen Tosi Coston Anna Scanlon Croteau Thomas Czech Daniel Dwornik Patricia Reavley Hunnewell Catherine Kenzie LaPlante Dane Mattio Patricia Kennedy Menoni Charles Sholeen Robert Vecchio Karen Delude Virkkala Thomas Willett

Connie Corso Nykiel

Dominican Society = $20,000+ Board Society = $19,999 - $10,000 President Society = $9,999 - $5,000 Principal Society = $4,999 - $2,500

Class of 1966

Partner Society Educator Society Scholar Society Spartan Club Fan Club

= $2,499 - $1,000 = $999 - $500 = $499 - $250 = $249 - $100 = $99 and below

Bill & Donna (Westenberg) Hungeling Thomas Neu Kenneth Peters

Educator Society

Pamela Sebastian Ridge

Scholar Society

Michael Einhorn James McDonald Barbara DeMaat Stroming Michael Welsh

Spartan Club

Cherie Sauerbier Andrews Norbert Andrews Joan Beck Daniel Bergin Jeanne Bodnar Angel Barren Borrelli Karen Hannigan Brady Mary McGlave Chandler Kathleen Hartford Crowley Anthony DeRosa Robert Dinwoodie Pat Schiesher FIsher Daniel Gardner Joann Gorrell Linda Peppers Higgins Spoleti Rosemary Fritz Horgeshimer Judith Bohlsen Jajowka Peter Kelly Kevin Kennedy John Maier Margaret McKerral Rhonda Graff Morgridge Carole Meyer Nelson Carol Ann Leonas Nicolai Thomas Nowak Judith Quinn O’Connor Sharon Janusek Paciorek Anita Butkus Philipp Judith Damiani Rohlf Therese Klawitter Safavi James Sullivan Kathryn Hanney Thoren

Fan Club

Gail Lambert Bartosiak Cheryl Marshall Basile Dee Barrett Benner Deborah Poulos Berg Jeannine Bangs Bergs Arthur & Candy (Lambert) Blakemore Robert Bosau Rose Heidenrich Bosau Roslyn Costello Bustos Sue Hensley Carman Richard Caruso Claudio Cerulli Gail Johnson Davis Grace Dawson Mary Ellen Costalunga Decker Patricia Stanfa Denton Mary Durkin Catherine Westberg Eret Peter Fagan Michael Fanning Dana Flavin Donna Smith Frachalla Terry Piazza Gipson Laurie Mayronne Glover Mariann Kudlaty Gorman

Mardelle Meehan Gundlach Michael Gurosh Patricia Hagan Patrick Harmon Rosemary Sweeney Johnson William Kazak Mary Pilipowski Kirby Helen Arcisauakas Krasner Christine Krotser Mark Kwasny Karen Gigac Langhorst Marla Tarala Malcom Clyde Mayronne William McCarthy Lorry McElroy McIntyre Michael McMurray John & Janice (Rosati) Meno Charles Meyers Mary Clarizio Nowak Larry Page Ann Dehaven Parr Luke Pascale Karen Duggan Pohrte Jean Rasmussen Lana DiMaggio Real Eileen Lerchen Redican Gene Reinold Andrew Ross Rachel Ross Jack Rowe Pamela Skinner Gerald Slavik August Spalla Mary Kathryn Stark Sue Mech Szuberla Don Thomas Marilyn Blakely Vorsanger Jacquelyn Coons Wenkman Kevin Woods David Zagorski

Class of 1967 Class Participation - 6.9% Class Gift Total - $8,940

President Society

Joseph & Kathy D’Amico

Educator Society

Carolyn Ranieri Celeste

Scholar Society Carl Piper Robert Westberg

Spartan Club

Keek Lambert Bielby Mary Osmolski Biscan Robert Bramlette Patricia Durkin Ferry Timothy Gaffney Robert & Teresa (Griffin) Hudzik Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey Melanie Zmija O’Rourke Robert Tomlin

Fan Club

George Archibald Joseph & Susan (Hamilton) Beaudry Louis Gergel Mary Krumb Lipari Richard Mantoan Gregory Randall Karen Pagoria Schultz Joseph Wegrzyn William & Pamela (Riordan) Wuellner Joseph & Pamela (Forrest) Zarantonello





Class of 1968 Class Participation - 6.0% Class Gift Total - $5,593

Partner Society

Judith Welsh Catherine Schulze Coll

Educator Society

Elizabeth Ransford Panarella

Spartan Club

Debra Broxterman Paulette Hrovat Ciaccio James Connors Lawrence Eagan Nancy Mahar Evans William Klinger

Fan Club

David Balas Linda Riley Brierre Michael Buccino James Dehaven Rita Benson Keepers Karen Pierandozzi Mantoan Adeleen Digiovanni Pascarella Carolyn Capretti Pruitt Rita Banis Starkey David Zajac

Class of 1969 Class Participation - 4.3% Class Gift Total - $985

Principal Society Joseph Coatar

Scholar Society

Anne Koch Kracmer Paul Smith

Spartan Club

Jo Klyczek Leonard Kuchyak

Fan Club

Martha DeHaven Mimi Ephgrave Shireman Susanne Gergel Gray Pauline Strzelec Hilliard Eileen Hoefler Jill Julian Rich Krumb Rita Stanfa Rohn

Class of 1970 Class Participation - 7.1% Class Gift Total - $7,270

Principal Society

Claire Schulze Coatar

Partner Society

Mary Jane Doerr Michael Fagan Michael Murphy Br. Michael Quirk, FSC

Scholar Society

George Duchossois George Filippello Concetta Vitelli Smart

Spartan Club

August Anzelmo Margaret O’Grady Brennan Mary Ann Brown


[ Patrick Caffarelli Susan Mayer Faucett Patrick Hogensen Gary Jagmin Douglas Mathieu Thomas Mickiewicz Teresa Shine Patricia Pote Yacobi Mary Pat Paradiso Zagone

Class of 1972

James & Ann (Gallagher) McLaughlin

Class of 1975

Fan Club

Educator Society

Class Participation - 5.1% Class Gift Total - $7,270

Thomas Burns Peggy Mcclintock Mulvihill Pat Wygant Tighe

Class of 1971 Class Participation - 16.9% Class Gift Total - $4,815

Partner Society

Timothy & Karen (Greco) Cunningham

Educator Society Jerry Wegner

Scholar Society Douglas Price

Spartan Club

Deborah Feldman Rita Jordan Finucane Paul Marx John Nylen Sandra Vallino Radke

Fan Club

Joseph Brutti David Bachelder Rita Hoedl Beverlin Rita Cameli Binzen Joan Budzinski Boodro Joanne Casson Maryanne Fiacco Chengelis Victoria Patterson Dieska Marietta Faso Louis Gaz Johnna Esposito Gies Judith Hahn Alan Janusek Jane Safiran Kalfas Kevin Kane Dennis Kerber Noreen Burns Kimelman Rosane Spotora Krumb George Krumb John La Marre Jeanette Sopkiewicz Marchese Susan Marconi Joseph Marconi Marcia Kaufman Maslowsky John Mattes Nancy Mauro Marlene Yambor McKee Nena Spens Miller James O’Brien Pamela Myslinski Peterson Mary Bock Porento Angela Prendergast Praxmarer William Riley Frank Santilli Michael Santucci Mary Mitchell Schmitt William Snow Janet Peters Sons John Speca Martha Ward Michael Wright Kerry & Debbie (Boyle) Yates Patricia Zehr

Class Participation - 6.2% Class Gift Total - $8,579

President Society Robert Beckman

Partner Society

Catherine Delahunt McGraw Ralph Schmitt

Scholar Society

Fan Club

Angie Marconi Caffarini Kathy Dornhecker Kenneth Giovannetti Stanley Nardoni Thomas O’Grady

Principal Society Charles Marias

Andrew Anello Jack Modzelewski Ronald Schmitt

Partner Society

Spartan Club

Patricia Mattio Schrank

Ruth Pagorski Bloom Nancy Keilty Brodnicki James Fagan Evekyn Suhrbier Jadernak Francis Matese Ann Rolwing

Fan Club

Marc Bruni Gary Hambel Janet Boyle Kane Deborah Masterson Marconi Ronald Skibbie David Zerante Roxanne Jacobucci Zoladz

Class of 1973 Class Participation - 1.3% Class Gift Total - $1,000

Educator Society Michelle Hartnett

Spartan Club

Brian Kelly

Educator Society Scholar Society

Vernon Fischer Linda Templin Hutter

Spartan Club

John DiGiovanni James Godowic John Kern David & Susan (Sheehan) Trump

Fan Club

Joseph Caffarini Nicolette Zaranti Jacobsma Theresa Lauteri Koswenda Gerald & Deborah (Larsen) Mcllvain Michael Morgan Annamarie Rosati Okrzesik Karen Gundlach Priebe

Class of 1976 Class Participation - 18.3% Class Gift Total - $13,055

John Cifelli Cheryl Wurst Dillman Daniel Dugan

President Society

Fan Club

Chris Cummings & Ann Jones

Maureen Maloney Burns

Class of 1974 Class Participation - 4.0% Class Gift Total - $8,285

President Society Mark Talamonti

Partner Society

William & June (Ranieri) Cleary Mary Klupchak Ganzer Jim & Joni Matese

Scholar Society

Mike & Bobbi (Grossi) Kamradt

Spartan Club

Kimberly Budnik Bruce & KiKi (McDonnell) Cifelli Thomas Giobbi Marjorie Marvin Godowic Maureen Morrison Cheryl Tama Oblander

Mark & Karen Weishaar

Principal Society Educator Society

Mary Lou Manzardo Roche

Scholar Society

Alicia Borst Derrah Kathleen Nardoni Horvath Jon Major

Spartan Club

Antonette Jacobucci Baikauskas George DelRio Mary McTigue Mary Shambo Woods

Fan Club

Sheila Andrasco MaryLou Anello Colette Jacobucci Bachtell Kim Falcioni Baker June Bellina Margaret Arr Biltgen Terry Hanks Brink Roseann Klyczek Brisske John & Debra (Lagone) Brown Donna Fitgerald Brutti James & Kathleen (Maloney) Conniff John Cunningham Gregory Damiani Donna Fernandez Janet Lesak Fiorenzo

[ John Haun Elisa Miller Hunt Pamela Wichman Jones Laura Donkel Kane Barbara Klupchak Rocio Lacera Mark Lacien Rose Muggli Larsen Steven Laya Deborah Oganovich Leikel Jayne Lustig Mary Napolitano Lynk Gail Motola Mack Julie Howe Mayne Roberta Rolwing McQuade Karen McQuaid Heidi Hoogeweg Mirusky Maureen McGushin Morgan Bonnie Bijak Norush Terrance O’Brien Lori Biamonte O’Mara Nancy Puleo Nancy Gebka Roche Michael Rusnak John Salamanski Paula Keating Schumacker William Slavin John Sullivan Mark Vieaux James Woodward Fr. Frederick Zagone, S.J.

Class of 1977 Class Participation - 5.5% Class Gift Total - $3,820

Partner Society

Michael Wilczynski

Educator Society

Charlie & Barb Gallagher Steven Potts Daniel Roche Edward Walz

Scholar Society

Thomas Foote Michelle Feldner Lancaster

Spartan Club

Thomas Call Sylvia Sarmiento Cifelli Terri Pulcini Everage Julie Grupp Kenney Susan Kozlowski Dennis & Maureen McGushin John Ward Joseph Zarlengo

Fan Club

Clark Fuhs Mark Keefer Maureen Grady Perovich James Wright

Class of 1978 Class Participation - 4.4% Class Gift Total - $5,740

Principal Society

Timothy & Eileen (Gallagher) Daw

Partner Society Todd Bruni

Educator Society Samuel Sesto

Scholar Society

Jeff & Sue (Cleary) Brunner Jan Oosterbaan Coleman Dorothy Grzadzinski Dick & Mary Kay (Hogan) King Michael Kwasigroch

Spartan Club

Kathryn Call Janice Merlo Call Elizabeth Carlsson Charles & Natalie (Starzyk) Funk Stephen O’Toole James Wood

Fan Club

Thomas Cellini Barbara Kowalik Fuhs James Gruca Joseph Spotora

Class of 1979


Fan Club

Robert Klupchak Anthony Melei Kathleen Kivland Moore Jay & Kathleen (Murphy) Schweikart Stephen Sessa Margaret Westmeyer

Class of 1981 Class Participation - 19.3% Class Gift Total - $13,913

Principal Society Vince Krydynski

Partner Society James Beese Daniel Jessup Mike Prior

Educator Society


Robert Seery Kevin & Kelly (Burgess) Shine Kenneth Silhavy Marilyn Slavin Patricia Boyce Smith Dana Curran Tripp Nancy Lynch Virene Dan Waldron Carl Wendell

Class of 1982 Class Participation - 4.0% Class Gift Total - $5,115

Principal Society Louis Giannini

Partner Society Brian Werner

Educator Society

Class Participation - 5.6% Class Gift Total - $7,170

Rosanne Ciambrone Thomas Healey Katherine Nelson Kelleher

Dennis & Kristin (Depeder) Cortes Armando Godinez

President Society

Scholar Society

Thomas Fagan Timothy Fagan Maureen O’Donnell

Joseph Hamann

Scholar Society

Robert Jones Mary Jo Cachey Kwasigroch

Spartan Club

Phillip & Livia Faso Patrick Healy Paul Van Lysebettens Sandra Stabile Wood

Fan Club

Barbara Bremigan Suzanne Larsen Channell Eileen Krichbaum De Spain William Eberhardt Virginia Feminis Mary Matese Foglia Eileen Atwater Jasica Mark Jurczyk Karen Hoogeweg Krause Paula Bruns Norton Bernadette Wiscons

Class of 1980 Class Participation - 5.9% Class Gift Total - $27,300

Board Society

Mike & Jackie Kennedy

Principal Society

John & Jeannie (Gallagher) DiLuia Thomas Wasz

Partner Society

Jim & Cathy Dee Suzanne Serne Klein Mike & Natalie (Sesto) Lamb

Edcator Society

Ralph Bremigan Kevin Kelly Margaret Benish O’Sullivan

Spartan Club

Dan & Sue Brown Katherine Callahan Giobbi Deirdre Jackson Gleeson Mary Bridget Grady Anthony Rosati Thomas Shelley

Blane Farrell Dave Straub Carol Burke Swanson Maria Anderson Terry

Spartan Club

Martha Waller Bowen Mary Cameli Sally Reindl Glavin Thomas Klupchak Edward Kmetz William Lafond Richard O’Toole Joan Rolwing

Fan Club

Peter Bartolomei Betty Mrozek Baugnet Linda Panozzo Billie Joan Zarlengo Bohlen Carla Cortes Peter Cunningham Dean Cuti Thomas D’Anna Maureen Smyth Daugherty Thomas Dee Gerriann Fagan Lisa Concialdi Fazzini Susan Fox Giczewski Jane Creswell Goers Robert Goes James Grabowski John Hemmerling Scott & Kelly (Dunning) Hock Mary Fill Kammerer Michelle Weaver Klupchak Janet Warfield Knight Ann McMann Kotze Julie Faron Kroll Susan Lach Trisha Glomb Ladner Daniel & Cynthia (Vera) Lagone Lynn Lazzarotto Mark & Jennifer (McDonnell) Lindbloom Jamie Hickey Manahan William Marconi Katherine Stocker Michels Douglas Molski Diane Brown Prior Ida Halm Reid Ann Rupcich James Schreiber

Scholar Society

Fan Club

Amy Saliger Borrelli Cathy Gasbarro Del Olmo Peter Duszynski Marcia Wexelberg May Mary Louise Patton Joseph Sullivan

Class of 1983 Class Participation - 7.5% Class Gift Total - $5,130

Partner Society

Mark & Kimberly Komorowski Nancy Schwab Werner

Educator Society

Mike Hudson Anne Marie Korzenko McNew

Scholar Society

Alex Kaz Mary Cizek Ruminski Douglas Ward

Spartan Club

Laura Wray Berg Keith Blue Kimberly Quandt Fath Mary Ellen Kutsenda Fitzsimonds Vincent Holzhall Ken Koehn Laurette Holland Liesen DeLores Mannes Brian & Mary (Gallagher) McCann James O’Keefe

Fan Club

Julia Rohaly Buckley Patricia Minor Cameli Anna Colby Carmody Debbie DiNuzzo Gazis Arthur Holecek Michael Jackson Jill Martin Raymond Byrne Stephenson Deborah Wasso Stuckly






Class of 1984

Partner Society

Class Participation - 5.6% Class Gift Total - $9,385

Educator Society

President Society Anthony Zagotta

Principal Society Tim Fallon

Partner Society

John Benish Lisa Savant Cameron

Educator Society Timm Knoerzer

Scholar Society

Ed & Sherri (Redmond) Zimmer

Spartan Club

Elizabeth Soucie Blue Mary Durkin Claire Cannek Fenton David Holecek

Fan Club

Mary Bremigan Laura Vanderzalm Dolan Michael Koza Brian Lelek Beth Lange McQuilkin Timothy Meade Rimantas Meckauskas Kim Janusz Mitchell Mary Jo Smith

Class of 1985 Class Participation - 3.4% Class Gift Total - $2,540

Partner Society

Jeff & Kathy (Slattery) Keith

Educator Society

Kimberly Nair Gibbons

Scholar Society

Enrico & Jennifer (Trenshaw) Attanasio Cheryl Franchina Hardick Kian Kaz Robert Manzardo

Spartan Club

Alan & Mary Ann (Daviera) Angellotti Timothy Dee Sean Kelly Nancy Beese Kramer Chirasakdi Ratanawong

Fan Club

Jennifer Leick Gray Lynda Welch Hemmerling John Klawitter Nancy O’Toole Laurie Kosmala Pizzo Brian Sullivan

Class of 1986 Class Participation - 17.6% Class Gift Total - $10,806

President Society Michael Bruni


William & Mary Ann (Schramm) Bach Michael Feminis

Scholar Society MIchael Douglas

Spartan Club

Christina LeCocq Andrew Schuller Julie Mehorczyk Smevoll Suzanne Skarzynski Smiles Cathy Murphy Welch

Fan Club

Heathe McCann Akiyoshi Leigh Skinner Anderson Alyce Andres Frantz Scott Baiker Kevin Bednarek Randall Boisvert Mark Brady John Brown James Brucato Colleen Hurley Bueche Kathleen McGowan Cantu Mary Cassidy Julie Olson Devaney Douglas Egbers Jon Gadbois Tom Gadomski Elizabeth Holland Galiano Michael Gaughan Cristin Follett Gillis Tom & Jennifer (Leick) Gray Susan Segebarth Hughes Racquel Michalek Insalaco Thomas Jaworski Susan Wehling Kelly Michelle Kline Marcia Lahr Carl & Marie (Harrer) Loesch Sonia Kania Mahoney Robert Martino Christina Silhavy McBride Jeffrey Minarcik Lisa Stallings Mindak Sopher Jodie Nabielec Plys James Nolan Andrew Palmisano Benjamin Reyes Jon Rimsnider Julie Holzhall Romenesko Pamela LaPlaca Sadasivan Melissa Lesinski Santos Christine Denbow Sapato James Seput Bob & Patricia (Purcell) Seymour Liseann Fusinski Snedden Paul Sowacke Eileen Tubridy Diane Hoffman Uhrich Robert Vasilopulos Patrick Vellender

Class of 1987 Class Participation -3.9% Class Gift Total - $1,835

Educator Society

Kelly Morrison Daniel Riordan Thomas Vander Luitgaren

Spartan Club

Ann Healey Bowen Ann Dudek Lisa Kowynia Ronald Michalak James Quaid Walter Ruane Dwight Snow

Fan Club

Janet Dowling Bartholomew Maribeth Mehmel Conley Andrea Gaughan Ted & Christine (Healy) Milazzo Kelly Kozbiel Ohara

Class of 1988 Class Participation - 3.4% Class Gift Total - $1,815

President Society

Fan Club

Gina Kochanski Einert Robert Frigo Erin Barry Hackett Julie Nagler Julie Torkelsen DeLuca Aimee Vessell Wiedmeyer

Class of 1991 Class Participation - 17.7% Class Gift Total - $5,859

Partner Society Sarah Testa

Educator Society Paul Dempsey Traci Fries

Scholar Society

Raechel Willard Ormsby

Frank Dutkiewicz Katherine Helm Lewis

Scholar Society

Spartan Club

Fred Brzozowski John & Caren Dee Ruth Kmak Brian Kozminski Maureen Laschober

Spartan Club

Jennifer Clifford Timothy Manning Jennifer Sowinski Van Camp

Fan Club

Tina Marie DeLuca Caruso Tom Gray Marc Schlueter Jennifer Werner Sowacke Carolyn Caballero Stith

Class of 1989 Class Participation - 3.4% Class Gift Total - $1,142

Spartan Club

Amy Rasmussen James & Laura (Weeden) Doyle Kimberly Danielewicz Hartman Marc Pantarotto Brian Healy Elaine Cassidy Shanahan Julie Whitman

Fan Club

James Willoughby Hugh Dunbar Paul Eisenberg Robert & Julie (Long) McDonald Leslie Ramusack

Class of 1990 Class Participation - 2.4% Class Gift Total - $5,285

President Society John Holecek

Scholar Society

Catherine Bednarek Steven Sikorski

Nicole Watkins Bobbitt Kimberly Wiater Dee Gregory Kelley Nicholas Slater Kenneth Swiatkowski Kimberly Urbanek Joy Finnegan Walton

Fan Club

Cecilia Baader Kamaria Perry Charlatte Michelle Maher Cooper Donna Czachura Corina McCarty Davis Frank Delsing Mary Cruz Dichoso Colleen Domke Jennifer Schrock Dunbar Dominic Faso Lisa Ramirez Gasperec Brooke Joerms Michele Bartolini Jones Kathryn Fagan Kanzer Brian & Kerri (Frigo) Kleszynski Ann Komer Karen Copley Kovacevich Rebecca Wakely Kreisel Brian Krotser Peggy Lanigan Kevin Loffredi Terry Maloney Gina Belluomini McGuire Rhonda Norris Mondragon Michael Murphy Brian O’Meara Kathryn Mullaney Patterson Thomas Puett Sheri Reiplinger Terri Riley Keith Rollins Christine Higginbotham Sager Erin Walsh Smith Jennifer Speaker Kimberly Cubbon Sullivan Robert Swanson Jason Taksas Tim Tilton Kristin Harold Troutman Brian Villari Bryan Ward Theresa Licata Wood

[ Class of 1992

Spartan Club

Class Participation - 2.7% Class Gift Total - $630

Julie Brown Edward Lechner Gerald Verde

Spartan Club

Fan Club

Megan Douglas Colleen Blasgen Brewer Kurt McLaughlin Ken Sebahar

Fan Club

Tracey Nowak Villari Matthew Meade Jennifer Pasyk Bonnie Pressler Emilio Serrato Marisa Serrato

Class of 1993 Class Participation - 2.2% Class Gift Total - $8,020

Joseph Bonanotte Michael Cavalieri Andrew DeLaurentis Rebecca Kiran DeLaurentis Rhea San Jose Kemerley Michael Massucci Colleen Leick Nieckula Kelly Cooper O’Neill Erin Jorgensen Sagon Cynthia Serrato

Spartan Club

Jason Akai Michael Badrov Carol Pelino Powers

Fan Club

Stephen Gasperec JoMarie Hoholik Rebecca Rodarte Vock Daniel Zeman

Class of 1994 Class Participation - 3.2% Class Gift Total - $3,910

Partner Society Thomas Forsythe Bart Hoolehan

Scholar Society Lee Witkowski

Spartan Club

John Bostedo Joe Flores Alan Panozzo Brian & Tracy (Patrizi) VanderLuitgaren Kevin Walery

Fan Club

Michaelene Brown Buzas Christine Keppler Cox Amy Hennessy Dorothy Hoover Ward

Class of 1995 Class Participation - 3.8% Class Gift Total - $3,990

Partner Society

April Carr Christopher Luther

President Society Partner Society

Educator Society

Michael Wojcikiewicz

Catharine Hughes Olsen

Class Participation - 4.2% Class Gift Total - $2,830

Class Participation - 18.2% Class Gift Total - $4,235

Partner Society

Scholar Society

Class of 1997

Michael & Elizabeth (Soehren-Botana) Jones

Kevin & Gina (Cannata) Clinnin

Harry & Michelle Howisen

Kathleen Beck Ruppert Toni Chiappini Ruswick Samuel Saka Sean Scanlon Bryan Scartozzi Andrew Sweetin Matthew Thomas Matthew & Claudia (Rodriguez) Van Paul Welsh Colette Edmisten Williams

Class of 1996

President Society Christopher Ormsby


Scholar Society Spartan Club Kerri Evans Anthony Real

Fan Club

Suzanne Jacobucci Ankarlo Elizabeth Benefield Brian Berg Nora Stenson Beverly Jill Bijak Stasia Bijak Steve Blakely Gina Minelli Bryzgalski Leslie Buckner Candace Morrison Cage Ann Pensiger Callarman Joel Clifford Krysten Coy Elizabeth Mcllvain Czechanski Jill Adduci Davis Jennifer Durante Emerson Melissa Farrell Agostino Femminella Daniel Fitzgerald James Flock Jason Fundukian Joanna Gagnon Ahmed Gathing Sherry Litko Grande Andrea Greene Courtney Wentz Greenlee Dawn Kanoski Holmgren Elizabeth Houston Susan Lockett Hudson Daniel Komer Nicole Lamorte Nella Lao John LaRock Dominique Dandridge Lear Elena Garza Lopez Megan Melone Abe Mierzwa Luciana Zarlengo Moran Stephen & Jennifer (Welch) Mori Nicole Catinella Mulcrone Casey Nesbit Michelle Glackin Pluhar Michael Ray Jacqueline Morell Rose

Sarah DeMarco Dowling Amanda West Fierce Joanna Martino Peter Mistovich Hilary Renaldy Michael Schipitsch Joseph Skibinski Carolyn DeSousa Traynor Bridget Horn Welsh

Class of 2000 Class Participation - 3.5 Class Gift Total - $1,970

Educator Society

Kerry Beukema Vander Wal John McQuade

Spartan Club

Robert Gromala

Erik Ramos Adam Gonzales Christopher Murphy John Resedean Mary Weise

Scholar Society

Fan Club

Ed Halaburt

Educator Society

Dawn Farrell

Spartan Club

Richard & Cynthia (McGirr) Rousseau

Fan Club

Matthew Banach Kenneth Czechanski Nick Konwerski Diane Mattes Rachele Raloff Matt Reimer Kathryn Schaefer Kevin Schroeder Lyndsay Malmloff Werner

Class of 1998 Class Participation - 2.6% Class Gift Total - $715

Scholar Society

Eileen Mesterharm

Spartan Club

Amy Krupa Jean Morgridge Peterson

Fan Club

Gina Anaclerio Tim Cassata Gail Adduci Gogliotti Michael Grosh Mary Lockton Kevin McNulty Tim Reimer Thomas Rohn

Class of 1999 Class Participation - 3.3% Class Gift Total - $1,005

Scholar Society

Keara Coughlin Ette Robert McQuade, Jr.

Spartan Club


Nia Dickett Christopher Upjohn Dennis Arakelian Cassandra Gray Eric Dangoy

Class of 2001 Class Participation - 1.9% Class Gift Total - $800

Scholar Society Cara Morantz

Spartan Club Tim Fairbanks Douglas Krupa

Fan Club

Valerie Eisenbart Kathleen Mesterharm Maura Stankus Adrienne Tucker

Class of 2002 Class Participation - 3.0% Class Gift Total - $1,025

Scholar Society Mike Duffy

Spartan Club Craig Bona Keriann Kordas Kyle Ruge

Fan Club

Nathan & Katherine (Cour) Bruni Kristine Zudycki Dinaso Katie Janowiak Rebecca Karason Bryan Klopack Jennifer Kouba Megan Murphy Kenneth Singleton Daniel Smart

Stephanie Janowiak Conti

Fan Club

Danielle Barrett Omari Bowens-Jinaki





Class of 2003

[ Spartan Club

Christopher Lilek

Stefanie Lalich Campbell Gina Costabile Clark Haley Langan Crane Anthony Entsminger Kaitlyn Erickson Bradley Garney Allen Green Andrew Janota Kellie Lachata Chad Lesczynski Bonnie Deuewerth Lindsey Brianna Lynch Meinke Katy Clark Metcalf Taryn Mitok Mirich John Mitrovich Melanie Moore Ryan Nolan Marc Novak Patrice O’Neill Justine LePore Pugh Martin St. Aubin Joseph Uhll Michael Woodward

Educator Society

Fan Club

Class Participation - 1.8% Class Gift Total - $1,070

Educator Society John Berger

Spartan Club Kate McIlvain Cary Ruklic

Fan Club

Allison DeJong Timothy Huizenga Dorothy Mauro Andrew Wegrzyn

Class of 2004 Class Participation - 1.9% Class Gift Total - $2,145

Partner Society

Steve & Caitlin (Padula) Tortorello

Scholar Society Lauren Woods

Spartan Club

Courtney Herman Shupryt

Fan Club

Daniel Broadhurst Joshua Brzeszkiewicz Elizabeth Lukacek Collin McKillip Abigail Sullivan

Class of 2005 Class Participation - 3.8% Class Gift Total - $3,290

Educator Society James Murphy Kevin Rippey

Scholar Society Joseph Boesen Patrick Murphy Patrick Richel Daniel Roe

Spartan Club Daniel Balash Dremil Collier Joseph DiLuia Peter Kroner Thomas Raehl

Fan Club

Sarah Ritchie Jennifer Botelho Feminis Elizabeth Berger Nanovic Paul Torres Victoria Lockett

Class of 2006 Class Participation - 18.2% Class Gift Total - $9,815

Principal Society Matthew Gornick

Scholar Society Charles Keppler


Anthony Anastasia Eileen Baltazar Colleen Ban Aaron Blom Mike Brooks Shayne Cleary Chiblie Coleman Jared DeBoer Joseph DiMaggio Jovon Dixon Barry Draper Andrew Eagan Stephanie Erazo John Foley Ariana Galvan Catherine Marshall Garcia Rachel Gonzalez Emily Griffin Sandra Hall Lisa Hammons Tiffany Hicks Timothy Jarzombek Lauren Kowalkowski Amanda Lopez Ashley Loubeau Luke Marthaler Elizabeth Martin Lauren Martin Megan McGhee Jacquelyn Stlliman McKillip Cheryl Mosley Sean Mulry Ainsley Noonan Kimberly Nowakowski Jessica Omelanczuk Louise Packard Timothy Plonsey Katherine Rossi Daniel Rynne Autumn Susberry Matthew Swanson Amanda Vanderbok Julie Vaughan Madeleine Watson Kellie West Ryan Zarlengo Brett Zelencik

Class of 2007

Class of 2012

Class Participation - 2.1% Class Gift Total - $710

Class Participation - 0.3% Class Gift Total - $100

Spartan Club

Spartan Club

Matt Dee Chris Fedinets Kathryn Lynch Jacalyn Plonsey Smith

Fan Club

Thomas Connelly Jenna Schaberger Timothy Spear Catherine Jansen Wenner

Class of 2008 Class Participation - 1.3% Class Gift Total - $950

Matt Lamb

Class of 2013 Class Participation - 0.8% Class Gift Total - $280

Spartan Club

Ugochinyere Onyeukwu Barbara Pena

Fan Club

Jakob Wagner

Class of 2014

Scholar Society Ashley Sypole

Class Participation - 0.1% Class Gift Total - $15

Spartan Club

Fan Club

Dominick Corsiglia Joseph Giannini Elizabeth Tortorello

Fan Club

John Holzhauser Justin Thirstrup

Megan Ringo

Class of 2015 Class Participation - 0.4% Class Gift Total - $40

Fan Club

Class of 2009

Julian Goods

Class Participation - 0.8% Class Gift Total - $290

Class of 2016

Spartan Club

Class Participation - 1.1% Class Gift Total - $115

Meaghan Dee Beechin Michael Panozzo

Fan Club

Christopher Karlin Casey Lilek Kevin Linde

Fan Club

Allison Mascolino Kristopher Menghi Margaret Polley

Class of 2017 Class of 2010 Class Participation - 2.1% Class Gift Total - $689

Scholar Society Lisa Belzeski

Spartan Club

Patricia Gornick

Fan Club

Samuel Beck Briana Engelbert Christopher Fultz Hannah Krydynski Elizabeth Lynch Margaret Zagone

Class of 2011 Class Participation - 1.2% Class Gift Total - $195

Spartan Club

Chigozi Yejekwe

Fan Club

Amy Martello Megan Murday Colin Parsons Kelly Piacenti

Class Participation - 0.4% Class Gift Total - $100

Spartan Club

Vernell Johnson Alexandra Nicolazzi Emmanuel Ogunlana Daniel Olanda

Report of Annual Giving July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Dominican Society Anonymous Anonymous Eileen & Timothy Bergen Dominican Sisters of Springfield Robert & Dolores Jones Sage Foundation

Board Society The Cary Company Dyer Construction Company, Inc. Five Crowns Capital Pasquinelli Family Foundation Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, LLP United States Brass and Copper

President Society Aurelio’s Pizza, Inc. Beautyguard Building Products Kenneth & Rita Beukema Flack Global Metals, Inc. James & Jean Fuehrmeyer Timothy Gnezda Jones & Cleary Roofing and Sheetmetal Co. Marian Catholic - Student Council Terrance & Jane Peabody Restoration Ministries Betty Savant

Principal Society Archdiocese of Chicago Becky’s Warriors NFP BMO Harris Bank N.A. Dr. Computer LLC Exelon Corporation Matthew & Ann Marie Gornick Harry & Helen Howisen Heartland Controls Irish Fellowship Educational & Cultural Found Lansing Sport Shop, Inc. Marquette Association Inc. PRO Stainless, Inc. Raymond & Janet Cantelo Richard & MaryAnn Visin

Partner Society Akzo Nobel Coating, Inc. Kamalesh & Lekha Babu Scott & Mary Bening Michael Beno John Bollito Bonell Manufacturing Co., Inc. Tim & Jennifer Caballero The Canning Foundation Angelo & Mary Cappas Loretta Cleary Martin & Rosann Conroy

Dominican Society = $20,000+ Board Society = $19,999 - $10,000 President Society = $9,999 - $5,000 Principal Society = $4,999 - $2,500

Country House Restaurant David & Linda Fleming David & Suzanne Flynn Debbie Grober Gallagher Asphalt Corporation Mike Gavin John & Pat Heneghan HFS Chicago Scholars IBM Paul & Lisa Jenkins Brian & Karen Johnson John & Frances Krydynski Thomas & Karen Marvinac Joseph & Diana McDonnell Felix & Mary Mesterharm Kenneth & Cheryl Muszynski Deborah Novak Gerard & Tracy O’Brien Fr. William O’Mara Kevin & Brenda O’Shea Patriot Gaming & Electronics Sandy Peifer James & Joan Plonsey Providence Englewood Charter School Foundation Robert Pruchnik George & Cindy Quinlan Amanda Rebhi Savant Investment Advisers, Inc. Damir & Beth Shegich Susan Silander Julie Stagliano Michael Stensland Michael & Theresa Taylor US Bank Valspar Corp. Paula Wix Michael & Dana Wood

Educator Society Arnie Bauer Cadillac Donald Berg Scott Bodnar Anthony Boggiano William & Afua Boiquaye Joseph & Lisa Brooks Joseph & Lynn Callahan Thomas & Maureen Cetera James Clarke Comcast Foundation Cook-Illinois Corporation Ed & Mary DiLuia Ecolab Foundation Walt Edmisten Family Eyecare Center James & Jill Ferguson Joseph & Karla Fiaoni Mark & Elizabeth Fleming Cecily Fultz Michael & Laura Garney Peter & Twila Gates Edward & Dorothy Glogowski Joseph & Mary Hartl

Partner Society Educator Society Scholar Society Spartan Club Fan Club

= $2,499 - $1,000 = $999 - $500 = $499 - $250 = $249 - $100 = $99 and below

H.H.H., Inc. Carol Hudson Jim & Cheryl Huekels JMC Steel Ann Jones Thomas & Mary Jo Kelly Donald & April Kerksick Kickert School Bus Lines, Inc. Donald Kluver Michael & Marianne Korfiatis Jennifer Lamb Duane & Cathy Lyons Andrew & Marie Ellen MacLeod Eugene & Joanne Mele Tom & Susan Mitchell MonoSol LLC William & Colleen O’Brien Raymond & Mila Osmolski Byron Patton James & Jenny Peifer Quinlan & Fabish Music Company Segall Bryant & Hamill Shanti & Hema Satra Sharon Peterson Southland Smiles Dental Care Sportsfield, Inc. Carl & Charlene Sterzel Bessie Svehla Thiernau Financial Services, Inc. Thomas & Marissa McDermott Gregory & Mary Underwood Martin Whalen James Wiltshire Charles & Laurie Zube

Scholar Society American Sale Corporation Tom & Mary Anne Blue Pat & Eileen Breslin Mark & Michelle Brown Robert & Ethel Brown Jeff & Kim Boland-Prom Boston Common Asset Management, LLC Geraldine Burke Carl & Rose Marie Carlsson Emmet & Elaine Cassidy DonateWell William & Elizabeth Doyle Gerard & Cynthia Dupczak Peter & Joanne Fee John & Teresa Federico Feralloy Corporation/Acero Prime Dan & Holly Griffin Robert & Beth Grill Homewood Dairy Queen Jeanette Ingracsi Alan & Mary Juraska Kim Knueppel Gary Kopycinski John & Diana Kozojed William & Patricia Laschober David Larsen Paul & Cathryn Lilek Robert & Kathryn Mangan Mark & Sandra Martin Jerold & Maureen Morantz Shirley Morris Loretta Nettleton Network For Good Noreen Oosterbaan Louis & Carol Palanca Dennis & Marie Panozzo Catherine Panozzo-Schmiedl Peter Pantarotto Faye Predny

Susan Przybylo Patrick & Pamela Roe Michael & Melissa Shaver Lorraine Sheehan South District Golf League Robert Staack St. Agnes Parish Becky Sutton Walts Food Centers William & Judith Stuber

Spartan Club Nancy Buealino Louis & Resa Alb Daniel Alessandrini Andrea Allen Christopher & Linda Anderson Michael & Florence Anderson Edward & Barbara Antonietti Henry Akinyemi Aquidneck Island All Vets Club, Inc. Charles & Kimberly Arvia Tangela Bailey James Baranski Paul & Barbara Beck Donald & Ann Beese Robert & Ginny Bergstrom Richard & Jane Bessette Joseph & Nancy Biggio James Bird Russ & Diane Blais Andrew Blaszczak Rodger & Gail Bohnenstiehl George & Rosalie Bonini Michael & Renee Botelho Andre & Estella Bradley Paul Brown Joanne Bruni Stephen & Joey Buck Thomas & Noreen Bussey Thomas & Nancy Byrne CA Technologies Robert & Kathleen Cahill Betty Calacci Patricia Carson Richard & Sarah Ceragioli Terry & Reba Chaisson Peter & Nancy Chmura Robert & Rhoda Clifton Daniel & Lisa Collins Sharon Cooper Edward Cote Crete Bulldogs Booster Association Gary & Mary Eileen Curtis Kathy Dalton Joseph & Laura David Robert Delgado Phil DeSantis Donald & Colleen Domke Nick & Lynn Dragisic Bernard & Mary Ann Drosos Thomas & Holly Duffy Thomas & Melanie Dunajeski Michael & Paula Dziallo Susan & Kent Enko John & Mary Kay Entsminger David & Janice Estep Darren & Cathena Evans Carol Faron Trunell Felder Kenneth & Gail Fedinets William Finn Eugene & Margaret Finnegan Mary Margaret Flanagan Brendan & Rose Marie Foley Charles & Wanda Foster





Gary & Julie Friederich Robert & Danielle Gaczkowski Jonathan & LaToya Gammon Jeffrey & Georgia Gerretse Mark & Pamela Gineris John Gnezda Thomas & Mary Ann Golden Thomas & Mary Golubski Theresa Grace John & Jeanne Grady Marian Graeber Margaret Gray Daniel & Tammie Genisio Jody Haaker Jack & Judy Hannigan Robert & Linda Hansen Eugene & Alison Harber Craig & Agnes Harmon Timothy & Ursula Higgins Judine Hilbing Vincent Holzhall Kossi & Kai Houngbo iFranchise Group Andre & Camille Jackson James & Anita Jackson Maureen & Leonard Jamrock David & Lisa Jarzombek Alvin & Nedra Jones Sherry Kane-Lopez Marie Keller Kevin & Nadine Kelly Wayne & Beth Kendall Peter & Patty Jo King Paul & Dorita Kint Joseph & Debra Kobel Peter & Barbara Kopczyk Kenneth & Mary Lu Kot Kozlowski & Associates Peter Kozlowski William & Dianne Kozlowski Donald & Jennifer Kreis Charles & Cynthia Kreisl Fabina Kriszcziokatis Joanne Krop George & Barbara Krupa Vince Krydynski, Sr. Nancy Kumskis Lawrence & Donna Kyner Dragan & Susan Labovic James & Kathleen Laskowiecki Scott & Patricia Lavin Ivan & Kimberly Lee Joseph & Judy Lewandowski Thomas & Kathleen Lipinski William & Janice Long Richard & Carrie Lorenz Frank Lorenzatti Fred Lorenzatti Romy & Wilhelmia Macasaet III Jeanne Maggio Edward & Barbara Mackey Marian Catholic - Athletic Trainers Marian Catholic - Softball Team Marian Catholic High School Marian Catholic- Men Soccer Marian Central High School Tory & Vicki Mascolino Dorothy McCaughey Joel & Linda McCarthy McGrane, Perozzi, Stelter, Gerardi, Brauer & Ross, LTD. Kevin & Jo McNulty, Sr. David & Wendolyn McSwiggan Sean Mele James & Marcia Mendenhall John Michael Milan & Biljana Mikich


[ Gail Miller Susan Miller Maurice & Crystal Mitchell Robert & Denise Molitsky Martin & Mary Kay Monahan Ruth Morford J. M. & JoAnne Morrison Thomas & Marcia Morrison Louise Muszynski John & Karen Nair Patrick & Sherri Napue Richard Necastro Jose & Vicki Nieto North Creek Construction Northwestern Mutual William & Joyce Novak Roy & Jane Nowakowski Okechi & Ijeoma Nwabara Bill & Colleen O’Brien Oldtimers R/C Flyers, Inc. Patricia O’Keefe Michael & Teresa Olszak Patrick & Joan O’Malley Karla Oost Daniel & Marilyn O’Rourke Michael & Kim O’Shea Thespena Panos Mary Pat and Milan Pastuovic Perrino & Associates Donald & Geri Peters Sharon Peterson Robert & Kimberly Piekarski Joseph & Mary Lou Plomin Charles & Mary Lu Plonczynski Allen & Caroline Poe Michael & Irene Pohlman Joseph & Joan Posewick Ron Rado Eleanor Ranieri Ronald & Carol Rasmussen Peggy Regan James & Darlene Reindl Dennis & Colleen Reidy Mark & Colleen Reiner Russell & Roberta Renaldy Larry & Sharon Ricci Julian & Lori Robinson Robert & Pamela Rodey John & Renee Rodimel John & Megan Roe Simeon & Terri Rogers John Ronsick Rosary High School Jessica Rosati David & Carolyn Rudolf Mark & Joan Rudolph Glenn & Catherine Rusin Martin & Gerilyn Rynne Jodi Santacaterina Carole Scaring William & Shauna Schmidt Michael & Gina Schutte John & Lena Segala Mary & Mary Senick Nasser Shahtaji Steven & Mary Sieracki Patricia Skowronek Matthew Skowronski John & Dorothy Smith Edward & Diane Smosna Joe & Raine Spott Kurtis & Terry Spurgeon Thomas & Barbara Stallings Drew & Barbara Steinbach Frances Steinkamp Joan Stephenson Jeff & Sharon Stillman

Michael Stoos Jerry & Darlene Stokes Michael Strus John Sullivan Sandy Sweeney Michael & Sharon Sypole Jerrald Tenny David & Marina Tiberi Ernest & Nancy Tisza Charles & Karen Thier Richard & Donna Thiernau Joseph & Abiola Thomas Mike & Arlene Tortorello William & Laura Ttee Eric & Joan Van Beest Bernard & Sharon Van Etten Anthony & Rita Verkruyse James & Mary Walter Richard & Joan Whitman David Wilk Nicholas & Esther Williams Rickey & Alexis Williams Stanley & Judith Wohadlo John Wolsko Christine Woytek-Barrett Jason Wulf

Fan Club Thomas & Kay Ashby Miran & Carol Albrecht Jason & Elizabeth Alexander Richard Allen Robb Allen Ginny Anderson Gloriane Angellotti James & Maureen Arabran Debra Armitage Anne Asato Athletico Lisa Babick Wayne & Marjorie Babiak Haider & Farrah Baig Christine Bailey Linda Baltikas Luis Baneuelos Susan Barker John & Lorene Barry Roy & Lisa Barseth Ivaldo & Jean Basso Joseph & Tamara Battaglia Karen Bauer Mary Ann Baxter Gordon & Lisa Baytala Theodore & Cornelia Bednarek Jennifer Becker Joseph & Frances Beck Raymond & Kathy Becker Art & Joanne Beckman Peter & Carol Belko Sam Belsito Antonio & Rochelle Belton Douglas & Bernice Benker Robert & Kim Bennett Michael & Marybeth Beno Mary Benton John & Carolyn Berger Steve & Paula Berner Richard & Susan Biemeret John Bjerga Michael Blais Matthew Black Charles & Carol Blasgen Joseph & Ellen Blewitt Bonnie Bock James & Judi Boehner James & Patricia M. Boguslawski

Erwin & Roberta Bogs Matthew Bohnenkamp Cathleen Bolda Tracy Bosco Louise Bosta Richard & Margaret Bostedo David & Alice Bowman Steve & Cheryl Bozacki Stephen Bradbury Gerald & Darlene Broadhurst Kimberly Brooks Bardon & Mary Brown Michael & Shirley Brown Raimondo & Sylvia Brown Theodore & Sharon Brown Thomas & Debra Brocious Clifford & Christina Burns James Butridge John & Cynthia Buxbaum Paul Burghardt Glenn & Donna Bylina William & Melanie Byrnes Edmund & Barbara Bryzgalski Marissa Caballero Francisca Cabrales David & Crystal Cady Michael & Juliana Caffarini Helen Calhoun Hector & Elena Camacho Robbin Camper-Kirk Richard & Algeria Carter Ronald Centanni Paul & Myrlene Charles John Cieniawski Sarah Cipolla Rose Clary Emilie Clifford Joanne Clifford Cindy Colby John & Ginger Collinsgrove Saul & Maria Contreras Mary Cortes Marie Costello Sheri Cortez Thomas & Margaret Cour Michael & Kristina Court Edward Crane Thomas & Rita Crumbley Miguel & Juana Cuadrado Charles & Sharon Cusick Kenneth & Debra Czaja John & Diana Danalewich Bradley & Mary Dankowski Derek & Sharon Davis Robert & Debra Davis Shirley Davis Rosemary DeBergh Timothy & Rose de Bord Bernice Dee Albert De Gol Russel & Eva DeLuca Donald & Annette Deruntz Michael & Diana DeSota Brian & Arlene DeSousa Paul & Jennie DeValk Ralph & Rose Mary Ditchie Patricia & John Doran Chris & Sue Douglass James & Rosemary Duda Michael & Lynn DuRocher Paul Dutra Dashia Easterling Cynthia Eaves Stephen & Joanne Eckel Thomas & Michaelene Edgeworth Thomas & Lavoris Edwards Jim & Anna Egofske

[ Eric Ehlers Mary Emig Kristen Engelbert Gina Falvo Jenne Farley Sr. Mary Megan Farrelly, OP John & Michele Faso Patricia Faso Ronald & Phyllis Feldner Bill and Mary Ferguson Leon & Denosia Fields Rose Fitzgerald Thomas & Donna Fitzgerald Eugene & Eileen Fitzpatrick Fred & Carmen Flores Leonard & Prudence Flowers Georgia & Patrick Forde Carl & Judith Fraterrigo Frances Fuehrmeyer Michael & Donna Furmanek Larry & Gia Fuqua Hilda Garibay Raul & Kris Garza Louis & Beverly A. Gasper Michael & Donna Gaughan Nader & Sana Ghazaleh Michael & Lisa Giglio Gordon & Chrischon Grand Pre Doretha & Virgil Green David & Lori Grybas Mike & Tracey Goncher Joseph & Loretta Gurgone Irene Guzzo James & Candace Gwizdalski John Hackett Daniel & Pam Hallahan Zachary & Charlotte Hamilton Teodoro & Grace Shiela Hamoay Brian & Terri Hannett Mark & Frances Hardig Leonard & Ann Harsy Edward Helmold JacQuan Henley Martin & Shelia Herman Mary Herron Christine Hessert Phyllis Hock Raymond & Nancy Hofman Donald & Margaret Hollandsworth Julius & Susan Holloway Robert & Margaret Holzhauser Raymond & Joyce Horath Charles & Mary Horn John & Kathleen Horsch Martin & Maria Horta Larry & Mary Houston Steven & Aileen Hrinda Terri & Rodney Hunter Helen Ignas Cindy Farkas Isabel Jessica Jackson James Jackson Roland Jacques Daniel & Kathleen Jameson Thomas & Mary Jansen Gregg & Deborah Jarrette Peter & Laura Javorka David & Julie Jelliff Richard & Andrea Jensen Robert & Judy Jines Arnold & Rita Jirasek Sr. Marian Joseph Joerger, OP Gary & Beverly Johnson Katherine Johnson Jeffery & Paula Johnson Neil & Abaua Johnson Cynthia Jones

Gerald & Mary Jones Joseph & Patricia Joria Michael & Marlene Kalisz Francis & Ann Kangethe Kenneth & JoAnn Karlin Betsy Karounos David Kawalski James & Maureen Kelly Michael & Patricia Kelly Mary Kennedy Moira Kent Stanley & Valerie King Steven & Mary Knott Thomas & Patricia Konopasek Don Korte Mary L Kot Ken & Beth Kouba John Kovacevic Dan Kozlowski Jim & Audra Kreger Frank & Peggy Kristie Mark Kristie Wayne & Denise Kubek Suzanne Kubu Amy Kunz Alexandria Lach Thomas & Marilyn Lachcik Robert & Patricia LaFond John & Barbara Lamb Bobby & Alysia Lambert Philip & Mary Lambert Terry Leal Gail Lee Jessie & Lucile Lee Paul Lichamer Ann Litchfield Linda Logenolo Frank & Judy Longo Linda Longtin Mark & Chris Losey Mary Lucarini Gregory & Maureen Lydon Lawrence & Karen Lynch Paul & Christine Lynch Patrick & Emerita Madden Bob Madura Robert Major Kevin Marcinski Chet Marshall Marian Catholic - Faculty Council Marian Catholic - Guidance Department Marian Catholic - Parents Club Jeanne Martin David & Noreen Martino Margaret Massucci Pamela Matiovics Leonora Mattio Roberta Mattio Rae Mazzei Salvatore & Teresa Mazzocca James & Sharon McCann Frank & Florence McCauley McLaughlin Research Corp. Patrick & Kimberlee McLaughlin Daniel & Janet McMahon Donald & Maureen McSherry Rita McCune Miriam Meade Phyllis Meade Jan Meckfessel Carol Melendez James & Katrina Mendez Raymond & Sabine Menghi Brian & Stephanie Metzger Michael & Kathleen Mickiewicz Benjamin & Valerie Milazzo Gary Middendorf

Drew & Valerie Middleton Anna Milianta Kenneth & Joan Miller Kimberly & Tim Miller Rita Miller Woodrow Miller Paul & Maureen Milord John & Jane Mohan Roger & Marcia Molski Kenneth & Carla Moore Lori Moreland Noel & Linda Morgridge Catherine Morrin Mother Teresa Catholic Academy Timothy & Anne Mundt Nancy Murphy Ronald & Sandra Nagel Geraldine Nardoni Larry Necastro Angela Nelson Paul & Michele Nevell Neil & Sherry Nielsen Robert & Julie Novak John & Kathleen O’Donnell John & Sheila O’Hara Lyn Oliviel Theodore & Elizabeth Ostrowski Timothy O’Rourke Joseph & Karen Ortigara Andrew Packer Nicholas & Janis Pallotto Virginia Paul Jackie Payne John & Karen Perkovich Joseph & Mary Ann Perozzi Karen Perozzi Denise & Denise Perry Karen Peterson Holly Petrelli Kelly Phillips Diane Pickens Eleanor Pignotti Sr. Agnes Ann Pisel, OP Carol & David Pisowicz Elaine Polley John & Antoinette Presley Donald Prior Emil & Roxolana Pyk James & Dorothy Raftery Johnathan Randle El Darnell Rather Char Reimer Dannette Richard James & Cynthia Riddle Sandra Riley John & Carol Roberts Megan Roe Bob & Mary Ross Michael & Sharon Root Martin & Mercedes Rosales Phillip & Glenda Rowe Joan Ruane Darrell & Dawn Rush Joeveta Saul Thomas & Linda Savick Judy Scalzitti-Tonry Kenneth & Marcia Schapendonk Robert & Shirley Schlueter Carol Schmeckpeper Peter & Maryann Schmuker Raymond Schreiber Eleanor Schulz Thomas & Cynthia Sedor Dorris Segala Daniel & Mary Lou Segebarth John & Evelyn Semik Paul & Kris Sengstock



Stephen & Laura Serba Gerald & Eleanor Shine Joseph & Sandra Slayton Jeffrey & Valerie Smith Leonard & Mary Rita Smith Michael & Shareen Smith Norman & Etta Smith Christopher & Tena Sneed Clinnette Snowden Camille Soria George & Kathy Spanier Frances Speca Louis & Georgene Spoonhour Timothy & Leona Springer Mildred Stapleton John & Mary Lou St. Aubin St. Irenaeus Church John & Laura Stibich John & Jennifer Stickler John & Millicent Stocker Ronald & Janice Stroud Judy Sullivan Robert & Emma Swanson Joseph & Christine Swircz Richard & Jacqueline Switalski Stefan & Victoria Szewczyk Victoria Szewczyk Dorothy Szymanski Richard & Carolyn Taylor Peggy Tegtmeyer John & Barbara Tekiela Michael Thomas Ted & Cheryl Tolish Ken & Sharon Toosevich Richard & Eileen Toppa Linda Towner-Peterson Craig & Laura Tracy Mary Traficano Robert Trainor John & Barbara Truby Paul & Carol Turay Mitch & Gladys Turner Michael & Sandee Udchitz Peter & Penny Upjohn Kathryn Vandel Louis & Paula Vander Meer Anthony & Mary Ann Veeneman Phil Vilella Yolanda Villanueva Greg & Nancy Voll Trevor & Jacqueline Wade Beth Wakely Marice Wall Anastasia Waller Percy & Robbie Weathington Kathryn Webster Frank & Patricia Weitz Vincent & Monique Whitehead Marc Whitlock Gina Williams Shirley Williams Yvette Williams George & Hazel Wilson Sonja Winburn Paul & Elizabeth Windish Mary Wohlgemuth James & Shirley Wojcikiewicz Cheryl Wolgamott Mary Jo Wolff



Remembered Celebrating the lives of alumni, family, and friends Vivian Adducci Catherine Aguillard Nickolas Alderfer '08 Catherine Amadio Dimas Amaro, Sr. Fred Anderson Clara Anello-Groeper Thomas Angellotti Mary Jean Argento Paul Arrivo Mary Jean & Julian Atwater Charles Aubuchon '69 Juan Avila Luis Bagatilla Dale Baikauskas Richard Balcerzak Francis Balda Lilla Baratta James Barry Bartholomew Battaglia '76 Dennis Bay Rita Baylor Saul Beck Frank Bednarek Mickey Bement Timothy Benker Timothy Benker '90 Rebecca Berg Cliff Bermingham Kevin Beukema '97 Mary Biedron Penelope Bjorkman Eleanor Bobco Jan Bohacek Lawrence Bojanowski Robert Bolda Wayne Bose Charles Brackett Thomas Brasitus II '92 Sr. M. Dominica Brennan, OP John Broderick '65 Ryan Brothers '98 Joseph Brucato '81 Barbara Bruno Ted Brzinski Rosemary Buishas Walter Byrdak Mary Caddigan Mary Louise Caffarini Helen Calhoun Salvatore Camilleri Tommaso Camilleri John Cantu Albert Cappetta Norma Capretti Mary Cardigan Howard Carpenter Clara Cassani Rosemarie Cassata Eileen Ceh Patricia Chaput Paul Chartraw '86 Walter Chistel Arthur Cioe '83 Brenda Jo Clanton Robert Clarke Joseph Coatar

Harold Coffey Pamela Prist Collier '62 Terrence Conley Margaret Connors Mary Connors Conroyd '77 William Conway Jerry Cook Ricky Cooper Sue Cooper Louella Copeland James Coppolillo Sidney Corsello '65 Frank Costello '68 Marie Costello Donald Croarkin Walter Cummings Cheryl Cunningham Victoria Jacobs Cvetetic '63 Betty Dalton Jack Dalton Elaine Davis Lucille De Gol Trucy Deady Aldo DeAngelis Joseph Dee Doris Del Guidice Florence Demaganste Rose Maria DeMatteo Daniel Denk Mark Devries Mickey DiSanto William Downey Lorna Dunn Eleanor Dzielak Eileen Edmisten William Egglesfield Martha Entsminger Letha Eriksen Phil Eriksen Adolfo Estrada Robert Falcioni '74 Concetta Faso Celia Faso Michael Fischella Robert Flynn '62 Mary Grace Foley Yolanda Formrntini Clement Framarin Daniel Freeh Virginia Freyer Vivian Gambucci Rosa Gancia Alan Gavenda John Gerlach Ron Gerling Grace Gidley Patricia Girour James Glad Edward Glogowski Margaret Grabowski Rich Granat Christopher Graziani '04 Bruce Green Henry Grojean Mary Ann Grzych Jeremy Hacker Barbara Hall

June 2, 2017 - January 5, 2018 38 MARIAN MATTERS WINTER 2018

Sheri Hamann Barbara Hardin Thomas Harle Shirley Hatu Thomas Hausladen Roger Heise Mark Heiss Sheila Bohan Helsten '63 Norma Hensley Carlos Hernandez Jocelyn Herzic Susan Weiden Hoefer Mary Holthaus Loraine House Margaret Ivo Fred Jacobeit Jennie Jacobucci Richard Jacobucci Guy Jacobucci '83 Theresa Jagielski Beth Janick '02 Frank Joerger Paul Joerger William Johnson Peter M. Jonikaitis Sally Jozwiak Kevin Kaiser Jerry Kaiski Larry Karstrand Darna Kaufman Kenneth Kelly Ron Kelly Michael Kelly Majorie Kloss George Klupchak Dolores Klupchak Stanley Kochanski '62 Ralph Kottke Margaret Kowarsch James Kozak Mary Kreuger George Kristina Stella Kulig Ed Kuziel Donald Kwasigrock Lucille Lacheta Catherine Lai James Lally Veronica Lauerman Maureen Lawton Ferdinand LeBlanc Benny Leonard Rosemary Leonard Dominick Leonardo Catherine Leyser Nijola Labunaitis Lileikis '63 Edward Lileikis '65 Mark Linstrot Edward Linthicum '63 Leonard Lipinski Katleen Lippe Dorothy Locke Mary Lorenz Geraldine Love Richard Luby Chester Lupiszko Thomas Lyons Promencio Olgado Macasaet Shirley Voss Maloney

Helen Mannion Adeline Marino Ryan Martin '04 Edith Martin James Mascola '65 Marilyn Matchinis Dave Mattio '66 Americo Mattio Dorothy McCann Michael McGill Patricia McLaughlin Robert Mead, Sr. John Means,Sr. Micheal Meany Patti Merriman Lilian Michels Bill Miller Leta Marie Miller Lucy Monico Susan Morfoot Mary Morin Anna Morris Thomas Mulcahy Joseph Mulhern, Sr. Gerald Murphy Pete Murphy Patrick Murphy '81 Judson Murray James Muting, Sr. Richard Necastro Michael Neylon '62 Paul Nicola Anne Novak '08 Tom O’Brien Darlene O’Keefe Phillip Oleksy Barbara Olson Gerald O’Sullivan Antoinette Oylen Warren Oyler Rose Pagoria Mary Ann Pasquinelli Arlene Perz Anthony Pesavento Phyllis Petrongelli William Pierce Louis Pignotti Marge Plochl Mary Ann Popp Richard Potts Margaret McElroy Powell '65 Jaclyn Powers '03 Chris Predny Nancy Molander Price '71 Donald Prior Monica Quattrocki Joseph Queiroli '72 Thomas Quinn Carolyn Qunell Marie Rasmussen Stanley Reindl '82 Jane Klamerus Richmond '82 Patricia Fay Robillard '67 Jean Prendergast Rooney Phyllis Rosati Granato Rose Marty Rose Raymond Rossi Rose Ruggeri '74

Clayton Ruth Roger Sayre '65 Joseph Scaccia Lucille Scarratt Patricia Schaner Louis Schmidtt James Schreier Shirley Schuchman David Schwarz Jay Schweikart Jay Schweikart '80 Lorriane Seggelke Judith Seibt Franklin Dominic Sesto Daniel Sheridan Mortimer Shine Fred Singer Kimbely Skarr Ronald Skarzynski Charles Skovran Dwight L. Snow Laurence Sondgeroth Beth Spataro Doris Stabile Barbara Stabile James Stanfa Nicholas Stanfa '64 Violet Stanich Eleanor Starzyk Christopher Stella '66 Richard Stelmaszek Faustas Strolia Richard Studzinski Colette Sulej Bob Swanbora Paul Sweeney '63 Garrett Sypole Robert Sypole Lorraine Szumlas Angelina Tait Erminia Tamassi Richard Taylor John Tobich Robert Toborg Tony Tocci Katherine Tomasich Mastronardi George Traverso Marie Trebiani Adriano Udani Jeff Van Zeyl Michael Vander Luitgaren '89 Grace Vela Gerald Vellender, Sr. Ken Wallin Gus Warnke Rita Wasz Edward Whitfield Betty Wichman Olga Wilk Sean Wilson Harold Wirth Rita Wold Larry Wright Michael Yacobi '69 Joann Yerkes Aloyse Yorko Beverly Zarrieff Baby Boy Zsinko

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I was surprised to see only 7% of alumni contribute to the Marian Fund; and then it dawned on me that I don’t contribute. When I reflect on what has made me so successful in my career, from being the first person in my family to go to college to being a partner in one of the world’s largest accounting firms, I am reminded of the education and discipline I received at Marian Catholic. –Tiffany Switalski '90

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Marian Matters - Winter 2018  
Marian Matters - Winter 2018