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mariana dĂ­az mancera

who I am

Fully qualified spanish architect by the Universitiy of Granada [Spain]. Since I moved to London in December 2012 I have been working very hard on my English to gain a solid confidence to succeed professionaly in the UK. During this time, I have been envolved in a wide variety of fields simultaneously,such as Spanish tutor (GCSE) and nanny,among others. At the same time I was working as a freelance architect for several projects in Spain and part timer in an architectural practise as a Architectural assistant part II which meant my first professional experience in London.After that utterly enriching personal and professional experience, I have been able to work efficiently as an architect in the Uk.

What I can bring to the table

I consider myself a very ambitious person, always eager to learn and share my knowledge with others. I would certainly bring energy and passion to all scale of design, keeping an special attention to detail with strong technical and design skills. My tenacity and determination along with special capacity for teamwork and good leadership skills proves that I can be a good and valuable future asset to your office.

My career aim

Having had experience in Small London based Architecture practises ,and having a good understanding of the UK planning system and building regulations I am now aiming to take a further step and work within a close and friendly team in a practise which draw me into new experiences and challenges as well as contribute as much as possible to deliver high quality and sustainable architecture.

mariana dĂ­az mancera

mariana díaz mancera ARB architect Address: Mobile Phone:


June Dec

2013 2014

37 Saltdene, 2 Regina Road N4 3PR London 07593 374753

Work experience Responsibility for all design work in the office including the preparation of plans, drawings, visualisations, technical drawings and specifications. I have been involved in every stage of the architectural process and have developed a good understanding of the UK planning system and building regulations. Client liaison, dealing with contractors and monitoring the construction phase of projects is a large part of this role. Key projects include: Darlaston House_ Design of a new house Demolition of existing house and proposal of a contemporary and modern 3 storey new dwelling.Involved in the building regulations phase recently approved and producing construction details and specifications now as well as performing final design alterations. Copsewood House_Design of a new house Demolition of existing house and proposal of a contemporary and modern 2 storey + loft new dwelling.Involved in the design development.Planning application to be submitted The Broadwalk_ House rear extension and reconfiguration of the internal layout including new staircase and panoramic lift. Involved from initial appointment. Design based on the Ancient Indian Vastru Shastra pinciples.Submitted to Planning.Appointed for interior design. Venue 5 Restaurant_ Complete reconfiguration of the layout and the design & installation of bespoke interior architectural features. Involved from initial appointment by client, through the design and construction stages to practical completion. Innsite and Grantley Building_The scheme provides 28 residential units in 2 different buildings. Design of two new floors on top of the existing two storey building. The apartments provide a range of private gardens, to luxury balconies and roof terraces.


Feb 2013 June 2013

Architectural assistant part II. Francesco Draisci Studio. [London] I have taken part in the design of a Victorian house extension in Hackney as well as collaborated in a design competition, “The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014”, for the exhibition at the V&A museum in London,UK.

Nov 2010 Sept 2012

[Spain] Architectural assistant. Monier Soluciones técnicas. During that time I designed bespoke houses, worked on restoration projects and participated in different architectural competitions.Good understanding of the Spanish planning system and building regulations.

July 2010 Oct 2010

Architectural assistant. Francisco Taboada Studio.

Feb 2015 Architectural assistant part II. PR Architecture. [London] Present day

Freelance Architect based in London.

While studying English at City & Islington College in London I have been involved in several design projects for Pavicons Málaga S.L as well as been fully involved as freelance architect for a Single-family attached dwelling ‘Orion house’ & a luxury Single-family detached house, ‘Turret House’ in Málaga.Spain. Both under construction

[Spain] Lead project designer for a National competition. “Municipal Square Reyes Católicos in Yunquera”,Málaga. Spain. FIRST PRIZE. Under construction

Education & Qualifications Oct 2004 June 2012

(MSc) Masters of Architecture

Oct 2008 June 2009

Academic year through the international exchange program “ERASMUS”.

Masters Degree in Architecture (5 years + Degree Final Project) at ETSAG. Granada University,Spain. Principal skills covered: • Architectural projects (Housing and public buildings) • Urban development and Landscaping • Building restoration and conservation • Building structures calculations.(concrete and steel) • Construction details

Masters Degree in Architecture (One year) from the “Facoltà d’Architettura di Ferrara” (University of Ferrara, Italy).

Graphic Softwares Autodesk: Adobe: Google: Microsoft Office: Cypecad ingenieros:

Autocad 2D-3D| Revit Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign SketchUp Pro + V-ray Word | Powerpoint | Excel Cypecad 3D

mariana díaz mancera ARB architect Address: Mobile Phone:


37 Saltdene, 2 Regina Road N4 3PR London 07593 374753

Additional trainings Sept 2013 June 2014

Competitions and achievements

Cambridge English Classes at City & Islington college. London,UK.

Certificate in Advanced & Proficiency English Course. May June 2011

Cypecad course

“Introduction to the design and calculation of building structures using computer software”,Granada University, Spain.

Design exhibition competition for V&A museum.

Oct 2012

Ideas international competition.

Mar 2011

Ideas national competition.

“The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014.” London.UK Urban planning and architectural design in Sancti Petri Peninsula. Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz,Spain Ideas for the design of the “Can Escandell” park. Ibiza, Spain

12-16 July 2010

II International workshop

Held at the school of Architecture of Málaga,Spain, in collaboration with the School of Architecture of Rome,Paris,Syracuse, Rabat,Cairo and Pamplona.

Sep 2010

Base designs and working projects national competition.

Jan Mar 2010

3D Studio + V-Ray course

May 2008

Arquine ideas international competition.

March 2009

III National congress of architecture “Arquitaxi 2009”


09-11 July 2008

"City and Landscape".

Feb 2013

Municipal square “Reyes Católicos” of Yunquera. Málaga,Spain. First prize. [under construction]

Course in 3D modelling and internal - external rendering with the softwares 3D Studio Max and V-Ray.

Architectural conferences and workshops. Granada

IX International congress of rehabilitation and built Heritage. CICOP 2008 4 Cases of landscape intervention in relation to the preservation of historical heritage [Iñaki Ábalos]. Sevilla University, Spain.

Bicentennial Towers in Mexico City. Mexico 2008

Spanish: Native Italian:


English: Fluent French: Intermediate


I am really passionate about learning different cultures and languages in my spare time, which I find really pleasing when travelling.I participated in a High school exchange program to Domérat [France], and studied at Ferrara University in Italy for one year.

Music has always been an inspiration throughout my life.I have studied Music

Theory and Piano at the Professional Conservatory of Music “ Gonzalo Martín Tenllado” in Málaga, Spain.

Innsite and Grantley house. 2016 Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Residential, 4 storey building development.Building Regulations approved. Rogers Ruff Out House. 2016

Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Residential,New house. Submitted to Planning Department.

Fulmer Drive House. 2015 -2016. Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Residential,Rear extension & internal alterations- Building Regulations approved. Darlaston house,London. 2015 . Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Residential,New detached house. Building Regulations approved.

Copsewood house,London. 2015 . Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Residential,New detached house. Planning permission granted.

The Broadwalk, London. 2015 . Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture

Residential,Rear extension & internal alterations- Under Vastu Shastra principle-. Submitted to Planning Department.

Venue 5 Restaurant.London. 2014-2015 . Lead Project Designer at PR Architecture Commercial. Interior Design.Under construction Orion house,Spain. 2012 - 2014. Freelance Architect-Private client Residential, single family attached dwelling. Stages A - E.Under construction Waterfront activities centre,Spain. 2012 Academic Final Project & International Competition Public building - Masterplanning- Restoration

Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo.Museum of architecture,Spain. 2012 International Competition Restauration & conversion.Public building

Cuore di Rovigo,Italy. 2008 Academic Project Masterplanning

For furhter samples of my work, please visit:

Innsite and Grantley house Architect for PR ARCHITECTURE Location: Cranford.London Stages: A-E. Status: Building control approved. Date: 2015-2016 Type: Private property, Housing Surface: 800m2 in 4 storeys.

This 2000 m2 flat site lies immediately east of Heathrow airport. The brief sought a refurbished sustainable residential development which integrates with the existing urban fabric and acting as a catalyst for the regeneration of this part of the city. The scheme provides 28 residential units in two different buildings, consisting on a total of four floors,which meant the construction of two new floors on top of the existing two storey building. The two bedroom apartments provide a range of private gardens, to luxury balconies and roof terraces.

Existing two storey building

Rogers Ruff Out House

Lead project designer for PR ARCHITECTURE

Location: Northwood, Greater London Stages: A-D. Status: Submitted to Planning Date: 2016 Type: Private property, Housing Surface:480m2

The new internal configuration of the house is based on a full length glass rear extension to the dining area and new rooflight above, which aims to open the space to the garden and allow natural light to come in the house to create a better atmosphere. The Out House proposed integrates a very spacious outdoor sheltered barbecue area along with a modern living indoor space to enjoy in Summer time. Storage room is provided for gardening stuff. All this space is set 1.1m below Ground Level, in order to be able to creat a decent inside space and comply with planning regulations (2.5 m high max. for Flat Roof Out Buildings). Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed New Out House

Proposed New Dining Area

Hand Sketch .Rear elevation

Existing two storey house .Rear elevation

Fulmer Drive House

Lead project designer for PR Architecture Location: Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire London) Stages: A-E Status: Building Control Approved. Date: 2015/2016 Type: Private property.Housing Surface: 1300 m2

Existing Ground Floor Plan

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

The new internal configuration and extension of the house is based on the visual connection with the garden, and therefore the maximitazion of natural light within the house. In order to achieve that visual connection within the housing, the design of a Japanese garden is proposed which allows the visual and lighting permeability, both along and across the dwelling.

Proposed Elevations

Darlaston house The yellow brick house

Architectural assistant for PR ARCHITECTURE Location: Darlaston Road.Wimbledon.London Stages: A-E. Status: Building control approved. Date: 2015 Type: Private property, Housing Surface: 630 m2 in 3 storeys.

This new 3 storey luxury house is located in a residential area on the core of Wimbledom, built on a 700 m2 sloped plot. Designed following a previous footprint approved for planning several years ago. A modern and open plan layout for the ground floor was now a rigorous requirement pointed out by the client. A very large living room divided in 3 different areas where entertain their regular guests.

Copsewood house

A black and white final touch Lead project designer for PR ARCHITECTURE Location: Watford, Hertfordshire Stages: A-D Status: To be submitted to planning Date: 2015 Type: Private property, Housing Surface: 550 m2 in 2 storey + Loft

This luxury single-family detached house is located in a very prestigious residential area in Herlfordshire, built on a 1200m2 in-filled rectangle shaped plot. The premise is based on the natural light thereby the resulting design is a square shaped house drilled by a skylight and gallery in the first floor in the middle of the plan, which allow, along with the gable on the front elevation, all the internal area to be efficiently illuminated.


The Broadwalk house

Vastu Shastra Architecture from ancient India Lead project designer for PR ARCHITECTURE Location: Northwood, Greater London Stages: A-D. Status: Submitted to Planning Date: 2015 Type: Private property, Housing Surface:1050m2

This high end dwelling is located in a exclusive and luxury residential complex in North London, built on a 1600m2 in-filled rectangle shaped plot. The new internal configuration and extension of the house is based on the Vastu Shastra design principles, which theme is basically based around core elements of central space, peripheral zones, direction with respect to sunlight, and relative functions of the spaces. The open plan design along with a very generous size for all the rooms was an important client’s requirement, as they would be holding several religious and entertaining events in the house.















EXISTING HOUSE. Rear elevation


Venue 5 Restaurant & Banqueting Lead project designer for PR Architecture Location: Harrow, (London) Stages: A-L Status: Under construction Date: 2015 Type: Private commercial

Project value: ÂŁ500k Surface: 650 m2

Interior design and internal structure alterations/extension. The client wanted to create a distinctive and exclusive atmosphere with a contemporary feel. To achieve this, structural walls and chimneys were removed to create an open, spacious restaurant. Custom designed carved panels, new steel beams and bespoke doors with a round theme were installed together with multi functional lighting.

Photograph of existing Conservatory

Design proposed for Conservatory area

Design proposed for Family Room

Under Construction

3D panel from Muraspec used in Conservatory walls

Under Construction

Under Construction

CeilingPlan. Conservatory and Family room

Photograph of existing Restaurant Bar

Design proposed for the Restaurant Bar

Restaurant Bar ceiling Under Construction

Photograph of existing Lounge area

Proposed design for Lounge Area.Bespoke Metal grids

Restaurant area Under Construction

Ceiling Plan.Restaurant, Lounge and VIP area

Photograph of existing Banqueting Bar

Banqueting Bar .Under construction

Photograph of existing Banqueting

Design proposed for Banqueting

Celing Plan.Banqueting

Banqueting Bar area.Under construction

Orion house

dialogue with a long, narrow space Location: Cรกrtama, Mรกlaga (Spain) Stages: A-E. Freelance architect Status: Under construction Date: 2012 Type: Private property, Housing Surface: 140 m2

This single family house is located in a new residential area on the edge of the town, built on a 140 m2 in-filled rectangle shaped plot. The premise is based on the natural light thereby the resulting building is a prism drilled by two courtyards with different roles. The garage-basement was another requirement which allows the client to build another floor in the future if it is a need. long,narrow space

two courtyards

natural illumination 7m




1.main yard_public use 2.rear yard_ private use 2 1

2.rear yard

1.main yard.

ground f. wide open space


Basement level -4.00 m

The first floor accommodates 3 bedrooms,the main one in suite, and a spacious entertainment area, illuminated by the main yard. This space is targeted for both, children and adults, for a private use. First floor +3.20 m

Ground floor 0.00 m

The main space in the house is placed on the ground floor where the kitchen, dining room and lounge, around the main yard, create a continuous wide open space providing light and freshness to the house, similar to the traditional Arab places.

Roof +6.40 m

This floor is completed by an office, an ironing room and a back yard, with a more private character, intended for those chores in the daily life.

construction Front elevation

main yard living room

Cross section

dining room kitchen

SketchUp pro + V-Ray Rendering

night Illumination

e 1/150

and details Work monitoring

+/- 0.00

e 1/75

Waterfront Activities Centre

Recovery of the ancient village of Sancti Petri. [Spain] Located in the natural park Bay of Cadiz, the old town of Sancti Petri currently derelict,is an enclave of great tourist-sports value.Thus emerged the intention to intervene in, then in order to provide continuity to the development of nautical activities and the use of Sancti Petri spout. The landscape proposal based his idea in the Re-Naturalizacion of the peninsula ,by entering the bead to existing dune park mode within the village giving rise to a space of leisure and diverse outdoor activities. Arises the restoration of the ancient tuna fish factory existing as a center of Technicalisation and nautical activities, constituting the main building of the peninsula. traditional house

canal marsh


industrial area 1km

suburban park area

active area of salt marsh 10km


pine wood


leisure and water sports open space

Sancti Petri spout



Chiclana de la Frontera

San Fernando

Sancti Petri Peninsula Cรกdiz Bay

Atlantic Ocean


Point of interest

Casa Molino de Isla de las Barcos Torre areneros Puerto deportivo encayados de Sancti Petri abandonados salinera Almansa Gaviotas Bermeja

Abandoned Military Base

Bateria de “Aspiroz” Bunkers

Canal Spout

Bateria de Bateria de “San Castillo de Sancti Petri, “antiguo “Urrutia” Genís” templo del Merkal”

Caño de “Carboneros”

Caño del Alcornocal

Canal del Boquerón

Canal del Sudeste

Chiclana de la Frontera

Novo Sancti Petri

usual watersports played in this area





stand up paddleboarding

skysurf Coto de La Isleta

Sancti Petri Peninsula as a starting point

Natural reserve Marisma de Sancti Petri

nature and artefact



pedestrian network

Natural Monument “Punta del Boquerón”

road network

Estuary of Sancti Petri canal

currently situation

1 I 10000








Atlantic Ocean

architecture and landscape new fishing quay existing church comercial band first aid house

car acces & parking band

bike acces

new marina new Fishing service area

main building

Waterfront Activities Centre new leisure exterior area

picnic areas

existing quay

new pedestrian promenade hospitality band 10m





existig marina hospitality area exterior sport tracks

acces to beach


dune cord

Sancti petri beach

pedestrian walkway to peninsula



29300 m²


Design Proposal

Present day



7235 m²

9083 m²

existing building restored currently existing building in use newly constructed buildings

waterfront square

outdoor pool.Spa

Spa. Therapy


nautical activities area

commercial area

wooden walk

commercial area

anphitheatre square

existing church

existing vegetation

wooden walk

1 I 1000

waterfront activities centre

restoration and heritage

Located in the northernmost part of the peninsula, the center of boating activities mediates between land and sea with a set of gardens and buildings , squares , patios and walks organized in a spatial sequence studied and tested . The intervention is proposed on an existing plant, a set of buildings with pitched roofs both belonging to the remains of a ancient tuna fishery factory and some other fishermen homes, both now abandoned. Regardless of their coverage in disrepair, the remains of the thick outer walls and brick gables of the dilapidated existing buildings are taken as a starting point for the intervention project , becoming the protagonists of the design, RE- using them as patios, squares, shade elements or hallways, forming the outer shell of the building.

Decks demolition deck to demolish already fallen deck

Walls demolition Wall to demolish Wall to keep

Project proposal Centre of boating activities

As master volume is developed on two floors, the tallest built on the peninsula, with the exception of the existing church.

Ground floor

3D Studio Max + V-Ray Rendering

First floor

The building aims to unify all nautical activity generated on site. Is introduced in turn an area of therapy in order to promote the natural resources of the environment, such as the properties of salt and seaweed from the marshes.

1 I 3000

Wall as... The Wall and Gable are the most important elements that make up the project, and implemented through a heavy material such as natural stone. By contrast, the cover goes into the background and remains a light element, materialized through a sheet metal cover.

Wind prevention



Shade element

32 33



Landscape frame



22 13

39 17



Directive 34

36 26

Existing gable

New gable

Dunes regulator


facades I cross sections To keep





20 21

9 1



3 4

To demolish


17 13









9 5





Ground floor

3D Studio Max + V-Ray Rendering

1.main entrance 2.hall 3.reception/Office 4.electric room 5.student dining room 7.rubbish room 8.engine room

9. installation room 10.unloading area 11.stairs to classrooms room’s toilet 15.women’s toilet 16.lobby

17.women’s changing room’s changing room 19.shadow backyard 20.Indoor rowing tanks 21.private stairs to gym room terrace 24.cloister

25.outdoor events square 26.private outdoor marina 27.boat repair & material storage 28. boat storage warehouse 29.outdoor spa 30.indoor spa 31.therapeutic area 32.sauna.

1 I 750

33.relaxing room hall reception 36.stairs to physician's office 37.exhibition area 38. outdoor boat repair area 39. Boat access promenade





12 11 8 7


10 10

7 3


5 6



3D Studio Max + V-Ray Rendering First floor

facades I cross sections

dId’ fIf’



1 I 750

1.library 2.meeting room 3.classrooms’s toilet 5.women’s toilet 6.gym room 8.waiting room 9. cleaning room 10.seaweed treatment room. 11.massage area’s practice 13.rehabilitation room



architecture and construction

1.Concrete bearing pile 2.Flowable Fill (t=100mm) 3.Pile cap 1050x2400x800mm 4.Concrete support (0,70x0,70 m) for steel anchor plate 5.Reinforcing steel ø12 c 15 6.Shield anchor type bolts 7.Ring beam 0,4x0,4m 8.Reinforced concrete wall for pool moat (t=30cm) 9.Concrete slab (t=40cm) 10.Top and bottom reinforcement ø12 c 20 11.Separating element between frames 12.Suspended ground floor of ceramic bricks and prestressed concrete joists 25cm 13.Reinforced compression layer (t=5cm) ø6c15 14.Extruded polystyrene foam thermal insulation

1 I 100

15.Waterproof sheet (1cm) 16.Geo-textil felt (200 gr/m²) 17.Concrete base supporting polished microcement flooring finish(6cm) 18.Microcement layer (Aggregate= 0,2 mm) with fiberglass to avoid cracks 19.White colour microcement continuous pavement t=2mm 20.Double layer acrilic fibre and double layer pores sealer 21.Strucutural joint 22.Levelling mortar 23.Transverse secondary strip 24.Thermic insulation by extruded polystyrene board 25.Double waterproof sheet by polyethene 4mm 26.Main strips (30x50mm) each 40 cm

27.Attachment hidden clip 28.Fiberon® board (t=14cm) 29.One-way floor of metal joists (IPN180) with ceramic pieces between them. 30.Reinforced compression layer (t=5cm) 6c15 31.Concrete pavement with linoleum finishing 32.Linoleum finishing by elastic layer and double layer of steel (t=1mm) 33.White granite stone 34.Horizontal wedge shaped stanchion 35.Vertical stanchion attached on the wall by anchorage profile 36.Half a foot of solid ceramic brick wall 37.White granite gutter 38.Horizontal wooden strips 39.Timber framework with tongue and groove joint system

40.Aluminium mounting frame 41.Interior timber finishing 42.Lacquered aluminium profile for glass anchoring. 43.Interior double glass 6-12-6 44.Chamber 72mm with interior blind 25mm 45.Exterior double glass 6-12-6 46.Prestressed joist lintel 47.Ceramic wall tilling 48.White plaster 49.Half on foot solid brick 50.Open suspended ceiling by timber strips 51.Hanging clamp 52.Gypsum boards false ceiling 53.Top-hat rail secondary structure 60x27x4mm 54.Hangig up rod 55.Steel "U" shaped profile (10mm)

56.Silicone gasket 57.Metallic perimeter frame 15cm 58.Double glass railing (10+10) 59.Stainless steel handrail attachment by silicone gasket 60.Stainlees steel profile IPN180 61.Stainlees steel profile IPN140 62.Main beam IPN260 63.Top-hat rail separation 64.Streamlined metallic sheet attached by screws on the main structure 65.Insulation. Glass fibre fabric (8cm) 66.Streamlined Prelacquered metallic sheet attached by bolts on top-hat rails 67.Ridge plate 68.Aluminium gutter hidden behind ventilated façade

69.Metal halide lamps suspended 70.Modular lighting system 71.Built-in lights for fluorescent light bulbs 72.Suspended lamps for fluorescent tube lights 73.Air nozzle 74.Galvanized steel "U" shaped profile 75.Air duct 76.Polyethylene film (t=0,2mm) 77.Waterproof mortar layer 78.Mosaic ceramic tiles Gresite® 5x5cm 79.Drain line 80.Timber sheet pool edge 81.Artificial compacted gravel (20cm) 82.Compressed sand bed (5cm) 83.Cobble stones pavement 84.Fine-grain sand layer

and details


1 I 20

1 I 250

D1 D2


Restoration of Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo [Granada] conversion to Museum of Architecture

The project is based on dialogue between gardens. A journey through the different periods that marked the place. The thirteenth century, nineteenth and twenty-first century are about the same plan, reflected on a arabic, classic and modern garden, respectively. Water, light and textures are the elements in each level, similar but read differently according to the different periods that mark the project.

S.XIII Qubba and fountain

It is proposed a symbiosis where the existing building and the proposed program are visible and thus enhance each other by contrasting the new object that molds within an oldest known space.

S.XIX. Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

Current situation of the building before the restoration project








The mourish,the classic and the modern




Museum of Architecture arabic garden re - invention

XIII th Century Arabic Garden XIX th Century Romantic Garden XXI th Contemporary Garden

1 I 600

Arabic Garden recovery displaced by the construction of a romantic garden in XIX century.


and reinterpretation 1 I 500

f* +6.10m level -5.00m level

Underground arabic garden as a result of a reinterpretation project.Use: Projection booth connected to the meeting room at - level. Rehabilitation of a arabic fountain ( f*) discovered in this level. Combination of two arabic patterns superimposed found on Qubba’s walls used for the skylights.

+4.22m level

3D Studio Max + V-Ray Rendering

+1.98m level

+0.00m level

functionalism and

1 I 300 cross section

3D Studio Max + V-Ray Rendering

The unit

open space



the old building is now just a mere epidermis which insinuate its contents and allows the natural light to come into a diaphanous space now subtly occupied by the new metalic structure which support the new program.

longitudinal section 1 I 300


1. 19th-Century Wooden Roof Truss. Restauration & Reinforcement 2. HEB 160 metal pilar. A42s laminated steel 3. Concrete base. 8mm diameter ribbed steel bar mesh of the opening size every 20cm 4. Ribbed panel T0.8mm & H6cm 5. IPN 160,main beam 6. IPN 140, secondary beam 7. Concrete slab 8. Double layer plastic partition wall 9. Guide rail for dynamic partition walls 10. Double layer aluminum sheet. Fixed partitions. 11. Support for the walkway. 12. Glass walkway 13/27. Anchor plate 14. IPE 1000. Main beam 15. Building system. 16. Security glass railing 17. Drilled concrete panel. Arabic pattern 18. IPN 160. Secondary beam 19. Natural soil 20. Sheet drain 21. Support sheet 22. Mineral substrate Zincolit 23. TG filter 24. Elastroidaim EL 200 25.Slippery sheet 26. Insulation

construction section 1 I 100

Cuore di Rovigo

Masterplan in Rovigo.Italy The project area is very near the historic center, the train and bus station, the exhibition center and the University. An area with a lot of movement. So, there is the idea of connecting these points in a fluid and functional way. It aims for the curve to the straight line to create a strong contrast between the existing buildings present in the project area and new construction. The curve represents the flow and movement, very present both at street level and at the level of building, connecting the two volumes of new work together, both at first floor and deck, creating an attractive continuity throughout the area intervention and generating a high permeability in the city. The area is only for pedestrians and there is an underground car park.

main connections needed to establish

site plan

main gathering points created

1 I 5000

resultant flow path of the design


ground floor flow created

first floor flow designed between buildings

roof floor conections in the area

1 I 4000

architecture and fluidity


1.reading room. room 3.dining room 5.rehabilitation room 6.multipurpose room 7.Office


library centerpiece 4


roof floor plan

5 6 7


Leisure and entertaiment on the top

The new two buildings are connected at the highest point, which is the most appealing part of the project. You will find a fitness room and a dining-room on top of students's main building and a rehabilitation room and a multipurpose room on top of elderly couples's building. Moreover, a reading room will be found on top of the library centerpiece in charge of uniting these two built volumes . It also has a sport area, a cafe-bar with terrace and a community office.

e.elevation 1I 500

1 I 2500

masterplan and

trafficable flat roof plan

longitudinal section 1I 500

first floor plan

urban design

Concrete parapet trafficable roof aluminium waterspout

brise soleil concrete pillar 30x30cm

waterproof menbrane insulation polyurethane panel

metal parapet D 5cm

metal fence post

ground floor plan

wooden & glass parapet ceramic pavement facing

cross section 1I 500

roller blind

grass wooden funiture partition wall flotaing hardwood floor Concrete pavement

first floor_apartments 1I 300 42 m² apartment example Multipurpose space 1I 150

1.Open [day]

1.Open [day]

2.Close [night]

2.Close [night]

and details

1.Open [day]

2.Close [night]

thanks for reading

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