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Owner & Photographer Maria considers herself a lucky person because each day she gets to do the job she loves. She embraces a challenge whenever it presents itself, either in the field or in the studio. Often times you may see her moving about, rearranging furniture or adjusting the lighting just to make an image that much more satisfying to her clients. Her love and passion for photography are evident the moment you meet Maria. You will find her work in many professional contexts, including websites, brochures and business cards, as well as in social media.


Photo Booth Services Photo Booths as a rule are just a Photo Booth. And it takes a professional photographer to give the perfect twist and make this experience a little different than what you are accustomed to. Since we are in the profession, we practically bring the studio and therefore provide a bigger area to pose your friends. Wether is a Home or Corporate Party, a High School Reunion, a Wedding Event, we can create fun images of your guests and the best part, they can take a beautiful print home. We don’t offer a tiny little strip of photos that one can barely see. We actually provide beautiful large 4x6 or 5x7 prints. Do you have a company logo? We can add it in the photo along with the name and date of the event. Maria Lyle offers a unique and fun environment. We love having fun with your guests, and bring their best onto the final prints. We can also create Holiday Cards, Greeting Cards, Albums from your own photographs. Here are some samples of the work that we can do for you and or a friend. We look forward to bringing life to your memories. While we are professionals, we are the experts in fun portraiture.



PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We bring professionals who know lighting to make sure that your photographs are properly exposed and beautiful.



This means that we use professional equipment, just like what we use on our commercial assignments. we don’t believe in cheap flashes that are unrelieable.



WE LOVE ORIGINALITY We highly recommend for careful planning to make your event as original as it can be.




BEAUTIFUL PRINTS We offer 4x6 or 5x7 prints depending on your budget. If you have a company logo, we can add it as well as the name of the events right on your photos.


Actual size depending on monitor size 8


Actual size depending on monitor size



EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY We also offer Event Photography coverage.




Commonly Asked


Q: W  e have an office and we


A: Yes, we certainly can. We can meet

Q: C an you put our logo on the

would like to have a Holiday Party there. Can you come to set up there?

prior to the date of the party and together figure the space. If you decide to have the party somewhere else we can go there instead.

Q: What size prints do you offer? A: W e offer beautiful 4x6 or 5x7 prints. photos?

A: Yes, and in addition, we can add the name of the event.

 ow long does it take to set Q: I have a party and I would like Q: Hup? to have a Photo Booth and cover the event. Can you do A: W e need an hour to bring the gear that?

A: Yes, we absolutely can do that. We

can provide coverage for the entire event and do a Photo Booth.

Q: I have a party in my home,

can you come to my house?

A: Yes, and we recommend that you

provide us with a large area that we can work in. We can meet with you and scout the location.

Q: Can you do formal portraits if we need it?

A: Yes we can. We can set up a

different area to do formal portraits. We recommend this to be near the entrance so that the guests can be photographed as they arrive to the event.

and set and be ready for your guests.

Q: Do you bring props or do we have to bring them?

A: W e have many props for all types

of events. If you have something in mind we can certainly discuss. Sometimes clients provide their own because they may have printed their logos on a hat for example.

Q: A re you able to come to the venue to plan with a client?

A: W e are happy to meet our clients to

guide them where to place the Photo Booth as we need a little larger area than traditional boxed Photo Booths.



Commonly Asked, Continued


Q: H ow much space do you need to set up?

A: W e need a 10 x10 area to

accommodate the larger groups.

Q: H ow many people can you put in one photo?

A: A ssuming that the area provided, we can accommodate give or take 10 guests in the photo.

Q: D o you have a limit on the photos and prints?

A: N o, we create the photos and each

person in the group will receive a print

Q: Can you cover the event as

know in advance.

Q: If a guest is improper, do you put those photos online?

A: There has been a time here and

there when a guest may have been improper and asked to be photographed anyhow. Those images are deleted. We don’t ever want to embarrass our clients.

Q: If our guests want to

purchase more prints, can they purchase them?

A: Yes, we have a site that people

can make purchases directly. We provide the link when we post them on Facebook.


A: W e certainly can for an additional

fee. With proper planning we set up in one area to do the Photo Booth and a second photographer would be covering the event.

Q: Do you post the photos on Facebook?

A: Yes we can. Initially we add them to

Maria Lyle Photography Page and we can tag your business page. We also take great care and selecting the best. If someone doesn’t want to be posted on social media, just let us Studio:941.362.1957


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Directions We are not easy to find, please follow our notes.


DIRECTIONS TO OUR STUDIO Studio:941.362.1957 1055 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 110A, Sarasota, FL 34236 Please note that Google Maps puts our studio at another location. Please use the directions below.

We are located in the back of SABA PLAZA (see green camera on map), at the northeast corner of U.S. 41 and Bahia Vista Street. We recommend parking in the back of the building. Please enter via Bahia Vista Street Entrance (see blue bus on map) next to the Circus Conservatory tent. Driveway directly accross from Panera’s. Drive toward the building with the green awning and rooftop. When facing the building, look to your left for #1055. We are immediately to the right once inside.




Brewer Pl.

Dr .

Irving St.

Brewer Pl. Sarasota Conservancy Bahia Vista St.

Bahia Vista St.




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Maria Lyle Photo Booth Services