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Editorial Platform launch presentation Maria Lozano Rojas BA Fashion Marketing and Communication, Level 5, 2017 Communication Techniques and Strategies Events Organization and Fashion Show Jaime Romeu

Table of Contents: launching event


event production


event communication

presentation of the editorial platform

sponsoring and product placement

current situation


the event concept


This project is based on two previous courseworks in which we developed an editorial platform, including the content and the digital identity. Coursework 3 is divided in two: the launching event and the fashion show. This document first explains the editorial platform created and the global trends, inspiration and objectives, which led to an event concept. Throughout the document the whole event idea, concept and production will be explained in detail.


Fusion is inspired in the detailed and careful lifestyle, slow and minimal, quality and uniqueness. Simplicity and confidence for a man’s life, enhancing an ethical, healthy and quality lifestyle. Innovative original, unique, unconventional Integrative interconnected, harmonious, fusion Individual distinctive, personal Brand Promise

“To inspire and achieve men wellness inside out, and mindfulness with the fuse of fashion, gastronomy and grooming.”

Primary Target

Secondary Target

“Open Minded Henries”

“In With The Old”



Willing to experience new things

Have an special appreciation for vintage products

Dig into a sea of content They buy affordable luxury products Keep up with the latest digital trends Defined taste for grooming, fashion, gas tronomy and art disciplines.

They value the experience of reading a paper magazine, book, going to museums and art galleries, using the bicycle They experience continuously a sense of nostalgia.

Business Issue The image of men relies on being either a businessman or a gym goear. Fashion, selfcare, design and lifestyle seem to be subjects dedicated to women. There is a growing market of men who care about: -how they look -what they eat -what they wear -the type of lifestyle they carry They are not following a certain path given, they are creating their own. We need to create an editorial platform for this group of men in order to connect and walk with them the path they are creating.

Strategic Markets

UK: -Barber shops -High economic income (can afford the luxury we are seeking to deliver) -Healthy and balanced food restaurants Nordic Countries: -Slow life -Clean, simple and polished


An objective is an specific result that aims to be achieved in a certain time frame. For Fusion’s launch objectives have to be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Relevant

- Launch the editorial platform -Communicate with the target audience -Achieve H2H communication to build relationships between the readers and the magazine -Implement marketing and communication 4.0 using digital to evoke emotional experiences -Position Fusion as the ideal magazine for men who are seeking for a grooming and clean lifestyle. -Earned media - Attract the attention and support of fashion brands -Attract VIC from established fashion brands -Generate traffic on Fusion’s website - Achieve high sales with the first issue of Fusion and the online platform.

Editorial Platform

FUSION was born by the need of gathering the relevant interest of specific men nowadays, fashion, gastronomy and grooming, told in a clean and simple way. FUSION is an editorial platform both online and offline which provides content and information for men to carry a slow lifestyle in which the main focus is their physical and mental wellness. The aim is to inspire men to take as the same care they do to their jobs, to themselves, and the importance of being individual. We know that every man is unique, even in the target audience and market, reason why we do not tell men how they should life, but rather give them the tools to build their individual and personal life through their already known needs and wants.

Fusion’s online platform quenches the thirst for the lastest news and insight from the three selected industries: fashion, grooming and gastronomy, with a yearly subscription. While the print magazine with bi-annual issues satisfies the appetite for old-school reading and a careful exploration, collection and curation of people, brands, places and products.

Fashion One of Fusion objective is to embrace ethical fashion, therefore, Fusion will introduce brands that care about the environment, human-right, their employees and produce sustainable and unique garments. Moreover, we believe in the creativity of emerging young designers who need help to enter the competitive market, which is becoming more and more difficult due to the powerful multinational brands. For this reason, we are going to create balanced content between upcoming brands and established brands.

Grooming Fusion also focuses in barber shops that offer an unforgettable experience to the clients. Our customers value the work of professionals that provide high quality service. The idea is to raise the voice of barbers who have exquisite skills and know how to enhance the image of men and make them feel confident and good-looking. While men are more concerned about the personal appearance, barber shops have grown and become a must for lots of them.

Gastronomy Fusion believes people are what they eat.A balanced diet is primordial in order to make humans feel good, active and strong. Fusion focuses in restaurants and cooks that give a lot of importance to cooking tasty as well as healthy meals. There are affordable luxury and high-quality restaurants in the UK, and around the globe but are often left aside, without a lot of notoriety. It is important to highlight that healthy does not only mean vegan or vegetarian; for Fusion healthy means a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables.




Current Situation: Global Trends

Current situation explains some global trends which are relevant to Fusion in any way. It is crucial to know what other brands and companies are doing to keep up with the players and always seeking to move forward and not staying where you are. Firstly, the global trends will be analyzed. Secondly, what Fusion competition is doing; and thirdly, trends happening in the luxury market.

Sustainability It has become a global trend due to the raise of global warmth effect. Brands, company and people are now seeking to produce in a sustainable way in order to conserve natural resources, protecting the planet and decreasing enviromental harm.

Luxury brands for instance Stella McCartney, is a brand comitted to ethical values and the protection of the enviroment. Stella McCartney believes “the brand is responsible for the resources it uses and the impact it has on the enviroment� . As for now, the use of fur and leather is strictly forbidden in the brand. Luxury brands mostly belonging to Kering group such as Bottega Venet and Saint Laurent, are seeking to become sustainable brands that protect the enviroment.

Equality and diversity Diversity and equality has become a global issue.For instance “The Women’s March” held all around the world in January 2017, was a global protest of human rights. People protested for matters such as immigration, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, racial issues among others. Brands need to become human and stand for something. Consumers do not believe in words, but acts and we as brands and companies have to be authentic and have a clear position of support in the number of society issues in the present.

Current Situation: Competitors

Esquire Magazine -Esquire Townhouse *Team up with DIOR to bring a four day “luxury-living experience” (style, sport, tech, food and film) *Live talks *Interviews *Screenings *Brand Installations

-Esquire and Blippar (AR) “The Styling Room” *Talks about the latest trends in men’s fashion + brand ambassadors (Hackett, Nigel Calbourn and The Watch Gallery) *1-2-1 Hair styling with Murdock London *Whiskey Installation At Covent Garden, London

Cereal Magazine -Paris Guide Launch Event * Yvon Lambert bookshop, Paris *Curation of art and design books *Exhibition of five prints, images from the guide *Appetizers

AnOther Man Magazine -Another Man Launch Party * Yvon Lambert bookshop, Paris *Curation of art and design books *Exhibition of five prints, images from the guide *Appetizers

Current Situation: Global Trends/ Luxury

Dior Eyes First Fashion house to create and produce a VR set. It allows people to emerge in the backstage world of Dior’s runway shows. Since 2016, it is available in selected Dior stores.

Tommy Hilfiger Digita dam

An interactive touch ed to the video wall ery product from the a real showroom in o

Adidas Pop-Up Store

Bentley Instalator

Customization: A pop-up store in Berlin that will knit a custom sweater in 4 hours, based on a body scan.

Customization: It is a lu in which facial reactio responses shape and ommendations.

al Showroom - Amster-

Chanel FW17 Ready To Wear Fashion Show

hscreen table connectl. People can view eve collection, as if it was order to do the orders.

For the FW17 Fashion show, Chanel literally launched a rocket inside the Grand Palais in Paris as the finale of the catwalk. More than a fashion show this was an unforgettable experience for guests, proving that the fashion industry is much more than luxury and clothes.

uxury experience ons and emotional guide the car rec-

Bottega Veneta Pop-up Barber Shop Popupping (Playsumers): To launch the latest high-end shaving products the Italian brand re-created a Barber Shop experience.


Event Concept

FUSION TASTING The word fusion means “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.” This is exactly what the magazine and everything around it, is about. The idea is to constantly blend and combine things to provide an authentic and unique experience, that will translate into awareness, sales and success. The primary target of Fusion appreciates innovation and new technologies, while the secondary appreciates vintage and classic products. “Fusion Tasting” will blend the old and the new. As the name says, it is a taste and encounter with the content of Fusion. It is the launch of the editorial platform, and as readers are not aware yet of what type of content will be delivered through Fusion, the aim of the launching event is for the readers to come literally face to face with the content through AUGMENTED REALITY, by a computer generated image on a users view of the real world. Augmented Reality is “the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. (TechTarget, 2017). The elements used in AR are augmented by computer-generated sensories. It uses the already existing environment and adds or overlays element on top of it. In other words, it will bring the magazine to life, conversing the classic and old environments. It will give the reader a real taste of what Fusion Magazine is.

The combination between old and new will be constant. Although AR is a new technology and implies digital, the environment in which this images are generated will be classic. Thinking in the secondary target of Fusion, which has an special appreciation for vintage, we want the real life environment to imitate museums, art galleries, exhibitions and barber shops as classic as possible to cause nostalgia. What will the users see in the AR? The augmented elements will be about the three main topics: grooming, fashion and gastronomy. We will simulate the content that is available through both online and offline platforms.

Grooming Immerse in the 6 coolest Barber Shops all over the world: -Argyle League, Houston -Murdock, London -Fellow Barber, NYC -Men’s Biz, Sydney -Freemans Sporting Club, Tokyo -Bottega Veneta Pop-up Barber Shop, London Interviews with Barbers -Joe Mills (Founder of Joe and CO) -Bertus and Leen

Fashion Interviews with Creative Directors, Fashion Photographers, Models, Fashion Bloggers -Daniel Riera -Tomas Maier Brands that have advertising in Fusion will showcase the products -Jil Sander -Bottega Veneta -Stella McCartney -Acne Studios -Lemaire -Calvin Klein


Immerse in the world 6 selected restaurants all over the globe -Juana La Loca, Bogotรก -Galvins At Window, London -T-Zilte, Antwerp -Tokuyoshi, Milano -Monsieur Bleu, Paris -Eleven Madison Park, NYC Interviews with Top Chefs -Thomas Keller -Anthony Bourdain

Event Production

Now that the event concept has been explained, it has to be applied in order to develop a large scale event such as an editorial platform launch. The production is explained answering the main questions: when, where, why and how, explaining every detail to understand the concept and its implementation.

When 29th of August 2017 The event will take place on a Tuesday, 29th of August. The first issue of Fusion will be launched in September 2017. We wish to do everything with short time in advance, due to the reason that people nowadays tend to have short-term memory; in other words what is important and relevant is what is new. The magazine will be on stands on September 1st and the website will be launch the same date.

Where Phillips de Pury Art Gallery, Berkeley Square - London Phillips de Pury is an auction house founded in London 1796. It is a house with international locations in which collectors can both sell and buy contemporary works of art, jewelry, design, photographs, watches and editions. Apart from being an auction house, Phillips also host events and exhibitions which makes them a forward-thinking house. Phillips de Pury was once owned by LVMH in 1999. Nowadays, Mercury Group owns the auction house and has headquarters in New York and London. Because of the fact that Phillips de Pury is dedicated to contemporary art, the aesthetic of the place fits perfectly the aesthetic and design of Fusion magazine. Simple and slow, yet luxurious and prepossessing. The different rooms and spaces of the Phillips de Pury house, are spacious which allows to play with space, being able to create real life environments such as a barber shop but at the same time interacting with augmented reality.

Why Fusion magazine is an alternative magazine, and the target market is very defined. We need to launch the editorial platform internationally (figures and content from all over the world) in order to get instant recognition, notoriety and awareness before the magazine is even available to purchase and/or subscribe. The launch does not has to be vast and massive, because we do not need to reach the mass market, however both the press and people invited should, first, belong to the target market of Fusion, and second, have a voice high enough to impact and influence people; in this case, men with an interest in fashion, grooming and/or gastronomy. London is the place where Fusion is based on. Considering that the launch is international with people from all over the globe, it is crucial to conserve the roots of the editorial platform by honoring the place where it comes from.

How Fusion will pair up with Aurasma which is the leading platform for augmented reality. With this partnership, we will be able to create a reality in which guests can immerse in Fusion world. Fusion will partner with Young Minds for charity.

Young Minds Is the leading charity in the UK which empowers the wellbeing and good mental health of kids and adolescentes. “3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem.� -Young Minds

Fusion empowers wellbeing and wellness in young men adults. For us is essential for people to feel good inside and out. We can make a change if we start doing that since even younger ages, which is the reason why we partner with Young Minds. Is essential to help children with mental problems in order to assure a future with good health and happiness for them.

Young Minds has four main goals and aims for young people: Foster innovation to meet the needs of vulnerable and excluded children and young people. Promote good mental health to more children and young people than ever before. Champion the voices of young people and parents to influence mental health policy and practice. Inspire excellence to achieve transformed, integrated services.

An auction will be held in the event in order to fundraise for YOUNG MINDS. In the entrance there will be an exhbition featuring art paintings and scultpures about barber shops, fashion and gastronomy. All the money will go to Young Minds

Barber Shops As Barber Shops was one of the inspirations to create Fusion, it is key to dedicate a special section. We will select the 6 coolest Barber Shops in the world, and create an exhibition through augmented reality. The environment will simulate a general view of a barber shop, the details and actual interior decoration will show through augmented reality. Chairs, products, hair scissors, combs. It will deliver users the possibility to get a sense of how the shops look like and a feeling of them without even visiting this place.



The brands who do advertising for Fusion during the first issue will be the brands present as well during the launching. We wish to showcase the actual products that are being advertised and some additional others. Every brand will have a personal space with the freedom of developing a decor concept that goes all together with the campaign and advertising, and with the help of augmented reality people can see the garments and products.

Gastronomy Gastronomy is of high importance for Fusion, as we seek to discover those places in which people can feed themselves balanced and excellently. For restaurants Fusion does discovery and curation, so after going all around the world, Fusion selected 6 restaurants worldwide which are recognized not only because of gastronomy but the unique and authentic design. We will create different boards with pictures of each restaurant. Every picture will “come to life� through a video using augmented reality.

Interviews Interviews are one important section for Fusion, as its personal knowledge which is share to the world with an own vision, experience and anecdote. The interviews will work the same way as the restaurants. There will be photographs of two top chefs: Anthony Bourdain and Thomas Keller, two fashion insiders: Daniel Riera (fashion photographer) and Tomas Maier (Bottega Veneta Creative Director), and lastly two barbers: Joe Mills and Bertus and Leen.


There will be a number of copies of the first issue of Fusion. The idea is that VIP guests live the moment that was captured for the articles and advertisements. Once the guests have the Aurasma app on their phone, they simply have to scan whatever photograph from inside the magazine, and augmented reality will immediately impose graphics and audio in a real environment and in real time.

Event Map 1st Floor

2nd Floor


Photo Call

Speech and welcome by Fusion editor

Welcoming drinks

Time to explore and taste Fusion

Auction of the exhbition in the entrance

Bar and Live music from beginning to end

Timeline Teaser Send save the date to VIP people Send invitations to the mailing list of the brands and barber shops featured in the launch

Resolution Venue with photo call

Send thank you cards

Appetizers and cocktails

Sales campaign for Fusion

Speech from Fusion editor in chief, welcoming guests

Confirmation Invite journalists and influencers Press Release

Acknowledgment and Sales

Time for guests to explore and taste Fusion Auction of the exhbition in the entrance. Money goes to Young Minds

Note of the impact of Fusion launch event Data on the success of Fusion launch

Event Communication

In order to share the information of the event we need to achieve the three communication steps: pre-event, event, and post-event. The three steps are crucial to achieve the previously stated objectives and assure that guests, VIP people and press are informed enough of what Fusion is going to do.

Pre-event Marketing -Invitations: a hard thick book cover, inside there is only one spread. One side, is an instructions paper, the other a picture of the video. When using augmented reality a video will start playing. (The invitation video is attached to the dropbox file)

-After sending the invitations, open an Instagram account: *30 sec teasers to boost followers and engage with the audience -Create a short teaser of Fusion magazine which will be uploaded to Fusion website so people can start developing a mind map of what it is about. Confirmation -Confirmation calls and mails. Create a database with the list of the confirmed attendants in order to have the confirmed and updated list. Reminders -Send an email to the guests who previously confirmed, the same day of the event in the morning time Event -Journalists and Press can take pictures, is not allowed to interview anyone -VIP Room is for VIPS and Fusion own press. Interviews and questions are exclusively done there. -Instagram Account will be used for Instastories that will narrate the event. We will do a live as well.

Post-Event Marketing -Thank you cards the day after the event to every attendant -data (KPI’s, number of attendants) on the success of the presentation -earned media -follow media coverage and social media impact

Communication Strategy

To achieve the communication activities previously mentioned, we need an strategy. This includes the touchpoints such as social media, direct communication (invitation) and press.

Objectives and goals: -Create awareness -Project “Fusion” image: simple, clean, yet elegant -Stimulate the want/desire of being Fusion’s target man -Generate high sales -Encourage readers to prefer Fusion over competitors / Magazine switching -Achieve a total comprehension of what Fusion is about

Press Release 11th of August, 2017 - 20 days prior to the event In order for the press to be aware of Fusion and the launch, a press release will be delivered to journalists from this editorial publications: Daily Mail The Guardian New York Times Le Figaro BoF

Influencers As FUSION is working directly with some influencers, which are previously detailed during CWK2 , they will be a key medium to communicate the pre-during and post event happenings. Joey London Jordan Bunker Matthew Pike Mr Liptrot Twins Emil & Rasmus V. Albrechtsen

Instagram Stories 29th of August, 2017

Blog Posts - 31st of August, 2017

Facebook Live 29th of August, 2017

-Make a video of the invitation

-Write a blog post about yout experience at the event

-During the event go live, you decide in what moment

-Include pictures and/or videos

-Important to show the place and the different spaces

-Film yourself getting ready (focus on the outfit) -Film once you get to the event (entrance, front door, first exhbition) -Film stories about the different sections and divisions of the place -Post twice about Fusion or the event (one of the post has to include the invitation cover)

Timeline 2017




Talk with Aurasma application, to create, adjust and adapt the event concept and idea

Record all the videos needed for the augmented reality event

Dedicated to video editing in order to achieve perfect edititon and content

Talk with Phillips de Pury Auction House to discuss availability of the place and dates

Selected Fusion members will travel to Tokyo, Bogota, Paris, Milan, NY, Houston, Sydney, and Antwerp, in order to film the footage.

Website planning and edition has to be done

Talk with Young Minds foundation, discuss the fundraiser


Arrange catering, DJ and lighting Decide on the exhbition that will be bid in order to fundraise for Young Minds Talk with the selected magazine stockists, arrange dates and price



Talk with influencers discuss coverage of the event and Fusion partnering

Deliver press release to Journalists

Talk with the seleted publications to assure coverage


Send invitations



Commercial Sponsor Restaurants -Juana La Loca, Bogotá -Galvins At Window, London -T-Zilte, Antwerp -Tokuyoshi, Milano -Monsieur Bleu, Paris -Wildair, New York Fashion Brands -Jil Sander -Bottega Veneta -Stella McCartney -Acne Studios -Calvin Klein Barber Shops -Argyle League, Houston -Murdock, London -Fellow Barber, NYC -Men’s Biz, Sydney -Freemans Sporting Club, Tokyo -Bottega Veneta Pop-up Barber Shop, London

Main Sponsor Aurasma

Technical Sponsor Dish Catering UK


Phillips de Pury & Company


Product Placement

Grooming Products Some grooming products will be showcased as a result of product placement, due to the reason that this products will be placed in Fusion website in order to give advice to the readers.

Champagne The welcoming drink will be Ruinart Blanc de Blancs champagne.

Drinks As there will be a bar, we will place Grey Goose Vodka, Tanqueray and Johnnie Walker



Cost x 1


19 €


1.900 €


600 €


2.400 €


300 €


2.400 €


1000 €


5.000 €




Decoration (boards, columns) Invitations

500 € 200 €


2.000 €

Staff Security

800 €


15.000 €

Social Media Campaign

Cost x 1

Amount (6 influencers)


Instagram Posts

600 €


200 €

12 posts, 2 each

24, 4 each

7.200 € 4.800 €

Blog Article



Facebook Live

2.400€ 500 €

300 €



1.800 € 16.700 €



15.000 €

Social Media

16.700 €


31.700 €

Conclusion/ Short Brief

Fusion Magazine

Creative Concept


Fusion Tasting


Event Production

Individual Brand Promise

“To inspire and achieve men wellness inside out, and mindfulness with the fuse of fashion, gastronomy and grooming.� Objectives Launch the editorial platform Communicate with the target audience H2H communication Marketing and communication 4.0 Attract the attention fashion brands and VIC Generate traffic Achieve high sales

Emotional experience using augmented reality with the help of Aurasma app bringing magazine content to life, by a generated image in the real world. When: August 29th, 2017 Where: Phillips de Pury Art Gallery, Berkeley Square - London Other elements DJ, Bar, Exhibition/Auction PR and media Teaser, event, acknowledgment and sales Sponsors Main: Aurasma App Commercial; Restaurants, fashion brands and barber shops Technical: Catering, DJ, Phillips de Pury, lightning


Table of contents: Fashion Show/Presentation


fashion show elements

historical timeline

other activities

the brand

structure of costs

the designer

conclusion/short brief

the collection


creative concept



This project is based on three previous courseworks in which we developed an editorial platform named “FUSION� and individually launched the mentioned. In order to positionate and promote the editorial platform it was a need to work directly with an established fashion brand. As Fusion, is a new and emerging magazine, we need to promote it in the enviroment we wish to belong to (luxury fashion industry). This will lead eventually to notority, brand awareness and recognition.

Jil Sander is an established brand, that enhances a clean and minimal lifestyle, which is an aspect Fusion continuosly taps into. The brand could re-positionate with the help of Fusion, as a contemporary and modern brand, which would work as a reminder that despite the fact that the brand is minimal it is not a synonym of boredom, and that one can achieve incredible things having a clean and minimal aesthetic. Jil Sander was a sponsor for Fusion’s launch, meaning they have worked together before. Fusion needs to be position as the best of the best, reason why the three main sections of the magazine (grooming, gastronomy and fashion) will be promoted separately to get the wish connotation in each. Thus, doing consolidation all the sections together. The fashion show/presentation is a cross marketing activity, exclusively dedicated to the fashion section of Fusion, and it goes in the same line of Fusion’s launch using contemporary and modern places (museums and art galleries) and technological mediums to evoke emotional experiences using 4.0 marketing and communications.

Communication Strategy


Launching (Aug 2017)

-Editorial Platform launch (Fusion Tasting)


Positioning (2017-2018)

Brand activation (each magazine section separately) -Fashion: Jil Sander Fashion Show -Gastronomy: Event with global top chefs, blinfolded fusion food tasting -Grooming: Bank of experience in two barber shops in different places of the world


Consolidation (2018)

Brand activation (once we are positioned as the best in every section, we will do consolidation together) -Events with the integration of fashion, grooming and gastronomy

Fusion objectives promote editorial platform position the editorial platform achieve the connotations and prestige wanted (luxury industry) connect with brand territory establish a wider audience in the key market strenghten bonds with previous audience brand awareness, notority and recognition earned media generate traffic and interest on Fusion achieve high sales online and off-line

Jil Sander objectives do brand activation present F/W 17 collection give Jil Sander a “contemporary and modern� face reinforce Jil Sander position in the fashion industry strengthen and increase consumer-brand relationship connect with brand territory establish a wider audience in the key market increase client base brand awareness, notority and recognition earned media/word of mouth promotion generate traffic to Jil Sander store, website and social media achieve high sales

Historical Timeline: Brand

Sander co to the co a short pe

Founded by Jil Sander in Germany 1968

Prada group bought 75% share of the company

Sander launched a cosmetics and Company went public fragances line



First womenswear collection




First menswear collection

Milan Vuk leaves Jil



Sander departed the company Milan Vukmirovic was appointed Creative Director

S c

Lucie Meier and Luke Meier are named Creative directors

omes back ompany for eriod

kmirovic Sander



Raf Simons is appointed creative director 2005

Sander leaves the company again


Japanese multibrand, Onward Holdings Co. Ltd. bought Jil Sander


Change Capital Partners LLP bought Jil Sanders from Prada

Jil Sander leaves the company

Rodolfo Paglialunga leaves Jil Sander





Raf Simons Rodolfo Paglileaves the com- alunga is appany pointed creative director Jil Sander comes back as Creative director

Fashion Show Trends

A twist to standards During the different fashion weeks in February and March presenting the F/W 17 collections, some brands gave a twist to what a usual fashion show is supposed to be. In Paris, Céline made the spectators literally move, by creating moving seats in circles to follow the models from different perspectives. In Paris as well, Stella McCartney decided to add the fun to the word fashion. As a finale, the models were dancing to George Michael “Faith”, as a tribute to the passedaway singer.

Unusual Setting

Trying to shift from usual fashion sho and settings, designers decided to tra places making the street, the setting NY Fashion week, Marc Jacobs F/W catwalk included the streets of New Yo were models could seat and even act. S/S 17 Rebecca Minkoff traded the us fashion show in New York to LA, were shut down The Grove to present her “S now by now” collection. Tommy Hilfig did likewise, flying guests to Venice Bea for S/S 17, creating a “Tommy Pier”

ows ade g. In W 17 York, . For sual she See gher ach

A look to the future Chanel has made a point in the two latest Ready-to-wear fashion shows. The brand is using futuristic elements such as mainframe computers filled with cables, and a rocket launch. The brand has made a trend and tendency of going big in their fashion shows adding elements that will cause a “wow factor� on attendants, in this cases, delivering a futuristic look.

See now buy now Despite the fact that it seems it has not been a succesful method, brands such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfigher and Tom Ford, shifted to this new model. Brands present the collection for the current season, and consumers can immediately purchase the garments on-line and offline. Although few brands have adapted the model, is a trend that grew thanks to fast fashion and customers need of wanting products as soon as they see them.

Men 2017 Trends

Long is the new black

Power Suit

Wider collared shirts


The brand

The brand section is exclusively dedicated to understand the history of the brand, the values, what does it stand for, what makes it unique, and an analysis of the past collections of the brand. objectives understand the brand humanize the brand and its values show respect learn from the brand’s past to build a new future

“I think there is always a need for pure design. With pure design, you don't need so much decoration.” - Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a fashion house founded in 1968 by designer Jil Sander in Rotherbaum, Hamburg, Germany. The german house has a reputation of minimalism, due to the simple vision and approach to fashion and design stating that “less is more”. Sander is known as the “queen of less” which is a value she inherited to the brand, making it the main charateristic. She launched the first womenswear collection in 1973, when she quickly became known for a refined design, the use of luxurious fabrics, neutral colors and focus on wearability. 24 years later, she created the first menswear collection. Jil Sander collections have always been presented during Milan Fashion Week. Jil Sander brand has achieved a reputation of excellent craftsmanship, and a focus and emphasis on shape, structure and design. In April 2017, design duo and couple Lucie and Luke Meier, were appointed creative directors of the brand. The debut collection will be Resort 2018, which was announced to be the first women and menswear collections presented together.

clean simple minimalist less is more elegant powerful dynamic modern sophistication wearable fashion craftsmanship


Spring Summer 17 Menswear

Last menswear collection designed by Rodolfo Paglialunga. He said he “wanted to convey a sense of relaxed lightness�, which he did through the use of light colors (white, grey, beige, light blue, light green) and pure, clean lines. To convey the idea of lightness, the fabrics were light yet textured, and looks were all monochromatic delivering the idea of a modern sophistication. The collection included trench coats, power suits, leather jackets, slim pants and big pocket jackets. Styled by: Ellie Grace Cumming Campaign shot by: Willy Vanderperre styled by: Oliver Rizzo art director: David James model: Tillmann Meister


Fall Winter 16/17 Menswear

The militar inspiration was evidenced through every piece in the collection, not only the use of militar colors (army green, navy, grey) but the actual clothes; jumpsuits, coats, tunic tops, straps and belts. Always conserving the minimalist aesthetic of the brand, with functional and wearable pieces. Due to the colors and the shapes of the pieces, the collection convey a sense of powerfulnes whilst resembling military and protection. Designed by: Rodolfo Paglialunga Styled by: Ellie Grace Cumming Campaign shot by: Willy Vanderperre styled by: Oliver Rizzo art director: David James model: Jonas Glรถer


Spring Summer 16 Menswear

Rodolfo Paglialunga described the collection in one word “utility�. It was evidenced in the use of pockets, name straps, and bags. The minimalist look was used but not as the main protagonists. Materials such as nylon and plastic were used, and bright colors were introduced by the complements in the collection. The minimalist approach was appreciated with the clean and simple design on every piece specially the long coats (down the knee), slim pants and long shorts. Rarely seen on Jil Sander, for S/S 16 the brand proposed a flower pattern look. Designed by: Rodolfo Pagliaunga Styled by: Ellie Grace Cumming

fashion shows

Maintaining the “less is more� thread, Jil Sander fashion shows have been aligned to this idea, creating a simple venue and a clean scenario during the different editions of Milan Fashion Week.

Fall 2017 Ready-to-wear

Fall 2016 Ready-to-wear

Spring 2016 M

Tiled floors

Chalkboard-like walls

Sticks installat

Collection by: Rodolfo Paglialunga

Collection by: Rodolfo Paglialunga

Collection by unga

Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear


Flower exhibition

y: Rodolfo Paglial-

Collection by: Raf Simons

Picasso (colors) inspired sand floor


Collection by: Raf Simons

fashion shows Spring 2011 Menswear The most unexpected fashion show by Jil Sander. Raf Simons gave a twist to the usual minimalist, simple fashion shows showcased in Milan, flying guests to a villa in Florence. With the use of nature as a setting, and nightime, neon-bright-colorful colors were the perfect mix to an organized chaos. This fashion show proved that although the brand main focus is plain aesthetic, one can mantain the idea, delivering an experience to never be forgotten.

Jil Sander usual venue During numerous occassions, Jil Sander has used the same setting and type of venue fot eh different collections. The stairs, the organization of seats, and the lights have become the usual type of fashion show the brand does, including a catwalk and outstanding music.

The Designer

An introduction of the brand’s last and current designers will be done to understand their esence and historical background that led them to the creative director role. objectives expand brand knowledge in its entirety understand the brand past and present meet the master minds behind the collections strenght and reinforce Jil Sander values and vision through its designers give brand insights to the target audience about something other than the products

Rodolfo Paglialunga

2014-2017 Creative Director at Jil Sander Paglialunga is an Italian fashion designer graduated from Istituto Marangoni. When he intitated in the fashion industry, he worked at Romeo Gigli in the early 90’s. After, he worked at Prada for over 10 years as Miuccia Prada’s assistant, and later on assuming the role of Womenswear design director. After leaving Prada in 2009, he was appointed creative director at Vionnet, until 2014, when he assumed the creative direction at Jil Sander until his retirement announced in March 2017.

“An evolution, not a revolution” His vision at Jil Sander

innovation modernity fusion between sophistication, luxury and innovation refined and cosmopolitan approach

Paglialunga for Jil Sander FW17

Paglialunga for Vionnet

Paglialunga for Jil Sander

Luke and Lucie Meier

Appointed Creative Directors in April 2017 The couple and design duo assumed the creative direction role at Jil Sander since April this year. Lucie Meier started working at Louis Vuitton in the Marc Jacobs time, after she went to Balenciaga with Nicolas Ghesquierè, and later on she became the ready--to-wear and haute couture design director at Dior under Raf Simons. She co-designed Dior’s collections when the brand was in a transition between the departure of Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri. Whilst, Luke Meier was the head designer of the streetwear brand Supreme, which he left in order to start his own menswear line OAMC. They have an intimate connection with Jil Sander brand, the reason why is because it strongly influenced their career paths. Their vision:

modern cohesive focus on details sensibility for fabrics in touch with was relevant now (Vogue, 2017)

Lucie Meier for Dior

Luke Meier brand, OAMC

The Collection

The collection section provides every information, key pieces and inspiration of the selected collection. It is the first step in order to develop a creative concept for the presentation/fashion show of the mentioned. objectives understand what drove to the creation of the collection immerse in the collection inspiration analyze key pieces

Fall Winter 17/18 Menswear

The Fall Winter 17/18 Menswear collection was created by the in-house team. Due to the reason that the brand was “in a transition phase” (Vogue, 2017) between creative directors with the departure of Paglialunga and the arrival of Luke and Lucie Meier. There was not an specific designer but rather design directors, creative designers, visual merchandisers, manufacturers among other internal creative team members, who were able to pulled the menswear collection in January during Milan’s Men Fashion Week. No catwalk or runway show was prepared, instead a simple presentation where the team talked about what inspired the collection.

The collection was inspired in Iceland, more specifically in a novel named “Independent People” written Halldór Laxness, nobel prize winner. Very briefly, the novel is about social-realism, and the struggle of Icelandic people against a harsh and uninhabitable place. The collection was divided in four main themes: Disgregation Neo-Brutalism Solid Ground Zen

As shown below, the collection pieces delivered the idea of protection, using volume, textures and a main focus on outerwear. As of the colors, the palette reminiscence icelandic landscapes including hotsprings, glaciers, volcanos, and the Golden Circle among others.

Collection Line-Up

Key Pieces / Trends

metallic snaps

bulletproof armor-inspired sweaters

raw textures


puffed-weather protective garments

dry-fit/waterproof bags

Dr Marteens inspired low-cut shoes

Creative Concept

The creative concept introduces and proposes a creative idea that could be use as a medium to present the previously analyzed collection. It also includes the main goals, and outcomes of the new creative idea. objectives propose a different way to present the previous collection present the collection explore ideas and creativity bring new perspectives into the brand engage with customers, audience and press attract attention to the brand

Connect with brand territory Do brand activation Promote and position the editorial platform Present FW 17 Menswear collection Positionate Jil Sander as a contemporary/ avant-garde brand Attract new customers Mantain previous target audience Global reach


Bliss Following the collection inspiration, which as mentioned above is Iceland, the presentation of the collection will focus on showing the beauty of Icelandic landscapes, reinterpreting the idea that once Iceland was an inhospitable place, a now it is consider a utopian place, where one finds peace, calmness and their own “zen� zone. In order to positionate Jil Sander as a contemporary/avant-garde brand, we will shift from the typical and usual fashion show. With the help of Fusion (the editorial plattform) we will tap into art, as they did in the previous editorial launch. Addressing and using art spaces such as museums, art galleries, or auction houses, helps to widen the amount of people that a brand can reach. Thus, the target audience is not exclusively people who enjoy fashion, but other art disciplines; and with the use of digital and technology Jil Sander can start building 4.0 marketing and communications.

Create an emotional Exp

Change brand preceptio not a synonym of boredo

Increase brand awarene

Develop a relationship b brand-customers, brandpress Generate brand traffic

Increase brand engagm Earned media

Generate and increase s


on, minimalism is om


between -buyers, brand-



Fashion Show Elements

Fashion Show elements answers to the questions where, when, why, what and how; explaining every detail needed to correctly develop a fashion show, promoting an editorial platform and presenting a new brand collection. objectives get buyers attention connect with clients, buyers, press explain how the brand aims to connect and get attention increase brand awareness expand target audience


Jil Sander will trade Milan for New York for the presentation of the FW17 Menswear collection. The reason why, is because as the brand is looking to positionate in a contemporary brand territory, and is already percieved as a modern sophisticated brand, New York is the ideal place to achieve this. Since it is considered the capital of the world. full of modern architecture, design and a place where all the art forms meet, it is the ideal place for Jil Sander to change brand perception and prove that minimalism is not a synonym of boredom.


The collection will be presented at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Located in the Upper East Side, 1071 5th Ave; the museum has the perfect combination of nature (the use of natural light), architecture and design. The location will already communicate the idea that Jil Sander is doing something completely different of what the audience and guests are used to see. We will do the presentation in the first floor of the museum, the Peter B. Lewis Teathere

Collection Presentation

The presentation will be a mix between a fashion presentation/ video installation and performance. It will be livestream in Fusion and Jil Sander website. Tapping into contemporary arts, specifically with contemporary dance, we will work with dancer Josh D Green. He is an american, new York based contemporary dancer, and Daniel Robinson a film maker and editor. The first thing that will occur is a short dance performance by Josh D Green. He will perform a contemporary dance, which will work as a “wow factor�.

Josh D Green and Daniel Robinson work together, they produced a piece in Iceland in 2016 called “Reika”. The piece shows Josh D Green doing contemporary dance movements, and Robinson editing and filming skills using a drone, showing the most insane shots from Iceland. The video installation is a remake of this “Reika” video. We will work with them in order to do the exact same video adding to the dancer the clothes from Jil Sander FW17 Menswear collection. The video installation will be shown in various screens designed by Andrea Tognon, with a focus on lines and squares. It is a four minute video, and there will be six screens, which will be all coordinated in order to play the video at the same time.

In order to finish and to show the collection, models will appear wearing the collection right after the video ends. It will be a presentation/fashion show, as the models will walk their way down in the symbolic stairs at the Guggenheim Museum. When getting to the first floor where guests are, models will line up and stand for around 2 minutes while people appreciate all the pieces, finalizing with two inhouse members showing up for an ovation and models walking out. The collection presentation will last around 10-12 minutes in total.

Look and feel

In order to follow the thread of simplicity and minimalism that characterizes Jil Sander, the the look and feel will be extremely simple. An all white space, clean, simple and minimal. The only items guests will see when getting into the space, are the screens designed in simple black squares, and the seats which will surround the space. The seats will be in levels (as pictured), to assure that everyone from front to last row have a total view of what is happening The total white space will cause the attendants to be completely focused on the events happening, not on the decoration, which is important because it gives a feeling of simplicity and minimalism “less is more�. The video projectors will be carefully placed by technicians in a way that they are not visible to the eye, instead hidden between every screen.

Selected Pieces As we already have the styled outfits, we will select 18 outfits in order to line up the models in 3 rows, six models each. These pieces are the ones we will get benefits and revenue from, and are the most attractive to the eye.


John D Green (the dancer) will be wearing tights. As of the models, they will be styled in the same way as the pictures shown above. A very steady and elegant way, to convey the feeling of protection. Some coats will be open to highlight the knitted undertuck sweaters, the knitted sweater with a turtle neck will be worn in the same way. And models will wear the belts, and the complements/accesories to prove the collection inspiration which is Iceland in every single aspect. The models will have straight, serious faces as they did for the lookbook. The collection and the presentation is very powerful so we need to transmit the same message of being strong and “potent� beings.



Jil Sander and Fusion will inform clients, VIP’s, press, journalists, buyers, and influencers about the collection via: -save the date, 3 weeks before -press release (jornalists and press) 2 weeks before the event -invitations, one week before -teaser campaign both Fusion and Jil Sander social media


-guests arrival -seating arrangem -dance performan -video installation -models catwalk/c tation/finale -in-house team me

event will be live-str er and Fusion web

Touchpoints -direct communication -PR and media relations -mail -social media

-PR -social m -Jil Sander and F

ment nce

collection presen-

embers ovation

reamed in Jil Sandbsite

R media Fusion website

Acknowledgment and sales

-thanking the participants after the event via mail -send a presentation report with a press kit -data (KPI’s, number of attendants) on the success of the presentation -earned media -follow media coverage and social media impact

-PR and media relations -direct communication -social media -mail

VIP’s Guest list

Tim Blanks Editor-at-large Business of Fashion

Alexandre de Betak Events, fashion show designer

Johannes Huebl Model, digital influencer

Giotto Calendoli Digital influencer, blogger

Edw British Vogue

Im Business o

ward Enninful e Director, fashion stylist

mran Amed of Fashion founder

Nicole Phelps Vogue Runway director

Matthew Pike Digital influencer, blogger

Willy Vanderperre Director and photographer

David James Art director



Seating Solutions will do the seating installation for 100 people who will attend the presentation. They are experts and have worked with brands such as Marc Jacobs.

Model Casting: Duo Barbara Nicoli & Leila Ananna will do the model casting. They have worked previously with Jil Sander so they know who fits the asthetic of the brand. We need male models with strong faces and factions.


Technical Sponsor

The Guggenheim museum which is the venue for the fashion show, will provide not only the place but their service. Expert workers will help Jil Sander to do the installations (the tv screens, and the actual video installations). They will make sure as well that the designated space is perfectly tide for the venue.

Product Placement

Architect Andrea Tognon was previously worked with Jil Sander on the design and look of the Berlin Flagship store. We will work with her again as explained above, and it will be product placement.

Other Activities Showroom To get buyers and agents to be able to order from Jil Sander, an own showroom will be opened since the moment of the fashion show/presentation, until the end of the New York Men’s Fashion Week. The showroom will be located in Jil Sander store in New York (818 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

Dinner Fusion and Jil Sander will pair with Eleven Madison Park restaurant located at Metropolitan Life North Building, 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010; in order to offer a different experience to Jil Sander Vip’s, buyers and clients. Fusion previously partnered with Eleven Madison Park for the launching event of the magazine, being one of the six restaurants selected to be in the gastronomy section. This will also help to prove that gastronomy and fashion can fuse together, as they constantly do in Fusion magazine. The aim is to promote and positionate Fusion with the help of a established brand as Jil Sander, and modernize Jil Sander brand perception.


New Y 2018 28 Jun

29 Jan

8:30 Model

8:30 casting


Final model

first fittings 11:00 3:00 Video

Begin with Installation

dia teaser

montage 6:30


Model casting ends




seating mo the venue 7:00 Backstage tage racks,



make up sta

York Men’s Fashion Week-

30 Jun


l casting

31 Jan

1 Feb




Jil Sander and Fusion

Send thank you mails.

Follow up on the data

team all at Goggen-


of the presentation

heim Museum

with a press kit


social meLast minute fixtures, check everything is working

9:30 Showroom open to buyers and press

“seating to do the


ontage in




Fusion x Jil Sander din-



ner at Eleven Madison

room closes







Budget/Structure of costs

Consultancy, strategy, counselling 80.000 Production 200.000 PR 150.000 Press 110.000 Visual mediums 30.000 Total 570.000

Jil Sander minimalist elegant dynamic modern sophistication craftsmanship Jil Sander Objectives brand activation present F/W 17 collection reinforce Jil Sander position in the fash-

Creative Concept Jil Sander: Bliss Inspired in Iceland Fashion show Present the F/W 17 Menswear collection using video installation, augmented reality and performance. Tap into contemporary and modern art

ion industry

When: January 30th, 2018 (NYFW) 9:00 PM

increase client base

Where: Guggenheim Museum-Upper

brand awareness, notority and recognition earned media/word of mouth promotion generate traffic achieve high sales

East Side, 1071 5th Ave; Other elements PR and media Teaser, event, acknowledgment and sales Outsourcing Seating Solutions, Model casting

Fusion Objectives promote editorial platform achieve the connotations and prestige wanted (luxury industry) connect with brand territory brand awareness, notority and recognition earned media generate traffic and interest on Fusion achieve high sales

Sponsorship and product placement Guggenheim Museum, Andrea Tognon architecture Other activities Jil Sander Showroom Fusion and Jil Sander dinner at Eleven Madison Park

Annex Initial Project Brief

Editorial Platform: Fusion: Online and Print magazine Project name and short description: Event organization Core audience: Primary Target Open Minded Henries (25-35) Young men adults who are willing to experience new things and to dig into a sea of content. They buy affordable luxury products, keep up with the latest digital trends, and have a defined taste for grooming, fashion, gastronomy and art disciplines. Secondary Target In With The Old (30-40) Young men adults who have an special appreciation for vintage products, and a exquisite taste. They have enough mediums to purchase luxury products. They value the experience of reading a paper magazine, book, going to museums and art galleries. They experience continuously a sense of nostalgia. Brand promise: Provide a face to face experience for Fusion readers in order to live inside the magazine and have a first hand encounter with the magazine that will be provided by Fusion on a daily and bi-annual basis. Brand character:

Innovative original, unique, unconventional Integrative interconnected, harmonious, fusion Individual distinctive, personal

What is the business issue we are trying to solve, the audience, the opportunity? The image of men relies on being either a businessman or a gym goear. Fashion, selfcare, design and lifestyle seem to be subjects dedicated to women. There is a growing market of men who care how they look, what they eat, what they wear, and the lifestyle they carry. They are not following a certain path given, they are creating their own. We need to create an editorial platform for this group of men in order to connect and walk with them the path they are creating. We need to blurry the lines between digital and print, letting readers know that both words can be connected and there is no need to choose only one. It is not the end of print magazines, the solution is to find a way in which the two words can collide and one needs the other to exist. What is the assignment? Launch a new editorial platform online (website) and offline (paper bi-annual magazine What is the desired outcome, with measurable KPIs? To be understood as a magazine which enhances men’s image and self-care, in what they eat, what they wear and how they take care of their personal image. H2H communication in order to build relationships between the readers and the magazine, in order to understand and fulfill their wants and needs. Achieve 4.0 marketing and communications Attract the attention of established fashion brands and VIC Generate traffic towards Fusion social media and website Achieve high sales on the first issue of Fusion and online subscription What is the intended source of volume? Fusion. Established luxury fashion brands: Jil Sander, Acne Studios, Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton.

What is the core audience’s attitude to the brand, and how do we want to change it? Example of strategic markets UK Barber shops have a huge presence in the UK. Men in the UK have a special care for their outside appearance which makes them the perfect audience. Besides, as it is an expensive country, the target market can afford the luxury we are seeking to deliver through the magazine. On the other hand, the healthy food in UK is still a work in progress. As there is not much variety, as a magazine which curates and discover we would like to dig very deep in the UK food market to find the healthiest options not in vegan culinary, but good quality food. Nordic Countries Nordic Countries are an ideal audience due to the slow lifestyle. Although Barber shops are often related to hipsters, we wish to mix the hipster lifestyle with the slow life due to the reason that people who carry a slow life, tend to have an specific aesthetic of being extremely careful with the way the look: clean, nude colors. Which is how we want to be perceived as a magazine that embraces the idea of men taking care of their physical appearance mostly in their faces, not body sculpture and gym goers. What is the core selling message, the single main idea? Fusion tasting an emotional experience, bleding the old and the new What are the mandatories (do’s and don’ts) DO Enhance men confidence, and wellness inside and outside, through fashion, gastronomy and grooming. Delivering an emotional and unforgettable experience with the use of 4.0 marketing and communication. Create a H2H relationship between the magazine, the guests and the readers. Use digital and technology as a way to move forward, being one step ahead of the competition. Promotion and social media campaign to achieve brand awareness, notoriety and recognition Achieve the connotations and prestige wanted in the luxury market DON’T Trying to reach a mass/mainstream market Focus exclusively in London as Fusion is based there. Seek to obtain a worldwide target audience made up by “Open-minded henries” and “In with the old” men.

Due dates Briefing: Step 1: 25/03/17 Idea definition (Fusion Tasting), visualization, proposal of touch points, and how to bring the idea to life. Step 2: 17/04/17 Longevity of the selected idea. Program execution details (organizing, production, sponsors, product placement, event communication, communication strategy) Step 3: 28/04/17 Toolbox finalization .

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Events Organization and Fashion Show  

Launching event and fashion show with the brand Jil Sander, for a previously created editorial publication dedicated to men, about grooming,...

Events Organization and Fashion Show  

Launching event and fashion show with the brand Jil Sander, for a previously created editorial publication dedicated to men, about grooming,...