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Magnebuild MBS... A Revolutionary Game-Changer

Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #metoo Era

Color Perspectives— 2019 and Beyond

The intersection of tradition and innovation We started with just one mission—to make the best carpet possible. In the years since, we’ve been constantly reinventing the industry. Stop by our booth at The International Surface Event and find out more.

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Q4 2017


The Other Four-Minute Mile Scott Humphrey, CEO, WFCA


Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2018 Paul Freidrichsen


Magnebuild MBS… A Revolutionary Game-Changer Annette Callari


2018 Flooring Retail in Danger: The Transformed Role of “Salesperson” Lisbeth Calandrino

18 Are You Prepared to Deal with Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era?? Sparta Diamond from the SEM Group.

Jeffery W. King, Outside General Counsel for the WFCA


Sexual Harassment: What is the True Cost to Your Business? Lisbeth Calandrino


RH Testing: The Green Way to Save on Your Next Flooring Project Jason Spangler, Wagner Meters

30 Surface Testing Group Halep Flooring Contractors Avoid Costly Disasters Using Fast, Reliable RH Testing Steve Anderson, Surface Testing Group


Color Perspectives—2019 and Beyond Annette Callari


As Elmer Fudd Wisely Said … Tom Jennings, VP of Professional Development


Manninton Receives “30 Most Innovative Products of the Year” Award Mannington’s Restoration Collection laminate flooring goes where no laminate has gone before!


Highlights from the QFloors Conference Chad Ogden, CEO/President, QFloors


Benchmarking and Analytics for the Floor Covering Industry Scott McGillivray, IT Manager RFMS, Inc

70 Testimonial Tree and RollMaster Create Strategic Alliance for Social Media Marketing

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017



The Other Four-Minute Mile

R Scott Humphrey CEO, WFCA

Fear and complacency are amazing demotivators.

emember the inspirational story of Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four minute barrier for running a mile? The feat was considered impossible prior to 1954, when Bannister accomplished the goal in 3:59.4. Many medical experts were confident that a runner’s body could not endure the amount of strain such a run would put on the heart. Fear and complacency are amazing demotivators. Ultimately, there is always one person who dares to push back against self-imposed barriers. That was Roger Bannister. A year later, the four minute mile had been successfully broken some 300 times. What many don’t know is that Bannister broke the four minute mile with the help of others who served at various intervals as pacemakers. The same is essential for success in our lives and businesses. In fact, I know this to be true, because I once ran a sub four-minute mile. Let that sink in for a minute, but don’t be too impressed till you read the rest of the story. Some 30 years ago, I took part in a local event in the Dalton, GA area called the Dalton Two Man Olympiad. There were some 10 events that ranged from billiards, to horse shoes, to golf, to timed events like the mile run. Recently I spoke at a local high school on “Running to Win.” I flashed back to that amazing day. I recall competing in horseshoes first, and each throw getting stuck in the mud, since it rained the day before. My partner and I decided that I would run the first and third, and he would run the second and final lap in the mile run. Not being an avid runner, I thought “but how hard could it be?” All I knew was that we were being timed, and I would have a lap in between to rest. So, I took off, full sprint out of the gate. Three quarters of a lap later, my legs began to tighten. Still I could see the finish line, giving me all the encouragement I needed to keep up the pace. All I remember was that it seemed like no time at all and I was taking the baton and running again, much slower I might add, but I still had the motivation that I didn’t have to run again after this lap. So, I gave it my all. My partner never even entered my mind as he ran the final lap, but pain did. Fortunately for me, my partner was Steve Pulley, a high jumper and track star, recently graduated from Georgia Tech. He made all the difference. That lesson still rings true today. Your partners in business and life make all the difference. Why not make 2018 your breakout year by applying the following lessons from my four minute mile experience?

2 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Don’t enter 2018 hoping to win. Plan to win, be determined to win, and set a course to win. 1. Run to Win. Don’t enter 2018 hoping to win. Plan to win, be determined to win, and set a course to win. As Bill Curry, former SEC Football Coach said to a flooring retailers group during the height of the great recession, “Someone will succeed during this downturn in the economy. Why not you?” 2. Maintain Your Focus. On the second lap, when my legs ached, my head told me to quit. But I was out to win a race. Like it or not, all of life is a competition and there are winners and losers. Determine now to be a winner in 2018. 3. Surround yourself with others who seek success. When pursuing success, we rarely win alone; your partner can make all the difference. Without Steve Pulley, I wouldn’t have broken the four-minute mile. The people you surround yourself likely will determine your success in the upcoming year and all the years that follow. Who have you partnered with in your pursuit of excellence? The WFCA exists to ensure the success and profitability of the professional flooring dealer, while representing your common interest. Our entire purpose in existing is your success. If you want to increase your chances for success in 2018, there are likely many things you could try. But why try? I assure you that being a part of the WFCA and utilizing the resources we offer, will increase your likelihood of succeeding. Here is wishing you an amazing 2018! ❚

The WFCA exists to ensure the success and profitability of the professional flooring dealer, while representing your common interest. Our entire purpose in existing is your success.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


As the voice of the flooring industry for almost 60 years, the World Floor Covering Association continually strives to identify and improve areas where our industry impacts the professional flooring dealer. Membership matters. Your membership is paramount to our ability to positively impact our industry. It is the foundation of our mission. With your voice, our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill have power and we are able to fight the large fights that affect your business every day. - Scott Humphrey CEO, WFCA

Learn more at or call 855.330.1183 to become a member today.

4 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

How can the WFCA Help Your Business?

With a foundation focused solely on the success and advancement of the flooring retailer, the WFCA is dedicated to the success of our members and our industry. From proprietary research and education to industry leading advocacy on issues that threaten our industry, the WFCA is your voice, your support, and your resource. What does the WFCA do for YOU every day? • • • • •

Access to CFI technical support Up to $500 trade scholarship Driving legislation that helps your bottom line Proprietary research to give you an edge Access to legal and business primers including “Contracts” and “Independent Contractor Primer” - thousands of dollars in legal work free to our members • Deep discounts on unique training and fcB2B business software • Support for your staff and yourself in times of need with FCIF • And much more...

Bottom Line Member Benefits. Education. Advocacy. Research. Technology. Philanthropy. Your Voice. Your Support. Your Resource. Your WFCA.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


ESR Commercial Your Cost-Free Real Estate Resource

By Garrett Aries



any of you reading this might not know whether or not you have a personal guaranty on your lease. Others might not see why having a personal guaranty is a big deal. After all, aren’t you responsible for the lease no matter what? Why is it beneficial to not have a personal guaranty? The vast majority of landlords ask for a personal guaranty of some kind when signing a new lease. A personal guaranty says that “you,” and not just your company, partnership, or LLC, are liable for the rent and triple net charges of your space. In a perfect world and perfect scenario, this will never affect a tenant. A tenant pays their rent and the landlord never has to go after anyone for unpaid monies. But what happens if something goes south and you are unable to pay rent? Can the landlord then come after you, personally? Can they go after your personal bank accounts, house, or other personal property? The answer is YES, they can.

A personal guaranty says that “you,” and not just your company, partnership, or LLC, are liable for the rent and triple net charges of your space.

ABOUT US ESR Commercial is the country’s largest trade association brokers. With over 30 years of real estate experience, we are your one stop, cost-free real estate resource. Contact Us: Garrett Aries (818) 519-5040

6 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

The solution to this is to either try to completely eliminate, or more likely limit, the personal guaranty.

The solution to this is to either try to completely eliminate, or more likely limit, the personal guaranty. This is something that we try to negotiate in all of our deals. If you have owned your store for many years, have good credit, and no history of being delinquent, why does an owner continue to need to have a personal guaranty of the lease? It’s not something that every owner will go for, but it can be a very important item that you might not think of at the time you’re signing the lease. You want to limit your personal exposure as much as possible, which could make a big difference at some point in the future. ❚

If you have owned your store for many years, have good credit, and no history of being delinquent, why does an owner continue to need to have a personal guaranty of the lease?

A Special “Thank You” to all the manufacturers and their marketing departments who provided outstanding editorial to make this publication a success. Publishing Staff Margo Rodgers Locust, Publisher Karen George, Managing Editor Lisbeth Calandrino, Associate Editor Stan Michelson, Communications Director Barry Briskman, Senior Copy Editor Ray Stewart, Production Manager Toelke Associates/Ron Toelke, Creative Director Editorial and Advertising Offices: Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC Phone: 678-761-5002 | Email: Columnists Annette Callari, Leah Gross, Lisbeth Calandrino, Paul Friederichsen, Jeffrey King, Robert Blochinger, Brett Miller, Tom Jennings, Scott Carothers, Chad Ogden, Scott McGillivray WFCA Scott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer Tom Jennings, Vice President, Professional Development Freida Staten, Vice President Marketing + Communications Steve Abernathy, Chief Financial Officer Kay Wiley, Executive Assistant to the CEO The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) Phone: 855-330-1183 | Email: Premier Flooring Retailer is a joint initiative of the World Floor Covering Association and Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC. Copyright© FABULOUS FLOORS MAGAZINE and WFCA 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any way without written consent from Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC or The WFCA. Change of Address: in order to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of Premier Flooring Retailer, notice of change should be made at least 5 weeks in advance. Premier Flooring Retailer is published quarterly in print by Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC located at 995 Main Street, Andrews, NC 28901 and the World Floor Covering Association located at 855 Abutment Road, Suite 1, Dalton, GA 30721. Postmaster: Please send address changes to WFCA, 855 Abutment Road, Suite 1, Dalton, GA 30721.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017



Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2018


s a new year commences, new marketing trends emerge while current trends become more embedded. Here are a few the floorcovering retailer should keep in mind and adopt to become even more customer-connected and competitive in 2018.

Paul Freidrichsen Paul Friederichsen is a partner in The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy and a contributing writer to Branding Strategy Insider

Trend in smartphone usage. Accessing the Internet by means of a smartphone is increasing 25% year-on-year, meaning that now more than half of all use of the Internet happens on a cell phone. And this trend will likely continue, as use of laptops and desktops to roam the Internet continues to decline. While Google has mandated that all websites be “mobile friendly” in order to be searchable, the question retailers need to ask themselves is just how mobile friendly is their website? Smartphones are becoming integral to the shopping process, so the savvy retailer should design its site to maximize the online experience for its customer’s smartphone as a priority.

and the New York Daily News.

Trend in mobile-centricity. The ubiquitous smartphone has also given way to an increased reliance and use of mobile apps and mobile payment services. Even the much-maligned QR code is making a comeback. These are all tools consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with and expectant of when they do business with you. Having your own app, for example, communicates that your brand is sophisticated and worthy of attention to the emerging Millennial consumer.

Accessing the Internet by means of a smartphone is increasing 25% year-on-year, meaning that now more than half of all use of the Internet happens on a cell phone.

8 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

In fact, 60% of consumers surveyed would rather watch a message than read it. Trend in video usage. The visual component of communication has been rapidly increasing in importance to the point that a written message unaccompanied by a visual of some kind, especially on social media, might as well be invisible. And now the trend is video over still images. In fact, 60% of consumers surveyed would rather watch a message than read it. Retailers would do well in embracing and mastering this tactic to communicate offers and “edutainment” to their customers. And with the steady advancement with video capabilities in smartphones and easy-to-use editing software, there’s really no excuse not to. Trend toward “small.” Probably the best news for most of the independent specialty retailers is the shift toward the smaller retailer for the kind of personalized shopping experience unattainable through the chains or Amazon. But the retailer who can capitalize on it and deliver the experience will only realize this trend. The customer craves personalized, concierge-like services. How can you adapt? Trend in knowing the customer. Much has been written about “Big Data” as the new game changer, and usually applies to retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. But customer knowledge is every bit as vital to the small retailer as well. How well do you really know your customers and could you take that knowledge and keep them loyal but cultivate more of them? It’s not merely about social media engagement, but social media learning through study and analysis. It’s not merely sales data that indicates customer satisfaction, but it’s what you can glean through the monitoring of online reviews about your business. ❚

Probably the best news for most of the independent specialty retailers is the shift toward the smaller retailer for the kind of personalized shopping experience unattainable through the chains or Amazon.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


Magnebuild MBS… A Revolutionary Game-Changer


t is no secret that one of the major challenges independent flooring retailers face today is a critical shortage of qualified installers. This seriously impacts sales, scheduling and especially

the wellbeing of their loyal installation crews who are working to capacity. The World Floor Covering Association has taken this ‘call to action’ very seriously. Since this crisis is worldwide, the WFCA has been committed long-term to finding solutions and has collaborated with experts in the industry to research, identify, create, and endorse a true solution product. Introducing MagneBuild by Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS). The MBS underlayment system is revolutionary in the true sense of the word, utilizing interchangeable magnetic technology as the foundation for flooring—actually ALL types of flooring. Let’s drill down to the features and astounding benefits of this innovative system.

The basics—how does it work? There are two layers to the MBS product. The base layer (A) is the magnetic layer. It can be rolled out over any smooth, clean, dry sub floor (concrete or wood sub-floors). It magnetically adheres to the top layer (B) which is any flooring product containing ferrite powder. Creating the magnetic character of the flooring material can be accomplished in one of two ways. Ferrite powder can be injected during the manufacturing process into products with a quasi-soft back (LVT/LVP/WPC). The second and most common way is to adhere the receptive material via cold-press onto the product at the end of the manufacturing process. (Carpet tile, broadloom, ceramic, porcelain, stone). The result is a tight magnetic bond between the subfloor and finished floor that is virtually waterproof. The magnetic subfloor acts as a sound barrier, and even provides crack isolation protection for ceramic floors.

The MBS underlayment system is revolutionary in the true sense of the word, utilizing interchangeable magnetic technology as the foundation for flooring—actually ALL types of flooring. Let’s drill down to the features and astounding benefits of this innovative system.

10 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

MBS virtually eliminates the need for adhesive bonds, and there is NO need to seam the underlayment. The installation is environmentally friendly (no VOC’s), and the system itself utilizes recycled materials. Simplification MBS virtually eliminates the need for adhesive bonds, and there is NO need to seam the underlayment. The installation is environmentally friendly (no VOC’s), and the system itself utilizes recycled materials. These characteristics are extremely important to specifiers in the architect and design community, as well as to your customers looking for low-emission products. The MBS system works across all flooring categories, giving the end user the ability to change from an LVT product, to a ceramic tile, to a carpet tile, to a hardwood floor, using the original magnetic underlayment! Keep in mind, there would be no floor prep necessary on a second or third install. The end user can even take the entire flooring system with him to a new location if desired. MBS eliminates expensive tools and minimizes the need for extensive training.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


MBS doesn’t just work on floors. This patented system can impact any application in the field of construction where a receptive layer can adhere to a magnetic base! That is exactly why this system is a notable game-changer. Savings benefits Aside from the ease of use, the interchangeability, and the aesthetic flexibility associated with the MagneBuild system, another valuable benefit, especially to a commercial environment, is the quantified time savings that it provides. Initial installations may require floor prep, of course, but future changes of floor covering at the same location using the magnetic foundation is where significant time savings would be realized. That interprets to less down-time for a business. What comes to mind are commercial settings where down-time is a critical factor: Hospitality, health-care, senior living, retail environments, restaurants, educational facilities—just to name a few.

Versatility MBS doesn’t just work on floors. This patented system can impact any application in the field of construction where a receptive layer can adhere to a magnetic base! That is exactly why this system is a notable game-changer. One of the fastest growing areas in flooring sales is the use of flooring materials on walls. Wood, porcelain, luxury vinyl woods and stones—all are applicable to walls once the wall has been outfitted with the magnetic base (using 2' × 2' peel and stick panels). Potentially, this could result in driving even more consumers into professional flooring dealers. One additional note: you are already aware of the significant buying power Millennials can bring to the flooring sector. They are a technology-driven generation, and the appeal of the MBS technology is something that may ignite their interest. The hope is that Millennials, currently not a large sector of national flooring sales, will be driven to find out more about MBS through their local professional flooring retailer.

12 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


Imagine an innovative flooring underlay that allows less laborintensive installations, reducing man-hours, but even more importantly, reducing the physicality required to complete each job.

Health and well being benefits One of the most valuable assets of the floor covering industry is the talent of our installation work force. Imagine an innovative flooring underlay that allows less labor-intensive installations, reducing man-hours, but even more importantly, reducing the physicality required to complete each job. Ultimately, this conservation of overall time spent on each job, along with preservation of physical health and energy, can help to alleviate the shortfall of available installation crews. Implementing any system that contributes to the wellbeing of the human element of the floor covering industry is not only wise, but overdue.

14 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

The flexibility of changing out floor coverings in a timely manner will encourage businesses to remodel more frequently, In conclusion Businesses often postpone or avoid remodels all together because of the inevitable disruption. Using MagneBuild, our industry now has a tool that neutralizes that one main objection. The flexibility of changing out floor coverings in a timely manner will encourage businesses to remodel more frequently, thus positively impacting the overall purchasing cycle! Residential customers will also be receptive to their flooring professional using MagneBuild—less disruption to their home and their lives AND the benefit of an environmentally friendly foundation for their floor covering. Product manufacturers will benefit as well in that their product just became more versatile and much more in demand. Sounds like a win/win situation all around. To learn more about MagneBuild look for this new product to be showcased at TISE 2018. �

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


network with the whole industry meet peers, manufacturers, and suppliers

DESIGNER DAY Join a full-day of


inspiration filled with captivating products, a tour, and education. This all-day educational event is a must-attend for interior designers looking to get the scoop on upcoming trends and the newest products available for their clients! The package includes an exhibits pass, a Wednesday day pass to the IGNITE Education Program, the Designer Day Luncheon, and the Designer Off-site Home Tour: ASCAYA Where Dreams Live.

The Retailer Package bundles everything a retailer needs to get the most out of TISE: unlimited access to the show floor, your pick of IGNITE education as it fits your busy TISE schedule Monday-Wednesday, and the 2018 Trends Breakfast: The Latest in Flooring Trends.

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DESIGNER DAY LUNCHEON: Opening the Door for Design Enlightenment TM Wednesday, January 31 | 11:30 am Bea Pila reveals the hidden truths of finding wellness in design, first helping to uncover the true desired lifestyle, and then building awareness on how interior design can support it. Her transformative process of “Design Enlightenment” taps into feelings versus style preferences alone, helping to recognize outdated conventions and navigate the way back to true alignment.

Tuesday, January 30 | 9:45 am For the second year our retailer and resident design expert, Suzanne Winn has hand selected companies with the hottest trends and plans to preview what’s forecasted for showrooms in 2018. Don’t miss this unique and trend-forward display of floor coverings like you have never seen before. Start your buying experience in a fashionable escape at the start of the new year at The Trends Breakfast.

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Experts on their products, exhibitors take to the demonstration stage at The DISH to present the newest product launches, and best techniques to engage with the industry through questions and answers.

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Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017



Are You Prepared to Deal with Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era?

I Jeffrey W. King Outside General Counsel for the WFCA Jeffrey King has more than 35 years’ experience in complex litigation with a focus on contracts, employment, construction, antitrust, intellectual property and health care. He serves as general counsel for WFCA and other trade associations, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. For more information, contact him at (561) 278-0035 or

n the past year, it seems as if there were weekly, if not daily, reports of sexual harassment claims. With disclosures of harassment by celebrities and politicians, the creation of the #MeToo movement, Time magazine naming “Silence Breaker” person of the year, and women continuing to speak out about their personal experiences, the issue of sexual harassment has come to the forefront. While claims of sexual harassment in the workplace are not new, the increased focus will likely ignite an increase in harassment complaints against employers. Recognizing the potential impact of these developments on the flooring industry, Lis Calandrino contacted me to discuss the issues. The interview and Ms. Calandrino’s exceptional insights can be found in this issue of Premier Flooring Retailer. In our discussion, it was suggested that I prepare an article that provides in depth suggestions on what the flooring retailer and contractor should do to minimize the risk of sexual harassment in their facilities. This article is the result of that suggestion.

How widespread is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment was often not reported or ignored. Statistical surveys report that 40–70% of women and 10–20% of men experience sexual harassment at work sometime in their life. Data from the Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) indicate that 30% of the discrimination claims it received since 2010 alleged sex-based discrimination. The EEOC estimates that as many as three-quarters of harassment victims did not file workplace complaints against their alleged harassers Accordingly, you should ask yourself whether you ready if one of your employees reports that he or she believes they have been the victim of sexual harassment? What do you do if one of your managers begins dating one of your salespersons? How do you deal with conflicting claims or denials of any harassment? Are you responsible for the actions of your independent contractor? Do you even know constitutes sexual harassment? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you are not alone. The Acting Chair of EEOC, Victoria Lipnic, recently reported that a survey conducted this summer reported that 77% of corporate boards “had not discussed accusations of sexually inappro-

18 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of situations, and not just the workplace. Conduct at company holiday parties or retreats have often given rise to harassment claims. priate behavior and/or sexism in the workplace.” A failure to take affirmative steps to prevent harassing behavior and adequately respond to allegations of sexual harassment can have serious consequences. It is time for all employers to become proactive in preventing sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment? The first step in preventing sexual harassment is to recognize what constitutes sexual harassment. There are basically two types of sexual harassment. First is the quid pro quo where some type of benefit is explicitly or implicitly offered in exchange for sexual favor. This can be a promotion, a plum assignment, or reframing from taking adverse action if employee does not comply. By definition, this type of sexual harassment typically occurs between a supervisor and subordinate because the supervisor has the power to offer the employee certain benefit or to threaten repercussions. The second type of sexual harassment is generally activity that creates a “hostile work environment.” This type of harassment can occur between any employees, not just between a supervisor and a subordinate. Hostile work environment harassment arises when an employee is offended or made to feel harassed by other employees, and the harassment unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Conduct creating a hostile work environment would include:

❚ Unwanted and continuous flirting, and ❚ Playing sexually suggestive music.

It is not just comments about someone’s desirability that may give rise to a hostile work environment. Comments about someone’s perceived lack of attractiveness can give rise to a hostile work environment. Any sexual objectification can give rise to harassment, such as comments on stereotypes about women or men. Nor must the harasser be of the opposite gender. The issue is whether the conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work space. Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of situations and not just the workplace. Conduct at company holiday parties or retreats have often given rise to harassment claims. Moreover, the harassment can be spoken or written, such as e-mail, text messages and social media posts. While an employee’s Facebook account may be configured as private, the posts can create a hostile work environment if shared with coworkers. Some states expand the definition of what constitutes sexual harassment. For example, so states include protection for transgender employees. Moreover, any employment laws changed from year-to-year. As a result, your policies should be reviewed by competent legal counsel

❚ Unwelcomed sexual advances or touching, ❚ Requests for sexual favors, ❚ Direct and indirect threats for sexual activity, ❚ Unwelcomed brushing or intentional touching, ❚ Displays of sexually illicit materials or graphic content. ❚ Unwanted jokes, gestures, offensive words on clothing,

and unwelcome comments, ❚ Repeated requests for dates or other get-togethers that are turned down, Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


to ensure it is up to dates and includes all local and state requirements. A good rule of thumb to avoid harassment of any kind is that you and your employees should never do or say anything that you would not want said to your spouse, your children or your parent. If it would offend you, assume it would offend an employee

When is the employer liable for the acts of its employees? An employer’s liability for sexual harassment depends on the harasser’s position in the company. The employer is always liable for any harassment by a supervisor if it results in creating a hostile work environment, or in any adverse employment action, such as termination, denial of promotion, or impact on compensation. Non-supervisory employees do not have direct authority over the victim. As a result, an employer will be liable for these worker’s harassment only if the employer knew or could be have reasonably known about the harassment and failed to take prompt action. An employer cannot just claim ignorance. It must be proven that the employer did not and could not have reasonably found out about the harassment. An employer’s failure to establish a reasonable system to identify and report harassment can be held against it. Finally, an employer is generally not liable for the actions of its subcontractors, independent contractors

20 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

or customers. An employer, however, should not ignore complaints about such third parties. The employer may be liable if it knows of a contractor or customer’s harassment that creates a hostile work environment and takes no action. The employer cannot simply ignore the harassment. The solution may be as simple as reassigning the harasser. In other cases, the only solution is to terminate the independent contractor or expel the customer. The primary consideration is to protect the victim and any the action to address the harassment should not adversely impact the victimized employee. For example, reassigning a harassed employee that results in lower commissions or opportunities will possibly create liability.

What are employers’ potential liabilities? First, there are economic damages, which are the actual monetary lose suffered by the victim. These could include out-of-pocket expenses caused by the discrimination, such as lost wages, costs associated with a job search, or medical expenses. Second, sexual harassment can occur even when the complainant cannot demonstrate any adverse impact on his or her employment, such as lose of wages or promotion. It is enough that the harassment creates a hostile work environment. An employer, therefore, may be liable for compensatory damages that may include any pain or suffering by the victim for emotional harm. Third, punitive damages may also be awarded to punish an employer who has committed an especially malicious or reckless acts. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected any requirement that punitive damages are only available for “egregious” discrimination. It is enough if the employer knew that it may be acting in violation of federal law. For example, punitive damages were awarded where an employer’s managers ignored complaints of harassment, did not investigate repeated reports of harassment, and failed to take action designed to stop the conduct. Fourth, the employer can be liable for the costs and attorney fees if an employee successfully sues for sexual harassment or discrimination. These costs and fee can often exceed the actual damage awarded the harassed employee.

An employer’s failure to establish a reasonable system to identify and report harassment can be held against it. Fifth, an employer may be required to reinstate employment, grant a promotion or other such relief. This can cause significant issues if the position has already been filled or in no longer open. Finally, the new tax law pass this past December includes a little publicize provision that prohibits a business from taking a deduction of a settlement for a sexual harassment suit if the settlement contains a confidentiality provision. The act specifically provides that, “No deduction shall be allowed … for (1) any settlement or payment related to sexual harassment or sexual abuse if such settlement or payment is subject to a nondisclosure agreement, or (2) attorneys’ fees related to such a settlement or payment.” If a claim is filed, the employer should immediately contact its insurance agent. A company’s Director and Officers policy may cover harassment claim. Often, however, the insurance policy contains some form of employment practices liability exclusion. Therefore, flooring retailers and contractors should consider buying Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). A typical EPLI policy provides coverage against lawsuits or claims arising from wrongful termination, defamation, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and, unless disallowed by state law, punitive damages. Check to see if the EPLI policies covers claims of discrimination and harassment by third-parties, like customers, independent contractor, and vendors. Be careful if you try to add EPLI coverage to your existing Directors and Officers or Professional Liability policies—that may provide coverage only for actions by officers and directors and not the company or for harassment by your employees. Flooring retailers and contractors should contact their insurance agent and discuss its options to insure against employment claims.

So, what should an employer do to avoid sexual harassment? An employer may be able to limit damages by establishing an affirmative defense that includes:

❚ The employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and

correct promptly any harassing behavior, and, ❚ The employee unreasonably failed to take advantage the opportunities provided by the employer. Obviously, this defense requires that the employer set up a program for reporting and addressing harassment claims. Employer should consider the undertaking the following action.

1. C reate and communicate a strong anti-harassment policy You need to have a sexual harassment policy in place. The anti-harassment policy should: ❚ Prohibit harassment based on sex, race, age, national

origin, disability, religion, and all other characteristics protected by law; ❚ Define sexual harassment and provide examples of improper behavior; ❚ Explain the consequences of violating the policy; ❚ Set out the process for reporting and investigating complaints, ❚ Ensure that all complaints will promptly and impartially be investigate; ❚ Proscribe any retaliation against employees who complain or participate in an investigation; The policy should state that the company has is committed to a discrimination and harassment-free workplace. The company should require all employees to follow its anti-harassment policy and there is zero-tolerance for any misconduct.

2. Train employees and supervisors It is not enough to simply have an anti-harassment policy. An effective policy requires meaningful training of personnel. In fact, some states, like California and New Hampshire require sexual harassment training. Upon hiring, and at least annually, all employees should receive a copy of the policy Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


and be trained to understand their right to a workplace free from harassment and their responsibility to conduct themselves professionally in accordance with the policy. Supervisors should be provided with additional training on how to recognize potential violations of the policy and when to elevate matters to designated officers with ultimate reporting obligations to the board. It is a good practice to have each employee sign a statement that they received, read, and agreed to follow the company’s anti-harassment policy. If the company has an employee handbook, the anti-harassment policy should be included.

3. C reate a reporting process A strong anti-harassment policy is only half the equation. There must also be a complaint procedure. With the sensitive topic and personal nature of sexual harassment, it is important to ensure employees are comfortable reporting inappropriate behavior. Various reporting methods can be offered, Employers should consider allowing employees to complain directly to human resources, to a supervisor, or to an anonymous hotline. Employees should not be required to report any harassment in person, by should allow complains by telephone or in writing. The key is to create an atmosphere where employees feel they can safely report any harassment. Failure of a harassed employee to report harassment under the company’s process can often help defend against a claim and limit any liability.

4. R espond to sexual harassment complaints right away The employer should immediately investigate and address all allegations of sexual harassment. Prompt and decisive action will not only decrease or eliminate your organization’s liability, but it will also let employees know that this kind of inappropriate behavior has consequences and will not be tolerated. The employer must ensure impartiality in the process. In certain 22 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

cases, that may mean hiring an outside consultant or legal counsel to conduct the investigation. While the employer should be discreet, the investigation should be thorough. Without an impartial investigation that is respectful of all the parties, future investigations will be hampered, fewer victims will report harassment and witnesses will be less likely to cooperate. Having an efficient and respectful process will demonstrate the commitment by the organization to those involved. The employer should not make any snap judgments. Rather, it is important to obtain statements from the accuser, alleged harasser and any witnesses, and work to corroborate the information and investigate. Give the alleged harasser an opportunity to be heard. The investigation should not be stopped simply because the accuser suddenly says “I don’t want to pursue it.” If the company has knowledge of allegations, it is obligated to investigate and root out harassment. Failing to investigate can be seen as the company tolerating harassment and be used a proof in the next complaint.

5. Prevent retaliation Many victims of sexual harassment do not come forward with their complaint because of fear of retaliation by the harasser or employer. Remind all persons that the company strictly prohibits retaliation against any employee who reported harassment or any employees who participate in an investigation. The employer must also monitor the situation to ensure that no retaliatory takes place.

6. Nip problems in the bud Supervising personnel should be aware of potential problems and react to them before any misconduct becomes chronic and creates liability. Even if conduct does not rise to the level of legal harassment, any inappropriate behavior in the workplace should be called out before it escalates to illegal harassment. It is also important that the company remind every-

It is not enough to simply have an anti-harassment policy. An effective policy requires meaningful training of personnel. one of the anti-harassment policy before any company outings or parties—these are often breading grounds for harassment claims.

7. Non-fraternization policy Problems can arise when employees begin to date or have a romantic relationship. First, a manager or supervisor dating staff that reports to him or her is never appropriate. Not only does this create a potential claim if the supervisor and the underling have a falling out, buy other staff can claim harassment if they claim the supervisor treated them different that his or her lover. Accordingly, there should be a policy that forbids an employee in a supervisory role from dating a reporting employee. If such a relationship develops, there should be certain steps taken. The policy should require employees to advise management of any romantic relationships. In addition, the employees should be required to sign a document acknowledging that the relationship is consensual, that they agree they cannot be in direct report/supervisor roles, agree to any transfers necessitated by the relationship, and that they understand and have received a copy of the company’s sexual harassment policy. Where these is a romantic relationship between other employees, it is recommended that the parties report the relationship to management and sign the same agreement.

8. Consult counsel An investigation into a claim of harassment may result in taking action impacting an employee’s job. An employee could be reprimanded, demoted or fired. It is recommended that legal counsel be consulted regarding any decision. Moreover, with the increased focus on sexual harassment, all employers should consult with legal counsel to ensure that its company is taking appropriate steps to maintain a safe workplace free from sexual harassment and other misconduct. The company’s anti-harassment policy should be reviewed by legal counsel at least annually to ensure it is up to date.

Unintended consequences. Caution is recommended in dealing with the heightened awareness of sexual harassment. Any attempt to “avoid” sexual harassment claims by restricting interaction between female and male employees can create discrimination claims. It has been reported that Silicon Valley male investors have declined one-on-one meetings with women and that certain Wall Street executives have tried to avoid closed-door meetings with junior women. A city official in Texas was reprimanded for refusing to meet with female employees. Excluding women from meetings, refusing to include women on meetings with customers or suppliers, failing to include women in social and team building events, and other restrictions will limit opportunities for women. Such exclusions will preclude women from making the necessary contacts, and deny them the hands-on training needed to advance within the company. A claim for sexual discrimination may be created if excluding women leads to lower pay or less opportunities for them.

Conclusion With the heighten awareness of sexual harassment, it is time for all companies to review and update their antiharassment policies. It is not enough to have a policy— you must also communicate the policy to employees and enforce the policy. These steps will minimize the risks of harassment claims and limit potential liability. And remember that you should make sure that you and your employees avoid any conduct that you would find offensive if said or done to your spouse, children or parents. It is a good starting point for any anti-harassment policy. ❚ Notice: The information contained in this article is abridged from legislation, court decisions, and administrative rulings and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion, and is not a substitute for the advice of counsel.

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Sexual Harassment: What is the True Cost to Your Business?

Lisbeth Calandrino An industry veteran, Lis Calandrino has more than 50 years in the flooring industry. She has worked at all levels of the industry, from retail to manufacturing. She has served as business coach, trainer and keynote speaker. She is also a consultant, writer and blogger. Lis provides top notch training in the areas of customer service, sales, change, building competitive advantage, using social media to build your business, creating the customer experience, and

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity, harassment can include: “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex. For example, it is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.” Much of this was brought to light with entertainer Bill Cosby and includes US Senators, film makers and news anchormen. Many of the allegations go back three decades.


he point of the article is not to declare guilt or innocence, but to look at the issue itself and to be sure that your business is in compliance. Larger companies are more likely to include sexual harassment training, while many smaller ones may not. In 1991, Congress amended Title VII to permit victims of sexual harassment to recover damages (including punitive damages) under federal law. Moreover, in 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court broadened the reach of this law by making it easier to prove injury. In 1997, Clinton vs. Jones, a landmark United States Supreme Court case establishing that a sitting President of the United States has no immunity from civil law litigation against him or her, for acts done before taking office and unrelated to the office. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace presents a clear and present danger to your businesses. Not acting on complaints can increase your risk of liability. A lawsuit may have, in addition to monetary significance, produce further negative consequences to your business. The loss of customer trust, damages to your brand and employee morale, will have long term significance. Imagine the cost if it gets to social media; the magnitude and be overwhelming. It goes without saying that workplace harassment should be part of your ongoing training. To this date only three states, California, Connecticut, and Maine, require some private companies to provide harassment training. Providing training keeps employees on notice that certain behaviors are intolerable.

building the customer’s “moment of truth.”

… sexual harassment in the workplace presents a clear and present danger to your businesses.

24 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Not acting on complaints can increase your risk of liability. A lawsuit may have, in addition to monetary significance, produce further negative consequences to your business.

Several years ago I was confided in by a young woman working for a public company who said she was being harassed. She complained to the supervisor who told her to ‘get a sense of humor’ and get over it. She got over it with a substantial settlement. The company in question should have taken this seriously, and dealt with it swiftly. My main concern is the area of outside contractors and liability. Let’s say one of your installers, or an outside delivery service, is accused of harassment. It may be a stupid joke or something more sinister. Suppose one of your suppliers harasses an employee, then what? Under these circumstances, what is your liability if any? ❚

To this date only three states, California, Connecticut, and Maine, require some private companies to provide harassment training.

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Kathleen Edwards


Introducing HPS North America’s new line of decorative toppings


f you want enduring good looks and performance from your

Schönox DSP and Schönox AP are UL classified, will con-

flooring solution you want Schönox Ön It! HPS DECO adds

tribute to credits on your LEED project and have an EPD

design elements to spaces looking for a concrete or abstract

(Environmental Product Declaration) that communicates trans-

look where traditional cement based systems cannot be applied.

parent information about the life-cycle environmental impact of

There are two products which can assist in achieving this look:

Schönox product.

Schönox AP and Schönox DSP.

HPS DECO is designed for a variety of applications from

In the HPS DECO line they can be installed as a decorative

retail environments, restaurants, public building, entry ways,

topping system for integrally dyeing, staining, and sealing with

and offices to warehouse or manufacturing areas with moder-

an appropriate wear surface coating or sealant.

ate industrial loads. Many are staining, polishing, and sealing

HPS DECO is suitable for providing a smooth and level sub-

this innovative floor leveling compound with appealing, fashion-

strate with the addition of powdered or liquid colorant additive to

forward results. HPS DECO hits all the aesthetic, performance,

add a design element: under sealants or coatings such as, Sher-

and environmental marks needed for applications.

win Williams, Richard James, or Sika 100% solid epoxy systems.

You deserve a partner that’s here to help you take all your

DSP Deco Aggregate is mixed with DSP to create a salt

projects to a whole new level. That’s why for everything you put

and pepper look in eight different colors. These colors include Pewter, Gunmetal, Phantom, Eggshell, Pearl Gray, Fossil, Dark Saddle Brown, and Sandstone. HPS DECO can be used to renovate subfloors making those renewal projects faster and environmentally responsible. It provides

into your job, you need Schönox Ön It. HPS North America, Inc. is the exclusive provider of all Schönox products to the North American marketplace charged with introducing the products, managing distribution, and providing wide ranging technical support in the field.

an extremely dense and durable surface to be stained, sealed, or

For more information please visit, call

polished in interior and exterior areas. It delivers an incredible com-

855.391.2649, or email We welcome

pressive strength allowing it to withstand tough traffic.

the opportunity to talk with you. ❚

Left: DSP Deco used in Pod Hotel DC, Washington, DC, photo courtesy of PIXELLAB Studios. Above: AP Deco used in Fuse Factory, Mobile, AL photo courtesy of Jeff Nelson Studios.

26 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Schรถnox DSP/ DSP PLUS


WEAR RATED, CEMENT BASED SELF-LEVELING COMPOUNDS AND CONCRETE TOPPINGS. DECORATIVE AND DURABLE. Schรถnox DSP and DSP PLUS are designed for a variety of applications over suitable concrete from retail environments, restaurants, public buildings, and areas with moderate industrial loads. DSP and DSP PLUS provide extremely dense and durable surfaces to be stained, sealed, or polished in interior and exterior areas. Visit for all the details.

Take your business to a whole new level. Call 855.391.2649 or visit to learn how your projects run smoother with Schรถnox ร n It.

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RH Testing: The Green Way to Save on Your Next Flooring Project


erhaps it goes without saying, but not paying attention to moisture conditions in concrete floor slabs can prove costly to contractors, flooring installers, and property owners. Did you know that about $1 billion in moisture-related damage to flooring systems occurs every year?

Green innovation and concrete moisture

Jason Spangler Jason has over 20 years’ experience in sales and sales management in a spectrum of industries, and has successfully launched a variety of products to the market, including the original Rapid RH® concrete moisture tests. He currently

Today, with the search for “greener” building technology, the need for accurately assessing the moisture condition of concrete slabs has become more important than ever. We’ve seen a number of green innovations: New sealants, adhesives, experimental aggregates, and a variety of admixtures designed to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint. Many new flooring materials, for example, are manufactured with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While that’s good for the environment, these materials exhibit a decreased tolerance for moisture, which means it’s especially important to assess moisture conditions before using them. There has also been a trend toward using lightweight concrete. It offers a number of significant benefits such as reducing the load weight of the concrete structure with minimal loss in strength. However, not all moisture tests work well in lightweight concrete. The calcium chloride test in particular, has been shown to give unreliable results, and so this test method is no longer allowed for lightweight concrete applications.

works with Wagner Meters as our Rapid RH® product sales manager. Call Wagner Meters today at (800) 634-9961 and ask for Jason, or visit

The Rapid RH system by Wagner Meters lends itself to using digital technologies.

28 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

The concrete moisture test method for the 21st century: the in situ relative humidity test.

Using your smartphone for RH testing

A more accurate way to test for moisture Enter the concrete moisture test method for the 21st century: The in situ relative humidity (RH) test. Studies over many years at Lund University in Sweden and elsewhere, have provided convincing scientific evidence that RH testing is the most accurate and reliable test method available today. It’s why engineers at Wagner Meters, a leading provider of moisture measurement solutions worldwide, first developed the Rapid RH test system in 2005. Since the in situ RH test provides an accurate assessment of the overall moisture condition of the concrete slab, contractors and flooring installers can be confident that they have the information they need to prevent catastrophic flooring failures and callbacks due to moisture in concrete. Not only does this save on costly repairs, but doing things right the first time saves in materials, energy, and other resources. And that’s most certainly a big plus for the environment. Another plus in using the RH test method is that it’s fast, easy, and has a lower cost compared to other moisture tests.

A related advancement with benefits for the environment has been the development and widespread use of wireless technologies and mobile devices. They facilitate fast, convenient communication, and they can even cut down on the use of paper, again with savings in resources and energy. These popular technologies easily lend themselves to use with the in situ RH test. For example, the Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH system recently introduced a wireless Bluetooth Smart Reader. It can be combined with the new Rapid RH DataMaster app for instantly reading, recording, and reporting RH data digitally, using most any smartphone or other mobile device. The DataMaster app can generate digital reports and share them instantaneously, right from the jobsite, with your client, general contractor, or other interested party. That can be a big help for faster, informed decision-making. And in the end, that can save time and money by helping to accelerate project timelines. So with the variety of advanced technologies along with today’s use of newer materials, admixtures and aggregates, in situ RH testing has shown itself to be the best possible test method for quickly and accurately assessing the moisture condition of any concrete floor slab. Why not go green and choose RH testing for your next flooring project? For more information about RH testing, the popular Rapid RH kits andaccessories, and the Rapid RH DataMaster app, contact Wagner Meters toll free at 1(800) 634-9961 or visit www. ❚

The DataMaster app can generate digital reports and share them instantaneously.

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Surface Testing Group Helps Flooring Contractors Avoid Costly Disasters Using Fast, Reliable RH Testing

F Steve Anderson of Surface Testing Group

rom his headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana, Steve Anderson’s Surface Testing Group evaluates concrete floor slabs for excess moisture. By doing so, he is able to save flooring con-

tractors, general contractors, and commercial building owners in the Midwest tens of thousands of dollars from moisture-damaged floors. His approach is highly effective: Test concrete slabs for moisture before flooring is installed. When his test results are within product specifications, contractors have the green light to proceed with installation. In order to avoid disastrous flooring failures, Anderson’s approach makes good common sense. Problem is many contractors, architects, and owners are not testing for moisture. Or, they’re using unreliable tests. And that’s what caught Anderson’s attention. “After 30 years in the floor covering business, what really rocked me was reading a statistic that said flooring contractors, architects, building contractors, and owners were paying more than $1 billion annually to resolve flooring failures due to concrete moisture issues,” he declared. “I couldn’t believe it. After all, we have highly reliable relative humidity (RH) testing that’s been proven to prevent moisture-related flooring failures.” Sensing a need in the market for concrete moisture testing, Anderson began talking to people in the flooring industry. He discovered many of them did no concrete testing. “They gave a lot of reasons why they didn’t. And many who did test used methods inferior to the RH in situ type testing,” he said.

In order to avoid disastrous flooring failures, Anderson’s approach makes good common sense. Problem is many contractors, architects, and owners are not testing for moisture. Or, they’re using unreliable tests. 30 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Enter Surface Testing Group This prompted Anderson in 2011 to start Surface Testing Group. That first year was difficult. To drum up business, he had to get out and educate lots of industry folks about the merits of concrete testing. But the more he talked to people about it, the more they realized the need for concrete moisture testing. During that time, Anderson developed and refined all the necessary processes to make his business sound and marketable to clients. “I had to come up with the right processes for properly assessing concrete slabs, providing easy-to-read reports on our test results, and ensuring that everything we did was done in a timely, efficient manner so as to be affordable,” he noted. Anderson’s business has come a long way from those early days of struggle. Today, he gets plenty of business from referrals, word-of-mouth, and sales efforts, including doing PowerPoint presentations with flooring contractors, architects, and general contractors.

Fast, accurate, reliable concrete moisture testing When Anderson started the business, he looked closely at all the moisture test products in the market. “I wanted a test that was accurate, reliable, and easy to use. I found only one test that met all my criteria— Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH® 4.0 EX single-use sensors. “I especially liked the fact that with the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX, I didn’t have to deal with calibration, calibration checks, and the record keeping of those checks as mandated by the ASTM F2170 standard. At the time, Wagner was the only company that offered a full-use product where you just insert a sensor into the concrete slab and do not have to remove it later. “I also liked the idea of having a NIST-traceable calibration certificate for each sensor. It made the compliance paperwork very simple and easy,” Anderson said.

Planning the placement of relative humidity test holes for ASTM F2170 compliance

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


Later, when Wagner introduced its Rapid RH® 5.0 with reusable sensors, Anderson decided to switch from the 4.0 EX to the 5.0.

to personally fly out to take care of my problem. Some companies look for reasons not to do things like that, while Jason and

Anderson admitted that when he first started his business he

Wagner Meters look for reasons to do things like that. They’re

shied away from using reusable sensors because he didn’t want

always wanting to improve their products and wanting to know

to deal with labor-intensive calibration checks, especially since

if there are any issues in the field,” he said.

he conducted a high volume of tests. “That’s what I really like about the reusable 5.0. It makes the process of checking calibration a lot easier.

The future Looking three to five years into the future, Anderson believes

“In fact, with Wagner’s CalCheck, I can test 25, 30, 40 sen-

his business will continue to grow – allowing him to expand

sors at one time. That’s something you can’t do with other

geographically – as more people become aware of the need for

products out there unless you have 25, 30, or more calibration

concrete moisture testing.

check devices,” he said. Since record keeping is essential in his business, Anderson also appreciates how the Rapid RH® handles that. “With other systems, you have to manually record data with pencil and paper, writing out the serial number, date, and test

“I think the percentage of ASTM-compliant concrete moisture testing is still too low compared to the amount of moisture-sensitive products being installed today. So I think we’ll continue to generate greater awareness of concrete moisture issues and the need of proper ASTM-compliant testing,” he said.

results. With this system, we don’t do that because every-

“We’ll also need to overcome the bias of some people who

thing is recorded automatically by the Smart Reader. I just con-

see moisture testing only as a means for flooring contractors

nect the Smart Reader to the sensor and immediately the data

to make up on lost profits when bidding too low on jobs.

is sent wirelessly to the DataMaster™ app and the report is always there,” he noted.

“But that’s why independent, unbiased, third-party companies like mine are the way of the future. We can be a valuable

And while this process is easy to use, Anderson especially likes the fact that the data is protected against any human error. “I can’t write 78 when I meant to write 87. There’s no possibility of making a mistake in recording the data or even changing the data. So data integrity is excellent. Data goes directly from the sensor to the software and on to the report without error.” The DataMaster™ app does everything automatically—even sending data to Wagner’s ASTM F2170 report analysis website, And, with the DataMaster™ app, Anderson can use his phone to access data from any past job.

Customer responsiveness As with any product, if it’s used often enough problems can occur. That happened once when Anderson’s Smart Reader wasn’t able to communicate with his hand-held unit. After explaining his dilemma to Jason Spangler, Wagner Meter’s Flooring Division Sales Manager, Spangler was on a plane the next morning to the job site. “It was an awesome display of customer service,” exclaimed Anderson. “Jason resolved the issue. He also gave me a newer version of the Smart Reader and shipped me another one as well. “I was really thankful that he took the time and cared enough 32 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Drilling a Rapid RH test hole

“ In fact, with Wagner’s CalCheck, I can test 25, 30, 40 sensors at one time. That’s something you can’t do with other products out there unless you have 25, 30, or more calibration check devices,” he said. resource for the flooring industry in the years ahead by helping contractors and building owners avoid the high cost of repairing damaged flooring and remediating concrete slabs that have high moisture,” he added. Anderson also believes that in the coming years new concrete mix designs will be introduced allowing concrete to dry quicker because of lower water-cement ratios and other factors, and that new technology from companies like Wagner will allow him to offer new and even better services for his clients. ❚

Using the DataMaster app with the Bluetooth Smart Reader

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Color Perspectives— 2019 and Beyond


f you are in the floor covering business, you are in the business of COLOR! Integrating floor coverings into home or business interiors is what you do-on a daily basis. So, understanding color

and color directions over the next few years is (or should be) something of solid value to you. Color Marketing Group International is the premier color forecasting organization world-wide. Being a long-time member of this group allows me to share with you not only the projected colors, but the 3 color stories behind each color grouping. Most of the colors in the new palette pertain to multi-market sectors, including Interiors, Visual Communications , Fashion, Consumer Goods, Transportation, Technology, and Automotive. Some of the colors will favor one market segment over others, but all are influential to interiors. So here are the three major color stories that brought about the new colors:

Annette Callari Annette Callari is an interior design expert with over 20 years of residential and commercial design experience. An allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers and

1. Keep calm and carry on This is a historic statement that is still a motivating mantra with our military forces. In respect to

this first color story, we are all peaceful warriors as we engage in the world around us. We are all called upon to support political, ethical, and spiritual causes that reflect the core of who we are

CMG INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCES – 2019 + COLOR and what we believe in. No more blind trust—we need to assert ourselves, get involved, work for DIRECTIONS change, and emerge as victorious but peaceful “warriors”.

The colors behind this story are bold, charged with intensity. Each one makes a statement.

a chairholder of the Color Marketing Group International, she is the Southern California

commercial sales specialist for Karndean Design Flooring.

Most of the colors in the new palette pertain to multi-market sectors, including Interiors, Visual Communications , Fashion, Consumer Goods, Transportation, Technology, and Automotive.

34 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


2. Introspective This grouping of colors is restful and ethereal. Home interiors will embrace these colors as we

continue to create environments that are welcoming and sophisticated, but soothing and con-

ducive to introspection. We are assaulted daily with news of economic and political instability, CMG INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCES – 2019 + COLOR threats of war, dramatic climate changes, and so much more. No wonder we design our homes DIRECTIONS to be safe havens, conducive to our personal peace and well-being. This is how we preserve our

hope, our sanity, and most importantly, our health.

3. The time is now!

There has been a major shift in how we live our lives. Perhaps this came about because of the volatile world we live in, or perhaps we are just smarter as to what’s really important. But the fact is we are valuing experiences in life, even more than possessions. Forget the bucket list, do it now. Thinking has shifted to “I can, I will, Let’s Go!” We are not waiting to live our lives. Write your life’s story one experience at a time. Our economy has improved and families are spending more of their resources on travel and technology. The colors that characterize “The Time is Now”

segment are fun, lively, and portray a joy in living.

Just a special note on one of the new colors. “TBD” (well-named, since none of us are quite certain where the world is headed) appeared in two of the color categories. That was not a mistake—the color fit seamlessly into the Introspective category as well as Keep Calm and Carry On. This same edgy yellow was voted Key Color of the year by the CMG membership.

The colors highlighted in this article are specifically those for North America. As you work with your customers, floor covering choices don’t need to match these colors, but they should complement and coordinate.

There you have a preview of things to come in the realm of color. These 3 impactful color stories for 2019 (and beyond) represent a consensus of more than 250 color professionals who participated in CMG’s recent Summit meeting. Together, they analyzed the key influences that shape our color directions. The colors highlighted in this article are specifically those for North America. As you work with your customers, floor covering choices don’t need to match these colors, but they should complement and coordinate. Black, white and neutrals are always in the palette, don’t forget. With all of this in mind, you are well equipped to talk color with confidence. After all, it’s up to you to provide the color foundation that the rest of your customers’ design is built on. You can, you will, LET’S GO! ❚ Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017



A New Landmark in Ceramics


hen it comes to the history of tile production, Italy has played a dominant role since ancient times. However, Landmark Ceramics is a completely American company. Well, sort of — Italian tile giant, Gruppo Concorde, founded Landmark Ceramics in 2013 with the goal of creating an entirely new, independent, manufacturing and distribution facility to produce the highest quality porcelain tiles in North America.

The facility is designed using Landmark ceramic tiles in different applications throughout the offices, display showrooms, and surrounding grounds. Landmark Ceramics offers a variety of residential, commercial, and public applications for interior and exterior walls and floors. They are offered in a myriad of different shapes, sizes and diverse finishes including ¾" exterior hardscape products.

Porcelain tile collections Design as a philosophy The presence of design is obvious not only in the avantgarde plant, offices, and showroom, but also in the basis of the business. Landmark was designed to be a leader in the North American ceramic tile market through advanced technology, managerial experience, and ability to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer. Landmark’s central location, access to rail and major interstate arteries means that rapid distribution to all points of North America can easily be achieved.

State-of-the-art products from a state-of-the-art facility The design continues on the 96 acre site in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. The enormous environmentally-friendly production complex has an annual output capacity of 50 million sq. ft. of product.

36 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q3 2017

With nature as the source of inspiration, matter as the point of reference, and style as the distinctive trait, Landmark offers a complete and versatile range of solutions in porcelain stoneware, designed to complement dwelling spaces in accordance with contemporary living. • Precious effects — Marble, granite, quartz • Stone effects — Limestone, flagstone, slate and more • Wood effects — Weathered and rustic walnut • Contemporary effects — Concrete • Outdoor hardscape — ¾" porcelain tile Landmark has a technological edge that forges experience with the promise of the future. A visit to the innovative company showroom sums up the Landmark experience in a visual and tactile way. ❚

Everything you need, made in the USA.

EXCELLENCE IN PORCELAIN SURFACES Made in the USA with passion, commitment and pride, Landmark Ceramics offers a broad range of high quality and beautifully designed porcelain surfaces for interior and exterior residential, commercial and public applications. Choose excellence in porcelain surfaces, choose Landmark Ceramics.

Find out more at LCUSA.COM Landmark Ceramics - UST, Inc. | 1427 N. Main Street Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 | Tel. 931.325.5700

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How CAN The Floor covering Industry Foundation Help Me?

Here How CAN The Floor Industry Foundation are covering a few examples: Help Me? Here are a few examples:

Rent/ Mortgage Emergency care Food

Equipment Equipment



Here are a few examples:

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Physical Therapy Utility bills Transportation

hOUSE Mods Medical Care hOUSE Mods Physical Therapy Doctor Visits Medical Care Hospital Stays Utility bills Transportation Hospital Stays Nursing C Nursing Care ys Testing Testing MEdical Supplies Prescriptions hOUSE Mods MEdical Supplies Prescriptions Medical Care Hospital Stays Nursing Care ing hOWCAN CANI QUALIFY I QUALIFY ASSISTANCE? hOW FORFOR ASSISTANCE? Life-Altering Medical event crisis crisis #2 Supplies Life-Altering Medical event MEdical ##1Prescriptions #financial 2 financial IN fLOOR cOVERING iNDUSTRY. ##335+5+YEARs YEARs IN fLOOR cOVERING iNDUSTRY. X-Rays

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With our help, Teresa is fighting back. she received a grant to help with Chemo Expenses and housing, so she could focus on Beating Cancer.


Care “The floorING community is strengthened when we lift each other up when hard times strike.” - Tim Baucom, executive vP - residential division at Shaw Industries • secretary of FCIF


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855 Abutment Road, Ste. 1 • Dalton, GA 30721 e: p: 855.330.1183 f: 706.217.1165 Apply for a grant at! Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017




USFloors’ newest collection, COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced.

ioneering, yet again, with the launch of USFloors’ newest

All decors in the COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced collection

collection, COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced. This stunning

feature the patented COREtec® technology. Since COREtec

collection boasts enhanced painted bevels and a rigid core

is 100% waterproof, COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced floors can

construction. These key features represent the next revolu-

be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed

tion in flooring.

to water. COREtec is inert and dimensionally stable; it will not

All planks and tiles feature a 20 mil wear layer that stands

expand or contract under normal conditions. Further, COREtec

up to excessive wear and provides superior cleanability and

never needs expansion strips in large rooms. All COREtec

stain protection, while the enhanced bevels create ultra-realis-

products are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.

tic wood and stone looks. Made from a high-density composi-

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced offers plank and tile visuals.

tion with special top and bottom layers for added stability, the

The planks are 7.13" × 48.03" × 7 mm and the tiles are 18.50" ×

rigid core delivers superior impact and dent resistance. Like all

24.02" × 7 mm. The visuals range from natural to eclectic, and

COREtec Plus products, the “Plus” represents the inclusion of

will match the style of any environment. Your shoppers will find

an attached cork underlayment. This underlayment provides

the perfect floor for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices or

added sound dampening, absorbs subfloor imperfections and

even restaurants!

naturally resists mold and mildew.

With COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced, your customers can

This collection is recommended for both commercial and

experience flooring at a higher level. They will enjoy beauty and

residential use and can be installed in high-moisture and high-

strength without the maintenance. Enhance their homes and

traffic areas. These heavy-duty floors are perfect for any room

work spaces with a COREtec floor. ❚

in your home, even bathrooms and basements.

This collection is recommended for both commercial and residential use and can be installed in high-moisture and high-traffic areas.

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As Elmer Fudd Wisely Said…

T Tom Jennings VP of Professional Development Tom Jennings is a lifelong member of the flooring business. Since selling his family’s retail business in 2006, he has served the industry as an educator and speaker. He is a past board chairman of the WFCA and is currently the board chairman of WFCA Services, Inc. and WFCA vice president of professional development. He may be reached at

here is a saying which states that “desperate men will take desperate measures”. I am sure that this adage has applied to many of us during difficult cycles of business that we have all experienced over the course of our careers. I fully understand the occasional need to do whatever is required to keep the proverbial wolf away from the door. The number one goal today has often been to be here tomorrow. Consequently, many dealers get in the habit of not passing up on many offers that potential customer’s make. Trading dollars can often have a positive effect in the short term. It allows us to pay that next invoice, keep a staff worker busy, etc. Discounting is often kind of exciting. You feel good about being able to reduce a price to a level that not only pleases your customer, but conquers your competition as well. The problem is that like many things that are fun and exciting, it is addictive! Like most addictions, it must be dealt with, or there will not be a happy ending. In a business where many independent dealers seemingly struggle to take 3% to the bottom line, it seems that any potential customer who even tries can get at least a 10% discount. Go figure! We all realize that customers today are used to seeing pricing promotions, many of which often stretch credibility to the limit. If you are to compete in this market, you too will need to have promotionally priced products, special purchases, etc. to entice customers into your showrooms. Just as offering discounts can be addictive, so can the thought of receiving one. The emphasis for some customers seems to have shifted to bragging more about how much money that they saved, rather than on how much they actually spent.

“Be vewwy, vewwy careful!”

42 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

In a business where many independent dealers seemingly struggle to take 3% to the bottom line, it seems that any potential customer who even tries can get at least a 10% discount. Go figure! To compete, and thrive, in this environment, it is critical that we understand the difference between promotional pricing and discounting. Observe how the large players in the furniture and home improvement business operate. They are very proactive in their offers. They highlight specially featured products that may carry eye-popping prices, but are only available in limited styles, quantities or colors. They will offer promotionally priced products that often have reduced features (warranty terms, color availability, etc.). These are products that are intentionally lacking in some areas, so that customers can easily be “traded up” to another more desirable offering. They may have a promotional package that includes a certain collection of merchandise that is being promoted, but only for a limited time. What all of these merchants have in common is that they are controlling the margins, not the customer. They know how to sell a mix of product that will produce sufficient margin to allow their businesses to be sustainable. They proactively change their pricing promotions on a scheduled basis, rather than simply reacting by allowing customers to dictate margins to them. You’ll wait a long time for a “make us an offer” sale in their stores. They are too savvy to allow that to occur. To be competitive in today’s market, you must have a compelling offer for the customer to consider. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that you are responsible for your pricing strategy, not your customer. When tempted to offer across the board discounts, be reminded of the timeless advice of the sage hunter, Elmer Fudd, who wisely said: “Be vewwy, vewwy careful!” ❚

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Karndean Designflooring Sees Rigid Core Flooring Differently


fter more than three years in development, Korlok, the new rigid core product line by luxury vinyl specialist Karndean Designflooring, features industry-leading technology designed to

create a rigid core floor that is quick to install, easy to work with, features one of a kind, awardwinning Karndean Designflooring visuals and excels in performance. Typical rigid core products have a core composed of wood fillers or composites, but not Korlok. It’s waterproof, proprietary K-Core is composed of 100% PVC to ensure a stronger, more stable core for installation over most existing hard floors without exposing subfloor imperfections. Like other Karndean Designflooring products, Korlok can be scored and snapped with a utility knife for ease of installation without damaging the integrity of the core. Korlok is Karndean Designflooring’s most acoustically-friendly product, with an IIC rating of 62, due to its pre-attached acoustic foam backing. Unlike products with a cork backing,

Korlok is Karndean Designflooring’s most acousticallyfriendly product

44 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Like all Karndean Designflooring products, Korlok is finished with K-Guard+ surface protection … Korlok’s backing retains its shape after being compressed, does not have nooks that can pool water, and does not encourage bacterial growth. Because of its ability to reduce noise transfer to rooms below, Korlok is perfect for upper-level or playroom applications. In addition, Korlok features a 5G Välinge locking mechanism which allows installers to quickly click and lock planks together and keeps planks locked in place at the end seams, preventing them from detaching during seasonal temperature fluctuations. Like all Karndean Designflooring products, Korlok is finished with K-Guard+ surface protection, which uses polyurethane technology to provide a hygienic and durable finish. K-Guard+ has a history of premium performance and has been used by Karndean for longer than some luxury vinyl manufacturers have been on the market. Unlike aluminum oxide coatings, K-Guard+ will not turn white when scratched or leave stretch marks when handled. Combined, these layers of premium performance make Korlok a collection of beautifully designed woods with superior performance. Not only does Korlok save time during installation (saving homeowners additional upheaval), but it outperforms the competition, leading to less callbacks and making it difficult to be shopped around. To view the full Korlok collection, visit www. ❚

RKP8102 Washed Velvet Ash Kitchen P_CM

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FLOOR ED Lisbeth Calandrino

2018 Flooring Retail in Danger: The Transformed Role of “Salesperson”


ho would have predicted that Amazon would buy Whole Foods? Actually, it makes perfect sense; Whole Foods has higher margins than Amazon and a big retail footprint with

460 physical stores. Whole Foods gives Amazon an opportunity to test out their entrance into brick and mortar and collect more customer data. They are obsessed with it. Brick and mortar isn’t going away—it’s transforming! All the generations want to shop as long as the stores are fun and have good events! This transformation may be the end of traditional retail as we know it. Everything is about collecting data on your customers and using it to drive customers to your store. Think “The Mall of America.” So, you’re not as big as Amazon. Does that mean that you can’t collect data about your customers and use it to build your marketing plan?

You can, and you must. Consumers are making decisions before they come to your store. Google points out in their “ZMOT—Zero Moment Of Truth” that smart retailers will know how to follow the customer around and disrupt their buying path. If consumers are getting their information about you and your products online, what’s your salesperson’s “job?”

The seriousness and power of the customer on social media haven’t sunk in yet. Consider that your salesperson has more friends on Facebook than your store does!

46 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q3 2017

1. Salespeople should be good connectors on and offline. Product knowledge is still king; the consumer is demanding a salesperson with a high level of fresh product knowledge. The sales process is crippled if your salesperson isn’t online. Turn your salespeople into disruptors and change agents in the context of the consumer’s new buying path. 2. Salespeople should be party planners, ‘ringleaders,’ and drivers of customers to your store. Like the malls are doing, it’s time for retail to reach outside our self-imposed borders. You know: “This is what retail store should be like!” Hey, there are no borders, just new communities and community leaders. It’s like the Wild West! 3. Salespeople will need exceptional communication skills. The seriousness and power of the customer on social media haven’t sunk in yet. Consider that your salesperson has more friends on Facebook than your store does! Why not use this power to get more likes and more customers? Your social media will be the key driving factors for your store. Make this a priority with your team. Facebook live is your new personal broadcast network! 4. NEWS FLASH: Your customer is in charge of your brand! They are rating you online and talking with potential customers. You need to spend time influencing the customer to love you. Salespeople must ask for testimonials.

How are you going to do this? I’ve got your back! I’ve designed a comprehensive and easy-to-implement training and motivational program for your staff: “Lisbeth’s Red Hot Retail Solutions!™” Every month I will send to you my customized “Red Hot Retail Solutions™” video presentation and my “Red Hot Action Playbook™” PDF for your entire sales staff with Red Hot solutions for closing sales and building relationships in the new retail climate. The special offer price for 12 monthly issues is just $99.00 with the discount code “PREMIER”! Go to redhotretailsolutions. com now for more information. ❚

For more information on after sale marketing, or have Lisbeth speak at your business, contact her at 518.495.5380. She has been helping businesses build loyal customers for over twenty years. For more on Lisbeth, check out her web site, lisbeth

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We branched into Rigid Core LVT with our High Performance Core Technology.

and grew Flexible LVT worldwide.

We sprouted in1988 ...

48 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q3 2017

And now, we’re producing and delivering High Density Core Technology for you.

with HDC Technology

Where LVT is growing in 2018. See it at SURFACES Booth 629

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SEM Group — Manufacturing, Innovation, Quality, and Value

S SEM Group’s products combine high quality with the best value, while always maintaining environmental responsibility.

EM Group is a privately owned business headquartered in the heart of the flooring industry—Dalton, Georgia. SEM Group manages more than 12,000,000 square feet of inventory in over 200,000 SF of warehouse and distribution centers in Northwest Georgia, and over 3,000,000 square-feet of manufacturing facilities throughout the world. SEM Group is comprised of four different yet synergistic companies: Savannah Stone and Tile, Excelsior Global, and Muchsee Wood. Our vast product offering includes Engineered and Solid Hardwoods, Luxury Vinyl Planks, IWP Engineered Vinyl Planks, Laminate, SPC Rigid Core Planks, Ceramic and Stone Tile, and a full line of Cushioned Underlayments, Adhesives, and Trim for all applications. SEM Group’s products combine high quality with the best value, while always maintaining environmental responsibility. Recent investments in technology, enable SEM Group to ship any of its 2800+ SKU’s quickly, and most often within 24 hours. Which in turn, provides an exceptional customer service experience including order entry, shipment tracking and information reporting. Since inception in 2009, SEM Group’s goal is to become the most recognized manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler in the hard surface flooring market. The formula for success is simple. Adhere to our core business values—excellence, innovation, and integrity—but quickly adapt to changing business conditions and customer demands. ❚

50 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Cushioned Underlayments

The SEM Group has over 50 running line colors of LVP in click and glue down versions. We carry thickness from 2mm up to 4.3mm, and many wear layer thicknesses to meet your product needs and price points.

SEM Group offers 18 different underlayments for LVT, IWP, Floating Hardwood, and Laminate flooring. Whether you need an underlayment for a moisture barrier or just for acoustical reasons, we have the products to meet your requirements.

IWP Engineered Vinyl Plank From entry level to high end constructions, we have the Engineered Vinyl Planks to meet all of your consumer’s needs. With and without attached pad, and wear layers all the way up to 22 mils SEM Group has the engineered vinyl planks to meet the most demanding environments.

Engineered & Solid Hardwoods We offer solid and engineered hardwoods in Birch, Hickory, Oak, Elm, European Oak, and Acacia. With appearances from handscraped to wire brushed, and thicknesses from 3/8" to 3/4", SEM Group has the product to fit any type of project.


Adhesives SEM Group stocks a full line of Adhesives for engineered woods, LVP, and carpet tiles. We offer trowel applied, roll on, and spray options for glue down LVT installations. Moisture Cured Urethane and high moisture wood adhesives for engineered wood, and also a premium carpet tile adhesive for PVC and smooth backed carpet tiles.

Trim and Moldings The SEM Group maintains inventory of a full line of coordinating trim products for all of our running line colors.

Since inception in 2009, SEM Group’s goal is to become the most recognized manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler in the hard surface flooring market.

For more information on our products, please contact your local sales rep or visit (706) 277-0195

Stocking both 8mm and 12mm products, with over 50 color/pattern options. The SEM Group has been manufacturing environmentally friendly laminate with the most durable core material for more than 20 years. Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


52 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

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Hydra-Skin™ is a high performance feature unique to Healthier Choice Cushion; it is the only film-less, breathable moisture barrier, which stops liquid spills from penetrating into the cushion while allowing moisture vapor trapped underneath to evaporate and escape.

Healthier Choice Cushion is infused with Ultra-Fresh® Anti-Microbial Protection to inhibit the growth of harmful odor causing mold, mildew and bacteria. It provides permanent protection.

No Odor - Low VOC’s Healthier Choice is the only carpet cushion which is UL GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for low chemical emissions. Breathing high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) is linked to health problems including allergies and asthma. Our product is also CRI GREEN LABEL Plus Certified.

Made in part with soybean oil and other natural resources, which reduces the consumption of fossil fuel petrochemicals while supporting sustainable agriculture.

54 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

The World’s Best Carpet Cushion


Why is Healthier Choice the world’s best carpet cushion? The secret is our Never Crush Foam Technology. We manufacture the only carpet cushion made from 100% High Density Memory Foam. Most carpet cushion today is made from waste or scrap pieces of low density, light weight foams which are glued or bonded F E AT U R I N G


together. Our patented, Never Crush Foam Technology offers the luxurious comfort Flooring Retailer | Q4 you want while providing the lasting support Premier your carpet needs.



Naturally healthy, beautiful, pet-friendly flooring! Marmoleum® is not your grandmother’s linoleum. Invented over 150 years ago, Marmoleum® is still made from the same natural, renewable ingredients and is still incredibly durable, however modern advancements have resulted in a vast range of beautiful colors and endless design possibilities. Creating beautiful, custom floors for your home is easy and fun with Marmoleum®. Available in more than 300 colors and patterns and a range of versatile formats, homeowners can mix and match colors and sizes to create custom designs unique to their home and personal style. Marmoleum® breaks out of the traditional neutral shades of vinyl, providing a stunning color palette that includes vibrant pops of color, rich earth tones, and organic striated designs. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, soft or bold, Marmoleum® can help you create the home of your dreams. This naturally healthy, water-resistant flooring is made primarily from renewable resources, including linseed oil, wood flour, and pine rosins. Marmoleum® is petfriendly and features naturally inherent anti-static properties to repel dust and dirt, including pet dander, making it easy to clean and reducing exposure to allergens. Marmoleum® also features antimicrobial properties that halt the breeding of harmful micro-organisms without chemical additives. Marmoleum® provides beauty, durability, warmth and comfort underfoot, and is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and offices. Create a healthy, inviting interior environment for your home with Marmoleum®.

Forbo Flooring Systems | 1-800-842-7839 | | email: 56 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017 | +800 842 7839

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Engineered Floors is where innovation meets tradition in 2018.


ngineered Floors continues its mission to make the best carpet possible. The Dream Weaver brand by Engineered Floors features a range of styles to fit your needs–from dining room to bedroom. And the PureColor system ensures the carpet and its color will last. Dream Weaver carpets even feature a Lifetime Pet Warranty against permanent stains caused by pet accidents when the carpet is installed and cared for correctly. New for 2018 from Engineered Floors is ColorBurst Variable Color Technology. ColorBurst uses natural colorations to create a balanced, blended visual that adds depth and richness to its Dream Weaver carpet collection. And because each carpet strand is PureColor fiber, the carpets are guaranteed not to stain, fade or wear.

New for 2018 from Engineered Floors is ColorBurst Variable Color Technology

58 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Engineered Floors also introduces PureBac— “The Better Backing System” in 2018. Engineered Floors also introduces PureBac “The Better Backing System” in 2018. PureBac is more flexible and lightweight than any other backing system on the market, and it’s easier to install, saving time, energy and money. Plus, it won’t scratch baseboards or walls and has no odor when installed. This extraordinary latex-free backing system is on Dream Weaver carpets and carries a 10-year anti-delamination warranty. Engineered Floors continues its roll out in 2018 of the Apex SDP fiber system found on its Pentz Commercial Solutions collection for main street. Pentz for 2018 features new colors and patterns made with the Apex advanced polyester extrusion process yielding a high-performance polyester fiber that meets commercial requirements traditionally reserved for nylon. More can be learned at ❚

Above: Pentz Blockade; below left: Dream Weaver Rainforest; below: PureBac from Engineered Floors.

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Trusted Leader For More Than 60 Years A

Since 1953, Lancaster has demonstrated innovative leadership in the paint and sundry industry. Originally a regional distributing company serving a small portion of the Carolinas, Lancaster has steadily grown into the nation’s largest paint sundry supplier. Today, Lancaster’s market area includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Lancaster services more than 10,000 independent paint stores, national and regional paint chains, hardware stores, and home centers. Our comprehensive mix of products, promotions and programs allows our customers to stay profitable and competitive in today’s demanding marketplace. Our wide assortment of vendors and products gives you access to new profit opportunities. The Merit Decor flooring line is a great example of Lancaster’s commitment of providing retailers with access to products that will enhance their current business and grow into new markets.

For many of your customers, floors are just one part of their vision for project. Homeowners and contractors alike will appreciate the added value and convenience when you provide solutions beyond the floor. Walls, windows, and even entry doors can provide an opportunity for increased value to your customer base and increased profit for your decorating center. Let Lancaster show you how to capture more business from existing customers with the support of the nations leader in paint sundries. 60 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Phone 800.586.7337 • Fax 800.457.6382 Email •

Luxur y Vin yl Plank Flooring

Our planks are strong enough to give you a lifetime of amazing results. Plantation Collection -

Fast Click

All products are available through

Villager Collection -


Please contact your Lancaster representative today about becoming a Merit Decor Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dealer.

Legacy Collection -

Phone 800.586.7337



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The TheFloor FloorMakes Makesthe theRoom Room At Happy Feet International we understand that the flthat ooring Feet International we understand the AtHappy Happy Feet International we understand that the flooring choice for your space is the foundation of your design. flooring your isspace is the foundation your choice choice for yourforspace the foundation of your of design. Whether it is a home, offi ce, or various other commercial design.Whether it is a home, office, or various other Whether it is a home, office, or various other commercial spaces, our space, Luxury our VinylLuxury Plank Vinyl & Tile will & fit an array commercial Plank fitofan spaces, our Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile will fiTile t anwill array of spaces trends. flooring be found mostin array ofand spaces andOur trends. Ourcan flooring caninbethe found spaces and trends. Our flooring can be found in the most rustic and rustic relaxed spaces to the mostto modern andmodern sleek. the most and relaxed spaces the most rustic and relaxed spaces to the most modern and sleek. Happy Feet International’s flooring diverse solutionsflooring gives and sleek. Happy Feet diverse International’s Happy Feet International’s diverse flooring solutions gives every option needed for today’s interiors. solutions gives every option needed for today’s interiors. every option needed for today’s interiors.

Atlas - Treehouse Atlas - Treehouse

Stone Elegance - Kona Stone Elegance - Kona



62 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Happy Feet waswas established in 2012inby2012 Caseyby FeetInternational International established Happy Feet International was established in 2012 by Casey Johnson and his and son CJ As the demand more Casey Johnson hisJohnson. son CJ Johnson. As thefor demand Johnson and his son CJ Johnson. As the demand for more Luxury Vinyl PlankVinyl & TilePlank increased, saw a need to for more Luxury & Tilethey increased they saw Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile increased, they saw a need to serve in the ooring Casey and his son started a need to fl serve inmarket. the flooring market. Casey andout his serve in the flooring market. Casey and his son started out buying less than truckload quantities one product line. son began by purchasing less thanwith truckload quantities buying less than truckload quantities with one product line. Today, Happy Feet International is happily carrying fifteen with one product line. Today Happy Feet International Today, Happy Feet International is happily carrying fifteen product lines with various styles and colors. Happy is happily carrying thirteen different product linesFeet with product lines with various styles and colors. Happy Feet International currently has over 9.5 million square feet of various styles and colors. Happy Feet International International currently has over 9.5 million square feet of luxury vinylhas flooring stockmillion and ready to shipfeet to meet your currently overin ten square of luxury luxury vinyl flooring in stock and ready to ship to meet your fl ooring needs! We are constantly adding and updating vinyl flooring in stock and ready to ship to meet your flooring needs! We are constantly adding and updating new product styles, and vinyl construction. We are flooring needs! Wecolors are constantly adding and updating new product styles, colors and vinyl construction. We are a small family-owned company, who is passionate about new product styles, colors, and vinyl construction. We a small family-owned company, who is passionate about the of our owned retailers,company distributors andiscustomers. are happiness a small family who passionate the happiness of our retailers, distributors and customers. Our company has grown two employees to thirty, about the happiness of from our retailers, distributors and Our company has grown from two employees to thirty, which includes office with customer customers. All aoffully ourstaffed departments are easy toservice, contact which includes a fullymarketing staffed office with customer service, shipping, departments. via phoneaccounting, or email to help withand any sales needs. Happy Feet shipping, accounting, marketing and sales departments. All of our departments areoffice easy to or International’s corporate is contact locatedvia in phone Ringgold, All of are easy to contact via phone or email to our helpdepartments with any needs. Happy Feet International’s Georgia. email tooffi help with any needs. HappyGeorgia. Feet International’s corporate ce is located in Ringgold, corporate office is located in Ringgold, Georgia. Contact your local dealer or distributor for more information. For help locating a dealer or how become one, our Contact your local dealer or to distributor for visit more Contact your local dealer or distributor for more website at or call 706.937.2500 information. For help locating a dealer or distributor, information. For help locating a or dealer or distributor, please email call 706.937.2500 please email or call 706.937.2500 529 Rollins Industrial Blvd 529 Rollins Blvd Ringgold, GA Industrial 30736 Ringgold, GA 30736 706.937.2500 706.937.2500






JAN 30-FEB 1 BOOTH #909











| | Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017



Manninton Receives “30 Most Innovative Products of the Year” Award Mannington’s Restoration Collection laminate flooring goes where no laminate has gone before!

Mannington’s SpillShield™ technology delivers 72-hour protection from spills, standing moisture and pet messes.


annington’s Restoration Collection laminate flooring with SpillShield™ technology has been named by Better Homes & Gardens’ Beautiful Kitchens & Baths magazine as one of its “30 Most Innovative Products of the Year” for 2018. Editors of the magazine, which is part of Meredith’s Luxury Home Design Group, pick products based on their ability to combine smart function, seamless style and cutting-edge technology. Restoration™ laminate flooring offers the beauty and sophistication of reclaimed hardwood, with moisture resistant performance technology. Mannington’s SpillShield™ technology delivers 72-hour protection from spills, standing moisture and pet messes. It’s a real game changer as it enables Restoration Collection floors to go where no laminate has gone before—to bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas in the home that are prone to moisture. Joining Mannington in the “30 Most Innovative Products of the Year” list is a distinguished group of designers and manufacturers, among them Kohler, Bosch, Miele and American Standard. The winners will be featured in the Spring issue of Better Homes & Gardens Beautiful Kitchen & Baths magazine and in the May/June issue of Traditional Home magazine. ❚

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Our family of Large Format Tile mortars offers a variety of options to meet any installation demands.

ProLite® Premium Large Format Tile Mortar n n n n n

on-slump, for use as a thin or medium bed N mortar up to 3/4" High bond strength with excellent handling characteristics for floor or wall installations Sag and slip resistant — Immediately holds wall tile in place Lightweight — 30 lb. covers the same area as 50 lb. traditional mortar Rapid Setting formula also available — Open for traffic in 4 hours


Available at The Home Depot and tile distributors nationwide.


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The Next GIG

Highlights from the QFloors Conference QFloors and Measure Square Corp Team Up • QFloors president Chad Ogden announced a new partnership with flooring estimation technology company Measure Square Corp. “Partnering together, we’re able to create the strongest combination of estimation and business management software in the flooring industry.”

New mobile technology ❚ A new browser-based cloud software product, QPro POS+ allowed attendees to see updates in real time, as programmers continue to add to the browser-based cloud software product. The introduction of the new QFloors Mobile Suite allows flooring dealers to take care of everything from A to Z on an iPad, or tablet computer, all before stepping away from the

Chad Ogden Chad Ogden is the CEO/President and developer of QFloors flooring software. He grew up in the flooring industry, has a BS in Computer Engineering, and worked many years in the technology field before coming back to his flooring roots. He currently serves as the Secretariat of the fcB2B committee and is a widely recognized industry leader in floor covering technology. To contact him, email or call 801-563-0140.

customer’s living room.

In-depth business training ❚ QFloors CFO Trent Ogden provided in-depth business training, teaching how to evaluate and use data to make the very best decisions for their business. Attendees learned how to find their own data through the QFloors system, and see how they stack up against the average. He also provided valuable, time-tested instruction on “How do I know when to expand?”

QFloors customers share experiences ❚ In forum discussions, QFloors customers Jennifer Schmidt, Greg Besteman, and Rex Fabrizio talked about utilizing B2B, taking advantage of opportunities to be distinguishable, and how using credit card tokenization is a game changer when it comes to receivables.

66 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

❚ Denise VanderHeide (DeHaan Tile & Floor) expressed appreciation. “I just glean so much in chatting with other dealers. Hearing about their operations, and how they do things. There are just a lot of little takeaways, that all add together in a very beneficial way.” ❚ Attendee Brook Ledbetter (National Flooring and Supply) stated: “I realized that we are only taking advantage of a quarter of what QFloors can do for us. As a small operation, where everyone wears multiple hats, there is so much more that we can incorporate that will really help us out. It’s been helpful to find out what we don’t know.” ❚ Kimberly Wollman (J.B. Woodward Floors) added: “I have come to these conferences multiple times, and each time I learn something new; something really helpful that I can incorporate.” The conference concluded with a roundtable discussion on features attendees would most like to see added to the legacy QFloors software. The conference was extremely successful, with a great exchange of information and interaction between QFloors and its customers. The main goal of QFloors is to help flooring professionals build a better business. ❚

OUR CUSTOMER BASE IS EXPLODING. There are multiple reasons why we’re the fastest growing flooring software in the industry. Contact us today to see why so many companies are choosing QFloors. And why so many who do, see their own business success increase dramatically.

(801) 563-0140

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Scott McGillivray, IT Manager RFMS, Inc.

The Next GIG

Benchmarking and Analytics for the Floor Covering Industry

Are you measuring up?


ost of us are concerned with how our businesses are performing. We want to know if we’re meeting our potential in Sales, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction. What opportunities have we left untouched? Are there actions we can take to be more effective in our business and if so how can we determine these actions? Until now, these questions have been at best difficult to answer. Certainly, we can view internal reporting and see trends over time. This may help shed some light on problem areas in our business. But relying on internalonly measures provide a narrow-minded vantage point. However, benchmarking against peer businesses is a powerful means to provide the kind of insight needed for continuous improvement in anyone’s business. Let’s consider the high performing businesses in any industry. These will typically strive to identify functional areas in their business and attempt to compare their performance metrics to industry competitors. This can be achieved only with accurate, up to date, industry data to compare against. By benchmarking against this quality of data, you can gain a clear picture of where new opportunities exist, improvements are needed and ultimately, how to increase profits. To bring this type of groundbreaking reporting to the Flooring Industry, RFMS has created a new benchmarking and analytics reporting tool called, “Business Insights by RFMS”.

Leading with sales and financial benchmarking, Business Insights provides you with opportunity to visualize your data in dashboards and charts in new and enlightening ways. Allowing you to see how you compare to peer flooring dealers in many ways, such as: ❚ how much you spend on personnel, advertising,

rent, education and other expenses ❚ how your sales and gross margin trends compare

over time ❚ sales personnel performance ❚ revenue and gross profit per square foot, per employee ❚ many more…

Business Insights is designed to be used in a process of continual improvement. Once you’ve implemented changes for what’s been revealed through Business Insights, you should evaluate and compare your business again and again as an ongoing best business practice. This will tell you what is working, and where you can still improve. ❚

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By benchmarking against this quality of data, you can gain a clear picture of where new opportunities exist, improvements are needed and ultimately, how to increase profits. 68 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


The Next GIG About Testimonial Tree, Inc. Testimonial Tree is the leader in testimonial management software, helping business owners take control of their online reputation, build trusted relationships with clients, and grow brand loyalty. To learn more, please contact us by phone: (239) 424-9018, email:, or visit our website:

Testimonial Tree and RollMaster Create Strategic Alliance for Social Media Marketing


his partnership will help clients in the flooring industry expand their reach, and better leverage positive customer experiences into new business opportunities. RollMaster’s niche-specific automation software for the flooring industry meshes perfectly with tech tools offered by Testimonial Tree for unparalleled review curation and brand management. RollMaster is a real-time, web based flooring business system that automates, streamlines and enhances operational performance that benefits the flooring dealer and his clients. Testimonial Tree’s survey tool allows the clients of flooring dealers and contractors, to share their service experience with social media sites. Positive reviews and service experiences managed by Testimonial Tree are posted automatically. With increased visibility, businesses could gain more opportunities for conversion. RollMaster and Testimonial Tree’s social media marketing allows businesses to create a positive impression, by adding a humanization factor. Online reviews such as Google, Yelp, and Houzz are a huge part of the buying process for today’s consumer. At the same time, it can be challenging for the flooring dealers to manage these reviews, and implement a successful strategy for obtaining them. Testimonial Tree handles this for the flooring dealer. And the best part is that with the API automation, the dealer doesn’t have to do any additional work. The systems work together to automatically prompt every client to leave a review on the top review sites. This automation gives a voice to customers and helps business improve, evolve and thrive.

About RollMaster RollMaster has continually developed a real time, Fully Integrated Flooring Business Management Software that does more and goes further into flooring business automation than any other flooring program available. RollMaster can be delivered via our Cloud-based platform or via onsite installed server(s). For more info, visit us at or email ❚

70 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017


RollMaster Solution! Business Management Software

Whether your focus is wholesale, retail, contract or primarily property management, we’ve developed specialized programs, reports, options, and features designed to help you capture and manage business in every flooring marketplace. RollMaster is a complete Business Management Software System that allows you to manage every aspect of your flooring business. One software to manage it all.

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Turn up the HEAT with the Highest Performing Radiant Floor Heating System Available!


❚ Patent pending mortar hydration vents accelerate thin-

The STRATA_HEAT™ floor heating system is the most

set curing for faster dry time of porcelain and larger format

advanced radiant floor heating system available in the world.

tiles—grout the next day

Consisting of a high performance floor heating wire, an uncoupling mat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat and the world’s first

❚ STRATA_HEAT Mat design maximizes thin-set to wire contact producing a faster heat-up time with even heat distribution

heat conductive thin-set additive—the system provides you

❚ STRATA_HEAT Wire installs easily in mat—lays flat and secure

with the most advanced and efficient floor heating system for

❚ Optical coverage verification—translucent features allows for

your next installation.

easy determination of mortar


STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack

STRATA_HEAT™ Wire is designed for use in STRATA_HEAT

Available only from LATICRETE, STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack

Mat§ or with STRATA_HEAT Spacing Strips. Offered in both

is a patent pending additive designed exclusively for use

120V and 240V versions with cable length options ranging

in select LATICRETE adhesives. Utilizing Thermal Diffusion

from 17 ft to 830 ft (5.2 m to 253 m) spools, STRATA_HEAT

Technology™, heat generated from the STRATA_HEAT Wire is

Wire is UL approved and provides you the most design flexibil-

uniformly distributed throughout the adhesive, providing faster

ity with easy installation.

floor heat-up and a more comfortable and energy efficient installation!

❚ Can be used as primary heat source—allows multiple wire spacing combinations ❚ Heavy duty construction, outer jacket provides exceptional performance and durability ❚ Produces virtually zero electromagnetic field ❚ No minimum on a straight run length like other systems— easier to layout ❚ Highly conductive copper wiring provides maximum heat transfer ❚ Easy to install, lays flat and secure in STRATA_HEAT Mat or

❚ Eliminates cold spots between wires—thermal heat diffusion is increased by 20%—providing uniform warmth for more comfort ❚ Reduces energy costs by 15%—since heat is transferred faster and more uniformly to achieve desired floor temp— number of heating cycles are reduced, saves money ❚ Economical and energy efficient— STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack pays for itself in months by lowering electrical utilization costs. ❚

STRATA_HEAT Spacing Strips


The Next Generation in Floor Heating

STRATA_HEAT Mat is an innovative uncoupling membrane designed to accommodate STRATA_HEAT Wire— allowing for easy and secure wire placement prior to installing tile and stone flooring. 72 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q4 2017

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Enhancing Your Shower Design Options

Linear Drains

Square Drains


Seats and Benches

Lightweight Construction Panels

The HYDRO BAN® Shower System offers you a multitude of design options to enhance your beautiful shower/bath designs. Add incremental sales and profit to your projects by offering these innovative shower components and exceed your customer’s expectations, all from one single source – LATICRETE.

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Korlok At Karndean, we see flooring differently... We seek out expressive and intriguing forms in the natural world to influence our unique floor designs. By combining these original features with cutting edge design, we create simply beautiful floors that your customers will love for a lifetime. From design to functionality, everything clicks with Korlok. Featuring a 5G Välinge lock, the most secure locking mechanism on the market, and waterproof K-Core technology, Korlok saves installers time, eliminates claims, and gives your customers peace of mind. 888-266-4343 | |

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