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INNOVATIVE THEN. INNOVATIVE NOW. Our commitment to innovation brings you new dimensions of competitive advantage. Industry-first performance, designs and durability make Armstrong Flooring the leader in hard surface flooring solutions. Our strong brand recognition drives more leads for our retail partners. Our wide range of hard surface flooring helps your sales staff connect your shoppers with the right solutions. And our effective selling tools and marketing programs help grow your sales and profits. For more than 150 years, our commitment to winning products and winning partnerships has made Armstrong the brand of choice for retailers.

Enjoy clear competitive advantage from every angle: Hardwood • Laminate • Luxury Flooring • Engineered Stone • Vinyl Sheet

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Q2 2017


Tell Your Story Scott Humphrey, CEO, WFCA


Who Likes Doing Double Work? Phil Zolan, Executive Director fcB2B, WFCA


Repairing a Substandard Installation Tom Jennings, Board Chairman, WFCA Services, Inc.


Take the Brand Test Paul Freidrichsen

14 Sales Associates Beware — How Starting Off on the Wrong Foot Could Be a Collossal Mistake David Romano, Founder and Owner of Benchmarkinc On the cover: Resina from Landmark Ceramics.


Top Three Questions for Retailers to Ask Before Selling Wood Flooring David Romano, Founder and Owner of Benchmarkinc


What is a Certified Tile Installer? Scott Carothers, Director for Certification and Training, CTEF

20 The Key to Your Business — Social Selling: Making a Connection Between Marketing and Sales Lisbeth Calandrino


Ideas to Go Margo Locust, Publisher Fabulous Floors magazine


Immigration Enforcement: Are You Ready if Your are Raided or Audited? Jeffery W. King, Outside General Counsel for the WFCA


FCIF Grants Andrea Dobbins, Executive Director of the Floor Covering Industry Foundation


Laminate Redefined Annette Callieri


And the Winners Are . . . WFCA Announces the Winners of 2017 Gold Standard Awards


Credit Card Processing — A Few Things Everyone Should Know Chad Ogden, CEO/President, QFloors


Train Your Staff Using New Technology


The Perks of a Fully Integrated Flooring Software System . . .


Showin’ Our Stuff

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Tell Your Story

A Scott Humphrey CEO, WFCA

… stories are the most effective form of human communication, more powerful than any other way of packaging information.

nyone who has heard me speak knows that I truly value the use of a good story as a way of getting my point across. Numerous studies validate the fact that stories aid in engagement and retention. If you want someone to remember what you are saying, share a story that illustrates your key point. So here is the question, “If a story can help people remember the key points in a presentation, doesn’t it make sense that “Your” story can help a consumer remember: why they should shop with you, how their experience with you will be different, and what differentiates you from your competition”? According to an article by Peter Gruber published in Psychology Today magazine, “Telling stories is not just the oldest form of entertainment… stories are the most effective form of human communication, more powerful than any other way of packaging information.” He goes on to say that stories are, “the most efficient means of persuasion in everyday life, the most effective way of translating ideas into action, whether you are green-lighting a $90 million film project, motivating employees to meet an important deadline, or getting your kids through a crisis.” Here are some things you should think about when considering telling your business’story:

1. Make sure your story fulfills the 3 C’s. Concise — The longer your story, the more likely you will lose your audience. At best, they will lose key elements that might be important when you issue your call to action. Your story should center around no more than three points, and less is likely better. In my former training life, I used to encourage people to hone their “Elevator Speech”. I would encourage them to imagine that they got on the elevator with an individual that they needed to influence. The goal was to tell their story before they got to the top floor. That was a challenge in our building, as we only had 5 floors. Nevertheless, the concept still makes sense. Create your story with the mindset there is a very limited timeframe in which to tell it. Consistent — Tell your story the same every time you tell it. This is not to say that you can’t add new elements to your story depending on the audience you are addressing. It has more to do with consistency no matter the medium. If your social media tells one story, your website tells another, and your radio ads tell yet another, you are likely confusing your audience. Imagine the “rifle verses shotgun” analogy. A shotgun scatters its ammunition when the trigger is pulled. It covers a broader trajectory, but with less impact. A rifle on the other hand sends out a single projectile with targeted force. Your message must be targeted and consistent.

2 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Compelling — I enjoy a good story for pure entertainment purposes. Maybe you do to, but that is not the purpose of your story. You are telling your story to compel customers to “Check you out”. Make sure your story has a relevant point — a call to action. What is it you want them to do after hearing about your business. Never assume that they know. Think of the end of your story as the prime opportunity for you to ask for the order.

2. Make sure your employees know, can, and are telling your story. Maybe the first thing you should ask is, “Do your employees know your story?” If not, there is no way you can be confident that they are telling the same story you are. I meet so many leaders who feel like their staff knows what the story is that they should be telling. Proverbs 29:18 says it best, “Without a vision, the people perish.” Who is the one responsible for casting that vision? It is most likely the person reading this article. So what is the vison, the focus, the goal, the story you want your team to be telling. Whatever it is, it is your responsibility to not only tell your story to your team, but to reiterate it on an ongoing basis to make sure they understand it.

3. Someone else is telling your story. One of the primary reasons you should be telling your story is the knowledge that others are already telling their version. Ask yourself this question, “Who else might be telling your story”? Satisfied Customers are telling your story every chance they get. In fact, you should encourage them to do so. Ask for testimonials from those who tell you how you have exceeded their expectations. The challenge is that satisfied customers just aren’t as likely to tell their story as those who have a complaint. Still, there are ways to encourage them to speak on your behalf. Try sending flowers to a customer thanking them for purchasing from you. Every person that comes into their home will ask about the flowers. They will have no option but to tell your story. I have also heard a similar idea with a helium balloon saying “thank you”. How ever you do it, you should encourage your satisfied customers to tell your story.

Dissatisfied Customers I have never fully understood why, but frustrated customers can’t wait to tell their story — which becomes your story. This past weekend I traveled to Atlanta to speak at an industry function. I met a couple of members of my staff for dinner. Not long into our conversation, one of them shared with me a problem she encountered with her room. She called the front desk, but there was no response. By the time she called again, the story had been written in her mind. I asked her yesterday, “How many times have you told that story?” She rattled off a list of names of others she had told. What is even scarier is that each of those people have likely told her story to others. This was a reputable hotel chain. I am sure they think their story is one of a quality experience with top notch customer service. The problem is, they are no longer in charge of their story. Your Competition Your competition likely knows your story. They know the things you are good at because they compete with you on a daily basis. They also have a pretty good idea of your weaknesses. It is possible that one of your dissatisfied customers has come into their store and shared their experience. One thing is certain, if they are telling your story, it is not the one you want told, and they will tell your story as often as necessary. In fact, many of them survive on not telling their own story, but on telling yours. They have no real story of their own, except to point out the differences in their business and yours. That is why there is even more reason for you to be telling your story your way. Finally, if you want to find out how you are doing in telling your story, simply ask. Start with your employees. Ask them what your story is, and you might be surprised. Dive in even further by asking friends and family what they deem your story to be. Finally, dare to ask your customers. In an industry where so many attribute “word of mouth” as the key to their success, one skillset you can’t afford to hope you are good at is telling your story. As a leader, I challenge you to define it concisely, tell it consistently, and make it compelling. ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

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4 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

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Who Likes Doing Double Work? If you gave me $1, and I gave you $3.50 in return, would you do it? What if I said you could do this many times a day, every working day of the year?

Phil Zolan Executive Director fcB2B World Floor Covering Association


f this is starting to sound like an infomercial, it’s not. It’s the entire reason why our industry is finally changing how it handles product catalogs, purchase orders and invoices. Why is this happening? Like most other things in the world, follow the money. I’ve seen three separate studies showing that it is three to four times more expensive to process a purchase order or invoice manually, rather than electronically. And that does not take into account the additional savings you get from reduced errors in the ordering process. There are three basic ways retailers do business today: First, there’s the old fashioned way. They call customer service to place an order, fax in orders (yes, people still do that!), email orders, and some are even sending orders in the mail. It’s all manual, and is the most costly and error riddled way to conduct business. They maintain records locally in Excel or QuickBooks, or some other way, and have some method for keeping track of everything. The second way is only slightly better than the first. They have some internal process to run their business, whether it be paper, Excel, QuickBooks, or even one of the great flooring specific software tools out there (see and click on the Partners tab, to see who those are). BUT, to place orders, check prices, and see invoices, they go to the manufacturers website and re-key everything from their existing system into the manufacturer’s system. That’s double work. Don’t you have better things to do?

I’ve seen three separate studies showing that it is three to four times more expensive to process a purchase order or invoice manually, rather than electronically.

6 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

In the spirit of “work smarter, not harder,” you will see the benefits almost immediately, and free up employees’ time to do more important things.

So what’s the third, best, and least expensive way? It’s simple. Get one of the flooring specific software tools and use the B2B functionality they provide. You don’t need to be a software expert to use them either. Practically all major manufacturers and distributors are on board and are doing business electronically. In the spirit of “work smarter, not harder,” you will see the benefits almost immediately, and free up employees’ time to do more important things. One last thing for the manufacturers out there. Consider incentivizing your retailers to do business B2B. It would be a win-win for the industry. Order entry error claims would go down, order speed would go up, and the cost to process orders will drop. There are tens of millions of dollars of savings out there for the industry, they’re real, help unleash them! Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer that’s interested in starting to make more of your business transactions electronic, but don’t know where to start? Drop me an email at, and we’ll set a time to talk you through the steps. ❚

A Special “Thank You” to all the manufacturers and their marketing departments who provided outstanding editorial to make this publication a success. Publishing Staff Margo Rodgers Locust, Publisher Karen George, Managing Editor Lisbeth Calandrino, Associate Editor Stan Michelson, Communications Director Ray Stewart, Production Manager Toelke Associates/Ron Toelke, Creative Director Editorial and Advertising Offices: Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC Phone: 678-761-5002 | Email: Columnists Annette Callari, Leah Gross, David Romano, Lisbeth Calandrino, Michael Vickers, Paul Friederichsen, Josh McGinnis, Jeffrey King, John Simonson, Robert Blochinger WFCA Scott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer Tom Jennings, Vice President, Professional Development Freida Staten, Vice President Marketing + Communications Steve Abernathy, Chief Financial Officer Kay Wiley, Executive Assistant to the CEO The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) Phone: 855-330-1183 | Email: Premier Flooring Retailer is a joint initiative of the World Floor Covering Association and Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC. Copyright© FABULOUS FLOORS MAGAZINE and WFCA 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any way without written consent from Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC or The WFCA. Change of Address: in order to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of Premier Flooring Retailer, notice of change should be made at least 5 weeks in advance. Premier Flooring Retailer is published quarterly in print by Fabulous Floors Magazine, LLC located at 916 Main Street Andrews, NC 28901 and the World Floor Covering Association located at 855 Abutment Road, Suite 1, Dalton, GA 30721. Application to mail at the Periodicals Postage Prices is pending at Brimfield, Ohio and at additional mailing offices. Postmaster: Please send address changes to WFCA, 855 Abutment Road, Suite 1, Dalton, GA 30721.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Repairing a Substandard Installation

W Tom Jennings Tom Jennings is a lifelong member of the flooring business. Since selling his family’s retail business in 2006, he has served the industry as an educator and speaker. He is a past board chairman of the WFCA and is currently the board chairman of WFCA Services, Inc. and WFCA vice president of professional development. He may be reached at

hile visiting a WFCA member recently, I observed the following painted on the windows of a large box store across the street: “$39 entire house carpet installation.” On the windows of the member dealer was a sign, “We fix $39 installations!” Though I am sure that this member wanted to make the point that they had more competent installers, and that you really do most often get what you pay for, I found this sign to be nearly as misleading as the box store’s $39 offer. Typically a botched installation cannot be properly repaired. Simply stated, there are no mulligans in flooring installation! Installing flooring is a process — one brick on top of another. If the substrate preparation was done incorrectly, there is no repair possible once the tiled is glued down. If the goods used are not running the correct direction, there is no remedy. If the edges are not properly sealed when constructing a carpet seam, there is no going back to correct this omission. You will just have to live with the raveled edges and peaked appearance going forward. Also, if the seam is apparent after being stretched, odds are great that the seaming iron used was too hot and melted the carpets secondary backing. Irreparable, yet totally avoidable! If a carpet was not properly power stretched originally, it is very difficult to repair later, as any door seams will need to be remade, furnace vent holes will not align correctly, etc. You get the idea. While sometimes a floor can be made to “look better,” unless additional materials are available, truly fixing a poor quality installation is usually a lost cause. Think of the art of flooring installation in the same light as you would when preparing a meal. You would not expect to be able to change the recipe, or the ingredients, once the dish was in the oven. You are simply faced with the decision to either accept the final results as they are (burnt toast anyone?), or start the process over. A dish removed from the oven is no longer merely a compilation of ingredients, but rather a finished product. Cooking is a process. A process that must be both learned and perfected. That’s why you see cooking classes offered at every level from night school up through the professional ranks. The best results are likely to be produced by the best workers, using quality ingredients and the best tools. Really, the art of installing flooring is no different. There is a big difference between an installer just trying to figure it out by himself, and correctly being taught. That’s why the CFI has developed an expanded offering of installation training classes for both novice

8 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

While sometimes a floor can be made to “look better,” unless additional materials are available, truly fixing a poor quality installation is usually a lost cause. and more experienced installers. These classes are available for all flooring surfaces, with training durations from one day to five weeks, all taught by master mechanics who truly know their trade. In summation, when working with those who are seeking a remedy for poor workmanship received elsewhere, be empathetic, but offer no promise of any miracle cures. They simply don’t exist. Offering to have your installers come to the rescue is a noble thought, but ultimately will merely add to the customer’s cost and frustration level, jeopardizing your chances to be considered when the next flooring purchase is made. When working with your firm’s customers who are unsatisfied with a less than perfect installation, you must accept the reality that this is a mistake that likely shouldn’t have happened, and the fix will often be neither cheap nor easy. While it is true that training carries an initial cost, a lack of training often carries a far greater cost in the end. Most installation related issues are avoidable. What proactive steps is your company taking to eliminate them? Contact the CFI today (816-231-4646) to discuss your options. You, and your customers, will be glad that you did. ❙

See Tom’s Tips on page 17


LET CFI HELP YOU NAVIGATE YOUR TOUGH CLAIMS AND INSTALLATION ISSUES. Access to Member Exclusive Technical Services: Professional Installation Advice on All Surfaces Report Evaluation and Non-Biased Advice on Claims 24/7 Tech Line (Problems Don't Have A Regular Schedule!) Pool of Expert Inspectors Should a 2nd Inspection Be Needed* + 20% Discount on ALL Training



a division of:

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Take the Brand Test


Paul Freidrichsen

n our last article “Test Your Marketing Basics,” we explored the fundamentals you should have in order to market your business, from knowing your customer and your competition to having a plan and building relationships. At the center of it all is your brand. Yet many people, even those who may be in charge of marketing for their company or store, may have misconceptions about what a brand is or what it does. A few years ago, I introduced the “Take the Brand Test” and it became quite popular, simply because it cleared up some of the mystery and misconceptions about branding. Here are 10 true/false statements to test your own “brand appreciation.” See how well you do:

Paul Friederichsen is a partner in The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy and a contributing writer to

1. Only companies or organizations own brands. ✘ False The true owner of the brand is the customer. Disappoint the customer by altering the brand product or promise and the customer will vote thumbs down with his or her wallet.

Branding Strategy Insider and the New York Daily News.

2. Real brands are the ones that are advertised. ✘ False Even now, our basic notion of brands is still tied to advertising support, especially TV ads. But nowadays, with social media and “category killing” retail chains, “real” brands can be quite real without mass advertising.

3. Brands have a life cycle. ✔ True Brands are created, grow and mature. At some point (depending on the category where they exist) they either evolve with the changing marketplace or begin their decline.

4. Brands can lose their meaning. ✔ True Brands can lose their meaning by being a victim of their own success. If not adequately protected, a popular brand can become a generic. Marketers can also stretch their brands too far, seeking to capitalize on their popularity by extending them into adjacent categories where the consumer may choose not to follow.

10 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

A few years ago, I introduced the “Take the Brand Test” and it became quite popular, simply because it cleared up some of the mystery and misconceptions about branding. 5. Brands are more than just a name or logo. ✔ True Brands are more than just skin deep. They must have meaning to their customer.

6. The brand is fundamental to your marketing. ✘ False Branding forces you to consider not only the identity of your product or service, but how it’s competitively positioned in the marketplace.

7. Every detail makes or breaks your brand ✔ True Ever visited the offices of a brand that you had a glowing perception about, based on its slick advertising or website, only to discover dead potted plants, dusty waiting room furniture and a rude receptionist in the lobby?

8. When it comes to brands, size does matter. ✘ False Goliath usually beats the crap out of David in today’s marketplace, thanks to the larger brand’s ability to outspend and out distribute the little guy. Even so, smaller brands can take their own bite.

9. The younger generation is less affected by brands. ✘ False Millennials are just as influenced by brand preference as Boomers.

10. “Store Brands” are always inferior to “Advertised Brands.” ✘ False Proprietary brands, especially in packaged and soft goods, are often equal to or superior to many of the “famous name” competitors. These proprietary brands command very high compliance standards and specifications in order to maintain repeat purchases and customer loyalty. See how well your team does with this, because the sooner everyone gets on the same page about branding, the more successful you’ll be. ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



12 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

C A L L U S AT 8 6 6 -7 0 6 -9 7 4 5 O R VI S I T DWC AR P E T. C OM Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Sales Associates Beware — How Starting Off on the Wrong Foot Could Be a Colossal Mistake What if I told you that one simple adjustment to your sales pitch could be the difference between taking a vacation to Venice, Italy or Venice, Florida? One simple thing that, on the average, can provide an increase in commission from $3,000 to $5,000 per year. That one thing is a unique, but proper greeting. David Romano David Romano is founder and owner of Benchmarkinc and its predecessor, Romano Consulting Group. David’s professional career spans nearly 20 years of management experience in the retail, restaurant and consulting industries. His companies have been providing consulting, benchmarking, and recruiting services for


he overused, “What brings you in today,” the super vanilla, “What project are you working on,” or the terrible, “What can I do for you today” are very bad ways to start a sales relationship. Good relationships start with that wonderful first moment and then gain momentum by establishing rapport and building trust. Now, couple the bad greeting with the fact that most sales associates attempt to build rapport while standing, with the customer, right at the front door. Often, the initial greeting is followed by a barrage of questions such as, “Are you looking for carpet, wood, ceramic, or resilient? Do you have a particular style in mind? What is your timeframe? Do you have kids? Pets? Do you know how much you want to spend?” These are all important things to know, but not in the first 60 seconds of a new relationship. What happened to the romance in the sale? Getting to know someone before you ask them detailed questions? There are many ways to start off a sale on the right foot, but a technique that rarely fails looks a little something like this:

nearly a decade exclusively for the flooring and restoration industries.

• Welcome the customer to the store with a warm greeting, handshake, and introduction. “Hi, good afternoon. I am David (extend hand), and you are? Great, welcome to Awesome Flooring” (Start walking away from the door and into the showroom). • Then go into a bit about the store. “Is this your first time in the store?” If they say yes, tell them some cool stuff about the company and do a brief elevator speech about you and your experience. If they say no, welcome them back and… Sales Associates Beware... continued on page 31

14 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Atlanta, PhoenixGA.-----------October , AZ.-----------March 17-18 21-22 Atlanta, GA.-----------October 17-18

SanAntonio, Antonio,TX-----December TX-----December5-6 5-6 San

Sacramento, CA.------February4-6 7-9 Seattle, WA.-----------------April Seattle, WA.-----------------April 4-6 Philadelphia, PA.-----------June 6-8 Philadelphia, PA.-----------June 6-8 Denver, CO. ----------------July 11-13 Denver, CO. ----------------July11-13 11-13 Houston, TX.-------September Houston, TX.-------September 11-13 Orlando, FL.----------December 5-7 • OfferOrlando, them something to drink and/or eat. “Before FL.----------December 5-7 we get started with your project may I get you a cold water, some iced tea, soft drink, coffee, beer or glass of wine? While I am getting that drink, can I get you a 3-4 cookie, Nashville, TN.----------------May 3-4 Nashville, TN.----------------May Dallas, TX.---------September 20-21 muffin, someTX.---------September fruit, nuts, or cheese and crackers?” Dallas, 20-21 • Direct them to a nice comfortable place to sit while you get the drink and snack. This will be the location where you and the customer will be comfortable discussing the details of the project, start to build rapport, and establish trust.

Don’t forget to check out the WFCA Online University for sales associates and every other position in your business at Don’tItforget to check the WFCA Online University for from salesgood associates andby every other position in your business is packed with out courses designed to take your staff to great testing them after each module and at even providing It is packed with designed to take your staff from good to great byortesting themRomano after each module and even certifications. Visit courses call David at (919) 636-6871 forproviding more details. certifications. Visit or call David Romano at (919) 636-6871 for more details.


High Risk for Staffinitis this season. There you have it, four easy tips to dancing the sales salsa High Risk for Staffinitis this season. Let Benchmarkinc be yourinstead cure.of tripping over your two left feet and crashing the Let Benchmarkinc be your cure. sale. The difference between a 35% close rate (wrong foot) Staffinitis is a nagging condition that infects both the carrier and the Staffinitis is a that employees, infects bothare thefinding carrieritand the yourself entire staff! If nagging you havecondition unproductive difficult Save the close time rate and (right energy of searching for between your and 40% foot) is somewhere to attract candidates, or lack time and expertise recruit entire staff!qualified If you have unproductive employees, are finding itto difficult next hire. Let us recruit for you. and screen applicants, you mayor belack suffering fromexpertise Staffinitis. to attract qualified candidates, time and to recruit three and five thousand more in commissions per year. and screen applicants, you may be suffering from Staffinitis. Call Benchmarkinc immediately so we can provide the cure to your have specialists. to be an argumentative nature WeYou arewould flooring We get toperson knowbyyour ailment with our staffing expertise. Call Benchmarkinc immediately so we can provide the cure to your business and your exact needs and then we do the ailment with our staffing expertise. to dispute that starting off with an effective greeting, Each year we place hundreds of top-notch candidates in flooring rest of the work. We thoroughly vet each companies throughout the US and Canada. We do the hard work of Each year we place hundreds of top-notch candidates in flooring wouldn’t bring about a five-point difference in close rates candidate finding thethroughout right person forUS the job, screen applicants, test their a job before they get to you so be assured companies the and Canada. We do the hard workskills of and complete fit analysis to see if they have the fortitude and experience to handle the position, complete and more money your pocket for your dream vacation, finding the right person for the job, screen applicants, test their skills and complete a only job we findinthe best. nationwide background and reference checks, and even negotiate the offer. Best fit analysis tocriminal see if they have the fortitude and experience to handle the position, complete of all we are flooring experts and pretty cool to work with! niceBest deposit to your savings account ❙ nationwide criminal background and reference checks, and even negotiate or the aoffer. of all we are flooring experts and pretty cool to work with!

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Top Three Questions for Retailers to Ask Before Selling Wood Flooring 1. Is your home built on a slab, or over a crawl space or basement? Knowing how the foundation of the home is constructed can help you determine which products will work best in your customer’s home. If your customer’s home is built on a slab foundation, an engineered wood flooring product will likely perform best. If your customer’s home is built over a crawl space or basement, either engineered wood floors or solid wood floors will likely perform well. Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of wood veneers, and adhesives to bind them together. The grain of each layer runs in perpendicular directions, which makes engineered wood floors very dimensionally stable. This means that the wood will expand and contract less during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Engineered wood floors also are less susceptible to moisture related issues, which can be more common with slab construction. Solid wood floors can sometimes also be used on slab foundations, but only if the manufacturer of the wood flooring specifically recommends it.

2. What’s your home décor like? Is it formal, traditional, casual, country, modern, rustic? A customer’s home décor will give you a big clue about which wood flooring types and species may work best for her home. Homes that are modern, traditional or formal will likely look best with wood floors that have a smooth surface, while homes that are casual, country or rustic will likely look best with wood floors that have a rough or distressed texture. 16 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

The species can often enhance the home’s décor as well. Generally speaking, dark woods like walnut or mahogany will make a room appear more stately and refined. Medium woods like hickory or oak will make a room appear more warm and cozy. Light woods like ash or maple will make a room appear more open and airy.

3. What’s your lifestyle like at home? Are you retired, do you have teenagers living in the house, young children, or pets? Wood floors can stand up to any lifestyle, but different products are made to perform well in different environments, both geographically, and based on lifestyle. The species selected can have a huge impact on performance as well. Knowing as much as you can about your customer’s lifestyle can help you steer them in the right direction. ❙



have long believed in the concept that “Champions don’t do one thing 100% better — they do 100 things 1% better than their competition.” Those who are the most productive at retail realize that success lies in the details. To assist your staff with mastering this concept, I have produced a series of two minute videos for the WFCA website titled “Tom’s Tips” that are designed to introduce proven methods of increasing the effectiveness of every member of your sales staff. A sample selection of the offerings include: “BEING DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT” — identifying one thing about your company that makes it distinctively different from others in your marketplace, “WE ALL LIKE NICE THINGS” — don’t leave money on the table by not knowing how to properly present options to a prospect, and “MAKING A QUICK CONNECTION” — successful people realize that the way to build trust with a customer is to focus on the customer themselves, not on products. These are just a few of the dozens of topics covered. I invite you to begin making your sales staff one percent better than the competition — in a hundred different ways! Tom Jennings

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



What is a Certified Tile Installer?


re you aware of the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program? It’s the only third-party assessment of installer skill and knowledge recognized by the tile industry. CTIs ensure that the tile your

customers have selected will be both functional and beautiful for years to come.

What makes Certified Tile Installers stand out? 1. A Certified Tile Installer is Qualified Labor Becoming a Certified Tile Installer is not exactly easy. The test is designed for experienced

Scott Carothers Director of Certification and Training, CTEF Scott is responsible for the creation of the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program, involved in the creation of the Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT) program and provides training to others in the tile industry. He has been immersed in the ceramic tile industry for over 36 years and was the owner of a successful retail and installation firm prior to coming to CTEF. Scott has served as President of the NTCA, Chairman of the NTCA Technical Committee, been named the NTCA Tile Person of the Year in 2005, and the Ring of Honor recipient in 2013. He is a voting member of the ANSI and the TCNA Handbook committees.

installers who put themselves to a test of their knowledge, skill, experience, and time management. These are the abilities needed to produce high quality, long lasting, successful installations using United States Tile Industry standards and methods, along with time-tested proven best practices. Having passed this rigorous examination of knowledge and skills, the Certified Tile Installer is considered to be Qualified Labor by the tile industry in the United States.

2. Qualified Labor Uses Only Appropriate Tile Installation Methods Certified Tile Installers construct every aspect of a tile installation using the appropriate methods and details outlined by the following two standards. • The TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation • The American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile, also called the ANSI standards

3. Qualified Tile Professionals Educate Potential Customers You’ll find that qualified tile professionals present their customers with written proposals that include the methods and details to be used in each aspect of a tile installation. This educates potential customers and helps them to appreciate the benefits of working with a qualified tile installation professional. In educating customers, CTIs explain the details and intricacies of a successful tile installation and why every aspect behind or under the installation matters so much. CTIs understand these aspects and base their installations on quality construction. Your customers’ hard-earned money and time will be best invested in you and your professional installers because the end results produced for them will be just what they want. They will be beautiful, and will withstand the test of time.

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4. C ertified Tile Installers Stay in the Know about Tile Industry Developments Qualified tile installers are proud to stay “in the know” and aware of the changes in the tile industry so they always deliver quality tile installations to their clients. 1 11/30/16 9:41 Learn AM more If they aren’tCTI-enroll_3-375x4-875.pdf already, encourage your installers to become Certified Tile Installers. by visiting ❙

Certified Tile Installer


WANT TO BE THE BEST? The Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program is the only third-party assessment of a tile installation professional’s skill and knowledge that is recognized by the tile industry.









Visit our website and put yourself above the competition. GET CERTIFIED!

Your customers’ hard-earned money and time will be best invested in you and your professional installers because the end results produced for them will be just what they want, will be beautiful, and will stand the test of time.

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The Key to Your Business— Social Selling: Making a Connection Between Marketing and Sales

T Lisbeth Calandrino An industry veteran, Lis Calandrino has more than 50 years in the flooring industry. She has worked at all levels of the industry, from retail to manufacturing. She has served as business coach, trainer and keynote speaker. She is also a consultant, writer and blogger. Lis provides top notch training in the areas of customer service, sales, change, building competitive advantage, using social media to build your business, creating the customer experience, and building the customer’s “moment of truth.”

he other day I was chatting about Facebook with a retailer. I asked if his salespeople were posting on his business Facebook page. “I told my sales people to stay off social media during work.” He added, “What could they possibly be doing on there? Talking to people?” I break out in a sweat when I hear things like that! Social media is all about talking to people and building community. Could a business really be so lucky as to have friendly, social media savvy salespeople? I know what he’s thinking: I’ve heard it a million times. “They’re online talking about nothing.” What others might consider “nothing” is perfect for social media or social selling. It reminds me of when Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza, when they pitched their TV show. When asked what the show was about, George says, “It’s about nothing.” In reality, “nothing” is basically about everyday life. And conversation about everyday life is what sells. Today’s sales model is a cross between marketing and sales. Salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Through this interaction, they are connecting and building community with the consumer. Some of the community may already be customers, and others are possibilities. Social selling is about creating better relationships with new or existing customers. The old sales model was about cold calling, getting leads and qualifying them, and doing lots of sales demonstrating. You’re all familiar with cold calling. In fact, many of you are still doing it. By the way, statistics show that less than 5% of business people reply to a cold call. The new way of selling means using social media networks to reach new prospects, educate them on how your company can help them grow their business, and nurture them through content. Sales people are in the best position to help you grow your business. If they’re on some type of commission system, and I hope they are, they have the most ‘skin in the game’ as they say. They will benefit from having the opportunity to grow online relationships and finding other ways to network. The larger their own Facebook network, the more customers they can drive to your web site.

20 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Today’s sales model is a cross between marketing and sales. Salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Let’s say you have ten salespeople with 3000 friends in their network. That means they have contact with over 30,000 people. Contrast that to your business Facebook page where you are struggling to build 1000 connections! When I explained this to a business owner, I thought his head would blow off! Remember: To grow your business network, you need to have a hefty personal network. What’s most important is the number of engagements and conversations with your customers. Since your salespeople have the most time with customers and know them the best, they need opportunities to engage these customers. It’s not the ‘likes’ that’s important; it’s the conversations. If they can connect with those ‘likes’ and start talking, you’re on a roll. Marketing is about engagement, in contrast to advertising. Advertising is getting the word out and being in front of possible customers. It is often very costly, and it’s not easy to determine its effectiveness. Marketing is engaging customers, bringing them into your world, and getting to know them. It can be quite inexpensive, and can be tracked. Having your salespeople engage with customers is

not costly and can certainly be tracked. You can measure the outcome of their connections. Your salespeople should be seen as marketers and should be given the opportunity to connect with customers as often as possible. It would be worth it to discuss with them ways to connect with your customers. It’s likely they have some terrific ideas on ways to connect—by holding events in your store, or having the customers join you in working in the community. For more information on growing your network you can order Lisbeth’s book, “50 Events to Drive Traffic to Your Store.” ❙

What are Lisbeth’s customers saying? The training was extremely helpful and relevant I wanted to sincere thank you again for providing the BEST Communications training to our office. The training was extremely helpful and relevant for our staff and the work we do. Even today, we were still having conversations regarding how we can apply what we learned to our everyday work. I have cc’d our Executive Director, Mr. Tobin, so that you have his contact information as you requested. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future. Thank you! Rochelle M. Howard, Deputy Director District of Columbia Office of Police Complaints

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IDEAS TO GO! Celebrating its 15th year, Fabulous Floors is the first and only consumer magazine devoted solely to flooring styles as a key design element in home decor. It is uniquely positioned to be a valuable sales tool for your store. ❙ Published by owners of a specialty floor store serving residential and commercial clients ❙ First-hand knowledge of what consumers and the A&D community needs ❙ First-hand knowledge of the inner workings and needs of a stand-alone specialty flooring store Margo Rodgers Locust, Publisher, Fabulous Floors Margo Locust began her career in flooring over 35 years ago. She is the owner and publisher of Fabulous Floors Magazine, a consumer publication. In 2015 she returned to the retail environment by opening a retail flooring store in Andrews, North Carolina. Locust Trading Company, a Cherokee Indian-owned business has had great success in the residential, commercial and contract markets. In late 2016 she took over the publishing of Premier Flooring Retailer Magazine for the WFCA, giving the magazine a fresh, new retailer’s perspective.

Don’t count the people you reach — reach the people who count! Fabulous Floors magazine reaches the people that advertisers are targeting to promote their corporate brands and products. The magazine is delivered in print and digital formats, ensuring our readers — the consumers and interior designers you are looking to reach — receive the latest information on floor coverings in their format of choice. Many articles appearing in Fabulous Floors magazine are accessed by more than 100,000 readers as they are shared between a variety of distribution channels: Digital copies are available to over 30,000 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) members.

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How to use FABULOUS FLOORS Magazine in YOUR store: ❙ Giveaway to customers for inspiration and ideas ❙ Help sales people with new products ❙ Show customer’s product applications through room scenes ❙ Create a label that says “Compliments of….” with your store name and information. ❙ Then place magazines in local waiting areas (medical and dental offices, etc.) ❙ Staple a coupon or offer from your store on the cover ❙ Send (along with a personal letter or deliver one) to: past customers you want back! ❙ Send them via direct mail with a letter and coupon! (see below) ❙ Current/recent customers as a way to say “thank you” ❙ Designers and decorators
 ❙ Architects ❙ Builders/contractors ❙ Insurance offices ❙ Real estate agents

Promote them for free, in-store pickup in your advertising ❙ Print ads, ❙ Radio and TV commercials, ❙ Caller-on-hold messages, ❙ Billing statements ❙ Website ❙ In-store signage ❙ Private sale gift ❙ Use as educational tools and reminders for your sales force ❙ Slip in your own coupon worth $50 off a purchase of $500 or more ❙ Make them available as giveaways at special events ❙ Use Fabulous Floors magazine in bulk for use by sales people, for home shows, mailings etc. Get your copies today. $1 per copy plus the cost of shipping. Email or call (678) 761-5002.

Fabulous Floors has also produced numerous specialty publications for industry associations, promoting wood, tile, laminate, and resilient flooring products — as well as for the prestigious “Campaign for Wool,” the global initiative founded by Great Britain’s Prince Charles to promote the use of sustainable wool in a host of consumer products, especially wool carpet and rugs. Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


Every now and then a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry and makes life better. That every now and then is now. Meet Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™. Making the good life better is what we do. And we’ve done it with innovative flooring that is breathtaking and performs beautifully. Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ can be found in various industries



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Features & Benefits Easy to Clean & Stylish Luxury Woven Vinyl™ is incredibly easy to clean and even resists fading, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Along with its resilient texture Luxury Woven Vinyl™ even repels harsh odors and spills!

Antimicrobial Luxury Woven Vinyl™ does not promote bacteria growth and is mold and mildew resistant, offering a versatile solution wherever it is installed.

Safe, Comfortable & Durable Luxury Woven Vinyl™ comes in 18 collections and 180 colors! It offers a built in non-slip, cushion backing which makes this flooring particularly comfortable and durable.

Photos Courtesy of Harris Pontoon Boats and Tiara Yachts

Simply Better Flooring

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Immigration Enforcement: Are You Ready if You are Raided or Audited?

W Jeffrey W. King Outside General Counsel for the WFCA Jeffrey King has more than 35 years’ experience in complex litigation with a focus on contracts, employment, construction, antitrust, intellectual property and health care. He serves as general counsel for WFCA and other trade associations, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. For more information, contact him at (561) 278-0035 or

ith the election of President Trump, flooring retailers, contractors and installers need to begin preparing for increased enforcement of the immigration laws. Employers can expect increased audits to ensure that employers have accurately completed and maintained Form I-9s, which attest to the legal status of employees. In addition to I-9 audits, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) can raid your workplace. Accordingly, flooring companies should take steps to ensure they are prepared for I-9 audits and workplace raids.

Basic Requirements It is illegal to hire undocumented immigrants. To ensure that, employers are required to have workers fill out an I-9 form that declares them to be authorized to work in the country. The I-9 forms must be completed and the information verified within three business days of the employee’s first day of work. The employee must also provide documents to verify his or her legal status, such as a U.S passport, permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card, a government issued drivers license with a Social Security card, and other documents specified by ICE. A complete list of the acceptable documents is listed at the end of the Form I-9. (The Form can be accessed at https:// An employer must verify that identifying documents reasonably appear to be genuine and relate to the individual. In addition, ICE introduced the E-Verify system in 2010. This allows an employer to verify photographs on identifying documents by comparing it with on screen photographs from certain government issued documents, including passports, passport cards, permanent resident cards and employee authorization cards. The employer must also maintain a copy of the employee’s photo identification to support the I-9 documents. Employers do not send the forms to ICE. Rather, the employer is required by law to maintain for inspection original Forms 1-9 for all current employees. In the case of former employees, the 1-9 Forms are required to be retained for at least three years from the date of hire, or for one year after the employee is no longer employed, whichever is longer. Moreover, there are technical requirements that must be strictly followed. For example, if an employer discovers that the employee made a mistake

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It is illegal to hire undocumented immigrants. To ensure that, employers are required to have workers fill out an I-9 form that declares them to be authorized to work in the country. in the information verifying his or her immigration status, the employer must ask the employee to correct the error by drawing a line through the incorrect information, entering the correct information and initialing and dating the correction. It is not enough to simply whiteout the incorrect information and substitute the correct information.

• Invalid identifying document, especially if more than one document is needed to verify the status of an employee;

ICE Audits

• Lack of supporting documentation for E-verify photographs for passports, passport cards, permanent resident cards and employee authorization cards.

The ICE periodically audits the I-9 forms and an employer’s compliance with the requirements. Certain industries, including the construction industry, can expect to be targeted for audits. Generally, ICE will request the employer to provide supporting documentation, include a copy of the payroll, list of current employees, Articles of Incorporation, and business licenses. The ICE auditors will scour payroll records to find names that do not match Social Security numbers and other identification databases. Minor paperwork mistakes or technical errors can result in costly penalties for employers. The most common mistakes found in these audits are: • Incorrect or missing forms, such as incorrect dates, missing signatures, transposed information, incomplete check boxes or lost documents; • Failure to comply with the three-day rule to complete the form and verify the information and documentation; • Failure to re-verify status where the supporting documentation includes an expiration date (it is the employer’s responsibility to monitor that date and request new documentation prior any expiration);

• Failure to maintain the documents on former employees for one year after the date of termination, or three years after the date of hire; and

For technical or procedural violations, such as minor errors on a few forms, an employer is given ten business days to make corrections. An employer may also be fined for uncorrected technical violations. Fines are significantly higher for more substantive I-9 violations, such as missing work authorization information, missing I-9s, and other missing documentation. Employers determined to have knowingly hired or continued to employ unauthorized people will be required to cease the unlawful activity, may be fined up to $16,000, and criminally prosecuted. Additionally, an employer found to have knowingly hired or continued to employ unauthorized workers, may be subject to debarment, that is, the employer will be prevented from participating in future federal contracts and from receiving other government benefits.

ICE Raids Euphemistically called immigration enforcement operations, ICE agents can raid your workplace. Such raids require that ICE first obtain a search warrant from a court. The warrant must be based on sufficient information that there are immigration violations at the workplace. These raids could be seeking documents, rounding up workers suspected of having illegally immigrated or both. The search warrant will specify what can be searched. Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


Preparing for Audits and Raids If ICE appears at your place of business, the steps your company takes may make a significant difference in how your company is able to protect itself from undue disruption and possible claims that you violated immigration laws and regulations. Below are suggestions on what steps to take to minimize your risks when the government comes knocking. These steps should be incorporated in a plan for responding to government visits. Taking these steps does not guarantee your company will be found to be in compliance with all laws and regulations, but they will make the inspections or search run more smoothly, minimize potential exposure and impress the inspector that you have a well-run and cooperative company.

1. Designate a Lead Person One person should be in charge of responding to the ICE agents. All responses to the investigation should go through the lead person. Having multiple responses could lead to conflicting information and problem. The individual should be selected before an audit or raid and be familiar with the I-9 forms and employment practices.

2. Check Credentials Ask for business cards and identification to make sure the agents really are from ICE. The name and title of each ICE agent conducting the audit or raid should be recorded. If there is any doubt as to the credentials of the individuals, the local ICE office should be contacted to verify the individuals are authorized to conduct the audit or search.

28 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

ICE can conduct a raid without advance notification, but requires the agents have a search warrant issued by a court. You should ask to see the warrant and request a copy of it. 3. Contact Legal Counsel

5. Limit Scope of the Audit or Search

The company should contact its legal counsel. If you received a “Notice of Inspection” to audit your records, arrange to have counsel present for the audit. If ICE is conducting a raid with a search warrant, request the agents wait until counsel is present. Often, the agents will agree to this request if the arrival of counsel is imminent or will not unreasonably delay the search or inspection. Counsel will be able to review the authority for the search or inspections and may be able to limit it and avoid a “fishing expedition” by the government agents.

During an I-9 AUDIT, you are required to produce only the I-9 forms for inspection. ICE cannot seize these forms and you are not required to produce photocopies of the documents employees presented to establish identity and/ or employment eligibility. If ICE agents ask or demand to see anything else, you can refuse and require the agent to get a valid subpoena. With a raid, ICE agents are limited to searching and seizing only the places and items specified in the warrant. The warrant will identify where the agents can search, what specific items can be inspected or to be seized, and the expiration date for the warrant. For example, if the search warrant list your warehouse or workrooms, the ICE agents do not have the right to search your retail store. Accordingly, you and your legal counsel should carefully examine the search warrant and ensure the search is limited to what is specified in the warrant.

4. Determine the Scope of the Inquiry The next step is to find out why investigators are at your business. If it to conduct an I-9 audit to verify employment eligibility and inspect your records, ICE had to provide a written “Notice of Inspection” at least three days before the audit. In the past, ICE agents have presented a subpoena and claimed that you need to comply immediately with the subpoena. A subpoena is not a search warrant issued by a court, but a request issued by ICE to inspect your documents. You are entitled to three days’ advance notice, and ICE cannot use a subpoena for an I-9 audit to shortcut that advance notice. Nonetheless, it is vital that you contact your legal counsel before refusing to let the ICE agents inspect your records. ICE can conduct a raid without advance notification, but requires the agents have a search warrant issued by a court. You should ask to see the warrant and request a copy of it. The search warrant will specify where and what can be searched, and set an expiration date. Generally, the search must be conducted within ten days of when it was issued, and during daylight hours unless the warrant specifically allows night time raids.

6. Contact Outside Vendors and Subcontractors You should immediately advise any contractor or temporary agency that has employees working on site of the ICE raid or audit. You may need these contractors or agencies assistance in responding to any audit or raid. For example, if ICE is seeking information on installers that are employees of a work room you hired, they need to provide the necessary I-9 documents.

7. Monitor and Record The inspectors or agents should never be left alone. You have the right to accompany ICE agents during their search or audit. The company should monitor the search and record everything that is taken and/or copied. To the extent possible, the company monitors should keep a record what areas were inspected or searched. Monitors should also keep track of all employees that speak Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


Neither you nor your employees are required to speak to the ICE agents or answer any questions. You should simply state that you need to consult with your attorney before speaking with the agents. You also are not required to sign anything and should not do so without consulting legal counsel. with government agents, the details of any conversations with agents and any observations or comments made by agents. This should even include any random or off the cuff conversations. Also, note any unusual or disturbing behavior that occurs, such as badgering certain employees or questioning only foreign-appearing or sounding employees. At the end of the search, a comprehensive inventory of which offices and spaces were searched and what was taken or copied, should be compiled to ensure that your company has a full list of all items seized. You should not allow documents to be removed from your property without making copies. As noted above, during an I-9 audit, nothing in the law requires you to give ICE original I-9 forms, or to make photocopies of I-9 forms, unless the ICE agents also have a search warrant or subpoena.

30 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

8. Know Your Rights Neither you nor your employees are required to speak to the ICE agents or answer any questions. You should simply state that you need to consult with your attorney before speaking with the agents. You also are not required to sign anything and should not do so without consulting legal counsel.

9. Communicate with Your Employees It is important to let your employees know what has happened. It is also suggested that you advise your employees that the company has appointed a spokesperson, and that they are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. In addition, you may want to advise your employees that they have the right not to speak to, or answer, the questions of ICE agents. The company should also consider prepar-

ing a response for inquiries from the press, suppliers and customers. This will help your company get back to business, prevent leakage to the press, and avoid the spreading of rumors and gossip. Although beyond the scope of this article, you may want to consider providing guidance to or set up an assistance program for your employees if they are detained in an ICE raid. There are local organizations and legal aid groups that can provide such assistance.

10. Avoid Confrontation You should insist on your rights, but not be confrontational. Do not do anything that could get you into trouble, such as trying to prevent access to the premises, blocking entrances, hiding employees, or advising them to run or hide.

11. Conclusion It is better to be proactive, review compliance and make any needed corrections before ICE comes knocking on your door. If employers wait to make corrections after ICE sends a “Notice of Inspection,” they will likely incur much steeper fines and penalties, up to $1,100 for each I-9 or employee for even “minor” technical violations. Given the complexity of these issues, it is recommended that competent legal counsel be consulted to ensure that you meet all your obligations regarding verifying and documenting your efforts to verify that employees are not illegal immigrants. ❚

Sales Associates Beware... continued from page 10

• Offer them something to drink and/or eat. “Before we get started with your project may I get you a cold water, some iced tea, soft drink, coffee, beer or glass of wine? While I am getting that drink, can I get you a cookie, muffin, some fruit, nuts, or cheese and crackers?” • Direct them to a nice comfortable place to sit while you get the drink and snack. This will be the location where you and the customer will be comfortable discussing the details of the project, start to build rapport, and establish trust. There you have it, four easy tips to dancing the sales salsa instead of tripping over your two left feet and crashing the sale. The difference between a 35% close rate (wrong foot) and 40% close rate (right foot) is somewhere between three and five thousand more in commissions per year. You would have to be an argumentative person by nature to dispute that starting off with an effective greeting, wouldn’t bring about a five-point difference in close rates and more money in your pocket for your dream vacation, or a nice deposit to your savings account ❙

WFCA ONLINE UNIVERSITY Unlimited access to the Online University is offered at $99 per month for ten (10) or less users; and $149 per month for eleven plus (11+) users. This is less than the cost of one Big Mac per day and much better for you. To gather more information about this awesome offering,

Notice: The information contained in this article is abridged from legislation, court decisions, and administrative rulings and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion, and is not a substitute for the advice of counsel.

check out To register for the camps or the online university, go to

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Greetings to the WFCA members from the Floor

Meet J.W. and Brenda.

Covering Industry Foundation! I joined the Floor

Just hours before this picture was taken, J.W.

Covering Industry Foundation in October of

was finishing up 3rd shift as a mechanic at a

2016, and I wanted to have a chance to meet

flooring plant in Georgia. Three minutes after

you here so that I could make sure that you

the picture was taken, he was scheduled

knew about the resources of the Foundation.

for another round of chemo. If you can’t tell,

We provide direct financial assistance to your

J.W. is a fighter. Thanks to the Floor Covering

employees in their time of need.

Industry Foundation, he received a grant to help with medical care and housing expenses.

Here are the three criteria to qualify for a FCIF grant:

Because of generous donations from

1. Life-altering medical event (illness,

J.W.’s battle is a little easier.

accident, disabilities, birth defects)

Andrea Dobbins Executive Director of the Floor Covering Industry Foundation The Floor Covering

2. Household member worked in the floor 3. Financial Crisis

• Know someone who could benefit from a • Want to donate funds? Go to: pages/donations-fcif-contributions.aspx

provide financial assistance

• Like us on Facebook & Twitter.

to those in need in the

• Print our 4 new flyers to post in your

is dedicated to financially assist those who are, or

Kind Regards,

Get Involved!

was founded in 1981 to

flooring industry. The FCIF

you and your organization! ❚

Andrea J. Dobbins, Executive Director

FCIF grant? Download an application at

grow philanthropy, and to

Let me know how I can be a resource for

covering industry for 5+ years

Industry Foundation (FCIF), organize, manage, and

corporations and individuals in the industry,

breakrooms or forward to your HR Team. • Check out the article in the Jan 2017 Floor Trends about FCIF.

have been, affiliated with the floor covering industry who experience illnesses, severe

ing and other functions to the FCIF as

vision for the future of growth and impact

disabilities, or other life-

donated services.

of the foundation.

altering hardships. The Foundation is

We are delighted to announce that

Andrea’s essential job functions include:

Andrea Dobbins has joined the WFCA

Foundation stewardship, strategic planning,

closely connected to and

team as the Executive Director of the Floor

resource development, fundraising/event

managed by the World

Covering Industry Foundation. Andrea will

planning, program development, grant

Floor Covering Association

report to the CFO, Steve Abernathy, of the

making, communications and board rela-

(WFCA). The WFCA pro-

WFCA, and the FCIF Board of Directors,

tions/organizational governance.

vides management, over-

to carry out FCIF’s mission and to develop

sight, marketing, account-

and implement, with industry leaders, a

32 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Please join me in welcoming Andrea Dobbins to the WFCA family.

How CAN The Floor covering Industry Foundation How CAN The Floor covering Industry Foundation HelpMe? Me? Here are a few Help Here examples: are a few examples:

Emergencycare care Rent/ Mortgage Emergency Food Rent/ Mortgage Food Equipment Equipment PhysicalTherapy Therapy DoctorVisits Visits Physical Doctor Utilitybills bills Transportation Utility Transportation X-Rays X-Rays MedicalCare Care Medical Testing Testing

hOUSEMods Mods hOUSE HospitalStays Stays Hospital

Prescriptions Prescriptions

Nursing Care Nursing Care

MEdicalSupplies Supplies MEdical


event #2#2financial Medicalevent financialcrisis crisis ringMedical Life-Altering ##11 Life-Alte YEARsININfLOOR fLOORcOVERING cOVERINGiNDUSTRY. iNDUSTRY. ##33 5+5+YEARs Knowsomeone someoneininneed? need? Know Downloadan anapplication,, Download call call706.217.1183, 706.217.1183,ororemail

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Laminate Redefined US-compliant, domestically produced, practical and beautiful.

T Annette Calliari Annette Callari is an interior design expert with over 20 years of residential and commercial design experience. An allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers and a Chair Holder of the Color Marketing Group International, she is the Southern California commercial sales specialist for Karndean Design Flooring.

hese are the parameters savvy consumers now require when shopping for laminate flooring. It is over two years since the serious issue of compliance was addressed on an episode of “60 Minutes.” You will recall that Lumber Liquidators was subsequently fined $10 million for importing and selling Chinese laminates that far exceeded the acceptable levels of formaldehyde allowed by strict US standards. Since that time, the CARB 2-compliant laminate sector has slowly rebounded, but retailers report that consumers need educated reassurance, as well as third-party compliance certification to substantiate product safety. Many customers confuse laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, so as a refresher, let’s look at the World Floor Covering Association’s definition of laminate: Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together using a lamination process. This type of flooring can accurately simulate almost anything — wood, stone, even photographs or scans of anything imaginable — by covering a photographic applique layer with a clear protective layer. The interior layer is typically composed of melamine resin and fiberboard materials. Most popular are tongue and groove locking systems for ease of installation. Luxury vinyl floors are constructed quite differently, and no formaldehyde is used in production. This is an important distinction for flooring professionals and consumers to know. With that being said, let’s move on to appreciate those laminate products newly introduced that are not only US compliant, but an excellent flooring choice for consumers in this era of redefined laminates.

Above: Mannington Riverside; at right: Mohawk’s Rare Vintage.

34 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Mannington Mannington has had great success the past few years with their Restoration Collection. In fact, it has outsold all their other laminate collections. Manufactured in 8" widths, Mannington is getting creative, cutting the planks to offer variable widths in this new style. Random widths coincide with a design trend that is gaining momentum — all in the vein of creating laminates that are truer to the look of real hardwoods.

plain colors and daring fantasy patterns. From my work as a commercial specifier, I know that bold solid colors are taking center-stage as retro (mid-twentieth century) designs are gaining momentum on both the commercial and residential fronts. The fantasy patterns referred to are just great fun; you have to see them for yourself. I don’t want to describe anything right now — that would be like giving away the ending to a great book. Take a look on line at (or just Google SwissKrono).

Mohawk The product development team at Mohawk agrees with my research, and validation from Color Marketing Group, as to the direction of laminate flooring. Vintage looks, wider planks, varied-width planks, wire-brushed, grayed and limed flooring looks are in high demand. Take a closer look at at these particular laminate styles: • Cottage Villa — Barnhouse Oak • Huchenson — Latte Sawn Oak • Rustic Legacy — Cedar Chestnut and Sandcastle Oak • Cornwall — Gray Flannel Oak Each of these styles truly captures the design directions referenced above.

Kronoswiss/Kronotex The “One World Swiss Collection” is fascinating. Consider a collection that offers a whole palette of refreshing

Armstrong Armstrong is a veteran of laminate flooring production. They very succinctly addressed their position on laminate flooring, as written on their website: Let’s take a look at Armstrong’s contributions to laminate: Architectural Remnants is a distinguished collection. These laminates have the look of beautiful reclaimed woods. Three in particular have been headliners: Global Reclaim (Worldly Hue); Woodland Reclaim (Old Original Barn Gray), and Woodland Reclaim (Old Original Wood Brown). Both of the Woodland Reclaim styles feature varying plank sizes, a hot commodity in the design world right now. Mixed plank sizes include 3.54", 5.59", and 7.64". Does this sound like the line-up of features your customers would want too? You get the picture. One last fact I would like to share with you. The new home building industry is gravitating more towards laminate and luxury vinyl floors, where hardwood was previously used. ❚

Left and above; Armstrong Architectural Remnants.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


Wood Looks Drive Flooring Further Up the Wall Armstrong Flooring Introduces Fashion for the Floor and Walls


ring renewed perspective to the ambiance of a room. Adding tile treatment to walls is nothing new. However today, tile is not the only flooring product that has made its way to the wall. Wood and laminates, and specialty products like Alterna — are finding opportunity beyond flooring. And this is not your grandmother’s wood paneling any more. These products are being used as accent walls, installed horizontally, vertically or on the diagonal. The look is natural, with a beautiful accent of warmth, texture and color. Wood paneling is back, but in a big, new way. Right now, wood and wood looks are dominating, with distressed and reclaimed wood looks trending, for both contemporary and traditional settings. It is those attributes that have made Armstrong’s Coastal Living™, Architectural Remnants®, and Rustics Premium™ collections bestsellers for floors, and now as wall accents. These looks are popular in both premium laminate collections, and Alterna™ engineered tile, which also can be used on the floor and walls (except in showers).

Armstrong Alterna Historic District..

36 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

It is about aligning with the right partner. “The basics should include fresh, on-trend, differentiated products designed specifically for my market. As a retailer, I appreciate an adaptable partner who listens and offers solutions to help me grow my business including training, merchandising, market development initiatives and promotional programs.” Barry McEntire, Dalton Wholesale

A Closer Look… Alterna is the perfect choice over stone, ceramic and porcelain. The Alterna Reserve engineered stone is very versatile, and is ideal for living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms, in addition to kitchens and bathrooms. Alterna Reserve engineered stone has two new design collections: Grain Directions is reminiscent of a luxurious mountain retreat with warm rustic sensibilities to express a bold, impactful style. Historic District offers the vintage feel of weathered wood, with texture that mimics the warmth and charm of a quaint seaside cottage. All wood designs can be mixed and matched. Each design is available in multiple sizes, enabling unique patterns to personalize a space. Kits are available to combine designs and complementary sizes, making the buying process simple. Laminate is often a perfect way to add style, warmth, texture and the artistry of reclaimed wood to a room, at a price that fits most budgets. Now, the beauty of Architectural Remnants® flooring also can hang on a wall. This mid-century design trend has returned to give homes a unique, customized look. The combination of colors and textures create a statement in any room. From accent walls to wainscoting, anyone can elevate walls with Armstrong laminate flooring. ❙

At right: Armstrong Seaside Pine Dockside.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



T h e s c h ö n ox a n n u a l w o r s t s u b f l o o r c o n t e s t What nightmare scenarios will you experience as you start a new installation project? Never fear. You and Schönox are up to the task. Here’s your chance to prove it and win some great prizes. Go to or your Schönox app for more details.

Toll Free: 855.391.2649 HPS North America, Inc. is a TMT America Company 38 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

WHAT LIES BENEATH? Annual Schönox Worst Subfloor Contest™ Kicks Off


hat flooring professional has not started a new project without some fear of what lies beneath? Subfloors, especially those with renovation

projects, can be challenging, sometimes even a little scary. That shared industry trepidation led Schönox to adopt the theme of What lies beneath? for this year’s annual Schönox Worst Subfloor Contest™ which formally opens today. The Contest asks participants to submit entries featuring their most challenging subfloor projects and how they renovated those tough subfloor conditions using Schönox products. The worst subfloor challenges paired with the best renovation performances win. Entries are reviewed and scored by three independent judges and the winners receive a variety of prizes and much deserved recognition for their hard work and professional approach to subfloor preparation. “With Schönox our approach is to develop subfloor products that can

SCHÖNOX ADDS A SECRET WEAPON TO ITS MOISTURE MITIGATION SYSTEM SPEED IS NOW AN INTEGRAL PART OF SCHÖNOX EPA Launched just three years ago, Schönox EPA, a moisture mitigation system and migration barrier, gained the attention of flooring professionals across the country. The product efficiently addresses concrete subfloors with challenging moisture issues of up to 100% relative humidity. Now, Schönox has released a new version of Schönox EPA called quite simply, Schönox EPA Rapid. Cutting the drying time in half, Schönox EPA Rapid is ready for floor leveling in two to three hours. Already widely considered an efficient product, Schönox is ready to add rapid to the product’s description, and its name. Schönox EPA Rapid complies with tough South Coast air quality standards, has a low viscosity allowing it to be easily spread, is solvent free, and can be used in interior and exterior areas with high penetration of the substrate.

address even the most challenging conditions knowing that success in extreme circumstances bodes well for all subfloor projects where Schönox is used,” explained Thomas Trissl, Principal, HPS Schönox. “The Contest allows us to see the worst subfloors out there so we are staying ahead with the best subfloor answers.” Entries are judged based on the severity of the original subfloor’s condition, the skill and attention to detail taken in executing the project, and the quality of the finished subfloor. Those entering the contest are asked to photograph the subfloor conditions before and after the subfloor renovation project and submit the photos, along with some project information, at where all of the Contest details can be found. Entries can also be submitted directly using the Schönox App. Projects completed from December 23, 2016 through December 22, 2017 are eligible for entry with winners to be announced at TISE (Surfaces) in 2018. The winning flooring companies and the installers who worked on the winning projects receive prizes. Registered contestants will have opportunities to win additional prizes during special promotions planned throughout the contest period. ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



*A true Schönox enthusiast. Not a paid actor.

Subfloor Solutions Schönox produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, waterproofing materials, and adhesives that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished floors ready for use. We work daily to develop solutions that are innovative with regard to performance as well as environmental stewardship. In the past, subfloors could often be overlooked. Now, no one should want to overlook them. We know how important a properly prepared subfloor is to the successful outcome of any flooring installation. Broken concrete, uneven surfaces, cracks, pits, excess moisture, etc. are problems facing nearly every project. Schönox products are a wise investment in solving these issues. Our products ensure the final result will be a subfloor ready for any application, while saving you time, money, and hassle. Our team is ready to assist you with your next flooring challenge. Let us know how we can help.

Toll Free: 855.391.2649 HPS North America, Inc. is a TMT America Company 40 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Quick Tip: RH Testing is the Only Reliable Method for Assessing a Slab’s Moisture Condition


By Jason Spangler

nly an in situ relative humidity (RH) test can indicate with consistent accuracy if a concrete slab is dry enough for

the flooring to be securely installed. This is because it’s the only test that probes to the scientifically proven depth for determining what the relative humidity in the slab will be after the flooring has been installed. Tests such as calcium chloride only measure moisture at the surface, which can’t tell you the overall moisture condition inside the slab. A surface reading is easily distorted by ambient conditions. Yet the flooring will ultimately have to stick (or not) to the slab based on the true moisture condition of the slab. Only an in situ RH test provides this information reliably and consistently. Learn more about the science behind the RH test during a one-hour webinar, “Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs.” The free course shows you step-by-step how to conduct an in situ RH test in compliance with ASTM standards. Register today at ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



And the Winners Are…

World Floor Covering Association Announces Winners of the 2017 Gold Standard Awards


cott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer, World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), has announced the annual winners of the Gold Standard Award, which recognizes stores that have created an outstanding consumer retail experience. In the category including retailers with sales over $10 million, Sergenian’s Floor Covering based in Madison, WI took home the honors. In the under $10 million category, Classique Floors & Tile based in Portland, OR was recognized.

The Winner’s Circle AWARDS The first place winner in the over $10-million category received a choice of one of the following: • Two-day on-site custom CFI carpet seaming class • Two-day on-site custom sales training • One-year online WFCA University tuition Over $10 million: • 2nd Place — Coles Fine Flooring (San Diego, CA) • 3rd Place — Carpetland USA (Davenport, IA) The first place winner in the under $10-million category received the same options as above, but only a single day of classes. In addition to the recognized winners, each award category recognized 2nd and 3rd place recipients. Second place winners in both categories received six-months online WFCA University tuition, while the 3rd place winners in both categories were honored with three-months tuition to WFCA University online. Additional winners included: Under $10 million: • 2nd Place — Independent Carpet One (Westland, MI) • 3rd Place — Brian’s Flooring & Design (Birmingham, AL)

42 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

The Gold Standard Award recognizes stores that have created an outstanding consumer retail experience.

To Our Valued Members: The WFCA believes in giving recognition where recognition is due. That’s why we are recognizing and rewarding excellence in our retailer community with our Gold Standard Award. The award, given annually during TISE/SURFACES, will be given to one exemplary business that has welldemonstrated the standards of a WFCA member and has created an outstanding consumer retail experience.


o receive the Gold Standard Award in either category, companies are reviewed and judged based on:

• Knowledge — ensuring a knowledgeable management and staff who work to remain informed on the state of the industry at all times; • Customer Service — providing courteous service and offering customers help throughout the purchase and after-purchase processes; • Quality of Store Image — a clean, professional, well maintained store must be presented both inside and out at all times; and • Code of Conduct — the facility must adhere to the WFCA Code of Conduct. A company must also be: • a member of the WFCA • have been in business for at least 3 years • and have a clear Better Business Bureau report To be considered, applicants must complete a multiple-page submission form and present multimedia marketing materials and other collateral that is factored into the review process. The submission deadline for the 2017 award was December 31, 2016. Companies interested in entering or nominating an entrant for the 2018 Gold Standard Awards can visit for more details.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Sergenian’s Floor Covering Wins Top Ranks in Over $10-Million Category


ergenian’s was an instant standout for 1st place prize in the over $10 million category, because of their commitment to second-to-none customer service and their aggressive efforts to ensure their company honors sustainable, eco-friendly practices in all facets of their business. The retailer has been committed to, and involved with, sustainable efforts and organizations within Madison for over eight-decades. The WFCA gave Sergenian’s the first place award after evaluating eligible businesses on their knowledge, customer service, quality of store image and code of conduct. In 2007 the company started the first and only comprehensive carpet reclamation program in the state of Wisconsin, called Sergenian’s Landfill Free Guarantee. Through this initiative, Sergenian’s guarantees that no carpet removed will end up in a landfill. To date, Sergenian’s has recycled over 12 million pounds of carpet. “We are honored to receive this award, which is really a reflection of how much we value our customers and the greater Madison community,” said Jim Garner, president/ CEO of Sergenian’s. “We take great pride in our sustainability efforts, which will benefit generations to come.” The 2017 Gold Standard Award is not the first recognition received by Sergenian’s. In addition, the company has received national recognition and awards on multiple occasions including: Sergenian CEO, James Garner’s induction into InBusiness Magazine’s Hall of Fame for industry-leading sustainability initiatives in 2012; InBusiness Magazine’s Sustainability Award for best eco-product or service for 2010; Mohawk’s Greenworks Dealer of the Year in 2009; Starnet Design’s Best Overall Project in 2005; and America’s Rug Retailer of the Year in 2003.

In 2007 the company started the first and only comprehensive carpet reclamation program in the state of Wisconsin, called Sergenian’s Landfill Free Guarantee. Through this initiative, Sergenian’s guarantees that no carpet removed will end up in a landfill. 44 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

“We take great pride in our sustainability efforts, which will benefit generations to come.” About Sergenian’s Floor Coverings Founded in 1930, Sergenian’s aims to provide local and sustainable flooring products of the highest quality and value, with professional service and installation. The company offers wall-to-wall carpet and a wide variety of other floor coverings. The award-winning company and its sustainability efforts are recognized both nationally and locally. For more information regarding Sergenian’s Floor Coverings, please visit For more information about the WFCA, visit ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



Classique Floors & Tile Takes Honors for Under $10 Million Group


lassique Floors & Tile was a slam dunk for the under $10 million category as they have continually demonstrated company growth as well as a total commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition, with a keen understanding of the purchase process, Classique offers a highly organized and easy-to-navigate showroom floor that helps to streamline the buying process for customers. Enhancing this feature, the company is also committed to ensuring that each customer that walks through their doors receives top-notch service from the same salesperson throughout the entire selection and installation process. The retailer has also identified innovative ways to facilitate the design and selection process, by integrating access to digital content from various online sources through screens mounted in

46 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q1 2017

Judith Huck, owner of Classique Floors + Tile

their showroom. Following every sale, Classique surveys their customers about their experience, and they use this insight to improve and further deliver on their customer’s needs and expectations. For more information regarding Classique Floors & Tile, please visit For more information about the WFCA, visit ❙

About WFCA The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), the official sponsor of the annual Surfaces tradeshow, is the floor covering industry’s largest advocacy organization, representing floor covering retailers, contractors and allied service providers throughout North America. The WFCA is a recognized leader in marketing research and industry programs for flooring professionals. In addition, it publishes the only retailer-oriented trade periodical, Premier Flooring Retailer. The WFCA also influences public policy affecting the floor covering industry and consumers. For more information about the WFCA, visit

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


Armstrong Elevate’s Retailer Revolution


hrough the ElevateSM Retailer Program, Armstrong brings its resources as a heritage brand to deliver comprehensive support solutions directly to you. The Elevate program is tailored to address each retailer’s specific needs, incorporating:

Elevate also gives you the resources to develop new markets in thriving segments including remodel/replacement, new home construction, multi-family and Main Street Commercial.

Elevate expectations • Dedicated product lines specifically for specialty flooring retailers, • Adaptable modular merchandising, • In-store and online training, • Customized, integrated market development programs, • Promotional programs.

As a dealer aligned with Elevate, you’ll find a renewed, flexible retail program and a closer connection with Armstrong Flooring that assists in delivering leads and successful sell-through to today’s evolving consumer audience. Armstrong has moved beyond traditional promotions and into the digital arena with their industry-first partnership with Houzz. Individual retailers have found it difficult

The Elevate program was a natural fit for us — we have always been a good partner with Armstrong prior to signing up with this program. After learning about the Elevate program, we saw no downside to having our partnership move to the next level. As with any industry (flooring in my opinion being ultracompetitive), any way we can set ourselves apart from the competition, we do so. Elevate has allowed us to do just that and then some. Because we are a Elevate partner we benefit from the lead generation tool, the dedicated Armstrong rep for our RSA’s, and the additional warranty for our consumers. This program has accelerated our Armstrong sales throughout the last two years and continues to perform for us. Ryan King, Sales Manager, National Design Mart

48 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Armstrong is a globally recognized brand, and has both retailer and consumer confidence. The Elevate Program helps us with distinct product lines, provides selling stories, merchandising and training. It is customized to address our specific needs. As a dealer, we receive top of the line support from Armstrong and its reps. We have extensive product in stock and have quick delivery on special orders. Steve Milam, Sales Manager, Airbase Carpet and Tile to gain traction in the high-traffic, high-end digital platforms. With the Houzz Pro+ Local Marketing Program, as an Elevate aligned retailer you have the unique opportunity to increase brand visibility among local homeowners seeking flooring products and services. The Elevate-Houzz Pro+ program gives you access to more than 40+ million monthly unique users — 90 percent homeowners — who use Houzz to find inspiration, collaborate, find professionals and source products. Pro+’s capabilities include geo-targeting to drill down to desired specific areas and a “Find the Local Pro” tab that lists at least 10 Elevate aligned retailers per results page. The innovative, co-branded Elevate-Houzz Pro+ service is an approved choice for spending co-op funds offered as part of the Elevate retail support program.

Elevate — the digital native Whether we were born pre- or post- Internet, we are all citizens of the digital universe. As a retailer, you are challenged to not only have a compelling retail environment, buyers’ habits demand your presence online as well. The consumer dynamic of today’s homeowners and small business owners

is educated, sophisticated and technologically advanced. The strong yet somewhat elusive Millennial buyer demands an integrated, seamless retail encounter, regardless of the channel. An integrated purchase experience, from researching on cell phones to SM purchasing instore, is paramount; given the opportunity Millennials step away from their devices to support local businesses. Elevate works with you to provide a customer experience that effortlessly transitions your buyers from consumerdriven activities on their devices to your local specialty flooring showroom.

Elevate market development Elevate’s market development initiatives includes new areas of business like: • Multi-Family — targeting property managers, • Main Street— targeting small business owners, • Selling Premium Hardwood — targeting homeowners, • Design on the Walls — targeting homeowners and small business owners. “ Armstrong Flooring is determined to do all that we can to help your sales grow and your business to succeed. From products designed specifically for specialty flooring retailers to training, merchandising, market development initiatives and promotional programs, we’re doing than ever to forge a successful relationship with your business and your customers.” Tom Cole, Manager, Aligned Retailer Channel Marketing.

From left to right: Armstrong Flooring Main Street Display;789 Tower Wing; 676 Cradle Waterfall; 750 Wall; and 752 Double SnapShot.

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


The Next GIG

Credit Card Processing — A Few Things Everyone Should Know

H Chad Ogden Chad Ogden is the CEO/President and developer of QFloors flooring software. He grew up in the flooring industry, has a BS in Computer Engineering, and worked many years in the technology field before coming back to his flooring roots. He currently serves as the Secretariat of the fcB2B committee and is a widely recognized industry leader in floor covering technology. To contact him, email or call 801-563-0140.

ypothetical question: A customer at your

If you answered (c), you are onto some-

retail location has purchased flooring, and

thing. This may indicate you’re up-to-date

just handed you her credit card for the down

with the latest credit card technologies, which

payment. You swipe her card for the appro-

means you can sidestep all those troubles.

priate percentage of the bill. Knowing you will

You can stay compliant, avoid risk, save time,

have to charge for the balance later, you: a)

and still get lower rates, even when the card is

write down the credit card information or save

not present.

it in your computer; b) Tell her that you will be calling at a later time for payment information

New Technologies

on the balance; or c) none of the above.

In recent years, the credit card industry has

If you answered (a), you are in good com-

been taking steps to increase the security of

pany. This is how a lot of businesses do it.

credit card transactions. Some of these new

However, it is in direct violation of PCI regula-

initiatives greatly affect floor covering dealers.

tions and could create serious liability for your

It’s imperative that you be aware of them.

business. If you answered (b), you are PCI compliant

EMV (Chip) Card Readers

(congratulations), but you probably waste a

U.S. retailers have been slow to adopt new

lot of time tracking down the customer to get

chip reader machines. But what’s often not

the credit card info over the phone. In addi-

understood — especially within the flooring

tion, by having to key in the credit card num-

industry — is that dealers who continue to

ber remotely for the balance, you are charged

resist upgrading to chip readers are putting

a higher “card not present” rate.

themselves at serious risk for chargebacks.

50 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

This means if you are using older non-EMV technologies and


a customer disputes a charge, there’s a very good chance you

A cool new feature available with some providers is Token-

are going to lose.

ization. It was referenced in the earlier hypothetical example. Tokenization allows you to save a secure and unique token


associated with a credit card (not the card number) into your

In the past, to be PCI compliant (meeting all security measures

computer system for future use. The beauty of this is that not

required to process credit cards), you had to jump through a

only do you save time and stay compliant and protected, you

lot of hoops. Today, by using newer technologies referred to

also get a lower rate even when the card is not present. Getting

as being “out of scope”, you automatically

the token rate, instead of the card not pres-

reduce the number of requirements needed

ent rate, will save you money.

to become PCI compliant. (We’re talking

One retail flooring dealer also reported a

about going from 200 requirements down

sizeable decrease in their receivables, after

to around 12, simply due to the technology

using tokenization. They no longer had to

you use.)

worry about tracking the customer down to

Talk to your credit card processor, and

get the balance owed.

ask if you are currently using out of scope

Regardless of who your credit card pro-

solutions. If not, ask them what it would

cessor is, it’s imperative that you educate

take to get you there. The longer you stay

and protect yourself by looking into these

with older technology, the greater the liabil-

new technologies. ❙

ity risks.

OUR CUSTOMER BASE IS EXPLODING. There are multiple reasons why we’re the fastest growing flooring software in the industry. Contact us today to see why so many companies are choosing QFloors. And why so many who do, see their own business success increase dramatically.

(801) 563-0140

QF_PFR_HalfPgHz_Bunnies_Ad_Dec2016.indd 1

12/8/16 10:53 PM

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


The Next GIG

Train Your Staff Using New Technology


eb based technology are enabling companies to deliver additional training options using new digital platforms: E-Learning, Live Webinars and Web Blogs. These platforms can be quickly scheduled when needed for a 60–90-minute time commitment. This is in contrast to the traditional training options of Onsite Training, Classroom Training and Regional Bootcamps that typically involve blocking time weeks in advance for an 8–16 hour training commitment. That doesn’t mean traditional methods are not effective when needing to train large groups, or during a new installation. However, digital platforms allow for more flexibility, accessibility and costeffectiveness when a specific topic needs to be learned individually or in a smaller group. To get the most benefits from business software, knowing what the key features are, how to configure them and what security controls need to be activated is critical. Training is necessary to make sure that you are getting all the benefits that your software has to offer. Here are our new digital options and how they work for your employees.

the last 15–20 minutes. The employee learns by following along on their printed work book, takes notes and is sent a recording of the webinar that they can view over a 14-day period.

Web Blog A blog is a free service and a good way to digest important information on a weekly basis, to complement your company’s training needs.

How Does Training Benefit My Employees? Training is an important investment and companies that invest in it have higher productivity, generate more revenue growth and improve profitability. If employees know how to use the system to properly capture what is needed to process an order, generate the PO, schedule the installer, process the inventory and complete the project, then you will have an accurate and up-to-date view of what is happening in your business. Plan to budget 2–4 hours each month on training and your staff will be better informed as to what new system options are available. It will help your business to increase profits by:

E-Learning E-Learning is a cost-effective internet based training that allows employees to learn and work at their own computer. The client logs into a web based meeting portal that allows both the employee and the trainer to see each other’s screens during the one-on-one training session. The employee chooses the topics to be covered, and uses their own keyboard to learn the software.

Live Webinar Webinars are the most cost effective way to receive training on a key topic in a group format. A webinar typically lasts about 90 minutes and allows 15–25 people to attend simultaneously. The trainer spends the first 60–75 minutes presenting the training material and takes questions 52 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

• Streamlining operations and organizational efficiency • Increasing the accuracy of reporting and tracking of materials and labor • Reducing mistakes by using reliable data for pricing, materials, commissions, etc. • Controlling/checking payments to employees, installers, vendors, tax authorities • Efficiencies gained allow for more volume without adding more overhead To learn more about RFMS training, please contact RJ Petersen, Director of Training & Implementation at 1-800-701-7367, ext. 6007 or ❙

Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


The Next GIG

The Perks of a Fully Integrated Flooring Software System Just Keep Getting Better & Better for RollMaster Clients


artnering, integrating, and keeping up with the latest technology available is at the heart of what the RollMaster Cloud Business Management Software team endeavors to deliver to

“This type of partnership is a win for everyone: us, the vendors, our clients, and even the consumer,” added O’Reilly.

their clients every day. Two examples of this are the recent integration of ChargeItPro credit card processing technology, as well as their ongoing efforts to develop, promote, and expand the fcB2B initiative, of which RollMaster was a founding member. “We have been attending B2B conferences since the very beginning, and continually updating our software to keep up with the latest efforts initiated by industry vendors. We offer a Cloud B2B Testing Environment, or “B2B Sandbox,” at no charge for any new B2B vendor that needs to test the various transaction files prior to going live throughout the industry,” said Dev O’Reilly, Founder, President, and CEO of RollMaster Software. O’Reilly further stated that approximately 95% of new clients sign up for B2B, specifically because RollMaster is continually expanding the number of vendors that they connect with, as well as adding new B2B exchange documents. These include, most recently, the “web services” exchange, that allows for real time stock checks with participating vendors. “This type of partnership is a win for everyone: Us, the vendors, our clients, and even the consumer,” added O’Reilly. Much newer, but no less relevant, is the recent partnership of RollMaster with ChargeItPro (CIP), a leading merchant service provider. This technology provides EMV Chip compliant integration, including secure “card on file” storage/usage. “The CIP technology has made daily reconciliations easier for our RollMaster clients,” commented O’Reilly. “And collecting balances requires just a couple of clicks, rather than requiring a phone call to the client, and, more importantly, eliminating the need to store credit card data around the office in an unsecure environment.” RollMaster can be delivered via their Cloud-based platform, or via onsite installed server(s). Both allow anytime/anywhere access to business data from any internet connected computer or laptop. RollMaster also provides onsite or internet-based training, regional workshops, complete documentation, and ongoing support from their team of industry professionals. ❙ Contact: / / 866-822-4904.

54 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017


RollMaster Solution! Business Management Software

RollMaster is a complete Business Management Software System that allows you to manage every aspect of your flooring business. By integrating and automating all departments and business processes, critical information is at your fingertips, from lead tracking and work in progress, to inventory and job costing, on through to accounting and financials. One software to manage it all.

New Tech! RollMaster Install Web Calendar The RM Web Calendar steps up the entire game of installation data information and integrated work processes between office, field, and customer. Whether you’re in front of a computer or on your smart phone, the RM Web Calendar delivers 24/7 access to your job schedule, while providing seamless information to your staff/ installers in the field. This not only makes it efficient and informative, but FUN to be so interactively involved. The RM Web Calendar is an add on feature to the RollMaster Business Management Software System. | Ph: 866-822-4904 | Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017 55



COREtec® The Original…

OREtec® The Original continues to dominate the land-

200 SKU’s across the COREtec® ONE, COREtec PLUS®,

scape of the waterproof composite core category by

COREtec® PLUS Enhanced Plank and Tile, COREtec PLUS®

offering an alternative to glue down and/or floating luxury vinyl


products. It also offers features and benefits that other engi-

PLUS XL-Enhanced, and COREtec® BASIC PLUS collections.

neered flooring products including laminate and hardwood,

Thus, making the breadth of offering in the COREtec® family of

only dream they could possess.

products second to none in the industry.

The fact that COREtec® is “Waterproof,” “Kid-proof” and “Pet-

The specifications across the scope of the collections range

proof;” requires no acclimation; and can be installed over exist-

from 36” to 72” in plank length, while widths range from 5" to 9"

ing hard surface flooring with minimal prep and with no sub-floor

along with 12" × 24" and 18" × 24" tile formats. Embossed in

telegraphing, makes it the clear choice for today’s busy family.

Register technology accompanied by 4 side enhanced bevel

But as always, success and popularity leads to imitation.

edges, are features employed on the COREtec® PLUS HD,

Retailers continue to hold strong their support of the COREtec®

COREtec® PLUS Enhanced Plank and Tile and COREtec®

brand. All the while, USFloors remains committed to providing

PLUS XL Enhanced collections. As standard, all COREtec

our retail partners with innovative and cutting edge COREtec®

PLUS® collections feature an attached cork backing for sound

products, while leading in innovation and styling. Consumers

abatement and comfort.

now ask for COREtec® by name, and we even see competi-

COREtec® The Original takes pride in leading the WPC

tors referring to their similar products as “like COREtec®” further

category in design, innovation and quality. It is our mission to

emphasizing the strength of the brand and its overwhelming

remain the leader in this category, while offering the retailer,

popularity in the composite core category.

consumer and commercial end-user a superior flooring prod-

With summer 2017 introductions around the corner, the COREtec® portfolio of products will comprise upwards of

56 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

uct that outperforms the competition in all facets. It is after all why COREtec® is THE ORIGINAL… ❙


sometimes there just aren’t enough chairs.

Just like your friends, COREtec® flooring is warm, inviting and comfortable. So spread out and relax...because COREtec is the perfect fit for your life.


Waterproof Kidproof Petproof

find out more at


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Novalis Innovative Flooring brings beauty and style to engineering with its NovaCore and NovaCore XL collections.


ffered under its NovaFloor product line, NovaCore utilizes the company’s High Performance Core (HPC) technology to create a luxury vinyl flooring

experience that is truly premium. Offered in traditional size planks (6” x 48”) and XL (9” x 48”), customers have a total of 16 different colors and looks to choose from, ranging from rustics and weathered to rich and elegant. All are stunning recreations of woods as only Novalis designers can produce. But the beauty of NovaCore is more than just surface deep. The core of the product is solid and rigid, allowing NovaCore to be installed in damp indoor areas or somewhat less than ideal subfloor situations with complete confidence. The flooring is waterproof, rigid and gorgeous. More can be learned by visiting ❙ Right: NovaCore HPC Barnwood engineered luxury vinyl plank features a 12mil wear layer and is FloorScore certified.

Novalis Announces Partnership with Cartwright Distributing, Inc.

NovaCore HPC Apple-Caramel engineered luxury vinyl plank that has a Limited Lifetime Warranty and CeramGlaz durable urethane coating.

58 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Novalis Innovative Flooring has recently added Cartwright Distributing, Inc. to the growing list of floor covering distributors for its NovaFloor LVT product line. Cartwright was established in 1986 and is based in Denver, Colorado. It serves Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. “We are extremely pleased that Cartwright has chosen Novalis to introduce its customers to LVT flooring,” said Mark Hansen, VP North America for Novalis. “We have been the brand to launch an LVT program with other distributors across the country, so we know what works.” The first displays going up in Cartwright’s retailer showrooms feature NovaCore HPC flooring, with the brand’s other product line displays soon to follow.“Cartwright Distributing is a quality organization that we are proud to be associated with,” observed Hansen. “We expect we will both do great things with our new association.”


IN REGULAR Learn why our WPC flooring is the only High Performance Core (HPC) luxury vinyl you’ll find and how it will set your sales to new performance heights. Call us today at




Only with

#ThePlaceForLVT by

Visit us at

NovaCore™ uses licensed technology from Unilin® and USFloors®

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From design to functionality, everything clicks with Karndean Designflooring’s new Korlok


ore than three years of work went into developing Korlok, a


rigid core locking floor from Karndean Designflooring. This

Often referred to as “white walnut,” the planks that inspired

collection of 12 colors in a 56" × 9" size format was inspired by

Korlok’s two butternut products were sourced from the Eastern

hand-selected woods across North America and Europe. From

United States.

oaks to butternut to Texas ash, resulting in a collection of beauti-

French Oak

fully designed woods with superior performance.

Sourced from French oak flooring dating back to the 17th cen-

Korlok features help both the speed and ease of install,

tury, hundreds of years of wear have resulted in a worn and

including 5G drop and lock technology, minimal subfloor

rustic design full of character and personality. This design is

preparation and no adhesive — perfect for projects that need

available in both reclaimed and antique looks.

completing quickly. Its proprietary, waterproof K-Core technol-

Baltic Oak

ogy provides a rigid core that allows for installation over most

Baltic Limed Oak’s distinctive grain details and markings were

existing hard floors. The pre-attached premium foam backing

machine brushed to achieve a unique open grain.

saves on time, cost and labor as there is no need for a sep-

English Oak

arate underlayment. The backing also makes Korlok quieter

The planks that inspired Korlok’s two English oaks are full of

to walk on, ideal for upstairs rooms where customers want to

intricate graining detail and charm.

minimize noise transfer to rooms below. Korlok is finished with

Canadian Oak

K-Guard+, our tried and tested finish which provides hygienic,

Canadian Urban Oak’s planks reflect the natural wood’s neutral

durable surface protection that is easy to clean. Like other LVT,

tone, but were lightly colored to enhance its natural blended

Korlok allows the installer to “score and snap” planks, making

tones, creating a product which complements any interior.

it easy to work with, while its 56" length is a manageable size for one installer.

Like all Karndean Designflooring products, Korlok is waterproof, kid and pet friendly, and comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

Texas Ash

This product also features a 20mil wear layer, 6.5mm thickness,

Four of the range’s 12 designs were inspired by Texas Ash, a

and 15-year commercial warranty. For more information and to

wood that naturally has a consistent neutral color.

register your interest, visit ❙

Left: Antique French Oak; above: English Character Oak; right: Smoked Butternut.

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IVC US IVC US Continues Continues to to Lead theLead Waythe in Luxury Way in LuxuryVinyl VinylTile Tile&&Plank Plank (LVT) (LVT) SHOWIN’ OUR STUFF

It’s no secret that the resilient flooring category continues to experience market share growth primarily lead by the popularity of Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank flooring, commonly referred to as LVT. According to the Residential Flooring US, March 2016 Mintel Report, the vinyl tile category saw more than 20% growth in average spend, chiefly driven by the growth of the high-end LVT segment. There are several contributors to LVT’s success in the market, including its ease of installation, vast design capabilities and outstanding product performance. Today, we’re going to focus on one LVT producer who has been in the LVT manufacturing game since 2012 – IVC.

Where Experience Wins Manufacturing vinyl flooring since 1997, IVC initially began producing LVT out of its Belgium manufacturing facility in 2012, and imported it in to North America. With European quality advantages and unprecedented style, IVC’s flagship LVT brand, Moduleo®, quickly became the “it” item within the high-end LVT segment. Fast-forward to 2015, and IVC US opens its second ultra-modern, highly advanced LVT manufacturing facility in the United States on its existing Dalton, GA site.

3 Key Benefits of LVT from IVC US Made in the USA. Consumer reports continue to show that given the choice, consumers prefer to purchase American-made products. That’s because Made in the USA still 62 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

signifies high quality, stringently controlled manufacturing process and adherence to strict environmental/health safety guidelines. The IVC US LVT plant is fully vertically integrated, meaning it brings in all virgin raw material to its facility and manufactures each and every layer of its LVT products. Fiberglass Core. LVT products manufactured by IVC feature a fiberglass core. Not all LVT products on the market have this advantage. The benefit to having a fiberglass core is predominantly dimensional stability, which ensures that the product will not expand, contract or curl. This is a significant advantage over natural products and mixed composite products. Other benefits include enhanced strength and flexibility. Most Stylish & Realistic Visuals on the Market. IVC product collections have always featured the most realistic, on-trend designs in the market; a fact that still rings true to this day with IVC US’s relaunch of its all-American made Moduleo® LVT collection. IVC invested in all proprietary designs specifically selected for the North American market and scanned from natural products – so it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between IVC LVT and a natural product.

INNOVATIVE BEAUTY They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Behold: Moduleo® luxury vinyl planks by IVC US. With cutting-edge designs, rich, vibrant colors and show-stopping visuals that not only look but feel real to the touch and are all showcased on the industry’s most eye-catching LVT display unit. Visit to learn more about becoming an IVC Displaying dealer. Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017



A New Landmark in Ceramics


hen it comes to the history of tile production, Italy has played a dominant role since ancient times. However, Landmark Ceramics is a completely American company. Well, sort of — Italian tile giant, Gruppo Concorde, founded Landmark Ceramics in 2013 with the goal of creating an entirely new, independent, manufacturing and distribution facility to produce the highest quality porcelain tiles in North America.

The facility is designed using Landmark ceramic tiles in different applications throughout the offices, display showrooms, and surrounding grounds. Landmark Ceramics offers a variety of residential, commercial, and public applications for interior and exterior walls and floors. They are offered in a myriad of different shapes, sizes and diverse finishes including ¾" exterior hardscape products.

Porcelain Tile Collections Design as a Philosophy The presence of design is obvious not only in the avantgarde plant, offices, and showroom, but also in the basis of the business. Landmark was designed to be a leader in the North American ceramic tile market through advanced technology, managerial experience, and ability to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer. Landmark’s central location, access to rail and major interstate arteries means that rapid distribution to all points of North America can easily be achieved.

State-of-the-Art Products from a State-of-the-Art Facility The design continues on the 96 acre site in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. The enormous environmentally-friendly production complex has an annual output capacity of 50 million sq. ft. of product.

64 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

With nature as the source of inspiration, matter as the point of reference, and style as the distinctive trait, Landmark offers a complete and versatile range of solutions in porcelain stoneware, designed to complement dwelling spaces in accordance with contemporary living. • Precious effects — Marble, granite, quartz • Stone effects — Limestone, flagstone, slate and more • Wood effects — Weathered and rustic walnut • Contemporary effects — Concrete Landmark has a technological edge that forges experience with the promise of the future. A visit to the innovative company showroom sums up the Landmark experience in a visual and tactile way. ❙

Everything you need, made in the USA.

EXCELLENCE IN PORCELAIN SURFACES Made in the USA with passion, commitment and pride, Landmark Ceramics offers a broad range of high quality and beautifully designed porcelain surfaces for interior and exterior residential, commercial and public applications. Choose excellence in porcelain surfaces, choose Landmark Ceramics.

Find out more at LCUSA.COM Landmark Ceramics - UST, Inc. | 1427 N. Main Street Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 | Tel. 931.325.5700

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AMERICAN HICKORY SERIES 66 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017






The American Hickory Collection is a beautiful, rustic species available in three rich hues and offered in 4 3/4 inch wide planks. The natural grains and colors of this species create a warm and cozy setting in any environment. American Hickory is manufactured to the highest standards using an eco-friendly Treffert ® finish with aluminum oxide. As with all Choice Hardwoods’, American Hickory comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year finish warranty. FEATURES • Artisan Hand-Scraped • High Density Fiber Core


• Valinge 2G Locking System • 7 Coats Eco-friendly Urethane Finish with Aluminum Oxide • 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty

3 4

Plank Fixed Width

7 Size

Coats Treffert Finish

Year Finish Warranty

/ ” x 4 3/ 4” x Random Length

7 16

Construction Engineered with HDF Core Joint Type Valinge 2G Locking Syste Species North American Hickory Janka 1820

• Eco-Friendly Treffert ®


800.872.8426 |

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A Division of Healthier Choice Flooring

Whether on a oor or in your store...

68 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

...Details matter.

Add the same striking attention to detail in your showroom that characterizes every Lexmark carpet with the new Lexmark Living display.

Beautifully appointed in rich espresso and contrasting white, the eye-catching fixture features multiple elements to engage your customers and showcase Lexmark’s newest product collection. With a full palette of 28 stunning designs, this collection offers both currently popular styles and recent select introductions. And the display’s unique larger card size helps customers better visualize each product in their homes. Draw the attention that drives sales: contact your Lexmark representative today and ask for the all-new Lexmark Living display.

800-871-3211 |

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American Aquawood Offers a New World of Waterproof Flooring! ring the beauty of natural hardwood to any room in your home or business with our innovative waterproof REAL hardwood flooring. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, spas, lobbies and beyond — no area is off limits!


This luxury waterproof REAL hardwood flooring is available in 8 colors to cover your design and functional needs.We strive to provide a new grade of waterproof flooring, REAL hardwood being warm underfoot, and an undeniable classic.

Tough Commercial Grade Surface


Whatever your flooring challenges may be, American Aquawood collection delivers waterproof REAL hardwood flooring with commercial-grade durability. American Aquawood can be installed throughout your home or commercial facility.

Lifetime Structural 50 Year Residential Wear 5 year Commercial Wear

100% Waterproof Planks American Aquawood’s unique construction has a thicker, enhanced coating that resists scratches, stains and wear. Clean-up is a breeze!

Kids, Pets, Heavy Traffic American Aquawood can go places no waterproof flooring has gone before. Our waterproof REAL hardwood flooring handles every water challenge with style, adding great warmth and an actual hardwood texture under your feet.

Trim Available in the Following Formats: Stairnose 79" Length Reducer 79" Length EndCap 79" Length Quarter Round 79" Length T-Mold 72" Length

70 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Recommended Adhesive American Aquawood AA1850 3 Gallon Pails/150 Sq ft coverage per gallon ❙

Discover Beautiful

WATERPROOF HARDWOOD FLOORS It’s NOT Vinyl • It’s NOT Laminate • It’s REAL Hardwood

3034 PARQUET DRIVE DALTON, GA 30720 | 404-597-1228 | www. Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017









COLOR™ there are no limits on grout

Your Business Financials and Operations Improve as Well as

color choices Simply choose a Sherwin-Wil-

Your Customer Service

liams® or Benjamin Moore® color from their

• Virtually Eliminates Batch to Batch Color

vast color palette and in less than two weeks

Variation — advanced pigment technology

your customer’s design vision becomes reality.

is manufactured separately to tight standards thus reducing variation between batches

Industry Leading Performance PERMACOLOR® Select is an advanced high

— carry only the inventory you need and

performance cement grout that offers the

only the inventory you will use

industry’s first dispersable dry pigment solution.

Did you know LATICRETE Color Kits can also be used in other LATICRETE products to achieve many color options*!

• Reduce Grout Inventory Value and Waste

•R educe Grout Space Requirements —

PERMACOLOR Select is designed for virtually

virtually eliminate leftover stock from previous

all types of residential and commercial installa-

jobs and free up space in your warehouse

tions and offers optimum performance on the

or truck

most demanding exterior or interior applica-

•E xpanded Color Availability and options

tions. Easy to mix, grout and clean, PERMA-

with PERMACOLOR Select® Color Kits —

COLOR Select is fast setting and is suitable for

you can easily and inexpensively stock all 40

joints 1/16" to 1/2" (1.5 mm to 12 mm) wide on

LATICRETE colors plus the top selling com-

floors or walls.

petitor colors; never miss out on a request from a customer for a color you didn’t have

PERMACOLOR® Select Offers the

• Reduce Grout Breakage — greatly reduce

Following Industry Leading Perfor-

grout breakage through less handling and

mance Features and Benefits:

moving of inventory ❙

• Exceeds ANSI A118.7 and achieves ISO 13007-4 CG2FAW • No sealing required — equipped with STONETECH® Sealer Technology virtually eliminates batch-to-batch color variation • Vibrant consistent color — resists efflorescence • Reinforced with Kevlar® — crack and

*LATICRETE makes no guarantee on color match to our grout color card and color tools. This process/method can be used to create a colored adhesive mortar to facilitate the installation of translucent, transparent, opaque glass mosaics and other finishes where cleaning thin set mortar out of the joints is a challenge. Do not use colored adhesive mortar as a substitute for grout. Always conduct a test area to validate performance and results.

shrink resistant • Fast setting — ready for foot traffic in 3 hours • GREENGUARD® certified — low VOC Color kits are available in 80 stocked colors, including all 40 LATICRETE® colors and the top selling competitor colors. Color Kits can be stored in your warehouse or truck for flexibility.

72 Premier Flooring Retailer | Q2 2017

Now you can have ANYCOLOR you can imagine! ™

With PERMACOLOR® Select* ANYCOLOR™, we can match your grout to over 6000 colors available in the Benjamin Moore®† and Sherwin-Williams®† palettes.


Never needs sealing – equipped with STONETECH® Sealer Technology n Also available in 80 stocked colors, including all 40 LATICRETE® colors and the top selling competitor colors n Vibrant consistent color n




Equipped with

Anti-Microbial Technology

l 1.800.243.4788

See Data Sheet 230.99 for complete warranty information. *United States Patent No.: 6784229 B2 (and other Patents) ^When mixed with PERMACOLOR® Select Base. †Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have no involvement with this program. A-8203 -0417 ©2017 LATICRETE International, Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.





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