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HIVS / AIDS education for young people in Greece: needs and challenges.

Dr Gerouki Margarita & Dr Manesis Nikolaos University of Helsinki, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Department of Teacher Education Education Counselor 2nd division of Primary Education, Achaia Greece



HIV / AIDS an epidemic

Sex Education an intervention


HIV / AIDS, sexual behaviour & health in Greece 

Casual 

Often parallel

76% use condom (easy to abandon)

  

Unsafe sex practices HIV testing is limited Poor sexual health indicators


Sex education programs in Greece


A Greek HIV / AIDS program The aim: information and education on Aids and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the encouragement to demonstrate healthy behaviors and practices.


The present study

Data that inform the present study were randomly selected from 11 High Schools from the district of rural and urban Achaia during school year 2006-2007 The final sample was 300 students, 51% girls and 49% boys. Students’ mean age was 16.11 years, range 15-18. Data analysis was based on semantic thematic analysis and students’ questions were coded in three broad categories: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes. 6

Knowledge 

 

Disproportional number Various content Lack of education and communication Gender specific

        

   

Which is the most important symptom of AIDS? How AIDS started? Is this really a man-made virus? Can a girl become pregnant during foreplay or anal sex? If the condom is broken how can I avoid becoming pregnant (besides abortion)? Are there days when you do not use condom but you don’t get pregnant? Where do you go for an abortion? How much does it cost? If I have anal intercourse to maintain my virginity is there chances of damages in the anus? If a man has unprotected sex with another man can he become infected? If the man is using a condom should the women use one too? Are there sizes in condoms? How dangerous is to put hands or other objects in the vagina? What is a clitoris’ orgasm? How big the penis is? 7

Skills 

Anxiety / Need for communication skills Need for negotiation skills Gender gap

       

How I tell my parents that I am HIV positive? How we persuade someone to use condoms when he refuses? If I (female) insist my partner using a condom wouldn’t I become a “problem”? How I discuss my same-sex sexual attraction? How women mastrubate? Can we have only oral sex in the beginning? If I (female) admit liking anal sex wouldn’t I be considered me “easy”? How can I convince my boyfriend that I love him but I don’t want to have sexual intercourse yet? He says that if we don’t we will leave me. When I have oral sex with my boyfriend I don’t want to swallow his sperm but he presses me to do so because he says that I don’t satisfy him otherwise. How early can we start our sex life? My girlfriends say that I have to start before 18. 8

Attitudes 

Stereotyped beliefs 

Morality in sexual life 

 

The role of the religion 

Overcoming biases against HIV infected people Prostitution

   

 

If we visit a bordello can we be infected? Can we help someone who is bleeding? If he is HIV positive? Is AIDS connected to lifestyle, eating, drinking, smoking? Discrimination of HIV positive persons is a result of biases or fear for the disease? Is masturbating twice a day harmful? Is it correct that men cannot satisfy women and that’s why women masturbate? I had sexual intercourse 9 times since I was 13. Only one I used condom. Is it possible that I transmitted a disease from one girl to another? Why some men refuse to use condoms? Are anal or oral sex permitted?


Conclusions 

Unclear image about HIV / AIDS.

Yet an interesting topic to explore.

Needs to be adressed:  Challenge biases  Support communication between students, students – parents, students – teachers  Support knowledge especially on contraception and safe-sex practices  Support negotiation skills (especially for female students). Introducing systematic, organized, school-based comprehensive sex education that discusses HIV / AIDS is a necessary approach for enhancing Greek students’ health and well-being.

Thank you!!


HIV / AIDS educational needs in Greece  

HIV / AIDS educational needs in Greece

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