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Sixty for Sixty M A R E C e l e b r a t e s 6 0 I n f l u e n t i a l P e o p l e O v e r 6 0 Ye a r s

Jack Williams/WBZ 1. Originally from Pocatello, Idaho, Williams worked in radio from 1959 until he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Oregon in 1968. During college, he worked as a news anchor/reporter for KUGN Radio in Eugene, Oregon. He first appeared on television in 1968 on KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, anchoring their 11:00 news. He later worked at KORK-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was the principal anchor and news director, before joining WBZ in 1975. In 1981, Williams began the "Wednesday's Child" series in conjunction with MARE and the Department of Social Services (now DCF). During his time hosting the


segment a different child was featured every Wednesday at 6PM. Jack hosted segments for more than 900 children, over 34 years. He has been honored by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton at the White House for his efforts. Mr. Williams created the Endowment for Wednesday’s Child in 2001 which has supported MARE’s work through annual donations each year since its inception. WBZ continues the tradition of hosting a Wednesday’s Child each week during their 6PM news broadcast. No longer restricted to live broadcast, and with the advent of internet technology and social media sharing, waiting children are now viewed widely across Massachusetts.

#6 Case/Teagues Family © Krista Photography

#13 Tito Jackson

#16 Congresswoman Tsongas

#14 Mayor Sarno

#12 Governor Dukakis

Adoptive Family Advocates

Political Support

Among our greatest supporters are advocates who have a direct connection to adoption from foster care. These individuals give their time, passion and other resources to help support the MARE mission of finding adoptive homes for children and teens waiting in foster care. Often sharing stories of inspiration and hope with other families, they are a vital part of the community. We applaud the efforts and actions of these amazing individuals:

During our 60 years of serving the Massachusetts adoption community, we have been very fortunate to have the support of several legislators, political dignitaries and others who have helped to carry the messages of hope and inspiration. Their caring, compassion and most importantly, their understanding of our work has helped to educate many about the needs of the adoption community. It is with that in mind that we celebrate the following contributors:

2. Michelle Cuff – Family support resource, youth mentor, adoption party volunteer 3. Kim Cavanaugh – Mentor and event speaker 4. Toni & Bill Maher – Adoption ministry, mentors, speakers 5. Chris & Bonnie Muise – Mentors and event speakers 6. Rob Case & Chris Teagues – Speakers Bureau 7. Betsy Burch – Founder of SPACE (Single Parents for the Adoption of Children Everywhere) and adoption advocate 8. Louise & Aaron Lazare – Founding members, pioneers in MA for transracial and international adoption of older children, Honorary Board Members, adoption advocates 9. Laura Patey & Leigh Powers – LGBT advocates, MAPP Trainers 10. Michael Blanchette – Host “Adoption Option” TV show, Jordan’s Walk/Run for Adoption supporter 11. Rob Chambers & Jim Holland – HRC honorees, mentors and event speakers

12. Governor Michael Dukakis – Former MA Governor and National Adoption Month advocate 13. Tito Jackson – Adoptee, Boston City Councilor and National Adoption Day speaker 14. Mayor Domenic Sarno – Springfield Mayor and National Adoption Month supporter 15. Senator Rosenberg – National Adoption Month State House Photo Project supporter 16. Congresswoman Tsongas – Voice for Adoption supporter 17. Congresswoman Clark – Voice for Adoption supporter 18. Senator Markey – Voice for Adoption supporter 19. Senator Spilka – Adoption legislation supporter 20. Congressman Delahunt – Adoptive parent, adoption legislation champion of The Hague Convention 21. Representative Daniel Cullinane – Adoptee, National Adoption Day supporter


#22 Dave Thomas

#23 Linda Spears

D a v e T h o m a s - D T FA

DCF Staff

22. In 1990, at the request of President George H.W. Bush, Dave Thomas began to speak out publicly and encourage people to consider foster care adoption. He spearheaded a national public service campaign and encouraged other business leaders to offer adoption benefits as part of their employee benefit plans. Dave wanted to do more. So in 1992, he established the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA). Over the years, Dave’s modest charisma and simple sincerity helped spread the word about adoption. He testified before Congress in support of adoption tax credits and adoption legislation, appeared in television public service announcements, expanded his reach to Canada, and led the initiative to create an adoption stamp, which was issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 2000. On January 8, 2002, Dave passed away and the world lost one of its greatest advocates for children. Dave Thomas was respected for being a talented businessman and a caring philanthropist; his unceasing desire to improve the lives of North America’s most vulnerable children was arguably his greatest contribution to society. In honor of Dave, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption will continue to commit itself to the vision he set forth: to make sure every child has a permanent and loving family. It’s a lofty vision, but Dave would expect nothing less. DTFA has funded a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter in Western Massachusetts since 2006 and in Boston since 2007.

A continuous partner over the past 60 years, the Department of Children & Families has provided support and a crucial connection between waiting children and the families that MARE represents. Without the support of many advocates, over the years, we would not be able to do the critical work that we engage in every day. We recognize this distinguished group of dedicated child welfare professionals:


23. Linda Spears – DCF Commissioner 24. Lewis “Harry” Spence – Former DCF Commissioner 25. Margot Crawford – Retired DCF Adoption Worker who presented first Wednesday’s Child for taping 26. Jeffrey Locke – Former DCF Commissioner, participated in the formation of the Jordan’s Initiative 27. Sheila Frankel – Longtime DCF Search Coordinator, assists in searching for and connecting all members of the adoption triad (adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents) 28. Mary Gambon – Former DCF Assistant Commissioner and adoption advocate 29. Rosemary Broadbent – Longtime Adoption Worker with three adopted children

#32 Aisha Ray Photo: Kristen Hammers

#36 New England Aquarium

#37 Ironstone Farm

M A R E Vo l u n t e e r s & Community Advocates When families have questions about adoption from foster care or just need a little assistance as they go through the process, volunteers and mentors provide support. Some have made a great impact at an individual level and show dedication and a demonstrated interest in helping other families. Others are involved in large-scale programs and projects which support families. We are pleased to honor: 30. Jeff Chruniak – Volunteer videographer and advocate 31. Anne Noonan – MARE volunteer for over 20 years 32. Aisha Ray – Volunteer photographer who profiles waiting children in her blog 33. Nicole Chan & Promessa Films – Volunteer photographer & videographer 34. Eileen Curran – Media personality, adoptive parent and adoption advocate 35. Pat Kush & Louis Quartararo– Adoptive parents and longtime Jordan’s Walk/Run for Adoption fundraisers

Community Partnerships 36. New England Aquarium The New England Aquarium has routinely opened its doors for Wednesday’s Child experiences for children and donates admission to families legalizing on National Adoption Day. 37. Ironstone Farm Ironstone Farm has hosted an annual adoption party for children with special needs for the past seven years. Held on a Sunday in August, the Ironstone staff comes in on their day off to make sure that participating childen get to have a fun experience riding horses–many for the first time. They have also hosted multiple Wednesday’s Child episodes at their farm and a video snapshot shoot. 38. Open Door Society Former name for ACONE (Adoption Community of New England). This adoptive parent group and early partner with MARE provided volunteers to talk to prospective adoptive families on-site. 39. Betty Laning - Founder of the Open Door Society and longtime MARE volunteer.


#55 The Boston Globe

MARE Staff and Board People come to the work of supporting children in foster care, awaiting adoption, from a variety of circumstances and experiences. Some may have a social work or business background and many come from varied life experiences. We celebrate these former staff members and former board members who have dedicated themselves to helping advance our core work. Their tireless efforts have made a difference in the lives of countless children. For their dedication we celebrate: 40. Esther Jacquith – First Executive Director from 1957-1967 41. Rosemary McAuliffe – Former Executive Director from 1967-1975, lifelong adoption professional 42. Jane Quinton – Third Executive Director from 1975-1980, began Sunday’s Child 43. Phyllis Tourse – Fourth Executive Director from 1980-1988, implemented contract with DCF, Wednesday’s Child and adoption parties & co-founded the AEA 44. Carolyn Smith – Former Executive Director from 1988-2006 45. Mary Hegarty – MARE Board Member, Board President and adoptive parent 46. Mary Jo Johnson –Former intern, staff member and MARE Board Member 47. Jane Reilly – Former Adoption Worker, MARE Board Member and two-time Interim MARE Executive Director 48. Dave O'Brien – Former MARE Board Member and Board President 49. Michele Benkis – Longtime adoption advocate, professional and MARE Board Member


50. Nichole Lawton – Former staff member and Wednesday’s Child Liaison 51. Al Spittler – Former Adoptee served by MARE, staff member 52. Karen Seif – Adoptive Parent, former Board Member and event volunteer 53. Joan French – Former MARE Board Member and Board President 54. Tracy Scatterday – Former Associate Director

The Boston Globe 55. The Boston Globe has been supporting MARE in our mission to connect children with waiting families for over 40 years. The very first article ran on October 31, 1976 and has run every Sunday since. During that time, we have profiled children from foster care who need a permanent adoptive family. This partnership has also allowed us to educate the public about the need for adoptive parents, to share information about the process and to create opportunities to connect children to loving, adoptive families. In total, more than 2,400 children have been featured – mostly school-aged youth, siblings who want to be placed together, and children with varying degrees of needs. The success of the Sunday’s Child column can best be measured by the number of children that have been placed with adoptive families–over 1,400 in total! We celebrate Boston Globe contributors for their efforts to raise awareness of the need for adoptive families and for the presentation of specific children. 56. Julie Dalton – Sunday’s Child contact and advocate 57. Susan Klibanoff – First freelance writer for Sunday’s Child

J o r d a n ’s F u r n i t u r e 58. In 1998, Jordan’s Furniture joined in partnership with MARE to increase recruitment of families for waiting children. In conjunction with private and public adoption agencies, the company established The Jordan’s Initiative, which identifies barriers to moving children into adoptive homes and works to find solutions. Jordan’s support includes hosting a growing number of adoption parties each year, a commitment to the Heart Gallery since its inception, hosting and sponsoring the annual Jordan’s Furniture Walk/Run for Adoption, and countless direct and in-kind donations. To date, more than 400 children have found permanent homes due to the efforts of Jordan’s Furniture – specifically Eliot and Barry Tatelman and Director of Public Relations Heather Copelas.

Major Donors None of what we do would be possible without the financial support of our donors and partners. Through the years, we have had the pleasure of working with individuals, businesses, and foundations who have contributed greatly to support MARE’s work.

#58 Eliot Tatelman

59. Charlie Mantenuto – The owner of Route 128 Used Auto Parts closed his doors this year, but not before contributing more than $735,000 between 2000 and 2017 through a vehicle donation program. 60. Community Foundation of Western MA – This longtime partner provides region-specific advocacy and funding in support of waiting children in the western part of the state.


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