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Queer Studies

Brown and Gay in LA

The Lives of Immigrant Sons

Anthony Christian Ocampo

Co-Winner of the 2023 Latino/a Section Best Book Award, given by the American Sociological Association

The stories of second-generation immigrant gay men coming of age in Los Angeles, Brown and Gay in LA is an homage to secondgeneration gay men and their radical redefinition of what it means to be gay, to be a man, to be a person of color, and, ultimately, what it means to be an American.


Series: Asian American Sociology

September 2023 240pp 9781479898138

Paperback £13.99 now £9.79

Fractal Repair

Queer Histories of Modern Jamaica

Matthew Chin

Chin interrogates queerness in Jamaica from early colonial occupation to the present, critically responding to Jamaica’s reputation for homophobia and anti-queer violence. He advances a theory and method of queer fractals to bring together genealogies of queer and Caribbean formation. Fractals—a kind of geometry in which patterns repeat but never exactly in the same way—make visible shifting accounts of Caribbean queerness in terms of race, gender, and sexual alterity.


Series: Perverse Modernities: A Series Edited by Jack Halberstam and Lisa Lowe

March 2024 240pp 9781478030225

Paperback £22.99 now £16.09

In Visible Archives

Queer and Feminist Visual Culture in the 1980s

Margaret Galvan

The art highlighted in In Visible Archives demonstrates how women represented their bodies and sexualities on their own terms and created visibility for new, diverse identities, thus serving as blueprints for future activism and adv ocacy—work that is urgent now more than ever as LGBTQ+ and women’s rights face challenges and restrictions across the nation.


September 2023 336pp 9781517903244

Paperback £23.99 now £16.79

Defiant Bodies

Making Queer Community in the Anglophone Caribbean

Nikoli A. Attai

Defiant Bodies problematizes the neocolonial and homoimperial nature of queer human rights activism in in four Anglophone Caribbean nations and thinks critically about the limits of human rights as a tool for seeking queer liberation. It also offers critical insight into the ways that queer people negotiate, resist, and disrupt homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination by mobilizing “on the ground” and creating transgressive communities within the region.


July 2023 212pp 9781978830356

Paperback £34.00 now £23.80


Queer Cultures and State Violence in Argentina and Spain, 1942–1982

Javier Fernández-Galeano

Maricas traces the erotic lives and legal battles of Argentine and Spanish queer people, who despite state repression and sexual violence, carved out their own spaces in metropolitan and rural cultures between the 1940s and the 1980s.


Series: Engendering Latin America

June 2024 342pp 9781496239556

Paperback £25.99 now £18.19

Mainstreaming Gays

Critical Convergences of Queer Media, Fan Cultures, and Commercial Television

Eve Ng

Mainstreaming Gays discusses a key transitional period linking the eras of legacy and streaming, analyzing how queer production and interaction that had earlier occurred outside the mainstream was transformed by multiple converging trends: the emergence of digital media, the rising influence of fan cultures, and increasing interest in LGBTQ content within commercial media. Critical reading for those interested in media production, fandom, subcultures, and LGBTQ digital media.


September 2023 224pp 9781978831339

Paperback £27.99 now £19.59

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Making Gaybies

Queer Reproduction and Multiracial Feeling

Jaya Keaney

Drawing on interviews with queer families in Australia who must navigate varied transnational reproductive markets and policies, Jaya Keaney demonstrates how queer family making fosters a queer multiracial imaginary of kinship.

November 2023 240pp 9781478025368

Paperback £22.99 now £16.09


Queer Legal Studies

and Brenda Cossman

In Enticements, an exceptional group of interdisciplinary scholars comes together to contribute to the field of Queer Legal Studies. The essays investigate a wildly proliferating assortment of genders, sexualities, and intimacies, questioning how they have been regulated, criminalized, or privileged by law and other regulatory forces.


Series: LGBTQ Politics

March 2024 408pp 9781479807611

Paperback £36.00 now £25.20

A Pill for Promiscuity

Gay Sex in an Age of Pharmaceuticals

This collection brings together academics, artists, and activists—from different generations, countries, ethnic backgrounds, and HIV statuses—to reflect on how gay sex has changed in a post-PrEP era, critique the role Big Pharma now plays in queer life, and argue for the value of sexual community, promiscuity, and pleasure.


Series: Q+ Public

February 2023 154pp 9781978824553

Paperback £19.99 now £13.99

Unsafe Words

Queering Consent in the #MeToo Era

Telling a queerer side of the #MeToo story, Unsafe Words brings together academics, activists, artists, and sex workers to tackle challenging questions about sex, power, consent, and harm. Resisting the heteronormative assumptions, class norms, and racial privilege underlying much #MeToo discourse, they explore how queer communities might better prevent and respond to sexual violence.


Series: Q+ Public

February 2023 216pp


Paperback £19.99 now £13.99


Queer Viewers and the TV That Soothes Us

Karen Tongson

Revisiting soothing network dramedies like Parenthood,Gilmore Girls, This Is Us, and their late-80s precursor, thirtysomething, Normporn mines the nuanced pleasures and attractionrepulsion queer viewers experience watching liberal family-centric shows. Karen Tongson reflects on how queer cultural observers work through repeated declarations of a “new normal” and flash lifestyle trends like “normcore,” even as the absurdity, aberrance, and violence of our culture intensifies.


Series: Postmillennial Pop

November 2023 216pp 9781479846511

Paperback £16.99 now £11.89

The Politics of Perverts

The Political Attitudes and Actions of NonTraditional Sexual Minorities

Charles Anthony Smith, Shawn R. Schulenberg and Connor B. S. Strobel

The authors shed light on the political identities, affiliations, and attitudes of these communities in the United States, revealing how sexuality and politics are even more deeply intertwined at the margins of society. Despite facing challenges, these communities actively engage in political discussions and activities in hopes of fostering greater inclusivity, better representation, and more informed policies.


Series: LGBTQ Politics

June 2024 280pp 9781479822744

Paperback £25.99 now £18.19

Criminalized Lives

HIV and Legal Violence

Alexander McClelland

Illustrated by Eric Kostiuk Williams

Foreword by Robert Suttle

Examining how criminalization disproportionately punishes poor, Black and Indigenous people, gay men, and women in Canada, Alexander McClelland investigates the consequences of criminalizing illness, which results in people being subjected to state violence rather than treated with care.


Series: Q+ Public

June 2024 276pp


Paperback £22.99 now £16.09

My Race Is My Gender

Portraits of Nonbinary People of Color

Edited by Stephanie Hsu and Ka-Man Tse

My Race is My Gender is the first anthology by nonbinary writers of color to include photography and visual portraits, centering their everyday experiences of negotiating intersectional identities. Bringing together Black, Indigenous, Latine, and Asian perspectives, its six contributors share their personal stories of working for racial justice and the recognition of queer gender identities.


Series: Q+ Public

August 2024 146pp


Paperback £21.99 now £15.39


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