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Business & Economics spring 2022

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Interconnected Worlds


Global Electronics and Production Networks in East Asia Henry Wai-Chung Yeung

Capitalism in Chaos

How the Business Elites of Europe Prospered in the Era of the Great War Máté Rigó

Innovation and Technology in the World Economy June 2022 408pp 9781503632226 £22.99 / $30.00 PB 9781503615298 £72.06 / $90.00 HB

August 2022 366pp 34 b&w halftones, 4 maps 9781501764653 £36.00 / $44.95 HB



Explores an often-overlooked consequence and paradox of the First World War—the prosperity of business elites and bankers in service of the war effort during the destruction of capital and wealth by belligerent armies.

Drawing on literature, new empirical material comprising custom datasets, and extensive personal interviews, this book examines through a "network" approach the co-evolution of globalized electronics production centered in East Asia.

The College Devaluation Crisis


Market Disruption, Diminishing ROI, and an Alternative Future of Learning Jason Wingard

Banking on Growth Models

China's Troubled Pursuit of Financial Reform and Economic Rebalancing Stephen Bell and Hui Feng

July 2022 328pp 9781503627536 £22.99 / $30.00 HB


Cornell Studies in Money May 2022 282pp 4 charts, 29 graphs 9781501762529 £40.00 / $49.95 HB

Employers and other learning and development entities are emerging to innovate new approaches to training talent that, at times, relies on the higher education sector, but increasingly operates independently in order to satisfy talent needs more agilely and effectively. Focuses on case studies from leading companies to illustrate their innovative strategies for talent development.


Contends that China's rapid economic rise from the late 1970s to today has been built on and shaped by a highly politicized and inefficient bank-centric financial system.

Chasing Automation

Enclaves of Exception

July 2022 284pp 11 b&w halftones 9781501763991 £32.00 / $39.95 HB

May 2022 252pp 17 b&w illus., 7 maps, 4 b&w tables 9780253059574 £22.99 / $30.00 PB 9780253059581 £60.00 / $75.00 HB

The Politics of Technology and Jobs from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Society Jerry Prout

Special Economic Zones and Extractive Practices in Nigeria Omolade Adunbi



Chasing Automation tells the story of how a group of reform-minded politicians during the heyday of America's industrial prowess (1921–1966) sought to plan for the technological future. Beginning with Warren G. Harding and the Conference he convened in 1921, Jerry Prout looks at how the US political system confronted the unemployment caused by automation.

How do we measure and truly grasp the sweeping social and environmental effects of an oil-based economy? Focusing on the special economic zones resulting from China's trading partnership with Nigeria, this book offers a new approach to exploring the relationship between oil and technologies of extraction and their interrelatedness to local livelihoods and environmental practices. 1

How China Escaped the Poverty Trap

Working Democracies

Managing Inequality in Worker Cooperatives Joan S. M. Meyers

Yuen Yuen Ang

Cornell Studies in Political Economy March 2022 344pp 11 halftones, 1 map, 15 tables, 24 charts 9781501764561 £18.99 / $24.95 NIP

June 2022 324pp 2 b&w line drawings 9781501763687 £37.00 / $46.95 HB



Working Democracies focuses on two worker cooperatives in business since the 1970s that transformed from small countercultural collectives into thriving multiracial and largely working-class firms. Meyers shows how democratic worker ownership can provide stability and effective business management, but also shows that broad equality is not an inevitable outcome despite the best intentions of cooperative members.

Acclaimed as "game changing" and "field shifting," How China Escaped the Poverty Trap advances a new paradigm in the political economy of development and sheds new light on China's rise. How can poor and weak societies escape poverty traps? Yuen Yuen Ang launches a new paradigm grounded in complex adaptive systems, which embraces the reality of interdependence and humanity's capacity to innovate.

The Bankers' Blacklist

recent highlights

Unofficial Market Enforcement and the Global Fight against Illicit Financing Julia C. Morse

Surveillance Capitalism in America Edited by Josh Lauer and Kenneth Lipartito

Cornell Studies in Money January 2022 282pp 1 diagram, 10 charts 9781501761515 £40.00/ $49.95 HB

Hagley Perspectives on Business and Culture October 2021 288pp 7 b&w 9780812253351 £52.00/ $65.00 HB


In The Banker's Blacklist, Julia C. Morse demonstrates how the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has enlisted global banks in the effort to keep "bad money" out of the financial system, in the process drastically altering the domestic policy landscape and transforming banking worldwide.


Explores the historical development of commercial surveillance long before computers and suggests that a ubiquitous but often unseen surveillance infrastructure created by business and the state has been central to American capitalism.

To the Brink of Destruction

The Neomercantilists A Global Intellectual History Eric Helleiner

America's Rating Agencies and Financial Crisis Timothy J. Sinclair

November 2021 414pp 9781501760129 £40.00/ $49.95 HB


Cornell Studies in Money November 2021 234pp 3 b&w line drawings 9781501760242 £32.00/ $39.95 HB

At a time when critiques of free trade policies are gaining currency, The Neomercantilists helps make sense of the protectionist turn, providing the first intellectual history of the genealogy of neomercantilism. Helleiner identifies many pioneers of this ideology between the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries who backed strategic protectionism and other forms of government economic activism to promote state wealth and power.


Exposes how America's rating agencies helped generate the global financial crisis of 2007 and beyond, surviving and thriving in the aftermath. Despite widespread scrutiny, rating agencies continued to operate on the same business model and wield extraordinary power, exerting extensive influence over public policy. 2

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