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A Family Matter

Citizenship, Conjugal Relationships, and Canadian Immigration Policy MEGAN GAUCHER

Citing national security and societal welfare, the Harper government adopted a strict definition of family to limit access to citizenship for certain immigrants. As many Western governments ponder more restrictive immigration policies, A Family Matter offers a timely examination of the Canadian approach and proposes a course for re-evaluating how family is defined and implementing fairer assessments of immigrants and refugees. UBC PRESS November 2018 244pp 9780774836432 £19.99 PB now £13.99

Be Wise! Be Healthy!

Morality and Citizenship in Canadian Public Health Campaigns CATHERINE CARSTAIRS, BETHANY PHILPOTT & SARA WILMSHURST

Explores the history of public health from the 1920s to the 1970s and its emphasis on health as a responsibility of citizenship, stigmatizing marginalised groups in the process. This clear-eyed study demonstrates that while we may well celebrate the successes of public health campaigns, they are not without controversy. UBC PRESS February 2019 16 b&w illus., 5 graphs, 1 table 308pp 9780774837194 £22.99 PB now £16.09

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At the Bridge

James Teit and an Anthropology of Belonging WENDY WICKWIRE

This book chronicles the littleknown story of James Teit, a prolific ethnographer who, from 1884 to 1922, worked with and advocated for the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia and the northwestern United States. Teit forged a particpantbased anthropology that was far ahead of its time. He produced copius, meticulous records. Wickwire’s beautifully crafted narrative accords Teit the status he deserves, consolidating his place as a leading and innovative anthropologist. UBC PRESS July 2019 27 b&w photos, 5 maps 400pp 9780774861526 £22.99 PB now £16.09

Beyond Accommodation Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians JENNIFER SELBY, AMELIE BARRAS & LORI G. BEAMAN

Problems around social participation seem to dominate the research on minority Muslims in Western nations. Beyond Accommodation offers a different perspective, showing how Muslim Canadians successfully navigate and negotiate their religiosity. This book proposes an alternative picture of how religious difference is woven into the fabric of Canadian society. UBC PRESS March 2019 284pp 9780774838290 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Bootstraps Need Boots One Tory’s Lonely Fight to End Poverty in Canada HUGH SEGAL

In this deeply personal memoir, Hugh Segal looks back on a life that took him from childhood poverty to the heights of Canadian politics and how these early experiences shaped his life-long advocacy for the poor. For more than four decades, Segal has been one of the leading voices of progressive conservatism in Canada. UBC PRESS December 2019 20 b&w photos 224pp 9780774890458 £21.99 HB now £15.39

Buying Happiness

The Emergence of Consumer Consciousness in English Canada BETTINA LIVERANT

The idea of Canada as a consumer society was largely absent before 1890 but familiar by the mid-1960s. This change required more than rising incomes and greater impulses to buy; it involved new concepts. Explores how key public thinkers represented, conceptualized, and institutionalized ideas about consumption. UBC PRESS November 2018 11 illus. 304pp 9780774835145 £22.99 PB now £16.09

Canada on the United Nations Security Council

A Small Power on a Large Stage ADAM CHAPNICK

As the 20th century ended, Canada was completing its sixth term on the UN Security Council. A decade later, the government’s attempt to return to the council was dramatically rejected by its global peers, leaving Canadians – and international observers – shocked and disappointed. Tells the story of that defeat and what it means for future campaigns. Impeccably researched and clearly written, this is the definitive history of the Canadian experience on the world’s most powerful stage. UBC PRESS September 2019 320pp 9780774861618 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Class Actions in Canada

The Promise and Reality of Access to Justice JASMINKA KALAJDZIC

A timely exploration of the evolution of collective litigation in Canada. First proposes a conceptualization of access to justice that moves beyond access to court procedure. She then methodically assesses data and case studies to determine how class action practice fulfills or fails in its objectives. UBC PRESS Series: Law and Society January 2019 8 charts, 1 table 260pp 9780774837897 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Crossing Law’s Border Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program SHAUNA LABMAN Offers a comprehensive account of

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Canada’s refugee resettlement program, from the Indochinese crisis of the 1970s to the current era of controversy and flux in refugee and asylum policy. UBC PRESS Series: Law and Society November 2019 6 tables 264pp 9780774862172 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Delivering Policy

The Contested Politics of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Canada FRANCESCA SCALA

Are assisted reproductive technologies a medical issue or a matter of public policy, subject to restrictions? Scala reveals both sides of the protracted debate that ensued in this compelling account, contributing to our understanding of the interaction between science and politics and the politics of expertise in policy making. UBC PRESS February 2019 252pp 9780774860093 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Doing Politics Differently?

Women Premiers in Canada’s Provinces and Territories EDITED BY SYLVIA BASHEVKIN

This book assesses the track records of eleven women in top political offices in Canada’s provinces and territories, comparing their performance with the men who preceded and succeeded them. This innovative volume probes the importance of demographic

diversity in top public office using a variety of powerful analytic lenses. UBC PRESS October 2019 15 graphs, 19 tables 332pp 9780774860819 £22.99 PB now £16.09

Duty to Dissent

Henri Bourassa and the First World War GEOFF KEELAN

UBC PRESS Series: Law and Society August 2018 248pp 9780774837736 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Fighting with the Empire

Canada, Britain, and Global Conflict, 1867–1947 EDITED BY STEVE MARTI & WILLIAM JOHN PRATT

During the First World War, Henri Bourassa – fierce Canadian nationalist, politician, and journalist from Quebec – took centre stage in the national debates on Canada’s participation in the war, its imperial ties to Britain, and Canada’s place in the world. Draws upon Bourassa’s voluminous editorials in Le Devoir, the newspaper he founded in 1910, to trace Bourassa’s evolving perspective on the war’s meaning and consequences. UBC PRESS November 2019 284pp 9780774838825 £60.00 HB now £42.00

War forced Canadians to re-examine their relationship to Britain and to one another. Examines the paradox of a national contribution to an imperial war effort, finding middle ground between affirming the emergence of a nation through warfare and equating Canadian nationalism with British imperialism. UBC PRESS Series: Studies in Canadian Military History October 2019 220pp 9780774860413 £19.99 PB now £13.99

Enforcing Exclusion

Flawed Precedent

Precarious Migrants and the Law in Canada SARAH GRAYCE MARSDEN

People with precarious migration status face barriers in law, policy, and practice, affecting their ability to address adverse working conditions and their access to public institutions. Enforcing Exclusion recasts what migration status means to the state and to non-citizens, questioning the adequacy of human-rights-based responses in addressing its exclusionary effects.

The St. Catherine’s Case and Aboriginal Title KENT MCNEIL

In 1888, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ruled in the St. Catherine’s case, defining the legal contours of Aboriginal title in Canada for almost a century. McNeil examines the trial and its context in detail, writing a compelling account of a landmark case that undermined Indigenous land rights. UBC PRESS Series: Landmark Cases in Canadian Law

June 2019 21 b&w photos, 4 maps 352pp 9780774861069 £18.99 PB now £13.29

Four Unruly Women

Stories of Incarceration and Resistance from Canada’s Most Notorious Prison TED MCCOY

McCoy tells the stories of four women in Canada’s most notorious prison in poignant detail. These women served sentences at different times over a century, but the inhumanity they suffered was consistent. This book presents profoundly disturbing evidence of the hidden costs of isolation, punishment, and mass incarceration. UBC PRESS March 2019 8 b&w photos 156pp 9780774838887 £14.99 PB now £10.49

Gendered Mediation

Identity and Image Making in Canadian Politics EDITED BY ANGELIA WAGNER & JOANNA EVERITT

Takes an original approach to the study of gender and political communication by examining the implications of intersecting notions of gender, sexuality, race, age, and class in Canadian politics. Its findings have profound implications for democracy not only in Canada but for democratic political systems elsewhere. UBC PRESS Series: Communication, Strategy, & Politics May 2019 8 graphs, 9 tables 284pp 9780774860567 £22.99 PB now £16.09

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Lived Fictions

Unity and Exclusion in Canadian Politics JOHN GRANT

Bringing big thinking back to Canadian politics, demonstrates how theories of political unity always exclude and shows why our comfortable assumptions about the promises of Canadian politics mask historical failures. UBC PRESS September 2018 304pp 9780774836487 £22.99 PB now £16.09

Making Men, Making History

Canadian Masculinities Across Time and Place EDITED BY PETER GOSSAGE & ROBERT RUTHERDALE

Populated with figures both well known and unknown, reveals the dissonance between ideals of manhood and masculinity and the everyday lives of Canadian men and boys. This collection showcases some of the best new work in masculinity studies, exploring these themes entirely in Canadian historical settings. UBC PRESS February 2019 52 illus., 1 chart 472pp 9780774835640 £26.99 PB now £18.89

Métis Politics and Governance in Canada KELLY SAUNDERS & JANIQUE DUBOIS

This timely book offers a practical guide for understanding who the Métis

are and the challenges they face on the path to self-government. Drawing on the Métis language, the authors demonstrate how the Métis have adapted their governance structures within the Canadian context to meet the needs of Métis citizens. UBC PRESS May 2019 220pp 9780774860758 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Moments of Crisis

Religion and National Identity in Québec IAN A. MORRISON

In the past two decades, Québec has been racked by a series of controversies in which the religiosity of migrants and minorities has been represented as a threat to the province’s once staunchly Catholic, and now resolutely secular, identity. Wideranging and theoretically sophisticated, offers a groundbreaking explanation for why religion continues to be implicated in national identity crises in Québec. UBC PRESS September 2019 230pp 9780774861762 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Moved by the State

Forced Relocation and Making a Good Life in Postwar Canada TINA LOO

From the 1950s to the 1970s, the Canadian government relocated people living in rural and urban communities to alleviate the lack of social services and economic opportunities. Loo offers a new

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interpretation of this undertaking, revealing the optimistic belief underpinning postwar relocations: the power of the interventionist state to do good. UBC PRESS Series: Brenda and David McLean Canadian Studies June 2019 20 b&w photos, 12 maps, 2 tables 296pp 9780774861007 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Nothing to Write Home About

British Family Correspondence and the Settler Colonial Everyday in British Columbia LAURA ISHIGURO

This book uncovers the significance of British family correspondence sent between the United Kingdom and British Columbia between 1858 and 1914. Ishiguro draws on thousands of letters to highlight the critical role they played in laying the foundations of a powerful settler order that continues to structure the province today. UBC PRESS May 2019 3 b&w photos, 1 map 308pp 9780774838436 £60.00 HB now £42.00

One Hundred Years of Struggle The History of Women and the Vote in Canada JOAN SANGSTER

Sangster looks beyond the rhetoric of anniversary celebrations of women winning the vote in 1918 and offers a more inclusive story for a new generation to show that the struggle for equality included gains and losses, inclusions and exclusions, depending on a woman’s race, class, and location within the nation. UBC PRESS Series: Women’s Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy March 2019 35 b&w photos 328pp 9780774835343 £14.99 PB now £10.49

Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice

Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces SARAH CARTER

Many of Canada’s most famous suffragists lived and campaigned in the Prairie provinces. Although they petitioned for the vote, they often approved of that same right being denied to “foreigners” and Indigenous peoples. This powerful and passionate book shows that the right to vote meant different things to different people. UBC PRESS Series: Women’s Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy January 2020 25 b&w photos 272pp 9780774861878 £18.99 HB now £13.29

Opening the Government of Canada Political Elites in Canada The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age AMANDA CLARKE

Details the untold story of the federal bureaucracy’s efforts to adapt to digital-age pressures from the mid2000s onwards. This book reveals the mismatch between the bureaucracy’s Closed Government traditions and evolving citizen expectations and digital tools. Ultimately Clarke lays out a roadmap for building a democratically robust, digital-era federal government. UBC PRESS Series: Communication, Strategy, and Politics July 2019 6 tables 312pp 9780774836937 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Power and Influence in Instantaneous Times EDITED BY ALEX MARLAND, THIERRY GIASSON & ANDREA LAWLOR

This book offers a timely look at Canadian political power brokers and how they are adapting to a fast-paced digital media environment. Featuring studies of governmental decision makers in the public service and nongovernmental influence brokers, this collection is a much-needed synthesis of elite politics in Canada. UBC PRESS Series: Communication, Strategy, and Politics March 2019 8 charts and 20 tables 340pp 9780774837941 £22.99 PB now £16.09

Putting Family First Migration and Integration in Canada EDITED BY HARALD BAUDER

Investigates the experience of immigrant families settling in the Toronto area, from newcomers’ initial reception to their deep involvement in and attachment to their receiving society. Contributors explore a variety of themes to illustrate how the family context can be mobilized to facilitate the successful integration of newcomers. UBC PRESS May 2019 1 graph, 4 illus. 352pp 9780774861267 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Queering Representation

LGBTQ People and Electoral Politics in Canada EDITED BY MANON TREMBLAY

Explores long-ignored issues relating to LGBTQ voters and politicians in Canada. What are the LGBTQ electorate’s characteristics and voting behaviours, and what empowerment has it achieved through electoral systems? How do straight voters view out LGBTQ politicians, and what part do the media play in framing these perceptions? What pathways to power do LGBTQ politicians follow? Do they represent LGBTQ people and communities in particular, and, if so, how is this role articulated? UBC PRESS January 2020 4 charts, 22 tables 352pp 9780774861816 £60.00 HB now £42.00

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Reluctant Warriors

Ruling Out Art

During the “Hundred Days” campaign of the First World War, over 30 percent of conscripts who served in the Canadian Corps became casualties. Yet, they were often considered slackers for not having volunteered. The first examination of the pivotal role played by Canadian conscripts in the final campaign of the Great War on the Western Front. UBC PRESS Series: Studies in Canadian Military History July 2019 7 maps, 33 photos, 332pp 9780774835985 £21.99 PB now £15.39

In the 1980s, the Ontario Board of Censors began to subject media artists’ work to the same cuts, bans, and warning labels as commercial film. This innovative exploration of how art and law intersected turns a spotlight on the powerful role that artists can play in the administration of culture. UBC PRESS Series: Law and Society May 2019 31 b&w photos 264pp 9780774837095 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Canadian Conscripts and the Great War PATRICK M. DENNIS

Representation in Action

Canadian MPs in the Constituencies ROYCE KOOP, HEATHER BASTEDO & KELLY BLIDOOK

Canadian Members of Parliament (MPs) are often dismissed as “trained seals,” helpless to do anything other than follow commands from party leaders. Challenges this view of MPs and shows that the ways they represent their constituents are as diverse as Canada itself. UBC PRESS July 2018 1 diagram, 11 maps, 3 tables 248pp 9780774836982 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Media Art Meets Law in Ontario’s Censor Wars TARYN SIROVE

Seeking the Court’s Advice The Politics of the Canadian Reference Power KATE PUDDISTER

The first study of its kind, this work draws on over two hundred reference cases from 1875 to 2017 to show that the actual outcome of a reference case is often secondary to the political benefits that can be attained from relying on courts through the reference power. PRESS Series: Law and Society May 2019 3 charts, 8 tables 290pp 9780774861113 £21.99 PB now £15.39

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Sovereignty and Command in Canada– US Continental Air Defence, 1940–57 RICHARD GOETTE

Combining historical narrative with conceptual analysis of US-Canadian relations, Goette argues that a functional military transition from an air defence system based on cooperation to one based on integrated and centralized command and control under NORAD allowed Canada to retain command of its forces and thus protect Canadian sovereignty. UBC PRESS Series: Studies in Canadian Military History January 2019 27 b&w photos, 4 maps 312pp 9780774836883 £21.99 PB now £15.39

The Candian Party System

An Analytic History RICHARD JOHNSTON

The Canadian party system is a deviant case among the Anglo-American democracies. Unruly and inscrutable, it is a system that defies logic and classification – until now. Johnston’s findings shed light on the main puzzles of the Canadian case, while contesting the received wisdom of the comparative study of democratic systems elsewhere. UBC PRESS January 2019 55 figures, 15 tables 336pp 9780774836081 £22.99 PB now £16.09

The Empire on the Western Front

The British 62nd and Canadian 4th Divisions in Battle GEOFFREY JACKSON

In August 1914, Great Britain and its dominions were faced with the formidable challenge of transforming masses of untrained citizen-soldiers into competent, coordinated fighting divisions. Focuses on two such divisions to show how the British Expeditionary Force rose to this challenge. UBC PRESS Series: Studies in Canadian Military History April 2019 11 b&w photos, 12 maps 348pp 9780774860147 £64.00 HB now £44.80

The Good Fight Marcel Cadieux and Canadian Diplomacy BRENDAN KELLY

Before official bilingualism was established in 1969, francophones were scarce in the Canadian public service. Marcel Cadieux was one of the few, becoming arguably the most important francophone diplomat and civil servant in Canadian history. UBC PRESS Series: The Good Fight December 2019 33 b&w photos 400pp 9780774838979 £26.99 HB now £18.89

The Last Suffragist Standing The Life and Times of Laura Marshall Jamieson VERONICA STRONG-BOAG

This book is an unprecedented study of Laura Marshall Jamieson, the last suffragist in Canada to be elected to a provincial or federal legislature. Strong-Boag turns this compelling account of a woman’s life into an illuminating work on the history of feminism, socialism, internationalism, and activism in Canada. UBC PRESS March 2019 14 b&w photos, 1 map 284pp 9780774838696 £21.99 PB now £15.39

The Law is (Not) for Kids

A Legal Rights Guide for Canadian Children and Teens NED LECIC & MARVIN ZUKER

In this practical guide to the law for the young people of Canada, Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker provide an allencompassing, accurate manual meant to empower and educate youth and those that serve them. ATHABASCA UNIVERSITY PRESS March 2019 3 tables 204pp 9781771992374 £14.99 PB now £10.49


Intended to delight and provoke, these short, beautifully crafted essays, explore how humans have engaged with the Canadian environment and what those interactions say about the nature of Canada. The foremost stars in the field of environmental history reflect on how we have idolized and found inspiration in nature. UBC PRESS May 2019 72 b&w photos, 4 maps, 384pp 9780774890366 £19.99 PB now £13.99

The New NDP

Moderation, Modernization, and Political Marketing DAVID MCGRANE

In 2011, the New Democratic Party became the Official Opposition. But by 2015, it had fallen back to the thirdparty spot. Were moderation and modernization of its policies the right choices? This book provides lessons for progressive parties on how to win elections in the age of the Internet. UBC PRESS Series: Communication, Strategy, and Politics October 2019 28 charts, 34 tables 408pp 9780774860468 £26.99 PB now £18.89

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The Terrific Engine

Income Taxation and the Modernization of the Canadian Political Imaginary DAVID TOUGH

Examines how income taxation modernized political language in the early-20th century, controversially arguing that income taxation was established by popular demand, first to replace existing taxes and then to address income inequality. UBC PRESS January 2019 3 b&w photos, 7 illus. 200pp 9780774836784 £21.99 PB now £15.39

Thumbing a Ride

Hitchhikers, Hostels, and Counterculture in Canada LINDA MAHOOD

As a network of roads and hostels spread across Canada, so did the practice of hitchhiking. Mahmood examines its rise and fall in the 1970s and asks questions about hitchhiking as a rite of passage, and about adult intervention that turned a subculture into a pressing moral and social issue. UBC PRESS March 2019 29 b&w photos 344pp 9780774837347 £21.99 PB now £15.39

To Be Equals in Our Own Country


A passionate yet even-handed account of the road to suffrage in Quebec, examining women’s political

participation since winning the vote in 1940 and comparing their struggle to movements in other countries. This astute exploration of enfranchisement rightly recognizes suffrage as a fundamental question of human rights. UBC PRESS Series: Women’s Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy March 2019 7 illustrations and 12 b&w photos 232pp 9780774838481 £18.99 HB now £13.29

Trudeaumania PAUL LITT

Traces what happened when the fabled spirit of the sixties met the excitement of the Centennial and Expo 67. Canadians wanted to modernize and differentiate their nation from the US, and defuse Quebec separatism. This marked a passionate quest for a new Canada, defining the values of Canadians for decades to come. UBC PRESS November 2018 46 b&w photos and 12 cartoons 424pp 9780774834056 £21.99 PB now £15.39

methodological foundations for the study of transformative trends in Canadian political communication. UBC PRESS Series: Communication, Strategy, and Politics June 2019 20 tables, 15 charts, 11 b&w photos 340pp 9780774861151 £60.00 HB now £42.00

Writing the Body in Motion

A Critical Anthology on Canadian Sport Literature EDITED BY ANGIE ABDOU & JAMIE DOPP

Over the last decade, a proliferation of sport literature courses across the continent is evidence of the sophisticated and evolving body of work developing in this area. Writing the Body in Motion offers introductory essays on the most commonly taught Canadian sport literature texts. ATHABASCA UNIVERSITY PRESS May 2018 248pp 9781771992282 £22.99 PB now £16.09

What’s Trending in Canadian Politics?

Understanding Transformations in Power, Media, and the Public Sphere EDITED BY MIREILLE LALANCETTE, VINCENT RAYNAULD & ERIN CRANDALL

Exploring the effects of conventional and emerging political communication practices in Canada. Original and timely, this interdisciplinary volume lays robust theoretical and

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