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Commercial Grade, Industrial Strength Fuel Performance Solutions


Combustion Improvers Corrosion Inhibitors Detergent Cleaners Stabilizing Agents Water Dispersants Lubricity Enhancers Cold Flow Improvers Controls Phase Separation Prevent Ethanol & Biodiesel Problems

What are the differences between industrial grade Xp3 and regular retail grade products? Xp3 is a blend of purely concentrated organic compounds and synthetic resins, containing no retail fillers, no damaging alcohol, aromatics or toluene, nor any type of diluting ingredients normally found in regular retail grade products. In the retail marketplace, purely concentrated industrial grade fuel additives are expensive and typically difficult to procure. When buying upgraded gasoline at the retail pump, expect to pay surcharges of 8-14 cents per litre or more to upgrade from regular to premium. And in Canada, premium diesel fuel at retail pumps is either not available or extremely rare and expensive. Regular retail consumer grade additives contain 40% to 90% of filler agents, which are non-active ingredients added only to give consumers a false sense of value when purchasing, due to the larger physical size of the retail bottle.

Unable to clean or disperse residues.

Completely cleans & disperses residues.

Carbon Detergency Test Burns dirty, unstable with dark smoke

Burns clean, stable and no smoke

Combustion Efficiency Test Leaves unburnt residues & sludge

Burns clean and complete

Post Combustion Residue Test Unable to break down gums & varnish

Breaks down gums and varnish and restores fuels

Gum & Varnish Dispersion Test

“The educated and informed user of fuel additives will always choose a purely concentrated, industrial strength, multi-functional formulation from a global manufacturer with a proven track record instead of a diluted, consumer grade, over the counter, retail packaged product.�

Concentrates water molecules into a mass

Completely and safely disperses water and moisture in fuels

Water & Moisture Test

Clean Diesel Combustion & Emissions Improver

D Multi-Functional Blend for Diesel

All-in-One formula for year round protection and top performance → A more complete and cleaner burn → Reduces fumes, pollution and emissions → Increases torque & horsepower → Improves throttle response → Reduces smoke & unburnt hydrocarbons → Extends DPF life by up to 25% or more → Reduces DEF consumption → Extends functional lifespan of engine oil → Restores injector spray patterns → Prevents oxidation, corrosion & rusting → Adds lubricity and extends injector life → Improves Pour Point by 10°C or more → Protects against phase separation → Prevents water & moisture problems → Effective biocide against algae & bacteria → Stabilizes and protects fuels in storage → Improves Pour Point by 10°C → Improves fuel economy

Treatment cost: 3.0¢ per treated litre Mix ratio: 1:4000, 300ppm

83% Reduction in Emissions

Emission tests conducted by the Mexico National Railway Company showed an

83% reduction of pollution emitting particulates when using Xp3.



28 Untreated Diesel

Treated with Xp3

Extreme Winter Cold Flow Improver

D+W Extreme Winter Specialty Blend for Diesel

Provides cold weather protection for mission critical equipment Includes all the features of Xp3, PLUS these additional benefits; + Dramatically improves Pour Point + Improves cold starting and idling + Prevents wax formation & gelling + Prevents fuel filter clogging

Treatment cost: 3.2¢ per treated litre Mix ratio: 1:4000, 300ppm

Test Results measuring Pour Point Performance of Diesel Fuel - 27°C

Base Diesel Fuel, untreated

Single Dosed with Xp3D+W, an extra 24°C of cold weather protection

- 51°C

Double Dosed with Xp3D+W , an extra 27°C of cold weather protection

- 54°C

T r i p l e D o s e d w i t h X p 3 D + W , an extra 30°C of cold weather protection 0°C





- 57°C -50°C


REPSOL in Argentina uses an Xp Lab additive Package for their arctic grade diesel fuel sold in Antarctica, providing extreme cold weather protection for mission critical equipment.

High Performance Enhancer +Cetane Boost

D+C High Performance Specialty Blend for Diesel

Designed for extreme load conditions that require maximum power, torque and performance Includes all the features of Xp3, PLUS these additional benefits; + Increases Cetane by up to 7 points + Increases torque and horsepower + Improves lower grade diesel + Revives & restores fuel integrity

Treatment cost: 3.2¢ per treated litre Mix ratio: 1:4000, 300ppm

MORE TORQUE Walls Rod & Custom dyno test results on a 2011 6.6 Duramax

+ 36 ft. lbs

+ 11

“An additive that improves fuel economy will also show more power on a dyno and less emissions from the exhaust”. Dyno tests shows Xp3’s ability to increase torque and horsepower and emission tests shows that Xp3 treated fuel produces less pollution, less GHG and less unburnt hydrocarbons.

ft. lbs




Baseline Diesel

Xp3D All-in-One

Xp3D+C High Perf.

Combustion Improver +Fuel Stabilizer

G Multi-Functional Blend for Gasoline

All-in-One formula for year round protection and top performance

Treatment cost: 4.2¢ per treated litre Mix ratio 1:3200, 312ppm

→ A more complete and cleaner burn → Increases torque & horsepower → Improves throttle response → Reduces smoke & unburnt hydrocarbons → Protects against phase separation → Restores injector spray patterns → Prevents oxidation, corrosion & rusting → Protects against negative effects of ethanol → Prevents water & moisture related problems → Protects fuel against icing → Stabilizes and keeps fuels fresh → Protects fuels during off-season storage → Improves fuel economy For use in all 4 stroke and 2 stroke spark ignition gasoline engines.




12.0¢ 13.0¢ 13.1¢

13.3¢ 14.0¢ 14.2¢

Do** Premium


Cost** Premium


She** Premium

Xp3 outperforms retail grade consumer products and is 3-4 times more economical!

$ Low cost to treat per litre

High cost to treat per litre $$$$

Examples shown in cents per treated litre of gasoline. Xp3 treatment cost for D i e s e l i s 3 . 2 ¢ / L o r l e s s . R e t a i l - g r a d e a d d i t i v e s a mp l e p r i c e s ma y v a r y b y r e g i o n .

Technical Specifications & Testing Xp3 is classified as an industrial strength, commercial grade fuel upgrader, with high concentration mix ratios of 1:4000 for diesel and 1:3200 for gasoline. For comparison, retail pump fuel can contain as little as 125ppm of performance enhancing additives. Improves cold weather operability by up to 30°C with Xp3 Extreme Winter specialty blend, and by 10°C or more with Xp3 All-in-One Combustion Improver. (ASTM D-97 Pour Point Tests.) Controls and inhibits formation of microbial growth and algae in diesel. (ASTM D-7687) Increases Cetane from 41.5 to 46.2 with Xp3 High Performance Cetane Boosted specialty blend. Double and triple dosing increases Cetane levels further. (ASTM D-6890 and D-613) Adds lubricity from 360 to 300 in the BOLCE test and from .610 to .460 in the HFRR test. Lower number = less metal scaring and better lubricity. (D-6079 and D-5001) Increased torque from 834 to 845 (+11 ft. lbs) with Xp3 All-in-One Combustion Improver, 834 to 850 (+16 ft. lbs) double dosed and from 834 to 870 (+36 ft. lbs) with Xp3 High Performance Cetane Boosted specialty blend. (Dyno tested on a 6.6 Duramax Diesel at Walls Rod Custom.) Reduction of pollution emitting particulates by 83%. (NOM-043-ECOL1993) Neutralizes low temperature corrosion and acts as a combustion catalyst, providing a more complete burn of the fuel with less unburnt hydrocarbons and greenhouse gas emissions. Superior detergency breaks down and cleans soot, deposits, gums, varnishes and residues. Protects against water and moisture related problems, against oxidation, fouling and phase separation of fuels. Counters the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels. Backed by a 25-year, 100% claims free track record, with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Does not alter the ASTM specification of fuels and is warranty safe. Over 4 billion litres of fuel is upgraded globally every year with Xp3. Only contains active components in their pure form and no retail fillers.

Serving Commercial, Industrial & Recreational Markets for over 25 Years.

Used by Multinational Companies from around the World. For an Xp3 Dealer near you, call


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