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The port is our life. Hands-on mentality, hard work and accessible people, that’s our character. Anyone who gets to know Zeeland Seaports becomes acquainted with professionals who are proud of their ports. We understand that your interests are also our interests. Clients come first. Always. We know what’s important to your company. That’s all in our character, and one of our many strengths: location on open sea draft of 16.5 metres congestion-free connections with the hinterland no nine-to-five mentality accessible ports and people dedicated terminals for a broad range of cargo you can reach us 24/7 at +31 115 647400

“Zeeland Seaports offers rapid and dedicated 24/7 handling in the port.”


ports of vlissingen and terneuzen www.zeelandseaports.com

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Top performance in refining Zeeland Refinery is one of the most efficient refineries and performs as one of best in Western Europe. The refinery has a crude oil distillation unit and one of the largest hydrocrackers in Europe.



Shutdown Control B.V. is a specialist for Emergency Response and cleaning projects in the Maritime and On & Offshore Industry, 24-hour service for the industry worldwide. On-shore:


EMS is specialized in slitting the higher grades of electrical steel for the transformer P.O.material Box 535, industry. Wide coils of thin gauge plate is slit down to smaller coils, both widthways and lengthways. EMS is4380 also AM ableVlissingen, to cut theseThe coilsNetherlands into so called laminations of customer-specific lengths and shapes, fitting the requirements of the Location Duitslandweg 7, transformer manufacturers.

Shutdown Control is founded in March 2009 and specialised in Emergency Response in the On & Offshore Industry in Holland and worldwide.

Haven 1153, Vlissingen-oost P.O. Box 535, Phone: (0)118 The 422500 4380+31 AM Vlissingen, Netherlands Location Duitslandweg 7, Email: info@euro-mit-staal.com Haven 1153, Vlissingen-oost Website: Phone:www.euro-mit-staal.com +31 (0)118 422500 Email: info@euro-mit-staal.com Website: www.euro-mit-staal.com

Container leakage and salvage Tankcleaning with gastightsuit Catalyst handling (Oil) Spills Hazmat team Tanker operations Confined space (Oil) Spills


Official dealer for: Markleen – Oil Spill Technology

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Norbert Brummelkamp M. +31 (0)6 – 220 522 37 norbert@sdwshipping.com


Contact: Kubus 120 3364 DG Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 820 257 E info@shutdowncontrol.nl I www.shutdowncontrol.nl

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A container with onions is delivered for the weekly service of CMA-CGM to West Africa. Read more on page 14. PHOTO COURTESY OF maRiTimEPHOTO.COm. Zeeland PortNews I

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Zeeland Seaports and the Zeeland Port Promotion Council will be in attendance at various events and trade shows throughout the year. Below is a snapshot of the upcoming events that will be attended or hosted by one or both parties.

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Size (Sometimes) Matters Welcome During the recent bi-annual Flemish-Dutch Summit in November, which was held in the city of Ghent, the CEO’s of Zeeland Seaports and the Port of Ghent, in the presence of the Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, signed a declaration of intent to investigate strengthening their cooperation, with a merger as a clear target on the horizon. It is the firm belief that such a step will yield nothing but advantages. Advantages for existing and new companies in our port areas that will find a stronger and more professional partner with more critical mass to support them. The merger will bring concrete benefits to both existing and new businesses on both sides of the border. It will mean smoother cooperation regarding the construction and maintenance of the ports and other infrastructure. Furthermore, because the combined Port Companies can employ more professionals, the quality of service for existing businesses and customers will increase in such areas as business development support, innovation and IT infrastructure. A merger will no doubt create new dynamics in the Flemish-Dutch Delta. Solid socio-economic advantages for the regions on both sides of the border are also expected. Research has been conducted by the two Port Companies, with the support of McKinsey, into the opportunities which will be created by a merger. This suggests that the already solid added value created in both port areas (currently almost EUR 13 million annually; compare this with the EUR 8 million added value created in the Hamburg port area) is estimated to further increase by 15% through the merger, over and above autonomous growth. A merger, founded on the basis of the principle of a merger of equals, is a logical consequence not only of the geographical location and connections of both ports, but also their

Photo courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

Jan Lagasse, CeO ZeeLand seapOrts (Left) shakes hands with daan sChaLCk, CeO pOrt Of ghent after signing the dOi.

comparable size. In addition, both Port Companies have indeed similar strategic goals in many fields, such as the clustering of activities, their status as solid-bulk ports, their important industrial and logistic presence and the search for high added value and a high level of employment. Ghent and Zeeland currently rank 37th and 25th on the list of European ports, with 26 and 34 million tons of transhipment respectively. A merger will mean 60 million tons of transhipment and will put them in the top ten of the hundreds of European ports. And that counts. A successful merger will mean a lot for the strength that can be displayed as a combined port community in an ever-increasing global field of competition.

Zeeland PortNews I

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Fertiliser Factory Yara Invests Millions A new loading building will be financed by fertiliser factory Yara in Sluiskil. The company will invest EUR 27.2 million in a building for the high-quality fertiliser urea, the most commonly used synthetic material in the world. The new loading building will house mechanisms such as conveyor belts and lifts for the transport of the product and the sieving, weighing and dust removal units for urea pellets. In the new building all processes will be better automated. Trucks that can now load from 06.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., will, in future, be able to do so day and night. Next summer the latest locality should be ready, at the same time as the urea processing plant Ureum 8.

Sloewarmte, a Sustainable Zeeland Seaport In the Port of Vlissingen, a number of companies are cooperating under the project name of Sloewarmte BV to pioneer an initiative in which they make use of each other’s residual heat. The residual heat coupling takes place between Zeeland Refinery, Martens Harbour Reception Installation and COVRA. Waste heat from Zeeland Refinery production is captured at 140 degrees and delivered as water via a pipeline to Martens and COVRA. Martens uses the waste heat to purify used oil from (maritime) vessels and make it suitable for reuse. COVRA converts the residual heat for the climate conditioning in their offices. After use, the water goes back to Zeeland Refinery, which in turn re-uses it as cooling water in its production process. On an annual basis, the coupling leads to a saving equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 1,500 households. The process also lowers CO2 emissions by about 4,300t per year.

cOR dORst (cOvRa), Jan bOelen (cOvRa), piet de bOks (evides industRiewateR/slOewaRMte), ben de Reu (pROvincie zeeland), tanneguYÂ descazeaud (zeeland ReFineRY), Jan lagasse (zeeland seapORts) and Jan hOOndeRt (MaRtens cleaning).

4 I Zeeland PortNews

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21-11-16 10:55


Photo courtesy of maritimephoto.com

MV Artania Graces the Port of Vlissingen Cruiseship MV Artania has recently made a short port of call at Vlissingen. To the delight of dozens of spectators, she docked at the deep-water Zeeland maritime harbour, en route from Antwerp to Dover. The Artania has a royal heritage: she was first christened ‘Royal Princess’ by Diana, Princess of Wales. She then underwent a further name change in 2005, when she was given the name Artemis by P&O Cruises. She finally became the Artania when she was taken over by German travel agency Phoenix Reisen in 2011. The impressive 231m-long, 30m-wide liner weighs in at 44,348t. With accommodation capacity for 2,488 passengers and crew, the Artania is the third, and largest, of the three Phoenix Reisen cruise liners to have moored at the port of Vlissingen. This was not MV Artania’s first visit to the port of Vlissingen either; she also graced Zeeland with her presence in 2013 and 2014.

Photo courtesy of maritimephoto.com

Business Community Calls on Government to Introduce Climate Legislation The Dutch business community has embraced the Paris climate objectives for 2050 and is calling on the government to prioritise the acceleration of the energy transition. Thirty-nine players, including Zeeland Seaports, have joined forces in a Transition Coalition to request the government to draw up climate legislation to implement the agreements reached at the Paris summit. The Transition Coalition is calling on the government to draw up climate legislation to implement the aims of the Paris climate agreement in 2050, with specific intermediary objectives in 2030 and 2040. The coalition also call for the appointment of a minister for economy, climate and energy, setting up an independent

climate authority that binds the parties and holds them accountable for dynamic and consistent implementation, and guarantees that agreements are made irrespective of which government is in power. It also wants a national investment bank that facilitates investments in further innovation and major energy projects. The Transition Coalition wishes to be part of the solution and is opting explicitly for the acceleration of the energy transition. Acceleration is more expensive, but it also yields more. Acceleration will also offer the Netherlands the opportunity to become a sustainability leader and to create more green prosperity as a result.

Zeeland PortNews I

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FROM leFt tO Right: JO-annes de bat (pROvincie zeeland), Jan lagasse (zeeland seapORts), Jan van seteRs (zeeuwse Milieu FedeRatie) and FRank keMpenaaRs (pORtiz).

Photo courtesy of Anton Dingemanse Fotografie

Sustainability for Zeeland Seaports and PORTIZ Zeeland Seaports and PORTIZ (the union of port industries and companies) want to continue to grow in a sustainable way in the coming years. To this end, together with the Zeeuwse Milieu Federatie (ZMF), they signed a sustainability agreement in October entitled ‘Ambition 2030, Sustainability Works!’ The agreement concerns not only the current port companies, but also the businesses that will be involved with the port in the future. Ultimately, the goal is to stimulate economic development. The

signatories comprised representatives of the ZFM, the Provincial Council, Zeeland Seaports and PORTIZ. The agreement covers such ambitions as an increase in the number of jobs in the port sector, growth in the transhipment sector, a restoration of the natural environment in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen to re-enable the habitation of the otter and beaver, the further reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of a circular economy.

Three New Wind Turbines for Kloosterboer Vlissingen ENECO is building three new wind turbines at the Vlissingen terminal of Kloosterboer. Their first wind turbine was built by Delta in 2013. When the wind turbines will start to turn mid-2017 they will produce approximately 12,500MWh of green energy per year. That means that almost 60% of Kloosterboer’s energy consumption for this location will be supplied by wind. Kloosterboer will use the energy for the power supply of the cooling installations of its fourteen cold stores. This sustainable action will result in a CO2 reduction of 7,250t. Sustainability has a high priority for the company: “As market leader in the sector of temperature controlled storage and distribution of food related products we consider it to be our responsibility to lead the way in the development of initiatives in the area of sustainable and green entrepreneurship. This is achieved by efficient combination of transports, usage of more economical modalities and means of transport, the development of green locations and building solar panels and wind turbines,” says Jack Kloosterboer, Director of Kloosterboer Vlissingen. The Kloosterboer

Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

wind project is one of the on-going activities that ENECO has acquired from energy provider DELTA.

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Successful Port Lunch Cruise Zeeland Port Promotion Counsel (ZPPC) recently hosted the half-yearly port lunch on board the Denick II. The event attracted a high number of participants that thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and networking possibilities.

Photo courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

Solarpark Scaldia One Step Away from Completion Solarpark Scaldia will provide as many as 30,000 households with energy. In order to finalise the project, the park is waiting for an Incentive Grant Sustainable Energy (SDE) subsidy, a grant from the Government for the production of renewable energy. Solar panels will be placed East to West instead of facing South. This is an innovative way of being able to place more solar panels per hectare and not overproducing energy in the peak hours. The hope is that the solar park will attract new companies to the Port of Vlissingen as more companies want to use only sustainable, on-site generated power. That makes the Port of Vlissingen very appealing, as the solar park will be located next to the industrial park. Ultimately the park could also benefit residents of Vlissingen.

Courtesy artist impression of ABCreative

Zeeland PortNews I

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Zeeland Seaports and Ghent on UK mission

Photo courtesy of maritimephoto.com

A trade mission comprising Zeeland Seaports, the Port of Ghent and twelve companies and agencies has visited three UK ports. They not only want to maintain their business contacts and promote the ports, but also to work out how Brexit will affect them. The UK is the most important trading partner for Zeeland Seaports with 4.4t million of transhipment. Ghent does less trade with Britain: 1.3t million. In seven years, the export of Dutch goods has fallen from 8.9% to 7.8% of total exports.

Although this trend is also visible in Zeeland, the UK market is still very important to Zeeland Seaports with 8.7% of Zeeland exports or EUR 472 million. Food and beverages account for 42% of the bulk. That is why the trade mission and a tour of the ports Montrose, Grangemouth and Immingham were vital. The fact that Zeeland Seaports and Ghent have joined forces shows that the Dutch and Belgian ports are intensifying trade cooperation.

Support from Brussels for Railway Zeeland Seaports is raising enquiries with Brussels regarding financial investment for freight transport by rail. The Hague has refused to invest. Aid from Brussels might open the doors to The Hague again. For years, Zeeland Seaports has been asking for help to enable two different rail projects: a reconciliation of the Zeeland line at Antwerp and a direct connection between Axelse Vlakte and the Belgian railway network in Zelzate. The first project makes it possible to rapidly transport goods between the Port of Vlissingen and Belgium. Companies in Brabant can also benefit from this railroad track. The EU wants to promote rail transport and to lessen environmental pollution. For this purpose, Brussels wants to develop direct freight links, preferably between the North Sea and the Mediterranean. The European Union does not want to contribute more than 30% to 40% of the total cost. The rest will have to come from other sources. If Brussels supports the plan, it will make for a stronger case in The Hague. The line for the Axelse Vlakte costs about EUR 80 million, the line to Antwerp 120 to 140Â million.

8 I Zeeland PortNews

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the pioneering spirit on his first decommissioning job.

Zeeland Ingredients for Pioneering Spirit

Photo courtesy of Allseas

Construction of Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit has generated a lot of work for companies in and around the Zeeland port area. The stinger, used for pipelaying work, was built at the Verbrugge Scaldia Terminal by Iemants. The frames used to test the lifting capabilities of the vessel were constructed at the terminal of BOW and many other construction companies had their share in the commissioning of the giant.

Photo courtesy of Allseas

Zeelandia bakery ingredients piling up in the pioneering spirit’s catering room

Photo courtesy of Royal Zeelandia

the distribution centre and production facilities of Zeelandia in ZierikZee

The vessel has already executed its first assignments, but work for Zeeland is not over. The catering manager of the Pioneering Spirit, a former confectioner, recognises the quality of the baking ingredients produced by Royal Zeelandia, a family-owned multinational from Zierikzee, a small town in Zeeland. Royal Zeelandia, was established in 1900 in Zierikzee by H.J. Doeleman as a manufacturer of rusk jelly for local bakers. Today the company has grown into the worldwide market leader for high-quality bakery ingredients. It has a portfolio of more than 2,500 products and services, both standard and tailor-made. The company exports to nearly 100 countries worldwide. Zeelandia is based in Zeeland but has production facilities, distribution centres and sales offices in 28 countries around the globe. Back in 1900, Mr Doeleman wouldn’t have thought his small factory (that is now home to a bakery museum) would grow into the international business it is today. He would be proud to know the crew on board of one of the largest vessels in the world is sailing the international seas, enjoying fresh bread and pastries made with Zeelandia ingredients from Zierikzee. i: www.zeelandia.com

Zeeland PortNews I

Pioneering Spirit.indd 9


21-11-16 10:57


Entering the Champions League Port of Ghent and Zeeland Seaports Investigate Merger A cross-border merger of two ports is a unique occurence. The Swedish port of Malmø and Danish port of Copenhagen were the first to merge in 2001 and now Zeeland Seaports and its Belgian neighbour Port of Ghent intend to the same. In order to investigate the possibilities of this merger a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed.

The SIGnInG AT The hISTOrICAl CITy hAll Of GhenT Drew A lOT Of PreSS.

All photos courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

The ratification took place on 7 November in Ghent by the President of the Ghent Port Company, Mathias De Clercq, the President of the Board of Commissioners of Zeeland Seaports, Roelf H. de Boer, Daan Schalck, CEO of Port of Ghent and Jan Lagasse, CEO of Zeeland Seaports. Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois and his Dutch colleague Mark Rutte witnessed the ceremony accompanied by Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public works Ben Weyts and Dutch Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment.

The merger is a natural next step as the ports have been working together on various projects for many years such as Biobase Europe, the New Terneuzen Lock, the Seine Nord connection, joined shipping assistance and the management of port infrastructure. The ports organise joint trade missions and at selected exhibitions the ports present themselves at joint pavilions. The size and strategy of both port companies are comparable in many fields (focus on clustering of activities, bulk ports, important industrial presence, high added value and high level of employment). Despite the country border, the seaports of Ghent and Zeeland are close neighbours connected by the 35km-long Ghent-Terneuzen canal. They are centrally located in Western Europe and serve no less than 500Â million consumers within a radius of 500km.

10 I Zeeland PortNews

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Mr lAGASSe (lefT) AnD Mr SChAlCk SIGnInG The MOU. lefT Of Mr lAGASSe IS Mr De BOer, On The rIGhT SIDe Of Mr SChAlCk IS Mr De Clerq. STAnDInG BehInD TheM Are, frOM lefT TO rIGhT, Mr weyTS, Mr rUTTe, Mr BOUrGeOIS AnD MS SChUlTZ vAn hAeGen.

The area counts 80,000 inhabitants, 110,000 workers and over 500 companies. The region generates EUR 13.6 billion of added value. The combined port area is 9,300 hectares wide and receives 8,700 seagoing vessels a year.

Entering the Top 10 Management of both Port Companies are confident about the merger investigation, as it benefits the port businesses and the socioeconomic importance of the region. Mr Lagasse: “We are convinced of the profits gained through a closer corporation. The companies will profit from a stronger partner to support them. The region will profit because of the expected growth of employment and added value. Both port companies and their staff will profit too, as they will be able to further professionalise the operations. No doubt, this will create a extra stimulus for the Flemish-Dutch Delta area.” Mr Schalck, CEO of the Port of Ghent adds: “For Ghent this

Flemish-Dutch Summit The signing of the MOU was the final act of a Flemish-Dutch Government summit. This summit is organised every two years to broaden and deepen the cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands. At this year’s summit several joint topics were discussed in the field of innovation, infrastructure and sustainability.

is our most beautiful project by far. Together we will enter the Top 10 of European ports. This means a lot for our competitive capabilities in a continuing globalising field of forces. This will be very positive for both the companies in the port, as well as the region as a whole.” Zeeland PortNews I 11

Winning_ ZPN en Gent.indd 11

21-11-16 10:57


About the Ports The ports of Zeeland – Vlissingen (including Borsele) and Terneuzen – are located at the entrance of the GhentTerneuzen canal. The port of Ghent is located 32km further inland. The ports of Ghent and Terneuzen can accommodate vessels that have a maximum draft of 12.5m. The port of Vlissingen is accessible to vessels up to a draft of 16.5m. Ghent Port Company registered a turnover of EUR 33 million and EUR 10.2 million of profit in 2015. It registered 26.4 million tonnes of seaborne cargo traffic and 20.1 million tonnes of cargo traffic via inland navigation. The City of Ghent is shareholder and in the near future, the municipalities of Evergem and Zelzate will be included. Ghent Port Company employs 160 people. Port Company Zeeland Seaports registered a turnover of EUR 53 million and a profit of EUR 8 million in 2015. Zeeland Seaports recorded 33 million tonnes of seaborne cargo traffic and 32 million tonnes of cargo traffic via inland navigation. Its shareholders are the Province of Zeeland and the municipalities of Vlissingen, Borsele and Terneuzen. There are 90 co-workers.

PrIMe MInISTer GeerT BOUrGeOIS: “...UnIqUe In eUrOPe.”

“We are now going to play Champions League” is how Mr De Clercq expresses his feelings about the merger, and Mr Rutte states: “The Netherlands and Belgium have a long-lasting joint history. Belgium, especially the Flemish region, is a very important trade partner. The proposed merger of these two great institutes will result in more clustering and innovation and is a great promise for a healthy future.” Mr Bourgeois calls the proprosed merger on this scale unique in Europe. The staff of both Port Companies has been informed of the plans and are positive about the merger. The companies in the port area and their representatives VeGHO-Voka in Ghent and Portiz in Zeeland, acknowledge the opportunities the merger will give them. The merger can lead to cost reductions through smarter investments. In the end this could result in better port rates, improving the competitive power of the ports.

One Strategy In its strategic masterplan Zeeland Seaports promotes cooperation in so-called winning combinations between Zeeland Seaports, companies in and around the port, other stakeholders like governmental organisations and other ports. The Port of Ghent has been in favour for further development with Zeeland for years. A few months ago both Port Companies decided to conduct an investigation, assisted by managementconsulting firm McKinsey, that has resulted in the MOU. Now, the ports will be looking at the possibilities in the fields of tax law, administrative and legal structures, relationships with national and regional authorities, port dues and fees for concessions and service rendering, among other things. This will lead to a final decision by the end of Q1-2017. “The aim is clear: one organisation operating with one strategy. A new branding will be the icing on the cake,” Mr De Clercq concludes.

12 I Zeeland PortNews

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Port of Entry Airport Midden Zeeland Photo courtesy of Henk Backer

The airport in Zeeland called ‘Vliegveld Midden Zeeland’ is located only 6km (in a beeline) from the port of Vlissingen, near the village of Arnemuiden. The airport facilitates the ports of Zeeland. The airfield covers an area of 23 hectares, including a runway of 1km by 30m, a management and administration centre and the terminal, from which radio contact is maintained with the aircraft. The airport has over 21.000 movements per year, which will increase with the developing business and recreational aviation in Zeeland. With the major wind farm projects in the North Sea on their way, there is a possibility for the airport to expand its heli-port activities. For now, the airport strengthens the ports of Zeeland by flying in personnel from abroad (usually from Germany, the UK, France and Denmark) to onshore ports businesses, for example to Amels Holland.

Spot for Plane Enthusiasts Last summer, the new airport restaurant opened its doors. It is located right next to the runway. At the restaurant you can enjoy some great regional products (or just have coffee with a typical ‘Zeeuwse bolus’ – the area’s characteristic cinnamon roll). From their sunny terrace you can almost touch the planes. Even though the airport is located in a quiet area, it can get pretty busy, for instance, in August, an average movement capacity of 350 per day is commonplace. It makes this location an excellent spot for plane enthusiasts and tourists. I: www.vlIegveldzeeland.nl

Photo courtesy of Henk Backer

Zeeland PortNews I 13

Midden Zeeland def.indd 13

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14 I Zeeland PortNews

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Foodport Vlissingen, About Onions, Chicken and Eggs

The port of Vlissingen is one of the most important Dutch ports for the storage, handling and worldwide transport of fresh products. Sometimes, however, this seems like a best-kept secret. Port company Zeeland Seaports is working hard to set things straight for Food Port Vlissingen, the section of the Vlissingen port area dedicated to handling fresh products. Photo courtesy of maritimephoto.com

Zeeland PortNews I 15

Foodport Vlissingen.indd 15

23-11-16 11:32


More Than Logistics In and around Food Port Vlissingen, business is not restricted to logistics. Companies like Kloosterboer and ZZC handle delicate fresh products. They not only arrange the safe and swift discharge of goods like onions, potatoes, lemon, oranges, grapes and bananas, they also help their customers with services such as quality control, blending, packing and repacking, and temperature-controlled storage and transport to and from the hinterland by truck, train and barge. Research lab Labojuice is involved in the creation of new blends of juices for a broad range of international customers. Spanish company AMC, with its recently expanded production and warehousing facilities, packs juices transported straight from South America to Vlissingen for the UK and North European market. A large number of consumers, from all over the world, buy fresh products that have left the port of Vlissingen just a few days before.

Food Cluster Apart from AMC, several other internationally operating companies are established in and around the port area. Lamb Weston and McCain, for instance, who process potatoes into a broad range of fries. Doens Food Ingredients, one of the leading importers and exporters of organic food and feed ingredients, moved into the port area last year and multinational Cargill has also established its production facilities in the port area. Farmers in and around Zeeland grow huge quantities of onions, potatoes and fruit and the province is one of the leading regions for innovations in aquaculture. Not surprisingly, these The VliSSinGen BarGe concePT SaVeS 1,500T oF co2 Per year.

GraPeS From SouTh aFrica enTer euroPe ThrouGh The PorT oF VliSSinGen.

Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

BlenDinG oF juiceS iS an imPorTanT SerVice To The inDuSTry.

Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

16 I Zeeland PortNews

Foodport Vlissingen.indd 16

23-11-16 11:33



Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

producers and farmers have attracted all kinds of services such as transport companies specialised in temperature-controlled transport, and suppliers of packing and sorting machines. This cluster of food-related companies makes Zeeland an important region for fresh produce and everything related to it, with the ports of Zeeland acting as a hub for worldwide transport. A large variety of fruit, juice and vegetables are exported and imported through this port by reefer vessel and since an important operator has decided to start a weekly liner service, a growing tonnage of food is now being transported in containers as well. Now, Zeeland is aiming at more. The challenge for the port company is to break through this chicken and egg situation, with operators not choosing Zeeland because of lack of freight and producers not choosing Zeeland because of a lack of operators. In order to convince other operators and producers of the validity of its benefits, Zeeland Seaports relates the successful story of the onion.

The Story of the Onion One of the backbones of the Zeeland food operation is the onion. The province of Zeeland has a leading role in the export of this product from the Netherlands. More than 80% of the onion processing takes place here. Altogether, 95% of Dutch

Fruit Logistica Berlin From 8 to 10 February next year, Zeeland Seaports is once again participating in the Fruit Logistica Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. For the fifth time in a row, the port company is hosting a Zeeland Pavilion at this important international event, at which companies in and around the port area present themselves. At the pavilion, farmers, transport companies, terminal operators and other logistic service providers will be showing the strength of the Zeeland food cluster.

onions are exported through the port of Vlissingen to more than 120 countries worldwide. Onions are an excellent example of how well things are organised here. The onions are first sorted and packed prior to transportation. Sorting and packing takes place at the grower’s or at sorting and packing companies. After this, the onions are put on transportation vehicles. Depending on whether the onions are processed or not, they are either delivered to the industry or directly to the port. At the port, the onions are temporarily stored to await shipping, or they are loaded onto reefers or container vessels immediately on arrival. Zeeland PortNews I 17

Foodport Vlissingen.indd 17

23-11-16 11:33

FOOD LOGISTICS Taking everything into account, time and flexibility are the keywords

Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

Serious CO2 Reduction The Vlissingen Concept avoids the heavy road traffic in and around Antwerp and Rotterdam and is cheaper when compared to trucking. In addition to this, the Vlissingen Concept has another valuable advantage: transport from Zeeland by barge saves up to 1.5 million kilometres per year, resulting in a 1,500t CO2 reduction. A nice bonus for nature, something everyone should be pleased with.

95% oF DuTch onionS are exPorTeD Via The PorT oF VliSSinGen.

DeDicaTeD warehouSeS For FreSh ProDucTS.

Apart from the farmers, transporters, and storage providers, traders and shipping agents also play an important role in the whole procedure and it is evident that the more efficient this logistic process, the more time and money can be saved.

The Vlissingen Concept Zeeland Seaports has found the right solution for this. One option is to have onions transported directly from Vlissingen to Africa on a weekly shortsea liner service. The other option, also known as the Vlissingen Concept, is to transport the onions by barge from Vlissingen to Antwerp or Rotterdam for further sea transport. At this moment in time, this second option is working well for those who want to spread the risk by using more than one liner service but of course it would be better to have more liner services calling on the ports of Zeeland. Zeeland Seaports is now working on two sides of the supply chain: they are trying to attract more operators to use the port of Vlissingen and they are also trying to entice producers and suppliers of other products to join the Zeeland connection too. Operator CMA-CGM has been using Vlissingen for its West Africa service for more than a year now. The service has a weekly rotation between Vlissingen, Dunkerque and West Africa. The southbound trip from Vlissingen to Dakar takes fifteen days and northbound from Dakar to Vlissingen only takes fourteen days. The vessels used vary from 3,400 to 3,800 TEU, with 500 to 600 reefer plugs. The companies using the service are highly satisfied. The Vlissingen Concept takes extra travel time compared to the direct shortsea service: twelve hours to Rotterdam and four hours to Antwerp. The Concept makes use of a number of operators: CMA-CGM, Hamburg SĂźd, Hapag Lloyd, Maersk and MSC.

18 I Zeeland PortNews

Foodport Vlissingen.indd 18

23-11-16 11:33

FOOD LOGISTICS Currently, both the direct service and the barge service deal mainly with onions. Onions are a seasonal product, shipped from September to February. For a profitable year-round service, other products, such as fish, are also transported and there is room for more, in both reefer as well as traditional containers. More operators choosing Vlissingen will help realise a healthier freight flow.

High Level Having a large part of the supply chain at close proximity to the port is not the only aspect operators and producers profit from. Other advantages of the Zeeland port area, compared to nearby competitors Rotterdam and Antwerp, are the lack of long waiting times thanks to the high level of efficiency and flexibility. It only takes a truck ten minutes to arrive discharge and depart with an empty container. Furthermore, the empty containers can also stay in the port, as Kloosterboer has an empty container storage facility, so the expensive and unnecessary transportation of empty containers can be avoided. This way, each full container can be simultaneously traded in for an empty one. In cases where products have to be transported to the hinterland by truck, barge or train, Vlissingen has the advantage of very little congestion compared to Rotterdam and Antwerp. In addition, with regard to Antwerp, in Belgium trucks have to pay a highway toll and they have a maximum loadweight of 44t compared to 50t in the Netherlands.

Eight Compared to Two Taking everything into account, time and flexibility are the keywords. On a daily basis, up to eight containers can be delivered to Vlissingen per truck, compared with only two to three to Antwerp or Rotterdam. Because of this, an increasing number of onion growers in other parts of the Netherland have chosen Vlissingen for the export of their products. Of course, Vlissingen is not only a good fit solely for onions.

Other fresh products grown in the Netherlands, such as potatoes and fruit, can profit from exportation via the port of Vlissingen. Producers of other containerised products should also consider Vlissingen as their export hub. For them, Zeeland is the same distance as Rotterdam or Antwerp. On the other hand, imports of raw materials from Africa via Vlissingen, such as cacao, coffee beans, spices and herbs for instance, also fit perfectly in this winning combination.

For more information please contact Zeeland Seaports

For Containers: Jean Ruinard Commercial Manager +31 6 40 72 33 46 jean.ruinard@zeelandseaports.com i: www.zeelandseaports.com

For more information please contact Zeeland Seaports

For Food: Leo Lagendijk Commercial Manager +31 6 13 07 93 68 leo.lagendijk@zeelandseaports.com i: www.zeelandseaports.com

iT only TakeS a Truck Ten minuTeS To arriVe, DiScharGe anD DeParT wiTh an emPTy conTainer.

Photo courtesy of Kloosterboer

Zeeland PortNews I 19

Foodport Vlissingen.indd 19

23-11-16 11:33


DONG Energy won the tender for the Borsele I & II Offshore Windpark. This is the first phase of the 1,400MW offshore windpark to be build close to the ports of Zeeland. Zeeland Seaports speaks with Jasper Vis, Country Manager of DONG Energy Netherlands. JASPER VIS, COUNTRY MANAGER OF DONG ENERGY NETHERLANDS

20 I Zeeland PortNews

Insight.indd 20

Photo courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

21-11-16 10:59


A Long Track Record The beginning of the summer of 2016 marked the start of a new phase in the development of offshore windparks, with the announcement that DONG Energy had won the tender for the Borssele I & II Offshore Windpark with a record-breaking price of EUR 0.073 per kWh. Although Dutch Minister Kamp was aiming at a price below EUR 0.124 per kWh, no one expected the price to be this low.

Why did DONG go to so much trouble to win this tender? Mr Vis: “We have not brought down the costs specifically for Borssele, but have been working for years to lower the costs of offshore wind. We still don’t know how high the bids were from our competitors and Borssele I & II is just one of the many European – and even worldwide – offshore wind projects that we are involved in. Back in 2012, we decided that we should be able to realise offshore wind projects at a price below EUR 0.10, including the offshore grid, and since that decision, we have been working very hard to make this happen.”

How did DONG succeed in reducing the price? Mr Vis: “Seeing that each offshore windfarm is built under different circumstances and at different locations, no project is the same. Since 1991, every new project has been a learning experience resulting in more efficiency. This, together with the fact that the parks are getting larger and turbines are growing bigger, has all helped us to cut costs.”

The Borssele Offshore Windpark will be very close to the port of Zeeland. Will Zeeland companies profit from this large project? Mr Vis: “The port of Vlissingen has a long track record of successful involvement in offshore wind projects. There are some DONG projects on this track record as well. We are well acquainted with Zeeland Seaports, therefore, but at the present moment we can’t, as yet, comment on the companies we will be working with.”

Dong Energy has stated that the first offshore works will start in 2018. What will happen until then? Mr Vis: “We are now forming the construction team for the project using our international experience. The construction team should be in place early next year. Our first activity in the water will most likely be an additional geotechnical survey in the Borssele area in 2017. During 2017, we expect to announce more information on the next steps in the project.”

Offshore windfarms and wind turbines are growing increasingly bigger. Recently, Dong Energy installed the largest turbine ever at the Burbo Offshore Windpark. Where is it going to end? Mr Vis: “Bigger farms and turbines result in lower prices, but to be honest, I think the growth of wind farms will end at

around the 1,000-1,500MW mark. Bigger parks cannot be built within one season, so construction would have to be split into portions anyway. The first offshore turbine we installed in 1991 had a capacity of 0.5MW. So back then the eleven turbines in the first windfarm had a smaller capacity than one of the bigger modern turbines nowadays. Academic studies show that, from a technical point of view, we haven’t reached the growth limit yet. On the other hand, we also have to look at the economic point of view in order to learn what the optimum possible size of a wind turbine might be in the future.”

Dong Energy is aiming at turbines constructed with monopiles. Has Dong also thought of installing floating turbines and gravity-based turbines? Mr Vis: “At the moment, the limits in the size of monopiles have not been reached, so there is limited need to change to another type of construction. We did actually work with a suction bucket jacket foundation in the German Borkum Riffgrund project, so we know the possibilities of this type of foundation. Floating turbines are not necessary in the relatively shallow North Sea, but could be an option for deeper seas.”

Back to the Borssele Windfarm project does DONG feel at home in Zeeland? Mr Vis: “We have been talking with Zeeland Seaports and the Province of Zeeland for a long time now, and we have also met a lot of companies. Everyone is very enthusiastic about offshore wind from an economic as well as an environmental point of view. You could say that we feel very welcome in Zeeland.” I: WWW.DONGENERGY.COM

DONG Energy is an energy company with a strong profile in renewables. The company, that is primarily active in Northwestern Europe was established in 2006 by the merger of six Danish energy companies: DONG, Elsam, Energi E2, Nesa, Københavns Energi and Frederiksberg Forsyning. DONG’s activities are divided between Wind Power, Bioenergy & Thermal Power, Distribution & Customer Solutions, and Oil & Gas. Zeeland PortNews I 21

Insight.indd 21

21-11-16 10:59


Focus on Clustering One of the Pillars of Zeeland Seaports’ Master Plan

Over the past 25 years, the combined ports of Zeeland (Vlissingen and Terneuzen) have become the third largest seaport in the Netherlands. Today, the ports of Zeeland rank number one in the Netherlands for the storage and transshipment of conventional fruit; number one in Europe for the storage and transshipment of forest products, fertilisers, foundations and components for offshore wind farms, and they have become the global leader in the storage and transshipment of non-ferrous metals. 22 I Zeeland PortNews

Winning_leo Lagendijk.indd 22

21-11-16 11:00


companies, shipbuilders, engineering and metal companies. In addition, the port area houses storage and transshipment companies specialised in vegetables, fruit, forest products, fertilisers, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, coal and ore. Maritime service providers, such as shipping agents, bunkering, towage and warehousing businesses ensure that the companies in the port area have access to the unique selling points, including ready accessibility from the North Sea and good hinterland connections.

Clustering Collaboration is the key issue for the companies in the port area to create mutually advantageous combinations. In their strategic master plan ‘Winning Combinations’ Zeeland Seaports Port

haNdliNg Of cEllulOSiS aT VErbruggE TErMiNalS.

glaSTuiNbOuw ZEEuwS-VlaaNdErEN wiTh Yara SluiSkil – a PhYSical ExchaNgE liNk.

OffShOrE wiNd cluSTEr iN ThE POrT Of VliSSiNgEN.

With more than 200 companies located in the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen, 32,500 active employees, a throughput of 33 million tonnes of goods by sea and 32 million tonnes of goods by inland waterway, and an added value of EUR 5 billion, Zeeland Seaports has become the driving force behind the regional economy. Among the companies that are located at the mouth of the Western Scheldt River are large international (petro) chemical

Company describes the direction they will take in the next five years. The plan is based on a number of pillars, amongst them; clustering of healthy businesses, a healthy environment, optimal infrastructure, nautical appeal, and a financially stable and professional organisation. The keyword here according to Commercial Manager of Zeeland Seaports, Leo Lagendijk is clustering. “Clustering is a symbiosis that works for both parties. You see it often in Zeeland PortNews I 23

Winning_leo Lagendijk.indd 23

21-11-16 11:00


hErMiT crab aNd aNEMONE – aN ExaMPlE Of a SYMbiOTic rElaTiONShiP ThaT wOrkS fOr bOTh ParTiES.

Zeeland Seaports strives to further facilitate clustering and symbiosis between companies and endeavors to combine waste stream usage, bundle the flow of goods and promote knowledge and innovation. The search for clustering means that businesses will be linked to each other in some way.


Photo courtesy of H. Zell

nature. Think of a hermit crab that has a sea anemone attached to its shell. The anemone enjoys the crab’s leftovers and simultaneously protects the crab with its thorny tentacles. When the crab moves to another shell, it usually invites the anemone along. This is a form of clustering.” Another clear picture illustrates the ideal form of clustering. Mr Lagendijk: “Fig wasps lay their eggs inside the fig with pollen so the female flowers of the fig can develop seed. When the eggs have hatched, the wasps carry the fertilised pollen of the male flowers along. They then have 48 hours to find a new fig tree and deliver their pollen. Fig tree and fig wasp propagate together, an unbeatable reproductive cycle and a prime example of clustering.”

For example, a physical exchange link between Yara Sluiskil and Glastuinbouw Zeeuws-Vlaanderen – Yara provides Glastuinbouw Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’s greenhouses with waste heat and CO2. Or a logistics link where one company works on a product that has been brought into the port by another company. Mr Lagendijk explains: “Think of Verbrugge, Elocoat and Elopak. Verbrugge delivers carton to Elocoat. Elocoat attaches a plastic coating and Elopak makes containers out of carton for all kind of beverages. Or take AMC and Kloosterboer for example. AMC supplies concentrates, Kloosterboer charges and discharges them, AMC processes the concentrates and packages them and Kloosterboer handles the storage. These are win-win combinations.” Other forms of clustering include intense collaboration via joint ventures (Vlaeynatie, Swagemakers and Transbox), digital coupling via ICT or the utilisation of the products of one company as a raw material by another. Currently, about 15% of the companies in the port are clustered in one way or another. Clustering ensures stronger and more competitive companies, sustainability and a more permanent settling of the companies in the local region, something Zeeland Seaports swears by.

24 I Zeeland PortNews

Winning_leo Lagendijk.indd 24

21-11-16 11:00


Strenghtening That is why the organisation’s master plan ‘Winning Combinations’ makes clear that Zeeland Seaports will actively seek out companies that can provide added value to other companies in the port area. It will do this based on a thorough analysis of both already established companies as well as promising new businesses. Missing links or cargo flows will be identified that could strengthen the competitive position of a company or a cluster of companies. Zeeland Seaports will also collaborate more intensively with companies, authorities, suppliers and others in the port area. Mr Lagendijk: “The goal is to have a clustering of 30 to 32% by the year 2022.” In order to achieve this target, they will focus strongly on five growth sectors: (fresh) food, fertilisers, project cargo (including offshore wind), liquid bulk and general cargo (breakbulk). This cluster strengthening will occur by providing optimal services, economies of scale, innovation and mutual exchange of knowledge, products and waste flows. In order to achieve these ambitions a number of actions are identified. The creation of the O&M for offshore wind in the Buitenhaven, the port of Vlissingen – a business park that will share facilities, the realisation of a mid-size short sea container terminal, the Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen and the further expansion of Foodport Vlissingen. Together these activities are scheduled to create a direct and indirect added value of EUR 6 billion by 2022. Mr Lagendijk notes: “Zeeland Seaports is a big player in the food logistics and renowned for their worldwide import and export of potatoes, onions, bananas and juices. Think of companies such as the regional companies like Dacomex, Wiskerke, MSP, Monie and

well-known international business like Chiquita. A good example of innovative entrepreneurship is the recent focus of the onion industry on West Africa and Brazil in response to the Russian import embargo.”

A Winning Formula Not only Zeeland Seaports is convinced that cooperation is beneficial. From way back, the companies north of the Western Scheldt River have worked together to the benefit of all. Never change a winning formula. ‘Winning Combinations’ is what Zeeland Seaports believes in and the title of its master plan says it all, Zeeland Seaports wants to get results and emit success. They trust the power of the ports of Zeeland, its clients, its provincial partners and its own organisation. Mr Lagendijk: “We are doing very well, now it is just a question of enlarging all that we’re good at.”

For more information please contact Zeeland Seaports Leo Lagendijk Commercial Manager +31 6 13 07 93 68 leo.lagendijk@zeelandseaports.com i: www.zeelandseaports.com

Zeeland PortNews I 25

Winning_leo Lagendijk.indd 25

21-11-16 11:00


Energy Port Zeeland Joins Forces Platform for Companies, Industries and Professionals in Offshore Wind

mOnOPIles stOred at verbrugge sCaldIa termInal.

26 I Zeeland PortNews

Energy Port Zeeland.indd 26

23-11-16 12:15


On 20 October, Zeeland seaports was part of an initiative to host a congress for offshore wind companies from Zeeland under the name: energy Port Zeeland. the aim of the congress was to join forces of Zeeland’s offshore wind partners including educational institutions. Zeeland Portnews spoke about the platform with Peter geertse, Commercial manager at Zeeland seaports.

transItIOn PIeCes ready fOr transPOrt.

”The region of Zeeland has a strong position in the offshore wind sector,” says Mr Geertse. “The ports of Zeeland have been playing an important role in the construction and installation of wind farms in the North Sea for more than 7 years. The leading role played by Zeeland has recently been given an extra boost by the planned construction of nearby wind farms, Borssele I and II.” The creation of Energy Port Zeeland should lead to closer cooperation not only between the Government and educational institutions, but also businesses involved in the fields of training and employment, research and innovation, profiling and communication and business development. This is why the Provincial Council of Zeeland, ROC Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Zeeuwind, Delta and Eneco are already participating in the project. “Now it’s a matter of inviting companies that want to join in this initiative. This collaboration will increase the chances that Zeeland will not only continue to benefit, but will benefit for a longer period from this still growing market,” concludes Mr Geertse.

Impressive Track Record

All photos courtesy of Oscar van Beest

WIndfarm InstallatIOn vessel PaCIfIC OrCa Is a regular vIsItOr at the POrt Of vlIssIngen.

The current position of Zeeland in offshore wind has been brought about by the favourable location of the Zeeland ports relative to the North Sea wind farms and manufacturers of parts and foundations, and the impressive track record that the existing companies in this market have built up. “The various companies in and around the port are a one-stop-shop for offshore wind farms and the goal is to attract new activities in addition to the existing ones,” says Mr Geertse. “We are looking at the fields of operation and maintenance and turbine, mast and rotor blade construction or assembling, for instance. For these sectors, it is also important to create a favourable business climate, by, for example, providing sufficient education to enable the supply of welltrained staff. In addition to this, it is also important to use targeted communication to broadcast even better and more often what an excellent area Zeeland is for the offshore wind industry.” Jointly tackling specific topics within Energy Port Zeeland creates a win-win situation for all parties, both on the supply and on the demand side of the market.

For more information please contact Zeeland Seaports Peter Geertse Commercial Manager +31 6 53 19 32 75 peter.geertse@zeelandseaports.com i: www.zeelandseaports.com

Zeeland PortNews I 27

Energy Port Zeeland.indd 27

23-11-16 12:15


Testing Strength Liftal’s In-House Specialism

28 I Zeeland PortNews

Liftal.indd 28

21-11-16 11:06


Full-service specialist Liftal takes pride in working in the dynamic and challenging industry of hoisting and lifting. With locations in the port of Vlissingen, Yerseke and Temse (between the ports of Antwerp and Ghent), they are able to adapt quickly and deliver custom-made solutions. Zeeland PortNews spoke to their Vlissingen Manager, Hans Hirdes, and Project Manager, Adrie Nieuwenhuize, about their scope of work. Even though the supervisors work world-wide, the port of Vlissingen will always be home to them. “The ports of Zeeland are very much alive. It’s a very dynamic and interesting industry that we work in, and Vlissingen is our home base. There are also a lot of opportunities for the ports in Zeeland,” added Mr Nieuwenhuize. “Due to both the upcoming offshore wind projects and cooperation between the companies in the port area. The (new) excellent hinterland connections make Zeeland that much more accessible. Together with our partner Compagnie MECO, we also have plenty of work in France.” Although most of their testing takes place in ports, it can also be carried out on location at sea, at Liftal’s testing pontoon in the port of Vlissingen, which is suitable for carrying out tests up to a maximum of 800t.

Never a Dull Moment

TesTiNG oF equiPMeNT WiTH WATerbAGs.

Liftal specialises in providing service and supplying a broad range of lifting equipment. “We’re a full-service company,” explains Mr Hirdes. “Our scope of work includes installing, maintaining and repairing lifting and hoisting equipment and testing, inspecting and Zeeland PortNews I 29

Liftal.indd 29

21-11-16 11:06


iN THe PorTs oF ZeeLANd LiFTAL TeAMs uP WiTH A LoT oF diFFereNT coMPANies.

certifying equipment.” From hoisting beams in the nuclear industry in France or a gas plant in Tunisia to inspecting lifting equipment of the radar towers in the Western Scheldt, there’s literally ‘never a dull moment’ at Liftal. “Because we supply custom-made solutions, you never know what the day is going to bring,” Mr Hirdes adds. “We have to adjust to the specific needs of the customer, so we have to ‘know it all’. This means we have to carry out a lot of test cases and have to be on top of everything that is happening in the business. There is always a solution, but we never forget that safety is our top priority.” Liftal delivers quick, custom-made solutions, with top-notch equipment. All their knowledge is in-house. Because of their specialist intake and extra service, they have the ability to take control of the entire supply chain.

Friendly Agreements

PLeNTY oF Work iN FrANce WiTH PArTNer coMPAGNie Meco.

One of the projects they’re really excited about is the construction of a crane in Yerseke, which will be finished at the beginning of next year. “It’s really inspiring to work together with other (port) companies that share our ideals,” says Mr Nieuwenhuize. “In the ports of Zeeland, we team up with a lot of different companies. For a repair yard for instance, we provide ongoing testing on the tankers that come in every four weeks. It has more or less become a ritual; for me personally, those types of agreements are really special. In the ports of Zeeland it’s all about trusting

30 I Zeeland PortNews

Liftal.indd 30

21-11-16 11:06


ALL THe kNoWLedGe is iN-House.

and helping each other. It’s more like a friendly bond than an intermittent work agreement.”

Front Runner Liftal is a front-runner when it comes to certified inspectors, because every inspector has full, all-round qualifications. In recent years, Liftal has invested substantially in staff training. Mr Hirdes adds, “The number of employees has doubled in the last six years and we want everyone to receive allround training. Consequently, we are able to execute more inspections on site. In addition, Liftal is an expert in all the latest legislation and regulations and their project managers and engineers attend refresher courses each year.” Furthermore, they have created a testing corner in their workshop. All this additional capacity allows them to provide their customers with a quicker service. The improvement in both digitalisation and automation gives them the competence to take on specialised projects.

ToP-NoTcH equiPMeNT.

I: www.lIftal.com

THe NuMber oF eMPLoYees HAs doubLed iN THe LAsT six YeArs.

Zeeland PortNews I 31

Liftal.indd 31

21-11-16 11:07


Weg van Jou

Film Recordings in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen The film recordings of the Dutch romantic comedy ‘Weg van jou’ that set in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, took place last September and October. The film was produced thanks to the Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo and the crowdfunding campaign initiated by Jan Lievens en Nynke van der Ploeg. The film can be seen in cinemas in the autumn of 2017. ‘Weg van jou’ was created by Jan Lievens and Nynke van der Ploeg, written by Jacqueline Epskamp (Divorce) and edited by Anna Drijver and Paula van der Oest. The romantic comedy was produced by NL Film & TV (Men in the City, Tonio and Penoza) and directed by Jelle de Jonge (Bon Bini Holland). Katja Herbers and Maarten Heijmans have the main roles in this romantic comedy, with Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’s Sergio Herman playing a supporting role in the film.

The Story The film is about Evi, who is transferred against her will for her work from Rotterdam to Zeeland. Evi’s career depends on her success in Zeeland. That Zeeland is not just full of unintelligible Zeeuwen becomes apparent as Evi gets to know skipper Stijn in Terneuzen. Will she thrive in the clay of Zeeland or will she return as soon as possible to her boyfriend Lennaert, who has remained in Rotterdam? I: WWW.WEGVANJOUDEFILM.COM


32 I Zeeland PortNews

Weg van Jou.indd 32

21-11-16 11:07








Celebrations at the Port of Zeeland Zeeland Seaports is a relatively young port, originating from the merger between the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen in the mid 1990s. In and around the port area many companies already established themselves years ago. This year a relatively large amount of companies are celebrating their anniversaries and PortNews is happy to rejoice with four of them.


WIELEMAKER Zeeland PortNews I 33

Jubileum intro.indd 33

24-11-16 12:04


1YE5ARS A Matter of Trust 15-Year Anniversary Delta Safe Security

In the early 1990s, Bert Graaff, Managing Director of Delta Safe Security, was at a turning point in his life without even being aware of it. He had been working as a mechanic in a hospital, and, being a strong sportsman, was asked to take care of security in local bars. At that time, the security business was a world full of renegades, but it was gradually changing into a more regulated and certified industry. “The assignments were also changing, from simply acting as a bouncer to being a host for all kind of events, a situation I felt more comfortable with,” Mr Graaff explains. “I decided to get the necessary certificates and in 2001 I was granted an official permit to start my own security firm. The number of clients in the Zeeland entertainment business was on the increase and I started to receive assignments for taking care of security at large events like Film By the Sea,” Mr Graaff says. “It was really a period of pioneering. Because I found it important to appear personally at every job we took on, I could see when things were going well or badly; this was also the time when everyone in Zeeland started to know me as someone with a decent and honest reputation, doing things as promised.”

A Better Proposal In 2005, the company decided to focus on surveillance and the monitoring of facilities. Mr Graaff: “The upcoming crisis was in fact a blessing to us as companies started to look at ways to economise on security. As a mid-size player, we were able to compete with the big national security companies and could offer a better proposal for less.” In the meantime, the company grew to a staff of 110 and Michel Staat joined Mr Graaff as Operations Director. Since the new ISPS

regulations for ports were introduced, the number of clients in the port areas of both Vlissingen and Terneuzen has grown, and today around 50% of the staff work in the Zeeland port area. “In the port we take care of security for industrial as well as logistics companies,” Mr Graaff says, explaining the presence of the company in the port of Zeeland. “But throughout the years, the work our people do in the field has changed a lot. Work is not limited to simply opening the gate for trucks and visitors anymore.”

Photo courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

Added Value Work has expanded to include the clearance of goods, checking the identity of workers, registering visitors and instructing both visitors and staff about the law and regulations related to the site or terminal they are entering. In the case of hazardous situations, a security officer often acts as a coordinator. “In the port, security is not just a matter of theftprevention. A company has to deal with a lot more risks and our staff helps to take care of this. On the other hand, more and more monitoring is taking place electronically and from a distance, so this extra work is of added value to our people. Not

34 I Zeeland PortNews

Delta Safe def.indd 34

24-11-16 12:05



Mobile Monitoring – Prevention through Temporary Protection operATIonS DIrecTor Mr STAAT (lefT) AnD MAnAGInG DIrecTor Mr GrAAff of DelTA SAfe SecurITY.

surprisingly, because of this, the educational level and capabilities of the people we recruit have changed over the years,” Mr Graaff states.

In Good Health This year Delta Safe Security is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. The company is in good health and looking forward to further growth. Mr Graaff: “We differ from our competitors in various ways. We really make a great effort to recruit the right person for the right job, and most importantly, we stay focused on the south-western part of the Netherlands. We will always keep the interests of our customers in mind and because of this, we have realised a high level of goodwill in and outside the ports of Zeeland. After fifteen years, we are convinced that this method has helped us to advance. In fact it is very simple: the security business is just a matter of trust!”

Delta Safe Security is always looking for the right solution for any given situation and recently introduced its Mobile Surveillance equipment onto the market. This equipment can be put into operation very simply and fast wherever temporary protection of goods and facilities is required. The equipment is fitted with cameras that send real-time images online to any place you like, either to a surveillance company like Delta Safe Security or to your own (mobile) device, making a swift and accurate response very easy. The state-of-art software provided by Detec is capable of immediately recognising suspicious persons. The eye-catching colours and size of the equipment make it highly visible, which gives it a preventative effect of its own. Very often, a discount is granted from insurance companies when using this equipment. More info: www.mobiele-bewaking.nl

I: www.delta-safe.nl Zeeland PortNews I 35

Delta Safe def.indd 35

24-11-16 12:06



All Photos courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

Surfacing Solutions Finsa Celebrates 25 Years in Zeeland Finsa is celebrating the silver jubilee of its Dutch branch, located on the deep-water quay in the port of Vlissingen. In the course of the last quarter-century, the name Finsa has become synonymous in the Netherlands with quality surfaces using sustainable raw materials. Known for their boards and flooring solutions, their focus has shifted in recent years from standard chipboard products to highlyspecialised panels and surfaces with an interesting and innovative variety of materials and finishes. 36 I Zeeland PortNews

Finsa def.indd 36

24-11-16 12:07

JUBILEA From its Spanish origins (the name derives from ‘Financial Maderera SA’), Finsa has developed into an internationally recognised concern. The move from exorbitantly priced premises in the Rotterdam cruise terminal in the early 80s to the deep-water terminal in Vlissingen, with its massive storage space and well-integrated internal logistics, has reaped enormous benefits.

Big Achievements Lennert Sieling, of Finsa’s Marketing Department, has a high regard for Finsa’s attitude to business: “We have come from being an unknown brand to one of the most prominent; we are not the biggest, but we are definitely not the most insignificant.” This is in itself a big achievement, but for Mr Sieling, there is something more. He continues, “I admire the strategy we have adopted – our point of view is that we don’t actually want to become the biggest. This may sound strange – as a group, we are already the biggest wood producer in the Iberian Peninsula– but in Benelux and Germany there are two things more interesting to us than size: creating specialised products and being able to package them in specific, individually-selected combinations for our clients.”

Innovation in Chipboard Every 2 weeks, a vessel arrives at Finsa’s terminal in the port of Vlissingen carrying 4,000m3 of material from their factories. The cargo is always a mixed load, comprising a huge variety of boards and panels in numerous thicknesses, colours and finishes. Mr Sieling explains: “Our main selling line is speciality MDF (medium-density fibreboard). About 5 years ago, to give us an edge, we moved away from the standard – and very competitive – 18mm or 19mm chipboard/MDF. We decided to focus on the exclusive side of the MDF market, creating specialised MDF products.” One of these innovative products is SuperPan, a type of chipboard in which the solid outer surfaces – consisting of MDF – are not glued on, as with standard melamine-faced chipboard, but are an integral part of the board itself. The advantages of this are clear: firstly, the seamless transition between the board and its outer surface means there is no risk of the surface layer either chipping or fracturing during cutting; secondly, there is no chance of the surface becoming un-stuck due to mechanical or chemical influences. Furthermore, the integral stability of the board is increased, so it will never warp or bend, even under heavy loads. For areas of high humidity, there is a moistureresistant version and for areas with a heavy concentration of people, such as airports, Finsa’s fire-resistant boards are used, which conform to the most stringent European regulations.

Customer-Specific Loads A strategy which puts Finsa in a different league from their competitors and which is seen by Mr Sieling as the key to Finsa’s success, is that their trucks carry customer-specific loads. This means that Finsa can supply their customers with a single package containing a combination of products, and, impressively, they can do this within three working days; all the material is at hand. Their enormous warehouse contains around 16,000m3 of products, ranging from very thick MDF to 3mm-thin sheets, which can be used, for instance, as facings on 4m-high doors to give them a very high degree of stability. Another winner, Finsa’s state-of-the-art, black MDF, is used in all the German Audi showrooms. In the warehouse, a brand-new robot carefully selects the specific items a particular customer has ordered and collates them into an individual package. This package is then loaded onto a truck for record-time delivery to the customer. This system ensures that the trucks hardly ever carry half-loads. It is a successful method, and Finsa is aware that its competitors are hot on its heels.

Environmental Responsibility Wood is the main constituent of the products fabricated by Finsa. Their acknowledgement of the fragile equilibrium of this raw material has guaranteed their development into one of the most environmentally aware companies in the sector, using primarily harvested wood and rapidly renewable resources. Finsa has also been known to reject lucrative business opportunities with companies, or even countries, whose policies they do not see as ethical. The loss of this potential income is far outweighed by the reputation they have for making a stand. It warrants their strong position in today’s environmentally conscious market. The relocation of the Marine barracks to Vlissingen and the associated alterations to the local road system will make the first step of Finsa’s logistics route easier. Location is the all important factor, and it is thanks to their superbly located premises on the deep-water quay in Vlissingen, combined with excellent hinterland connections, that Finsa has been able to successfully expand its business into the Dutch and midEuropean market. The challenges of the future include further specialisation, such as more attention to the specialist range of products Finsa is renowned for. i: www.finsa.com

LeNNert SIeLINg, FINSa MarKetINg DepartMeNt.

Zeeland PortNews I 37

Finsa def.indd 37

24-11-16 12:07


5YEA0RS Going for Gold Swagemakers Celebrates 50 Years of Success Intermodal transport company Swagemakers, located in the port of Terneuzen on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, celebrated its 50th anniversary on 17 November. The company, with its fleet of 25 specialised and semi-specialised trucks, has long been synonymous with road logistics, but in recent years it has expanded to include rail and water transportation. Today, Swagemakers’ core business concerns intermodal, turnkey logistics solutions. This development is reflected in its new name, officially announced during the Golden Jubilee celebrations: Swagemakers Intermodal Transport BV. Under the dedicated management of Arno Swagemakers, Owner/Director of the company since 2011, Swagemakers’ clients can be assured that the transportation process of their merchandise is taken care of in its entirety. Clients are completely freed from the stress and complexity involved in international transportation. The whole procedure, from the initial loading stage right through to discharge at the final location, is taken care of by Swagemakers Intermodal Transport. By collaborating with rail and water transportation companies, Swagemakers is able to provide the seamless transportation of goods across international borders, using the most appropriate and efficient modes of transport.

Containerisation Romain Swagemakers, father of the current Owner/Director, set up R. Swagemakers Transport half a century ago, as a oneman, one vehicle business. When a spinal injury forced him to take on a second driver and vehicle, it marked the beginning of the expansion of the fleet. Further investments

became necessary in the late 80s when the change in market demands lead to the acquisition of container trucks. Arno Swagemakers explains, “My father saw that containerisation was the future, and invested accordingly, re-housing the business at our current location in the port of Terneuzen, with its excellent rail and water connections.” Romain Swagemakers’ foresight has reaped substantial dividends, and has allowed Swagemakers to develop from a small local transport company to an internationally operating, intermodal logistics concern.

Container Terminal One of the most important changes in their 50-year history came in 1995. Swagemakers joined forces with two businesses, Vopak Agencies from Terneuzen and Mammoet, to make use of a container terminal in the port of Terneuzen. With Mammoet providing the cranes for loading/discharging and Vopak providing good contacts within the shipping companies, this collaboration meant that they could jointly offer intermodal solutions to their customers. “We are situated just 200m from

ArNo SwAGemAkerS, owNer/DIreCTor.

38 I Zeeland PortNews

Swagemakers.indd 38

24-11-16 12:08



All photos courtesy of Swagemakers

our container terminal on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal,” says Arno Swagemakers. “This means that we can provide our clients with a smooth transition from container vessel to container truck, and from there, either by road, rail or inland waterway, to the final destination. We take care of the transportation of our clients’ goods from the point of departure – whether that is Saudi Arabia, South Korea or South Africa – right up to the geographical location of delivery. Our clients don’t have to concern themselves with the complications of crossing country borders. We are happy to take the weight off their shoulders.”

Service to Antwerp Arno Swagemakers’ motto is ‘strength through collaboration’ and this means that Swagemakers are always open to collaborative, intermodal possibilities. Their current association with the inland shipping industry is a prime example of this policy. This year, they collaborated with Vlaeynatie and Transbox to set up a scheduled inlandwaterway transportation service, which runs at fixed times to the port of Antwerp. Their clients are assured, therefore, that at certain times of the day there will be a service to Antwerp. Swagemakers Intermodal

SwAGemAkerS’ fleeT exISTS of 25 SpeCIAlISeD AND SemI-SpeCIAlISeD TruCkS.

Transport is an SME (small and medium-size enterprise). “If we have to do everything under our own roof and with our own materials, this can be problematic. Every company has its strengths and weaknesses. Collaboration means combined knowledge and experience, and when this is presented as a package, quality solutions can be offered to the client,” says Arno Swagemakers.

Financial Benefit Swagemakers Intermodal Transport sees themselves as a contact point for their clients. They will, for example, find and organise the most appropriate shipper for the client’s goods, often resulting in a financial benefit for the client. A client needs to know that

their merchandise is in good hands, and Swagemakers doesn’t scrimp on quality. By setting their standards high, Swagemakers have created a niche market for themselves in quality intermodal transportation. From the one trusty truck making local deliveries in 1966, 50 years later Swagemakers Intermodal Transport can offer the all-inclusive transportation of merchandise right across the globe. I: www.swagemakers.nl

Zeeland PortNews I 39

Swagemakers.indd 39

24-11-16 12:08


1Y0EAR0S Centenary Wielemaker Celebrates its 100th Anniversary Transport and container company Wielemaker, based in Middelburg and operational in the ports of Zeeland, celebrated its 100th anniversary on 21 and 22 October with a weekend of festivities. A reception for 250 invited guests on Friday was followed by an open-day on Saturday; the attendance of some 3,000 visitors, twice as many as anticipated, meant an exceptionally good ambience and several extra trips for the caterers! The fine weather was one of the factors contributing to the unforeseen number of visitors. Having a ride in one of Wielemaker’s famous orange trucks, frequently used for the loading and discharging of cargo in the port of Vlissingen, was one of the major attractions and proved an irresistible lure for families with young children. Wielemaker has been active in the transportation of goods to and from the ports of Zeeland since the 1960s, when the development of the industrial terrain in the port of Vlissingen lead to the establishment of numerous large businesses. These all required a waste-transportation service. Ronald Wielemaker, Co-owner/Director of Wielemaker, together with his brother Jasper and John den Hollander, explains, “We are not a company that transports bulk goods from the ports across Europe. Of course, we do jobs for those companies, but essentially we are more suited to specific activities for companies that are involved in the offshore industry, in marine wind energy and in shipbuilding – activities which have a critical deadline or quality specification. We are the people to contact for exceptional loads, loads that are abnormally long or wide. For us, it is exciting to find a solution for the transportation of problematically large items. We can unload exceptionally difficult construction components ourselves – we have truck cranes specifically for this purpose.”

Waste Removal ROnAld WieleMAkeR, CO-OWneR/diReCTOR OF WieleMAkeR. Photo courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

The enormous rise in tourism after WWII saw a corresponding increase in waste. In the same period, container transport started to gain popularity. With the insight that comes from decades of experience, Wielemaker saw tourism

40 I Zeeland PortNews

Wielemaker.indd 40

24-11-16 12:08


at 80,000kms, but with current technology, we can actually see the performance of the engine, and, with mindful driving, the oil change can be delayed until 150,000 to 200,000kms. When you think that motor oil costs EUR 5.5 – 6.0, per litre, and that we have 55 trucks, that is a considerable saving.”

Spoken Agreements

and its associated industries as a guaranteed area for expansion. The road over the dunes in Dishoek, first laid down by Great-Grandfather Krijn Wielemaker Sr. and then destroyed in the War, was reconstructed in the mid-1940s to enable easy access to the beach. This road played an important part in the development of the company, allowing their vehicles the access necessary for both the transportation of beach huts and for waste removal. In the 1960s, the removal and transportation of waste became one of Wielemaker’s main activities, establishing its importance on a regional scale and during the course of the following decade, a series of take-overs lead Wielemaker to become a player on the international market.

Driving Behaviour Wielemaker are very keen to contribute to the current initiative to reduce emissions, and, coupled with the impetus for improved economy, they have developed a two-pronged approach. Firstly, they keep a relatively young fleet. Secondly, and more importantly, they coach their 56 drivers on how to adopt eco-friendly driving behaviour. This means slow acceleration and timely braking. Ronald Wielemaker: “When this is done correctly, the savings are considerable – not only due to the reduced wear and tear on the braking and gear systems, but a lorry which needs an oil change every 2 years instead of annually is a lorry which saves 80l of oil per year. In the old days, an oil change was a matter of course

The word ‘feeling’ comes up frequently when it comes to making big decisions in a family business with a 100 years’ experience. Ronald Wielemaker himself, by dint of his academic education, was always more prone to analysing and calculating, getting everything down on paper. However, when he joined the business, he was surprised to see how new investments were agreed simply during a conversation. “At one point, there was a conversation with my father and two uncles about whether we needed four more vehicles – a considerable investment. I was thinking in terms of getting everything down on paper – a business plan, cost analysis etc. – but there was apparently no need for that. A few days later, when the subject arose again, the answer was ‘yes, let’s do that’. So we ordered them. I could hardly believe it. And yet, 10 years on, I understand that this is how things get done. A flat, informal organisation with a good feeling for the market, its own capital and a long-term vision is capable of working like this,” explains Ronald Wielemaker. I: www.wIelemaker.nl Zeeland PortNews I 41

Wielemaker.indd 41

24-11-16 12:08


Supporting the Port of Zeeland IRO Members’ Meeting

The IRO MeMbeRs’ MeeTIng aT The denIck II. All photos courtesy of Scherp! Fotografie

42 I Zeeland PortNews

IRO def.indd 42

21-11-16 11:18


On 12 October, the IRO (the association of dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry) organised a members’ meeting in the port of Vlissingen, in cooperation with Zeeland seaports. Presentations were given by some major offshore-related companies during a cruise trough the port, attended by more than 120 IRO members.

Sander Vergroesen, Director of IRO, warmly welcomed members to the port of Vlissingen and expressed his pleasure at having the opportunity to strengthen ties with Zeeland Seaports. Marcel Pater, Zeeland Seaports Commercial Manager, explained the position and importance of the offshore segment for the port and the way in which Zeeland Seaports would like to further facilitate this segment by increased development of the cluster. The added value of the ports of Zeeland for offshorerelated companies lies in their strategic location near the oil and gas fields and windfarms in the North Sea. The open connection to deep water, combined with good accessibility for inland shipping, is also of great importance. But above all, it is the available space and development prospects in the Zeeland ports which offer opportunities for the offshore industry.

Offshore Wind DONG Energy is a new player in the ports of Zeeland. In the coming years, this energy company will be concerned with the construction of the Borssele I and II windfarms in the North Sea. These

MaRceL PaTeR, ZeeLand seaPORTs cOMMeRcIaL ManageR.

windfarms will each provide a capacity of 350mW; this is equivalent to an annual CO2-free electricity consumption for approximately one million Dutch households. In his presentation, Jasper Fish, DONG Energy’s Country Manager, confirmed the strength of the Dutch offshore sector in terms of expertise and cooperation. I: WWW.Iro.nl

IRO The IRO has 440 member companies which are involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of power plants in the oil, gas and renewables industries, both onshore and offshore. To promote the qualities of Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry, IRO works with national and international organisations with similar interests and circulates information through publications, the Internet and meetings.

sandeR VeRgROesen, dIRecTOR OF IRO, WeLcOMed eVeRYOne aT The PORT OF VLIssIngen.


Zeeland PortNews I 43

IRO def.indd 43

21-11-16 11:18


The Zeeland Port Promotion Council is pleased to welcome new participants. Founded in 1993, the Zeeland Port Promotion Council represents the majority of companies located in the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. Together they offer a complete range of the best possible port facilities and all the logistics solutions you need. See pages 45 - 47 for a complete list of participants.

1. FEYTER FORKLIFT SERVICES Feyter Forklift Services concentrates on forklifts, telehandlers, container handling machines, port equipment and warehouse machines. Next to its headquarters in Terneuzen, the company has subsidiaries in the sister port of Vlissingen and in other countries such as Belgium, Germany and Spain. A new office in Dubai will be opened soon. Feyter Forklift Services focuses on customer-oriented, made-tomeasure items for rental, lease, service contracts and sale-and-leaseback operations. Feyter Forklift Services is specialised in very prominent brands such as Kalmar, Terberg, Manitou and UniCarriers.


When it comes to customised solutions in heavy handling, Feyter Forklift Services has been a strong partner for the Dutch and Belgian port industry for over 40 years. Feyter Forklift Services was founded in 1974 in the port of Terneuzen. Shortly after, a second and third office were opened in the port of Vlissingen and the port of Ghent. Feyter Forklift Services is now active in several major ports in the Benelux. The focus was further broadened when, in 2010, Feyter Forklift Services welcomed the arrival of its Spanish sister company Feyter Iberia in Sabadell, near Barcelona. Since then, Feyter has been strongly involved in several Spanish ports, such as the port of Bilbao, Santander and Tarragona and also in various ports in South America. With a special focus on the sales, rental and lease of new and used reachstackers, heavy lifting forklifts and terminal tractors, Feyter Forklift Services delivers on a global scale.

Dutch Marine, lead by the experienced maritime service provider Paul Verschure, is specialised in management support to clients with projects outside their own core activities. This support varies from executing special towage operations, including preparation and engineering to supervising ship repairs and salvage operations. A recent project is the towage of a 260m floating dry-docks from Gotenborg (Sweden) to Vlissingen on behalf of Damen Shipyards. The project included the engineering, motion analyses, technical preparation and sea-fastening of cranes. Another project is a feasibility study for the towing or transportation of a 60m research vessel by heavy lift vessel from Kenia to Vlissingen. Dutch Marine assisted in the selection process and contract negotiations. Dutch Marine is the technical adviser to the Ministry of Waterways and Public Works, recently involved in the wreck removal operation of the MV Baltic Ace, a 143m car carrier which sank after a collision off the Dutch coast. The recovery of the Historic IJsselkogge (a ‘cog’ ship dating back to the Hanseatic League) is another interesting project recently undertaken by Dutch Marine. This is a well-preserved cog ship from 1450 that was discovered in October 2012 through a sonar survey of the bed of the river IJssel in Kampen.



Focus on Heavy Handling in Ports Worldwide

REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE! Ask for the Media Kit 2017 by sending an email to info@ynfpublishers.com 44 I Zeeland PortNews

New Members.indd 44

21-11-16 12:23







Aage Hempel B.V.




Access World (Vlissingen) B.V.


Accountants- en Adviesgroep Rijkse


Actief Werkt! Middelburg


Adriaanse & van der Weel Advocaten


Aerssens & Partners


Amadore Hotels & Restaurants




Boogaard Advocaten


Bouwgroep Peters B.V.


BOW Terminal


C.T.O.B. Transport & Logistics


CdMR/ Cobelfret B.V.


Century Aluminum Vlissingen B.V.


Cordeel Nederland B.V.


C-Port B.V.


Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen


DB Schenker


De Hoop Terneuzen B.V.


De Pooter Personeelsdiensten


De Ruyter Training & Consultancy


De Zeeuwse Alliantie Notarissen


Delta Lloyd Verzekeringen


Delta Safe Security Services B.V.


DOW Benelux B.V.


DRV Accountants & Adviseurs


Dutch Marine B.V.


Embedded Coaching & Consultancy


Ergo Services


Euro-Mit Staal B.V.


Fabricom B.V.


Feyter Industrial Services


Flexibility Zeeland


Flushing Shipping Agencies


Fraanje Aannemingsbedrijf B.V.


Golden Tulip L ‘Escaut




Haskoning DHV Nederland B.V.


Havenwerk B.V.


Henk Kramer Communicatie







Participants of Zeeland Port Promotion Council



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 

 

  

  

 

Zeeland PortNews I 45

Participanten.indd 45

21-11-16 11:20












Participants of Zeeland Port Promotion Council



Heros Sluiskil B.V.


Howzat Relocations


I.B.S. B.V.


ICL-IP Terneuzen B.V.


ING Business Banking


Interlashing B.V.


Istimewa Elektro


Justion Advocaten


Katoen Natie Westerschelde B.V.


Kloosterboer Vlissingen V.O.F.


Koch adviesgroep Ingenieurs & Architecten


Koolwijk Shipstores B.V.


KVA International


KWS Infra/Aquavia


Labojuice B.V.




Liftal Hijstechniek


Loodswezen Regio Scheldemonden


LTT Holland B.V.


Mammoet Nederland B.V.


Maritiem & Logistiek College de Ruyter


Mourik Vlissingen B.V.


Multraship Towage & Salvage


Municipality of Middelburg


Municipality of Terneuzen


Municipality of Vlissingen


Montagebedrijf Terneuzen


Nelis BV


Nouvall Engineering Services


N.V. Economische Impuls Zeeland


N.V. Westerscheldetunnel


Oiltanking Terneuzen B.V.


Outokumpu Stainless B.V.


Ovet B.V.


Pfauth Logistics B.V.


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   

  

 

 

 

 



Rabobank Oosterschelde


Rabobank Walcheren-Noord Beveland


Rabobank Zeeuws-Vlaanderen


R.G.R. Shipping & Forwarding B.V.


S5 Agency World


 

46 I Zeeland PortNews

Participanten.indd 46

21-11-16 11:20



Sagro Aannemingsmij. Zeeland B.V.


Saybolt Nederland B.V.


Schipper Groep


SDW Shipping




Sealake Terminal B.V.


Secil Cement


SGS Nederland B.V.


Shipyard Reimerswaal


Shutdown Control


Suez Recycling & Recovery Netherlands


Sweco Nederland B.V.


S.T.T. B.V. / Z.M.C. B.V.


Sorteerbedrijf Vlissingen B.V.


Spie-Controlec Engineering B.V.


Supermaritime Nederland B.V.


Swagemakers Transport B.V.


Tanido B.V. Sworn Marine Surveyors


Tempo-Team Uitzendbureau B.V.


Terneuzen Powder Technologies B.V.


TMS Terneuzen B.V.


URS Nederland NV


Van Ameyde Marine Vlissingen


Van Jole B.V.


Van Keulen Transport B.V.


Verenigde Bootlieden B.V.


Verex Douane Service







Participants of Zeeland Port Promotion Council



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 

 

 

 

 

 

 


Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V.


Vlissingse Bootliedenwacht B.V.


Vopak Agencies Terneuzen B.V.


Vroon B.V.


Wielemaker B.V.


Yellow & Finch Publishers


Zeeland Bunkering


Zeeland Refinery


Zeeland Seaports


Zuidgeest Uitzendbureau


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 

Zeeland PortNews I 47

Participanten.indd 47

21-11-16 11:20

Zeeland Seaports, your best choice! Compared with other ports the agile and entrepreneurial Zeeland Seaports offer a competitive advantage. direct access to open sea competitive and attractive tariffs and land prices reliable and easy to do business with available land located directly on deep water flexible and attractive service & quality oriented companies lack of congestion which enables shorter cycle times and faster delivery time to customers multimodal hinterland connections through road, railway, (inland-) waterways dedicated terminals for handling specific types of goods a brand range of services via a highly skilled workforce

Seaborne cargo by segment

Seaborne cargo by product group

containers/flats dry bulk general cargo liquid bulk roll-on/roll-off


Inland waterways

Main roads

agricultural products food products other solid fuels oil and oilproducts ores and metalresidue metals and semi-finished products minerals and building materials fertilizers chemical products other goods Railways

ports of vlissingen and terneuzen www.zeelandseaports.com 48 I Zeeland PortNews

Participanten.indd 48

21-11-16 11:20


R Norway


Ireland • Hull Groningen






Warsaw Hannover

Rotterdam • Tilbury

• Hamburg

Vlissingen Terneuzen

Emmerich Duisburg


• Antwerp





• Le Havre


Frankfurt Metz

Mannhein Karlsruhe

• Paris

• Stuttgart Strasbourg •

Vienna • Munich


Basel •


Bern •




North Africa

driven by dedication Zeeland PortNews I 49

Participanten.indd 49

21-11-16 11:20

• Middelburg

Lewedorp • • Nieuw- en Sint Joosland

Bijleveldhaven Westhofhaven

• Oost-Souburg

Quarleshaven Sloehaven

• Vlissingen

Van Citterskanaal

• Ritthem

• Nieuwdorp

Scaldiahaven ’s-Heerenhoek •

Buitenhaven Van Cittershaven


• Borssele



• Sloehaven: Suitable for alI kinds of transshipment including LPG and chemical bulk 920 metres of quay.

• Bijleveldhaven: 1,980 metres of quay. North bank is 300 metres long.

• Westhofhaven: 475 metres of quay. Can accommodate largest reefer vessels. •

East side jetty for discharging peat and general cargo quay. • Kaloothaven: 1,130 metres of quay. Two jetties on south bank, one for inland barges. • Scaldiahaven: Over 1,700 metres of quay. South side used handling and storage of

• Zeeland Refinery Pier

cellulose and metals. Transverse quay is 250 metres long. • Van Citterskanaal/haven: Six jetties for inland vessels and coasters. 0n south bank,

275 metres. 0n north bank, 200 metres. Quay: 230 metres and 220 metres.

B • Quarleshaven: Extension of Sloehaven to NNE, 315 metres of quay. Set of two mooring

Br di

buoys on east bank with a span of 320 metres.

fo • Zeeland Refinery Pier: Located on Westernscheldt River. Accommodates tankers up to 100,000 dwt with maximum LOA of 280 metres. • Buitenhaven: Located outside lock system with direct access to sea, 300 metres of quay. Northern basin has area for coasters and Iighters. Vesta also operates an oil jetty for tankers.

50 I Zeeland PortNews

Plattegrond Vlissingen_Terneuzen.indd 50

21-11-16 11:21

Western Scheldt Braakmanhaven

• Terneuzen Zijkanaal A

Noorderkanaalhaven Zuiderkanaalhaven Massagoedhaven

enhoek • • Hoek


Philippine •


Sluiskil •

• Noorderkanaalhaven: North quay: 170 metres; South quay: 192 metres.

Zijkanaal B

• Zuiderkanaalhaven: North quay: 225 metres; South quay: 230 metres.

Zijkanaal D

Zijkanaal C

• Massagoedhaven: 978 metres. Autrichehaven

• Zevenaarhaven: North quay: 421 metres and 555 metres; South quay: 259 metres. Sas van Gent •

• Axelse Vlaktehaven: 290 metres. • Autrichehaven: 850 metres.


Zijkanaal E

Braakmanhaven is part of Port of Terneuzen, located directly on Western ScheIdt with no locks. Four berths for seagoing vesseIs and three berths for inland vessels.

• Westdorpe Zijkanaal H Zijkanaal F Zijkanaal G

Zelzate • Zeeland PortNews I 51

Plattegrond Vlissingen_Terneuzen.indd 51

21-11-16 11:21


About ZEELAND PortNews Covering Zeeland’s North Sea ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen, Zeeland PortNews is the official publication of the Zeeland Port Promotion Council (ZPPC) and port company Zeeland Seaports.

Circulation and subscriptions Distributed to a wide international audience, the high quality quarterly magazine promotes the activities of companies active in the ports to key customers, business partners, stakeholders in Zeeland and beyond, as well as at major international trade events. Zeeland PortNews is available in hard copy as well as a digital version. Each issue has approximately 10,000 readers. For your free subscription to Zeeland PortNews,

contact the publishers at info@zppc.nl or port@zeelandseaports.nl.

Editorial Committee The content of Zeeland PortNews is the responsibility of the Editorial Committee. Contact: • Henk de Haas, Chairman ZPPC • Maarten van As, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Zeeland Seaports Special thanks to everyone who kindly contributed their time and expertise to put together this issue of Zeeland PortNews. Find out more about contributing to future issues of Zeeland PortNews to contacting ZPPC.


Next issue

ZEELAND PortNews The next issue of Zeeland PortNews is available from April 2017. Editorial Programme:

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Top performance in refining Zeeland Refinery is one of the most efficient refineries and performs as one of best in Western Europe. The refinery has a crude oil distillation unit and one of the largest hydrocrackers in Europe.



Shutdown Control B.V. is a specialist for Emergency Response and cleaning projects in the Maritime and On & Offshore Industry, 24-hour service for the industry worldwide. On-shore:


EMS is specialized in slitting the higher grades of electrical steel for the transformer P.O.material Box 535, industry. Wide coils of thin gauge plate is slit down to smaller coils, both widthways and lengthways. EMS is4380 also AM ableVlissingen, to cut theseThe coilsNetherlands into so called laminations of customer-specific lengths and shapes, fitting the requirements of the Location Duitslandweg 7, transformer manufacturers.

Shutdown Control is founded in March 2009 and specialised in Emergency Response in the On & Offshore Industry in Holland and worldwide.

Haven 1153, Vlissingen-oost P.O. Box 535, Phone: (0)118 The 422500 4380+31 AM Vlissingen, Netherlands Location Duitslandweg 7, Email: info@euro-mit-staal.com Haven 1153, Vlissingen-oost Website: Phone:www.euro-mit-staal.com +31 (0)118 422500 Email: info@euro-mit-staal.com Website: www.euro-mit-staal.com

Container leakage and salvage Tankcleaning with gastightsuit Catalyst handling (Oil) Spills Hazmat team Tanker operations Confined space (Oil) Spills


Official dealer for: Markleen – Oil Spill Technology

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Norbert Brummelkamp M. +31 (0)6 – 220 522 37 norbert@sdwshipping.com


Contact: Kubus 120 3364 DG Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 820 257 E info@shutdowncontrol.nl I www.shutdowncontrol.nl

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Fruit Logistica Berlin 2017

Winning combinations

8-10 FEBRUARY Berlin, Germany Hall C, Booth C-08

Covering Zeeland’s North Sea Ports of Vlissingen and Ter neuzen




The port is our life. Hands-on mentality, hard work and accessible people, that’s our character. Anyone who gets to know Zeeland Seaports becomes acquainted with professionals who are proud of their ports. We understand that your interests are also our interests. Clients come first. Always. We know what’s important to your company. That’s all in our character, and one of our many strengths: location on open sea draft of 16.5 metres congestion-free connections with the hinterland no nine-to-five mentality accessible ports and people dedicated terminals for a broad range of cargo you can reach us 24/7 at +31 115 647400

“Zeeland Seaports offers rapid and dedicated 24/7 handling in the port.”


ports of vlissingen and terneuzen www.zeelandseaports.com

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Zeeland PortNews 2016 Issue 4  

Zeeland PortNews 2016 Issue 4