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SYI 2014 | VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 2


SYI 2014 | VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 2

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Publisher’s note

In Pole Position START YOUR ENGINES AND GET READY FOR THE LATEST ISSUE OF SUPERYACHT INDUSTRY. WE FOCUS ON THE NETHERLANDS – ON HOME-GROWN expertise and technology. Here in Holland, the end of the economic crisis is in sight. “Everything points to the fact the economy has the deepest valley behind it and is beginning to slowly grow again,” commented Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) Chairman J.J.C.M. van Dooremalen at the recent NMT general meeting in May. The Dutch SuperYacht Industry is on the up. NMT figures illustrate that order books are healthy in terms of both number and values of vessels. Turn to pg 18 to read more about this and the latest developments from seven of the largest yards in this small nation. We have the latest from Amels, Heesen, Feadship and Vitters (all winners at this year’s World Superyacht Awards in Amsterdam) to name but a few. However, it’s not all about Holland. In this issue, we dive deep into the world of naval architecture and design. Our editorial team have been busy finding the most interesting stories. We discover how titanium is taking a place in superyacht construction on pg 54. More well known, but no less beautiful, are teak decks. On pg 42 we look into how German efficiency is producing precision-made teak decks. For the petrol-heads among our readers, we also cover marine propulsion and power generation. In an industry that is largely concerned with luxury and elegance, we haven’t forgotten that, for some owners, it’s about kilowatts, the number of cylinders and revs-per-minute. On pg 38 you can read about how Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan added his personal touch to the engine configuration of Blush – his new 47m Sunseeker motor yacht. He chose MTU engines to combine raw power with efficiency and comfort. CHARLES VAN DEN OOSTERKAMP | CEO CHARLES@YNFPUBLISHERS.COM

Ladies and gentlemen, on your marks, turn the page and enjoy this issue!


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DENNIS VINKOERT Publisher & Executive Editor

NATHALIE GEELS -VINKOERT Chief Financial Officer

MARCO GEELS Chief Commercial Officer



JOHN GAULDIE Managing Editor

ROB VAN AKKEREN Business Development Manager


HERMAN BARKMEIJER Business Development Manager


Ecoflow Propulsor™ the sophisticated concept


VINCENT VINKOERT Business Development Manager


ROSANNA STATTERS Commercial Assistant


• Reduced NOX and CO2 • Improved fuel economy • Reliable and safe operation • Quiet-running and efficient Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ has been developed especially for high-speed vessels, where economical running with light equipment of high quality and finish is essential. Our Controllable Pitch Propeller concept makes it possible to operate at all speeds in the most economical, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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contents SYI

ISSUE 2 2014


18 Dutch Deliveries – High-End Luxury Yachts 52 When One Door Opens – In-House Excellence




10 Solandge – The Ultimate Superyacht Experience 30 Apostrophe – Jewel in the Art Deco Crown




Cars & Sharks – What Inspires Today’s Superyacht Designers?

42 Decked to Perfection – German Teak Efficiency 46 Lavish Use of Glass – Feadship Pushes the Window 51 Modelling Comfort – Naval Architects at Vripack 56 Titanium Momentum – The Dream Metal Catches On MARINE PROPULSION & POWER GENERATION

29 Generating Less Emissions – Kohler Generators 38 Fast & Furious MTU – Formula One-Stop Solution REGULARS


Publisher’s Note


News in Brief

58 Outfitters Pages 61 Yellow & Finch Pages 64 Word on the Sea

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51 On the Cover Designed by Espen Oeino, the 85m Lürssenbuilt Solandge is a family superyacht that is set to become an icon of the charter market. Interior designer Aileen Rodriguez has provided optimum comfort for family and guests with hand-carved glass columns, Venetian mirrors and an outstanding choice of natural materials all reflecting the owner’s love of classical music and art. All this, while onboard technology and high specification engineering provide quiet, smooth sailing. Read more on pg 10. (Photo by Klaus Jordan) S Y I  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3

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The Kormaran combines the agility of a monohull with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran.

The Kormaran can transform into an incomparable sunbathing island.

A New Class of Luxury Boat In addition to the common classes of boats, monohull, catamaran and trimaran, the vision of a new class of boat has emerged on the horizon – the Kormaran. The luxury boat fully made out of carbon fibre, including a carbon fibre monocoque, has innovative and unique features that make it an outstanding high-tech watercraft. The Kormaran can transform even while driving, this way the watercraft elegantly combines the agility of a monohull for quick manoeuvers with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran. In addition, the Kormaran can gracefully transform into a large bathing platform. The world premiere of the Kormaran will be on 26 June at Scalaria in Sankt Wolfgang, Austria. The high-tech watercraft features innovative hydrofoil technology.

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• News in brief SYI 9-2.indd 4

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

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Emigreen’s New Generation

A 99m Feadship yacht

Emigreen recently introduced a solution designed to control diesel engine exhaust emissions, namely the Emigreen Alpha-Alpha soot filter system. The innovative system reduces soot, hydrocarbon and noise emissions and continuously monitors system performance and, if required, raises the temperature of the exhaust gas to incinerate any build-up of carbon deposits. The result: reduced emissions and a long service life under all engine loads. Additional operational benefits are high efficiency, a virtually odourless exhaust and compatibility with all marine distillate fuels, serviceability and durability. When retrofitted, the Alpha-Alpha replaces the original silencer.

Photo courtesy of Emigreen / Photo by Simpacker via Wikimedia Commons

Industry Professionals Launch 8 Yachts 8 Yachts was recently launched into the superyacht management market. The new company offers management and consultation services to just eight superyacht owners. By limiting the size of the fleet it manages, 8 Yachts wilt achieve substantial savings and increase trust for owners. The founders of 8 Yachts, Jim Passmore and Guy Waddilove, seek to address two major failings in current industry provision; the levels of hands-on expertise cannot be delivered by managers overseeing a large fleet; and that basic conflicts of interest arise when management companies act as charter agent, yacht broker and crew agent.


September www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

• News in brief SYI 9-2.indd 5

en ev e/





h e. e N co e m th







h t Po n M em i n rt e s on b gf P e Po a r e s ie rt c o 24 t i r re va C w H Y – w er a 27 l . c an w cu c , o m to . m le h 2 ,F o n s, t S 01 ra 4 ac M h nc on o O o ya a w ct e c h co 2 G obe t 0 en r sh 14 ow G oa 1 – en .c 6 om w oa, B o , 20 w /e w Ita a t 14 n . g ly S en ho oa w b


IN Y p A TE Y tem C R ac b H N C h t er an i n 9 T A – n g w es 14 S TIO w F w Vi e s , 2 H N . c eu t 0 O A a n x i v 14 n e Po a l W L Se s y rt C S ac & an pt

t ts ho B obe ar r w .c B c e 15 om ar l o – ce n 1 w lo a 9, w n w a I n 20 . s , S t e 14 al p r o n ai n a na n tio O ut ct na ob i c Fo e o. lB r c r om oa Fl t L 30 or a – t N S w ida u d o ho v w , e w US r d em w .s b a 20 ho A l e er w 14 I n 3, m N t e 20 an ov 1 r ag na 4 M em em tio E T be e na nt R S r1 .c AI lB 20 8 – om A w m 1 2 oa / w 0 f or w ste 4 ,2 t . m rd t S 01 _l e t am ho au 4 st d w , r e t


|


November S Y I  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 5

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NEWS IN BRIEF A Perfect Marriage Benetti’s 56m Lady Candy is a perfect marriage between East and West, according to the yard. She offers the ultimate in comfort, beauty, and technology, for a totally relaxing cruising experience. With her steel and aluminium hull, the yacht is built on a time-tested naval architecture platform with proven dependability in previous yachts. For Lady Candy, this platform was partially modified with the repositioning of the wheelhouse on the sun deck and the associated widening of the beam. With naval design from Benetti together with styling from Captain Paul Brackley’s Central Yacht Design Studio, the exterior lines of Lady Candy have a clearly contemporary feel without diminishing timeless elegance. Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown

Heesen Launches 51m Sky

Photography by Dick Holthuis

Heesen recently christened motoryacht Sky and launched her at their facility in Oss. Sky is a 51m full displacement long range motoryacht of 660t with a range of 5,400nm at 10 knots. Her bold but sleek exterior is due to Frank Laupman of Omega Architects, and Erick van Egeraat designed the ultra-contemporary, sharp and sophisticated interior. Sky accommodates twelve guests in five cabins. She is due for delivery in November 2014 after intensive sea trials in the North Sea.

CRANE SYSTEMS 29422 Anzeige crane systems 193 x 60.indd 1

6 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u me 9 | Issue 2

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Super yacht tender cranes, SOLAS cranes and special function cranes custom-built to your requirements.

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Best Yacht Conversion

Enigma XK won the award for Best Yacht Conversion at the World Superyacht Awards 2014, at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. The jury mentioned: “The conversion of superyacht Enigma XK from a British government-owned Fisheries Protection Vessel designed for service in the roughest of North Atlantic waters, into a comfortable and capable expedition yacht was extremely well done by the La Rochelle-based Atlantic Refit Center.” According to Atlantic Refit Center it was an extremely challenging project to fit everything needed on board a superyacht into a former military vessel and to keep the original profile of the vessel.

Setting Sail into a New Generation In the course of the reorganisation of Dahm International, the brokerage department was outsourced in April 2014 and will be sailing into the future under the flag of the new owners. Lukas Stratmann together with Christian Hausser will be responsible for the management of the new brokerage company. Herbert Dahm wants to partly withdraw from the operative business in the future to be able to focus on the charter department, which he will continue to run in Monaco together with Christina Gedamke, the charter manager. In his function as honorary president of Dahm International, Mr Dahm will however still support the brokerage department with his knowledge and advice, thus he remains contact partner for his clients and sailing companions.


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NEWS IN BRIEF New Management Team

Southern Spars announced the new Rig Pro International management team, led by Des Davis and supported by Gavin McPherson. Both Mr Davis and Mr McPherson are extremely passionate sailors and have a wealth of experience in the yachting industry that will see them take Rig Pro from strength to strength. The duo is committed to continuing to grow the existing market share and reputation of the global Rig Pro network.

ISA Yachts Launches 43m Granturismo On 29 March, the first motor yacht of the Granturismo range was launched at ISA Yachts’ facility in Ancona and christened Philmi. The Granturismo was created to respond to a market demand for steel/aluminium displacement yachts with a balance between their internal and external areas, to the great benefit of the exterior design of the yacht itself. The Granturismo concept was presented to the yachting community at the Monaco Yacht Show 2011, the contract for the construction of the first 43m was signed 6 months later. The delivery of Philmi to her owners is scheduled for June 2014. Photo courtesy by Paolo Zitti

Graceful Left Her Berth In April, after a challenging 23 month completion programme, 82m Graceful left her berth at the Blohm+Voss shipyard. The stunning yacht joins an impressive lineage of iconic vessels from the yard and currently ranks as the 67th largest yacht ever to be launched. Graceful was fitted out both inside and out by Blohm+Voss working alongside the owner’s representatives under the lead of Capt. Alexander Mozhayskiy. The 3 days of sea trials proved the extraordinary performance of this yacht. All contractual specifications were either reached or exceeded.

International Superyacht Coatings Conference 2014 The next edition of the International Superyacht Coatings Conference (ISCC) will be held in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 December 2014. The ISCC brings together the superyacht industry to exchange information and discuss the latest developments in the field of coatings. Superyacht coatings take up a significant part of a yacht’s building process and overall budget, and its importance is reflected in this fully dedicated conference. Decisions taken during the ISCC will subsequently be implemented by the industry, making it a must-attend event for all parties in the superyacht sector.


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â&#x20AC;˘ News in brief SYI 9-2.indd 9

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1 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

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w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

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CREATED FOR PLEASURE, THE 85M LÜRSSEN-BUILT SOLANDGE IS A FAMILY SUPERYACHT THAT IS SET TO BECOME AN ICON OF THE CHARTER MARKET. OPTIMUM COMFORT FOR FAMILY AND GUESTS IS COMBINED WITH EXCELLENT design and high specification engineering. Hand-carved glass columns, Venetian mirrors and an outstanding choice of natural materials, all reflecting the owner’s love of classical music and art, offer the air of luxury. The internal layout and the ample use of natural light ensure the ultimate superyacht experience. All this, while onboard technology provides PHOTOS BY KLAUS JORDAN

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Solandge.indd 11

quiet, smooth sailing.

>> S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 1 1

04-06-14 15:06


uperyacht building takes teamwork and to execute a big project such as Solandge an excellent team was assembled. Espen Oeino designed the exterior – providing Solandge with extraordinary volumes due to her 85m length and 13.8m beam. She accommodates all of the owner’s requirements while maintaining sleek and very elegant lines. Interior designer Aileen Rodriguez created the internal ambience. “The interior has classical touches with a contemporary backdrop, making it a transitional interior,” she explains. “The unique mix of rare and striking materials gives the yacht its ultimate look and luxurious style.” Master Yachts, the owner’s project manager, coordinated the project management with, of course, the Lürssen team.

An Eye for Detail Solandge’s owner required top-notch design as well as seagoing comfort for his family and guests. The golden ‘Tree of Life’ ascending the stair well is the first example of exquisite design that is seen upon boarding. Climbing the entire height of the vessel, this eye-catching 16m high sculpture is lit by more than 1,200 points of light. In addition to this truly outstanding staircase, encompassed by antique Venetian mirror and edge-lit, hand-carved art glass, there is an elevator clad in leather giving the feeling of a luxurious textured jigsaw.

1 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Solandge.indd 12

Aft of the foyer, guests can access the main saloon – a space that captures the style and elegance of the owner‘s lifestyle. Back-lit amethyst walls on either side frame the Bechstein piano. With a range of comfortable couches and chairs in purple and gold colours, the main saloon offers an enormous space for guests to relax. The dining table is made from a variety of materials such as semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, gold leaf and burl inlays and provides dining for up to twelve guests. Three Schonbek chandeliers with large crystals of amethyst and rose quartz hang above the table.

Paradise Found Forward of the foyer, a door leads into the guest accommodation, which hosts a guest office and five guest cabins. The décor of each cabin utilises the same array of materials, with only the colours varying from cabin to cabin: blue, copper, celadon, purple and gold. No less than half of the upper deck is dedicated to the owner’s accommodation. The panoramic views from the owner’s suite are spectacular and two side doors provide access to a secluded outside seating area as well as a private Jacuzzi. The windows are flanked by fourteen hand-carved, back-lit, glazed glass columns featuring artwork inspired by botanical views and wildlife found from around the world to capture the essence of a ‘true paradise’ akin to the Garden of Eden.


w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 15:07


SPECS Builder Designer exterior Designer interior Length o.a. Length at waterline Beam Draught Displacement Main engines Gear boxes Propellers Fuel tank capacity Fresh water capacity Fresh water makers Stabiliser Classification LRS, Maximum speed Range

Lürssen Yachts Espen Oeino Design Rodriguez Interiors 85.10m 73.50m 13.80m 3.90m 2,296t 2 x CAT 3516, 2,000KW @ 1,600rpm Reintjes WAF 863 Piening fixed pitched propellers 222,000l 35,500l HEM Duplex Freshwater Producer 48/600 Quantum XT fin blades OC 2400 XT  100A1 SSC Yacht (P) Mono G6  LMC UMS 17 knots 6,000nm at 12 knots

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Solandge.indd 13

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 1 3

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w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

Solandge.indd 14

04-06-14 15:07


The ‘his’ master bathroom is an elegant and masculine area. The handmade Venetian glass, the details on the furniture and the exotic stone, wood, glass, gold leaf and mother of pearl ceiling inserts make this bathroom a true gem. Her master bathroom was designed around the colour pink; Venetian artists made contemporary mirrored glass especially for her bathroom furniture.

Night Transformation Mirroring the layout of the main deck, a small lobby leads aft from the foyer into a cosy upper deck lounge that offers a relaxation area. The upper saloon demonstrates how the natural light coming from the exterior meets the earth colours of the interior materials, giving the whole room


www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Solandge.indd 15

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 1 5

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1- 8 7 7- 9 10 - 8 3 4 9 | K o h l e r M a r i n e . c o m /J S e r i e s

Solandge.indd 16

04-06-14 15:07


a warm, comfortable feeling. The main feature of this room is the 3t crystal glass and bronze dome. The bridge deck has a large area for the gym and a serene massage room that is flanked by a beauty salon, sauna, steam room, shower and special hydrotherapy tub room. The outside aft deck offers large spaces and a variety of functions. The sides of the aft deck can be closed with glass panels much like a winter garden. The outside aft deck hosts a large pool with jet flow, surrounded by comfortable sun-beds, seating areas and a bar. During the day, it is the perfect place for relaxing – with a Jacuzzi surrounded by large lounges and a wonderful sunbed pavilion aft. At night, the atmosphere is transformed as the Jacuzzi can be converted into a dance floor.

Smooth & Quiet Solandge’s guests will not want for attention – this superyacht is home to a 29-strong crew. Their accommodation area comprising fifteen cabins is located on the lower deck. Aft of the lower deck is the impressively proportioned tender garage. The engine room is a masterpiece of Lürssen engineering – gleaming with polished stainless steel

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Solandge.indd 17

components. Elastically mounted equipment and the Heinen & Hopman low-noise air conditioning system ensure that the yacht runs extremely quietly. Quantum XT zero-speed fin stabilisers reduce wave-generated motions when at anchor. Master Yachts implemented its personalised project management style by placing a permanent project manager and bringing the owner’s crew into the build team. Lürssen comments: “We are looking forward to Solandge finding her place amongst her peers as a remarkable statement in large yacht construction, based on an excellent design and superb engineering skills.” Destined for the charter market, Solandge represents the very latest in high-end luxury cruising, providing her guests with the ultimate superyacht experience.


Main Suppliers & Subcontractors DVZ-Biomaster Sewage system | Brunvoll Bow thruster | Caterpillar Generator sets, Main engines | Centurion Boats Enzo Wake boarding tender | Espen Oeino Design Exterior designer | Fassmer Rescue boat | Heinen & Hopmann Air conditioning | HEM Fresh water makers | MAN Emergency Generator set | NAIAD Inflatable RIB centre console tender | Piening Fixed pitched 5-blade propellers | Quantum Stabilizers | Reintjes Gearboxes | Rodriguez Interiors Interior design | Schottel Pump jet

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 1 7

04-06-14 15:09


Dutch Deliveries DUTCH YACHT BUILDERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN FOR THEIR INNOVATIVE AND LUXURIOUS NEW SUPERYACHTS THAT HIGHLIGHT THE ENDURING ADDED VALUE AND BRAND STRENGTH OF THE YARDS. According to the public general meeting of the Netherlands Maritime Technology trade association in May, there were 23 superyachts delivered in 2013 in the Netherlands, with a value of EUR 807 million and 36 new orders were placed worth EUR 1.4 billion. At the end of December 2013, the order portfolio comprised 66 superyachts with a value of nearly EUR 2.7 billion.

Photo by Dennis van Overbeeke / Courtesy of Amels

1 8 | S Y Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2030;2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Dutch Deliveries.indd 18

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 14:56


High-End Luxury Yachts

Amels Vlissingen, the Netherlands Recently Dutch yacht builder Amels had no less than nine luxury yachts at its yard. At the largest superyacht facility in the Netherlands, the six new builds and three refit projects range from 49 to 65.5m. After a busy winter at the yard, several yachts left drydock for final preparations before delivery. In addition to the three refit projects, Amels currently has a total of twelve new build Limited Editions yachts in the 55 to 83m range in the engineering and build process. Of these modern superyachts, the 83m Amels 272 will be the largest Amels yacht ever. The Amels yard covers 100,000m2, including fully climate-controlled covered drydocks. With direct access to the North Sea, the yard can accommodate new builds and refits for even the largest of private yachts up to 200m.


>> www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Dutch Deliveries.indd 19

S YIâ&#x20AC;&#x2030;2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 1 9

05-06-14 15:35

Winel Industry Group


without compromise

POWERING THE INDUSTRY FOR 60 YEARS In our world, reputations depend on what happens beyond the horizon.

Winel and Staalart are major suppliers to the mega yachts market, offering a wide range of unique premium quality products: • Tender store doors • Sea terraces

• Fully electric watertight sliding doors

• Swimming platforms

• Anchor handling systems

• Side boarding platforms

• Side boarding ladders

• Transom doors

• Passarelles

• Bathing ladders

For these custom made masterpieces we use proven concepts as the basis, coupled with smart technical solutions to optimize our products. Wishes of our customers can be incorporated without compromise.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL • 954.523.2815 Riviera Beach, FL • 561.863.7100 Toll Free: 800.545.9273

Fax: 9403 AD+31 (0) 592 312 392 Assen

Phone: Phone: Fax: Fax:

+31 (0) 527 291 714 +31 (0)592 366 060 +31 (0) 527 291 607 +31 (0)592 312 392

E-mail: The Netherlands

E-mail: E-mail:

Phone: +31 (0) 592 366 060 Dr. A.F. Philipsweg 55

www. Dutch Deliveries.indd 20

Se Habla Español



LinkedIn 04-06-14 14:56


Monaco Wolf

Heesen Yachts Oss, the Netherlands Heesen Yachts launched YN 16650 – Monaco Wolf – on 28 March. The latest MTU engines, 16V 4000 M73L, power Monaco Wolf – which is highly streamlined both above and below the waterline, resulting in a top speed of 23 knots and a range of over 3,100 nautical miles. The highly distinctive flowing lines were designed by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects and embody the Heesen family look and feel with its iconic reverse sheer ‘pelican beak’ bow. Continuous sheets of laminated triple glazing have been thermo-bonded to the superstructure creating a seamless wall of windows resulting in a striking contemporary look.


Photo courtesy Dick Holthuis Photography


Feadship Haarlem, the Netherlands Feadship has launched the 46.2m semidisplacement motoryacht Como, created for the highly experienced yachtsman Neville Crichton. Having previously built a large number of competitive sailing yachts in his native New Zealand, Mr Crichton decided the time had come to commission an entirely custom superyacht of the highest possible quality. Featuring a modern bow and whaleback sheer, Como’s exterior design by Dubois Naval Architects reflects the owner’s very specific ideas. The yacht has unprecedentedly large windows in the hull and there is a great deal of glass in the superstructure: the latter is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous glass surface. These glazed side panels give spectacular uninterrupted views from the owner’s stateroom. Read more on Feadship’s glass R&D on pg 46.


Photo courtesy of Feadship

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Dutch Deliveries.indd 21

>> S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 2 1

04-06-14 14:56



Royal Huisman Vollenhove, the Netherlands Royal Huisman recently launched Wisp, and her carbon composite Rondal mast was stepped in the seaport of Harlingen on Holland’s northern coast. From her raked bow and elegant sheer line to her cutter rig and efficient sail handling systems, the 48m classic sloop is a fine example of revival naval architecture by Hoek Design. The owner’s brief was for a boat that would perform well without excessive heel, hence her relatively beamy hull and spoon bow for a more gentle ride. With a magnificent stained oak and wenge interior by Rhoades Young that takes full advantage of the generous hull volume to create voluminous saloons, a spacious full beam-master suite and extensive accommodation for both guests and crew, the yacht fulfils all her owner’s criteria for a comfortable cruising yacht that may also indulge in a little ‘gentleman’s racing’.


Photo courtesy of Royal Huisman – by Ruud Burgers Maritime Fotografie Harlingen


Vitters Zwartsluis, the Netherlands Ganesha, a beautifully sleek-lined performance sloop, was delivered at the end of 2013. With a relatively narrow beam, this Dubois-designed performance cruiser features an impressive Panamax rig. She accelerates like a race yacht, yet no compromises have been made on comfort. The luxurious yet lightweight interior is designed by Newcruise. With her 46m, clear Dubois signature and performance focus, the project fitted them like a glove. Specific details like the beautifully sleek lines, flush deck, powerful rig and weight saving focus challenged them to the utmost to strive for perfection in the outfitting. The flush deck now looks so beautifully clean and uncluttered, yet this is the result of investing countless hours of engineering and craftsmanship. Another specific technical feature is the cockpit with a fixed carbon bimini. The vertically sliding curved glass windows can be moved up to enclose the cockpit area from the elements.

i. Photo courtesy of Peter Neumann

2 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Dutch Deliveries.indd 22

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 14:56



Hakvoort Shipyard Monnickendam, the Netherlands Hakvoort Shipyard has successfully delivered the 39.7m Apostrophe to her owner. This entirely custom superyacht has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, and has been built to Lloyd’s and MCA classification. Apostrophe features a strikingly original exterior profile and an interior finished to a degree of sophistication which has rarely if ever been seen on a motoryacht under 40m, according to the yard. Naval architecture, construction and engineering design for the project was by Diana Yacht Design, which successfully met the brief to incorporate all the very latest technologies while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. Both the interior design and the exterior styling are from the boards of Reymond Langton Design. Apostrophe offers a full-beam master suite on the main deck plus superior accommodation for eight guests in four double cabins on the lower deck. Read a full yacht report on Apostrophe on pg 30.

i. Photo coutesy of Peter Seyfferth van


Bloemsma van Breemen Makkum, the Netherlands Bloemsma van Breemen delivered the exceptional 44m motoryacht, BN141, to her Dutch owners. In addition to the yard’s welldocumented expertise in construction and engineering field, the project also benefits from a striking exterior from the boards of Pieter Beeldsnijder and first-class naval architecture by Vripack. As you might expect from a project of this pedigree, the yacht also features the very latest technologies and systems, plus a comprehensive audio-video installation. From the large engine room on the lower deck to the voluminous sun deck with its broad relaxation and sunbathing areas, the volume is deployed to the max. A dedicated owners’ area on the upper deck is another fine example of the carefully thought-through approach to space. The yacht has a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. Her cruising range is 4,100 nautical miles.


Photo coutesy of Bloemsma van Breemen

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Dutch Deliveries.indd 23

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 2 3

04-06-14 14:57


Photo courtesy of David Churchill


Cars & Sharks PROJECT DP027, ALSO KNOWN AS WHITE STAR, IS OCEANCO’S LATEST 84M DESIGN CONCEPT. ARMIN KOREN, FROM VENETIAN DESIGN, PENNED her elegant exterior lines. Editor Tom Scott spoke to him about drawing on ideas from the natural world and the automotive industry to create outstanding yacht designs.



t 84m in length, White Star is Venetian Design’s largest project to date. “White Star is our first mega project which is very exciting for us,” says Mr Koren. “This design is more than a concept – the hull and general arrangement have been sanctioned by Oceanco because they are loosely based on one of Oceanco’s existing hull forms. Also, the structural layout, such as the lifts and the helideck, were already in place. “There are many limitations due to the internal specifications, but as designers we are proud to be able to work around these specifications.”

Connecting with the Sea When looking at the White Star, what stands out is the prominent sweeping downward curve. Those

2 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Venetian Design.indd 24

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 14:47


Venetian Design Italy-based Venetian Design is a group of designers specialising in yacht design. Armin Koren is one of the principals of the company and is responsible for exterior design and marketing. Business partner, Paolo Dose, is in charge of interior design and the technical aspects of the projects. Since 2009, Venetian Design has created beautiful and innovative design work – including exterior styling and interior design – for two ISA (International Shipyard of Ancona) yachts – a 66 and a 32m. The company’s portfolio features a selection of both motor and sailing yacht designs.

lines create a graceful and sleek profile reminiscent of the sinewy shape of a shark. “I made sure the lines of this project were not too extravagant,” explains Mr Koren. “I wanted to create a feeling of connection with the sea – of living with the sea.” However, Mr Koren looks further than the natural world for inspiration when designing yachts. “I look at car design too, at Audi and Rolls-Royce—at their future concepts. I especially like Mercedes’ new SL coupe concept that they are bringing out next year.” With a beam of 14m, the Lloyd’s classified White Star can comfortably accommodate ten guests in four double cabins and one VIP cabin. Additionally, there is a superb owner’s suite with a spacious saloon, an open terrace on the aft deck and a private whirlpool on the foredeck. There will be ample accommodation for the 25-strong crew.

Proud Times The pilothouse is located forward of the sky lounge and aft on this deck; guests can enjoy a relaxed lounge and bar area with panoramic views. Adjacent to the lounge bar area is an open gym area and whirlpool. “Our idea is to create something truly special with the swimming pool because I think until now no one has made something ‘wow’! We will have to find a solution for something new within the parameters of adhering to structural rules and specifications.” The final decisions on the interior design, onboard technologies and equipment are naturally the choice of the eventual owner. “I do hope that the owner chooses our Contra Nero tender.” This Riva-inspired tender, with a refined and athletic build, also has certain design


www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Venetian Design.indd 25

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 2 5

04-06-14 14:47


Venetian Design’s Armin Koren

elements that draw from the car industry. “We will also be presenting this tender at the Monaco Yacht Show. Monaco is very important for us, as are Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Dubai.” Oceanco will also be present at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Green Ideas With her steel hull and aluminium superstructure, White Star is expected to achieve a maximum speed of 20 knots and reach 5,500nm while cruising at 15 knots. “When building longer than 60m, choosing the correct engine, fuel, and electricity sources are all very important.” Mr Koren’s ideas on the superyacht lifestyle are clear: “For me, it is important to build a superyacht that is an independent island. One that is totally green and environmentally friendly. It should use greener energy such as solar power and bio-fuel because the sea is one and we have to care about the sea.”

i. i.

2 6 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Venetian Design.indd 26

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 14:05

Keep it fresh and cool Pantone 354

Pantone 299

Black K=100%

Pantone Uncoated (U) voor uncoated papierdrukwerk, zoals visitekaartjes, briefpapier etc. Pantone Coated (C) voor coated papierdrukwerk en en andere gecoate ondergronden, zoals stickers etc. Versie 2014-02-18 Edward Newland /


22 ยบ C



As a key supplier to many leading yachtbuilders, Heinen & Hopman ensures that onboard air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems meet the highest possible specifications. Visit us at the Monaco Yacht Show

The result is a superior interior environment providing owners with the absolute comfort they expect from the finest superyachts.

Carbon fibre

Follow us on:

Original only by 0% corrosion 100% green 100% lightweight

sun awning system ...the most professional way of providing shade. State of the art The application variety of the system and its multiplex design options make the multiplex sun awning system one of the favored sun awning systems on modern yachts. Find many new references on our homepage. Venetian Design.indd 27

04-06-14 14:47

Conventional System

FORTJES® - New Freedom for Yacht Designers and Shipyards The new FORTJES® propulsion system has been developed to cope with the highest customers‘ demands and even exeeds latest standards of excellence.


FORTJES® provides • Tremendous Space Saving Design • Easy Installation by Plug and Play • Maximum Comfort • Excellent Manouevrability • Improved Efficiency in a power range from 500 to 2,000 kW. Call us today: +49 5151 104-0 or visit

Fortjes_Anzeige_193x132.indd 1

29.05.12 10:44:56

a wavelength ahead!

Nikkelstraat 5a 2984 AM Ridderkerk The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)180 530 530 Fax: +31 (0)180 511 841

2 8 Pinta | S Y INieuweburg  2 0 1 4 | Vo l_1 u m193x132.indd e 9 | Issue 21

Kohler.indd 28

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr14:28 y. co m 02-06-14

05-06-14 14:07



Generating Less Emissions US-BASED GENERATOR MANUFACTURER KOHLER HAS RECENTLY UNVEILED UPDATED EMISSIONS-COMPLIANT DIESEL GENERATORS. AS WELL AS BEING SMALLER and quieter than its predecessors, the revamped generator range features the new Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 (DEC 3500) controller, which enables automatic generator paralleling without the cost and extra footprint of switchgear.

Frank Formas, an engineer at Kohler Power Systems, said, “While load requirements have increased due to advanced electronics equipment, onboard space is still at a premium. Our new paralleling controller matches power capacity with load needs to eliminate under-loading and overfuelling, while conserving space, decreasing fuel costs and reducing equipment maintenance.”

Good Vibrations The new generators range from 40 to 99kW for 60Hz and 33 to

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Kohler.indd 29

80kw for 50Hz. The updated line is smaller than the older Kohler models – 103 to 407mm shorter without sound shield and 134 to 445mm shorter with sound shield. The sound shields and mounts decrease the noise levels and reduce vibration.

Performance Under Pressure Kohler have designed the generators with a high-pressure common rail system on Tier 3 emissions-compliant models, to offer maximum performance as

well as fuel-efficiency. They feature an isolated ground DC electrical system as standard and Kohler’s new Fast Response X (FRX) alternators with superior magnet excitation.

Sharing the Load The Kohler DEC3500 controller is equipped with paralleling and loadmanagement software, which allows for automatic paralleling of two generators without recourse to additional switchgear. The load management software automatically monitors power requirements. For example, when the load is light the second generator will be deactivated. It will be reactivated when the load increases. This eliminates underloading and over-fuelling, the root cause of fuel on the water.

They have incorporated some advanced features, including bus sensing, first on logic and synchronisation. It can be operated in any one of three paralleling modes. In the P-Gen mode, which is Kohler patented, just one communication wire enables paralleling, making repowering easier. In either droop mode or V-bias/S-bias, the controller can parallel with existing load share modules – providing the builders with various options. The controller also offers remote monitoring and is protected against water and environmental corrosion.


Easy Entry Kohler designed the controller for easier entry and retrieval of data.

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 2 9

04-06-14 14:41



LAST YEAR THE 39.7M CUSTOM BUILD APOSTROPHE WAS SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED AT THE HAKVOORT SHIPYARD IN THE NETHERLANDS. NO COMPROMISES were made when designing her steel and aluminium superstructure, featuring a strikingly original exterior profile. Her matching interior offers a full-beam master suite on the main deck plus superior accommodation for eight guests in four double cabins on the lower deck. “As I do not envisage making a yacht of this pedigree more than once, our philosophy was one of ‘if we’re going to do it, we’ll do it right’,” commented the owner. 3 0 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Apostrophe.indd 30


w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 14:11


uring the keel laying ceremony at the Hakvoort Shipyard, the owner described the project as his ‘baby’ and pledged to push himself to the limit to ensure Apostrophe would become one of the finest vessels afloat in the world today. He was certainly true to his word as every suggestion by the interior and exterior architects was accepted, regardless of cost. No compromises were made in any area of a superyacht which is a tribute to the master craftsmen that created her, the designers, the exceptional support from Moran Yacht and Ship and the owner’s dedication to perfection.

Meeting Challenges Naval architecture, construction and engineering design for the challenging project was performed by Diana Yacht Design, which successfully met the brief to incorporate all the very latest technologies while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. Bart de Haan from Diana Yacht Design stated: “The design of superyacht Apostrophe posed a few challenges. Her owners wanted the yacht to achieve a top speed of not less than 13.1 knots with limited power. To make this happen our architects [created] the hull shape and added a bulbous bow to reduce resistance. In the end this resulted in a top speed of 13.3 knots which is bang on target. Besides the required speed the design has some features which challenged the engineering team to come up with clever solutions.”

Dramatic Looks The challenges in terms of her interior design and the exterior styling were solved by Reymond Langton Design, during the 4-year project. “Apostrophe has the spirit and the panache of a far bigger boat than her 40m would suggest,” mentioned Pascale Reymond. “There are very few boats that have so much detail – both in terms of wood and metal – in such a space. The way our complex brief has been met by the shipyard has been fantastic. It’s one thing to design a yacht like this but another thing altogether to actually make it. If you appreciate Art Deco, Apostrophe is a jewel in the crown.”


www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Apostrophe.indd 31

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3 1

04-06-14 14:36


SPECS Length o.a. 39.70m Beam 8.30m Draught 2.55m Displacement 335t Naval Architecture Diana Yacht Design Exterior design Reymond Langton Design Interior design Reymond Langton Design Classifications Lloyd’s +100A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6 + LMC, UMS and MCA Main engines 2x Caterpillar diesel engines type C18DITA, each with an MCR of 500kW at 2100rpm Gearbox Reintjes WAF 264L Steering Gear Rolls-Royce/Tjenford JR2.130 Generators 2x Northern Lights, type M1066A1/ 105KW 3PH Stabilisers Quantum, QC-1200 Zero Speed Bow and stern thrusters Jastram 70kW each Speed cruising speed 11.5 knots, max speed 13.3 knots Range 3,950 nm at 10.5 knots Fuel capacity 45,000 litres Fresh water capacity 10,000 litres Watermakers HEM: 2 x 5,000 litres each

Apostrophe’s exterior looks reflect the owner’s desire for a very modern looking boat with dynamic, curved lines. Curvaceous windows in the owner’s area on the main deck and the sky lounge above accentuate the elegant long lines. The way those lines are drawn from the front of the boat to the aft further emphasises the length, while the curved surfaces add extra dynamism to the profile and sculptural form. All this is reinforced by an innovative colour scheme: black windows, a grey hull and a pristine white superstructure break up the height and stretch Apostrophe’s visual appearance still further. There are also lots of small details in the exterior, including stainless steel handrails throughout the vessel, grey windshield glass, the flush layout of the windows and the curved sliding doors to aft. The latter doors have no visible frame so appear to be glass from top to bottom.

Lavish Interiors Apostrophe features very extravagant interiors with an overall style of Art Deco combined with a genuinely exceptional level of fine detailing in stainless steel, brushed nickel, white gold leaf and mother-of-pearl inlays. The key woods on board Apostrophe are stained brown walnut and ebonised makassar, the balance between this dark joinery and the soft colours used elsewhere produce a modern and homely feel. This is further reinforced by a selection of specially commissioned artworks, sculptures and lamps, plus a wealth of materials and fabrics, and custom carpeting with all kinds of weaves and patterns. There is also an extravagant use of leather with exquisitely detailed stitching. The unique mother-of-pearl droplet design comes back in the beds,


3 2 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Apostrophe.indd 32

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 15:36

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Apostrophe.indd 33

S YI â&#x20AC;&#x2030;2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3 3

04-06-14 15:42


3 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Apostrophe.indd 34

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 14:39


doors, mirrors, panels and many other places. While Apostrophe is heavily influenced by Art Deco as a theme, the designers have deployed a fine, scaled-down form that reflects the length of the yacht and ensures it does not become overwhelming. The designers have clearly got the proportions right with lots of wonderful details that give Apostrophe a personality all of her own. The marquetry is very subtle throughout and even included in the texture of the wood, which was very difficult to achieve. The artworks have also been ingeniously integrated into the architecture, including specially commissioned replica paintings. These are superbly made after the artists were dispatched to the relevant museums in Prague and Vienna to spend time in front of the originals.

Circular Elements Apostrophe’s main deck comprises the owner’s stateroom forward, a lobby with stairways to the guest quarters and sky lounge, a galley/pantry, a lounge with dining room and an aft seating area with bar. The full-beam master stateroom is complete with a walk-in dressing room, an owner’s study/office and a spectacular bathroom. A clever combination of design, lighting and materials maximises the volume


www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Apostrophe.indd 35

S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3 5

04-06-14 14:39

Quality Products for the Shipbuilding & Superyacht Industry

Distributor, spare parts & service agent of (vacuum) waste water treatment & drainage systems. Water and weather tight (sliding) doors, deck-equipment, filtration, vacuum-packed waste disposal, corrosion protection and crane systems complete our program.

Algerastraat 20 • 3125 BS Schiedam • The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 238 09 99 • E •



















For over 75 years already, REINTJES Benelux – based in Antwerp – handles sales and services of REINTJES gear boxes and reversing gears for Dutch shipping, dredging, fishery, luxurious yachts, shortsea, sea-going and inland navigation...



Our service department is available for all spare parts as well as repairs. Whether it is an inspection or repair, our team of experienced service engineers is always there for you and assures you the reliability and quality REINTJES represents.

REINTJES Benelux BVBA Luithagen Haven 2, Unit F B-2030 Antwerpen Phone: +32 3541 9233 Fax: +32 3541 0212





opmaak reintjes.indd 1

3 6 Naval | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo184x124mm_benelux l u m e 9 | Issue 2 Architekt_

05-02-14 12:54

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008 10:02:15 Apostrophe.indd 36

04-06-14 14:39


Apostrophe has the spirit and the panache of a far bigger boat than her 40m would suggest. of the entire area and a sense of perspective open the spaces up to each other. The grandest statement of all is made by the extravagant headboard and ceiling unit, giving a true flavour of the 1930s. The owner’s bathroom is furthest forward and can be entered from either port or starboard. It is joined in the centre by a circular bathtub and shower that can be accessed from each side of the bathroom. The bathroom is finished entirely in onyx marble, including the shower floor and countertops. Entering Apostrophe through her main entrance will showcase her remarkable open stairwell with a custom designed glass-encased pillar from Crystal Caviar. This stunning chandelier piece is light and sculpture at the same time, offset to maximum effect by the woven leather bannister with intricate stitching. The first thing one notices when entering the main lounge is the overall use of circular elements, brought here from the outside in. Apostrophe‘s owner is a fan of curved glass and desired his windows to reflect that in both the master stateroom and the lounge.

Anything but an Illusion The bridge deck is home to a spacious wheelhouse with vertical windows, a radio room, a captain’s cabin with ensuite bathroom, a day toilet, a lounge and an elaborate aft deck arrangement. The owner intends the bridge deck to be the main living area, hence the decision for a relatively modest lounge and a much larger aft deck area. The sun deck contains a full-service bar, a Jacuzzi, sun pads and recliner lounges and life rafts concealed behind hatches. The freestanding Jacuzzi is significantly larger than would be expected on a 40m yacht, its front is elaborately finished with decorative scheme of a barrel surf in silver blue on the backlit glass panels. The forward area of the lower deck contains two double crew cabins, each with their own bathroom, a crew lounge and a laundry room. Amidships are four superior guest cabins, accessed by a singularly impressive lobby. Aft of the engine room is a lazarette to store a tender and water sports toys and equipment. A fold-out swim platform is integrated into the stern and extends

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Apostrophe.indd 37

out to offer 3m of additional space for relaxation. Descending down the stairway to the semicircular lower deck lobby one has the impression of entering a grand space. Directly ahead is an integrated wall panel featuring an exceptionally realistic copy of the iconic Gustav Klimt painting The Kiss. Each guest cabin has the same architecture but each has a distinctive personality thanks to the detailing, lamps, art and colour palettes. The large oval-shaped portholes are connected together to create the effect of one large window from the outside. In addition to individual colour schemes, each guest cabin has its own art above the bed, namely a mirrored glass and gold leaf piece and art canvas by Jan Coutts and other exceptional works of art.


Main Suppliers & Subcontractors Archer & Smith Macassar Ebony Dining table, Salon tables, Side tables | Atlas Carbon Cranes | AWLGrip Exterior paint | Caterpillar Main engines | Cramm Yachting Systems Passerelle & bathing ladder, Sliding Davit | Crystal Caviar Chandler in staircase, Lamps owner’s stateroom, Artworks in main salon and skylounge | De Keizer Marine Dekasis AMS system | Diana Yacht Design Naval architect | DKT artworks Glass art in owner’s bathroom, Bar on sundeck and lobby bridge deck, KLIMT replicate paintings in guest area and dining, TV screens in owners stateroom and skylounge | FURUNO Radars, GPS | Gaggenau Faema Coffee machine, Rational steam oven, Electric Grill | Hakvoort Shipyard Passerelle & bathing ladder | Heinen & Hopman Air conditioning manufacturer | HEM Watermakers | Hoshizaki Foster fridges, Ice cube machine | Imtech NAVCOM | Jastram Bow, Stern thrusters | Lloyd’s Register Class | Miele Hob, Microwave, Dishwashers, Wine conditioner | Nicoverken Hamann Sewage system, Jets Sewage system | Northern Lights Electricity generation, Electronic charting system | Novec Fire control system engine room | Quantum Stabilisers | Raytheon Anschütz Autopilot | Reintjes Gearbox | Reymond Langton Design Exterior stylist, Interior design | Rolls Royce Tenfjord Steering gear | Technoship Ultra Fog Watermist, Steen windlass | Unlimited Interiors Interior furniture manufacturers | Van Voorden Propellers

S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3 7

04-06-14 15:12



Fast & Furious

Photo courtesy of MTU

FORMER RACING MANAGER AND FORMULA 1 TEAM OWNER EDDIE JORDAN RECEIVED HIS 47.2M SEMI-GLIDER BLUSH FROM BRITISH YACHTMAKER SUNSEEKER in March, after 2 years of construction work and testing. The biggest vessel ever built by Sunseeker was rigorously tested in the shipyard and on the high seas, before the moment of delivery. Mr Jordan’s racing yacht features an MTU propulsion system that is not only known for its clean combustion, but also for its power and performance.

3 8 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

MTU Sunseeker.indd 38

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 15:26


Eddie Jordan together with Sunseeker founder Robert Braithwaite at the christening.

Photo courtesy of MTU

Fruitful Partnership Mr Jordan’s 47.2m yacht is Sunseeker’s biggest project so far. “The design will not be owned by many, but those that do will be buying a craft of exceptional style, quality and innovation,” said company founder Robert Braithwaite with regard to the new member in Sunseeker’s product family. To allow it to fulfil the sophisticated requirements of the owner, the British yachtmaker offers possibilities for individual configuration. In the case of its flagship Blush, the company went a step further by giving the prospective owner of the prototype the opportunity to add his own personal touch to the vessel. This applied to the actual superstructure of the yacht as much as interior design and layout. During the process, Sunseeker even had help from engineers who had previously been involved in designing cars for the McLaren Formula 1 racing team. “With their experience, they helped us to build a yacht that is as

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

MTU Sunseeker.indd 39

light and fuel-efficient as possible,” explains Jonathan Goldie, Director of Engineering at Sunseeker. The result is Sunseeker’s first semiplaning yacht with a round-bilge hull. Large parts of the yacht are made of composite materials such as carbon fibre. They are light, but still give the yacht the required structural rigidity. And when it came to the propulsion system, Mr Jordan’s choice was MTU, a brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “We have been working closely with MTU on yachts of 18.3m and over for some 12 years,” said James Hall, Superyacht Sales Manager from Sunseeker. In 2010, the yachtmaker awarded MTU its ‘Supplier of the Year’ accolade, with further commendations for high quality and excellence in cost management and customer service. “Besides all that, Eddie Jordan’s other Sunseeker yachts have already


S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 3 9

05-06-14 14:31

Water Treatment Technology Bilge Water Separators Sewage Treatment Plants Ballast Water Treatment R/O Systems Grease Separators

Technology For Clean Oceans Boschstr. 9 | D - 28857 Syke | Phone +49 (0) 4242 169 38-0 | |

Clean Power. Complete Solutions. Northern Lights is the industry leader in large generator sets ideal for the evolving mega-yacht market. Tender lifts, thrusters and stabilizers all add power demands – Northern Lights will provide a customized power generation system to optimize your boat’s efficiency and enhance your yachting experience. With diesel exhaust filtration systems, load banks, and hybrid systems, Northern Lights provides clean, reliable power solutions to the world’s most sophisticated yachts.

+1.800.762.0615 | +1.206.789.3880 | A1247

4 0 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

MTU Sunseeker.indd 40

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 14:07


Advanced Propulsion Solution Series 4000 units from MTU have long been deployed as powerful drives. Based on well proven key technologies that MTU develops in-house, the engines generate high torque, thus delivering an outstanding acceleration performance, even at low loads. Individual turbocharger switch-in facilitates five travel modes with excellent ramp-up capabilities. The Common Rail fuel injection system operates at 1,850 bar pressure. Available with 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinders, Series 4000 engines cover power requirements from 746 to 4,300kW and comply with the latest IMO 2, EPA Tier 2 und EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations.

Photo courtesy of Sunseeker

convinced him of the quality and performance of these engines in everyday operation,” said Mr Hall.

All From One Source As a systems supplier for yachts of all sizes, MTU provides complete, individually tailored packages including propulsion, gearbox, ship’s automation and onboard power generation and works closely with shipyards to develop cost-efficient system solutions. For Sunseeker’s flagship, MTU supplied the complete package consisting of propulsion engines, gearbox, automation system, fuel conditioning system, onboard emergency generator with an output of 55kW and two 155kW onboard gensets for ship’s services. The MTU branded gensets, built by Northern Lights, have double-resilient mountings and a noise-proof capsule muffling noise and vibrations so that the yachtsman and his guests can enjoy a thoroughly tranquil sojourn on board.

Smooth & Powerful The power required for the propulsion of the new Sunseeker 155 is delivered by two MTU 12V 4000 M73L engines. Like all Series 4000 units, these engines are outstanding in terms being extremely powerful while being compact – a critical factor on yachts that have to be able to ramp up to top speed quickly but only have limited space for a powerful propulsion system. Each engine boasts a rated power of 2,160kW at 2,050rpm, enabling vessel speeds of up

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

MTU Sunseeker.indd 41

Photo courtesy of MTU

Thanks to powerful but compact MTU engines, Blush features a spacious engine room.

to 41km/h (25 knots). Even when working at full load, the engines run very smoothly and display excellent acoustic properties.

Fuel Economy A total of 60,000 liters of fuel are contained in the four fuel tanks of the Sunseeker 155. Its excellent fuel economy, plus the yacht’s specially designed hull which is optimised for travelling long distances at low speeds, making it suited even for transatlantic crossings. “We are more than convinced by the performance of the engines,” declared yacht captain Sean Read. “The order specified a yacht with a range of at least 4,000 nautical miles. However, the initial trials showed that we can keep going for nearly 5,000 nautical miles,” he reported with obvious pleasure.


S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 4 1

04-06-14 15:40


4 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Wolz Nautic.indd 42

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 13:41



Decked to Perfection MANUFACTURING APPROXIMATELY 12,000M2 DECK PER YEAR USING 1 MILLION METRES OF WOOD STRIPS, WOLZ NAUTIC ARE SPECIALISTS in the prefabrication of complete decks and system elements. Their patented teak decks offer acoustic and weight reducing advantages. Pre-production precision and manufacturing techniques generate beautiful results while keeping time in the shipyard to a minimum. PHOTOS BY WOLZ NAUTIC


olz Nautic’s semi-automatic manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art technology. More than 50 workbenches for deck production, six highly efficient CNC laser and milling machines for different shapes and the company’s extensive experience and expertise are the most important components in the production process. Thanks to a large production facility and a wide range of products, the company is able to meet every owner request no matter how unconventional it may seem.

Patented Prefab Wolz Nautic uses up-to-date vacuum-adhesive technologies, for which they hold a number of international patents, and established chemical know-how to install any deck on any type of material, be it glass fibre or metal. This is not only versatile but also does away with heavy screws and other fixing materials. The production process in the shipyard is reduced to a minimum by using patented


www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Wolz Nautic.indd 43

S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 4 3

05-06-14 14:33

Where quality meets design

Unique fender systems Light weight, sleek design All shapes and sizes

Contact us at +31(0)22 376 4170 or visit our website

Offshore Commercial Shipping Yachting

Anchors and chaincables in all sizes/diameters immediately available from our large stock in Rotterdam, always with original class certificates! 4 4 | S Y Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2030;2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Wolz Nautic.indd 44

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 13:41


prefabricated teak decks on cork substrate. In this respect, the advantages for the shipyard are obvious: The project can be executed in a clearer, quicker and more efficient manner. Installation speed is unrivalled in comparison with traditionally laid decks – the company’s European team of specialists ensuring reliable installation on yachts of any size.

Precision Measurement Efficient manufacture starts with measurements – and precise measurements at that. Wolz Nautic utilises digital 3D laser tracker technology to scan the working area. This ensures necessary data quality to accurately install premanufactured decks with a guaranteed contour flow with millimetre precision and incomparable accuracy. The technique also provides early and accurate information on shape, weight and centre of gravity as well as definitive material costs. Projects are punctual thanks to correct knowledge of the necessary workflow. Aesthetically, the end result is a picture of perfection – a visually appealing deck without height differences and guaranteed water runoff.

Layered Technology Wolz Nautic’s teak decks are visually exceptional. However, there is more to the beautiful surface than meets the eye, as under the top layer of teak there are a number of secondary layers that provide distinct advantages.

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Wolz Nautic.indd 45

Following 3D surface measurements, engineers calculate
the volume and perfect surface for the subsequent levelling process. A five-axis CNC (a computer aided cutting machine) produces the exact cork counterpart of the deck with a size up to 15 x 6m. Cork substrates soaked in special polyurethane are used – individually, these are 4mm thick but the maximum thickness of the cork is unlimited enabling the company to comply with virtually any specific requirements. Cork is a product that can be bonded to many different substrates such as wood, aluminium and steel. It is a sustainable, energy efficient alternative that is free from PVC, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Therefore, the seam of cork is an important ‘in between’ layer that yields weight reduction and soundproofing benefits. In fact, the cork layer provides significant weight savings – up to 50 percent – depending on the type of filler used for an equivalent levelling without cork. The use of cork has additional benefits, namely increased thermal insulation and resistance to humidity.

More Than Just Teak Natural materials are not the only medium that Wolz Nautic works with – synthetic materials also have their place in superyacht construction. After similar production techniques involving 3D

laser tracking technology, the company manufactures synthetic decks under the brand name ‘Wolzynteek’, a polyurethane-based material that can be applied to a 3.8mm HPL substrate. This synthetic product is less prone to rippling effects and other visual flaws that can adversely affect natural materials. Perhaps the most attractive characteristic is the sheer choice of finishes available offering owners far more control over the final appearance. The colour, thickness and grain size for final polishing can all be individually selected per project. Moreover, the final product is easier to repair, has greater resistance to UV light and is pleasant to touch. By combining traditional woodworking skills with the latest computer aided design and manufacturing technologies, the company is setting new benchmarks for decking on superyachts – in terms of precision and quality.


S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 4 5

04-06-14 13:41



Lavish Use


Photo courtesy of Feadship

EXPERIENCED YACHTSMAN AND BUSINESSMAN NEVILLE Crichton. The streamlined superyacht features plentiful use of glass, which has been a speciality of the yard from 2010 with the delivery of the 88m Mushashi. They have been working on creating a continuous surface ever since.


r Crichton had previously built a large number of competitive sailing and motoryachts in his native New Zealand, when he decided the time had come to commission an entirely custom superyacht of the highest possible quality. With his love for sporty designs, Como features unprecedentedly large windows in the hull and a wealth of glass in her superstructure, generating a streamlined cockpit look reminiscent of a racing car. Hugely influenced by Mr Crichton’s ideas regarding design aesthetics and the use of glass, his choice of Feadship came after a careful and


4 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m Photo courtesy of Feadship

Feadship Como.indd 46

04-06-14 13:37


Increasing Integrity In 2012 Feadship initiated a study into load bearing glass that focused on specific locations in the yacht: local, not global, loads. As an exercise, the load of the wheelhouse roof of a 45m Feadship was placed on the windows. After a wealth of calculations it was discovered that by increasing the thickness of the front windows from 14 to 30mm they could support the roof. Five full-scale tests were then carried out which proved that an enormous amount of weight could be placed on top of the windows. For regular windows a normal load is prescribed by class of about 3t per m2. The roof above is also considered a design load, and this was also transferred onto the window. Lloyd’s regulations require that windows be able to support four times the normal load without breaking. The tests put four times the normal load on the window and then started adding the deck load (compression load) too. It took more than 15t of weight before they actually broke.

The glass covers the structure on Como in a continuous glass band.

extensive examination of its expertise and facilities. Like every custom project at Feadship, Como’s owner’s requirements were met in style. And following on from other recent launches that have highlighted the art of glass, thoughts now turn to the next logical – but seriously complex – innovation, namely using glass structures to also support structural loads from the decks above.

Natural Light Featuring a modern bow and whaleback sheer, Como’s exterior design by Dubois Naval

Architects reflects the art of glass. The latter is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous glass surface. These glazed side panels give spectacular uninterrupted views from the owner’s stateroom. Feadship has always sought innovative ways to use materials and many custom builds over the decades have pushed the window in bathing interiors with natural light. “We received an enthusiastic response to our idea of offering a fully glazed superstructure and a glass observation area in the bow,” says Bram Jongepier, Manager of Knowledge Development

>> S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 4 7

Feadship Como.indd 47

04-06-14 13:37



Passerelles . Ladders . Deck-Cranes . Sliding Beam Cranes Doors . Hydraulic Powerunit . Heligrid

De Seize 7 9041 VC Berlikum The Netherlands

+31(0)518 461 600

Cramm-193-132.indd 1

08-08-13 13:31

Even fish love it.

Alfa Alfa, the integrated emissions control system is attracting a great following. With the Alfa Alfa, environmentally friendly means exceptionally low soot, NOx and noise emissions in a compact, highly efficient package.

EmigreenÂŽ links science and the market

Emigreen B.V. | Parabool 111 | 3364 DH Sliedrecht | The Netherlands | T +31(0)184 415 317 | E

4 8 | S Y I â&#x20AC;&#x2030;2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Feadship Como.indd 48

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 13:37


at Feadship. “This led to a research programme focused on the use of very large glass panels, the deployment of glass for strength, and the influence that glass has on interior comfort levels.” Glass panes have a major impact on the routing of ducting, piping and cables. A layout concept was developed with a structural core containing stairs, ducting and technical spaces similar to buildings.

Revolutionary Projects The first Feadship where the structural elements around the luxury interior spaces were kept to a minimum and the proportion of glass to metal in her exterior profile was over 20 percent, was the 88m Mushashi in 2010. Various future Feadship concepts have been fitted with larger window panes and underwater windows. Aeon featured glass in the hull and showed how large windows at the waterline could offer amazing views on the oceanic world. This idea was brought to reality on the 78.5m Hampshire II in 2012, which offers an underwater viewing port of over 1m in diameter from the wine cellar on the bottom deck. The next revolutionary project to showcase Feadship’s heart for glass was the 78.2m Venus. The giant windows on her pavilion deck required close cooperation with Lloyd’s and glass expert Eckersley O’Callaghan. Normal windows are tested full scale in a steel construction using water pressure to see whether the construction will hold. Venus’ pavilion windows measure 10 x 2.4m, however, and there is no testing facility for such a size. Moreover, the connection system is very different as there is only a connection on one side with the windows resting on a couple of supports. “Once Venus was launched we could measure actual hull deflection with the tank loading centred and completely to the ends,” continues Mr Jongepier. “We were also able to check the accuracy of our FEM calculations – the first time anyone has had access to real-life feedback on the computational models used. Crucially, we were able to replicate the results of the tests to an accuracy of 10-15 percent – an impressive figure for such an extraordinarily complex product.”

A Continuous Surface And then came the newly launched Como. “Here the superstructure glass is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous surface,” mentions

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Feadship Como.indd 49

Photo courtesy of Feadship

Photo courtesy of Feadship

Mr Jongepier. “These glazed side panels give uninterrupted views from the owner’s stateroom. And the exceptionally large windows in the hull go way beyond what is permissible from a regulation point of view. We proved to Lloyd’s that we were able to make windows suitable for that location and size, and that the glass laminate would hold. “Moreover, the glass covers the structure on Como in a continuous glass band. We had learned from the Venus project that you have to measure and correct the complete superstructure in the paint and filler works to be able to make a fair transition from the paintwork to the glass and back to the paint again. The gloss lines have to be continuous… And on Como they are.”

The 78.2m Venus showcases feadship’s heart for glass.

Furthermore, Como comprises two and a half decks. The wheelhouse is slightly recessed into the main deck structure, re-emphasising the streamline of the design while creating a gigantic outside deck. This wonderful party area is also completely covered and surrounded by glass, which can be lowered to facilitate a nice breeze or raised to create a giant terrace protected from the elements. Meanwhile, the back end of the wheelhouse slopes down from the front into a control station for outdoor helming. And the interior design from the boards of Redman Whiteley Dixon is finished to an exceptionally high level with lots of dark timbers and a wide range of fascinating fine details.


S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 4 9

05-06-14 14:59

“Heesen Yachts – Quinta Essentia, photography by Carlo Borlenghi”

Innovation as Tradition Innovation as Tradition

Built by Heesen Yachts

RAFA is an efficient and dynamic organisation

class approved supplied. RAFA’s thermally insulated

specialising in glazing and the production of top quality

windows are patented. RAFA is synonymous for fifty

aluminium and brass window frames fitted with all kind

years of expertise and innovation in the demanding

of glazing. All windows are custom-made and are

luxury yacht building industry and a guarantee that

developed in close cooperation with the principals and

dedicated professionals are working for you.

For detailed information please visit: or call +31 (0)33 4945040. Rafa SYI 7-5.indd 1



Supplier to the best shipyards

06-08-2008 16:37:46

Pa t


imagine how easy it will be to get on board...

✓ Gangway ✓ Swim ladder

10-10-12 15:39

W or

RAFA_Ad_179x127.indd 1






✓ Tender lift ✓Bathing-loading platform 5 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Vripack.indd 50

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 14:23


Modelling COMFORT COMFORT IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST POINTS ON THE AGENDA OF DESIGN, NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING COMPANY VRIPACK. SINCE TODAY’S HYPER modern designs need to fulfil the high demands of safety and fuel efficiency standards, the Naval Architects at Vripack do what it takes to make sure their carefully designed ships work flawlessly.

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Vripack.indd 51

Workmanship & Enthusiasm Vripack believes that quality is the sum of workmanship and enthusiasm. "When we were asked to be part of an owner's team for the third time around, we instantly realised we'd been given the chance to surpass his already high expectations once again," says Albert Abma, Chief Naval Architect at Vripack. "Carrying over recent findings in improved ship-motioncomfort from our workboats, we crafted an ultra modern lines plan around the voluminous 55m 870t Dobroserdov designed exterior shape. We then put our digital hull shape in the full scale Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculation software. This computerised optimisation process resulted in a reduced wave resistance

of 20 percent compared to well proved hand formulas. This reduced wave resistance of course also consequently reduced her fuel consumption significantly.”

Real Life Conclusions Having a digital image in front of you is one thing, the ultimate test begins when you see the design in front of you in real life. With a 5-axis milling machine, a 1:10 bright yellow scale model has been made and let loose in a fully computer-controlled water basin of 170 x 40m. "The results coming out of this unique ships motion basin are showing that we've created one of our most modern hull shapes ever," Mr Abma concludes.


S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 5 1

04-06-14 14:23


Photo courtesy of Klaus Jordan


When One Door Opens THE NETHERLANDS-BASED CRAMM YACHTING SYSTEMS, SPECIALISED IN THE DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION OF HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT FOR SUPERYACHTS over 25m, supplies passerelles, ladders, deckcranes, sliding beam cranes, doors, hydraulic power units and many other high quality technical products to the industry. With all knowledge and production facilities in-house, Cramm Yachting Systems provides custom-made total solutions that meet the highest possible standards.

5 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Cramm.indd 52


he history of Cramm Yachting Systems dates back to 1954 when their clients were mainly active in the dredging, agriculture, concrete construction, road works and fishing sectors. After initially supplying parts for diesel engines, they soon expanded their role with repairs and maintenance when equipment became overly complex for all-round engineers within the companies concerned. In the early 1970s, they started specialising in high quality hydraulic systems for the yachting industry. Over 30 years later the company was taken over by new owners and changed course. Subsidiary activities were ended and Cramm Yachting Systems focused exclusively on its core business supplying yachts over 25m in length. They have been working with well-known shipyards worldwide ever since.

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 13:10


Customer Focus

If the client wants grass on their passerelle we’ll make sure they get it and even cut it for them.

At Cramm Yachting Systems the main goal is to unburden their clients, by taking care of the entire process from design and production to installation and start-up. Customer focus is their main priority; this is why they also take care of the entire process from design, development and production to installation, warranty and maintenance. As a project partner they offer the highest level of reliability, making sure the clients know that they can count on them. Rob Knoop, Managing Director of Cramm Yachting Systems, mentioned: “For example if the client wants grass on their passerelle we’ll make sure they get it and even cut it for them.”

Total Solutions The expertise of Cramm Yachting Systems covers the entire spectrum of hydraulic products, systems and equipment for superyachts. As every product is custom-made they take any specific wishes or demands into

account. Even when it comes to installation, there is the possibility to adjust the installation to the clients’ wishes, from assistance to complete installation. To ensure all innovative products are made of the highest possible quality they partner with leading research institutes and companies to constantly optimise the products and stay one step ahead of the competition; resulting in stateof-the-art technology, high quality materials, a perfect finish and the maximum operational security. Before any system, device or product is delivered and installed, it undergoes rigorous

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Cramm.indd 53

testing – in the presence of client representatives if required – to ensure that it meets the most stringent quality and design standards, such as ISO, PYC, LY3 and SOLAS. Cramm Yachting Systems’ products also distinguish themselves by their compact design. In consultation with the client they look for the best solution in demands of the perfect, sleek and elegant design, along with a perfect finish that harmonises with the yacht.

Doors, Hatches & Platforms Cramm Yachting Systems total solution package consists of a standard type/model of stern doors, garage doors, balcony doors, large entrance doors, passerelle doors, ladder doors and various other water-tight shell doors or hatches and are adjusted according to wish. Their hydraulically operated watertight shell doors are based on a 3D model of the client’s yacht and are custom-made in aluminium, steel or stainless steel to enable differing shapes and

sizes. The outside of the door follows the shape of the hull while the inside is level and straight. With different options to choose from the doors can be opened horizontally or vertically, either upward or downward. The windows, portholes, teak, stanchions and railings can be added in accordance with the client’s wishes. In addition there is the possibility to apply hingepockets and sealing bed in stainless steel. The doors and the coamings can be delivered as a complete weld-in package.


S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 5 3

04-06-14 13:10

Photo courtesy of Rondal



 MOMENTUM TITANIUM IS STRONG, VERY LIGHT, RESISTS CORROSION AND HAS A BEAUTIFUL, LUXURIOUS FINISH. PLUS, ITS EXPENSE HAS MADE TITANIUM AN OBJECT OF EXCLUSIVITY. ON THE FACE OF IT, IT’S THE perfect metal for superyacht fabrication. And yet, as metallurgist Ko Buijs explains for SuperYacht Industry, this unique metal has only recently begun to attract the attention of luxury yacht builders. WORDS BY JOHN GAULDIE


here are few superyacht yards in Germany and the Netherlands who have not had a visit from Ko Buijs, owner of Dutch metallurgical advisory office Innomet. As well as lecturing on titanium at technical universities, he is largely behind the yachtbuilding sector’s increasing awareness of titanium’s unique properties and growing expectations for the metal. Superyacht yards are ready to listen, he says, but until owners are convinced, the yards remain hesitant. “I’m still surprised that this unique metal hasn’t been used more in yachtbuilding. According to the yards, there seem to be no clients asking for titanium and that’s largely to do with lack of awareness, I believe. That’s been my experience in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. Nevertheless we’re talking with one yard about a

5 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Titanium.indd 54

complete titanium hull and a number of suppliers are starting to produce titanium deck equipment.”

No More Tea Stains It’s quite well-known that stainless steel type AISI316 has a limited resistance against maritime environments. Most of this corrosion is caused by aerosols and chlorines. Corrosion is visible most of the time as so-called tea stains, however severe corrosion is possible as well. The resistance of the passive oxide skin of AISI316 is very limited and this material is extra susceptible to corrosion, especially if the surface is rough or grinded. “Such trouble is completely solved by applying titanium,” Mr Buijs says. “That’s the very reason nowadays we’re seeing more and

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 12:18


Until owners are convinced, the yards remain hesitant.

more suppliers apply titanium in equipment and parts for mega yachts instead of stainless steel. This is a remarkable, but understandable development.”

Seawater & Atmospheric

500 cutlery sets on board for Business Class. Titanium means half the weight and has an attractive finish.

Winning from Ore

Titanium is the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, Examples of titanium products in the superyacht industry include so why is this metal so expensive? To a great extent, the answer winches, hatches, cooling systems, heat exchangers and deck lies in the costs involved in obtaining it, Mr Buijs explains. As a rule, equipment such as eye plates and sheet systems. The all ignoble metals are extracted as a metal oxide. The lower the extraordinary and unique corrosion performance of titanium offers position of the standard potential of the metal in the nobility table, new perspectives for these applications. the more difficult it becomes to separate the metal from the bound Titanium is a reactive metal with a standard negative potential oxygen. roughly four times more negative than the Iron can be quite easily separated from negative potential of iron. Yet this very the bound oxygen. This can ignoble metal behaves in a very noble be represented by the reduction formula way in that the titanium dioxide skin 2FeO + C + e ➝ 2Fe + CO2. This provides such excellent protection. reaction takes place in a blast furnace Titanium is so reactive that a titanium and the ‘e’ in the formula stands for the oxide skin forms spontaneously in energy that needs to be added to make contact with air, without the presence of this reduction possible. water. By contrast, iron needs moisture If one adapts this mechanism to titanium as well as air in order to oxidise. oxide, also called rutile, nothing happens, There are titanium products that since titanium oxide must be treated very guarantee continual use of titanium in differently in order to separate these two seawater for 40 years without steps strongly bound elements. That means having to be taken to prevent corrosion. several reduction steps. It’s clear that it In other words cathodic protection is not takes a lot of energy to win titanium from necessary. In the last 60 years titanium its ore. Therefore a large part of the price has proved an especially good choice of of titanium is determined by the need for material for use with saline, brackish and Ko Buijs, owner of Dutch metallurgical so much energy. advisory office Innomet. dirty water. So it’s not surprising that titanium is nowadays chosen very frequently for the fabrication of seawaterTitanium’s price per kilo is around four cooled heat exchangers and piping systems. to five times more expensive than stainless steel AISI316. However, Mr Buijs highlights a number of factors necessary for a true comparison. Apart from the cost, there are very few hurdles for yards and “Titanium weighs half as much, so that brings the cost back in the superyacht suppliers considering a switch from stainless steel right direction. Also titanium doesn’t need any corrosion allowance. to titanium. Corrosion is eliminated so basically so the cost of maintenance is “Machining titanium is not particularly difficult, and for welding the eliminated, too. Titanium has stronger mechanical properties than degree of difficulty is actually lower than stainless steel. There are stainless steel, so that can mean less metal in constructions. certain preparations necessary to ensure a successful finish, Titanium coolers and condensers have no issues with microbial particularly with welding because titanium is a reactive metal after induced corrosion (MIC), which stainless steel does. So although all. Craftsmen on the workfloor are going to need some training, the higher price of titanium is going to end up coming from the but it’s not a big step. Polishing titanium is a bit more difficult than owner’s pocket, I don’t see any problem given the exclusive nature stainless steel but perfectly possible.” of the metal. And in the long-term the metal pays for itself.” Mr Buijs revealed that he is currently involved in providing polished titanium cutlery for the aviation industry. A Boeing 747 has around i.

Cost, Cost, Cost

Workfloor Training

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Titanium.indd 55

S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 5 5

05-06-14 15:01

Join our team Yel l o w & F inch Publishers To strengthen our editorial team we are seeking an ambitious person for the position of

MARITIME EDITOR Yellow & Finch Publishers is the Netherlands-based, full-service printing and publishing house geared to the maritime world. Through our international team of editors/journalists, sales professionals and top-notch designers we turn out a trendsetting portfolio of independent magazines focused on marine technology.

INTERESTED? Email your CV and letter of motivation to the publisher: Charles van den Oosterkamp E T 0118 473 398 M 06 10 97 96 55

5 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

SYI outfitters 9-2.indd 56

YOUR ROLE You’ll write and edit content for our trade journals and associated websites, varying from brief news articles to in-depth interviews, technical articles etc. – Collecting and writing news and articles – Creating and developing new themes – Proof-reading and editing copy – Collecting and selecting images – Close monitoring of trends and developments

YOUR SKILLS – Excellent command of the Dutch as well as English language – Proven experience (expert writing skills, editing and copywriting abilities) – Knowledge of the maritime, shipbuilding and/or offshore industries is preferred – Thinking and working at a higher professional education level – Accurate, independent, flexible and willing to learn

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 08:50


OUTFITTERS PAGES Lightest Personal Watercraft

High Gloss Top Coat Jotun has launched Megagloss AC, the acrylic polyurethane, high gloss top coat with a reflective, mirror like finish that supplements the megayacht product range. Megagloss AC offers an alternative top coat to the renowned Megagloss HG, launched in 2010. Using the latest resins and binder technologies available, this modern acrylic polyurethane topcoat is easy to apply and achieves a high gloss finish that can be polished and buffed, if required. The unlimited choice of colours is available in the standard yachting range, together with colour matched or custom colours – all helping to offer a truly unique superyacht finish. i.

BRP’s latest personal watercraft is the 185kg Sea-Doo Spark, which is the lightest watercraft on the market. Sea-Doo Spark is very accessible for novices through to dedicated watercraft enthusiasts. She is available as either a 2up (two people) powered by the new natural aspirated Rotax 900 advanced combustion efficiency (ACE), in-line, three-cylinder engine (top speed 40mph) or as a 3up (three people) driven by the slightly more powerful natural aspirated Rotax 900 HO ACE engine (top speed 50mph).  i.

Warning of Failure

Hydraulic Actuators

Videoworks’ MyCerberus is an exclusive service that makes it possible to intervene immediately in case of fault in the installed systems, such as home automation, AV, entertainment and security cameras around the yacht. MyCerberus takes its name from the Greek myth of Cerberus to symbolise a guardian difficult to overcome. The service sends warnings of failure directly to the Videoworks-helpdesk in real time, allowing engineers to take immediate action remotely. This eliminates all unnecessary waiting and possible nuisances to the end users who will instead receive immediate assistance. i.

Opacmare’s new balcony design overturns part of the side bulwark of the boat by means of hydraulic actuators. The aim of this solution is to get the maximum floor area while granting at the same time very compact overall dimensions inside the boat. The balcony is equipped with automatically positioning handrails, built in the structure and operated by hydraulic actuators in a logical sequence during the opening phases. When the balcony is closed, a series of automatically operated blocks, together with a perimeter gasket, grant the port watertightness. This allows the system to be installed directly in different areas of the boat such as the owner suite, gym etc. i.

Roll Damping System Zero Speed DMS Holland recently launched RotorSwing with Zero Speed functionality, following extensive engineering and a period of comprehensive testing. The new system not only dampens rolling whilst sailing but also whilst the yacht is stationary or at anchor. Instead of traditional fins, the RotorSwing roll damping system uses rapidly rotating cylinders. Whilst the yacht is sailing, these cylinders generate an upward or downward force, depending on the direction of rotation. In order to dampen rolling, the rotors make a ‘swinging’ motion from front to back under the ship in addition to rotating around their axis. RotorSwing Zero Speed ​​can also be supplied with a ‘rake’ function whereby the rotors can be set at an angle of 45° while sailing. i.

>> www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

SYI outfitters 9-2.indd 57

S YI  2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 5 7

05-06-14 15:07


House of Fine Yachting 24 - 27 september 2014 port hercules, monaco


SYI outfitters 9-2.indd 581 223x297_mys2014.indd

05-06-14 15:07 02/06/2014 15:20:24



OUTFITTERS PAGES Sun Awning Illumination

Composites Revolutionise the Industry

Multiplex has finished over 150 sun awning projects for clients all over the world. Their Sun Awning Systems not only provide shade, but also provide lighting, with the finest illumination. The 3W RGB LEDs are infinitely variable in all imaginable colours. The cable-output of Sun Awning pole is approximately 20cm above the floor and the position of electrical socket can be chosen by the client. i.

Upgrade in Fuctionality The newly-released Software Suite 2.9 from Lantic reflects trends seen in the wider marketplace as well as in the more rarefied world of luxury yachting. The list of new capabilities and system enhancements is extensive, but the key innovations are; the demand for full operating systems in languages/scripts other than English and Latin; the on-going simplification via the Lantic RC20 app on smart devices; easyto use onboard intranets and the accessability from the RC20 smart device app of the public playlist, personalised CCTV access camera-by-camera for individual zones and users, and full Apple TV integration. i.

360° Panoramic View Last year, ViaLuna Group AG launched a camera system with a 360° panoramic view for yachts. Yachtview 360° is a high-end-camera-system that provides a holistic 360° panoramic bird’s-eye view around the yacht in real-time. The system is suitable for yachts with a length of 15 to 100m, and can be used on even larger ships if required. A Yachtview 360° installation has four wide-angle cameras, connected via a VPU, which are discretely installed on the bow and stern of the vessel, as well as on each of the side navigation lights. The in-camera integrated digital signalling processor (DSP) provides adaptive image processing; automatic switching from day to night, as well as dynamic light correction. i.

Over the years composite services have revolutionised many industries. Luke Hendy from Branagh Marine Composites explained the impact composite has on the yachting world. He mentioned that the lightweight structure reduces the weight of the yacht, increases operating efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. In addition, the advanced composites tend to be greener than general composites or alloys producing fewer emissions in the manufacturing process. “The refit and repair industry has benefitted hugely by using composites to reduce the impact to the vessel when making changes or installing new parts during a refit. The simplified installation costs mean less impact on other work; a good example is that there is no need for welding, which in turn means no disruption to the interior or underlying systems that are in danger of being damaged due to hot work,” he concluded. i.

Perfect Wooden Synchronicity AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip Photo courtesy of HumphreysYachtDesign developed Awlwood MA. Designed specifically to work in perfect synchronicity with any wood, Awlwood MA is formulated to form a strong yet flexible link with the wood structure to protect whilst allowing the beauty of the natural coating and grain to shine through. In addition to protecting against water and stopping oils and resins from leaching out of the wood, Awlwood MA also shields against sunlight, negating the need for re-application every single year. It retains the same gloss, Distinctness of Image and natural appearance as first application for multiple seasons. Formulated for professional application only, Awlwood is a single pack, two product system comprising of a Primer (clear, yellow, or red) and Clear Finish (satin or gloss). The complete Awlwood MA system is achieved with no sanding required in-between coats. It can also be applied over a wide temperature and humidity range (even down to 4°C). i.

<< www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

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CONNECTING MARINE PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE THE SUPERYACHT PAVILION The SuperYacht Pavilion (SYP) at METS is the central platform for the worldwide superyacht industry and a destination in its own right. With its own dedicated hall, and associated educational and social networking programmes, the SYP is far more than an exhibition it’s a superyacht experience. Being part of the experience is a unique business opportunity to meet genuine specifiers and buyers in an influential environment. If you’re serious about the superyacht sector, it’s the serious place to be. 20,500+ visitor


1300+ exhibitors 180 SYP exhibitors

100+ countries REPRESENTED

METS & SYP visitor and exhibitor appreciation


“We have found the METS SuperYacht Pavilion as the primary exhibition to meet new contacts, hear about possible projects and also exhibit new products. METS is very important in a networking aspect. Also in terms of developing the industry.” Riitta Järvinen from Evac Oy, exhibitor of the SuperYacht Pavilion at METS 2013







%.) % .) &'()*+,-./

!"#$!% !"#$! !%

METS advertentie 229x303 SYP.indd 1 Yellowpages SYI 9-2.indd 60

28-02-14 13:54 04-06-14 16:01


of exceptional craftsmanship, style and innovation. Oceanco currently has various 85m+ superyachts under various stages of construction.

REFIT & REPAIR MOONEN SHIPYARDS BV Graaf van Solmsweg 52F 5222 BP ’s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands T +31 (0)73 621 00 94 F +31 (0)73 621 94 60 E I Contact: Emile M.M. Bilterijst Since 1981 Moonen Shipyards has become a world leader in the design and construction of “pocket-size superyachts” between 20 and 45 metres (65 and 150 feet). Moonen builds fully custom and semicustom yachts: a Displacement Series and an Explorer Series, with steel hulls, and a Fast Yacht Series of semidisplacement aluminium yachts, all of exceptional quality. The combination of premium Dutch quality and advanced technology, guided by personal client input and the keen commitment of the Moonen crew, make every Moonen yacht a joy to own and an excellent investment. Owning a Moonen yacht means joining an exclusive club, as we build just three or four yachts each year.

OCEANCO Marineweg 1, 2952 BX Alblasserdam C100,Box M60, B35 20, 2950 AA Alblasserdam P.O. The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 699 5399 F +31 (0)78 699 5398 E I Contact: Marcel Onkenhout (CEO) Oceanco designs and builds large, luxury, custom superyachts, employing the very highest standards of engineering, planning and craftsmanship allied with the most modern facilities. Oceanco is credited with producing some of the most sophisticated and innovative luxury superyachts in the world. The numerous awards won signify and underscore Oceanco’s commitment to designing and building acclaimed superyachts

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om


Yellowpages SYI 9-2.indd 61

NCP – REPAIR SHIPYARD SIBENIK J.Sizgorica 1, 22000 Sibenik Croatia T +385 22 312 971 F +385 22 312 970 E I Contact: Ivana Prgin Facilities: Floating dock (1,500t / 70m), Syncrolift (900t / 62m), refits, repair and overhaul of engines, electrical systems, shafts, propellers, machining, casting, galvanic and heat treatment, anti-corrosive protection, repairing and re-plating of hulls, repairs and construction of ship’s superstructure and interior, teak decking and carpentry, undercover varnishing, fairing & painting and a service boat.

CRAMM YACHTING SYSTEMS De Seize 7 9041 BC Berlikum P.O. Box 510 8901 BH Leeuwarden The Netherlands T +31 518 461 600 F +31 518 460 802 E I Contact: Paul Boelens Cramm Yachting Systems designs, engineers, develops and produces hydraulic yacht equipment like: boarding ladders, passerelles/ gangways, deck cranes, sliding davits, steering machines, swimming platforms, wing-stations, stern doors and folding bulwarks. Cramm Yachting Systems has its own service department which is a partner for service, maintenance and refit projects. Cramm Yachting Systems is also a dealer for different anchorwinches, stabilizer-systems and bow- and sternthrusters.


CENTRAALSTAAL B.V. Osloweg 110 9723 BX Groningen P.O. Box 204 9700 AE Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 575 39 00 F +31 (0)50 575 39 08 E I Contact: W.J. Terpstra Centraalstaal is the supplier of constructional building kits for ship and yachtbuilding. Our enthousiastic team, at our production facility in Groningen, works for more than 150 clients all over the world. Dedicated to projects and thinking in solutions for their customers is what made Centraalstaal today.

DOYLE SAILMAKERS ITALY Main Loft: Isola delle Femmine Passaggio dei Cigni n°4 90040 – (Palermo) Sicily T +39 091 8616089 F +39 091 8630150 E I I Main lofts in Palermo (Sicily, center of Med) and Rapallo (Genova). Produces and services superyacht sails since 1989. Doyle sailmakers Italy is organized for any kind of service, washing, antimildew treatments, storage on superyacht sails all over the Med. Doyle Italy team can also make repairs on board when time or logistics makes it difficult to carry sails to the loft.

HEINEN & HOPMAN Produktieweg 12 3751 LN Spakenburg The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 299 25 00 F +31 (0)33 299 25 99 E I Contact: J.W.E. Hopman Heinen & Hopman Engineering is a world leader in air conditioning, mechanical ventilation,central heating, refrigeration, sanitary systems, fire protection, environmental systems and air duct cleaning. Founded in 1965, the company is renowned for being an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of customised solutions. We work in four specialist areas: – Superyachts. – Commercial shipping. – Offshore industry. – Navy vessels. Our mission is to ensure that the climate ‘indoors’ will perfectly meet the needs of people and products alike, whatever the weather outside. Heinen & Hopman offers a worldwide, 24/7 service via a network of subsidiaries and sales centres.

HYDROMAR MARINE EQUIPMENT B.V. De Seize 5 9041 VC Berlikum The Netherlands T +31 (0)518 46 25 25 F +31 (0)518 46 11 10 E I Contact: Rob Montijn Hydromar is producing and delivering premium tailor made hydraulic equipment based on standard solutions for motor and sailing yacht between 30 and 85 m. Based on a tight cooperation with the yard we are able to be a part of the process of yacht building. When shipbuilding and mechanical engineering meets hydraulics, our expertise and production program benefits the yard to have a high


S YI 2014 | Vo l u me 9 | I s s u e 2 | 6 1

04-06-14 16:01

YELLOW & FINCH PAGES level and still cost effective solution for all kind of hydraulic equipment like gangways, boarding ladders gangways, cranes, hatch hinge systems and other hydraulic equipment.

MTU FRIEDRICHSHAFEN GMBH 88040 Friedrichshafen Germany T +49 7541 90 7003 F +49 7541 90 7081 E I MTU diesel engines and drive systems are used in commercial, military and governmental vessels, as well as in yachts. Its product portfolio for yachts comprises engines and propulsion systems delivering power outputs of 466 to 10,000 kilowatts. They power series-built and displacement yachts as well as mega-yachts. They are complemented by standardized automation systems for monitoring and control of the propulsion plant. Completing the product portfolio is MTU ValueCare service support at over 1,200 locations around the world. Service includes engine maintenance, spare parts supply, and remanufacturing of engine components and complete drive systems.

NICOVERKEN MARINE SERVICES B.V. Algerastraat 20 3125 BS Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 238 0999 F +31 (0)10 238 0988 E I Contact: Jacco Vermunt Distributor, 24/7 service & spare parts agent of marine equipment. In our programme there are stainless steel marine pipes and drains, filtration, anti-fouling & cathodic protection, reverse osmosis desalinators (water makers), wastewater treatment, vacuum sanitary systems for yachts, deck equipment (doors & hatches) and watertight sliding door systems. Our Ship Repair department is specialised in the overhaul of all types of main and auxiliary engines, including attachments i.e. governors, turbochargers, fuel equipment and the sales of spare parts and engines. We 6 2 | S Y Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2030;2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Yellowpages SYI 9-2.indd 62

are capable of crankshaft grinding. Our service is 24/7 worldwide!

OPACMARE S.R.L. via Luigi Einaudi, 150/154 10040 Rivalta (Torino) Italy T +39 011 90 45 411 F +39 011 90 93 022 E I Contact: paola.lanza Opacmare designs and produces accessories for the nautical market with a high level of quality and innovation. We are developing products (standard or customized) and services able to meet the needs and the requirements of our customers, the most important shipyards in the World.

PIENING PROPELLER Am Altendeich 83 D-25348 Glueckstadt Germany T +49 (0)4124 9168-0 F +49 (0)4124 3716 E I Contact: Mathias Pein Noise reduction relies upon the quiet operation of a yacht´s propulsion system. Piening Propeller fulfils its briefs in: Consideration of all hydrodynamic aspects during the design and an accurate manufacturing of propellers and shafts. The company is approved by all common classification societies. Repairs and adjustments of propellers are done with the same care as new builds. Piening Propellers scope of supply includes: Propellers from 500 mm upwards Shafts up to a several length of 12,000 mm Sterntubes with sealings and bearings Gearboxes type ZF

RAFA SHIPWINDOWS Ambachtsweg 28 3831 KB Leusden

The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 494 50 40 F +31 (0)33 495 05 74 E I Contact: Vivian Zoetmulder RAFA Shipwindows is an efficient and dynamic organisation specialising in glazing and the production of top quality aluminium and brass window frames fitted with all kind of glazing. All windows are custom-made and are developed in close cooperation with the principles and are class approved supplied.

STONE MARINE SINGAPORE PTE LTD 4 Tuas Basin Close Singapore 638797 T +65 6863 2681 F +65 6863 2683 E I Contact: Simon Honeybone (Managing Director), Stephen Yeo (Technical Director) Stone Marine custom design and manufacture high-end propellers and sterngear equipment. We use the latest design and engineering technology, including simulation software and 5-Axis milling machines, providing accurate and precise propulsion equipment. You can rely on our long established history of delivering high quality propellers, optimised for maximum efficiency, with minimal noise and vibration levels. Stone Marine propellers are produced to all the desired finishes from Class II to Class S for all types of vessels. The maximum propeller diameter we build in Singapore is 4.0m (diameter) with shafts up to 12.0m in length. We are approved by all the major classification societies.

WINEL B.V. P.O. Box 70 9400 AB Assen The Netherlands T +31 (0)592 366 060 F +31 (0)592 312 392 E I Contact: Bert Knijp Winel is a major supplier to the

large yachts market, offering a wide range of unique premium quality shell doors, platforms, pantographic doors, transom doors, bulwark doors, hatches and watertight doors. For these custom made masterpieces we use proven concepts as the basis, coupled with smart technical solutions to optimize our products. Wishes of our customers can be incorporated without compromise.

G.J.WORTELBOER JR. B.V. Quarantaineweg 5 3089 KP Rotterdam P.O. Box 5003 3008 AA Rotterdam Harbournr: 2637 The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 429 2222 F +31 (0)10 429 6459 E I Already in the shipping industry for more than 50 years, we are your reliable partner for quick deliveries of all types and weights of certified anchors and all diameters of certified chain cables. On our yard in Rotterdam we have more than 7 million kilograms in stock for immediate dispatch. We can get it to the destination you require whether it is by (special) truck, by sea freight or in very urgent cases by airfreight. Also we can arrange the fitting for you aboard of your vessel. For more information, please look around on our new and improved website:!


RADIO HOLLAND NETHERLANDS Eekhoutstraat 2, 3087 AB Rotterdam P.O. Box 5068, 3008 AB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 428 3344 F +31 (0)10 428 1498 E I Contact: J.F. de Froe Radio Holland is the number one in providing and equipping yachts with the most innovative and high quality electronic equipment: Communication, Navigation, Automation, Audio/Video, Infotainment systems and Computer w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

04-06-14 16:01

YELLOW & FINCH PAGES networks. The company also offers its yachting customers flexible service contracts, SatCom airtime, System Engineering and Consultancy. Radio Holland’s worldwide service network ensures fast service 24 hours a day, at any location.

WARD’S MARINE ELECTRIC 617 SW 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 – USA T +1 954 523 2815 F +1 954 523 1967 I Family owned and operated since 1950, Ward’s Marine Electric is a premier supplier of electrical parts and service. An industry leader, they strive to stay true to their principles of unparalleled service above all else. Specializing in electrical services including: refits, custom panel production, engineering of new systems, switchboard, switchgear, wiring systems, shorepower systems, surveys, fire inspections, lighting inspections, lighting protection and power conversions. They stock products for any type of marine electrical projects and can send a service team to any port of call. It isn’t one thing they do that sets them apart, it is everything they do.


VANDERMARK ILLUSTRATIE & DESIGN Zoetegaarde 6 3824 AR Amersfoort The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 456 2998 M +31 (0)6 542 80 097 E I Contact: Edwin van der Mark Specialized in concept design for future superyachts and naval relative design, R&D projects, hi-end 3D renders and concept sketching. In collaboration with interior designers, naval architects and noise & vibration software specialist SuperyachtME/ NCE, we share a passion to comeup with the best solutions in future Superyacht Design.

www. s u p e r y a c h t - i n d ustr y.c om

Yellowpages SYI 9-2.indd 63

VUYK ENGINEERING GRONINGEN Osloweg 110, 9723 BX Groningen P.O. Box 204, 9700 AE Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0) 50 575 3950 F +31 (0) 50 575 3951 E I Contact: Sabine Pothof As naval architecture and marine engineering office, Vuyk is involved in all aspects of naval design: from concept to CAM. Servicing a wide range of clients in the (mega)yacht sector, Vuyk makes extensive use of the latest 3-D concurrent engineering techniques and software, resulting in short lead-times and optimal project throughout.


LLOYD’S REGISTER EMEA K.P. van der Mandelelaan 41A 3062 MB Rotterdam PO Box 701 – 3000 AS Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 414 5088 F +31 (0)10 214 0190 E I Contact: Engeljan de Boer (man. P.A. Dep.) Lloyd’s Register EMEA is the leading Classification Society for luxury Yachts. Both Classification and Statutory aspects (Safety and Environment) is our core business. We are authorized by a great number of Flag Authorities to carry out (safety) Surveys on their behalf. Lloyd’s Register EMEA, your partner in Safety.

Considering to commission the construction of a luxury yacht in the Netherlands? Avoid the pitfalls. We have vast experience in assisting owners through the negotiation and drafting process of a proper building contract. We can advise throughout the construction and we are also experienced litigators and mediators. References on application.

by a native speaker. You can also contact us for thorough proofreadings and text-writing. Throughout the years Verbal Essence has established a fine reputation, due to the quality translations, quick delivery times and flexibility.


VERBAL ESSENCE Cornelis Kempenaarlaan 69 2481 XA Woubrugge The Netherlands T +31 (0) 172 519317 M +31 (0)6 175 88835 E I Contact: J.L. van Koert-Hughes Verbal Essence delivers translations from Dutch into English (British or American) and vice versa, translated


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VAN STEENDEREN MAINPORT LAWYERS B.V. Zeemansstraat 13 3016 CN Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 266 78 66 F +31 (0)10 266 78 68 E arnold.vansteenderen@ I Contact: Arnold J. van Steenderen

Main Themes Monaco Yacht Show Yachting Festival Cannes Focus on the USA

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18 July 2014 8 August 2014

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SYI’s Marco Geels

Balearic break At the end of May I attended the second Palma SuperYacht Show on the Balearic Island of Mallorca in partnership with MYBA. The show ran alongside the mainstream Palma International Boat Show – proving to be an excellent decision as there is much potential for cooperation between the two events. “The event is destined to become one of the best without losing its special charm,” commented show Director, Balearic Yacht Brokers Association President and Camper & Nicholsons broker Arne Ploch. “It is not elitist, like Monaco, but is open to everyone.” An impressive 55 yachts were on show this year but what struck me was the large number of sailing yachts. Evidently, the Palma SuperYacht show is evolving into one of Europe’s most important brokerage and chartering shows.

26 berths for vessels up to 40m. Then we lunched at Marc Fosh’s Misa Braseria. Now, I am no food critic but this was fantastic food in a great setting – my Niçoise was sublime as was the rosé. The second day kicked off with a presentation from electronics specialists E3 Systems and Kymeta concerning the future of superyacht satellite communication. In other words – how flat-panel technology is replacing domed antennas. It was then on to tour the island’s refit and repair facilities at STP and Astilleros de Mallorca. Both yards were impressively busy and notably were working on numerous sailing yachts. Prior to heading back to the show we viewed the port from the water with the Port Director.

The event is destined to become one of the best without losing its special charm.

However, I was not on Mallorca for just the show – there was also a press tour organised at the same time. The itinerary began with Patricia Bullock, representing Network Marine Consultants, explaining how changes to the Spanish matriculation tax laws concerning charter yachts is set to improve the Spanish charter market – bringing optimism to the industry. I heard Moll Vell Marina Managing Partner Oscar Sichés describe the current marina renovations that are soon to be completed. The revamped marina will have 6 4 | S Y I  2 0 1 4 | Vo l u m e 9 | Issue 2

Word on the sea SYI.indd 64

My Balearic trip concluded with a royal seal of approval as Queen Sofia of Spain received the Marcial Barcaiztegui prize from José Ramón Bauzá, President of the Balearic Government.

Marco Geels w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

05-06-14 15:08

Cover SYI9-2def.indd 2 MU-series_215x290_EN_BE.indd 1

22/05/14 17:12

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Cover SYI9-2def.indd 1

T H E N E T H E R L A N D S S U P E R Y A C H T- I N D U S T R Y. C O M

Lürssen Yachts · phone: +49 421 6604 166 · email: ·

SYI 2014 | VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 2


SYI 2014 | VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 2

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