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SYI 2016 | VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 3

SYI 2016 | Volume 11 | Issue 3

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M O N A C O Y A C H T S H O W 2 0 1 6 S U P E R Y A C H T- I N D U S T R Y. C O M

Hakvoort’s Just J’s A TRUE FLAGSHIP

Heesen Yachts t r u ly s p e c i a l

Monaco Yacht Show 2016 admire , visit and purchase


Mobile Boat Haulers for lifting and launching boats up to 1600 ton Lifting Platforms for dry-docking huge ships Self Propelled Trolleys for transporting boats and ships

At Kohler, we are guided by a singular purpose: your experience. Those quiet moments when you forget your generator exists. That’s why our new marine generators are exponentially quieter with even less vibration. The most advanced, most reliable machines we’ve ever made — not that you’d notice.

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Publisher’s note

120 Extraordinary One-Off Superyachts In 2016, the IconIc Port hercules In the PrIncIPalIty of Monaco Is once agaIn the Place to adMIre, vIsIt and Purchase around 120 extraordInary one-off suPeryachts buIlt by the world’s Most respected shipyards. this issue of superyacht Industry features our Monaco yacht show special where we outline some of the finest go-to companies and uncover the great and the good of superyachting in the glamorous setting of Monaco. at the show, 40 new launches will be unveiled in a world premiere and over 580 exhibiting companies and partners will participate, representing the world’s leading luxury yachting companies: the trendiest superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury manufacturers and the most important brokerage houses. In addition to the preview, we present you galactica super nova, the 70m all-aluminium fast displacement superyacht. she is the latest and largest delivery to come out of heesen yachts to date and will make her official debut � at the 2016 Monaco yacht show after a busy summer season in the Mediterranean. galactica super nova’s slender aluminium hull was engineered by heesen’s in-house specialists in collaboration with the renowned dutch naval architects van oossanen, who devised the revolutionary hull form. read more about her on page 26. another yacht report is for Just J’s. at 61m, she is the largest superyacht launched by hakvoort so far. this was made possible by the yard’s 2012 extension of its main production shed in Monnickendam to 65m. being part of a select club of vessels in her size range to feature five decks, Just J’s has a huge volume and a stunning layout. read more about her on page 44. marco geels | cco

I hope you enjoy the Mys special and I look forward to seeing you there.

marco geels

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NATHALIE GE ELS - VINKOERT Chief Financial Officer

MARCO GEELS Chief Commercial Officer




ROB VAN AKKEREN Account Manager

TOM DIETVORST Account Manager


Visit u Mona s: co Yac ht Sho w 201 booth 6 no. Q J5

ALEX DIJKSTRA Office Manager





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ISSUE 3 2016

Monaco Yacht Show


Monaco Yacht Show 2016 – Admire, Visit and Purchase

Yacht RepoRt

26 44

Heesen Yachts – Truly Special

Hakvoort’s Just J’s – A True Flagship

toYS & tendeRS

12 26


37 Transformation Complete – A Class of its Own 40 Tender Time – Where Quality Meets Design


Special FeatuRe

22 32 51

Think Yachts – Think Holland

Behind the Scenes – On Time Delivery


Engineering Experience – Two Decades of Evolution


1 Publisher’s Note 4 News in Brief 55 Outfitters Pages 61 Yellow & Finch Pages

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On the Cover Just J’s (61m) is the largest superyacht launched by Hakvoort so far. With her huge volume and stunning layout, she features five decks. Three of Holland’s leading exponents of superyacht design and construction are behind Just J’s. Built by the expert craftsmen and engineers at Hakvoort Shipyards, she features an exterior and interior design coming from the drawing boards of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, while her naval architecture was provided by Diana Yacht Design. Just J’s showcases striking design features and as well as the latest in sophisticated technology. SY I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 3

02-09-16 10:12


news in brief SYI FEATURE

Honoring Yachting Community Pioneer

On Saturday, 8 October, The International SeaKeepers Society will present the 2016 SeaKeeper Award at its annual Bal de la Mer charity gala. The award is given each year to an individual or an organisation that has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to ocean conservation. This year, the event will be held in Palm Beach, Florida to recognise one of SeaKeepers’ Founding Members and Yachting Community Pioneer, Alexander W. Dreyfoos. Mr Dreyfoos is chairman and owner of The Dreyfoos Group, a private Capital Management firm established in November 1963. A graduate from both MIT and Harvard Business School, Mr Dreyfoos is best known for his manufacture of electronic equipment for the photography industry, in which he received an Oscar for this noteworthy contribution to the motion pictures industry. In addition to receiving an Oscar, Mr Dreyfoos holds ten patents for his photographic technology and electronic equipment in the United States.

Emissions Challenges Hug Engineering AG (Switzerland) has taken a majority share of 90% in the COdiNOx Beheer Group and all subsidiaries will merge into Hug Engineering. This merger means that SootTech will now be known as Hug Engineering B.V. COdiNOx Beheer has been a distribution and service partner to Hug Engineering for 20 years. The Beheer Group is made up of subsidiary companies SootTech, SootTech Marine, Hanwel Environment and Energy, and COdiService. Hanwel E&E holds the exclusive distribution rights to COdiNOx systems produced by Hug Engineering that are used as flue gas scrubbers in greenhouses. SootTech distributes the full range of Hug systems for mobile applications. Hug Engineering has held a 10% interest in the aforementioned companies for the last ten years.





m o mb /e n/ Po n a er 2 rt c o 8 w H Y – w er a O w cu c ct . m le h ob o n , t S er a c Mo h 1 o y na o w , 2 O ct 0 a c co ob 2 0 16 ht B e sh al r 16 ow Pa d 8, 2 e . co lm 0 m w B l a 16 w e M w ac e .s h r

IN p A TE G tem C R e b H N G n o er en a 20 T A o s a a, B o – S TIO 2 l o It a 5 H N ,2 n e aly t S 0 O A na h o w 16 ut W L Se ic o. S pt c e

ea , F k e lo e p rid O ct er a o s. B be or ar r g/ B c e 12 bd ar l o – lm c w elo n a 16, / w n w a I n 20 . s , S t e 16 al p r o n ai n a N na n tio ov ut na e ic Fo m lB o. r t ber c om oa Fo L 3 rt a – /e ts w La u d 7, n ho w u e 2 w w de r d 0 .f 16 a r l i b da l e s . le co , U In N ov m S ter A n M em at E T be io r Am S 1 na st T r 5 – lB w er a 1 w d d 7 oa w am e , 2 t .m 0 S S e t , T h 16 ho s t he o ra N w w d e et 20 . n he 16 l rla nd s

Mr Dreyfoos first became involved with SeaKeepers through his support of ocean research programming and funding, which cemented his long-term commitment to SeaKeepers’ mission. Mr Dreyfoos joins an elite and influential group of leaders in marine conservation, including Monaco’s own H.S.H. Prince Rainier III and H.S.H. Prince Albert II; French explorer and film producer, Jean-Michel Cousteau; Canadian film director/producer and deep-sea explorer, James Cameron; American marine biologist, author, lecturer and National Geographic explorer-in-residence, Dr. Sylvia Earle; and most recently the 2015 recipient Fabien Cousteau.

September 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Vo l um e 11 | Issue 3

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news in brief Blohm+Voss to Open Refit Facility in the Mediterranean Blohm+Voss has won the tender for the setting up of a new maintenance and refit facility for megayachts in La Ciotat, in the South of France, thus bringing their core business closer to their customers. The company will partner with ‘La Ciotat Shipyards’, the local company in charge of the site development, which is providing a large dry-dock and neighbouring workshop premises embedded within the existing shipyard. Blohm+Voss will utilise this new facility in the heart of the Mediterranean to maintain and service megayachts of over 80m in length. Operation is planned to start in November 2016.

100 Jobs Created in One Year IMS Shipyard are pursuing their dynamic recruitment policy with the addition of new talent to the teams. In one year, more than 100 staff were enlisted to join the shipyard’s technical teams, increasing the workforce from 50 to 150 employees. Mechanics, electricians, boilermakers, pipe fitters for production, and welders are among the new staff. The preferred profiles are international, to match the profile of the refit shipyard’s clients. New skippers and project leaders with international profiles will also soon be joining the team. IMS Shipyard presently employ 150 in-house staff and work with more than 150 sub-contracted staff on a daily basis.


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SY I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 7

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news in brief Christensen Shipyard’s Unprecedented Superyacht Launch System Christensen have designed and built a revolutionary mini-drydock system, completely in-house. The system involves attaching large FRP boxes to the side of a custom-built steel trailer and allows extremely safe launches, even at low water. This unique system was used to launch the high-volume 164’ superyacht Silver Lining on the summer solstice (20 June) and the silver-hulled Chasseur five days later. Both yachts will be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November.

33m Superyacht Missy Launched The high-performance, carbon-fibre, sloop-rigged superyacht Missy, designed by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design and engineered by Pure Composite in New Zealand, provided Vitters with an exciting challenge to expand their work in high-performance lightweight construction. With her glass canopy replacing the more conventional superstructure/windscreen, she is a delight for design enthusiasts. The galley is open-plan through to the main saloon, and the cosy TV snug and split-level styling gives the area the feel of an apartment, facilitating easy interaction for families of up to 8. Missy also benefits from a fully-automated bimini and dodger system which sits flush with the low profile superstructure when stowed.

8 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Vo l um e 11 | Issue 3

• News in brief SYI 11-3.indd 8

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news in brief Classic Ketch Adèle Huisfit Upgrade Completed Refit work always has to be planned a long time in advance and this was certainly the case for the ocean-going ketch Adèle. Plans for the complete mechanical upgrade began 18 months in advance. Adèle’s busy schedule, which takes her to all corners of the globe, necessitated a tight and well-coordinated refit, avoiding any conflict between the various trades. This became especially important when the removal of the entire engine room inevitably expanded into a longer list of unforeseen issues. According to her captain, the decision to carry out the renewal programme in Holland was an easy one, based on the following factor: the quest for outstanding quality. The choice of Royal Huisman in Vollenhove paid off, with the added bonus of lasting friendships being created between the crew, the villagers and the shipyard.

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• News in brief SYI 11-3.indd 9

SY I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 9

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• News in brief SYI 11-3.indd 10

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news in brief Mulder Favorite 1500 The steady increase in demand for the Mulder Favorite 1500 has lead to the development of a new, more elegant version with a much improved aft deck layout. Seen as the nearest thing to a perfect family-size yacht in its length, the new 1500 is built to the highest standards and serves not only as the perfect day-cruiser but is also highly suitable for long voyages. The luxury and comfort which are inherent to this model are customisable down to the last detail, increasing its appeal to an international clientele.

Terranova Italian Yachts Joins Forces with Dahm International The renowned brokerage and charter company Dahm International has offices and subsidiaries in the most appropriate European locations; Terranova Italian Yachts, which opened a new production site in February of this year, is known for its range of modern explorer yachts from 68 to 115 feet. These two companies, both recognised within the superyacht industry for their dedication and passion, have agreed a Europe-wide exclusive sales representation for the newbuild superyachts. They will work together in this exclusive market and mutually support the sale of newbuild Terranova Italian Yachts.

Sunreef Yachts Presents Sunreef Supreme 68 Midori With the kind of comfort usually only found on a superyacht, this 20.7m sailing catamaran has immense social areas and a ‘zen’ spirit. ‘Midori’ is Japanese for ‘green’ and the catamaran was built to create harmony, reflecting the tranquility and moderation of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy. Midori’s three cabins and one master suite, each with clever storage, retractable TVs, Fosgate speakers and spacious private bathrooms, can accommoadate eight guests. The vessel is equipped with ample aft garaging space – a feature of all Sunreef Supreme 68’s. This voluminous area allows the convenient storage of a 5m tender, two jet-skis, diving gear and sails. The garage door, when lowered, levels with the yacht’s aft platforms to create an exterior lounging and sunbathing area – the first catamaran of under 21m to have this luxury.

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• News in brief SYI 11-3.indd 11

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 1 1

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AdMIre, VISIT And PurcHASe

Monaco Yacht Show

THe MYS HAS been locATed In THe IconIc PorT HerculeS In THe PrIncIPAlITY of MonAco SInce 1991 And IS THe onlY PlAce To AdMIre, VISIT And PurcHASe Around 120 extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards. 40 new launches are unveiled in a world premiere at every occasion.


ver 580 exhibiting companies and partners participate in the MYS, representing the world’s leading luxury yachting companies: the trendiest superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury manufacturers and the most important brokerage houses. The Monaco Yacht Show is the one and only occasion in the year – and in the world – to reveal the greatest that superyachting has to offer in the glamorous setting of Monaco. The show has the privilege of benefiting from the recognition and the support of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Take it to the Streets While the main attraction of the Monaco Yacht Show remains the exhibition of the superyachts in Port Hercules, recent years have also seen a different show taking place on the streets of the Principality: a magnificent parade of prestige limousines ferrying the show’s VIP clients between the Yacht Show and Monaco’s luxury hotels. As a logical follow-up to the presence of these automotive brands, the organisers are dedicating a totally new exhibition space solely to ultra-high-quality vehicles during

1 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Monaco Preview.indd 12

>> w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

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Monaco Preview.indd 13

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 1 3

01-09-16 13:42


Monaco Yacht Summit A new version of the Monaco Yacht Summit has been organised by the Monaco Yacht Show, with a revised format and open to an exclusive audience of a few high-profile attendees. The event, which will be staged in the afternoon on the eve of the MYS, will be organised jointly with the specialised media group Yacht Investor and in association with Global Partnership family office. Through the thematic workshops run by expert speakers, the Monaco Yacht Summit aims to discuss various aspects of superyachting today and provide useful information to an audience intentionally limited to 50 guests.

the 2016 MYS: the car deck. Installed on Quai rainier III in Port Hercules alongside the largest yachts in the show, the car deck will offer all visitors and exhibitors access to a 230m² indoor bar-lounge, while outside, prestige cars will be on display, available for purchase or a test drive in the heart of the town. The launching of the Monaco Yacht Show’s new exhibition area for prestige automobiles is an

integral part of their development strategy. Implemented three years ago, the strategy aims to further enhance the show’s ultra-high-level profile and thereby attract a new array of affluent visitors, both regional and international, to the quays of Port Hercules.

The very first edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit took place in 2013 and brought together both the industry’s professionals and yacht owners or future owners. This new MYSummit, dedicated exclusively to owners, potential future owners and their representatives, confirms the Monaco Yacht Show’s declared desire and ambition to promote the superyachting industry to potential new clients – those seeking information on a sector still largely unfamiliar – and invite them to meet the exhibitors on the docks of Port Hercules the following day.


Multi Steps Ahead in Monaco ‘multistep’ stepladder, located amongst the high-tech range of modern boarding and shading systems on display.


QAA39 MYS 2016

The Monaco Yacht Show is the main showcase for the finest in boat-building. It’s the place for superyacht owners and skippers to get together and seek out the latest innovations in high-end equipment, and it is therefore vital that bremen-based Multiplex GmbH doesn’t miss this opportunity. founder, ideas man and engineer, Jan reiners, will be available from 28 September to 1 october to personally advise his customers on-site. Whether during individual appointments or at the stand shared by the deuTScHe YAcHTen working group, interest will be centred on the new and innovative

1 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Monaco Preview.indd 14

“A lot of industry visitors know us and are coming to Monaco specifically to source special product solutions from us,” says Mr reiners, who will also be demonstrating his products on several of the yachts moored in the show’s harbour, Port Hercules, and which have already been fitted out by Multiplex. Gangways and stairways, railings and fender systems as well as sun awnings have been and are being tailored to the needs of various sailing and motor yachts. “ultimately, practical examples of how our light, durable carbon technology is being used by highly-satisfied customers is convincing many interested parties,” says the ceo. Mr reiners has always been a perfectionist, even back in 1986 when Multiplex was launched. The success story began with a carbon fibre rudder blade that took the 3-boat German team to victory in 1983 in the legendary Admiral’s cup, which took place in the south of england (cowes). The sailing enthusiast and son of a boat-building family filed the rudder down until it achieved an optimum hydrodynamic shape and its drag was minimised, but the

blade itself, despite the intense pressure, was able to withstand ‘racy’ conditions. Multiplex’s philosophy when it comes to striving for the best is as follows: lighter, easy to use and incredibly comfortable. The portfolio is also striking from a style aspect; all conceivable colours are available. Specialised maintenance and a worldwide spare-parts service form part of the company’s own demands for the highest quality. In order to gracefully step over the high ledges, steps or platforms found on superyachts, Mr reiners has picked up on the tried and tested stepladder principle in the design the ‘Multistep’. This innovative, guaranteed rust-free accessory is a true trendsetter as regards flexibility and functionality. Its shape is extremely stylish and there is a wide range of colours to choose from. Two side-mounted handrails also ensure a firm grip, even when seas are choppy. The ‘multistep’ can be locked at 30, 45 and 60 degree angles and can be set up in just a minute. Weighing in at 15kg in total, its steps are 500 or 600mm wide and are anti-slip or teak-coated. It can be stowed away in no time and takes up very little space.



w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

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Monaco Preview.indd 15

01-09-16 13:42


Tijssen Elektro is Moving Forward Tijssen elektro is on track to deliver their 150th MPA system. This year they are going to achieve this huge milestone. When exactly? That’s the question! Meet them at the Monaco Yacht Show and stay informed.

Captain’s Best Friend


QAB11 MYS 2016

With input from captains and engineers, the MPA alarm and monitoring system is continuously being upgraded and improved. The latest upgrade of the MPA system is on the software and hardware level. The functionality of the MPA system does not have to be reinvented. It works in the same way, but with a new look and feel. each system is custom-built and designed for the situation on board. MPA makes it possible to closely monitor the yacht’s performance, safety and control over almost all the electrical systems. Tijssen elektro’s highly trained engineers travel all over the world to carry out service and maintenance jobs on board; they are only one call away. Whenever you need remote assistance, they offer remote service by a member of Tijssen elektro’s technical staff via the communication module, phone and/or email. Their After-Sales department will answer all your questions regarding their systems on board. If it can’t be resolved by telephone, they will organise a service visit on board.


Pump Up the Market with Renewed Gigetta



The Gigetta pump comprises a two-stage dual impeller system, which allows for a combination of centrifugal impeller characteristics resulting in high dynamic fluid efficiency, with a special helical impeller profile designed for quick priming. All components, facbricated with an impressive level of precision, are made in high-quality bronze and steel ensuring the greatest resistance to corrosion. The pump has recently been totally renewed to increase performance and range. Gigetta has also recently introduced products and solutions suitable for other areas, such as treatment systems (bMA-M, bMA-G, MV), circulation, cooling specialisation and air conditioning (cb22). The bMA-M is a self-priming volute el-pump with an open impeller combined with a cutting unit; the cb 22 is a centrifugal type with an open impeller designed for quiet operation and low power consumption. recently, Gianneschi has increased production capacity with a new facility totally dedicated to the construction of stainless steel water heaters and storage tanks for hot and cold water under pressure, up to a capacity of 2,000 litres.


MYS 2016

Columbus Yachts – A Divine Delight


QE14 MYS 2016

1 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Monaco Preview.indd 16

columbus Yachts – a brand of Palumbo Group – produces its own range of award-winning superyacht which combines the best technical expertise with the excellence of Italian style. The collections of innovative design yachts – fully customer-oriented – merge a solid 50 years of shipbuilding heritage with an extremely technologically addicted production thanks to the strong in-house engineering team, international design partnerships, forward-thinking and highly knowledgeable project management organisation. The actual range is available in four distinct steel and aluminium collections: • Sport Hybrid (40/45/50m) • Explorer (55/60/70/80m) • Classic Oceanic (55/60/70/80m) • Custom Aligned with the green approach to yacht building, the innovative MY divine will be on display at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show. ‘Sport’ is a reference to the high performance of this superyacht, equipped with two diesel engines which give a top speed of 20 knots and the ability to cruise easily at 16 knots with very low consumption; ‘Hybrid’ refers to her impressive green credentials. The divine was awarded a special commendation for her naval architecture at the 2016 Showboats design Awards and she is the winner of World Superyacht Awards 2016 – category Semi-displacement & Three deck Motor Yacht 30m – 40.9m.



w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:42


www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Monaco Preview.indd 17

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 1 7

01-09-16 13:42

VIRAFLAME “AO PYC TESTED GLAZING SYSTEM” • Passenger Yacht Code PYC compliance • Biggest glazing system ever tested: 2214mm X 2914mm • Resistance over 60 minutes to flame and smoke • Upgrade to A30 with sprinklers • Wide range of mechanical applications • Very high transparency • Thermal stability • Excellent optical quality • Reduced thickness • Weight reduction • Infrared radiation filter in option • Acoustic filter in option

Monaco Preview.indd 18 Viraver 1 Untitled-1 1nath.indd

01-09-16 16:21 16:25 01-09-16 24-02-16 09:28


Time. The Greatest Luxury on Earth? Make the most of your Time. Designed by Henry Ward Design, in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee, Time presents an insight into the future: a 66m explorer yacht which expands on current innovation and takes a fresh look at the boundaries that can be challenged as our technology and expectations increase. Above all else, Time provides guests with an abundance of unforgettable experiences. The yacht carries an 18m floating lodge, docked within the aft end of the vessel and designed to blend in as a fixed part of the superstructure. On approaching shallow waters, the lodge can be launched as an independent base for mini expeditions in harder to reach places. On board is an owner’s cabin, a second guest cabin and open-plan galley / living / dining area. When moored in a secluded location, the aft section of the lodge folds down for direct water access and indoor/ outdoor living. The lodge is the perfect tool for you and your partner to break away and explore that extra mile. Need to get back to the mothership efficiently? Time will not be against you! The yacht has an autonomous drone housed in a hanger in the bow that is capable of transporting four guests.



The Time of Your Life

MYS 2016

Standing 15m above sea level, the sights that can be seen from the sky deck will be truly unmissable. This special viewing platform is accessed from the sundeck which itself is located above the wellness level of the yacht. Here you will find a gym, massage room and sauna. The bar area on this deck leads out to a terrace with hot tub and views forward over the bow. Need more of a thrill? Then why not climb up the inverted climbing wall on its aft face? When you just can’t hold on any longer you’ll splash back down into the 8m swimming pool below! When not in use, the pool can be covered to create a larger entertainment space for parties and alfresco dining.



Offshore Commercial Shipping Yachting

We supply anchors & chaincables to yacht builders all over the world. Our super mirror polished stainless steel and also our hot dip galvanized anchors and chaincables can be found on many yachts. Always with original class certificates!

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Monaco Preview.indd 19

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 1 9

01-09-16 13:42


Visioneering by Yachtlite


Since 2002 Yachtlite has been synonymous with perfect LED lighting. In addition to highest quality standards for lettering and logos, Yachtlite provides optimal solutions for the unprecedented. Whether for mega yacht or tender, even the smallest request will be elaborately transformed into light. Planning and installation of illuminated stern lettering in a difficult position for the shipyard? No problem, everything is possible, if you ask Yachlite. For example, the lettering SeaRock was realised exactly per customer specification – with a special ‘free-floating’ construction suspended in front of a glass panel. After the vision comes the design and, after successful feasibility research, the product becomes reality with tailor-made lighting controls and installation options. The result is spectacularly illuminated pool and dance floors, helicopter decks and stairs, illuminated designer furniture and handrails or video steps. Whatever your heart desires. Over 35% of the world’s top 100 superyachts are equipped with Yachtlite Creative Light Features.


BootH No.

QAA40 MYS 2016

Discover the Impressive Portfolio of Palumbo The Palumbo group has cemented its reputation of over 50 years of professional expertise with a well-defined mission: to support customers with a range of time-sensitive multi-tasking services. The Group, with five different sites and a branch office in Monaco, incorporates a major maritime maintenance and refitting centre with an ever-expanding infrastructure in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea (Napoli, Messina, Malta, Marseille). Palumbo Group has recently announced the acquisition of a fifth shipyard in Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain), which demonstrates the growth of the company and is an important step in further strengthening the presence of Palumbo Superyachts services outside the Mediterranean basin. Palumbo Messina and Palumbo Napoli mainly operate in repair, construction, modification, conversion and maintenance of every type of ship and cruise liner. The Group also produces its own range of superyachts – the Columbus Yachts brand, with production facilities in Naples.



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QAA6 MYS 2016

Lift Emotion – Providing Added Value


During the Monaco Yacht Show, Lift Emotion will be available in Darse Sud QS68. The presence of the Lift Emotion team during the Show means that clients/designers and shipyards can get help and advice on any question relating to elevators or specially engineered products. With new design projects and new ideas, Lift Emotion will provide added value for visitors during show season. With regard to the refit and maintenance of elevators on board, they can help not only with annual maintenance but also with the upgrade of onboard lift systems with the latest technology, such as a refit kit for hydraulically-driven power-packs enabling conversion to a smoother and more silent drive. This is also possible for vessels which have existing equipment from other lift manufacturers. With their new facilities in Meppel, the Netherlands, their assembly is now completely in-house, providing clients with even higher quality and ease of access when visiting for FAT or training. They will also be available for meetings during the FLIBS and they have a stand at the METS.


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MYS 2016

2 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Monaco Preview.indd 20

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:42


www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Monaco Preview.indd 21

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 2 1

01-09-16 13:42


The DuTch Don’T like To blow Their own TrumpeTs, which is why one of our mosT famous sayings, roughly TranslaTeD, is ‘keep iT normal’. nonetheless, it behooves me to say that the last couple of years have been impressive ones for the Dutch superyacht cluster. words by Jeroen sirag


Jeroen sirag, Export director HIswA Holland yachting Group

t was a fine achievement that hiswa holland yachting group members won both the motoryacht (feadship) and sailing yacht (Vitters) of the year awards at this year’s world superyacht awards. claasen, mulder, heesen and holland Jachtbouw all won their categories on the same evening. and four other Dutch yards were finalists, emphasizing the breadth of talent we have in the netherlands and the superlative quality on offer to owners.

Impressive Results These results come on the back of some impressive numbers. having made 21 deliveries in 2015, members of the hiswa holland yachting group also received orders for another 24 superyachts last year averaging 56m, an increase of 26.3% on 2014. The forecast for 2016 is 25 deliveries with a total length of 1425m. There are two other figures that are important to mention as they allow us to see the bigger picture. holland was responsible for a quarter of the world’s deliveries in terms of value in 2015 and the average value of those superyachts was eur 52 million, twice the average build worldwide. how did a small country like holland become such a big player within the global industry? The Dutch have a great history of maritime trading that dates back to the golden age of shipping in the 1600s. as a low-lying country, our battle against the floodwaters led to extraordinary feats of engineering well into the 20th century. by blending a rich heritage of age-old craftsmanship with cutting edge technologies and a genuine desire to constantly learn from best practices, the superyacht cluster in holland has earned its place as a global leader.

We All Have a Story to Tell

Monaco yacht show

2 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Hiswa Holland Yachting Group.indd 22

behind every Dutch superyacht yard and supplier is a story. behind every owner is a story. and, inevitably, behind every newly launched superyacht or product is a story, which blends all of the above and more. Three years ago the hiswa holland yachting group

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:49


started a new campaign focused on the essential elements that make our members unique. get introduced with our 40 members, their stories, their ambition, and their passion. at one of the yachting shows that we will be attending this year: monaco yacht show (sep 28-oct 1), fort lauderdale international boat show (nov 3-7) and meTs (nov 15-17). come and visit us at the holland pavilion at Qab12 during monaco yacht show and catch up with the leading innovative yacht suppliers: rondal, radio Zeeland Dmp, heinen & hopman, naiad Dynamics, Vbh, Tijssen elektro, rh marine, radio holland, hydromar, cramm yachting systems and Dms holland.

Holland Pavilion at Monaco yacht show


The Tale of the Whale The Experience could there be anything more vexing than your glass of champagne toppling over and emptying its cold contents onto your dinner companion? and as embarrassing as it was, this incident, which occurred in choppy waters around antigua, pales in comparison with facing a boatload of green-faced guests. experienced hands may scoff at motion sickness, but rough seas have a way of cancelling all the fun of any pleasure cruise. if you are looking for the best way to tame the sea, Dms hollandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s antiroll retractable fin stabilizer system is the solution.

The Story of the Whale our inspiration comes from nature â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the fins of a whale to be precise. it took millions of years of evolution to produce the thin, long, rotating and flapping fins that allow these incredibly bulky animals to soar above the water like ballerinas. like whale fins, the antiroll fins are long, narrow and curved, and can move and

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Hiswa Holland Yachting Group.indd 23

rotate in two directions. This gives them optimum effectiveness in all circumstances: they rotate forward and back for stabilization underway and flap up and down for stabilization at anchor. additionally, as the fins can be folded completely underneath the hull in shallow or arctic waters there is no chance of them being damaged.

The Results of the Design antiroll provides a retractable stabilization system for both underway and at zero speed without any compromise of performance in either circumstance. The curved, high-aspect ratio fins significantly reduce drag by between 50 and 75 percent whilst sailing, which in turn has a positive impact on fuel consumption. in addition, the fact that the fin is flapping and not rotating at zero speed makes it two to three times more efficient, providing a more stable yacht at anchor and ensuring your helicopter can safely touch down!


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 2 3

01-09-16 13:49

M Y PA I M a r t e n Ya c h t P a i n t i n g A d v i c e I n s p e c t i o n s

- Advice - Survey - Consultancy - Inspection - Arbitration - Training - Seminars van Ommenstraat 3 8326 CP Sint Jansklooster Tel. +31527 - 246855 Fax. +31527 - 245688 Mob. +316 - 20429425 email.

Prefer re d co n s u l t ant by wo r l d s l e ad in g ya c ht p a inte r s

EXPERT FOR: The Independent Yacht Painting Consultant


Visit us at stand QS63

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution This comprehensive one-stop-shop offering covering all your waste, wastewater and water management needs is what sets us apart from the competition. Vacuum collection

2 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Hiswa Holland Yachting Group.indd 24

Wastewater treatment

Dry and wet waste treatment

Fresh water generation

Systems automation

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:49


Rondal: a Touch of Science Fiction “if a rigger who left the industry a few decades ago returned today, he might get the impression he was in the latest spielberg science fiction blockbuster,” says rondal rigger Jan slot. “masts are cooked, fibres are stored in freezers and standing rigging cables are cured – while lengths above 65m have become the standard. welcome to the brave new world of superyacht rigging. “when i joined rondal 30 years ago, wooden masts only existed for the classic flatbottomed yachts. The most modern material for spars was aluminium. back then, a superyacht rig at rondal was a stick for a 65-footer , corresponding to a total mast length of some 25m. in-mast furling, not inboom furling, was the key to success. in those early days, we would step something

like ten masts every year. The procedures were relatively simple and we didn’t use safety harnesses, helmets or headsets – you just rolled up your sleeves and got on with the job. standing rigging was made from wire until it was replaced by rod rigging – a solid metal cable, which was stronger but still very heavy. “rigging systems, and yachtbuilding, have truly come a long way over the last few decades. i’ve witnessed much of the evolution in terms of the adoption of modern techniques and materials in superyacht rigging during my time at rondal. i expect the ingenuity and dedication of our craftsmen and engineers to yield just as many exciting innovations in the years to come.”


VBH: Keeping Up with the Latest is a Never Ending Race

photo credit: oTTi photography.

read more stories at

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Hiswa Holland Yachting Group.indd 25

for kees groen, project manager at Van berge henegouwen, the relentless pace of change in audio Visual / iT technology ensures that every day brings something new. keeping up with the latest developments is a never-ending race, but the pace of innovation both within Vbh and in the outside world is exhilarating, bringing with it new challenges on a daily basis. “for Vbh it is vital as the technology partner to be fully aware of what’s new and what’s coming,” says kees. “as a team we’re always exchanging information and ideas via things like knowledge cafés: everyone gets together after work to eat pizza, discuss new technology developments and see how we can implement

them on yachts. it’s all part of what i love about working at Vbh.” “we not only specialise in audio Visual and iT, but also in lighting and security and bespoke installations that merge art and technology. it’s both exciting and inspirational to see the different technical disciplines within Vbh working together to realise a project. The potential of what can achieved is always growing since technology develops so fast. anticipating the future requires us to be flexible and agile and keep thinking ahead. The process of integration is as much an art as a science, and when everyone with their different skill sets and specialisations works as a team the results can be truly exceptional. combining the very latest in technology with the beauty and craftsmanship of the world’s finest yachts is something of which i never tire.”


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 2 5

01-09-16 13:50



Truly Special Galactica Super Nova, the 70m all-alumiNium FaSt DiSplacemeNt Superyacht iS the lateSt aND larGeSt Delivery to come out oF heeSeN yachtS to Date. SolD iN December 2013, Galactica Super Nova’s slender aluminium hull was engineered by heesen’s in-house specialists in collaboration with the renowned Dutch naval architects van oossanen, who devised the revolutionary hull form. an extremely thorough pre-design phase, using more than 35 years of yacht-building experience, resulted in a very efficient construction process that allowed the fullycustomised vessel to be built and delivered in just 41 months.


ea trials took place over four days this spring in the North Sea, starting with moderate weather conditions with waves of 1.5m that progressively improved to calmer conditions with waves of 0.5m and clear blue skies. Due to her high-performance Fast Displacement Hull Form coupled with an innovative propulsion system, Galactica Super Nova exceeded her contractual top speed by 0.3 knots to reach an impressive maximum speed of 30.3 knots. She further proved to be very quiet and highly manoeuvrable in all sea conditions.    The propulsion system consists of two MTU wing engines with fixed pitch propellers and a third central engine with Rolls Royce booster water jet. The first time such a configuration has been applied to a superyacht, it provides acceleration from 0 to 30 knots in just 75 seconds, making Galactica Super Nova not only one of the 200 largest yachts in the world but also one of the fastest.

Design Brief Beyond the remarkable performance and cuttingedge engineering, Galactica Super Nova is wrapped in a head-turning exterior design by renowned designer and naval architect Espen Oenio, who worked on a preestablished technical platform provided by Heesen. The designer was able to develop a profile that embodies Heesen’s DNA, but also introduces new design elements that make Galactica Super Nova one of the brightest


2 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Galactica Super Nova.indd 26

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:51


www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Galactica Super Nova.indd 27

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 2 7

01-09-16 16:28


2 8 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Galactica Super Nova.indd 28

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:52


stars in the Heesen galaxy to date. According to Mr Oenio, “I’ve long been interested in making displacement hulls faster and more efficient, so I find the FDHF concept fascinating. I think there is a lot to be said for cruising comfortably and economically at speeds of up to 30 knots. In this day and age when people lead very busy lives, it means you can cover more ground in less time, which is something that appeals to a lot of owners.” The exterior design brief for the 70m evolved from the 65m according to Mr Oenio. “The 70m is based on the pre-established 65m platform, so Heesen came to us with a series of precise criteria as to what could be modified given the time frame we were working with. Heesen figured out all the engineering, while we came up with the general concept and detailing. The most obvious development is the superstructure styling from bridge deck to sundeck. There is no overhang above the bridge windscreen and we wanted to make all the side windows as big as possible, while also subtly simplifying the design language. The owner was

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Galactica Super Nova.indd 29

keen to retain the trademark arches on the aft main deck, so we also had to ensure that any new styling elements connected well with that part of the superstructure. The brief called for more headroom on the sundeck. So the arches mirror those in the stern and provide a ceiling height of 2.5m, in addition to great views and protection from the elements. The sundeck is now semi-enclosed with sliding glass windows both in front and along the sides. The yacht is even faster than the 65m, and when you’re cruising along at 30-plus knots, perhaps into the wind, you obviously need some protection.”

Galactica Super Nova will make her official début at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show after a busy summer season in the Mediterranean.

Hull Hue In terms of hull design and exterior styling, the 70m—and the 65m before it—represent a departure from Heesen’s production and signature styling to date. According to Mark Cavendish, Director Sales and Marketing at Heesen, “The 70m, of course, utilises the same Fast Displacement Hull Form as Galactica Star, a concept by Van Oossanen Naval Architects that we were the first to put into production. But

with the addition of water jets, the new yacht will be even faster than the 65m. This would simply not be achievable with a traditional displacement hull. Heesen has been building fast yachts since 1978 and during that time we’ve become a world leader in the field. With exterior design by Espen Oeino and interior design by Sander Sinot, the 70m is both an evolution of Heesen’s


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 2 9

01-09-16 13:53

rl Wo

ate dP


ys dS



imagine how easy it will be to get on board...

courtesy Riva – Ferretti Spa; ph. Alberto Cocchi

✓ Gangway ✓ Swim ladder Supplier to the best shipyards

✓ Tender lift ✓Bathing-loading platform



+ 1.800.762.0165 MARINE GENERATORS A1318

3 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Galactica Super Nova.indd 30

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:53


SPECS Galactica Super Nova Hull type

long experience in the superyacht sector, but also the result of specific research into what the market wants and expects. Galactica Star, and now the 70m Super Nova, are the result of what Heesen perceive as a growing demand for fast transit speeds combined with the high level of comfort and space associated with displacement cruising.

Market Demands Beyond faster displacement speeds, the added value that the 70m FDHF project offers prospective owners, as well as how this meets the demands of today’s market, is clear. “Beach clubs have become something of a trend, but I believe Heesen was one of the first to build a dedicated beach club space on the lower aft deck that is just as luxurious as other areas of the boat. On the 65m and now on the 70m, by moving the tenders into garages in the forward part of the hull, we’ve developed a fantastic space that allows owners and their guests to enjoy a lifestyle closer to the water,” states Mr Cavendish. Other key features include a larger than average swimming pool that has a contra flow system for swimming and an integrated Jacuzzi

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Galactica Super Nova.indd 31

for relaxing, while the glass bottom allows extra natural light into the beach club below. There’s also a forward helipad that doubles as dance floor and an elevator that connects all the deck levels, which makes moving around the yacht much easier for elderly or mobility-challenged guests.

Full aluminium round bilge fast displacement Naval architect Van Oossanen / Heesen Yachts Interior design Sinot Yacht Design Exterior design Espen Oeino Classification ABS A1 Commercial Yachting Service AMS Large commercial Yacht Code (LY3) by MCA Hull Aluminium Superstructure Aluminium LOA 70.07m BOA 11.90m Draft hull at DWL 2.40m Tonnage approx. 1,200 gross tonnes Displacement (50%) approx. 620t Maximum speed (50% load) 25.3 knots Range at 14 knots 4,000 Nautical Miles Fuel capacity 90,000 litres Fresh water 25,000 litres

Future Vision The increasing size of production witnessed at Heesen clearly reflects the company’s strengths and focus for the future. “The production processes are handled in-house using our own facilities and staff, from hull and superstructure assembly, to engineering, electrical installation, painting and even the high-end interior fit-out. This means we can take on projects such as the 65m and 70m with relative ease and confidence. Today, for example, we’re building twelve yachts in-house, the largest of which is the 70m and the smallest

is 42m. We feel well-positioned to dominate this sector of the motor yacht market where style and speed, efficiency and performance, work in harmony with our clients’ exacting requirements to create something truly special.”


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 3 1

01-09-16 13:53


on time delivery

Behind the Scenes From the very First concepts and naval architecture to the interior design, the challenge is always to remain focussed on the final product, keeping the owner’s wishes at heart.


ur number one challenge when a client orders a yacht is to make their dream come true,” states peter van der Zanden, General manager of design and development at heesen yachts. “We work closely with them throughout the design process to incorporate their desires while ensuring the highest level of quality even if this means making changes late in the design process.”

Software Update photo courtesy of heesen yachts

The revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form, designed in 3D with Dassault Systèmes’ solutions allows Galactica Star and the Galactica Super Nova to perform more efficiently over a wider range of speeds.

photo courtesy of heesen yachts

Heesen Yachts adopted Dassault Systèmes’ solutions including 3D modeling application CATIA to allow naval architects to create, analyse, modify, and optimise the interior design more rapidly and accurately.

3 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Dassault Systems.indd 32

in a demanding luxury yacht market, flexibility, and the ability to collaborate with clients from the earliest stages, are extremely important. “our old 2d design methods and tools were just not up to scratch when it came to dealing with the complexities of large custom-built luxury yacht design,” mr van der Zanden stated. “everything must be more: more room, more comfort, more amenities, and more luxury – except when it comes to delivery times. this always has to be less. all this makes things very complex for us. We needed more power from our software solutions and dassault systèmes’ solutions, including catia 3d modeling applications, was the answer. Keonys, a dassault systèmes partner, helped us to successfully implement the software. the

relationship between our three companies is a strong one.”

Multi-Discipline Collaboration luxury yachts are like floating five-star hotels and require the collaborative effort of many disciplines to design the structure, engines, piping, interior and exterior layout and amenities. “our design, engineering and production people collaborate in a common environment, exchanging ideas and making modifications on the fly,” mr van der Zanden comments. Working in 3d is a major advantage. “designs are clearer so people can more easily express their ideas,” according to mr van der Zanden. “We can show our production department the most optimised assembly sequences with instructions generated using the interactive 3d visualisation and animation capabilities. catia also helps us to optimise the use of space inside the vessel. since every discipline works on the same model in real time, they can make any necessary adjustments before sending the designs to production, saving valuable time all round.” space inside any yacht is limited and must be shared between the various disciplines


w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

02-09-16 10:06


Leading the way in digital KVM

Up on the bridge or down in the engineering room, you don’t need your computers beside you to have complete control over your IT systems. With G&D’s KVM technology, you can remove computers from control rooms into one safe location. As a result, you’ll create more space with less noise and less heat and enjoy a better working environment. For complete flexibility, users can access the systems wherever they are on board – all they need are the necessary peripherals e.g. a mouse and a keyboard and one or more display screens. In addition, KVM systems from G&D deliver more safety. Our systems not only provide missioncritical features that monitor our KVM equipment but they can also measure several parameters of the systems they’re connected to.


On ships, in special applications control, in vessel traffic service (VTS), on offshore platforms… for complete control with flexibility the answer is KVM – from G&D.

Sorgiovanni Designs


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 3 3

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om G&D marine96x267 SMM.indd 1

Dassault Systems.indd 33

19/07/2016 15:15 Ind 96x267 2016.indd 1 EXTEX SuperYacht

03/02/2016 14:51

02-09-16 10:06

Heesen Yachts Photography: Gilles Martin-Raget - Baltic Yachts Photography: JesĂşs Renedo

smart solutions are not visible, but we make sure they are there

intelligence on board

As a turn-key system integrator, Tijssen Elektro feels at home on board of luxurious yachts. Our knowledge of electrical engineering is of the highest international level: from design and engineering, to e-installation and integration. Our multidisciplinary provision of services extends from state-of-the-art audio/video, navigation & communication systems and clever domotics, to complex data networks and sustainable yacht installations. Often concealed, but always recognized by our clients: that is typical Tijssen.

Carbon fibre

Meet us at the Monaco Yacht Show 28 September - 1 October Stand QAB11 - Quai Antoine 1ER B

Original only by 0% corrosion 100% green 100% lightweight

sun awning system ...the most professional way of providing shade. State of the art The application variety of the system and its multiplex design options make the multiplex sun awning system one of the favored sun awning systems on modern yachts. Find many new references on our homepage. Dassault Systems.indd 34

01-09-16 13:55


The interior design department is Heesen Yachts’ ‘dream factory’...

photo courtesy of heesen yachts / Jeff Brown

that need to work together to position their equipment. “this includes all mechanical engineering systems, ventilation, sanitary systems, fresh water lines, electrical, window wipers and pneumatics,” said piet van der linden, mechanical engineering department manager. “our role in mechanical engineering is to ensure that all systems are positioned and functioning correctly, and that we make efficient use of the space we have available. catia is used to design all the systems, and with the digital 3d mock-up, we are able to verify that everything fits and that there are no interferences before finalising the routing assembly drawings.”

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Dassault Systems.indd 35

Complex Customisation Building a one-of-a-kind yacht like the Galactica star and the Galactica super nova poses many challenges. “one of the biggest is managing the vessel’s many designed and assembled parts,” said Jos verbruggen, manager of shipbuilding engineering at heesen yachts. “every part has its own strength, stiffness, and vibration requirements, which makes it unique but also very complex to design and manage. We can’t just take a part from another boat and use it in this yacht. to assemble all these parts, catia helped ensure a smooth assembly sequence by enabling us to first verify in a virtual

environment that parts fit together without interference. it was a clear illustration of successful inter-disciplinary collaboration, working simultaneously in 3d to produce the optimum design before releasing it to production. in essence, it was right the first time,” mr verbruggen said.

Dream Factory

of interior engineering at heesen yachts. “We can present the client with a virtual 3d mock-up of their future yacht interior, which helps us understand what the client wants, and for the client to clearly visualise what we propose in response.”

i. i.

the interior design department is heesen yachts’ ‘dream factory’ working closely with clients to transform their desires into reality. “our job is to create a pleasant atmosphere for the owner and we usually have to walk a fine line between what they want and what is feasible,” said perry van hirtum, manager

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 3 5

01-09-16 13:55

REINTJES Gearboxes The best choice for your vessel! We welcome you to booth QS26 Darse Sud at

For over 75 years already, REINTJES Benelux â&#x20AC;&#x201C; based in Antwerp â&#x20AC;&#x201C; handles sales and services of REINTJES gear boxes and reversing gears for Dutch shipping, dredging, fishery, luxurious yachts, shortsea, sea-going and inland navigation... Our service department is available for all spare parts as well as repairs. Whether it is an inspection or repair, our team of experienced service engineers is always there for you and assures you the reliability and quality REINTJES represents.

44 Avenue Robert Soleau 06600 Antibes +33 (0)4 97 046 980 France

WAF 763 L 1250 kW at 1600 rpm

REINTJES Benelux BVBA | Luithagen Haven 2 | Unit F | 2030 Antwerpen Tel +32 (0)3 541 92 33 | Fax +32 (0)3 541 02 12 |

3 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m Shipbuilding Industry_96x267mm_Mai.indd 1

Kormaran.indd 36

04.05.2015 14:02:17

01-09-16 13:57


A CLAss OF iTs OwN

Transformation Complete The visiON OF A New CLAss OF bOAT hAs beeN

A Veritable Paradigm Shift


The K7 demonstrates the unique engineering ingenuity synonymous with Kormaran and may change the way the world thinks about boating. New standards in engineering with its cutting edge technology make this watercraft unique with a combination of Formula 1 monocoque technology and Le Mans carbon fiber racing technology, aviation lightweight components, as well as America´s Cup hydrofoil technology. The basic version of the K7 is equipped with two powerful marine Rotax engines offering up to 600hp. On top, the upgraded hydrofoil version

COMbiNes The AbiLiTy TO TRANsFORM iTseLF – ChANgiNg FROM AN eLegANT, sTAbLe MuLTi-puRpOse dAybOAT TO a sunbathing island – with the comfort of hydrofoils flying over the waves. whether opting for the agility of a monohull for quick manoeuvres, the stability of a catamaran or a trimaran, gliding over the water on hydrofoils or the comfort of a sunbathing island – the K7 can accomplish it all.


www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Kormaran.indd 37

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 3 7

01-09-16 13:57


Control your comfort Pantone 299

Pantone 354

Black K=100%

Pantone Uncoated (U) voor uncoated papierdrukwerk, zoals visitekaartjes, briefpapier etc. Pantone Coated (C) voor coated papierdrukwerk en en andere gecoate ondergronden, zoals stickers etc. Versie 2014-02-18 Edward Newland /


22 ยบ C



As a key supplier to many leading yachtbuilders, Heinen & Hopman ensures that onboard air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems meet the highest possible specifications. The result is a superior interior environment providing owners with the absolute comfort they expect from the finest superyachts.

Meet us at the Monaco Yacht Show: QAB3 and QH9 Follow us on:

Superyacht Industry 193x132 (ED20150916).indd 1

3 8 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Kormaran.indd 38

28-7-2016 16:15:20

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 13:57


Unique experiences and fresh driving sensations guaranteed

includes a third engine generating a total power up to 900hp. while gliding in the bathing island mode (trimaran) a speed of 10 km/h / 5 kn ensures safety and comfort. in standard driving mode (catamaran), speeds of 70 km/h /38 kn can be reached. while flying in hydrofoil mode, the speed is physically limited to 70 km/h / 38 kn due to cavitation effects. The minimum range of 200km (108nm) can be extended by expandable fuel tanks.

Making Dreams Come True The production of the first edition of the K7 is limited to only 50 masterpieces and is already well underway with the first vessels to be delivered in spring 2017. The design of every single K7 can be fully tailor-made. The Kormaran clientele includes royal families, superyacht and private island owners, search and rescue-, coast guard- and other governmental authorities. Founded in 2010 in salzburg by dr. Oliver Kormann and his wife Jutta Kormann, the company´s success is based on most acknowledged Austrian and

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Kormaran.indd 39

german carbon fiber-, hydraulics-, hydrofoiland software specialists. “Our design is driven by function and emotion while most of the functions are hidden, the emotions are clearly visible, creating permanent values,” states Kormaran inventor, designer and Owner, Oliver Kormann. To meet customer’s expectations, the company´s production site in salzburg is currently being extended by a second assembly line for governmental contractors. delivery commitments can be met due to long term and sustainable Austrian and german supplier relationships with the automotive, marine and aviation industries.

Driving the Beauty unique experiences and fresh driving sensations are to be expected when gliding, driving or flying the K7. The performance with its mighty jet beam propulsion is topped by the futuristic and elegant design. The separate joystick allows for easy and intuitive one-hand manoeuvring in cramped environments like harbours and marinas. with its adjustable height and the newly designed carbon

fiber bathing ladder the K7 enables its owners to get on and off effortlessly. passengers can enjoy chilling on the comfortable and spacious sun bathing island under the adjustable bimini sun sails, which are available in different versions capable of covering the bathing platform, the cockpit or both. Lounge cushions and cosy sun mattresses complement the equipment.


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01-09-16 13:57


Where Quality Meets Design

photo courtesy of pascoe international

SupplierS and cuStomerS working together very often StrengthenS the market position of both. a good example of this within the superyacht industry is the close relationship between pascoe international and fender innovations.

4 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Pascoe.indd 40


ender innovations started producing fenders in 2012. Since then, it has acquired an excellent reputation for the development and production of high-quality fender systems. the products of fender innovations are well known for being stronger and lighter than any other fender, leading to operational cost savings. the specifications are adjusted per product to suit individual requirements. together with the flexible manufacturing process, this results in an elegant design, with an unlimited choice of dampening

characteristics, shapes and sizes. the fenders are produced with a special topcoat, which can provide various degrees of resilience. it is also possible to create sections of up to 18.5m with seamless curves as one single piece.

Raising the Standard originally, the company targeted the workboat market, but for years superyacht builders, including pascoe international have been relying on fender innovations too. with pascoe

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 15:00


facilitating the launch of the company onto the superyacht market, fender innovations succeeded in further raising the standard of their quality, leading to a broad range of customers in the luxury market. in addition to this development, fender systems are now supplied to more than 25 countries for both new and existing (work) vessels such as lifeboats, fast crew suppliers, riBs, patrol boats, interceptors, water taxis, amphibious vehicles and firefighting boats.

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Pascoe.indd 41

to keep up with customer demands, fender innovations moved to a new plant at the end of 2015 and now operates two large, innovative five-axis computer-controlled milling machines. development and manufacture of the fenders is supplemented by fender installation, maintenance and repair by a specialised service department. recently, a new skill has been added: the manufacture of moulds and plugs for the

fabrication of shipsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hulls and decks up to a length of 14m. cooperation between the companies is now about to enter a new phase as pascoe is also looking forward to commissioning the preparation of moulds for essential composite parts. this means that potentially fender innovations may supply the full external envelope of pascoeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s luxury tenders in anticipation of a high level of installation and fitting out.


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01-09-16 15:00


Emigreen, simply the world leader in Soot, NOx, CO, HC & Noise reduction Adv_EMI_Superyachts_192x132_8-2016_conc8.indd 1

4 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Pascoe.indd 42


26-08-16 13:24

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 16:29


photo courtesy of pascoe international

Tried and Tested pascoe international specialises in providing semi and fully-customised tenders to the world’s superyachts. with more than ten years in the superyacht market, and circa 200 superyacht tenders in active service, success is attributed to experience and dependability. the company’s headquarters is home to a talented and experienced team, assigned to design and build reliable and beautifully-appointed tenders to fully match the intended mothership and to provide trouble-free service throughout the world. a unique feature is that most of the tenders supplied are based on tried-and-tested platforms. this offers the prospective owners the assurance that the tenders have been optimised to suit passenger loads, that they are capable of the required performance and that they provide a safe, dry and comfortable ride. using dependable platforms does not mean that the tenders all look alike. they are usually heavily customised to match the mothership. whether based on a developed platform or custom-built, each tender is individually crafted, in many cases with an interior commissioned from the yacht’s outfitters and built with meticulous attention to detail. however elegant and luxuriously appointed, superyacht tenders must first and foremost be reliable, dependable and able to meet all the

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Pascoe.indd 43

expectations of a busy superyacht, be it for the owners’ requirements or for a charter. today, a full range of tenders is offered from 5.5m to 11m, SolaS rescue boats, crew boats, guest and water sports boats, performance tenders, open and closed limousine tenders and beach landers. as propulsion and battery technology develop, pascoe anticipates that full electric, hybrid and fuel-cell technologies may be taken up by tender manufacturers keen to meet the owners’ aspirations for green technology, silent operation and reduced emissions. the company has a dedicated team that is constantly looking into advances in these areas and testing the implementation of alternative propulsion sources within the required weight and performance parameters. there is also further emphasis on the 100% adoption of cnc machining of all the essential components for maximum accuracy, weight control and fit between all the various parts. pascoe international is heading in the same direction as car manufacturers, assembling precision components sourced from all around the world. as such, precision-moulded composite elements, which can accept cncmachined fenders from fender innovations are already being used, just as easily as glass from companies such as tilse in germany.

A Perfect Collaboration pascoe international is one of the first companies to rely on fender innovations for the 100% custom hand build and cnc-milled fenders for their larger limousine and landau tenders. the close collaboration extends well beyond just the supply of precisely machined and finished fender elements, to indeed the exchange of ideas and techniques for installation to ensure precise alignment with key features and to provide maximum support and reliability.

i. i.

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 4 3

01-09-16 15:00


Hakvoort’s trailblazing Just J’s

A True Flagship

At 61m, Just J’s is the lArgest superyAcht lAunched by hAkvoort so fAr. this wAs mAde possible by the yArd’s 2012 expAnsion of its mAin production shed in monnickendam, the netherlands to 65m. being in a select club of vessels in her size range to feature five decks, Just J’s has a huge volume and a stunning layout.


ust J’s demonstrates a distinctive overall style and exceptional attention to detail topped off with an extraordinary technical foundation. three of Holland’s leading exponents of superyacht design and construction are behind Just J’s. built by the expert craftsmen and engineers at Hakvoort shipyards, she features an exterior and interior design coming from the drawing boards of sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, while her naval architecture was provided by Diana Yacht Design. Just J’s showcases striking design features and as well as the latest in sophisticated technology.


4 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Hakvoort Just J.indd 44

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 14:00


SPECS Just J’s L.o.a. 61m L.w.l. 50.4m Beam 11m Draft 3.37m Exterior and interior design Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design Naval architecture Diana Yacht Design BV Classifications Lloyds +100A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6 (+) LMC, UMS, LY2 and MCA Main engines 2x Caterpillar diesel engines type 3512C, each with an MCR of 1,174 kW at 1,800 rpm Generators Two Caterpillar C-18 generators: 275 kW at 1,500 rpm Speed cruising speed 13 kts, max speed 15.5 kts Range 4,000nm at 12 kts Fuel capacity 120,000 l Fresh water capacity 20,000 l Berths Full-width master stateroom on owner’ deck, accommodation for 14 guests in a VIP stateroom and 6 double guest suites, accommodation for captain and 16 crew members in 8 cabins Delivered 12 February 2016

Streamlined Allure “there are several striking elements in Just J’s overall profile,” explains sander J. sinot of sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, who directed the project and worked on it together with designer Paul Costerus. “Despite the large windows in the main deck forward section, the yacht has an elongated look. Just J’s is 61m long, but looks longer on the water because of her partially closed foredeck and the balance between the superstructure and the hull. this is enhanced by the style of the mast and the sundeck, with the comparably large observation area on the sundeck. Hakvoort project manager Marc van Ditshuizen agrees: “Just J’s looks and feels as a marvellously integrated whole. lots of

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Hakvoort Just J.indd 45

quality deck furniture combines with wonderful teak decks into a lovely composition. and while she has a huge amount of volume, Just J’s remains streamlined and elegant on the outside – one would hardly guess she is 61m long.”

Coherence and Style “the unifying style of this tale of five decks is contemporary modern overall,” Mr Costerus of sinot Exclusive Yacht Design says. the owners wanted to create a yacht atmosphere combined with the informal feel one finds in beach houses. Connecting the outside with the interior of every lounge and every stateroom is important. We created spectacular lines of vision in every direction, with large windows providing grand views to the outside. this was a major part of the

brief, and it worked out particularly well on this project.” all of the decks have a coherent theme inside and out, with lounges and exteriors in sync with each other in terms of both colour references and degree of comfort. on each deck, the colour tones are a cohesive whole, even when materials and fabrics differ in degree of sophistication – the master stateroom has 100% raw silk in the panelling, for example, while the hallways are clad in much more durable linen. While the feel of each space is distinctive, they are all clearly themed by deck. “We did not need every single space on the yacht to be completely unique,” Mr Costerus continues. “they are all recognisable as


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 2 | 4 5

01-09-16 14:00


belonging to Just J’s and the materials and the architectural detailing are consistent throughout.”

The Main Deck Just J’s main deck features four guest cabins, the VIP suite, the pantry, the dining room and the salon. This positioning of these accommodations, coupled with the very large windows, ensures unbeatable views for the guests. The main deck is the most formal of the five levels on Just J’s, a fact demonstrated in both materials and colours. Deep blue and silver tones are apparent in elements ranging from the scatter pillows to the carpets, as well as the exterior seating. The main lounge at the aft extremity of the deck connects to the dining room further forward through a seating area. The prevailing colour scheme of the deck is complemented in the dining room by off-white dining chairs and a settee. Fourteen people fit round the formal dining table, and the spaciousness of the dining room is accentuated by its edges. Twin stairs lead down from the aft end to the lazarette and gym on the lower deck.

4 6 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Hakvoort Just J.indd 46

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 16:30


Further forward on the main deck, past the central staircase, is the main lobby which is the gateway to the guest quarters. the main lobby is flanked to port by the viP suite, which sports a king-sized bed. the four guest cabins are further forward: three of them have queen-sized beds and the fourth features twin berths. all have spacious bathrooms in luxurious materials with different colour schemes. the toilets are in separate rooms from the marble showers, and there are twin sinks in the viP suite and the two guest cabins closest to it.

Height of Luxury located above the main deck, the owners’ deck is taken up by the private areas and a lounge. the open area on the aft deck consists of a comfortable dining space centred on a large circular table. the lounge further forward has the ambiance of a gentlemen’s club, complete with well-furnished bar, and is characterised by moodier colours such as reds and oranges. as on the main deck, the colour scheme is reflected in the cushions and upholstery as well as the carpets and exterior furniture. the lounge connects to the crew staircase through a large pantry to port. Forward of the lounge is the owners’ deck hallway with the main staircase and a day head, which links to the owners’ suite. going into the suite, one first enters the master state hallway to starboard. this links to two individual dressing rooms, which in turn lead to separate bathrooms, one of which has a large bathtub. a separate door leads from the hallway to the master bedroom. this huge, semi-circular room is bordered on three sides by windows, which open onto the owners’ private deck forward with Jacuzzi and breakfast nook. the master bedroom is capped with a dome-shaped ceiling consisting of concentric circles ending in a skylight. Paul Costerus of sinot Exclusive Yacht Design explains: “one can lie in bed and look up at the stars. Combined with the windows all around, this ensures an almost unlimited view of the ocean and the sky. You feel like you are outside, at one with the environment.”

Flying High Just J’s’ bridge deck consists of a large outdoor lounge aft with multiple comfortable seating areas. this is adjacent to the indoor

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Hakvoort Just J.indd 47

lounge, which is anaccomplished area for family socialising and tv watching – there is a screen that is easily large enough for a small cinema. “the colour scheme consists largely of aqua tones and more vivid green-blues,” Mr Costerus says. “this was specified by the owners, who wanted it to be a sparkling, open and enjoyable place.”


Just J’s showcases striking design features and as well as the latest in sophisticated technology.

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 4 7

01-09-16 14:00

Where quality meets design Unique fender systems; ultra light weight, sleek design, seamless bends, tailor-made in all shapes and sizes.

Contact us at +31(0)22 376 4170,, or visit for more information.




4 8 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Hakvoort Just J.indd 48

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 14:00


Past the spectacular central staircase and lift is the captain’s cabin to starboard and office to port. Further forward, the bridge is reached through the office, which also opens onto the crew staircase. The equipment is state of the art – the bridge is fully electronic without paper charts and has seven screens and the latest monitoring equipment – two radars and an infrared camera for night vision and low visibility situations, as well as an overall monitoring system for the vessel. The bridge deck is very much connected to the sun deck above, which is characterised by blue-green and aqua tones. The lounge here has plenty of seating space underneath the arch, as well as a bar. The adjacent combination whirlpool bath and swimming pool features custom-made tiling designed by the owners.

Marvels Down Below Just J’s’ lower deck is as ingeniously designed as the rest of the yacht. The beautiful main lift and staircase shaft here opens onto a hallway which gives access to two guest cabins, a smaller twin room and one larger guest space consisting of a dedicated hallway, separate

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Hakvoort Just J.indd 49

bathroom and toilet, and bedroom with queensized bed. The crew staircase which flanks the main staircase opens onto the impressive crew spaces. It leads through a large pantry to the very well-equipped galley on the one hand, and through a hallway to the crew quarters on the other. There are eight crew cabins forward, six with ensuite and two with shared shower and toilet, and a stairwell leading down to the crew mess room and laundry.

Hi-tech Sensations Just J’s’ substantial length and very large volume required a number of pioneering technological applications. “The larger size has real impact in terms of regulations and implementation,” Hakvoort project manager Mr Van Ditshuizen points out. “Plumbing and piping is one example. Windows are another: due to their size and curvature, we had to solve major concerns related to pressure. We decided to source the windows from our specialised Dutch supplier, who normally delivers mirrors for us, and had them shaped in Germany.”

Another technological – not to mention aesthetic – triumph is the stunning central lift and staircase, which connects all the decks. The lift shaft was built separately and then lowered into the hull from above by crane, which required the roof of the construction shed to be removed.


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 4 9

02-09-16 09:43

Your best electrical partner

Meet us at the Monaco Yacht Show! 161978_Piet Brouwer_advertentie_193x132.indd 1

23-08-16 11:04

Quality Products for the Shipbuilding & Superyacht Industry

Distributor, spare parts & service agent of (vacuum) waste water treatment & drainage systems. Water and weather tight (sliding) doors, deck-equipment, filtration, vacuum-packed waste disposal, corrosion protection and crane systems complete our program.

Algerastraat 20 • 3125 BS Schiedam • The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 238 09 99 • E •

5 0 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

Multi Engineering.indd 50

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

01-09-16 14:02


Two Decades of Evolution 20 YEArs Of EngInEErIng ExpErIEncE

HAvIng ExpErIEncEd THE bAnkrUpTcY Of cOckErILL YArds And THE bOELwErf fIrsT-HAnd, 20 YEArs AgO MULTI EngInEErIng’s EngInEErIng MAnAgEr, ETIEnnE vAn gOEYE, HAd THE IdEA Of sETTIng Up A bUsInEss Of HIs Own THAT would combine the provision of technical experts for customers on a project-by-project basis with his own design and engineering bureau. with its roots fixed in the maritime world, this was the start of a success story for MULTI Engineering, which has expanded over the years into industry, construction, and infrastructure.

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Multi Engineering.indd 51

From left to right – Wouter Van Goeye (Shared Service Centre) Niko Fierens (Operations) and Nicolas Van Goeye (New Business | CEO)


ince the start of the company MULTI has been involved in over 25 basic and detail designs of superyachts for private owners and clients such as Amels, Oceanco and Heesen, with ten basic and detail designs of river, seagoing and arctic cruise vessels. The consistent growth MULTI Engineering has experienced, while simultaneously retaining its personal approach, is accredited to their devoting a great deal of attention to personal contact with their customers. A successful formula in their eyes, as the better they know their customers, the better they can anticipate their needs and requirements. There is also a clear drive to be a good employer to their engineers. “Effective support, good training, and a personal touch ensure that experts


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 5 1

01-09-16 14:02


Multi Engineering.indd 52




01-09-16 14:02

SPECIAL FEATURE start each day keen to do their job,” states chief Operations Officer niko fierens.

In and Out from the beginning, MULTI have been able to offer their customers not only project sourcing services through their supply of skilled designers and engineers, but also the execution of projects in their own design and engineering offices. These are primarily concept, basic and detail designs of typical ships constructed and operated by belgian and dutch customers. since clients tend to outsource more and more, the number of requests for engineering support during the entire life cycle is increasing annually. changes externally call for changes internally. “To realise our strategic goals, we deemed it necessary to introduce a new organisational structure. we created a solid management team to support our three directors. At all our locations we now have one sales Manager and one design & Engineering Manager specifically for the Maritime & Offshore market. In combination with centralised Hr support, we have created a real ‘One MULTI group’ with only one approach: the one that serves our customers best,” states Mr fierens.    

Imminent Focus

Over a 20-year span, MULTI has grown into an engineering group with seven offices employing over 300 people in three countries. According to Mr fierens, “we intend to continue this growth in a sustainable way while developing further into the same emerging markets as our current group of customers, but always into markets that are also geographically close enough, being complementary to our current engineering playing field. we will only invest in new office infrastructure if it clearly serves to benefit our customers, e.g. if physical presence close to the production facilities is necessary in order to enhance communication lines during projects. One of the interesting market developments we see is the creation of floating, luxurious residential units to possibly replace shore hotel infrastructure like the Orsos Island concept.”

This Island concept combines a personal atmosphere, the experience of being ‘at one’ with nature and the mobility of a yacht with the comfort of a terrestrial home. The Island has been especially developed for private use as well as for the exclusive hotel industry.

With a length of more than 88m, my Nirvana (built under yard no. Y707) is one of the biggest yachts built to date by Oceanco. It features a clipperesque bow and a distinctive curved hull. MULTI Engineering has delivered engineering packages for more than 12 OCEANCO hulls and piping systems so far.

Success Factors MULTI’s philosophy is to enable their customers to be successful. According to Mr fierens, “That is why we provide customised engineering services, either by delivering design and engineering scopes as a subcontractor, by outsourcing expert engineers to our customers, or by supplying advice and consultancy to asset-owners and shipyards. That is why we employ skilled engineers and focus on their further development. what customers say they like about MULTI is our fast response, our flexibility and the fact that we understand their business and what they find important.”


www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

Multi Engineering.indd 53

This project consists of the refit of the historical yacht SS Delphine. MULTI Engineering delivered a full engineering package and yard support. S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 5 3

01-09-16 14:02

Custom solutions

Attending METS 2016? I F S O , R E A D C L O S E LY.

15 – 17 November 2016 WWW.METSTRADE.COM

A thruster by Veth Propulsion. A typical

As an official media partner of METS 2016, SuperYacht Industry

Dutch product. The end result is robust,

will bring readers an in-depth event preview. Contact our sales team

powerful and inspired by your specific

to put your brand in the right place at the right time. In addition, if


you have news related to METS, or any other information you’d like to share, please send it to our editorial team.

T +3178 615 22 66 E i n d u s t r y

VET_Adv SuperYacht 95x132 (Mei16) 02.indd 1

5 4 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 54


+31 (0)118 473398 +31 (0)118 461150

31-05-16 09:08

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

02-09-16 10:03


OUTFITTERS PAGES New Anti-Slip / Walk-On Glass

Light, Strong and Flexible Multifender has introduced a new fender onto the market. The Multifender’s lightweight carbon fibre basements make it extremely strong, and with its easy handling it is practical for use with any kind of swim platform or tender dock. There are three versions of this flexible tender: the Premium with its adjustable carbon hinge, which protects in three dimensions; the Prime, with its twodimensional protection and rolling foam bumper, and the Classic seawaterresistant foam fender which protects forwards and starts at 4.5kg. i.

XT23 Added to Mastercraft’s Range Anti-slip, walk-on glass deck surfaces for marine applications are being researched by Seaglaze and a major float glass manufacturer. Horizontal surfaces (such as deck walkways and hatches, windows etc.) where light may be required underneath will particularly benefit from this new invention. Owners will have the security of knowing they have a certified, non-slip finish to their deck surfaces and marine closures. The glass is available in three thicknesses and three designs and, thanks to Seaglaze’s own factory and expertise in Full Colour Digital Ceramic Printing onto Glass, there are endless possibilities regarding finish. i.

Recent Changes at Palumbo A step in the expansion of Palumbo Superyachts has been taken in its acquisition of a fifth shipyard, this time outside the Mediterranean basin, in Tenerife. This strengthens their current repair, construction, modification and maintenance activities in Napoli and Messina. Furthermore, Columbus Yachts (the Palumbo Group’s own range of superyachts) has received Boat International Media’s World Superyacht Award in the Semi-Displacement&Three Deck 30m – 40.9m category for the MY Divine. Also in the news, Polumbo Group has appointed Daniela Spinelli, who began her career in the US Navy, as their new Marketing and Communications Manager. i.

The XT23 multi-sport crossover machine is designed to facilitate every water sport. The intuitive digital dashboard interface registers the size and shape of the wake required for whichever watersport desired – waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, towsports of tubing. The award-winning Gen 2 Surf System guarantees consistent speed, generating perfect wake conditions. The XT23 has been designed to create maximum interior space and accommodates up to sixteen guests. The dozen-or-so upgrades for the 2017 models will give owners numerous possibilities for customisation. i.

>> www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 55

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 5 5

01-09-16 14:07

SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 56

01-09-16 14:07



Leading in

Exhaust Gas Purification Technology

Customised Efficiency

Arcadia Yachts has recently added the Sherpa to its GRP range. This 16.8m-long ‘forward thinking design’ yacht, with its exceptional 5.6m beam and incredible 7m3 volume, is compact but incorporates all the features of larger yachts in the same range. The layout is flexible, with options including a spacious owner’s suite, two or three cabins and even extra areas of shade in consideration of the Asian market. Suitable for both day cruising and longrange ocean cruising, practically 100% of all onboard energy is derived from solar panels. Together with her lightweight, high-performance, semidisplacement NPL hull, the Sherpa combines elegance, practicality and environmental awareness. i.

LEEA Certification for Spanish Riggers RSB Rigging Solutions are one of the few Spanish rigging companies to have been awarded the LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) general diploma. Furnished with this diploma, RSB is now able to officially survey weight lifting equipment on yachts. This means that RSB can now relieve their clients of the necessity of flying in external surveyors to complete flag state required inspections of EAS tracks and lifting equipment. In turn, this results in minimal interruption to the vessel’s schedule. i.

We eliminate soot, reduce NOx emissions, and help you to comply with IMO Tier III / EPA Tier 4 f.

nauticlean ™

Cockwells Launches Custom-Built Tenders

Diesel Particulate Filter SCR NOx Reduction Combination DPF / SCR

clean4marine™ SCR NOx Reduction Diesel Particulate Filter Photo Credit Andrew Wright

Two state-of-the-art 7m superyacht tenders from Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding are joining their mothership, the 70m Perini Navi ketch Sybaris, in Italy. The custom-made sports boat and limousine tender had to be built to fit the mothership’s shallow tender garage, posing a design challenge for Cockwells. Creative problem solving resulted in a detachable, lightweight roof for the limousine tender and low profiles for the sports boat, enabling them both to fit into the space available. i.

<< www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om

SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 57

S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 5 7

01-09-16 14:07

adv-EUR2017-210x297mm-hr.pdf 1 7/7/2016 3:09:56 PM








K | +31(0)10 293 33 45

adv_Europort2017_229x303mm.indd 1 SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 58

7/7/2016 3:20:17 PM 01-09-16 14:08

0:17 PM

Monaco, Sep 28 - Oct 1.

Start thinking.

Partners: • ATPI Yacht Logistics • Pon Power • Van Gogh Museum • Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers

SYI outfitters 11-3.indd 59

The HISWA Holland Yachting Group represents the world’s leading companies in the superyacht industry. Companies that combine heritage, innovation and creativity to create the perfect motor and sailing yachts. Interested? Visit us at our new location at QUAI ANTOINE 1ER B or start thinking at

01-09-16 14:09


Ho u se of F ine Yac h ting PORT HERCULES, MONACO



223x297_MYS-2016.indd 1 Yellowpages SYI 11-3.indd 60


07/03/2016 16:24:35 01-09-16 14:13



MOOnen ShIpYardS bV Graaf van Solmsweg 52F 5222 BP ’s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands T +31 (0)73 621 00 94 F +31 (0)73 621 94 60 e I contact: Emile M.M. Bilterijst Since 1981 Moonen Shipyards has become a world leader in the design and construction of “pocket-size superyachts” between 20 and 45 metres (65 and 150 feet). Moonen builds fully custom and semicustom yachts: a Displacement Series and an Explorer Series, with steel hulls, and a Fast Yacht Series of semidisplacement aluminium yachts, all of exceptional quality. The combination of premium Dutch quality and advanced technology, guided by personal client input and the keen commitment of the Moonen crew, make every Moonen yacht a joy to own and an excellent investment. Owning a Moonen yacht means joining an exclusive club, as we build just three or four yachts each year.

MarrOn JachTbOUW bV Aambeeld 17 1671 NT Medemblik the Netherlands T +31 (0)227 540 153 F +31 (0)227 540 185 e I contact: Ron Schumacher Marron Jachtbouw BV specializes in: – Teak Decks – Capping Rails – Exterior Ceilings – Specials – Teak Purchasing Next to our wood program we also have pleasure in presenting you Marron-EcoDeck®. Thé alternative when it comes to application for Exterior decks, Interior floors, Wall coverings, Stair treads etc: Marron-EcoDeck®is a strong, flexible, solvent free, UV resistant, polyurethane resin based system. Both in-situ and prefab. All of our products and systems are produced ‘prefab-fit’ by means of digital measuring, AutoCad engineering, CNC milling technique and on-time-delivery.

SUPPLIERS OceancO Marineweg 1, 2952 BX Alblasserdam P.O. Box 20, 2950 AA Alblasserdam C100, M60, B35 The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 699 5399 F +31 (0)78 699 5398 e I contact: Marcel Onkenhout (CEO) Oceanco designs and builds large, luxury, custom superyachts, employing the very highest standards of engineering, planning and craftsmanship allied with the most modern facilities. Oceanco is credited with producing some of the most sophisticated and innovative luxury superyachts in the world. The numerous awards won signify and underscore Oceanco’s commitment to designing and building acclaimed superyachts of exceptional craftsmanship, style and innovation. Oceanco currently has various 85m+ superyachts under various stages of construction.

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om


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cheMeTall b.V. IJsselstraat 41 5347 KG Oss The Netherlands T +31 (0)412 681 888 e I Ampak cathodic protection is a product group within the surface treatment business unit of the Chemetall group, based in Oss, The Netherlands. Ampak is specialized in the design, production and application of cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems. Our systems are mainly supplied to the marine and offshore industry. Ampak is a prime producer of zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloy anodes at its own foundry. Ampak also manufactures impressed current and anti-fouling systems to customer specification and requirements. We maintain strict quality control procedures, which has enabled us to maintain our distinct reputation as a leading and worldwide supplier of

corrosion prevention systems. AMPAK, your worldwide specialist in cathodic protection.

cenTraalSTaal b.V. Osloweg 110, 9723 BX Groningen P.O. Box 204, 9700 AE Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 575 39 00 F +31 (0)50 575 39 08 e I contact: M. van Pijkeren CIG Centraalstaal supplies aluminium and steel building kits to the shipbuilding industry worldwide. The kits consist of highly accurate pre-cut and pre-formed plates, frames and profiles. The exceptional quality of the building kit means that you could ultimately save 25% on the total construction time of the hull.


craMM YachTInG SYSTeMS De Seize 7, 9041 BC Berlikum P.O. Box 510, 8901 BH Leeuwarden The Netherlands T +31 (0)518 461 600 F +31 (0)518 460 802 e I contact: Paul Boelens Cramm Yachting Systems designs, engineers, develops and produces hydraulic yacht equipment like: boarding ladders, passerelles/ gangways, deck cranes, sliding davits, steering machines, swimming platforms, wing-stations, stern doors and folding bulwarks. Cramm Yachting Systems has its own service department which is a partner for service, maintenance and refit projects. Cramm Yachting Systems is also a dealer for different anchorwinches, stabilizer-systems and bow- and sternthrusters.

heInen & hOpMan Produktieweg 12 3751 LN Spakenburg Pantone 299 Pantone 354 The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 299 25 00 F +31 (0)33 299 25 99

Pantone Uncoated (U) voor uncoated papierdrukwerk, zoals visitekaartjes, briefpapier etc.

Pantone Coated (C) voor coated papierdrukwerk en en andere gecoate ondergronden, zoals stickers etc. Versie 2014-02-18 Edward Newland /

Black K=100%

e I contact: J.W.E. Hopman Heinen & Hopman Engineering is a world leader in air conditioning, mechanical ventilation,central heating, refrigeration, sanitary systems, fire protection, environmental systems and air duct cleaning. Founded in 1965, the company is renowned for being an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of customised solutions. We work in four specialist areas: – Superyachts. – Commercial shipping. – Offshore industry. – Navy vessels. Our mission is to ensure that the climate ‘indoors’ will perfectly meet the needs of people and products alike, whatever the weather outside. Heinen & Hopman offers a worldwide, 24/7 service via a network of subsidiaries and sales centres.

TOUWFabrIeK lanGMan bV / lanGManrOpeS.cOM Beurtschipper 26-28 NL-3861 SC NIJKERK The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 246 19 86 e I contact: Jan E.M. Langman Under the name LangmanRopes we supply a wide range of quality ropes made from natural or synthetic yarns. The development, manufacturing and processing of ropes has been our profession and our passion since 1638. For the Superyacht Industry we produce high quality mooringlines which can be supplied with leather protected eyes.

MarU WaTerSpOrT & IndUSTrIe Uiterweg 302 B 1431 AW Aalsmeer the Netherlands contact: Margreet Elfring T +31 (0)297 363 009 e I FENDER – FENDERHOOKS – TRANSOMFENDER For superyachts we have the brands: AERE – MEGAFEND – POLYFORM Maru has also other deck-equipment:


S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 6 1

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Available NOW! Mediakit 2017

i n d u s t r y

6 2 | S Y I 2 0 1 6 | Volum e 11 | Issue 3

i n d u s t r y

ShipBuilding i n d u s t r y w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

Pres. Rooseveltlaan 739, 4383 NG Vlissingen, The Netherlands • T +31 118 473 398 • E • F +31 118 461 150 • I

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YELLOW & FINCH PAGES covers, mooring-lines and boathooks, etc. We deliver to all super-yacht builders in the Netherlands. Dutch Quality and service PRODUCTS FOR PROFESSIONALS!

MTU FrIedrIchShaFen GMbh 88040 Friedrichshafen Germany T +49 7541 90 7003 F +49 7541 90 7081 e I MTU diesel engines and drive systems are used in commercial, military and governmental vessels, as well as in yachts. Its product portfolio for yachts comprises engines and propulsion systems delivering power outputs of 466 to 10,000 kilowatts. They power series-built and displacement yachts as well as mega-yachts. They are complemented by standardized automation systems for monitoring and control of the propulsion plant. Completing the product portfolio is MTU ValueCare service support at over 1,200 locations around the world. Service includes engine maintenance, spare parts supply, and remanufacturing of engine components and complete drive systems.

nIcOVerKen MarIne SerVIceS b.V. Algerastraat 20 3125 BS Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 238 0999 F +31 (0)10 238 0988 e I contact: Jacco Vermunt Distributor, 24/7 service & spare parts agent of marine equipment. In our programme there are stainless steel marine pipes and drains, filtration, anti-fouling & cathodic protection, reverse osmosis desalinators (water makers), wastewater treatment, vacuum sanitary systems for yachts, deck equipment (doors & hatches) and watertight sliding door systems. Our Ship Repair department is specialised in the overhaul of all types of main and auxiliary engines, including attachments i.e. governors, turbochargers, fuel equipment and the sales of spare parts and engines. We are capable of crankshaft grinding. Our service is 24/7 worldwide!

OpacMare S.r.l. via Luigi Einaudi, 150/154 10040 Rivalta (Torino) Italy T +39 (0)11 904 5411 F +39 (0)11 909 3022 e I contact: paola.lanza Opacmare designs and produces accessories for the nautical market with a high level of quality and innovation. We are developing products (standard or customized) and services able to meet the needs and the requirements of our customers, the most important shipyards in the World.

pIenInG prOpeller Am Altendeich 83 D-25348 Glueckstadt, Germany T +49 (0)4124 9168-0 F +49 (0)4124 3716 e I contact: Mathias Pein Noise reduction relies upon the quiet operation of a yacht´s propulsion system. Piening Propeller fulfils its briefs in: Consideration of all hydrodynamic aspects during the design and an accurate manufacturing of propellers and shafts. The company is approved by all common classification societies. Repairs and adjustments of propellers are done with the same care as new builds. Piening Propellers scope of supply includes: Propellers from 500 mm upwards Shafts up to a several length of 12,000 mm Sterntubes with sealings and bearings Gearboxes type ZF

raFa ShIpWIndOWS Ambachtsweg 28 3831 KB Leusden The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 494 50 40 F +31 (0)33 495 05 74 e I contact: Vivian Zoetmulder RAFA Shipwindows is an efficient and dynamic organisation specialising in glazing and the production of top quality aluminium and brass window frames fitted with all kind of glazing. All S Y I 2016 | Vo l u me 11 | I s s u e 3 | 6 3

www.s u p e r y a c h t - i n dustr y.c om adv_Europort_Turkey-90x267mm.indd 1

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windows are custom-made and are developed in close cooperation with the principles and are class approved supplied.

WInel b.V. P.O. Box 70, 9400 AB Assen The Netherlands T +31 (0)592 366 060 F +31 (0)592 312 392 e I contact: Bert Knijp Winel is a major supplier to the large yachts market, offering a wide range of unique premium quality shell doors, platforms, pantographic doors, transom doors, bulwark doors, hatches and watertight doors. For these custom made masterpieces we use proven concepts as the basis, coupled with smart technical solutions to optimize our products. Wishes of our customers can be incorporated without compromise.

G.J.WOrTelbOer Jr. b.V. Quarantaineweg 5, 3089 KP Rotterdam P.O. Box 5003, 3008 AA Rotterdam Harbournr: 2637 The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 429 2222 F +31 (0)10 429 6459 e I Yachts are always a real treat to look

at and the anchors and the chain cables should look fantastic as well. Wortelboer supplies chain cables and anchors to yacht builders all over the world. Our super mirror-polished stainless-steel anchors, as well as our hot-dip galvanized anchors and chain cables (both short link and stud link) can be found on countless yachts. All our materials are approved by any of the well-known class societies such as LRS, BV, RINA, DNV/GL, ABS and RMRS. Should you wish to hide the anchor from view, we are also able to deliver stainless-steel pockets and bottom plates. Come to Wortelboer and you can be certain that the anchors and chains will be the perfect finishing touch for your yacht.


Ward’S MarIne elecTrIc 617 SW 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA T +1 954 523 2815 F +1 954 523 1967 I Family owned and operated since 1950, Ward’s Marine Electric is a premier supplier of electrical parts and service. An industry leader, they strive to stay true to their principles of unparalleled service above all else. Specializing in electrical services including: refits, custom panel production, engineering of new systems, switchboard, switchgear, wiring systems, shorepower systems, surveys, fire inspections, lighting inspections, lighting protection and power conversions. They stock products for any type of marine

electrical projects and can send a service team to any port of call. It isn’t one thing they do that sets them apart, it is everything they do.


cIG MarITIMe TechnOlOGY Osloweg 110, 9723 BX Groningen P.O. Box 204, 9700 AE Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0) 50 575 3950 F +31 (0) 50 575 3951 e I CIG Maritime Technology provides innovative and competitive designs either ‘off-the-shelf’ or customised to the particular requirements of ship owners, shipyards and other maritime related businesses. We offer full service, concept development, feasibility studies, operational support, initial and basic design, design optimization, structural design, workshop drawings, systems integration, production information, consultancy and building supervision.


helIOS lUbeOIl Louis-Krages-St. 32 D-28237 Bremen Germany T +49 421 2233681 e mail@superyachtlube.con e I I

I Lubricant supplier, lubeoil surveys for new build and refit. Owners, shipyards, management and crew assistance. Oil sampling monitoring and a lot brand lubricants available in Europe, e.g. South France, Spain, Germany and US. MTU named approvals as well as other manufacutrer specification. In Germany AGO and MGO physical supplier, duty free possible. Bulk supply by RTW and packed lubes will be delivered on individual request. Own large storage will make shipping easy. Save costs, fuel and resources with latest lubricant technology. Extent DPF and oil change interval. helios lubeoil is in the position to provide you with most kinds of lubricants. Start today and be prepared for tomorrow.

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Super yacht tender cranes, SOLAS cranes and special function cranes custom-built according to your requirements.

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Made in Germany

w w w. s u p e r ya ch t-i n d u s tr y. co m

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Mobile Boat Haulers for lifting and launching boats up to 1600 ton Lifting Platforms for dry-docking huge ships Self Propelled Trolleys for transporting boats and ships

At Kohler, we are guided by a singular purpose: your experience. Those quiet moments when you forget your generator exists. That’s why our new marine generators are exponentially quieter with even less vibration. The most advanced, most reliable machines we’ve ever made — not that you’d notice.

Via dell’Industria e dell’Artigianato,17 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD) Italy Ph +39 049 9404539 - Fax +39 049 5973960 -

SYI 2016 | VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 3

SYI 2016 | Volume 11 | Issue 3

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M O N A C O Y A C H T S H O W 2 0 1 6 S U P E R Y A C H T- I N D U S T R Y. C O M

Hakvoort’s Just J’s A TRUE FLAGSHIP

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SuperYacht Industry 2016 Issue 3  
SuperYacht Industry 2016 Issue 3