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2017 Maritime Services Directory


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MEET THE WORLD IN AMSTERDAM The METSTRADE show is the world’s largest marine equipment trade show and the only truly international B2B exhibition. With excellent networking opportunities, a broad range of showcased innovations and

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The METSTRADE show is the fl agship event of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry.







Publisher’s note

Welcome to the 2017 Maritime Services Directory Continuing on the success of previous editions, Yellow & Finch Publishers brings you the annual Maritime Services Directory. Our annual business directory has been designed not only as a business-to-business company guide, but also as a contacts platform for anyone actively involved in the maritime industry, as well as providing comprehensive insight into the the trends and forecasts on the horizon of the maritime industry. We kick off the 2017 directory with a glance at developments of the past year and predictions for the future in our market survey. We also once again take a look at some prominent vessel deliveries of the past year by featuring maritime reports of the most significant projects and innovations. Each report features a condensed version of the original article published in our Shipbuilding Industry, Offshore Industry and SuperYacht Industry trade journals. Not only the reports featured showcase developments in the industry but also our growing gallery of contacts. We comprise a section of useful addresses including branch associations, classification societies, educational institutions, governmental bodies, shipping companies, operators and shipyards. This directory offers a unique tool to connect with the industry and I would like to thank the Yellow & Finch Publishers team involved in the making of our trade journals as well as industry professionals who kept us informed with developments, projects or company profiles.

charles van den oosterkamp | ceo

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For more than 65 years, Ward’s Marine Electric has


been the reliable source of power for the marine

industry. Based in South Florida and servicing ABSclassified vessels around the world, we offer full engineering and installation services on control systems, switchgear, and power distribution systems. In addition, we have a wide array of parts and can perform fire, class certification, and

NATHALIE GE ELS - VINKOERT Chief Financial Officer

MARCO GEELS Chief Commercial Officer




ROB VAN AKKEREN Account Manager


TOM DIETVORST Account Manager


ALEX DIJKSTRA Office Manager

electrical surveys, providing the highest level of expertise and efficiency.




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Maritime Services Directory


1 From the Publisher – Welcome to

the 2017 Maritime Service Directory


4 Market Survey – Technical Tendences & Trends 9 Company Profiles – Leading Maritime Companies 73 Faces of Industry – Who’s Who in the Maritime Industry 81 Maritime Projects – Noteworthy Projects 97 Address Book – Useful addresses

Photo courtesy of Huisman Equipment



Photo courtesy of Siemens

Photo courtesy of SMM Hamburg


Photo Courtesy Front Cover: Port / Yellow & Finch Publishers.

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Photo Courtesy of Port

Automation Transformation & Domination

In a world of constant change, the maritime industry is no exception. According to Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” The element of change can be strongly felt within the maritime industry whether it is through new systems and automation that alleviate and streamline processes or through a shifting focus to adapt to fluctuations in markets. Today’s global economic forecasts remains the key demand driver for investment and growth.


4 | Ma r i t i me S e r v i c es D irec tor y 2017

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>Shipbuilding Industry

> Offshore Industry

Paperless Automation

Largest Dutch Offshore Wind Farm

Maritime conferences and industry publications are full of upbeat references to smart ships, connected ships, intelligent vessels and even drone ships indicating the rapidly developing automation trend. However, these grand visions often stand in stark contrast to the everyday experiences of many commercial bridge crews, still burdened with manual tasks such as reporting. Maritime solutions providers are now introducing data acquisition and reporting tools to simplify reporting for mariners and enable vessel operators to improve their operations. The technical barrier to automated reporting and ship-shore connectivity is being overcome by affordable satellite links, maritime cloud solutions, and onboard data processing software which offers the potential to vastly improve the exchange of information in and around the maritime sector, as well as relieve administrative work. Connectivity will provide the backbone for digitally enabled ships and the data streams that experts predict will change the face of the shipping industry by enabling more intelligent decision-making based on verifiable and near real-time information. In some segments, paperless, smart and connected ships may soon become the norm.

The Future is Green

Ship owners and operators are faced with both challenges and opportunities with IMO Tier III. They are searching for alternative sources of auxiliary power rather than using Marine Gas Oil (MGO)-fueled engines and after-treatment systems. With the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering infrastructure, LNG is beginning to be seen as a viable fuel for marine applications. This is a step forward, toward the common use of LNG for marine auxiliary power.

Challenges and Advantages

The major challenges of LNG relate to its storage and handling requirements. It must be stored at low pressure and low temperature (-162°C). In the confined space of a marine vessel, this poses a greater problem than on land. The design of the storage tank must be spherical or cylindrical to be able to withstand the low temperatures and be heavily insulated. Additional safety measures must also be in place including purging systems, ventilation systems, gas detection systems, fire detection systems, automation systems, etc. Such additional systems and specific design requirements drive up the costs of producing LNGfuelled vessels. The main advantage of LNG is that it is essentially methane and is cheaper than MGO. When used as a fuel in an internal combustion engine, it produces no soot, 70% less NOx and 10% less CO2 than an equivalent MGO-fuelled engine. This means that if correctly designed, such an engine can be IMO Tier III compliant without the need for exhaust after treatment. LNG-fueled engines are quieter, have longer maintenance intervals and require less maintenance. Thus, after the initial investment, an LNG-fuelled vessel results in less operational costs.

Five offshore wind farm zones have been designated for the development of new wind farms in the Netherlands with a new government scheme launched to facilitate the establishment of these farms. The first round of tenders for two plots of land for the Borssele Wind Farm Zones (BWFZ) I and II, located 22km off the coast of the Dutch province of Zeeland, started at the end of March 2016. The establishing of the Borssele wind farm marks another milestone in the province of Zeeland’s offshore wind energy track record and will be the largest Dutch offshore wind zone thus far. The development of the BWFZ stems from the Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth signed by the Dutch government and parties involved in the energy market in 2013. The aim of the agreement is to make the Netherlands less dependent on coal, oil and gas, while securing the country’s energy supply and keeping energy costs under control. The agreement sets a target for 14% of all energy to be generated from renewable sources by 2020, increasing to 16% by 2023. Offshore wind energy will play a significant role in meeting this target. The road map sets out a schedule of tenders offering 700MW of development each year between 2015 and 2019, under the condition that the cost of offshore wind power will decrease by 40% in 2024 compared to 2014. The Dutch government wants cumulative-installed offshore wind capacity to reach 4,500MW by 2023. A systematic framework under which offshore wind farm zones are designated was therefore created by the Dutch government and three offshore Wind Farm Zones will be used for the deployment of the 3,500 MW of new offshore wind power: Borssele (1,400MW), Hollandse Kust ZH (1,40 MW) and Hollandse Kust NH (700MW).

North Sea Drilling

Although the future of oil and gas in the North Sea is uncertain, there are still on-going developments such as the Johan Sverdrup project which is scheduled to continue for decades to come. The project has not only given a boost to the oil industry in Norway, but also challenged explorers worldwide to look for oil in well-explored mature basins. In March 2016, the Odfjell Deepsea Atlantic drilling rig commenced on the first of 35 wells to be drilled in the initial phase. A total of eight wells will be drilled through the predrilling template, before the rig is relocated to drill injection wells on three other locations on the field. In 2018, the permanent Johan Sverdrup drilling platform will be installed as the second of four platforms. The platform is currently being constructed at Aibel’s yard in Haugesund, north of Stavanger, and in Thailand. When the drilling platform is installed and operational, the eight pre-drilled wells will be hooked up from the pre-drilling template. At this time, Deepsea Atlantic will be drilling the injection wells providing


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Jumbo provides innovative, safe and efficient heavy lift transportation solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide. With over 45 years of maritime experience, versatile fleet and technical expertise, Jumbo has built a solid reputation with efficient offshore installation solutions.

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Photo courtesy of Siemens

reservoir pressure support to maintain high field production. Johan Sverdrup is estimated to be the most profitable Norwegian investment project in many decades.

industry that currently has no use for it. With this in mind, the yard will wish to keep as many of its options open as possible against the contractor.

Oil Price Pressures


Recent reports have advised that the offshore drilling industry would remain under stress through 2017 due to the oversupply of rigs combined with the stubbornly low oil price, putting severe pressure on day rates, with the credit rating of contractors being stretched as rig earnings and asset values decline. Approximately 75% of the 72 new-build floating rigs and 90% of the 117 jack-ups on order are due for delivery by the end of 2017. However, only 50% of the floaters and less than 10% of the jackups have fixed employment upon delivery. Until the recent downturn, offshore construction contracts were largely profitable ventures for both yards and rig contractors, with financing secured post-delivery against earnings under lucrative employment contracts. This arrangement allowed contractors to negotiate increasingly favorable terms with the yards, with the final delivery installment often as much as 90% (if not more) of the contract price. While such terms arguably stimulated contractors to build offshore rigs, the present slack demand from oil companies to employ these units has left many contractors unable to obtain take-out financing to pay the yards the remainder of the contract price and then take delivery of the rigs. Failure by a contractor to pay the delivery installment is ostensibly an event of default under the construction contract, entitling the yard to terminate the contract and claim damages for any loss suffered. In the shipping industry, vessels are (relatively) homogenous and there is generally some form of re-sale market. However, that is not the case in the offshore sector’s current predicament, with the yard exposed to the risk of having built a highly specialised asset with diminishing value for an

North Sea decommissioning will be a market of big figures over the next decade. But the developments and expected activities related to decommissioning raise a number of questions. Over the next ten years, a large number of wells will be closed in the North Sea, resulting in the decommissioning of a huge amount of pipelines and installations. It is estimated that almost 790,000t of steel will come onshore from oil fields in the UK and Norway. Most decommissioning will be limited to ‘simple’ plug and abandon with an estimated total cost of USD 100 billion. The peak of these investments will be made around 2022. Currently, the financial aspect seems to be the biggest challenge. Decommissioning projects take between 10-17 years to become effective and calculated costs increase with every new estimation. In addition, oil companies are facing challenging times due to low oil prices. The UK government granted the offshore industry a tax release by skipping the Petroleum Revenue Tax and by cutting the Supplementary Charge in half to 10%. But operators still fear the worst and expect to be left with substantial costs. This is one of the reasons industry experts stated that parties should share and cooperate in the business of decommissioning in order to be able to offer the best and most economical solutions.


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Photo courtesy of Yellow & Finch Publishers

> SuperYacht Industry Dutch Strength

Superyacht figures released this year have shown a

strong strength for the Dutch industry. The Netherlands was responsible for a quarter of the world’s deliveries in terms of value in 2015. Reports state that Dutch yards launched 22 superyachts worth some EUR 1.18 billion in total representing an average of EUR 54 million a yacht, twice that of the average build worldwide. In addition to these impressive figures, Dutch yards such as Amels, Feadship, Hakvoort and Mulder Shipyard all launched the biggest projects to date in 2015, while Holland Jachtbouw, Heesen, Oceanco and Royal Huisman all invested heavily in facilities to secure new contracts and manage growth. Dutch equipment suppliers have also amply showcased their ability to provide the highest quality and latest technologies. A recent survey showed that 61% of suppliers are expecting the first half of 2016 to be a further improvement on the same period in 2015, a year in which they increased revenues by 6%. 

Italian Ingenuity

ShowBoats International’s Global Order Book 2016 has revealed that Italians are holding a strong position at the top of the chart with 286 new build projects for 2016, while expedition yacht orders have increased 17% from last year. The market for yachts over 100m remains strong with 21 in build and four delivered in 2015. Also a noteworthy item was that many projects that were reported as being ‘on hold’ for

several years have now become active again and the refit sector continues to grow in health – a strong indication that the industry is not only fully recovered but thriving. Ranked in first place in order of build length, Azimut Benetti has 63 new build projects for 2016, in second place Sanlorenzo has 54 and Ferretti Group, in third place, has 56. The Italians dominate the market over 24m, with a strong order book of builds from 24 to 30m. And that is not the only good news when it comes to yachting. The Italians would have gravely felt the impact of the new Tier III NOx regulations that came into effect on 1 January 2016. However, a serious dip in the market was avoided through successful lobbying from the International Council of Marine Industry Associations and the Superyacht Builders Association. This led to a five-year delay for compliance for yachts over 24m and less than 500 gross tonnes – an Italian speciality.

i. i. i. i. i. i. i. i. i. i.

8 | Ma r i t i me S e r v i c es D irec tor y 2017

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Photo courtesy of Port Pictures

Company Profiles

> Mar i ti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 9

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Index INHOUd

IGUS GMBH .............................................................. 34


ALFA LAVAL BENELUX BV ........................................... 11

IMAP DB&S CORPORATE FINANCE.............................. 34

SHIPTECHNICS B.V. .................................................... 54

ALPHATRON MARINE B.V. ........................................... 12


SHIPYARD DE HOOP ................................................... 55

AMW MARINE B.V. ..................................................... 12

JUMBO...................................................................... 35

SHORETENSION® ....................................................... 56

ANCOFERWALDRAM STEELPLATES BV ....................... 13

KLAY INSTRUMENTS B.V............................................. 36

SHUTDOWN CONTROL B.V. ........................................ 56

ART4 TECHNICAL SYSTEMS BV .................................. 13



ASISTO...................................................................... 14

KOLMER ELEKTROMOTOREN B.V. ............................... 37

SLEDGE HAMMER ENGINEERING INT. B.V..................... 58

BACHMANN ELECTRONIC GMBH ................................ 15

KOLMER SPECIAL MOTORS B.V. ................................ 37

SN CAST IRON B.V. .................................................... 59

VAN BEEST B.V. ........................................................ 16

KONGSBERG MARITIME HOLLAND B.V. ....................... 38


BMO OFFSHORE ........................................................ 16

KONUTHERM BV ........................................................ 39

STORK GEARS & SERVICES B.V................................... 60

BOONE B.V. ............................................................... 17

KUIPER DUTCH MARINE PANELS................................. 39


DEN BREEJEN SHIPYARD............................................ 17

C. KRANENDONK B.V.................................................. 40

TEIGNBRIDGE PROPELLERS INT. LTD ........................... 61

PIET BROUWER ELECTROTECHNOLOGY ...................... 18

KTR BENELUX B. V...................................................... 41

THEUNISSEN TECHNICAL TRADING B.V........................ 62

CALPE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS .................................. 19

KWANT CONTROLS B.V. ............................................. 42

TRIDENT BV (HEAD OFFICE) ........................................ 62

CIG MARITIME ........................................................... 20

LEEMBERG PIJPLEIDINGEN......................................... 42

TRIOLIGHT B.V. .......................................................... 63

CHEMETALL B.V. ........................................................ 21

LIFTAL – VLISSINGEN-OOST ....................................... 43

TRUSTLUBE B.V. ........................................................ 64

CROWE HORWATH PEAK ............................................ 21

MARBLE AUTOMATION BV .......................................... 43

TRUSTLUBE ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD............................. 64

DBR GENERATORSETS ............................................... 22

MARILOGIC B.V. ......................................................... 44

TURBO NL BV ............................................................ 64

DETLEV LOELL ENGINEERING GMBH ........................... 23


VANDEGRIJP PIPES & PARTS ...................................... 65

DISCOM B.V............................................................... 24

PAUL MEIJERING STAINLESS STEEL ............................ 45

VDL KLIMA BV ........................................................... 65

DROMEC B.V.............................................................. 25

MERREM & LA PORTE B.V. ......................................... 45


DUTCH HARBOUR ’S-GRAVENDEEL B.V. ...................... 25

MHF GROUP BV ........................................................ 46

VETH PROPULSION .................................................... 66

EMIGREEN B.V. ......................................................... 26

OFFSHORE SHIP DESIGNERS BV ................................. 46

VINK VT KUNSTSTOFFEN ............................................ 67

FINDER RELAIS NEDERLAND B.V. ............................... 27

OMEC MOTORS ......................................................... 47


FENDER INNOVATIONS ............................................... 28

ORGA OFFSHORE....................................................... 48

VULKAN BENELUX...................................................... 68



VUYK ROTTERDAM – a Royal IHC company ............. 68

GEBHARD ELECTRO B.V. ............................................ 29

PARKER HANNIFIN B.V. .............................................. 49

WINEL INDUSTRY GROUP B.V...................................... 69

DE HAAN SPECIAL EQUIPMENT B.V. ............................ 29

PIGUILLET MARINE..................................................... 50

G.J. WORTELBOER JR. B.V.......................................... 69

HEATING GROUP INTERNATIONAL B.V. ........................ 30

POLSON TRT RUBBER & PLASTICS ............................. 50


HEINEN & HOPMAN.................................................... 31

PRAXIS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY BV ...................... 51

OSNABRÜCK GMBH .................................................. 70

HOLLAND MARINE LIFTS ............................................ 31

REIKON B.V................................................................ 52

YELLOW & FINCH PUBLISHERS ................................... 71

HUISMAN .................................................................. 32

REINTJES BENELUX BVBA .......................................... 52

ZEELAND MARITIME CLEANING .................................. 72

HYBRID SHIP PROPULSION B.V. .................................. 32

ROPEBLOCK LIFTING GEAR B.V................................... 53

ZUKEN GMBH ............................................................ 72

IFS BENELUX ............................................................. 33

ROTTERDAM SHIP SERVICE B.V. ................................. 53

1 0 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

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Environmental Protection

Oil treatment

Cooling and heating

Steam and heat generation

ALFA LAVAL BENELUX BV Baarschot 2 P.O. Box 9377 4801 LJ Breda The Netherlands T +31 (0)76 579 1200 F +31 (0)76 579 1211 E Contact: Mr Dennis van der Toolen I

Marine The marine industry is changing with ever-increasing speed, especially when it comes to new demands concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection. Whether you build ships or sail them, Alfa Laval has the solutions and expertise you need to stay ahead.

Waste heat recovery

Tank cleaning



Sailing at your side From dry dock to harbour to open sea, Alfa Laval is at your service. No other supplier offers such a wide range of proven equipment, covering most critical operations on board. Nor will you find greater competence in merging equipment into optimized applications and innovative solutions to your challenges.



Our decades of work with shipyards, ship owners and ship operators are vital in this respect. Meeting the future is impossible without a true understanding of where things stand today – an understanding we’ve earned through a century of marine service. A century of marine service Alfa Laval’s 360 Service Portfolio includes all the services you need to ensure high performance and low maintenance & operating costs and brings you the benefits of maximum uptime, availability and optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment. Rest assured, we’ll be here to serve you tomorrow as well.

Solutions that make the difference – Environmental protection – Oil treatment – Cooling and heating – Steam and heat generation – Waste heat recovery – Inert gas production – Tank cleaning – Safety – Desalination – Service

> Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 1 1

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 11

18-07-16 10:01





Schaardijk 23 – Harbour 115 3063 NH Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 453 4000 F +31 (0)10 452 9214 E I Contact: Mr K. Kuitems

P.O. Box 39 3340 AA Hendrik Ido Ambacht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 681 0100 F +31 (0)78 681 8878 I

Alphatron Marine, whose headquarters are in Rotterdam, was founded in 1989. Today, Alphatron Marine employs nearly 300 people globally and is a world renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions and manufacturer of a unique range of products which are complementary to the JRC portfolio. JRC, founded in 1915, is a world leading marine electronics producer specializing in the design and manufacture of industry compliant products. A fully auto-cad supported engineering and 3D design and proposal team takes care of all new building projects and the day-to-day installation work of our navigation and communication equipment. A full product range of bridge electronics is offered for different maritime markets, such as deepsea, inland shipping, yachting, offshore and fishery. The unique Alphabridge concept consists of a vast library of modular interchangeable consoles, thus providing custom made bridges to suit all requirements and at the same time achieving shorter delivery times. Through a dedicated central service department 24/7 service availability is offered worldwide. Ship owners who want no surprises in future bridge maintenance can opt for the comprehensive Alphatron Marine Global Service & Maintenance Contract. For a better understanding on board we have a certified training department providing customers with both operational and technical training for all equipment in our portfolio. Additionally we have a specialized department in integrating technology in the field of complex IT solutions and IP entertainment and infotainment. The combined synergies of Alphatron Marine and JRC brings quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean navigation. With our Centres of Excellence around the world located close to the worlds biggest ports we are always nearby.

AMW-Marine was founded in 1969 and represents renowned manufacturers of propulsion systems, deck equipment, and fluid handling products for the maritime and industrial markets. We have a team of highly skilled engineers for consulting, selling and engineering a large range of propulsion systems. AMW also designs and delivers fixed pitch propellers, for inland-cargo and coastal vessels with diameters up to 4,000 mm and, max weight approx. 6,000 kg. We supply gearboxes for propulsion systems and dredging drives as well as for winches in various executions from RENK - Rheine. The gearboxes for the propulsion are executed with plain bearings and their own designed built-in thrust bearings with round pads. For the lower powered propulsions at 500 - 5,000kW we have a standardised series of gearboxes with roller bearings. We have also the possibilities to offer tailor-made gearboxes. Further, we also provide from Renk their curved tooth couplings, membrane couplings and safety couplings, all from standard and tailored when required. For the fast craft propulsion systems we supply the well-known Hamilton waterjets, manufactured in New Zealand. Hamilton has a wide range of waterjets, for power range 160 - 5,500 kW. AMW recently started a cooperation with the Norwegian supplier Red Rock, with an extensive portfolio of deck cranes and davits. AMW has a long-term business relationship with the manufacturer SPX-APV, who produces a wide range of plate heat exchangers. Special calculation programmes enable us to select the most efficient plate heat exchanger for all cooling systems and heat recovery systems, either on board or on shore. AMW also distributes the well-known Leistritz GmbH screw pumps, with their wide range of pumps an excellent extension of our fluid handling products for the maritime applications. Our team of mechanical and electrical service engineers commission and service all delivered components worldwide, with support from our manufacturers.

1 2 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 12

18-07-16 10:01




P.O. Box 190 4900 AD Oosterhout The Netherlands T +31 (0)162 491 500 F +31 (0)162 429 806 E I Contact: Mr Joost van Dijk

Nieuwegracht 9-11 3763 LP Soest The Netherlands T +31 (0)35 582 2468 F +31 (0)35 642 4860 E I Contact: Mr Paul Schraven

Over 40,000 tons of quality heavy steel plates in stock As a specialized supplier of heavy carbon steel plates and profiled parts for more than 40 years now, AncoferWaldram Steelplates (AWS) has made its way to the forefront of this sector. Customer base With its 100-man workforce, AWS serves a broad customer base in offshore fabrication and marine industry, steel and crane construction, pressure vessel equipment industry, heavy machinery, yellow goods. Plates from stock or profiled parts. The choice is yours! It is the combination of comprehensive stocks of over 40,000 tons of heavy carbon steel plates plus the sophisticated profiling plant that gives AWS a decisive lead in experience, product range and customer service. Delivery program AWS stocks an extensive range of 3.2 Lloyd’s Register / DNV certified plates: – Offshore grades S355G10+M, S420G2+M, S460G2+M, acc. to EN 10225 – High strength fine grained plates Dillimax 690-1100, Dillimax 690+Z35 – Fine grained construction plates in S355NL, S460NL+Z35 acc. to EN 10025-3 – Shipbuilding grades Gr.A LRS, DH36 LRS, EH36 LRS, NV D36, NV E36, EH36+Z35, NVE36+Z35 – Structural grades in S235JR, S355J2+N en S355K2+N acc. to EN 10025-2 – Exclusive worldwide HIC-resistant DICREST stockholder – Wear resistant plates Dillidur 400/450/500, Dillidur Impact. Flame cutting AWS not only supplies heavy steel plates in all commercial stock sizes, it also operates a modern (flame) cutting plant. Certification and full material traceability Since 1991, AncoferWaldram Steelplates has operated an ISO 9001 quality management system with LRQA certification and is EN 1090 certified. Dillinger Hütte Group subsidiary AWS is a subsidiary of the Dillinger Hütte Group in Dillingen, Germany, Europe’s leading producer of heavy steel plates with an annual rolling capacity of 2.0 million tons.

Art4 Technical Systems BV is an independent Dutch company. We design, build and deliver fully turnkey solutions for hydraulic and electrical systems for customers worldwide.


Our clients use the hydraulic and electrical systems for various end products such as: Mobile drives, transport conveyers, winch drivers, jack up platforms, cranes, both on-shore and off shore, a-frames, special equipment, fairground attractions. The systems can be custom built to fit the specifications of the product they are used for. Art4 provides the engineering, construction, assembly tests, connection and commissioning of: – Control boxes designed by you or by us. – Hydraulic systems, from 0.55 till 550 kW We are able to deliver both fully ‘Turn-Key’ – Imported Åkerströms remotes which we customise to fit the product specifications. Art4 also provides it’s customers with the following extras: – Service and installation worldwide – Machine construction in accordance to the client’s specifications. – Deliveries with CE or IIB certifications (if applicable). – We can build according to UL/CSA regulations. – If requested we can deliver as: Loyds and Bureau Veritas. Art4 total supplier: We always find a solution for your hydraulic, electrical and remote systems.

> Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 1 3

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 13

18-07-16 10:01


ASISTO Handelsweg 48 4387 PC Vlissingen T +31 (0)118 460 046 E I Contact: Rob de Hond


Asisto specialises in the design, engineering and manufacturing of control and instrumentation systems for the dredging, offshore, underwater and heavy lift industry. Projects and products range from very small sensors to control systems for the biggest cranes in the world. Asisto includes two divisions: Asisto Engineering BV and Asisto Services BV. Asisto Engineering BV activities are: Design, Engineering, Consultancy, Project Management and Software. Asisto Services BV activities are: Manufacturing, Service, Installation and Software. Both divisions are located in Vlissingen, from where we serve the world.

Exploring the Industry

Quality and reliability are the keywords for us. Our products are mostly used in rough environments, and need to reliable at all times. We pay extra attention to environment conditions to get our products as rugged a s possible, therefore parts are selected at least one size larger than required and A-brand components only. Control systems Most of Asisto’s control systems are PLC based, and frequently used makes are Siemens, IFM, Wago and Bachmann. Programming tools/ languages that we mostly use are text oriented like Siemens SCL, CodeSys and C. A selection of control systems we delivered over the years: – Automatic, semi-automatic and manual controlled overhead cranes for pipe laying vessels and bio industry – Containerised winches for hydraulic hammers – Land based and Floating cranes – Jack-up systems – Trolleys for pipe/cable laying and stone dump vessels – Hydraulic and electric cranes, some heave compensated

i n d u s t r y

Download our mediakit:


+31 118 473 398

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BACHMANN ELECTRONIC GMBH Vendelier 65 3905 PD Veenendaal The Netherlands T +31 (0)85 210 0550 Headquarter: Kreuzäckerweg 33, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria T +43 (0)5522 3497-0 I Contact: Manager Business Unit Maritim Ronald Epskamp – Key Account Manager Benelux Joeri ten Napel –

BACHMANN KEEPS YOU ON COURSE We automate offshore and shipbuilding installations with a safe, flexible and modular high-end automation system. Bachmann electronic serves customers worldwide in the maritime and offshore sector with sophisticated automation solutions. All our activities are focused on the benefit to the customer: We deliver tailored solutions and set ourselves the highest standards.

Meeting highly specialized market and customer requirements has long become a standard task for us.


With Bachmann solutions you are benefitting the technologies of the market leader: Over 40 years of experience in the automation sector provide the critical edge in know-how to bring your maritime solutions quickly to market, with the optimum support of our worldwide network of technical branches. Since 1970 Bachmann has been growing with every new challenge. Amongst the largest global manufacturers of machines and plants in the maritime and offshore sector, the name Bachmann is recognized as a benchmark for first-class automation and control technology. Thinking ahead, setting new directions, and implementing today the customer requirements of the future – these are the key principles of Bachmann’s philosophy. The requirements placed on the automation of modern machines and plants have increased tremendously in recent years, demanding from suppliers a high degree of flexibility, openness and innovative know-how. Our customers are provided with highly reliable complete solutions that increase the productivity and controllability of their applications, release the resources required for their core business activities and ensure reliable use into the future. The harsh conditions in the maritime and offshore industry place tough demands on machines and plants. This is exactly where Bachmann solutions have the toughness to match. They stand out on account of their extremely high availability, very long service life of over 20 years, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. This enables us to guide our customers to technical and financial. TOP TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT LIMITS Our broad and modular product range meets every customer requirement. We provide you with a homogeneous and holistic system solution that also ensures a high level of availability and is future proof. We offer you everything from a single source, and in the highest quality.

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P.O. Box 57 3360 AB Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 413 300 F +31 (0)184 414 959 E I

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 34 3062 MB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 453 0607 I

Van Beest is a leading supplier for a complete program of accessories for steel wire rope, chain and synthetic rope worldwide. Two brands: Green Pin® and EXCEL® – For over 90 years the production of high tensile shackles has been our core business. We manufacture the high quality Green Pin® shackles in various shapes and sizes in our own production facility in the Netherlands. A genuine ‘Made in Holland’ product. The EXCEL® chain accessories factory is situated in France. Under this brand we market an extensive program of chain accessories, like for example: grade 8 and 10 hooks, lifting points, swivels etc. Our shackles are marked Green Pin®, hooks EXCEL®, we are the sole proprietor of these two brands. Markets – Van Beest products are used by professionals in many different environments, such as in the offshore, maritime, shipping, construction, wind, mining and general industry. Certification – In oil and gas production, safety is all-important. In this high-risk environment, one can rely on the continuous high quality of Van Beest products. For this reason Green Pin® Standard and Polar shackles are DNV 2.7-1 Type Approved. Our products comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards and can be supplied with various certificates upon request. Accessories – The Green Pin® shackle or EXCEL® hook is usually the final connection, and to serve their customers best, Van Beest has added a wide range of other steel wire rope and chain accessories which complement their full range of high quality products. Van Beest has branches in Germany, France and the USA. There are stock holding distributors of Van Beest products in over 90 countries worldwide.

Enable data driven improvements BMO Offshore delivers operational intelligence for the maritime industry. Many organisations have a large set of financial information, but lack operational data – which is where you have the largest potential for improving the bottom-line. BMO has a proven track record of experience, gained from measurements on dozens of vessels among different wind parks in the major markets of northern Europe. We have a strong understanding of the Offshore Wind Industry and can say that ‘One fact is worth more than a 1,000 opinions.’ BMO’s solution is an integrated data management package tailored to key decision makers. We are specialized in: 1. Collecting data on board the vessel • We have our own hardware (the vesselblackbox) to take measurements. 2. Combining data from various sources • Connecting with other available data sources providing the essential background to interpret the vessel data (such as meteorological data). 3. Analysing data • Converting data into useful information. 4. Visualizing these insights • Reporting insights to our clients in such a way an organisation can easily interpret the information and improve operations. Delivery is key: – Real time ➞ BMO Info display on-board the vessel – Daily ➞ E-mail notifications – Monthly ➞ Reporting in pdf-format and web based in ➞ our operations-viewer – On demand ➞ Web based in our operations-viewer – Bespoke ➞ Consultancy With the right information an organisation can reduce operational costs, enhance efficiency and improve crew performance management processes.

Van Beest your reliable partner!

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dEN BrEEjEN shIpyard

Engineering • Technical Solutions • Trading L.J. Costerstraat 9 P.O. Box 1572 3260 BB Oud-Beijerland The Netherlands T +31 (0)186 618 300 F +31 (0)186 617 421 E I

Havenstraat 7 3372 BD Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 676 140 F +31 (0)184 676 160 E I Contact: Mr J.R. den Breejen

Boone, established in 1974, is a worldwide partner in engineering, technical solutions and trading within the maritime, industry and infrastructure sector. Through the years we developed as a specialist and became partner in production, repair and support in drives for the offshore, dredging and maritime sector.

For several years Den Breejen Shipyard has successfully specialized in the building of luxury river cruise vessels. The vessels which have been delivered testify the yard’s ability to build ships that meet the most stringent quality demands. Design and construction of these luxury river cruise vessels fully comply with the requirements of the Transport and Water Management Inspection (IVW) and classification societies. The specific design of the interior is established in consultation between the customer, the architect and the yard. Passengers accommodate in luxury cabins and suites, distributed over lower deck, main deck and upper deck. Passenger facilities include a lobby, restaurant, one or two lounges with bar, panoramic windows providing an unobstructed view to the vessel’s surroundings and outside areas including the large sundeck. The completion of inland cargo vessels and tankers has since long been part of Den Breejen’s delivery programme. Vessels can be completed up to a length of 135 m according the requirements of the IVW and classification societies. In addition to various types of tankers and cargo vessels Den Breejen also has the knowledge and experience to build inland waterway ferries. Conventional rope and cable ferries as well as modern free-sailing ferries have been completed in various designs for private ship owners and local and regional authorities. Another expert service of Den Breejen Shipyard is the fabrication and fitting of propeller shaft installations. These shafting systems are manufactured on two-axe machining lathes of 8 and 12 m. Next to new building Den Breejen also provides dedicated repair and maintenance services to the shipping industry. The repair department has its own harbour with two dry docks of 400 and 800 t and a well equipped workshop.

Since 1989 we have the know-how of Rhenania gear units, as we took over the drawings and moulds of the complete product range of Rhenania. In 2002 we have expanded our industrial activities. This division of our company offers specialized solutions in gearboxes, couplings and brakes for harbour cranes as well as movable bridges, locks and sluices. Boone is distributor for: – Keller gearboxes – Stromag high elastic couplings – Gosan sheaves – Kumera gearboxes – Rhenania gearboxes – Etron barrel couplings – Sibre brakes and couplings – Pneumaflex/Spiroflex couplings Besides products and knowledge we also conduct the complete project from start to completion. With our experience, knowledge and no-nonsense policy, we are able to deliver high quality products and service short-term. Our service engineers have gained extensive expertise through many years of experience and are able to inspect, maintain and repair gear units and couplings. You can contact Boone for total solutions, components and spare parts, as well as for advice and repairs worldwide.


high quality, prompt delivery, excellent service!

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PIET BROUWER ELECTROTECHNOLOGY Marsdiep 19 8321 MC Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)52 768 1651 F +31 (0)52 768 2169 E I Contact: Mr Martin van Veen


New Build Refit & Repair Conversions

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is a worldwide specialist in turn-key electrical installations in all seagoing commercial vessels and mega yachts (both sailing- and power yachts). When looking to an electrical company for the building or refit of your vessel, you will enjoy working with an experienced partner who can offer complete electrical installation. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology fulfills all your electrical needs: from engineering, installation and cable mounting, to monitoring and control systems, navigation, communication and entertainment systems. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology takes care of all specialized technology in your vessel, which is wired to do all its work well out of sight, and is thereby simply the best electrical partner the world has to offer! Being the best is the standard of the 70 Piet Brouwer employees who use their experience and skills to design, calculate, deliver and install electrical installations for all types of seagoing vessels. Agreements are transparent and clear. Yes means yes, and no means no. From the head office located in Urk, the valued work happens worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology also has offices located in Den Helder and Enkhuizen (The Netherlands) and Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Service points are located in Harlingen and Zwartsluis. No matter which office you deal with you will find employees who are flexible, hard-working, and service and result driven. The intricate needs of your new building or refitting projects will be in good hands at ‘World’s Best Electrical Partner.’

ShipBuilding i n d u s t r y

Download our mediakit:


+31 118 473 398

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CalpE INdusTrIal prOduCTs De Fliert 3 3791 PV Achterveld The Netherlands T +31 (0)342 451 544 F +31 (0)342 451 364 E I

Calpe was founded in 1954 with an experience of more than 60 years now in the hands of the 3rd generation and still a family owned company. As importer/distributor Calpe is specialized in offering a wide range of electro technical products for the marine and offshore industry as well as for panel builders. Together with a Swiss manufacturer we are able to do the engineering together with our customers for all heavy duty cable solutions. Nowadays delivering these special cables from Leoni Studer all over the world. Of course all the special cables for drag chains and other extreme conditions are certified for maritime use like Lloyds Register, Veritas and Germanischer Lloyds. We are one of the main players for single core cable in the Dutch market not only in standard PVC but also with the Betatherm® 145 single core with increased environmental compatibility for use in temperatures from -55° up to 145°, of course low smoke, zero halogen!

This in combination with the halogen free cable duct (Licatec) and cable glands (Jacob) for special application makes Calpe a strong partner for the marine and offshore industry. We can also offer you cable glands made of stainless steel V4A 1.4571 according to customers drawing.


After the engineering stage we will always make sure that as a good partner we will guarantee the logistic needs of the customers. The logistic center is based in Achterveld and therefore stock items can be delivered with a 24-hour service to the plants in Holland, but Calpe is shipping also on customs demands to plants all over the world. You will find in our program a wide range of products, most of them fulfill to the required marine approvals, just a short overview: – cable and wiring – cable glands (plastic, brass, inox) – cable ducts (pvc or halogen free) – signal lamps – switches – isolators Recently we started the cooperation with Lovato Electric a European manufacturer offering a complete program from emergency stop, contactors, switch disconnectors, inverters, generator controllers etc. Our sales team is there for all your questions or special needs, they will offer you the technical assistance you need. We are always aware about new legislation and standards as well as the consequences for the products we offer. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specifications and design together with us the best solution.

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CIG MarITIME Osloweg 110 9723 BX Groningen The Netherlands T + 31 (0)50 575 3995 E Contact: Lysanne van Mensvoort (Marketing Coordinator)

Our expertise in 3D steel forming enables us to provide our customers with steel constructional design and products tailored to their requirements. Constant innovation, competitive high quality, and costefficient manufacturing and logistics ensure that we are able to always keep our promise: we add value to our customers’ business. Our design & engineering specialists from CIG Maritime Technology provide innovative and competitive designs either ‘off-the-shelf’ or customized to the particular requirements of ship owners, shipyards and other maritime related businesses.

delivery of outfitted hulls and turn-key projects. CIG is also able to provide you with equipment and parts. CIG Piping Technology manufactures pipeline systems and provides piping-related engineering services to the shipbuilding industry. SEC Groningen is a global supplier of a wide variety of deck equipment such as winches and anchors and SEC Bremen is a leading manufacturer of container lashing equipment. Everything built by CIG meets an uncompromising standard regarding technology, safety and quality at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our combined knowledge and skills, together with a passion for 3D steel construction, gives you the competitive edge that you are looking for. Just as when we started more than 40 years ago – with respect for the technological progress since then – our existence still depends on the degree to which we add value for our clients.

Our professionals from CIG Shipbuilding offer a comprehensive range of products and services based on CIG’s building kits. Our services range from the production of basic ship sections and blocks to the

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ChEMETall B.V.

CrOWE hOrWaTh pEaK

IJsselstraat 41 5347 KG Oss The Netherlands T +31 (0)412 681 888 F +31 (0)412 631 675 E I

Olympisch Stadion 24-28 1076 DE Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 205 5000 I Contact: Mr Hans Missaar E

Maritime and Offshore Industry Cathodic protection plays a major role in in the maritime and offshore industry as it efficiently protects metal structures from corrosion. With our Ampak® business, our customers benefit from a variety of highquality products and services with more than 40 years of experience. To protect metal structures below the waterline from corrosion, cathodic protection is one of the most sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. Chemetall offers design, anode production (zinc, aluminium, magnesium), anti-fouling (MGPS / ICAF) and impressed current (ICCP) systems. Our foundry for casting sacrificial anodes allow us to offer the best possible solution for individual customer needs – from standard ship’s hull anodes to tailor – made zinc anodes.

Smart decisions, lasting value Corwe Horwath Peak is partner for medium- and large sized, internationally operating organizations. We provide solutions for entrepreneurs dealing with local and international laws and regulations. We support you in the field of audit, accounting, tax, advisory, legal and payroll services.

Approved technologies All of our Ampak® anode products for cathodic corrosion protection are certified by Bureau Veritas in the Netherlands following the requirements for classification of steel ships and offshore units. Technology portfolio – Standard sacrificial zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes – Special anodes casted to your specific requirements – Impressed Current Corrosion Protection Systems (ICCP) – Impresssed Current Antifouling Systems (ICAF / MGPS) – Anode spares for ICCP systems (power units, anodes, reference electrode, etc.) – Anode spares for ICAF / MGPS systems (power units, copper anodes, etc.) – Service and corrosion inspections – Design and advice on corrosion control by cathodic protection Industries we serve – Maritime and Offshore industry – Port authorities – Offshore wind industry – Civil engineering industry


Knowledge maritime industry Whether it is about cost reduction, decommissioning, exploring new opportunities, expanding, changing business models in a challenging environment etc, the professionals of Crowe Horwath Peak recognize the financial opportunities and challenges of your industry. Doing business across borders Creating solutions for you is what challenges us daily. Whatever your situation is, doing business across borders requires good preparation and actual knowledge of the local market. In an increasingly complex world of international changing laws and regulations, we ensure that you meet the legal requirements and regulations (compliance and governance) and that your financial affairs are in order. This prevents unexpected costs afterwards. Innovative business solutions worldwide Crowe Horwath Peak is member of Crowe Horwath International since 1999. This network is among the top 10 global accounting networks. The members are located in more than 130 countries worldwide. We work closely with the professionals of Crowe Horwath International and can therefore effective service you on the global Maritime industry. Specialties International Audit Expat services IT Audit Payroll & HR services VAT services Legal services Transfer Pricing We ensure that you and your company are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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DBR GENERATORSETS Lelystraat 53 – NL-3364 AH P.O. Box 1039 – NL-3360 BA Sliedrecht – The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 613 200 F +31 (0)184 612 654 E I Contact: Mr H.R. Roodenburg Contact: Mr H.J. Hafkamp

Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown

Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown

Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown


Where Luxury meets Technology

DBR Generatorsets is independent manufacturer of Generator sets for the Offshore, Marine & Dredging Industry up to 4,000 kVA worldwide. DBR supplies a standard range and design custom solutions for open and containerized applications, including DNV2.7-1 packages, according to the high quality codes & standards and classification rules. Why DBR – 50 Years of experience and reliability in the Offshore, Marine & Dredging Industry – proven track record of thousands of vessels and platforms which are still using the power of the DBR generator sets worldwide – flexible private company with highly motivated and dedicated people. – professional group of clients – brand independent – OEM partner for most well known engine and generator brands – efficient production and monitoring systems – worldwide service – custom solutions Used brands are often the engine brands Mitsubishi, Volvo, MAN, MTU, Caterpillar, Cummins and Deutz with Leroy Somer or Stamford generators. For pumps DBR is partner for especially Johnson/SPX and Varisco. 3D modelling Especially for turnkey projects as well as for containerized packages DBR has made exceptionally benefits for our clients by using 3D modelling. DBR – ‘your partner in reliability’ DBR assure the reliability by doing all the necessary activities from start engineering until maintenance and delivery of spare parts. Training and commissioning on site helps operational people in effective use of the sophisticated equipment. DBR B.V. has developed itself as reliable partner in which quality and safety plays an important role. Rely on DBR as your ISO 9001, SCC and offshore certified company.

i n d u s t r y

Download our mediakit:


+31 118 473 398

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dETlEV lOEll ENGINEErING GMBh Faehrstrasse 1 D-17449 Peenemuende Germany T +49 38371 88 7 55 F +49 38371 260 44 E I M +49 172 411 52 80

Detlev Loell Engineering GmbH, Design, Engineering, Survey and Consulting Detlev Loell and Partner is specialised in design, engineering and building supervision of classic sailing yachts and commercial tallships of any size. The company was founded in 1991 and was involved in the design and production of some of the most impressive sailships ever seen. For example the 59 metre racing schooner ‘Germania Nova’, delivered in 2011, was built in Spain under our supervision and project management. The rigging of the largest full ship, the 138 metre ‘Sea Cloud Hussar’ was designed in our offices. We, this is the 56 years old CEO of the company, Detlev Loell, mastercraftsman of boat and shipbuilding, chairman of the German shipsurveyors association, member of SNAME, VMVS, BVWW and his team of highly specialized engineers, riggers and sailship specialists. The very well experienced team (nearly all of them more than 20 years in the job) is multilingual (German, English, Spanish), the education ranges from captain to ship building engineer and designer and the team is travelling the world to accomplish the jobs where ever needed. Our main office is situated at the harbor waterfront of Peenemuende/ Germany with airfield and trainstation in 5 minutes reach. We have our own workshops for mock-up construction and building of wooden boats. We have additional offices in Hamburg/Germany and Vigo/Spain. We use the latest design program on our multi screen workstations, cooperate with the Technical University of Kiel for windtunnel and hull resistance tests to get the best performance and the most comfortable ride.

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 23

We cooperate with DNVGermanischer Lloyd and Lloyd’s Register. We are well seeked specialists for large gaff riggs and square riggs. We do annual surveys, cost evaluations, project management, consulting works. We organize new buildings, overhauling, upgrading, repairs and refit works wherever our customers want.


Our experience comes from our sailing journeys across the Atlantic, sailing up north to Greenland, Island, Spitzbergen, but also south to Antarctic on gaff cutters and square riggers, racing North Sea with full riggers or barks, building wooden sailing ships in Ireland or Sultanat Oman, steel ships in Holland, Spain or France, Alloy riggings in Russia, surveys in Singapur or Rio the Janeiro, sea trials in Italy or Spain, managing training ships and commercial yachts. Some of our customers: SY Germania Nova, SY Doriana, SY Naema, SY Phocea, MY Haida G., MY Zaffira, STV Cisne Branco, STV Roald Amundsen, STV Nobile, STV Gorch Fock, STV, Fridtjof Nansen, STV Thor Heyerdahl, PSV Sea Cloud, PSV Sea Cloud II, PSV Sea Cloud Hussar, PSV Lili Marleen, PSV Star Clipper, PSV Star Flyer... We have long time relationships with several very well seasoned companies, like Oliver Design in Getxo/Spain for Interior design, or SDC in Hamburg/Germany for steel hull engineering, Astilleros Freire in Vigo/Spain, Norderwerft in Hamburg/ Germany as shipyards, but we are open to new experience always... You have your dream, we show you the way to get it done in time and budget. Detlev Loell Engineering GmbH, Design, Engineering, Survey and Consulting.

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Staalindustrieweg 5 2952 AT Ablasserdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 681 0960 F +31 (0)78 681 0970 E I Contact: Mr W.J. van Well – Account manager


Discom: Solutions for a better world! Discom’s history goes back more than thirty years. From that time our field of work has broadened considerably. Starting out as a supplier of silencers we have grown into an all-round specialist in exhaust systems. At Discom, noise limitation, reduction of hazardous emissions and waste heat recovery go hand in hand. That combination of expertise is unique. Integrating knowledge in these specialist fields enables us to coordinate systems precisely. This has all kinds of significant benefits, namely the retention of optimal performance, a more efficient development process, more effective responses to the possibilities and impossibilities during the integration phase and clarity for the customer. Our expertise in complete exhaust systems for the maritime industry (inland- and seagoing vessels and navy ships) has been built up over three decades. Not only should you expect Discom to provide clear advice on how to keep noise and vibrations in line with the prevailing standards, but also to advise and assist with regulating the emission of exhaust gases. That combination of expertise means you can leave all the aspects of the exhaust system in the hands of a single specialist who guarantees optimal integration of inlet silencer, exhaust silencer, spark arrestors and mounting elements. We are specialists in both dry and ‘wet’ (water injected) exhaust systems and waste heat recovery systems. We also have a reputation of being a supplier with a keen eye for innovative techniques which increase performance or efficiency. Our latest development are ‘Water Cooled Valves’. These valves, designed and produced by Discom, help to cool down the exhaust gas, prevents the hull from burning and reduces hot spots. For more information about our solutions, please contact our employees. They will be happy to inform and advise you about your possibilities.


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duTCh harBOur ’s-GraVENdEEl B.V.

Steenoven 13 3911 TX Rhenen The Netherlands T +31 (0)317 681 155 F +31 (0)317 681 159 E I Contact: Cees Drost & Joost Ressing (Sales Dromec)

Griendweg 14, ’s-Gravendeel P.O. Box 59022 3008 PA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)85 877 9114 E I

Dromec drives & winches is an innovative organization with a refreshing approach. Our team can develop basic winches up to large complex systems according customer specification, highest standards of safety requirements and regulations. For leading parties in industries as Offshore, Maritime, Wind Energy, Fishery and Life Saving, Dromec plays an important role in developing high tech and smart solutions. Besides winches and deck equipment (specials), Dromec has an own line of high quality Hydromec drives and ICME e-motors. Combination of in-house engineering with these power transmission products results in solid turn-key systems with short delivery times.

Dutch Harbour ’s-Gravendeel B.V. is a private harbour, which offers safe & secure lay-up facilities for inland & seagoing vessels, barges and pontoons. We are located in the heart of the maritime Netherlands: between Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk (Harbour G950). Dutch Harbour is suitable for vessels up to 200m in length and with a draft up to 5,50m, while its 700m floating jetties safeguard against tidal influences.

Also development and production of spooling machines for tension and winding purposes, is a specialty of Dromec. Besides the sales of these machines we have our own rental division under the name of TWS (Tension and Winding Solutions). TWS focusses principally on the professional market in shipping and offshore, and rents out multi-task winches and spooling machines. It is also possible to rent first to buy afterwards. TWS is complete in rental, because Dromec can develop and realize the winch multidisciplinary. This customer specific rental is unique. We also offer a reeling service: you send us your (wire) rope and we will return it wound and pre-tensioned. See also our website


The harbour entrance is closed by a floating security barrier and the surrounding harbour yard is closed by a GSM operated electrical gate, only accessible to owners, crew and personnel. Harbour accesses and areas are monitored 24/7 by security cameras. Our Lay-up harbour is the ideal place to leave your vessel for a short or long period, or to sell your vessel from. Besides the lay-up of floating equipment, we also offer the storage of ship’s parts, spare parts and other (marine related) items on land. We offer extensive services to manned or unmanned vessels in lay-up, all against reasonable prices. Facilities: – Closed, private harbour – Secure mooring & safe access – Camera surveillance Optional Services: – 400V/230 V, 50 Hz shore power supply, incl rental of power cables and connection services – Supply of fuel and fresh water – Bilge / sludge disposal


‘s-Gravendeel B.V. Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 2 5

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EMIGrEEN B.V. Parabool 111  3364 DH Sliedrecht  The Netherlands  T +31 (0)184 415 317  E  I  Contact: Mr Niko J. Dalpis 

Emigreen® produces customised, integrated emission control solutions, for, among others, the maritime sector. It also provides services including design, specification, production, installation instruction, training and aftersales. It has expertise in emission control technologies, flow dynamics, thermodynamics, and noise and vibration control. Besides develops and tests components including catalytic converters, particulate filters, catalytic reduction systems and related instrumentation. Emigreen®’s strength lies in its expertise combined with the ability to understand the complex market in which it works. In this market, standalone, off-the-shelf solutions are often inadequate. Client requirements are many and varied, ranging from the need to meet statutory regulations, through stopping soot blemishing the brilliant white deck of a luxury yacht to the need to fit the solution into an awkward space. All Emigreen® solutions are highly efficient, irrespective of whether designed to control soot, NOx or sound emissions. They employ state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best results.

Reliability is essential for Emigreen® solutions. A failed emission control system can result in the expensive private yacht bobbing around in the sea like a cork or massive traffic jams if a ferry breaks down. Therefore, Emigreen® engineers reliability into all of its solutions. Reliability means more than just the reliability of individual components. Providing early warning of a potentially failing component, building in redundancy or predicting maintenance requirements are also aspects of reliability included in an Emigreen® integrated emission control solution. Emigreen® sees its clients, suppliers and subcontractors as partners who work together to create the eventual solution. Working closely together requires trust and the confidence that each partner will perform as required, clearly and transparently. Emigreen® has shown that it is a reliable partner. Emigreen® works with all of the stakeholders, including the client, engine supplier and shipyard to create the truly optimum solution. The Emigreen® Alfa Alfa burner assisted soot filter system has set the standard for others to beat. All Emigreen® solutions are highly efficient, highly reliable and highly controllable, whether designed for an inland barge, short-sea carrier or luxury yacht. Emigreen® links science to the market

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FINDER RELAIS NEDERLAND B.V. Dukdalfweg 51 1041 BC Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 615 6557 F +31 (0)20 617 8992 E I

Right from the start in 1954 Finder has worked exclusively in the field of relays and timers. Our high degree of specialization has produced over 10,000 different products with one of the widest ranges available. They are the result of specialization across a variety of PCB relays, industrial relays, relay interface modules, sockets and accessories, timers, monitoring relays, energy meters, surge protection devices, thermostats, modular contactors, solid state relays, light dependent relays, electronic step relays, time switches, dimmers and PIR movement detectors. Today’s product quality and extensive ditribution network have made Finder a European leader with worldwide coverage. Finder products are distributed through exclusive agents, wholesalers and local distributors in over 50 different countries, thus making the company truly global.

The extensive Finder product range is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of application areas, such as: industrial automation, home appliances, vending machines, air conditioning and heating, building automation and control, domestic installations, shipbuilding and yachtbuilding and generally wherever power switching is needed.


The followed product value strategy is always aimed at constantly increasing quality. Product line reliability has been recognized through many approvals by international standards organizations including UL, CSA, VDE, Lloyd’s Register and RINA and are in compliance with the IEC standards and the CE directive. As important as these quality approvals are, Finder considers it no more important than its partnerships with customers, who are able to value the quality of its products and after-sales service. Finder has always looked to the future. New technologies and innovative components for new fields of application are constantly being developed. One of the recent developments are timers and time switches programmable by Android smartphones with NFC technology. Switch to the future with us!


SWITCH TO THE FUTURE Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 2 7

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GEa WEsTFalIa sEparaTOr NEdErlaNd B.V.

Westrak 240 1771 SV Wieringerwerf The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 764 170 E I

Hoogveld 16 P.O. Box 375 5430 AJ Cuijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)485 319 300 E I Contact: Martin den Hartog, Contact: Account Manager Marine & Energy, Oil & Gas.

Since the launch in 2012, Fender Innovations has acquired an excellent reputation for the development and production of very high-quality, super-strong and lightweight fender systems. The systems are manufactured with a core of PE foam in a choice of fifteen different densities. The foam is encased with technical fabric as reinforcement, and a special topcoat in a variety of hardnesses. The fenders are manufactured seamlessly, to customer order, absorb no water and can be deployed in temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 130 degrees Celsius.

Reliable partner to the marine industry The shipping industry is rapidly changing to meet the increasingly complex demands of global supply chains and there is a growing trend towards energy efficiency, risk management, automation and smart maintenance. As a long-term, reliable partner to the marine sector, GEA is supporting customers in achieving these goals through a strong, global network of service, spare parts and know-how.

Our company operates two large, innovative five-axis computercontrolled milling machines. Using these machines, we can manufacture fenders up to a maximum length of 18.5 metres, in a single section. Practically every conceivable size, shape and dimension can be supplied. As a company we enjoy a challenge. Vessels worldwide that make use of our fender systems include lifeboats, fast crew suppliers, superyacht tenders, RIBs, patrol boats, interceptors, water taxis, amphibious vehicles, firefighting boats and every variety of workboats. We manufacture fenders for both new and existing vessels. Our fenders are already used in more than 25 countries. As well as developing and manufacturing fender systems, we are also able to carry out fender installation and on request will undertake maintenance and repair work. For these services we have established an efficient service department. We have recently added a new skill, namely the manufacture of moulds and plugs for the fabrication of ships’ hulls and decks, up to a length of 14 metres.

Tailored Solutions For Maximum Performance The international shipping industry consists of about 50,000 merchant vessels, carrying 80 per cent of the world’s trade. It is also strictly regulated in order to safeguard the marine environment, making it one of the greenest forms of transport. GEA is a leading supplier of high performance equipment for treating fuel and lubricating oil, sludge, bilge water and ballast water, creating potable water with our seawater distiller, while our air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing technology ensures that passengers are comfortable and that cargo arrives in good condition. All our equipment and technologies are precisely tailored to the requirements of a wide variety of vessels, including, but not limited to container ships, tankers, fishing trawlers, cruise ships and tug boats.

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GEBhard ElECTrO B.V.

dE haaN spECIal EQuIpMENT B.V.

Innovatiepark 14 4906 AA Oosterhout The Netherlands T +31 (0)162 452 888 F +31 (0)162 433 761 E I Contact: Mr A. Versluis en Mr R. van de Wiel

P.O. Box 4 9500 AA Stadskanaal The Netherlands T +31 (0)599 613 300 F +31 (0)599 621 168 E I

Essential component for shipping and industry – Gebhard Electro is the specialist in electric systems and automation for the maritime and industrial sectors. The company has its roots in the Netherlands, but is now globally active. Gebhard has also found a home port in Dalian, China and Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The company has set up Dalian Haien Gebhard Electrical Apparatus and Gebhard Electro Vietnam Co.Ltd. at this locations. The results are very encouraging. Designs were produced in the Netherlands and the Chinese and Vietnamese products are delivered all over the world at a very competitive price. There is enough staff capacity to quickly switch to shift working so that production can take place on a continuous basis if required. Ranging from partial orders to executing complete projects or conducting the overall direction; Gebhard’s activities cover a very broad playing field. This allows the company to take on all stages of the process: – Development – Installation – Engineering – Repair service – Production – Supervision

Manufacturer De Haan SE makes the talent of its employees part of its business concept Located in the north part of the Netherlands, De Haan Special Equipment designs, manufactures, tests and delivers lifting blocks and steel-wire rope sockets for many worldwide manufacturers. The company’s ties to the Netherlands dates back to 1898, when De Haan SE started as a natural rope manufacturer and then developed into one of the world’s top three suppliers of special equipment.

Customisation – Gebhard has a solution for every situation. Its business philosophy is based on the idea that every customer should be able to opt in at multiple stages of the installation process. That is why Gebhard not only supplies complete installation, but also individual components or prefab installations. Gebhard has standardized the main components, making it possible to supply electrical systems in parts or as complete assembly packages. For example, main and auxiliary switch boards, starting systems, alarm, monitoring & control systems, communication systems, control- and wheelhouse consoles. This innovative approach means that customised arrangements, both in technical and financial terms, can be delivered with very short lead times. Years of experience – Choosing Gebhard Electro means choosing decades of expertise. Our horizontal organization allows us to switch quickly and at all times. Wherever in the world the customer may be.


Working fields and market needs Nowadays, De Haan’s products are predominantly used in the offshore industry and in large building projects, such as the construction of windmills. The company’s target group for lifting blocks includes manufacturers of ports, ships, factories and mobile cranes. Quality management is an obvious part of its operating process and so is Quick Response Manufacturing. De Haan SE relies on many factors to accomplish optimal quality of process and product. For example, the company is completely ISO 9001-2008 certified. It has load testing certification, factory certification or DNV type approval, which can be provided in deliveries if necessary. This proves that the company is a guaranteed professional partner that focuses on quality and safety. De Haan SE works with Quick Response Manufacturing. This innovative strategy improves the response time by reducing the time to market in the complete delivery chain. This upgrade in logistics means proven added value to the process of our clients. Qualities consolidated in a Dutch company All of De Haan’s research and development takes place in the Netherlands, its home turf. The company’s personnel are trained on-site because of the specialised material. De Haan SE is proud of the heritage and the quality of the employees. For that reason the business concept reflects all their talents, such as a constant focus on a high service level in the customer service centre and the distribution of product information in a digital product platform on which the customers submit a quotation request anytime, anyplace.


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HEATING GROUP INTERNATIONAL B.V. Visiting address Bijsterhuizen 5118 6604 LX Wijchen The Netherlands Postal address PO Box 6813 6503 GH NIJMEGEN The Netherlands T +31 (0)24 343 4222 F +31 (0)24 343 0025 E I Contact: Mr T.G. Ippel Direct mail:

Heating Group International b.v. is a leading Dutch supplier of industrial electric (process) heating systems. Our key segments are Oil & Gas, Industrial, Ship Building and Commercial Building. The specialists of Heating Group International b.v. design bespoke heating solutions. To us, this goes further than the mere realization of the desired temperature within all constraints. We offer our knowledge to you in order to think together on the optimization of your processes. Which parameters can make the difference? Maybe we can adjust the flow, we can look at the precision of the temperature in the process or we can look at how to cut on the costs of maintenance and energy.

start up are off course, when desired, taken care of completely by our experts. Off course we comply to the standards within your organization and your industry. You would however not be our first client taking our solutions as the new standard within their organization. Heating by Heating Group International; a comforting certainty in an environment where reliability, continuity and safety are key. Indeed; when reliability matters, Heating Group International. In our over three decades of existence as a company, we have been supplying a vast amount of different heating solutions for the shipbuilding industry, like large (up to 2 x 565kW) duct heaters for LNG tankers, ATEX flanged duct heaters for FPSO’s, heat tracing, finned tube air heaters, small air duct heaters for the machine rooms, lube oil heaters, inline heaters, (ATEX) fan heaters, floor heating, (ATEX) convectors for space heating, crack case heaters, ATEX flange heaters, and so on. Please visit our website ( for more information on our company and our product portfolio. We are also represented in the UK with a subsidiary, Ex Heating Ltd. ( for a local point of contact for the UK market.

In order to really be able to optimize your processes, we think in integrated solutions; heaters and the control of those. That is unique. We are product specialists and engineers at the same time. We do the design, but we also manufacture and we build the control panels. We supply and build heaters, but we also integrate these into your installation. All components are fit together and the complete solution is fitted to your process. Design, production and installation, commissioning and 3 0 r|i tMa Ma i mer i tSi eme r v i Sc e sr vDicirec es Dtor irec y 2017 tor y 2|031 07

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 30

21-07-16 13:31



hOllaNd MarINE lIFTs

Produktieweg 12 3751 LN Bunschoten-Spakenburg The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 299 2500 F +31 (0)33 299 2599 E I

Rivierdijk 641 A+B 3371 EE Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 679 311 F +31 (0)184 679 277 E I Contact: Mr Emile van der Starre


Cargo platform lift of for 10ft container. SWL 15 tonnes.

Leading specialist & global supplier of maritime climate technology. Founded in 1965, Heinen & Hopman is a world leader in airconditioning, mechanical ventilation, refrigeration and central heating for the maritime industry. As an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of systems for buildings and vessels, we offer you the most comprehensive customized solutions available today. Being active in a wide range of applications – from offshore to yachting, commercial vessels to the navy, Heinen & Hopman has across the board expertise that can be applied into each segment. Installing a system on an offshore facility requires knowledge of how the specific process works – you cannot use a commercial vessel system. The comfort and spatial considerations when fitting an air conditioning system to a superyacht are very different to a frigate. Making the most of our cross-segment synergies, progress in one area is swiftly incorporated into others. Heinen & Hopman provides exceptional reliability. Our broad expertise and economies of scale in design, construction and purchasing means that we can serve you as a genuine one-stop shop. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman employs over 1,000 skilled people and has subsidiaries around the world. Our 24/7 global support network ensures that the service we provide is quick and reliable wherever you may find yourself. Technical knowledge, local know-how and an ability to adapt make our staff true problem-solving professionals.

Holland Marine Lifts (HML) specializes in designing, engineering, production and installation of custom made lifts on board of seagoing vessels. Holland Marine Lifts has three business lines: – Mega yachts – Navy vessels – Offshore vessels HML does not have a standard choice of lift designs, but gives customers the freedom to determine what the best and most aesthetic solution in their situation is. Within the limits of the regulations and technical possibilities, we can create virtually everything. In our product portfolio we have: – Full glass panoramic lifts – Passenger lifts – Crew lifts – Dumbwaiters / Food lifts – Cargo lifts – Platform Lifts – Ammunition lifts Some aspects of HML’s passenger lifts: – Maximum passenger safety by using high quality components such as: drive, door detection systems and intelligent lift control – Plug-in lift trunk in steel or aluminium – Short assembly time through delivery of pre-assembled installation – Fire resistant landing doors according DIN, A0 or A60 The lifts of HML can be certified by different notified bodies on request. HML is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd’s. CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR LEVEL...

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hyBrId shIp prOpulsION B.V.

Admiraal Trompstraat 2 P.O. Box 150 – 3100 AD Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 070 2222 F +31 (0)88 070 2220 E I Contact: /

Waalhaven Z.z. 42 3088 HJ Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 486 5066 I

Huisman is a worldwide operating company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s leading on- and offshore companies. Our equipment, varying from standalone equipment to highly engineered and integrated systems, is designed and manufactured under own management. A dedicated worldwide operating service team of skilled professionals is on stand-by to provide advice, training and service support before, during and after delivery.

Hybrid Ship Propulsion (HSP) HSP, based in Rotterdam the Netherlands, is a market leader for hybrid ship propulsion. HSP advises customers as to the correct and best application of hybrid technology and can act as the system designer and integrator. It all began as a project to equip an inland waterways vessel with hybrid propulsion. This project was successful and other projects followed. Thus, in 2014 it was decided to establish a specialised company, Hybrid Ship Propulsion. HSP designs are independent of the main engine choice and a clear advantage of hybrid solutions is that they can be applied to both retro-fits and new builds with relatively little extra space required in the engine room. In addition, hybrids offer lower maintenance costs due to the main engine and clutch being used for far less hours than in a diesel-only vessel. Inland water tanker Martinique is a new build whose owner also operates an exact sister vessel which is diesel-only. An exact comparison under operational conditions was made when both vessels sailed the River Rhine over the same stretch of water the same day. The hybrid vessel’s fuel savings amounted to 15%. Other projects include container carrier Indus, container ship Nadorias, the tanker Hedy Jaegers and the bulk cargo carrier Jolina. Currently under construction is Iskes’ Telstar tug, a new ferry for the city of Amsterdam and a push boat. Building upon experience with inland vessels, HSP is seeing growing interest for hybrid technology for other vessel types including super yachts, as well as sea going ships. HSP is currently working on several projects and aiming at worldwide growth. HSP has delivered 13 hybrid propulsion systems and currently have 10 more projects under order. Baumüller is a partner of HSP and with 48 locations worldwide they offer extensive service possibilities.

Cranes Top 3 player international offshore crane market: – Pedestal mounted cranes – Mast cranes – Knuckleboom cranes – Floating cranes – Hybrid cranes – Land cranes – Wind turbine installation cranes/shuttle Pipelay International market leader deepwater pipelay systems: – Flex-lay – S-lay – Rigid-lay – J-lay – Reel-lay – Multi-lay Drilling Innovator drilling industry: – Land and Offshore Containerised Drilling Unit – Well Intervention Systems – Drillships – Semi-submersible Drilling Rigs Winches New Concepts

Vessel Designs Heave Compensation Systems

We are internationally known for our technical and creative solutions, timely delivery of high quality equipment with full capacity from day one and a high reliability guarantee during operations. Our production is divided between our production facilities in The Netherlands, Brazil, China and the Czech Republic. Additional sales, engineering and service offices are located in Australia, Brazil, Norway, Singapore and the USA.


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IFS BENELUX Flight Forum 3450 5657 EW Eindhoven The Netherlands T +31 (0)40 292 32 92 F +31 (0)40 292 32 99 I

IFS™ is a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). IFS brings customers in targeted sectors closer to their business, helps them be more agile and enables them to profit from change. IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 and currently has over 2,800 employees. IFS supports more than 1 million users worldwide from its network of local offices and through a growing ecosystem of partners. IFS’s products are known for being user friendly, modular in their design and flexible enough to support the customers in their way of working according to their established processes. IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 and currently has over 2,800 employees. IFS supports more than 1 million users worldwide worldwide from its network of local offices and through a growing ecosystem of partners. In the Benelux IFS works for customers such as Royal IHC, Damen Shipyards, VBMS, Heerema Fabrication Group and Hertel. For more information visit:

Our largest product, IFS Applications™ currently has over 1,000,000 users. With IFS Applications and powerful service management and mobile functionality, IFS has pioneered component-based service management and ERP software. IFS Enterprise Service Management in the meantime is a leader in field service management, mobile workforce management, reverse logistics and more. Our business philosophy and architecture provide solutions that are easier to implement, run, and upgrade. IFS Applications business software provides increased ERP functionality, including CRM, SCM, PLM, CPM, enterprise asset management, and MRO capabilities.


Offshore Operations & Marine Services Companies operating in offshore operations & marine services, such as FPSO’s and FSO owners and operators, seismic vessels, offshore service vessels (OSV) and other maritime vessels are characterized by operating in a global and legislatively demanding environment. They experience challenges like multi company structure, global logistics, resource optimization, project control and management of investments and operational projects. IFS offers complete, integrated ERP solutions covering the entire value chain for new builds, modifications and operations. IFS industry solution includes support for engineering, document management, projects, construction, operations, logistics, maintenance, finance and HR. Shipbuilding IFS Applications for Shipbuilding is an integrated marine software solution specially designed to enhance competitiveness and improve the bottom line in the ship building industry. This means that vessel engineering, fabrication, refit, overhaul and other functions can be completed profitably while exceeding customer expectations.

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Igus gmbH


Spicher Straße 1a. 51147 Köln Germany T +49 (0)2203/9649-0 E

Rotterdam Office (HQ) Javastraat 8, NL-3016 CE Rotterdam Amsterdam Office Viñoly Building, 3rd floor Claude Debussylaan 10, NL-1082 MD Amsterdam T +31 (0)10 235 8850 I E Contact: Jan-Pieter Borst

‘Plastics for longer life’ – this is the claim igus GmbH operates globally as a leading manufacturer in the field of energy chains and polymer bearings. This claim promises technical improvement and/ or reducing costs. To achieve this, igus operates at its headquarters in Cologne, the biggest test laboratory in the industry. 2,750 m2 bring the idea of ‘motion plastics’ – polymer machine elements that drive and move – right to life. Around two billion test cycles are completed annually. Our mission is to provide the customer the best product for their individual requirements, which can be configured online and can be delivered from 24 hours.

IMAP DB&S Corporate Finance IMAP DB&S is a Dutch corporate finance firm that is active in (international) mergers and acquisitions. IMAP DB&S is the exclusive Dutch member of IMAP, world’s leading global partnership of independent M&A advisors in the mid market. With shared values working as one team across borders we provide local market knowledge throughout the globe. Our International presence, direct approach and wide sector knowledge makes us more than sole independent financial experts. We have a strong track record in advising businesses and management teams on both sale and buyside. Our global presence ensures valuable insights that help our clients take an informed decision.

The 2,950 employees of the family business founded in 1964 in Cologne provide surprising ideas, quality products, lean processes and short delivery times, and especially the proximity to customers. With success, because igus sales increased in 2015 to around 552 million euros. The company had more than 200,000 end users around the globe and was able to deliver a daily average of over 5,500 deliveries. At the same time igus remains in motion: As part of a long-term investment program, significant budgets flow into new product areas, the expansion of existing product lines, as well as logistics and production. Polymer plain bearings are one of the central pillars of the business activities of the tribo-polymer specialists and signifies the step from the plastic bearing to the tested predictable and readily available machine element. Another division is the energy chain (e-chain) as ‘umbilical cord’ of any modern machine, which provides energy, data and media safely. Igus has set itself the goal offering components – e-chains, cables and accessories – very easily and quick to offer as a single component or system and to guarantee the reliable operation. And this in all possible directions.

With Rotterdam being the largest port of Europe and us being based in the Maritime Quarter (Scheepvaartkwartier), in the historic Rotterdam harbour area, we are in the mid of where it all happens. We are the largest independent M&A advisor in the Rotterdam Area, but maintain to be a boutique because of our human touch and our personal customer approach. Our (founding) partners are always involved in the deal and negotiations. Our dedicated international Oil & Gas team – with experts in a number of global IMAP offices – focuses on making a difference for our clients. With our hands on mentality we support them with their strategic opportunities and challenges in the field of corporate finance; mergers& acquisitions, financing and valuations. We have an in-house Chinadesk, based in Rotterdam, to serve our Chinese clients. We are experienced in deals with both strategic buyers as financial buyers. Our office in Amsterdam in the finance heart of the city ensures a tight relation with private equity parties.

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JoHnson ConTrols sysTEms & sErvICE b.v.


Pieter Zeemanweg 16 P.O. Box 399, 3300 AJ Dordrecht, The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 630 5010 F +31 (0)78 651 4292 E I Contact: Mr Stavros Barzas (Service Sales) Mr Arno Jansen (Parts Sales)

Havenstraat 23 3115 HC Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 790 0300 E I

Marine, HVAC & Refrigeration As part of global Johnson Controls, the Dutch marine branch is specialized in design, supply, repair, clean, overhaul, retrofit, commissioning and maintenance of HVAC & refrigeration systems on board of vessels as well as offshore platforms. A proper designed solution kept in good shape is the key to operate an efficient refrigeration & HVAC system. It guarantees the quality of the cargo and well-being of people on board. Technical failures – like wear and tear – require maintenance to be done. Proper and timely repair help to reduce total cost of operating the vessel and prolong the working life of the systems.

Jumbo provides innovative, safe and efficient heavy lift transportation solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide. With over 45 years of maritime experience, versatile fleet and technical expertise, Jumbo has built a solid reputation with efficient offshore installation solutions.

Marine solutions, services & products – Industrial compressors – System retrofit – Compressor overhaul – Maintenance services – Cooling & freezing systems (full contracts, repairs, cleaning) – Refrigerated provision stores – Supply of refrigerants – HVAC systems – Technical support Marine parts In our Johnson Controls Parts Centre, we have > 6,000 OEM products on stock which means we are able to deliver with short notice everywhere around the globe. Products covered manufactured by Johnson Controls factories: Sabroe, Stal, York, Gram, Frick, UNISAB & Stalectronic control systems. Other makes we supply: Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Novenco and more. JCI employees are experts in dealing with all aspects of maintenance, leaving your staff what you do best. We maintain a global network providing you or your customers with comprehensive technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.


Versatile and dedicated fleet Jumbo operates a versatile fleet of in-house designed heavy lift vessels with lifting capacities ranging from 650 to 3,000 tons. Jumbo’s services range from transporting large and heavy pieces of equipment requiring maximum lifting capacity and outreach, to smaller, lighter cargoes and to calling at small, underdeveloped and shallow water ports. Jumbo’s Fairplayer and Jumbo Javelin are Construction Support Vessels (CSVs) with offshore installation capabilities. Quayside-to-seabed Quayside-to-Seabed offering versatility, high transit speed, stability and the ability to work in deep-water and harsh offshore environments, the Fairplayer provides cost effective transport and installation solutions. An exceptionally large, flush working deck and a multi-level cargo hold enables the Fairplayer to add modular components to suit specific project requirements and to integrate all offshore activities from ‘Quayside-to-Seabed’. This unique method saves multiple resources, critical time, complex logistics and offshore interfaces. Engineering and safety awareness Engineering and safety awareness stand at the forefront of a reliable operation. This is why Jumbo has invested – and continues to invest – in the latest state of the art engineering methods, software and equipment. Jumbo’s engineering expertise is unrivalled in the heavy lift industry and our in-house knowledge makes it possible to take on the most challenging jobs.

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KlAy InsTrumEnTs b.v.

vAn DEr KloET FoTo & vIDEoProDuCTIEs bv

Nijverheidsweg 5 7991 CZ Dwingeloo The Netherlands T +31 (0)521 591 550 E I

Lelystraat 93O / 93P 3364 AH Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 412 487 F +31 (0)184 417 103 E I Contact: Mr René van der Kloet

Klay Instruments is a Dutch manufacturer of ‘All Stainless Steel’ Pressure and Level transmitters for the Marine & Shipbuilding industry. Our Pressure transmitters are available in threaded and Flanged process connections with strong flush mounted diaphragms for all pressure applications. Available accuracies are 0.2% (series 8000) or 0.1% (series 2000) and most transmitters are adjustable on zero and span. On the ‘Intelligent’ series 2000 the HART Protocol is available. The compact and rugged All Stainless Steel transmitters are ideal for heavy applications in a wet environment. All transmitters can handle high overpressures. Besides the standard process connections we offer many custom made types if a special version is required for retrofit jobs. Typical pressure applications are: Manifold pressure on tankers, Ballast pump pressure, Vapour return line pressure, etc.

‘Our Image, Your Identity’ Established in 1912 van der Kloet specializes in the fields of technical, promotional and industrial photography. The video division was established in 1988 and forms, together with the photography services, a complete image processing and production company.

For Level measurement we manufacture both compact transmitters and Submersible Level transmitters (series Hydrobar). These transmitters are IP68 and are available with very strong cable material (Hytrell) and a strong flush diaphragm. There is a choice between fixed range and adjustable versions. Typical applications are level measurement in: – Ballast tanks – Oil and HFO tanks – Water & waste water tanks – Liquid mud & brine tanks

Supported by a dedicated team, specialized in digital full colour photography and videography, the team has a solid reputation by their customers and some of them over more than 65 years.

All our transmitters are ATEX and IECEx Ex ia certified and have five different Marine Type Approvals available (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, Veritas and RINA).

To be able to adapt yourself to any environment is a quality that is unique. Photo & Videoproductions van der Kloet has that flexibility, and therefore every production has its quality guaranteed. This is what ‘Our Image, Your Identity’ stands for, from our wide utilized modern studio in Sliedrecht to the Honk Kong Skyline, we work for more than 500 companies in more than 70 countries. We are extremely well utilized for digital artwork and have our own editing suites available. Jobs are carried out and processed under own management enabling to work faster and cost effective.

Sliedrecht is well known about the dredging & shipbuilding companies. Since 1937 van der Kloet is based in this city and follows their clients all over the world. For a total presentation or some details of a work they fly them in, with the knowledge that they get what they want. Even it concerns Shipbuilding, Repair, Offshore, Dredging or Yachtbuilding van der Kloet knows how to visualize your company. For presentations of your images they create a house-style and they are doing that for more than 50 companies. Every-one just give the number of the photo and it will be ready in a few days. It never stop with only making a picture. Van der Kloet has received the Royal title ‘By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’ and is also BOSIET and HUET certified for the Offshore Industry. This make them a very reliable partner for the whole Maritime and Offshore Industry.

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KolmEr ElEKTromoTorEn b.v.

KolmEr sPECIAl moTors b.v.

Industrieweg 16 3881 LB Putten The Netherlands T +31 (0)341 369 696 F +31 (0)341 369 690 E I Contact: Jerry Spanhaak

Industrieweg 16 3881 LB PUTTEN The Netherlands T +31 (0)341 745 270 m +31 (0)6 5252 8534 E I Contact: Mr Berend Muis

In the dynamic world of Kolmer Elektromotoren, we design and produce electric motors according your specific request. We always look for the most effective and efficient solution for your application. This requires knowledge and expertise of our experienced and skilled team. From our Knowledge Centre we build bridges with dealers, customers, educational and innovation platforms, in order to gain new insights that lead to new and innovative applications of our electric motors.

In the dynamic world of Kolmer Elektromotoren, we design and produce electric motors according your specific request. We always look for the most effective and efficient solution for your application. This requires knowledge and expertise of our experienced and skilled team. From our Knowledge Centre we build bridges with dealers, customers, educational and innovation platforms, in order to gain new insights that lead to new and innovative applications of our electric motors.

Kolmer Elektromotoren offers a wide range with many standard versions of the renowned electric motors Cemp and Cantoni Motor. Our modern workshop enables us to deliver customized solutions and perform customer specific modifications. Our line of products can be divided into the following categories:


Kolmer Special Motors (KSM) is more than modifying motors; here the motors are built entirely according to customer specifications. This provides situation-specific applications ranging from small drives for mechanical engineering, to megawatt motors for the petrochemical industry or submersible motors for shipbuilding. Our line of products can be divided into the following categories:

– – – – – – – –

Standard squirrel cage electric motors Standard motors with increased rated output Single phase motors High efficiency motors according IE2 - IE3 - IE4+ Hydraulic Oil Submerged motors Brake motors and special crane or winch motors ATEX motors for zone 1 and 2 (Gas), and zone 21 and 22 (Dust) Flame proof motors with brake and/or inverter drive

Kolmer Elektromotoren is in the midst of society. With our Knowledge Centre we have links with regional and national innovation initiatives. Our active CSR policies place us in the heart of the vibrant region and through our contacts with the education we contribute to the preparation and publication of new technical courses. We are proud of the fact that we establish a long relationship with our customers. When a customer calls us with an enquiry, he always gets a prompt answer and a correct offer.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

LV, MV and HV Motors Permanent Magnet Motors Reluctance Motors Synchronous Motors Submersible Motors Stator/Rotor units Generators Special Design Motors Low Speed Motors High Torque Motors Hollow shaft motors DC motors

As a specialist in customer-specific solutions, we work with the established electric motors brands but are not restricted to. We always make sure we have the best solution for you.

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KongsbErg mArITImE HollAnD b.v. Edisonweg 10 P.O. Box 890 3200 AV Spijkenisse The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 623 611 (24hr) F +31 (0)181 626 162 E, I Contact: Mr Lars Nordhaug

Our vision: WORLD CLASS-through people, technology and dedication. – Kongsberg Maritime is among the world’s leading suppliers of high-technology products and systems within the field of marine and process related electronics. – With more than 4,000 employees and present in 18 countries we are a global provider of advanced and reliable solutions that improve safety, security and performance in complex operations and during extreme conditions within merchant marine, offshore and subsea. – Our solutions enhance efficiency and safety throughout the whole maritime technology spectrum and we offer additional competence in providing turnkey engineering services within the shipbuilding and floating production sectors. – We have been engaged in control applications onboard ships for more than 60 years. – During this time we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in marine operations, user requirements and challenges. – We spend more than 10% of our revenues finding answers to the questions you may ask us... tomorrow. – In exploration we provide sophisticated underwater and positioning technology and systems for survey vessel operation. In field development, we support construction and offshore vessels with innovative solutions for operation and specialist applications whilst in production our hardware and software enhances output and minimizes downtime. – For maritime transport and offshore vessels, we supply the Full

Picture, including navigation, automation, training and safety systems. Kongsberg Maritime Product line: – Dynamic positioning and navigation – Marine automation – Safety management – Cargo handling – Subsea survey and construction, – Maritime simulation and training – Satellite positioning Kongsberg Maritime Holland has been the local supplier for all the products from Kongsberg Maritime for more than 20 years and our skilled and experienced engineers are giving support and onboard service 24/7 in addition to sales, engineering and software solution.

Our values: DETERMINED What we start, we finish. We do not give in. INNOVATIVE We relentlessly pursue improvements, new ideas and new solutions. COLLABORATIVE We collaborate as individuals and as a organization. RELIABLE We are reliable people. We are responsible citizens.

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KonuTHErm bv


Pascalweg 15b 8071 SE Nunspeet The Netherlands T +31 (0)341 264 283 E I

Molenstraat 34 7651 AX Tubbergen, Overijssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)546 621 361 F +31 (0)546 622 585 E

The Dutch company Konutherm has more than 50 years’ experience in the design of high-quality thermal oil and glycol/water heat transfer systems for the marine, offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical industries, and is a leading specialist in high-performance thermal oil heating systems. Konutherm heat transfer systems are designed to perfectly meet your heating requirements, and help you to save fuel and energy in your process. We analyze your heat demand for optimum performance and check your new or existing engines or generators for available heat recovery options with our exhaust gas heaters (economisers). We also provide competent assistance if you want to upgrade, optimize or expand your system.

Kuiper Dutch Marine Panels has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing high quality sandwich panels, veneered panels and hard plastic laminated boarding materials for the yacht building industry. Half a century of permanent quality improvement of our products and organization has taken us to the top of our field, with a fine reputation among the yacht building and ship building industry. We have control of three different kinds of press techniques! A Veneer press, Hpl press and a Hotmelt press for different kinds of sound insulating panels and sandwich panels. For example the rubber- and cork sound insulating panels, light weighted sandwich panels and IMO certified fire resistant panels. All these panels as well as the standard plywood, MDF and particle boards can be provided with veneer or high pressure laminate. Of course, the success of Kuiper Dutch Marine Panels is first and foremost based on the quality of our products. However, that’s only part of the story. Quality is also defined by other factors, such as reliability, flexibility and commitment – factors that are taken very seriously by Kuiper, resulting in fast and accurate delivery schedules, smooth logistics and a keen eye for problem solving. As a committed partner, we like to get involved with the projects of our customers at an early stage, working closely together to reach optimal results.

Heating systems for marine and FSO/FPSO applications Thermal oil and glycol/water systems are especially suitable to keep your liquid cargo, crude or HFO tanks at the required temperature. Our systems are equipped with high efficient fired heaters and designed for optimum heat transfer to the consumers. The system delivers precise control of the required temperature and guarantees lifetime performance of the heat transfer medium. Our heat transfer systems are applied on FSO/FPSO’s, offshore support vessels, dredgers, heavy lift carriers, pipe laying vessels, OSV/PSV’s, etc. and combine an efficient fuel-saving operation with a minimum of service requirements and downtime. Maintenance and service Konutherm provides periodic inspection, maintenance and repair services for all of your heaters, boilers and related equipment. Our services include Classification inspection and thermal oil analysis. Spare parts Konutherm offers a wide range of spare parts which are directly available from stock in the middle of the Netherlands and/or our local service centers in the rest of the world. You can reach our service department 24/7.


Look at for more information about our company and products. Curious in visiting Kuiper Dutch Marine Panels? Contact our sales team and make an appointment.

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C. KRANENDONK B.V. Slikkerveerstraat 31 3076 JX Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 432 9011 F +31 (0)10 432 4891 E mail: I Contact: Mr M.C. Kranendonk

Our company was founded in 1972 and until the 90’s C. Kranendonk B.V. stood for the design, delivery and installation of high quality insulation systems for reefers and fishery vessels. Besides this, since 1993, the company has specialized itself to turnkey design, delivery and installation of the carpentry and interiors for accommodation in the maritime and offshore sector. Extensive knowledge and experience concerning a high-quality of; the design, delivery and installation of ship interiors and -insulation systems, and meeting deadlines and agreement: these are the foundations of Kranendonk. A dependable and flexible commercial company, with over 50 employees, which owes its market leadership to its capacity to employ the right people and products to achieve a perfect result for an excellent price.

Our head office is situated in Rotterdam, near the biggest harbor of Europe. We are also situated with our workshop on the shipyard of Damen Shiprepair in Schiedam. This means we can attend and execute works on vessels in this harbor, fast and accurate. Together with Heinen & Hopman, we established the OAC Group B.V. Our activities are not only regional. Because of our knowledge and flexibility we have great experience in the completion of turnkey projects all over the world. We hope we can win your trust and we are looking forward, doing business with you in the future!


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KTR BENELUX B. V. Oosterveldsingel 3 7558 PJ Hengelo The Netherlands T +31 (0)74 255 3680 F +31 (0)74 255 3689 E I

Rating: Specifically seaworthy! KTR couplings are on the high seas all over the world and are used in various applications for marine technology: in main and auxiliary drives and every kind of deck equipment. Nearly all our couplings can be certified in accordance with the strict standards of Germanischer Lloyd (GL), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Bureau Veritas (BV) or any other classification bureau and are approved to DIN EN 10204 standard. Full manoeuvrability for steering drives Bow thrusters, rear rudders and transverse rudders require couplings, that dampen torsional vibrations, such as ROTEX. Thanks to its compact design it is easy to assemble and operate. This type of coupling functions without any maintenance. ROTEX compensates for axial, radial and angular displacements, increasing the service life of the entire drive system. Its damping effect can be controlled by the Shore hardness of the elastomer spider: a hard elastomer is used for high torques, a softer one is used for higher damping effects. You can keep vessels, whose rudder have a shaft diameter exceeding 600 mm, on course by using the positive-locking shaft-hub-connection CLAMPEX clamping sets. Power and safety on board Wherever there is anything that needs to be moved whilst at sea, KTR couplings are involved. On winches and cranes ROTEX couplings and KTR-STOP high-power brake systems are often used, on IC-engines driven hydraulic power packs flange couplings BoWex-ELASTIC and BoWex FLE-PA, on pumps and compressors ROTEX or POLY-NORM or the torsional stiff steel lamina couplings RADEX-N or RIGIFLEX-N.

Components for reliable on-board hydraulics ROTEX is used in numerous hydraulic power packs on board as well inside the vessel. Its easy plug-in procedure is of benefit during assembly used in conjunction with a KTR Bell housing. New KTR Bell housings produced from cast iron are suitable for marine applications, withstanding the high loads and aggressive seawater in the long term. Additionally we are pleased to supply all other hydraulic components such as oil tanks etc. Everything is available from one single source and is fully compatible for such harsh working environments.


Perfect thermo management for marine hydraulics KTR offers oil-air as well as oil-water coolers being resistant to aggressive seawater. The compact OAC oil-air coolers for high-power cooling of hydraulic fluids and lubricants are coated with a corrosionresistant KTL dipping paint for marine applications. They protect the cooler reliably against oxidation, even in the area between the laminas which is difficult to enter. In addition electric motors of protection class IP 56 are used. Even higher are the demands on TAK/T oil-water coolers cooling with highly aggressive salt water. For these applications we use permanently seawater-resistant materials: for example 70/30 copper/nickel pipes in combination with 90/10 copper/nickel baffle plates. Success is a ‘question of selection’ KTR also offer additional support via our online selection program for couplings, hydraulic components and oil-coolers. For further information please order our brochure ‘Couplings for marine technology’ or our Company Catalogue. Both are also available as a PDF download via the KTR Web Site. Alternatively please contact us directly. KTR continuously develops new solutions for marine technology. Simply contact us and we will design the right coupling!

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KWAnT ConTrols b.v.


P.O. Box 23 8600 AA Sneek The Netherlands T +31 (0)515 413 745 F +31 (0)515 422 478 E I

P.O. Box 67, 3330 AB Zwijndrecht Scheepmakersstraat 8A, 3334 KG Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 677 1166 F +31 (0)78 677 2438 E

For many years Kwant Controls B.V. has been one of the leading manufacturers of marine equipment in the world. Our core business is the manufacturing of control units, indicators and associated products. In addition, Kwant Controls can also offer retrofits of existing systems. A retrofit with modern Electronics will result in lower maintenance costs and possible lower fuel consumption.

Leemberg Pijpleidingen en Apparatenbouw BV’s As an all-round service provider for piping and machine manufacturing, we manage and control the complete design, engineering, production, installation and maintenance process for offshore and maritime shipping on a national and international level. With over 40 years of experience, our client-focused methods and enthusiastic experts have secured our position on the market as a reliable provider and valued partner. With excellent products, ISO 9001 certification and professional service, we fulfill demands with a consistently high level of quality and safety awareness. Repair We have over 40 years of experience in repairing, renewing and modifying all kinds of piping systems for offshore, seafaring and inland ships. Our services are performed both onshore and offshore with activities occurring at various repair docks around the world during inactive moments, docking, active sailing or any other opportunity that arises. Manufacturing The prefab of piping systems, equipment and regulated skids for offshore, seafaring and inland ships, occurs in one of our own manufacturing halls. We have a manufacturing hall of approximately 2,500m2 in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands for all kinds of steel as well as a separate manufacturing hall with divided spaces for stainless steel (ca 800m2), (Super) duplex, cunifer, 254 SMO, titanium, copper and other exotic materials and a conditioned hall of 250m2 for assembling skids. An additional 1,250m2 space is available at our manufacturing location in Antwerp. Welding Our Welding Method Qualifications are up to date and follow EN and ASME. Depending on the demands and desires of the customer, NDO can be applied to the welding seams. With the recertification of materials (Lloyd’s certificate), we have the ability to restamp 3.1 and 3.2 materials without NoBo interference.

Of course there are more advantages of a retrofit, such as: – Use of existing cables and interfaces (if possible). – Advanced control, especially for controllable pitch propellers, such that fuel consumption can be reduced. For example: – Using push buttons for electrical fine setting, the optimum pitch position or engine r.p.m. can be set easily; – Programmable non-linear engine curves can enlarge the usable range on the control lever; – Improved engine load control will reduce the exhausted gas emissions and thus reduce environmental pollution. – A user friendly interface. – Remote access for monitoring and remote assistance. As a manufacturer of control systems, Kwant Controls also has the flexibility during a retrofit to optimize the inputs together with the crew who often has good ideas to improve the bridge interface. This, together with an upgrade of the electronics, will improve the overall operational efficiency of the ship. If you would appreciate our engineers to advise you about the possibilities a retrofit of your system, please contact us.

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lIFTAl – vlIssIngEn-oosT

mArblE AuTomATIon bv

Groenlandweg 4 4455 SN Vlissingen-Oost The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 488 450 m +31 (0)6 2279 5927 F +31 (0)118 488 451 E I

Keteldiep 6 8321 MH Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 687 953 F +31 (0)527 687 954 E I

Introduction LIFTAL is a full-service company in the field of hoisting systems and applications. We are specialized in the sales, service, maintenance and rental of hoisting equipment, advising customers referring to hoisting and lifting equipment, as well as in the administration, development, and certification processes linked to this.

Based on the former island of Urk, Marble Automation designs and delivers alarm, monitoring and automation systems for all types of vessels.

Liftal is a dynamic and innovative company LIFTAL is the right partner for supplying equipment and for conducting load test activities either at the site, or at our workshops. You ask us, and we provide you with a professional and tailor-made solution. From zero up to 1,000 ton. In our workshops we use up-to-date test-equipment to meet all standards. Pull-benches, horizontal or vertical, hydraulic testers. For outdoor use we have a mobile (trailer) test-bench, test/inspectionunits 20ft., waterbags, solid weights, test-trays, testbarge 530 ton which can be used either on land, or in waterways. Professional and practically-oriented With branch offices throughout South-West Netherlands and West-Flanders, LIFTAL is strategically well located to provide immediate and accurate service for the shipping industry, port companies, general industry, construction companies, etc. At spacious and excellently organized work sites, maintenance and repair activities are conducted. Furthermore, we provide bespoke solutions in the fields of steel cables, chain work, lifting and hoisting tools, lifting slings, lashing systems, and fall protection equipment. Of course, we only use skilled personnel adjusted to the needs of the activity. LIFTAL is specialist in the field of: – Crane inspection and maintenance – Lifting and hoisting equipment – Steel wire ropes and cables – Chains – Lifting slings – Fall protection / Climbing equipment

– – – – –

Dynamic load testing Inspection / certification Fibre ropes Ships rigging Lashing systems


Marble Automation is a global expert in ship automation. Having started out as a specialist in automation systems for fishing vessels, we have grown into a globally renowned and reliable partner in automation for all types of vessels, including the finest sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts. The characteristic no-nonsense mentality of Marble Automation’s specialists, their constant search for innovation, excellent radar for maritime developments and eye for buyer needs form the basis for a first-class cooperation with customers. Marble Automation employees have the right qualifications to ensure you a high-quality product. Our standards are continuously maintained at a premium level via the repeated certification of our systems by well-known agencies. Experience the pleasure of working with true experts. Marble Automation’s mission statement is summarized in our motto ‘Full Control’, which reflects our efforts to ensure customers have complete control over their own systems. Partner with us and you can rest assured that the complex needs of your systems will be in the best possible hands. For more information, please take a look at our brochure on http:// Brochure.pdf or visit our website to see our reference projects.

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mArIlogIC b.v.

mAssIvE DynAmIC ConsTruCTIons b.v.

Handelsweg 44 4387 PC Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 474 243 E I I Contact: Mr Alex Kempkes

Oostdijk 29, 3077 CP Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 236 7768 m +31 (0)6 1595 0275 E I Contact: Mr Bert Kornet

MariLogic – Specialists in Maritime Automation We provide automation services, tailor-made software and complete control systems for the maritime industry. With over 25 year’s experience, our engineers are specialised in offshore, heavy lifting, dredging and defence. Our services are delivered worldwide with applications used in lifting such as heave compensated cranes, winches and excavator control systems. We analyse our client’s needs and work closely with their R&D or project team to translate their requirements into a functional application. The applications we build are based on standard hardware/software to increase the application’s openness, lifetime and component availability (world-wide). By using specific (coding) standards, the software product delivered is documented and ready for a long lifecycle (easy functional extension). We typically provide the source code ensuring our client’s investment is secured. We also deliver products, rugged (subsea) instrumentation like angle transmitters and inclinometers. One of our complete products is eDigger-Lite, a cost-effective instrumentation package for excavators (see

MDConstructions is a dynamic company located on the waterside of Rotterdam, with the headquarters in Rotterdam IJsselmonde where company has 8,500 m2 terrain with two assembling halls. Company’s shipyard in Rotterdam Maashaven is on the 5,000 m2 terrain, with one assembling hall. MDC has all the necessary qualifications for shipbuilding, offshore and industrial constructions and offers you all the experience needed from basic to detailed engineering, fabrication and installation. MDC builds for national and international clients. With the headquarters strategically located in Rotterdam, Mdconstructions has been continuously dedicated to offer a comprehensive range of proven offshore and marine products and services to clients worldwide. MDC is focusing on the markets of: – Shipbuilding (& conversions) – Yacht building (& refit) – Oil & Gas – Dredging – Civil industry (bridges & pontoons)

Our expertise covers (but is not limited to): – PLC Structured Text (Siemens/Bachmann) – SCADA (WinCC, Cimplicity, Citect) – Frequency drives (ABB/Vacon/SEW) – CANopen, Profinet / Profibus, EtherCAT – Hard real-time systems (VxWorks/OS9) – UML – Model based engineering – Instrumentation (rugged sensors laser/angle/pressure)

SAFETY & QUALITY MDC is certified by Lloyds WPS | Welding Procedure Certification, and VCA I & ISO 9001:2008. Our Vision To be the a preferred partner in maritime related, offshore and industrial projects, by providing our clients with state of the art products and services through our network of marine specialists advanced operations, and commitment to continuous development. Our Mission We develop long-term relations with our clients and we are committed to operate in a safe and ethical manner, using the best technologies available, providing a product or service, which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations in every respect.

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PAul mEIJErIng sTAInlEss sTEEl

mErrEm & lA PorTE b.v.

Bossekamp 9-13 5301 LZ Zaltbommel, The Netherlands T +31 (0)418 576 060 F +31 (0)418 541 215 E I Contact: Mrs Conny Meijering T +31 (0)418 576 069 E

Veilingweg 2 5301 KM Zaltbommel The Netherlands T +31 (0)418 578 266 F +31 (0)418 540 134 E I / Contact: Mr Simon Donkers

Paul Meijering Stainless Steel – Standards & Non-standards Paul Meijering Stainless Steel is a family owned company already active for 26 years as a stockholder. Our supply program consists of pipes and components in stainless steel and special alloys. We delivery daily worldwide direct from our own stock of 4,500 tons. Goods made to measure and problem solving thinking are central to our company services. “We are independent, help everyone, take direct decisions and are not politically engaged. We say yes or no!” What can we do for your organization?

Merrem & la Porte BV is a multi divisional company and its HiTech Metals Division serves the worldwide maritime industry with Triclad structural transition joints.

Products Welded tubes until 1,067mm Seamless tubes until 406 x 40.49mm Hollow bars until 420mm Round bars until 500mm Sheets from 0.4 until 50mm Bars until 250 x 20mm

Our product has the general approval of various classification societies and is routinely supplied with LRS and mill test certification at highly competitive prices and very short, if not of the shelf, delivery times.

(Butt)weld fittings DIN/ANSI until NW800 Flanges DIN/ANSI until 600/24” BSP/NPT until 6”


This product is used to provide an efficient and maintenance free welded connection between aluminium alloy and steel or stainless steel structures on board vessels and offshore constructions. As opposed to more traditional methods of joining, the advantages of Triclad are many.

Products and Services: – Titanium – Transition joint (Triclad) – Triclad (Triclad)

Standard qualities & special alloys Machining processes Heat resistant alloys We stock/deliver a wide range of products in several heat resistant alloys, such as pipes, fittings, flanges, bars and products on demand. These alloys are applied in high temperature and corrosive environs like: furnaces, petro chemistry, on- and offshore & combustion systems. Qualities 304(L) 321(H) 316(L/TI) 310/310S/253Ma (super)duplex 904L 254Smo On request Sheets – welded pipes – square/rectangular boxes (made to measure) Projects Fix lengths

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mHF grouP bv

oFFsHorE sHIP DEsIgnErs bv

Scheelhoekweg 1 3251 LZ Stellendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)187 493 969 E I

Sluisplein 42 1975 AG IJmuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)25 554 5070 F +31 (0)25 554 5080 E I Contact: Mrs Merijn Brusselers

The MHF Group consists of MHF Services, the human resources and recruitment side of the business, and MHF Contracting, which focuses on projects on- and offshore. The company has developed a reputation for design and construction in the offshore and petrochemical Industries. Especially fabrication of temporary equipment, installation aids, grillages and sea fastening structures for the off shore wind industry. Managing Director John Dorreman says, “Our expertise allows us to respond immediately to requirements and meet deadlines for offshore projects in a fast and safe manner. Safety and efficiency is key to our success.”

Offshore Ship Designers builds on independence Offshore Ship Designers is an integrated design company with solid engineering capacity and a strong independent presence in all the key markets. There are very few truly independent ship design companies now. Most of them are tied to engine and equipment manufacturers. OSD has the skills, capacity and ideas to tackle innovative projects and it can bring true independence to the table. When operators want a design aimed specifically at meeting their needs, rather than a readymade equipment package adapted to their tender, then they will come to Offshore Ship Designers. OSD’s strategy is to build on its reputation and expertise with good, solid, practical and cost-effective offshore support vessels and tugs. At the same time OSD offers innovative designs in other markets which require an environmentally friendly and high technology approach but with simple, pragmatic solutions. OSD’s best known offshore brand is the IMT 900 series. It is the signature brand name for offshore support vessels designed by OSD-IMT. Ship conversion and upgrade projects are also keeping OSD-IMT busy. This is an area in which OSD-IMT has had considerable experience and expertise over the last 22 years. In the Netherlands, OSD-Holland is the leader for tugs, and has been making the headlines with the innovative Azistern tug series with a fuel saving hull design. Combining ease of construction with efficient hull forms provides a platform for different propulsion and power choices to deliver the most flexible, fuel-efficient and cleanest tugs for any proposed tasks. Independence and innovation are the unique selling points for OSD, and it has the global resources and the track record to back them up. Offshore Ship Designers consists of design teams in the head office in IJmuiden, the Netherlands and in Dundee, York, Appledore, Shanghai and Singapore.

MHF Contracting is IS0 9001:2008 certified to contract and execute projects in piping, steel structures, modifications and/or repairs in the shipping, offshore and general industry, while MHF Services is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the consultation of personnel. MHF is based at the industrial Deltahaven, Stellendam, close to Botlek Europoort and the ports of Vlissingen and Antwerp. As a contractor of projects in oil & gas industry MHF Contracting can provide quick solutions within this area with it’s own permanent staff of project engineers, well experienced ironworkers, (pipe) fitters, certified (pipe) welders and a back office for the support in project documents. John says, “Our current main client base is Saipem, Heerema, Allseas Engineering, ZPMC and Subsea 7. There are plenty of opportunities for us to continue growing as a company and keep offering high quality products by keeping efficiency and safety top priorities.” MHF Group has a positive outlook for the future and is keen to continue offering increased efficiency at its extensive construction facilities, ensuring on time, reliable, high quality solutions to multinational companies working on global projects.


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omEC moTors Broekstraat 32 6828 PZ Arnhem The Netherlands T +31 (0)26 203 0200 F +31 (0)26 203 0298 E I

Rich history of experience Omec Motors develops, manufactures, distributes and markets electric motors on a global scale and has a solid reputation in the electric motor industry. Established in more than 20 countries Omec Motors is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors in Europe and is part of the PEJA Group. Ever since the creation of the PEJA group in 1937 and Dutchi Motors in 1991, successful international business in electric motors has been at the center of the company’s activities. Innovation and numerous business requests have been the basis for the creation of Omec Motors in 2012 and the success that follows on today. We pride ourselves by communicating in over 14 languages and establishing solid business relations based on over 75 years of bartering history and trading experience.

We develop heavy duty cast iron and aluminium motors in frame size 56 to 630. We know from experience that getting the right motor in time to your locations all over the world is of vital importance to keep your business healthy and on top of the game.

D o

Online data access For your convenience we grant access to our online inventory via our website. Specify your search by using the filters to get an overview of our actual stock. All results come with extensive product details, certifications, 2D & 3D drawings and offer the possibility to place an order directly. Please refer to this article in the Maritime Services Directory for special rates on our electric motors. Interested in how we can contribute to your organisation? Contact us!

Integrated maritime solutions For the Marine Industry we cooperate with Germanischer Lloyd. We provide specific GL-certified electric motors suitable for the marine environment. Strong cast iron motors used in applications such as fans, pumps, winches, compressors and bow thruster drives for use in hazardous environments. All motors are produced to meet the latest EU-efficiency standards and are available from stock in IE1, IE2 and IE3. Omec Motors is service partner for companies such as AP Møeller/ Maersk and Lars Dam. Continuity & Reliability Our Low, Medium and High Voltage electric motors are compliant with various international standards. All Omec motors are perfectly designed to drive pumps, compressors and other mechanical traction equipment.

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orgA oFFsHorE

oIl sPIll rEsPonsE InTErnATIonAl b.v.

Strickledeweg 13 3125 AT SCHIEDAM The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 208 5566 F +31 (0)10 437 8445 E I Contact media: Cindy Jouvenaar - Heskes

Business Center Seaports Engelandweg 33 4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 480 125 E I

Driving innovation with safety always in mind

OSR International is a Dutch expert in the removal of oil spills. The company, strategically positioned in the ports of Zeeland, provides products to effectively and quickly respond to oil spills. They offer expert advice, product training and products such as absorption materials, oil booms, skimmers and spill kits that can be shipped worldwide. OSR International’s product range and experienced staff allows them to advise on resources and support to efficiently prepare for and respond to oil spills 24/7.

Dutch company Orga has over 40 years’ experience providing customised explosion proof safety lighting and aids to navigation solutions for the offshore oil and gas industries. Widely used around the world, Orga products meet all local and international code requirements giving robust, reliable and cost effective service in some of the harshest offshore environments. With increasing demands from the oil and gas industries for pioneering technology, improved safety and reduced total cost of ownership, Orga’s continuing drive for innovation has developed the very latest cutting-edge in helideck lighting, marine navigational aids and remote power systems. Orga works closely with regulatory bodies, designing and making prototypes for evaluation testing and trials in the development of new standards and specifications. Orga’s sustained success is attributable to a constant focus on innovation, a powerful set of capabilities, a profound understanding of the offshore environment, meeting customer needs and a broad pioneering product portfolio of exceptional quality.

Business Center Seaports OSR International is part of Business Center Seaports (BCS), a group consisting of full-service STT agency, STT Forwarding, ZMC, OSR International and Zeeland Cruise Port. As a founding member of the Calamity Service Zeeland, Zeeland Maritime Cleaning coordinates and sources the proper material for the removal of oil spills and works closely together with OSR International. With all disciplines literally under one roof, BCS provides a comprehensive maritime service package from one centralised centre. With the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen as their main hub, BSC also provides service to surrounding ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. With their excellent hinterland connections, the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen provide direct access to Europe’s inland navigation and rail networks.

For more information please visit

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PARKER HANNIFIN B.V. Edisonstraat 1 7575 AT Oldenzaal P.O. Box 340 7570 AH Oldenzaal The Netherlands T +31 (0)541 585 000 E I

Parker Hannifin the Netherlands is part of the U.S. Parker Hannifin Corporation, a multinational company with more than 350 establishments in 50 different countries worldwide. Parker is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and maritime markets. Parker Hannifin the Netherlands has 4 locations. 2 of them are production facilities, they are based in Etten-Leur (gas separation) and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (Pneumatics). Two of the locations are sales and service locations (Oldenzaal and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht). One of the locations is a filtration development centre based in Arnhem.


ParkerStore & HOSE DOCTOR Parker can serve all markets thanks to the wide product range. ParkerStore is a unique retail concept for the industry. In the ParkerStore you will find over 4,000 products in stock, hose assemblies while you are waiting and technical advice about our products. In The Netherlands we now have 24 ParkerStores.

World leader in motion and control technologies Parker Hannifin is world leader in motion and control technologies. Parker has a very broad range of high quality products available for each application in any market. Parker supplies products in nine technologies: hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration, process control, electromechanical, sealing and shielding, climate control, aerospace and fluid and gas handling. Parker has more to offer than only components. Parker provides total solutions like complete systems, power units, technical advice and ogistic solutions. Parker wants to be a real partner for its customers and wants to think along with the customer to make sure they can improve the processes, costs and output of their machine, ship or mobile application. Parker wants to Engineer Your Success!

The Parker HOSE DOCTORS are mobile service buses that are on call to resolve your maintenance and technical support problems. They will also replace hydraulic hoses, filters and other hydraulic parts – on the spot. In the Netherlands we now have 38 HOSE DOCTORS. The HOSE DOCTORS work in cooperation with the Dutch ParkerStore network. The Parker HOSE DOCTOR network is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parker Hannifin the Netherlands launches a national 0800 number for HOSE DOCTOR services. Do you need urgent assistant for your (mobile) system? Call 0800-2211333 free!

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Weg en Bos 5 2661 DG Bergschenhoek The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 511 7896 F +31 (0)10 511 3723 E I Contact: Mr Maurice Ruberg

P.O. Box 28 2950 AA Alblasserdam Ohmweg 59 2952 BB Alblasserdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 699 1414 F +31 (0)78 699 1415 E I Contact: Mr Bart de Vries

How dirty is the air that you breathe on board? Piguillet and Sons was founded in 1994. After many years of experience in shipping, Mr Piguillet developed a revolutionary cleaning system for the internal cleaning of air ducts. The HPV System ©. With a worldwide patent, Mr Piguillet Sr has launched what has now grown into a company that acts globally. Piguillet has its “roots” in shipping and knows what is happening and what is being asked of us. Fully self-supporting and a “no-nonsense” attitude with passionate people is what our company is known for. On board a 24-hour society prevails. Clean, fresh air is a must when it comes to the health of the crew. – Burning eyes – Headaches – Fatigue – Concentration loss A small selection of apparently small but nevertheless important problems. A dirty HVAC-system contributes greatly to this. Guideline B3.1.2 – Ventilation (Maritime Label Convention) 1. The system of ventilation for sleeping- and messrooms should be checked, so that the air is guaranteed to be in good condition. In all conditions of weather and climate. 2. The HVAC systems, should be designed as followed: (a) The air maintains at a satisfactory temperature and relative humidity compared to outdoor conditions, and ensures adequate air quality in all air-conditioned areas. (b) The system shall be constructed so that it permits cleaning and disinfection in order to prevent or control the spread of diseases. A dirty, rusted Air Handling Unit (AHU) contributes to the spread of bacteria and fungus. A well-conditioned and clean HVAC-system will contribute to a good and healthy environment and will result in a good working atmosphere. Get your Air Handling System cleaned and reconditioned professionally. No evacuation of personnel and no complete dismantling of your airducts necessary.

Welcome to Polson TRT Polson TRT was established in 1963, and has grown to become one of the most innovative companies of its kind in technical rubber and plastic products. The quality policy of Polson is to provide products and services which give total customer satisfaction with competitive prices. Fast delivery from stock and custom made items made in our own production and service facilities. Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Rubber & Plastic Products The Company has become a leading supplier and exporter of numerous products used in the Shipbuilding, Off-shore and Marine industry. Our major product lines include: – Rubber fendering and buffer blocks – Rubber profiles and extrusions – Seals and gaskets (cut to size and sheets) – Expansion bellows – Silicon hoses, elbows and hump hoses – Rubber matting and flooring Other products & Services Rubber & plastic hoses, couplings, hose clamps, hydraulics, rubber sheeting, moulded parts, anti- vibration mountings, self-adhesive expanded rubber band, sponge rubber, adhesives. High Quality & service, fast delivery and Competitive pricing These are values that are highly appreciated by Polson’s customers in countries all around the world.

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PRAxIs AuTOMATION TECHNOlOGy BV Zijldijk 24a 2352 AB Leiderdorp The Netherlands T +31 (0)71 525 5353 E I

Praxis Automation is a Netherlands-based high-tech company with a solid reputation and increasing global span in providing high-quality maritime automation solutions. Broad, in-house capabilities include hardware and software design, development, assembly, testing, engineering, manufacturing, solution implementation, as well as operator and crew training. Having these capabilities available from a single source not only simplifies communication and the size of the project management task, it reduces risk. But this is not the only reason why shipbuilders and other customers are turning to the company. In 2016 it won a national award in the Maritime ICT sector, scoring highly in terms of customer satisfaction and for its strong innovation and development of customer-friendly products. The fact that its businesses and branches are located close to its customers is another key factor in the company’s success. Industry leading products Spearheading Praxis Automation’s extensive portfolio is the highly successful and state-of-the-art ‘Mega-Guard Ship Automation and Navigation System’, which includes the following sub-systems: – Alarm and monitoring – Valve control and monitoring – Power management – Propulsion control – Econometer (fuel-to-power measurement) – Integrated bridge – Heading control – Fire alarm system – BNWAS watch alarm – Alarm Monitoring and Control – Navigation light control

– – – –


Wiper control Crystal Bridge (Yacht) Internet Ship View Electric Hybrid Propulsion system

Innovative power In conjunction with its leading customers, the company Introduced in 2016, Internet Ship View, which is the latest example of the company’s innovative power and skill. It allows shore-based ship owners to view the ship-based Mega-Guard Ship Automation System via the internet using a standard PC or tablet and internet browser. It gives the same view as available aboard ship and even enables settings and configurations to be changed, if required. As the economic and environmental cases for electric and hybrid propulsion systems become more compelling, vessel owners are grasping the opportunities to achieve significant reductions in cost, pollution, noise and vibration. To meet this growing demand, Praxis Automation Technology has developed and tested its own, class-typed approved EHP (Electric Hybrid Propulsion) system for ship. Ideal for use with a wide range of vessels, the Mega-Guard EHP system is a complete electric propulsion system for integration in ships with an AC switchboard or DC Bus. Solid partner Founded in 1965, Praxis Automation has been honing its skills in meeting customer demands for more than half a century. The many thousands of installations carried out on all types of vessels bear testimony to the company’s vast experience. Quality and dependability are built into the company’s DNA and extends to all parts of the organization, both at its home base and at all of its network branches, currently comprising 40 locations worldwide.

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Newtonweg 9 P.O. Box 242 3200 AE Spijkenisse The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 614 466 F +31 (0)181 625 304 E I

Luithagen Haven 2, Unit F B-2030 Antwerp Belgium T +32 (0)3 541 9233 F +32 (0)3 541 0212 E I

Reikon is one of the most prominent trading companies within the Dutch Shipping industry that offers a total package for your engine room. Best known for the delivery of Azcue Pumps, Gefico watermakers, Ueberall UV sterilizers and since 2012 Reikon is the official Dutch agent for Headway Ballast water management systems.

Reintjes gearboxes: Controlled & safe ship maneuvering REINTJES Benelux is a subsidiary of REINTJES Hameln (D) From the Antwerp branch both reverse-reduction and reduction gearboxes are sold and serviced.

Many of the ships built within the last 20 years have been fitted with our equipment. Working closely for many years with companies within this field of expertise has enabled us to build up a good understanding of our customers wants and needs. And due to independently operated factories we are able to deliver goods quickly and inexpensively. To provide better service to our customers Reikon has extended its range of products with the ballast water management system Oceanguard, manufactured by Headway Technologies. Oceanguard BWMS offers a single treatment solution, with one of the lowest energy consumptions in the market, all based on a small footprint. Reikon further distinguishes itself by having a well stocked supply of goods which in some cases means we are able to deliver even on the same day. This in combination with our 24 hour service and an extensive, dedicated team of technical staff emphasizes the fact that customer service for us is our number one priority. So whether you are in search of a complete pump package, watermakers, ballast water management systems, stock supplies or the installing of a pump on an existing ship, Reikon is your reliable partner.

Experts for over 75 years For more than 75 years Reintjes manufactures only gearboxes for marine applications, this experience in combination with advanced design and production processes makes Reintjes a world leader in this field. User friendly Reintjes Gearboxes are compact, have a low noise level, are easy to install and combine low maintenance costs with reliability. Spare parts Reintjes Gearboxes are highly standardized, most spare parts are direct available. As from 2001 the Reintjes spare-part production center can realize short delivery times on special parts or deliveries. Designed for extreme conditions The rigid designed Reintjes gearboxes operate all over the world. Reintjes gearboxes work around the clock in fishing vessels; patrol boats; navy ships, cargo ships; inland ships; tugs and workboats. 24h/24 Service REINTJES Benelux has a service department for spare parts and repairs. The Antwerp branch not only has a warehouse but also a well equipped repair shop. Our highly qualified and experienced service engineers can also intervene on board or at the yard. From an inspection until a complex repair, REINTJES Benelux assures You the reliability for which the REINTJES products are well known. Emergencies do not respect office hours. That is why we at REINTJES Benelux make sure that service and support are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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PO Box 83 4600 AB Bergen op Zoom The Netherlands T +31 (0)164 682 550 F +31 (0)164 686 677 E I Contact: Mr Harry Mastebroek, Mr Curt van Oss

Tinnegieterstraat 3C 3194 AL Hoogvliet-Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 495 0440 F +31 (0)10 495 0122 E I Contact: Mr Gerrit van der Ham (Managing director)

Made to measure Your dedicated solution orientated partner for the design, manufacturing and supply of safe custom made equipment for the international lifting and rigging industry. With more than a century of experience in the design and manufacturing of specialized lifting equipment Ropeblock Lifting Gear B.V. is an expert manufacturer of wire rope sheaves, crane blocks, wire rope blocks, directional blocks, swivels, turnbuckles, sockets, hooks and many more lifting gear. We believe in solving your lifting challenges by the design, manufacture and delivery of high quality lifting equipment.

RSS (Rotterdam Ship Service) is a privately-owned and independent company offering maritime, dredging, on- and offshore services. The company offers services to its customers worldwide and is initiator of the international service network known as MES (Maritime Equipment Solutions). Three of its specializations are the repair and overhaul of hydraulic components, hatch cover systems+cranes and bolt torqueing & tensioning. RSS’s head office is based at Rotterdam harbour in the Netherlands. This place was strategically chosen. It gives us access to a good worldwide logistics network, easy cooperation with key players and access to networks of current knowledge, universities etc.

Markets Ropeblock Lifting Gear B.V. has a long proven track record in the markets that she serves: Offshore, Dredging and Industry. The specific demands and requirements of these unique markets have been implemented in our procedures in such a way that every customer is served in just the right way. In house engineering In house engineering capabilities operating modern 3D design software comprising strength calculation applications enables Ropeblock to design the best possible safe solution for the required application. Without any exception, our engineers will always propose and design lifting equipment that will do the job. Quality Delivering lifting equipment of excellent quality is of the essence in the markets where we operate. The Ropeblock organisation is dedicated to meet and to exceed the high quality requirements demanded by our customers. Unique in its kind The quick support and response that Ropeblock provides is unique in its kind. We operate in a small and well-known world and we have built up a sound reputation with many customers. We are confident that now and in the future we can meet your specific requirements whenever lifting equipment is concerned.


One of the keys to our success is that we are an internationallyorientated, 24/7 company. If possible we carry out repairs on site and if not we dismantle, take the parts to our workshop for repair or overhaul and return them back on site. Repairs during the operation or sailing of vessels are common practice for our site engineers. Although we have excellent contacts with manufacturers for sharing specific knowledge and providing them with feedback on their product, we operate as a wholly independent specialist at our customers’ service. Our senior site engineers have at least 20 years’ experience in general maintenance, repairs and inspections. Facilities at our head office consist of a fully-equipped workshop, service vehicles and a separate warehouse in a logistics centre with spares for all kind of hydraulic cylinders, hatch cover systems and cranes on stock. Hatch cover systems/cranes/hydraulic components/bolt torqueing & tensioning: – technical support, engineering, construction works, maintenance, inspections and repairs. – spare parts on stock – services and parts for all types and brands RSS: save on maintenance costs, not on maintenance!

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Hekendorpstraat 69 3079 DX Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 283 2600 F +31 (0)10 429 4546 E I Contact: Mr Luciën Bogers

Smokkelhoekweg 13 4421 JH Kapelle The Netherlands T +31 (0)113 344 924 M +31 (0)6 5321 5709 E

Circuit Breaker Services is your one-stop-shop for purchasing and maintaining your circuit breakers. We deliver the best new circuit breakers available on the market and developed a complete range of conversion sets to replace your old circuit breakers.Our development department is well utilized and skilled to meet any customer specific demand, when and where this is needed.We can service you with the complete fast installation of assist you in the process. Our engineers are used to work with local employees to get the job done as fast and safe as possible.At the same time we can do the whole maintenance of your circuit breakers. This way you’re guaranteed to get the best out of your circuit breakers. • we supply you with the best circuit-breakers available • we develop and supply you with custom conversion sets • we guarantee fast and safe installation with minimum downtime • we can support you with installation • we can audit and certify your current installation • we can maintain and overhaul your installation • with us you have one point of response for all your circuit-breakers

Shiptechnics is a company specialised in marine electrical engineering and electronics. Services provided include marine electrical services, crane control systems, explosion proof systems, technical assistance and repair on professional diving systems and engineering and implementation of electronic controls for subsea systems. They have also extended their service to the offshore oil and gas industry having obtained BOSIET accreditation.


Shiptechnics has a team of experienced and well-trained engineers qualified for any project, small or large, for inland ships, dredgers, fishing ships, sea going vessels and offshore installations. They engineer and implement new systems, repair and rebuild of existing installation, and also have built up a reputation in fault finding and repair. Well experienced in electrical installations, electrical drives, electrical automation and alarm systems, Shiptechnics have also supplied controls to different types of cranes (both on ships and on shore). Additional experience includes radio remote controls, load measurement systems, control automation and camera systems. They have engineered and built controls systems for winches and cranes in hazardous areas. Whether it is repair, renewal or new build, their goal is to provide the best service possible with a focus on systems for the long term. From providing prompt and professional responses when equipment fails, to onboard servicing, Shiptechnics ensures that down time is kept to a minimum and the safety of the vessels and personnel are never compromised. Their engineers are ready to follow up worldwide and handle service requests day and night.

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sHIPyARD DE HOOP Bijlandseweg 17 - 19, 6916 BH Tolkamer P.O. Box 12, 6916 ZG Tolkamer The Netherlands T +31 (0)316 541 641 F +31 (0)316 542 322 E I Contact: Mr P.A.B.M. Janssens, Mr F. Drenth, Mr J.P.F.M. Fasel

125 years of Experience Shipyard De Hoop was founded in 1889 and has developed into one of the most established yards of the Dutch shipbuilding industry. At De Hoop, the focus is on designing, engineering and building custom vessels, for both the inland and seagoing markets. Using a characteristic down to earth approach, the yard provides all Dutch built craft for niche markets. Full life cycle support Shipyard De Hoop aims to deliver a complete package of products and services to support ship owners throughout the lifetime of their vessel. The package includes: Customer Finance De Hoop has created a separate entity composed of shipping and finance experts providing specialist advisory services in: Regulatory & subsidy issues, financial engineering and other financing solutions.

Designing & buidling interiors De Hoop has all the necessary expertise and disciplines to design and build a complete new interior under one roof.


Shiprepair, Maintenance & Conversions Shipyard De Hoop aims to be a one-stop-shop for their clients. De Hoop Shiprepair is part of this. By offering preventative long-term maintenance programs at various service levels, it is possible to plan ahead and therefore keep the life-cycle cost of the ship low, whilst maintaining its good condition. De Hoop facilities Shipyard De Hoop has two shipbuilding facilities, one in the Dutch province of Gelderland (De Hoop Lobith) and the other in the province of Groningen (De Hoop Foxhol). At both sites all the required core disciplines are in-house. To support both facilities there is an outfit quay in the Rotterdam harbour area. Company values De Hoop staff is committed to a customer-oriented ethic in which crafsmanship, quality, creativity, innovation and flexibility towards the client are paramount. The shipyards pride themselves on embracing the latest technology, constantly investing in new facilities, evolving services and expanding their expertise. Each product is unique and built with a goal-based approach.

Design studies Besides engineering for our own production, the yard also offers design and engineering services to third parties. Turnkey Shipbuilding De Hoop offers a wide range of vessels and does not limit itself to one particular type. Each design is unique and built with a goal-based approach to the client’s needs and wishes.

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Heijplaatweg 7 3089 JC Rotterdam Port Number 2586 The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 113 3090 E I

Kubus 120 3364 DG Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 820 257 F +31 (0)183 820 258 E Contact: Bertil Elffers, Sjaak Koster

Safer mooring, efficient and sustainable operations The ShoreTension® is a system for safer mooring of sea-going ships that is as convenient as it is revolutionary. The ShoreTension®, a cylindrical device, can be flexibly used in any port at terminals where containers, general cargo and/or bulk are handled.

Shutdown Control BV is an independent professional services company. With a specialty in different maritime areas they can easily switch between fields. Their capabilities fall within these specialised service lines: Maritime, Industrial & Dangerous Goods. Services include delivering Shutdown Management, Catalyst handling & Waste, Dangerous Goods Management & Handling, Cleaning Services, Oil Spill Response, Incident Management & Clean Up and Maritime Salvage. Their flexible approach, customised solutions and forward thinking guarantees the most efficient use of costs, combining both on- and offshore work with the best materials.

With the ShoreTension®, ships of any size can be firmly anchored to the quay. The ShoreTension® significantly reduces movement caused by strong winds, currents, swell or passing ships. With the traditional mooring method using mooring lines on bollards, this movement is always present. In extreme conditions, the tremendous pressure this exerts on the ship can cause the mooring lines to snap with potentially serious consequences. As ports have experienced in the past, this is definitely a realistic risk. The ShoreTension® mitigates this risk significantly. Ships are moored to the quay much sturdier and therefore much safer. SPECIFICATIONS SHORETENSION® SYSTEM Safe working load – Up to 150 metric tons (1,500 kN) in fully extended condition Vessel motion reduction – Up to 50% compared to conventional mooring systems Application – For almost every ship at almost every quay or jetty Wireless control Sensors register the loads in the ropes. Data is available for the ship’s master, port and terminal operators. Data will be logged for review of berth. A warning system monitors when limits are exceeded. GPS data provide an overview of where warnings are issued in ports across the globe. Certified by Lloyd’s Register for – Pressure Equipment (PED) – Lifting appliance (Heavy lifting) – Use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX)


With the ARA (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp) region as their backyard, they work for all types of maritime companies and are not limited to this particular region. For specialised assignment they regularly fly all over the world to provide customised solutions. From routine in-plant cleaning and maintenance to emergency HAZMAT release or oil spill response, their breadth of expertise, equipment and labour resources means they can confidently handle any task. Their experience for excellence is founded upon one of their core principles which is to ensure the highest standards of integrity, safety and expertise are offered to clients on a personal and professional basis.

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sKF sOluTION FACTORy – MARINE sERVICEs Nikkelstraat 7 2984 AM Ridderkerk The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 483 828 F +31 (0)180 483 829 E I

Our product portfolio includes: SKF Vibracon adjustable chocks, ShaftDesigner shaft alignment and vibration calculation software; Machinery mounting kits.


Whatever your location or wherever your operations take you, the Marine Business Unit assures timely accessibility to services, products and solutions needed to optimize ship performance, safety and reliability. With a presence in more than 130 countries, 110 production sites in 28 countries and distributors, sales agents and service stations in more than 15,000 locations, SKF can deliver the right solutions anytime, anywhere around the globe.

SKF Solution Factory – Marine Services SKF is your partner throughout the ship lifecycle, providing products and services for design, new build, operation and maintenance for all ship types. SKF’s products and application knowledge help equipment run better and improve productivity while conserving our natural resources. SKF has been in the marine industry for more than 70 years, applying innovative thinking and expertise to critical machinery. Innovative solutions for rotating machinery have continuously driven increased productivity and reduced operating costs. Our marine product and service offerings include full condition based maintenance tools and services as well as integrated solutions for propulsion systems, gearboxes, transmissions and electromechanical motion control. To provide seamless global support for the marine industry, SKF has created a Marine Business Unit, including the SKF Solution Factory – Marine Services. Bringing together SKF experts with decades of relevant experience, this hub provides a single point of entry for a complete range of SKF products and services, delivered with worldclass logistics through the industry’s best distribution system. Examples of our services are: Alignment (static and dynamic); 3D measurement surveys; On-site machining; Vibration measurement and analysis; Engineering; Condition-based maintenance; Training and certification.

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SLEDGE HAMMER ENGINEERING INt. B.V. Kesterenstraat 21 3087 BB Rotterdam (Harbour no. 2168, Pier 1) The Netherlands t +31 (0)180 413 728 E I

Sledge Hammer Engineering International B.V. (in short Sledge Hammer) founded in 1990, has over the years gained experience in all types of complex on- and off-shore projects. Sledge Hammer has developed a sound reputation for fabrication of special custom made heavy duty steel structures in the offshore industry, mob- and demobilizations of offshore barges, fabrication and installation of sea-fastenings, piping, conversions and ship repairs. Throughout the years we have taken on bigger projects with success. Our expertise therefore allows us to respond quickly and efficiently with safety as a key element during execution. Our core goal and vision is to stay true to our specialization and what we do best. The focus on our core business enables us to provide the expected supreme quality which is sought after by our clients. No big stories, just true stories which characterize our experience and devotion to projects in our line of business. We are not keen on name dropping, therefore we will not do so but to provide you with some information; our client base consists of the biggest offshore industry titans.

Offshore Industry • ShipBuilding Industry SuperYacht Industry • Maritime Services Directory Y&F Media Services SYI 2015 | VOLUME 10 | ISSUE 3

SYI 2015 | Volume 10 | ISSue 3

i n d u s t r y

M O n a c O Ya c h t S h O w 2 0 1 5 S U P E R Y a c h t- I n D U S t R Y. c O M

lürssen’s ester iii ELEgancE DEfInED

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 2 5 th a n n i v e r s a r y s p e c i a l

A Growing List IntERIOR InnOVatIOn


OSI VOL. 7 ISSUE 6 | 2014


i n d u s t r y


OSI 2014 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 6

OSI 2015 | VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 3

O S I V O L . 8 IS S U E 3 | 2 0 1 5

i n d u s t r y



Is This the Turn of the Tide?

Westermost rough







m ce dd 20 15

OSI 2015 | VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 1

O S I V O L . 8 IS S U E 1 | 2 0 1 5


Sledge Hammer acknowledges that reputation, responsibility and integrity form the cornerstones of our existence, realizing that our future is shaped by our performance and behavior of today. Therefore, we value long-term relationships with clients, employees and suppliers. We are a team who share and believe in our vision best described with: “No Nonsense at Sea” Further Sledge Hammer has its own quayside at Pier 1 Waalhaven Rotterdam with a guaranteed water depth of 10,6 meters. Sledge Hammer also possesses all necessary certification such as; ISO 9001:2008, SCC** 2008/5.1 and ISO 14001:2004. And soon we will also be certified according to the ISO 3834-3 norm. Visit our website for more information: WWW.SLEDGEHAMMER.NL

i n d u s t r y





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20-07-16 10:47


sN CAsT IRON B.V. Mailing address Gendringseweg 2 7076 BC Varsselder The Netherlands T +31 (0)6 1488 3735 E I

VAN sTEENDEREN MAINPORTlAwyERs B.V. Visiting address F.B. Deurvorststraat 43 7071 BG Ulft The Netherlands

SN cast iron for castings to the world markets... SN cast iron is with his castings a rock solid partner prepared for the future. For us is a good partnership a based on trust. Trust that our customers have given us for many years in many successful projects. What helps SN cast iron to be a reliable and flexible partner? Represents 28 years of practical and theoretical experience in steel and iron castings for the on- and offshore, dredging, wind force energy, mining, cement, food, recycling, oil, gas, machine construction and more industries. This variable expertise enables SN cast iron to serve a wide range of clients. It also offers clients the opportunity to meet their requirements by dealing with just one company in many cases. SN cast iron has a very wide range of castings, from 1 to 200,000 kg and we take care of the complete engineering of the product to completion. SN cast iron breath quality into – Cast iron – Cast steel – Centrifugal casting

– Forging – Machining – Engineering

Demister World SN cast iron starting this year a new company Demister World after much research and customer demand for Demisters. For more information about Demister World visit

Post address Visitor address P.O. Box 23493 Zeemansstraat 13 3001 KL Rotterdam 3016 CN Rotterdam The Netherlands The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 266 7866 F +31 (0)10 266 7868 E and I


Van Steenderen MainportLawyers is a leading full service law firm in shipping, transport and insurance providing both transactional, litigation and mediation services. We have built a significant reputation within the industry sectors in which we are active and we are generally regarded as a market leader in the provision of legal advice in relation to shipbuilding, ship repair and ship conversion projects. We are the contributing editor of the book ‘Getting the Deal Through – Shipbuilding’ and also contributing the Dutch chapter of the book ‘Getting the Deal Through – Shipping’ of the same publisher Law Business Research Ltd., that provides an overview of specialist areas of the law in a variety of international jurisdictions in both printed and online formats. The books in these series are an indispensable guide for in-house lawyers and all those involved in these industries. We are active in the following sectors: – Energy & Offshore – Commodities – Insurance – Marine and Transport – Yachts – Shipbuilding Please contact us at our Rotterdam office at Zeemansstraat 13, 3016 CN Rotterdam for any inquiries you may have.

What can we do for your filtration – Demisters – Baffle filters – Demister pads with steel grids – Special application – Separation cassettes – And much more

SN cast iron

Demister World

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STORK GEARS & SERVICES B.V. Pannerdenstraat 5 3087 CH Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 8808 91110 E

Worldwide support Stork product line Gears and Services is a specialised gearbox and thruster repair company. We are active in high-demand market segments (marine, industry, power), where our customers expect fast response to minimize downtime costs. That’s why we offer worldwide gearbox and thruster support 24 hours a day. We are not tied to any single manufacturer, so we can develop customised solutions that are most effective and efficient for you. Custom built When you are in need of a special gearbox for your installation or vessel, a custom built gearbox is sometimes the only option if you do not want to change the design of your application. Stork is able to build a custom gearbox that fits seamlessly into your design with no adjustments. Our highly qualified engineers ensure that the latest research and developments are used in the design. The technical skills of our engineering department combined with the most innovative tools and equipment results in high quality custom made gearboxes. Jahnel-Kestermann Stork Gears & Services is the exclusive service partner for JahnelKestermann gearboxes. Please feel free to contact us for a free consult of one of our marine gearbox experts.


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Nikkelstraat 7 2984 AM Ridderkerk The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 368 0000 F +31 (0)88 368 0001 E I Contact: Mr H.F. Uittenbogaart (Director) Contact: Mr N.F.W. Uittenbogaart

Forde Road, Brunel Industrial Estate Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4AW UK United Kingdom T +44 (0)1626 333 377 F +44 (0)1626 360 783 E I

Aco Marine s.r.o Bond’s Foundry Co Ltd Deckma Hamburg GmbH Dessau Getriebetechnik GmbH Gertsen & Olufsen A/S Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem SA Hoppe Marine GmbH Jets AS Maderas Jumilla S.A. Maschinenfabrik BRÖHL GmbH & Co. oHG Megator Ltd. Multigear GmbH Optimarin AS Optimize GmbH / IPT-NP GmbH Palfinger Norway Panelfa S.L. SKF Marine GmbH Stable AS TBU Mooring equipment Tecnicomar S.p.A WINEL tank vent check valves

With over 40 years of marine engineering experience, Teignbridge Propellers has developed into a world-leading designer, manufacturer & supplier of high quality performance propellers and associated stern gear. Since 1974 Teignbridge has supplied and continues to supply world class propellers, rudders, rudder tubes, shafts, couplings, stern tubes, P brackets, bearings and accessories to the highest standards demanded by the world’s leading vessel manufacturers. Teignbridge design, manufacture & supply high quality products supported by first class customer service. We are one of the few propeller manufacturers to have achieved ISO9001:2008 accreditation. Teignbridge has a highly experienced technical team and supplies the world’s leading boat building companies. Teignbridge has an established reputation for innovation. A notable innovation is the C-Foil propeller design. As engines have increased horsepower, providing greater power to weigh ratios, cavitation – and how to overcome it – has become a major issue for propeller designers. To address this issue Teignbridge developed the C-Foil propeller, designed to enable vessels to achieve higher speeds – 35 knots plus – without incurring cavitation. Competitive sea trials produced enhanced results compared to standard and competitor propellers, with improvements recorded in power, efficiency and the elimination of cavitation. Whether vessel owners or operators are looking for increased performance or fuel savings through efficient design, the C-Foil will fulfil their requirement. Teignbridge continually invests to improve its capability and expand its range of products and services. Teignbridge leads the industry in designing and delivering complete stern gear packages to maximise individual vessel performance using cutting edge technology and processes developed by its own team of leading experts. Investments have also been made to increase the size of propellers that can be cast in Teignbridge’s fully equipped on-site foundry, with the introduction of two new larger furnaces and a large horizontal borer. Through this commitment to continual innovation and product development, Teignbridge is able to provide leading solutions for the ever-changing demands made by vessel performance.

From stock we can offer a.o. chocks and guiderollers, WINEL tank vent check valves, and many spare parts such as SIMPLEX Compact seals and bushes and MEGATOR sludge pumps and Jets™ spare parts for vacuum toilet systems. TBU can call upon extensive facilities and a fully professional staff of advisors, technicians and service engineers and offers the security of a complete 24-hour service (on-shore or on board) and complete technical back-up. TBU has a complete repair shop for calibrating and repair of the Tanksystem Hermetic Ullage, temperature and Interface detectors (UTI) and the Deckma oil water monitors.


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P.O. Box 70 6580 AB Malden The Netherlands T +31 (0)24 358 4455 F +31 (0)24 358 2166 E I Contact: Mr H. Volmerink

Mr. F.J. Haarmanweg 75 4538 AN Terneuzen The Netherlands T 24hr: +31 (0)115 612 872 F +31 (0)115 612 859 E I

Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT), based in Malden, the Netherlands, is specialized in supplying high quality products to the marine industry with special emphasis on the dredging and offshore industry. The Dutch company aims at giving customers exactly the support they apply for. The dedicated client approach is based on the company’s high quality products combined with the best service and technical support, available 24 hours a day. TTT was founded in 1984. Through the years, the company has become an exclusive importer/agent of first class products, building up an innovative and fresh reputation. TTT is actively involved in taking corporate and social responsibility (CSR). The supplier aims to follow the ‘CSR Achievement Ladder’ and takes care of its people and the environment. The known personal approach, for instant during exhibitions and customer visits on location, is more and more increasing thanks to online media. Contact is found via social media and the web store, which is part of the TTT website. What remains unchanged is the durability, robustness and high quality degree of all products within our portfolio. All products meet the high quality demands and comply with all technical requirements. The company’s product range includes renowned brands that represent the absolute top within the marine market. Theunissen offers following premium brands in marine equipment: MCT Brattberg Multi-cable transits Glamox Aqua Signal Lighting and navigation lights (LED) Seematz (Pesch) Searchlights Vingtor (Zenitel) Communication equipment Consilium | Eltek Fire detection equipment Eltek Power & Emergency power Seematz (Pesch) Straight-line window wipers Danfoss-Semco Water mist fire fighting systems Parker-Sea Recovery Reverse osmosis watermakers Eekels Emergency telegraphs HMT Signalling columns Telco Marine and offshore heaters PSI Sealing Pipe transit systems

Trident Group is established in September 1993 and became a leading innovative underwater service supplier specializing in repair, overhaul and maintenance on propulsion, hull and machinery. With fully equipped workshops and certified personnel in Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Canary Islands we serve customers in any location around the globe.


Specific product training programs together with various OEM’s Guarantees a high quality standard throughout the Trident Group. Thanks to our undivided focus in both the offices/workshops, and on projects we are able to provide innovative maritime technical support and solutions to our customers. Furthermore, Trident’s strong global network, highest standard commercial diving equipment in combination with experienced, factory trained and certified diver-technicians allow us to respond fast, cost effective and reliable to emergency situations. Our innovative approach and ‘out of the box’ thinking has proven to be of great benefit to our clientele. Trident Group is the Original Equipment Manufacturers choice in supporting their warrantee & claims divisions whenever underwater repair solutions are considered. Trident Group is active in Shipping, Cruise and getting more and more involved in projects on Offshore floating structures as a result of our technical capability to support our oil & gas clients with the best, cost effective, time saving solution in all circumstances. The international oil & gas industry has recognized the worldwide operating Trident Group as a reliable, fast-response partner for all (emergency) underwater repair.

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TRIOlIGHT B.V. Hermesweg 23-25 3771 ND Barneveld The Netherlands T +31 (0)342 450 506 F +31 (0)342 450 232 E I

Triolight B.V. Triolight B.V. is known worldwide as the manufacturer of the high quality, European liniLED® System. With more than 16 years experience, our company has become an important player in the LED industry. With a large network of professional partners, architects, lighting designers and planners, we offer innovative and leading (LED) lighting solutions in more than 30 countries around the globe. liniLED® System The liniLED® System is a concept which consists of high quality, flexible LED strips (IP20, IP40, IP68), stainless steel walkover and drive over lighting fixtures (IP68), LED based handrails (stainless steel, IP40/ IP65) and various accessories. In other words: one stop shopping for all your projects!

Red Dot award In addition, the liniLED® assortment offers the revolutionary LED based liniLED® Handrails, which can provide functional lighting for a safe environment. The concept has been rewarded with a Red Dot award.


Custom made solutions Triolight is known for translating ideas and requirements into astonishing customised OEM projects. As each yacht, cruise ship or other vessel is unique, it is inevitable to create custom made solutions to withstand the most critical weather conditions. Our regular maritime clientele sees us as the ideal partner, when searching for a high end, innovative and custom made LED solution: we continue where others stop. USP’s – European quality and manufacturing – UV, frost, seawater & chlorine resistant – Expected lifetime > 50.000 hours – IP68 – AISI 316 Handrail – Dimmable & energy efficient – Long connection lengths – Customised solutions

Due to the high quality, innovative technology and smart design, the liniLED® System is ideal for high end projects in various sectors, such as: maritime, architecture, infrastructure, construction, health and the entertainment industry. Diffuse, dimmable & waterproof By responding to the increasing demand from the maritime sector, a large number of liniLED® products are UV, frost, seawater and chlorine resistant. One of the latest developments are the liniLED® Top and Side Diffuse LED strips (IP68): high quality, flexible LED strips with an optimal, diffuse light output. By combining the elements diffuse and IP68, the liniLED® Top and Side Diffuse LED strips are ideal for lighting decks, bridges, stairs and interior areas.

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TRusTluBE B.V.


Neon 7 4751 XA Oud Gastel The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 878 7700 F +31 (0)88 878 7750 E I Contact: Ms Daphne van der Puijl

PSA Building, Level 26 460 Alexandra Road Singapore 119963 T +65 6809 3087 F +31 (0)88 878 7750 E I Contact: Mr Chiel van Daelen

TuRBO Nl BV Van Utrechtweg 126 2921 LN Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 515 851 F +31 (0)180 519 576 E I Contact: Mr Eric Erkens

Innovation Starts Here

Quality Turbocharger Service Has Returned to Rotterdam

Automatic Lubrication Systems TrustLube designs, manufactures, assembles and installs automatic lubrication systems and monitoring systems for the maritime, dredging, offshore and oil & gas industry. Our skill lies in choosing the exact dosage required for the installation to achieve a sound performance. The method of TrustLube takes care of the continuity of the industrial process and enables installations to achieve significant lubricant savings. Our sustainable TrustLube systems continually prove themselves in the most extreme conditions. Anywhere in the world.

EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST For the last couple of years, there has been a void in the Rotterdam area regarding quality turbocharger parts and service. TurboNL is here to fill that void. We are a proven team that is dedicated to turbocharger excellence. Give us a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Xtreme Lubricants TrustLube’s Xtreme Lubricant series is a modern, high performance product, suitable for applications in heavy industries. The extreme load carrying capacity and consistency make the product the first choice for marine applications with extreme loaded equipment. The grease is easily pumpable in TrustLube systems despite its high base oil viscosity. Xtreme greases are uniquely compounded for marine environments. The lubricant forms a thin lubricating film and has an excellent water resistance due to the extreme adhesion to steel. All products are free of solids, particles and metals, have a very good thermal stability and can withstand extreme pressure. Uptime starts here TrustLube can save on your lubricant consumption, extend the lifetime of your equipment and increase your uptime. For more information about our systems or lubricant, please contact our office in The Netherlands or Singapore.

MULTI-BRAND FIELD SERVICE At TurboNL, average field service experience exceeds 20 years per employee. As a result, we understand how your turbochargers work and how to keep them at optimal efficiency. Whether your turbo has problems or just needs a standard overhaul, we are ready to help. TRUE 24/7 CUSTOMER CARE Will your turbocharger service provider answer your call on a Friday evening? At TurboNL 24/7 is not a marketing slogan. Instead, each of our customers has the cell phone number of our General Manager, Eric Erkens. Eric will personally ensure that your turbocharger needs are taken care of, even on weekends and holidays. QUALITY PARTS WITH 1-YR WARRANTY To ensure customer satisfaction, TurboNL sources its parts from ISO certified companies that provide us with quality parts suitable for every major turbocharger brand including ABB™, MAN™ and MET™. As an example, our bearings suitable for ABB™ turbochargers are manufactured by SNR/ NTN, an ISO certified company that also makes precision bearings for the aerospace industry. We also offer reliable reconditioned parts with the same one-year warranty. IMPRESSIVE WORKSHOP CAPABILITIES Of course TurboNL can clean and balance your turbochargers. However, TurboNL stands out in the Rotterdam area for its part repair capabilities. By repairing parts, we help our customers to save money. In addition, to blade repairs we are delighted to offer LRQA approved shaft hot metal spray.

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VandeGrijp pipes & parts

VdL KLiMa bV

Rietgorsweg 11 3356 LJ Papendrecht The Netherlands t +31 (0)78 644 6464 F +31 (0)78 644 6465 e i

Meerenakkerweg 30 5652 AV Eindhoven P.O. Box 300 5600 AH Eindhoven The Netherlands t +31 (0)40 298 1818 F +31 (0)40 298 1800 e i

VandeGrijp is an independent company specialized in production of steel tubes, piles and tubular constructions made to specifications. Apart from production, VandeGrijp rents flanged pipelines and floating equipment. VandeGrijp’s facilities are located close to major highways and with direct access to Rotterdam and Antwerp Harbors, via water. VandeGrijp excels in production of heavy steel constructions. Our expertise ranges from fabrication of tubes, tube sections, cylinders, cones and half scales to complete winch drums, transitions and spreader bars. With more than 8,000m2 of fabrication halls, our own harbor with roll-on roll-off quay at our property of more than 8 hectares, we can help you fabricate virtually anything. From unique special items to larger series, in high tensile or normal steel, we deliver on time.

VDL – VDL Groep is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between the companies. Since the founding in 1953 this family-owned company has grown to include 82 operating companies, spread over 18 countries with more than 8,800 employees.

Quality assurance The company operates according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 specifications and we are EN-1090 qualified. Production facilities – Pipe mill with a six-meter plate rolling machine for plate thicknesses from 5 up to 25 mm, with diameters from 500 up to 1,200 mm. – Construction Halls with three 3-meter plate rolling machines, for plate thicknesses from 10 up to 150 mm and diameters from 450 up to 10,000 mm. – Assembly length up to 150 meters. – Milling and autogenously cutting of weld seams. – Single, twin and triple SAW welding. Markets – Offshore: Mono piles, pipe sections for jackets and constructional components. – Maritime Industry: Reels and bow thruster channels, Crane pedestals, pipe sections for crane constructions, heavy hydraulic cylinders. – Marine Construction: Dredging pipe lines, elbows, reducers, turning glands and valves. – Process Industry: Pressure vessel sections, pipe sections.


VDL Klima – VDL Klima, part of VDL Groep, develops and manufactures heat exchangers (a.o. air/air coolers, air/water coolers, boxcoolers, shell and tube heat exchangers) and ventilation systems for various applications such as engines (electrical) propulsion systems and power generators, transformers and convertors. Engineering and production is seen as an integrated process and found in-house. With our high level of knowledge, 100 years of experience and state of art production technologies, our clients are assured of the optimal solution in terms of heat transfer and ventilation technology. Whether you require customized or serial production, VDL Klima always has the right capacity and knowledge. VDL Klima is active in the following market segments: – Shipping and maritime industry – Energy generation and conversion (conventional and renewable) – Agriculture and industry – Innovative industries (a.o. semiconductors) Shipping and maritime industry – VDL Klima heat exchangers are used on ships worldwide for direct and indirect cooling of cooling water, lubricant and hydraulic oil from engines, podded electric propulsion systems, generators, transformers, converters and hydraulic systems. In addition to traditional plate-type heat exchangers, demand is increasing for VDL Klimarine box coolers for complete on-board cooling circuits or individual engines.

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Vds oFFshore construction terMinaL

Veth propuLsion

Estlandweg 6 4455 SV Nieuwdorp Westhofharbour nr 4630 The Netherlands t + 31 (0)113 670 870 F + 31 (0)113 670 848 e i

Nanengat 17 3356 AA Papendrecht P.O. Box 53 3350 AB Papendrecht The Netherlands t +31 (0)78 615 2266 e i contact: Mr Erik Veth, Managing Director/Owner

Westlob 8 9979 XJ Eemshaven

VDS Offshore Construction Terminal is an all-round professional partner in the development of steel/aluminum structures and machines. At our own terminals in Vlissingen and Eemshaven we offer design and production as well as maintenance and coating/painting. It is our ambition to coordinate the construction projects of our customers form the design to the final installation and logistics. VDS serves the offshore oil/gas and wind, petrochemical, machine and civil industry. Our projects range from topsides and substructures to storage tanks and steel bridges. Our services include engineering, procurement, construction, manufacturing, preservation, coating/ painting, assembly, start up and installation. Offshore construction: VDS has excellent fabrication facilities excellently located with direct access to open sea. This enables us to build very large constructions which can be transported by sea directly. Therefore, VDS has ideal locations for offshore (wind) construction projects. Our facilities: Vlissingen Site area: 130,000 m2 Warehouse: 21,000 m2 Quay: 250 + 80 m (draught 10,5 m llws) ISPS and LME certified

Eemshaven Site ares: 30,000 m2 Warehouse: transportable mobile hall Quay: 434 + 260 m (draught 14 m llws) ISPS certified

What you can expect from Veth Propulsion Veth Propulsion is the thruster manufacturer which stands for quality, service, innovation and sustainability. You can expect a personal and down-to-earth approach and a reliable image and brand awareness in the market. Your sailing profile and specific needs form the basis for our bespoke solutions including rudder propellers, bow thrusters, diesel engines and generator sets. We deliver these products to various customer groups, such as dredging, offshore, inland marine, passenger vessels, tugboats, mega yachts. In-house assembly and development Veth Propulsion distinguishes herself by in-house development and assembly of the entire process. We guarantee the quality we provide by testing all parts before they are delivered and we support Lean Manufacturing. Flexible and proactive Veth Propulsion has flexible, all-round professionals at their disposal, who have a passion for technology and our customers. As our customer you are entitled to 24/7 accessibility, pro-active assistance and optimal access to parts in stock. Globally, Veth Propulsion closely collaborates with local agents to ensure that we can provide you with assistance throughout the world. Innovation The thinking and behaviour at Veth Propulsion is based on both the developments and needs of the market, combined with decades of experience and craftsmanship. Sustainability Veth Propulsion takes responsibility for the consequences of its actions and decisions related to human health, the environment and society, and we are happy to accept responsibility in this regard. Numerous initiatives have been put in place to become as ‘green’ as possible, such as chain responsibility, waste management and the application of green products.

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VinK Vt KunststoFFen

VoLVo penta europe, oFFice beneLux

Gewenten 47 4704 RE Roosendaal The Netherlands t +31 (0)165 513 953 F +31 (0)165 513 954 e i

Stationsweg 2 4153 RD Beesd The Netherlands t +31 (0)345 688 700 contact: Sales manager: Jan-Willem Vissers Accountmanager: Ewoud Hooymans Accountmanger: Sander van den Oever

With our passion for plastics we see endless possibilities and added value of plastics as a revolutionary product in the offshore and shipbuilding market. Established in 1990, Vink VT has developed and evolved to meet current needs of customers in fast moving markets.

Volvo Penta is a solid partner in providing marine power systems for leisure, commercial and industrial use. The combined financial and technological resources provided by the Volvo Group, coupled with our tradition of innovative marine engineering, enable us to design and deliver diesel performance for a broad range of marine and industrial applications. With our approximately 4,000 dealers in 130 countries, we are able to provide service and support all over the world. (Volvo) Penta was established in 1907 – the year the company produced its first marine engine. Volvo Penta has probably the richest innovation history in the marine world, with such global innovations as the Aquamatic Stern Drive, duo prop counter-rotating propellers and (most recently) the IPS system with the forward-facing propellers. Volvo Penta is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment and is utilizing this into the marine and industrial world in a very successful way. Therefor Volvo Penta is now a major player in the professional market due to our high fuel-efficiency in combination and compliance with the most stringent emission legislations. No matter if you need power for planning or displacement propulsion, auxiliary power or a complete marine genset for diesel- electric or hybrid propulsion, the Volvo Penta range will satisfy your demands. Volvo Penta can deliver Propulsion and auxiliary power from 62 to 550 kW(e) with an unbeatable fuel efficiency up to 192gr/kW the highest fuel efficiency available in the market and ready for the next emission levels worldwide. By using multiple propulsion, diesel-electric or hybrid propulsion installations, the customer will benefit from the high fuel efficiency starting at low load cycles compared using 1 big engine instead. On top of that they save on maintenance, get higher redundancy and with that more uptime as advantage to conventional installations.

Every ship, offshore installation or platform face the most extreme conditions. Many plastic products can make a change and are used in several applications as a substitute for all kind of materials. The advantages of plastic materials are: – Lightweight products – Chemical resistance (different per product) – Good wear and friction properties – Good conductive properties – Durable There are many applications in these segments in which the properties of plastics come into their own. For example: – Freshwater tanks – Water treatment systems – Waste water treatment – Interior trim and cladding – Glazing applications – Cable sheaves – Buffer and wear blocks – Landing, railing and stairs Our range of products is constantly updated to the needs of our customers. We keep our stock at our distribution centre in Roosendaal and we can also provide you with customized products. Have you ever thought of plastics for your application? Please contact us.


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VuLKan beneLux


Van Coulsterweg 3 2952 CB Alblasserdam The Netherlands t +31 (0)78 681 0780 e i contact: Mr Robert van Riemsdijk

Since 1889, the name VULKAN has stood for quality, technological leadership and a focus on the customer. Operating with five international production locations, 20 subsidiary companies and over 50 agencies worldwide, VULKAN products and expertise are available on-site throughout the world. The business division VULKAN Couplings focuses on diesel-engine applications in marine and generator systems. VULKAN couplings, clutches, shaft systems and elastic mounts can be found in drive systems in vessels on every sea in the world. The new VULKAN approach towards coupling technology, ACOTEC (Advanced Coupling Technology), is a holistic approach to optimize all relevant areas of influence, in order to be able to offer the best possible products and services. The basis for this is that VULKAN Couplings combines all competences in-house, from application technology and torsional vibration calculations to the construction and development, the elastomer and vulcanization technology right up to the test centre, condition monitoring and service. The couplings manufactured and tested with this technology form the ACOTEC coupling range of the company which are characterized by extreme resilience and reliability. VULKAN Benelux, the Dutch subsidiary of the VULKAN Group, primarily delivers drive solutions for offshore vessels, inland waterway vessels and dredgers. The complete drive system can be optimally tuned with respect to torsional vibration as a result of all components coming from a single source. This leads to maximum system availability and contributes to minimizing the operating costs.

VuYK rotterdaM – a royal ihc company P.O. Box 1 2900 AA Capelle a/d IJssel The Netherlands t +31 (0)10 760 1600 F +31 (0)10 760 1699 e i contact: Mr Marc Oele (Managing director)

Vuyk Rotterdam is a manufacturing independent consultancy, design and engineering company specialising in integrated one-off vessel and equipment designs and marine operations engineering. We aim at long term relations with our customers; we believe that the best solutions are found when we share our knowledge and expertise. Areas of expertise Vuyk delivers its services to the renewables, offshore construction, heavy transport & lift, dredging and salvage markets. For the purpose of design and assistance to our clients’ operations, we also deliver marine operations engineering for load-out, transport, installation and abandonment operations. Practical and theoretical experience Vuyk’s crew has an educational background ranging from polytechnic to master of science levels. The average experience with the company is high. We aim for practical solutions but do recognize that theoretical analyses are often necessary. We therefore have the tools and a team of engineers inhouse with in-depth experience with complex hydrodynamic and finite element calculations. Services over the life cycle The services include consultancy and feasibility studies, concept and basic designs, (multi-body) ship motions, dynamic positioning, mooring or riser analyses up to technical building supervision and onsite assistance during mobilisation or in the field. We design to function Track record Design and engineering work for amongst others: – Offshore construction vessels. – Jack-up platforms including jacking system integration. – Deep water mining, fall pipe and dredging vessels. – Heavy transport/lift vessels. – Cable lay vessels and equipment. – Heavy mechanical equipment. – Offshore wind turbine installation. – Various marine operations engineering projects.

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WineL industrY Group b.V.

G.j. WorteLboer jr. b.V.

P.O. Box 70 9400 AB Assen The Netherlands t +31 (0)592 366 060 e i contact: Mr Bert Knijp

Quarantaineweg 5, 3089 KP Rotterdam P.O. Box 5003, 3008 AA Rotterdam The Netherlands t +31 (0)10 429 2222 F +31 (0)10 429 6459 e i contact: Mr M.J.M. Wortelboer

Winel Industry Group (WIG) has grown into a leading supplier of high-end products and services to the world’s maritime industry. From production facilities in Assen, Blokzijl and Haiphong (Vietnam) (in total over 20,000 m2) an experienced team of specialists offers a wide range of watertight doors, hatches and platforms. In total more over 150 fte. Winel Industry Group’s strength is offering a complete in-house service package which includes 3D design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, assembly, project management, support and logistic services. We stand out as a supplier of quality, competitive prices, reliable delivery times and service, and therefore constantly develop our products, services and organization. Winel works closely together with all major class societies to satisfy the stringent rules which are applicable in the business.

For over 50 years we are specialized in the supply of anchors and chain cables in all weights and sizes. In our yard in Rotterdam we have over seven million kgs of D’Hone, AC-14, Hall, Spek, Pool M®, Pool N®, Danforth and our own original Flipper Delta® anchors in all weights on stock. A broad range of chain cables in diameters ranging from 14 to 122 mm U3 is also kept in stock to meet every need.

Products & Services Winel B.V. – Weather tight & splash tight doors – Tank vent check valves – Watertight (sliding) bulkhead doors – Shell doors, platforms & megayacht equipment – Hatches & manhole covers – Interior/fire resistant doors – Service & support – Special products/projects – (Parametric) Engineering & project management Products of Staalart B.V. – Anchorwinch systems for mega yachts – Passerelle; Side boarding ladders – Swimming ladders – Refits of mega yacht equipment


All our products are 100% original class certified. Every product kept in stock is ready for immediate dispatch. This makes us a reliable marine partner for all shipping sectors when urgency is required. Your advantages: – The anchors and chains you need are always in stock – Quick deliveries by truck, sea freight or even airfreight – Guaranteed 100% original class certificates supplied with your order – At multiple locations in Europe we can help you fit the anchors and chains aboard your vessel. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week Offshore Industries When a superior high holding power anchor is needed, our original Flipper Delta® Anchor is one of worlds favorites. With its ability to penetrate different soil conditions rapidly and its easy handling, the Flipper Delta® is the ultimate suitable anchor for offshore industries. We have got the original Flipper Delta® in all weights available. Superyachts For yachting not only the strength and quality, but also the looks of an anchor matter. Our beautiful looking mirror polished stainless steel anchors and chain cables and our hot dip galvanized anchors and chain cables are used by yacht builders all around the world.

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FranZ WÖLFer eLeKtroMaschinenFabriK osnabrÜcK GMbh Industriestraße 14 49082 Osnabrück Germany t +49 (0)541 990 22-0 t +49 (0)541 990 22-22 e i

Electric Motors for Winches, Cranes and Thrusters Our compact special motors are constructed for use under extreme stress conditions in the shipping industry, e. g. for winches and cranes on ships and for bow and stern thrusters on container ships with container capacities in excess of 5,000 TEU. Winches with electric motors are more environmentally friendly than hydraulically driven ones. Well known OEMs rely on electric motors from Wölfer e. g. in storage winches and cranes on ships and offshore-platforms.

Who we are For 70 years now Franz Wölfer Elektromaschinenfabrik has been developing and manufacturing electric motors for use in hoisting equipment, in and on ships as well as in general mechanical engineering. We apply our extensive know-how to produce highly efficient motors for individually adapted drive mechanism solutions. At our business location in Osnabrück our employees work hard to ensure highest quality standards. Customers throughout the world are convinced by the performance capacity, compactness, dynamics and high degree of efficiency of our innovative products. 2015 we implemented a new state-of-the-art test field. In the manufacture of hoist motors we are indeed one of the leading companies concerning quality as well as technology.

What makes us different Three phase asynchronous motors made by Wölfer stand out on account of their robust design and their very high performance capacity. They are individually manufactured in accordance with our customers’ requirements. The use of special rotors with appropriately adapted geometry makes it possible to achieve excellent control qualities. A high pull out torque guarantees safe operation in the field weakening. On account of their low moment of inertia, these highly dynamic drive motors have the advantage of shorter acceleration time combined with reduced frequency converter current. Consequently smaller frequency converters and reduced cable cross sections can frequently be used. Motors made by Wölfer match to the rules of all well-known classification societies, fulfil the requirements of insulation class F or H and convince by their optimised energy balance. These motors are also available with heat exchangers, furthermore holding brakes, separately drive fans, anti-condensation heaters and other components can be additionally integrated. 7 0 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

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Photo courtesy of Port


YELLOW & FINCH PUBLISHERS Pres. Rooseveltlaan 739 4383 NG Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 473 398 F +31 (0)118 461 150 E I Contact: Mr Marco Geels

Yellow & Finch Publishers We are a Netherlands-based publishing house, geared to the maritime world. The company is one of the leading publishing houses not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe, specialised in maritime trade journals covering a number of expert fields in the international maritime industry, like ShipBuilding Industry, SuperYacht Industry and Offshore Industry. With our international team of maritime editors, sales professionals and designers they turn out a trendsetting portfolio of independent maritime magazines for global distribution. In addition to the hard-copy business-to-business magazines, the up-to-date website offers the most recent maritime news directly from our clients. With a section of the website totally dedicated to the well-known trade journals you can subscribe to our portfolio of online magazines, free of charge. With a publishing and promotion portfolio consisting of leading maritime companies all over the world, our international maritime business database, Maritime Services Directory and interactive online platform, we can guarantee maximum exposure.

Y&F Media Services The full-service media division complements the versatile portfolio of trade journals of Yellow & Finch Publishers. With an all-round assortment of marketing and communication services, our team of maritime experts helps you to focus on developing your business. To unburden our clients on a professional level, we use our publishing and marketing communication experience to support your marketing communication strategy in the most efficient way. Whether you want a press release, a brochure or a periodical magazine, Y&F Media Services in-house team of native English – as well as native Dutch – editors and communications experts can help you out. The main benefit of working with Y&F Media Services is we speak the maritime language and are up-to-date with recent industry developments. Rest assured – your identity is in good hands. For more information about Y&F Media Services please contact Mr Charles van den Oosterkamp, E-mail:

The Maritime Publishing & Promotion Company

> Mariti Mari me ti meSeSe r vir vi cece s sDiDi rere cto cto r yr y2017 2017| 7 1

#MSD profielen 2017 nieuw.indd 71

18-07-16 11:32



ZeeLand MaritiMe cLeaninG

ZuKen GMbh

Engelandweg 33 Port number 1130 4389 PC Vlissingen-Oost P.O. Box 1005 4388 ZG Oost-Souburg The Netherlands t +31(0)118 484 038 F +31(0)118 484 039 e

Sales Office Benelux Kerkplein 1 6075 HA Herkenbosch The Netherlands t +31 (0)475 520 998 e i

Zeeland Maritime Cleaning (ZMC) is strategically positioned in the ports of Zeeland, the Netherlands. The cleaning company delivers a complete package of services ranging from maritime and industrial cleaning, waste management and oil spill clean-ups. For all cleaning activities ZMC uses experienced, certified specialists combined with 24-hour availability offering exceptional service.

About Zuken Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company’s extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken’s transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner. Zuken is focused on being a long-term innovation and growth partner. The security of choosing Zuken is further reinforced by the company’s people – the foundation of Zuken’s success. Coming from a wide range of industry sectors, specializing in many different disciplines and advanced technologies, Zuken’s people relate to and understand each company’s unique requirements. Software solutions for – PCB design – Electrical and wire harness design – Engineering data management

Cleaning Services Originating as an expert in maritime cleaning services, ZMC ensures comprehensive cleaning inside-and-out of sea-going vessels and barges using vacuum trucks and high-pressure equipment. ZMC also offers industrial cleaning services on land for the petrochemical industry and tank storage, using similar techniques to those used in the maritime field. Waste Management ZMC’s experienced and certified staff are fully licensed for national waste collection and cleaning activities. ZMC collects and transports a variety of ship waste and industrial waste to authorised processing facilities. From fuel remains to septic waters or chemical waste to garbage, ZMC handles all collection and transport using their own vessels or vacuum trucks. Business Center Seaports ZMC is part of Business Center Seaports (BCS), a group consisting of full-service STT agency, STT Forwarding, ZMC, OSR International and Zeeland Cruise Port. With all disciplines literally under one roof, BCS provides a comprehensive maritime service package from one centralised centre. With the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen as their main hub, BSC also provides service to surrounding ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. With their excellent hinterland connections, the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen provide direct access to Europe’s inland navigation and rail networks.

PCB design – CR-8000: Multi-board, system-level electronic design – CADSTAR: Price/performance single-board design Electrical design – E³.series: electrical wiring, control systems and fluid engineering design Engineering data management – DS-2: Library and work-in-progress data management – E3.EDM: Native Domain Data and Process Management for E³.series

7 2 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

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Faces of Industry Who’s Who in the Maritime Industry

Photo courtesy of Port Pictures

Our photographers and editors demonstrate great technical abilities recording the many difficult and challenging aspects of the maritime industry. But perhaps their greatest skill is the ability to demonstrate their artistic flair to portray workers, machinery, factories, shipyards and the many faces of industry in a visually exciting and dramatic way. At Yellow & Finch Publishers it is a firm belief that making top-of-the-line business-to-business publications is only feasible in close cooperation with the (captains of) the industry itself. As we strive to get as close to the principal sources of information as possible, we are keen on meeting these players in person, face-to-face. The following pages provide an eclectic list of ‘Faces of Industry’ for the major part taken by our own editors and photographers while working in the field – a Who’s Who gallery of photographs of a wide variety of noteworthy and influential people in all walks of the maritime industry. Pleased to meet you!

> Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 7 3

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 73

18-07-16 10:11


Adrie Huijbregts

Alain Bernard

Albert Jr. Hakvoort

Alice Huisman

Alex Dijkstra

managing Director TridenT bV

ceo deme

Director h a k V o o r T S h i p ya r d

executiVe Director r o ya l h u i S m a n

office manager yelloW & finch publiSherS

Andre Mol

Anoeshka Maaskant

Aren Bezuijen

Arjan Klijnsoon

Arnstein Eknes

eDitor & finch publiSherS

Project manager heerema

executiVe Director r o ya l i h c

segment Director, sPecial shiPs d e T n o r S k e V e r i Ta S

Business unit manager a l fa l aVa l b V


Barry Stolp

Bart Bakker

Bart Groot

Bart Wessels

Bas T. Noorland

Business DeVeloPment manager Vrijhof

Director Sandfirden TechnicS

Director GrooT Ship deSiGn

Vice chief executiVe c o r r o S i o n & W aT e r c o n T r o l

Project Director r o ya l i h c

Basjan Faber

Ben Vree

Bram Roelse

Caspar Kramers

Charles van den Oosterkamp

Director c-job & parTnerS

ceo a q u a V i T e b . V.

ceo r o ya l i h c

D i r e c t o r & s e n i o r c o n s u lta n t i n n o Va a r T

ceo yelloW & finch publiSherS

Charlotte van de Kerk

Christina Dupré Roos

Corrie van Kessel

Daan Balk

Danny Cornelissen

Partner & Pr manager blue-c

marketing manager Sea TruckS neTherlandS

managing Director b a l k S h i p ya r d

freelance maritime PhotograPher


Project manager V o o G T n aVa l a r c h i T e c T S

7 4 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec t 2 0 1 7

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 74

18-07-16 10:12


Dick Alewijnse

Dirk Willems

Dorien Mulder

managing Director man benelux

marketing & Pr manager hiSWa holland yachTinG Group

Egbert Sprokkereef

Emile van der Starre

Engel-Jan de Boer

Eric Erkens

Erik Veth

sales manager man benelux

ceo / founDer holland marine lifTS

Yacht segment manager lloyd’S reGiSTer emea

general manager Turbo nl

general manager VeTh propulSion

Erik van Krugten

Erwin Nieuwenhuis

Fer van de Laar

Frank Laupman

Fred van Beers

Director nicoVerken marine SerViceS

marketing & sales manager Vdl klima

managing Director i nT . a SSoci aTi on of p or TS & h arborS

founDer omeGa archiTecTS

ceo b l o h m + V o S S S h i p ya r d S

Frederik Maats

Frits Uittenbogaart

Ger Monster

Gerard Dijkstra

Gerard van Zeijl

sales engineer SmST deSiGnerS & conSTrucTorS

managing Director TechniSch bureau uiTTenboGaarT

naVal architect d y k S T r a n aVa l a r c h i T e c T S

general manager S anTon c ircuiT b reaker S erViceS b V

Gert Jan van Utrecht

Gert van den Hof

Hallvard Petersen

Hans van de Zande

Harold Linssen

Director r o m e Ta l b V

general manager h e aT m a S T e r b V

managing Director Scana Volda aS

managing Director nami conSTrucTionS

managing Director keppel Verolme


ceo marine SySTemS


Director marine SerViceS bV

Ed Standaart TechniSch

Edward van Herpen

Director bureau uiTTenboGaarT

managing Director europe STeel cenTer


Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 7 5

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 75

18-07-16 10:12


Havard Ulstein

Heinz Kuhlmann

Henk Brouwer

Herwin Roodenburg

Ian Brand

managing Director iSland offShore

managing Director mTc hamburG


general manager d b r G e n e r aT o r S e T S

sales manager nicoVerken marine SerViceS

Inge Huse

Ingo Klaus Wamser

ceo i . p. h u S e a S

Dr. Jan Henrik Hübner


lawYer leGal SerViceS

p ieT b rouWer



Iris den Boer

Jaap Gelling

Jacco Vermunt

sales bumaco

managing Director high sPeeD craft d a m e n S h i p ya r d S G r o u p

general sales manager nicoVerken marine SerViceS

Jan Willem Cuperus

Jan Willem van Bloois

Janny Kok

Jean Paul Minczeles

sales & Project manager GrooT Ship deSiGn

sales & marketing Director kci The enGineerS bV

freelance journalist

owner o p T i - l i G h T i n T e r n aT i o n a l

Jen Wartena

Jens Mahnke

Jeroen Kortenoeven

Jeroen van Krugten

John Verhoeven

ceo icon yachTS

managing Partner koniG & cie

heaD ProDuction ihc beaVer dred Ger S bV

r e Pa i r m a n a g e r nicoVerken marine SerViceS

Director friVer induSTrieS bV

Joop Roodenburg

Joris Stuip

Jos Frickel

Joti Hakkert

Josso van Boxtel


general manager pTr holland

Director friVer induSTrieS bV

executiVe Director r o ya l i h c

Partner The offShore parTnerS

gloBal heaD

shiPPing aDVisorY dnV Gl of


7 6 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec t 2 0 1 7

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 76

18-07-16 10:13


Julia Ross

Karl-Johan Bakken

Lars Rolner

Karin Struijk

Karst van der Wiel

Ceo f a r s ta D s h i p p i n G

founder heaVYlift @sea

PrograMMe Manager werkenDam maritime inDustries

CoMMerCial direCtor a s t o B . V.

Kees Jan van der Velde

Kees Winkel

Kirsten Bank Christensen

Knut Ljungberg

Koen van Bezu

Managing direCtor ropeBlock liftinG Gear

VP equiPMent SaleS Gea neDerlanD

VP grouP HSeq a2sea

P r i n C i Pa l C o n S u lta n t D e t n o r s k e V e r i ta s

SaleS & Marketing Manager s h i p r e pa i r Y a r D r e i m e r s w a a l


editor & finch puBlishers

Kommer Damen

Koos Baerveldt

Kristin Schädel

Lene Trude Solheim

Lex Nijsen

PreSident & CHairMan D a m e n s h i p Ya r D s G r o u p

SaleS Manager Bumaco

SaleS & Marketing Yachtlite

Pr Manager ulstein Group

VP Head of four Stroke Marine man Diesel & turBo se

Louis Hamming

Luciënne de Jong

Luuk Vroombout

Maarten Verjaal

owner V i t t e r s s h i p Ya r D

Pr offiCer keppel Verolme

Ceo a l p h at r o n m a r i n e G r o u p

Head of SaleS V. s h i p s

Marcel Onkenhout

Marco Geels

Michael Breman

Nathalie Putman

Nathalie Geels-Vinkoert


Managing Partner Yellow & finch puBlishers

direCtor of SaleS lürssen

art direCtor Yellow & finch puBlishers

Managing Partner Yellow & finch puBlishers


Marc Oele VuYk

Managing direCtor enGineerinG rotterDam BV


Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 7 7

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 77

21-07-16 11:54


Per Egil Vedlog

Peter Den Breejen

Peter Groenenboom

Peter Lagendijk

Peter Leenheer

Design manager r ollS r oyce

managing Director c oSco n eTherlandS

Director Vulkan-dmr

managing Director laGendijk equipmenT

ceo bonn & meeS

Peter van der Hoek

Pierre C. Sames

Pieter Kalkman

Pieter van Oord

Pieter van Oossanen

grouP technologY & research Director dnV Gl

managing Director i n n o VaT i V e i n p u T b V

ceo Van oord dredGinG & marine conTracTorS

Director V a n o o S S a n e n & a S S o c i aT e S

Raymond Siliakus

Remco van Gilst

Rene Berkvens

René van der Kloet

traDe fair manager europorT ahoy

YarD Director heerema VliSSinGen

ceo d a m e n S h i p ya r d S G r o u p

Rob van Akkeren

Rob Luijendijk

Roel de Graaf

Rolf Maliepaard

Ronald Epskamp

account manager yelloW & finch publiSherS

managing Director amelS

managing Director

neTherlandS mariTime TechnoloGy

chairman Werkendam mariTime induSTrieS

manager Business unit maritime bachmann elecTronic benelux

Ronald Niemeijer

Ruud Schroemges

Sraar van Rens

Ståle Rasmussen

Ståle Remoy

crewing manager iVer ShipS bV (Vroon)

Director W aT e r W e i G h T S e u r o p e b V

managing Director aandrijf TechniSch bureau

ceo kleVen

cBDo remoy manaGemenT aS


D e s i g n D e Pa r t m e n t ihc merWede


b V .

V an


owner k loeT f oTo & V ideo p roducTieS

Richard van de Wiel m a n a g e r s a l e s D e Pa r t m e n t Gebhard elecTro bV

7 8 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec t 2 0 1 7

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 78

18-07-16 10:14


Stef Nas

Stefan Bulow

Stefan Wienecke

Teena Tillessen

Tilmann Greiner

Director Sn caST iron

managing Partner hbc Group

Director yachTliTe

heaD of section sPecial & light craft, iwV & ec dnV Gl

senior Vice PresiDent man

Tom Dietvorst

Ton van den Broek

Ton Versluis

Tuomas Seilo

Twan Voogt

account manager yelloW & finch publiSherS

managing Director Taleon

managing Director Gebhard elecTro bV

area sales manager aTexor oy

commercial Director jumbo

Wim Kloosterman

Wim Matthijssen

W.H. Eerland

Wichert Dubbeldam

Willem Wille

managing Director e e r l a n d S h i p r e pa i r

owner dubbeldam offShore

Director W i l lT e c o

Wouter Kreischer

Wouter Blaas

senior Project manager d a m e n S h i p r e pa i r r o T T e r d a m

Project Director r o ya l i h c


ceo m a d e r a r i b S b . V.

coo h e e r e m a f a b r i c aT i o n G r o u p

> Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 7 9

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 79

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ORDER FORM Fax +31 (0)118 461 150 or Email


20 T OR




“The ultimate maritime services directory for quick reference, product information, purchasing, general research, networking, as well as sales and marketing.”


We would like to order the following for the Maritime Services Directory 2018: ❏ Half-page fc company profile* € 625 (1,900 characters incl. spaces, company logo, 1 high res image and contact details) ❏ Full-page fc company profile* € 925 (2,400 characters incl. spaces, company logo, 2 high res images and contact details) ❏ We (also) would like to reserve a high profile advertisement in the Maritime Services Directory 2018. (Please check below the desired advertisement size.)

❏ Half-page fc advertisement ........................ € 1,575 ❏ Full-page fc advertisement .......................... € 2,940 ❏ 2-page spread fc advertisement ............ € 4,725

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Inside Front Cover ................................................€ 3,785 Inside Back Cover.................................................€ 3,785 Back Cover ..................................................................€ 3,995 Photo (3/4 page fc) on Front Cover**...........€ 9,999

❏ I would like to order additional copies for my business relations for € 25 each (excl. shipping & handling costs) of the ❏ MSD 2017 (recently released) .................... copies ❏ MSD 2018 (forthcoming edition) .................... copies Please note the following deadlines – Reservation company profiles: 2 June 2017 – Material company profiles: 16 June 2017 – Advertisement reservations: 23 June 2017 – Artwork material: 30 June 2017 Artwork as well as material for your company profile can be directly forwarded to * Companies will receive a proof of their profile to perform one round of corrections before publication. ** The photo has to be approved by Yellow & Finch Publishers. Guidelines are available upon request. CONTACT D E TA IL S


For above checked order(s) I agree with Yellow & Finch Publishers’ general terms of trade and payment terms (14 days after invoice date). Customers from outside European Union will pay in full all banking transfer fees related to the payments. All mentioned rates are excluding VAT.


Signature (and business stamp):

Please fill in all fields of this order form and send to Yellow & Finch Publishers Sales & Marketing Department • Pres. Rooseveltlaan 739 • NL-4383 NG VLISSINGEN • The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 473398 • F +31 (0)118 461150 • E

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Photo courtesy of Port Pictures

Maritime Projects

> Mariti Mariti me me Se Se rr vi vi ce ce ss Di Di re re cto cto rr yy 2017 2017 || 8 81 1

• Faces of Industry 2017.indd 81

18-07-16 10:15


Maersk Connector The Second Generation B

uilt at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania, Maersk Connector is based on the proven Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC) 8500 platform and is the second of a new generation of cable-laying vessels. DOC 8500 has been developed as a flexible platform for both transport and offshore installation work.

Extended Capabilities Equipped with survey and trenching capabilities, the vessel extends DeepOcean’s capabilities in the larger cable-laying end of the market, representing a new focus on interconnector projects. The 7,000t carousel makes the Maersk Connector well suited for installation and trenching projects from landfall to deep water and also for operations in remote geographical locations. The vessel was designed to meet the high standards demanded by North Sea oil and gas customers and customised to meet the challenges of reducing offshore renewables costs.

Growth Strategy Pierre Boyde, Commercial Director at DeepOcean, said, “This new vessel is a critical part of our growth strategy, delivering production efficiencies that will contribute to the lowering of costs in the offshore wind sector. In particular it will play an important part in the roll-out of the next generation of interconnectors that will contribute so much towards maintaining the UK’s energy security and lowering the wholesale cost of electricity.” “We’ve already been awarded three UK and North Sea contracts for Maersk Connector, so we’re very satisfied,” reports Mr Boyde. “The working relationship

The DP2 cable installation vessel Maersk Connector was handed over from Damen Shipyards Group to Maersk Supply Service in February of this year for long-term charter for subsea service provider DeepOcean. has been productive and Damen has delivered a stateof-the-art cable installation vessel. Maersk Connector is fine-tuned around DeepOcean’s 20 years’ experience of installing and trenching more than 1,000km of power cable and backed up with Maersk Supply Service’s long pedigree of superior marine operations.”

Efficient and Effective The vessel has been contracted to undertake marine works for three DeepOcean contracts: the Walney Extension Project, the Nemo Link interconnector and the Bligh Bank Phase II Offshore Wind Farm. The Maersk Connector enables DeepOcean to deliver more efficient, cost-effective and safer cable installation through a combination of new survey, trenching and installation equipment, much of which has been awarded to UK manufacturers. Contributing to production efficiency, the vessel is capable of grounding out with its seven point mooring

system. This eliminates the need for a separate shallow water cable lay vessel and minimises the number of cable joints required. The bespoke 7,000t carousel system accommodates bundled installation of high specification cables with no requirement to coil the cables.

Tri-Party Cooperation Owned and operated by Maersk Supply Service, the vessel is the latest addition to the 50-plus strong Maersk offshore support vessel fleet. Søren Karas, Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Supply Service, praises the constructive cooperation between the three parties. “Maersk Connector is the result of a successful tri-party cooperation between a quality yard, an experienced subsea service provider and a leading vessel owner and marine operator. Throughout the process there was close communication between all parties, focused on finding solutions. Maersk Supply Service is very happy with the outcome resulting in a quality vessel delivered on time and on budget. We are excited to embark on the long term cooperation with DeepOcean supporting their subsea operations.” During the naming ceremony, Mr Boyde commented, “The Maersk Connector is the most advanced power cable lay vessel in the world and the only vessel of her kind that can go right up to the beach and go aground fully loaded with cable. She can install a power cable in a single length from the beach to the offshore wind farm, enabling increased reliability and reducing cost for the system operators.”

i. i.

8 2 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 82

18-07-16 10:19


Maersk Connector is the only vessel of her kind that can go right up to the beach and go aground fully loaded with cable.

central console unit of 6+1 point mooring system Photo courtesy of C-Nautical

Winch supplied by C-Nautical

Facts & Figures Length o.a. Deadweight Breadth, mld Draught DP Class Speed(max) Deck Area Bollard Pull

builder OWNerS

138.35m 9,300t 27.45t Max 6.25m, Min 3.6m DP2 11.7k 2,310m3 71.6t

Damen Shipyards Group Maersk Supply Service

This article is an abridged version of the full ship report published in ShipBuilding Industry, Volume 10, Issue 3, 2016.


Photo courtesy of C-Nautical

Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 8 3

Maritime Projects.indb 83

18-07-16 10:19


Johan Sverdrup

A Promising 50 Years of Stock T

he Johan Sverdrup oil field, discovered in 2010 and 2011, is located about 140km (87nm) west of Stavanger, Norway. At a water depth of 110-120m, the reservoir lies at approx. 1,900m depth covering an area of 200km2. Johan Sverdrup is expected to hold 1.8-2.9 billion barrels of oil, making it the largest oil field found in the North Sea region by the time it reaches its producing peak. This peak will be equivalent to 25% of all Norwegian petroleum production.

Most Profitable Investment The vast Johan Sverdrup project is proceeding as planned to start in 2019 and is estimated to produce between 550,000 and 650,000 barrels a day. Approximately 95% will be oil and 5% will be rich gas. Pipelines to the Mongstad refinery will transport the oil produced at the field and the gas will be transported via the Statpipe system to Kårstø in the county of Rogaland. A preliminary estimate indicates that investment costs for full field development is NOK 170-220 billion. Production revenues from Johan Sverdrup are estimated at NOK 1,350 billion over 50-year lifespan. On the basis of these estimates, Johan Sverdrup is the most profitable Norwegian field investment project in many decades. In addition to the financial profit, the project will secure many jobs, and contracts worth more than NOK 50 billion have been awarded to a broad range of companies.

Phase One Known as the largest oil discovery on the Norwegian shelf since the 1980s, Johan Sverdrup will be

Although the future of oil and gas in the North Sea is uncertain, there are still on-going developments such as the Johan Sverdrup project which is scheduled to continue for decades to come. The project has not only given a boost to the oil industry in Norway, but also challenged explorers worldwide to look for oil in wellexplored mature basins. developed in several phases. Phase one consists of four bridge-linked platforms, sitting in 120m of water, in addition to three subsea water injection templates. Approximately 80% of the total resources in the field can be produced with the facilities installed in the first phase. The field will be operated by electrical power generated onshore, resulting in a 80-90% reduction of offshore emissions of climate gases compared with standard solutions using onshore gas turbines.

Drilling And Construction In March 2016, the Odfjell Deepsea Atlantic drilling rig commenced on the first of 35 wells to be drilled in the first phase. A total of eight wells will be drilled

Photo courtesy of Statoil ASA.

through the predrilling template, before the rig is relocated to drill injection wells on three other locations on the field. In 2018, the permanent Johan Sverdrup drilling platform will be installed as the second of four platforms. The platform is currently being constructed at Aibel’s yard in Haugesund, north of Stavanger, and in Thailand. When the drilling platform is installed and operational, the eight predrilled wells will be hooked up from the predrilling template. At this point Deepsea Atlantic will be drilling the injection wells providing reservoir pressure support to maintain high field production.

Largest Living Quarters on NCS Statoil awarded a joint venture between Kværner and KBR the contract for engineering and construction of the topside for the utility and living quarters platform. Construction started at the end of March 2016. Kværner Stord will fabricate parts of the topside steel frame, and will also assemble all parts for the utility and living quarters platform before the platform is installed in 2019.

World Class Quality The Johan Sverdrup field is not only vast in size; the quality of the reservoir is also world class. The porosity is high, often exceeding 30%. What sets the reservoir on Johan Sverdrup apart from many others is the coarse grain size. This entails large pores and exceptional flow properties. The recovery rate of the field is expected to be high.

8 4 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 84

18-07-16 10:19

Johan Sverdrup is estimated to be the most profitable Norwegian investment project in many decades.

Kværner’s sub-supplier Apply Leirvik (Stord, Norway) will construct the accommodation module for the living quarters platform. The other modules for the utility and living quarters platform are constructed at the Energomontaz Polnoc Gdynia (EPG), Mostostal Pomorze Gdansk (MPG), Mostostal Chojnice and Crist Offshore in Poland, as well as in Gothenburg, Sweden. Detailed engineering is performed at KBR’s office in London, UK and at Apply Leirvik. The platform will have the largest living quarters on the NCS with accommodation capacity of 560. The platform will also contain the field’s control and emergency centre, and some utility systems covering the whole field centre. The platform will be completed in the first quarter of 2019, before it is installed by the world’s largest heavylift vessel, the AllSeas Pioneering Spirit.


Ownership Interests Breakdown Statoil Lundin Petoro Det Norske Maersk Oil

40.0267% 22.6000% 17.3600% 11.5733% 8.4400%

This article is an abridged version of the full report published in Offshore Industry, Volume 9, Issue 3, 2016.

Drilling crew at Deepsea Atlantic celebrates first drilling hole.


Photo Arne Reidar Mortensen courtesy of Statoil ASA.

Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 8 5

MSD Johan Sverdrup.indd 85

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Close to the Water V

anish reflects the wishes and requirements of her owners to an exceptional degree and on this particular build, Feadship teamed up with Eidsgaard Design. “The launch party encapsulates the energy with which the owners have embarked on fashioning their Feadship,” explained Feadship Director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “They are excited about enjoying all the options involved in being close to the water, from the exquisite transom sea terrace to the inviting sun deck bar. Vanish has been designed to suit the way they like to spend time onboard with a wide array of watersport options. With helipads on both the sun deck aft and bow area, she serves as a springboard to a world of adventures for the owners and their guests.”

An Unusual Treat The owners of Vanish were very involved in the project and had tremendous fun creating this timeless beauty. Their appreciation for the perfect craftsmanship carried out on their behalf was made clear when they offered to give all the personnel of the yard and their partners the chance to take a comprehensive tour of the finished yacht. “It is very unusual for all the people from the myriad disciplines involved in a superyacht build to actually get to see how everything came together in the end,” adds Mr Verkuyl. “Vanish is a showcase example of a holistic superyacht, and it is wonderful that everyone involved can experience the fruits of their collective labour in this way.”

builder NAVAl ArCHiTeCT

Feadship Feadship de Voogt Naval

This article is an abridged version of the full yacht report published in SuperYacht Industry, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2016.

Feadship launched the 66.25 m Vanish in a rock ‘n’ roll ceremony in January at Kaag Island, the Netherlands. Highlights on this latest scion of the Feadship fleet include a free-standing staircase flanked by a glass wall over three decks, an extendable balcony for the owner’s stateroom and a highly innovative transom design. Smart Engineering From the overall concept to the smallest detail, everything onboard Vanish is designed and executed to achieve the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Harmonious lines and the use of varnished teak, including cap rails with a diameter of more than 25cm, soften her modern and powerful exterior profile. The unusual transom was designed to provide intimate contact with the water while meeting the owner’s desire not to feel intimidated by the hull’s bulk when arriving by tender or swimming from the sea terrace. Another example of fresh thinking is the full-height atrium with its free-standing staircase and breathtaking wall of glass, a unique feature on a 66m yacht. The balcony for the full-beam owner’s suite is also without precedence and is another hugely impressive feat of engineering. A teak-covered platform slides out from under the starboard companionway using an innovative pull-out mechanism, locking in place flush

with the floor level of the stateroom to give a seamless transition through glass sliding doors. In addition to the owner’s quarters, Vanish also has four guest suites and a large VIP stateroom on the main deck that can be converted into two guest suites. The seventeen crew members on hand ensure top service for everyone onboard.


Facts & Figures Length o.a. Beam Draught Main engines Generators Stabilisers Max. speed appr. Range

66.25m 11.80m 3.45m 2x mtu 16v4000 m63l, 2,240 kw @ 1,800 rpm 3x mtu, 8v2000 m51a 1 set naiad 925, zero speed 17.5 knots 5,200 nm @ 12 knots

8 6 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 86

18-07-16 10:19


The unusual transom was designed to provide intimate contact with the water.

Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 8 7

Maritime Projects.indb 87

18-07-16 10:20


Vole au Vent

Partner in Offshore Wind T

he Vole au Vent is one of the largest vessels of its kind. It has a large clear deck space and high loading capacity. It also features a crane with a lifting capacity of 1,400t, allowing vessel to install the heaviest foundations and components for offshore wind farms in a fast and safe way. The vessel is equipped with four spud poles so that it can be jacked up above the water and work in a stable way, unaffected by the impact of waves. The ship can install all types of foundations and the latest generation of wind turbines at sea up to a water depth of 50m. The Vole au Vent has been specifically built for the execution of offshore wind projects, but is also perfectly deployable for other offshore industries such as the oil and gas industry.

Innovation and Progress All of Jan de Nul Group’s vessels are named after significant historical figures who have one thing in common: the art and passion for innovation and progress. The Vole au Vent was named after the creation of a famous patissier Marie-Antonin Carême. Carême was a patissier, an artist and in a certain way also a scientist, pushing his boundaries and striving for perfection in the kitchen. While creating this particular pastry he is said to have exclaimed, “Elle vole au vent!” (the cake is flying in the wind). The offshore installation vessel bears the name, since it will be working for and in the wind.

Fourth Largest The Nobelwind offshore wind farm is being developed by Nobelwind NV, a joint venture of Parkwind (41.08%),

In 2015, Jan De Nul Group consciously invested in the 140m long Vole au Vent, aiming at being a quality partner for the offshore wind energy market. The group was already well equipped for the installation of cables and gravity-based foundations and for executing rock dumping works around these foundations. But they still missed a workhorse for installing the wind turbines themselves. The opportunity to take over the Vole au Vent in mid2015 came exactly at the right time, enabling Jan De Nul Group to build on services offered. Sumitomo (39.02%) and Meewind (19.9%). It will be located 46km off the coast of Zeebrugge in the North Sea, Belgium. The project, spread over 19.8km2 at an average water depth of 33m, is being developed with an estimated investment of EUR 655 million. With an

installed capacity of 165 MW, the project is expected to become the fourth largest offshore wind farm in Belgium. It will have an annual output capacity of 679GHh, which is equivalent to offsetting 197,000t of CO2 emissions a year. The renewable energy produced by the project will be enough to supply to approximately 186,000 households. Construction has started and the park will be operational by the end of 2017. Jan De Nul was awarded an engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract in September 2015, to provide 51 monopile foundations for the 50 wind turbines and the offshore highvoltage substation (OHVS), supply and installation of scour protection and installation of 50 wind turbine generators.



Crist Shipyard in Gdynia (Poland) Jan De Nul Group

This article is an abridged version of the full ship report published in Offshore Industry, Volume 9, Issue 3, 2016.

8 8 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 88

18-07-16 10:20


The Vole au Vent is one of the largest vessels of its kind.

The vessel was christened by the Belgian Queen.

Facts & Figures Category Classification

Jack-up vessel, Heavy Maintenance and Construction DNV GL 1A1 Self-elevating Wind Turbine Installation Unit SPS Crane Unit HELDK CRANE OPP-F E0 DYNPOS-AUTR CLEAN Flag Germany Length o.a. 140.4m (without Heli Deck) Breadth 41m Maximum Draft 6.3m Moulded Depth 9.5m DWT 8,000t Dynamic Positioning DP Class 2

< Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 8 9

Maritime Projects.indb 89

18-07-16 10:20



Sea trial near the yard: Aleut on a sea trial on the Sognefjord. The yard in Leirvik can be seen in the background.

Breaking the Ice H

avyard Ship Technology in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway has significant experience in designing icebreaking vessels. This experience was put to good use during the Havyard 843 ICE design process. Design Manager Arve Helsem Leine, stated that the project was challenging and exciting and resulted with Havyard gaining new expertise.

Experience and Expertise “When developing this design, the pioneering work consisted of designing hull lines and a propulsion system that satisfy the stringent requirements for the icebreaker class and the requirements of the shipping company that will be operating the vessel,” Mr Leine comments. “We were tasked with designing a vessel capable of breaking ice one-metre thick, while also having a huge pulling capacity for towing operations. To do this, we had to have propellers in nozzles to ensure sufficient bollard pull. This meant that we had to design the hull so that as much ice as possible was led away from the propellers. When developing the hull lines, we cooperated closely with HSVA’s researchers in Hamburg, who helped us with hull line calculations and with model testing the hull in ice. We have also had a fruitful collaboration with Rolls Royce Marine, who delivered the propulsion system. HSVA’s model tests and the sea trials at the yard have given us some

builder OWNerS

Havyard Ship Technology FEMCO

This article is an abridged version of the full ship report published in ShipBuilding Industry, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016.


In November 2013, Havyard signed a contract for the design and build of the first of three Havyard 843 ICE icebreaking offshore vessels for the Russian shipping company FEMCO. The first ship was named Aleut during a ceremony held in November 2015. very good answers, and we strongly believe that the vessel will perform well for the shipping company when really put to the test in the ice north of Russia,” Mr Leine concludes.

An Advanced Slugger Build 122 Aleut, a Havyard 843 ICE design, is a real slugger of a ship that will operate under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Aleut will sail to Murmansk, Russia to stock up on equipment and provisions before it heads for the Prirazlomnoye field, situated between the Russian mainland and Novaya Zemlya. Aleut has been chartered by the Russian oil company Gazprom to service the Prirazlomnaya platform. In addition to being an advanced anchor-handling vessel with platform supply functions Aleut is designed

to operate under extreme arctic conditions. Among other things, the ship has icebreaker class and engine power that allows it to break one-metre-thick ice at 3 knots, and a de-icing system so that it can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C. Another of the ship’s extreme qualities is its ability to ram into and break ice ridges with 8m thick ice under water. During the sea trial, the speed was measured at 16 knots and the bollard pull was just above 200t.

Good Execution The contract for the delivery of build 122 was finalised at the end of 2013. The vessel was delivered from Havyard Ship Technology within the agreed time and framework stipulated for the project. Project Manager Erlend Hatleberg was very pleased with how the project has been executed. “Considering that this is a prototype design, the project execution has been a great success,” says Mr Hatleberg. “There were some challenges in the beginning of the project, but things went according to plan after that. The vessel performed very well during the extensive sea trials, and we are proud of the product we delivered to the client. The collaboration with the shipping company has been excellent, and we hope they will be pleased with the performance of the ship.” With the new Havyard 843 Ice design, Havyard has positioned itself well in order to compete for future market contracts. They also offer other icebreaker designs in their portfolio and have the ability to quickly adapt designs to customer requirements.


9 0 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 90

18-07-16 10:20


A capable team: Project Manager and sea trial leader Erlend Hatleberg (on the left) can note that the team of Havyard employees and subcontractors are carrying out the sea trial programme in an excellent manner. Photo: Havyard

Icebreaker in Bergen: Aleut lies ready for the ceremony at quay in Bergen.

Facts & Figures Main data Length o.a. Breadth Draught Speed Bollard pull Anchor-handling winch Accommodates

Havyard 843 ICE 86m 19.5m 7.25m 16 knots 201t 250t 34 persons

< Photo: Havyard

Maritime Projects.indb 91

Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 9 1

18-07-16 10:21



NextGEN Ketch T

he design brief called for a luxury yacht finessed to deliver across all criteria and remain cutting-edge well into the future. For this reason, Elfje has been called a ‘NextGEN’ ketch to highlight her owner’s focus on maximising innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency. Usage was a key component of the project planning to identify important ‘must have’ attributes, as well as possible constraints, of Elfje’s detailed specification. In broad terms, the owner wanted a beautiful sailing yacht to go anywhere in the world, from tropical cruising grounds to the higher latitudes as far afield as Antarctica and the Arctic.

With stunning aesthetics and amenities, Elfje is not only beautiful to behold but also has the high-tech systems and sailing performance to match. Royal Huisman delivers a luxury yacht capable of cruising in comfort and racing with speed.

Cruise Control To meet the owner’s wide-ranging brief and apart from the obvious requirement for seaworthiness in all conditions, the yacht had to be equipped for remote extended cruising with adequate fuel, provisioning and operational resources. In the interests of operating the yacht safely in exotic regions, the installed systems had to be advanced, but also relatively simple and thoroughly reliable. From the start there was a strong emphasis on performance. Not just for the enjoyment of swift passage-making, but also because the owner intended to race Elfje. That meant the hydraulic sail handling systems had to be fast and efficient across the full spectrum. Whereas passage-making might require two or three hydraulic functions at one time, a race environment with up to 30 competitive sailors on board could mean upward of fifteen power–hungry hydraulic functions being called upon simultaneously.

Decked Out On deck, an expanse of teak decking flows from fore to aft with borderless, flush deck hatches and underdeck hinges to add a final measure of visual simplicity. Further evidence of attentive execution can be seen with the zero maintenance practicality of electropolished stainless steel hatch gutters and custom designed steering consoles in teak-veneered carbon composite. Parts of the deckhouse trim were left unvarnished to provide an overall feeling of ‘lightness’. A below waterline anchor system has been custom designed and fitted to neatly disguise the anchors without sacrificing functionality, and a carbon hatch on the foredeck can be lowered to conceal the profile of the yacht’s main 5.8m Novurania tender with deep V-shaped hull form. When the tender is deployed,

the recess creates a generous forward lounge area at anchor or may be closed to provide a completely flush foredeck.

Environmentally Efficient “We see operational and environmental considerations as inseparable,” says the owner’s Project Director, Jeremy Pochman. “An important goal was to minimise our environmental impact; if we gain appreciable operational efficiencies in doing so, so much the better. Translating that into the technologies employed, we were looking for effective gains that would work 100% but we did not want to push the boundaries so far that reliability would be compromised.” To this end, the systems architecture developed by Royal Huisman’s R&D team in conjunction with Whisper Power was vital. The heart of the design combines a flywheel generator, variable speed generators, fast and flexible hydraulic and electrical power delivery systems, and ‘intelligent’ Li-ion battery banks. This provided major efficiencies and excellent redundancy. Smaller and up to 2,000kg lighter than conventional generators, variable speed generators are also quieter and consume up to 10% less fuel because they can run at a lower rpm to meet actual loads, rather than at a constant speed focused on peak loads.

Naval Architecture “It doesn’t happen very often that we get the opportunity to have a six-month research project for

9 2 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 92

18-07-16 10:21


Photo courtesy of Corry Silken

hull development before we really start to design a yacht,” says Naval Architect André Hoek. “Uniquely for this project, we developed five different hull lines plans with varying prismatic coefficients and volume distribution, although all were based on the same waterline length and displacement.” These hulls were then calculated upright and under heel using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to determine the difference in resistance and side force. Based on the results, a 20ft model of the best hull was subsequently tested at the Marin laboratory in Holland. The final hull form is relatively deep but streamlined with deep V-shaped sections from the bow to the keel to reduce, or even eliminate, the wave-slamming characteristic of many vertical bows.


Facts & Figures Length over all incl. bowsprit Hull length Beam max. Draft (keel up) Draft (keel down) Displacement

builder NAVAl ArCHiTeCT

52.36m 46.45m 9m 4.50m 7.10m 234t

Royal Huisman Hoek Design Naval Architects


This article is an abridged version of the full yacht report published in SuperYacht Industry, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2016.

Mariti me Se r vi ce s Di re cto r y 2017 | 9 3 Photo courtesy of Corry Silken

Maritime Projects.indb 93

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Straightforward, Fit-for-Purpose Dredger T

he aptly named 1,200m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) will work in the French port of Bayonne. Hondarra, which means sand in Basque, will carry out maintenance dredging as well as replenish sand to the beaches.

Functional Design Throughout the design and construction process, it was a step-by-step collaboration between the shipyard and Damen Dredging. All design, basic engineering, naval architecture and vessel construction work was performed by Astilleros de Mureta, while all required dredging equipment was provided and installed by DDE. Working together they were able to design a dredging vessel properly equipped for the task at hand, ensuring optimal efficiency. The trailing suction hopper dredger was designed by Astilleros de Murueta as a straightforward, fit-for-purpose dredger, according to the port of Bayonne’s specifications.

A Dutch-Spanish collaboration between Damen Dredging Equipment (DDE) and Bilbaobased Astilleros de Murueta shipyard has seen the first dredger for the Chambre de Commerce d’Industrie de Bayonne Pays Basque delivered successfully after extensive trials. Standard Yet Unique DDE was happy to supply all dredging gear required for the TSHD. As is standard on most dredging vessels, the equipment provided included, the trailing pipe, its hoisting gear, dredge pump, hopper, loading and discharging gear, overflow system and bottom

doors. Hondarra boasts a 500mm trailing pipe that gives it a maximum dredging depth of 20m, which was delivered complete with gantries, and winches. Intricate dredging instrumentation was also provided by DDE that included trailing pipe position, load and draught position indication, plus survey software for precise positioning for optimum operation.

De-Gassing One system also provided by DDE, and unique to this vessel, was a de-gassing system. When taking into consideration the vessel’s purpose and area of operation, maintenance dredging in the harbour of a warm climate, the need for such a system is obvious. While dredging in populated areas, it is important to keep in mind that natural waste material has gathered on the river bottom and slowly decays to produce gas bubbles. These bubbles then become trapped in the silt layer. When the dredger passes to remove the silt, these natural gas bubbles will be released. The centrifugal dredge pump cannot handle bubbles and will stop working, thus stopping the entire process.

9 4 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Maritime Projects.indb 94

18-07-16 10:21


AÂ vital requirement is to keep the dredge pump working until all piping is clean.

Self Sufficient The Bay of Biscay, the operating area for Honderra, is notorious for its wind and storms. A constant supply of sand is required to refurbish and maintain its beaches, known by many tourists for their beauty. The vessel will mine sand from outside the harbour and bring it back to the beaches. The delivery of this vessel means the region will now be self-sufficient in its dredging needs.

Facts & Figures Length o.a. Beam Moulded depth Draught (international freeboard) Draught (reduced dredging freeboard) Speed (loaded) Dredging depth

61.80m 13.40m 5.10m 4.20m 4.60m 11kn max 20m

i. i. builder OWNerS

Damen Dredging Equipment, Astilleros de Murueta shipyard CCI Bayonne Pays basque, Port de Bayonne

This article is an abridged version of the full ship report published in ShipBuilding Industry, Volume 9, Issue 6, 2015.

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RESERVE IN YOUR AGENDA: CONTACT T + 31 (0)10 293 32 50 E I I

Organised by:

combi-adv-Europort-Turkey-193x132mm.indd 1

6/23/2016 9:20:44 AM

Available NOW! Mediakit 2017 Photo courtesy of Port

i n d u s t r y

i n d u s t r y

ShipBuilding i n d u s t r y

Pres. Rooseveltlaan 739, 4383 NG Vlissingen, The Netherlands • T +31 118 473 398 • E • F +31 118 461 150 • I

9 6 | Ma r i t i me S e r v ic es D irec tor y 2 0 1 7

Adressen MSD 2017.indd 96

20-07-16 11:31


Useful Addresses Branch Associations Netherlands Dutch Association of Combustion Engine Distributors (VIV) Boerhaavelaan 40 P.O. Box 190 2700 AD Zoetermeer The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 400 8548 F +31 (0)79 353 1365 E I HISWA Nautisch Centrum Amsterdam Werfkade 2 1033 RA Amsterdam P.O. Box 37111 1030 AC Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 70 51 400 E I HME – Holland Marine Equipment Boompjes 40 P.O. Box 23541 3001 KM Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 44 44 333 F +31 (0)10 21 30 700 E I IRO P.O. Box 390 3000 AJ Rotterdam Boompjes 40 (Willemswerf), 13th floor 3011 XB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)79 341 1981 F +31 (0)79 341 9764 E I Netherlands Maritime Technology Boompjes 40 (Willemswerf), 13th floor 3011 XB Rotterdam P.O. Box 23541 3000 AJ Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4444333 F +31 (0)10 2130700 E I Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) Bezuidenhoutseweg 27-29 P.O. Box 11729 2502 AS The Hague The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 347 8871 F +31 (0)70 385 1231 I Royal Association of Netherlands’ Shipowners (KVNR) Gebouw Willemswerf – 15e etage Boompjes 40 3000 CK Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 414 6001 F +31 (0)10 233 0081 E I The Royal Netherlands Society of Professionals in Shipping Technology (KNVTS) De Willemswerf, 15e floor Boompjes 40 3011 XB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 241 0094 F +31 (0)10 241 0095 E I

SME – Stichting Maritime Equipment Waalbandwijk 149 4174 GR Hellouw The Netherlands T +31 (0)418 587 017 F +31 (0)418 587 013 E I VBKO Stavorenweg 3 P.O. Box 474 2800 AL Gouda The Netherlands T +31(0)182 567 367 F +31(0)182 567 373 E I Vereniging Aqualink P.O. Box 6852 6503 GJ Nijmegen The Netherlands E I

Branch Associations and Organisations International AMEM c/o John R. Kuehmayer Marxergasse 27/8 A-1030 Vienna Austria, Europe T +43 (0)664 545 2122 F +43 (0)1 718 4611 E I Asociatia Nationala a Constructorilor de Navedin 132, Moruzzi Street 80022 Galati Romania T +40 (0)236 307 111 F +40 (0)236 307 211 E I Associaçáo das Indústrias Marìtimas – AIM Rua Jorge Afonso, 31 – 6 P-1600 Lisboa Portugal T +35 (0)1 21 781 8770 F +35 (0)1 21 781 8779 E I Association of Finish Maritime Industries Eteläranta 10 SF-00130 Helsinki Finland T +358 (0)9 192 3399 F +358 (0)9 622 2606 E I   Association of Hellenic Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Industries Akti Miaouli 67 185 37 Pireaus Greece T +30 (0)210 41 84 960 F +30 (0)210 41 84 961 E ASSONAVE Via Tevere, 1/a 00198 Roma Italy T +39 (0)6 8424 0400 +39 (0)6 8451 4229 E I

Central Dredging Association (CEDA) Radex Building Rotterdamseweg 183c 2629 HD Delft The Netherlands T +31 (0)15 268 2575 F +31 (0)15 268 2576 E I

Irish Offshore Operators’ Association Tramway House Dartry Road Rathgar, Dublin 6 Ireland T +353 (0)1 497 5716 M +353 (0)86 834 0155 E I

CETENA SpA The marine research center Via Ippolito D’Aste, 5 16121 Genova Italy T +39 (0)10 599 5460 F +39 (0)10 599 5790 E I

Norsk Industri Oscars gate, 20 P.O. Box 7072 Majorstua N-0306 Oslo Norway T +47 (0)22 590 000 F +47 (0)22 590 001 E I Oil & Gas UK 2nd Floor 232-242 Vauxhall Bridge Road    London SW1V 1AU United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7802 2400 F +44 (0)20 7802 2401 E I

Chambre Syndicale des Constructeurs de Navires 47, Rue de Monceau F-75008 Paris France T +33 (0)1 5389 5201 F +33 (0)1 5389 5215 E I Community of European Shipyards Associations (CESA) Rue Marie de Bourgogne 52-54, 3rd floor B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 230 27 91 F +32 (0)2 230 43 32 E I Croatia Shipbuilding Corporation Ave. V. Holjevca 20 10020 Zagreb Croatia T +385 (0)1 655 3403 F +385 (0)1 652 8699 E I   Danish Maritime Amaliegade, B, 4. sal – 256 Copenhagen K. Denmark T +45 (0)3 313 2416 F +45 (0)3 311 1096 E I   EBR EEIG Rue de I’Industrie 22 B-1040 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 514 13 00 F +32 (0)2 514 44 45 I International Association of Drilling Contractors PO Box 1430 6501 BK Nijmegen The Netherlands T +31 (0)24 675 2252 F +31 (0)24 360 0759 E I International Association of Drilling Contractors 10370 Richmond Ave, Suite 760 Houston, TX 77042 USA T 1/713-292-1945 F 1/713-292-1946 International Maritime Organization (IMO) 55 Victoria Street London SW1H 0EU United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7735 7611 F +44 (0)20 7587 3210 E I

OLF P.O. Bbox 8065 4068 Stavanger Norway T +47 (0)51 846 500 F +47 (0)51 846 501 E I Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association Meadlake Place (SSA) Thorpe Lea Road Egham Surrey TW20 8BF United Kingdom T +44 1784 22 37 70 F +44 1784 22 37 75 E I Society of Maritime Industries 28 – 29 Threadneedle Street London EC2R 8AY United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7628 2555 F +44 (0)20 7638 4376 E I The Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRETOWE Uphagena 23 80-237 Gdansk Poland T (+48 58) 345 82 89, 520 70 91-94 F (+48 58) 520 70 90 E I Unione Nazionale Cantieri Industrie Nautiche ed Affini (UCINA) Piazzale Kennedy 1 16129 Genova Italy T +39 (0)10 5769811 F +39 (0)10 5531104 I Union Espanola de Constructores Navales – UNINAVE Cardenal Herrera Oria 57 2 E-28034 Madrid Spain T +34 (0)91 417 0437 F +34 (0)91 729 3647 E I

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USEFUL ADDRESSES VDMA European Office Bruxelles Diamant Building Boulevard A. Reyers 80 B-1030 Bruxelles Belgium T +32 (0)2 706 8205 F +32 (0)2 706 8210 E I Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik e.V. Steinhöft, II (Slomanhaus) 20459 Hamburg Germany T +49 (0)40 2801 520 F +49 (0)40 2801 5230 E I

Dredging Netherlands


IADC – International Association of Dredging Companies Alexanderveld 84 NL – 2585 DB The Hague The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 352 3334 F +31 (0)70 351 2654 E I

Hogeschool INHOLLAND Delft Kalfjeslaan 2 P.O. Box 3190 2601 DD Delft The Netherlands T +31 (0)15 251 9200 F +31 (0)15 251 9300 I

EBU – European Barge Union P.O. Box 23210 3001 KE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 411 6070 F +31 (0)10 412 90 91

Classification Bureaus Netherlands

Dredging Europe

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Boompjes 55 3011 XB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 206 0777 F +31 (0)10 412 0199 E I

Black Sea Coastal Association – BSCA 11-A, “Kr. Mirski” Str. 9000 Varna Bulgaria T/F +359 52 602 657 E I

Bureau Veritas Vissersdijk 223-241 P.O. Box 2705 3000 CS Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 413 6777 F +31 (0)10 414 5763 E I DNV GL B.V. (Det Norske Veritas GL) Zwolseweg 1 (Vaanpark 4) 2994 LB Barendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 292 2600 F +31 (0) 10 4797141 I Lloyd’s Register EMEA KP van der Mandelelaan 41a 3062 MB Rotterdamn P.O. Box 701 3000 AS Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 414 5088 F +31 (0)10 214 0190 E I

Classification Bureaus International American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) 16855 Northchase Drive Houston TX-77060 United States of America T +1 (0)281 877 5800 F +1 (0)281 877 5976 E I

ECSA – European Community Shipowners’ Associations Rue Ducale 45 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 511 3940 F +32 (0)2 511 8092 E I ESPO – European Sea Ports Organisation Treurenberg 6 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 736 3463 F +32 (0)2 736 6325 I Fédération Européenne des Ports Intérieurs Place des Armateurs 6 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 420 7037 F +32 (0)2 420 0371 E Federation of European Private Ports Operators Treurenberg 6 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 736 7552 F +32 (0)2 732 3149 E INE – Inland Navigation Europe Graaf de Ferraris Koning Albert II-laan 20 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 553 6270 F +32 (0)2 553 6272

Bureau Veritas 17 bis, Place des Reflets La Défense 2 CEDEX 92077 Paris la Defense France T +33 (0)1 4291 5291 F +33 (0)1 4291 5294 I

International Chamber of Shipping 12 Carthusian Street London EC1M 6EZ United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7417 8844 F +44 (0)20 7417 8877 E I

DNV GL Veritasveien 1 1322 Høvik Norway T +47 (0)6757 9900 F +47 (0)6757 9911 E I

International Shipping Federation 12 Carthusian Street London EC1M 6EZ United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7417 8844 F +44 (0)20 7417 8877 E I

DNV GL Vorsetzen 35 20459 Hamburg Germany T +49 (0)40 36149 0 F +49 (0)40 36149 200 E I

PIANC – Permanent International Association of Navigation Congress Bld. Roi Albert II 20 – Bte 3 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 553 7160 F +32 (0)2 553 7155 I

Lloyd’s Register EMEA 71 Fenchurch Street London EC3M 4BS United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 7709 9166 F +44 (0)20 7488 7496 E I

Maritiem Instituut De Ruyter Boulevard Bankert 156 P.O. Box 364 4380 AJ Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 489 400 F +31 (0)118 489 444 E I Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz Dellewal 8 P.O. Box 26 8880 AA Terschelling West The Netherlands T +31 (0)562 44 6600 F +31 (0)562 44 6601 E I Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden Tesselschadestraat 12 P.O. Box 1080 8900 CB Leeuwarden The Netherlands T +31 (0)58 251 2345 F +31 (0)58 251 1889 I Scheepvaart en Transport College (STC) Lloydstraat 300 P.O. Box 63140 3002 JC Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 448 6000 F +31 (0)10 448 6148 I TU Delft Stevinweg 1 P.O. Box 5 2600 AA Delft The Netherlands T +31 (0)15 278 9111 F +31 (0)15 278 1855 E I

Government Netherlands EVD Juliana van Stolberglaan 148 P.O. Box 20105, 2500 EC Den Haag The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 778 8888 F +31 (0)70 778 8889 E I Maritime Pilots Institute Netherlands Seattleweg 7, Building No. 3, Pernis P.O. Box 830 3000 AV Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 400 0500 F +31 (0)10 411 5588 I The Ministry of Transport Public Works and Water Management (VenW) Plesmanweg 1-6 P.O. Box 20901 2500 EX Den Haag The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 351 6171 F +31 (0)70 351 7895 I Netherlands Coastguard MHKC Building Nieuwe Haven P.O. Box 10000 1780 CA Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 658 300 F +31 (0)223 658 358 E I The Transport and Water Management Inspectorate Nieuwe Uitleg 1 P.O. Box 90653 2509 LR Den Haag The Netherlands

T +31 (0)70 456 2666 F +31 (0)70 456 2777 I

Government Europe Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine Palais du Rhin 2, place de la République 67082 Strasbourg Cedex France T +33 (0)3 88 52 2010 F +33 (0)3 88 32 1072 E I European Commission Enterprise and Industry DG Information and Documentation Centre BREY 5/150 B-1049 Brussels Belgium F +32 (0)2 296 9930 E I European Federation for Transport and Environment Rue de la Pépinière, 1 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T +32 (0)2 502 9909 F +32 (0)2 502 9908 E I

Ports Amsterdam Ports Association Havengebouw De Ruijterkade 7 (13e etage) 1013 AA Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 627 3706 F +31 (0)20 626 4969 E I Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. World Port Center (WPC) P.O. Box 6622 3002 AP Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 252 1010 F +31 (0)10 252 1020 E I Rotterdam Port Promotion Council Beurs-World Trade Center Beursplein 37 P.O. Box 30076 3001 DB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 205 2380 F +31 (0)10 205 2393 E I Zeeland Port Promotion Council P.O. Box 1057 4388 ZH Oost-Souburg The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 49 1320 F +31 (0)118 47 8833 E I Zeeland Seaports Scheldenpad 2 P.O. Box 132 T +31 (0)115 64 7400 F +31 (0)115 64 7500 E I

Shipping Companies and Operators A Acta Marine Van Laar Het Nieuwediep 39d 1781 AE Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 615666 F +31 (0)223 614360 E I

Acta Marine Van Stee B.V. Nieuwe Vissershaven 5 8861 NX Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 415442 F +31 (0)517 417576 E I

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20-07-16 11:36

USEFUL ADDRESSES Acta Marine Waterweg B.V. Het Nieuwe Diep 39d 1781 AE Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 615666 F +31 (0)223 614360 E I Adonai Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 17 3000 AA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4921333 F +31 (0)10 4921717 E I Ahlers Maritime Services N.V. Noorderlaan 139 B-2030 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 5437211 Alpha Ship GmbH Domshof 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 15 D-28195 Bremen Germany T +49 (0)421 17398-0 F +49 (0)421 1739899 E Amasus Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 250 9930 AG Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 649800 F +31 (0)596 649801 E I Amons & Co. P.O. Box 27 1500 EA Zaandam The Netherlands T +31 (0)75 6163841 F +31 (0)75 6163852 E Ancora Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 9169 3007 AD Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2921777 F +31 (0)10 2921770 E Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V. P.O. Box 1159 3000 BD Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4004800 F +31 (0)10 4004891 E I Ara Ship Management B.V. Beatrixhaven 2 4251 NK Werkendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 509600 F +31 (0)183 500623 E I Arklow Shipping Nederland B.V. P.O. Box 8746 3009 AS Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4434360 F +31 (0)10 4434361 E I Atlanship S.A. Speedwellstraat 11c 3029 BL Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2210166 F +31 (0)10 2763966 E Austral Asia Line B.V. P.O. Box 169 3200 AD Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 624370 F +31 (0)181 625347 B Baggerbedrijf de Boer B.V. P.O. Box 262 3360 AG Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 411999 F +31 (0)184 411998 E I

Bekkers & Co. B.V. J. Scheepmakershaven 78 3011 VE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4330388 F +31 (0)10 4330261 E Bergings- en Transportmaatschappij BTS B.V. P.O. Box 570 3100 AN Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2042483 F +31 (0)10 2042653 E I

Bouwman Towing & Shipping B.V. G. Engelse Kade 5 4301 NA Zierikzee The Netherlands T +31 (0)111 412966 F +31 (0)111 416872 E I

Conti Lines N.V. General Lemanstraat 82-92 B-2600 Berchem Belgium T +32 3 5453511 F +32 3 5453512 E I

Briese Shipping B.V. Torenstraat 14 9679 BP Scheemda The Netherlands T +31 (0)597 552280 F +31 (0)597 552280 E

Crobel Shipping B.V.B.A. H. van Heurckstraat 15 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium

Bermuda Container Line Nederland B.V. P.O. Box 52 2450 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)172 506860 F +31 (0)172 506861 E

C Canada Feeder Lines B.V. P.O. Box 20520 1001 NM Amsterdam The Netherlands E I

BigLift Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 2599 1000 CN Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 4488300 F +31 (0)20 4488333 E I

Carisbrooke Shipping (Holland) B.V. P.O. Box 166 3330 AD Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6251950 F +31 (0)78 6251955 E I

Bijma B.V. P.O. Box 30 9636 ZG Zuidbroek The Netherlands T +31 (0)598 452555 F +31 (0)598 452989 E I

Cebo Marine B.V. P.O. Box 70 1970 AB Ymuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)255 546262 F +31 (0)255 546202

Blue Star GmbH Kattrepel 2 D- 20095 Hamburg Germany T +49-40-32 903 - 9040 F +49-40-32 903 - 7040 E I Bocimar International N.V. De Gerlachekaai 20 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2475111 F +32 3 2475195 E De Bock Maritiem B.V. Bierkade 11 1811 NJ Alkmaar The Netherlands T +31 (0)72 5115147 F +31 (0)72 5204150 E I Boomsma Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 369 8600 AJ Sneek The Netherlands T +31 (0)515 411627 F +31 (0)515 431148 E I Bore Shipowners B.V. P.O. Box 30005 3001 DA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2053391 F +31 (0)10 2055167 E I Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V. P.O. Box 43 3350 AA Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6969000 F +31 (0)78 6969555 E I Bouwman Marine Service B.V. W. Hanenweg 3 4317 NJ Schuddebeurs The Netherlands T +31 (0)111 415769 F +31 (0)111 421203 E

Chase Seismic Survey B.V. P.O. Box 736 1780 AS Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 660470 F +31 (0)223 660481 E Chemgas Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 23075 3001 KB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2412205 F +31 (0)10 2412255 Clearwater Group P.O. Box 361 2950 AJ Alblasserdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6410440 F +31 (0)78 6413891 E I Club Cruise B.V. P.O. Box 216 3770 AE Veenendaal The Netherlands T +31 (0)318 450480 F +31 (0)318 452492 Cobelfret Bulk Carriers N.V. Sneeuwbeslaan 14 B-2610 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 8299320 F +32 3 8299329 E I Cobelfret Ferries N.V. Sneeuwbeslaan 14 B-2610 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 8299100 F +32 3 8254507 E I Confeeder Shipping & Chartering B.V. P.O. Box 891 3160 AB Rhoon The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4403670 F +31 (0)10 2017543 E I

CroisiMer Bell de lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Adriatique, S.A. Avenue de la Metrologie 8 B-1130 Evere Belgium D Scheepvaartbedrijf Van Dam Seendweg 6 9936 GA Farmsum The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 633455 F +31 (0)596 634969 E I Scheepvaartbedrijf M. Damen B.V. P.O. Box 510 3370 BA Hardinxveld The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 622779 F +31 (0)184 618436 Damen Marine Services B.V. P.O. Box 1 4200 AA Hardinxveld The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 616000 F +31 (0)184 611711 E I Decloedt & Zn. N.V. Baggerwerken Slijkensesteenweg 2 B-8400 Oostende Belgium T +32 59 242140 F +32 59 242180 E I Delphis N.V. Gerlachkaai 20 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2476161 F +32 3 476166 E I Delta Zandwinning VoF Haven WZ 12 4511 AR Breskens The Netherlands T +31 (0)117 381395 F +31 (0)117 383866 E Scheepvaartbedrijf Deo Juvante B.V. Talingpad 36 4251 VL Werkendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 501518 / 504536 F +31 (0)183 500906 / 505058 Depret N.V. Lanceloot Blondeellaan 2 B-8380 Zeebrugge Belgium T +32 50 50544231 F +32 50 50544660 E I Detlef Hegemann B.V. P.O. Box 199 9670 AD Winschoten The Netherlands T +31 (0)597 471220 F +31 (0)597 471229 E I Dockwise Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 3208 4800 DE Breda The Netherlands T +31 (0)76 5484100 F +31 (0)76 5484299 E I

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18-07-16 10:25

USEFUL ADDRESSES Rederij G. Doeksen & Zonen B.V. P.O. Box 40 8880 AA Terschelling The Netherlands T +31 (0)562 442141 F +31 (0)562 443241 E I

Fast Lines Belgium N.V. Ernest van Dijckkaai 15-17 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2135272 F +32 3 2135275 E I

Dredging International N.V./ Dredging Environmental & Marine Engineering DEME N.V. Scheldedijk 30 B-2070 Zwijndrecht Belgium T +32 (0)3 2526526 F +32 (0)3 2505650 E I

Feederlines B.V. P.O. Box 107 9700 AC Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 5887777 F +31 (0)50 5887766 E I

E EP Shipping & Trading B.V. Quebecstraat 5 3197 KL Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 402788 F +31 (0)181 402689 E I Essberger Reederei P.O. Box 150 3300 AD Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6528428 F +31 (0)78 6184144 E I Euro Marine Carrier B.V. Corsicaweg 10 1044 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 6130081 F +31 (0)20 6113166 Euronav N.V. De Gerlachekaai 20 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 2474411 F +32 (0)3 2474409 E I Euronav Ship Management Hellas Ltd. 69, AktiMiaouli 18537 Piraeus Greece T +30 (0)210 4558000 F +30 (0)210 4558010 E I Exmar N.V. De Gerlachekaai 20 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2475611 F +32 3 2482740 E I F Fairmount Marine B.V. P.O. Box 30239 3001 DE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2402500 F +31 (0)10 2402599 E I Fairplay Towage B.V. Terwenakker 42-44 3011 XS Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4112999 F +31 (0)10 2800016 E I Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V. P.O. Box 2225 3000 CE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4035333 F +31 (0)10 4035344 E I

Feederlink Shipping & Trading B.V. P.O. Box 53050 3008 HB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4912666 F +31 (0)10 4295205 E I Flagship Management Company B.V. P.O. Box 86 9930 AB Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 633944 F +31 (0)596 633949 E I Flinter P.O. Box 349 2990 AH Barendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2921777 F +31 (0)10 2921775 E I Fugro N.V. Veurse Achterweg 10 2264 SG Leidschendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 3111422 F +31 (0)70 3202703 E I G Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Sleepbedrijf Haven 602, Blauwhoefstraat 11 B-2040 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 2296711 F +32 (0)3 2296710 E

Hanzestad Hijstransport B.V. Sluiskade 23 9601 LA Hoogezand The Netherlands T +31 (0)598 393708/396444 F +31 (0)598 396738 Hartel Shipping & Chartering B.V. P.O. Box 509 3233 ZK Oostvoorne The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 486222 F +31 (0)181 486152 E I Hartman Seatrade C.V. Damlaan 14 8321 XC Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 686008 F +31 (0)527 617452 E I Heerema Marine Contractors B.V. P.O. Box 9321 2300 PH Leiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)71 5799000 F +31 (0)71 5799099 E I Holland America Line N.V. P.O. Box 23378 3001 KJ Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 601818 F +31 (0)181 601819 E I Holland Maas Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 59235 3008 PE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4913400 F +31 (0)10 4913410 E I Holland Ship Service – CEC Shipmanagement NL B.V. ‘s Gravenweg 37B 2901 LA Capelle aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4368877 F +31 (0)10 4368879 E I

Geuze Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 38 4690 AA Tholen The Netherlands T +31 (0)166 612623 F +31 (0)166 617426 E

Holwerda Shipmanagement B.V. P.O. Box 54 8440 AB Heerenveen The Netherlands T +31 (0)513 636305 F +31 (0)513 632034 E I

GloMar Shipmanagement B.V. Het Nieuwe Diep 34-A3 1781 AD Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 525030 F +31 (0)223 683372 E I

Hudig & Veder B.V. P.O. Box 1030 3160 AE Rhoon The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 5066600 F +3110 5019684 E I

Rederij Groen B.V. Dr. Lelykade 10 2583 CL Scheveningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 3553588 F +31 (0)70 3227544 E I

Hunze Lloyd B.V. P.O. Box 1 9680 AA Midwolda The Netherlands T +31 (0)597 551753 / 551567 F +31 (0)84 7162441

H Hakvoort Transport Shipping B.V. Westwal 11 8321 WG Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 685358 F +31 (0)527 684041 E I

HvS Dredging Support B.V. Noorderhaven 96 8861 AR Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 413588 F +31 (0)517 416352 E I I International Transport Contractors B.V. Sluisplein 45 1975 AG IJmuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)23 5485200 F +31 (0)23 5485252 E I

J Jan De Nul Group 34-36, Parc d’Activités Capellen 8308 Capellen Grand Duchy of Luxembourg T +352 39 89 11 F +352 39 96 43 E I Jo Tankers B.V. P.O. Box 214 3200 AE Spijkenisse The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 691234 F +31 (0)181 617762 E I JR Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 3 8860 AA Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 431225 F +31 (0)517 431720 E I K Kahn Scheepvaart B.V. P.O. Box 23016 3001 KA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4134630 F +31 (0)10 4334624 E I Kamp B.V. Bagger & Aannemingsmaatschappij van der P.O. Box 146 8000 AC Zwolle The Netherlands T +31 (0)38 4217547 F +31 (0)38 4215975 E I Kapitein & Zoon, A.J. Wijk 1 – 39 8321 EL Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 683766 F +31 (0)527 682435 Kleimar N.V. Suikerrui 5 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 4010000 Koerts International Towing Service B.V. P.O. Box 29 9900 AA Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 617884 F +31 (0)596 611850 E Koninklijke N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) Pontweg 1 1797 SN Den Hoorn The Netherlands T +31 (0)222 369600 F +31 (0)222 369659 E I Koninklijke van der Wees Watertransporten B.V. P.O. Box 629 3300 AP Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6482665 F +31 (0)78 6132596 E I Koole Tanktransport B.V. Sluispolderweg 48 1505 HK Zaandam The Netherlands T +31 (0)75 6812812 F +31 (0)75 6812811 E I Kornet & Zonen B.V. P.O. Box 190 4250 DD Werkendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 501439 F +31 (0)183 504819 E I

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USEFUL ADDRESSES Kotug International B.V. P.O. Box 22002 3003 DA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2170217 F +31 (0)10 2170216 E I

Multraship B.V. P.O. Box 72 4530 AB Terneuzen The Netherlands T +31 (0)115 645000 F +31 (0)115 645001 E I

Kustvaart Harlingen B.V. P.O. Box 22 8860 AA Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 433717 F +31 (0)517 434753 E

N Navigia Shipmanagement B.V. P.O. Box 1447 9701 BK Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 3116410 F +31 (0)50 3116740 E I

L La Ligne Ocean Indien S.A. 10, rue Albert 1er B-6280 Gerpinnes Belgium Landfall Transport & Towage B.V. Prinsenweer 25 3363 JK Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 423440 F +31 (0)184 414015 E   Lauranne Shipping B.V. Wervenweg 1 4551 MC Sas van Gent The Netherlands T +31 (0)115 472151 F +31 (0)115 473144 E I M Maersk Ship Management B.V. P.O. Box 240 3000 DH Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4007666 F +31 (0)10 4405500 E I Marin Ship Management B.V. P.O. Box 121 9930 AC Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 633922 F +31 (0)596 633929 I Maritec N.V. Ernest van Dijckkaai 10 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2139023 F +32 3 2339350 E Moerman, B.V. Kustvaartbedrijf Boelewerf 16 2987 VD Ridderkerk The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 482777 F +31 (0)180 482775 E I MOL Ship Management (Europe) B.V. Louis Pasteurstraat 8 3261 LZ Oud-Beijerland The Netherlands T +31 (0)186 637020 F +31 (0)186 636721 E MPI Offshore Ltd. Resolution House, 18, Ellerbeck Court TS9 5PT Middlesborough United Kingdom T +44 1642 742200 F +44 1642 714921 E I Rederij T. Muller B.V. P.O. Box 400 3300 AK Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6392000 F +31 (0)78 6392019 E I

O Oceanwide Expeditions B.V. Bellamypark 9 4381 CG Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 410410 F +31 (0)118 410417 E I Van Oord N.V. P.O. Box 8574 3009 AN Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4478444 F +31 (0)10 4478100 E I

Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. P.O. Box 830 3000 AV Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4000500 F +31 (0)10 4115588 E I

Oost Atlantic Lijn B.V. P.O. Box 639 3195 ZG Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2314444 F +31 (0)10 4256021 E I

Neptune Marine Service B.V. Rivierdijk 458 3372 BW Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 621423 F +31 (0)184 612741 E I

P P&O North Sea Ferries P.O. Box 1123 3180 AC Europoort The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 255500

Nile Dutch Africa Line B.V. P.O. Box 21032 3001 AA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2818283 F +31 (0)10 2818200 E I Nirint Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 3281 3003 AG Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2662530 F +31 (0)10 2662536 E I NMA Maritime & Offshore Contractors B.V. P.O. Box 5019 3008 AA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2404777 F +31 (0)10 2404788 E I NMT Fleet Management B.V. Modemstraat 1 1033 RW Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 6304730 F +31 (0)20 4930718 E I Noordzeezand B.V. P.O. Box 12 8860 AA Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 496100 F +31 (0)517 418277 Rederij Noordgat VoF Burgemeester Swaanstraat 5 8881 AG Terschelling The Netherlands T +31 (0)562 443044 F +31 (0)562 442940 E I Norfolkline B.V. P.O. Box 84214 2508 AE Scheveningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 3527400 F +31 (0)70 3527435 E I Normed International B.V. Droogdokweg 71 3089 JN Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2640720 F +31 (0)10 4421957 E I

Pot Scheepvaart B.V. Handelskade West 28A 9934 AA Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 617744 F +31 (0)596 618836 E Pro Shipping B.V. Galjoenstraat 17 1784 RA Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 628713 F +31 (0)223 660808 E I Q Q-Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 2520 3170 BA Rhoon The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4403610 F +31 (0)10 4403620 E I R RollDock B.V. Fascinatio Boulevard 742 2909 VA Capelle a/d IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2701450 F +31 (0)10 2701451 E I S Safmarine Container Lines N.V. De Gerlachekaai 20 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2444545 F +32 3 2444840 E I Sam Shipping B.V. Kazernestraat 9 3351 AG Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6428220 F +31 (0)78 6428279 E I Scelveringhe Scheepvaart B.V. P.O. Box 238 3300 AE Yerseke The Netherlands T +31 (0)113 574458 F +31 (0)113 574316 E Scheepvaartbedrijf W. van Laar B.V. Binnenkalkhaven 201 3311 JC Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6390777 F +31 (0)78 6390722

Seaarland Shipping Management B.V. Delflandlaan 1-12 1062 AE Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 3468410 E I Seacontractors B.V. Bellamypark 48 4381 CK Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 410520 F +31 (0)118 410877 E I SeaMar Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 590 1780 AN Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 683050 F +31 (0)223 625733 E I Seateam Subsea Support B.V. Het Nieuwe Werk 49 1781 AK Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 627374 F +31 (0)223 628491 Seatrade Groningen B.V. P.O. Box 858 9700 AW Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 5215300 F +31 (0)50 5215399 E I Seaway Heavy Lifting Engineering B.V. Albert Einsteinlaan 50 2719 ER Zoetermeer The Netherlands T +31 (0)79 3631100 F +31 (0)79 3637799 E I SIMA Charters B.V. Het Ambacht 19 3155 AK Maasland The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4346387 F +31 (0)10 2341424 E I Rederij Sirenia Zalm 56 2986 PD Ridderkerk The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 423380 F +31 (0)180 432722 E Sleepdienst B. Iskes & Zoon B.V. Min. van Houtenlaan 108 1981 EK Ymuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)255 510182 F +31 (0)255 537021 E I Sleepdienst Scheveningen VoF Statenlaan 156 2582 GX Scheveningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 3548854 F +31 (0)70 3550650 E I Sleepvaartbedrijf Herman Sr. B.V. Anjerstraat 73 3333 GC Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6192507 F +31 (0)78 6193264 E I SMIT (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 23, Gull Road, Jurong 629356 Singapore Singapore T +65 6684222 F +65 6684333  

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USEFUL ADDRESSES SMIT Amandla Marine Pty. Ltd. 31, Carlisle Street 7405 Cape Town South Afrika SMIT Harbour Towage Canada Inc. 2285, Commissioner Street V5L 1A8 Vancouver B.C. Canada T +1 604 255 1133 F +1 604 251 0213 SMIT Harbour Towage Westminster Inc. 617-713, Columbia Street V3M 1B2 Westminster B.C. Canada T +1 604 522 4604 SMIT Marine Canada Inc.,Vancouver P.O.Box 3650 V6B 3Y8 Vancouver B.C. Canada T +1 604 255 1133 F +1 604 251 0213 SNRH Societe Nouvelle de Remorquage B.P. 11167 F-76063 Le Havre France T +33 (0)2 35261781 F +33 (0)2 35303030 E I Sobelmar Shipping N.V. Bredalaan 405 B-2930 Brasschaat Belgium T +32 3 6501500 F +32 3 6501509 E Soetermeer Fekkes’ Cargadoorskantoor B.V. P.O. Box 168 3330 AD Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6251900 F +31 (0)78 6251925 E I G. Somers Esmoreitlaan 3/55 B-2050 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 2195934 F +32 (0)3 2197630 E Spliethoff B.V. P.O. Box 409 1000 AK Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 4488400 F +31 (0)20 4488500 E I Rederij Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’ P.O. Box 12600 1100 AP Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 5691389 F +31 (0)20 5691720 E I Rederij H. Steenstra Lier 19 8281 MR Genemuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)38 3855990 F +31 (0)38 3855084 Stemat B.V. P.O. Box 54511 3008 KA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2996555 F +31 (0)10 2996543 E I Stena Line B.V. P.O. Box 2 3150 AA Hoek van Holland The Netherlands T +31 (0)174 389333 F +31 (0)174 389309 E I

Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group B.V. P.O. Box 23213 3001 KE Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2996666 F +31 (0)10 2996665 Subsea Seven B.V. Boompjes 40 3011 XB Rotterdam The Netherlands E I Svitzer Amsterdam B.V. Westerduinweg 3 1976 BV IJmuiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)255 562666 F +31 (0)255 562700 E I Svitzer Ocean Towage B.V. Jupiterstraat 33 2132 HC Hoofddorp The Netherlands T +31 (0)255 562711 F +31 (0)23 5511896 E I T Tasman Orient Line B.V. P.O. Box 21153 3001 AD Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2135584 F +31 (0)10 2133867 E I Theodora Tanker Services B.V. P.O. Box 617 3300 AP Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6391030 F +31 (0)78 6180660 E I Tideway B.V. P.O. Box 7074 4800 GB Breda The Netherlands T +31 (0)76 5204140 F +31 (0)76 5204150 E Transeuropa Ferries N.V. Slijkensesteenweg 2 B-8400 Oostende Belgium T +32 59 340260 F +32 59 340261 E I TransPetrol Services N.V. P.O. Box 2 Brussel Belgium T +32 2 6720200/6602805 F +32 2 6755257 E I Transship Management C.V. (Intersee) P.O. Box 1033 7801 BA Emmen The Netherlands T +31 (0)591 392280 F +31 (0)591 392281 E I Trireme Vessel Management N.V. Zeevaartstraat 3 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 2321125 F +32 3 2318468 E Tristar Shipping B.V. Leidijk 1B 8434 NC Waskemeer The Netherlands T +31 (0)516 420277 F +31 (0)516 420877 E I

Triton Schiffahrts GmbH Hafenstrasse 6 D-26789 Leer Germany T +49 491 927610 F +49 491 9276122 E I A. Tuinman & Zoon Sleepbedrijf V.o.F. Nieuwe Vissershaven 11 8861 NX Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 412854 E I U Van Uden Maritiem B.V. P.O. Box 1123 3000 BC Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2973100 F +31 (0)10 4851044 E I Unifleet B.V. Olympiade 3A 2924 AL Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 445888 F +31 (0)180 553737 E I UniSea Shipping B.V. Alexanderstraat 2-1 8606 VP Sneek The Netherlands T +31 (0)515 433664 F +31 (0)515 460277 E I Unity Chartering (UCS) B.V. Ketelweg 33c 3356 LD Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6449030 F +31 (0)78 6440580 E I Universal Africa Lines P.O. Box 889 2900 AW Capelle aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2020111 F +31 (0)10 2020619 Universal Marine B.V. P.O. Box 85 2920 AB Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 545166 F +31 (0)180 545161 E I URS België N.V. Italiëlei 3, bus 2 B-2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 3 5451120 F +32 3 5417007 E I

L.H. Visser & Zoon Nieuwschild 13 1794 GG Oosterend The Netherlands T +31 (0)222 318707/315766 F +31 (0)222 318708 Vroon B.V. P.O. Box 28 4510 AA Breskens The Netherlands T +31 (0)117 384910 F +31 (0)117 384218 E I Vroon Offshore Services B.V. P.O. Box 432 1780 AK Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 673800 F +31 (0)223 673899 E I W W & R Shipping B.V. Daltonstraat 33 3335 LR Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2025310 F +31 (0)10 2840981 E Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten B.V. P.O. Box 70 9163 ZM Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)519 546111 F +31 (0)519 542905 E Wagenborg Shipping B.V. P.O. Box 14 9930 AA Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 636911 F +31 (0)596 613581 E I Wagenborg Sleepdienst B.V. P.O. Box 14 9930 AA Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 636911 F +31 (0)596 636250 E I Van Wijngaarden Marine Services B.V. P.O. Box 165 3360 AD Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 490244 F +31 (0)184 490265 E I Wijnne & Barends B.V. P.O. Box 123 9930 AC Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 637777 F +31 (0)596 637790 E I

URS Nederland B.V. P.O. Box 23 4530 AA Terneuzen The Netherlands T +31 (0)115 683200 F +31 (0)115 683204 E

Wind Worldwide Shipping Oudegracht 164-168 1811 CP Alkmaar The Netherlands T +31 (0)72 5193250 F +31 (0)72 5193260 E I

V Vertom Scheepvaart- en Handelmaatschappij B.V. Posbus 224 3190 AE Rhoon The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2858585 F +31 (0)10 2858580

WMS Shipping B.V. Stedumermaar 10 9735 AC Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 5470090 F +31 (0)50 5470099 E I

Viegers & Zoon Schoutsland 23 1619 DM Andijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)228 592303 F +31 (0)228 593703 E I

Workships Contractors B.V. K.P. van der Mandelelaan 34 3062 MB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4530377 F +31 (0)10 4530524 E I

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USEFUL ADDRESSES World Marine Support B.V. P.O. Box 766 1780 AT Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 684120 F +31 (0)223 684121 E

Shipyards Benelux

A Akerboom Yacht Equipment Hoge Morsweg 113a, Leiden P.O. Box 260, 2300 AG Leiden The Netherlands T +31 (0)71 5761600 F +31 (0)71 5312904 E Alblasserdam Yachtbuilding B.V. Zuiderstek 40 P.O. Box 20, 2950 AA Alblasserdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6995399 F +31 (0)78 6995398 E Werf Alblasserdam B.V. Zuiderstek 30 P.O. Box 77, 2950 AB Alblasserdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6913700 F +31 (0)78 6913514 E Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek ‘t Ambacht B.V. Nieuwe Bosweg 4 P.O. Box 14, 3340 AA Hendrik Ido Ambacht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6814177 F +31 (0)78 6815056 E Amels B.V. Koningsweg 2 P.O. Box 84, 4380 AB Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 485002 F +31 (0)118 485004 E Scheepsbouwbedrijf Het Anker Veerweg 59a 3341 LR Hendrik Ido Ambacht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6812551 F +31 (0)78 6821446 E B Barkmeijer Stroobos B.V. Hellingstraat 10, 9872 PT Stroobos The Netherlands T +31 (0)512-351201 F +31 (0)512-352495 E Bodewes Binnenvaart B.V. Rijndijk 19, Millingen aan de Rijn P.O. Box 35 6566 ZG Millingen aan de Rijn The Netherlands T +31 (0)481 438238 F +31 (0)481 433166 E Bodewes Shipyards B.V. Werfkade 22, Hoogezand P.O. Box 32, 9600 AA Hoogezand The Netherlands T +31 (0)598 393131 F +31 (0)598 399609 E Gebr. G. & H. Bodewes B.V. Van Nahuysweg 8, Hasselt P.O. Box 1, 8060 AA Hasselt The Netherlands T +31 (0)38 4771215 F +31 (0)38 4773492 E Scheepswerf L.J. Boer Sliedrecht B.V. Industrieweg 18, 3361 HJ Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 412303 F +31 (0)184 420165 E Scheepswerf Jac. den Breejen B.V. Havenstraat 7 P.O. Box 528 3370 BA Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 676140 F +31 (0)184 676160 E

Breko Nieuwbouw B.V. Scheepvaartweg 3b P.O. Box 6, 3350 AA Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6416868 F +31 (0)78 6416869 E Breko Reparatie B.V. Scheepvaartweg 9 P.O. Box 6, 3350 AA Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6416868 F +31 (0)78 6416851 E Scheepsbouw- en Reparatiewerf C. Buitendijk B.V. Frankepad 13 3341 LV Hendrik Ido Ambacht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6812866 F +31 (0)78 6813357 E Bijlsma Shipyard B.V. Sluisweg 13-16, Lemmer P.O. Box 83, 8530 AB Lemmer The Netherlands T +31 (0)514 568550 F +31 (0)514 562165 E C Ceelen Shipyard B.V. Greunsweg 21 P.O. Box 7594, 8903 JM Leeuwarden The Netherlands T +31 (0)58 2332270 F +31 (0)58 2168613 E Central Industry Group N.V. Osloweg 110 P.O. Box 760, 9700 AT Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 5753995 F +31 (0)50 5753996 E Conoship International B.V. Leonard Springerlaan 9 P.O. Box 6029, 9702 HA Groningen The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 5268822 F +31 (0)50 5252223 E D Damen Dredging Equipment Edisonstraat 32, Nijkerk P.O. Box 1021, 3861 NE Nijkerk The Netherlands T +31 (0)33 2474040 F +31 (0)33 2474060 E Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam B.V. Adm. de Ruyterstraat 24 (haven 550) P.O. Box 22, 3100 AA Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2041222 F +31 (0)10 4732577 E Van Brink Rotterdam Pastoriestraat 1 (haven 2820) Pernis P.O. Box 5502, 3008 AM Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2995300 F +31 (0)10 4295923 E Damen Shipyards Bergum Industrieterrein Zuid Damsingel 4, Suameer P.O. Box 7, 9250 AA Bergum The Netherlands T +31 (0)511 467222 F +31 (0)511 464259 E

Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld Rivierdijk 544, Hardinxveld-Giessendam P.O. Box 60 3370 AB Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 613088 F +31 (0)184 617793 E

I Icon Yachts B.V. Lijnbaan 7 en 11 8861 NW Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 494600 F +31 (0)517 494699 E

F Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V. Scheepswervenweg 7, Westerbroek P.O. Box 147, 9600 AC Hoogezand The Netherlands T +31 (0)50 4042555 F +31 (0)50 4042500 E

IHC Merwede B.V. Molendijk 94, Sliedrecht P.O. Box 204, 3360 AE Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 411555 F +31 (0)184 411884 E

G Scheepswerf Geertman B.V. Het Bosch 12, Zwartsluis P.O. Box 24, 8064 ZG Zwartsluis The Netherlands T +31 (0)38 3867172 F +31 (0)38 3867519 E Scheepswerf Gelria B.V. Handelsweg 75 6541 CS Nijmegen The Netherlands T +31 (0)24 3770717 F +31 (0)24 3786001 E Van Grevenstein’s Scheepswerf B.V. Noord 49, Krimpen aan de Lek P.O. Box 2015 2930 AA Krimpen aan de Lek The Netherlands T +31 (0)180 512200 F +31 (0)180 518658 E H Scheepsafbouwbedrijf Hasselt B.V. Cellemuiden 44, Hasselt P.O. Box 4, 8060 AA Hasselt The Netherlands T +31 (0)384 771303 F +31 (0)348 772497 E Heesen Yacht Builders B.V. Rijnstraat 2, Oss P.O. Box 8, 5340 AA Oss The Netherlands T +31 (0)412 665544 F +31 (0)412 665566 E Scheepswerf Hoebée B.V. Merwedestraat 56, Dordrecht P.O. Box 293, 3300 AG Dordrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6130088 F +31 (0)78 6149288 E Hoekman Shipbuilding B.V. Klifkade 15, Urk P.O. Box 32, 8320 AA Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 681788 F +31 (0)527 684921 E Scheepswerf Hoogerwaard B.V. Ophemertstraat 43, 3089 JD Rotterdam (haven 2510) The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4290888 F +31 (0)10 4950727 E Scheepswerf De Hoop Foxhol B.V. Scheepswervenweg 13, 9607 PX Foxhol The Netherlands T +31 (0)598 399450 F +31 (0)598 343150 E

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem Avelingen-West 20, Gorinchem P.O. Box 1, 4200 AA Gorinchem The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 639911 F +31 (0)183 632189 E

Scheepswerf De Hoop Lobith B.V. Bijlandseweg 17-19, Tolkamer P.O. Box 12, 6915 ZG Lobith The Netherlands T +31 (0)316 541641 F +31 (0)316 542322 E

Damen Shipyards Group Avelingen-West 20, Gorinchem P.O. Box 1, 4200 AA Gorinchem The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 639222 F +31 (0)183 632189 E

Royal Huisman Shipyard B.V. Flevoweg 1, Vollenhove P.O. Box 23, 8325 ZG Vollenhove The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 243131 F +31 (0)527 243800 E

IHC Beaver Dredgers B.V. Molendijk 94, Sliedrecht P.O. Box 204, 3360 AA Sliedrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 411555 F +31 (0)184 411705 E IHC Dredgers B.V. Locatie IHC Alblas Smitweg 6, Kinderdijk P.O. Box 1, 2961 AW Kinderdijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6910911 F +31 (0)78 6913866 E IHC Parts & Services B.V. Smitweg 6, Kinderdijk P.O. Box 50, 2960 AB Kinderdijk T +31 (0)78 6910911 F +31 (0)78 6910439 E Instalho B.V. Scheepsbouw Beatrixhaven 13, 4251 NK Werkendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)183 503111 F +31 (0)183 503132 E Intervak B.V. De Boterton 7 8861 KC Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 418138 F +31 (0)517 433284 E J Jongert B.V. Kluisgat 1, 1771 MV Wieringerwerf The Netherlands T +31 (0)227 542544 F +31 (0)227 541246 E K B.V. Scheepswerf De Kaap Kaapweg 4, Ind. terrein ‘Oevers A’, Meppel P.O. Box 100, 7940 AC Meppel The Netherlands T +31 (0)522 270013 F +31 (0)522 262254 E Keppel Verolme B.V. Prof. Gerbrandyweg 25, Rotterdam-Botlek (haven 4550) P.O. Box 1001, 3180 AA Rozenburg The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 234300 F +31 (0)181 234346 E Gebr. Kooiman B.V. Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek Lindtsedijk 84, 3336 LE Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6100477 F +31 (0)78 6100039 E Kuipers Shipyard Wymbritseradiel B.V. De Zwaan 10, 8551 RK Woudsend P.O. Box 31, 8560 AA Balk The Netherlands T +31 (0)514 592406 F +31 (0)514 592483 E L Royal Van Lent Shipyard B.V. Julianalaan 3, 2159 LA Kaag The Netherlands T +31 (0)252 547123 F +31 (0)252 544341 E

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18-07-16 10:25

USEFUL ADDRESSES Scheepswerf Wout Liezen B.V. Steenwijkerstraatweg 80, 7942 HR Meppel The Netherlands T +31 (0)522 252048 F +31 (0)522 258705 E Luyt Groep B.V. Nijverheidsstraat 1, Den Oever P.O. Box 1, 1779 ZG Den Oever The Netherlands T +31 (0)227 512341 F +31 (0)227 512148 E M Maatschappij De Maas B.V. Heijplaatstraat 21 (haven 2600) Rotterdam P.O. Box 54560, 3008 KB Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4872111 F +31 (0)10 4872100 E Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek ‘Maasbracht’ N.V. Bunkerhaven 5, Maasbracht P.O. Box 7002, 6050 AA Maasbracht The Netherlands T +31 (0)475 465555 F +31 (0)475 465468 E Maaskant Shipyards B.V. Deltahaven 40, Stellendam P.O. Box 12, 3250 AA Stellendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)187 491477 F +31 (0)187 493112 E Merwede Shipyard B.V. Rivierdijk 586, Hardinxveld-Giessendam P.O. Box 5, 3370 AA Hardinxveld-Giessendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)184 677300 F +31 (0)184 677301 E Moonen Shipyards bv Graaf van Solmsweg 52F, 5222 BP ‘s-Hertogenbosch P.O. Box 3186, 5203 DD ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands T +31 (0)73 6210094 F +31 (0)73 6219460 E I N Nederlof Scheepsbouw B.V. Rivierkade 1, Geertruidenberg P.O. Box 48, 4930 AA Geertruidenberg The Netherlands T +31 (0)162 512290 F +31 (0)162 517764 E Nicoverken Holland B.V. Algerastraat 20, 3125 BS Schiedam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2380999 F +31 (0)10 2380988 E Scheepsreparatie en Constructiebedrijf H. Niessen B.V. Noordpark 1, Zwijndrecht P.O. Box 188, 3330 AD Zwijndrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6124833 F +31 (0)78 6195342 E Koninklijke Niestern Sander B.V. Venjelaan 6, Farmsum/Delfzijl P.O. Box 108, 9930 AC Delfzijl The Netherlands T +31 (0)596 649400 F +31 (0)596 649402 E O Oranjewerf Scheepsreparatie B.V. Nieuwendammerdijk 542, Amsterdam P.O. Box 37050, 1030 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 6347511 F +31 (0)20 6347533 E P Machinefabriek Padmos Bruinisse B.V. Havenkade 12, 4311 BA Bruinisse The Netherlands T +31 (0)111 481551 F +31 (0)111 481317

Dokmaatschappij Padmos Stellendam B.V. Deltahaven 18, Stellendam P.O. Box 23, 3250 AA Stellendam The Netherlands T +31 (0)187 498020 F +31 (0)187 498051 E Scheepswerf Peters B.V. Haatlandhaven 1, Kampen P.O. Box 291, 8260 AG Kampen The Netherlands T +31 (0)38 3315023 F +31 (0)38 3325184 E Scheepswerf Reimerswaal Kaai, 4417 ES Hansweert P.O. Box 15, 4417 ZG Hansweert T +31 (0)113 383021 F +31 (0)113 383421 E Progress Technique B.V. Harregatplein 15, 3214 VP Zuidland The Netherlands T +31 (0)181 454609 F +31 (0)181 454912 E S Koninklijke Schelde Groep B.V. / Damen Glacisstraat 165, Vlissingen P.O. Box 16, 4380 AA Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 483911 F +31 (0)118 482391 E Schelde Marinebouw B.V. / Damen Glacisstraat 165, Vlissingen P.O. Box 555, 4380 AN Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 485000 F +31 (0)118 485050 E Scheldepoort B.V. Repair & Conversion Yard Ritthemsestraat 500, Vlissingen-Oost (haven 1010) P.O. Box 565, 4380 AN Vlissingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)118 483000 F +31 (0)118 483010 E Scheepswerf De Schroef B.V. Wervenweg 1, 4551 MC Sas van Gent The Netherlands T +31 (0)115 471659 F +31 (0)115 472619 E Serdijn Ship Repair B.V. Drutenstraat 7, 3087 CC Rotterdam (Waalhaven Oost, nr 2224) The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 4737400 F +31 (0)10 4737361 E Shipdock B.V. locatie Amsterdam tt. Vasumweg 125-131, Amsterdam P.O. Box 37201, 1030 AE Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 6318218 F +31 (0)20 6315791 E Shipdock B.V. locatie Harlingen Lange Lijnbaan 1, Harlingen P.O. Box 1, 8860 AA Harlingen The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 496100 F +31 (0)517 416348 E Scheepswerf Slob B.V. Scheepvaartweg 11, Papendrecht P.O. Box 1146, 3350 CC Papendrecht The Netherlands T +31 (0)78 6441999 F +31 (0)78 6411199 E

T Scheepswerf J. Talsma Franeker B.V. Edisonstraat 15, Franeker P.O. Box 53, 8800 AB Franeker The Netherlands T +31 (0)517 383747 F +31 (0)517 383495 E Texdok B.V. Heemskerckstraat 36a, Oudeschild P.O. Box 605, 1792 ZG Oudeschild The Netherlands T +31 (0)222 312661 F +31 (0)222 310249 E Texdok Urk B.V. Wijk 2-20, Urk P.O. Box 16, 8320 AA Urk The Netherlands T +31 (0)222 312661 F +31 (0)222 310249 E V B.V. Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek ‘Vahali’ Waaldijk 3, Gendt P.O. Box 25, 6690 AA Gendt The Netherlands T +31 (0)481 421546 F +31 (0)481 423620 E Scheepswerf Visser B.V. Ankerpark 2, Den Helder P.O. Box 114, 1780 AC Den Helder The Netherlands T +31 (0)223 616641 F +31 (0)223 615391 E Volharding Shipyards Scheepswervenweg 1, Westerbroek P.O. Box 70, 9600 AB Hoogezand The Netherlands T +31 (0)598 364800 F +31 (0)598 364810 E Scheepswerf Vooruit B.V. Zuiddijk 404, 1505 HE Zaandam The Netherlands T +31 (0)75 6156358 F +31 (0)75 6164259 E VOSTA LMG B.V. Klaprozenweg 75e, Amsterdam P.O. Box 37194, 1030 AD Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)20 4936666 F +31 (0)20 4936670 E Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw B.V. Oosteinderweg 25, Aalsmeer P.O. Box 258, 1430 AG Aalsmeer The Netherlands T +31 (0)297 388900 F +31 (0)297 388901 E De Vries Makkum B.V. Strânwei 6, Makkum P.O. Box 2, 8754 ZN Makkum The Netherlands T +31 (0)515 445700 F +31 (0)515 445701 E

Miscellaneous Ahoy Rotterdam Projectteam Europort Maritime Ahoy-weg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 293 3250 F +31 (0)10 293 3218 E I Centraal Bureau voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart P.O. Box 23133, 3001 KC Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 411 5900 E I Deltalinqs Seattleweg 7 Business park Eemhaven Port No. 2801 Building No. 3, 3rd Floor P.O. Box 54200 3008 JE Rotterdam T +31 (0)10 402 0399 F +31 (0)10 412 0687 E I Expertise- en InnovatieCentrum Binnenvaart Vasteland 12e P.O. Box 23133 3001 KC Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 798 9830 F +31 (0)10 412 9091 E I Flying Focus Sint Janslaan 56 P.O. Box 111 1400 AC Bussum The Netherlands T +31 (0)35 691 0829 F +31 (0)35 692 0660 E I FPAL (First Point Assessment) 7 Burnbank Business Centre, Southerhead Road AB12 3LF Altens, Aberdeen United Kingdom T +44 (0)122 4337500 F +44 (0)122 4337544 E I www.fpal@com Nederlands Instituut voor Navigatie (NIN) Seattleweg 7, Port No. 2801 3195 ND Pernis-Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)6 2278 1914 F +31 (0)84 748 4429 E I Stichting Nederland Maritiem Land Beursplein 37, World Trade Center 13th Floor, Room 1352 P.O. Box 30145 3001 DC Rotterdam The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 205 2720 F +31 (0)10 205 5307 E I

W Dok en Scheepsbouw Woudsend B.V. Vosselaan 43, 8551 PZ Woudsend The Netherlands T +31 (0)514 591443 F +31 (0)514 591695 E

Smits Machinefabriek en Scheepsreparatie B.V. IJsseldijk 97-1, Capelle aan den IJssel P.O. Box 61 2920 AB Krimpen aan den IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0)10 2584255 F +31 (0)10 2584256 E

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the leading international maritime trade fair




ha 33‘ 47“ mb N, 9 ur ° 58‘ 3 g 3“ E °

MEET THE WORLD IN AMSTERDAM The METSTRADE show is the world’s largest marine equipment trade show and the only truly international B2B exhibition. With excellent networking opportunities, a broad range of showcased innovations and

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setting a course 4 – 7 sept 2018 hamburg

for SMM 2018

located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the METSTRADE show is an unmissable event for every professional in the marine industry.

1,350+ exhibitors

21,000+ visitors

100+ nationalities

The METSTRADE show is the fl agship event of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry.








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