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13 JANUARY 2013

6B NewsFlash! Keys to Success In order to be successful in this ongoing class activity, students will need to: • Select appropriate and relevant news articles that are related to the unit “Where We Are in Place and Time” • Read the article • Understand the main idea and issue • Summarize the article in their own words • Make connections to their own life and experiences Dear 6B Parents, Here is a Newsflash on what your children will be doing in preparation for their Exhibition in June! Students from our class will be reading newspapers, magazines and online articles from now until June. They are encouraged to look for interesting articles that deal with issues they think relate to the Exhibition Theme “Where We are in Place and Time”. Periodically, students will present their articles to the class and facilitate discussion on the issue. This will encourage students to work on their research, summarizing and communication skills. ! !

• Prepare a short (1-2 minute) presentation for the class, explaining the article and its connection to our unit • Pose engaging and thought-provoking questions to discuss with the class


HOW CAN PARENTS HELP AT HOME? At home, parents can help their child by:

• Explaining difficult vocabulary words

• Providing opportunities and exposure to

• Listening and giving feedback on the

different newspaper and magazine articles. • Encouraging discussion and questions about issues found in the news


student’s oral communication skills (loud, clear voice, eye contact etc).

6B NewsFlash Information for Parents  
6B NewsFlash Information for Parents  

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