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Building of networks along railways


Performance of trenches for the deployment of optic and electric networks along railways and in narrow areas

 ibrating subsoiling V plough mounted on a narrow and self-stabilizing track-mounted carrier

Specific features  ompact trencher suitable for C work in rough broken ground and narrow areas Quick network deployment process

Assets  rain traffic not interrupted during T the works Increased safety of the work site  eduction in building costs thanks R to the direct burial of network ducts into the ground

Innovations  utomatic stabilizing and nonA overturning system  ational French railways (SNCF) N approved reduced overall sizes

Output Up to 1,000 lm/day

Features of the cutting tool Type : vibrating plough Cutting width : 100 mm Cutting depth : from 200 to 700 mm maximum

Sizes and weight of the unit Length in working position : 9.30 m (without operators) Width : 0.76 m Height : 1.50 m Weight : 8.2 tons

Technical diagram

Motor drive system 61 HP (45 kW) diesel thermal motor

Frame Lowered centre of gravity Automatic vertical stabilization device Double driver station Extensible tracks left and right (up to 200 mm)

Accessories Guiding combs Interchangeable plough and layer


ZA Les Portes de l’Anjou 1, rue Pierre et Marie CURIE BP 20 - 49430 DURTAL (France) TÊl. : 33 (0)2 41 96 16 90 / Fax : 33 (0)2 41 96 16 99 e-mail :

ROBERVAL_ENG _03/12 - Specifications as shown are not binding to the manufacturer and may be changed without prior notice. The equipment offered in this leaflet can include optional fittings and devices.

 ool offset : 150 mm on the left and right side in T relation with the axis machine

Roberval (EN)  

Roberval machine

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