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Mixed Media . 2

Hi! I am Carmen I work as a product manager at Marabu and I am an avid fan of mixed media. I love the multi-layered and dynamic designs that anyone can create with mixed media in their own style. We at Marabu have developed a range of products for this, with all combinable paints, brushes, tools and background materials. This gives everybody the opportunity to create more vivid designs with even more freedom, particularly for capturing experiences and events in a picture. That works best when you can be spontaneous. Illustrated art journals or travel diaries can be very impressive records. It is the most emotional and personal way to record personal experiences. We have asked artists to share some personal pages from their travel diaries with us. The result is an inspiring collection of commented mixed media (art) works with personal impressions from different metropolises: From Tokyo to New York and Berlin. Enjoy discovering the world of Marabu mixed media.

Tokyo Barcelona

Colour, style and cuteness are the trademarks of this movement favoured by young men and women. They set a vivid highlight in the everyday grey of a metropolis.

Park G端ell ... 8

A place of relaxation at the heart of a busy metropolis. Dynamics and flowing lines make this place as a walk-in work of art.

Paris Istanbul

Florence New York

Pont des Arts ... 12

Thousands of symbols of love. The love locks on the Pont des Arts bridge are a lasting expression of eternal togetherness.

IstaNbul Basar ... 14

Bustling activity and strong colours are the unmistakable characteristics of a Turkish bazaar. A centre of communication and passion.


The great artists of the Renaissance already knew what really constitutes beauty. Frescoes and paintings from many centuries ago show us how to create great contrasts with pigment rich paints.

MOMA And Central Park ... 20

Modern meets relaxing meets big city. Strong contrasts in a seemingly tight space create a space for mind and soul.



Once a symbol for clear separation, the Berlin Wall slowly turned into a canvas for expressions of feelings and wishes.

Mixed Media . 3

Lolitas ... 4

Tokyo . 5

Tokyo “My visit to the land of the rising sun was more overwhelming than I could have ever imagined. There are contrasts everywhere. Colourful posters clamour for attention in front of enormous glass and concrete buildings. I saw millions of smiling faces in the bustle of everyday life. The Lolitas with their characteristic fashion in the Harajuku Park made the greatest impression on me.

Wakaonn a These pretty women with their doll-like outfits are so individual and at the same time such a strong community, forming their own movement on the streets of Tokyo. From these impressions of strong contrasts, I created a journal entry full of opposites. Strong colours frame a delicate, porcelain-like face while dynamics highlight romantic dreaminess. The red acrylic paint was ideal for this: It can be used for a variety of techniques and is really close to the rising sun on the Japanese flag.� Kristiana Heinemann, graphic designer for Marabu

Tokyo . 6

Acryl Gel matt

The background image was embedded on the paper with Acryl Gel.

Freehand painting


Create with acrylic paint, a very fine brush and the Deco Painter.

Painting outlines

Dilute acrylic paint with a little water and paint the outlines with a round brush.


Parts of the background image are painted over with Acryl Color white or Acryl Gesso.

Tip: In these pictures, patterns showing through in the background and light or diluted acrylic colours create the layered character typical for mixed media.

Acryl Color The all-rounder: Acryl Color can be integrated into pictures in many different ways! Product information see page 26

Painting large areas

Designing with Acryl Color.

Tip: Ensure to press down the adhesive tape well at the edges.


Mask the desired areas with masking tape, e.g. in stripes. Use the paint roller to apply a smooth layer of paint on a paper plate. Do not pick up too much paint so it does not seep underneath the adhesive tape. Then apply as desired. Immediately remove the tape to prevent the paint from cracking at the edges and to achieve a clean contour.


Position the stencil design in the desired place. Pick up the paint with the paint roller or with the stencilling brush and briefly roll or dab on a neutral surface to ensure that no excess paint can seep underneath the stencil. Then roll or dab the paint over the design. Carefully lift the stencil while the paint is still wet.

Tokyo . 7

Freehand application with paint knife

Textured application with paint knife

Kristiana Heinemann

Apply an irregular layer of Acryl Color Glitter using the paint knife. The initially milky acrylic paint dries to a transparent finish, revealing the glitter particles. Applying acrylic pastes with a paint knife creates opaque textured effects.

Stippling dots

Apply acrylic paint with a wooden skewer or brush handle.

Silhouette stencil

Tip: For particularly clear contours, spray the stencil with Marabu Stencil Adhesive Spray and leave to dry for 3 minutes. Cover the stencil with paper towels and firmly press down with your fingers to securely fix even fine design details. In addition to the Art Stencils, Marabu offers an extensive range of other stencils.

painting d-

deo vi


Spray lightly with Art Spray.

O n li n e

Tip: Everything can be a stamp! Bubble wrap, bottle caps, paper rolls, plastic cores from adhesive tape and many other objects are ideal for applying paint and creating patterns. An antique look can be created by only picking up fresh paint after several stampings.

Tip: After use, clean the pattern roller under running cold water with a brush or sponge.

Pattern rollers


Apply a smooth layer of paint to a paper plate and pick it up with a stamp. Alternatively, the paint can be carefully applied to the stamp with a paint roller. Ensure not to let the paint seep into the spaces in between the contours of the design. Press the stamp evenly onto the background, ensuring not to tilt the stamp. Lift the stamp straight up. Clean the stamp immediately after use.

Roll a smooth coat of paint on a flat surface with a paint roller. Then pick up the paint with an Art Roller and apply to the desired area. When rolling on a canvas frame, place e.g. a few books underneath to ensure that the canvas does not give under the pressure. To achieve a tone-on-tone effect, use the pattern roller to pick up freshly applied paint (negative effect).

Barcelona . 8

“Spain is a country where everyday life has its very own rhythm. They have their own rules for working and eating and there are very high demands for the perceptible beauty of things. This tangible variety can even be found in architecture.

The artist Antoni Gaudi knew how to portray this harmonious attitude towards life in his architecture, whether in the fluid lines of the Sagrada Familia or in the organic buildings of Parque Gßell. Everything seems to rise up in harmony and move in the same rhythm. The best way to recreate this physicality in my journal was to use Acryl Mousse.� Kristiana Heinemann, graphic designer for Marabu

Dividing Barcelona . 10

Create uneven lines with the acrylic paint.

Tip: Use a hair dryer to briefly dry the paint between coats.


Mix Acryl Color white with another Acryl Color shade and apply all over.



Use the Deco Painter to embellish the birds and the image edges.

Position the stencil design in the desired place. Pick up the paint with the paint roller or with the stencilling brush, briefly roll or dab on a neutral surface to ensure that no excess paint can run underneath the stencil. Then roll or dab the paint across the design or apply to the stencil with the paint knife. Carefully lift the stencil while the paint is still wet.

Spread Acryl Gel Gloss over the picture with the special effect knives and use the paint scraper to create a pattern. The gel goes on white but dries to a transparent finish.

Acryl mousse Textured effects in pastel colours. Tip: Mask off the narrow edges of the stencil to prevent paint splashes next to the design.

Apply Acryl Color Glitter Gold

Product information see page 27

Textured stencilling

Position the stencil. Use the back of the paint knife to pick up the paste or gel and apply across the design in an even layer. Carefully remove the stencil and wash it.

Kristiana Heinemann

with the paint knife. The gel goes on milky but dries to a transparent finish.

Textured application with paint knife Apply Acryl Mousse, Paste, Gel or thickened acrylic paint to the background as desired. Create relief or snow effects with a coarse brush, e.g. Marabu Forte, or a paint knife.

Trace the outlines of the birds and possibly wings, legs etc. with a round brush and acrylic paint.




l oria vide t u

O n li n e

Tip: Finer patterns work better as the paste can be displaced better.

Tip: Shells, paper or other objects can easily be worked into pastes or gels.

TEXTURED ROLLERS Apply Acryl Mousse or Paste or the thickened acrylic paint smoothly with a paint knife. Then use a pattern roller to roll or press the design into the substance.

There were the thousands of love locks on the Pont des Arts bridge which conveyed eternal togetherness. Or the seemingly thousands of ‘I love yous’ at the Mur des je t’aime. Everything is interwoven with the melody of love. What could be more fitting than to refine my journal entry with acrylic gel. Virtually invisible, individual and different every time. Ça, c‘est l’amour.” -painting d

deo vi

Kristiana Heinemann, graphic designer for Marabu


Paris . 12

“Paris, centre of art, culture and L’Amour. I had expected an impressive tango of emotions from Paris. And I was not disappointed. Signs of love were everywhere and filled me with a constant feeling of romance. There were the thousands of lights on the Eiffel Tower which reminded me of glow worms on summer night.

O n li n e

Acryl Gel Multi talents: Clear acrylic gels, matt and gloss. Product information see page 27

Textured application with paint knife Apply Acryl Gel or acrylic paint with a paint knife or a brush as desired. Patterns can be created in these areas with special effect knives or modelling brushes.

Tip: The clear acrylic gel as well as all white acrylic pastes can be painted over with acrylic paints and can be mixed with up to 20% paint.

Tip: Each type of paint will behave differently and create different effects depending on the background material used. Scraping application with a paint knife creates particularly thin primer layers.


Use a paint knife to apply a very thin layer of Acryl Gel matt to porous surfaces. This seals the surfaces. Interesting effects can be achieved by covering only partial areas with acrylic gel. These will then react differently to the paints used subsequently.


Acryl Gels can be used as a finish on the pictures! Wiped with a brush or applied with a paint knife, it gives them even more animation through glossy or matt textured effects. The gel bonds different materials together and serves as a protective varnish.

Tip: Sprinkle sand or glitter particles into the wet paint.

Tip: The Acryl Gel matt retains its slightly silky, white porcelain effect if it is applied a little thicker.


Collage technique

Tip: Collage materials can also be embedded into Acrylic gels and pastes! This is also very suitable for heavy objects such as shells, sand or bottle caps.

Integrate papers such as newspaper clippings, photographs, pictures from magazines or tickets into your mixed media artwork! Cut or tear these to size to underline the paper character. Paper napkins (top layer) or decoupage papers are also ideal. Apply collage glue to the background, place the paper and use the collage brush and more paper to smooth it out towards the edges. Thicker paper and heavier objects are easier to embed with a wider synthetic brush or a paint knife.

acryl gesso Gesso rocks! Primer and useful helper for mixed media and art journaling. Product information see page 27


Apply the highly opaque gesso in white or black to porous surfaces such as paper or wood with a brush, e.g. Marabu Gesso Brush, or a paint knife. This is the ideal preparation for further paint application as the background remains slightly absorbent for good adhesion. The surface is sealed to prevent the paper from becoming wavy or paint seeping into the material during art journaling. White gesso gives a special luminosity to any paint while black gesso turns opaque acrylic paints into special highlights.


Istanbul “Instanbul has been a melting pot for a variety of cultures for several millennia. The influences from different origins have left their traces in this quickly growing and pulsating city over time. This legacy is particularly evident in the market square. The many colours of the wares and the jumble of voices and conversations unite to form a throbbing overall image of the impressions which rain down on me in a staccato. Every glance reveals a new picture which persists before my inner eye and leaves an imprint. The best way to record these impressions is a collage of snapshots which - once fixed into place - create new perspectives in the same space.”

n pai ting d-

PATINATING AND INTERMEDIATE LAYERS Use diluted white gesso to apply intermediate layers over the picture or parts of the picture, e.g. over papers embedded with collage glue. This lets the background shine through to create a used look. The result is the popular layered effect of mixed media. Gesso can also soften writing and colours slightly when used in this way.

o de vi

Tip: Depending on the quality of the paper, it might become wavy initially but smooth out again after drying. Mixed with a little acrylic paint, white gesso creates chalk-like pastel primer coats. Mixing white and black gesso creates primers in different shades of grey.

Spe e

Véronique Stohrer, Illustrator

O n li n e

COVERING Partial areas of the picture which are maybe not quite as intended can be covered with gesso. The further process created interesting effects as the subsequently applied paints will act very differently on the differently prepared areas.

Tip: Gesso can be applied with various tools, depending on the desired effect. It can be scraped on in a thin layer with a paint knife or applied a little thicker; with brushes, e.g. with the fine gesso brush for smooth application or with a bristle brush for a stronger brush pattern; with a paint roller or painting sponges.


White and black gesso is also ideal for highly opaque stencilling and stamping with Marabu Art Stencils and Art Stamps.

Florence . 16

o i 2 r 1 to

p i r c S -.


The colourful frescoes, which present perfect proportions according to the golden section with strong pigments even after many centuries, are particularly impressive. The chalk designs of the street artists are equally impressive, if much less permanent. The pastel colours can easily be preserved forever in a colourful journal entry using Art Spray.� Kristiana Heinemann, graphic designer for Marabu

Florence . 17

“The town with the most history in Tuscany is one of the most beautiful I have ever visited. I cannot decide whether it is the glorious Renaissance buildings, the works of the most renowned artists in history or simply the attractive people from the world of fashion. The city is simply breathtaking, like a Saltarello during wine harvest.

Florence . 18

Drawing the face

Draw an oval shaped face by hand. Draw a vertical centre line for eyes and nose. Then draw a horizontal centre line. This divides the face into four quadrants. Draw a half moon curve in the centre of the lower left quadrant. This is the upper eyelid. Repeat for the lower right quadrant. Finish the eyes to an almond shape. Place the nose at the centre below the eyes. Add the lips below the nose. Place the eyebrows above the eyes in the upper quadrant using a curved line. Place the iris at the upper edge of the eye and draw the pupil. The ear starts at the level of the eyebrow and ends at the level of the tip of the nose. Add hair as desired.

Art Spray

Position different stencils in the desired area. Spray with Art Spray in different colours.

Art Spray Brilliant acrylic spray for a variety of applications and techniques. Product information see page 28

Free-hand spraying / colour transitions Spray the background with one or several colours to create an interesting background with spray effects and colour transitions for further designing. Tilting gives the picture interesting droplet effects! If you want to continue working on the picture immediately, briefly dry the acrylic spray with a hair dryer. Create more pastel shades by removing some of the paint with a paper towel after a brief drying period.

Tip: Shake the Art Spray well before each use.

Florence . 19

Watercolour technique

Spray the picture with Art Spray. While the paint is still wet, it can be removed in the desired place with a cloth. Use a soft brush to spread wet sprayed patches. Trace and loosen the wax lines (on the right in the picture) with a moist brush. Highlighting certain areas less highlights the accents more.



l oria vide t u


Cut a covering stencil from cardboard to exclude the face from the further process.

Art Crayons

Use the Art Crayons to lightly trace the hair section, the eyes, nose and mouth. Important: The beam of light has to be in the same position on both eyes.


Tip: Do not use too much spray so the paint cannot seep underneath the stencil. Clean the stencil under running cold water. Do not throw away used paper towels! The top layers can be used as collage elements in future art projects.

Select stencil and place on the background. Spray with the desired Art Spray colours. To prevent unwanted colour stains, briefly remove the paint from the stencil before removing by rolling a roll of paper towels across the stencil. Alternatively, carefully lift the stencil and press onto a different background to create a negative image for subsequent creations.

Tip: To achieve a great mix effect or to further enhance the background, place the different stencil designs on the picture again and spray with another shade of Art Spray. Then remove all stencils and the masking on the face.

Tip: The paint dries very quickly in the fine pored Art Stamp. It therefore has to be cleaned under cold water immediately.


Spray Art Spray colours onto the background. Press a dry stamp into the still wet colour and remove paint from the design area again. The stamp design will appear slightly lighter than the rest of the background.

Kristiana Heinemann

O n li n e


To omit certain areas from spraying, these can be covered with cardboard shapes (circles, silhouettes, etc.) or other objects. Spray with one or several shades of Art Spray and remove the object.

MoMA and Central Park “Extremely large, extremely fast and extremely exciting. It is only a few steps from the tall skyscrapers to the green spaces of Central Park and the largest collection of modern art at the Museum of Modern Arts. Hardly any other city can describe complexity and change as well as New York. And despite the gigantic differences, this city creates a large and lively overall picture.

g tool n i t n i a t h a p t Crayons i w s e r p al s ha hood. The A techniq ue r u t a ick rn i ld urs fo ince my ch s wit h a q u o l o c n s n Mode r ave kno wn ress io p m i h my t hat I to reco rd � f res h. me l l i w t o s l l e a ey ar h t e l i wh u nn, arab ema Hein er for M a n a n i Krist ic desig h grap


New York . 21

new york

Art Crayons

Draw circles in different sizes with the Art Crayons, e.g. in pink.

Product information see page 29

Art Crayon Soft, water-soluble wax crayons for wet and dry techniques. Mixing / blending

Apply different shades of Art Crayons in thick layers as stripes, squares, circles, etc. close together. Then immediately rub together with fingers, cloth or cotton swab. For the so-called edging, the edges around an artwork or parts of the elements of an artwork are designed, e.g. adhered pictures and words. Use the Art Crayon to paint along the edge and smudge immediately.

Tip: The colours caramel or gold create a natural antique look.

Wipe stencilling

Paint the area with the Art Crayon. Position the stencil and wipe the stencil design with a moist cloth. The design will appear as a negative of the stencil in a slightly lighter shade than the background.

Tip: Use a colour that coordinates well with the artwork to transfer the design. This means that the contours will not stand out later on.


Apply an Art Crayon shade to the paper all over in an even layer. Position in the desired areas with the painted side facing down. Place the template on the paper and trace the lines with a hard pencil, brush handle, etc., applying firm pressure. The transferred design can now be embellished.

with another shade of Art Crayon.

Watercolour techniques

Apply Art Crayons and spray with a fine mist of water. Smudge the dissolved colours with a brush, sponge or cloth. Use more water and tilt the picture to create a droplet effect. Spray on more water if required. Alternatively, apply a fine mist of water before painting and draw on the wet background with Art Crayons.

Tip: The Marabu Sprayer with atomiser creates an easily adjustable fine spray mist.


Moisten a rubber or silicone stamp with a fine mist of water. Then paint the design with Art Crayons and stamp onto the background.

Fill the spaces

Tip: Vary the quantity of water applied to create different stamp effects.

Kristiana Heinemann


New York . 23

Use the Deco Painter to paint tree trunks, shrubs and other embellishments.


Spray the picture edge with water. Apply Acryl Color to the moistened edge. Use the modelling brush to create fine patterns or writing in the still wet paint. Note: The paint still has to be wet for this.

Position stencil and spray Art Spray over the stencil. If desired, spray more shades of Art Spray, also without a stencil.

Paint roller

Dab on different shades of Acryl Color in thin droplets and spread with the paint roller.


Use a paint roller to spread Acryl Color black on a paint palette, then pick up the paint with the painting sponge and press down fully.

Tip: This technique can also be used with stencils to great effect. Simply place the stencil on the painted surface and rub the design with the moist cloth.

l oria vide ut


Apply Art Crayon shades, then smudge with a moist cloth, sponge or brush.


Wipe technique To create a great colour transition, moisten a brush with water and use a circular motion to dissolve the wax paint.

O n li n e


Use the Art Crayon to draw trunks on the smudged wax circles.

The best example is the Berlin Wall. Its remains are still testament to the emotional world of Berlin. With the Art Painters I can recreate this spontaneity in my journal. Whether over, under or in between, it just has to be spontaneous and from the hip.” Véronique Stohrer, Illustrator

n pai ting d

o de vi

Spe e

Berlin . 24

“Berlin is always worth the journey. The mixture of old and new creates a unique hotchpotch of expressive moments. Berlin has rough edges, it has grown authentically and accepts everything and everyone into its collection. Berlin is honest and direct and Berlin is always up to date. That creates a rhythm which can hardly be found anywhere else. This rhythm is characterised by a spontaneity that turns every moment into a visible emotion.

O n li n e


Product information see page 28

Art painter Universal acrylic marker! For writing, embellishing and painting.












The high quality valve system provides an even flow of paint and long paint application with accurate lines. Colours can easily be blended together to create interesting colour transitions. While the paint is still wet, the colours can easily be smudged and blended with the brush. This creates blended transitions.



Shake the marker for 2-3 minutes with the cap closed. Press down the tip repeatedly on a neutral surface until the ink starts flowing into the tip. You can start painting when the tip is filled.

Tip: When the ink stops flowing, shake and pump once or twice.

Tip: The colours of the Art Painters are coordinated with those of the Art Sprays and can be combined perfectly. Tip: Clean the tip with clean water when it is dirty.


Art Painters are ideal for creating backgrounds. The paint can be applied in many ways: all over or in patterns such as circles, dots, checks, stripes, etc. After drying, the colours can be painted over.


Art Painters are ideal for applying finishing touches due to their high opacity and their suitability for different materials. Words and sayings, frames or borders for individual objects in the picture create visual depth and highlight individual elements and messages. Paint quickly and apply light pressure to make the texture of the tip visible and give the painting a “messy� character.


Shake the Art Painter and start pumping. Then position in the desired place. Use the different sides of the wedge-shaped tip for painting thin or thick lines. Always hold the pen at the same angle without turning it to create alternating thin and thick lines and expressive calligraphy effects.

Tip: Ensure that the surface is dry and free from grease and dust.

Tip: After use, immediately replace the cap to prevent the ink from drying out and the tip from clogging. Dried out tips cannot be cleaned. Store horizontally.

DABBING PATTERNS Use the different sides of the sturdy painting tip to create patterns. Simply dab with the desired side of the tip several times to create shapes such as circles, flowers, grids, etc.








Mixed Media range . 26


marabu acryl color



Creamy, water-based acrylic paint. The colours can be mixed together, they can be diluted with water, are quick drying, light-fast and water-resistant. For application with brush, paint roller, sponge. Also suitable for stencilling and stamping. Application on materials such as canvas, paper, wood, etc., free from dust and grease.

271 Ivory

019 Marabu - AcrylColor - 021 021 013 006 014 031 Marabu - AcrylColor - 013 OrangeMarabu - AcrylColor - 006 Zinnoberrot hell - AcrylColor - 031 Marabu - AcrylColor - 014 Magenta Mittelgelb Marabu Kirschrot 00C / 62M / 80Y / 00B - 02/11 00C / 92M / 100Y / 00B - 02/11 00C / 22M / 90Y / 00B - 12/13 05C / 100M / 80Y / 12B - 12/13 20C / 95M / 00Y / 10B - 02/11 Yellow Medium Orange Vermilion Magenta Cherry Red 013_AcrylColor_0211.eps 006_AcrylColor_0211.eps 019_AcrylColor_0211.eps 014_AcrylColor_0211.eps Yellow

Marabu - AcrylColor - 019 Gelb Marabu - AcrylColor - 271 Elfenbein 00C / 16M / 100Y / 00B - 02/11 00C / 00M / 20Y / 00B - 12/13

032 Carmine 032_AcrylColor_0211.eps Red

033 Pink

Marabu - AcrylColor - 032 Karminrot Marabu - AcrylColor - 033 Pink 25C / 100M / 70Y / 10B - 02/11 8C / 70M / 00Y / 00B - 12/13

034 251 Bordeaux Violet 251_AcrylColor_0211.eps

007 Lavender

090 Light Blue

055 Dark Ultramarine

Marabu - AcrylColor - 251 Violett dkl. Marabu - AcrylColor - 034 Bordeaux Marabu - AcrylColor - 007 Lavendel Marabu - AcrylColor - 090 HellblauMarabu - AcrylColor - 055 Ultramarinblau dkl. 00C / 100M / 51Y / 69B - 12/13 80C / 80M / 00Y / 37B - 02/11 42C / 43M / 00Y / 00B - 12/13 65C / 00M / 00Y / 00B - 12/13 100C / 80M / 00Y / 00B - 12/13

053 056 067 Dark Blue Cyan Rich Green 053_AcrylColor_0211.eps 056_AcrylColor_0211.eps 067_AcrylColor_0211.eps

075 282 Pine Green Leaf Green 282_AcrylColor_0211.eps

283 Ochre

079 070 073 Dark Grey White Black 073_AcrylColor_0211.eps 070_AcrylColor_0211.eps

582 GlitterSilver

040 Medium 040_AcrylColor_0211.eps Brown

Marabu - AcrylColor - 053 Dunkelblau Marabu - AcrylColor - 056 Cyan Marabu - AcrylColor - 067 SaftgrünMarabu - AcrylColor - 075 Tannengrün Marabu - AcrylColor - 282 Blattgrün Marabu - AcrylColor - 283 Ocker Marabu - AcrylColor - 040 Mittelbraun 100C / 70M / 00Y / 47B - 02/11 100C / 35M / 20Y / 10B - 02/11 100C / 00M / 85Y / 30B - 02/11 100C / 00M / 70Y / 80B - 12/13 58C / 00M / 100Y / 00B - 02/11 12C / 50M / 100Y / 00B - 12/13 68C / 80M / 80Y / 20B - 02/11

045 Dark Brown

042 Sand

Marabu - Acryl Color - 584 Gltter Gold 12/13

Marabu - Acryl Color - 582 Gltter Silber 12/13 Marabu - AcrylColor - 045 Dunkelbraun Marabu - AcrylColor - 042 Sand Marabu - AcrylColor - 174 SchieferMarabu - AcrylColor - 070 Weiß Marabu - AcrylColor - 073 Schwarz 20C / 10M / 10Y / 100B - 02/11 70C / 77M / 85Y / 53B - 12/13 05C / 07M / 25Y / 00B - 12/13 20C / 00M / 00Y / 77B - 12/13 00C / 00M / 6Y / 5B - 02/11

Marabu - AcrylColor Marabu - AcrylColor Marabu - AcrylColor 082 084 770 - 770 Metallic-Weiß 792 - 792 Metallic-Petrol 750 - 750 Metallic-Violett 748 42C / 41M / 54Y / 12B - 12/13 77C / 15M / 25Y / 00B - 12/13 55C / 55M / 00Y / 23B - 12/13 00C / 00M / 7Y / 8B - 12/13 Silver Gold MetallicMetallicMetallicMetallic084_AcrylColor_0211.eps 082_AcrylColor_0211.eps White Petrol Violet Taupe

Marabu - AcrylColor - 748 Metallic-Taupe

Marabu - AcrylColor - 084 Gold Marabu - AcrylColor - 082 Silber 00C / 5M / 8Y / 31B - 02/11 00C / 28M / 75Y / 22B - 02/11

584 GlitterGold

772 MetallicAnthracite

Marabu - AcrylColor - 772 Metallic-Graphit 55C / 39M / 38Y / 83B - 12/13

Marabu Acryl PASTE Creamy, paste-like acrylic paste in matt white and metallic colours. Acryl Paste fine and soft sand for sand and snow effects.

070 White

082 Silver

084 Gold

809 Fine Sand

811 Soft Sand

Marabu - AcrylColor - Leichtsand - 12/13

Acryl Gel matt

Water-based, creamy, clear, glossy acrylic gel. For delicate raised effects. Dries to a glossy transparent finish.

Acryl Gesso

Water-based, creamy, clear, matt acrylic gel. For delicate raised effects. Dries to a matt to porcelain-like transparent finish, depending on layer thickness.

Collage glue

Fine, highly opaque, lightly absorbent acrylic primer, waterbased.

Water-based, transparent, thick glue with strong adhesion.

070 073 White Black 073_AcrylColor_0211.eps 070_AcrylColor_0211.eps Marabu - AcrylColor - 070 WeiĂ&#x; Marabu - AcrylColor - 073 Schwarz 20C / 10M / 10Y / 100B - 02/11 00C / 00M / 6Y / 5B - 02/11

marabu Acryl Mousse Lightweight pastel acrylic paste, water-based, chalk character. For application with paint knife or brush, ideal for stencilling. Suitable for canvas frames, wood, MDF, paper, metal and many other materials.

007 033 035 070 Lavender Rose Pink Lilac White 007_acrylmousse_120550007.eps 033_acrylmousse_120550033.eps 035_acrylmousse_120550035.eps Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 033 RosaMarabu - Acryl Mousse - 035 Flieder Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 007 Lavendel 8C / 55M / 00Y / 00B - 12/14 42C / 43M / 00Y / 00B - 12/14 52C / 35M / 00Y / 00B - 12/14

091 222 277 278 Caribbean Vanilla Mistletoe Light Grey 278_acrylmousse_120550278.eps 091_acrylmousse_120550091.eps 277_AcrylMousse_120550277.eps 222_acrylmousse_120550222.eps Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 278 Hellgrau Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 091 Karibik Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 277 Mistel Marabu - Acryl Mousse - 222 Vanille 5C / 5M / 5Y / 58B - 12/14 60C / 00M / 18Y / 00B - 12/14 00C / 05M / 38Y / 00B - 12/14 11C / 00M / 15Y / 25B - 12/14

Acryl Thickener Transparent, pastelike acrylic thickener for individually thickening acrylic paints. Add up to 40% thickener to the acrylic paint and stir.

Mixed Media range . 27

Acryl gel gloss





Mixed Media range . 28





Marabu Art spray



Brilliant water-based acrylic spray. Ideal for stencilling, for backgrounds and for integration into mixed media projects on porous materials such as canvas, paper, wood. The vivid colours can be mixed together, they can be diluted with water, are quick drying, light-fast and water-resistant.

020 Marabu - Art Spray - 220220 Sonnengelb Marabu - Art Spray - 225225 MandarinMarabu - Art Spray - 023023 Rotorange Marabu - Art Spray - 212212 FlamingoMarabu - Art Spray - 123123 Peperoni Marabu - Art031 Spray - 031 Kirschrot 00C / 19M / 82Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 60M / 100Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 66M / 64Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 77M / 51Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 83M / 58Y / 00B - 11/14 06C / 84M / 50Y / 12B - 11/14 Lemon Sunshine Tangerine Red Flamingo Chilli Cherry Red 020_Art_Spray_120905020.eps 220_Art_Spray_120905220.eps 023_Art_Spray_120905023.eps 123_Art_Spray_120905123.eps 031_Art_Spray_120905031 Yellow 225_Art_Spray_120905225.eps Orange212_Art_Spray_120905212.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 020 Zitron 04C / 00M / 78Y / 00B - 11/14

005 034 039 007 037 057 141 Raspberry Bordeaux Aubergine Lavender Plum Gentian Sky Blue 005_Art_Spray_120905005.eps 039_Art_Spray_120905039.eps 007_Art_Spray_120905007.eps 037_Art_Spray_120905037.eps 057_Art_Spray_120905057.eps 141_Art_Spray_120905141.eps 034_Art_Spray_120905034.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 005 Himbeere Marabu - Art Spray - 007 LavendelMarabu - Art Spray - 037 Pflaume Marabu - Art Spray - 057 Enzian Marabu - Art Spray - 141 Himmelblau Marabu - Art Spray - 034 Bordeaux Marabu - Art Spray - 039 Aubergine 10C / 75M / 08Y / 00B - 11/14 52C / 78M / 24Y / 26B - 11/14 31C / 47M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 74C / 80M / 16Y / 19B - 11/14 95C / 60M / 00Y / 05B - 11/14 61C / 06M / 02Y / 00B - 11/14 15C / 79M / 29Y / 23B - 11/14

091 153 255 Marabu - Art Spray - 158158 092 Apfel Marabu - Art Spray - 061061 Reseda Marabu - Art Spray - 092 Petrol Marabu - Art Spray - 041041 Khaki 65C / 00M / 67Y / 00B - 11/14 32C / 00M / 72Y / 00B - 11/14 84C / 23M / 28Y / 40B - 11/14 66C / 40M / 62Y / 28B - 11/14 Caribbean Mint Aquamarine Apple Reseda Petrol Khaki 091_Art_Spray_120905091.eps 153_Art_Spray_120905153.eps 158_Art_Spray_120905158.eps 061_Art_Spray_120905061.eps 092_Art_Spray_120905092.eps 041_Art_Spray_120905041.eps 262_Art_Spray_120905262.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 091 Karibik Marabu - Art Spray - 153 Minze- Art Spray - 262 Aquamarin Marabu 55C / 00M / 15Y / 00B - 11/14 83C / 20M / 55Y / 17B 46C - 11/14 / 00M / 36Y / 00B - 11/14

295 078 Marabu - Art Spray - 073073 SchwarzMarabu - Art Spray - 082082 Silber Marabu - Art Spray - 084084 Gold 60C / 55M / 45Y / 90B - 11/14 33C / 22M / 21Y / 09B - 11/14 10C / 30M / 70Y / 04B - 11/14 Cocoa Grey Black Silver Gold 295_Art_Spray_120905295.eps 078_Art_Spray_120905078.eps 073_Art_Spray_120905073.eps 082_Art_Spray_120905082.eps 084_Art_Spray_120905084.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 295 Kakao Marabu - Art Spray - 078 Grau 51C / 51M / 58Y / 45B - 11/14 35C / 31M / 30Y / 10B - 11/14

Marabu Art Painter Tip: The Marabu range contains numerous painters and liners with different effects and tips.

15 mm tip. Matt acrylic paint marker for writing, painting, embellishing. Ideal for integration into artwork on many materials such as canvas, paper, wood. High quality valve system for an even, exact flow of colour and a saturated, long application of colour. Sturdy paint tips allow precise lines.

220 225 123 Marabu - Art Spray - 005005 037 057 153 Himbeere Marabu - Art Spray - 037 Pflaume Marabu - Art Spray - 057 Enzian Marabu - Art Spray - 153 Minze 10C / 75M / 08Y / 00B - 11/14 74C / 80M / 16Y / 19B - 11/14 95C / 60M / 00Y / 05B - 11/14 83C / 20M / 55Y / 17B - 11/14 Sunshine Tangerine Chilli Raspberry Plum Gentian Mint 220_Art_Painter_012715220.eps 123_Art_Painter_012715123.eps 005_Art_Painter_012715005.eps 037_Art_Painter_012715037.eps 057_Art_Painter_012715057.eps 153_Art_Painter_012715153.eps Yellow225_Art_Painter_012715225.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 220 Sonnengelb Marabu - Art Spray - 225Marabu Mandarine - Art Spray - 123 Peperoni 00C / 19M / 82Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 60M / 100Y / 00B -00C 11/14 / 83M / 58Y / 00B - 11/14

061 295 078 Marabu - Art Spray - 070070 073 082 084 SchwarzMarabu - Art Spray - 082 Silber Marabu - Art Spray - 084 Gold WeiĂ&#x; Marabu - Art Spray - 073 60C / 55M / 45Y / 90B - 11/14 33C / 22M / 21Y / 09B - 11/14 10C / 30M / 70Y / 04B - 11/14 00C / 00M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 Reseda Cocoa Grey White Black Silver Gold 061_Art_Painter_012715061.eps 295_Art_Painter_012715295.eps 078_Art_Painter_012715078.eps 073_Art_Painter_012715073.eps 082_Art_Painter_012715082.eps 084_Art_Painter_012715084.eps 070_Art_Painter_012715070.eps Marabu - Art Spray - 061 Reseda Marabu - Art Spray - 295 Kakao Marabu - Art Spray - 078 Grau 32C / 00M / 72Y / 00B - 11/14 51C / 51M / 58Y / 45B - 11/14 35C / 31M / 30Y / 10B - 11/14

029 220 013 123 031 124 005 Flesh Sunshine Orange Chilli Cherry Red Pomegranate Raspberry 029_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 220_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 013_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 123_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 031_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 124_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 005_Art_Crayon_0140.eps Colour Yellow Marabu - Art Crayon - 029 Hautfarbe Marabu - Art Crayon - 220 Sonnengelb Marabu - Art Crayon - 013 OrangeMarabu - Art Crayon - 123 Peperoni Marabu - Art Crayon - 031 Kirschrot Marabu - Art Crayon - 124 Granatapfel Marabu - Art Crayon - 005 Himbeere 00C / 23M / 19Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 05M / 95Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 60M / 100Y / 00B - 11/14 00C / 84M / 56Y / 00B - 11/14 03C / 96M / 67Y / 12B - 11/14 12C / 84M / 57Y / 28B - 11/14 22C / 83M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14

033 007 037 057 098 141 297 Rose Pink Lavender Plum Gentian Turquoise Sky Blue Aqua Green 033_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 007_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 037_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 057_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 098_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 141_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 297_Art_Crayon_0140.eps Marabu - Art Crayon - 033 Rosa Marabu - Art Crayon - 007 Lavendel Marabu - Art Crayon - 037 PflaumeMarabu - Art Crayon - 057 Enzian Marabu - Art Crayon - 098 Türkisblau Marabu - Art Crayon - 141 Himmelblau Marabu - Art Crayon - 297 Aquagrün 08C / 63M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 33C / 41M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 76C / 86M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 97C / 57M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 92C / 04M / 11Y / 14B - 11/14 82C / 16M / 00Y / 00B - 11/14 93C / 00M / 48Y / 00B - 11/14

155 Marabu - Art Crayon - 158 158 041 294 008 295 278 Apfel Marabu - Art Crayon - 041 Khaki Marabu - Art Crayon - 294 Karamell Marabu - Art Crayon - 008 Terracotta Marabu - Art Crayon - 295 Kakao - Art Crayon - 298 Hellgrau Marabu 93C / 00M / 86Y / 00B - 11/14 68C / 27M / 76Y / 38B - 11/14 03C / 36M / 78Y / 02B - 11/14 17C / 71M / 59Y / 19B - 11/14 47C / 60M / 58Y / 47B - 11/14 41C / 28M / 26Y / 11B - 11/14 Kiwi Apple Khaki Caramel Terracotta Cocoa Light Grey 155_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 158_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 041_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 294_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 008_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 295_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 298_Art_Crayon_0140.eps Marabu - Art Crayon - 155 Kiwi 67C / 00M / 100Y / 00B - 11/14

070 073 082 084 White Black Silver Gold 073_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 082_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 084_Art_Crayon_0140.eps 070_Art_Crayon_0140.eps Marabu - Art Crayon - 082 Silber Marabu - Art Crayon - 084 Gold Marabu - Art Crayon - 070 Weiß Marabu - Art Crayon - 073 Schwarz 67C / 60M / 57Y / 80B - 11/14 00C / 05M / 08Y / 31B - 11/14 00C / 34M / 100Y / 00B - 11/14 0C / 0M / 0Y / 0B - 11/14


Mixed Media range . 29






Highly pigmented, light-fast wax crayons with a creamy, soft consistency. The vivid, light-fast paints can be mixed for intense transitions, watercolour effects in combination with water.



Marabu Art Crayon


Mixed Media range . 30

Marabu Art Stencil


u o r g k c a b r o f l a Ide

Effective stencilling on paper, canvas frames, wood, textiles and many other materials. Ideal for backgrounds in mixed media, art journalling, scrapbooking, card making; for stencilling with all Marabu acrylic and textile paints.

DIN A4, Bricks

DIN A4, Chevron

DIN A4, Honeycomb

DIN A4, Zentangle

DIN A4, Blooming Garden

DIN A4, Retro Flowers

DIN A4, Script

DIN A4, Basic Combination

DIN A4, Modern Combination

DIN A4, Animal Print Combination

DIN A4, Growing Dots

DIN A4, Graphic Pattern

In addition to the Art Stencils, Marabu offers an extensive range of other stencils.

Marabu Art Stamp Fine-pored design stamp for stamping borders and backgrounds. Ideal for integration into mixed media projects on porous materials such as canvas, paper, wood.

16 x 16 cm Sunflower

16 x 16 cm Baroque

16 x 16 cm Hearts

16 x 16 cm Rose

Marabu Art Roller Rubber effect roller for patterns and borders for use with acrylic paints and pastes. 10 cm, Giraffe

10 cm, Fence

10 cm, Tiles

10 cm, Baroque

Mixed Media range . 32

Marabu brushes Brush set Basics

Brush set Effects

The basic equipment for mixed media. Robust brushes, perfect for acrylic paints. Universal brushes, excellent for acrylic paints and working on paper. Forte brushes, ideal for working with paste-like paints, textured pastes and gels. Brush handles made of FSC® certified wood.

Synthetic brushes for individual effects and brush textures. Ideal for acrylic paints, oil paints, craft paints, textured pastes and gels. Brush handles made of FSC® certified wood.

4 brushes

4 brushes

Gesso brush Ideal for priming.

Brush handles made of FSC® certified wood.

Brushes are available in different sizes, from narrow to very wide.

Collage brushes The collage brush has short, very fine, yet flexible synthetic bristles which are ideal for all paper techniques. It is suitable for working even on very thin paper without tearing. Brush handle made of FSC® certified wood.

Modelling brush The modelling brush set with different silicone tips (round, flat and angled) is suitable for mixing, spreading and modelling paste-like paints, textured pastes and gels. The silicone tips allow quick and easy cleaning of the brushes. Brush handles made of FSC® certified wood.

5 silicone brushes

Painting sponges

Paint knife set

Paint roller

Painting sponges, fine-pored and large-pored. Ideal for large-area applications and for blending and stippling techniques. ø 7 cm.

Five different plastic artist’s knives for working with paste-like paints, textured pastes, gels and gesso.

Paint roller made of hard rubber with ergonomic handle for easy handling and thin application on firm materials.

3 sponges

5 paint knives

Mixed Media range . 33

Marabu tools

Other tools such as wooden paint knives, stencilling brushes, etc. are available from the overall range.

Special effect knives Paint knives in different shapes for unique effects in paints, textured pastes and gels.

3 paint knives

Sprayer Empty bottle with atomiser for interesting mixed media techniques. Fill with water or water based products. Not suitable for alcohol based paints or paints with glitter particles.

Paper pad mixed media

20 300

Papier Mixed Media

• 300 g/m² • grana fine • opaca, bianca naturale • priva di acidi • resistente alla luce e all‘invecchiamento • incollata su 2 lati • 20 fogli

Carta da disegno per Mixed Media

• 300 g/m² • De grano fino • Mate, blanco natural • Libre de ácido • Resistente a la luz y al envejecimiento • Encolado por 2 lados • 20 hojas

Papel para Mixed Media

• 300 g/m² • fijn korrelig • mat natuurwit • zuurvrij • licht- en verouderingsbestendig • 2 zijdig gelijmd • 20 vellen

Mixed Media papier

• бумага 300 г/м² • мелкозернистая • матовая, естественно-белая • бескислотная • устойчивая к свету и старению • проклеенная с 2 сторон • 20 листов

Бумага Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Mixed Media paper

• 300 g/m² • grain fin • mat, blanc naturel • sans acide • résistant à la lumière et au vieillissement • encollé des deux côtés • 20 feuilles

300 g/m2

Mixed Media Papier

• 300 g/m² • fine textured • matt, natural white • acid free • light and age resistant • glued on 2 edges • 20 sheets

Sized on both sides to provide a smooth surface.

Mixed Media

• 300 g/m² • fein gekörnt • matt, naturweiß • säurefrei • licht- und alterungsbeständig • 2-seitig geleimt • 20 Blätter

For watercolour, acrylic and collage techniques and for sketching and mixing techniques. Fine grain; matt, natural white; glued on 2 sides. Strong and resistant to light and ageing, the paper pad provides the perfect basis for all techniques. The matt, natural white colour of the paper provides true colour rendering and a fine grain to allow saturated and even paint application.

30 x 40 cm

and ide




Malblock_30_40_RZ.indd 1

24 x 32cm

Notebook Art Journal

Für Aquarell-, Acryl- und Collagetechniken, sowie für Skizzen- und Mischtechniken. For watercolour, acrylic and collages, as well as sketching and mixed media. Pour l‘aquarelle, l‘acrylique et les collages, ainsi que pour les croquis et les techniques mixtes. Per tecniche ad acquerelli, colori acrilici e collage, nonché per tecniche a schizzo e miste. Para técnicas de acuarela, acrílico y collage, así como de croquis y mixtas. Geschikt voor aquarel-, acryl- en collagetechnieken evenals schets- en mixed mediatechnieken. Для акварельной, акриловой и коллажной техники, а также для эскизной и смешанной техники.

n ee


T ip und Id ps



11,8 x 15,7 in

Art.-Nr. 1612 00 073

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Fritz-Lieken-Str. 7-9 D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Tel. +49 7141 691 0


72 180

Cuaderno de art journaling • Papel de 180 g/m², blanco • De grano fino • Mate, blanco natural • Libre de ácido • Resistente a la luz y al envejecimiento • Encuadernado con hilo • Bolsillo plegable interior • Señalador • 72 hojas


Арт-журнал • бумага 180 г/м² • мелкозернистая • матовая, естественно-белая • бескислотная • устойчивая к свету и старению • внутри складная сумка • закладка • 72 листов

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Fritz-LiekenStraße 7-9 D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Tel. + 49 7141 691 0

und Id ps


and ide


Art Journal


180 g/m2

Creatief journaal • 180 g/m² Papier, blank • fijn korrelig • mat natuurwit • zuurvrij • licht- en verouderingsbestendig • draad-gebonden • Vouwtas binnenin • Bladwijzer • 72 vellen

libro Art Journaling • Carta da 180 g/m², blanc • grana fine • opaca, bianco • privo di acidi • resistente alla luce e all‘invecchiamento • rilegato con fili • tasca interna pieghevole • segnalibro • 72 fogli


RUS Творческое саморазвитие личности! Техника художественного декорирования позволяет вам выразить свои чувства, переживания, желания и фантазии с помощью красок, мотивов и цитат, без правил и ограничений. Собственной неповторимой манерой, в совершенно уникальном стиле.

Carnet Art Journaling • 180 g/m² papier, blanc • grain fin • mat, blanc naturel • sans acide • résistant à la lumière et au vieillissement • reliure cousue • pochette intérieure • marque-page • 72 feuilles

Art Journal

N Cratieve zelfexpressie. Art-journaling leent zich tot het ontwerpen met kleuren, motieven en tekst zonder regels en beperkingen. Fantasieën, eigen verlangens en meningen zijn mogelijk in een zeer persoonlijke stijll.

Art journal • 180 g/m² paper, blanc • fine textured • matt, natural white • acid free • light and age resistant • stitch binding • inner pocket • bookmark • 72 sheets

Art.-Nr. 1612 00 100

E ¡Autodespliegue creativo! Plasmando los sentimientos, experiencias, deseos y fantasías con colores, motivos y palabras en el art journaling, sin reglas ni límites. Al propio modo y manera, en estilo completamente personal.

Art Journal • 180 g/m² Papier, blanko • fein gekörnt • matt, naturweiß • säurefrei • licht- und alterungsbeständig • fadengebunden • Falttasche, innen • Lesezeichen • 72 Seiten



Kreativ-Journal Creative journal Journal créatif

D Kreative Selbstentfaltung! Beim Art Journaling mit Farben, Motiven und Sprüchen dem Gefühlten, Erlebten, Wünschen und Fantasien Ausdruck verleihen, ohne Regeln oder Einschränkungen. Auf eigene Art und Weise, im ganz persönlichen Stil.

Art Journal

Diario creativo Creatief journaal Творческий дневник

I Espressione creativa! L‘Art Journaling permette di esprimere le sensazioni, il vissuto, i sogni e le fantasie con colori, motivi e versi - senza regole o limitazioni. A modo proprio e con uno stile tutto personale.


Art Journal

n ee

T ip

The matt, fine grain paper is ideal for all paints and techniques and the natural white, fade-resistant material provides true colour rendering. The high quality production with string binding and inside folded pocket make the book the ideal companion. Tip: Express your feelings, experiences, wishes and fantasies in art journalling through colours, designs and words, without rules or limits. In your own way, in your personal style.

G Creative self expression! Art journalling lets you give expression to sensations, experiences, thoughts and ideas using colours, designs and phrases, without rules or limits. In a unique way and in your very own style.

YOUR LIFE YOUR BOOK Kreativ-Journal Creative journal Journal créatif Diario creativo Creatief journaal Творческий дневник

Art_Journal_A5_470_100_RZ1448_RZ.indd 1

DIN A5 (14,8 x 21 cm) 5,8 x 8,3 in

F L‘épanouissement dans la création ! Grâce au Art Journaling, exprimez avec des couleurs, des motifs et des citations tout ce que vous ressentez, vivez, attendez ou imaginez, sans aucune règle ou limite. A votre façon, dans un style qui vous est propre.


180 g/m2

25.11.14 16:52


30 x 40 cm 11,8 x 15,7 in


300 g/m2

25.11.14 17:48

30 x 40 cm


Mixed Media range . 34

Marabu painting surfaces







T, G








per 360 g/m² • 100 % cellulosa,bianco liscia, • satinata, • priva di acidi luce e alla • resistente mento all‘invecchia 4 lati • incollato • 10 fogli

Carta da disegno acrilico

ique • Acryl

360 g/m² • 100 % cellulose, blanc • satiné, lisse, • sans acide lumière et à la • résistant nt au vieillisseme • collé 4 côtés • 10 pages

peinture Papier pour acrylique

360 2

ier 360 gr/m² • 100 % cellulose, wit • satijn, zacht, • zuurvrij sbestendig • licht- en veroudering • 4 zijden gelijmd • 10 vellen


360 g/m

за, 360 г/м²


• проклее • 10 листов

старению сторон нная с 4

• бескисло ая к свету и • устойчив


• 100 % целлюло ванная, • сатиниробелая

ия рисован Бумага для красками акриловыми

cm 24 x 32




Co. KG GmbH & 9 Marabu Straße 7– Fritz-Liekenissingen Bietigheim-B 691 0 D-74321 +49 7141 ative Telefon: www.mara

in 9,4 x 12,6

rylique rylic • Ac Acryl • Ac






Acryl ic Acryl •

360 g/m² • 100 % Cellulose, white smooth, • satinised, • acid free age resistant • light and sides 4 • glued on • 10 sheets

Acrylic painting





cm 24 x 32 ,6 in 9,4 x 12






014 1612 00

glatt Acrylmalpapier paper, smooth lisse Acrylic painting peinture acrylique liscia Papier pour per acrilico Carta da disegno er, zacht акриловыми Acrylschilderpapi рисования Бумага для гладкая красками,


• 4-seitig geleimt • 10 Blätter

360 g/m² • 100 % Cellulose,weiß glatt, • satiniert, • säurefrei alterungsbeständig • licht- und

Tip: Canvas frames, cardboard and paper pads are available in many sizes.












100 %









Mixed Media range . 35

32 300 Ring binder mixed media

For watercolour, acrylic and collage techniques and for sketching and mixing techniques. The sturdy paper is ideal for techniques with a high pigment or water content. The fine grain of the paper provides even paint application and the colours remain vivid thanks to the high level of resistance to fading of the material. The high quality ring binding provides freedom for page design and flexibility for choosing designs and materials.


O n li n e



ra t i o n


- Id ea




s - Tu t o r



MW 01/15 . 5911 05 104




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ti - C om pe



Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Fritz-Lieken-Str. 7-9 D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Tel. +49 7141 691 0







s - T ip


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N MarabuChannel

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Subject to change. Differences in tone due to printing method. No liability for printing errors. 路 Subject to change without prior notice. Differences in tone due to printing method.

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Mixed bu

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Marabu Mixed Media - Bringing special moments to life!

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Marabu Mixed Media - Bringing special moments to life!