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#134 dreamers

THE cloth ISSUE september2011 4014 days since we launched another idea by

20 local

[encouraging dreaming]

“Everyone has to work out their own wisdom for themselves.” – – NICK CHIU

media architects managing editor carl lindgren business manager wendy schipper editor mikki brammer editorial assistant libby davis copy editor matthew brady art director lila theodoros production manager sarah hyne web/graphic designers nick bligh, sarah hyne photographer libby davis advertising manager chrisanthi demos account managers gemma gordon, leonie ruegg financial controller kathryn lindgren admin assistant melinda halloran web developers morgan daly, dino latoga contributors frances frangenheim, eric lindgren, kath lindgren interns james frostick, amy melksham, wendy serrano map babies jasper york, mia, milo day, mollie, oscar map sponsor kids modester, narboth map foster animals maxwell the rhino, migaloo the whale, pedro the iguana, sinya the elephant map sponsor items a charity: water well in ethiopa a swing in bolivia an acre of the gondwana link


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32 national

cover Rolf Spectacles Photography by Runimation Pictures/Robert Eder


“You have to find your own way of looking at things and your own way of saying things.” – – RAFAEL BONACHELA 42 international


“Never be late for a job interview.” 24 fashion



“There is something interesting about almost everything. Life itself is inspiring.” – – Patrick Turiello 56 arts



“Do things that you like and have passion for.”







think 06 direction

Emil Congdon

global report



street 23 raw 24 cloth

Patrick Turiello




40 44 45 46

home space pantry place food

– – Meng Jinghui

music/arts/film 50


Lucas Stibbard

mood 52 book 54 gallery 56


Meng Jinghui

Shannon Voss


Bronwyn Gascoigne


travellers map

Bac Ha, Vietnam


Ronny Wachtel



face 58 ticket 59 stimulator

neighbourhood search 18 pavement 14



Tim Munro


managing editor’s note

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” –– C.S. lewis

Welcome to map magazine’s 134th issue and our 12th birthday issue. This month we witnessed the News of the World scandal, and then, last night while watching the news, I was appalled to hear that some staff at Channel Nine had abused their position in the media and faked a live helicopter cross to where police were searching for Daniel Morcombe. Media has the power to change the world for the good or bad. William Bernbach said: “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarise that society. We can brutalise it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.” When I started map magazine, I wrote

a small manual for the team in the attempt to help us succeed in the world of media. One of the sayings in the manual was the following: The destiny of map magazine lies purely in the hands of the people who come in touch with it. That is you! I would like to say thank you to all the team at map for upholding the spirit of map magazine and the quest for positive media. I am fortunate to work with a wonderful group of exceptionally talented individuals who all contribute to shaping map magazine into the magazine it is today. And thank you to our advertisers and readers who continue to support us. Enjoy the new-look map and remember to dream ...

Carl Lindgren :) Managing Editor look out for the next issue of map magazine THE eat ISSUE follow map magazine on facebook, twitter & instagram

out october 7th

map magazine aims to foster a culture of confidence, spirit & individuality in people to help them embrace a mindset where they can be positive about the future.



“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”



– – Coco Chanel

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

– – Henry David Thoreau


heartfelt help

ark Oxfam East Africa Crisis

editor’s memo


When Carl Lindgren first founded map magazine 12 years ago, it was because he could find no positive media in the marketplace to nourish the optimistic spirits of dreamers like him. But fortunately for most of us working at map now, we’ve been able to grow up with this magazine – long before we ever dreamed of working here. For more than a decade, the diverse content on its pages made us smile, inspired us, challenged us, and encouraged us to chase our dreams with all our might, and we are now privileged to contribute to the very thing that taught us to dream. It’s heartening how many stories we hear from readers about how they’ve been inspired into action by something they’ve seen in map magazine, and it makes our work a joy. So as we celebrate our 12th birthday, the map team says thank you to Carl for chasing his dream all those years ago.

Mikki Brammer Editor

With the UN declaring the humanitarian crisis in East Africa as the worst drought the region has seen in the past 60 years, aid organisations are desperately seeking assistance. Oxfam is partnering with local communities in East Africa to provide life-giving support – with the immediate goal of providing food and water, and improving sanitation. Providing urgent relief, the Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal aims to actively provide desperately needed food to sustain life. To lend your support to this dire situation, join the Oxfam appeal and donate online. @

retroDREAMER ––

Edward Steichen

“Once you really commence to see things, then you really commence to feel things.”

Often considered one of the first fashion photographers, Edward Steichen’s prolific career blazed a revolutionary trail through glossy magazine pages, with subjects including Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. As a fashion photographer, Edward dreamed of infusing his trade with modernist techniques, casting aside traditional notions of photography shoots. Also delving into gallery curating and painting, his creative career was all-encompassing.

INVITES YOU TO ... CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS Hidden in a remote valley in southern France, the Chauvet Cave holds the key to some of humankind’s earliest secrets. As the location of the planet’s oldest cave paintings, the ancient cave is alive with history and culture. Public visitors are banned from entering the precious site, which is vigilantly preserved by the French government. Under exceptional circumstances, director Werner Herzog was given rare permission to film his ground-breaking documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which invites audiences to delve underground and virtually explore this wondrous piece of history captured deep beneath the ground. For your chance to attend map magazine’s special screening at Palace Barracks on September 21 at 6:30 pm, visit and follow the links. 112 lucky entrants will receive a double pass. Winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

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the British coming-of-age comedy

Project Nim


check out the latest news at

brisbane shop 9 | 171-177 edward st selected david jones




Emil Congdon

Craftsman, USA EMIL ERWIN –– Inspired by the craftsmanship of old American manufacturing, Emil Congdon lovingly handcrafts the Emil Erwin range of leather accessories, from belts to satchels. age 31. born Erwin, Tennessee, USA. describe yourself in ten words Considerate, driven, meticulous, committed, dynamic, idealistic, unwavering, eager, student, ingenious. gets you out of bed in the morning My threeyear-old daughter. something you discovered this month Spotify, king-size beds, TV on the Radio, map magazine. last thing that made you smile I am constantly smiling. It’s hard to narrow it down. I am a happy dude. idea of complete happiness 72°F (22ºC) with a breeze.

PERFECT // PONG With a clever eye for design, and with the welfare of the environment at the forefront of mind, Los Angeles-based designer James Perse has created a table that will bring a touch of elegance to even the most uncoordinated of ping pong matches. The James Perse limited-edition ping pong table has been handmade from environmentally farmed solid teak. With its clean lines and sophisticated form, this is not a table to be folded up and relegated to the spare room after use – which is why it also comes with a teak tabletop to transform it into a dining or conference table. @

OPULENT // TIMEKEEPER Some could argue that, after being named as Miss Piggy’s favourite designer, Jeremy Scott could retire a happy man. But still a long way off preparing to settle into the grey nomad lifestyle, American designer Jeremy Scott recently collaborated with iconic watchmaker Swatch to create the lavish Swatch Opulence watch. With a golden antique-style frame encasing the watch face, the wearable piece of art offers the avant-garde hallmarks of Jeremy Scott’s designs coupled with a classic Swatch look. For occasions when a clean look is in order, the frame can be detached from the watch. @

last time you did something for the first time I juiced this morning. makes you different I don’t care

about being rich. I just want to make a comfortable life for my family while doing what I love for as long as possible. worth fighting for Independence, quality, and integrity. tell me about fashion I believe in fashion with a strong emphasis on function. It doesn’t matter how it looks if it doesn’t work. biggest inspiration American manufacturing of the 1940s and 1950s. world you imagine One where everyone has the chance to find the thing they do best, and have the opportunity to do it. words of wisdom Be considerate of others; we’re all in this together.

06 map magazine



With a wild imagination in tow, few things are off limits, which is why Marmol Radziner finds creative inspiration in the most unlikely places. The collective’s jewellery range transforms solid bronze fragments of industrial remnants into stunning accoutrements. Each piece is designed and handcrafted to create an aesthetic that will appeal to those who wear their personality on their sleeve. Over time, the film on the surface of each piece will react to the wearer and the natural elements, meaning that no two pieces will ever look the same. @

For those who require a little help in the eyesight department, a flattering and stylish pair of glasses is a godsend. When the perfect pair of spectacles auspiciously finds its new owner, a flawless union is reached. For the astute eyes behind the designs of ROLF Spectacles, functionality, style and high-quality products are essential in handcrafting innovative eyewear. Located in the Austrian Alps, the family business produces wooden spectacle frames crafted from bamboo and other lightweight wooden materials, with seamless hinging that operates without the usual built-in screw. @

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

be the change you want to see in the world

global report



Akin to a vast and largely undiscovered land, the human memory contains immeasurable abilities to store, recall and enhance information. Inside every mind lies a unique ability to create magnificent images, conjure up hidden memories, and imagine impossibilities into realities. For British artist Stephen Wiltshire, the built environment acts as a stimulus for his creative expression. Possessing a unique talent for capturing infinite details inside his mind, Stephen is renowned for his ability to look at a cityscape once, and then create an intricately detailed artistic representation from memory. Also recognised for his inspiring panoramic artworks, Stephen’s drawings capture towering buildings, sprawling avenues and rambling rooftops. Embodying a personal motto of ‘do the best you can and never stop’, Stephen’s creative drive and determined attitude is both an

stephen wiltshire london, EngLand

10 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

map magazine is proud to be carbon neutral

inspiration and a driving force. Diagnosed as autistic as a child, Stephen developed his artistic talents to further his means of communicating. Garnering international acclaim for his incredible memory recall, positive approach to challenges and creative talents, Stephen’s artistic ventures are varied and constantly evolving. Capturing the power, might and uniqueness of cities all over the world in his illustrations, Stephen’s creative adventures include embarking on helicopter flights over the London and New York City skylines, and subsequently reproducing intricately detailed scaled aerial illustrations, drawn from the depths of his creative vault. Venturing to Brisbane this year to participate in a pre-launch event for TEDx Brisbane, Stephen will explore the Brisbane cityscape by helicopter and then illustrate it from memory for an artwork to be hung at the State Library of Queensland.


piecexpiece the beginning revealed stage 1 now open Anthonys Fine Jewellery Georg Jensen Goodlife Health Clubs Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining Jurlique La Dolce Vita Caffe Mick O’Malley’s Irish Pub OPSM Pure Indulgence Rodd And Gunn R.M.Williams Secure Parking Strike Bowling Bar (re-opening October 2011) Swarovski The Athlete’s Foot Veronika Maine Wagamama Wittner

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Ronny Wachtel

Shannon Voss

horologist/brisbane vintage watches

director/nine owls tea

What is your profession? I am an horologist. I work

What is your profession? I develop and blend

in the field of sales, restoration and valuing rare and collectable timepieces and watches. What training or qualifications do you need to fill this role? Reading, reading and more reading, along with the usual experience curse – sadly there is no substitute. An apprenticeship and approximately 10 years of experience is most beneficial. What are the key skills and responsibilities of the role? Being patient, as it can take time to identify and restore rare pieces. It’s also important to communicate with customers in layman’s terms. How did you get involved in your profession? It all started as a hobby, then a passion, and finally an addiction. My parents used to worry about me when I would read horological textbooks at age 16 – not the norm I was told. Could you break into the industry in other ways? Yes! Passion is a prerequisite. What do you hope to achieve within your industry? Many happy faces! I love the satisfaction of completing a restoration that ‘couldn’t be done’. Are you in the industry for the long term? Yes, sadly the addiction is for life.

unique teas, and also provide wholesalers and retailers with unusual organic tea products. What training or qualifications do you need to fill this role? A management or business degree is helpful. It’s definitely an advantage to have a knowledge of horticulture. I am a horticulturist, but I am always doing research on herbs for new blends. And drinking lots of cups of tea. What are the key skills and responsibilities of the role? It’s important to support the local community, by building strong business relationships, and having a commitment to the environment. How did you get involved in your profession? I was blending tea from herbs grown on our farm, and my dad (an avid tea drinker) kept telling me I should be selling it. Consequently, Nine Owls was born. Could you break into the industry in other ways? Yes. I believe if you have a passion for something, pursue it. What do you hope to achieve within your industry? I hope that this will become a business for the people – involving them, not exploiting them. Are you in the industry for the long term? Absolutely. I am about to release a range of summer blends and a range of children’s herbal teas called ‘The Owlets’, and also the ‘Babyteano’. What advice

What advice would you give someone looking to emulate your success? In one word, passion. It’s essential to be excited to go to work everyday. Did you always think you would be in this role? No. When I first started

work after finishing my university studies, I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in horology in Brisbane. But I gave it a go back in 1999, and haven’t stopped since. What was your first paid job? Putting address stickers on envelopes during my school holidays. What would you love to do if you weren’t in this role?

I was always interested in medicine. My uncle is a GP and I’ve always liked what he does and how he goes about his work. What inspires you? People who help others without being asked or without expecting anything in return. Who is your rolemodel? My grandfather. He was a very wise and loving man. What are your words of wisdom? Manage your time and, when it comes to watches, be patient. It does exist somewhere!

12 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

would you give someone looking to emulate your success? Be genuine, believe in what you are doing, be creative, and smile. Did you always think you would be in this role? I was a bit of a gypsy growing up and

lived in the moment. I love how the universe helps to place you where you are meant to be. What was your first paid job? Working for my father on his farm. What would you love to do if you weren’t in this role? Indigenous welfare and development. What inspires you? People who have a shot at their dream. Who is your rolemodel? Dr Varuni Kulasekera of Chado

in Hobart. Varuni knows tea – she deals directly with farmers to ensure fairtrade. What are your words of wisdom? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, and you’ll always feel what you always felt.

map magazine supports modester and narboth

Passion is a prerequisite.” – – RONNY WACHTEL

Believe in what you are doing.” – – SHANNON VOSS

Brisbane Arcade

leaders in jewellery and fashion since 1923

details designer jewellery

Gallery Level, Shop 19 :: T 07 3210 0270 :: Crocodile and Stingray Leather Cuffs with Sterling Silver Features; Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

kimmison jewellery

Gallery Level, Shop 28 :: T 07 3221 4127 :: 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring; 18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings; 18ct White Gold Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring; 18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings



Street Level, Shop 1 :: T 07 3211 4322 ::

Opens September T 07 3012 8803 ::

White Gold LovePod Rings with PavĂŠ Diamond Setting; New Season Pearl Ring; New Season Wave Hoop Earrings

Luxury Austrian label specialising in hosiery, lingerie and fashion clothing

Heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade in the Queen Street Mall is home to some of our city’s most innovative and award-winning fashion, jewellery and accessory stores. Discover fresh fashion straight from the runway of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, quality, timeless designer jewellery and accessories and good old-fashioned service. Brisbane Arcade - as unique and individual as you. Brisbane Arcade operating proceeds benefit the University of Queensland Medical School and medical research.



VILLAGE voices

Anissa Rossington Customer Representative Threads and More ––

FAVOURITE ... WORD Bubble. SOUND Babies laughing. PLACE Malaysia. PASSION Creating with yarn. THING Yarn! FOOD Sweet chilli sauce. SMELL Fresh laundry. TIME OF DAY First thing in the morning. BOOK To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

laughing, yarn, fresh laundry ...

ALTRUISTIC // drops Selfless support can transform lives and propel goodwill into motion. Understanding that local initiatives can assist global causes, Brisbane-based Droplets in a Stream draws on local community support. Working with communities in Uganda and Kenya, the program aims to empower developing communities with the ability to transform hope into reality, through sustainable practices, training and economic support. Droplets in a Stream is currently assisting Mana Wilfrida’s orphanage in Uganda with a solar-powered water pump, and accommodation for street children. @

SARTORIAL // staple From Paul Newman to Steve McQueen, style icons throughout history have consistently turned towards tailored silhouettes. A well-cut suit can transform figures and instil a refreshing dose of self-assurance in its wearer. For menswear brand M.J. Bale, capturing individual style, whilst balancing carefully considered design, is paramount to the label’s creative ethos. Whether it’s a hand-sewn seam, or a hand-crafted button designed to accompany its wearer throughout their lifetime, the collection is designed to last, and forgoes the temporary nature of fast fashion. @

happy, paris, breakfast ...

Peta Nagle

Owner Boutique Cirque La Poppie ––

FAVOURITE ... WORD Happy. SOUND Singing birds. PLACE Paris. PASSION Helping to protect the environment. THING A photo of my family. FOOD Roast lamb. SMELL Freshly ground coffee. TIME OF DAY Breakfast. BOOK Kokoda by Paul Ham.

14 map magazine



An armadillo rarely finds itself serving as a muse for a handbag in an haute couture collection, but in a surreal fashion moment in the 1950s, its curiously shaped outline inspired a bespoke fashion accessory. Delving into its vintage handbag archive, boutique fashion retailer Jean Brown presents a collection of surrealist-influenced handbags, coinciding with GoMA’s Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams exhibition. Showcasing 20 unique and rare handbags, the Surrealism: The Fashion Object exhibition includes pieces from the Schiaparelli archives, and bizarre bags inspired by the works of Salvador Dalí. @

Celebrating eco-friendly living, Sustainable House Day on September 11 showcases sustainable-housing innovation. Putting an eco-inspired spin on a traditional open-house or garden event, last year’s Sustainable House Day opened the doors of 272 eco houses for visitors to marvel at green inventions, renewable-energy ideas and solar initiatives. Encouraging people to embrace small changes to enable a more sustainable lifestyle, the event aims to showcase the opportunities available for those interested in embracing sustainable living. @

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

map magazine supports the david sheldrick wildlife trust


Shop 4, 156 AdelAide St, City | 120 BoundAry St, WeSt end

A co-production with Sydney Theatre Company

“Haunting drama that proves by turns funny, scary and resonantly poetic.” Telegraph

19 September 22 October

Bille Brown Studio CALL QTIX to book 136 246

Tickets $38-$60 Under 30s - $30


the play



cool site://

TRIVIA // nerd Some people have a knack for the art of trivia, storing a plethora of useless facts in the brain for the odd occasion (or pub night) where they might reveal themselves as an essential pearl of wisdom. For those whose area of expertise is design, the DESIGNerd 100+ Design Trivia Games from Brisbane-based designer Kevin Finn will be a delight. Kevin also approached some of the most significant designers in the world, including Steven Heller and Stefan Sagmeister, to develop their own volume of personal trivia questions. The limited-edition series will also soon expand to include architecture, product design and fashion design. @

discover: // COCKTAIL // RELIEF Far from encouraging an unhealthy dependence on alcohol (as may first be implied), the Emergency Cocktail Station from designers Urbancase is instead inspired by the romantic notion of having a cocktail before or after dinner in a relaxed setting. The tongue-in-cheek design includes a wall-mounted cocktail bar with a drop-down work table and all of the implements necessary for mixing your favourite drink (alcohol not included). The unit is made from painted formaldehyde-free MDF and the door features a soft-open mechanism. For urban dandies who like the odd tipple, the Emergency Cocktail Station is a requisite accessory for entertaining. @

top 6 fashion community websites

langoliers kim ring

steve mcqueen folding sunglasses

astier de villate silk scarf

top 6 fashion trend websites

16 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

map magazine supports greenpeace

tony barlow mensw e a r & f o r m a l hire

Best studiO

italia suit OFFeR in BRisBane

Buy One Get One *


PuRChase any studiO italia suit made FROm 100% PuRe austRalian meRinO wOOl FROm $599 and ReCeiVe One FRee* INCLUDES DINNER SUITS seleCted desiGneR suits FROm $199 Sizes from 84cm to 148cm Limited time only - *of equal or lesser value – conditions apply

new BRisBane lOCatiOn level 1, 189 elizaBeth st (opposite the Hilton Hotel) Open 7 Days

Ph 3229 6559 – Fax 3221 9888












street musings what we asked – – what is the world you imagine?

“a world full of happiness and skateboarding!”

“where everyone

“one human

“freedom of choice.”

gets the same opportunities.”

family – zero poverty.”

Alastair Burke, 20


Chris Bristow, 19

Kate Tyszkiewicz, 39

town-planning student LIVES: new farm


Music Technology student LIVES: Hendra

Mother/Consultant LIVES: Teneriffe

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

The Brisbane Powerhouse RiverWalk; it’s a great place for a bit of serenity.

Mowbray Park is the best riverside picnic spot and it’s a fun ferry ride to so many other great inner-city places. what fashion item has caught your eye recently? Anything my gorgeous daughters wear. They gently coach me to look and feel more beautiful. what is stimulating you at the moment? An old quilt made up of psycho-coloured fabric circles from an opp shop. It just makes me smile. what issue needs immediate public attention? I can’t stop thinking about the situation in East Africa. what are your spiritual beliefs? I’m chronically Catholic. I believe that we are responsible for one another. who is inspiring you and why? The people I meet who take global poverty personally and commit to building a better world.

The Edge Sound Studios at South Bank are free to use for anyone who wants to, as long as they become a member. what fashion

Teneriffe Park is great for families and is just a lovely spot in Brisbane.

item has caught your eye recently? I am a fan of suede shoes. what is stimulating you at the moment?

from that, I love anything that is edgy and directional, with that point of difference. what is

The current Brisbane music scene. So many of the bands are getting the recognition they deserve.

stimulating you at the moment?

what fashion item has caught your eye recently? The baseball

shirt. I have about four of them and they are amazing. what is stimulating you at the moment?

The recent economic issues are really interesting to me. Everything that is happening is new to me, so I have taken a real interest in it all. what issue needs immediate public attention? People’s dietary issues. The obesity issue is becoming a problem. what are your spiritual beliefs? I believe in a higher power, but I don’t practise any particular religion. who is inspiring you and why? Ryan Sheckler. He is a pro skateboarder who is my age, but has been amazing at it since he was 14.

what issue needs immediate public attention? Equal

opportunities in the Australian workforce. what are your spiritual beliefs? My personal mantra is that things will happen for you when you want them – and work for them.

what fashion item has caught your eye recently? Prada shoes! Aside

The Surrealism exhibition at GoMA is simply amazing, and also great for kids. what issue needs immediate public attention? Carbon emissions. Everyone needs to agree to work together to achieve a common goal. what are your spiritual beliefs?

Kanye West. I find how he began as a producer and built himself into a performer really inspiring.

It’s important to spend time with yourself each day and appreciate what you have. who is inspiring you and why? My friends inspire me. Anything is possible when you have supportive friends.


who is inspiring you and why?

Where do you like to ... ? SHOP



The Outpost


Topman (online)







Pompidou Cafe







At home

On my verandah

The Bowery






Paddington Skate Park


New Farm Park

My bedroom, with a book!

18 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

stop global warming


local dreamer

style savant

NICK CHIU The streets of New York have inspired many a dream. As Nick Chiu wandered down curious laneways and furtive back alleys, revelling in the energy and creativity of the city’s independent clothing boutiques, the seeds were planted for an idea that would bring creative fashion to the gents of Brisbane. Returning from his sojourn to Manhattan, and joined by his younger brother Ben, Nick opened Apartment – a men’s clothing boutique that has evolved from a streetwear-inspired 28 sqm space tucked in Elizabeth Arcade, to its new 200 sqm thoughfully curated retail space that fuels the sartorial appetites of Brisbane’s creative intellectuals.

Ben and I … were born in Toowoomba and we’ve pretty much grown up in Brisbane. Brisbane is a great place to grow up – there are hardly any stresses or worries at all. There’s really good stuff happening here but people don’t give it a shot and write it off pretty quickly. My childhood dream was ... to be like Michael Chang. I thought I was going to be a pro-tennis player, but then I stopped growing. My dad … has the worst sayings ever. I’ve picked up all his bad habits, like not listening to people when they talk! I went to New York because … I went on exchange at university and lived there for six months. I didn’t study much but I saw so much stuff. I went to every store in the city. It was right when Opening Ceremony was just getting started, and there was Nom de Guerre and a whole lot of other boutiques that are now pretty big. In New York, no one judges you and it doesn’t matter what you wear so you can really express yourself. New York is … Life-changing. When I came back … I missed New York so much that I decided to do something inspired by New York-based streetwear. Back then it was much more underground. So that’s when we opened the first Apartment store in Elizabeth Arcade at the end of 2006. Before that we started with a little t-shirt label that was stocked in about 12 stores throughout Australia. When we look back on our label … we realise how terrible it was. It was just

20 map magazine

really kitsch graphic t-shirts that were the trend five years ago. Apartment has evolved into … something that’s not really New York anymore. Over the years it’s changed and I’m sure it will evolve again over the next five to ten years. The most inspiring retail concepts are … Barneys CO-OP – they just have everything – and Opening Ceremony, Colette in Paris, and Dover Street Market in London. Japanese brands … perform better for us. American brands don’t seem to get the same cult following. There’s a Japanese brand called Neighbourhood that’s got a huge underground following and it sells really well for us. The trick with being a hard-to-find store is that you’ve got to stock brands that people really want and will seek out because they’re so special. Tokyo is … inspiring. It’s really amazing to see how an entire community can carry itself. Dealing with fashion in Brisbane … you’ve really got to educate and build a brand for three or four seasons before people start to get used to it. If it doesn’t do well after that you’ve got to think about switching it out. We’ve got a new brand called White Mountaineering – which is from one of the old Comme des Garçons designers who used to work under Junya Watanabe – and that’s doing really well. In Brisbane, there’s still that mentality of putting people in a box and that you dress to suit whatever subgroup you’re in, whether that’s corporate or indie or emo.

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In bigger cities, everyone mixes everything so it’s easier to push a variety of different brands that don’t necessarily have an image attached to them. The guys who usually walk through the door of Apartment … are a particular type. They’re all pretty much creative intellectuals who notice subtle details – more so than a normal person. Usually they work in an industry that’s not too corporate and can wear a lot of our stuff to work – architects, graphic designers and people in industries like that. We’ve made so many mistakes … but the trick is that you can’t help but make those mistakes. When you start, you’ve got to figure out who your market is and what it wants. And that’s where the mistakes happen initially, when you have an idea in your head of what will work and then it doesn’t. But you just keep learning and keep tailoring things to fit your city. Our dream now is … to build up the store so that it can hold its own without us having to educate as much – so it works on its own reputation. We also want to build up our small instore label, APTMNT, and hopefully be able to base ourselves in New York or Tokyo either through our stores or brand. A huge influence on men’s fashion at the moment is … workwear. Some guy who understands fashion and art once told me that every time there’s a recession, fashion goes back to workwear – staple, simple, well-made pieces. And that’s what’s going on in our scene a lot now. It’s all

interview & photography by mikki brammer


Dress however the hell you want. Go nuts and experiment with stuff, even if it doesn’t work. ... ”

local dreamer

stemming from classic workwear – even the streetwear. But now it’s all kind of converging into one, and even high-end fashion is workwear influenced. There’s a definite lumberjack ‘I’m going to chop down a tree or go fishing’ thing going on. We try not to … follow trends too closely, because the brands we do all have particular looks they never divert from. Neighbourhood is very ‘Americana motorcycle’ and Bedwin is preppy Ivy League American, and then another of our brands called Deluxe is ‘50s rockabilly. And they just stick to those basic influences all the time so, if you stock those brands, it basically means that you don’t change either. I’m inspired by … travelling. I don’t get to travel enough but that’s how you pick up on things in fashion. There’s so much stuff that happens on the street and in underground movements that you never realise is happening until you’re actually there. I try to hang around with … people who are more creative and smarter than me. I pick up a lot of stuff that way. I would like to learn how to … dance. Rock ‘n’ roll, old-school Grease-style, or Latin dancing. I just want to dance with a complete


stranger in South America. I think that’s what Australia is missing – we don’t have dancing like they do there. We just get wasted instead, whereas Latinos, and a lot of other cultures, communicate by dancing. Success is … being able to travel whenever you feel like it. My greatest achievement is … being able to hang out with my brother everyday for the past five years. We live and work together, so we’re in each other’s pockets everyday. But it works – we’ve always been pretty close and we never have any huge arguments. A person’s style should reflect … whatever you feel really works for you personally – not what your peer group says works for you or what some celebrity says. Dress however the hell you want. Go nuts and experiment with stuff, even if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I can tell so much about someone by what they’re wearing. I would like to sit down and have a drink with … Junya Watanabe, or Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons, just to get their whole take on the world. My wisdom for the world is … that everyone has to work out their own wisdom for themselves. There’s no one saying that can help everyone.

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Fedora Hat by Constitution Hats just plain gorgeous

Oxford Weave Grey suit m.j. bale

‘modern fashion illustration’ Cafe Bouquiniste

she’s so foxy and kitty king clips thousand island dressing

shareen stripe dress with rope belt frankie & the fox

nose clutch frankie & the fox

gina & may umbrella green grass home & body

vintage blazer woolloongabba antique centre

Just Plain Gorgeous denim scarf just plain gorgeous

Urban Originals Festival bag thousand island dressing

pin clove blouse green grass home & body

‘other people’s thoughts’ Cafe Bouquiniste

embellished decorative flower pins alter ego

vintage grey hat woolloongabba antique centre

Billy Check Boxer Aqua m.j. bale

22 map magazine

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map celebrates 12 years of positive media

BEE-11-294 CRICOS no. 00213J


Our masters degrees feature strong elements of sustainability, project management and leadership. They foster career development and creative thinking for long-term global solutions. Be inspired and stay in demand. Project Management Infrastructure Management Engineering Management Engineering Systems Power Generation (industry supported) Railway Infrastructure (industry supported) Urban and Regional Planning Urban Design

Lead a sustainable future

Kristiane Davidson, real QUT graduate.

An alternative entry pathway to these masters exists through the Graduate Certificate in Built Environment and Engineering.

More information Visit to register now for QUT’s postgraduate options evening on Wednesday, 19 October 2011. To learn more about our masters courses or how to apply, please phone 3138 1433 or visit



Jasmine Ellem, 23

cameron parker, 31

dianna parker, 42

What do you do? I’m a communications assistant at Jean Brown. What are you wearing today?

What do you do? I’m a marketing manager. What are you wearing today? Zara jacket, Country Road scarf and Levi’s jeans. Describe your style? Casual, effortless, European street style. Where is your favourite place? Cesky Krumlov – an amazing little Czech village. What is the best advice you have ever received? ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’ Who is your rolemodel? One of my first bosses.

What do you do? I’m a mother of four boys. We live on the Sunshine Coast. What are you wearing today? A European coat and a knit dress perfect for a chilly day. Describe your style? Boho and eclectic. Where is your favourite place? Switzerland. What is the best advice you have ever received? ‘Run your own race and don’t be swayed by the influence of others.’ Who is your rolemodel?

I was really inspired by his positivity and energy.

My husband. He’s calm and has great perspective.

The Cassette Society top and a skirt that I made myself. Describe your style? My wardrobe is like a dress-up box. Where is your favourite place? New Farm Park. What is the best advice you have ever received? ‘Always wear clean undies in case you get hit by a bus.’ Who is your rolemodel? My mum. She always encourages me to be myself.

map celebrates 12 years of positive media map magazine

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Knitting • CroChet • Felting • Classes • CoFFee

You can sign up for our newsletter online, or follow us on facebook Or visit us at Cnr Oxley and Sherwood Roads, Sherwood Tel 3379 6699



Jewellery that says what words can’t ... Holland Park

988 Logan Road

Ph 3847 9933


Shop 1, 48 Bloomfield St Ph 3821 6900




Patrick Turiello

Designer/Maker, USA LAYERXLAYER –– Believing that function in the absence of beauty is insufficient, Patrick Turiello and his partner Leah craft unique, beautiful bags by hand. age 29. born New York. thing that made the world sit up and take notice of you When a few respected

people (who have since become friends) told the world that they should. describe yourself in ten words Hopelessly idealistic dreamer, trapped inside the body of a rigorous pragmatist. gets you out of bed in the morning Perspective. something you discovered this month How much I miss writing. last thing that made you smile Thinking about how much better my life has gotten since I started doing what I love. idea of complete happiness A small house on a few acres, a big garden and friends living nearby to share a delicious meal with. last time you did something for the first time A few years ago – I stopped feeling guilty for enjoying myself. makes you different Absolutely nothing. worth fighting for Love. environmental beliefs There is no ‘environment’ – everything is one, therefore you should treat the Earth the way you would your own body. biggest inspiration There is something interesting about almost everything. Life itself is inspiring. words of wisdom You will become the thing that you focus on most, even if it is something that you do not want to be.

24 map magazine

DAPPER // STRAP For some photographers, a bland camera strap sits alongside the bum bag on the sartorial scale of coveted accessories. But when it comes to taking the perfect photograph, the convenience of having the camera waiting and ready to go can be unparalleled. Transforming the humble camera strap into a dapper accessory is boutique Chilean company, Lone wolf. Aiming to create an authentic product that is a form of self expression, Lone wolf designers take their time when carefully creating each camera strap by hand. @

BESPOKE // bowtie When Dolbeau founders David Caplan and David Gross decided to venture into the world of bowties, they opted to use the internet as their virtual shopfront. Designed, produced and handcrafted in Canada, every item in the Dolbeau neckwear collection is limitededition. The customised neckwear collection focuses on individuality and freedom of choice, with bespoke options available. Farremoved from the world of plain black tuxedo bowties, the Dolbeau range comes alive with vibrance and texture, including colourful self-tie reversible bowties and two-colour neckties. @



As tempting as suede can be, it can also be just as difficult to look after. While the Rough Out Natural Leather Billfold appears to be a silky soft suede wallet, it has actually been crafted from the rough flesh side of eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather, creating a deceptively durable wallet. The leather is not colour treated, but oils are applied to the surface, allowing the wallet to develop a natural patina as it begins to age. Each artisan-crafted wallet can hold up to six credit cards, as well as a healthy wad of notes. @

The Nordic charms of Sweden provide endless inspiration for an exciting crop of fashion designers. Swedish label Our Legacy challenges traditional notions of everyday wardrobe staples, by re-working classic styles, and pairing casual garb with tailored shapes. Gentlemen can opt to slip on an informal button-up shirt, whilst drawing on the clean, tailored lines of a classic two-button blazer to dress up the look. From coats and parkas, to shirting, suiting and casual knitwear, the collection blends in with existing wardrobe staples, whilst creating its own unique edge. @

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Raffia Chic in store now

camargue shop 1 emporium 1000 ann street fortitude valley tel 07 3252 1100 opening hours mon–fri 9–5 sat 9–4 sun 10–4

Pho Thai Spa on Brunswick is the ultimate rejuvenating experience. Immerse yourself in traditional Thai Culture in Brisbane’s most luxurious boutique spa. Indulge in a traditional Thai Foot Massage, Stone Massage, facial treatment using exquisite Thann products, and more. We also offer the venue as a unique way to celebrate that special occasion and cater for anniversaries, birthdays and engagement parties.

Where Heaven & Earth Meet Shop 5 760 Brunswick St, New Farm 3254 2460


spring essentials promotion


Full Circle Cropped Batwing Parka Jean & Joyce 3368 3325

Paul Smith T-shirt mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

Knitted Toy Elephant Jean & Joyce 3368 3325

Vintage Paper Butterflies Jean & Joyce 3368 3325

Paul Smith Shirt mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

26 map magazine

Vintage Spotted Mixing Bowls and Jug Woolloongabba Antique Centre 3392 1114

Large Green Glass Goblet Woolloongabba Antique Centre 3392 1114

Paul Smith Shirt mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

Paul Smith T-shirt mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

Herman Miller Green Eames Chair Woolloongabba Antique Centre 3392 1114

Vintage Tiffany & Co. 18ct and Sterling-Silver Cuff Woolloongabba Antique Centre 3392 1114

Paul Smith Shorts mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

Woolloongabba Antique Centre 22 Wellington Road, Woolloongabba mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Vintage Stamp Rings Pannikin

Paul Smith T-shirt mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie 3666 0328

Woolloongabba Antique Centre 22 Wellington Road, Woolloongabba mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Lapin Tote Pannikin

Jean & Joyce 145 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington mitch. by Mitchell Ogilvie Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Zebra Cushion Jean & Joyce 3368 3325

Pannikin Jean & Joyce 145 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

As the heat sets in say goodbye to winter and hello to lovely and breezy spring fashions.



While many have been keeping a low profile during the cool winter months, the team at Mona Lisa’s has been busy creating a fresh new layout for the West End boutique. The store is now easier to navigate and there is more room to house the new selection of labels that are arriving just in time for the warmer weather. Embrace the whimsy of sun-drenched days with a flowing summer dress teamed with lavish costume jewellery, and a new pair of summer sandals. Accessorise your home for spring with new homewares that are now filling the store’s shelves.

Fashion mavens will delight at the selection of new labels making their debut on the Brisbane retail scene at drobe in spring. New labels arriving at drobe this season include the clean lines and timeless appeal of Livia Arena (pictured), cutting-edge leather goods from coastal Melbourne label desmond, and chic pieces from new Sydney label, Marvin. drobe’s spring/summer event for its VIP customers will feature pieces from these new labels, as well as other exclusive labels. Visit the store to inspect the latest trends, or have a peek at some of the new arrivals on the drobe Facebook page.

237 Boundary Street, West End T. 3255 3213

669 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley T. 3666 0052

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check out the latest news at

Kellies Antiques

flawless alterations will transform your wardrobe

- from jackets and jeans to

evening wear, bridal and formal attire.

Quality bridal and formal dressmaking. Sold exclusively in Brisbane by

phone: 3358 1930 LeveL 1 482 Brunswick street Fortitude vaLLey

Kellies Antiques shop 16, gallery level (upstairs) brisbane arcade brisbane ph 3221 4825


spring rituals promotion

spring rituals

Awaken from your winter hibernation and uncover a rejuvenated and energised new you, just in time for spring.

28 map magazine



Inspired by art, music, fashion and culture, the Lila Boheme salon is a truly creative space. With quirky artwork on the walls, and rays of daylight streaming through the windows, the charming salon will inspire a new spring hairstyle. Salon owner Lisa has 16 years of industry experience, and the team has worked for the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and Melbourne fashion festivals, and also created hairstyles for editorial shoots, music clips and fashion lookbooks. The Kevin Murphy products used in the salon are aromatherapybased and free from parabens and sodium laurate sulphate.

Summer dresses and sandals are being pulled from winter hibernation, and the time is ripe for a spring revamp. Prepare for sunny spring days with a pampering treatment from Polished Nails & Beauty. This family-run beauty boutique specialises in delivering indulgent beauty services in a friendly environment, using only top-quality products including OPI nail polishes and Sothys facial products. Choose from a pedicure, specialty facial treatment, waxing or an eyebrow and lash tint. To celebrate its first birthday, Polished Nails & Beauty has reduced the price of eyelash extensions from $90 to $60.

89 Heal Street, New Farm T. 3358 1800

1/16 Chester Street, Newstead T. 3216 0686



Outshine continues to lead the way in skin and body care. The facial treatments are tailored for you – try Guinot’s new double-ionisation antiageing facial or Outshine’s own skin workout, The Power Hour. To support facials, Outshine offers potent peels, new skin inject, light therapy, IPL and microdermabrasion. Expert advice will help you take home professional products to ensure home care supports your treatment. While you are there, untangle your body with acclaimed massage and reflexology. Complement the new you with Issada mineral makeup, polished nails, and a stunning tan.

Gliding along the Brisbane River or through a verdant park, filling your lungs with fresh air and discovering perfect picnic spots along the way can be a great way to explore the city. When searching for a faithful steed, Bike Sales on Albert has a selection of commuter and class fitness bikes, that are ready to pedal out of the showroom. The team enjoys nothing more than a daily cycle and is more than happy to share its expertise with you. As well as a fun pastime, cycling is also an affordable, eco-friendly transport option and a source of rejuvenating exercise.

Shop 3, Centro on James, Fortitude Valley T. 3252 2882

87 Albert Street, City T. 3229 2433



After pledging to get fit, a little nudge in the right direction is often needed to inspire you to work out. To celebrate the Hamilton club’s first birthday, Jetts Fitness is waiving joining fees for map magazine readers during the month of September, saving you $99. To ensure that every member can stay fit, Jetts offers flexible, contract-free memberships, and personal trainers are also on hand. Members can work out at any club within Australia or New Zealand 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Regular travellers can now stretch their legs after a flight with a membership to the Airport Village gym.

Shri Yoga was born from a desire to create a hub for positive change and health in the community. Housed in a beautiful space on historic Burnett Lane, Shri Yoga is an integral part of the renaissance that is revitalising one of Brisbane’s oldest laneways. Classes are offered seven days per week and are taught by some of Brisbane’s top instructors. The studio is a sanctuary, the yoga is inspiring, and the vibe is playful and inclusive. With a mission to share the beauty of this ancient practice in a way that is relevant to modern life, Shri Yoga delivers a new paradigm for yoga.

Portside Wharf and Airport Village T. 3630 2993

26 Burnett Lane, City T. 3211 3764

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be the change you want to see in the world

Do you know...


central brunswick medical centre

We have a NEW PRACTICE just south of the Story Bridge at St Vincent’s Brisbane (formerly Mt Olivet)?


Queensland X-Ray

Paten St

Riv er T ce






Sh af st on Main St

Ri ve r

St Vincent's Brisbane 411 Main Street Kangaroo Point, 4169 Ph: 07 3227 0000 Riv

QUEENSLAND X-RAY... providing a clearer picture of your health

Dr Kate Evans





or visit

Dr Fiona Bisshop Dr Ken Koh


Br is

Phone 3227 0000

Dr Graham Lister

Av e

Kangaroo Point

And welcoming to the practice: Dr Kylie Bown Dr James Kennedy

We’ve Moved!

We are now seeing new patients, appointments usually available on the day

07 3852 2733

Central Brunswick Convenience Centre Corner Brunswick St and Martin St Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 8am - 12pm by appointment Sunday/Public Holiday closed Come and see our new shop in the Tattersall’s Arcade at the bottom of the Queen Street Mall. PHONE: 3221 5994

Pathology company on site: Healthscope PATHOLOGY




Bronwyn Gascoigne

# o1

Candlemaker, AUSTRALIA Gascoigne & King –– Alongside partner Dean King, Bronwyn Gascoigne makes nonGM-farmed soy wax candles by hand, setting them in old-fashioned glasses to be reused for drinking. age 44. born Sydney. thing that made the world sit up and take notice of you I make a beautiful

natural luxury product that doesn’t have an adverse effect on the environment gets you out of bed in the morning Candlemaking! something you discovered this month I was told that Mercury is in retrograde. last time you were surprised There’s a surprise waiting

for me everyday in some form or another. scares you Deforestation, global warming, flora and fauna extinction. idea of complete happiness The Pure Blonde commercial comes to mind ... peace with the world, we all wear white and wait for the beer to be delivered. last time you

# o3

SOFT // Those whose special

someone is of the male variety often lament at the discomfort the bristled chin of their loved one can create. Ensuring that the cheeks of lotharios stay indelibly smooth, Murdock’s Pre-Shave Oil is intended to be applied before shaving, to soften the whiskers and prepare the skin for the razor’s edge. The range of ingredients includes the oils of sweet almond, wheatgerm, bergamot and orange.

# o9


When a five-o-clock shadow rears its head at an untimely hour, gents will be relieved to learn of the Carzor Card Razor. The razor can be conveniently whipped out when you are unable to access the comforts of your own bathroom. Designed in the shape of a credit card, the razor and mirror kit is intended to be discreetly stored flat in a wallet or pocket, ready to wield when unwanted stubble starts to appear.

# o8

did something for the first time

With Gascoigne & King, I find I am always doing things for the first time, and it’s lots of fun. makes you different I’m not sure if I am. worth fighting for Our planet. world needs to change It needs to change power struggle for peace struggle. biggest inspiration All the beautiful and simple things on this planet that we take for granted. words of wisdom We need to take care of our planet ... It’s just common sense.

01 Pre-shave Oil by Murdock London from

# o4

02 Geranium Leaf Deep-Cleansing Pad by Preserve Skincare from 03 Carzor Card Razor from 04 Perricone MD Cold Plasma from 05 Casual Act Moulding Paste by Evo from 06 Helmut Finishing Spray by Evo from 07 Green Irish Tweed by Creed from 08 Cela Intuitif Cellular Renewal Cream by Själ from

# o6

09 Coconut and Cream Bubble Bath by I love ... from

# o7

30 map magazine

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map magazine is proud to be carbon neutral


A gentleman’s scent shouldn’t announce his presence long before he comes into view, but rather be a gentle reminder that he is there. The house of Creed is known for its striking signature scents, and the masculine redolence of its Green Irish Tweed is one of its staples. Combining peppermint, violet leaves and sandalwood, amongst other notes, the fragrance is said to have been created for Cary Grant.

# o5

Hair Design

spring treat! every client in september goes into the draw to win a make over

we use and recommend: Elgon Professional Italian Hair Colour Kevin Murphy Full Hair Care Range

Prize includes: Consultation • Treatment • Style Cut • Colour • + Hair care goodie bag to take home!

American Crew for Men Moroccan Oil Full Hair Care Range Butter of London Nail Polish

Follow us Facebook for monthly treats!

Photography: Jamie Andy Evans Hair & Make-Up Stylist: Salvatore Canino, Jaffas’s Hair

602 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba (07) 3255 2288 Appointments necessary


national dreamer

dancing genius

Rafael Bonachela While many of us have daydreamed about our dazzling moment dancing in the spotlight, Spanish-born Rafael Bonachela was one of the few who put his body and dreams into action. His innate talent was spotted at 15 in his first dance class. By 20, he was dancing professionally with London’s Rambert Dance Company, one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary dance touring companies. After 14 years with Rambert, he launched his own dance company and also took on freelance projects choreographing for the likes of Kylie Minogue. As artistic director of Sydney Dance Company since 2008, Rafael is excited to present the national premiere of his multi-award-winning dance piece, The Land of Yes and the Land of No, showing from September 28 to October 1 as part of Brisbane Festival 2011.

As I speak to Rafael Bonachela, he is in Darwin with Sydney Dance Company’s dancers. “I’ve never been here before,” he gushes in appreciation. “Darwin is warm and sunny and all the dancers are lying by the pool.” This sun-drenched downtime is a rare and fleeting indulgence for the artists. Shortly they will swap their swimmers for leotards to rehearse for seven hours straight on Rafael’s The Land of Yes and the Land of No in preparation for its upcoming Australian premiere at Brisbane Festival. And tomorrow, Rafael tells me, the company will open the Darwin Festival with Rafael’s acclaimed 2008 work, we unfold. Rafael explains his dancers always work on multiple pieces at once. This year Sydney Dance Company is presenting three major works in its Sydney program, as well as touring pieces around Australia and to New York, Barcelona and London. “At this level I always push it,” he shares. “The brain is a muscle and I’ve always said I want dancers who aren’t just incredible bodies and incredible technicians, but also intelligent people who think, because, in contemporary dance, thinking is encouraged. I thrive on pushing them that way because I think it will make them better dancers.” Rafael should know what makes a skilled and savvy dancer. Having danced professionally from age 20–32 as a lead

32 map magazine

dancer with London’s legendary Rambert Dance Company, and choreographed moves since he was a little boy, he has developed a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative and intriguing dance minds and an avid collaborator. His mantelpiece must groan under the weight of his career awards; his latest is the 2011 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography for his 2009 work, Six Breaths, where he collaborated with Italian composer Ezio Bosso. Rafael and Ezio have collaborated on four works, the first being The Land of Yes and The Land of No, which debuted in Germany in 2009 and toured Europe and England over 10 months. Rafael describes Ezio’s scores as “beautiful” and “a match made in heaven” for his choreography. Rafael credits his time at Rambert for teaching him the thrilling potential of collaborating, but says collaboration is nothing new, noting that Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse designed sets while Igor Stravinsky composed music for Ballets Russes, Russia’s avant-garde ballet company established in 1909. “So, in a way, collaboration has always been there,” he explains. “It’s just that you have to find your own little voice within the greatness of what has been made already in dance and you have to find your own way of looking at things and your own way of saying things.” Rafael says his childhood dream was

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

map magazine supports modester and narboth

to be a dancer, which was innate because there was not a drop of artistic blood in his family and no dance school in his hometown. He grew up in the small town of La Garriga, 38 km north of Barcelona, and while the other kids were playing in the schoolyard at lunchtimes, Rafael was busy choreographing new dances indoors. “I just loved to dance and ‘make dance’ and it wasn’t anything for a boy to do in ‘70s and ‘80s Spain – trust me,” he laughs. “I remember ‘Thriller’ came out when I was young and that was like, ‘oh-myGod’,” he says slowly and with utter reverence for Michael Jackson’s iconic video clip. When Rafael saw the movie Fame, his future career became clear. “And that’s when I realised you can go to a school, learn how to sing and dance and then get a job. I never saw Swan Lake and thought: I want to be a dancer. I saw Leroy and thought: I want to be a dancer.” When Rafael turned 15, his parents allowed him to catch a train to Barcelona of a Friday night to train in a one-hour jazz dance class. The teacher instantly spotted his talent and invited him to join a professional dance school where he trained by day and studied high school by night. By 17 he was touring with Barcelona’s Lanonima Imperial dance company and, at 18, he accepted a scholarship to the



You have to find your own little voice within the greatness of what has been made already in dance ... ”

national dreamer

London Studio Centre. It was a dance school just like in Fame. At age 20, Rafael auditioned for London’s Rambert Dance Company and, to his surprise and delight, was accepted. Asked his greatest challenges, Rafael points to those early years when he arrived at the London Studio Centre as a naïve young boy from small-town Spain and was surrounded by young wunderkinds who had danced since they could walk. Other challenges include starting his dance company in 2006, and taking on his first freelance pop project in 2002 when he was invited to choreograph Kylie Minogue’s routine at the BRIT Awards. “I knew it was an amazing opportunity, but I was also freaking out because suddenly I was choreographing a work that was going to tour the world. I was very young and I had never done anything like it,” Rafael explains. “I knew it could change my life and it did, because although it was in an arena that was very different to what I do, it made me grow up.” Rafael went on to freelance choreograph extensively with Kylie, as well as other popular


artists and clients including Tina Turner, The Kills, Primal Scream and Hugo Boss. Rafael says he still has much to achieve with his work. “I just want to get better at making dance works. This is what I do every day of my life.” He is also determined to grow Sydney Dance Company into Australia’s leading national company and one of the leading contemporary dance companies in the world. Asked where he finds peace, Rafael believes it is something that needs to be felt within. “Because if you’re troubled and you can’t work it out in your head then you’re just not going to work it out; you’re just going to keep running away from it.” Rafael admits he feels blessed for the opportunity to work with Sydney Dance Company and live in Australia. “If I’m ever not in a good mood I’m like, ‘Come on Rafael, get over it and put things into perspective. You are very, very lucky to be doing what you’re doing, you get up everyday and you don’t even go to work, you just do what you love doing’. And I should never forget that. That helps to keep my feet on the floor.”

map magazine

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Gonkar Gyatso Three Realms A three-part exhibition curated by Simon Wright Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 20 August–15 October 2011 Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane 25 February–1 April 2012 UQ Art Museum, Brisbane 25 February–29 April 2012 image

Gonkar Gyatso God Series 1 2008

420 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley government sponsors


leading sponsors core sponsors

IMA receives financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland (major sponsor), from the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council (the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body), and through the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (an initiative of the Australian Federal, State, and Territory Governments).

Raising the espresso bar

follow us on twitter @camposcoffeeqld


home # o3 # o2

SUITED // Characteristic of his

# o1

GARDEN // Whilst most conventional gardens would usually

Photography by

feature trees, herbs, shrubs or flowering plants as centrepieces, the Garden of Eden instead draws on the clean lines of a coated-steel hanging chair, a table and an additional seat. Designed by Dutch team Ontwerpduo, the outdoor furniture set-up is both dream-worthy and functional. Resembling a whimsical birdcage, the large hanging chair embodies fairytale charm, and can be attached to a verandah or a tree.

meticulous approach to design, Danish designer Hans Wegner’s Valet Chair is simultaneously beautiful and practical. Seeds of inspiration for the Valet Chair were first planted in 1951, when the designer took to inventing a foldable chair designed to neatly hang clothes in a fun manner, complete with its ‘coat hanger’ shape and built-in foldable storage options.

# o4

# o5

01 Garden of Eden by Ontwerpduo from 02 Metal Series No. 5 Lamp by Whyrhymer from

# o9

03 Valet Chair by Hans Wegner from 04 Soot Desk by Note Design Studio from 05 Read-Unread Shelf by Niko Economidis from 06 Cotton Spools from

# o8

07 Jeane Cushion by Sheridan from Domayne Fortitude Valley 08 Chair by Hans Wegner from 09 Specchio by Giovanni Delvecchio from

# o7

playful // Cushions are useful

for many things, be it a covert yet harmless attack on couch companions, or perhaps for the perfect book-reading vantage point. Whatever your intended use, your selection of cushion should match your home’s aesthetic. For those with a penchant for monochrome, try the Sheridan Jeane Cushion from Domayne Fortitude Valley.

36 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

map magazine supports the david sheldrick wildlife trust

# o6


Launching Brisbane’s premier florist website

The place to find what you’re not looking for ...


07 3852 2352 • 85 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe

absolute water front dining in Teneriffe

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breakfast · lunch · dinner weddings · corporate · social functions map magazine readers receive 15% discount off their bill at lunch or dinner during September. Contact Eves for bookings.

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spring clean promotion

spring CLEAN

From decor to furniture for spring, here’s the latest in interior treats to spruce up your space.

The Sheil Collection INSPIRED


A season filled with optimism, spring is a time that nurtures the inspiration needed to regroup and redecorate. This spring, be stimulated by the selection of handmade pieces from Australian artists and designers at The Sheil Collection. An unassuming space tucked away in the Brisbane Arcade, The Sheil Collection’s shelves are laden with a unique selection of colourful finds. Not only a haven for those with a penchant for art and design, The Sheil Collection is also a destination for gift givers. With the help of the friendly and humorous staff, you will find a fabulous surprise for any special occasion.

For anyone looking to refresh the home this spring, Du Monde has new stock and a new design service, Design in a Box. Design in a Box offers several advantages, including affordable professional advice from an experienced designer, a guide to help clients avoid making costly purchasing mistakes, installation of a scheme at the customer’s leisure – and all fitting within any budget and time constraints. Perfect for both beginner and design-savvy decorators, Design in a Box returns control of the design process to the client by providing them with a workable blueprint.

Ground Floor, Brisbane Arcade, City T. 3221 4881

171 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington T. 3368 1223

NEOGALLERY ART When meandering through Fortitude Valley, a visit to NeoGallery can provide the day with a touch of artistic inspiration. Specialising in modern-Australian and contemporary indigenous art, NeoGallery is the perfect spot to take in an everchanging art exhibition, or browse for a new artwork for your home. The gallery also provides artist representation, and a consultancy service for private and corporate clients. The next exhibition, Utopia Homelands, starts on September 15 and showcases refined master works by some of the most highly regarded female artists from the Utopia region. 1/758 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley T. 3852 4944

GHR PAinterS QUALITY After the plumbers, carpenters and electricians have cut, sanded and nailed their way through your home, it can be surprising how unfinished a renovated home can look. That is where GHR Painters comes in. Offering friendly and professional service, GHR Painters can expertly apply a lick of paint that will completely change the look and feel of a room. With the weather warming up and spring get-togethers looming around the corner, spring is the perfect time to freshen up the home. As part of the thorough service, GHR Painters sands and fills any gaps in the house’s joinery, removes any old wallpaper, fills and sands any holes, dints or blemishes in the plaster work, and fills any holes electricians may have accidentally cut for non-existent sockets – and all before painting has commenced. Once painting has begun, you will be surprised at how quickly the room will light up and begin to take on a personality all of its own. At GHR Painters the service is friendly and reliable, and assures nothing less than a quality finish at an affordable rate. GHR Painters is a member of the Master Painters Association and holds a QBSA Licence. Regardless of the size of the job, you can book an appointment to have the owner provide a free quote, and if you need a little help in the colour-inspiration department, GHR Painters can happily work with you to select the perfect hue for the space. By appointment only T. 0422 702 136 38 map magazine

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URBAN TRIBES AUTHENTIC Filled with the rich hues of Morocco, Turkey and Iran, the Urban Tribes showroom is the closest one can come to a bazaar in Brisbane. At Urban Tribes, you will discover one of Brisbane’s best selections of intricately detailed rugs that have been handmade in Iran, as well as rugs from Afghanistan and India. All of the rugs are made of natural wool or silk, and coloured with vegetable-based dyes. Urban Tribes is also home to lanterns imported from Morocco and charming ceramics from Turkey. To ensure your rug lasts a lifetime, Urban Tribes also washes and repairs rugs. 145 James Street, New Farm T. 3254 3560

H o m e • I nter Ior • AppAre l

Co mE ANd s EE our NEw sTor E...

new onlIne wIsH lIst! • we Are decorAtors! Shop AM3, 46 James Street, Fortitude Valley Q 4006 Australia T +61 (0)7 3252 0805 F +61 (0)7 3252 0806 ABN 2410 9279 478 E





Visit Domayne® stores are operated by independent franchisees. Mattress & Accessories shown are not included. Product offers end 30/09/11.

FORTITUDE VALLEY, BRISBANE Level 1, Homemaker City, 1058 Ann St. 3620 6600 (Free underground parking)





W W W. D O M AY N E . CO M . AU





what we found out – – handcrafted bowls by David Edmonds adorn the shelves at esquire. in a previous life, the bunker boutique nook was an inner-city office space.

creative locales


145 EAGLE STREET, CITY T. 3220 2123

In medieval times, a prospective candidate for knighthood was bestowed with the honorific, esquire. Though far removed from such a time, a new fine-dining addition to the Eagle Street riverfront precinct yields that very same honorifc, while serving innovative fare in striking surrounds. Inconspicuously nestled off the street, esquire boasts both a fine culinary pedigree, and a contemporary approach to educating diners about sustainable produce. For those curious to discover what’s behind the heavy wooden door of Ryan Squires’ new venture, a gastronomic journey awaits. A joint venture between acclaimed chef Ryan (exThe Buffalo Club and Urbane) and co-owner Cameron Murchison, the restaurant

is an extension of The Buffalo Club’s seasonal approach to cooking, with the menu changing daily depending on the availability of produce. Once inside the restaurant, diners will spy the Story Bridge adorning the skyline outside the riverfront locale. Exhibiting a slight hint of Manhattan allure, the restaurant is decked out with handpicked chairs from New York designer Organic Modernism, with the wooden hues complementing the earthy tones of the woodpiles lining a focal charcoal-grill cooking area. A flurry of activity persists within the openplan kitchen, with its innovative ethos of preparing ‘pure ingredients’ cooked over charcoal with minimal additions, enabling ingredients to speak for themselves.

the bunker boutique

Basement 181 George Street, City T. 3210 0456

Stumbling across an unfamiliar place in your own city is akin to discovering a forgotten cupboard within your own home, laden with precious vintage treasures from generations past. Style mavens and fashion savants are sure to fall for the sartorial wonders hidden in a newly discovered inner-city basement location. As you meander down a brick-walled laneway lined with beer kegs from neighbouring watering hole The Villager, you will stumble across a hidden staircase leading towards a underground sanctuary, awaiting discovery. Owner of The Bunker Boutique Jordan Lovenitti has recently relocated his Camp Hillbased store to the city, bringing with him a stalwart belief in the potential of

40 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

stop global warming

laneway culture. With its stylishly curated collection of men’s, women’s and unisex fashion and grooming products, the boutique brims with sophistication. Stocking a carefully selected range of Australian and New Zealand labels, the store features designs from avant-garde labels including Artemis Void, Blak, Francz, Joshua Hall, Salasai and The Twelfth Letter. A selection of candles casts a warm glow over bowties, luxe feather accessories and jewellery, including Melbourne-based jewellery label Does Not Equal, featuring pieces made from brushed stainless steel. The Bunker Boutique turns the unfamiliar into a welcoming sense of homecoming.


international dreamer

fashion radical

christopher raeburn

From Balmain’s seemingly ubiquitous jacket of 2009, to the camouflage prints that invariably make an appearance on catwalks every few seasons, military has long been a source of inspiration for fashion designers. But for British designer Christopher Raeburn, the inspiration was not merely aesthetic. Inspired by the challenge of creating ethically aware fashion pieces, Christopher launched his namesake label in 2008. In the years since, he has propelled himself into the spotlight by using reappropriated military fabrics to create functional, intelligent, and meticulously crafted garments.

Cast your eyes over Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection, BLAST, and you’ll likely be overcome with an overwhelming yearning for the outdoors. The London-based designer’s rugged yet discerningly tailored take on urban outerwear is undeniably infused with a sense of adventure, and an appreciation for the unpredictability of nature. From anoraks constructed from ebullient graphic-laden parachute silk, to a duffle coat artfully brought to life from a combination of vintage Danish military trousers and German naval jackets, there’s a distinct feeling that garments’ creator lives an existence that is somewhat intrepid. “I always grew up with a spirit of adventure,” Christopher remarks of his childhood. “I enjoyed building things from an early age and, as a result, I think most of my childhood dreams, were an extension of that.” While at school, Christopher’s fondness for construction and creation led him to toy with the thought of becoming an architect, while he also entertained dreams of photography and product design. But while each of these would always remain passions, it was the deft art of fashion design that would ultimately capture his imagination. Ironically, Christopher reveals that his awareness of fashion as a child was limited mainly to the wealth of hand-me-downs bestowed upon him by his two older brothers. But as he grew older, he began to

42 map magazine

use fashion as a form of self-expression. He admits to a time while at university when he would only ever wear a suit, regardless of what he might be doing. While some might consider this a fashion choice of a purely aesthetic nature, for Christopher it was a precursor to his foray into sustainable fashion. To him, as someone concerned with the intelligent use of fabrics and sustainability, a highquality suit made on Savile Row represented truly intelligent design. That appreciation has since evolved into a passion for deconstructing garments from a previous era and recreating them into clothing that is not only intelligent and functional, but also sustainable. “You could say I’ve evolved a particular sense of responsibility regarding my actions – one that has informed my ethics and fashion development,” Christopher explains. “I was always interested in reusing items and rethinking problems; the result has been a different approach to fashion and, more specifically, clothing manufacture.” His penchant for military fabrics stems from a lifelong love. “Military fabrics are particularly fascinating because they are so functional – the texture, colour and qualities all have background and add depth to each piece,” he marvels. “I’ve been collecting military garments for as long as I can remember and, as my creative practice grew, the two areas of interest inevitably bled into one another. I think the concept has really grown

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

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fairly naturally.” After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 2006, Christopher honed his craft working at various fashion houses throughout the city before seizing his fate and founding his own studio in 2008, based on the philosophy of sustainable, ethical design. In the three years since he launched his brand, Christopher has piqued the attention of fashion’s elite. His first appearance at London Fashion Week was in 2009, when he revealed his spring/summer collection as part of the Estethica showcase for ethical fashion. In 2010, he became the first designer ever to be awarded the British Fashion Council’s coveted NEWGEN sponsorship for both men’s and womenswear in the same year (previous recipients have included Matthew Williamson and the late Alexander McQueen). Christopher made his first independent presentation at London Fashion Week earlier this year, which he staged in London’s abandoned Aldwych tube station. The reviews were glowing – in particular from online fashion bible, who described him as ‘the single most radical designer working today’. Lauded for his deft hand for tailoring and visionary eye for details, Christopher’s ability to rework reappropriated fabrics – some up to 60 years old – into contemporary, relevant and practical garments has earned him respect not only in the world of ethical fashion, but in the fashion industry at large.

interview by mikki brammer


It will take a generation of talent to demonstrate that ethical fashion brands can function as businesses ... ”

international dreamer


We believe in

laughter and joy. We believe in special people like you. Make a difference in the lives of others. We believe in hope, magic and miracles. We believe in good fortune and lots of luck. But most of all, we believe everyone deserves beautiful shoes. Each of Christopher’s meticulously crafted garments bears a tag with the words ‘REMADE IN ENGLAND’ – not only a patriotic reference to the fact that all of his clothing line is produced in East London, but also in homage to the previous lives of the military garments he has deconstructed and then born anew. “So much of BLAST has been inspired by our research into the original garments, their fabric technology and development,” Christopher says. “Each piece pays tribute to the objective of the original item – whether protection, camouflage, speed or warmth – and injects a new life and striking functionality through our complete redesign.” It’s clear that Christopher takes great inspiration from nature and that he revels in the challenge of creating ethical, sustainable fashion. “As a designer I’m inspired by the idea of re-making something new and premium out of what others consider waste,” he explains of what fuels his creativity. “The technical and design challenge is something I find really appealing. For each of my collections I’ll take new inspirations – for example Inuit survival skills, tent building or true stories – but these are always pitched into an ongoing quest

Whether you dream of running through the fields like a playful puppy, or need something suitable for

to improve my collection and to make each garment more functional.” On whether he feels the pressure to live up to his ‘radical’ tag, Christopher reveals that his feet remain steadfastly attached to the ground. “That article on was certainly very flattering, but I don’t feel pressure,” he says good-naturedly. “I think it’s more an opportunity. It’s fantastic that so many journalists have taken an interest in the work that I’m doing and how much amazing support I’ve had to get me in this position.” When pondering the future of ethical fashion, Christopher’s outlook is optimistic. “I think the industry has made great strides in supporting ethical fashion – Estethica is a great example of this,” he says. “I imagine it will take a generation of talent to demonstrate that ethical fashion brands can function as businesses, then that point of difference will hopefully disappear.” Finally, Christopher’s advice for budding young fashion designers hoping tread a similar path is simple but pragmatic, indicating that his success to date has been the result of hard work and, no doubt, learning from mistakes. “Never be late for a job interview,” he quips.

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T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

splashing about in spring puddles like a duck, we will soon be receiving your summer footwear, but also have plenty of winter shoes at great prices. It is time for some magic and good fortune to go your way. And we can make a difference in your life with a beautiful pair of new shoes!


CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION Intelligent Footwear · 204 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City T 07 3210 1460 637 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney T 02 9555 6001





‘vintage finds’ kitchen scales woolloongabba antique centre

Vestli House Cupcake Baking Liners just plain gorgeous

1950s dAndelion-print teapot the tea centre

organic capsicums sun & earth organics

vegetable brushes new farm editions

Tea Time Coasters by Red Revival just plain gorgeous

polka dot placemats green grass home & body

hari har chai sun & earth organics

Moroccan Lantern thousand island dressing

‘sugar baby’ new farm editions

mini jug green grass home & body

vintage copper kettle woolloongabba antique centre

homemade hummingbird cake Cafe Bouquiniste

heritage mug the tea centre

Orange Mosaic Platter thousand island dressing

44 map magazine

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map celebrates 12 years of positive media

Wedding Open Night

Join us for a glass of bubbles, gourmet canapés, watch the sunset and meet with the many suppliers on show! Our next wedding event is coming up on Thursday 20 October from 5.30pm until 8.00pm (with Fashion Showcase at 7.00pm). RSVP essential to

Hillstone St Lucia, St Lucia Golf Links Carawa Street, St Lucia 07 3870 3433



qwerk espresso //

the ponycat //

urban pizza //

45 Kedron Brook Road wilston T. 3356 7216

shop 2, 693 Brunswick street new farm T. 3254 28 83

644 Oxley Road Corinda T. 3379 278 8

For a cafe to successfully claim ‘quirky’ as one of its aesthetic charms, it must be genuine in its delivery of unique personality and left-of-centre ornaments. With its furniture astutely sourced from Lifeline stores, antique centres and random found objects, and its array of feline-shaped salt and pepper shakers, Qwerk Espresso lives up to its name. Serving Genovese coffee and sweets baked locally by Queen of Cakes, the little cafe serves up both charisma and friendly banter from the quieter end of Kedron Brook Road. Dishing up light fare, the Qwerk breakfast includes Spicy Sausage Breakfast Beans, with chilli and jalapenos for the fearless.

Choosing where to sit when entering a cafe is a universal dilemma faced by all. Do you opt for a slice of sunshine near the window? Or should you set yourself up near the counter to facilitate a constant stream of coffee? For hungry visitors to The Ponycat on Brunswick Street, seating areas are complemented by an array of artworks by owner Asa Boardman and his fellow creatives at art studio/ gallery Love Love Studio in Teneriffe, gifting each patron with a unique, and slightly perplexing, view. Serving up hearty cafe-style food and Giancarlo coffee, the vibrant nook is a welcome and creative addition to the New Farm cafe scene.

A simple pizza base is not usually considered a foundation for a stunning gastronomic creation, but for Margie Cummins (ex-Wild Pepper Pizzeria), a freshly rolled pizza dough opens the door to endless culinary ideas. Setting up her latest venture, Urban Pizza, Margie has unveiled an urban industrial fit-out, whilst building on her much-loved pizza toppings. Uncomplicated and flavour-focused, the numbered menu includes the Number 10, brimming with spinach, in-house roasted chicken and pumpkin, fetta, oregano and harissa, as well as the Number 18 topped with tomato, mozzarella, goats cheese, Romano cheese, garlic and oregano.

map celebrates 12 years of positive media map magazine

Coffee pods (ESE) Coffee pod machines Coffee beans

From Italy For Business For Hospitality For Home

1300 866 173 Showroom and warehouse

66 Hope Street, South Brisbane

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1 45

20,000 Lucaffe coffees enjoyed in offices in Brisbane last month!

Just another reason to be happy.





SALAD // smarts

In considering the provenance of a chocolate bar, it would be easy to think no further than the grocery shelf from whence it was plucked. Divine Chocolate invites those with a sweet tooth to take an active interest in learning more about chocolate with a conscience. The UK chocolate brand is 45% directly owned by the farmers who produce the Divine cocoa, including communities in Ghana. Encouraging the wider community to learn more about how cocoa is mass-produced, Divine Chocolate embodies a ‘from bean to bar’ philosophy. @

When industrial and product designer Shmuel Linski of LINSKIdesign honed his vision of creating a concrete espresso machine, he made a commitment to designing a functional and uncomplicated product. Designed to pour only espresso shots, the ‘espresso solo’ combines the working parts of an espresso machine, with a raw concrete casing. The conceptual project allows concrete to be viewed as an aesthetically pleasing material, whilst still maintaining its rawness and industrial nature. @

After too much time spent searching for matching cutlery in overflowing kitchen drawers, German product design collective studio dreimann decided to rectify the situation with the invention of the ‘sl27 link’ kitchen tool. A small tool crafted from silicone, the little link allows its user to fashion new utensils from existing kitchen tools. Filled with endless possibilities, the link can be used in myriad combinations – a rogue fork could be combined with a knife to create a set of tongs, or two spoons could be paired together to form salad servers. @

SLOW // epicure When asked to conjure up a cafe space that reflected the ethos of the slow-food movement, architect and designer Anne-Sophie Poirier (Sasufi) dreamed up an atmosphere that was at once inviting and sustainable. Located in Brunswick Street in Melbourne, Slowpoke Espresso features a sustainably focused menu, with many of the ingredients sourced locally from organic producers. Combining upcycled timbers, recycled goods and furniture, and a clever use of space, the cafe’s design is both environmentally aware and heartwarming. @



to make: cupcakes



220 g butter 230 g caster sugar 205 g eggs 330 g flour, sifted 12 g baking powder 90 ml milk 10 g vanilla bean paste 20 g dutch cocoa powder 15 g raspberry puree 150 g raspberries pinch red powdered food colouring

115 g butter 25 g cream cheese (softened) 310 g pure icing sugar 25 g egg white (pasteurised) 1 teaspoon lemon juice 10 g vanilla bean extract pinch salt

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

to make: frosting

Whip the butter and cream cheese until slightly pale and creamy. Then add icing sugar and cream on high speed for further 5–10 minutes. Add egg whites, lemon juice and vanilla bean extract. Add pinch of salt. Cream an additional 3 minutes.

SPARKLE CUPCAKES – THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK by Kathryn Sutton. Photography by Karen Watson. Published by New Holland Publishing.

46 map magazine

Cream butter and sugar on high speed in mixer for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending upon softness of butter. Mixture should turn from yellow to off-white. Add eggs, one at a time, allowing to combine and not split. Add half sifted flour, Dutch cocoa powder, red powdered food colouring and baking powder and half milk, raspberry puree, raspberries and vanilla bean paste. Add remaining sifted flour and baking powder, then remaining milk and vanilla. Deposit into cupcake foils with an icecream scoop, putting 65 grams in each. Bake for 30 minutes at 145ºC, turning tray around once at 15 minutes.

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make that 36

35 fLavoUrs of Cider at verve Cafe established 1997

ve rve

Largest range of Cider UndergroUnd

Restaurant, Bar & Cider-House

3221 5691 metro arts building basement 109 edward st city








DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE, DELICIOUS TO EAT Enjoy the tastes of Okonomiyaki – a delicious Japanese style savoury pancake now available for lunch Monday - Friday.

This popular Japanese dish translated, means “what you want grilled”. Ideal for lunch it’s deliciously fresh, healthy and includes some wonderful Japanese flavours. Served with salad, fruit and miso soup, it’s sure to be a hit!

Only $18.50 per person with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink • Okonomiyaki – pork, prawn or vegetarian • Garden salad with Kabuki’s special dressing • Glass of Stamford select wine, beer or soft drink • Fresh fruit & Miso soup

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant For Reservations Phone 07 3100 5749 Stamford Plaza Brisbane - Margaret Street


festive do promotion

festive do

From the perfect venue to all the trimmings, you’ll find everything you need for your festive celebrations right here.



As spring arrives, the warm weather signals that the festive season is looming. When seeking a venue for your next function, Hotel Urban delivers sweeping spaces and panoramic views of the city skyline. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or Christmas party, there are two different function rooms to choose from. A rooftop penthouse perfect for parties, The Loft is a lavish space with designer finishings and a private terrace. For something a little more intimate, but just as opulent, the Panorama Room has floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide 180-degree views and a flood of natural light.

After 15 years of baking, sculpting, icing and decorating, the team at Classic Cakes has earned a reputation for its delicately detailed creations. When searching for a cake for a special occasion, the team can create anything from elegant cakes for christenings, anniversaries and weddings, to indulgent, carefully sculpted novelty cakes, such as the one pictured. Every element of this cake, down to the handles on the ice bucket, has been carefully handmade at Classic Cakes’ European-styled boutique cafe. The culinary maestros at Classic Cakes also run specialty cake-making classes.

345 Wickham Terrace, City T. 3831 6177

990 Logan Road, Holland Park T. 3847 8236

VERVE UNDERGROUND As you step into Verve, your ears fill with the chatter of the underground denizens who inhabit the restaurant and your senses tingle as delicious aromas waft by. Quite literally an underground dining experience, Verve is a modern-Italian restaurant and bar nestled in an inner-city basement. The bar is well stocked, the food is a creative interpretation of traditional favourites and the atmosphere is vibrant, making Verve a perfect location to host a private function or Christmas party. Verve is available for large and small functions and the menu can be customised to suit your requirements. 109 Edward Street, City T. 3221 5691

HILLSTONE ST LUCIA CHARMING Rarely ever dull, Brisbane offers its urban dwellers an endless array of cafes, restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques to explore. From time to time, however, the soul craves an escape to lush green fields. Overlooking the leafy St Lucia Golf Links and nestled on the fringe of the CBD, Hillstone St Lucia offers refreshing, fanciful and convenient function spaces. For your next function or upcoming Christmas party, Hillstone St Lucia boasts three traditional colonialstyle rooms, which fuse seamlessly with the natural surrounds. All are fitted with modern conveniences and the flow of natural light and stream of fresh air exudes a sense of carefree ease. Hillstone St Lucia’s function spaces have been built with technical flexibility in mind and are equipped with up-to-date audio and visual facilities, as well as numerous rigging points and lighting possibilities. As well as offering function spaces, Hillstone St Lucia also caters for the casual diner with its resident alfresco bar and restaurant, hundred acre bar. Also nestled within the golf course’s Eden-like surrounds, hundred acre bar provides the perfect setting for a casual afternoon meeting, or to celebrate a special occasion with colleagues. When booking an end-of-year function, mention map magazine to receive exclusive offers, including a free $50 gift voucher. Conditions apply and the sales team can be contacted for more information. St Lucia Golf Links, Carawa Street, St Lucia T. 3870 3433 48 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

check out the latest news at

SALT DIVINE With the second half of the year quickly passing by, thoughts of warm sunny days, balmy nights and all things festive begin to stir. Whether it be a casual breakfast, lunch, or a delicious dinner, when plans for a gathering begin to take shape, Salt offers a vibrant atmosphere coupled with a delectable menu, an extensive wine list and the convenience of free parking. Salt is now taking bookings for your end-of-year gatherings and festive functions. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, book your table now to avoid missing out. Bookings can now be made on Salt’s website. 5 Nash Street, Rosalie T. 3367 0775


ExprEss b r Eakfast $12.50 for breakfast & coffee

monday to friday from 6.30am award-winning breakfast restaurant

corner moray street & merthyr road, new farm Ph: (07) 3254 1342 e:

experience coffee perfection @ Wickham street 108 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley edward street Ground Floor, 60 Edward Street, City north Quay Shop 1, 179 North Quay, City

Queen street Shop 1, 345 Queen Street, City eagle street Shop1, 1 Eagle Street, City milton 35 Railway Terrace, Milton

coming soon: Albert Lane, City and Mackay Canelands Head office: 35 Railway Terrace, Milton pH: 3172 2724




Lucas Stibbard

Performance maker, AUSTRALIA BOY GIRL WALL –– After enrapturing audiences earlier this year, Lucas Stibbard will reprise his Helpmann-nominated role in Boy Girl Wall at La Boite from September 15–25. age 33. born Brisbane. performance that first made your world come alive My first memories of


performance came from my father. He played Fagin in a very successful local production of Oliver when I was quite young. describe yourself in ten words Scruffy theatre-type partial to food, cardigans, geek-culture, gin and Neridah Waters. something you discovered this month I’ve had the rare and exquisite pleasure of swapping my city-based existence and living in a farmhouse on the border of NSW and Victoria, where I’ve been performing and working with my colleagues in The Escapists. last thing that made you smile My beautiful, hilarious and generally wonderful wife, Neridah Waters. most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen Tasmania, for its beautiful old theatres, and its incredible national parks and wilderness. tell me about passion It’ll get you halfway. Practice, discipline, talent and (unfortunately) luck – that’ll get you the rest. tell me about creativity It’s the restless thing that drives me forward – the need to tell stories, to make and fix things – and is truly the most wonderful and terrible addiction to have. words of wisdom Distrust anyone who spouts wisdom. They are invariably talking about themselves.

With its ability to harness imaginations and sneak into hearts and minds, the written word is a powerful and influential tool. Celebrating writing and reading, the Brisbane Writers Festival aims to explore all aspects of the written word. When names including Emily Rodda, Kate Grenville, Nick Earls, Philip Pullman and Jonathan Franzen join forces to bring their shared literary prowess to the festival, inspiration will be unleashed for the taking. Words will flow and ideas will come into fruition at the festival from September 7–11. @

Hailing from Vienna, violinist Benjamin Schmid will join the Australian Chamber Orchestra on a musical tour of aural delights from one of Europe’s most musically rich cities. Drawing on trends from both old and new Vienna, the program dances from fun and lighthearted Viennese song, to music composed for cinema. Including Bach’s ‘Concerto for Two Violins’ and Schubert’s ‘Rondo’, the show will flit between generations and genres. Viennese Serenade will transport audiences to the concert halls and stages of Vienna on September 12 at QPAC. @

Photography by Al Caeiro

50 map magazine

Illustration by Grant Cowan



FASHION // anthology

As an homage to inspirational female figures throughout history, Gallery artisan’s exhibition Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor: 100 women, 100 stories, 100 brooches will feature brooches that represent influential women. One hundred Australian female jewellers each designed a brooch to represent individual characteristics and strengths exhibited by Australian rolemodels such as aviator Nancy Bird-Walton, war heroine Nancy Wake, and surfer Layne Beachley. The exhibition comes to Gallery artisan from September 29 to November 12. @

It is a curious thing, the nature of fashion. When Charlotte Smith inherited her godmother Doris Darnell’s vast haute couture collection, her wardrobe was transformed into a priceless anthology of pieces by the most coveted names in fashion, from Chanel and Dior, to Pucci and Hermès. Launched as part of the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, the Dreaming of Chanel exhibition will showcase more than 40 couture garments from the Darnell Collection, which Charlotte generously shares at the QUT Art Museum until October 16. @

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

be the change you want to see in the world

SliQFliCkS Free FilmS At tHe StAte librAry SunDAyS, 2pm 4 Sep


(mA15+, 1994)

A hilarious journey through the artistic genius and sexual obsession of provocative cartoonist and satirist Robert Crumb. 11 Sep


(mA15+, 2010)

James Franco stars as beat poet, Allen Ginsberg, recounting the road trips, love affairs and the search for fulfilment that led to his landmark x-rated poem. 18 Sep

loSt in lA mAnCHA

(mA 15+, 2002)

A documentary journaling Terry Gilliam’s disastrous failed Don Quixote film shoot with Johnny Depp. 25 Sep

Singin’ in tHe rAin

(g, 1952)

Enjoy the shift from silent cinema to the age of the talkies with this age-old classic Next month… beware! Screening some of the scariest movies of all time with a series of Halloween double-features.


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Giorgio Gaslini



by Dovecote records, 2011

by CINEVOX, 1961

by FLUXUS, INc., 2011

by Tcb Music, 2006

Being the bearer of such a whimsical name, synth-pop outfit Hooray for Earth virtually promises a dreamlike musical experience by its very nature. Its debut album yields an equally as whimsical moniker, True Love. The album is a summery collection of electronic-infused melodies in the vein of synth-pop predecessors MGMT, Empire of the Sun, and Yeasayer, but with a unique twist of its own. Formed in Boston almost six years ago, the Hooray for Earth collective is now based in New York City where it has quickly piqued the attention of music savants.

Maestro Italian jazz pianist and composer Giorgio Gaslini dipped his toe in the world of performance at age 13, before making his first jazz trio recording at age 16. Amongst his wealth of other compositions was the soundtrack for Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic Italian film La Notte (listed amongst the favourite films of both Don Draper and Stanley Kubrick). The laconic jazz compositions were key to bringing the film to life and an expert example of the emotional potential of the genre.

Korean music rarely gets an abundance of airplay on Australian radios, but for lovers of electronic pop, Korean group W&Whale is practically worshipped. The energetic collective consists of the male trio W, alongside vocalist Whale who joined the group in 2008. While electronica may not be high on the list of preferred musical genres for some people, Circussss (the group’s latest EP, featuring an ‘s’ for each member) is a great insight into the growing powerhouse of creative independent music coming out of South Korea.

The Swiss Radio Days series of jazz releases features collaborations by the very best of the art form. Volume 15 in the series features Canadian pianist Oscar Peterson and chanteuse Ella Fitzgerald performing live during a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert tour in 1953, which was at the time recorded by Swiss Radio. Featuring exquisitely performed versions of 13 jazz classics, including ‘It’s Only a Paper Moon’, ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and ‘The Man I Love’, this is a rare opportunity to hear the two musicians collaborate at a time in which they were performing at their prime.

true loves


la notte – original film soundtrack



swiss radio days volume 15


Fashion Design


Steichen in Color

30-Second Philosophies

By Sue Jenkyn Jones

By Betty Churcher

by Edward Steichen

Edited by Barry Loewer

Sue Jenkyn Jones hails from the London College of Fashion (LCF), with industry experience as the owner of a retail store, her own label, and worldwide sales. She now teaches at LCF. Here she covers in detail the whole creation cycle from design brief to point of sale: choosing fabric, cutting, fitting, portfolio assembly, runway, selling. Eco and ethical issues are considered, along with the practical use of computers, CAD/CAM programs, online shopping, and websites. Seven chapters cover the lot, in a comprehensive book aimed at the fashion student/enthusiast.

Like Beethoven, Betty Churcher was robbed of the sense she most loved. Beethoven – hearing; Betty Churcher – sight. Ironic, for she was child-artist-becamedirector of the National Gallery of Australia, TV presenter, author, genuine person. Her love of the great paintings and her ability to sketch these works resulted in an assemblage of art that she shares with us all. To remember them she echoed their essentials in a series of notebooks. Here, the secrets are revealed, the thoughts discussed, the techniques described.

US photographer, painter, art curator, Edward Steichen’s continental flair for technical detail reflects in all his work. Master of colour and composition he worked in the inter-war era: colour film became readily available, and the 35 mm camera reached its peak as the professional’s choice. With frequent covers for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Camera Work, he became the highestpaid photographer in the world. Ultimately curator of photography at MoMA New York, his greatest creation was the groundbreaking Family of Man exhibition detailing exactly that.

‘The 50 most thought-provoking philosophies each explained in half a minute.’ Time yourself ... Language & Logic, Science & Epistemology, Mind & Metaphysics, Ethics & Political Philosophy, Religion, Grand Moments, Continental Philosophy ... Your 30 seconds ends! Each chapter starts with a glossary, includes a profile of one thinker, then 12 topics around the titles: Aristotle’s syllogisms, Parfit’s persons, Pascal’s wager, James’ pragmatism, Heidegger’s nothing, and Epicurus’ riddle. Each is presented with a three-second thrash, three-minute thought, and 30 seconds of text.

52 map magazine

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

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highlights 07 3872 9000

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts presents

cows at the Beach indian jazz concert series music

Inspired by his study under some of India’s master musicians, jazz guitarist Toby Wren brings together Brisbane musicians from jazz, Indian and experimental music genres for a night of celebration of two of the world’s great improvising musical cultures.

Sat 10 September 7pm Tickets from $15

A Critical Stages and Jo & Co Production

oFten i Find that i aM naked

Photo: John Gass


by popular demand!


By Fiona Sprott

An outrageous comedy with pop songs for anyone who has ever dreamt of perfect love but woken up, hung over and naked in a stranger’s bed … or bathtub.

Thu 27 – Sat 29 October Tickets from $28

Performed by Sam Clark and Jo Thomas with live music by James Dobinson Director: Shane Anthony Designer: Josh McIntosh Lighting Designer: Andrew Meadows

The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts is a Queensland Government initiative operated by Arts Queensland.

420 Brunswick St, Cnr Berwick St Fortitude Valley Q 4006




life is captured

what is inspiring us this month? – – HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON ONCE DESCRIBED PHOTOGRAPHY AS “putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis”.

Joanne Currie Nalingu FireWorks Gallery

Exploring memories can allow an artist to delve into forgotten secrets and hidden thoughts. When self-taught artist Joanne Currie Nalingu decided to explore her own memories, she turned towards her childhood growing up living on the banks of the Maranoa River at the Yumba

Mission in western Queensland. Joanne’s exhibition Blood River / Black Water delves into the significance of the river in her early life. Also drawing on her interest in traditional shield designs, Joanne’s work links cultural ties with the natural world. until October 1

henri cartier-Bresson Queensland Art Gallery

For esteemed and influential French photographer Henri CartierBresson, a still image captured the impossible – and the invisible. “We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on Earth which can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory,” he said. Considered to be responsible for some of the most iconic images ever published in both portraiture and photojournalism, Henri and his astute lens were present at some of most significant historical points in the 20th century. From the days of the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union during the 1950s, to the Cultural Revolution in China, Henri captured events, emotions and stories through his emotive, expressive and sympathetic imagery. Until November 27

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Mexico. Mexico City. Calle Cuauhtemoctzin 1934. Photograph. Collection: Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, Magnum Photos. © Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos

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T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

Horned Lace Idols

from left: Hickey, S. 2011. She was like a bull with two heads Hickey, S. 2011. Juanita had Waited long enough

White Canvas Gallery

Throughout history, female idols have been adorned and worshipped. Whether depicted as beautiful, otherworldly or spiritual, goddesses have captured human interest for centuries. For artist Sarah Hickey, goddesses provided a scintillating canvas to

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construct a mythical world. Her new series, Horned Lace Idols, depicts beautiful figures sprouting curious horns – representing strength and individual power. Sarah’s array of female idols symbolise sensuality, peace and beauty. September 30 to october 11

Up Yours Jackie Exhibition Friday 16 September at 6pm

Bleeding Heart Gallery 166 Ann Street, Brisbane

MUltiMediA on pAper 75cM x 45cM

DAVID HAYES Visual Artist

opening exhibition friday 16 September 5.30pm – 8pm rsvp peter. 0418 805 633

early works from Utopia and the Central Deser t 1998 – 2006 M A K i n t i n A pA n A n g K A · K At h L e e n p e t YA R R e g R e e n Y p U R V i S · to M M Y WAt S o n · C o W b oY L o U i S A D A b i R D · e V e LY n p U LtA R A · g e o R g e WA R D A n n A p R i C e p e t YA R R e · p L U S M A n Y M o R e

27 Campbell Street, paddington open Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm info@redsandar tommy watSon 2005




avant garde

Meng Jinghui Those with a penchant for the avant garde will be delighted to hear that Meng Jinghui is bringing his play, Rhinoceros in Love, to Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Brisbane Festival from September 21–24. Meng is China’s most influential theatre director and Rhinoceros in Love, written by his wife Liao Yimei, is China’s most successful play. The play is loved as much for its dark love story as its poetic language, mixed media design and pop soundtrack. It has been performed more than 800 times to more than one-million people – impressive stats for an experimental work that could hardly rustle up an audience on its opening night.

Chinese theatre director Meng Jinghui is commonly regarded as the pioneer of experimental theatre in China in the 1990s. He is also considered China’s most influential director of the avant-garde stage. It is a lofty reputation to uphold, but one Meng doesn’t abuse. Instead, he continues to create up to three productions each year and, with each new work, dares Chinese audiences to embrace the stage as a meeting place for architecture, music, dance, literature, acrobatics and play. In 2008, Meng initiated the annual Beijing Fringe Festival to give young artists a professional platform to launch daring independent works that mightn’t otherwise see the light of day. Meng had no such access to receptive audiences in his early days as China clung to traditional theatre forms and themes. Meng stumbled across his love of theatre at university in the late ‘80s while trying to combat his shyness. “I was very shy and was afraid of talking to girls,” Meng recalls. “After a while, the shyness became a kind of low self-esteem. But practising acting made me more open and I started enjoying talking with others. I feel healthy when I communicate with people through theatre.” Meng’s brush with acting inspired him to pursue a career in theatre directing. “I’ve always loved, or even been ‘addicted’ to the process of working on a theatrical production,” Meng shares. “In the beginning, it was all the excitement that was so addictive. For example, when the

56 map magazine

lights are on you, you’d know that there are eyes looking at you in the darkness. You can’t control how fast your heart is beating. That is one sort of excitement. A while later, the new excitement came from the interaction you have with the audience. I often stood close to the stage and observed how the audience would react. When there was good dialogue, the audience would laugh, and their laughter was like waves in the theatre. That’s real excitement. Then you get the audience ‘high’. I just love that interaction.” In 1992, Meng joined the National Theatre Company of China, a breeding ground for new theatre. He had become inspired to pursue the avant garde after staging Waiting for Godot for the first time in 1991. “The performance was more than two hours long and became depressing and boring,” Meng recalls. “I somehow felt that the depression and boredom became a very powerful strength. I tried to keep that strength through the whole play and added playful details. Suddenly, I realised that I wanted to use joyful and playful methods to deal with this very serious play.” Meng restaged Waiting for Godot, this time inviting the audience to sit on the stage, and introducing slang and children’s folk rhymes in the lines to break the play’s originally tedious speech into exciting dialogue. It caused a sensation with audiences and sparked Meng’s passion for cutting up classics and mashing art forms. In 1999, Meng debuted his wife Liao

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

Yimei’s play, Rhinoceros in Love, at a rundown theatre in downtown Beijing. China’s experimental scene was still young and fickle, although audiences were slowly awakening to Meng’s quirky and contentious works. Meng admits the play had a shaky start. “We didn’t have any funds for the production when we started,” he says. “The theatre where we performed the play for the first time was not in a good condition at all.” The play opened to dismal audience numbers but young viewers fell in love with the story and its fresh delivery. Word of mouth soon spread and the theatre sold out night after night. “It was way beyond our expectations,” Meng admits. The play quickly earned cult status. In China it is known as the “Bible of love for young people” as the story follows Rhinoceros keeper Ma Lu who falls in love with unattainable beauty Mingming. But Meng says Liao’s script is more a reflection of life than love, as it celebrates the strength of man to persevere, despite ridicule, in the pursuit of his ideals and dreams. As China’s experimental scene blossoms, Meng and Liao are inspiring examples of the power of perseverance. But when asked if he considers himself a success, Meng shrugs off any such measure. “I don’t believe there are such criteria that define what qualities a successful director should have,” he says. “Do things that you like and have passion for.

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I often stood close to the stage and observed how the audience would react. When there was good dialogue, the audience would laugh, and their laughter was like waves in the theatre ... ”



Hugh Jackman



directed by Wayne Wang

directed by Fred Schepisi

directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

In the budding stages of his diverse theatrical and musical career, a young Hugh starred in a musical version of Beauty and the Beast, paving the way for his future encounters with other legendary beasts. As a hasty addition to the X-Men cast, Hugh’s iconic turn as Wolverine ensured that his future on the big screen was set in stone. He makes a cameo appearance in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a film that spans from 19th-century rural China, to the bustling streets of present-day Shanghai, as it follows the tale of two young girls who share an extraordinary friendship. A truly multicultural production, the film draws on South Korean, Chinese, American and Australian talents.

English actress Charlotte Rampling’s career has spanned four decades, in which she has established herself as one of the most highly regarded actors in the world. Charlotte’s career began at 17, after her modelling work secured her an uncredited role in her first film, and she has since starred in an abundance of critically acclaimed and controversial films. In The Eye of the Storm – adapted from Nobel Prize-winner Patrick White’s novel of the same name – she plays Elizabeth Hunter, a wealthy matriarch who wields control over her family, even after her health fails her. Her children Basil (Geoffrey Rush) and Dorothy (Judy Davis), motivated more by their inheritance than a love for their mother, visit her bedside.

Dabbling in acting, singing and producing, Josh Groban’s career has travelled down a range of paths. After agreeing to stand in for Andrea Bocelli at a rehearsal for the 1998 Grammy Awards, Josh Groban unwittingly caught his big break in the music scene. Thanks to his voice, he has gone on to sell more than 24 million albums worldwide and he has recently nabbed a role in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. as a lovestruck lawyer. In Crazy, Stupid, Love. Cal (Steve Carell) takes drastic steps when his marriage begins to fall apart, to ensure that his life doesn’t follow suit. Cal takes the advice of professional bachelor Jacob (Ryan Gosling) to help prevent a complete mental breakdown and, hopefully, save his relationship with his wife and family.

snow flower and the secret fan

the eye of the storm

crazy, stupid, love

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T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1 57

change lives, change yours.

If you want to it’s time to

It’s time to stop thinking about your dream job and do something about it. The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) offers courses in counselling, psychology, case management and life coaching (from Diplomas through to Masters) that are flexible enough to fit in with your life. • • • • •

PACFA accredited counselling degrees and APAC recognised psychology degrees Small class sizes – more individual attention, “real life” learning Highly qualified teaching staff with practical experience Flexible study options FEE-HELP available 805

Apply now for Term 3 |

CRICOS Codes (CRICOS provider numbers: NSW 01328A, QLD 02565B, VIC 02829E)

| 1800 061 199

Image courtesy of Garth Oriander

ticket Photography by Morgan Roberts


The Hamlet Apocalypse

Mista Savona

kingdom of little empires

Die Winterreise

at La Boite

at The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent

at Brisbane Powerhouse

at Brisbane Powerhouse

When prompted to conjure up apocalyptic images in one’s imagination, pits of fire and desolate landscapes might come to mind. For the creative troupe behind The Hamlet Apocalypse, the end of the world provides an interesting canvas to workshop. A joint theatrical performance by La Boite Indie and innovative theatre group The Danger Ensemble, the show unveils a performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet on the eve of an apocalyptic disaster – questioning life, death, art and human nature.

For roots and reggae collective Mista Savona, eight musical minds prove most fruitful when it comes to delivering a contemporary and energetic show. An influential force on Australia’s roots and reggae scene, the eight-piece band combines superb musicianship, dancehall and hip-hop, with socially aware lyrics and high-energy gigs. Featuring vocals of Vida-Sunshyne and Jornick, the Spiegeltent performance will mark Mista Savona’s first appearance since the band’s return from the European festival circuit.

Alongside power and authority, reigning over a kingdom also brings a great deal of responsibility. For finalists in triple j’s Unearthed High competition, the chance to reign supreme among fellow up-andcoming artists becomes a reality this month, when triple j reveals Kingdom of Little Empires, a showcasing of Australia’s next generation of musical talent. Fresh from the Glastonbury line-up, 2010 Unearthed High winner Stonefield is set to headline the Brisbane Powerhouse event, joined by 2011 winners and finalists.

When Schubert sat down in 1827 to pen a new tune set to one of Wilhelm Müller’s poems, little did the composer know that the tale of a lovelorn wanderer would be later deemed ‘our civilisation’s greatest poem of existential estrangement’ by The New Yorker. A modern-day interpretation of Schubert’s chilly snowscapes portrayed in Die Winterreise (The Winter Journey), comes to Brisbane Festival this month. Beautifully executed, the performance stars cabaret favourite, Paul Capsis.

until september 10

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september 15

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

september 17

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Shop 5/36 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe T. 3251 0402

september 28 to october 2



Musician ... well, flautist ...

say hello to ...

Tim Munro

eighth blackbird, Fractured Jams September 24, the Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, Brisbane Festival

›I became a performer because ... I’m addicted to the danger of performance – to the painful pleasure of gut-wrenching nerves, and to the thought of ‘are we going to make it?’ that gives extra rawness to our music-making. My Chicago-based, Grammy-winning ensemble, eighth blackbird, feeds off this danger. ›My creativity comes from ... being a pretty emotional person. I’ve always been drawn to the art of extremes. I want experiences that make me tremble with fear, or howl with laughter, or stifle a torrent of tears. As a performer, I try to take audiences through scary, funny, provocative and emotionally moving journeys. ›I ‘fuel’ my creativity by ... devouring art of all shapes and sizes, and finding inspiration in horror movies, graphic novels, galleries of ‘outsider’ art (works of crazed, oddly inspiring obsession, created outside the mainstream, often by asylum inmates), and classical music. ›I love my job because ... my life in eighth blackbird is totally bloody fascinating. No two days are alike – we curate a festival in a funky aircraft-hangar-sized art space in Manhattan one day, teach at an Arkansas college the next, and play for a sea of grey hairs in Colorado the next. ›Through my work, I would like to ... communicate the fascinating, diverse, frustrating, quirky, rag-tag world of new classical music to audiences everywhere. Anger, irritation, laughter and enjoyment are reactions I love; boredom and indifference make me shudder. ›Favourite author: David Malouf ›Director that inspires me: Terrence Malick ›Favourite actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman ›Most played on my iPod: Steve Reich ›A performer I love: Richard Tognetti ›Artist I most admire: Mark Rothko ›Makes me laugh: Louis C.K.

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T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1 59

Hough Stephen

This recital is really about weird sonatas, in a way. Stephen Hough

Experience Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata and a work many regard as Liszt’s greatest composition, his Piano Sonata in B minor. Also works by Scriabin and Hough himself, one of Britain’s greatest living pianists.

Wed 19 October 7pm where conservatorium Theatre book or 136 246 MuSicA ViVA InternatIonal ConCert SeaSon 2011

stimulus film

more ...

Andy X september 14–24 at brisbane metro arts


In the art world, an artistic legacy tells a tale and represents days, months and years of creative work. As one of the modern-art world’s most influential personalities, Andy Warhol’s legacy continues to stand the test of time, with countless international exhibitions and homages to his work. Director Jim Sharman’s daring musical film Andy X explores the iconic artist’s life and artistic journey, depicted in a surreal cinematic representation.

Big Sound

Experience the best music Brisbane has to offer in a unique festival format SEPTEMBER 7–9

the gathering festival

festival september 17 at THE OLD MUSEUM As the sun sets over Bowen Hills, the Old Museum is covered in a blanket of stars as the night sky drapes itself over the iconic building. With its old-world charm, the Old Museum provides a perfectly enchanting setting for The Gathering Festival. Headlining the festival, The Screaming Tribesmen will bring 80s cool, and will be joined by Band of Frequencies, William Barton, and Toothfaeries, amongst other exciting acts.


The Black Seeds

Listen to a combination of dub, funk, and soul music from


gerard mapstone september 30 to october 1 at Judith Wright Centre

Burning with passion, the art of flamenco represents the heart of Spanish culture. With his unique knack for merging flamenco with Cuban, Indian and Romanian music, flamenco guitarist Gerard Mapstone is no stranger to the world stage, previously performing with La Orquesta de Buena Vista Social Club and The Gypsy Queens and Kings. Gerard will be joined by special guests the DALeCAÑA Flamenco Company at the Judith Wright Centre.

New Zealand september 9 AT The Zoo THEATRE

Brisbane Shakespeare Festival

Share in


no man’s land september 19 to october 22 at Bille Brown Studio

When Mr Hirst sits down to a nightcap with Mr Spooner, a shared penchant for generous servings of alcohol is the only thing that the two men share in common. In Queensland Theatre Company’s No Man’s Land, two of Australia’s most esteemed champions of the stage – John Gaden and Peter Carroll – will unleash wild yarns, hidden dreams, and lurking secrets, as they sit down to share a drink or two.

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T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

stop global warming

Cheryl Barker is

Giacomo Puccini




15–29 October Lyric Theatre, QPAC Tickets From $53.20*

Best available seats just $55.20* Queensland Symphony Orchestra Opera Queensland Chorus

Opening Night Series Major Sponsor

Tosca Opening Night Partner

Sung in Italian with projected English translations This production is presented by arrangement with Opera Australia. *Includes qtix booking and transaction fees.

Media Supporter

Photography: Justine Walpole

The Bard’s classics in a relaxed atmosphere SEPtember 7–18 AT Bulimba and Sandgate


stimulus circus

more ...

Petit Mal september 13–17 at Brisbane Powerhouse


When a Finnish contemporary circus troupe graces the Brisbane Powerhouse for Brisbane Festival, a wildly creative set of skills will be unleashed on our city’s artistic calendar. Race Horse Company in collaboration with Circo Aereo are set to unveil a modern fusion of dance, daring stunts, acrobatics and trampoline routines. Comprising of a former gymnast, a breakdancer and an ex-cage fighter, the circus troupe casts aside all stereotypes.

Bridge to Brisbane

Join the masses and run, jog or walk for

Image courtesy of Heli Sorjonen Peter Roehr, Hair drying, 1965

a good cause SEPTEMBER 11

Peter Roehr Montage Films

AT brisbane

exhibition until october 15 at ima Before German artist Peter Roehr’s untimely death at age 23, he produced a series of film montages that continue to challenge modern audiences. Direct from archival galleries in Germany, an exhibition of Peter’s films arrives at IMA – breaking preconceptions, and perplexing viewers. All created in 1965, the films focus on repetitive excerpts of ‘found’ television recordings, featuring anything from shampoo commercials, to cars zooming along a highway.


Celebrating Diversity

Celebrate the unique appearance of those


one man, two guvnors october 8–9 at DENDY portside

with a genetic

Based on the 18th-century Italian classic Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, playwright Richard Bean’s One Man, Two Guvnors ignites the playful, riotous and slightly crazed nature of ‘commedia dell’arte’ comedy. Bringing the UK’s National Theatre stage performances to cinema audiences in Australia, the recording comes to Dendy Portside for a two-day screening, as part of the National Theatre Live program.

difference SEPTEMBER 14 to OCTOBER 17 AT Brisbane Powerhouse music



submarine from september 8 at Palace Cinemas

For 15-year-old Oliver Tate, life presents two major conundrums. Firstly, the state of his love life and, secondly, his disapproval towards his mother’s relationship with an old flame. Co-produced by Ben Stiller, Submarine follows Oliver’s tribulations, quests and dreams as he navigates the bumpy road of adolescence. Screening at Palace Cinemas, the film invites audiences to step onto the rollercoaster ride inside Oliver’s mind.

stop global warming map magazine

Dance and

sing along to the band’s catchy melodies SEPtember 17 AT The Tivoli

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1 61


travellers map

hidden culture

bac ha, vietnam

Since the dawn of time, clothing has been a symbol of one’s own style, work, culture and status. This personal expression is proudly displayed by the Flower H’mong minority group of Bac Ha in the hills of Vietnam’s far north. The name Flower H’mong alludes to the wealth of colour and texture of their intricately woven costume consisting of layers of skirts, embroidered tops, and a pillbox hat or scarf, all of which wonderfully represent their history and culture. For those hoping to glimpse the colourful palette of the Flower H’mong women, a visit to the vibrant Sunday market held in Bac Ha provides the best vantage point.

As the ground soars upwards from the city of Lao Cai on the Vietnamese-Chinese border to the peaks of Chay River Massif, rice-terraced fields contour the mountains, stepping level by level to their zeniths. An everyday scene in these mountains shows the contrast of the local lifestyle. There’s the cultivation of all possible arable land by women in colourful costume, hacking away with hoes whilst a baby sleeps firmly strapped to her back. Or an entire family of four, possibly five, some traditionally dressed, some in modern attire, but all mounted on a scooter heading into town. Bac Ha, at 700 m above sea level, is about half the altitude of its wellknown counterpart Sapa. Each Sunday, the village hosts a vibrant market targeted at the local ethnic groups, such as Phula, Black Dao, Tay, Nung and, the most colourful, Flower H’mong. This festive sea of colour has been taking place every week for generations and is the social event on every local’s weekly calendar. A wide street lined with stalls selling a colourful patchwork of handbags, quilts and cushion covers welcomes you to the main entry of the market. This entry then splits off to a maze of alleyways and paths distinctly organised by product or produce, where cattle, horses, pigs, chickens and goats are bought and sold, as well as many traditional goods like saddles and plowshares. Advice from

62 map magazine

traditional medicine doctors can be sought alongside fragrant incense stalls, as well as elaborate textiles and other trinkets made by the local tribespeople. On the drive up to Bac Ha, you will see locals from far and wide starting their ascent to the hilltop market in the early hours of the morning. It could take more than four hours for some to climb the mountain in full costume to their regular social and trading gathering, afterwards gathering up their wares and trekking all the way down the hill to their home. The market and its surrounds are a place for cultural and sentimental exchange, where all paths and mountain roads are full of people and horses pouring into the market. And, of course, food is the epicentre of all gatherings, and the Bac Ha version of the food court is a hive of energy, with the clattering of soup pans, tossing of herbs and chattering of friends. Walking through the market has an impact on all five senses, from the endless aromas and the chaotic sounds of market trading, to being nudged by a water buffalo. I come across a uniformly dispersed group of finely dressed Flower H’mong women shading themselves from the winter sun with modern umbrellas, all holding a leash with a puppy tethered to the end. I am momentarily distracted by the handwoven basket ladies and the magical sound of their handmade flutes, but as my eyes refocus on the ladies with the puppies, I realise that these adorable

T H E c loth I SS U E s e p tem b er 1 1

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and cuddly specimens are not being sold as pets – they are actually the live meat market. The sharp reality of the variety of Vietnamese cuisine hits me and I discover that the neighbouring ‘fresh’ meat section is not for the faint of heart. From one end of the spectrum to the other, I find myself fossicking through stall after stall of the Flower H’mong clothes, caressing the textures of the patterned fabrics and exploring their intricate detail. Nowadays, Flower H’mong women tend to wear heavily beaded skirts and jackets manufactured in China, as opposed to the traditional handwoven fabric. Experimenting with the modern-day mix-and-match concept, they even adopt headwear – such as a colourful scarf or a comb embedded in their hair – of other minority groups to differentiate themselves. Though tourists are not in short supply at Bac Ha, they are not the focus, which is a pleasant change from the constant sales pitch and hours of being followed by the Sapa locals. Most locals at the Bac Ha Market pay little attention to the tourists, rather choosing to focus on their business and seize this short social opportunity out of their hardworking week. This comes as a blessing to me, and I take the opportunity to really absorb the wonderful sites, sounds, smells and social interactions amongst this culturally eclectic and visually stimulating group of village people.

text & PHOTOGRAPHY by Kathryn Lindgren


The Bac Ha version of the food court is a hive of energy, with the clattering of soup pans, tossing of herbs and chattering of friends ... ”

AnnuAl SAle Tattersalls Arcade, 202 Edward Street, Brisbane Friday 9th September 9am–7pm Saturday 10th September 10am–5pm Sunday11th September 11am–4pm 30–50% Off Fine luggage & leathergoods Since 1975








’URBAN’ ACCENT CHAIR (W47 x H95 x D90cm) Available in White, Turquoise or Charcoal. Also available: ‘Urban’ Footstool $199



‘TULIP’ ACCENT CHAIR (W101 x H91 x D93cm) Available in Turquoise, Charcoal or White. Also available: ‘Tulip’ Footstool $199


’VERA’ WICKER ACCENT CHAIR (W61 x H76 x D69cm) Available in Taupe or Black.

Handwoven Wicker

Stainless Steel Frame

Visit DomayneÂŽ stores are operated by independent franchisees. Product offers end 04/09/11.

FORTITUDE VALLEY, BRISBANE Level 1, Homemaker City, 1058 Ann St. 3620 6600 (Free underground parking)




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