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EDITORIAL Dear All, This month we have an in-depth article regarding the almost unique place in the paranormal universe enjoyed by hospitals, especially psychiatric institutions. Why this should be the case is not clear, but perhaps the fact that they act as a concentrations of, in many cases, severely disturbed individuals acting as ‘amplifiers’ may be one reason. Conventional hospitals may be conducive to a similar effect due to the various tragedies and traumas taking place there on a daily basis. It all seems to tie into the nebulous and fluid nature of paranormal phenomena and the paranormal itself. By the way, recently there was one of the best examples of evidence for poltergeist activity ever in Rutherglen near Glasgow in Scotland. The activity was witnessed as it occurred by police who attended the incident, however it seems that the situation was badly mishandled by the media and the police, the result was that the family concerned effectively shut up shop and closed the doors both literally and figuratively.

Brian Allan Brian Allan: UK Editor.

THIS MONTHS CONTRIBUTORS Steve Mera, Brian Allan, Mike Oram, John Pickering, Richard R. Richie, Jenny Ashford, Erich Von Daniken, Tracie Austin, Paul Stonehill, Philip Mantle, John Ventre, Chris Evers, Sean Cadman, Diane Wilson, Vickie Oliphant, Nathaniel Artosilla, Inquisitr, 9/11 Questions, Ancient Code, Jade Ashcroft, & Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D.

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AUTHORS Paul Stonehill

Page 03: Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects: By Paul Stonehill. V.V. Krapiva, a researcher and writer who resides in Odessa, Ukraine, years ago had attended numerous lectures presented by veteran officers from Soviet nuclear-powered submarines. They had served in the Soviet North, in secret naval installations and bases. The lectures sometimes veered off from the planned presentations, and many spellbinding tales were told of naval encounters with numerous Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs). Paul Stonehill reveals some fascinating cases.

03 Erich Von Daniken

Page 11: Preface for the Anniversary Edition of Chariots of the Gods: By Erich Von Daniken. Today, after 80 years, I definitively know that our good old Earth was once visited by aliens. I also know that those visitors promised our ancestors that they would return. Return they shall, and mankind would do better to deal with this notion. But it all started with religious doubts at a Jesuit Catholic boarding school, that started my jouney travelling the world and conducting research which ultimately lead me to writing Chariots of the Gods. Erich Von Daniken talks of his life journey. Page 17: Selected At Birth: By John Ventre. For me, it was never about aliens or ghosts or God. For me it was always about the origin of the species. Was it creation, evolution or were we genetically engineered, i.e. was this ‘intelligent design’? I started out researching end-time prophecy in 1996 and have come full circle after twenty years of research, mostly into UFOs, but more recently demonology due to a first-hand experience, which was like being slapped hard by the back of God’s hand. John Ventre talks of his unusual experiences. Page 23: Close Encounters of the Locomotive Kind: By Steve Mera. We often come across UFO reports that give mention to near air collisions with aircraft. Such incidents have been well documented such as the January 1995 Manchester International Airport near miss, not to mention UFOs seen in very close proximity to civilian aircraft like the Jal 1628 incident. In total, there are thousands of reported incidents worldwide, but how often it is reported that a UFO has collided with a train? Steve Mera looks into one such incident and discovers a number of other UFO / Train encounters.

11 John Ventre

17 Steve Mera


Page 29: Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan. I would like to express my thanks to the people who were kind enough to respond to a request I placed in The Falkirk Herald, which is a local newspaper in Central Scotland, asking for information about alleged paranormal occurrences in Bellsdyke Hospital, a local and now almost completely demolished psychiatric facility. These are first-hand accounts of what they experienced while working in the hospital, and as it turned out also its environs. Brian Allan reveals his findings...

Brian Allan

Page 39: Positive Public Proof or Perfidious Public Plotters: By Richard R. Ritchie. As with last month's article, this month's is also initiated by events occurring at this moment (it will be a couple of months behind, by the time of publication), and being reported in and by the mainstream media, which lends veracity and gravitas to those subjects, events and agenda's, being exposed each month in 'Phenomena Magazine'. It shows them to be as stated; i.e. truly pernicious in purpose, maliciously manipulated and plotted at a clandestine level above and beyond governmental control and knowledge.

Richard R. Ritchie

Page 51: Ancient Pathways: By Jade Ashcroft. I have been interested in Standing Stones, Stone Circles and Earth energies for a long time, but up until recently the subject of dowsing was relatively unknown to me, specifically using rods to find currents of energy that may or may not be natural to the landscape. It wasn't until I recently when I listened to a podcast made a couple of years ago by the British Society of Dowsers, that I got a little bit excited about what this particular person was saying regarding picking up the signature of someone who is dead. Jade explains.

Jade Ashcroft

Page 55: The Fibonacci Sequence and its Connection with Chemistry: By Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D. The Fibonacci Sequence in mathematics involves the following number sequence where two consecutive numbers (in the sequence) are added together to give the next number in the sequence (i.e. 1+1= 2, 1+ 2= 3, 2+3= 5, 3+5= 8, and so on). The Fibonacci Sequence (or Fibonacci numbers) are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. The Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci, (1170 – 1250) described his observation of the Fibonacci sequence in his 1202 book (Liber Abaci). Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D explains...

Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D.




55 And much more!


Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects: By Paul Stonehill.

V.V. Krapiva, a researcher and writer who resides in Odessa, Ukraine, years ago had attended numerous lectures presented by veteran officers from Soviet nuclearpowered submarines. They had served in the Soviet North, in secret naval installations and bases. The lectures sometimes veered off from the planned presentations, and many spellbinding tales were told as a result. For instance, episodes when Soviet sonar-operators (military hydroacoustics technicians) were hearing strange targets present at great depths. Soviet Navy submarines were actually being chased by other "submarines". The pursuers changed their speed at will; speeds that were much greater than any other similar vessel in the world could produce at that time. Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Sokolov confidentially informed the students that while on duty during his submarine's navigation, he had observed through a periscope the ascent of some strange object in the water. He was not able to identify it, because he viewed it through the optical system of the periscope. This underwater "take off" took place in the early 1960's. An interesting observation of a UFO was recorded by the crew of a Soviet nuclear submarine in 1965: this case is on file in the Colonel Kolchin archives. All those who had observed the UFO were ordered to report the details and provide drawings to the Special Department (i.e., Naval Intelligence). The submarine was to rendezvous with a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. They arrived at the meeting place an hour and a half before the time of the rendezvous, and the captain allowed the crew to come up on to the deck. No ships were in the area, and the sky was starry and cloudless. Then the watchman observed a cigarshaped object moving noiselessly through the sky. Although the submarine was in international waters at the time, the Soviets assumed the unidentified object was American and decided to dive immediately. But their onboard radar did not record anything and the captain decided to stay put abovewater. Suddenly three rays shot out from the UFO, and the Soviet submariners noticed something very unusual about the object. The UFO had no gondolas and no horizontal or vertical rudders. The object was about 200-250 meters long, and submariners were not familiar with such “dirigibles”, because those used by the American Air Force were much smaller. Then something strange took place: the

UFO slowly descended to the surface of the ocean, its searchlights still on, about half a mile from the submarine, and dived underwater. The submarine’s sonar had registered a strange and very intensive hissing sound as the UFO submerged, but the sound was of a very short duration. A well-known Soviet UFO researcher and author A.S. Kuzovkin had been engaged in UFO research ever since he observed one such object in 1964. He was a physicist and researched the ecology of anomalous phenomena for Vokrug Sveta, a very popular Soviet magazine. Kuzovkin mentioned in his writings (Ekho Planeti, Russia, 1990) that while visiting Sevastopol, a port city in Ukraine, he met with local marine scientists who had descended into the depths of the Black Sea in deep-water bathyscaphes. They observed, among other things, an object that resembled a wheel as large as a ten-story building, standing vertically underwater. The scientists saw and later described to Kuzovkin the “wheel” that would remain immobile for a while and then move into a horizontal position, rotate, and depart. Another well-known Russian researcher and author of the paranormal, Aleksandr Petukhov, mentioned an incident from 1951. It took place in the territorial waters of the USSR. A Soviet submarine encountered a strange underwater object of gigantic size; it did not react to the submarine communication to identify itself, and continued an unhurried movement towards the nation’s shores. The captain of the submarine ordered depth charges to 03

be dropped into the site where USO was located. The unidentified object did not react to the attack, and continued its course at the same speed. After a while it unexpectedly and abruptly ascended to the surface of the sea. At a depth of 50 meters it stopped its ascent, changed the course, and departed. In July of 1978, there was a UFO sighting in the Mediterranean. The captain of Soviet motor ship Yargora immediately sent a radiogram about it to the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The coordinates of the sighting were 37 degrees northern latitude and 3 degrees 40 minutes of eastern longitude. The time was between 7:30 and 8:40 in the morning. The object that was observed by Soviet seamen was shaped like a flattened out sphere, its color that of a white pearl. There were three protruding constructions in the bottom portion of the UFO; they resembled antennae. The object moved from east to westward direction. No reply to the radiogram ever came from the Academy. This sighting was mentioned in the 2001 article written by Valentin Psalomschikov, and published in NLO Magazine. An unnamed Russian source mentioned that Yargora’s Captain Cherepanov sent a telegram from the ship to Moscow’s Soviet Academy of Sciences regarding the sighting. On December 26, 2002, Russian newspaper Zhizn published an article about Soviet observations of UFOs. The Chairman of the Anomalous Phenomena Commission of the Russian Geographical Society in Saint Petersburg made a presentation at the

Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects: By Paul Stonehill.

society’s monthly meeting. Formerly named the Leningrad Commission for Anomalous Phenomena of the Geographic Society of the USSR, it was organized in 1980. The society had studied tens of thousands of cases UFO sightings, and had reached a conclusion that UFOs are real. The Chairman at the time, Yevgeny Litvinov, recalled that his experience with the UFOs had begun when he was a Soviet Navy officer and did not take seriously any published UFOrelated information. Then came the winter of 1979-80, and several incidents had rocked the Northern Fleet, forcing the Soviet General Staff to take UFOs seriously. UFOs had visited a Soviet submarine base at the Western Dvina every week during a six months period. The craft were shaped like disks and hovered over the armaments (mines, torpedoes, and nuclear weapons) preparation sites. The UFOs also flew above the topsecret Soviet military town. While the military personnel below freely observed the “flying saucers”, the anti-aircraft radars did not register anything. The head of the Naval Intelligence for the Northern Fleet ordered that photographs of the UFOs be taken, but to no avail; the film turned out to be inadvertently exposed to light each time. The Soviets were busy trying to find out the nature of UFOs flying over their heads. Initially they suspected NATO, but then it was explained to them that potential adversaries do not possess such technology. To prevent panic, those in command told their military personnel that the UFOs above were actually Soviet-made craft, and that tests were underway. Of course highranking officers knew better, and felt terrified by the uncertainty. Rather serious incidents took place during that winter. The crew of a Soviet Project 671 submarine (“Victor” class sub, per NATO classification) encountered a UFO. The sub’s commander was Aleksey Korzhev. The sub was coming to the base; sometimes it surfaced, sometimes it would descend down to two hundred meters. They wanted to be undetected by spy satellites. Then they received a report that up and straight ahead was an airplane. The commander was surprised, for the weather was absolutely not conducive for aircraft flights. But fifty meters from the sub a silvery disc was hovering, slowly moving with the sub, staying a bit ahead of it. The crew looked at it, feeling mesmerized. Then the UFO emitted a ray of light, and this pillar of bright white light did not immediately reach the surface of the water, but contrary to the laws of physics, it slowly descended. Korzhev immediately ordered a change of the ship’s course. The disc slowly ascended and disappeared in the clouds. Litvinov said that the Soviets speculated that the UFO wanted to scan the submarine that actually

happened to carry newest weapons aboard. Mikhail Soroka, a paranormal phenomena researcher from Kiyiv, Ukraine, also described the same incident in more detail in an interview he gave to FAKTY newspaper (December, 2007). Soroka mentioned fascinating details of the USO encounter when a nuclear submarine was accompanying a surface vessel. The submarine surfaced, and a large object appeared in the sky. Its shape was that of mushroom with its cap turned down. Its bottom part shone white light; the part above shone yellow light; the next part shone reddish light; and the uppermost part shone bright red light. The object not only approached the ships, but also directed toward one of them a ray from its searchlight. Then the object unexpectedly disappeared. This was revealed by Aleksey Korzhev, Captain 1st rank, added Soroka. He also mentioned that Soviet Navy’s intelligence believed that UFOs generally appeared over military vessels and coastal installations. Later, when Litvinov was with the special commission of the Soviet Navy’s Main Staff, he was able to read dozens of UFO reports that came from the intelligence channels. One report described a UFO landing in the Motovsky Bay (located in the Barents Sea). Years later, a leakage of liquid radioactive waste from a spent fuel storage facility took place in the Motovsky Bay and Litsa Fjord. Zapadnaya Litsa is the largest and most important Russian naval base for nuclearpowered submarines. The base is located on the Litsa Fjord at the westernmost point of the Kola Peninsula, about 45 kilometers from the Norwegian border. The Litsa Fjord heads into the Kola Peninsula interior from the Motovsky Fjord, just across from the south-eastern coast of the Rybachky Peninsula. Few people in the 04

West know exactly what was going on there during the Soviet rule. No radar station in the vicinity registered the UFOs. Soviet experts assumed that an ionized cloud enveloped the UFOs. Another incident, mentioned by Litvinov to Zhizn, comes from the archives of the Russia’s Geographic Society. It took place in the Mediterranean, in November of 1976. Soviet diesel submarine Project 641 (“Foxtrot”, per NATO classification), navigated through the Gibraltar, and surfaced. It was at 2:00 am, and the sea was absolutely still. The captain, the watch officer, and signalman came to the submarine deck to verify the vessel’s coordinates. Suddenly they noticed a radiant silvery sphere to the left, over the horizon. The sphere ascended rapidly, and suddenly they saw right in front of the sub, on the water, a radiant map of the Mediterranean. It appeared at precisely the moment when the navigator determined the sub’s location by measuring the position of stars. The impression was that someone aboard the sphere read the Russia navigator’s thoughts. Moreover, the radiant map also indicated the sub’s position. The sphere flew away, and the map disappeared. Yevgeny Litvinov revealed in the interview that he is convinced that UFOs exist. But he puts aside his convictions when he verifies the veracity of presented data. He has developed a complex method for systematic selection (as is done by intelligence officers). His scale of credible authenticity is based on 350 criteria. Litvinov has concluded that out of all data, about seventy percent have to do with technogenic reasons; natural phenomena, or mystification. But the other thirty percent are real observations of UFOs. There are too many of them to simply wave them away. His database contains ten thousand observations and incidents. Litvinov

Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects: By Paul Stonehill.

stated that most often UFOs are observed over military installations, areas of ecological disasters, and geological faults. In the 1970s, reports issued by Admiral V.A. Domislovsky, chief of the Pacific Fleet’s Intelligence Department, described an unknown, gigantic cylindrical object sighted by Soviet Navy in “faraway” regions of Pacific Ocean. The object was 800-900 meters long. When it hovered over the ocean, smaller objects exited from one of its ends (like bees from a beehive) and descended into the waters. Some time later they reentered the gigantic UFO. After the smaller objects thus “loaded” inside, the UFO would fly away and disappear over the horizon. This information was revealed in Vladimir Ajaja’s interviews to Russian media. According to (July 16, 2009), former Rear Admiral and nuclear submarine commander Yury Beketov was quoted describing events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. “We repeatedly observed that the instruments detected the movements of material objects at unimaginable speed, around 230 knots (400 km. per hour (250 m.p.h.)). It’s hard to reach that speed on the surface – only in the air [is it readily possible]… The beings that created those material objects significantly exceed us in development.” Russian Naval intelligence expert and Captain 1st Rank Igor Barklay noted that the unidentified objects were most often spotted in deep water near where military forces are concentrated – off the Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the east coast of the United States. The February issue of the remarkable Belarus newspaper Sekretniye Issledovaniya (Issue 3{212}), contained an article written by Valeriya Peresilkina. Titled Zagadki glubin (Secrets of The Depths), it lists cases of USOs observed by the Russian Navy in various seas of our planet. The author mentions Captain 1st Rank (retired) Yuri Vinogradov who had served in the Soviet Navy from 1975 to 2000. He, a top expert in his field, had been involved in a number of submarine search and recovery operations; a veteran of “high-risk” units, and a participant in four long-range missions. He had been to the Devil’s Sea; also know as the Dragon Triangle it is located between Japan, Guam, and northern Philippines.

Some call this area the "Pacific Bermuda Triangle". In the 1980s, Vinogradov had participated in the search and rescue

operations of the Soviet Pacific Fleet (submarines and surface vessels had been involved). Twice he and other officers had observed, on the sonar screen, a USO that had moved at great speed, and disappeared in the depths...

Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters It has often been said that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the world’s seas and oceans. The study of USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) is a case in point. For years, strange phenomena have been reported by people at sea, especially by navies around the globe. Although many of the USO files of the Soviet and Russian Navy remain secret, some have become available due to the painstaking efforts of dedicated researchers. Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle reveal strange encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy with things that are not supposed to exist. Here you will read about the mysterious kvakeri, the “swimmers” of Lake Baikal, the oddities of Issyk Kul, inexplicable events within the forbidding Arctic Ocean, and much more. Most of these stories have never been told outside of Russia or the former Soviet Union. They provide yet more evidence that we are not alone. Indeed, they suggest a permanent presence of something unusual in the depths of Earth's large bodies of water. The new book RUSSIA’S USO SECRETS by Paul Stonehill & Philip Mantle is out now on Amazon.!blank/v0g9h 05


Upcoming Event

ERICH von DÄNIKEN LEGACY NIGHT Chariots of the Gods Chronicles 1966 – 2016 October 15, 2016 London, UK Announcing the most anticipated event of the year, the godfather of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Erich von Däniken, returns to London after 25 years for his first ever live-streamed webcast event. This sensational two-hour production, brought to you by Zohar Entertainment Group, in partnership with Media Invest Entertainment, will honour the past and future of author and researcher Erich von Däniken on the 50th Anniversary of his groundbreaking work, Chariots of the Gods. The inaugural live-streamed event will be globally broadcasted live from BAFTA’s historic Princess Anne Theatre on October 15th, 2016. Our production team is elated to utilize the latest webcasting technology to share the magic with audiences via their digital devices around the world. Our thrilling evening includes three captivating components. First, the keynote presentation will be delivered by none other Erich von Däniken. This segment of the night promises unique insights on the scientific contributions and influences from Erich’s work spanning the globe and extending through time and space. Join the journey as Erich showcases his most monumental and influential speeches, describing his findings and breakthroughs in developing the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Next, the Master of Ceremonies shall discuss this illustrious legacy with Erich von Däniken himself. We will voyage with Erich as he shares his thoughts on the struggles, challenges and successes of his celebrated career. Following the keynote address, the bold new trajectory of Erich von Däniken’s legacy will be unveiled. This explosive announcement will reveal developments from the creative geniuses behind the highly anticipated Chariots of the Gods 360-degree entertainment franchise by Media Invest Entertainment. We are pleased to host the Executive Team of Media Invest Entertainment, who will present this electrifying news showcasing the very best from diverse immersive entertainment fields, including architecture, media, music, and much much more. For Gala Night attendees, the evening will conclude with a VIP Cocktail Reception. This capstone to the night will host a book signing with Erich von Däniken, in which he can interact with the audiences and meet partners and sponsors.




Preface for the Anniversary Edition of Chariots of the Gods: By Erich Von Daniken.

Since the publication of Chariots of the Gods in February, 1968, I have received questions from around the world inquiring how this book originated and what inspired these “crazy” ideas. One after the other. I come from a very Catholic family in Switzerland and my father decided that I would have a theologically-oriented education. So he enrolled 16-year old Erich at Collège St-Michel, a Jesuit boarding school in Fribourg, Switzerland. At that time, my conception of God was magni fic en t and si mul tane ous l y incomprehensible – and has remained so to this day. I always thought God – who or what that was – had to exhibit some minimum features. The true God would be flawless and could do no wrong. He would have to be omnipresent and need no vehicle to get from point A to point B. In particular, God would be timeless. God could not be something that did experiments and then must wait to see what resulted. Those were the thoughts my confused 16-year old brain had about God. In theology class, we regularly translated Bible passages. Typically, this was from the ancient Greek or Latin texts into German. And so my plight began. The God of the Old Testament used vehicles for his earthly visits. He was often described with attributes such as “smoke, fire, earthquake, or noise.” “Fallen angels” or “God’s sons” came down from heaven to fornicate with pretty daughters of men according to the first book of Moses. The biblical God conducted experiments and did not know the outcomes, or worse, they were wrong. First he “created man and saw that it was good.” But later “the Lord repented that he had created man, and it grieved him deeply.” He decided that the whole of humanity had to drown with the exception of Noah and his family. Was God really that contradictory? Doubts about my own religion plagued me, and I wondered if other, older cultures told similar stories about their deities as we did in the Judeo-Christian faith. For years, I immersed myself in the histories of other religions. Lo and behold, it was the same with Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, Incans, Mayans, Aztecs, etc.; all the gods arose with smoke, fire, earthquake, and noise from the firmament down. That was the birth of Chariots of the Gods. After five years of Jesuit education, I got into the restaurant business. This was

nothing special, since my grandmother ran a hotel/restaurant and Swiss cuisine had a good international reputation. I was a waiter, cook, bartender, receptionist, and student of hotel management. Through my hotel years, I worked intensively on my hobby: searching for the origin of the gods. I devoured countless archaeological and theological works, traveled widely, and visited archaeological sites and temples in distant countries. Again and again, I was able to publish short articles about my research in magazines. On December 8, 1964, the Canadian/German newspaper The Northwest (published in Winnipeg) printed an entire feature that I wrote. It was entitled: Did Our Ancestors Visit from Outer Space? Parallel to my hobby, my career climbed steadily upwards. In 1966, I became the director of a first-class hotel in Davos, Switzerland. During the afternoons, I sat in a small little room and typed a manuscript on a typewriter that would later become a worldwide bestseller. Now began new difficulties. I sent the manuscript to 25 publishers – and all refused. With precise regularity, letters arrived on my desk with the usual answers: “We regret … not suitable for our publishing … too speculative … unprofessional … antireligious … etc.” I knew I was sitting on a volcano, but no one was interested. Luckily, one of my regular hotel guests, Dr. Thomas von Randow, was the science editor of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit. We often chatted at the bar and he eventually called a German publisher whom he had known for some time. That acquaintance was the head of the Econ Verlag publishing firm in Dusseldorf and he agreed to try a small print run of 2000 copies. In February of 1968, Chariots of the Gods finally emerged. After that, the Swiss magazine World Week reprinted the book in weekly installments. And with that, an avalanche was unleashed. Within a few weeks, 20,000 copies of the book were sold in Switzerland alone. The success spilled over the border to Germany and Austria. Just one year after the initial publication, Econ Verlag had printed the 30th edition, totaling 800,000 copies. A few months later, the work was translated and released in multiple 11

languages. The New York Times wrote that a new virus, “Dänikenitis,” had broken out. With waves of success came criticisms. As if a warm rain had fallen, counter-point books seemed to sprout up from the ground. Some of these were swamp flowers. Of course there were mistakes in Chariots of the Gods. As a young author, one is enthusiastic and gullible. Selfcriticism is lacking. One adopts the views of others, including science texts written by highly acclaimed researchers, only to be informed later that they are now disproved. Or you believe a reputable tour guide and discover the following year that his opinions about certain ruins were nonsense. Thus, I wrote in Chariots: Elephantine Island in Aswan, Egypt was so named because the island’s contours resembled an elephant when viewed from the air. Someone told me that while at the site. In truth, the island gets its name because elephants used to graze there. I also wrote about mysterious metal pillars in a temple courtyard near Delhi, India. The temple guardians told me at the time that the pillars never rusted. In Chariots, I asked whether this was perhaps an extraterrestrial alloy. In the meantime, there rusts dung. Despite some flaws, no cornerstones of my mental building have collapsed. And the critics always forget a crucial fact: there are 323 question marks in Chariots of the Gods. Questions are the opposite of

Preface for the Anniversary Edition of Chariots of the Gods: By Erich Von Daniken.

assertions. Since 1969, countless films and television series have been produced from my body of work. Other people took hold of the topic and contributed their thoughts in books about extra-terrestrial gods. As did some scientists from their respective fields. I myself wrote 32 nonfiction books following Chariots of the Gods. And since 2012, the US television channel History has successfully aired the hundred-part Ancient Aliens series. Ultimately, the same question arises: are our ancient ancestors from outer space? Were the old gods actually alien astronauts? Today, after 80 years, I definitively know that our good old Earth was once visited by aliens. I also know that those visitors promised our ancestors that they would return. Return they shall, and mankind would do better to deal with this notion. But it all started with religious doubts at a Jesuit Catholic boarding school...

Dear All, In an effort to keep Phenomena Magazine at the forefront of the subject we all love, Steve and I have decided to combine our distribution lists with another online magazine that just has to be one of the very, very best of its kind in the world today. I am talking about none other than the famous and near iconic ‘Conspiracy Journal’. Very shortly you can expect to receive a copy of this excellent and free magazine in your inbox. You will also find that, despite its title, it’s well written and researched articles cover subjects with which you are already familiar and are very similar in their subject matter to those in Phenomena Magazine. We are sure you will find it a fascinating and informative read. Incidentally, by way of exchange, our distribution lists are now with Conspiracy Journal (CJ) and the magazine will now be sent to those on the CJ list.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE! It is fair to say, in this day and age, that the disconnect between mainstream media “reality” and what is really going on is getting to the point where many people in society are not being told the full story—about almost everything and anything. In geopolitics, we see media organisations such as Al Jazeera willing to totally fabricate events and broadcast them via BBC, CNN, ABC and other licensees. In what is needlessly called “alternative health”, we see the might of transnational drug companies steering government health policies as well as affecting personal sovereignty in the form of forced vaccinations, freedom of choice in the treatment of serious disease, and the right to be able to purchase health products of our choosing.

In explorations of “fringe sciences”, including subjects such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see the unexplained anomalies regarding energy, gravity, electricity and biology, being ignored, suppressed or ridiculed. I believe that it is in the open-minded exploration of such anomalies, that we actually further our scientific understanding of our universe. In discussion of consciousness and the paranormal, we again see mainstream media reporting distorted versions of events, misreporting factual data, not reporting it at all, and again, outright ridicule (snigger factor). The fact of the matter is that people want to know more about who we are as spiritual beings, about the role of consciousness in determining how we experience life, and the role our inherent beliefs have on how we live and treat other people. I believe that the vast majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and harmony with each other, and I also believe that there are forces at work, including the military-intelligence-industrial complex, that desire and profit from manufactured conflict. We live in an era where a growing number of people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information. Information they believe is in everyone’s interests to be made public. Unfortunately, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite—the suppression and persecution of such people. And finally, we live on a planet where the way in which we live is dramatically affecting the entire ecosystem. Measurable levels of chemicals are found in the air over the entire planet—in the groundwater of every continent, and in the oceans everywhere. Why is it noble to focus on CO2 and energy saving, while ignoring the death, disease and destruction of our habitat and life forms, including our own? I have created the Alternative News Project (ANP), not as a vehicle to fight the current mainstream manufactured reality, but instead to provide a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers, to help create something new. Something better. Instead of endless searches on the Internet, we will bring you the news, every day, right across the spectrum of hundreds of nonmainstream news Topics. We have called it a Project, as it is not just about information—it is about the building of a global community through the distribution of information. The ANP is the first time that independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) have a centralised location not only to see more of what is going on in your world than ever before, but where you also have the opportunity to send alternative news and information from anywhere across the globe. You are the real key to our project, because by receiving information you can inform others and by contributing your knowledge to us, we can broaden our scope of services around the globe. As such, the ANP is designed to be a community-based interactive news and information project by the people for the people. Welcome aboard the ANP, and thanks for being part of the adventure. Duncan Roads and the ANP team. 16



Selected Ay Birth: By John Ventre.

This article is extracted from my new book, “The Ufologist: The Haunting of John Ventre”. For me, it was never about aliens or ghosts or God. For me it was always about the origin of the species. Was it creation, evolution or were we genetically engineered, i.e. was this ‘intelligent design’? I started out researching end-time prophecy in 1996 and have come full circle after twenty years of research, mostly into UFOs, but more recently demonology due to a first-hand experience, which was like being slapped hard by the back of God’s hand. Although I’ve always felt at home near a cemetery and Exodus 34:7, Numbers 14:18 and Deuteronomy 5:6 speaks of the generational sins of ancestors, I fear my Dad is not where I’m going and I don’t know how to help him. Did he leave me an inconvenient inheritance; a generational curse selected prior to my birth or was it through my own actions and beliefs? At various points in my life I have had paranormal experiences; at four, twelve, and sixteen years of age and then nothing until I moved to Oklahoma at thirty two and whatever attached to us there came with us to New Jersey two years later. My wife’s personality changed and we divorced. At thirty-nine I moved to Pittsburgh and there was constant a tapping on the walls. Strange paranormal events happened every two or three years, but they were one -off's and then it stopped until it changed in 2014 (details of each event are in my book). My 84 year old mother was over to visit in May of 2014. She can be very annoying and I wanted to say something hurtful to her, so I said, “There is no God”. She didn’t even react, but did I inadvertently renounce my belief in God? I wasn’t feeling very religious after publishing “An Alternative History of Mankind” and still brooding over being divorced and the lack of quality dates out there. “On June 6, (6/6) 2014, I celebrated 20 years of being divorced. The following evening I was upstairs and decided to use the bathroom in the hallway rather than in my bedroom. There was such a stench in the room. I thought that maybe the sewers had backed up and I could smell it coming up the shower drain. I couldn’t determine if it smelled like a dead animal or faeces. I ran the shower water for a few minutes and then put the ceiling exhaust fan on and closed the door then headed downstairs to watch a baseball game. My 105 pound Doberman has a habit of coming up alongside my reclining chair and

laying across my legs while his hind legs are still standing. He likes when I pet him as he lies on my legs. While petting him, all of a sudden we both heard a bang on the wall and the Indian picture on the wall lifted off it. I also have two Indian sculptures with feathers hanging on either side of the picture and the feathers also blew as if a wind ruffled them in this enclosed room. Both my Doberman and I looked at the wall where we heard the sound. After watching the baseball game, I went upstairs to go to bed. I heard the fan on in the hallway bathroom so I opened the door and turned the fan off. I thought it was odd that the foul odor still persisted after three hours of having the exhaust fan, which had done nothing to relieve the smell, on. I brushed my teeth and turned the TV on as I lay down. My dog then walked down the hallway, looked up the attic stairs and started barking ferociously as if he was looking at something at the top of the stairs. Dogs can absolutely see or sense these intruders from another dimension. I went up the stairs with my dog to confront this entity, but everything seemed normal. I again lay down and my dog lay on the chair at the foot of the bed. There was another loud bang in my bathroom: again both the dog and I looked in the 17

direction of the sound. I wasn’t afraid, I was angry, like finding a burglar in your home. When I got up the next morning, I walked past my dog and he showed his teeth and started snapping at me. This is something he has done over the past year for no reason. I walked down the hallway and the odor was gone. The incident didn’t frighten me; it made me angry that an entity would be in my house and try to intimidate me. As I thought about it, it really started to concern me as to what is coming next. I spoke to a priest who said it’s not the house but me. I purchased some books to rid myself of this hitch hiker and started asking a lot of questions. I also wonder if publishing my anti-religious, “An Alternative History of Mankind”, had encouraged them. In September 2014, I met Wanda who is a devout Catholic and, like me, has had many paranormal-demonic occurrences. She blessed the house and recited the exorcism cleansing prayer from memory. I believe Wanda was sent to help me fight this invisible war. The house feels safe now except for a family of birds called ‘cardinals’ that keep flying continuously into my windows. I wonder if an entity attached itself to me in Oklahoma where I

Selected Ay Birth: By John Ventre.

heard an Indian chant and then saw a farm kid ghost dressed in overalls in my New Jersey house. I say this because of the picture that lifted and the head dress feathers that blew to the side in June were Indian. Was there a symbolic message in that? Unfortunately, “They” always return for Thanksgiving when my kids visit me. I’m glad Vanessa and her husband stayed at my son Nolan’s house. The noises came back the week of Thanksgiving 2015. There’s scratching in the dining room wall and I’m also getting pricked by a needle in my leg when I enter my bedroom. I noticed twice this week that Vanessa’s bedroom door was fully open even though I keep the kids room’s doors closed so the dog can’t go in. On Wednesday, I lay down to sleep and felt a stabbing pain on my scalp. I thought I was stung by a bee. I sat up and lay down again and it was even more severe than the first time. I got out of bed to check my scalp in the mirror, but there were no marks. I could hear the tapping sound in the wall of every room I sat in.


There was also a loud creaking noise coming from the ceiling. I felt a chill in my soul as if it was afraid of these forces. There was a presence in the room. Let’s face it; their goal is to corrupt your soul. When I went to bed, I noticed how pitch black the room was; total blackness, not even any light coming through the windows. I could hear the heavy creaking in the ceiling. The chill was still in my spine and my hairs were standing up. The ceiling creaked again. I twice commanded the entity to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. When I said that it will be sent to the pit of fire now instead of later, a dull light started to come through the window. I thought it was a car light but what was weird was that the light entered the room as if a veil or screen was slowly lifted. I could see the light enter from the bottom of the window to the top like the darkness was being pulled off the room. As I looked around, I could see a dull light coming through the other windows also. There was a quarter-moon so it was moonlight and not a car headlight. I used to love to sleep in total darkness, but for the first time in 58 years I sleep with a night light on (I asked my son why he sleeps with a light on and he said it is because of what visited him in the New Jersey house, see “An Alternative History of Mankind” for details). I also asked Jesus to protect my dog since he protected me. I took him for his Lyme Disease test and it read zero. The Vet was stunned since his last test came back at a 35 and it is rare to test at a zero; cured! It’s mid-January 2016 and all was quiet, but the tapping sound came back immediately


after telling my son that it had gone. Sometimes it happens when the hot air fan-heating system is on, but most times it occurs when no heat is blowing. It also stops when I yell at it or bang the wall and then starts right back up. Sometimes the tapping is slow and on other occasions it is fast and cooing from different walls and corners of the ceiling.

comprehensive work on demonology in my book, “The Ufologist”. Besides my lifelong personal experiences, I have included everything you need to know about demonology and why the Grey alien abduction is really demonic.

One night, I opened my left eye and could see a number of dark shadows circling counter-clockwise around the ceiling fan; just as my daughter saw in 2010. When I opened my right eye it wasn’t present. I could only see it through my left eye; same as happened when my father died in 2007, but I’m not sure if these shadows are ghosts or demons. Ghosts cannot be compelled to leave. Above: John Ventre. I often feel as though something brushes up against me as I enter my bedroom. I believe I have put together an important, 18

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The UKs leading UFO Conference kicked off on September 10th at a new venue called the Picturedrome situated in Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Gary Heseltine who runs the successful UFO Truth Magazine opened the event. As I glanced around I noticed that the venue was packed solid. A complete sell out! Over 260 people sat in silence as Gary introduced the first speaker of the event, Andy Thomas, who talked about government false flags and government cover-ups. A fascinating lecture that proved that governments ‘CAN’ keep secrets, evens as large as the UFO phenomenon. After a short break the next lecturer took to the stage. Mike Freebury revealed some amazing photography of UFOs in the skies over the UK countryside. Strange balls of light, huge tube like structures and even a possible landed UFO and entity. Mike also talked of animal mutilations and the Powys Project. A considerable amount of photographs revealing UFOs were shown to the public, many of them were very impressive. During lunch, I took time walking about the numerous stalls, looking over material and the latest books on the subject. Two that caught my eye was the ‘The Anti-Gravity Papers by Richard P. Crandall’. A book that can be hard to get hold of and can cost a little bit more than the average book, but it was packed to the rim with fascinating information pertaining to anti-gravity. Well worth getting a copy if you can find one. I’m, hunting for one myself... Another was ‘Truth Proof by Paul Sinclair’, who was there in person to show me his book. I’m currently reading it and finding it a wealth of information, much I was unaware of. Further details will be provided in next months Phenomena Magazine. After lunch the next speaker was Nick Redfern with a fascinating lecture about real Men in Black cases, as well as Women in Black, phantom social workers etc. Nick revealed numerous profound incidents involving these strange people, how they looked and acted as well as the probably only photograph in existence of a MIB, taken by good friend and ufologist Timothy Green Beckley. After another short break Gary Heseltine and Larry Warren discussed the Rendlesham Forrest incident. Gary provided an update in the way of a video interview with Larry taken earlier in the year. This can be viewed at: Up next was a fascinating interview Gary Heseltine did with Travis Walton, abductee. Travis talked of his ordeal with the aftermath of his experience, the numerous polygraph tests that were carried out, how the media portrayed the incident and how some tried to discourage the belief that he had been abducted by strange beings for five days. A new documentary is available about the ‘real’ events that took place. Details can be found at: http:// A final break then the first day came to a close with speakers questions and answers. The Sunday was also very entertaining. Gary once again opened the day and addressed the audience. The first speaker up was my good friend Marcus Allen who delivered one of my favourite lectures... The mystery surrounding the Lunar Landings. Marcus had a few new updates as well, one which included a strange object on the Moon that had been there for decades, leaving tracks and seemingly had moved. The lecture can be found on Youtube at: https:// A short break and then Gary Heseltine took to the stage with his own presentation. Gary talked of the importance of sharing information, evidence gathering and data collection. He also provided a lengthy night vision video of the night sky over Yorkshire a few weeks back. Gary had successfully captured some interesting video footage of a strange object that seemed to have ‘flared up’. The process of recording this was through a pair of Yukon Rangers fitted to a tripod and connected to his computer. An excellent and informative lecture. To learn more about Yukon Rangers, please visit the following website: http:// Time for lunch then it was the fun part of the day with Gary’s UFO Mastermind. A ufological quiz for selected members of the audience that was introduced at last years UFO Truth Conference that went very well. Once again, a member of the audience received an applaud as he was given an award for being this years winner. An excellent and fun part of the day that works very well and should be employed at other UFO conventions. Well Done Gary! 19

After a short break Travis Walton delivered a fascinating lecture about his profound experience. Travis is the worlds most recognised abductee, most know him from the movie ‘Fire in the Sky’. Travis shed some light on the movie and talked of its inaccuracies and parts of his story kept out of the film. Travis revealed the full story and the details pertaining to his experience. Travis has been featured in a new movie released this year by Jennifer Stien and associates. ‘Travis - The Movie’ describes in depth what Travis and the other crew members experienced and the ordeal they all experienced. Also, new evidence brought to light... A must watch!

The final part of the second day was speaker questions and answers from the Sunday and also all speakers from the event. After which Gary Heseltine provided a closing address to the audience. Gary Heseltine has managed to unite and spark interests within the subject of Ufology across the country. His yearly UFO Truth Conference has quickly become the leading UFO event in the UK, consisting of international lecturers, the latest discoveries, amazing video footage and photography as well as a number of the UK leading vendors. The Picturedrome in Holmfirth was the venue which was packed to the rafters... Literally. A complete sell out! Gary’s magazine has also taken the UFO community by storm, providing the UKs best UFO publication every two months. If you want to learn more of this fascinating subjects, discover the latest findings and read incredible UFO events throughout the world and the evidence obtained... Then this magazine is for you. Gary manages to put these great events together each year with the support from subscribers of his magazine. So, its important for us all to help keep such conferences going and growing. A big thank you to Gary Heseltine, his wife Lynn, Tino and the rest of the crew for putting this most enjoyable event together. The late Graham Birdsall would certainly be proud of your continuous efforts to reveal the truth, uncover the evidence and inform the world of this global phenomenon. To find out more about upcoming events or to subscribe to UFO Truth Magazine, then please visit the official website at: Please note, a further reduction for subscribers can be obtained for Phenomena Magazine readers... See advert included in this issue... A special thanks to Chris Evers from Outer Limits Magazine for assistance with photography. 20

Upcoming Event


Upcoming Event


Close Encounters of the Locomotive Kind: By Steve Mera.

We often come across UFO reports that give mention to near air collisions with aircraft. Such incidents have been well documented such as the January 1995 Manchester International Airport near miss, not to mention UFOs seen in very close proximity to civilian aircraft like the Jal 1628 incident. In total, there are thousands of reported incidents worldwide, but how often it is reported that a UFO has collided with a train? On a cold Kentucky night on January 14th 2002 a CSX train carrying 16,000 tones of coal from Russell to Shelbiana in Kentucky had a most unusual encounter. At approximately 2.47am as the train passed milepost 42 which runs parallel with the Big Sandy River, something caught the eye of the conductor. Looking into the darkness ahead, he strained his eyes to make it out. He could clearly see bright lights ahead as they approached a tight bend in the tracks. He immediately thought it was another train up ahead. He alerted the driver who reached for a lever and flashed the train lights to warn any oncoming traffic and pulled on the warning horn a number of times. He looked up ahead; there was no response from the other vehicle. Just as he was about to pull on the warning horn again, the train suddenly experienced some kind of intermittent power loss causing the diesel engines to mysteriously die. As the driver frantically checked his instrument panel the proximity alarm activated. Something was most definitely out there, ahead of them. The train crew scrabbled to look out ahead of them to see a number of strange bright objects hovering over the tracks and a nearby river.

The conductor pointed ahead at the metallic looking objects. They had multiple lights on them, a row on the bottom and several on the middle section of the craft. Suddenly a bright light shone in the face of the conductor. These objects had search lights and were pointing them in their direction. They looked again and noticed that these strange 23

Close Encounters of the Locomotive Kind: By Steve Mera.

objects did not seem to have any windows and were around 20 feet in length and 10 feet in height. When they noticed that one of the objects was in fact just above the tracks and that they were quickly moving towards it, the train crew began to panic. They were sure to hit the damn thing. The trains emergency breaking system had immediately engaged on the loss of power, however as most know, a vehicle of such large weight takes some time to eventually come to a stop. A collision was imminent. The crew braced for an impact. A few seconds later the front of the train struck one of the UFOs. There was a tremendous crashing sound which knocked the crew to the floor. The object had apparently clipped the front engine and bounced around and collided a second time cutting a piece from the second engine before hitting two of the coal cartridges. The train crew watched in amazement as the object seemed to gather control and sped off into the night sky at high speed.

The train eventually came to a standstill about a mile later, and as soon as it stopped, the engines mysteriously burst into life again. The train crew immediately contacted the dispatcher in Jacksonville ahead and reported the strange and alarming incident. As soon as the train reached Jacksonville the crew were taken to an office and apparently questioned by some unknown men dressed in dark suits. They wanted to know what exactly had happened, what they had seen and where did the objects go after the collision had taken place. The crew couldn't help notice that there was an unusual amount of cars at Jacksonville and a number of tents that they had never seen before. After questioning the crew they were placed on another locomotive heading for Martin, Kentucky. In the meantime engineers checked over the damaged locomotive and instructed the train driver to try and make it to Paintsville rail yard and drop off the locomotive there. Word has it that the damaged parts of the train and engines were removed and taken to some unknown destination.

regards what they had seen. Afterwards the crew was instructed not to talk with others about the incident and to immediately start their next shift, working on another train bound for Russell, Kentucky. This train would take the crew back through Paintsville where the damaged locomotive was left, however when the crew got there they were surprised to find that the damaged locomotive was nowhere to be seen along with the group of unknown men.

14 years on, there have been a number of researchers that have questioned the authenticity of this case. Though the photograph of the locomotive does seem to show damage to the top of it, can we be sure it is in fact the very same locomotive and how did this photograph come to be? Assumedly from the U.I.P., however I have been unsuccessful in tracing its origin. It has also been suggested that if this particular photograph is of the locomotive in question, the damage does not seem to add up with the numerous written reports by UFO investigators. According to the photograph, the damage seems to indicate that the locomotive was more than likely in a trail position due to its metal roof looking like it's been bent and pushed forward as appose to backwards from a frontal impact. There also seems to be some discrepancy in regards how fast they were actually going at the time of impact. The average speed limits for trains in that location are around 20-25mph. If the emergency breaking had engaged as reported they would have been slowing down upon impact and more than likely collided at a lesser speed that reported.

The official U.I.P. (International Union of Wagon Keepers) report stated that the damage to the locomotive was caused by a rock slide in one of the numerous train tunnels that are scattered around the mountainous region. It was also considered surprising that not a single newspaper ran an article about the incident. It has been speculated that the UFOs were initially over the nearby water of Big Sandy River and even that the UFOs was either looking for something in that vicinity, (hence having search-lights on) or were collecting water as it has been occasionally reported that some UFOs have been seen taking water from rivers and lakes from around the world. However, this could be speculative at best, a search of the surrounding area and river seemed to have revealed nothing‌

The train crew would have certainly reacting quickly had they seen strange lights up ahead, especially if they were running at track speed. Radio communication would have been made with the control office and they would have dimmed their headlights and applied breaking. Even standard protocols in regards train collisions were not carried out, again suggesting inaccurate information.

Like many alleged UFO incidents, true facts often get mixed with false information, speculation and rumours. I've even been told that the train had been taken to a secret location where National Security Agency specialists investigated the damage and checked for radiation. Again... I could not find any evidence to suggest this was true. What I can say is... if the photograph is genuine and is of the locomotive in question, then damage is clearly visible. Are we to believe the account is correct and authentic? Who knows? On a positive note... it's not the first time UFOs have been reported in close proximity to trains by those working on the locomotives...

When the train crew arrived in Martin, Kentucky they were apparently questioned a second time by railroad inspectors in 24

Close Encounters of the Locomotive Kind: By Steve Mera.

The impact image on the train‌

A Monon railroad train-crew also reported seeing UFOs in north central Indiana on October 8th 1958. It was approximately 3.20am on an early Friday morning when the crew of the freight train no. 91, enroute southbound from Monon, to Indianapolis were to come face to face with this profound phenomenon.

There were three crewmen in the diesel

locomotive cab; Harry Eckman, who was an engineer, Cecil Bridge, a fireman, and Morris Ott, who was the head brakeman. Paul Sosbey, the flagman and the conductor, Ed Robinson were situated in the caboose. As the train pulled past a little spot known as Wasco crossroads, the crew suddenly caught sight of four


unusual lights in the sky moving slowly towards them in an open V formation. The lights veered off to the west and crossed the train tracks about half a mile ahead of them. The objects that first seemed like bright moving stars were still moving relatively slowly, around 50mph. At this time, only the three crewmen in the cab were watching the aerial display. Paul Sosbey and Ed Robinson were at the rear of the train in the caboose and probably non-thewiser. The train was pulling around 56 cars that stretched a little over half a mile in length and due to the angle of which these objects were approaching at low altitude; it was unlikely anyone in the caboose would see anything. The lights crossed the tracks in front of them a second time and they seemed to stop and then come back, now travelling towards the east. A few seconds later the objects accelerated easterly and out of sight. However this was not for long. The objects returned once again minutes later. At this point, realising they were watching something truly unusual, one of them grabbed the radio and alerted the two other crewmen in the caboose as to what was being seen up ahead. The objects had been visible from Wasco crossroads to Kirklin and as they continued to watch the objects, communication between the cab and the caboose continued which the dispatcher in Lafayette overheard across the radio, but apparently never cut in. Some minutes later the objects seemed to come right down over the train allowing the conductor and the flagman in the caboose to get a close observation. The objects didn’t seem to make any noise, even though they struggled to hear anything over the noisy sound of the train. One by one the four objects passed over the train, each having the luminosity of a fluorescent light and were fuzzy around their edges. The lights did not seem to glare nor light anything up on the ground as they passed over and travelled away down the track behind the train for about half a mile and then just stop. They hung in the sky for a few minutes before speeding off at an incredible speed towards the northeast. As they accelerated the objects became a lot brighter in sequence; the front one first, then number two, three and four. Then they changed course and came back and passed the train yet again, sometimes slowing and speeding up which seemed to cause a colour change in their lights from a yellow/white colour to a dirty orange colour and then bright white again when they gathered speed. The objects circled the train and then suddenly came rushing up the tracks behind them; this time a lot faster. The crew also noticed that the objects were no longer flying in formation and were sort of flying on their edge. Two of the objects were on edge the middle two, and the two on the outside were tilted at a 45 degree angle both

Close Encounters of the Locomotive Kind: By Steve Mera.

in the same direction. The four objects continued to fly in this manner following the train up the tracks. They objects were described as round or circular in shape, approximately 40 feet in diameter and around 10 feet in height. They were only around 200 yards away from the rear of the train. A number of the crew decided to wave their lights about and flash them at the objects out of curiosity. They noticed that the more powerful flashlights they had created a strong beam of light and when pointed at the objects they seemed to jump

sideways and out of the way of the beam. It would seem that this action was interpreted as an invitation to come closer. The objects suddenly sped up and were directly over the train. Once again the crew shone their powerful flashlights at them which on this occasion caused them to scatter, which may suggest that they didn’t care for that much. The objects were last seen near Kirklin, around 38 miles northwest of Indianapolis. The sighting lasted around 70 minute’s altogether. The objects hung around at the back of the train but after they shone their powerful flashlights on them they didn't come in close any more. As the train switched lines at Frankfort the objects stayed far back up the tracks behind them, just hovering there, until the train moved off. They continued to follow a little longer and then suddenly shot off to the northeast and kept going until out of sight. The event was logged and reported with confirmation from dispatch at Lafayette, who had overheard the crew’s conversations over the radio. Whatever these objects were remains a mystery… On October 20th, 1973, near Mt. Vernon & Evansville, Indiana. Another incident occurred involving a train. The crew of an L&N train had witnessed an unidentified object in the sky around 6.50am around St. Philips which was 8 miles east of Evansvilles. Their experience started with engine trouble near Upton, a small town on the outskirts of Mt. Veron. As they pulled their 6000 ton load

they noticed that one of the rear diesel engines was overheating. They were forced to stop at Upton so an engineer could look over the engine, who apparently informed the crew that it was ‘dead’ and that there was really nothing he could do with it. The crew struggled on with one engine and arrived at Mt. Veron around 25 minutes later than normal due to the circumstances. The sky was clear, the temperature was around 55-degrees and the wind was calm. A short time later they left Mt. Veron and headed towards La-

mont crossing, just 2 miles east of Evansville when two crewmen in the front engine cab saw a very bright distant object in the sky coming towards them from the north. As they watched the object, they first thought it was an aircraft, but due to the lack of aircraft recognition lighting they began to think it was something quite unusual. The object pulsated bright white in colour around every minute until they lost sight of it as it turned eastwards towards Evansville.

As the train neared Carbon, which is around 7 miles east of Mt. Veron the conductor radioed the engine cab and informed the crew that there seemed to be another train following behind them. They were now just passing St. Phillips and heading up hill towards Belknap at Peerlsess Crossing. The train was clearly struggling to get up the hill due to only having the one engine, it had slowed down considerably. The conductor suggested that they should obtain assistance 26

from the other train behind them which had been following them for several miles, to see if it could help push them up the hill. Strangely, the conductor had not heard anything over the radio from the other train behind them. The train-crew contacted the ‘tower’ at Howell Round House in Evansville to see if they could identify the train behind them. The yardmaster in Evansville informed them that there were no trains behind them. By this time their train had come to a stop. It clearly could not manage pulling their load up the hill. The conductor grabbed the radio again and told the yardmaster that they all could see bright lights behind them and that he must have made a mistake. Again, the yardmaster checked and informed them that there were no other trains in their vicinity. Their train, now stopped on Belknap Hill, was an opportunity for the crew to get off and have a look around. What was the mysterious bright light behind them? It did not seem to be moving. The conductor instructed the crew to re-board the train and back it down the hill. A short time later at the bottom of the hill, the train was stopped and the conductor got off and walked down to the rear engine unit. He decided to press the start button on the engine and to his surprise the unit started immediately and seemed to be running well. How could this be...? The engineer back in Upton had informed them that the engine was ‘dead’. As he turned to walk back towards the front of the train, he glanced over his shoulder and noticed the bright light in the distance had moved off, back from where it had come. Even the warning signals by the side of the track were showing the colour green when in fact were earlier showing red, indicating another train on the track. This was very strange. The warning signals were now green and the rear engine was now working fine. Their train was eventually able to climb Belknap Hill and carried on to Howell without any further problems. It is interesting to note that such warning signals are often referred to as ‘Blocking Systems’. These operate by recognising the electrical current of trains on tracks thus warning if more than one train is using the same track in the vicinity and alerts the crews via coloured signalling posts. Red indicates another train on track and green meaning all clear. Could it be, that whatever this bright light was, it was generating enough electric field to cause the blocking system to interpret it as another train? The mysterious object had traversed back down the track and away from them and out of sight. No explanation was ever found as to what the crew had seen in the sky and on the tracks behind them. One thing’s for sure... it was no train! ZEN OF BEN




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Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

I would like to express my thanks to the people who were kind enough to respond to a request I placed in The Falkirk Herald, which is a local newspaper in Central Scotland, asking for information about alleged paranormal occurrences in Bellsdyke Hospital, a local and now almost completely demolished psychiatric facility. These are first-hand accounts of what they experienced while working in the hospital, and as it turned out also its environs. In some cases they have, quite understandably, requested anonymity, therefore some of the names used are pseudonyms and the accounts slightly edited to help prevent identification. However, what these people witnessed is, as pervious stated, told absolutely ‘as is’. This article is not about psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric procedures per-se. These people, buildings and techniques, apart from those specifically designed to produce a less than altruistic result to benefit a military or governmental project, and believe me they exist, are all legitimate and necessary to bring a measure of relief to those who are mentally ill and desperately in need of sympathetic care. Neither is this an attempt to ridicule or isolate those who suffer from a neurological condition, my intention is to look behind the medical and therapeutic side of these institutions and examine something quite different, yet in some manner perhaps still attached, i.e. the instances of apparent hauntings and other supernatural disturbances said to occur there. Although this article started off concentrating on one hospital, from the information I received it seems that the incidence of paranormal phenomena encountered by health professionals may more prevalent than at first appears. For example, one of the cases mentioned here does not specifically relate to Bellsdyke Hospital, but the person giving the account, a doctor, did work there at one time and the events described involve the medical profession. It also seems to imply that doctors and nurses may have more contact with the unexplained that they care to admit and that the medical profession may be an unexpected and rich source of information. My own quest for background information resulted in me speaking to a number of general practitioners (GPs) who were quite unequivocal in describing what they had sometimes encountered while treating patients in their own homes, especially those who were very close to death. 29

Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

While many buildings are traditionally regarded as haunted: medieval castles and old, sprawling country houses (the older the better) are examples of what most often spring to mind, there are other locations that also share in that dubious honour. These are places that, in theory at least, should be sanctuaries of respite and healing; in other words hospitals and nursing homes. However, when one thinks about it there is at least one good reason why these locations might (and I do emphasise ‘might’) be haunted. For perfectly valid reasons deaths occur there on an almost daily basis, especially in nursing homes, which are another ancillary of health care, where the residents are often of an advanced age and in a relatively frail condition. There is no clear explanation why hauntings attach themselves to a particular location, or indeed why they occur at all; many theories and much supposition yes, but nothing definite. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that at its most basic level everything, whether animate or inanimate, consists of swirling clouds of subatomic particles and electromagnetic energy and just maybe, somehow, these become fused together and this might result in the ability for consciousness, or something like it, to manifest after human beings (and sometimes animals too) have physically died. Maybe, perhaps, could, might: unfortunately it has to be expressed in these rather hazy, loose terms simply because there is absolutely no adequate consensus to explain just how or why this occurs. Aside from nursing homes and traditional hospitals, there is another type of medical establishment that also attracts regular reports of strange and uncanny occurrences often of a particularly worrying kind, in other words psychiatric hospitals. The ages of psychiatric patients can obviously vary; people suffering from neurological conditions are not necessarily older people because this terrible illness can develop in all sorts of forms in any age group. In many cases individuals are born with various psychiatric ailments that require that they be permanently kept in secure locations for both their own safety and that of the general public. Sometimes this can be so severe that a few highly specialised hospitals have to be built to contain dangerous psychopaths and the criminally insane, in other words for those that medication and treatment can only control, but never cure. For the rest the hope is that, if the condition is treatable, at some point the care they receive might ameliorate their condition sufficiently to allow their release back into society, although that might mean that they are monitored and continue on a course of suitable medication indefinitely.

The way in which psychiatric patients are treated nowadays is infinitely better than the horrendous manner in which they were cared for (if ‘cared for’ is the correct term) in bygone days. In those dark times, which in reality were not all that long ago, mental illness was something to be shunned and denied and those who suffered from it were locked away, in many cases never to be seen again. One of the reasons, quite apart from the perceived disgrace it brought on the family concerned who felt that they might be seen as insane through association, was simply because mental illness was often equated with demonic possession and to this day in some parts of the world it still is. For example; in Indonesia some psychiatric conditions are referred to as ‘Sakit Jiwa’, which translates literally as ‘soul pain’ and those suffering from the condition frequently receive treatment in a religious or spiritual setting by employing the services of an exorcist. Likewise, in Saudi Arabia the treatment of psychiatric illness is frequently hampered by the stigma it can bring, and still to this day is often attributed to the ‘evil eye’. In these situations psychiatrists often have to convince their patients that they are in fact ill and not under some kind of curse. Still in Saudi Arabia, as recently as April 2015 a mentally ill Indonesian woman, Siti Zainab Binti Duhri Rupa, was executed in Medina. She had been sentenced to death in 1999 for killing her employer, (she had apparently ‘confessed’ to this while held in police custody), but the authorities had waited for over fifteen years until the youngest child of the murdered woman (who had reputedly treated her extremely badly) had reached adulthood to see if the family would pardon her or demand execution under the Saudi law of ‘qisas’ or retribution. As one might expect, attitudes such as these this produce an entire range of results and few of them beneficial. In some instances fundamentalist Christians, mainly in the ‘bible belt’ of the USA, 30

conduct exorcisms for many highly dubious reasons and frequently on those who are in fact demonstrably in dire need of immediate psychiatric rather than spiritual help. I suppose the exorcism amounts to a kind of rough-and-ready therapy, but once again it is far from desirable unless the person being exorcised believes it is going to help, in which case the ritual might trigger a placebo effect, which is itself still poorly understood. While it is true that the psychiatric profession cannot recognise the condition formally, there are some psychiatrists who are also involved with aspects of the aforementioned fundamentalist Christianity who will accept that possession by spirit entities can and does occur. As for the others, in their opinion they will not and cannot do so because it would open their profession to accusations of quackery and belief in the reality of supernatural phenomena and that this can somehow interact with human beings in the real world. Any formal diagnosis made has to be of a legitimate recognised psychiatric condition, or a combination of conditions, which may or may not respond to treatment using drugs and/or therapy. The condition that is most frequently presented as an alternative to demonic possession is that of ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’, which is now known as ‘Disassociated Identity Disorder’ or ‘D.I.D’. D.I.D can manifest in a number of ways, but mainly through the appearance of several distinctly different personalities manifesting in an individual. The number of these personalities (called ‘alters’ and derived from the term ‘alternative personalities’) can vary markedly from patient to patient ranging from one to literally dozens. The really bizarre thing about this condition is that each alter speaks with a different voice, has different likes and dislikes, can be of a different sex, has different handwriting and different names. Some therapists claim that they have even discovered different animal species (possible I suppose if one takes the view that human beings are also animals, albeit

Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

highly evolved ones) as well and, almost unbelievably, even what they define as ‘vegetable personalities’. However, some of the alters occasionally describe the themselves as ‘demons’, which serves to muddy the waters still further and it is easy to see why clergymen might be tempted to conduct exorcisms, especially if they encountered the person/alter with no prior knowledge of the condition. It would be even worse in the days before psychiatry developed and recognised that these conditions existed at all, in which case, as we have seen elsewhere, the person so afflicted would automatically be assumed to be possessed by an evil spirit. One slightly worrying aspect of this is that, just perhaps, the possessing entity is being rationalised away as a medical condition when it is not, a sort of diametric opposite to the certainties of other times and values. Another thing is that perhaps the ‘alter’ in question is well aware of what it is doing and is deliberately choosing to call itself a demon in the interests of mischief making. It also serves to illustrate just how complex the human brain really is, we can map it and measure it, but it still continues to confound the ‘experts’ who, if they are honest, still do not understand how consciousness really functions, let alone what it is, or for that matter where it actually resides. There are however some problems linked to D.I.D and in some cases sufferers are not ill at all, but demand attention and do so by displaying these symptoms, although that said, to demand that level of attention must surely have some degree of medical significance. It has also been suggested that D.I.D is created by the psychiatric therapy undergone by some people, which may be the result of some therapists attempting the highly controversial technique of ‘recovered memories’, which has resulted in wild claims of Satanic ritual abuse among other things. It may be that the patient is trying to rationalise what the therapist is saying and can only do so by creating another personality to fulfil the suggestions. However, all this only comprises a selection of background observations and comments to give some sort of currency to what follows, so let us now turn our attention to events that actually occurred in the largely demolished Bellsdyke Psychiatric Hospital.

Bellsdyke may be no better or worse than any of the rest and there is little doubt that open minded investigations into these intuitions would yield many fascinating accounts.

Bellsdyke Psychiatric Hospital

The original hospital was built in 1869 with the first patients arriving in the same year. It went through several states of remodelling and enlargement until 1947 and was finally closed in 1997. There is at present a much smaller and more modern psychiatric hospital in part of its once extensive grounds, which are surrounded by a fast growing private housing estate. In fact part of the original hospital known by the initials of the RSNH (Royal Scottish National Hospital) was completely demolished and a large, brand new general hospital, the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, constructed on the site.

After this fairly detailed preamble, the subject matter of the article concerns some of the apparently supernatural events that occurred in the above mentioned hospital, which was originally known as Stirling District Lunacy Asylum. Other than what has already been said about the seeming prevalence of disquieting paranormal encounters within hospitals in general, especially those treating the mentally ill, what occurred in

The old RSNH was, in its time, a world leading concept in psychiatric care specifically designed to house and help two hundred children who were, typically of the era, defined by the incredibly harsh term of ‘imbeciles’. In 1935 another wing known as ‘The Colony’ (a description that only helps to emphasise the sense of separation and possibly alienation of those living there) was created with the 31

intention of preparing the inmates, or at least those who had the necessary abilities, to make contributions to society by learning skills, e.g. farming and basic industrial skills that could be translated both into useful adjuncts to the community and a source of extra income for the hospital. I have to say that my own garden shed was fabricated many years ago in Bellsdyke Hospital and installed by some of the patients supervised by one of the nurses; it is still there some 30 years later. The Colony was eventually disbanded and finally closed in 1991. However the past history of the building is what it is, but the stories of those who worked here are truly remarkable. The Account of Margaret Baillie (pseudonym) I read your article in the Falkirk Herald and it brought back many memories. I worked there on constant night-duty from 1979 till 1980 and was very aware while walking along the corridors in the early hours that I was never alone. Strangely enough I wasn't really frightened because I used to ask my late grandmother to look after me. One night I was sitting in a ward looking after the patients (all very disturbed) it was about 4 am. I looked up and saw a patient

Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

sitting on the edge of the bed I remember saying "Mary what’s the matter it's too early to get up lie back down”. As I approached her, I saw that Mary was lying in bed sound asleep and this grey image of a lady just disappeared into the wall. I told my mum about this and she said "Don't be afraid of the dead, it's the living you have to be aware of" I have been visited by members of my own family who have passed over and it has been a comfort knowing it doesn't end here. The Account of Stuart Henderson (pseudonym) I am emailing you regarding a link I saw on The Falkirk Herald Facebook page regarding the old Bellsdyke Hospital saying that it could have been haunted. I don't usually believe in things like this at all, but something that happened to me at that place changed everything for me and my friends. When I was a kid, maybe around ten or eleven a whole group of us were very adventurous. We would set out every weekend and all summer looking for things to do. We lived in the newly built Inches Estate and one of my friends with whom I have now sadly lost all contact, stayed in a house on the edge of the estate and his bedroom looked onto a very creepy field. You could also see the hospital in the distance. Being young we obviously had to investigate what this creepy looking place was, so my friends and I built a den in the field nearby and would sit with binoculars and try to find out what it was. We often heard shrieking and howling noises (coming from the hospital buildings) and didn't understand what they were at the time. I remember camping out one night and we were telling stories and my mate Adam and I heard a banging house. We both shone torches in the direction of the noise, at first we saw nothing, but after looking for some time what I finally saw I still remember to this day. ‘It’ (there is no other way to describe it) was peering round a corner, not as if it was staring at us, but as if it was staring at someone within the hospital and wasn't aware of us. It was dark and cloaked in black, then turned to face us but we didn't see a face. I know it sounds stupid, but to this day we both know what we saw. It caused the entire group of us to run screaming directly from our campsite to Adam’s house. We sat up the whole night in his room playing with his Sony Playstation to keep us awake and with a video camera to hand to see if we could record anything else from his bedroom window. We returned to the field many times during the following day, but it became a rule that everyone had to leave that area at night or the ‘Bellsdyke Reaper’ would get you. I remember running scared

towards the exit as the sun was going down. When I grew up I forgot all about what occurred, but that article put the memories back in my head. I don't know if this story will be relevant to what you are researching as it’s a story from outside the hospital. Comments about this account This fascinating account from a group of children may shed some light on the possible ‘energies’ surroundings institutions of this kind, or indeed the whole phenomenon although of necessity one must prefix all that follows with the warning that of necessity it is speculative. Since, as we have already mentioned, it is possible that psychiatric intuitions may inadvertently generate all sorts of unwanted negative energies, then it is also possible that they act as beacons that might attract entities that are sensitive to these energies. That being the case then whatever 32

the youngsters saw although it greatly alarmed them, apparently did not follow them so maybe the lure of the hospital was too great an attraction. As to what it was, well, who knows: a lower astral entity, a kind of ‘psychic vampire’ perhaps feasting on what was radiating from the hospital or something else entirely that just happened to be passing by? There is no way of telling, in fact there is no way of demonstrating that it was anything paranormal in the first place, so it is best to place this in the category of ‘unknown’. The Account of George Ransome (pseudonym) I worked in Bellsdyke Hospital for twelve years before it closed down. My main experience was in Throsk ward in which I worked nightshift. The experience I had was when I was attending to a resident with a work colleague, there was a voice right behind me at my left shoulder, there

Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

was a sentence said, but I could not make out or remember what it was. My colleague and I just looked at each other; she said “Did you hear that, it came right from right behind you”? All residents in the ward at that time were fast asleep. Being on regular nightshift I got to know every sound, every movement of the residents and it was definitely none of them or any staff who were coming into ward at that time of night. Another experience that I experienced in the ward was a cold area approximately in the middle of the passageway which you could walk through. The ward was kept at a constant 60F as there were thermostats placed up and down length of it. I am certain that there were no drafts or breezes or open windows, because we had to check and make sure this did not happen. When the hospital was closing down some of the wards in the villas were empty, for example the one next to Throsk ward, and it was just through the wall. On some nights you could hear banging, clattering and other loud noises, so I would go and investigate to see if perhaps there was an intruder, or maybe animals in the ward making the noise. All windows were closed tight, there were no beds or furniture or curtains at windows either, it was very dark, but as far as I could tell there was nothing to make any noise. I always felt there was a presence when I was taking a walk around the ward. Comments about this account While the impressions of ‘cold spots’ dotted around the ward and the reports of anomalous noises in apparently unoccupied locations may have rational explanations, the voice heard by Mr Ransome and his unnamed companion is something else again. What caused the voice is open to speculation, but the fact that it was heard simultaneously by two people as a spoken sentence and without any prompting must surely help classify what they heard as a genuine paranormal occurrence. Of course the possibility remains that it might be due to something natural, but on the other hand equally it might not, but whatever it was (a pity the gentleman concerned could not actually make out what was being said), it made a sufficiently strong impression on him that it became lodged in his memory. My own feeling is that what occurred probably was supernatural.

of telling and one my grandfather would tease her about endlessly. I’m not sure whether or not I believe it (I’m something of an open-minded sceptic, you might say), but my grandmother believed it, and she was not a woman prone to jokes or lies (or a woman to suffer lies or flimflam from those around her), so I suppose my default position must be that there’s ‘something’ to it. In any case, my grandmother still seemed spooked when she first told me the story when I was young, and that was decades after it had happened. Although she never saw anything with her own eyes, the story was relayed to her by people she worked with and trusted, one of whom remained a close friend for years afterwards.

The Account of William Murray

There was a little room in the hospital (I still baulk at calling it an asylum, even though that was its official title for most of its existence!) that contained books. Not quite large enough to be classed as a library, more of a reading room, or perhaps it was just a room with a few books in it, I’m not sure. My grandmother said there was a patient in the hospital who would always complain of a chill when she entered that room, and often reported a strange feeling of being watched. The patient often would have to be escorted out of the room, shaking and whimpering. The patient wasn’t taken seriously, which is hardly surprising given the context of the location and her mental health issues (hallucinations weren’t exactly a rare occurrence in Bellsdyke, as you will appreciate, and in any case their cause was always attributed to medicine and science, not the supernatural).

I read an article on the Falkirk Herald’s website about the research you’re undertaking on the ghostly goings on at the former asylum/hospital in Larbert. I don’t know how much use the following will be of use to you, but I have a story about a strange event that occurred there in the 1950s while my grandmother was briefly employed as a nurse. It’s a story she was fond

However, one night a male member of staff reported experiencing the exact same thing (my grandmother swears she once felt something ‘a bit off’ in that room, too, although as I said she never ‘saw’ anything). The staff member was a Scandinavian temp, the one who became close friends with my grandmother. I seem to remember he was a porter, 33

although I wouldn’t swear to it. I do remember his name, though, Per Enggleson. I’ve no doubt stayed it in the memory banks thanks to it being a little more exotic than your average Stirlingshire name! (my grandmother and Per remained in touch for many years, until Per left the area in the late 1960s/early 1970s) In any case, my grandmother says that Per tried to put the strange experience in the room out of his head; chalked it down to his imagination running wild on account of hearing the stories. He was on rounds a little later in the evening and again returned to the room only to find a full-torso, free-roaming and vaporous apparition floating above the ground: a stern-looking female librarian. The ghost appeared to be concentrating on a book, and never paid much heed to the human intruder. Not at first, anyway. Per was apparently frozen to the spot and couldn’t find it in his throat to speak, much less scream. But – after a few long seconds - he did speak, managing a feeble ‘Hello’, to which the apparition responded with a loud and irritated ‘Shhhhhhhhh.’ Per walked out of the room and made his way up the hall to where there were other staff members, whereupon he urged a couple of men – I think they were doctors, although I can’t properly recall - to accompany him back to the room. Understandably, Per feared he’d lost his mind – or was in the process of losing it - and was desperate to prove that the apparition was real. Thankfully – if thankfully is the appropriate word to use – the other men saw it too. They all stood incredulously before the spectre, until one of the men Per had brought to the room told the other two that he had a plan, and knew exactly what to do. Led by this man, they all crept towards the apparition, whereupon the man suddenly sprang forward and shouted ‘Get her!’ After that, the apparition became malevolent, and seemed to transform into something altogether more monstrous than an

Haunted Hospitals: By Brian Allan.

old librarian. The men all ran from the room, the apparition was never seen again (as far as I know), and, of course, they were reluctant to tell too many people for fear of being thought of as lunatics themselves. Per in particular was badly affected by the occurrence, and by my grandmother’s account does not appear to be the sort of man who would invent such a tale. All very strange indeed. Stranger still, a few years ago I attended a spiritualist church with my wife Janine – just out of curiosity – and the medium told me that my grandmother was in spirit around her, and that she could see a row of books, and someone saying ‘shush’. Although I didn’t believe it to be anything but coincidence, it certainly raised the hairs on the back of my neck, and still gives me pause for thought. Observations on this account While this account, although absolutely fascinating, it is not firsthand therefore to a large extent one must take it at face value, that said I have no reason to doubt that the account is a faithful retelling of the events described. That being the case what was seen by both the original witness (Per) and the people he took into the room must have been quite traumatic for all concerned. The fact that the entity reacted violently to the perceived ‘attack’ by the witnesses also serves to elevate this sighting to another level, suggesting that whatever it was it was apparently sentient and able to react in real time to a perceived threat. Was it a ghost or was it something else entirely, something on a par with what the youngsters mentioned earlier saw watching the hospital? Might this have been some kind of elemental creature drawing sustenance from the troubled emotions that must have flooded the place? In other words might this have been demonic rather than ghostly? The answer is ‘who knows’, because there is almost no chance that the individual concerned can be contacted for further interview, so this account must, tantalisingly, as with much of the paranormal remain a matter for debate and speculation. The Account of Mrs Ann Allan Mrs Allan worked at the Nurses Home (a residential facility for the nurses who lived too far away to travel on a daily basis) as a night warden in charge of the home and was responsible for running of the home at night, which included the security arrangements. During my time as a night warden in the nurse’s home, where I worked for several years, I often experienced strange events. These included the feeling of being watched, something that happened quite

regularly and another common occurrence was the sound of footsteps that would approach my office; they would stop at the office door, but there was never anyone there. Sometimes I was sure that one of the nurses, perhaps returning from a night out and wanting a chat and a cup of tea, was dropping by the office, but many times the footsteps stopped and there was no one there. At first I felt rather nervous, but eventually I just ignored it. Sometimes when I did my patrols in the early hours around the corridors of the old building I sometimes glimpsed a shadowy figure watching me, but that might just have been my imagination. Other than that there is not really much else to say, although sometimes the nurses would arrive at the office sure that they had seen something, a figure, in the building. I would try to reassure them and get them back to their bedrooms. Conclusion From the responses I received it seems that although Bellsdyke Hospital was quite a hot spot for paranormal phenomena, it seems that the unreported experiences of doctors and nurses in general might also reveal more about the situation than one might think. Again there is no ready or obvious explanation why, but perhaps it does hint that the human condition is much less tenuous that we think and those who instinctively dismiss the possibility of any form of afterlife are quite wrong. While there is no hard and fast scientific evidence to prove that the paranormal is a reality, there are an increasing number of people who have had first hand experience of phenomena they simply cannot explain or rationalise way. As we have seen, the medical profession appears to be an untapped source of material about this most enigmatic of subjects and perhaps they fear a measure of 34

rejection by their peers if they talk of their experiences. From what they told me there appears to be a range of phenomena occurring, the person who is on the point of death regularly seems to actually ‘see’ other people in the room with them, people who are completely invisible to anyone else. Sometimes they are members of their family who are already deceased and sometimes they are strangers seemingly there to act as guides to the afterlife; it’s very difficult to tell since there is no effective method of corroborating this information. That said, one doctor told me that although he could not actually see anyone he did sense something, a presence if you like and it was not at all threatening and his patient was quite calm and seemed happy. However, as the subject loses slowly its ‘out there’ image and aspects of particle physics seem to prove the existence of alternate realities, perhaps they will feel more inclined to step forward and share their stories and experiences. References dissociative_identity_disorder.php pe... Larbert Medical_records_for_family_history...

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In explorations of “fringe sciences”, including subjects such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see the unexplained anomalies regarding energy, gravity, electricity and biology, being ignored, suppressed or ridiculed. I believe that it is in the open-minded exploration of such anomalies, that we actually further our scientific understanding of our universe. In discussion of consciousness and the paranormal, we again see mainstream media reporting distorted versions of events, misreporting factual data, not reporting it at all, and again, outright ridicule (snigger factor). The fact of the matter is that people want to know more about who we are as spiritual beings, about the role of consciousness in determining how we experience life, and the role our inherent beliefs have on how we live and treat other people. I believe that the vast majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and harmony with each other, and I also believe that there are forces at work, including the military-intelligence-industrial complex, that desire and profit from manufactured conflict. We live in an era where a growing number of people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information. Information they believe is in everyone’s interests to be made public. Unfortunately, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite—the suppression and persecution of such people. And finally, we live on a planet where the way in which we live is dramatically affecting the entire ecosystem. Measurable levels of chemicals are found in the air over the entire planet—in the groundwater of every continent, and in the oceans everywhere. Why is it noble to focus on CO2 and energy saving, while ignoring the death, disease and destruction of our habitat and life forms, including our own? I have created the Alternative News Project (ANP), not as a vehicle to fight the current mainstream manufactured reality, but instead to provide a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers, to help create something new. Something better. Instead of endless searches on the Internet, we will bring you the news, every day, right across the spectrum of hundreds of nonmainstream news Topics. We have called it a Project, as it is not just about information—it is about the building of a global community through the distribution of information. The ANP is the first time that independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) have a centralised location not only to see more of what is going on in your world than ever before, but where you also have the opportunity to send alternative news and information from anywhere across the globe. You are the real key to our project, because by receiving information you can inform others and by contributing your knowledge to us, we can broaden our scope of services around the globe. As such, the ANP is designed to be a community-based interactive news and information project by the people for the people. Welcome aboard the ANP, and thanks for being part of the adventure. Duncan Roads and the ANP team. 36



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WHAT IS PARAFORCE UK? Back in 2014 there was Paracon UK, a paranormal convention organised by U.S military personnel based in the U.K and held in Derby. Sean and Vivien who are the founders of Paraforce U.K gained invaluable experience helping to organise Paracon, the event was a relative success, a god foundation on which to build. Not long afterwards it was decided to build a committee to look at organising Paracon 2015, sadly this is where things fell apart and Paracon U.K went no further. Sean and Vivien did not want to leave things there and began discussing looking into holding their own convention as this seemed to be what the community wanted. Sean and Vivien have worked together with their teams for over 5 years and as well as still running Past Hauntings and R.A.P.S their teams now work together under the name Force One Paranormal. As soon as word was out about Paraforce UK the backlashes started, Sean and Vivien were targets for some very nasty messages and personal insults, they just let these things run their course and didn’t retaliate but chose to get on with the organising of the event, the end result was it just fired them both up even more to bring Paraforce UK to the community. After many conversations it was decided that Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice would be an ideal venue in which to hold Paraforce UK, pretty central, well known and of course haunted. Discussions soon took place with the Galleries and the dates were secured. The dates of 21st to 23rd of October 2016 were settled on as it was close to Halloween but shouldn’t clash with Halloween events that will be happening. The plan for Paraforce UK is to bring together the community together over a weekend, listen to some great presentations, meet new people, discuss ideas and generally to network and all work together for the future good of the paranormal world. Now the dates were decided and the venue booked it was time to begin thinking about guests, it was the plan to concentrate on the UK and not go the easy route of going straight for the big US TV stars, this is after all Paraforce UK and it was felt that too much attention and focus is on the US stars and it was about time the UK paranormal community was recognised. The amount of work that it has taken to get this far is phenomenal, many, many hours of fine tuning the little details, getting quotes for insurances, maintaining websites, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, organising and selling events to raise funds, sorting out hotels, travel arrangements, negotiating venue contracts, organising food, entry passes, negotiating discounts for extras over the weekend and the list goes on. The first port of call was Richard Felix, partly because the Past Haunting and R.A.P.S tables were next to his at Paracon and partly because he is an easy person to talk to, Richard was approached and was immediately on board, offering all the help he can, which has included the use of Derby Gaol for numerous events to raise the funds needed to host Paraforce UK. Many painstaking phone conversations, e mails and messages later the Paraforce UK guest speaker line up was complete, amazingly all of our guests agreed to waive their fees to help us to get the event off the ground, kindness beyond words. Even though it has been very hard work to get this event off the ground it is coming along nicely and looking like a great success is on the cards, Sean and Vivien have already been approached by venues for next year along with guest speakers wanting to be involved, so it isn’t going to be a one off convention that disappears into the dust, Paraforce UK is here to stay. TICKETS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW! 37

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The Water Margin Not Stated Atsuo Nakamura, Sanae Tsuchida, Kei Satō, Isamu Nagato Fabulous Films £59.99, (DVD) £79.99, (Blu-Ray)

‘Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is not to say it will not become a dragon’. Ah yes, your reviewer remembers with great fondness this impressive TV series from first time around: not to mention the inscrutable Chinese sayings that wet with it. This is a 1973, Japanese made account set in ancient China and based on a 14 th century novel of the same name. It concerns a group of rebels taking arms against a cruel and corrupt government, the name, ‘The Water Margin’, refers to the area where they fought, died, and ultimately made their last stand. Running to 1180 minutes, the box set of the series has been released in both DVD and Blu-Ray (which contains many extras) and is a feast for the eyes both in spectacle and action, not cheap, but there is plenty here for the martial arts fans to get their teeth into and there is no doubt that the tale will deservedly gain more fans.

Don’t Mention The Reptilians: A new and fascinating documentary from Chris Turner: A spine chilling possibility that they are amongst us... For further information or to order you copy, visit the website.


Conscious Consideration V Conspiracy Theory - Positive Public Proof or Perfidious Public Plotters: By Richard R. Ritchie.

As with last month's article, this month's is also initiated by events occurring at this moment (it will be a couple of months behind, by the time of publication), and being reported in and by the mainstream media, which lends veracity and gravitas to those subjects, events and agenda's, being exposed each month in 'Phenomena Magazine'. It shows them to be as stated; i.e. truly pernicious in purpose, maliciously manipulated and plotted at a clandestine level above and beyond governmental control and knowledge. Those involved are included at and on a strictly need to know basis and are always disposable should the necessity arise. One of the realisations encountered when involved in historical research is, just how quickly information and events are forgotten, overlooked or treated as irrelevant by the vast majority of people. Current affairs, sporting events or modern celebrity claptrap delude, distract and demand their undivided attention. Known as the 'goldfish memory' of human attention span, it is understood by those manipulating media as the most effective means of keeping the public preoccupied, unconcerned and disassociated with facts. Awareness of this indolent indifference, allows disclosure of prior wrong-doing or past authoritarian crimes to be exposed at a later date and pass into the public domain with no comment or complaint and little or no connection to earlier misdeeds. Knowledge of this public mental ennui by the emotional string pullers, along with peoples inability to recognise or collate revelations with earlier interlinked events or further factual information, because; it neither stimulates, shocks or excites their pre-programmed dream delusions. Nor does it disturb or inspire their indoctrinated interests and therefore; fails completely, to raise any doubts or questions in their totally subjective mental process, and thus allows the continuation of despicable crimes and conditions to be foisted on humanity with impunity. Recently the results of the Iraq inquiry (or the long awaited 'Chilcot Report' as it is known), was published. Amongst other findings it revealed that the then prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair, was involved with the then President of the United States, George W Bush in a clandestine conspiracy to conceal and cover up the true reasons behind the Iraq invasion. To discover all the criminal atrocities and actions

preceding and leading up to the illegal second Gulf War, it is necessary to remind ourselves of earlier, equally horrendous events omitted from the Iraq report, but completely relevant to the resulting despicable deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no other reason than the global control desired by those hidden hands. Previous to 9/11, the aforementioned condition of 'Goldfish memory' prevails. Many forget or overlook the first twin tower or World Trade Centre attack, which occurred on February 26th 1993 and was proven to have been an operation instigated and known to the F.B.I., who, through their informer, a former Egyptian army officer Emad Ali Salem, planned to supply the attackers with a fake bomb, using a harmless powder to replace the explosive and capture them in the act, or so they told Emad. On discovering that the bomb was not a fake, Emad released the tapes he had covertly made of his discussions with the F.B.I. operatives, and on which those operatives revealed their full knowledge of what was planned. Had the device been placed where it was intended: it would have sent the North Tower crashing against the South Tower bringing both down and murdering thousands. Fortunately the truck carrying the bomb was placed well away from the support pillar, thus failing to initiate the desired outcome intended, but still killed six people and injured over a thousand more. This criminal act was perpetrated and carried through with the full knowledge and connivance of the American security service and, was brought to full public awareness when the contents of 39

Emad's tape recordings were printed in the New York Times. As usual: this revelatory fact has faded with and through the passage of time. This brings us to the two insiders who knew too much. One being the murdered British weapons inspector Dr David Kelly and the other being the death of John O'neill, the former Deputy Director of the F.B.I. in the 2001 Trade Centre Destructions. John O’Neill who was first in order of demise, had been investigating the events of the first Trade centre attack, the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam and the U.S. base in Saudi Arabia. When his discoveries uncovered that U.S. corporate oil interests and Saudi Arabian involvement with those corporations, along with President Bush's preferential ties to the oil lobby, as being the main suspects involved, he immediately began encountering obstacles and difficulties in any further pursuit of his investigations. He was faced with; what he described as, and believed to be, a deliberate blocking of all his investigations into terrorism at every stage and in all areas, and obviously originating from an 'executive' level. He went public with these charges and stated there was much more to be revealed before resigning, (under duress), to take up the position he was offered as; head of security for the World Trade Centre, at a greatly increased salary of $350,000 p.a. Two weeks after taking up his new appointment... he was killed in the 9/11 attack. There is great controversy over his death as he got out of the building but, after phoning his son to tell him he was safe, allegedly, he decided to re-enter the building and died in there.

Conscious Consideration V Conspiracy Theory - Positive Public Proof or Perfidious Public Plotters: By Richard R. Ritchie.

Although 1,116 bodies are still missing? His body was found and identified, conveniently bringing to a close any further, uncomfortable disclosures or proceedings. One of the important facts to emerge from this period is: during Bill Clinton's Presidency, no request for an F.I.S.A. warrant was refused.(Foreign Intelligence Security Act) Bush's administration, prior to 9/11, refused all such requests. It also closed down all inquiries that could expose Saudi Arabia's complicity in any matter. Remember that one of Bush's early ventures into oil was under the title 'Harken Oil' shortened later to confuse researchers to 'HKN', and was financed by the Bin Laden family to the amount of five million dollars. The day after 9/11, when all flights were banned, both the Bin Laden family members and Saudi royalty along with their officials were flown out of the country back to Saudi Arabia. This is the family whose son Osama was accused of masterminding the 9/11 operation and whose C.I.A. title was Tim Osman. It is known (as revealed in a French intelligence report) that he was visited by C.I.A. operatives while in hospital in Dubai on July of 2001 for his kidney condition and was indeed undergoing dialysis on the eve of 9/11. This condition combined with the Marfan syndrome he also suffered from, killed him in late 2001, hence all the obviously fake actors of highly differing appearance which were claimed to be him in the intervening years. Video's showing such obvious errors as writing with his right hand, (Bin Laden was left handed), Older, thinner and graying in earlier video's and pictures, then later on, younger looking with dyed beards and hair and some ridiculously, big fat faced, flat nosed, no resemblance whatsoever, podgy, wedding ring wearing unknown, ludicrously lauded as the genuine personage? There was also the ridiculous spectacle years later of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and various other high-level officials and senior military officers, pretending to watch with wide eyed and open mouthed astonishment, as the live link portrayed the unfolding drama on May 2nd 2011, via closed circuit satellite, of the attack on Bin Laden's hiding place, ultimately ending in his death. It was however admitted at a later date, that there was and had never been a live satellite link. (WOW! some great acting, wonder why a blank screen was so astounding for the American executives)? Also; neither kidney dialyses equipment nor treatments were found at or near the house location. So, a fugitive, or a ghost, in very poor health, suffering renal failure and needing regular kidney dialysis, managed to elude the greatest global manhunt ever, for near on ten years. He shot it out with the 'Seal' team involved in the mission, eventually dying in the exchange of gunfire.

His corpse is hastily buried at sea. No photographs of the body were released (far too graphic is the excuse), there was no autopsy, there was no body and therefore no evidence! Dr Steve Pleczenic, an award winning Harvard school luminary and state official who served under five U.S. presidents, who has written a book on psychological warfare and counter terrorism for the State Department. He also developed the hostage rescue strategies adopted globally and was the top spymaster involved in black ops, undercover missions and classified work. Dr Pleczenic states in May 2011:- the alleged raid on Bin Laden's compound is a fable as he has been dead for a decade. he also said in 2002 that Bin Laden had been dead for months and they were waiting for the most expedient time to roll out his corpse. These statements are confirmed by a myriad of intelligence sources and heads of state. Benazir Bhutto, twice Prime minister of Pakistan, was one who stated this, a few weeks later she was assassinated. Further verification comes from irreproachable and credible persons such as former F.B.I. counter-terror head Dale Watson and C.I.A. officer and expert in intelligence and foreign policy Robert Baer who have both gone on record to say that Bin Laden was dead long before the raid on his Pakistani compound. We now turn attention to another mysterious death concerning 9/11, (one of hundreds at all levels). Dr. David Kelly was found dead in woods in highly suspicious circumstances shortly after stating that he was afraid that he would "probably be found dead in the woods". He was not referring to any hidden desire on his part to commit suicide although that was the finding of the inquiry into his death. Very much the same as the Washington D.C. madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey who ran a high class prostitution ring, servicing the rich and 40

famous, congressmen and otherwise, of that illustrious city, and who: when arrested, threatened to expose the names of her well-known clientele during her trial in 2008. She made sure her lawyer knew she had no intention to self harm and to be aware of the danger she was in, the threat she posed to many politicians and others and her intention to testify. She also stated on more than one occasion to the media that, should she be found hanging in her shed it would not be suicide, yet she was indeed found hanging in her shed and the official verdict: suicide. Dr. Kelly was British scientist and Governmental consultant, who worked for the U.N as a weapons inspector and was one of the contributors who compiled the "sexed up" dossier used to justify the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Over the course of his career he had developed an expertise on Iraq's weapons programme and his advice was regularly sought by Government and the secret service. In May 2003 the B.B.C. ran a programme alleging that the Government's claims about Iraq's weapons capabilities were unfounded, especially its capability of deploying weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. Andrew Gilligan was the reporter who; on B.B.C. radio stated, he had been informed by his sources that, the Blair Government had "sexed up" the dossier in order to exaggerate the threat posed by Iraq. This immediately caused a storm of controversy and ferocious attacks from the Blair Government. Suspicion for the leaked information almost immediately fell on Dr Kelly and it was confirmed after his death that he was in fact the source of the inside information. In an off the record discussion with Gilligan, Dr Kelly had told him that he was sure the Blair Government had exaggerated the intelligence on Iraq to enhance the case for war. A few weeks later, on July the 15th, Dr

Conscious Consideration V Conspiracy Theory - Positive Public Proof or Perfidious Public Plotters: By Richard R. Ritchie.

Kelly was summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee where he was intensely questioned about his actions. There was to be further hearings but just 48 hours later he was found dead after going for a walk in the woods. It was recorded that he had committed suicide by an overdose of pain killers and cutting his left wrist open. Just like Deborah Jean Palfrey, he too remarked to friends and colleagues at an earlier date, that he feared one day he would be found dead in the woods. To this day a raging argument continues over the findings of the 'Hutton' inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly due to the conflicting evidence and the inconsistencies of the case i.e.,

the Government? Were there some other factors even more damning than the revelations already being exposed? Dr Kelly was also involved with biological warfare and a colleague he had worked with in Iraq in the 1990s; Richard Spertzel, a former head of the United Nations biological unit, wrote to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, informing him that Dr Kelly had been told, he was on a 'hit list', in the final years of his life. A 40,000 word book plus his computers were alleged to have been removed from his home and the computers have never been returned. Did Dr Kelly have a greater knowledge of an even more insidious nature involving clandestine Governmental projects and

1) Why did Lord Hutton place a 70 year embargo on the autopsy report? 2) Why were there no fingerprints on the knife he allegedly used on his wrist or on the empty bottle of painkillers? 3) Why did a police helicopter which flew over the very spot he was found eight hours later with thermal imaging cameras not spot the body? 4) How did he slash his wrist with a blunt gardening knife when he couldn't even cut a steak with his damaged right hand? 5) Why was 'Operation Mason'; the official investigation into his death, begun before he was reported missing? 6) Who was the third man with Detective constable Coe and Detective constable Shields when Louis Holmes: a search and rescue volunteer who found the body, led them to it? 7) Why did Detective Coe lie to the Hutton inquiry, saying only he and the other detective were present, a lie he later admitted but he still refuses to name this third person? 9) Who moved the body that Coe claimed he stood guard over till forensics arrived from sitting in an upright position with his head and back against the tree to laying flat out on the ground, some distance from the tree? 10) Why would Detective Coe risk his career by lying and interfering with a crime scene? 11) How did Dr Kelly bleed to death, when only the ulnar artery was cut and not the radial, which is the artery that should have been naturally cut in a right handed slice to the left wrist? We could go on and on about the inconsistencies, distortions and lies but it remains a fact that there would need to be at least four pints of blood splattered all over not the negligible amount at the scene. Paramedics David Bartlett and Vanessa Hunt, the first medics on the scene were so surprised at the lack of blood they stated to the press that" they had seen more blood at a nose bleed", and the ulnar artery is thin: about the size of a matchstick, and would have clotted long before any significant or life threatening loss of blood. Dr Bill Mcquillan who has dealt with hundreds of wrist accidents states, "I have never seen one death from someone cutting an ulnar artery. There remains an anomaly in all of this though. Taking the next logical step, it must be asked; why would Dr Kelly be murdered when it was known that blame and suspicion would immediately fall; as it did, on

was this: as in the case of John O'Neal, the real reason for his sudden demise? It is now crystal clear that Tony Blair and George W Bush were aware of the complete illegality of the war on Iraq prior to its invasion. Whether they will ever face justice for a wanton act of terror of biblical proportions on a completely inferior military nation and defenseless civilian population is highly doubtful, but as stated earlier, those in real power don't mind throwing a sacrificial lamb or two into the flames if necessity requires. And do please remember; this was after an equally illegal and horrendous attack on the same nation by the father of George W Bush, namely former US president George Bush senior, which resulted in an embargo for years, of all goods entering that country, leading directly to the indescribable suffering and deaths of millions of innocent men, women and children. 41

At the time of these events, those pointing out the anomalies, facts and truths of these situations were once again mocked and ridiculed as being a "Conspiracy Theorist". These reminders and factual evidence of deliberate criminal, inhuman and knowingly apocalyptic destruction, perpetrated and exposed as having occurred in varying ways, in a vast variety of locations, at the very highest levels of Government and beyond, over a great period of time, to bring about desired outcomes and advantages for the privileged minority, have now: by means of the Chilcot Report, been verified and exposed to have been engineered at the very apex of authority, officially sanctioned by the highest powers, in connivance with other governments in other countries and are not the ravings of a delusional, desperate group desiring notoriety. This is not some egotistical or petty selfindulgent means of saying "I told you so". It is instead a plea from the heart to look beyond what is being foisted on the global environment and its inhabitants by those very organisations most believe to have the best interests of humanity at heart. Ask yourselves why Governments are governed by greed? If they: as has been exposed by the Chilcot Report, can throw their own troops and military into a country like Iraq to die and suffer and if heartless witches, like Madeleine Albright, the U.S. Secretary of State at that time of the first Iraq war put it, callously and revealingly replying when asked if the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it, she stated, "We think the price is worth it". Half a million children was worth it! Then there was Gulf War II, were the deaths and horrific injuries worth it then also? These then are the types of people in high office who, for the personal avarice of the few as proven again by the Chilcot report, continue to use the cannon-fodder children of the mass unenlightened and easily emotionally manipulated, mainly by nationalistic nonsense, to further, the still highly secret, shadow agenda. Please do your own research. We must again be aware that those perpetrating and committing this planet and its population to the ageless and neverending agenda's of waging war, starvation, sickness and suffering. Who are poisoning and polluting the air, sea and land, as well as the fauna, fish, forest and animals, are doing so for the hidden hedonistic benefits of a miniscule few. But ask yourself a simple, logical, next step question: if you use your home as a toilet for even a short space of time, it soon becomes uninhabitable and hazardous to health, so who (or what) is using this planet as a toilet?...

Upcoming Event legacynight/

September 1 - New Moon. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 09:03 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. September 1 - Annular Solar Eclipse. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun. This results in a ring of light around the darkened Moon. The Sun's corona is not visible during an annular eclipse. The path of the eclipse will begin off the eastern coast of central Africa and travel through Gabon, Congo, Tanzania, and Madagascar before ending in the Indian Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout most of Africa and the Indian Ocean. September 3 - Neptune at Opposition. The blue giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Neptune. Due to its extreme distance from Earth, it will only appear as a tiny blue dot in all but the most powerful telescopes. September 16 - Full Moon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This phase occurs at 19:05 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Corn Moon because the corn is harvested around this time of year. This moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the September equinox each year. September 16 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's partial shadow, or penumbra. During this type of eclipse the Moon will darken slightly but not completely. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of eastern Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, and western Australia. September 22 - September Equinox. The September equinox occurs at 14:21 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere. September 28 - Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation. The planet Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 17.9 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise. 42

Paranormal Horror: Jenny Ashford & Steve Mera.

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The Alien Enigma J.P. Robinson Earthrise Books 978-1-53323-4056 £16.25

This is a well researched, well written and comprehensive volume that presents the reader with treasury of UFO related material, some of which is hard to come by. Fortunately, in addition to eye-witness testimony, some of the material is corroborated by documentation and photographs. The contents cover most of the classic UFO sightings and there is everything from crop circles and close encounters, (yes, the genuinely enigmatic and iconic Rendlesham incident deservedly gets a mention) to underground bases and alien abduction, plus just about everything in between…even time travel crops up. The author is quick to point out that not everything in the book will ring true with the reader and Chapter 9 ‘The Burisch Saga’, which concerns bizarre alleged goings on at the legendary Area 51 concerning contact with ETs from the future reads like Science Fiction. On the other hand Chapter 8 ‘Space Secrecy’ which, among other things, looks at the dubious background to NASA and its obsessive secrecy, plus what really happened on the moon and indeed the moon itself, is a genuine revelation and worth the cost alone The book is ideal for the novice, the true believer and (especially) the serious researcher, because all will find much to get their teeth into, this book is destined to be a classic of its kind.

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Dark Séance Timothy Green Beckley and Arthur Conan Doyle. Global Communications 9781606112014 $15.80 US, £ 12.50 UK

This is an interesting account of the Davenport brothers, William and Ira, who from the mid eighteen hundreds untill the end of the century, performed feats of magic and paranormal ability in front of large audiences in many countries. Arthur Conan Doyl e left written accounts of his meetings with, and thoughts on, what the brothers could do, hence his addition in the authors cr edits. This book is ideal for those with an interest in the origins and history of this subject and the also huge surge of interest generated at the time in all things paranormal. It is also a useful record of the gullibility of the public and the jealousies exi sting amongst those involved in this sphere of work. In addition it shows that, especially at this time, there was great pressure a nd expectation on mediums to demonstrate on demand that they could achieve paranormal manifestations of spirit. This, unfortunately, may have lead to chicanery. Pleasingly, the writer does not indulge in personal opinions and leaves the reader to reach a decision on the evidence presented throughout the book. There are some interesting photo's from the period including; Ira Davenport with Harry Houdini, the brothers themselves, along with some charming sketches and illustrations of various occurrences. An extremely entertaining read.

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John the Baptist and The Last Gnostics Andrew Phillip Smith Watkins 978-178028-913-7 £14.99

This book is subtitled ‘The Secret History of The Mandaeans’ and is an absolute pleasure to both find and read. Here is the background to one of the most fascinating and long lasting of the Gnostic Sects ever to appear. Fortunately the author, an expert in Gnostic practises, provides one of the best and most concise definitions of Gnostic belief I have ever read. Perhaps sharing a common lineage with the Druze and Yazidis, like both of these sects the Mandaeans are still around, unlike other better known examples of Gnosticism such as the Cathars and Bogomils. We discover that the Mandaeans, who still practise baptism on a weekly basis, followed the Johannite heresy and worshipped John the Baptist as opposed to Christ, something that did not exactly endear them to the Catholic Church. In fact they regarded Christ as a usurper rather then the Son of God and we also fi nd links to the enigmatic and extremely powerful Knights Templar, who may also have been influenced by them. This is a first class and accessible piece of research and an excellent introduction, not only to Gnostic practises, but to the history of the Mandaeans.

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Russia’s USO Secrets Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle Richard Dolan Press 9781532898402 £13.77 (Amazon Prime)

This new and timely book from veteran Ufologists Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle, lifts the lid on USO’s from the perspective of sightings made by the Russian navy. USO’s (or unidentified undersea objects) are a genuine enigma, even in the already esoteric culture of Ufology and have been the cause of much debate regarding what they are. Some accounts stemming from former sailors in the Russian navy talk of mysterious glowing patches in the ocean, many of which are explainable by bioluminescent algae and also shoals of small fish that spontaneously glow and flash, sometimes with remarkable brightness. However, when these glowing ‘something’s’ suddenly emerge from the water and become airborne then this simple explanation becomes woefully inadequate. The two authors have gathered a treasury of hitherto unobtainable information from former Soviet crewmen and officers revealing convincing evidence that ‘something’ appears to be present under the oceans of this world. This ‘something’ does not appear to originate on this planet and can only be assumed to be extraterrestrial, unless of course we share our world with an unexpect ed adjunct to the human race. This book is a must read for anyone interested in one of the often neglected side roads leading for mainstream ufology and is well worth serious study.





Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed On 9/11 Comes Forward With SHOCKING Information!


Iraqi Minister claims ancient civilizations travelled to Space over 7,000 years ago.

Capt. Russ Wittenberg is a unique individual in that he actually flew two of the planes that were supposedly “hijacked” on 911. Flight “lets roll” 93 and flight 175, the plane that hit the south tower. This is what he has to say about 911:

Via 9/11 Questions Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years. Aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777. 30,000+ total hours flown. Had previously flown the actual two United Airlines aircraft that were supposedly hijacked on 9/11 (Flight 93, which impacted in Pennsylvania, and Flight 175, the second plane to hit the WTC). Pilot Expert, Russ Wittenberg, who actually flew the planes that hit the South Tower and the one that “allegedly” crashed in Shanksville, PA, speaks out. He also explains the fundamental physics about the planes hitting the Towers. Watch the video at: v=IXA-enq65ng Video interview …9/11 Ripple Effect 8/07: “I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower. I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed highbanked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s. And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.” Article 7/17/05: “The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple.” … Wittenberg convincingly argued there was absolutely no possibility that Flight 77 could have “descended 7,000 feet in two minutes, all the while performing a steep 280 degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon’s first floor wall without touching the lawn.”… “For a guy to just jump into the cockpit and fly like an ace is impossible – there is not one chance in a thousand,” said Wittenberg, recalling that when he made the jump from Boeing 727’s to the highly sophisticated computerized characteristics of the 737’s through 767’s it took him considerable time to feel comfortable flying.” “The airplane could not have flown at those speeds which they said it did without going into what they call a high speed stall. The airplane won’t go that fast if you start pulling those high G maneuvers at those bank angles. … To expect this alleged airplane to run these maneuvers with a total amateur at the controls is simply ludicrous… It’s roughly a 100 ton airplane. And an airplane that weighs 100 tons all assembled is still going to have 100 tons of disassembled trash and parts after it hits a building. There was no wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon. … The vehicle that hit the Pentagon was not Flight 77.

Ancient Code An Iraqi minister has claimed that the first airport was built some 7,000 years ago and that the ancient Sumerian Civilization had the technology to travel into outer space thousands of years ago. The Iraqi minister points towards ancient Sumerian texts and the work of Russian researcher Samuel Kramer and his extensive work on the ancient Sumerian civilization. According to accepted history, the first human in space was Russian Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin. The Russian cosmonaut challenged the impossible and made a 108-minute flight into the Earth’s orbit in 1961. However, according to an Iraqi minister history is wrong as he CLAIMS that thousands of years ago, the ancient Sumerian civilization built the first AIRPORTS on Earth, masters spaceflight and even interplanetary travel. All of this, over 7,000 years ago. While speaking to journalists at Dhi Qar, south Iraq, Kazem Finjan, Iraq’s Transport Minister said that the ancient Sumerians had advanced technology, developed spaceflight and even traveled to Pluto, around 5,000 BC. Interestingly, Dhi Qar, an extremely interesting archaeological region in modern-day Iraq where the ancient Sumerian built the cities of Eridu andUr, and is home to temple the Ziggurat of Ur, which was excavated in the 1930s and has since been partially restored.

The Iraqi politician said that the ancient civilization built the first airport in the world, adding that the said airfield served as a center for space exploration. Interestingly, Finjan backed up his claims by asking skeptics to study the works of the Sumerians experts, especially Russian researcher Samuel Kramer. Samuel Kramer was a leading researcher of the ancient Sumerians who was born in the Russian Empire and was forced to move to the United States to study in Philadelphia. During his career, Kramer published numerous works on the ancient Sumerian Civilization, analyzing the mythology and extensive history of these ancient people and their ideas and knowledge about our solar system. “The first airport that was established on planet earth was in this place,” said Mr. Finjan, according to the site Memo: Middle East Monitor. Finjan Kazem’s statements perplexed journalists and serve as ‘fuel’ for ancient astronaut theorists, which believe that extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth in the past masquerading as gods, just as is the case the Anunnaki- and that these beings have been responsible, in varying degrees, for the origin and development of human cultures in various fields, including astronomy.

More words of warning from Steven Hawking.

We think, as you may have heard before, it was a cruise missile.” Editor’s note: For more information on the impact at the Pentagon, see General Stubblebine, Colonel Nelson, Commander Muga, Lt. Col. Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col. Latas, Major Rokke, Capt. Davis, Barbara Honegger, April Gallop, Colonel Bunel, and Steve DeChiaro. Member: Pilots for 9/11 Truth Association Statement: “Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe that have gathered together for one purpose. We are committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11th of September 2001. Our main focus concentrates on the four flights, maneuvers performed and the reported pilots.

Planet Sci Tech

We do not offer theory or point blame. However, we are focused on determining the truth of that fateful day since the United States Government doesn’t seem to be very forthcoming with answers.” Member Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven Association Statement: “We have found solid scientific grounds on which to question the interpretation put upon the events of September 11, 2001 by the Office of the President of the United States of America and subsequently propagated by the major media of western nations.”


Stephen Hawking has once again warned that humanity could wipe itself out before it has a chance to establish far-flung space colonies. At a recent talk in England, the famed physicist singled out nuclear war, genetically engineered viruses and global warming as likely culprits. According to Hawking, the odds of a planetary disaster in the next millennia are high. "Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or 10 thousand years," Hawking told the audience in a public Q&A session.

This isn't the first time the theoretical physicist has warned of planetary doom. Early last year, Hawking warned that human aggression threatened to wipe us all out. He's also spoken out about the potential for nonhuman threats, and has expressed concern that artificial intelligence could "spell the end for the human race." Both Hawking and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk have warned of the dangers of killer robots, and they both cosigned a public letter last year urging world leaders to ban killer robots. Yet despite his gloomy prognostications, Hawking doesn't believe catastrophe is inevitable. Though he believes danger looms on the horizon, he said he is an "optimist" who believes humanity can overcome the risks facing it...


Alien seen walking on top of roof by ex-police officer.

Ryan Buell of the popular TV show ‘Paranormal State’ arrested!


By Diane Wilson - 11 ABC News

A retired police officer recalls a shocking encounter of the third kind he had in 2000 when he was employed as a night shift patrol sergeant with the police department in Stephenville, Erath County in Texas. Although the officer was unable to identify the alien species involved in the sighting, many alien experts believe the officer likely had an encounter with a Tall Grey alien dressed in a glowing spacesuit. According to the unnamed officer in a testimony filed in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 54733 during his shift from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., he saw an 8-foot-tall humanoid alien being walking on the flat roof of the Stephenville post office, located at 31 North Graham Street.

The I-Team Troubleshooter reports the story of a celebrity ghost-hunter who has cancelled appearances and fans say they aren't getting refunds. Paranormal expert Ryan Buell appeared on the cable TV series "Paranormal State" looking for ghosts or trying to prove that life after death is real. Buell claims to be based here in the Triangle; however the ghost hunter has a pretty big following nationwide. Teresa Harrell paid over $400 to get special VIP tickets for her and her husband and drove six hours to Chicago to see Buell's "Conversations with the Dead Tour." "I watched all of Ryan Buell's movies that were on the TV and I also read his book," Teresa said. However, just days before the show, she got the bad news it was postponed. "They rescheduled the event for like three weeks later and didn't tell anybody what was going on," Teresa explained. According to Buell's Facebook page, there were scheduling conflicts with venues. Teresa didn't buy it. "What I did was call the venue directly and I spoke with the manager and he told me that they had not spoken with him since they had rescheduled the event. He had no deposits or anything and couldn't get a hold of them," she said.

“All I could think was that I can’t believe what I’m seeing and I hope it didn’t see me.” The police officer said he held back information about his experience until he submitted a report to MUFON on March 16, 2014, four years after he retired from the police department. He was not able to recall the exact date and time of the incident in 2001, but he recalled he had been on duty for some hours before he went to the police department for a short break. He drove eastward after leaving the department in the direction of the Stephenville post office. As he approached the post office building, he noticed something moving quietly in the shadows on top of the building. He stopped his patrol vehicle about a block away, between two parking lots, and looked up at the roof through the side window of his car on the driver side. As he watched, he saw a tall figure walking slowly and carefully on the roof top. It was a clear, cloudless night, according to the officer, and visibility, aided by moonlight, was excellent. He saw clearly that the figure had a bright, light green colour. The mysterious figure walked across the rooftop in his direction. The gait appeared human, yet it was clear that it was not human, but a humanoid creature. He believed, as he watched it on the rooftop, that it was an extraterrestrial being. The alien walked across the rooftop and stopped when it reached the edge. It stood facing the officer, looking in the direction of his parked car. The witness watched in stunned seated in his patrol car. According to the officer, standing before him, clearly visible against the background of a clear night sky, was an 8-foot-tall humanoid being. He was able to estimate the height of the alien creature by comparing with the height of the post office building. The alien creature was bald, it had a lithe, athletic physique — neither thin nor fat, according to the witness. But by far the most remarkable aspect of its appearance was that it appeared to be transparent, with the lines of its body exhibiting a fluorescent green glow that displayed its three-dimensional detail, including its clothing. And despite the fact that it was transparent, it looked solid, compact, and remarkably human-like. What appeared to be the creature’s clothing was designed like a transparent green-glowing jumpsuit. It stood for some minutes at the edge of the roof, arms akimbo. It appeared to be looking out for something as it scanned the horizon westward. And turning its upper body, its gaze swept eastward. The creature stood looking eastward for several seconds. And as the alien turned its gaze from the east to the west once again, it stopped midway and looked directly at the observing police officer. The witness believed the creature saw him watching. “I don’t know if I could actually see a smile or just had that feeling like it was smiling and saying, ‘Well you saw me,” the witness told MUFON. After looking in the direction of the witness for a few seconds, the alien creature turned and retraced it steps across the flat post office roof. The officer’s cop instincts kicked in automatically as the alien walked away. “I never felt threatened,” the witness recalled. “The thing turned and began walking back the way it came. I remember saying to myself, ‘like hell you are getting away.'” He started his car engine and drove around the building, to the back side facing north, and believing that the building was too high — about 25 feet — for the creature to jump down, he decided it was worthwhile to make an attempt to capture it. He called the fire department and reported he just saw “someone” on the building of the post office and requested a ladder truck. He was careful not to say what the thought he saw. He also called the police department. A police unit was dispatched. When the officers arrived, they positioned on opposite sides of the building. The witness was certain that the alien being was still on the roof because he thought it could not have jumped down without being observed. When the fire officers arrived some minutes later, he told them to stand around the building and look out for anyone trying to climb down from the rooftop. He then climbed up on the roof to find the alien creature. He searched the flat rooftop and found nothing. “The officer and fire department personnel, I’m sure, thought I was nuts thinking someone was up there,” the witness told MUFON. “I dared not tell them what I saw. So I sat on this for years and only told a few close friends about the experience.” “I can say this with the utmost confidence. I know what I saw. There was too much detail in the thing.”

The rescheduled shows never happened. Instead, the entire tour was cancelled and fans wanted their money back. Besides Teresa's $400, we've heard from more than a dozen Buell fans who are all out hundreds of dollars, including Melanie Gramlich. She paid about $300 for Buell's Calgary show and Sabrina Cryderman drove almost six hours to Edmonton and paid $160 for a show that never happened. "They've done this across seven states and they've done it to Canada too," Teresa said. Buell fans have also taken to social media to complain about cancelled shows, undelivered books and paid webinars that were never completed. Michelle Belanger, a guest speaker on Buell's tour, also recently announced that she would be dropping out due to lack of planning. In a public Facebook post she said: "I have no plane tickets, no hotel reservations, no idea what the plan is supposed to be. That's not for lack of asking. That's just how things stand." "I had to give an ultimatum: there is no way I will be able to participate in the 'Conversations with the Dead Tour' if the dates get rescheduled again," Belanger explained. Buell's fans started out sympathetic after he cancelled shows in 2012 claiming he was fighting pancreatic cancer. However, when refunds weren't given, we started hearing from them. In late 2013, Buell told People Magazine he was close to remission, ready to tour again and he started selling tickets for this year. Yet, none of the shows happened. Just last week, Buell posted on Facebook that health issues would cancel the tour. He also wrote that his company, Paranormal Research Society, never got any of the ticket money and that PayPal is responsible for refunds. While Teresa is sympathetic to Buell's health issues, she doesn't understand why fans can't get their money back. She had this to say to Buell, "Take responsibility for what you've done, we're human we make mistakes, we hurt people. But man up, say I made a mistake, I took money that's not mine." "Or I really thought we could do this but we can't, let's get the refunds out to you people and be sending those checks out," Teresa said. Good news for Teresa, who finally convinced her credit card company to refund the charges she made. Many others haven't been so lucky, and some tell me they're trying to file a class action lawsuit. Chip Coffey, the famous psychic and medium, also reached out to me concerning the "Conversations with the Dead Tour." He says he was supposed to go on the tour with Buell to six U.S. cities, but he had to drop out before the tour started because it wasn't being properly managed or executed correctly. Before Coffey bailed on the tour, he says there was more than $80,000 in ticket sales. Coffey says he didn't get a dime of that money. He adds he prays for Buell everyday, but business is business, and if fans are owed money Buell should return their money. We reached out to Buell and his company via phone, email and at addresses we had for him, but no response. It was posted on Buell's Facebook page over the weekend that PRS is doing their best to move refund requests along for the USA and Canadian tours. As for PayPal, they wouldn't comment on the specifics of any PayPal account, but in general a rep says they don't hold any money - they just take a broker fee. They have a buyer protection policy and can secure customers a refund only if it is filed within 45 days of purchase. They encourage customers to be cautious of buying from sellers who have delivery times longer than 45 days. In the cases we've heard from, Buell fans bought tickets months in advance so many aren't protected. The best advice, dispute the charge with your credit card...



Japanese are direct descendants of Ancient Martians?

Exorcisms QUADRUPLE: Catholic priests see surge in people requesting the Rite to free them.

By Nathaniel Artosilla - Morning News USA

By Vickie Oliphant - The Express

When it comes to alien news, Japan is not the first thing that comes to people’s minds, let alone makes the headlines. But a recent image grabbed from Google Earth could change all that and prove once and for all that extraterrestrials visited, and comingled with, ancient humans. The image shows structures eerily similar to structures photographed at location at 36° 7’45.64ʺN 139°E, the structure appears to be a three-faced stone pyramid connected to a dome-like rock. UFO Sightings Daily reported that the strange structures on Mars were photographed two years ago. Lying on an empty plain, its sides appear to have straight edges sloping to a circular formation at its base.

Drug addictions and Harry Potter have been blamed for the soaring demand for Catholic exorcisms, two priests have claimed. The Rite of Exorcism is a Roman Catholic tradition that seeks to expel evil from those believed to be the victims of demonic possession. Symptoms of possession could include the sudden ability to speak a new language or the ability to predict events. Often carried out by a priest, the centuries-old rituals tend to be conducted in Latin and involve several prayers and incantations along with the use of holy water. Now the religious practice is back in high demand, and priests have blamed the rise in drug and pornography addiction, failure of the mental health system and the rise of “Pagan” activities such as using a Ouija board for the increase. Father Gary Thomas, the official exorcist of the Diocese of San Jose in California, was a regular priest for 22 years before training for his new role.

They did not pique the interest of conspiracy theorists and alien news enthusiasts at the time up until the image of a similar formation in Japan. They are believed to have been constructed during the Kofun era which lasted from 250 to 538 AD. Are the structures made by the same unknown group? And could they be the original inhabitants of the red planet before it became a desolate wasteland? If so, where are they now and are the Japanese people connected to them in some way? Japan Will Be The Topic Of Future Alien News. Japanese creation myth tells of gods who appeared spontaneously and also did not possess a definite sex. These five appeared spontaneously and went into hiding after their emergence, were these how the early settlers of the islands describe a visit from extraterrestrials? Japan opened its door s to the world barely 200 years ago and even then, their way of life has been considered strange by many. They are one of the few if not the only country where nature worship is still flourishing. Their deities within nature often make appearances time and time again to visiting holy places. Could these “gods” actually be extraterrestrials making contact with its chosen people? Will future developments make Japan the spotlight for alien news? And what of the other origin stories throughout the world? Do they also contain a sliver of truth hidden behind the fantastic stories of epic struggles in the heavens?

Final proof? Reflection on metal disc UFO 'means it must be an alien flying saucer'.

He describes his clients as “desperate” after having received no psychological help, saying: “Often the stories are very complicated and many have been suffering for a long time. "They’re sick in one way or another, and sometimes they do have a demonic problem.” In the last ten years, Father Thomas has performed around sixty exorcisms - but recently has found more and more clients requesting his help from outside of the US, including Turkey but mainly from India and Africa. He said: “I am a full time pastor and this is a very intense ministry. Almost every free night that I have is taken up with exorcisms. ”I could conduct one or two exorcisms a week for demonic attachment as opposed to full possession. “People could be quite functional but once they get into a sacred arena, such as a church or participate in some element of parish, they’ll begin to manifest or they’ll begin to get sick or they’ll begin to show other kinds of signs that something is amiss. “And it’s my role and my teams’ to discern what it is. Is it something psychological?” His colleague Father Vincent Lampert, who appeared in a 2013 episode of Paranormal Witness, has also found a high demand for his service. Requests - at least half of which are from non-Catholics and only one in 5,000 is from someone “afflicted by full demonic obsession” - have soared in the last five years but he said they have now stabilised as more priests enter the exorcism industry.

By Jon Austin - The Express UFO experts at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are pouring over the snaps said to have been taken on August 13 and just sent in by an eyewitness. Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, is convinced it is the real deal. He said: "This UFO was seen on an island between England and Ireland. "The UFO was recorded with an HD camera. "The silvery colour shows us it is a metallic disk and it looks like it was hiding in the clouds, but caught sight of the passenger jet in the distance and was on its way there to scan them and the technology." In a report to MUFON, which is the world's biggest UFO investigation organisation based in the USA, the unnamed photographer said it was different to birds and aeroplanes in their field of vision, and therefore must be a UFO. The snapper added: "When taking pictures of the halo around the sun from the coast towards the sea, I glimpsed on the left a falling object like a leaf above the sea.

"Then the object was st a bil i sed and left southbound at an ext r e m e speed." The eyewi tness was able to take the shot before the object entered the clouds and left to the south. UFO experts claim the apparent reflection on the object shows it was metallic and not a bird. The witness added: "A new UFO sighting for me and I am very happy to see a photo that proves this is what I saw." Sceptics say that insects or birds caught in flight on camera can often come out blurred, giving the impression they are something larger and further away, and can even give the appearance of a disc-like shape. MUFON is investigating...


However Father Lampbert claims there will always be a need for the practice, as the US has seen an increase in Pagan activities including using a medium, reading Tarot cards and casting spells. He said: “Religion is viewed as outdated and not very exciting. So evil can be invited in directly or indirectly. “A lot of people have contacted me and said something like ‘we were playing with a Ouija board and all of a sudden our friend starting speaking in this crazy language that we didn’t understand.’ “‘And strange things started happening - things moving in the house’.” Popular children’s book Harry Potter, written by JK Rowling, has also been hailed as a cause for many feeling they need to be exorcised. Speaking to the Times, one priest - who works as an exorcist in central London and Kent and asked not to be named said there had been “a greater interest” in the rituals in recent years. He said: “Popular culture is full of the preternatural. Young people are watching things about vampires and Harry Potter and, however much people claim to have moved away from mainstream religion, there remains the need to believe in something invisible. “It’s normal for humans to have a morbid fascination with the idea of a battle with evil and, to paint a caricature, the exorcist coming like a wizard to help.” However the priest also added it was important to distinguish between mental illness and demonic possession...

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Ancient Pathways: By Jade Ashcroft.

I have been interested in Standing Stones, Stone Circles and Earth energies for a long time, but up until recently the subject of dowsing was relatively unknown to me, specifically using rods to find currents of energy that may or may not be natural to the landscape. It wasn't until I recently when I listened to a podcast made a couple of years ago by the British Society of Dowsers, that I got a little bit excited about what this particular person was saying regarding picking up the signature of someone who is dead. He was relating a story about being out in the wilds on the side of a hill and seeking a particular ley, but his mind kept wandering off thinking about his late father. He reported that the dowsing rods behaved in a certain way that looked it to him like they were demonstrating a particular resonance or frequency that he attributed to that person. When he thought about someone who was still living the dowsing rods didn't do anything at all. This got me thinking about some of the experiments we have tried in our Spiritual Development Circle over the years using dowsing rods to locate and follow bodiless entities, or spirit guides, around the room while we were doing healing sessions. When we used dowsing rods and asked where the spirits were in the room, they would waver at different speeds depending on who was holding the rods and who they were following. Often during meditations it is not uncommon for participants to see shapes and forms moving around the room. The question of whether these energies are ghosts, ancestors, spirit guides or people who are temporarily out of body remains to be seen. What I am suggesting is that by using dowsing rods it is possible to follow the energy pattern of these entities. In our experiments we tried various things like holding a single dowsing rod over the head of a person who is closed off from their spirituality or stressed out, and then holding it over the head of that same person after they have received some form of spiritual healing. The rod spins like a helicopter placed at the top of the head after someone has had their crown chakra or energy centre opened with some form of healing or deep meditation. Sometimes we would use the rods to find the subtle layers of the aura too. Walking towards a person holding the dowsing rods they waver or sway gently in and out until you get to a certain point and they cross over, which we took as being one of the layers of the aura emanating from the chakra or energy centres. All these experiences have left me with no question that there are unseen influences that can and do affect our

physical and spiritual wellbeing. Frequencies and pulses and how they affect the body and the state of awareness. What if each of us has an individual resonance or pulse, and as a result we are drawn to or repelled away from certain people because of the frequency at which they resonate similar to a magnet. Some people might call that being drawn to your soul group or something like that and emit a certain colour, (which also has its own frequency) from their being and will naturally gravitate to others who share the same or similar colour. What if when we die our pineal gland releases a phenomenal surge of chemicals and the very essence of our life explodes into the universe and creates that individual pulse or frequency, even though we are no longer attached to our physical bodies? Where does our consciousness go; does it pop out of existence? These are some very big questions and can only be addressed by each person in their search for their truth. Perhaps the ancient track makers, who plotted out their earthworks and sacred spaces using leys, knew a lot more that we are ever likely to. When I started writing this article I had a very strange experience as I was drifting between waking and sleeping. It looked like there was a procession of people walking towards me. I live right next to the sea and if this was some kind of ghostly procession they would have been making a pilgrimage towards the rising sun in the east. I saw the figure of a stone knight in repose and heard a whisper from beyond about “Mummers”. When I went to look this up on the internet I was amazed to find that it was an old custom practiced all over the world, in which participants re-enact the eternal battle between good and evil and also of a person dying and being brought back to life again. Maybe one of the reasons for the construction of Processional Ways and bearing of bodies of the departed along ancient track-ways is so that the souls of the newly deceased can make their way somewhere else, maybe to another dimension through a gateway. Walking along tracks where there are these energy lines or leys can make significant changes to the resonance or the magnetic field of each person that walks along it. However, the fact that the guy on the podcast said that there was no movement when he thought about someone who 51

was alive that really piqued my interest. How many cultures have a belief in some form of life after death and consider the atmosphere when you walk into a necropolis with thousands of buried bodies? Could physical bodies interred in the Earth mean that a part of them lives forever entwined with the soul of the planet, on a particular frequency that can be temporarily accessed by the living at those times when the veil between the worlds is so thin that we can hear them whispering to us in our dreams? The function of the pineal gland has long been investigated, especially in its association with the awakening of the ‘third eye’. In our culture certainly, death has become a taboo subject and what happens in this particular part of the brain at the time of death could hold significant answers to where our consciousness goes at the time we depart from this world. Is there something significant here that we should be paying attention to? The Initiates and Gurus certainly believe so. One thing is for sure, we can never live in the past but we can certainly learn a lot from those who went before us and walk the paths of our ancestors ourselves, regularly retreating into the sacred sanctuary we all have inside of us to learn, listen, grow and evolve. Take time to visit ancient pathways for they hold much wisdom and knowledge that cannot be learned from books alone. Experience the magic that is all around us everyday for one day soon enough we will become one of those voices calling out from behind the veil.. JadeM is the creator of the Soulscapes Tarot and Singer Songwriter for the band Cumbrian band Neter.

An alternate history novel. In July of 1947 an unidentified flying object came to grief on the earth's surface in New Mexico USA. It was secretly salvaged by the government and kept secret. It remains secret to this day. That's REAL history. What if history had been different and that secret had never been kept? How much would be different? How much would be the same? Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure attempts to answer those questions. ‘At first glance, I thought this book was going to be a bit of a slog... However, that was not the case. I quickly became fascinated, wanting to know the very next outcome. This book is certainly different that what you may normally read, merging possible facts with a non-factual story line that grabs your attention immediately. Explore the Roswell Incident from an alternative angle... What if this was the start of worlds disclosure, what would be the implications and how would humanity deal with it? This book would make an excellent movie and is most certainly a must read for any UFO enthusiast! This book is packed to the rim due to small print that keeps the price lower than other books of similar size’... (Phenomena Magazine) A FASCINATING BOOK BY BEN EMLYN-JONES. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY ON AMAZON. 52




The Fibonacci Sequence and its Connection with Chemistry: By Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D.

The Fibonacci Sequence in mathematics involves the following number sequence where two consecutive numbers (in the sequence) are added together to give the next number in the sequence (i.e. 1+1= 2, 1+ 2= 3, 2+3= 5, 3+5= 8, and so on). The Fibonacci Sequence (or Fibonacci numbers) are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. The Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci, (1170 – 1250) described his observation of the Fibonacci sequence in his 1202 book (Liber Abaci).1 This was the first introduction of the sequence into Western mathematics, however it was first described much earlier (700 A.D.) in Indian mathematics where it was known as the Virahanka numbers.1


Since the introduction of the Fibonacci Sequence, researchers in all fields of science have searched for the significance of the sequence in nature, biology, and physics. For example, in nature it has been demonstrated that the Fibonacci Sequence is expressed in leaf arrangement in plants (pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, and the scales of a pineapple), in biology the sequence is found in the growth of every living thing (including a single cell, a grain of wheat, and a hive of bees) as well as in animal skeletons and the branching patterns of veins and nerves in animals, and in physics the sequence is found in the geometry of crystals and snowflakes.2 Interestingly, no Fibonacci Sequence has been demonstrated in the field of chemistry. However, after an extensive literature search, I can demonstrate that the Fibonacci Sequence can be observed in chemistry with regards to the oxidation compounds found for the element Uranium. The German chemist, Martin Heinrich Klaproth, is credited with the discovery of Uranium (where he experimentally obtained a powder of an oxide of Uranium) in 1789.3 Interestingly, he named the element after the planet Uranus (named after the primordial Greek god of the sky). A salt of Uranium (potassium uranyl sulfate} was first isolated by Henri Becquerel and he first described its radioactive properties in 1896.3 Uranium is commonly used today as a fuel in the nuclear power industry and was the major explosive fuel source used for the first nuclear weapon deployed in World War II.3 The most common forms of Uranium oxide are Triuranium Octoxide (U3O8) and Uranium Oxide (UO2). These two oxide


derivatives of Uranium are solids that have extremely low solubility in water and are relatively stable in most environmental conditions.3 U3O8 is the most stable compound of Uranium that is found in nature. UO2 is the most commonly used form of Uranium in the nuclear reactor fuel industry.3 At ambient temperature conditions however, UO2 will gradually convert to U3O8. Since the Uranium oxides {(U3O8) and UO2} have great stability characteristics, they are considered the preferred chemical form of Uranium for storage and disposal.

Fibonacci Sequence or Fibonacci numbers are 1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. Here, the atom ratios for these Uranium oxide compounds (UO3, U2O5, U3O8, U5O13, U8O21, and U13O34) correspond directly to the Fibonacci sequence numbers: 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5/13. 8/21 and 13/34. An intriguing (albeit enigmatic) finding resulting from the Fibonacci sequence as it relates to the Uranium oxide derivative compounds, is that they have an alternating (skipping) number pattern from the Fibonacci sequence as it relates to Uranium and Oxygen atoms (see Figure 1).

It is interesting to note that Uranium oxides form many chemical intermediate (derivative) compounds that have the chemical structures of: UO3, U2O5, U3O8, U5O13, U8O21, and U13O34. Again, the

It is important to note, however, that this phenomenon regarding the Fibonacci sequence numbers for Uranium oxide compounds are not possible with other elements. This is a unique chemical situation


The Fibonacci Sequence and its Connection with Chemistry: By Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D.

that is only possible with Uranium and its Uranium oxide chemistry. I am presently looking into other possible chemical compounds that could be part of the Fibonacci Sequence numbers, but as of this publication no other elements have achieved this very special status. It does, however help encourage the search for this sequence elsewhere in chemistry and if it is found to be present it indicates that the universe we live in is founded on sound and repeatable mathematical principles. However, as with the nagging anomalies posed by ancient divinatory arts like Gematria, just what this signifies or implies is open to question.

The Fibonacci Sequence can be found throughout life on planet Earth within weather systems and possible the Universe

About the Author Dr Brett I. Cohen holds a PhD in inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry from the State University of New York at Albany. He received his PhD in November 1987 for his thesis entitled “Chemical Model Systems for DioxygenActivating Copper Proteins” and was a postdoctoral fellow at Rutgers University in 1988–1989. His research at Rutgers was in the area of peptide synthesis utilising transition metal chemistry. After his postdoctoral fellowship, from 1989 to 2003 Dr Cohen was one of the owners of Essential Dental Systems (manufacturer of dental composites and dental materials) where he was Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Dental Research. Dr Cohen has been awarded 16 US patents and has had over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals (such as Journal of the American Chemical Society, Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Journal of Endodontics and Autism, etc.). These papers cover a variety of areas such as inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, biomedicine, autism, physical chemistry, dentistry and more. Dr Cohen’s article entitled,"Debunking Element 115 (Ununpentium) as a Alien fuel Source for a Propulsion System: A Chemical Perspective " was published in Phenomena Magazine Vol. 80 (December 2015). Dr Cohen's article entitled, "Queen’s Chamber Explosion in The Great Pyramid of Giza: a Chemical Perspective" was published in Phenomena Magazine Vol. 83 (March 2016). Dr Cohen's article entitled, "Unraveling the Mystery of Roman Flexible Glass or Unbreakable Glass (Vitrum Flexile): A Chemical Perpective" was published in Phenomena Magazine Vol. 84 (April 2016). Dr Cohen's article entitled, "Is the Myth of Fire-Breathing Dragons, A reality? A Chemical Perspective" was published in Phenomena Magazine Vol. 86 (July 2016). Dr Cohen can be reached via email at

References 1. 2. 3. Figure Legend Figure 1. Periodic Table of Elements. Figure 2. Alternating (skipping) number pattern from the Fibonacci sequence for to Uranium and Oxygen atoms found in the Uranium oxide derivative compounds.



Phenomena magazine september 2016

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