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TAMARIKI A IHOWA Tamariki Me Te Taiohi Pukapuka MAORI POSTAL AOTEAROA Issue 9, Paengawhawha 2019

Books of the Paipera Tapu included in this issue: Epeha – Ephesians Hoani – John Kenehi – Genesis Koriniti – Corinthians Korohe – Colossians Maka – Mark Matiu – Matthew Nga Waiata - Psalms Pita – Peter Roma – Romans Ruka – Luke Whakakitenga - Revelation Colours: Kakariki - Green Karaka - Orange Kikorangi – Blue Kowhai - Yellow Mawhero – Pink Papura - Purple Parauri – Brown Whero - Red Translation of Maori words used in this issue are on the back cover.

CONTENTS Ever Wondered Why We Have Easter? … 3 The Emoji Easter Story ………………..….. 4 Become a Tamaiti of Ihowa ……………… 5 Ihu Karaiti Died for Me (Maze) …………. 6 Ihu Karaiti Is Alive ……………...…………. 7 Decorate Your Own Hua Manu …………. 8 I Mohio Koe? ……………….……..…………. 9 Nga Ra O Te Wiki …………………………… 10 You Are Motuhake to Ihowa …………….. 11 3D Maze ………………………………………. 13 Te Tunu Me Te Maraki ……………………. 14 Ora Hou (Puzzle) ……..……………………. 16

Colouring In Page …………………… 17 Whakaahua Soduku ………………… 18 Declaration for Tamaraki …..……. 19

PRODUCED BY: Maori Postal Aotearoa P O Box 10, Whanganui

You’re About To Be …….


Can you find all 12 hua manu hidden in this magazine?

Enjoy the hunt!

Ever Wondered Why We Have

? R E EA S T

Easter is a holiday celebrating Ihu Karaiti who returned to life after dying. I don’t know anyone who has come back to life after they have died. Do you?

Ihu Karaiti didn’t die because He was old or mauiui. He was put to death as a punishment. AND, He hadn’t done anything wrong!! People made up lies about Him and He was punished by being put to death on a ripeka. Ihu Karaiti could have asked Ihowa to stop the guards nailing Him to the ripeka, but He didn’t because of His aroha for you and I. Ihu Karaiti died a horrible, painful death for our mistakes and sins. He died for all the things we do wrong. Ihu Karaiti did this instead of letting us die, which would have been fair. That’s like you taking the punishment for something your teina or tuahine did wrong. Ihu Karaiti wanted to take our punishment because He has so much aroha for us. He wanted to make a way so we never have to be separated from Ihowa or punished for our sin, and so we can live with Ihowa in Heaven.

Easter is about Ihu Karaiti coming to pay for our sins because He has so much aroha for us! Hoani 3:16 Ihu Karaiti had to die on the day we call Good Friday to pay for all the times we sin and disobey Ihowa. Maka 15:37-38 After Ihu Karaiti died He was in the tomb for e toru days before something amazing happened. Maka 15:42-47 About the time ra was coming up on day e toru, some of the nga hoa of Ihu Karaiti went to the tomb not knowing what they would find. Ruka 24:1 When the nga hoa of Ihu Karaiti got to the tomb, they found an anahera who told them Ihu Karaiti was alive. Ruka 24:2-7 All of the nga hoa of Ihu Karaiti were surprised and hari when they found out He was alive and saw Him for the first time. Hoani 20:14-17

Soon after Ihu Karaiti came back to life, He went back to heaven and His nga hoa watched Him go. Ruka 24:50-53 Before Ihu Karaiti went back to heaven, He told his nga hoa to tell everyone the good news that anyone who believes in Ihu Karaiti as their Saviour can live with Him forever in heaven. Matiu 28:16-20

This is how much Ihowa â?¤ď¸? the đ&#x;Œ?: He gave His Tama, His e tahi and only Tama. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. Ihowa didn’t come to all the trouble of sending His Tama merely to point an accusing đ&#x;‘‰, telling the đ&#x;Œ? how bad it was. He came to help, put the đ&#x;Œ? right again. Hoani 3:16-17

BECOME A TAMAITI OF IHOWA The Paipera Tapu tells us Ihowa created everything, including you and me, and He is in charge of everything. Kenehi 1:1, Whakakitenga 4:11, Korohe 1:16-17 We have all disobeyed Ihowa. The Paipera Tapu calls this sin. Sin separates us from Ihowa and deserves punishment from Ihowa. Roma 3:23, Roma 6:23 Ihowa sent Ihu Karaiti as the perfect solution to our sin problem – to rescue us from the punishment we deserve. It’s something we as sinners, could never earn on our own. Ihu Karaiti alone saves us. Hoani 3:16, Epeha 2:8-9 Ihu Karaiti lived a perfect life, died on the ripeka for our sins and rose again. Because Ihu Karaiti gave up His life for us, we can be welcomed into the whanau of Ihowa for eternity. This is the best gift ever! 2 Koriniti 5:21, 1 Pita 3:18 You can pray to Ihowa and tell Him you are sorry for your sin. Tell Him you understand Ihu Karaiti was punished for your sin so you didn’t have to be punished, and you want Ihu Karaiti to take charge of your life. You are choosing to live for Him and aroha Him with all your heart, mind and soul. Hoani 14:6, Roma 10:9-13

Ihu Karaiti was crucified and placed in a tomb, but on day e toru He rose from the mate! He appeared to Mere, His disciples and other followers to show He had risen. Easter is such an exciting and important day because we remember that Ihu Karaiti rose from the mate! We have a risen Saviour!!

IHU KARAITI IS ALIVE! Colour the picture using the code. 1 = kakariki 2 = parauri

3 = kikorangi 4 = karaka

5 = mawhero 6 = kowhai

7 = papura 8 = whero

Decorate Your Own Hua Manu

The Easter hua manu, also called the Paschal hua manu, is a decorated hua manu given at Easter. In the old days, an Easter hua manu was dyed or painted. Today they are made of chocolate and wrapped in colourful foil.

The Easter hua manu symbolises the tomb is empty because Ihu Karaiti is alive!

The French celebrate Easter by cooking 4500 nga hua manu and make an omelette that is served in Haux’s town square. This giant sized morning treat serves about 1000 people.

In the old days, people stained their Easter hua manu whero in memory of the blood of Ihu Karaiti when He died for us.

The hua manu symbolises the start of new life, as a heihei hatches from the hua manu.

NGA RA O TE WIKI Days of the Week Question: He aha tenei ra? What day is it today?

Reply: Ko Ratu tenei ra. Today is Tuesday.
















In the Paipera Tapu there is a pukapuka called Nga Waiata. Rawiri wrote some of the chapters in this pukapuka when he was feeling happy, sad and scared. Ihowa gave Rawiri a talent for writing songs and poems, and He gave Rawiri the words and thoughts to write down. Nga Waiata 139 tells us a lot about Ihowa and how powerful He is. It also shows us how much Ihowa cares for us. Rawiri begins this waiata by praising Ihowa for always being there for him. He knows that Ihowa knows him inside and out, and even what he’s feeling, thinking and going to do before he does it!! Rawiri knows that Ihowa is all around him cheering for him and giving him a hand along the way. Knowing how much Ihowa cares about him and everyone else this way, Rawiri feels like smiling and crying at the same time because He can’t believe how great Ihowa is. Have you ever seen your whaea or papa crying because they were so happy? This is how Rawiri was feeling. I can imagine him thinking these things and crying big happy tears. Next Rawiri thinks about where he could go to get away from Ihowa. He’s not trying to get away but he’s wondering if there’s any place that Ihowa wouldn’t be able to find him. Do you think there is a place you could go where Ihowa couldn’t find you? Imagine you could fly as high as the marama or even higher, Ihowa would be there. Imagine if you could drill a deep, deep hole right to the middle of the earth, Ihowa would be there too! What if you hid in your darkest wardrobe? Would Ihowa find you? Ae!! We might think it is dark and no one can see us, but Ihowa can. He doesn’t see the darkness at all.

There is no place on earth or in space that you could hide from Ihowa. He is always keeping track of you! He knows where you are going before you get there! The next part of the waiata Rawiri talks about is before we were born. Do you think Ihowa knew you BEFORE you were born? Ae!! Ihowa put you together when you were as tiny as a marble, and even smaller. He had big plans for how you would look, and what you would be like. He was a part of it all. He knew all about you when you were still inside the tummy of your whaea. Every tiny freckle, the colour of your hair, even that one funny birthmark that you have that no one else has, is all the work of Ihowa. Even now Ihowa knows how you’re growing and changing, what you like and don’t like. He has big plans for your life and He’s hoping you’ll keep looking to Him so you can be the very best you can be. And another thing, Ihowa doesn’t make junk. He made you beautiful and precious and in His perfect way. So don’t let anyone make you think that you’re not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. You were planned and made by Ihowa – the Atua of the universe who made you special and different from everyone else!! Ihowa is amazing! Rawiri thinks about all of the thoughts Ihowa must have. If you took all the grains of sand in the world and counted them, the thoughts of Ihowa would be greater than that! As Rawiri gets closer to the end of the waiata, he talks about all the bad people in the world. Rawiri realises how amazing and incredible Ihowa is and how much He loves us, but there are still people who hate Ihowa. Rawiri wants all the bad people who make fun of Ihowa and use the name of Ihowa as a swear word, to be taken off the earth because he doesn’t want to be near them.

Throughout this waiata Rawiri talks about the knowledge Ihowa has about every part of us – from beginning to end. Realising this, he accepts and asks Ihowa to search him and to keep him true and on the path to knowing and seeking Ihowa. So, whenever you are feeling bad about yourself or lonely, remember Nga Waiata 139. Remember how you can never get away from Ihowa. Remember how special you are because Ihowa made you and loves you. And remember that Ihowa is always with you – cheering you on along the way.

IHOWA loves you!

Can you find your way Through the maze to the basket of nga hua manu?

TE TUNU ME TE MARAKI Cooking with Maraki

INGREDIENTS For Crosses ½ C paraoa

INGREDIENTS For Buns ½ C huka 2 t dried rewena 1 C miraka 75g pata, melted 1 hua manu, lightly beaten 4 C paraoa 1 t tote 2 t cinnamon 1t allspice ½ t ground nutmeg ¼ t ground cloves 225g raisins 55g mixed peel


For Glaze 75g huka 1 T lemon juice GETTING STARTED In a small bowl, combine a large pinch of the huka with ½ C room temperature wai, then sprinkle rewena over it. Stand mixture in a draught free place for 7 minutes or until it becomes foamy. COMBINE REWENA MIXTURE Combine rewena mixture in a large bowl with the miraka, pata and hua manu. Stir well to combine. ADD INGREDIENTS Add paraoa, spices, dried fruit, tote. Stir until combined into a coarse dough.

KNEAD DOUGH Put a light amount of paraoa on a board, and turn the dough out of the bowl onto it. Using your hands, knead dough for 10 minutes or until smooth and elastic – adding a little more paraoa if dough is sticky. Take care not to add too much extra paraoa or the buns will be heavy. LEAVE DOUGH TO PROVE Place dough in a large greased bowl, turning to coat. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave in a draught free place for 1½ hours or until double in size. CUT DOUGH INTO BUNS Using your fist, gently punch dough down to deflate. Turn onto a board with a light amount of paraoa. Pat into a rough round shape. Ask an adult to cut this into 12 even sized pieces. Roll each piece into a ball, then place 6cm apart on a greased tray. Cover loosely with a kitchen towel and stand in a draught free place for 1 hour, or until double in size. Grease base and sides of a baking dish, and pre-heat oven to 200ªC. Using a spatula and taking care not to deflate buns, place in dish, spacing them evenly apart. ADD A RIPEKA AND COOK For crosses, combine paraoa and 80ml wai in a small bowl and stir until smooth. Place mixture in a piping bag fitted with a small plain nozzle, and pipe a ripeka shape over the top of each bun. Bake for 20 minutes, or until golden and risen. Turn out onto a wire rack and allow to cool. GLAZE AND SERVE For glaze, combine huka, lemon juice and 80ml wai in a small saucepan and slowly bring to the boil. Simmer over medium heat until mixture has reduced a little and is syrupy. Cool slightly, then brush over top of buns.

….. ORA HOU ….. Can you match the right shape for each hua manu?

E aroha ana a Ihu Karaiti ki ahau, Tenei e mohio ana ahau Pera me tana i aroha ai i mua. Te tango tamariki i runga i ono turi Korero ki a ratou kia haere mai ki a au.

Jesus loves me, this I know As He loved so long ago. Taking children on His knee Saying “Let them come to Me�.

~ Anna Bartlett Warner

WHAKAAHUA SODUKU Fill in the blanks using the same nga whakaahua as the set below. There should only be e tahi of each whakaahua in each column and row.

DECLARATION FOR TAMARIKI I am a tamaiti of Ihowa It’s who I am. No one can take it from me. I don’t have to be manukanuka. I don’t have to be wehi. I don’t have to haere kaika. I can trust my hoa, Ihu Karaiti. I can share His aroha with the world.

Translation of Maori words used in this issue: Ae - Yes Anahera - Angel Aroha – Love Atua - God Haere Kaika - Hurry Hari – Happy Heihei - Chicken Hoa – Friend (Nga Hoa – Friends) Hua Manu – Egg Huka – Sugar Ihowa – Jehovah God Ihu Karaiti – Jesus Christ Manukanuka - Anxious Marama - Moon Mate - Dead Mauiui – Sick Mere - Mary Miraka – Milk Motuhake - Special Ora – Life Ora Hou – New Life Paengawhawha – April Paipera Tapu – Holy Bible Paraoa - Flour Pata – Butter Pukapuka - Book Ra – Sun Rawiri - David Rewena - Yeast Ripeka - Cross Tahi - One Tama – Son Tamaiti - Child Teina - Brother Toru – Three Tuahine - Sister Wai – Water Waiata – Song Wehi - Scared Whaea – Mother Whakaahua – Picture

Nā, ka kawea mai ki a ia ētahi tamariki nonohi, kia pā ai ia ki a rātou; otirā, ka rīria e ngā ākonga te hunga nāna i kawe mai. Nō te kitenga ia o Ihu, ka riri, ka mea ki a rātou, “Tukua ngā tamaraki nonohi kia haere mai ki ahau, kaua hoki rātou e āraia atu; nō ngā pēnei hoki te rangatiratanga o te Atua. He pono tāku e mea nei ki a koutou, ki te kāhore e rite te tango a tētahi i te rangatiratanga o te Atua ki tā te tamaiti nohinohi, e kore ia e tomo ki roto.” Makā 10:13-15

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Tamariki A Ihowa Issue 9  

Free Children's Magazine based around Christian values.

Tamariki A Ihowa Issue 9  

Free Children's Magazine based around Christian values.