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Te Hunga Tautoko ................................................................................................... 1 Hei Whakakitenga - The Declaration of Indigenous Cinema .................... 2 Ngā Pou o te Whare Kōrero - The Foundation Posts of Māoriland ........... 3 He Kupu Whakataki - From The Festival Director .......................................... 4 He Huatau - Māoriland Charitable Trust .......................................................... 6 Kaitūao and Kaihāpai - Our support team ...................................................... 7 Ngā Tikiti - Ticketing Info .................................................................................... 10 Te Huarahi Mai - Travel Information .................................................................12 Map ........................................................................................................................... 13 Māoriland Hub ....................................................................................................... 14 Te Taiao .................................................................................................................... 15 Toi Matarau ............................................................................................................. 16 M.A.T.C.H - Māoriland Tech Creative Hub ...................................................... 18 Special events ........................................................................................................ 20 Māoriland Film Festival 2021 .............................................................................. 21 Māoriland Rangatahi Film Festival 2021 .........................................................55 Industry ....................................................................................................................62 Index ........................................................................................................................ 64 Timetable ................................................................................................................ 68

Programme cover art by Te Ihiroa Oranga Whenua, a graduate of M.A.T.C.H Animation Intensifier 2020 Programme design by Michael de Young, Shed 13 Ltd


Te e Hunga a Tau uto oko cknowledge ementts Ac Welcome to the tribal lands of Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga: Home to the subtribes of Ngāti Korokī, Ngāti Maiōtaki, Ngāti Huia ki Katihiku, Ngāti Pare and Ngāti Kapu. We are grateful for the support of Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki, our kaumātua and kuia, our kaimahi and our whānau. And to all of those who support the kaupapa, tēnā koutou. EVENT PARTNERS




Ōtaki Community Board


Heii Whakak kite eng ga he Dec clara atio on of Th ndig gen nous Cinem ma In WE THE INDIGENOUS SCREEN STORYTELLERS UNITED IN THIS NORTHERN CORNER OF OUR MOTHER, THE EARTH In a great assembly of wisdom we declare to all nations: WE GLORY IN OUR PAST: • • • • • •

when our earth was nurturing our oral traditions when night sky evoked visions animated in our dreams when the sun and the moon became our parents in stories told when storytelling made us all brothers and sisters when our stories fostered great chiefs and leaders when justice was encouraged through the stories told

WE WILL: • • • • • • •

hold and manage Indigenous cultural and intellectual property be recognised as the primary guardians and interpreters of our culture respect Indigenous individuals and communities nourish knowledge from our traditions to modern screen appearance use our skills to communicate with nature and all living things through screen storytelling heal our wounds through modern screen expression carry our stories to those not yet born

And thus through motion picture, we will make the invisible visible again. We vow to manage our own destiny and recover our complete humanity in pride in being Indigenous screen storytellers. Created by Åsa Simma (Sámi), with Darlene Johnson (Dunghutti). Accepted at the Indigenous Film Conference in Kautokeino, Sápmi, October 2011. Māoriland Film Festival is New Zealand’s premier international Indigenous Film Festival. Now into its eighth year, it is a cultural and arts event that invites New Zealanders to the Indigenous world through screen storytelling. Each March the Indigenous world comes together in Ōtaki, Aotearoa (New Zealand) to celebrate Indigenous screen storytelling at Māoriland Film Festival, the largest Indigenous film festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Located on New Zealand’s Kāpiti Coast, Ōtaki is a vibrant seaside town where Māori culture and language thrives. Māoriland is celebrated for its manaakitanga and community spirit. It is a place where creatives come to heal.


Ng gā Po ou o te Wh hare Kōre ero oe Fo ound dation Po osts of The āorila and d Mā Hou mai koe ki roto i te whare kōrero o Māoriland. Ko tōna tāhuhu ko te iwi, ko te poutāhu ko te mana o te kupu, ko te poutuarongo ko te ira tangata. Kei waenga ko te poutokomanawa o te aroha noa. Ka mutu, ko ngā pou koko ka titi iho ki te whenua ko ēnei: We bid you entry into our house of stories. The ridgepole is the people, the front post is the authority of the word, the rear post is the essence of our humanity. Between them, we find the support pillar of love. The posts that anchor the corners to the land are these: CELEBRATION Māoriland celebrates the rise of Indigenous cinema. It invites filmmakers from around the world to share their compelling big-screen stories with us, and with each other. INSPIRATION Māoriland upholds the mana and inspiration of our storytellers. We are guided by our elders, and taught by our children. The festival assists our community to expand their perspectives and connect with those from other cultures. RESPECT Māoriland is rooted in the traditions and language of the hapū and iwi of Ōtaki. It is our honour to extend manaakitanga to the many visitors to the festival. INCLUSION Māoriland provides a portal to the Indigenous world for ALL people. It assists social cohesion, a sense of pride, and the informed well-being of our community. Kāti. Tuia te kawa, tairanga te kawa, ko te kawa o te manaaki i te tangata tēnei ka poua nei. He mea tuhi nā Tainui Stephens (Te Rarawa) 2016. Extract from chant marking the opening of the Māoriland Hub 2016.


He Kupu u Wh hakattaki he Fe esttiva al Director Frrom Th Nau mai whakatau mai ki Māoriland “The show must go on” and it’s true, but that was before COVID-19. In March 2020 instead of hosting the biggest MFF ever, we had to ask 121 international guests to stay home. Then with immense caution, we tried to keep the festival going. However after two days, I made the call to close the doors. The Māoriland team said goodbye to thousands of nervous and disappointed people, then packed everything away. History shows us that during tumultuous times we need storytelling and creativity to make sense of an uncertain world. During lockdown, technology gave us the tools to stay together. The Māoriland team stretched from Te Kao to Auckland, the Waikato to the East Coast, and then back to the Kāpiti Coast. Everyday we ‘saw each other’ and the creative ideas just kept on coming. We launched Toi Matarau, our online art gallery. We also encouraged our Ngā Pakiaka rangatahi filmmakers to create new work. They then developed short film script ideas, and a documentary. They pitched their stories, and with funding from Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga (NZFC), we established the Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme (NPIP). We then launched Māoriland Productions with a slate of eight rangatahi short films, and four feature film treatments. These projects received development support from NZFC’s He Ara fund. After lockdown the Government recognised the positive impact of the screen industry on the NZ economy. Film and TV production has never been busier. International productions keep on coming. And, it’s only going to get busier for local filmmakers with new screen sector funding for projects that boost economic growth, increase employment and create significant cultural capital. Māori stories are highly sought. At the MFF2021 Industry Events and NATIVE Minds forums, filmmakers will discuss current opportunities and challenges. We will celebrate films that have been made in Aotearoa under extraordinary circumstances, as well as those made in lockdowns across the Indigenous world.


The Keynote Address will be given by Ngāpuhi actor Rena Owen, now home after more than two busy decades based in America. We offer our celebrations in solidarity with all our Indigenous filmmaker whānau who would dearly love to be with us, but cannot. Some will join us - virtually. We love and miss you all. Ka nui te aroha ki a koutou katoa. Most film festivals can’t be live events at the moment. We take these circumstances seriously and have a COVID-19 Health And Safety Plan to look after you. We ask all to act responsibly. We remounted the MFF2020 in September during Level 2. By the closing night film we were in Level 1. THE SUN ABOVE ME NEVER SETS took us to an island in the East Siberian sea, and a young man’s unexpected friendship with an elder of lder near the end o his life. As I sat in a packed Civic Theatre I was wa struck by two things; how fortunate are ortunate we ar in Aotearoa during this pandemic; ndemic; and the t power of cinema to encourage to age ge people p unite after a crisis. We laughed, cheered and sighed in happy ha unison. I stood by the doorss as the crowd exited the Civic expressing their joy at the film. For all of us, it wass a perfect ct antidote to the most unsettling tling of times. It gave us hope. Nāku ku iti nei Libby Hakaraia Te Tumu Whakarae - Festival val D va Director


He Huatau Māorila and Cha arittable Trust In seven short years Māoriland has become many things to many people.


To film fans the annual MĀORILAND FILM FESTIVAL is an exuberant celebration of the best of global Indigenous cinema.

John Barrett (Chair)

To international Indigenous filmmakers the festival and the NATIVE SLAM collaboration support their unique film visions to the world.

Graham Wiremu

To local Indigenous filmmakers Māoriland is a respected promoter and advocate of their work, nationally and internationally.


To our community the MĀORILAND HUB provides a major year round venue for performances and all forms of artistic expression including stimulating community kōrero. Our MAARA is transforming organic waste into nourishing kai. To visual artists throughout Aotearoa TOI MATARAU art gallery offers a high profile exhibition space where work is displayed and artists make sales.

Tania Hakaraia Dee McDonald Huhana Smith

Madeleine de Young Libby Hakaraia Tainui Stephens Pat Hakaraia Tania Hakaraia MĀORILAND TĪMA Aree Kapa

To the Creative Tech industry Māoriland offers M.A.T.C.H, which upskills the next generation of creative leaders

Matilda Poasa

To the youth of Aotearoa, Māoriland runs nationwide filmmaking programmes and opportunities. To rangatahi filmmakers Māoriland’s NGĀ PAKIAKA initiative offers high quality training and production support for their films.

Dylan Herkes

The MCT is an independent Māori entity with a board of trustees, the founding Māoriland whānau and a mandate from Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki, the five sub-tribes of Ōtaki. He mahi ngātahi nei te kaupapa. Kei ngā haumi tēnā koutou.

Paula Conroy

We thank all our funding partners for supporting this edition of the Māoriland Film Festival. And we thank each and every person, whānau, and filmmaker who come to share their interest or their talent with us all. Mei kore ake koutou. Hei kōnā mai me ngā mihi aroha. Nā mātou noa, MĀORILAND CHARITABLE TRUST

Maakarita Paku Jared Tuoro Rautini Thompson Elishka Graham Neke Moa Jess Berghan Chris Temperton Bernie Keenan To our programming team, for the heart you put into the mahi and your love for Indigenous cinema. E mihi ana.


Kaiitū ūao o an nd Kaih hāpai Our sup pporrt tea am At Māoriland we extend manaakitanga to our audiences, artists and filmmakers. We do our very best to make sure you have a good stay with us here in Ōtaki. Those who volunteer their time to help make the MFF run smoothly are the KAITŪAO who wear red t-shirts and big smiles. Their efforts to run the venues and ticket sales are as valuable as what they do to look after our guests. Our KAIHĀPAI also wear red t-shirts. They are rangatahi from the schools in our community. They are responsible for looking after the needs of the audiences in all our venues. We remain grateful to these rangatahi who give of their spare time to serve our kaupapa. We respect our Kaitūao and our Kaihāpai. They represent our community with pride and work for your benefit. Feel free to ask them anything about Ōtaki or Māoriland Tēnā hoki koutou rangatahi mā, kua riro koutou hei taituarā mō te kaupapa. E mihi ana.


COVID D-119 Let’s all do our bit to keep our community safe and well. If you feel sick, please stay home - treat a friend to a screening with your tickets! • Wash your hands • Cough or sneeze into your armpit or elbow • Avoid touching your face QR codes will be available at all venues. Sign in using the NZ Contact Tracer App or keep a personal diary of your movements. Free COVID-19 diaries are available at the Māoriland Hub for this purpose. In case of a change to COVID-19 alert levels, Māoriland will communicate with ticket holders any changes to screenings or events.


Ro ongo oa Māori Audiences and artists alike may be affected by the stories shared at the festival. Traditional Māori medicine by practitioners of the ART Confederation (Ngāti Raukawa, Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Toarangatira) is led by Hemaima Wiremu of Ōtaki. The collective offers a selection of prepared traditional herbal remedies using harvested natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients. For consultations contact the front desk of the Toi Matarau Gallery.


Ngā Tīīkiti Tic cketing In nfo ormation Tickets must be purchased in advance at the Māoriland Hub or online. Ticket sales close 15 minutes prior to all screenings. No door sales available at screening venues - you must have a prepurchased urchased ticket to enter. ente TICKETS ICKETS All events unless othe otherwise specifie specified

Māoriland Red Carpet Party Māoriland Rangatahi Film Festival

$7.50 + $1.50 booking fee $10 + $1.50 booking fee(Support the festival estival and pay a little bit extra) extra $35 35 + $1.50 booking fee pre-sal pre-sales $40 + $1.50 booking fee door sales Gold d coin donation welcomed welcomed. Pre-registration essentia essential- email

PASSES SSES 10 ticket package (tickets (t must be purchased at the same tim time)

$60 60 + $1.50 booking fee

Tīkiti iti takoha (details below)

$150 150 (All-access pass + $50 donation) $200 (All access pass + $100 donation) $350 (All access pass + $250 donation)

Industry ndustry Pass

$125 pre-sale + $1.50 booking fee $140 during festival week + $1.50 booking fee



Call iTicket on 0508 iTICKET (484-253) (

In-Person: erson: Māoriland Hub, 68 Main Street Ōta Ōtaki, Monday - Saturday 11 am - 4 pm Festival Week - March 24-28 - 9 am - 5pm A booking fee of $1.50 applies to all tickets. This goes to our ticketing agent, iTicket, a NZ company.


TĪKITI TAKOHA If you love the festival and want to offer a donation, Tīkiti takoha is a way to enjoy everything the festival has to offer while offering tangible support to Māoriland Tīkiti takoha are priced from $150 - $350 and gives free access to all public screenings while including a charitable donation to the Māoriland Charitable Trust. All charitable donations are tax-deductible in NZ. MFF INDUSTRY PASS For those working in the screen industry, these passes provide access to both industry only and public events as well as one ticket per screening. • You need a physical ticket to enter any event. These can be claimed by showing your Industry Pass at The Māoriland Hub, 68 Main St Ōtaki. • We recommend you select your tickets before the festival. Information on how to do this will be provided to pass holders via email. If you choose not to use a ticket, please return it to the Ticket Office so someone else can enjoy the film. • Your pass does not guarantee you a ticket if sessions are sold out. • Industry passes are not transferable. • Lost passes cannot be reprinted. • Closing Night Party. Due to limited numbers you must RSVP to attend this party by Friday 19th March 6 pm at the latest, to ensure your ticket. Industry passes can be collected from the Manuwhiri desk at the Māoriland Hub, 68 Main St Ōtaki from Tuesday, March 23, 2021. In case of cancellation, refunds will be made available. In this scenario, please consider donating your booking fee ($1.50 per ticket) as this supports Māoriland to pay our friends at iTicket to process all ticket changes.


Te Huara ahi Mai Tra ave el In nfo ormation Māoriland is located in Ōtaki on the Kāpiti Coast, 80 km from Wellington Airport. RIDE THE FREE MĀORILAND PAHI TO MFF2021 UNESCO Wellington City of Film is celebrating our region’s film community by providing a Free bus from Wellington to Ōtaki. Everyone can ride - see for the Māoriland Pahi timetable. PUBLIC TRANSPORT The train from Wellington to Ōtaki is a one-hour trip that offers great views of the Kāpiti Coast.. Sit on the left-hand side of the train heading north for the best views out to Kāpiti Island. The Capital Connection runs Mon-Friday departing Wellington to Ōtaki daily at 5.15 pm and returning at 7.13 am. The Kāpiti Line runs every half hour to and from Wellington. The service leaves from Waikanae, a town 15 minutes south of Ōtaki. There are also buses along the train route. Connecting from Waikanae, the 290 bus will take you to Ōtaki. The bus leaves Waikanae for Ōtaki’s Main St five times daily. This bus returns to Waikanae. Intercity buses provide transport from Palmerston North and Wellington. Check the timetable links below for more information:


20 0211 Venu ue Ma ap WELLINGTON (SOUTH) MILL RD (1.4KM)*






MĀORILAND HUB 68 Main Street



11 Raukawa Street

MEMORIAL HALL Main Street, opposite Māoriland Hub




Ngā Purapura

Te Wānanga o Raukawa


ŌTAKI BEACH *Map not to scale

Outside Te Kura a Iwi o Whakatupuranga Rua Mano


The Māoriland Hub is a centre of excellence for Māori Film and Creative Arts. It is a home for the Indigenous, a home for the arts, a home for ideas and conversations – he whare taketake, he whare tapere, he whare kōrero. Open year-round in Ōtaki’s Main Street, The Māoriland Hub showcases Indigenous creativity and innovation through film, visual, music and performing arts, technology, kōrero and more. Here you will find Toi Matarau Art Gallery, M.A.T.C.H - the Māoriland Tech Creative Hub, Toi Matarau Art Gallery and the Māoriland Filmmaker Residency. (A first for New Zealand; the Māoriland Filmmaker Residency hosts national and international Indigenous artists.) Māoriland is supported by four pou - celebration, inspiration, respect and inclusion. It exists for the social, economic and educational success of its community in Ōtaki through connection to the wider world of Indigenous creativity and innovation.


Te Taiao Māoriland Film Festival aims to present a Zero Waste event as part of our year round Parakore kaupapa.

We welcome any MFF visitors to give us a hand at the Māoriland Hub’s Para Kore site.

During the five days of the Māoriland Film Festival, the population of our Ōtaki community effectively doubles.

• Precycle - where possible, reduce your waste at the source - avoid singleuse items, plastics and unnecessary packaging.

We encourage you to join us and reduce your impact on our taiao - environment. The first step is precycling - avoid single-use plastics and excess packaging. Along Ōtaki’s Main Street you will notice special bins labelled for mixed recycling and, for compost. The contents of these bins will be returned to the Māoriland Hub Parakore site to be sorted, washed, composted or recycled. Mixed Recycling Bins can take hard plastic, glass and tin. Compost Bins can take any organic material and commercially compostable materials including meat and bones. At the Māoriland Hub, all organic materials will be put into our NZ Box, a ‘hot composting’ system.

• Bring your own reusable coffee cup, bag and reusable water bottle. • Māoriland Film Festival has coffee cups, drink bottles and bags available for purchase at the Hub. • Separate your waste into compost, landfill and recycling - follow the detailed signs. When possible, wash recyclables. • Offset your travel: Catch the free Māoriland bus, train, car-pool, walk, cycle. • Provide feedback. Share your thoughts and your experiences during the MFF and how this contributes to diverting waste from - or our oceans!


Te e Toi Ma atara au at Māoriland KO TE AUAHATANGA, TE PŪMANAWA O TE TOI WHAKAARO CREATIVITY, THE INTRINSIC THREAD OF ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE Experience Toi Māori from traditional and contemporary artists both emerging and established. Toi Matarau at the Māoriland Hub is a home for Māori and Indigenous artists to connect within a diverse community of like minded creatives. Where visual storytelling continues to support and enrich social and economic well-being. At MFF2021 Toi Matarau will celebrate its third annual exhibition of toi Māori with artists from the ART Confederation (Ngāti Raukawa, Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Toarangatira) and across Aotearoa. Visitors can expect to see a - range of mediums such as; clay works, body adornment, weaving, carving (stone, pounamu, wood), sculpture, textile design, digital art, paintings, prints, photography, ink work, portraiture, books, as well as gift cards and film festival merchandise.

Whakairo Te Matatoki returns! A collective of our nation’s foremost carvers along with graduates and students from across Aotearoa. This demonstration project is led by Fayne Robinson (Kai Tahu, Te Arawa) and Lewis Gardiner (Kai Tahu, Te Arawa, Te Whānau a Apanui, Ngāti Awa). This year, Te Matatoki continues a collaboration with local carvers in the making of a waka tētē. Visit the Te Matatoki site at the Māoriland Maara to find out more about the purpose and uses of waka tētē.



Toi Moko

We are honoured to present Ngā Aho Whenua, a year-long residency at the Māoriland Hub with renown master weaver Sonia Snowden (Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Hine) and Pip Devonshire (Ngāti Raukawa) with support from Creative NZ. Our first Artists in Residence will be demonstrating their mahi during MFF2021.

The ancient tradition of storytelling embedded in skin is an iconic artform and brand of the Māoriland Film Festival. Observe the practice or book in with Te Kāhui Tōrea toi moko artist, Tipi Wehipeihana (Ngāti Tukorehe). Enquiries can be directed to Maakarita Paku


The Māoriland Tech Creative Hub is a training space for rangatahi to upskill and unleash their creative potential using software and digital tools. Animation, graphic design, game development, VR, XR - M.A.T.C.H aims to pathway rangatahi Māori into high value jobs in the rapidly growing tech creative industries. and problem-solving skills to develop and build creative solutions for our future. In late 2020 the first cohort of rangatahi graduated from the first six-week M.A.T.C.H Animation Intensifier funded by the Ministry of Social Development. This unique Māori-led programme enables rangatahi to develop core animation skills delivered by some of the best in the NZ industry while being empowered with the social and cultural competence to thrive. Upon graduation M.A.T.C.H participants enter 12 weeks of employment. With cohort 2 graduating in early March, Māoriland is very proud to present a showcase of the work made by rangatahi M.A.T.C.H graduates at the Māoriland Hub.


M.A.T.C.H will also platform leading technology from Māori creatives including:

Umurangi Generation Creative: Naphtali Faulkner Nation: Ngāi Te Rangi Umurangi Generation is a photography game set in a post-apocalyptic future. The player assumes the role of a photographer during a global disaster event, which Neoliberalism is unequipped to handle. “Umurangi Generation is the best work of Māori science-fiction to emerge from our fresh decade.”

Papa Reo Papa Reo is a multilingual language platform grounded in Indigenous knowledge and ways of thinking and powered by cutting edge data science. Papa Reo will enable smaller Indigenous language communities to develop their own speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities, ensuring that the sovereignty of the data remains with them and the benefits derived from these technologies goes directly to their communities.

He Paki Taketake He Paki Taketake showcases the storytelling talent of our community through the production of high-quality te reo Māori content for rangatahi and their whānau. Based at the Māoriland Hub in Ōtaki, He Paki Taketake will see the reversioning of animated films into te reo Māori. Visit He Paki Taketake at the Māoriland Hub and watch four of the reversioned series of Island of Mystery made by Adrenalin and voiced by tamariki and pakeke from Ōtaki in te reo Māori. Visit for full exhibition programme

M.A.T.C.H - Māoriland (Ahi) Tech Creative Hub Showcase Fri 26 Mar - 4:00 PM Māoriland Hub Content based on tech and creativity is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. In 2020 Māoriland launched the M.A.T.C.H Intensifier programme - a six week creative incubator for rangatahi Māori. Graduates of the programme share their impressive work.


Specia al Events Pōwhiri Wed 24 March - 11:00 AM Raukawa Marae The formal welcome to manuwhiri tūārangi and official guests of MFF2021. Raukawa marae is the principal meeting place of Ngāti Raukawa Au Ki Te Tonga. Raukawa Marae is one of five closely linked marae in the district. The other marae are Te Pou o Tainui (Ōtaki), Katihiku Marae (Ōtaki) Wehiwehi (Manakau) and Tukorehe (Kuku).

Official blessing of the Māoriland Filmmaker's Residency Wed 24 Mar - 1:30 PM Māoriland Hub The first filmmaker residence in Aotearoa, Māoriland Filmmaker's Residency is a dedicated home for Māori and Indigenous filmmakers to create their film projects whether at concept, pre, production or postproduction.

Mā āorila and Keynote e Address Ren na Owen n Wed 24 Mar - 6:00 PM Rangiātea Church The Māoriland Keynote address is a personal and historical perspective given by a prominent Māori filmmaker. It is presented at Rangiātea Church. Past keynote speakers were Tainui Stephens, Lawrence Makoare, Larry Parr, Julian and Mabelle Dennison, Rawiri Paratene, Heperi and Awatea Mita and Temuera Morrison. Multi-award-winning actor Rena Owen will deliver the 2021 address. Visit for more information.



CO OUSINS Wed 24 Mar - 8:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Ainsley Gardiner, Briar Grace Smith Producer: Georgina Conder, Ainsley Gardiner and Libby Hakaraia Language: English Duration: 98 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Wai,Te-Whānau a Apanui, Ngāti Pikiao and Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Te Āti Awa - Aotearoa Join the cast and crew of COUSINS for this red carpet screening. Based on Patricia Grace’s much loved novel, Cousins is co-directed by Briar GraceSmith and Ainsley Gardiner. Cousins is a powerful story of three cousins who spend a lifetime in search of each other, separated by circumstances yet connected by blood.


Wairu ua Shorts Thu 25 Mar - 10:00 AM Māoriland Hub Every living thing including the land, mountains, rivers, oceans has a wairua - a spirit existing beyond death. This collection of short films speaks of the wairua within and around us.

As The Smoke Rises

Between Two Lines

Director: Sharon Heigl, Jennifer Ille Language: English Duration: 12 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Nlaka'pamux, Sekani (Tsay-Keh Dene) - Canada

Director: Jack Steele Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Wiradjuri - Australia

An elder explains the tremendous healing power of smudging.

In the trenches of World War I, an Australian man and a German man find common ground.



Director: Jonah Senften, Jimmy Sundin Language: Sámi with English subtitles Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Sweden

Director: Suvi West Language: Sámi with English subtitles Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Finland

Poet Juvva Pittjas highlights the value of land and nature to the Sámi of Sweden.

Čáhcerávga is an ancient Sámi spirit that tricks children to go onto thin ice. This yoik is an attempt to understand the evil and injustice in this world.

Top left: As the Smoke Rises. Bottom left: Čáhcerávga. Right: Between Two Lines.


Left: Meli. Above: Naja.

Naja (Little Sister)

Guorga - Duoddara Modjegobit (Dimples of Tundra) Director: Katja Gauriloff Language: Northern Sámi with English subtitles Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Finland Guorga (Crane) is looking for the ”the lyrics of the lost yoik”. It is the obligation of Guorga (crane) to report on the spring migration to Bárboáhkká, the goddess of birds.

Director: Marc Fussing Rosbach Language: No language Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Greenland A young girl must come to terms with life beyond death.

Poter Kotha (The Story of Painted Songs) Director: Suchana Language: Bengali with English subtitles Duration: 6 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Chandernagore - India Thoughts on the commodification of Patachitra.



Director: Ayelén Lonconao Language: Spanish with English subtitles Duration: 21 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Mapuche - Chile

Director: Tank Standing Buffalo Language: English Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Tank Standing Buffalo (Potawatomi,Black,Mixed) - Canada

Melisa has moved to the city for a better life but as she nears graduation she begins to experience bizarre dreams and situations. She has received an ancestral call.

Self-taught animator Tank Standing Buffalo bravely dives into his personal experiences in prolonged segregation as a young offender, using the art-form that helped him heal.


Whānau Shorrts Thu 25 Mar - 12:30 PM The Civic Theatre Whānau. Family, whatever its shape, provides the thread that resonates through all these stories.

Êmîcêtôcêt (Many Bloodlines) Director: Theola Ross Language: English, Cree Duration: 11 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Cree - Canada Ross, a queer-identified Cree woman, and her partner pursue IVF treatment after deciding to raise a child together.

Koro's Hāngī Director: Gianni Aro-Reid Language: English Duration: 8 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa, Ngai Te Rangi - Aotearoa A short documentary observing how whānau come together to create a hāngī.

Pōneke Director: Victoria Baskin Coffey, Sebastian J Lowe, Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly Language: No dialogue Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kai Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, Waitaha - Aotearoa Pōneke is a modern love letter to place, space and time, within a post-secondmigration world.

The Retrieval Director: Aree Kapa Language: English Duration: 10 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Te Aupouri, Samoa - Aotearoa A young man must weigh up the cost of his own freedom versus that of a whānau taonga that has been stolen. It’s not stealing if it originally belonged to you ... right?

Tōku Reo Director: Matariki Bennett Language: English, Māori Duration: 15 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Māori, Te Arawa, Ngāti Pikiao, Ngāti Whakaue - Aotearoa Ko tōku reo ko tō reo, ko te waka tuku iho - My language and your language are gifts that have been passed down to us. But the reality for so many urban Māori, is that the gift of their language was never given to them.


Koro's Hāngī

The Voyager's Legacy

First Time Home

Director: Bailey Poching Language: English Duration: 10 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Māori, Samoa - Aotearoa

Director: Kimberley Benjamin Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Yawuru - Australia

The Voyager’s Legacy follows the three youngest children of a Samoan family during the Dawn Raids when they reimagine their bustling Ponsonby home as a magical, whimsical fairytale world of swords and sorcery.

A young baby is introduced to her father's Yawuru Country for the first time. Guided by the spirit and voice of Country, baby Maya makes the journey from Melbourne to Broome with her parents.

Left to right: Many Bloodlines; The Retrieval; Votager's Legacy.


Aote earoa Sh hortss Thu 25 Mar - 2:30 PM Memorial Hall Shorts made in Aotearoa in 2020. These include the Māoriland NATIVE Slam V films, made in the days leading up to the 2020 Covid 19 level four lockdown.



Director: Piripi Curtis, Gabby Faaiuaso Language: English, Māori Duration: 7 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Te Arawa, Samoa - Aotearoa For some whānau dealing with demons is just part of growing up.

Director: Isaac Te Reina Cleland Language: English, Māori Duration: 16 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Kapu, Ngāti Raukawa Au ki te Tonga - Aotearoa

Atua Director: Brown Bitty, Chantelle Murray, Bailey Poching Language: English, Māori Duration: 7 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāi Tara, Muaupoko, Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Kuia, Samoa, Bardi - Aotearoa

A young father is imploding after the abduction of his child. He keeps seeing her in his visions and is trying to make sense of her playful riddles until he stumbles into the spirit of some mischievous horses. They help him remember his true self as he becomes reconnected on his path to find his lost daughter.

Kahu is the last man standing in a world devastated by disease.

Clockwise from top left: Atua; Piiksi Huia; Friday; The Old Man Next Door



Piiksi Huia

The Old Man Next Door

Director: Cian Elyse White, Joshua Manyheads Language: Māori, Siksika, English Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Te Arawa, Blackfoot - Aotearoa

Director: Aidan Otene Dickens Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāpuhi - Aotearoa

Huia dreams to be a principal ballerina for the country's top academy. During her audition, an unexpected visitor shows up during her final bid to impress. Only this time, her ancestors are the audience.

Tea Leaves Director: Jake Mokomoko Language: English Duration: 7 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Te Whakatōhea, Te Rarawa, Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Te Whānau a Apanui - Aotearoa Maia's world is thrown into uncertainty when she receives a break-up letter from her long-distance lover. Searching for answers, she consults a tea leaf reader for insight into her future.

A short film about hope, and redemption from the debilitating effects of mental illness.

Whakarongo Director: Anna Hoover, Aslak Paltto, Nicholas Riini Language: English Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāi Tūhoe, Sámi, Norwegian,Unangax? - Aotearoa A teenage girl seeks harmony with her best friend only to find her friend struggles to separate herself from her phone and see the beauty that surrounds them.


He Tū Wā āhine e Thu 25 Mar - 3:30 PM Māoriland Hub Documentaries featuring women as they take on challenges in their lives.


Lady Lash

Director: Jules Koostachin Language: English Duration: 19 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Cree, Attawapiskat First Nation - Canada

Director: Rochelle Humphrey Language: English Duration: 30 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kokatha - Australia

KaYaMenTa tackles the taboo around menopause through an Indigenous woman’s lens; one that engages with sexuality, aging, spirituality and healing.

Lady Lash

Lady Lash, celebrates the power of creativity against adversity. This film challenges the colonial mindset that destruction of 'country' is worth the profits it generates.



Pluck Director: Kirsty Griffin, Vivienne Kernick Language: English Duration: 27 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Awa Aotearoa Facing her own mortality, weaver Jean is on a mission to complete her ultimate korowai. Her hunt for weka feathers takes us to windswept Rekohu.


Mujeres Espiritu (Spirit Women) Director: Francisco Huichaqueo Language: Tsotsil, Mapuzungun, Quechua and Spanish with English subtitles Duration: 43 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Tsotsil, Mapuche, Quechua Chile Spirit Women weaves a collective portrait of five women united by spirituality and poetry. The film features Tsotsil, Mapuzungun, Quechua and Spanish; a portrait of language with spoken words and verse that are enriched by the sonorities of each mother tongue.


Daugh hterr off a Lo ost Bird Thu 25 Mar - 5:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Brooke Pepion Swaney Language: English Duration: 68 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Blackfeet Nation & Salish - United States Daughter of a Lost Bird follows Kendra, an adult Native adoptee, as she reconnects with her birth family, discovers her Lummi heritage, and confronts issues of her own identity. Her singular story represents the many who were affected by the Indian Child Welfare Act and the Indian Adoption Project. Followed by

Sfumato Director: Amirali Mirderikvand Language: Persian with English subtitles Duration: 30 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Lor - Iran A young woman faces two major difficulties. The first is that she is a girl and the second is that she absolutely wants to be able to ride a motorcycle. It is difficult to be a free woman in Iran.


Monke ey Beach h Thu 25 Mar - 7:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Loretta Todd Language: English Duration: 105 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Cree, Métis - Canada Lisa Hill has powers. Among them she can foretell death and she sees mythical creatures. Waking up in her East Van apartment, Lisa is served notice by her cousin’s ghost “Your family needs you.” Reunited with her Haisla kin in Kitimaat Village she realizes that she’s meant to save her brother from a tragic fate she’s foreseen since childhood. But there’s also the matter of contending with the mystical creatures who lurk in the nearby woods. So begins a captivating allegory about coexisting with the ghosts that haunt us, and the spirits who enlighten us.

Baby Don ne Thu 25 Mar - 8:30 PM Māoriland Hub Director: Curtis Vowell Language: English Duration: 91 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa When Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim find out they are having a baby, they resolve to not let parenthood change them. Tim runs towards being a dad, while Zoe runs away from being a mum. Terrified that her life won’t be her own anymore, Zoe is still determined to tick off a list of their wildest dreams before the baby arrives. Zoe’s increasing denial about her impending birth pushes her, and her relationship, to the limit.


Whenu ua Shorrts Fri 26 Mar - 10:00 AM Māoriland Hub Papatūānuku sustains. But we need to protect her.

aen loo pawatamihk (Wolf Dream) Director: Dianne Ouellette Language: English Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Métis - Canada This film honours the memory of what has been lost - both human and nonhuman.

Aute Director: Nicole Hunt Language: Māori, English Duration: 10 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāi Tūhoe, Te Arawa Aotearoa Aute explores the importance of preserving Indigenous rituals and maintaining a harmonious relationship between land and tangata whenua.

Kapaemahu Director: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu Language: ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i with English subtitles Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kanaka Maoli - United States Kapaemahu reveals the hidden history of four legendary healing stones on Waikiki Beach, and the mysterious spirits within them.

Lichen Director: Lisa Jackson Language: English Duration: 12 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Anishinaabe - Canada This stunning otherworldly short film takes a deep dive into lichen, a species that confounds scientists to this day. Left: Lichen.

In the Shadow of the Tugtupite Director: Inuk Jørgensen Language: English Duration: 7 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Inuit - Greenland This poetic short considers how the mining industry is linked to a young nation’s search for identity in a postcolonial world.

Below L-R: aen loo pawatamihk (Wolf Dream); In the Shadow of the Tugtupite. Right: Kapaemahu; Aute


Left to right: Rematriate: Passing The Seeds; Te Wao Nui; The Fourfold

Rematriate: Passing The Seeds Director: Shelby Lisk Language: English Duration: 6 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Mohawk - Canada A wampum belt is a record of the rematriation of a collection of heirloom seeds from the Sisters of Providence to Ratinenhayén:thos; a group of seed savers and knowledge holders, from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Te Wao Nui Director: Ngāriki Ngatae Language: Māori, English Duration: 11 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Uri, Ngāti Ārera, Ngāti Rupe, Ngāti 'Akatauira Discover the roots of Indigenous medicine in a final bid to save the last of these great trees.

The Fourfold Director: Alisi Telengut Language: Mongolian Duration: 7 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Mongolian, Telengut - Canada A testament to the need to reclaim the ideas of animism for the wellbeing of the planet.

This is the Way We Rise Director: Ciara Lacy Language: English Duration: 12 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kanaka Maoli - United States Native Hawaiian slam poet Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio shares her creative process as her calling to protect sacred sites atop Mauna Kea, Hawai’i, reinvigorates her art.

Vairākau Māori Director: Joshua Baker Language: Māori Duration: 9 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Kūki Aīrani - Cook Islands Nooroa Baker goes out to collect a few ingredients to create a traditional Kūki Āirani Māori medicine that is at risk of being forgotten and lost.


Whaka apa apa a Sho orts Fri 26 Mar - 12:30 PM Māoriland Hub We are all connected by whakapapa to our ancestors and each other.

Daddy's Girl

Hop Along Hang On

Director: Cian Elyse White Language: Māori Duration: 12 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Te Tākinga - Aotearoa

Director: Cobra Collins Language: English Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Métis - Canada

Te Puhi prepares herself for the toughest day of her life as the harsh reality of her father’s dementia forces her to face the painful truth that she must let go of the most important person in her life: her daddy.

"Hop Along Hang On" blends spoken word poetry, music and animation to explore and acknowledge the deeper history and long-term effects of the removal of culture within Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Greed Story

The Pakohe Trails

Director: Darcie Bernhardt, Tom Mcleod Language: English Duration: 5 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Inuvialuit - Canada

Director: Keelan Walker Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Kuia, Rangitane, Ngāti Apa ki te Ra To - Aotearoa

An old Inuvialuit warning to harvest carefully. As all traditional harvesters know: if you are not responsible, you can destroy your own ecosystem and be left with nothing.

L-R: Greed Story; The Pakohe Trails

Lewis Smith is a self-taught carver who specialises in carving pakohe (argillite) which he harvests and collects from his local river.


Waka Huia Director: Laurent Leprince Language: No Language Duration: 15 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Belgium An old man of Maori origin crosses the world between dream and reality in the footsteps of his grandfather killed in Belgium during the First World War.

The Story About Asena Tahir Director: Yu-Jing Huang Language: English, Uyghur Duration: 11 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Uyghur “I am a Uyghur, a student, an immigrant, and a teenager.” In 2017, the government of China began the mass incarceration of Uyghur people. Tahir’s family fled from mass detention, but are not able to get away without extensive government surveillance.

Purea Director: Kath Akuhata-Brown Language: Māori Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Porou - Aotearoa Māori Elder Hamo must bear the burden of carrying the spirits of her ancestors to their sacred mountain.

Top: Purea. Bottom: Daddy's Girl.


Dream m Team Fri 26 Mar - 6:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Philipp Abryutin, Maxim Zykov Language: Russian w/ English subtitles Duration: 91 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Chukchi

An amazing story of TV commentator Stepan Vershinin, who has been fired from central sports tv station. Searching for a new job, he finds himself involved in a youth horse racing competition, where he meets young jockeys Arthur and Katya, a modern Romeo and Juliet. They have to choose — victory or love. In his own life Vershinin has to find an answer to the most difficult question, what is more important for him — family and love or career and former glory?


Se emilllas de Luc cha edss of Strug ggle e) (See Fri 26 Mar - 8:30 PM Memorial Hall Director: Kvrvf Nawel Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles Duration: 75 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Mapuche - Ecuador Based on real events, Semillas de Lucha recounts the story of a tenant farming community in revolt in the province of Esmeraldas in northern Ecuador. Exploited into debt by a corrupt landowner the peasants look for options to get out of this scheme and take back the land that is rightfully theirs. Together they paralyze the local and national economy, forcing their voices to be heard in a process that alters their personal history - and that of the entire country. Recommended for mature audiences.


Out off thiis Worlld Fri 26 Mar - 7:00 PM Māoriland Hub A collection of films for lovers of Sci-fi and the Ooky Spooky. Recommended for mature audiences

Closed Doors


Director: Hunter Page-Lochard, Carter Fred Simpkin Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Nunukul - Australia

Director: Nivi Pedersen Language: Inuktitut, English Duration: 17 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Inuit - Greenland

Late at night a young couple crash their car in the middle of the bush. To their horror they discover that their toddler is missing.

Parallel Minds Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden Language: English Duration: 86 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Métis - Canada In the near future, an A.I. called URM is investigated by a detective and researcher for a lab about to release a contact lens with the power to record what the eye can see, to recreate memories.

Clockwise from top: Updated; Parallel Minds; Closed Doors.

A couple about to be married discuss if it is too risky to bring his demented mother to their wedding? Could updating her surveillance equipment improve their lives?


Njuokcamat (The Tongues)

NATIVE E Min nds Saturday 27 March - Māoriland Maara NATIVE Minds is a series of interactive discussions examining how Indigenous thinking shapes our existence and our view of the world

Innovation In A Time Of Covid

Njuokcamat (The Tongues)

10:00 AM

Director: Marja Bål Nango, Ingir Bål Language: Sámi Duration: 5 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Sámi - Norway

We always have and always will; consider new technologies and methods to make films.

Framing Difficult Truths 11:30 AM Sexual harm, violence, sex; taboo subjects are part of our reality. In this NATIVE Minds session, we discuss with Indigenous filmmakers the way we might tell these difficult stories. We include a screening of multi awardwinning Sami film NJUOKCAMAT, Tongues. (This film is rated R16.)

During a blizzard on the tundra, a Sámi woman is herding her reindeer when she is attacked by a man. Her sister senses that something is wrong and starts looking for her. Wrapped in fear and confusion, both women will unite in their fight for revenge. Directed by sisters Marja Bål Nango and Ingir Bål, Njuokcamat is a strong visual and exploratory film story that deals with the taboo theme of abuse of women in Indigenous communities in Northern Norway.


Nativ ve Min nds

New Māori Creativity 1:30 PM A new generation of Māori storytellers speak of new techniques and new platforms for diverse audiences.

He Ahurea Hou 3:00 PM In order to change the Industry we ourselves need to change; a discussion around workplace behaviors, social media toxicity, meaningful collaborations, and an Indigenous code of ethics.


Isllan nd of Mysttery y

Sat 27 Mar - 10:00 AM Memorial Hall Director: Matt Pitt Language: Te Reo Māori Duration: 45 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa

Short film for tamariki in te reo Māori Josh and his dog crash back 700 years, to a mysterious land where taniwha roam and ancient warriors rule. This is the world premiere of the popular NZ animation series Island of Mystery in te reo Māori, as voiced by tamariki from Ōtaki!

Je e m'ap ppelle e Hum maiin Call Me e Hum man) (C Sat 27 Mar - 10:00 AM Māoriland Hub Director: Kim O'Bomsawin Language: French and Innu with English Subtitles Duration: 78 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Abenaki - Canada Call Me Human is a journey into history with poet Joséphine Bacon; a woman of great spirit who has devoted her life to passing on her knowledge, and that of her ancestors.


Hauma aru Shortss Sat 27 Mar - 11:30 AM Memorial Hall Films made during 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns around the world. Parental Guidance recommended.

Covida buriid ja bahá beivviid (COVID Side Effects) Director: Sara Margrethe Oskal Language: Sámi Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Norway Physical distancing can be helpful when trying to break up with a partner.

Guess You Director: Jaimee Poipoi Language: English Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāpuhi Aotearoa While on a date Sarah plays a game of Guess You, only to find the board game characters come to life. It seems she's not the only one eager to impress!

Isolated Conversations Director: Daniel King Language: English Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Yuin, Awabakal - Australia An Aboriginal perspective on Covid-19 and its effects on society.

Liling (At Home Semangat Gawai Version) Director: Alena Murang Language: Indigenous languages of Dayak and Malay Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kelabit - Malaysia “Liling” is an Indigenous Orang Ulu anthem. This video brings “semangat” (an inner fire) Gawai to Dayak households. “Semangat" is what we need right now to keep going".

Minha Alma Não Tem Cor | Our Soul Has No Color Director: Graciela Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu Language: Portuguese with English subtitles Duration: 23 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Brazilian Afrodescendant, Guarani, Pankararu - Brazil

Guess You

Indigenous leaders of Brazil including Ailton Krenak and Sonia Guajajara discuss racism.


Noho Mai (Sit Here) Director: Waitahi Aniwaniwa McGee, Shania Bailey-Edmonds, Jesse-Ana Harris, Charles Olsen, Lilián Pallares, Peta-Maria Tunui Language: Māori Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa Symbolised by a bird’s flight; Māori, Pākehā and Colombian creatives explore life’s journey, the longing for the nest, and life-giving connections with our ancestors.

Onipa'a Director: Dyllon Ching Language: English Duration: 12 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kanaka Maoli - United States Li'i finds himself the caretaker of a kalo farm, as everyone has lost interest in the cultural art.

Timothy's Treasure

Suodji (Shelter) Director: Marja Helander Language: Sámi Duration: 4 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Sámi - Finland, Norway Director Marja Helander steps through time to retrace the steps of an ancestor who tried to fool death during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic.

Timothy's Treasure Director: Oriwa Hakaraia, Bailey Poching Language: English Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Whatua, Aleisa, Tanugamanono, Ngāti Kapu - Aotearoa Timothy is having a hard time in lockdown until he finds a friend.

Very Present Director: Conor McNally Language: English Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Métis - Canada Suodji (Shelter)

How does prolonged confinement shape our experience of time?


Ka Hua aka''i: The Jou urne ey to Merrrie Monarch Sat 27 Mar - 1:00 PM Māoriland Hub Director: Gerard Elmore Language: English Duration: 46 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Kanaka Maoli - United States A dancer, a kumu hula (teacher of hula), and a former Miss Aloha Hula go on a journey to the annual Merrie Monarch Festival; long considered to be the 'Olympics Of Hula'.

Ushuii: Th he Moon and th he Thunder Sat 27 Mar - 2:30 PM Memorial Hall Director: Rafael Mojica Gil Language: Damana with English subtitles Duration: 72 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Wiwa - Colombia The Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada ready their cameras. Today their message is spread by the Saga, a group of women whose mission is to care for and protect nature’s seeds.


Dawn Raid Sat 27 Mar - 5:30 PM Memorial Hall Director: Oscar Kightley Language: English Duration: 98 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Samoa The rise, fall and spiritual rebirth of the most iconic and influential music label in Pacific history, Dawn Raid Entertainment. Filmmaker Oscar Kightley tells the story of Dawn Raid Entertainment, the iconic South Auckland music label that backed hip-hop and RnB artists like Savage and Aaradhna. Centred on its two founders Andy Murnane and Brotha D, the film charts their rise and fall on the global podium as well as their spiritual rebirth.


Bin ngo Sho ortts Sat 27 Mar - 6:30 PM Māoriland Hub Love playing Bingo?? Really love short films? In this session, you can do both and win prizes too! Bring a pen!!


Hāngī Pants

Director: Alana Hicks Language: English Duration: 10 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Papua New Guinea - Australia

Director: Jake Mokomoko Language: English Duration: 13 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Te Whakatōhea, Te Rarawa, Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Te Whānau a Apanui - Aotearoa

All Barbara wants to do is watch the Simpsons, but her recently migrated mum has just been overcharged at the local shops, and it's up to Barbara to sort it out. As usual.

Doug, The Human Director: Gary Hamaguchi Language: English Duration: 14 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Indigenous Australia - Australia An alien kidnaps a human and keeps him as her pet.

Clockwise from above: Chicken; Hāngī Pants; Nuxalk Radio

Hāngī Pants is a hilarious story based on an actual tangihanga.


Nuxalk Radio

She Never Dances Alone

Director: Banchi Hanuse Language: English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Nuxalk - Canada

Director: Jeffrey Gibson Language: English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Choctaw and Cherokee - United States

A day in the life of 91.1, Nuxalk Radio, keeping the Nuxalkmc language alive by broadcasting the laws of the lands and waters.

A celebration of Indigenous matriarchy through the jingle dress dance; performed by Ojibwe women to call upon ancestors for strength, healing, and protection.


La ady y Buck kit an nd th he Motlley Mopsters

The first Indigenous made feature animation from Nigeria! Sat 27 Mar - 7:30 PM Memorial Hall Director: Bisi Adetayo Language: English Duration: 80 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Nigeria

A precocious, self absorbed little girl finds herself in wildly unfamiliar territory when she makes a wish. There, she encounters a band of highly unusual characters who change the course of her destiny.


Fiinke Sat 27 Mar - 8:15 PM Māoriland Hub Director: Dylan River Language: English, Cree Duration: 90 mins Year: 2018 Nation: Kaytej - Australia For the riders, the spectators and the town of Alice Springs, the Finke Desert Race is more than just a race. Made by Aboriginal director Dylan River, Finke dives below the surface to uncover what makes the contestants tick. What drives them to put their lives on the line when they strap their helmets on?


Doco os from m Lattin n America Sun 28 Mar - 10:30 AM Memorial Hall

Compañía Director: Miguel Hilari Language: Spanish, Quechua Duration: 60 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Aymara - Bolivia Compañía blends documentary, visual poetry and experimental cinema to usher the audience into the daily rhythms of a small mountain community. From the individual to the community, the land to urban spaces, traditional to ancestral, Compañía is a call to witness the fullness of what has been borne and what has survived.

El Buen Vivir, The Well Living Director: Amado Villafaña Chaparro, Rafael Mojica Gil, Bladimir Rivera Macuna Language: Barasana-taiwano, Iku, Dumuna Duration: 26 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Arahuaco, Barasano, Wiwa Colombia For the Arawak, Barasano and Wiwa peoples, to live well is to be in spiritual communication with the fathers and mothers of the elements of the earth.

Tata Jenaru Uajpa/Hijo de Don Jenaro (Son of Don Jenaro) Director: Raul Máximo Cortés Language: Purhépecha, Spanish Duration: 26 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Purhépecha - Mexico In 2010, the vibrant Indigenous musical tradition of the pirekua (traditional Purhépecha song), was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. In Angahuan, Michoacán—for many the heartland of the tradition—a community mourns the loss of one of its great pirekua masters, Tatá Jacinto Rita Toral. Through stories told by bandmates, friends, and family, we learn of his life and contributions as a pirériecha, a mediator, and vessel of Purhépecha culture.

From top: Compañía; El Buen Vivir, The Well Living; Tata Jenaru Uajpa/Hijo de Don Jenaro (Son of Don Jenaro)


Wai Sh hortss Sun 28 Mar - 11:00 AM Māoriland Hub Nothing can exist without wai. The theme of water runs through all these stories.


One Word Sawalmem

Director: Nathan Adler Language: English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2018 Nation: Anishinaabe, Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation - Canada

Director: Michael "Pom" Preston, Natasha Deganello Giraudie Language: English Duration: 19 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Winnemem Wintu - United States

Waking up after thousands of years encased in ice, the voice of a creature is heard. In this experimental film, audio of the largest mass calving event (when arctic ice melts and collapses into the ocean) sets the scene for a new monster to emerge.

E Whiti E Te Rā: Shine Director: Arini Loader, Michael Ross Language: Māori Duration: 12 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa This film connects a song of hope in times of trauma to a place and its people across time and events.

L-R: One Word Sawalmem; Saving Seagrass

One word ripples outward, vibrating with healing power: Sawalmem, meaning Sacred Water. Sawalmem could help us unravel the climate crisis that we've created.

Saving Seagrass Director: Bessy-May Taylor Language: English Duration: 30 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Indigenous Australia - Australia Can traditional owners continue to take care of the land using renewable energy solutions?


Wakahourua (Making of the Tairāwhiti Voyaging canoe)

Wakahourua (Making of the Tairāwhiti Voyaging canoe) Director: Norm Heke Language: English Duration: 19 mins Year: 2017 Nation: Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahu, Te Arawa - Aotearoa

Yulleroo Director: Bessy May Taylor Language: English Duration: 14 mins Year: 2018 Nation: Yawuru - Australia Yulleroo is the story of Micklo Corpus, Yawuru Traditional owner, who is spearheading the fight to protect his country from hydraulic fracking.

Follow the journey of bringing a waka to life, narrated by Te Aturangi NepiaClamp

Yáa at Wooné (Respect for All Things) Director: Kh’asheechtlaa (Louise Brady), Lee House Language: English Duration: 19 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Tlingít Nation, Sheet'ká Kwáan, Kiks.adí Clan - United States Herring are the foundation of all things we love in Southeast Alaska. These fish connect us culturally, spiritually, and historically. They play a critical role in our communities and ecosystems

E Whiti E Te Rā: Shine


Lo ove an nd Fury Sun 28 Mar - 1:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Sterlin Harjo Language: English Duration: 92 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Seminole-Muskogee - United States What happens when Native artists stop asking permission to create as they push Native art into a post-colonial world?

Um ma: La Criisis del gua en Bolivia Ag Sun 28 Mar - 1:30 PM The Civic Theatre Director: Ana Llacer Language: Spanish with English Subtitles Duration: 80 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Aymara - United States Three Indigenous communities in the Bolivian highlands fight to protect their water from diversion and contamination amid a national water crisis. UMA (the Aymara word for water) takes us on a journey from the tropical Andean glaciers and the highest navigable lake in the world, to the mines of Oruro, and the vanished Lake Poopó.


Hom miess FREE SCREENING Sun 28 Mar - 3:00 PM Memorial Hall Director: Jay Marino Language: English Duration: 47 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou - Aotearoa Made in Wellington, this film is a homeless community's journey of self discovery, identity and belonging.


Ru un Wom man Ru un

Sun 28 Mar - 5:30 PM The Civic Theatre Director: Zoe Hopkins Language: English Duration: 101 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Mohawk - Canada

Beck is goaded into running a marathon by the ghostly appearance of legendary Onondaga marathon runner Tom Longboat. Through running she gets her life back on track, and strives to honour those she loves.


Red d Ca arpe et Parrty -

Sun 28 Mar - 8:00 PM Māoriland Hub Put on your most glam outfit and walk the red carpet for the annual Māoriland Red Carpet Party. A celebration of all the filmmakers and their collaborators at MFF2021. Featuring the multi award-winning musical artist Troy Kingi and band. An award is given to the film voted as ‘the people’s choice for MFF2021’. There are also prizes for Red Carpet attendees in the following categories: • Best Regalia • Best "Dress" & Best "Suit" • Most Sequins • Best outfit purchased from a local Op shop (must show receipt of sale).


Koa akoa a Sh horts Thu 25 Mar - 9:30 AM Memorial Hall Koakoa Shorts is packed with heart, joy, and deep connections across the Indigenous world! A programme suitable for tamariki.

Coyote & Big Buff Director: Ilena Yeru Pegan Language: English Duration: 8 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Redwood Valley Rancheria United States Beau Decker and Yoosha Carson live in a community that was destroyed by forest fires. These are their stories; for their fellow neighbours who have been lost, and for their advice on how to heal.

Dat Lea Boastut Director: Lia & Venla Language: Sámi Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Finland When your culture becomes a costume, it’s not okay.

Dat Lea Boastut



Ma Inay Ku

Director: Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Te Tonga O Hokianga Language: Māori, English Duration: 4 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa

Director: Shido Sakarai, Rakaea Te Rangi Trotman Language: Puyuma Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Puyuma - Taiwan

Two girls return home for the first time in years, but have forgotten the tikanga of their whenua.

Shido sings of the responsibilities of being a young Kasavakan man.

Katinngak (Together) Director: Glenn Gear Duration: 2 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Inuit - Canada A celebration of Inuit throat singing set against a kaleidoscopic background of beadwork.

Above: Katinngak (Together). Right: Ma Inay Ku

Malakapah Director: Miciang Language: Amis Duration: 6 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Amis - Taiwan A short film documenting the traditional attire of Dulan.



Taku Poi, Taku Taiaha Director: Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Te Tonga O Hokianga Language: Māori, English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Māori - Aotearoa Kelly dreams of performing on the Matatini stage, but her life at home makes it difficult for her to make her dreams come true. Will she make it to the stage, or not?

Otanimm/Onnimm (Daughter/Father) Director: Terrance Houle, Neko WongHoule Language: English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Blackfoot An animated short about the bond between a father and daughter.

Sneak Up Director: Raymond Caplin Language: English Duration: 3 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Listuguj, Mi’gmaq Sneak Up is a traditional Powwow dance meant to convey the movement of a warrior, tracking down his enemies and sneaking up for an attack.


He Hereng ga Waka a Thu 25 Mar - 11:30 AM Memorial Hall In this programme one film debunks Captain Cook’s discovery story and one asserts the revitalisation of reo Māori and waka ama.

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky Director: Steven McGregor Language: English Duration: 52 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Indigenous Australia A songline for 21st century Australia – a fresh look at the Cook legend from a First Nations’ perspective that debunks the colonial narrative and tells of connection to country, resistance and survival.

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

Hoea Te Reo Director: Te Ākauroa Jacob Language: Māori Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Porou Aotearoa He pakipūmeka tēnei mō ‘He Waka mō te Reo’, tētahi kaupapa whakatenatena i te kōrerotia o te reo Māori i tētahi hapori waka ama. He mea whakahaere te kaupapa nei i Ōtaki, i te kāinga tonu o Māoriland. Hoea te reo!


E Tū Whānau Awards Fri 26 Mar - 9:30 AM Memorial Hall The premiere of films made by rangatahi aged 12-24 at Māoriland Rangatahi-led filmmaking workshops across Aotearoa. Prizes will be awarded to Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and many more.


Honong ga Sho ortts Fri 26 Mar - 11:30 AM Memorial Hall Recommended for older rangatahi (13+) Hononga Shorts includes stories that explore the themes of whānau, whakapapa and wairua connecting rangatahi in Aotearoa to rangatahi across the world

Doama Doama

Sister Wolves

Director: Sara Risten Susanna Gaup Language: Sámi Duration: 5 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Sámi - Finland

Director: Ben-Alex Dupris Language: English Duration: 4 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Colville Confederated Tribes United States

Doama Doama gives us a glimpse into the life of a Sámi girl who runs on Sámi time.

Manasie Akpaliapik Director: Shelby Lisk Language: English Duration: 2 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Mohawk - Canada Inuk artist, Manasie Akpaliapik, comes from a family of carvers in Arctic Bay, Nunavut. Manasie explains how he shares his culture and relationship to land through his carvings.

L-R: Doama Doama; Manasie Akpaliapik

Sister Wolves explores the paradoxical relationship between wolves, deer, and Indigenous people as it has passed down since time immemorial.

Kahurangi Director: Kayla Hamilton Language: English Duration: 15 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Ngāti Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa, Ngāti Porou - Aotearoa Kahurangi is a teenage girl struggling with her fear of loss. While attempting to overcome her fears, she reconnects with her culture.


Who We Are


Who We Are

Director: Brit Hensel Language: English Duration: 8 mins Year: 2020 Nation: Cherokee - United States

Director: Alexis Sallee Language: English Duration: 5 mins Year: 2019 Nation: Iñupiaq - United States

Artist Keli Gonzales shares how she uses her art to help perpetuate the Cherokee language and traditional values.

A young Inupiaq artist reflects on climate change and its effects on her ancestral lands through painting.

Roots of Lacrosse Director: Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams, Joanne Storkan Language: English, Navajo Duration: 24 mins Year: 2021 Nation: Mohawk, Iroquois - Canada The Roots of Lacrosse captures the Indigenous North American origins and cultural importance of the traditional game of lacrosse, also known as the Medicine Game, the Spirit Game, or the Creator’s game.

Roots of Lacrosse


In ndustrry How Is Everyone Going?

Māoriland Pitch

Thu 25 Mar - 8:00 AM - online

Thu 25 Mar - 11:00 AM Māoriland Maara

A digital catchup with our Indigenous filmmaker whānau. A chance to find out what people are doing, and how we all are. To register for this session go to

Kia hiwa rā! $10,000 in funding to be won at the MĀORILAND PITCH. The Māoriland Pitch is an opportunity for Māori filmmakers from rangatahi to established practitioners to turn a brilliant idea into a production-ready project. Visit to register


The following events are open to industry pass holders only

Aotearoa Film Celebration.

SHOWCASE: Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme (NPIP)

Thu 25 Mar - 4:00 PM Māoriland Maara

Fri 26 Mar - 1:30 PM Memorial Hall

It's a busy time for screen production. Let's share the success stories.

The Māoriland Ngā Pakiaka Incubator Programme was developed during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown to support 8 rangatahi filmmakers to produce their first professional short films. Supported by the NZFC, the Sundance Institute Respond & Reimagine Plan, as well as Indigenous filmmakers across the globe, this showcase includes a sneak preview and kōrero from the NPIP.

Industry Workshop: Story Sovereignty and IP Fri 26 Mar - 11:30 AM Māoriland Maara What does story sovereignty mean? How do we hold onto the IP in a project?

Ticketed Event (Free entry to Industry Pass Holders)

Industry Workshop: Tuakana Teina Fri 26 Mar - 2:30 PM Māoriland Maara Ngā Pakiaka rangatahi film leaders seek answers from tuakana filmmakers about creating opportunities, and holding a space for them in the film industry.


In ndex Kiria ata a - Fillms

Pa akip pūm meka - Doc cumentaries




Monkey Beach 2020 Dir. Loretta Todd 31

Finke 2018 Dir. Dylan River 48

Parallel Minds 2020 Dir. Benjamin Ross Hayden 38

Lady Lash 2020 Dir. Rochelle Humphrey 28

Tatá Jenaru Uajpa The Son of Tatá Jenaro 2019 Dir. Raúl Máximo Cortés 49

Run Woman Run 2021 Dir. Zoe Hopkins 53


ECUADOR Semillas de Lucha 2020 Dir. Kvrvf Nawel 37

Compañía 2019 Dir. Miguel Hilari 49 CANADA


Je m'appelle humain 2020 Dir. Kim O'Bomsawin 41

Baby Done 2020 Dir. Curtis Vowell 31

KaYaMenTa 2020 Dir. Jules Koostachin 28

Cousins 2021 Dir. Ainsley Gardiner, Briar Grace Smith 21


NIGERIA Lady Buckit and the Motley Mopsters 2020 Dir. Bisi Adetayo 47 RUSSIA Dream Team 2019 Dir. Philipp Abryutin, Maxim Zykov 36

Mujeres Espiritu (Spirit Women) 2020 Dir. Francisco Huichaqueo 29 COLOMBIA Ushui: The Moon and the Thunder 2019 Dir. Rafael Mojica Gil 44 El Buen Vivir/The well living 2020 Dir. Amado Villafaña Chaparro, Rafael Mojica Gil, Bladimir Rivera Macuna 49

NEW ZEALAND Dawn Raid 2021 Dir. Oscar Kightley 45 Homies 2021 Dir. Jay Marino 53 Pluck 2020 Dir. Kirsty Griffin, Vivienne Kernick 29 UNITED STATES Daughter of a Lost Bird 2020 Dir. Brooke Pepion Swaney 30 Ka Huaka'i: The Journey to Merrie Monarch 2020 Dir. Gerard Elmore 44 Love and Fury 2020 Dir. Sterlin Harjo 52 Uma: La Crisis del Agua en Bolivia 2020 Dir. Ana Llacer 52


Kirriata Poto o - Sho ort Filmss AUSTRALIA


Between Two Lines 2019 Dir. Jack Steele 22

aen loo pawatamihk 2020 Dir. Dianne Ouellette 32

Chicken 2019

As The Smoke Rises 2020 Dir. Sharon Heigl, Jennifer Ille 22

Dir. Alana Hicks 46 Closed Doors 2019 Dir. Hunter PageLochard, Carter Fred Simpkin 38

Calving 2018 Dir. Nathan Adler 50

Doug, The Human 2020 Dir. Gary Hamaguchi 46

Êmîcêtôcêt - Many Bloodlines 2020 Dir. Theola Ross 24

First Time Home 2019 Dir. Kimberley Benjamin 25

Greed Story 2019 Dir. Darcie Bernhardt, Tom Mcleod 34

Isolated Conversations 2020 Dir. Daniel King 42

Hop Along Hang On 2020 Dir. Cobra Collins 34

Saving Seagrass 2019 Dir. Bessy-May Taylor 50

Lichen 2020 Dir. Lisa Jackson 32

Yulleroo 2018 Dir. Bessy May Taylor Australia, Papua New Guinea 51

Nuxalk Radio 2020 Dir. Banchi Hanuse 47

BELGIUM Waka Huia 2020 Dir. Laurent Leprince 35 BRAZIL Minha Alma Não Tem Cor | Our Soul Has No Color 2019 Dir. Graciela Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu 42

Rematriate: Passing the seeds 2019 Dir. Shelby Lisk 33 RKLSS 2020 Dir. Tank Standing Buffalo 23 The Fourfold 2020 Dir. Alisi Telengut 33 Very Present 2020 Dir. Conor McNally 43

Roots of Lacrosse 2021 Dir. Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams, Joanne Storkan 61 CHILE Meli 2020 Dir. Ayelén Lonconao 23 COOK ISLANDS Vairākau Māori 2019 Dir. Joshua Baker 33 FINLAND Čáhcerávga 2020 Dir. Suvi West 22 FINLAND, NORWAY Guorga - Duoddara Modjegobit 2020 Dir. Katja Gauriloff 23 Suodji (Shelter) 2019 Dir. Marja Helander 43 GREENLAND In the Shadow of the Tugtupite 2020 Dir. Inuk Jørgensen 32 Naja (Little Sister) 2020 Dir. Marc Fussing Rosbach 23 Updated 2020 Dir. Nivi Pedersen 38


INDIA Poter Kotha 2019 Dir. Suchana 23 IRAN Sfumato 2020 Dir. Amirali Mirderikvand 30 MALAYSIA Liling (At Home Semangat Gawai Version) 2020 Dir. Alena Murang 43 NEW ZEALAND Aitu 2020 Dir. Piripi Curtis, Gabby Faaiuaso 26 Atua 2020 Dir. Brown Bitty, Chantelle Murray, Bailey Poching 26 Aute 2020 Dir. Nicole Hunt 32 Daddy's Girl 2020 Dir. Cian Elyse White 34 E Whiti E Te Raa: Shine 2019 Dir. Arini Loader, Michael Ross 50 Guess You 2020 Dir. Jaimee Poipoi 42 Hangi Pants 2020 Dir. Jake Mokomoko 46

Island of Mystery 2020 Dir. Matt Pitt 41

The Retrieval 2021 Dir. Ariah Kapa 24

Koro's Hangi 2019 Dir. Gianni Aro-Reid 24

Timothy's Treasure 2020 Dir. Oriwa Hakaraia, Bailey Poching 43

Noho Mai 2020 Dir. Waitahi Aniwaniwa McGee, Shania BaileyEdmonds, Jesse-Ana Harris, Charles Olsen, Lilián Pallares, PetaMaria Tunui 42 Piiksi Huia 2020 Dir. Cian Elyse White, Joshua Manyheads 27 Pōneke 2020 Dir. Victoria Baskin Coffey, Sebastian J. Lowe, Ruby Solly 24 Purea 2020 Dir. Kath Akuhata-Brown 35 Wakahourua (Making of the Tairāwhiti Voyaging Canoe) 2017 Dir. Norm Heke 51 Te Wao Nui 2020 Dir. Ngariki Ngatae 33 Tea Leaves 2021 Dir. Jake Mokomoko 27 The Old Man Next Door 2020 Dir. Aidan Otene Dickens 27 The Pakohe Trails 2020 Dir. Keelan Walker 34

Tōku Reo 2019 Dir. Matariki Bennett 24 The Voyager's Legacy 2021 Dir. Bailey Poching 25 Whakarongo 2020 Dir. Anna Hoover, Aslak Paltto, Nicholas Riini 27 Whiti 2020 Dir. Isaac Te Reina 26 NORWAY Covida buriid ja bahá beivviid 2020 Dir. Sara Margrethe Oskal 42 Njuokcamat 2019 Dir. Marja Bål Nango 39 SWEDEN Badjelánnda 2020 Dir. Jonah Senften, Jimmy Sundin 22 TAIWAN The Story About Asena Tahir 2020 Dir. Yu-Jing Huang 35


UNITED STATES Kapaemahu 2020 Dir. Hinaleimoana WongKalu 32 One Word Sawalmem 2020 Dir. Michael "Pom" Preston, Natasha Deganello Giraudie 50 Onipa'a 2020 Dir. Dyllon Ching 43 She Never Dances Alone 2019 Dir. Jeffrey Gibson 47 This is the Way We Rise 2020 Dir. Ciara Lacy 33 Yáa at Wooné (Respect for All Things) 2020 Dir. Kh‚Äôasheechtlaa (Louise Brady), Lee House 51

Māo oriiland d Ran ngatah hi Film Festival AUSTRALIA Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky 2020 Dir. Steven McGregor 58 CANADA Katinngak (Together) 2020 Dir. Glenn Gear 56 Manasie Akpaliapik 2019 Dir. Shelby Lisk 60 Otanimm/ Onnimm (Daughter/Father) Official 2020 Dir. Terrance Houle, Neko Wong-Houle 57 Sneak Up 2020 Dir. Raymond Caplin 57 FINLAND Dat Lea Boastut 2020 Dir. Lia & Venla 55 Doama Doama 2020 Dir. Sara Risten Susanna Gaup 60 NEW ZEALAND Apoapo 2019 Dir. Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Tonga O Hokianga 56 Hoea Te Reo 2020 Dir. Te Akauroa Jacob 58

Kahurangi 2020 Dir. Kayla Hamilton 60 Island of Mystery 2020 Dir. Matt Pitt Taku Poi, Taku Taiaha 2019 Dir. Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Tonga O Hokianga 57 TAIWAN Ma Inay Ku 2020 Dir. Shido Sakarai, Rakaea Te Rangi Trotman 56 Malakapah 2020 Dir. Miciang 56 UNITED STATES Coyote & Big Buff 2019 Dir. Yoosha Carson, Ilena Yeru Pegan 55 Keladi 2020 Dir. Brit Hensel 61 Sister Wolves 2020 Dir. Ben-Alex Dupris 60 Who We Are 2019 Dir. Alexis Sallee 61


Māo oriiland d Film m Fe estiv val 2021 9:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

1:00 PM

2:00 PM


1:30 PM Official Blessing of the Māoriland Filmmaker's Residency

RAPARE - THURSDAY 25 MARCH 9:30 AM MRFF - Koakoa Shorts

11:30 AM MRFF - He Herenga Waka 10:00 AM Wairua Shorts (PG)

2:30 PM Aotearoa Shorts (PG) 12:30 PM Whānau Shorts (PG)

11:00 AM Māoriland Pitch

RAMERE - FRIDAY 26 MARCH 9:30 AM MRFF - E Tū Whānau Awards

11:30 AM Hononga Shorts

10:00 AM Whenua Shorts (PG)

1:30 PM Nga Pakiaka Incubator Programme Showcase 12:30 PM Whakapapa Shorts (PG)

11:30 AM Industry Workshop: Story Sovereignty and IP

2:30 PM Industry Workshop: Tuakana Teina

11:30 AM Haumaru Shorts (M)

2:30 PM Ushui: The Moon and the Thunder (Colombia)

RAHOROI - SATURDAY 27 MARCH 10:00 AM Rangatahi Shorts For Tamariki - Island of Mystery (Te Reo Māori) 10:00 AM Je m'appelle Humain (Canada) 10:00 AM NATIVE Minds: Innovation in a Time of COVID

1:00 PM Ka Huaka'i: The Journey to Merrie Monarch (USA) 11:30 AM NATIVE Minds: Framing Difficult Truths (R16)

1:30 PM NATIVE Minds: New Maori Creatives

RATAPU - SUNDAY 28 MARCH 10:30 AM Docos from Latin America (PG)

1:00 PM Love and Fury (Canada) 11:00 AM Wai Shorts

1:30 PM Uma: La Crisis del Agua en Bolivia (Bolivia)


Timetable 3:00 PM

Raukawa Marae

Māoriland Maara Memorial Hall

Māoriland Hub


4:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

6:00 PM 6:00 PM Māoriland Keynote - Rena Owen

5:00 PM Daughter of a Lost Bird (Canada)

8:00 PM Opening Night Screening - Cousins (Aotearoa) (PG) 7:00 PM Monkey Beach (Canada) (M)

3:30 PM He Tū Wāhine

8:30 PM Baby Done (NZ) (M)

4:00 PM Industry: Aotearoa Film Celebration 6:00 PM Dream Team (Chukchi) PG

8:30 PM Semillas de Lucha (Ecuador) (M) 7:00 PM Out of this World (M)

4:00 PM M.A.T.C.H Māoriland (Ahi) Tech Creative Hub Showcase 6:30 PM Bingo Shorts (PG)

7:30 PM Free Whanau Outdoor Screening - Lady Buckit and the Motley Mopsters (PG)

5:30 PM Dawn Raid (NZ) (M)

8:15 PM Finke (Australia)

5:30 PM Closing Night Screening - Run Woman Run (Canada) (PG)

8:00 PM Red Carpet Party - Troy Kingi

3:00 PM NATIVE Minds: He Ahurea Hou 3:00 PM Homies (NZ) (PG)

Tā āria a ta aku moko Mā āori ā kiriata a o te wā ki ngā mbe ed my Native Soul Em m in Film This programme is dedicated to all our dear friends and partners in the Native Film Circle with much aroha for a bountiful year of Indigenous storytelling. To all of you who have travelled from near and far, thank you for coming to Ōtaki and for sharing the love we all have for a good story, a remarkable film, and each other. We hope your time at Māoriland is enjoyable, and that what you have seen and experienced will expand you in wonderful ways. For more information about our year-round events, visit us online at Māoriland is a registered charitable trust. To support Māoriland contact us on Māoriland is committed to reducing our impact on our environment. Please look after this programme as copies are limited. You can find the programme online at

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