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East Union High School

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Lathrop High School

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CLASS OF 2021 VALEDICTORIANS #proudtobemusd

MUSD School Board President Eric Duncan, Area 1 Vice President Stephen Schluer, Area 6 Board Clerk Cathy Pope-Gotschall, Area 5 Kathy Howe, Area 2 Melanie Green, Area 3 Marie Freitas, Area 4 Marisella Guerrero, Area 7

MUSD Superintendents Dr. Clark Burke, Superintendent Roger Goatcher, Deputy Superintendent

Mission Through smart actions and decisions, MUSD will work together using meaningful, measurable and aligned data for all students to achieve mastery of grade level standards in all subjects based on their unique educational pathway in a safe environment inclusive of design, security, and climate.



Every student works to achieve grade level standards, feels safe, and is supported to realize individual success.

We are




School Graduates BE.Tech 36 Calla 27 East Union 327 Lathrop 330 Manteca 421 New Vision 19 Sierra 306 Weston Ranch 242

Get Involved Join a club, go to that football game, attend the spring play, or volunteer in your community. Building relationships and creating memories is just as important as your education or career! Back Up Your Files There are many ways to store back ups of your school work and important files. Find which way is best for you and back up regularly!

What’s Inside? East Union High School


Lathrop High School


Manteca High School


Sierra High School


Weston Ranch High School 20 Calla High School


New Vision High School


BE.Tech 28

Create Healthy Habits Your next college or career path will be time consuming, and tiring! Be sure to eat healthy when possible, and allocate time daily to get a walk or other exercise in.

Unplug and Unwind Take some time every day to relax and forget about work, school work, and technology. Pick yourself up by putting your phone down.

Organize Your Time Your schedule will get busy! Having a calendar with your week’s schedule will take a load of stress off of your shoulders.

Taxes and FAFSA Learn how to complete your annual taxes and for college students, your annual FAFSA application.


The Mark Highlights


UC Berkeley - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The highlight of my high school career has been the friendships I cultivated and the relationships I had with my teachers.


Daniel Ngo

UC Berkeley - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The highlight of my high school career has actually been the journey throughout high school: meeting new people, making new friends, and learning so much in class, discussions, and personal challenges.

Leilani Viloria


San Diego State University - Mathematics To my peers at EU, never give up on your goals when things get difficult, but to work even harder to achieve them, because the harder you work for something, the better the outcome is.

The Mark Highlights 5

World’s Greatest High School Sean Marsh

UC Berkeley - Biochemistry The highlight of my high school career is having the opportunity to be a student leader in a variety of ways. I was lucky enough to be the president of multiple clubs, East Union’s student board member, and be in the leadership class for four years.

Student Board Member

Gurleen Kaur

UC Berkeley - Molecular and Cell Biology I am most grateful for my parents because they always motivate me.

Matthew Barnes

Modesto Junior College - Computer Engineering I am inspired by my amazing parents who have been great role models for success.


The Mark Highlights


Westmont College - Chemical Engineering The highlights of my high school career was meeting new people, growing as a person, and re-uniting with my best friend from preschool after years apart!

Hannah Knab

UC Davis - Molecular and Medical Microbiology The highlight of my high school career has been being a member of our JROTC program. The program has been a huge part of my high school experience. I joined as a freshman, and since then have taken on multiple leadership roles, my most prestigious being Battalion Commander, which is the top position.

Emily Saldana

Undecided - Biological Sciences My highlight from high school was being in guitar class as a freshman and meeting a great group of friends while advancing in my passion for music. They left me with an everlasting impression of high school, unforgettable memories, and with their friendship that continues to this day.

The Mark Highlights 7

World’s Greatest High School Pearce Kemptner

University of Las Vegas Nevada - Architecture I am most grateful for meeting other students that I can now call good friends, for my family and their support, and meeting my amazing girlfriend Maris who has kept me going this school year.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

Maris Prado

Modesto Junior College - Agriculture Education I am most grateful for my Parents (Rosy Prado and Fred Prado), my family, FFA Advisors (Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Buck, and Mr.Hopper) and East Union FFA. They are my amazing support system and I would not be the person I am today without them.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

Tristhan Santos UC Merced - Engineering

Michael Macias

CSU Stanislaus - Computer Science


The Mark Highlights


University of Southern California - Aerospace Engineering I hope to work as an Astronautical Engineer specializing in commercial spacecraft and space guidance, navigation, and control systems.


Christa Velasco

UC Davis - Biological Science The newly renovated theater department has been the highlight of my time at Lathrop High School. Although my participation in the program was short due to COVID-19, I still hold the memories dear to my heart.


Navni Saini

San Joaquin Delta College - Nursing The highlight of my high school career has been being involved in extracurriculars and activities both on and off campus, which have helped me to make lasting bonds with my teachers, peers, and within my community.


The Mark Highlights 9

Respect the Shield Charlene Bernal

Culinary Institute of America - Baking and Pastry Arts I am most grateful for my parents and friends who are my constant motivational push.

Rafael Castellanos

University of Southern California - Neuroscience The most momentous highlight of my high school career was having the opportunity to perform at the California All-State Music Educators conference for a presentation on diversity in music.

Freshta Gozari

San Joaquin Delta College - Nursing The highlight of my high school career is being given the opportunity to be ASB President. I am forever grateful for my time as student body President, and the essential life skills it has taught me.

10 The Mark Highlights


UC Davis - Psychology I am inspired by my parents for all the support they’ve given me while pushing me to excel in everything I do. To the next graduating class of 2022, make the best of your time now so you never have regrets looking back.

Vanessa Laoeng

University of the Pacific - Biological Science The highlight of my high school career is the simple times I spent with my friends and favorite teachers. While I’ve won many games in my sports, won many competitions in my clubs, and have performed for many events at school, nothing beats the memories I make with the people around me. I can always win a game or competition again but I can never get another chance of sharing a memory with someone.

Simrandeep Bains

San Joaquin Delta College - Psychology My career goals are to become a Physician Assistant specializing in allergy and immunology. I have always wanted to pursue something in the medical field so I’m excited to start working towards that goal after high school.

The Mark Highlights 11

Respect the Shield Joey Sanchis

US Navy - Political Science I am most grateful for everyone who inspired me and supported me throughout all four years of high school. A special thank you to the LHS Admin team for making the best out of the circumstances given, as well as Mrs. Birakos our activities Director and all coaches and staff.

Student Board Member

Sofia Rivera

San Jose State - Aerospace Engineering I am most grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me throughout high school and my life. I am grateful for being so privileged and to have the necessary materials to overcome challenges and to pursue my dreams. I’m grateful for my family for always supporting me through my best and rough patches. Principal’s Honorable Mention

Hailey Hunter

Modesto Junior College - Ag Business/Criminal Justice My dreams have always been to become a California Highway Patrol officer, but I’ve always had the heart and passion for entrepreneurship in the agricultural field of work. These are two very close to my heart, and whatever I end up pursuing, I want it to be something I will love doing.

Principal’s Honorable Mention


The Mark Highlights


UCLA - Civil Engineering As a future civil and environmental engineer, I want to help improve the water and air pollution, public health systems, and recycling.


Kayson Neduvakkattu

UC San Diego - Mechanical Engineering I plan to develop and program robots that could virtually do just about anything we want them to do by the use of machine learning.

Shannon Le


UC Irvine - Psychology To my fellow graduates in the class of 2021, the world holds endless possibilities; be the initiator and take advantage of that.

The Mark Highlights 13

Honor the Code Aleena James

San Diego State - Nursing The highlight of my high school career was doing track and all the unforgettable memories I have made with my besties.

Ravpreet Grewal

UC Berkeley - Data Science I am most grateful for my family who immigrated to the US with me and moved across the globe in hopes of providing me with good future.

Ellie Kim

UC San Diego - Microbiology After getting my Bachelor’s in Microbiology, I plan on getting my Master’s in Business, and ultimately head my own pharmaceutical company in the future.

14 The Mark Highlights


UC Davis - Nursing I am most grateful for Manteca High School for giving me the opportunity to make everlasting friendships.

Sydnee Navarro

University of the Pacific - Psychology The highlight of my high school career has been my participation in Student Leadership, which allowed me to make the most of my experience at MHS.

Student Board Member

Mariah Madayag

UC Davis - Molecular & Medical Health Sciences I am most grateful for the memories Manteca High School has granted me.

The Mark Highlights 15

Honor the Code Courtney Lopez

CSU East Bay - Nursing The highlight of my high school career would probably be working at San Joaquin General Hospital for my CTE class. It was an amazing learning experience and strengthened my love for health care!

Bryan Alvarez

Sacramento State - Mechanical Engineering Once graduating from college, I plan to work at one of the big industry companies such as Tesla or matrix enterprises, where I can fully demonstrate my capabilities.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

Megan Pangburn

Modesto Junior College - History The highlight of my high school career has definitely been Academic Decathlon. It was run by a great teacher, and it introduced me to so many new friends. I learned so much, and achieved even more thanks to the program.

Principal’s Honorable Mention


The Mark Highlights


UC Irvine - Economics The highlight of my high school career was being a part of the first tennis team to win sections at Sierra High School.


Allison Threet

CSU Stanislaus - Nursing I am most grateful for all of the amazing people I’ve met over the past 4 years and all of the memories we’ve made.

Navreet Sidhu


Fresno State - Nursing In the future, I plan to become a registered nurse and obtain a Master’s in Health Administration.

The Mark Highlights 17

A Tradition of Excellence Brianna Villalobos

UC Davis - Biological Science The highlight of my high school career would be managing to participate in sports, hold a job, and maintaining a 4.75 GPA in one term.

Jacob Rodriguez

UC Santa Barbara - Biology One of my favorite times in high school was Darwin Day in Dr. Grimes’ class and being able to meet her falcon.

Zachary Van Zwaluwenburg

Point Loma Nazarene University - Nursing I am most grateful for my parents and their continued support throughout my life.


The Mark Highlights


UC Bound - Chemistry The highlight of my high school career would be all the growth and experiences I got as a result of the rigorous schedule I maintained.

Chau Nguyen

UC Davis - Chemistry My dream job is to become a dentist. I want to open up my own business and help as many people as I can.

Genavieve Gaines

Modesto Junior College - Communications The highlight of my high school career was being part of Sierra High’s inaugural waterpolo team.

The Mark Highlights 19

A Tradition of Excellence Sofia Argentina Fiallos

San Jose State - Electrical Engineering I am most grateful for my parents for encouraging me to do my best all the time. My dream job is becoming an electronics engineer.

Christian Threadgill

Arizona Christian University - Communications My career goals is that I will be a professional athlete while also doing some acting. Then, eventually owning my own film production company.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

Judith Okolo

UC Merced - Civil Engineering I am most grateful for the teachers, staff and coaches who have put so much time and effort in me to be where I am today.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

20 The Mark Highlights

WESTON RANCH HIGH SCHOOL Sumreet Sandhu Dartmouth - Undecided

I am most grateful for the lovely family and friends that sprinkled moments of uncontrollable laughter and glee into my studious life.


Khaina Alupay

UC Davis - Biology Reflecting on my high school career, I keep thinking about my most stressful times in school. Those moments propelled me into who I am today. At the time, everything felt hectic, all of which seem amusing to me now because I’ve surpassed those times and learned that those moments were unworthy of excessively stressing over. Although I still stress over little inconveniences, I’ve taught myself to not take every little detail seriously and to have a bit of fun.

Parnit Cheema


UC Berkeley - Public Health I want to use my major in Public Health to attend medical school and receive my doctorate in hopes of becoming a psychiatrist.

The Mark Highlights 21

We teach, inspire, and prepare our students for college and career success. Adam Foronda

UC Davis - Undecided I am most grateful for the great teachers that I have met and helped me immensely not only in my education but in my life!

Faizah Muthana

University of the Pacific - Undecided To my fellow graduating seniors, be kind to others.... and yourself.

Kaila Comerie

UC Davis - Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior I am most grateful for the supportive teachers that have helped me through tough times and hard classes.

22 The Mark Highlights


UC Davis - Business / Managerial Economics The highlight of my high school career was participating in show choir. I met so many of my close friends and I even had the chance to serve as club president. Being a part of this group helped me so much with my confidence. I will never forget the fundraisers, performances, and memories I have made.

Ahmed El-Louhaiby

Stanislaus State University - Undecided My future goals in the future include getting a job in the cyber/technological field and be the best I can.

Kristine Refuerzo

UC Merced - Biology Sciences I am most grateful for my mom, for always being there for me and supporting every step of the way.

The Mark Highlights 23

We teach, inspire, and prepare our students for college and career success. Alondra Castillo

UC Berkeley The highlight of my high school career is becoming an officer for my club HOSA.

Alejandra Arevalo-Mercado

Fresno State - Animal Science I plan on getting my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and being either an exotic vet or owning my own vet practice nearby and treat all types of animals.

Principal’s Honorable Mention & Student Board Member

Hector Lafayette

Real Estate The highlight of my school career is my Senior year when I helped in the English Learner Tutor program to encourage students and mentor them in their academics.

Principal’s Honorable Mention

24 The Mark Highlights

CALLA HIGH SCHOOL Elizabeth Inguanzo

Community College - Dental Assistant I am most gratetful for those who believed in me and pushed me to do better when I was at my lowest. I am also very proud of myself for not giving up and being determined to become #1!

Mauricio Ferman Olivares

Modesto Junior College - Theater/Voice Acting I am most grateful for everyone who has supported me throughout my high school year. I am inspired by my sister, because she is a very kind and diligent person who I love and respect. I will never forget Mr. Herrera, because he has helped me when I was at a very difficult spot during high school and I will be forever grateful for the help and person he is.

Anjelina Wagoner

Community College - Art The highlight of my high school career has to be when I started at Calla. It helped me improve a lot academically and as person in general.

The Mark Highlights 25

Dakota Chalias

Colombia College - Undecided My dream job is to become an actor.

Jazmin Ramirez

Modesto Junior College - Business I am most grateful for the staff at Calla for guiding me and helping me through my high school experience to learn more effectively and achieve my goals.

Taiya Vidal Community College - EMT Javier Mercado Guevara Community College - Graphic Design Amber Caldwell Cosmetology Antonio Barbano Automotive Technology Gabriala Uriquidez Modesto Junior College - Engineering Jennifer Olivas Romero Community College - Dental Sciences Isaiah O’Neal Undecided

26 The Mark Highlights


Community College - Computer Science My dream job is being in the field of computer repair.

Rohan John

Las Positas - Business Major My career goal is to be a real estate agent with a finance degree.

Sandra Esquivel

Community College - Business

I am most grateful for everyone who believed in me and my teachers who helped me get to this point of my life. I appreciate each and everyone of you and thank you for all the support and life lesson you have taught me.

Angel Barberena

Mechanic I am most grateful for my teachers and everyone who has helped me get to where I am & I am happy to be able to graduate from high school.

The Mark Highlights 27

Harold Diaz

Community College - Business / Finance The highlight of my high-school career was definitely getting a second chance to get my diploma at new Vision High School.

Ha’Nyhia Hunter

Nursing The highlight of my high school career was coming everyday to school getting pushed by each teacher. They would tell me, “You got this. Keep it up!” I will never forget the support that they provided for me.

Julissa Oseguera

San Joaquin Delta College - Engineering The highlight of my high school career has been the time I spent learning with great peers and teachers.

Benito Aguirre Community College

Jacqueline Lopez

Marcos Ramirez

Vicente Phillips

Dominic Vindiola

Undecided Undecided

Community College Career

28 The Mark Highlights


EMT and Fire Science I am most grateful for my teacher Ms. Ott, she’s helped me with so much throughout highschool and i wouldn’t be where i am today without her.

Michelle Navarro

Johnson and Wales University - Business Administration I am most grateful for Chef Andrew Griggs because always encouraged and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

Benjamin Wilson

Delta College - Computer Science The highlight of high school was performing in a Armed Drill competition for JROTC during my junior year.

The Mark Highlights 29

TOP SENIORS CLASS OF 2021 East Union High School V - Minh Nguyen S - Daniel Ngo • Leilani Viloria • Sean Marsh • Gurleen Kaur • Tristhan Santos • Matthew Barnes • Melinda Amick • Hannah Knab • Emily Saldana • Michael Macias Principal’s Honorable Mention • Pearce Kemptner • Maris Prado

Lathrop High School V - Gabriel Calub V - Christa Velasco S - Navni Saini • Yasraj Prasad • Vanessa Laoeng • Joey Sanchis • Charlene Bernal • Rafael Castellanos • Freshta Gozari • Simrandeep Bains Principal’s Honorable Mention • Sofia Rivera • Hailey Hunter

Manteca High School V - Raveen Nijjar S - Kayson Neduvakkattu • Shannon Le • Aleena James • Ravpreet Grewal • Ellie Kim • Tristan Garcia • Sydnee Navarro • Mariah Madayag • Courtney Lopez Principal’s Honorable Mention • Bryan Alvarez • Megan Pangburn

Sierra High School V - Melanie Nguyen S - Allison Threet • Navreet Sidhu • Brianna Villalobos • Sofia Fiallos • Jacob Rodriguez • Simran Khahira • Chau Nguyen • Genavieve Gaines • Zachary Van Zwaluwenburg Principal’s Honorable Mention • Judith Okolo • Christian Threadgill

Weston Ranch High School V - Sumreet Sandhu S - Khaina Alupay • Parnit Cheema • Adam Foronda • Faizah Muthana • Kaila Comerie • Teresa Baca • Ahmed El-Louhaiby • Kristine Refuerzo • Alondra Castillo Principal’s Honorable Mention • Alejandra Arevalo Mercado • Hector Lafayette

Calla High School • Elizabeth Inguanzo • Taiya Vidal • Javier Mercado Guevara • Amber Caldwell • Antonio Barbano • Jazmin Ramirez • Mauricio Ferman Olivares • Gabriala Uriquidez • Anjelina Wagoner • Jennifer Olivas Romero Principal’s Honorable Mention • Dakota Chalias • Isaiah O’Neal

New Vision High School • Sandra Esquivel • Dominic Vindiola • Angel Barberena • Vicente Phillips • Andres Melgoza • Jaqueline Lopez • Marcos Ramirez • Ha’Nyhia Hunter • Rohan John • Benito Aguirre Principal’s Honorable Mention • Julissa Oseguera • Harold Diaz

BE.Tech High School • Michelle Navarro • Benjamin Wilson • Jose Lau


Daniel Ngo

East Union High School

Navni Saini

Lathrop High School

Kayson Neduvakkattu Manteca High School

Allison Threet

Khaina Alupay

Sierra High School

Weston Ranch High School

When I think of the Class of 2021, the first word that comes to mind is perseverance. Despite our difficult times, it has been truly amazing to witness the Class of 2021 persevere. We started the year in distance learning, and although it was better than in the spring of 2020, it still was not the kind of education we ideally wanted to provide. In November, we were so excited to have you come back to campus, even if only two days a week. It was difficult for you to have your classes split into distance learning and in-person learning, and we worried about the impact on your social emotional health. This year was much different than the year before – In some ways, not as frightening as the unknowns we faced in spring of 2020, but in some ways, even harder. However, you did not sit back, and you did not allow the tidal wave to roll over you. I personally know students who have continued to work hard, keep their grades up and are now receiving their diploma. In the end, you persevered! There is a Japanese Proverb that says, “Fall seven times and stand up eight.” Even though you did not have the same experiences as the classes before you, we found other ways to celebrate your class: Senior Sunrise drive-ins, lunchtime activities, rallies in the stadium, and then came sports, all at once! Finally in April, you were back on campus as a complete senior class. I know that you experienced great loss, as much was taken away from you. But you persevered. Take the lesson that you have learned about yourself: How you grew stronger, fought for your education, learned about time management, and even practiced multi-tasking as you may have relaxed on the couch, eating at intervals, while in your virtual math class! But in all seriousness, I hope that you have learned that you will persevere, in whichever path you decide to pursue in your future. You will always be able to say that you were the Class of 2021, and that you made it through the pandemic. You graduated with obstacles unlike those seen previously. Together, we have learned many things about what is important: to keep joy through challenges, look for the best in people, and how significant it is to have compassion and care for one another. Congratulations Class of 2021!

Clara Schmiedt Senior Director of SecondaryEducation


Profile for Manteca Unified School District

The Mark Highlights - Senior Edition 2021  

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The Mark Highlights - Senior Edition 2021  

This special Senior Edition of the Mark Highlights celebrates our top academic students from each of our high schools. We also celebrate two...

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