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VOL. 41 | ISSUE 10 | october 2020

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Mission Statement

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the greater Modesto Area, regional businesses and community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, economic development, connectivity and business education.

october 2020 | CONTENTS

Executive Committee Chairman

Pete Zahos; Sysco Central California Inc.

Past Chairman

Steve Rank, Rank Investigations and Protection, Inc.

Vice Chair, External Operations Michael Moradian Jr. Peace of Mind Pest Control

Vice Chair, Internal Operations

Bank Of Stockton

Patricia Gillum Pat Gillum CPA



Brad Blakeley, Edward Jones Investments Kirstie Boyett, The State Theater Michael Gaffney, PG&E Warren Kirk, Doctors Medical Center Brian McDermott, Team S.O.S DeSha McLeod, Community Hospice Inc. Eric Nielsen, Gianelli Nielsen Peggy O'Donnell, Mid-Valley Productions Jason Pineda, Freshpoint Inc. Bill Robinson, Principal Financial Group Madhu Singh, Bank of Stockton Jared Steinwert, F&M Bank David Wright, Wright Insurance Company


Valley First



Keith Boggs, Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office George Boodrookas, Modesto Junior College Melissa Williams, Modesto Irrigation District


CEO Message




Drive In



Election Overview

President & CEO

Trish Christensen Modesto Chamber of Commerce tchristensen@modchamber.org


Publisher: Modesto Chamber of Commerce 209.577.5757 • Progress@ModChamber.org www.ModChamber.org


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october 2020


A Message From The President & CEO Busyness By Trish Christensen


he Chamber Team and I have been in high planning and development mode for many weeks now. We have been creating fresh events, developing new programs, and expanding the audience and involvement of our standing committees. This has led us to several things we invite you to be a part of. Please visit our website for more information on all that follows. In mid-September our formal Chamber University program, in partnership with Modesto Junior College, came online. We are now providing you, member or not, the opportunity to improve skills and learn new ways of approaching work. Whether for yourself, an employee, or your whole team. We can bring the college to your workplace with constantly refreshed class offerings. You may also sanction classes of your choice for your entire team, all offerings with special rates for Modesto Chamber members. November 6th, we will bring you Disney’s newly developed virtual Disney Institute - Approach to Business Excellence. In this course they will intertwine their insight to inspire leaders, motivate employees, satisfy customers, and guide an organization's ability to reinvent and grow their brand. Something even Disney has had to focus on during this pandemic.


December 9th will be our inaugural Inspire Youth – Inspire Dreams event. We know when we spark the interest and dreams of a youth early in his or her educational path, we build a direct connection to opportunities that are right here in their own hometown. Our goal is to facilitate sixth-grade students who participate in recognizing his or her interests. We intend to help them discover the opportunity to build their future by paving a way for college or career training. We will expose them to real time experiences in jobs and careers across all 15 sectors of business and industry. This event is hosted by the Chamber’s Business and Education Committee, in Partnership with Stanislaus Workforce Development. Our programs and committees are open to members and the community and are great opportunities to connect and network. These are all being held via Zoom. We ask that you register to attend, with links found on our social media platforms and our eblasts. We encourage you to invite friends and coworkers: • Economic Development Committee, 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:30 4

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

• Stanislaus Green Team, the 3rd Thursday of the month at noon • Government Relations Council, the 3rd Friday of the month at 11:30 • Women in Business Network, 4th Wednesday of the month at 4:00 (the first one was a huge success!) • Young Professionals Network, 4th Wednesday of the month at noon, (will launch October 28th) • We anticipate Tech Connective Network to launch in November (3rd Thursday of the month) Much more will follow over the coming weeks, but we are excited to share that we are now members of the California Green Business Network. We applied and were chosen to be the Green Certification service provider for Stanislaus County. We will assist businesses in any sector that wish to Go Green. Our goal is to develop business to business and partner mentor teams to assist other businesses wanting to reduce the cost of doing business through sustainability and providing them easy access to rebates and state level information and programs. Please take time to read the responses we received from the candidates that participated in our election questionnaire. We shared the list of our questions here last month. We published the response to one common question from each in this edition in our advocacy section. We have uploaded the complete list of responses from each on our website. We are at that time of year we work to engage new Welcome Team and Ambassador Team members. These groups of volunteers truly enjoy working together and sharing all the great things the Modesto Chamber has going on with others. They support new members, check in on existing members, and are who we call when we celebrate at ribbon cuttings and need extra hands to assist with community outreach. Some basic information can be found later in this edition. Please let us know if you would like to join either of these teams. There is always room for more to participate. Take care and stay well. With Warm Regards, Trish

MISSION The Modesto Chamber of Commerce to serving theArea, greater MISSIONSTATEMENT: STATEMENT: The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is dedicatedistodedicated serving the greater Modesto regional businesses community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, MISSION The Modesto Chamber of Commerce isthrough dedicated to serving the greater Modesto Area,STATEMENT: regional and businesses and community prosperity advocacy, collaboration, economic development, connectivity and business education.

Modesto Area,economic regional businesses and community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, development, connectivity and business education. Toour execute our adopted mission have developed an acronym that helps keep us focused. access to leaders, economic connectivity and business education. That To execute adopted mission we development, havewe developed an acronym that helps keep us focused. That acronym is “CARES: Community, Advocacy, Relationships, Education and Service.” acronym is “CARES: Community, Relationships, Education andkeep Service.” That To execute our adopted missionAdvocacy, we have developed an acronym that helps us focused. acronym is “CARES: Community, Advocacy, Relationships, Education and Service.”





At its heart the Modesto Chamber is a community of likeminded

The Chamber serves the education community by hosting the

business owners who share the vision for enjoying a thriving economy

annual State of Business and Education event, by fund-raising for local

and creating and maintaining our community as a vibrant place to live,

students at the Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon annual series, and

work and play. The Modesto Chamber is the go-to resource and

partnering with local schools and colleges to train and educate young

At its heart the Modesto Chamber is a community of likeminded

business owners who share the vision for enjoying a thriving economy

and creating and maintaining our community as a vibrant place to live,

work and play. The Modesto Chamber is the go-to resource and

The Chamber serves the education community by hosting the

annual State of Business and Education event, by fund-raising for local

students at the Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon annual series, and partnering with local schools and colleges to train and educate young

facilitator of ideas and communication for nonprofits, governmental men and women, all in keeping with our pledge to help provide a ready facilitator of ideas and communication for nonprofits, governmental men and women, all in keeping with our pledge to help provide a ready

agencies, and community leaders. More More than than just ajust business club,club, the the workforce the Chamber Chamber agencies, and community leaders. a business workforcetotoserve serve local local employers. employers. Additionally, Additionally, the Modesto Chamber strives to affect its environment for positive educates its members on practical solutions and best practices through Modesto Chamber strives to affect its environment for positive educates its members on practical solutions and best practices through transformation by supporting change agents in the community. its Progress Magazine articles, monthly Chamber University and Seeds transformation by supporting change agents in the community. its Progress Magazine articles, monthly Chamber University and Seeds ofof Success speaker monthlycommittee committee Success speakerseries, series,workshops workshops and and seminars, seminars, monthly meetings, and SCORE counseling. meetings, and SCORE counseling.



Chamber Staff, Board of Directors and many of our topical

Chamber Staff, Board of Directors and many of our topical

committees, such as Economic Development and Government

committees, such as Economic Development and Government

Relations, are engaged and proactively representing our members by

Relations, are engaged and proactively representing our members by

The Chamber believes in service to the community and to its

The Chamber believes in service to the community and to its members. The Chamber Board and staff are active on many nonprofit

addressing business initiatives, addressing issues in our community members. The Chamber Board and staff are active on many nonprofit and government committees, donating their business expertise, time

addressing issues in our community and business working toinitiatives, relieve theaddressing regulatory burdens businesses endure due

and working toand relieve regulatory The burdens businesses due as to local statethe governments. Modesto Chamberendure gets results, to local shown and state Modestomore Chamber gets results, as by governments. recent victoriesThe in forming rational ADA legislation, shown by recent avictories in measure, forming electing more rational legislation, defeating no-growth businessADA friendly candidates, working alongside otherselecting to passbusiness Measure L, a candidates, local self-help defeating a no-growth measure, friendly measure, for our workingtransportation alongside others to and passchampioning Measure L,fora more local water self-help agribusiness, industry citizens. By working together, transportation measure, andand championing for more waterour formembers our are stronger together than they ever be on their own. agribusiness, industry and citizens. Bycould working together, our members

are stronger together than they could ever be on their own.



The Modesto Chamber specializes in building relationships among business and serving as the nexus to businesses, nonprofit

The Modesto Chamber in building relationships and specializes governmental agencies. We hostamong monthly organizations, businessnetworking and serving the special nexusevents, to businesses, nonprofit events, as annual an annual trade show, and our long-running Gala. Membersagencies. also may serve committees or go organizations, and governmental We onhost monthly through the Leadership Modesto program wheretrade they will build longnetworking events, annual special events, an annual show, and term relationships with key leaders in the business world and or go our long-running Gala. Members also may serve on committees

andand government their resources. committees, The Chamberdonating also serves its business individualexpertise, members time by andhosting resources. Thecuttings Chamber alsointroduce serves itsa individual members ribbon which new business to theby

hosting ribbon cuttings introduce new business to the community, valuable and which cost effective (free) amarketing opportunities, community, costworkshops effective (free) marketing exposure valuable to social and media, and training for opportunities, our business partnersto andsocial their associates, and other free andtraining discounted exposure media, workshops and forresources. our business

partners and their associates, and other free and discounted resources.

C - Community

C - Community A - Advocacy

A - Advocacy

R - Relationships

R - Relationships E - Education

ES--Education Service S - Service

throughlocal the community. Leadership Modesto program where they will build longterm relationships with key leaders in the business world and local community.

october 2020


CHAMBER CALENDAR october Ambassador & Welcome Team* 2 Modesto Chamber of Commerce*

november ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Committee* 4 Virtually Zoom*


8:00 A.M


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Committee* Virtually Zoom* 11:30 A.M.


Business U - Dark Virtually Zoom* 12:00 P.M.


Stanislaus Green Team Virtually Zoom 12:00 P.M.


Tech Connective COMING SOON 2:00 P.M.


Government Relations Committee Virtually* 11:30 A.M.


Young Professionals COMING SOON 12:00 PM


Women in Business Virtually Zoom* 4:00 P.M.

*See website for more detail.** Change in usual location Please note that calendar events and details are subject to change.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

8:00 A.M.


Ambassador & Welcome Team meeting Virtually Zoom* 11:30 A.M.


Business U-TBD Virtually Zoom* 12:00 P.M.


Stanislaus Green Team Virtually Zoom 12:00 P.M.


Tech Network COMING SOON 2:00 P.M.


Government Relations Committee Virtually* 11:30 A.M.


Young Professionals COMING SOON 12:00 PM


Women in Business Virtually Zoom* 4:00 P.M.

THE STATE THEATRE @ John Thurman Field













John Thurman Field

601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA West parking lot

october 2020


Valley First Credit Union Provides Support During The Pandemic True to the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”, Valley First Credit Union has remained laser focused on supporting members, small businesses, and Central Valley residents through the uncertain times brought on by the pandemic. To help meet the needs of existing members, the credit union provided immediate relief through deferments on nearly 6,000 auto loans and waivers of over $200,000 in fees. From the onset of the pandemic, all Valley First branches have remained open to serve members. Recognizing the vulnerability of small businesses throughout the community, Valley First sought and received special approval from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to offer SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loans (PPP) and has helped over 364 local businesses and approved over $18.8 million dollars in PPP Loans. The credit union also processed several million dollars in grants on the behalf of Stanislaus County and San Joaquin County. The grants were offered by the counties to businesses and non-profits impacted by COVID-19. “Beyond providing support for the financial health of our members and community as we move through the pandemic,“ said Kathryn Davis, President and CEO of Valley First Credit Union, “the credit union remains committed to financial education and helping individuals and families prosper.”


In line with this commitment, the credit union has provided financial education to over 1,200 people since January and also recently partnered with VOLT Institute, a technical school located in Stanislaus County, to create a new low-rate loan program to help more people gain training for better jobs.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

To help more people become homeowners the credit union also recently became approved to offer FHA and VA loans. Valley First Credit Union is a $705 million, member-owned, notfor-profit financial cooperative providing quality financial services to the growing and diverse communities of Calaveras, Fresno, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne Counties. Valley First Credit Union’s corporate office is located in Modesto, California and has eight branches throughout the Central Valley. The credit union is committed to serving the financial needs of its members and Preferred Community Partners with personal attention, a wide array of products and services, automated services and cutting-edge technology. “Serving the community you call home” defines the credit union’s purpose and its belief in being an integral part of the success of its members, their families and community. For more information, please visit https://www.valleyfirstcu.org/

community october 2020


community 10

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

Helping Valley Business Grow Come home to Oak Valley and experience banking the way it should be – the perfect blend of personal service and technology-driven conveniences to meet your every need.


Nick Nelson

Branch Manager Modesto 12th & I


Pamela Swift

Branch Manger Modesto Dale


Deep Roots ~ Strong Branches

www.ovcb.com Elisa Luna

Dianna Bettencourt



Branch Manager Oakdale

Branch Manager Turlock

Julie Alves

Branch Manager Patterson

Oakdale • Modesto • Turlock • Patterson • Escalon Sonora • Ripon • Manteca • Tracy • Stockton • Sacramento


Sylvia Orozco

Branch Manager Modesto McHenry


october 2020


advocacy 12

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

advocacy october 2020


advocacy 14

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

advocacy october 2020


advocacy 16

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org



WHEN: December 9, 2020 WHERE: Virtual Platform



LOOK FOR MORE INFORMATION TO COME! For questions please contact info@modchamber.org

october 2020


Buy Small, Support Your Local Businesses

By Richard A Hodder / St Stan’s Co-Owner & VP/Chief Operating Officer St. Stan’s was the seventh Micro Brewery established in the U.S. Before it, came Anchor Brewing Co (1965), New Albion (1976), Sierra Nevada (1980), Red Hook (1981), Mendocino Brewing Co (1983), St Stan’s (1984), Pete’s Wicked Ale (1984), Widmer Brothers (1984) and a slew of others. St. Stan’s was not only the first to make a traditional Altbier in the United States but the first ever to make one outside of Germany. St. Stan’s was a leader in the thennew microbrew industry of the 1980’s and a major player in the craft brew segment with distribution ultimately reaching into 17 states and seven countries.


In the mid-‘90s St. Stan’s was seeing tremendous growth, leading its category and even having “the beer hunter” place it on his 100 beers to try before you die.


Part of our vision is to create more artisanal beers, partnering with our local farmers for fresh ingredients and to reconnect with our roots, our people, our sense of community. Sourcing ingredients from local farmers first. Providing our customers with excellent service and products at any location(s) combining the greatest value and overall experience. What’s New? We now offer (almost) any beers or ciders on tap in a pitcher with the exception of our Bourbon Barrel Porter & Barley Wine Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

It is important to support small business during this time; we ask you to please order direct at www.ststans. com. You are also able to use the RAD Card created in partnership with the Downtown Modesto Partnership. In response to COVID-19, the Downtown Modesto Partnership has developed the economic stimulus program aimed at expanding the downtown market for its small businesses. Thanks to the generosity of local donors and help of Stanislaus Community Foundation, much-needed dollars are flowing into the downtown retail and restaurant business community. Visit the Downtown Modesto Partnership website for more information. Current Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 4PM – 9PM St. Stan’s Taproom - 1028 11th St. Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 284 – 0170 OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To create superior Alt beers, specialty drinks and hand-crafted food


Every Tuesday we have a double-deal - You can either take advantage of our $5 pints -or- $10 12oz/Pizzetta Special

october 2020


People on the Move Oak Valley Community Bank Announces Branch Manager Hiring Oak Valley Community Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oak Valley Bancorp (NASDAQ: OVLY), announced that Pamela Swift has joined the bank as, Vice President, Branch Manager. She will be based out of the Modesto-Dale Road Branch. Swift brings extensive knowledge to her new position. She has over 30 years of banking experience in the Central Valley. As Branch Manager, Pamela will oversee and manage sales and will be responsible for business development and deposit growth in the Modesto area. “We are excited to welcome Pamela to the Oak Valley team,” stated Julie DeHart, SVP, Retail Banking Group Manager. “Her vast amount of banking experience, commitment to customer service, and understanding of the needs of local area businesses will play a key role in her ability to serve new and existing clients.” Swift is currently a member of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of San Joaquin and Hospice of San Joaquin.

She has received a Presidential Circle of Excellence award and Top Business/Consumer Loan producer award from past employers. She also ranked #1 in Customer Service in her region for 8 consecutive years while with her previous employer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and fishing. Pamela Swift

Oak Valley Bancorp operates Oak Valley Community Bank & their Eastern Sierra Community Bank division, through which it offers a variety of loan and deposit products to individuals and small businesses. They currently operate through 17 conveniently located branches: Oakdale, Turlock, Stockton, Patterson, Ripon, Escalon, Manteca, Tracy, Sacramento, two branches in Sonora, three branches in Modesto, and three branches in their Eastern Sierra division, which includes Bridgeport, Mammoth Lakes and Bishop. For more information, call 1-866-844-7500 or visit www.ovcb.com.

Provost & Pritchard Engineer Earns Professional License Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group is proud to announce that another engineering professional has reached a career milestone by passing the Professional Agricultural Engineer

If you’re not buying crop insurance, you don’t know Jack Farmers and ranchers can now purchase crop insurance for protect themselves against the loss of crops due to natural disasters or the loss of revenue due to declines in the prices of agricultural commodities. Purchasing crop insurance will reduce your exposure to a variety of risks and bring you piece of mind. If you want to learn more about the programs that are available and how you can benefit, you need to know Jack.


MEET JACK Jack Roudebush is a leading crop insurance expert. His combination of industry knowledge and insurance company insight makes him uniquely qualified to help you navigate the intricacies of these programs. Call Jack today to learn how you can minumize your risk and protect your bottom line.

Direct: 209.550.3710 • Mobile: 209.483.0650 jroudebush@capax.com Lic#0B67204

Business Insurance | Group Health | Workers Comp | Home and Auto


1.800.94CAPAX • 209.526.3110 Giddings, Corby, Hynes Lic# 0144783


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

Exam. Ed Caminata, from the firm’s Visalia office, has passed the exam to become Provost & Pritchard’s seventh licensed agricultural engineer. “This is a great achievement for Ed, and we are proud of him for this accomplishment,” said Ronald Samuelian, president of Provost & Pritchard.

Ed Caminata

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Caminata has been with Provost & Pritchard for over four years and is also a licensed civil engineer. Caminata’s work includes working with growers throughout the San Joaquin Valley to meet regulatory compliance requirements associated with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). He has also worked on projects such as dairy design, including lagoon digester and site improvement design, involving earthen basins, open channel and pipeline hydraulics, and concrete design. Established in 1968, Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group has a strong tradition of engineering and consulting excellence throughout California. With office locations in Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Bakersfield, Modesto, Los Banos, Chico, Merced and Sacramento, the firm features a mix of seasoned professionals, complemented by younger staff with fresh ideas. Provost & Pritchard specializes in civil, agricultural, and structural engineering, environmental and land use planning, hydrogeology and geology, surveying, and construction management services in the areas of water resources, municipal infrastructure, agriculture, site development, and environmental compliance. For more information, visit www. provostandpritchard.com or email info@ppeng.com.

Congratulations Aaa

75 + years Stanislaus Food Products Co.

70 years +

Acme Construction Company, Inc.

45 + years Pepsi Bottling Group Crystal Creamery Slater's Home Furnishings Thorsen's-Norquist, Inc. Modesto Toyota International Paper Co. Del Monte Plant #1 Pacific Records Management (AAA Certified by NAID)

35 + years Bohannon Insurance Group City Tire Sales Huff Construction Co., Inc. Priest Amistadi Stanislaus County Workforce Development Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Hospital

25 + years Lee & Associates-Central Valley, Inc. Rea & Associates, LLP Valley Yellow Pages Hart Floral, Inc. Modesto City Schools Carrollton Mortgage Co. Mister Car Wash E. Clampus Vitus Chapter 58 Building & Construction Trades Council of Stanislaus, Merced, Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties William Seavy Almond Board of California The Salvation Army Modesto

Mocse Credit Union Swanson & Derby Insurance and Financial Services Lopes Trucking Service, Inc. Tresetti's World CaffĂŠ Spencer Fluid Power

1 0 + years Brekke Real Estate, Inc. City Signs SiteJockey Don's RV Center, Inc. Alley Insurance Service Inc AIA/Mid-Valley Promotions, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Stewart and Jasper Orchards Hilmar Cheese Company Visitor Center Wells Fargo Bank Stanislaus Family Justice Center Central Valley Community Bank

5 + years McGrath Moving & Storage, Inc. IBEW Local #684 - Electrical Workers Casey Moving Systems EAH Inc. or Archway Commons Apartments European Wax Center Fiscalini Cheese Company Carpets Unlimited Modesto on Ice Care One Home Health and Hospice, Inc.

1 + years Modesto Soccer Foundation, Inc. DSN Outdoor Byrd Pest Control Nadrich & Cohen, LLP Institute of Technology Boomajoom Macys Valley Capital Advisors Mango Crazy Inc. Downtown Self Storage Pack n Ship and Mailing JATCO, INC. Courthouse Square Osmosis Lounge LLC Flory Industries NT Nail Spa october 2020


95 years +

to this MONTH'S milestone memberships


Chamber Member Highlight Meet Eric Vaughn Of One Eleven Web Design This journey has been a crazy one for sure. Before I started writing code, I was in Sales and Marketing in the Construction Industry. I spent 17 years working for a variety of companies throughout the supply chain. Then one day, I had an idea for an iPhone app and my life spun around 180 degrees and here we are today. We work with a handful of national brands and companies throughout the United States. When I first started we went by the name Red Truck Designs. In 2018 I changed the name to One Eleven Web Design. Adding web design in the name because I was focused on building websites. But God has a funny way of taking your plans and really turning them upside down. Almost as quickly as I changed the name, my customers started asking us for brochures, business cards, social media and just about everything else you could imagine. Before I knew it, we were investing in social media platforms, design programs, and partnering with printing companies to offer printed material to our customers.

Our mission, it’s pretty simple actually. Help our customers elevate their brand and bring all their digital and print assets together to represent a cohesive company. We take a hands on approach with every customer and fully manage their website and digital presence. Our customers can focus on their business, while we focus on their marketing.

Those early customers helped shape the company. We began to see there was a real need in the market for a company that could help a small, local business bring all of their marketing together. Many of our customers had someone doing their brochures and print work, someone else handling their social media and we were handling their website. There was no consistency.

It has been our customers that brought us to the company we are today. I can’t thank them enough for encouraging me to grow. They continue to inspire us, and elevate our brand. I guess you could say, God (and our customers) only know what’s around the corner for us. “go out and surf the web …”

A Marine Walks Into A Credit Union ... By SHANE SAUNDERS / Mocse Federal Credit Union


An 84 year old Marine was waiting for me in our lobby the other day. A founding member of Mocse Credit Union, he dropped by to meet the new CEO. Wearing a “Marines” T-shirt and a ball cap that read Semper Fi, his weathered face hinted at adventures past, while his mischievous grin shone through despite being covered by a mask.


After learning I served in the Navy, he gave me some good natured ribbing. You may know that the Marines and Navy have a sibling rivalry, sharing a deep bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. As we spoke, it struck me that this connection, spanning across generations, borne out of duty, service, and love of country, is exactly the sort of reminder of our common humanity we all need in these tumultuous times. This Marine and I share another connection: he’s been a member of Mocse Credit Union since our founding in 1959, and I am the newest employee. As the recently appointed CEO following in the footsteps of the impressive Tracey Kerr, I’m just the third CEO of a financial institution that began in the kitchen of the legendary Lucille Hammer. I was humbled by the moment, here in our lobby, where the origins of the credit union came face to face with the person tasked with carrying our memberModesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

owned cooperative into the next generation. I’m incredibly fortunate that the first Mocse member I met happened to be one of Mocse’s very first members. That’s the beauty of credit unions, especially a locally rooted credit union like Mocse. Our history and our structure transcends the transactional. The banking component of what we do is almost incidental. We’re people, a community really, who share a common bond, a common heritage, helping each other succeed in good times and bad. And to that Marine, Semper Fi, sir! Shane Saunders recently assumed the role of President and CEO at Mocse Federal Credit Union after Tracey Kerr’s retirement. Shane has over 25 years of leadership experience in financial institutions.

president’s club Circle Of Influence platinum Level

Exceed GPR & Locating, LLC

PMZ Real Estate

Bank of the West (H Street)

E & J Gallo Winery

F&M Bank (Carpenter Road)

Residence Inn by Marriott Modesto North

Bank of the West (McHenry)

Kaiser Permanente

F&M Bank (Dale Road)

Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc.

F&M Bank (McHenry)

Rogers Jewelry

silver Level

Flooring Liquidators, Inc.

Rogers Jewelry Co.

Capax - Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc.

American Chevrolet

Flowers Baking Co. of Modesto, LLC

Rose Bouquet

Doctors Behavioral Health

American Medical Response

Food Maxx

Round Table Pizza #1033


Atherton & Associates, LLP


Round Table Pizza #1034

Doctors Medical Center-DMC

Audi Modesto

Galletto Ristorante

Round Table Pizza #186

Frito-Lay Co., Inc.

Bank of Stockton - Dale Road

Gianelli Nielsen

Round Table Pizza #701

Pacific Southwest Container, Inc.

Bank of Stockton - Modesto Main Branch

Gilton Solid Waste Mgmt, Inc.

Round Table Pizza, Corporate

Physician Referral Service-DMC

Bank of the West (Dale Road)

Golden Valley Health Centers

San Joaquin Valley College


Blue Diamond Growers

Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc.

Save Mart Supermarkets

Caliber Collision

Grover Landscape Services, Inc.

Save Mart Supermarkets - Corp Office

California State University, Stanislaus

Infiniti of Modesto

Seven-Up Bottling Co. of Modesto/

Crystal Creamery

Care One Home Health and Hospice, Inc.

International Paper Co.

Varni Brothers Corporation

Doubletree by Hilton Modesto

Central Sanitary Supply Co.

JS West & Companies

Solecon Industrial Contractors

EMOE, Division of Parker

Central Valley Automotive

Lewis Capital Advisors

Solid Networks, Inc.

Hannifin Corp.

Central Valley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

Maxx Value Foods

Stanislaus Food Products Co.

Encompass Health Rehabilitation

Central Valley Nissan

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital

of Modesto

Central Valley Volkswagen Hyundai

Mocse Credit Union

Stifel Investment Services

Fiscalini Cheese Company

Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino

Modesto Toyota

Storer Coachways

IHeart Media

Clark Pest Control


Sutter Gould Medical Foundation

Modesto Irrigation District

COIT Services Inc.

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Principal Financial: Save Smart: 5 habits of Young, Successful Savers You’ve started your career. Paid down some debt. You’re a “real” adult now. (You know that because you bought a really great vacuum … now that’s adulting.) Are you ready to take the next step and get serious about building your savings? Or are you wondering how to maximize the money you’ve already socked away? To fund your goals in life and retire when you’re ready, you want to feel financially secure. We asked people who are in a good financial position early in their careers how they did it. What we can learn from super savers, for the third year in a row, we conducted the Principal® Super Saver Survey to find out more about young people who are saving big for retirement. These Gen X and Gen Y super savers contribute at least 90% of the IRS maximum in their retirement. When super savers were asked what they’d suggest to Gen Z workers entering the workforce, they offered 5 financial tips. 1. Live within (or below) your means. While you don’t need to eliminate all the fun, small changes can make a big difference over time. Start by creating a budget and find ways to live on what you make. How do super savers do it? Sacrifices super savers make 43% Drive older vehicles 41% Own a modest home 41% Don’t travel as much as they’d prefer 40% Do DIY projects instead of hiring outside help 2. Be smart about debt. To be more specific, super savers suggest paying off your credit card balance each month. Find what works best for you. There can be a couple of good methods to pay down debt. Avalanche method (tackle high-interest balances first)


Snowball method (pay off your smallest balance first)


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3. Plan for retirement. Think about the life you want and make a plan to achieve the things you see in it. Among super savers, 71% say they started saving for retirement when they were in their mid-20s. They offer 3 ideas for saving. Save enough to receive the maximum employer match in your retirement plan. No sense leaving (free) money on the table. Save at least 10% of your pay in your 401(k) or 403(b) plan. Increase your retirement savings each year you receive a raise. How do super savers know if they’re on track for their retirement goals? 65% use online tools to verify that they’re meeting their goals. 27% compare their numbers to the information available from their financial professional. 4. Set up an emergency fund. Super savers typically put most of their money toward improving their financial situation. That includes an emergency fund: 96% of super savers have one, and about 2/3 of them have 4 or more months of living expenses stashed away. 5. Keep learning about personal finance. Super savers generally try to continue to learn a little more about personal finance and retirement. For information please northerncalifornia#about-us



Source: www.principal.com/individuals/explore-life-money/ save-smart-5-habits-young-successful-savers

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You Don’t Have to “Go It Alone”...

We’re Here to Help!

GET SCHOOL SUPPORT AT SYLVAN We know this school year will be different but you don't have to go it alone. You'll find a variety of ways to help your child stay on track and help you manage it all.

In-Person Support for Distance Learning Dedicated learning environment with no distractions to keep your child focused and motivated to learn • Coaches keep your child on track with school assignments and online school sessions • Coordination and communication with school teachers to make it easy on you • Social connection with peers, with appropriate social distancing. Packages start at $150.00

PERSONALIZED TUTORING THAT WILL HELP YOUR CHILD CATCH UP, KEEP UP OR GET AHEAD THIS YEAR Proven, personal and intensive tutoring programs, online or in-person • Highly customized learning plan to ensure your child master skills in math, reading, writing and more • Online or face-to-face attention and learning time with expert, caring Sylvan-certified teachers • Direct impact in classroom with school-aligned curriculum

Live, Online Tutoring Online instruction to keep your child's skills sharp and on grade-level • Get personalized attention with live face to face sessions. • Get guided support with at-home learning • Work on skill gaps or even get ahead and master new skills Tutoring Starts at

Ensure success this school year with Sylvan!

Tutoring starts at $55/hr.


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Sylvan Learning Center of Modesto 1101 Standiford Ave. Ste C-1 Modesto, CA 95350



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BANK OF STOCKTON 153 Years Of Strength, Stability And Service To Our Communities By Kelly Hoang / AVP Marketing - Bank of Stockton Founded on August 12, 1867, the Bank of Stockton has been serving the Central Valley and surrounding communities for 153 years. The bank’s footprint spans over nine contiguous counties and is comprised of twenty branches, including locations in Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, Turlock, Elk Grove, the Mother Lode, Napa, Brentwood and Fairfield. All branches follow the founding principles of strength, safety and service with an emphasis on technological innovations to make banking easier. From a suite of cash management products for business clients to the best in online and mobile banking, Bank of Stockton is a modern bank with a touch of old-world service that makes it truly unique. Bank of Stockton is also known for reinvesting back into the communities it serves.

As such, the Bank is recognized for being a local lender with local decision-making and is involved in the communities where their branches operate. Bank of Stockton’s history dates back to the end of the Civil War and its growth and prosperity goes well beyond the imagination of its founders.

Its success can be attributed to a history of sound management principles, loyal clientele, a dedicated staff and strong Board of Directors. At every Bank of Stockton branch, you will find great people, the best products, a wonderful banking experience, and an organization committed to your community. “It’s not every day that you get to claim the distinction of serving customers for over a century and a half. Our history tells a story of generations of satisfied customers that have allowed us to grow and prosper to meet the banking needs in our markets. Whether you are a business in need of a large commercial loan or a millennial looking for mobile banking with remote deposit, our wide range of products and services are here for you,” said bank President and CEO, Douglass M. Eberhardt II. “The best part about it is that we get to know you. We care about our customers and you can put a face to the name here, which is still very important to a lot of customers.” At $3.2 billion in assets strong, Bank of Stockton continues to “Withstand the Test of Time” with its unique blend of technology and the best in personalized service.

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“A good community bank is there for its customers and reinvests back into the communities it serves in the form of loans,” said Doug Eberhardt II, President and CEO.


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Community Hospice Receives Partner Level Four From We Honor Veterans Community Hospice is proud to announce they have been named a We Honor Veterans Level Four Program Provider. This distinguished honor certifies Community Hospice recognizes the unique needs of America’s Veterans, their families and community providers. As veterans often carry traumatic experiences from their time in service, many present an array of challenges as they face their end-of-life journey. Community Hospice is dedicated to providing resources and guiding Veterans through their life stories, providing individualized care to ensure a more peaceful ending. They also work to recruit veteran volunteers to come alongside their veteran patients as these volunteers have the unique ability to relate more closely with their shared experiences in the military. If you or a veteran you know would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Community Hospice you can reach out to Director of Bereavement Services, Lupe Perez, who can be reached at 209.578.6300. “Community Hospice is committed to improving quality of life and end-of-life care for our local Veterans,” said C. DeSha McLeod, President/CEO. “Our team of experienced professionals have been specially educated and trained to assist Veterans and their families. It is an honor to walk alongside our brave heroes providing support and resources. We feel privileged to partner with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Veterans Administration.” We Honor Veterans is a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and Veterans Administration.

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The program is designed to empower hospice professionals to meet the unique needs of dying Veterans. The program teaches respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement – to comfort patients with a history of military service and possibly physical or psychological trauma For more information about the We Honor Veterans program, visit: wehonorveterans.org. About Community Hospice Community Hospice is the largest and oldest nonprofit hospice agency in the Central Valley. Serving the community since 1979, Community Hospice’s mission is to embrace individuals and families facing life-changing journeys, enhancing quality of life for all. Care extends to over 2,000 patients each year in private homes, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and at the sixteen-bed Community Hospice Alexander Cohen Hospice House. Community Hospice also provides bereavement and grief support to anyone in the community. For more information please call 209.578.6300 or visit hospiceheart.org.




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