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VOL. 41 | ISSUE 07 | juLY 2020

Gowans Printing Co. Casa de Modesto Graduation Congratulations

We’ll Pull Through This Together

In these unprecedented times, you can count on Bank of Stockton. We have survived

depressions, recessions, economic downturns and uncertainties throughout our 153 year history, and while new challenges occur, you can always count on us as a source of

strength and stability for your banking needs. We’ve helped generations of families and businesses through good times and tough times, and are here for you. Together, we will weather this storm and continue to “Withstand the Test of Time.”



Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

IN MODESTO 1302 J St. & 4204 Dale Rd.

Mission Statement

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the greater Modesto Area, regional businesses and community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, economic development, connectivity and business education.

july 2020

Executive Committee Chairman

Pete Zahos; Sysco Central California Inc.

Past Chairman

Steve Rank, Rank Investigations and Protection, Inc.

Vice Chair, External Operations Michael Moradian Jr.

Vice Chair, Internal Operations Patricia Gillum, CPA

100 Years For Gowans


Brad Blakeley, Edward Jones Investments Kirstie Boyett, The State Theater Michael Gaffney, PG&E Warren Kirk, Doctors Medical Center Naomi Layland, Ardis Farming Brian McDermott, Team S.O.S DeSha McLeod, Community Hospice Inc. Eric Nielsen, Gianelli Nielsen Peggy O'Donnell, Mid-Valley Productions Jason Pineda, Freshpoint Inc. Bill Robinson, Principal Financial Group Madhu Singh, Bank of Stockton Jared Steinwert, F&M Bank David Wright, Wright Insurance Company



Love Modesto

Keith Boggs, Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office George Boodrookas, Modesto Junior College Melissa Williams, Modesto Irrigation District


President & CEO

Trish Christensen Modesto Chamber of Commerce tchristensen@modchamber.org


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july 2020


A Message From The President & CEO Economy, Equality, And Evolution By Trish Christensen




don’t know about you, but when I step back, look around, and evaluate all that is taking place around us, it has been a struggle to maintain my optimism lately. It has become difficult to see the positives in the chaos, the hurt, and the hardships that we are collectively going through. We are in one of the toughest times in our country’s history, and certainly one of the toughest most of us have ever experienced. We continue to battle a deadly pandemic, we continue to wade through the economic havoc that it triggered, and we continue to see the need to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society and economy.

We will do our best to keep you informed of our open office hours when we begin to move forward.

To conquer moments like we have been experiencing takes strength and determination. Our community is eager to get everything back “to normal”, but we can’t ignore the realty that things will never be just as they were, and that is ok. The last several months have called us to stand up, listen, learn, and accept. If we are patient and can respect the process, this can lead us to prosperous ground to stand on as one harmonious society.

Programs: Young Professionals Network, Women in Business Network, Tech Connective Network, Stanislaus Green Team

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce itself has done quite a bit of learning, adapting, and evolving lately. The Chamber is like any other non-profit or small business. We are feeling the economic effects of COVID-19. The staff made the shift to work remote, on reduced hours in Mid-March. We have just recently begun the process of preparing the office and setting the guidelines that will enable us to spend some time working there safely. It will be several months before the COVID-19 numbers are truly dropping and we are in office regularly. Squelching the spread of COVID-19 requires us to keep space between people, and not allow too many people in a closed space at one time - numbers matter. We will be taking a transitional approach to getting back to business. Our intent is to keep our staff safe, their families safe, and those of you who visit our office safe.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

The additional good news is that as we move through July you will start to see the return of many of our committees, programs, and activities. We are developing a hybrid and/or virtual format to relaunch meetings, get our speaker lists reset and confirmed, and reawaken our ability to network and connect with you. As each is solidified and ready to come back online, we will get their details in circulation. We anticipate that by the end of August, each will be up and running:

Committees: Economic Development Committee, Government Relations Council (GRC), Business and Education Committee, Stanislaus ReaCon Team By the way – we are now a member of the California Green Business Network and are preparing to build the teams that will help businesses qualify to become Green Certified. Watch for more details to come on this exciting opportunity for us all. In addition, the GRC is working on their Candidate Interview process. Information will be shared as we move through election season. As we move farther into recovery on all fronts, let’s each do our part to support one another today and every day. We have the power to bring peace, unity, and prosperity to society. We have the ability to create the thriving, caring, and cohesive community we all deserve. We are, as always, In This Together. With Warm Regards, Trish

MISSION The Modesto Chamber of Commerce to serving theArea, greater MISSIONSTATEMENT: STATEMENT: The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is dedicatedistodedicated serving the greater Modesto regional businesses community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, MISSION The Modesto Chamber of Commerce isthrough dedicated to serving the greater Modesto Area,STATEMENT: regional and businesses and community prosperity advocacy, collaboration, economic development, connectivity and business education.

Modesto Area,economic regional businesses and community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, access to leaders, development, connectivity and business education. Toour execute our adopted mission have developed an acronym that helps keep us focused. access to leaders, economic connectivity and business education. That To execute adopted mission we development, havewe developed an acronym that helps keep us focused. That acronym is “CARES: Community, Advocacy, Relationships, Education and Service.” acronym is “CARES: Community, Relationships, Education andkeep Service.” That To execute our adopted missionAdvocacy, we have developed an acronym that helps us focused. acronym is “CARES: Community, Advocacy, Relationships, Education and Service.”





At its heart the Modesto Chamber is a community of likeminded

The Chamber serves the education community by hosting the

business owners who share the vision for enjoying a thriving economy

annual State of Business and Education event, by fund-raising for local

and creating and maintaining our community as a vibrant place to live,

students at the Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon annual series, and

work and play. The Modesto Chamber is the go-to resource and

partnering with local schools and colleges to train and educate young

At its heart the Modesto Chamber is a community of likeminded

business owners who share the vision for enjoying a thriving economy

and creating and maintaining our community as a vibrant place to live,

work and play. The Modesto Chamber is the go-to resource and

The Chamber serves the education community by hosting the

annual State of Business and Education event, by fund-raising for local

students at the Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon annual series, and partnering with local schools and colleges to train and educate young

facilitator of ideas and communication for nonprofits, governmental men and women, all in keeping with our pledge to help provide a ready facilitator of ideas and communication for nonprofits, governmental men and women, all in keeping with our pledge to help provide a ready

agencies, and community leaders. More More than than just ajust business club,club, the the workforce the Chamber Chamber agencies, and community leaders. a business workforcetotoserve serve local local employers. employers. Additionally, Additionally, the Modesto Chamber strives to affect its environment for positive educates its members on practical solutions and best practices through Modesto Chamber strives to affect its environment for positive educates its members on practical solutions and best practices through transformation by supporting change agents in the community. its Progress Magazine articles, monthly Chamber University and Seeds transformation by supporting change agents in the community. its Progress Magazine articles, monthly Chamber University and Seeds ofof Success speaker monthlycommittee committee Success speakerseries, series,workshops workshops and and seminars, seminars, monthly meetings, and SCORE counseling. meetings, and SCORE counseling.



Chamber Staff, Board of Directors and many of our topical

Chamber Staff, Board of Directors and many of our topical

committees, such as Economic Development and Government

committees, such as Economic Development and Government

Relations, are engaged and proactively representing our members by

Relations, are engaged and proactively representing our members by

The Chamber believes in service to the community and to its

The Chamber believes in service to the community and to its members. The Chamber Board and staff are active on many nonprofit

addressing business initiatives, addressing issues in our community members. The Chamber Board and staff are active on many nonprofit and government committees, donating their business expertise, time

addressing issues in our community and business working toinitiatives, relieve theaddressing regulatory burdens businesses endure due

and working toand relieve regulatory The burdens businesses due as to local statethe governments. Modesto Chamberendure gets results, to local shown and state Modestomore Chamber gets results, as by governments. recent victoriesThe in forming rational ADA legislation, shown by recent avictories in measure, forming electing more rational legislation, defeating no-growth businessADA friendly candidates, working alongside otherselecting to passbusiness Measure L, a candidates, local self-help defeating a no-growth measure, friendly measure, for our workingtransportation alongside others to and passchampioning Measure L,fora more local water self-help agribusiness, industry citizens. By working together, transportation measure, andand championing for more waterour formembers our are stronger together than they ever be on their own. agribusiness, industry and citizens. Bycould working together, our members

are stronger together than they could ever be on their own.



The Modesto Chamber specializes in building relationships among business and serving as the nexus to businesses, nonprofit

The Modesto Chamber in building relationships and specializes governmental agencies. We hostamong monthly organizations, businessnetworking and serving the special nexusevents, to businesses, nonprofit events, as annual an annual trade show, and our long-running Gala. Membersagencies. also may serve committees or go organizations, and governmental We onhost monthly through the Leadership Modesto program wheretrade they will build longnetworking events, annual special events, an annual show, and term relationships with key leaders in the business world and or go our long-running Gala. Members also may serve on committees

andand government their resources. committees, The Chamberdonating also serves its business individualexpertise, members time by andhosting resources. Thecuttings Chamber alsointroduce serves itsa individual members ribbon which new business to theby

hosting ribbon cuttings introduce new business to the community, valuable and which cost effective (free) amarketing opportunities, community, costworkshops effective (free) marketing exposure valuable to social and media, and training for opportunities, our business partnersto andsocial their associates, and other free andtraining discounted exposure media, workshops and forresources. our business

partners and their associates, and other free and discounted resources.

C - Community

C - Community A - Advocacy

A - Advocacy

R - Relationships

R - Relationships E - Education

ES--Education Service S - Service

throughlocal the community. Leadership Modesto program where they will build longterm relationships with key leaders in the business world and local community.

july 2020



Watch for details to come! We are working to relaunch our standing monthly meetings mid-July, so please stay tuned. We are developing the structure we need to host hybrid meetings that you will be able to attend virtually. Committees: - Economic Development Committee - Government Relations Council - Stanislaus Green Team - Business and Education


Programs: - Women in Business Network - Young Professionals Network - Technology Network - Stanislaus ReaCon Team


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org



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Simply register a FREE account and register your company with the Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Quickly fill out a few easy forms, enter your products and upload your supporting documentation.

We will electronically review your application, notify you if you have to correct any errors and approve once completed

4 Depending on your preferences, you can either download your certificate instantly, have a hard-copy mailed to you or have your documents sent for legalization/ apostille by one of our export specialists. june 2020 7


Back in 2007, we were demoralized to see Modesto on so many lists of the worst cities in America. We started to wonder what we could do in order to change the perspective on our city. We asked ourselves, “What would it look like if we were to all come together in order to love our city in tangible ways?� Out of this question, Love Modesto was born.

For 12 years now, Love Modesto has been putting on annual city-wide volunteer days as a way to celebrate and serve our community. These volunteer days consist of opportunities such as appreciating public servants, visiting convalescent homes, donating blood, building a house with Habitat for Humanity, working in city parks and schools, and much more.


We didn’t want the love for our community to stop at just one day out of the year however, so we launched three initiatives to provide opportunities to serve throughout the year. These three initiatives are Love Our Neighbors, which is focused on connecting community members with ongoing volunteer opportunities; Love Our Schools, which is committed to bringing together members from all different parts of our communities to support the health of our schools; and Love ALL Our Kids, which is dedicated to helping support foster children and families.


What started in Modesto has spread to over ninety cities across the country who are loving their cities just like us. Come join us on October 3rd when we will all come together to love Modesto! For more information and signing up to volunteer, please go to www.LoveModesto.com. Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

The Modesto Chamber Means Business IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NEVER BORING

JOIN US VIRTUALLY ON MONDAYS! FROM 4-4:30P.M. SAVING LOCAL BUSINESSES IN A CORONAVIRUS WORLD For more information please visit www.modchamber.org



july 2020


announcements Michael Schrader Named CEO For Health Plan Of San Joaquin When Michael Schrader became CEO in May of 2020, he brought to Health Plan of San Joaquin over 20 years of extensive managed care executive experience, including Medicaid (MediCal in California) and Medicare for Dual for Eligible Individuals (Special Needs Plan-SNP, and Cal MediConnect). A long-time runner, Schrader also goes the distance with a deep, careerspanning commitment to providing access to quality health care for vulnerable communities. He recently served over seven years as CEO at CalOptima (Orange County, CA). There he oversaw the doubling of membership under the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion and innovations such as creation of the first health plan-based PACE Center in California – an outlet that is part of the national Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Previously, he was chief operating officer at both Boston Medical Center (BMC) HealthNet Plan and CenCal Health (Santa Barbara).

Assuming leadership during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Schrader, who has a track record of supporting employee engagement and career development, let dedicated HPSJ staff know he appreciates their continuing rise to the occasion – even as most work remotely and without missing a beat – to serve members, providers, and community. He holds a B.S. from University of Arizona and an M.B.A from University of California, Los Angeles. He currently is chair of Local Health Plans of California.

Michael Schrader

About HPSJ Health Plan of San Joaquin, a not-for-profit, public health plan, has been serving members and the community since 1996. Located in the heart of California’s multicultural Central Valley, local HPSJ is the leading Medi-Cal managed care provider, serving over 91% of Medi-Cal recipients in San Joaquin County and over 68% in Stanislaus County. HPSJ offers a broad network of providers and works closely with doctors to develop programs and services to ensure quality health care for almost 340,000 members who are mostly working families and children, as well as seniors and disabled residents.

Reina Assumes New Leadership Role At CapRadio Capital Public Radio (CapRadio) is pleased to announce the promotion of Jun Reina from Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer to Executive Vice President and General Manager. Responsible for all station operations and strategically guiding CapRadio’s growth into the future, Reina assumed the organization’s top leadership role on July 1, 2020.


Reina takes the new role after more than 13 years at CapRadio, where he served as CFO from 2007-2012 before being promoted to COO/CFO. During his tenure, Reina achieved 12 years of positive operating results and played an instrumental role in growing a 45-person, $5 million organization to the 75-person, $16.8 million organization that it is today, including its planned expansion to a new headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

He also helped acquire the license to KUOP — 91.3 FM — which provides local and NPR news programming to Modesto and the surrounding region. Reina was named CFO of the Year Honoree in 2014 by the Sacramento Business Journal, actively serves on the boards of non-profit and arts organizations, and is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum – MVC. Born and raised in the Philippines, Jun Reina Reina attended the Ateneo de Manila University and graduated with a degree in the University’s Honors Program in Management. He is also an Executive Scholar at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management — Center for Non-Profit Management. CapRadio serves California’s Capital Region, Central Valley and Sierra Nevada as the public-supported alternative to forprofit media. As the NPR-member station based in Sacramento, CapRadio connects with communities through seven broadcast stations, live streaming, podcasts, digital communities, live experiences and more. Learn more at capradio.org.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org


Doctors Medical Center Holds Blessing of the Hands for Employees Doctors Medical Center held a special event for its employees in honor of Hospital Week (May 10-16, 2020). Blessing of the Hands, recognizing the sacredness of healing, is a tradition in healthcare dating back to the 19th Century. It's designed to bring encouragement and renewal to healthcare professionals. Doctors Medical Center Chaplain Jeremy Brown pours warm, refreshing water over the hands while offering a blessing. This multi-faith tradition was held at numerous times throughout the week and all employees were welcome to participate.



You made us the last locally-owned body shop. Your Neighbors, Brent & Stephanie Burnside

Choose Burnside. #TheLastLocalShop (209) 521-6570 | www.BurnsideBodyShop.com july 2020


Santa Fe Avenue Bridge: New bridge (2020) that replaced the previous seismically deficient bridge.

Stanislaus County Department Of Public Works Who We Are … Stanislaus County Department of Public Works has over 100 employees who strive to uphold the mission of managing and improving infrastructure through safe and efficient use of resources and assets for the benefit of our citizens. With a goal of leading the way in innovative stewardship of infrastructure and environment, Public Works’ nine divisions are dedicated to serve residents within the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County. What We’re Up To … Bridging The Gap


Public Works is moving into 4 years of Measure L funding to maintain the aging infrastructure within the County, including bridges. Our local sales tax measure not only contributes greatly to maintenance and preservation of our pavements countywide, but it also contributes to the local match of replacing our aging bridges. The federal Highway Bridge Program is the primary source of funding for bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects. However, local agencies are responsible for approximately 11.5% of the cost to deliver a federally funded bridge project.

Crows Landing Road Bridge: Existing (1949) scour critical and seismically deficient bridge that will be replaced in 2020-2022. 12

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

Hickman Road Bridge: Existing (1964) scour critical and seismically deficient bridge that will be replaced in 2020-2021. Our Measure L local sales tax measure is funding the local match portions of our current bridge replacement projects. Right now, the County is in the process of delivering three of their largest river crossings that were identified as structurally deficient bridges, as they did not meet modern seismic structural standards. The Santa Fe Avenue Bridge over the Tuolumne River replacement project will be completed in the summer of 2020 at an approximate final cost of $13 million. The other two bridges in the works to be replaced are the Hickman Road Bridge over the Tuolumne River and the Crows Landing Road Bridge over the San Joaquin River. The Hickman Road bridge replacement project began in June 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2021 at an approximate cost of $18M. The Crows Landing Road bridge replacement project will be advertised for bids in July 2020 and is scheduled to get underway in spring of 2021, with a completion date of fall of 2023, at a price tag of approximately $18M.

advocacy july 2020


The Children’s Crisis Center:

Supporting Our Community And Advocating For Children The Children’s Crisis Center of Stanislaus County (CCC) is a private non-profit organization that serves our local community, offering child abuse prevention and intervention services. Since 1980, the CCC has been dedicated to protecting local children threatened by harmful family situations of crisis, abuse and neglect. The Crisis Center shields endangered children within “safe houses” located throughout Stanislaus County in the cities of Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale, and Ceres. Each safe house attends to the needs of high-risk children and is furnished to inspire feelings of ease, security, learning, recovery and trust for every child. Seven days per week, 24 hours per day, our doors are opened to greet battered children with a home atmosphere that offers meals, baths, fresh clothing, nurturing and educational activities. All services are prevention based and provided without charge or cost to families. Current events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly impacted children and families in Stanislaus County and have distinctly affected the Children’s Crisis Center’s operations in several ways. In mid-March, the CCC found it necessary to apply for a special waiver from California

Community Care Licensing, permitting an expansion of program activities to accommodate local concerns associated with the unique circumstances surrounding this public health crisis. This waiver broadens our program service availability to include service provision to children of essential service workers and increased daily service capacity to allow even greater numbers of children to be admitted into our program each day.


Overall, the CCC has remained flexible and innovated in our response to community need; and has incorporated many new procedures into our daily operations to achieve alignment with COVID-19 precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of children, families, and employees. Many newly added procedures, combined with an expanded service capacity, have required the CCC to elevate staffing levels, augment our employee base, procure additional program supplies and expend more of our limited resources. To learn more about our program please visit our website www. childrenscrisiscenter.com.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

CHAMBER MEMBER highLIGHT Casa de Modesto: Vision for Support and Change By Curt Willems / Executive Director With the media focused on the darkness of the coronavirus and protests, it is easy to find ourselves feeling buried in the constant negativity and darkness rather than seeing anything positive during these times of turmoil. It is often difficult to see that we have been planted for an opportunity for growth and change rather than buried with nothing to look forward to but difficulty and despair. There are things out of our control and changes taking place it seems daily; however, there is a hope that there is something good that will be produced for us all in the end, if we are willing to look for opportunities and possibilities set before us rather than the perceived negativity for our future.

Staying safe, checking employees for COVID-19. You have the opportunity to make a difference today in the lives of our residents. Casa de Modesto is a not-for-profit senior living community providing the highest quality of care at all levels which include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehab Care.

As part of the Casa de Modesto’s care and commitment to our residents, benevolent support has been established through donations and gifts to confidentially provide assistance to all residents who might have financial needs. We rely on donations to help fund these efforts along with other not-for-profit necessities here at Casa de Modesto.

At Casa de Modesto, they tore down the studio/1 bedroom cottages that were built at the beginning in 1965. The portion was cleared out and they are building 30 units to replace them to be completed sometime early in 2021.

For more information and to be a part of our success, visit www. casademodesto.org or call 209-5294950. july 2020


We have served our community for 55 years so that you can remain in one community, a “Home to Come Home to” for the “rest” of your life. This Retirement Community is helping to lift each other up and find success and purpose as we share in the lives of those around us particularly during these challenging times.


Gowans Celebrates 100 Years Of Printing Business In Modesto Story & Photos By Virginia Still Gowans Printing Company was established in 1920 and has been in business in Modesto for 100 years. This is quite the accomplishment for a small family owned business and even more so for a business in the printing industry withstanding the digital age. Owners Bruce and Terry Gowans are cousins that have grown up together and have been working in the printing business since they were kids. “We want to thank our community for supporting us all this time,” stated the Gowans. “Our longevity of being here and the work that we do, our customer service, our honesty and making sure people feel good when they leave as well as making sure they get what they ordered is what we are about.”


The struggle for small business has been seen and felt with the threat of COVID-19 shutting things down and halting life as we know it. Then as other businesses were starting to reopen there were protests held in downtown Modesto so many businesses boarded up and shut their doors once again. Gowans had concerns for their business as well.


While 2020 started off pretty good in January and February, then COVID-19 hit and they lost most of their business leaving them with about only 10 percent. “It has brought our business to a stop just like others in town,” expressed Bruce. “We remained opened truly to the fact that we have law enforcement, food and medical. We have essential customers that have to have stuff. So we fought our way through it. So we are hoping the wheels start turning here really quick. We will see if California starts getting going.” The essential businesses have kept the printing firm afloat during these unprecedented times. The small business with a staff of nine people have worked together for many years and are a tight knit group that are knowledgeable in the printing industry. They are masters at their craft with over 50 years of experience and they offer a variety of products like union printing, election printing, booklets, brochures, contracts, flyers, invitations, letterhead, business cards, posters, programs and much more.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

Everything is done in-house and their talented graphic designer Paula Auld is ready to create logos, business forms, newsletters, post cards, catalogs and other products. One of Sales Manager Debbie Humphrey’s favorite things about the business is sitting down with clients and developing their printed piece. “As the sales manager here I have to tell you our stuff is beautiful and it is right because of everybody here, they know what they are doing,” said Humphrey. “It has made my job so easy. I have been in printing since 1981 and, I am telling you what, these guys know what they are doing.”

They have been members of the Modesto Chamber for 85 years. Their grandfather Alan partnered with Fletcher in 1920 and started the printing business. His two sons took over the business and ran it until 1981, then cousins Bruce and Terry took over and have run it ever since. From a very young age both the boys spent time at the business and were being groomed to eventually run it. At around 10 years old Bruce was learning to run the old machines and later Terry was delivering the products. “From what we were told to make that work my grandmother was picking chickens at the time,” added Bruce. “Doing her part and he was running the business making a dollar a week or whatever it was back then. It wasn’t much. We have some ledgers from the late 20s where the whole entire month would be $800 total profits.” They have been in the same building at 1310 H St., Modesto since 1957 and before that the business was located on 10th Street in Modesto.

There are many things that have changed in the printing industry and the Gowans have tried to keep up with advancing technology including updating the machinery. “A lot of it has changed, obviously like now it is digital and before it was a printing press,” stated Terry. “That is the only way we can compete nowadays because everything is short run printing. You are not running the huge stacks of paper like you used to. We still do occasionally but not like in the past so having that niche is good too. We try to stay within our thing. There are things we don’t do and we don’t try to do. So we are honest with our customers. We will do whatever you want but we will also get you to where you get the best deal.” “My dad told me years ago, you please 25 people they tell one but you make one person mad they tell 25,” stated Bruce. “That is the truth.” Mainly the business provides services for Modesto and surrounding areas but they also have had clients from all over California including San Diego and the Bay Area. They try to support the community in a variety of ways such as donating memorials for fallen police officers, printing materials for the Boyett golf tournament, and the Police Activity League. “We are here for the community,” expressed Humphrey. “People that come through those doors are like our friends. We love that. We have a great relationship with our customers from top to bottom.” The have business ledgers from the 1920s that have written accounts of all their former customers like the post office, MID, JS West and the Elks Club among many more. Through the years they have seen a lot of changes and many businesses come and go. These days they both said it is tough to be a business owner. Although the future is uncertain, Gowans Printing Company will remain open and continue their fight to keep their family business of 100 years alive. There are not too many businesses that can say that they have been open for a century and they are all proud of that and it shows in the quality of their work. “There are times we have hung on by our claws to get through periods,” added Bruce. “I can see that coming right now with this COVID thing. We are so grateful to our loyal customers and the referrals. We are very fortunate for them.” july 2020


There is a wall showcasing some things that are important to them in the entryway like a couple of thank you letters from former Sheriff Adam Christianson, a 50-year Chamber member plaque from the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of Congressional Recognition for 100th Anniversary from Representative Josh Harder, thank you plaque from Stanislaus County Police Activities League, a plaque from California State Assemblyman Heath Flora for 100 years in business, and an original black and white photo of Gowans Printing Company from 1920 with founder Alan Gowans, his partner Fletcher, and staff.


Chamber Ambassador Spotlight Jennifer Valverve When I was seeking a way to network with local businesses and give back to my community, I found that volunteering with the chamber was a perfect fit. I have been on the welcome team committee for the Modesto chamber since January, consistently attending ribbon cuttings, and grand openings. I have truly enjoyed getting to know other small businesses, and some wonderful members of our community. Through my involvement I have become an Ambassador team member, and I am grateful to witness how the chamber really desires the community to know how much they care and are willing to go the extra mile to support small businesses. Being involved has also helped me to share my business with others. Safeguard by Matt Dempewolf and Associates has been serving the Central Valley for over 30 years. Safeguard seeks to help local small businesses grow by offering a wide range of services to help market their business. From printing to promotional, apparel and beyond we are prepared to make your business shine, and grow.





Gowans Printing Co. DF Engineering, Inc. American Chevrolet Pastenieks, Bucheli & Falasco, LLP Family First Medical Care Save Mart Supermarkets Food Maxx

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

With the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, Safeguard has added a full line of Personal Protective Equipment, and related products. We recognize the importance of not only keeping employees and clients safe, but offering them confidence and reassurance as we return to business as usual. I am very glad we sought this networking opportunity and Jennifer Valverve became members of the Modesto Chamber, not only has it offered me professional growth but also personal growth. I invite you to come out to events soon and get involved in our community.




SALES OFFICES Oakdale 209-847-3021

Manteca 209-249-3505

Turlock 19 209-634-9141 june 2020


president’s club Circle Of Influence


Diamond Level

Bank of the West (Dale Road)

Maxx Value Foods

Save Mart Supermarkets

Bank of the West (H Street)

Blue Diamond Growers

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Save Mart Supermarkets

Bank of the West (McHenry)

Blue Diamond Growers

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Save Mart Supermarkets - Corp Office

Bank of the West (Pelandale)

Caliber Collision

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Seven-Up Bottling Co. of Modesto/Varni Brothers

Beard Land and Investment Co.

California State University, Stanislaus

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)


Capax - Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc.

Care One Home Health and Hospice, Inc.

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Solecon Industrial Contractors

Doctors Behavioral Health

Central Sanitary Supply Co.

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Solid Networks, Inc.


Central Valley Automotive

Mister Car Wash (Prime Shine Car Wash)

Stanislaus Food Products Co.

Doctors Medical Center-DMC

Central Valley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

Mocse Credit Union

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital

Frito-Lay Co., Inc.

Central Valley Nissan

Mocse Credit Union

Stifel Investment Services

Pacific Southwest Container, Inc.

Central Valley Volkswagen Hyundai

Modesto Toyota

Storer Coachways

Physician Referral Service-DMC

Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino


Sutter Gould Medical Foundation


Clark Pest Control

NT Nail Spa

The Century and Nine3One

COIT Services Inc.

O'Brien's Market

The Farmacy

Gold Level

Collins Electrical

O'Brien's Market

The Modesto Bee

Crystal Creamery


O'Brien's Market

TSM Insurance & Financial Services

Doubletree by Hilton Modesto

Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva

Oak Valley Community Bank

Turlock Irrigation District

EMOE, Division of Parker

Del Monte Plant #1

Oak Valley Community Bank

Union Bank

Hannifin Corp.

English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Hospital

Oak Valley Community Bank

US Bank

Encompass Health Rehabilitation

Exceed GPR & Locating, LLC

Opportunity Stanislaus

US Bank

of Modesto

F&M Bank (Carpenter Road)

Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

US Bank (Modesto Main)

Fiscalini Cheese Company

F&M Bank (Dale Road)

Panelized Structures Inc.

US Bank Turlock

IHeart Media

F&M Bank (McHenry)

Pepsi Bottling Group

Valley BMW

Modesto Irrigation District

Flooring Liquidators, Inc.

PMZ Real Estate

Valley Children's Healthcare

Modesto Nuts Professional

Flowers Baking Co. of Modesto, LLC

Residence Inn by Marriott Modesto North

Valley Children's Healthcare


Food Maxx

Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc.

Valley First Credit Union

Nestle USA - Carnation


Rogers Jewelry

Valley First Credit Union (Dale Branch)

Sutter Health Valley Area

Galletto Ristorante

Rogers Jewelry Co.

Valley First Credit Union Administrative Offices

Sysco Central California Inc.

Gianelli Nielsen

Rose Bouquet

Valley Lexus

Gilton Solid Waste Mgmt, Inc.

Round Table Pizza #1033

Vintage Faire Mall/Macerich Company

platinum Level

Golden Valley Health Centers

Round Table Pizza #1034

W.H. Breshears, Inc.

E & J Gallo Winery

Golden Valley Health Centers

Round Table Pizza #186

Warden's Office Furniture Outlet

Kaiser Permanente

Golden Valley Health Centers

Round Table Pizza #701

Warden's Office Products Center

Golden Valley Health Centers

Round Table Pizza, Corporate

Wells Fargo Bank

silver Level

Golden Valley Health Centers

San Joaquin Valley College

Wells Fargo Bank

American Chevrolet

Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc.

Save Mart Supermarkets

Wells Fargo Bank

American Medical Response

Grover Landscape Services, Inc.

Save Mart Supermarkets

Wells Fargo Bank

Atherton & Associates, LLP

Infiniti of Modesto

Save Mart Supermarkets

Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency

Audi Modesto

International Paper Co.

Save Mart Supermarkets

Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency

Bank of Stockton - Dale Road

JS West & Companies

Save Mart Supermarkets

Yosemite Meat Co., Inc.

Bank of Stockton - Modesto Main Branch

Lewis Capital Advisors

Save Mart Supermarkets

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to this MONTH'S milestone memberships

80 + years Gowans Printing Co.

50 + years DF Engineering, Inc Gilton Solid Waste Mgmt, Inc. Warden's Office Products Center PMZ Real Estate

25 + years

15 + years Kaiser Permanente Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc. STANCO Cal Nut Marketing, Inc. BAC Community Bank Inter-Faith Ministries Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions McCoy Tire Co., Inc. Central West Ballet Petrulakis Law & Advocacy, APC Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency The Grove Jay's Trophy Shop Umpqua Bank Galletto Ristorante Modesto Chamber of Commerce

10 + years Modesto City-County Airport Pastenieks, Bucheli & Falasco, LLP

5 + years Modesto Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) The Bogan Law Firm Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Beard Quality Nut Company, LLC. O'Dell Engineering Family First Medical Care Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Save Mart Supermarkets Maxx Value Foods Food Maxx El Rio Memory Care july 2020


Downtown Improvement District (DID) Modesto Symphony Orchestra Association DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance of Modesto Ambeck Mortgage Associates American Chevrolet The State Theatre





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Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

july 2020


education EDUCATION

Stanislaus County Library Continues Serving Community


Libraries are important to the growth of a healthy community. Libraries give people the opportunity to find jobs, explore medical research, experience new ideas, get lost in wonderful stories, while at the same time providing a sense of place for gathering. Public libraries in the United States play an essential role in providing safe, accessible, and 100% free educational resource centers for every member in communities across the country. When libraries open their doors, they become shelters, learning centers, and employment centers for the most underserved population. They provide free access to educational, news, and historical resources, as well as help keep the public informed with facts rather than confused with fiction.


Libraries help to provide important resources to a diverse community ranging from small local businesses owners to non-English speaking community members. Libraries are also championing for our youth, annual summer reading programs also have a positive impact on student performance and, according to a 2010 study conducted by Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science, students’ reading skills get a boost from these popular nationwide events. Through library collections, programs, and physical spaces, children learn to share, to be engaged in their communities, to participate in the arts, and to explore their immediate world and the world at large.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

The Stanislaus County Library continues to do its part to support the community even with its doors closed. They are providing various resources and online remote access, making it possible for those who can’t get to the library to still access the library’s cultural and educational offerings. From virtual escape rooms to ebooks and free Wi-Fi. They are providing stability and community support in the midst of uncertainty. Check out what is going on! Stanislaus County Library’s Virtual Escape Page Below you will find links to Virtual Escape Rooms created by library staff. We plan to add games monthly. In an Escape Room (also known as a Panic or Breakout Room), you are invited to discover clues and solve puzzles to achieve a certain goal. Virtual Escape Rooms are nice because you can either work alone or with a group, but you are not timed. LINK: https://sites.google.com/view/scllibrary/home

While libraries are closed, please enjoy our digital materials, including eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, and streaming video on the eResources tab, where you’ll find links to resources from CloudLibrary, Hoopla, RBDigital, and more. In addition, we’ve compiled other free resources available online, including at-home learning resources for students and parents, free eBooks, eAudiobooks, online story presentations and author talks, as well as virtual tours of famous museums, zoos and aquariums. Visit our More Free Online Resources page and come back often as we add more resources you can use. Library Wi-Fi Free library Wi-Fi is now available outside the Modesto Library. Daily access is available 8 am to 8 pm in the library parking lot 7 days a week. http://www.stanislauslibrary.org/ eAudio, eBooks, eMovies, and eMusic

eBooks, movies, music, and television shows. All Hoopla content is available on demand. No holds necessary. No waiting. Users can access their selections via online streaming. Audiobooks may be temporarily downloaded to a mobile device for listening without an internet connection. Link: https://www.hoopladigital.com/ Stanislaus County Libraries are temporarily closed to the public. Stanislaus County Libraries began offering modified services on Monday, March 23, including telephone reference, book recommendations, and no-contact pick-up of library materials (holds). Call (209) 558-7814 in Modesto, or call your local branch. Prior to closing libraries, we modified cleaning procedures and cancelled public programs. We routinely post health hygiene recommendations for the public and staff to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

During this time, Hoopla Digital is now including a “Bonus Borrows” collection of approximately 1,100 titles, across all formats. The titles in this collection are free checkouts and will not count against your monthly limit of 5 borrows. You can check out as many titles as you would like. To find the list of titles, search by bonus borrows in the Hoopla search box. You can filter by format once the list of titles displays.

Sign up to receive news about library programs and services delivered straight to your inbox!

The Stanislaus County Library offers Hoopla Digital, a refreshingly quick — and free — way to get audiobooks, comics,

For further questions or inquiries please visit: http://www. stanislauslibrary.org/

You can now subscribe to the library’s monthly calendar of events, as well as periodic email blasts from your local library. These emails come in an engaging format that are easily accessible from a computer or mobile device.

For the fifth year in a row, Valley Children’s is recognized as one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, ranking in Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Neonatology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Pulmonology & Lung Surgery and Urology.


Enjoy these free online resources

We are proud of this national recognition and honored by the trust families have placed in us for nearly seven decades.

july 2020


education 26

In response to the current “shelter in place” order, the Leadership Modesto Steering Committee, with support from the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, is extending the 2019 – 2020 class year, to the 2019 – 2021 class year. This is to provide the current class, whose planned schedule was suspended in March, time to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic professionally and resume the planned class schedule when we are all truly moving on from this. This year’s class enjoyed their leadership experience, day trips, and class project planning through the halfway point of the annual schedule. With the time uncertainty that represents the fluidity of this unprecedented crisis, it felt most fair to the time and financial investment of this class and to suspend the schedule for the rest of this year. This will allow them to resume and complete their Leadership Modesto experience starting back up in January 2021. Their graduation will be celebrated in June of 2021. Please check the Modesto Chamber of Commerce website in early 2021 for information on the next upcoming class. For any additional questions please email leadershipmodesto@gmail.com or info@modchamber.org

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

Assistant CEO Keith Boggs to Retire After Nearly 30 Years of Service Stanislaus County announces the retirement of Assistant Executive Officer Keith Boggs on June 23rd. His transition into retirement leaves a legacy including decades of leadership and many lasting contributions throughout the organization and community. Boggs began his career with the County in 1991 as an Eligibility Worker I in the Community Services Agency focusing on all aspects of case management. By 1996 Keith was promoted into the Chief Executive office to the position of Assistant Management Consultant. His career at the County has included multiple departments and titles to include; Interim Animal Services Director, Senior Management Consultant, Interim Public Information Officer, Deputy Executive Officer, General Services Agency Director and Assistant Executive Officer.

His significant recognitions include a Technology Fellowship from the Community Technology Foundation, a Jean & Clyde Dunlap Literacy Award Recipient, the 28th Annual Dale Butler Equal Rights Award Recipient, the California State Association of Counties Challenge Award for the County Youth Mentoring Program, Stanislaus County Effective Partnership Award and the Great Valley Bookfest Literary Hero Award.

Keith Boggs “Keith has brought an unwavering level of energy and passion to our organization,” said County Chief Executive Officer Jody Hayes. “His dedication to building a better community remains as strong today as it was the first day he began County service, and we wish him the very best on his new adventure.” Following retirement, he will remain engaged through an ongoing assignment to guide the future vision of the Crows Landing Industrial Business Park. The County has welcomed former Hughson City Manager Raul Mendez to begin the transition into Assistant CEO, assuming responsibility for Mr. Boggs’ assignments.

We got you covered.


Several key projects and initiatives have served as hallmark efforts throughout Boggs’ tenure, including the Crows Landing Naval Air Base, the Westside Healthcare Advisory Task Force, Connecting Stanislaus – Digital Divide strategies, Facilities Fees developments, Stanislaus County Regional Tourism Roundtable, Earl Pride Scholarship Committee and the creator of the long-standing County Youth Mentoring Program.

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Downtown Streets Team: Before, During And After COVID-19 By Greg Pensinger, Director / Stanislaus County Downtown Street Team At the core of Downtown Streets Team’s model is our Structured Daily Activity in which our Team Members go out into the community in teams to pick up litter and other discarded debris. In our first year in Modesto (2019) our Team Members collected over 240,000 pounds of trash and over 1300 syringes from the Modesto community. More important than the trash that our Teams collect is the opportunities our Team Members have to make positive changes in their lives.


Our Team Members have reported improved physical and mental health, increased confidence, a higher sense of community pride, and an expanded social and professional network as a result of their participation with DST.


All of these are foundational to their setting and achieving goals such as employment and housing, and, indeed, many of our past and present Team Members have already achieved those goals or are working toward them with our case managers.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I ModChamber.org

The onset of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent Shelter in Place orders threatened to disrupt the momentum we had built over the past year. After all, our Team Members often draw structure in their lives from their participation on the Team and from their peers. Our staff went to great lengths to make sure that our Team Members stayed connected and focused on their goals despite not having regular in-person contact. By and large, our Team of 38 individuals – all of whom are currently or at risk of becoming homeless – maintained contact with our staff and many worked more diligently than before toward their goals. As a result of our Team Members and staff working together, we were able to successfully relaunch our cleanup projects in early June. When you see our Team Members in their yellow shirts cleaning up the community, make sure and honk to say hi! For more information about The Downtown Street Team or to help support please go to https://www.streetsteam. org/modesto or call (209) 702-1481. 1003 10th Street Ste. A, Modesto, CA 95354

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1.800.94CAPAX • 209.526.3110 Giddings, Corby, Hynes Lic# 0144783

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Profile for Manteca Bulletin

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