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Saturday, June 5, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. * Sunday, June 6, 10 a.m



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CAR SHOW - Located at 100 Block Main Street - Sunday Only

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

M A N T E C A • L AT H R O P • R I P O N • T U R L O C K • D E N A I R


THE FUN IS BACK! CROSSROADS STREET FAIRE IS THIS WEEKEND Free downtown Manteca event features record number of vendors as well as sweet salute to Manteca’s watermelon By DENNIS WYATT The Bulletin

The Crossroads Street Faire is back. And it’s bigger than ever. It’s been 19 months since any traditional downtown street fair has been staged in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. The last in Manteca was 20 months ago when the 2019 Sunrise Kiwanis Pumpkin Fair took place on downtown streets. The last big festival was the Ripon Almond Blossom Festival the last weekend in February 2020. The lockdowns to deal with the pandemic, of course, triggered street fair cancellations as well as other large outdoor festivals and gatherings. R a p i d l y improving conditions aligned with a gamble the Manteca Chamber of Commerce made six months ago to switch from the traditional first weekend in April to this Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., both days makes the Crossroads Street Faire the perfect opportunity to leave severe lockdowns behind, celebrate life, and get acquainted — or reacquainted — with downtown Manteca. First, things first: There are a record 262 vendor booth spaces taken. That includes around 100 artisans and crafters working on everything from metal to ceramics. There also are 40 food vendors that can cure your Lockeford Sausage withdrawal pains, provide a quick snack/meal, a cool drink or a sweet treat to those that sell specialty nuts, honey, and such for you to take home and enjoy later. Organizers have shared how craft/artisan vendors have told them they have built up a big inventory of handmade items during the pandemic meaning the selection will be better than normal. At the same time vendors that have never been a part of the Crossroads Street Faire have signed up due to the recent dearth of street fairs. Making the 24th staging of the Crossroads Street Faire even more sweet was a decision to take advantage of the early June date to wed it with a watermelon festival. Some of the sweetest watermelon in the planet comes out of the fields around Manteca. The reason is simple, as melon expert and broker Art Perry has shared over the years. Watermelons are a fruit like grapes. Just like grapes that do best in welldrained soil with hot weather during the day and cooling temperatures brought by Delta breezes overnight, watermelons also get sweeter under the same conditions. Of course, lots of watering helps too. It is why Manteca-based George Perry & Sons is the largest melon broker on the West Coast. Not only do almost 80 percent of the commercially grown pumpkins in California roll out of the fields of Manteca every fall but so does a good share of the watermelon crop. George Perry & Sons has stepped up to sponsor free watermelon games for kids. The list includes the traditional summer favorite — watermelon eating contests — along with watermelon rolling, and guessing the weight of watermelons for a chance to win a watermelon. There will also be a wealth of low-tech games such as bean bag tossing and more. While those games are free, there also

Bulletin file photo

The food court row is shown at a previous street fair along Sycamore Avenue.

will be small scale carnival rides for kids plus pony rides. It is all taking part at Library Park. There is a beer garden in Wilson Park behind the post office that will also feature live bands both days. And if you are itching to hit the road or the water after being cooped up with pandemic lockdowns for the last year plus, Manteca Trailer & RV along with boat dealers are staging an RV and boat show both days on Maple Avenue. There is also a car show Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Main Street. The free street fair is also a great place to people watch or meet up with old friends.

Manteca Wellness Center is for everyone who has a mental health diagnosis, or, has self-identified stress, anxiety, depression. Services are available to adults 18 years & older.

Of course, current COVID-19 protocols need to be followed which primarily consists of wearing face masks. If you forget to bring one, they will be available for free at the chamber’s information booth. This is a good time to take a look at what stores and restaurants in the downtown area offer. While many are blocked off by booths, take a walk behind vendors and check out specialty retail stores, traditional and ethnic retailers, as well as restaurants. Don’t limit your browsing to the blocks where the street fair is taking place. Just on the edge and an easy walk are places like Super La Altena Market in the 200 block of East Yosemite that has an impres-

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sive, favorable, and reasonably priced fresh prepared foods counter. There is minimal seating — two small tables. But they have a huge following for takeout and you’ll see why after the first bite. This is also a time to appreciate the 30 plus murals made possible through the efforts of the Manteca Mural Society that grace downtown walls. They are even more impressive up close on foot than driving past them in a car. Also near perfect weather is in the forecast with light breezes and high temperatures brushing the low 90s. To contact Dennis Wyatt, email dwyatt@


ellness Center

609 West Center Street Manteca, CA 95337-4456 209/707-3767 A PLACE TO DISCOVER, RECOVER & GROW!!! A PROGRAM OF PEER RECOVERY SERVICES

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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

The bulletin

MANTECA ROLLS OUT A LOT OF WATERMELONS George Perry & Sons built on what Ed Powers started 107 years By DENN I S WYAT T Th e Bu lletin

Delfino Perry had no idea he was planting the seeds 91 years ago for what would become the West Coast’s largest melon brokering and growing firms. He was just pursuing his dream of pursuing a better life in America with the aim of keeping family together and faith in God strong. Today that dream is going strong with three generations working side-by-side year round bringing farmers and retailers together by growing, brokering and distributing a wide repertoire of melons including watermelons and pumpkins Some 1,000 plus trucks roll out of Perry & Son’s Manteca yard laden with pumpkins by the time Halloween rolls around. It is part of the 55,000 tons of pumpkins grown in the area. Another major player in pumpkin shipping is Van Groningen & Sons east of Manteca. Delfino left the Azores in 1906 via Ellis Island. He ended up in California in 1906 first landing in San Luis Obispo and the Oakland and eventually making his way to Modesto before settling Manteca. He started a small dairy on Jack Tone Road and started growing sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and water melon. His brother farmed on Brunswick Rod where the Perry & Sons main yard is now located just north of Manteca. During the Great Depression, his brother opted to find employment in Oakland which is how Delfino came to farm on Brunswick Road. Art started working on the farm at an early age. His father George Sr. kept having to stop and get off the tractor while he was working the field and then get back on and move again. That is what prompted George Sr. to teach 5-year-old Art how to drive the tractor so he could be more efficient doing his work. Perry & Sons pumpkins started on handshake George Perry & Sons’ pumpkin busi-

Bulletin file photo

The late George Perry Sr. the patriarch of Perry & Sons melons is flanked by sons Art and George.

ness was born on a handshake with the late Antone Raymus. George Sr. wanted to farm acreage that Raymus owned near the old Summer Home School on Cottage Avenue. They came to an agreement that Raymus would get a share of the crop receipts as payment for use of the land. When George Sr. wanted to put it in writing Raymus refused noting that a handshake was good enough for him. It is that philosophy of “doing the right thing” by customers that has made the name “Perry & Son” synonymous with quality and dependability among clients ranging from chain stores to chain restaurants. While Perry & Sons is a dominate force in the California watermelon and pumpkin market, they have also extended sales farther east to Colorado and even New Jersey thanks to firms looking for assurances of quality and timely delivery.

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Manteca is the major source of California pumpkins with roughly 80 percent of the commercial crop grown around the community. It is for the same reason watermelons that come from here are considered among the best thanks to soil conditions, hot days, and cool nights. Perry & Sons move a lot of watermelons George Perry & Sons has come a long way since George Sr. planted his first four acres of pumpkins on Cottage Avenue near Southland Road in 1958. Back then, the pumpkins and melons were tossed into the back of a truck and dropped off at markets. Today, family members equipped with smartphones and accessing I-Trade on the Internet grow, sell, and broker enough melons to keep trucks rolling a day to markets up and down the West Coast as well as Canada.

They are also in the middle of the Manteca watermelon harvest 107 years after Ed Powers shipped the first rail car of the fruit grown for the first time in 1914 on the fabled sandy plains before irrigation transformed the area into an oasis for orchards and vineyards. The firm has built working relationships with growers in Arizona, Mexico, the Imperial Valley, and the San Joaquin Valley to move to market a wide variety of melons and squash throughout the year. They’re most noted for pumpkins as they are literally the biggest pumpkin brokers in the West and Manteca the largest pumpkin-growing region on the Pacific Coast. California’s climate — plus its location close to arid areas such as Mexico and Arizona that can grow fruit and vegetables in the winter months — gives Golden State consumers the freshest and most varied produce in the world. The family has applied science, with marketing, business savvy, personal relationships, farm know-how, and even international business expertise to become a force in the melon business. Perry & Sons ship as far away as Japan. But it is what they — and other growers — have done with the melon itself that is the most important. Back when George Sr. started out markets wanted big 20-pound watermelons that were known as “stripers” for what appears as alternating yellow and green stripes. Then it was the bright green watermelons. Today there are numerous species with “numbered variations” such as the one that develops the sweetest watermelon from Manteca soil. Consumers started eating more watermelon when growers found ways to give them the seedless variety they wanted by cross-pollination. The most recent rage is so-called personal watermelons. To contact Dennis Wyatt, e-mail

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The bulletin

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

Downtown Manteca: 209’s biggest art canvas By DENNIS WYATT The Bulletin

Tracy has the Grand Theatre for the Arts. Stockton has the Haggin Museum. Turlock has the Carnegie Arts Center. Modesto has the Mistlin Gallery. And Manteca has its downtown murals. When it comes to art displays nobody in the 209 has a bigger arts venue or larger canvasses than Manteca. The Manteca Mural Society has brought 32 wall murals to the heart of Manteca since 2002. The last mural completed was the “Mossdale Crossing” on the side of the Spin Cycle in the 100 block of East Yosemite. The mural depicts the last physical link to allow the transcontinental railroad completed on Sept. 8, 1869. And if you add the murals advanced arts students have completed since 1996 that grace the walls of the downtown Manteca High campus, the overall number is in excess of 150 murals. In addition there are four Manteca Mural Society commissioned murals at the Manteca Senior Center. While the Manteca High murals require you trying to make special arrangements to tour the campus to see them, the downtown murals can be viewed during a pleasant walking tour loop covering the equivalent of 12 blocks. It is an ideal diversion given pandemic rules now in place. Each mural tells its own story. They speak volumes about Manteca, its people, and the community’s place in the world. The murals are the result of a methodical planning process that solicits commissioned small scale prototypes for each mural that has lured muralists from as far away as Ireland and

has brought professionals whose works grace walls in Europe, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and even exclusive villas to Manteca. While the work is priceless, together they represent almost a $900,000 investment by the community in public art. The biggest endeavor — a series of five murals honoring local ties to World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Global War on Terror — represent an investment of $125,000. The veterans murals — just like all the others — capture unique Manteca touches while having universal elements that have resonated with visitors viewing the murals who had never been to Manteca before. The faces in the World War II mural are of actual Manteca residents who served as is the case with the Korean War mural. The World War I mural used current Manteca residents as models. The veterans’ murals stand guard at the Yosemite Avenue and Main Street intersection at what is still the heart of the city on the side of the 101-year-old IOOF Building that now houses Manteca Bedquarters. To the south is the first mural dedicated in 2003 on the side of Century Furniture. The 20-by-78-foot “Crossroads” mural depicts what you would have seen looking at what is now downtown Manteca from a bench across the street 103 years ago. As a whimsical touch muralist Dave Gordon included a mural in the mural. The “Cruising” mural —a 14-by-138-foot creation adorning the wall of Accent Carpets in the 100 block of North Main Street — recreates the 1960s cruise on Yosemite Avenue from The Patio

The World War II mural is one of four murals honoring veterans along the Bedquarters at Yosemite Avenue and Main Street.


PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Operating at the Spin Cycle Laundry Lounge in Manteca Covering Manteca, Ripon and Lathrop






The “Manteca Snow” mural depicting the almond blossom season can be found along Manteca Avenue across from Library Park.

drawing power of murals. It was in a town where the lumber industry had been the major economic engine before its decline. One store owner commissioned a mural depicting the dying industry. Another store owner followed suit. Eventually there were more than a

dozen. The murals ended up becoming a big drawing card for the town and the merchants revamped their business to cater to the tourist trade. Ultimately, the mural society wants to do the same thing for downtown Manteca by making it a

major draw for visitors. The murals are also being pursued to promote community pride as well as to showcase Manteca’s culture, agriculture, and economy. To contact Dennis Wyatt, email


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Drive-in (where Johnny’s Restaurant is now located) past Manteca High and the El Rey Theatre to Main Street. Everything in the mural from the faces to the cars belongs to Mantecans of that era including Manteca Police officer Tillie Del Nero who would keep the eye on the Saturday night action. He’s seen in the mural leaning against a light post with his signature cigarette drooping from his mouth. There are also hidden gems such as personalized license plates that have special meaning to the cruisers of an era gone by. The beauty of “Cruising” is that it jars pleasant memories for people viewing it with no ties to Manteca. Several of the murals are community projects where volunteers teamed up with a professional muralist to complete the work. One such mural is “Manteca Snow” on Manteca Avenue across from Library Park. It depicts an almond orchard in bloom with delicate white and pink blossoms gracing a vibrant carpet of green grass with two boys and a girl frolicking in the falling blossoms that’s all framed by a massive window. You will find five murals in Library Park including the baseball mural depicting a ball game back in the 1920s when Library Park was the site of the city baseball diamond where town teams from up and down the valley competed including Turlock, Modesto, Patterson, Tracy, and Lodi to name a few. The 7.5-by-95 foot mural is filled with 100 plus local faces and even includes a train passing by just as you may encounter today visiting Library Park for a gathering around the gazebo. While at Library Park check out the interactive water play feature with history, geography, culture and native people touches into its design. Two of the remaining murals are wedded with miniature plazas. The Rotary mural in the 100 block of South Maple has benches, a water fountain and trees while the “Sierra Crown” mural — a large watercolor of Yosemite Valley on the side of the PG&E office faces a plaza created with boulders and brushed concrete to create the illusion of the Merced River flowing out of the mural in front of the Legion Hall at 220 East Yosemite. The Manteca Mural Society was inspired during Tom and Gayl Wilson’s vacation two decaded ago on Vancouver Island in British Columbia when they discovered the




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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

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2bd/1ba Lrg. Apt. East Manteca, new carpet, paint, upJobs grades. No pets/smk, $1050mo+dep. 209-328-1660

Help Wanted Riverbank Apartments Already in the Central trades? Just starting out and6108 looking for Road good Riverbank pay and benefits? Claus CA GATEWOOD HEATING AND AIR is now accepting for Journeyman 2, 3, 4applications Bedroom Apartments & Apprentice level installation and Disabled /Handicapped accessible, Service Technicians. Willing to train, pay Amenities DOE, 401K, medical,Included paid holidays and • vacation, Pool, Outdoor Picnic Area-Playground company vehicle + phone for • lead Washer & Dryer Hook Ups installation/service technicians. DMV and Criminal record a must. • Clean Work Out Center, Computer Lab application to gatewood@hub3. • Email Kitchen with: Refrigerator, Gas Stove, net or stop in to the office at 20695 Dishwasher N. Sunshine Rd. Sonora. Call with any Income restrictions apply questions 209-532-1473 CITY OFde RIVERBANK Apartamentos 2,3, 4 Dormitorios NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTLas Acceso Minusváldos/ Discapacitados. OFFICER I-II comodidades incluyen (PT to possible FT) • Piscina, Zona de Picnic al airelibre- The City of Riverbank is seeking Parque de niños applicants for the PT position of NIO • I-II. Conectores de Lavadora y Secadoras For info on the position and how apply visit Filing • toCentro de trabajo, Laboratoria de deadline is 06/21/2021 at 5:30 p.m. EOE Informática • Cocina con: Nevera, Cocina de gas, Come cruise with us! We offer flexible Lavavajillas schedules, valuable work experience, learning important people skills, Sesales aplican de ingresos and restricciones problem solving all in a fast paced environment! We have openings at (209) all 8 of863-2535 our locations in Call the Modesto, TDDfollowing Californiacities: RelayCeres, (800)735-2929 and Manteca. ThisRiverbank, institutionSalida, is an equal opportunity Apply online at Provider Job Type: Part-time Starting Pay: $14.00 per hour

PT Preschool Teacher@ Lions N’ Lambs. Desired Qualifications: Minimum of 12 ECE units 1-year experience. Hours: 4-5 hours daily; a total of 20-25 hrs Mon-Fri. A current CPR & First Aid cert. is desired. Apply by emailing your Resume to

Mobile Homes for Rent

((TRAVEL TRAILER LOT ONLY)) Escalon SEEKING A LICENSED Commercial Travel Trailer/RV space available for rent Insuranceincludes Accountw/s/g Manager for our $495/mo No pets. Call Oakdale, CA location. Email resume to 209-568-1941 SEEKING A LICENSED Life & Health Insurance Account Manager for our Oakdale, CA location. Email resume to RETIRED COUPLE$$$$ for business


purpose Real Estate Loans. Credit unimportant. V.I.P. Trust Deed Company Call 818-248-0000 Real Estate Broker-principal DRE 01041073. No consumer loans. for (Cal-SCAN) Apartments Rent

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E. MTCA, 2ba/1ba, new upgrades, NO PETS/SMKING, $1050mo+dep. 209-328-1660

Mobile Homes for Rent


((TRAVEL TRAILER LOT ONLY)) Escalon Travel Trailer/RV space available for rent $495/mo includes w/s/g No pets. Call 209-818-5591

Autos Wanted


Duplexes/Triplexes for Rent receive a major tax deduction. Help homeless pets.Quiet Local,Senior’s IRS Recognized. In Manteca Court, Top Value Guaranteed. Estimate 2bd/1ba, 1 car gar.Free attached. No and Pickup. LAPETSALIVE.ORG 1-833-772Smokers/No Pets, No Utilities. $1,200mo. 209-305-7061 2632call (Cal-SCAN) DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO P l a c e Yo u r HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. FREE 3 Day C l assified Ad Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care of. Call 800731-5042 (Cal-SCAN)


WANTED! Old Porsche 356/ 911/912 for restoration by hobbyist 1948-1973. Only. Any condition. Top $ paid. PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE 1-707-339-5994 Email: (CAL-SCAN)

Testimonial CLASSIC AUTO SWAP MEET Sunday, January 31st, 2021, Stockton Fair Grounds, 6am-3pm, Rain or Shine! Turn those parts into Cash! Big Swap meet spaces on lawn and on pavement info line 209-948-5307


NEWSPAPER PRODUCTION Real Estate Testimonial

COUPLE$$$$ for business ToRETIRED AdverTise Your Business Here PleAse CAll THe MAnTeCA BulleTin AT 249-3500 purpose Real Estate Loans. Credit

To AdverTise Your Business Here PleAse CAll THe MAnTeCA BulleTin AT 249-3500

unimportant. V.I.P. Trust Deed Company Call 818-248-0000 Broker-principal DRE 01041073. No consumer loans. (Cal-SCAN)

air conditioning

air conditioning Automotive Autos Wanted

DONATE YOUR CAR TO KIDS Fast Free Pickup-Running or not-24 Hour Response-Maximum Tax Donation-Help Find Missing Kids! Call 1-888-491-1453 Cal-SCAN) DONATE YOUR CAR, BOAT OR RV to receive a major tax deduction. Help homeless pets. Local, IRS Recognized. Top Value Guaranteed. Free Estimate and Pickup. LAPETSALIVE.ORG 1-833-7722632 (Cal-SCAN) DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. FREE 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care of. Call 1-844491-2884 (Cal-SCAN) WANTED! Old Porsche 356/ 911/912 for restoration by hobbyist 1948-1973. Only. Any condition. Top $ paid. PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE 1-707-339-5994





hANdY hEITZ SERVICES - Electrical, Plumbing, Sheet Rock Repair. Honey-Do MAILROOM hANdYlists. hEITZ SERVICESPart -unl. Electrical, 209-824-4445 time positions available

Plumbing, Sheet Rock Repair. Honey-Doshift. Hours may vary. Night lists. 209-824-4445 unl. Applicant must pass drug screen.

Pick up application at Manteca Bulletin 531 E. Yosemite Ave. between 9am-4pm Mon-Fri. or submit resumes to: EOE

NOW you can place your classified ads online 24/7 from your computer. Manteca Bulletin Ripon Bulletin Turlock Journal Ceres Courier

Oakdale Leader Escalon Times Riverbank News


To AdverTise Your Business Here PleAse CAll THe MAnTeCA BulleTin AT 249-3500 To AdverTise Your Business Here PleAse CAll THe MAnTeCA BulleTin AT 249-3500 AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING HAULING PAINTING painting air conditioning handyman CHILDCARE HANDYMAN PLUMBING Anderson’s Heat/Air Conditioning painting RILEY’S HAULING air conditioning handyman PRO-PAINTING Sv, Repair, Installs, Spring Maint. Yard cleanup, trash removal, furn., $59.95. 15 yrs Exp. 209-534-6315 HANSEL & GRETEL 1014 W. Center 6wk-12yr. 823-6525 CHILDCARE KIDS ACADEMY 680 Industrial Park HANSEL & GRETEL 2-12yrs.1014 823-9944 lic#390312133 W. Center

6wk-12yr. 823-6525 KIDS ACADEMY 680 Industrial Park 2-12yrs. 823-9944 lic#390312133



Serving Manteca Since 1975 jAMES ShUPPERdSERVICE CONCRETE COMPUTER JESSE’S COMPUTER SERVICE 823-5031 L#368632 209-401-6236, lic#11-00012382

JESSE’S COMPUTER SERVICE 209-401-6236, lic#11-00012382




JSL CONSTRUCTION INC. IMPERIAL CONSTRUCTION General Contractor. All your home General Contractor, Home needs, remodels, additions, new Improvements, additions, Serving Manteca Sinceremodels 1975 Lic#1051232 , 209-346-3589 builds. AllShUPPERd big and small projects. jAMES CONCRETE Lic#635184. 209-601-0504

hANdY hEITZ - Electrical, hot tubs, dirtSERVICES rock, concrete, small Bruce’srepairs. PlumbingYou - St.callLic#940067 home Haul hANdY hEITZ SERVICES -will Electrical, Plumbing, Sheet Rock Repair. Honey-Do Electrical, Just Ask! 825-4748 Lowcarpentry. rates. 209-661-6444 Plumbing, Rock Repair.unl. Honey-Do lists.Sheet 209-824-4445 VINCE HARO lists.HAULING 209-824-4445 unl. One Time yard clean-up, hauling/ dump run. 209-915-9126

RILEY’S HAULING KAKALA’S HAULING Yard cleanup, trash removal, ONE CALL DOES IT ALL furn., hot tubs,Roy dirt650-444-3461 rock, concrete, small home repairs. You call will Haul Low rates. 209-661-6444


DIEGO’S LANDSCAPING *Clean-ups*Hauling One Time yard clean-up, *Sprinklers*Mowing* 824-8018 hauling/ lic#06145

dump run. 209-915-9126


LAWNRoy & LANDSCAPING 650-444-3461WORK Sm. $7, Med. $10 & Lrg. $13. $2 more every 2 weeks 603-6964 #0306791

823-5031 L#368632



DIEGO’S LANDSCAPING *Clean-ups*Hauling Premium Quality824-8018 Painting. Intr,/ *Sprinklers*Mowing* lic#06145


RICHTER FENCE Quality work, reasonable prices all types. 599-5645 #06717

Prof. Maintained Equip. For Sale Breakers, Compressors, Gen., Reach HANDYMAN Lifts, Skid Steers, Backhoes, Trailers, Rammers, 1000 pieces of equipment. Bruce’s Plumbing -- St. St.Lic#940067 Lic#940067 Bruce’s PleasePlumbing Call: (209) 420-6604


Electrical, 825-4748 Electrical,carpentry. carpentry.Just JustAsk! Ask! 825-4748


Ext., Dry rot avail., gutter cleaning Lic#783121, 209-324-2685

lawn mower & services

Painting & Repairs, free estimate,

now hiringPLUMBING experience painters BRUCE’S Since 1992 209-823-4102 lic#465833 Drain cleaning, General Service.

825-4748 St. Lic#940067



BRUCE’S PLUMBING Since 1992 Drain cleaning, General Service. 825-4748 Lic#940067 FRANK AQUILASt. Realtor Century 21,

209-380-4847, Dre#02079549



FRANK AQUILA Realtor Century 21, 209-380-4847, Dre#02079549


Roofing replacement & repairs ROOFING FREE Estimates (209)538-6423 Lic#839996 LANDRETH ROOFING CO. INC. Supporting Local Vets For all your roofing needs since 1982 Free Est. 599-2371 Lic#410792 OSCAR’S TREE SERVICE

LANDRETH ROOFING CO. INC. Pruning-Topping-Removal, ForTree all your roofing needs since 1982 Free Est. TREE SERVICE Install New Trees, Stump Grinding. 599-2371 Lic#410792 Joel’sCont. Tree#894193 Service, State tree prunning, topping removal, (209) 531-8733, (209)&918-1943 stump grinding, free est., SR. disc. Gus Perez State Cont.Call 985603, 209-485-2440.


Joel’s Tree Service, tree prunning, topping & removal, LAWN & LANdSCAPING WORK TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS PLEASE stumpHERE grinding, free est., CALL SR. disc. Sm. LAWN $6, Med.& LANDSCAPING $8 & Lg. $10.50.WORK $1 more State Cont. 985603, 209-485-2440. THE MANTECA BULLETIN AT 249-3500


$7, Med. $10603-6964 & Lrg. $13. $2 more forSm.every 2 weeks #0306791 every 2 weeks 603-6964 #0306791


DISCOVERY TREE SERVICE INC. Tree Pruning-Topping-Removal, FENCING Pruning-Trimming-Removal, NOTICE TO REAdERS: California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (laborTree or materials) be licensed by the InstallonNew Trees, Stump Grinding. PAINTING Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers all advertising. Check yourService, Stump Grinding, Root Collar RICHTER FENCE Quality work, reasoncontractor’s status at or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that totalNew less thanCont. $500 must state#1024211 in State #894193 Plant Trees. State Cont. able all types. 599-5645 theirprices advertisements that they are#06717 not licensed by the Contractors State License Board. *disclaimer: To insure satisfaction with our Service (209) 531-8733, (209) 918-1943 PRO-PAINTING (209) 531-8733, (209) 918-1943 directory, we now give our Service directory advertisers until the 5th of each month to add, remove or change their Callads. Gushowever, Perez we will Callrate. Gus Perez & Repairs, free You estimate, not pro rate the ads that were entered or taken outPainting after the 5th of the month. will be charged the full month’s now hiring experience painters TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS 209-823-4102 lic#465833 TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE PLEASE CALL HERE PLEASE CALL LAWN & LANdSCAPING WORK Premium Quality Painting. Intr,/ THE MANTECA BULLETIN THE MANTECA BULLETIN Bruce’s Plumbing - St. Lic#940067 Sm.Ext.,$6,Dry Med.rot$8avail., & Lg. gutter $ $1 more AT 249-3500 AT 249-3500 Lic#783121, 209-324-2685 Electrical, carpentry. Just Ask! 825-4748


lawn mower & services

for every 2 weeks 603-6964 #0306791

NOTICE TO REAdERS: California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractor’s status at or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that total less than $500 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board. *disclaimer: To insure satisfaction with our Service directory, we now give our Service directory advertisers until the 5th of each month to add, remove or change their ads. however, we will not pro rate the ads that were entered or taken out after the 5th of the month. You will be charged the full month’s rate.

concrete concrete Serving Manteca Since 1975

jAMES ShUPPERd CONCRETE Serving Manteca Since 1975 823-5031 L#368632 jAMES ShUPPERd CONCRETE 823-5031 L#368632

lawn mower & services

OSCAR’S TREE SERVICE TreeOSCAR’S Pruning-Topping-Removal, TREE SERVICE Install New Trees, Stump Grinding. Tree Pruning-Topping-Removal, State Cont. #894193 Install New Trees, Stump Grinding. (209) 531-8733, (209) 918-1943 State Cont. #894193 Call Gus Perez (209) 531-8733, (209) 918-1943

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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

CROSSROADS STREET FAIRE VENDORS Artresania Korita Fancy my Feathers by Teresa Resurrection Products Heathers Dog Products Studio 150 Sparkle & Tricica Scentsy-Valerie Rosabella Art & Craft Fashion Z & Z Law Office of Eddie Torres Bubbles Soaps Honey Dip Photo & Design Cultural Homestay About the Face Goldrush Getaways Indivisible Mantec

Grey and Grace Manteca Bulletin I.J. Larsen Pumps Bubbles for Babes Aubreys Boutique Against the Grain Creations Lipsense & Senegence Mouse in the Cupboard Boutique Lockeford Sausage Lockeford Sausage Just Right Construction Chaime The Lemonade Yard Goldrush Getaways Gracefulleigh Design The Glittered Heifer Nana’s Angel

“45 YEARS is a lot of lessons learned. Put our experience to work for YOU”

(209) 253-0506 Ca. Contractors #420175

Creations Wild Manes Trailblazing/Totally Nuts Manteca Dental Care Angelica’s Custom Creations SNJC Enterprises SNJC Enterprises Mulders Custom Creations Gina Roja-Realtor/ TMM Pique Assiette Mosaic Furniture Sierra Vista Child & Family Heart to Hands Henna Desert Rose Created 4 U Created 4 U Sugar & Swag Farmers Insurance Madera Queen Honey Dani Nicole Boutique Nurse Next Door Public Works Manteca Raiders Mary Kay I Dig Rocks Designs from the Heart Can Do Central Valley Impact Vassiliki Maltezos

A youth carries his parents’ purchase from an artisan booth at a previous Crossroads Street Faire.

H & W CO Rosa’s Bakery MacDoogles Kettlekorn Agape Villages Seed & Stone Jewelry A Green Zone C Scoop Shop Stitches & Stones Hale Hulali Nana Bear’s Mini Donuts Pineapple Whips Hennavation-Gary Singh Tandem West Curves/Jenny Craig Gypsy Wind

Alfredo Sotelo Crafts The Beauty Within Cogir of Manteca Bebebri Apparel BrightBows My Kids Dentist Vintage Soul Boutique Rob The Builder Moxii Boutique Toot’s & Me Perdew Homes-Keller Williams For Those Special Moments Payta Garden of Succs Ring Around


the Toezees Noelle’s Miniature Garden Exit Realty Rosemaries decorated books AARA Creations Sky Creations Bare Jars of Delicious Warrens Heating & Air PartyLite Candles Dynamite Denim Do-Overs Cats Crafty Creations Stella’s Creations NoKaOi Hawaiian Jewelry Alison’s Gourmet Brittle Twice is Nice Paparazzi- Judy Singer Sig Solar Farmhouse Chic’s Farmhouse Chic’s Scentsy-Jannelle Capn’Coops Kettlecorn B&B Pony Rides Perry Farms Petting Zoo Taqueria LaMexicana The Fry Boys Bass Pro Shops Manteca Trailer Sunday Car Show

Special Savings this Week

All Annual Flats $15.00 ea.

1 Gal. Perennials

15% Off

10” Blooming Hanging Baskets $12.00 ea.

1 Gal. Tapien


Park Greenhouse Garden Center 12813 W. Ripon Rd. Ripon, CA 95366 • 209-599-3410 Hours 8:30AM - 4:30PM Tuesday - Saturday (Closed Sunday - Monday)



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CAR SHOW - Located at 100 Block Main Street - Sunday Only

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Bike Patrol

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Sunday 10am-3pm


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George Perry & Son


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Saturday, June 5, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. * Sunday, June 6, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021

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