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with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone Volume 8 • Issue No. 6 • MAY 2018

Garden Visitor by Beverly Waspe


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A WORD FROM THE EDITOR I’m sitting at my desk with aching limbs after an unexpectedly adventurous morning. At approximately 7.30am I heard by son shout “Oh my God” from the sitting room. I could tell it wasn’t a normal ‘I’ve just spilt my cereal on the sofa’ howl so I ran to him. I found him staring at what can only be described as a flash flood running through the garden. We both ran to the front door and sure enough it was there too, rushing down our neighbour’s drive, into our garage and garden, and a short time later, into my kitchen.

NEWS CHELMONDISTON PARISH COUNCIL The council would like to inform residents that the annual meeting of the parish/village has been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 22 at 7pm in the village hall.

I’ve often wondered how I would cope in an emergency situation and now I know. I shout very loudly! “We have an emergency down here,” I roared to Daniel as I grabbed my wellies and coat and went to investigate. When Daniel arrived on the scene I was waist deep in the ditch with a garden hoe, having assumed the culvert where it goes underground was blocked. On further anaylsis we realised the problem lay elsewhere and Daniel set off to find the source.


I won’t go into the details here, but while others tried to fix the cause we set about trying to divert the flow away from the house and outbuildings using everything we could lay our hands on. Meanwhile Jack used every towel he could find (even the good ones we keep for guests!) to mop up in the kitchen. It was quite a team effort (practically a ‘meitheal’ as we might say in Ireland) and soon others, including neighbours, joined in and a pump was set up to divert water into the brook.

Please come along and hear the reports of what has been happening in the village over the last year as well as showing your support for these organisations.

I left them to it at this point (it was deadline day after all) but I’m not sure I want to go home tonight! Just imagine how many towel washes I’ll have to do? And grandma’s garden hoe is still firmly lodged in the ditch! Thank goodness better weather is predicated for next week and summer is on its way. And there’s still plenty of Easter chocolate in the cupboard! Perhaps the one positive I can focus on is the satisfaction of working together with others which I highly recommend. You’ll find many opportunities in the following pages.

In Touch

with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone

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10 MAY 2018

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The annual general meetings of Harkstead village organisations and charities will be held on Monday, May 14, starting at 7.30pm. This will include the Annual Parish Meeting, the Village Hall Trustees, the Millennium Green Trust and the Good Neighbour Scheme.

stand up to cancer target beaten On Saturday, April 14, Amelia Mayhew and Rosie Ault held a ‘biscuits and buns’ stall at Woolverstone Monthly Market in the grounds of St Michael’s Church. The girls had spent the previous day baking, decorating and packing their products ready for the sale. They were inspired Photo by Leanne Castle to raise funds for Stand Up To Cancer, the charity supported by Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off. Amelia said: “We baked over 200 items and were amazed to sell out before the end of the morning. We set ourselves the target of raising £75 and were thrilled to smash this with a fantastic final sum of £160.61.” Rosie commented: “We enjoyed planning for the day and had fun talking with all our customers. Amelia and I would like to say big thank you to everyone who visited our stall and bought our cakes. We’re so pleased to have played our part in helping people who have cancer.” Woolverstone Monthly Market at St Michael’s showcases local producers selling plants, bread, cakes, savouries, meat and a range of homewares and craft items. There is an outside space to enjoy a coffee and bacon sandwich with views across the park. The next market takes place on Saturday, May 12, 9am-12.30pm.

USEFUL ADVICE FOR BUS USERS Next time you are waiting at your local bus stop do take a minute to look at the bus stop sign instead of looking for lost pennies or into the distance for the bus. ‘Text: Sufadagt to 84268’ is shown at the bottom of my local bus stop at Great Harlings. The code and mobile number will be different at your stop, but if you text the displayed code to the given number you get a text within 60 seconds giving you the arrival times of the next three busses. The beauty is that you can do it before leaving your home! Casper De Boer

Garden Visitor by Beverly Waspe This Great Spotted Woodpecker visited Beverly’s bird feeder in Chelmondiston on Sunday, April 1. What a beauty!




A HELPING HAND WHEN NEEDED The Shotley Peninsula Good Neighbour Schemes are an important support network in our villages. They are run by volunteers under the umbrella of Community Action Suffolk. They can be contacted for assistance over a range of activities, including shopping, pet care, trips to hospitals and surgeries and collecting prescriptions. We are supported by parish councils and voluntary donations.

Planning Applications Granted: Wour House, Church Road, Chelmondiston; Charisma, Main Road, Chelmondiston; land south of White House Farm, Shotley Road, Chelmondiston.

All volunteers have been DBS and reference checked and are simply people in the community who don’t mind being asked for a helping hand. The contact phone is held by a rota of volunteers who ask volunteers in turn if they are free to help with a particular task.

The parish council approved a grant for £160 for Chelmondiston & Pin Mill Good Neighbours Scheme to pay for the public liability insurance.

Meeting held on March 6

It is for all to use – all of us at some point are glad to be able to call on a neighbour for help. Please contact the Good Neighbour Scheme for your village: Chelmondiston and Pin Mill: 780408 Harkstead and Lower Holbrook: 328326 Shotley and Erwarton: 07799 873881 Stutton Support Network: 327753 Tattingstone: 07895 052086

DEMENTIA Together Call Free 08081 688 000 email: SRYC. visit:

The tennis courts on the playing field at Chelmondiston are to be treated for surface moss for the start of the season. The parish council has approved the repair of the war memorial. The work should be completed by the end of April.

The parish council has also approved for the coming year the maintenance on the Jubilee Gardens and the cutting of the playing field. The parish council has begun the process for the Neighbourhood Plan; further details to follow.

HOLBROOK PARISH COUNCIL Key points from the meeting held on March 19 Update on the Neighbourhood Plan The Spatial Planning Policy Officer attended the last meeting and was very informative and supportive of the plan for Holbrook. He provided information regarding the funding that could be applied for and other development opportunities. Following this, Holbrook Neighbourhood Planning Group submitted an application to Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils to define the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan Area. They have recently issued the formal Designation Notice. A copy of this, a map of the Neighbourhood Plan area and the (part redacted) application can be found at: Full minutes of this and all other meetings are available on the Holbrook Parish website at or by contacting the clerk: / 07999 583017 Future meetings: May 21 and June 18

SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM The weather is finally getting warmer so it’s time to get out into your gardens. There are small changes that can be made outside your house to make it more secure. For example having shingle put down instead of block paving or slabs will deter unwanted visitors because of the noise it makes on approach to your house. Making sure your fences and hedges around the perimeter are all secure and that repairs have been done after the winter. Perhaps having CCTV installed or a security light put up. All will keep your home more secure.

We’re Walking for Parkinson’s Join us

dge Glemham Hall, Woodbri Sunday 10 June


0207 963 3912

Make sure you put your garden furniture and garden tools away at the end of the day, preferably in a locked shed. You could also have a shed alarm fitted for added security. Try marking your property with a UV marker pen which is only visible using a UV light. Finally, we have received a number of reports of vehicles being broken into. Please do not leave any valuable items on display, including sat navs, even if your vehicle is parked on the driveway. Take them indoors or lock them away in the boot. And keep your keys safe. If you require further crime prevention advice please do not hesitate to call 101 and ask to speak to a member of the Safer Neighbourhood Team. And remember to call the police on 999 in an emergency and 101 in a nonemergency. Have a great month, PCSO 3048 Denise Ford Safer Neighbourhood Team, Hadleigh Police Station, Magdalen Road, Hadleigh IP7 5AD


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NEWS BLACK DEATH IN SHOTLEY June 2018 marks 100 since The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918, regarded as the worst plague in human history. The last outbreak in Shotley started in 1906 when Mrs Church and Mrs Radcliffe, Charity Cottages, Shotley, died within less than a week of each other. Including Trimley, 21 people in total were infected between 1906 and 1918. Only six recovered. The last two people to die were neighbours in Warren Cottages, Warren Lane, Erwarton. Mrs A M Bugg died on June 13 and having gone to help her, Mrs G A Garrod fell ill and died on June 19, 1918. Both Mrs Bugg and Mrs Garrod were buried in Erwarton Churchyard. However, somehow the exact whereabouts of Mrs Bugg’s grave have been lost in time. If you’d like to read more about this subject follow the links below and click on ‘complete article’ for easier reading. Submitted by Casper De Boer

HOLBROOK AND SHOTLEY SURGERY Training Days Our next training afternoon is Thursday, May 24. We have been advised that we have to stay open for patients to come in to collect/drop-off prescriptions and book appointments/make enquiries at reception. Our telephone lines will still be switched over to the out of hours’ service on these afternoons to allow staff training. Please ring 111 for advice if your query cannot wait until the following day. In an emergency, dial 999. Thank you from St Elizabeth Hospice At our flu days last year we had representatives from St Elizabeth Hospice in our waiting rooms to give advice and collect donations. This campaign raised £2674.27, which is a huge increase on previous years and the hospice has asked us to pass on their thanks for this. For those who missed them, they were promoting a new campaign, Don’t Let Death Kill Life, opening up conversations about death to reinforce that this is a reality, but doesn’t have to be a tragedy. Snow Days During the recent snow, we managed to run a full service at both sites apart from one day when Shotley was cut off completely. With help from local 4x4 owners we visited those patients who needed to see a GP that day and ran a triage service with some of our GPs working at other surgeries phoning patients to give telephone advice. Two GPs managed to get into Holbrook surgery and saw those who needed to be seen. We were very proud of what we managed to achieve in difficult circumstances and know we weren’t alone in having to cope with these conditions, but hope we were still there for you if you needed us. Dispensary Announcement We are delighted to announce that we have employed two apprentice dispensers, one at Holbrook and one at Shotley. These are new roles for us and we will be training them over the next 15 months to become dispensers. They will be seeing many of you at the counter to hand out medications so please welcome them and be patient as they have not worked in this setting before.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR DEREK DAVIS – BERNERS WARD Shotley, Erwarton, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston They say a week is a long time in politics; well times that by four and you can imagine how a month feels at Babergh. Just when it seemed a merger with Mid-Suffolk was inevitable, and despite the promise of a referendum and the little matter of a business case being presented to the full council after first being seen by our Overall and Scrutiny Committee, Babergh’s administration has done a complete U-turn. This is a result of the Suffolk County Council leader commissioning a £75,000 report to look at the option of forming a unitary council with all the district and borough councils going in with the county council, and with all services being run by one administration. While there was little appetite by the leaders of the various councils, unitary is an option many wanted to see considered, but we at Babergh were told categorically by the chief executive it was not on the table. Now it is on the table, all bets for a merger are off – for now. Although as we have seen, things can change very quickly.  Another change has been the decision by Babergh leader John Ward to offer a place on the cabinet to a non-Conservative. At his speech before being elected, John did promise that he would make the cabinet more inclusive and he has followed that up by offering me, an Independent, a place on the cabinet. I will become responsible for Organisation Delivery, in other words trying to sort out the customer service system, in particular when you, the residents, need to contact any of our departments. Similarly, I will be looking at the website and why people are having difficult navigating their way around it. It has been described as  a poisoned chalice, but I believe it’s no good moaning and sniping from the side-lines, but better to try and do something tangible to improve things – and attempt to keep the politics out of it. I’m not going to make any rash promises; it is a challenge, but I would rather try and fail, than fail to try.  Another contentious issue was the decision, taken in secret, by the cabinets at both Babergh and Mid-Suffolk to close the Tourist Information Centres at Lavenham and Stowmarket. To my mind that is a bonkers decision, a false economy, especially given how important tourism is to Suffolk. The peninsula pound has flourished in the past three years with initiatives such as Walkers are Welcome at Shotley, the Arthur Ransome Trail last year, the U-boat surrender and the 100-year centenary of the Armistice on the peninsula this year, along with better marketing tools such as Shotley Peninsula News and Features which provides an online platform promoting local businesses.  If you have an issue you would like to discuss please contact: / 07824 167196 My Facebook page is: Derek Davis-Your Independent Councillor

Practice Manager Julia Smith


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REPORT TO PARISHES, ALTON WARD: MAY 2018 Babergh District Councillor Alastair McCraw BEING THERE People sometimes wonder why we are Councillors. Not so much why anybody voted for us, although that’s always a possibility, but why we did we stand and why do we do it? Obviously, there’s the glamour! We clearly have a very high boredom threshold, a love of jargon and long complicated sentences and a serious addiction to complicated sets of initials like NPPF and SHMA (you don’t want to know). But across the board, I’d say that we want to make a difference. That’s no bad thing in itself. Lots of people make a difference on a daily basis within all the communities. They run local groups, raise money, keep the day to day activities of all our lives going for the benefit of all. Some are appointed as parish councillors, school governors and officers in local societies. Others just quietly get on with things, less formally but no less usefully, as local and national volunteers. If they get some pleasure, social contact and a sense of quiet satisfaction out of it as their reward that’s all to the good. Small ‘p’ politics (which is what I believe a district council should be about) is just a bit of a step up from that. Surprisingly few have ‘large P’ politics as their primary motivation. Some do, it’s true, and some of the major changes made in the course of the last three years have been the result. But the majority of us are people who wanted to make a difference. In some cases, a choice of party was a mixture of inclination and the only viable means to actually get elected. For Independents it’s frequently out of frustration. Now, we all differ a bit in our views on how to make that difference. Loyalty to your party view, to their support in getting you there and potentially in taking a larger role may colour some thinking or voting. Generally, you’re hoping that people are voting out of principle. You also hope that alternative arguments and views will be listened to, given consideration and affect a decision. This roundabout explanation may explain some of the reasons why the character of Babergh has changed somewhat in the course of the last year or so. First two, then four, and currently six members of the Conservative administration have left the party whip to become ‘Independent Conservatives’. More often than not, they have been voting with the eight Independent, three Lib Dem and two Labour members on significant matters. Believe me, we are all aware of some of the resulting ironies! The relatively non-controversial matters continue as before. We have statutory responsibilities that go beyond any consideration of party lines. It was that gradual shift, based upon solid reason and argument, that saw the resignation of one council leader (which was not the opposition’s purpose) and a declared commitment to a local poll, or ‘referendum’, over a possible merger with Mid Suffolk (which decidedly was). We all expected the full business plan, which the opposition stated as one requirement, to be presented for examination by both scrutiny committee and council in preparation for some form of local poll


to take place in the early summer of this year. And then everything changed again. SCC Leader Colin Noble unilaterally commissioned a study into Unitary Council options for Suffolk, producing an almost instant request from all the other council leaders to stop. When he declined, Babergh & Mid Suffolk realised that there was little point in continuing to pursue their merger proposals while these possibilities existed. That shelves any referendum for now. Strangely, had the opposition not made their stand we might have been too far down the merger track to stop the merger process. We have no idea where this study will go or what options will be available, but I remain convinced that any eventual choices should be subject to a democratic vote on those options. Not by way of being seen to endorse a manifesto or leaflet, that few people ever read, but by a direct vote on the substantive issues. GOING ON Over the last year or so, as those shifts have happened, Independent and opposition members have been taking an increasing (and sometimes vocal) role in briefings, meetings and committees. That work has now been reflected in the appointment of an Independent member, Derek Davis, to the Babergh Cabinet. Until this point we had been given a vice-chairmanship on the, admittedly important, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, currently to myself. Derek has the Organisational Delivery portfolio which covers the, oftencriticised, experience that you face in dealing with the council by any means. He won’t be subject to any whip, but will deal with the issues as he sees them. He’s been quite critical himself and believes that you should be able to ‘put up or shut up’. My words, his sentiment. What can I, you, or we expect? There’s a year left until the 2019 elections, so that’s a bit limited. I’d suggest we can expect a lot more than a sticking plaster and better than first aid, but major open-heart surgery seems unlikely. The cabinet now slightly better reflects the makeup of the council and the possibility of some consensus now exists. Some decisions previously made cannot be reversed. We are where we are, no matter what we voted for or against. There will still be disagreement and controversy, but perhaps the party lines can be less strongly taken. I’ve just left the most co-operative and grown up cabinet meeting I’ve ever witnessed. This was part of the difference that Derek and I had hoped to make and that’s why I believe we should do it. PS: I’ll do council spending, as promised, after the end of the financial year. As ever, I’m around on that slightly rusty chained, blue Claud Butler bike. If it’s outside, I’m probably inside and you’ll know where. I can always be contacted as below. Alastair McCraw 07812 564188 / Facebook: Alton, Alastair McCraw & Harriet Steer (a joint open group)

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z z a J& picnics

on a summer evening

Woolvertone Hall, Ipswich IP9 1AZ

Sunday 10 June 7-9pm Joanna Eden and her Band


Tickets are available from the Mercury Theatre Colchester

01206 573948


NEWS JAMES CARTLIDGE, MP FOR SOUTH SUFFOLK There is no doubt in my mind that recent weeks have seen an acceleration in what might be termed ‘speculative applications’ for permission to build new homes in Babergh. I have had emails from constituents worried about applications in Belstead, Capel St Mary, Long Melford, Stutton, Elmsett, Chelmondiston and my own village of Assington. The reason is that our district of Babergh is deemed not to have a ‘five year land supply’, i.e. is not building enough homes. As such, while Babergh is still the planning authority, it has to give more weight to national planning policy than local priorities. This in turn attracts developers thinking that even if their application is rejected by Babergh, they have more chance on appeal. In fact, the average number of new homes built in Babergh in the last five years is 213. In every year since 2001 prior to the last five years we built more than 213 homes a year, at an average of just under 300, including 537 in 2002. Of course, many constituents have rightly argued to me that while our buildout rate is low, the number of permissions granted is far higher. I understand in Babergh there are around 2,000 permissions awaiting development to start compared to fewer than 200 where it is underway. It understandably irks those communities who go through the pain barrier of seeing controversial permissions granted, only for nothing to happen; and many have said, ‘James, they shouldn’t allow this latest application until the others have started’. A fair point. In my view, nationally we need to urgently find a way to get builders building – in the Housing Secretary’s recent statement I proposed financial penalties on developers who fail to deliver on their permissions. Locally, communities concerned about development need to bring forward a Neighbourhood Plan that allocates sites for development at a sustainable level, giving greater certainty to communities, and – crucially – more control over where exactly in their back yard housing is sited. I wholeheartedly oppose unsustainable development, particularly in the countryside. But I do believe we can find a better way forward than the current mad dash for plots that may never be built. I hold regular advice surgeries offering help and support to local people. Please see page 16 for my contact details.

SHOTLEY PIER GROUP Shotley Pier Group is having its second issue of Community Shares from May to July 2018. More than 500 people have already helped buy the pier and have become investors in this charitable society. The group has applied for planning permission to build a visitor activity centre on the pier with a short section to walk on, and are in the running for several grants. The potential grants are dependent on the group raising additional funds, hence the need for a second share issue The pier will be renovated in stages. The initial work is to widen the land end with a visitor centre and outdoor seating area on the pier itself (for the first 100 feet). Later, the main promenade section will be renovated into a true Victorian style, and even later, the hammerhead will be renovated. Investors will be consulted at each point, with decisions yet to be made about appearance and layout. This will be of particular importance when designing the appearance of the entrance to the pier as there are many options open.  The board has been chatting informally to investors at various community events to gauge opinion. Everyone is keen to get onto the pier and the idea of a visitor centre which can incorporate refreshments with activities such as art has already been popular. You can help by buying Community Shares at £25 each. Alternatively, make a donation, which allows the group to reclaim Gift Aid. Investors become members of the society with no personal legal liability, get to vote on important matters, get member offers and discounts, but will never receive any dividends as the society exists for charitable purposes.

Shotley Open Spaces celebrated the first year of Walkers are Welcome accreditation with a fun day at the Bristol Arms, Shotley Gate. The day started with a health walk of two and a half miles, with lots of children taking part. Picking up the clues as they went round there were lots of smiles when Easter eggs were handed out for all the correct clues being observed. A treasure hunt followed and the evening rounded off with a family quiz and a hog roast. As spring begins to get a hold, we look forward to being out and about in the village trimming back those nasty brambles and overgrown patches.

If you would like to support the society by attending various fundraising events, there is a monthly coffee morning at the Michelin-listed Red Lion, Chelmondiston on the first  Wednesday  of the month; tickets cost £5 each for coffee and cake. Other events include Picnic at the Pier for Suffolk Day on June 21 and Beachcombing on July 28. We are also seeking volunteers to join us on the sponsored Orwell Walk on June 17.  If you would like to organise an event for us, please get in touch! For more information, please contact us at 01473 780052 /  or visit:

Our next health walk is on Tuesday, May 15, starting at 11am at the Shotley Rose. All are welcome.


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Wills and Trusts Lasting Powers of Attorney Probate Disputes

Probate and Estates Court of Protection Financial Planning

Contact us today to make an appointment:

01473 556900 Wherstead Park, The Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BJ

Ellisons Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA Number 49336




It was wonderful to see so many people at the Death Cafe on March 4. Such a varied bunch of people all eager to talk about a little discussed topic in our culture and society.

Despite snow falling overnight on the Friday, our last auction was well attended with £550 raised for funds. The committee would like to thank sellers, buyers and helpers. Members of the Scout group staffed the kitchen, and hot food and drinks were well received.

Once again we had three large tables (and another small one added to accommodate those who arrived later) all with the usual fresh tea, coffee, cakes, pastries and all manner of goodies to be indulged as the conversations flowed and took off in unexpected directions. On my table we discussed what we would like to happen to our bodies and those of our relatives (with their consent of course), e.g. organ donation to medical science or to people in need. Encouragingly there was an item on the news recently where a man’s son had died tragically and yet gained great comfort from knowing that his son’s various organs had helped 25 people. Meanwhile, Marion Carter, a marvellous retired priest who has written two books on death, including one for children, had taken three children, two aged nine and one aged 12, under her wing to have an open discussion on the subject. When I looked over they were enthusiastically engaged in conversation. Marion recognises that children are so important and open to discussion and interpretation of subjects we as adults often find uncomfortable or difficult. My daughter (one of the three) came away happy and joyous at being valued and included. All are welcome at The Death Cafe. Our next one is on Sunday, May 6 at 11am at Woolverstone Church. We look forward to seeing you.

Annual General Meeting The following were elected into office: Chairman: Ian Peters Vice-Chair: Carol Blumfield Secretary: Pat Schofield Treasurer: Norman Bugg Booking Secretary: William Henry The village hall committee comprises representatives of village group and a number of co-opted/elected members. If your group needs to be represented or you wish to be co-opted, please talk to one of the committee. Suffolk Show We are again running a coach to the Suffolk Show on Wednesday, May 30, leaving Shotley Gates at 8.30am and returning from the showground at 4.45pm. Reduced price entry tickets can also be obtained. To book a place, contact Norman: 01473 787358

Abigail Henshall

SHOTLEY DRAMA GROUP QUIZ NIGHT Saturday, May 5 at 7.30pm in Shotley Village Hall Teams of four to six, tickets £8.50 including supper Please reserve a table by May 1 by contacting Mandy Peters: 01473 787460 /Carol Blumfield: 01473 787353

bentley toddler group FUNDRAISING JUMBLE SALE Saturday, May 12 from 2pm at Bentley Village Hall If you have anything you wish to donate, please bring it along to the hall from 9am on the day or contact Pam (01473 310283) or Aimée (01473 311311) who will arrange to collect it from you. If you would like to come to our sale, the hall will be open from 2pm. Tea and coffee will also be available. We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your support.

ST MICHAEL’S MONTHLY MARKET The next market at St Michael’s, The Church on the Park, Woolverstone is on Saturday, May 12, 9am-12.30pm. The theme this month is Royal Weddings as well as your favourite market stalls; fruit, vegetables, cakes, bread, meat and an interesting range of handcrafted items. East End Butchers are pleased to be the market’s resident meat supplier. If you would like to place on order with them it can be collected at the market each month. Their number for orders is 01206 392190. Come along to mingle with your friends, have a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie and enjoy the lovely venue. New stalls welcome. Contact Jane Gould: 01473 780777


BELSTEAD VILLAGE MONTHLY MARKETS A market is set to take place in Belstead Village Hall from 9am-noon on the first Saturday of every month to raise vital funds to support refurbishment of the kitchen and ladies toilet. With an extensive range of tables, a raffle and refreshments, the market is the perfect place to meet with friends for a chat over a cuppa and a piece of cake while supporting this essential local amenity. You can also support Macmillan who will have a table laden with homemade goodies for sale. If you can sew, make or create and would like to hire a table (£10) please contact: 07981 335859 /

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OUT & ABOUT GIFT DAY ST ANDREW’S, CHELMONDISTON Sunday, May 13 Songs of Praise at 9.30am Followed by a yummy brunch at 10.30am You are all most welcome!

JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S EVENING Friends of Woolverstone are delighted that Joanna Eden and her band have agreed to perform their Great Jazz Diva’s concert at the Hayworth Theatre, Woolverstone Hall, Woolverstone on Sunday, June 10 at 7pm. This concert has been put together especially for this evening and will feature music made great by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and many others. Joanna is well known to many of you already from sell-out concerts at all the major jazz venues including the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Club in Soho, London. Ipswich High School has generously agreed that people attending the concert can bring a picnic to be enjoyed on the lawns while admiring the stunning views of the River Orwell. Or perhaps they might to just wish to have a glass of bubbly before the concert. The grounds will be open from 4.30pm and the concert begins at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased from the Mercury Theatre, Colchester: 01206 573948 /


SHOTLEY SOCIAL CLUB (OVER 60s) This month’s meetings are on Thursdays 10 and 24, and then on June 7, all from 1.50-4pm. One of this year’s outings is to Ely Cathedral Flower Festival on Saturday, June 23. We plan to leave Shotley at 8.30am; coach and entry £25. Tickets are expected to go quickly so don’t delay. For anyone who does not know about this outing, the cathedral has a very good display of flowers and there is plenty going on around the cathedral. We had a very good day at the last festival and hope the weather will be kind to us again. On July 4 we will be going to Peter Beales Rose Garden in Attleborough, which we also visited last year. With plenty of seats around the gardens, we had a very enjoyable time. We are now able to hire a coach with a lift which makes our outings more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. For information or lifts please contact Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

SHOTLEY CHURCH HERITAGE CLUB March Draw Winners: 1: Mrs L Jones (096) / £25 2: Mrs E Ratcliffe (008) / £20 3: Mrs P Anderson (054) / £15 4: Mr L Haines (123) / £8 5: Mrs A Page (138) / £7 New members are always welcome to join the 700 Club at a cost of £1 a month, which can be paid at intervals of three, six or 12 months. To join, contact Norman: 01473 787358

CRAFTERS UNLIMITED A craft club which meets on the first Monday of the month (except for bank holidays when it’s the following Monday). Saturday workshops (10am4pm) and Monday meetings (7.30-10pm) are held in Wherstead Village Hall Meeting Rooms. Monday, May 14 (because of the bank holiday): Card Project with Janet and Committee Monday, June 6: Pinch Pot with Air Dying Clay with Henry with Debbie Monday, July 2: Spray Painting with Debbie and Joshua

Canterbury Cathedral Choristers present a concert in St Michael’s Church, Woolverstone on Wednesday, June 27 at 7pm. Tickets are £12.50 including summer refreshments. For more information and to secure your tickets contact Chris Hodgkinson: 07764 285928 / All proceeds to St Michaels Church Woolverstone and the Choir House Choristers Social Fund.

CHELMONDISTON SOCIAL CLUB Formally Chelmondiston Over 60s We had our AGM on Thursday, March 29 where it was decided to change our name to Chelmondiston Social Club. The idea was to be more inclusive and attract more members of any age. On May 10 the ukelele band Wot No Cake is coming to entertain us. Everybody is welcome to join us from 2pm on Thursdays; membership is £8 per year plus £1 per week for tea and cake.

Samples of each project are displayed the month before and other projects are available. Contacts: Ann 01473 780298 / Jill 01473 713534

EAST SUFFOLK ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND An independent and voluntary charitable organisation promoting the welfare of blind and visually impaired  people in East Suffolk since 1914. Membership is free. We also hold a social on the last Wednesday of every month at Stutton Community Hall from 2-4pm when we provide entertainment, afternoon tea and a raffle, and twice a year we have a lunch at a local hotel. If you would like to join us, contact Ian, our community support worker, for more information: 01473 788380 We are always in need of volunteer drivers to assist us with  our monthly social event. If interested please contact Barbara McDonald: 01473 328907

Mike & Michele Rutherford: 01473 780718




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OUT & ABOUT SHOTLEY WHIST DRIVE This month’s whist drives are on Thursdays, May 3, 17 and 31, all 1.50-4pm.


For information or lifts needed, please contact Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

Our AGM was held on Wednesday, March 21 when Graeme Forsyth (president), Paul  Holmes (vice-president), Peter Stanway-Williams (treasurer), Hew Naylor (secretary), Dave Carman (speaker secretary), Russell Howe and Paul Oliver were voted in to form the new committee.  


Bob Milne presented a talk entitled The Assignation of the Italian Barber on April 4 and Oliver Paul from Suffolk Food Hall presented Food and Farming Heritage on April 18.

We mostly have homemade cakes for our refreshments.

For our March meeting Barbara Faulkner spoke on the history of scarecrows. Our meeting on May 9 features a talk on the history of Butley Priory, followed by our AGM. A new programme of talks is currently in development and should be available at the May meeting. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month in Tattingstone Village Hall at 10am. Following the speaker we have refreshments (when there is time for a chat with other members) and a raffle. New members and visitors are welcome to join us. Roger Felgate: 01473 311684


FUNDRAISING JUMBLE SALE Saturday, May 12, 2-4pm at Holbrook Village Hall Scouts will be distributing leaflets to homes on Friday, May 4 with requests for jumble. They will return to homes during the evening of Friday, May 11 to collect. Alternatively, jumble can be dropped off in advance to Tiffany Sims; please contact her on to arrange. We look forward to seeing you at the jumble sale and thank you in advance for your support. All funds raised are vital in keeping our Scout Group running and thriving.

HOLBROOK BROWNIES Our Brownies had great fun at Tenpin Bowling. There was lots of concentration, anticipation and squeals of delight when the pins went over. As usual our Brownies were always willing to help their peers, whether it was to carry the heavy balls or organise the ramps into the exact position for those that wanted to use them. As part of the Go 4 It Guides’ badge, our older Brownies chose a taste test challenge. Their organisational skills were fantastic and we had a lovely variety of delicious fruits to taste and score. Once again the leaders witnessed fabulous team work as the girls competed to produce the longest length of pasta; they soon found out that holding the pasta in the right spot was crucial to prevent it breaking! The leaders have been busy planning many adventurous evenings for the summer term with a birds of prey demonstration, a personalised tour of Landguard Fort, pond dipping, climbing walls and go-karts to look forward to! If your daughter or ward (aged between seven and 10) would like to enjoy a variety of activities, take part in new challenges, make lasting friendships and, above all, have lots of fun, please register on Girlguiding UK. We have a waiting list so to avoid disappointment, please register before they are seven!

We have two interesting speakers in May. On May 2 Joyce Kimber will speak on Britain’s  Finest Hour  and on May 16 Brain Kelly will enlighten us on The Life of a British Consul. On June 6 Dr John Knight will talk on the life of John Betjeman in a talk entitled The Man & His Poetry, and on June 20 Chris Parfitt will present A Portrait of a Suffolk River. On July 4 John Field will introduce us to The Treasures of Ipswich.  We hold our summer buffet at the popular Haywain on July 18 when our spouses and Probus widows join us for what is sure to be an enjoyable event and a tasty meal.   Our club endeavours to be simple in structure, free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other and the opportunity for development of acquaintances. New members are welcomed. We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree CO11 1EB at 10.30am.  For further details please contact speaker secretary Dave Carman: 01255 880202

SUFFOLK TREFOIL GUILD Were you ever a member of Girlguiding anywhere in the world? It could have been as a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Ranger or Senior Section, or even a leader. For those who feel they can no longer run a unit, but would still like to hear what is going on in the world of Guiding, then why not join the Trefoil Guild? There are many groups in Suffolk towns and villages, but if you feel you aren’t able to get to these groups for meetings, you may be interested in Suffolk Lones. They meet occasionally somewhere in Suffolk for a walk, pub lunch or a get-together. We have members in Beccles, Cavendish, Kedington, Holbrook, East Bergholt, Sproughton, Capel St Mary, Thorpeness, Tattingstone, Wenhaston, Lavenham and Bromeswell and would always welcome you into this group. To show your interest and receive more details of what we do email Charlotte Fitzgerald at: This year the Trefoil Guild are celebrating 75 years since they were formed so lots of celebrations are taking place throughout Suffolk. Do come and join us.

ORWELL DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY Wednesday, May 2: Image and History: Art at the Landsdowne Club by Pamela Campbell-Johnston Landsdowne House, now a private club, has a wonderful art collection. Robert Adam’s original plan and changes made by later renowned architects will be explored. Eighteenth century prints, oils, mixed media and modern acquisitions are all part of the collection. We are promised stories of intrigue and passion as we learn the history of this fascinating building. Why not join us and enjoy good company and interesting talks? We meet at Tower Hall, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew on the first Wednesday of most months. Talks last about an hour, commencing at 2.15pm, with tea and coffee served from 1.30-2pm. Guests and non-members are welcome provided we have enough space. Exceptionally popular lectures will have a visitor limit of 20 spaces. Please contact Wendy Robbins in advance on 01394 823807 to check if there is available space. For the latest events and news please visit:


OUT & ABOUT ALTON BELLES Alton Belles met on Thursday, March 15, when Jo Banthorpe gave a very interesting insight into acupuncture. Jo passed around small silver boxes, each one containing an orange with a selection of acupuncture needles which we were allowed to examine. They varied enormously in length, some tiny, some larger depending on where they are used in the body. We also heard about the history and a little of the theory behind acupuncture. There are several different ways to approach acupuncture. Jo uses the traditional Chinese approach based on the five-element theory that assumes the human body is a combination of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Acupuncture will help to balance the elements and can treat many conditions including osteoarthritis, neck pain, chronic back pain, digestive problems, allergies and more. On Thursday, April 19 our speaker was the very entertaining shepherdess, Sheila Innes who came with much equipment and three lambs. As you can imagine it was a delight to hold and feed these little creatures who surprisingly, at only days old, had completely different personalities. Our next meeting will be on May 17 in Tattingstone Village Hall at 7.30pm when we will decide which important issues the Women’s Institute will take to parliament. There will be a representative from MIND who will answer any questions we may have. All welcome. If you would like to learn more about how you could get involved in our vibrant and forward-looking WI, but feel nervous about coming along, just contact Tamzin (328670) or Jane (327865) and we will make sure you are looked after.

SOCIAL SEW-AND-SO’s The second gathering of Social Sew-and-So’s took place on Saturday, April 14. Items being worked on included some patchwork, more fidget blankets, bunting, a nephew’s dinosaur book (completed ahead of his birthday – phew!), a tea cosy, a Japanese patchwork bag, a long stitch pillow and some rather intricate embroidery which we expect will become a tablecloth. Our next few meetings are Saturdays, May 5, June 2, July 7 and August 4, all from 9am-noon at Harkstead Village Hall. Tea and coffee is available to purchase on the day. Chatter and laughter are free! Come and bring whatever you are working on. For further information, please contact Sarah: 01473 328692

EAST SUFFOLK NATIONAL TRUST ASSOCIATION If you are a member of or a volunteer for the National Trust, we invite you to get more out of your membership by joining our association where a warm welcome awaits you. We meet at Ropes Hall War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF. The start time is 7.15pm. Our next meeting is on May 15 when Peter Lawrence will be speaking on the stately homes of England. For several hundreds of years these homes have become a central feature of cultural life in England. Peter will be looking at some of these homes and show how individually they reflect the wealth and power of their owners. The May meeting is the last before our summer break. We meet again on September 18 when Andrew Wiltshire will be looking at the secret code used by Beatrix Potter to record her secret thoughts and observations, and the work carried out by one man to find the key to this code. Visitors (even if not National Trust members) are welcome, entrance fee £3 each. National Trust members/volunteers can join us for £8 a year (£12 a couple at same address). We publish three newsletters a year for members and enjoy interesting day outings and other events. For more information, including details of future events and outings, contact our membership secretary – / 01473 723761 – or visit:


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When we planned last month’s talk we did wonder whether it might seem to be rather late for the topic of spring flowering bulbs. However our speaker, Sonya Burrows, pointed out we are in the middle of this year’s flowering season and we have the opportunity to see for ourselves what might be achieved next year; coincidentally the WI bulb catalogue has just been distributed to members for planning now and delivery in the autumn.

Primary school years should be brimming with memorable, exciting moments, enabling each child to develop their creative potential and a love of life-long learning. At Stutton, we aim to provide a wealth of enriching, planned experiences, as well as embracing those spontaneous opportunities that arise throughout the year. We also enjoy recognising and celebrating our children’s achievements both in and out of school.

Sonya began with an introduction to the anatomy of a bulb and described the differences between bulbs, corms, tubers and swollen stems which add to the diversity of things we plant in the autumn and enjoy throughout the spring. She then took us through the season with each successive flowering, illustrating the talk with some lovely slides. It was a very interesting and informative talk. Our next meeting will be a guided visit to The Bourne Garden Centre. Members will need to be at the village hall car park by 5.40pm on May 14. On August 1 we are fortunate to have arranged a visit to Henstead Exotic Garden, opened specially for us in the morning for a guided tour. This will be followed by an afternoon at Southwold. We have seats available on our coach; if you would like to join the outing please contact Karen Smith (787731) or June Edwards (787422). Cost (subject to slight variation depending on how many seats are taken) is £22. Final details will be available a little nearer the date. June Edwards

RSPB FLATFORD WILDLIFE GARDEN Following a rather damp and cold re-opening at Easter, the RSPB Wildlife Garden at Flatford is now fully back into the swing of things for the new season. As I write this our nestcams are showing us lovely clear images of what’s going on inside four different nest boxes. One blue tit nest is well under way, with the female forming a cup among all the moss and grass that she has brought in. The next stage will be for her to line it with soft material such as feathers before she lays her eggs. Her partner has occasionally brought in material, but it’s mainly the female who builds the nest. She will start to lay eggs soon, usually one a day. She could lay up to 16 eggs, but blue tits usually lay between eight and 12. Our nestcam blue tits at Flatford produced 11 eggs last year, with 10 of them hatching successfully. The female bird will start to incubate the eggs the day before the clutch is complete and she will do all the ‘sitting’ until they hatch. The male will bring her some food, but these are gestures rather than life-supporting and she will leave the clutch regularly during the day to feed herself. This is one of the reasons why it’s good practice for us to keep providing food throughout the year, and not to stop just because the winter has ended. If the female can find nutritious food quickly, she won’t need to be away from the eggs for too long at a time. Similarly, it’s helpful for us to provide clean drinking water too. If all is well, the chicks will hatch after about two weeks and they will be completely dependent on their parents bringing in suitable food for them. Their main food will be caterpillars and so it’s very important that their hatching coincides with the time when these are plentiful – another reason for making sure our gardens include butterfly friendly plants! At this stage, the male plays a full role and both parents can be seen flying back and forth from the nest as they try to keep up with their hungry brood. Each chick can eat about a hundred caterpillars a day! The chicks are usually ready to fledge by about early June, depending on the season, and their parents will call them from outside the box to persuade them to join the big wide world. Once outside, they will stay fairly near to their parents for a couple of weeks as they learn to find their own food and avoid predators. Why not come along to see how our nestcam families are progressing? The screen is in the barn, where we also have plenty of information about how to make all of our gardens more wildlife-friendly. At half-term we’ll have family activities available as usual. Please see our webpage for more details. We look forward to seeing you. Sharon Barker

We are delighted that we are able to provide weekly specialist French and art lessons, throughout the school, delivered by qualified teachers. Footstar sports coaches will be working with our children and staff in the summer term, encouraging increased physical activity for two lunchtimes a week as well as providing specialist sports teaching during PE lessons. For a very small charge, Jonathan Abbott will be providing additional drumming, ukulele and keyboard tuition which will enhance the violin tuition from Mary-Kate Ingram. Our KS2 children benefit from working, each week, with RHS sports leaders and Tori Przybyl-Daynes, head coach from Holbrook Tennis Club.Our Early Years and KS1 class look forward to their weekly Forest School activities, usually in Canham’s Wood, but occasionally within our school grounds. The KS2 children join them at least half termly. During the latter part of last term, we celebrated World Book Day, Mother’s Day with afternoon tea and poetry readings, and Easter with an egg hunt, singing to the residents of Oak House and our special service at St Peter’s Church. Our summer term will include KS2 trips to the School Food and Farming Fair and our residential weekend to Aylmerton Field Study Centre, along with weekly swimming lessons for all the children at the Royal Hospital School. With our future secured, we are excited to be working with the other schools within Asset Education. If you would like to visit our ‘extremely happy’ school (Ofsted, January 2018), please do telephone the school office – we’d love to see you: 01473 328531 Anne Clarke

HARKSTEAD CARPET BOWLS CLUB We have just finished the Suffolk Carpet Bowls Division 2 Winter League 2017/18 season in which we reached a creditable sixth position. This means that next season we shall again be playing in Division 2. This is a first for us as in the past we have gone up from Division 3 to two only to go straight back down to three at the end of that particular season. It was touch and go in the end, but we managed to pick up 12 points in our last two matches, eight from the game against Rivers and four against Stutton, so a pat on the back for all our team. Our thanks must go to David Hammond, our captain, for organising the teams, often having to juggle the players around because of shortage of members. Also we have to thank the committee and all club members for a successful season. As a club we desperately need new members. We have only two playing members who actually live in the village so if you are interested please come and say hello and have a go. You might find that you enjoy it. We are a friendly club who run various other events throughout the year such as beetle drives, fish and chip suppers, and last year for the first time a very successful race night when we managed to raise £1,000 for EACH. We hold club nights each week, mostly on Wednesdays, so please come and represent Harkstead Village at carpet bowls. For more information contact either David Hammond (01473 622741), Jenny Leek (01473 326848) or myself, Tony Lambley (01473 310167).


SPORT / CHURCH NEWS CHELMONDISTON CARPET BOWLS Not much longer to wait for days like this. We have been fed royally by members providing Sunday lunches including beef roast, East African curry, fish pie and cottage pie with still more to come. At least the cold weather hasn’t got in the way of these culinary treats. May promises to be a good month, with a chance to see Life on The Deben on May 5, followed on May 12 by a welcoming party to new members who have joined the club in the last 12 months when they will have a chance to meet fellow members. The sailing season gets under way with the first Combined Clubs Race on May 19. For more action and entertainment visit: and / Facebook: PMSCSocial

We are hoping the league season finishes on a high. Our final game is a big one, a cup final at Needham Market against Great Blakenham. This is the first time the club has reached such a prestigious final. It will be played too late for the result to appear in this edition, so we hope to have good news to share in the June edition. We finished the winter league in a respectable seventh place, having won 11, lost eight and drawn one, achieving 98 points. Our opponents finished second so it will be a difficult game to win but we will be up for it. We played our club championships last month; a good time was had by all, with some fantastic food. Thanks to all who contributed. The results as follows: The Forget Me Not Trophy: winner – Patrick / runner-up – David The Pairs: winners – Patrick and Gilbert / runners-up – Phillip and Michelle Singles: winner – Chris / runner-up – Bruce Well done to all. We would like to welcome Harley as a new member and say goodbye to Peter who is off to pastures new. We wish Ken a speedy recovery as he is poorly. The summer season starts soon and will be keenly contested. Alan Storey

BACK ON THE WATER IN 2018 We have carried out maintenance on our fleet, launched Ribs and Wayfarers and re-rigged the smaller craft that we launch each time they are used. First aid courses and instructors annual inductions have been carried out, including adhering to the new data protection act. The first dinghy instructor course will have been completed over the Easter period (second course planned in July) and the first power boat course was also in late March. The Neptune Youth Groups have started, but there may still be time for additional places, ages 10-16 years. FUTURE COURSES PLANNED TO DATE Junior Sailing (10-16 years) Stage 1-2: Eight courses, 20 hours over five days, starting July Stage 3: Eight courses, 20 hours over five days, starting July Stage 4/5: Eight courses, 20 hours over five days, starting July Spaces are available, but are filling up fast, so book now for these very popular courses.

EAST BERGHOLT UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB The very poor weather that we experienced through March and into April meant that games were few and far between, which has left the end of the season far more congested than is desirable. The 1st Team managed two games and achieved victories in both of them to cement their mid table position. The Reserves had only one fixture, another emphatic win, which leaves them just outside the top five in League A. One big win and a narrow defeat kept the A Team just above the relegation places with games running out. UPCOMING FIXTURES 1st Team / Senior Division Fixtures should be completed, but if the rain continues, who knows? Reserves / League A Sat, Apr 28: Old Newton Utd Res (A) A Team / League B Sat, Apr 28: Wickham Market Res (A)

Adult Powerboat Level 2 Seven courses, two days starting April; spaces are available but it’s proving very popular.

Fixtures are subject to change. Please refer to the fixtures website to confirm:

Safety Boat Courses Dates to be confirmed.

We are always looking for people who can help the club as committee members, whether on the playing side or just in the background. If you would like to sponsor the club in some capacity we would also be delighted to hear from you. Club strips, dugouts, banners and boards on match days are all potential exposure for your business while supporting a local organisation.

Adult Courses Currently being arranged – see our website. HELP REQUIRED Neptune is a small friendly sailing centre and we rely on volunteers to help run the centre and maintain the fleet. This also gives a chance to anyone considering purchasing a dinghy to become familiar with the maintenance, launching and mooring, and to know what to expect when purchasing their own craft. We encourage anyone using the centre to become part of our supporters, and are constantly looking for additional volunteers to ensure we are able to offer the chance to young people to experience the joy of sailing – it’s also great fun. For booking or additional information, contact us via:


End of Season Awards: Saturday, April 28

Steve Butcher:

THE PENINSULA BAPTIST CHURCH Pin Mill Road, Chelmondiston IP9 1JE We invite you to join us on Sunday morning at 10.30am or Sunday evening at 6pm. FIND US, FIND COMMUNITY, FIND LIFE Contact Dave Kelland: 01473 788441 / 07970 312705

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Parish Priest: Father Christopher Smith 01473 684963 / 180 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ We are part of St Mark’s RC Parish, Ipswich. For up-to-date information please visit: SERVICES FOR MAY 2018 Tuesday 1 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 6 9am

6th Sunday of Easter Mass

Tuesday 10    9.20am Eucharistic Adoration 10am Mass Sunday 13 9am

7th Sunday of Easter Mass

Tuesday 15 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 20 9am

Pentecost Sunday Mass

Tuesday 22 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 27 9am

The Most Holy Trinity Mass

Tuesday 29 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

The weekly newsletter with weekly mass times is always displayed in the cabinet alongside the front door. Catholic Commentary Pope Francis recently spoke about the importance of the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, asking if when we pray it we understand whom we are praying to and the relationship we are called to have with him. “How many times there are people who say, ‘Our Father,’ but do not know what they say!” he said. “Do you feel that when you say ‘Father,’ that he is the Father, your Father, the Father of humanity, the Father of Jesus Christ?” he asked. “Do you have a relationship with this Father?” When we pray this prayer, we are connecting with a loving Father, he continued, explaining that it is the Holy Spirit which gives us this connection with him, the feeling of being God’s child. This request opens our hearts to God, but “also disposes us to fraternal love,” he said, noting that this is not always an easy thing to say.


“It’s not easy to forgive those who have hurt us. It’s a grace to say: ‘Forgive me as I have forgiven [others]...’ it’s a grace...” the Pope said. “The Lord gives us peace; he also gives us the grace to forgive”. In the prayer we also ask God to “deliver us from evil,” which is another cause of separation between us and God, and us and our brothers and sisters, he continued. He also pointed to the line where we ask God to “give us our daily bread,” which is something “we need to live as children of God”. After the Our Father we exchange the sign of peace with those around us, a concrete sign expressing “ecclesial communion and mutual love,” Francis said, quoting from the Roman Missal. He also emphasised that this peace is Christ’s gift to us – a different peace from that offered by the world, it helps the church to grow in unity and peace “according to his will”. Events & Diary Date The Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, May 7. A parish coach has been booked with pick up points at Holy Family, Brantham and St Mark’s Ipswich. The fare is £15. Please sign the list at the back of church if you wish to come. The 100 Club draw took place on Sunday, April 15 at St Mark’s, Ipswich when three lucky winners shared a record £151 prize pot.  The next draw takes place on Sunday, May  20 at Holy Family, Brantham. The club, set up to support the life and mission of our parish,  has grown from strength to strength since its launch. New members are always very welcome and the newsletter, which includes an application form, can be found at the rear of the church or at: Every last Thursday of the month a Bring & Buy Coffee Morning takes place at Viv and Wyn’s home, Paddock Gate, Whitehorse Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TR from 10.30am to noon. We are raising funds for church maintenance and all are very welcome to join us.  The next coffee morning is on Thursday, May 31.  Supporting our local hospice All parishioners are asked to collect used postage stamps, all year, not just at Christmas, and place them in the box at the rear of the church to help support the outstanding work of our local hospice. Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital Father Adrian Gates is the Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital. Please contact him (01473 726701) if you or a Catholic is in or due to go into hospital and requires his services. All are very welcome at Holy Family, Brantham All are very welcome to attend Holy Family services, it is not necessary to be a Catholic and enquiries about the Catholic faith are always welcome. Please contact the presbytery, as above, or a local person whom you know is a Catholic.

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FROM DESIGN TO CONSTRUCTION Established since 2001, AW Landscaping provides a complete range of hard and soft landscaping services for both private and commercial customers, throughout the Essex and Suffolk regions. Our personal, professional service is carried out by our reliable, friendly team. Services include: DRIVEWAYS • FENCING • PAVING • PATIOS • TURFING

HEDGE CUTTING • CONCRETING • GARDEN CLEARANCE Whether a full garden re-design or seasonal maintenance work, we provide a high quality service at sensible prices. Please contact us for a FREE no-obligation quotation

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CHURCH NEWS CHELMONDISTON & HOLBROOK METHODIST CHURCHES A FRAGILE WORLD We are living in days when there is much tension and uncertainty in the world scene. By the time this is printed, I don’t know what other things might have happened. At the time of writing we have had the tit for tat expulsion of diplomats/intelligence officers from over 20 countries in response to the nerve gas incident in Salisbury. There are more threats of further action. Then there is the awaited response to the chemical weapons used again in the Syrian war. Some world leaders are using inflammatory language and the danger of conflict erupting is very real. There is tension and division at local, national and international levels on many issues. I don’t think in my lifetime (post Second World War) it has been as tense and as unpredictable. Where are the peacemakers? With so much disturbing news, it is great to come across a good news story. A father was distraught with grief when his son was killed in an accident. Doctors asked his permission for them to transplant some of his organs to a patient in the hospital who was in urgent need of a transplant. You may say that often happens, but what was extraordinary about this case is that the donor was an Arab and the patient an Israeli! The father explained: “I wanted my son’s death to bring life, whether it be to a Jew or Arab”. It was an amazing gesture in the midst of loss and grief, but even more remarkable considering the pattern of enmity and hatred between Jew and Arab. It was a gesture that spoke of peace and reconciliation. I ask myself would I have been able to do the same thing if I were in that man’s place. Our situations are probably very different to the Arab/Israeli conflict, but there are ways in which we can act as peacemakers in our communities. All of us have the opportunity in our daily relationships to work for harmony and reconciliation, but few of us take the opportunity as often as we could. Are we peacemakers or do we prefer to allow disharmony to continue? Rev Andrew Sankey, Minister at Chelmondiston & Holbrook Methodist Churches 8 Roundridge Road, Capel St Mary IP9 2UG / 01473 311178 / 07966 187216 AT CHELMONDISTON METHODIST Friday 4 3.30pm Sunday 6 10.45am 6.15pm Sunday 13 10.45am 6.15pm Sunday 20 10.45am 6.15pm Sunday 27 10.45am 6.15pm

Messy Church Worship with Dr Liz Cope Worship with Rev Andrew Sankey Worship with Rev Jo Jacobs Worship with Rev Michael Allen Worship with Rev Chris Hill Worship and Communion with Rev Andrew Sankey Worship with Mr Paul Walker Worship with Rev Diane Smith

Lay Pastor and Outreach Worker Rachael Wainwright: 01473 603616 AT HOLBROOK METHODIST (HCT Holbrook Churches Together) Tea and Chat (HCT): Mondays, 2.30-4pm Home Groups: First and third Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 2pm (ring for venue) Saturday 5 10-11.30am Sunday 6 10am Sunday 13 10am Sunday 20 10am Sunday 27 10am 6.30pm

Coffee Morning Worship and Communion with Rev Andrew Sankey Worship with Mrs Jane Paterson Family Friendly Worship with Mrs Alicia Holmes Worship with Dr Liz Cope Something Different

Please see the noticeboard on the front of the chapel for all events in November. For more information about Messy Church, Tiddlers and Family Live (HCT) contact Alicia Holmes: / 01473 658478


SHORELINE BENEFICE ST ANDREW’S, CHELMONDISTON May 6 9.15am Holy Communion May 10 7.30pm Benefice Communion at Shotley (Ascension Day) May 13 9.15am Holy Communion May 20 11am Benefice Holy Communion with barbecue at Erwarton (Pentecost) May 27 9.30am Family Service ST MARY’S, ERWARTON For information on services please visit: ST MARY’S, HARKSTEAD May 6 9.30am Holy Communion May 10 7.30pm Benefice Communion at Shotley (Ascension Day) May 13 9.30am Morning Prayer May 20 11am Benefice Communion with barbecue at Erwarton May 27 9.30am Holy Communion ST MARY’S, SHOTLEY May 6 10.45am Family@ShotleyChurch May 10 7.30pm Benefice Holy Communion May 13 10.45am Holy Communion May 20 11am Benefice Holy Communion with barbecue at Erwarton May 27 10.45am Holy Communion Please check on the website or the church noticeboards for any change to the service times and places. May 25, 7.30pm: Archdeacon Visitation at Sproughton

TWO RIVERS BENEFICE ST PETER’S, STUTTON May 6 8am 10.30am May 13 9.30am May 20 9.30am May 27 11am

Holy Communion Worship for All at Stutton Primary School Holy Communion Holy Communion Informal Service

ALL SAINTS, HOLBROOK May 6 4pm May 13 10am May 20 8am 10am May 27 9.30am

Afternoon Tea Church Matins Holy Communion Informal Service Holy Communion

ST MARY’S, WHERSTEAD May 6 3pm Rogation Service with Tractor Ride May 13 11am Holy Communion May 20 No service May 27 11am Informal Service ST PETER’S, FRESTON May 6 11am May 13 No Service May 20 11am May 27 No Service

Matins Holy Communion

ST MICHAEL’S, WOOLVERSTONE May 6 11am Café Church May 12 9am-12.30pm Monthly Market May 13 9am Christian Aid Big Brekkie 10am Worship the Woolverstone Way May 20 11am Pentecost Morning Prayers May 27 11am Holy Communion

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