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with Barham, Claydon, Henley & Whitton Rural Volume 9 • Issue No. 8 • JUNE 2019

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A WORD FROM THE EDITOR So football season has ended! I’m not exactly a fanatic, but since Jack started playing our weekends are planned around his fixtures (insofar as we ever have a plan). I have spent many, many, many cold and blustery mornings on the sidelines since last September and now it’s getting a little warmer, it all stops and cricket takes over! I propose a swap; winter cricket and summer football. Perhaps I’ll start a petition. Camogie (women’s version of hurling) was always my game, but it’s interesting being the parent rather than the player. Mostly I just want Jack to be safe, but a win always makes for a better weekend. When we lose, the post-match analysis goes on and on and on... Every move, every injury, every tiny transgression is discussed adinfinitum and then re-enacted just to prove the point. I feign interest, but usually I’m more focused on defrosting my fingers and toes. All that aside I will miss my Saturday mornings with the mums and dads who turn up whatever the weather. We’ve become quite good friends, as have the boys, and it’s fun to spend time with people who share a common interest, some more vocally than others! I suppose that’s why I get so many submissions from groups and clubs eager to welcome visitors or participants, and I hope those of you looking to connect with others find what you need within these pages. For some the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and a chat may suffice, while others might want to find a new hobby or try a new activity. Getting fit might be your priority or you may want to expand your knowledge of a particular subject by attending talks and demonstrations. Finding people with a similar mind-set, who share your interest and welcome you with open arms is, and I mean this sincerely, life-changing. I’ve seen it happen with my mum. She started playing bridge about five years ago and has made so many new friends as a result. In the last two years she lost one of her best friends to cancer and another moved away to live near her family. Without her bridge ‘gang’ mum would be lost and just as they have supported her through difficult times, she has supported them. If you’re feeling a bit isolated or lonely, I hope you find someone or something in the following pages which encourages you to reach out. And if you know someone who would enjoy or benefit from an opportunity to get out and about, perhaps you could be the one who makes it happen. As I could now that my Saturday mornings are mine again for a little while.

In Touch

CLAYDON & BARHAM CHURCH BELL APPEAL ANNUAL CHURCH FETE Saturday 8 June from 2pm in the grounds of Barham Church IP6 0PT Meet old friends and make new ones at this event in your community which is now in its 72nd year. Enjoy all the traditional fun of a village fete. Walk, drive or take the free minibus leaving St Peter’s Court at 1.30pm, 2pm and 2.30pm and picking up at The Crown, The Rectory in York Crescent and the bus stops in Edinburgh Gardens and Thornhill Road. Returning from 3.30pm to 5pm as required. There’s plenty of cover including church and hall if wet. Bring your camera as Bar-Clay Music Makers will have costumes to try on and will be doing face painting. Free admission and all the following to enjoy: a bouncy castle, grand draw, lots of sideshows, tombolas, next-to-new, books, white elephant, jewellery, plants and produce, ‘things for mums’, refreshments, a BBQ and ice cream. Between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 we will conduct tours of the church tower at a reduced fee of £3. Please arrive early as we expect a queue to form. Please note children can only venture to the first floor and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. No under-sixes. Sensible footwear must be worn. There are stairs and ladders to climb. You cannot climb the tower if you have a medical condition or are pregnant.

DAYS GONE BY EXHIBITION Church open from 2-5pm on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June

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Come and learn how your community has developed or reminisce about your childhood from 100s of photos and press cuttings from the 1900s and before. If you would like to donate stock for the stalls or have old photos, etc. for display please contact Roger at: 01473 831079 /


We are excited to announce the opening of a new Healing and Prayer Ministry for Mid Suffolk.


As a member of the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) and Healing Rooms England and Wales (HREW), Mid-Suffolk Healing Rooms is led by trained Christian teams from local churches with John Lander as director and his wife Sarah as co-director.  

is the final date for both advertising and editorial copy

The service is free and is run twice weekly at Cafe 52 in Crowe Street, Stowmarket, on Thursday from 10an-noon and on Sunday from 5-6pm. Please book on 07934 984657.

10 JUNE 2019



CIL AND YOU An important message from the Claydon & Whitton Rural, Great Blakenham and Barham Joint Neighbourhood Plan Group CIL? What’s that, never heard of it! Community Infrastructure Levy? Sounds pretty boring to me, can’t see why I should be interested. Please read on and the Joint Neighbourhood Plan Group will tell you why you should be interested. We all know that a lot of new housing is already approved and in the pipeline across the three villages. We all know that the infrastructure – community facilities, GP surgery, schools and nurseries, sports and play facilities, etc. – aren’t keeping pace with the increase in population. Can we do anything about it? CIL gives us a way to make a difference. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on development, calculated on a £ per square metre basis of development. CIL is intended to be used to help fund infrastructure to support the development of an area. Let’s take the case of an imaginary development and pretend that there will be 100 houses, all identical three bedroomed houses, all 120 sq.m, all eligible for the CIL charge. CiL means the developer will have to make a payment to Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) for these houses. One three bedroomed house of 120 sq.m earns £115 per sq.m. That’s £13,800 per house which means the developer will pay £1.38 million to MSDC for this one development. That’s a lot of money. Bigger houses attract a bigger charge, smaller houses a smaller one. Where does all this money go? BMSDC will keep some of it for other projects, which could be anywhere in the district, but parish councils can access a proportion of that money for infrastructure improvement projects in their areas. How much can a parish council receive? 15% – which is £207,000, and if they have a Neighbourhood Plan in place, parish councils will receive 25% – which is £345,000. That’s a difference of £138,000. That’s a lot of money to slip through our fingers and be spent by MSDC on projects that could be miles away from our three villages. This is one of the main reasons why the Joint Neighbourhood Plan Group has been set up – because once the Joint Plan is approved, Claydon &Whitton Rural, Great Blakenham and Barham Parish Councils can all benefit from the higher rate when we put in an application for CIL

DAY OUT AT THE HUT Alasdair Place Retirement Complex on Drury Road has hired The Hut on Felixstowe seafront for the day on Wednesday, July 3 and invites retired residents of Claydon and Barham to join them. The Hut is a well furnished and equipment facility right off the seafront at Felixstowe. It has a lovely courtyard to sit out in if the weather is good, but also a sun lounge and large room that can hold up to 40. It is an excellent base to walk along the promenade, explore the town or just sit and people watch. If there are places you are welcome to catch the minibus, which has a lift and is fully accessible, leaving Alasdair Place at 9.30am. Alternatively you can meet us at The Hut at 10.30am. We will leave The Hut to return home for 4.30pm. Transport will cost £10 per person.

funding. We all know we can’t stop so many new houses being built, but CIL gives us a chance to make sure that our community gets some benefit from the developments. Councillors from the three parish councils have agreed to develop a Joint Plan, as what happens in one parish has a knock-on effect in the others. However, a Neighbourhood Plan cannot be drawn up just by parish councillors. Members of the community have to be involved in the whole process from the very beginning. In fact, the group guideline is 50% councillors and 50% residents. Therefore resident’s participation is essential. Producing a Neighbourhood Plan takes about two to three years of work, as well as the costs involved in paying for the required specialist help. The three councils have set money aside in their budgets for this and we have councillors ready to see the process through. However, if residents of the three villages are not willing to join with us to become involved, there is no point in the three councils going any further because the plan will be thrown out at the inspection stage. This would mean having no plan for the three villages. Not only will we lose out on the higher rate of CIL money, but also the other benefits that are part of a Neighbourhood Plan, particularly the right to shape development in our community. It cannot block development, but what it can do is shape where that development will go and what it will look like. Once we have had time to assess the responses from the residents of the three parishes to this article, the group will decide whether there are enough offers of support and candidates to join the group. At this stage, the decision will be made whether or not it is possible to proceed. If the community is not willing to be involved, we will not go ahead. It’s as simple as that. This is your chance to help make a real difference to your community. We ask you to give this your serious consideration. If you have any questions, or would like to express your interest, please contact your clerk: PARISH CLERKS Claydon: Charmaine Greenan 07887 459989 / Barham: Joanne Culley 07958 402335 / Great Blakenham: Janet Gobley 07508 830777 /

LOCAL RECORDER FOR CLAYDON WITH WHITTON RURAL Suffolk Local History Council runs a Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk. We administer a network of volunteers to ensure that the ‘present’ is adequately recorded at local level for the ‘future’. A recorder will note significant happenings in their parish and collect their local parish magazines, leaflets, election pamphlets and newspaper cuttings. At the end of each year, they are asked to submit a short report summarising the activities of their parish. The reports are deposited at the Suffolk Record Office and available to future researchers together with the collected items.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served on arrival, followed by a ploughman’s lunch including a jacket potato and dessert and later afternoon tea and cake, all for £5.

If you are interested, please look at the Recorder’s Pack by visiting www.slhc. to acquaint yourself with the guidelines of the scheme. You don’t need to be a historian and you don’t need any qualifications other than an interest in your parish. In return you will receive a copy of the SLHC newsletter and be invited to the annual conference specifically for Local Recorders.

Booking is essential so if you are interested ring Gail Cornish on 01473 834035 / 07932 478878 to book your place and to arrange payment.

To volunteer to help in this important work, please email:


In Touch online:

ClaydonTiling Ltd CERAMIC TILER Shaun Richardson 4 Rowan Close, Claydon, Suffolk IP6 0RD

Tel: 01473 831247 Mob: 07810 291157


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NEWS CLAYDON & BARHAM COMMUNITY CENTRE BOARD ENVIRONMENTAL OBJECTIVES 2017-2019 The directors of Claydon and Barham Local Community Trust Ltd (C&BLCT) would like to thank the community for their continual support and patronage which allows us to plan projects, fund enhancements and invest in local community projects. Through your support, the board of C&BLCT are proud to announce our latest achievement, meeting the sixth environmental objective with the installation of photo voltaic panels on the roof. The Objectives 1. Replace the 40-year-old oil boiler to gas. Completed January 2017. 2. Refurbish the outside skin on the building, Completed January 2017. 3. Replace all the windows and doors with modern Thermally Efficient uPVC, Completed January 2017. 4. Re-surface the tarmac footpath (which is not a public right of way) to allow residents an unrestricted foot dry route into the High School, Completed July 2018. 5. Replace all fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps for LED. Completed January 2018 with huge thanks to Roger Buckle for his assistance. 6. Install CCTV inside and within the community centre. This is now working well, with a contingency to add more cameras of a higher quality in the future. The initial work was completed in June 2018. 7. Photovoltaic Panel installation for reducing electricity consumption, with the added benefit of feeding surplus into the grid system with savings for Claydon and Barham Community Centre. Completed March 2019.  8. Re-surface the main entrance into the community centre, with special thanks to Rolly Compton. Completed April 2019. We are not being complacent and have other major tasks in mind. As you are aware, these objectives take time for planning and funding to implement. We have been instrumental in providing funds and assisting with fundraising for a number of organisations throughout the last financial year. Including donations to Claydon Pre-school, Claydon Football Club, Barham Football Club, The Haemophiliac Society, East Anglian Children’s Hospice, Macmillan, Dementia Support, Papworth Hospital and many others. The In Touch delivery money enabled us to provide donations to Young Families, The CYCP Youth Group, 4 Action, Gipping Art and Claydon Village Hall. The community centre directors would like to thank the community for their continual support and patronage which allows us to plan projects, complete enhancements and offer funding for more good causes in the community.

Eric John Munson 15.10.46 - 1.1.19 A big thank you to everyone who attended the celebration of Eric’s life and for all the very kind letters, cards and donations. The total donation in Eric’s memory was £905, of which £602.50 went to Cancer Research UK and £302.50 to St Mary’s Church Mendlesham. You are all very kind. Much love from Linda Munson


SnoASIS PARISH ALLIANCE (SPA) As you know, SnOasis Reserved Matters have been approved by the Planning Committee. However, the SPA has grave concerns about the amount of detail that even now remains unclear on crucial aspects of the application, such as drainage, traffic and transport and the environment. For this reason, the SPA asked that the Planning Committee delayed making a decision on Reserved Matters, but our views were ignored and the application was approved shortly before the district Ccouncil elections. Planning have now indicated that they no longer intend to work with the SPA, instead preferring to set up a group of the parishes that have a border with the site. At this stage, we do not know what the future role of the SPA will be, if any. However, we will still try and ensure that there is a mechanism so that residents are kept informed of what is happening. For further information, please email SPA clerk Janet Gobey: SnOasis Parish Alliance Chairman Steve Plume

CLAYDON & WHITTON PARISH COUNCIL Local Elections At the recent local council elections all former parish councillors who stood for re-election were returned unopposed. However, there are still a number of vacancies on the council which we would like to fill as soon as possible. As elections are held only every four years, new councillors can be co-opted to serve until the date of the next elections. Parish councillors can be affiliated to a particular political party or to none, but because parish councillors work together solely to serve and make a difference in their local community, this is usually of little importance. The diverse nature of the work for which the parish council is responsible ensures that there is something to interest everyone who is a councillor. Therefore, if you have never considered being a parish councillor, or have been put off by recent national and/or local political events, you are encouraged to reconsider because your community needs you! Previous experience is unnecessary and the only qualification required is a desire to make the local community a better place in which to live and work. You will be made to feel very welcome by our existing members who will be more than willing to help you in your early days. Please contact our parish clerk or speak to any parish councillor if you would like more information with no obligation. Keeping in Touch We want to keep members of our community up to date with news and events that will affect us locally. One of the ways in which we do this is to update our website and Twitter feeds regularly. If you would like a free link to our email or Twitter newsfeed, please go to our news page – http://claydonandbarham. – for a preview of what’s available and instructions on how to sign-up. The website also contains details of planning applications, minutes of council meetings and other information relating to the work of the parish council, as well as bus timetables and news of village organisations. The parish council is always pleased to welcome members of the community to parish council meetings and their input via the public forum at the start of each meeting. This is greatly appreciated and makes the parish council aware of and able to target areas of concern within Claydon and Whitton Rural. Written comments or suggestions from residents are also welcome at any time. Please send these, including your name and address, to: Parish Clerk Mrs C Greenan, 129 Poplar Hill, Stowmarket IP14 2AX / 07887 459989 / For the very latest news and information about village life and other items of interest, please visit: Twitter @claywhitpc

In Touch online:


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Towards the end of April, the village had three new waste bins fitted and these will be emptied on a weekly basis by Mid Suffolk District Council. We hope that residents will use these for waste only, and not for dog waste as there are nine dog waste bins elsewhere in the village for this purpose.

On May 2 the new parish council was duly elected unopposed. Councillors for the next four years are Steve Brock, Kevin Griggs, Alex Harrison, Beverley Thomas, Martin Redbond and Bryan Marks.

The parish would like to remind residents who don’t wish to clear up after their dog that dog fouling is a criminal offence. If sufficient evidence exists, they will be prosecuted which, if successful, will result in a criminal record and a fine of up to £1,000. Following the Annual Council Meeting in May the following was agreed: Stephen Carr was duly elected as chairman and Gordon Musson was duly elected as vice chairman for another year. Councillors that will serve on the following committees: • Finance Sub Committee: Stephen Carr, Darren Millward, Jeremy Lea, Andrew Deveney • Planning Sub Committee: Stephen Carr, Gordon Musson, Neil Cooper (reserve Darren Milward) This year’s exercise of public rights period will be between Wednesday, June 12 and Tuesday, July 23. This is when residents of the village have the opportunity to inspect the parish’s accounts for 2018-2019. This takes place with the RFO by an agreed appointment only. Barham Parish Council meetings before the summer break are Mondays, June 3 and July 1. Both will be full council meetings and begin at 7.30pm in Claydon and Barham Village Hall. If you would like specific topics discussed at a meeting, please email the parish clerk. The agendas have to be published at least three clear working days before the meeting date, therefore any items received after this time would be added to the next full council meeting.

By the time you read this the AGM of the parish council and the annual parish meeting will have taken place on May 21, a chair and deputy will have been elected and village organisations will have submitted their 2018/19 reports. All the reports will be published on the website as usual. Also published will be all the end of year paperwork, including the council’s accounts for the year. It’s an essential principle of good practice for parish councils that information about how the council is run and how its money is spent is completely transparent. It is after all residents’ money, collected by Mid Suffolk through the Council Tax and passed on to the parish council to use in the interests of the community. The council’s accounts are audited every year, and the way the council is run is also examined as a part of that audit, just to be sure that everything is done properly and that residents have every opportunity to engage with the process and to find out what is being done. One change following the May 2 election concerns the district councillors. For the past four years our councillors have been John Whitehead and James Caston. James has moved on and is now district councillor for Bramford; in his place Tim Passmore (whose name will be familiar as Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner) has been elected to serve alongside John Whitehead. We will look forward to welcoming them both to regular meetings of the parish council. The district councillors are an invaluable link to the next level of local government and, of course, it’s at district level that planning decisions are made which directly affect the community. There was no county council election this year and John Field continues to represent us at county level.

Barham Parish Council Parish Clerk Jo Culley 07958 402335 /

The next regular meeting of the parish council will be in the community centre on Monday, July 22 at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.


You can find our privacy notice on the Henley website. If you have any questions about this or anything else to do with the parish council, don’t hesitate to contact us.

On 30 June 16 children will arrive for a one-month visit with one more joining us on 10 July.

If you’re not on our village email list and would like to be, just send a simple request to or and we will sort it out. And don’t forget to keep an eye from time to time on our own website where we publish all sorts of useful (we hope!) information and contacts.

Many people have dropped donations into our charity shop, but haven’t left their details so I’m unable to write personally to thank you. If you prefer to remain anonymous then of course we respect this, but I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge how grateful we are for your contributions. The shop provides a great focal point for us and helps to raise awareness for our work. All staff are all unpaid volunteers and some have been with us since the shop opened. We really do need people who are able to offer a few hours a week to help out covering for holidays and sickness. Each session is only three hours so if you think you could be available to help with spot cover we would love to hear from you. No experience is necessary and you’re never on your own. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, so drop in and have chat when you are passing. We urgently need donations of good quality second-hand clothing for the children throughout the year (new is very welcome too). Any age is appreciated as we provide clothing to the children when they come here and also to their siblings at home, plus other children who, for various reasons, are unable to be included in the program. The main focus is for the visiting group who need sizes 6-7, 7-8, 8-9 and 9-10 years Not only will the visiting children receive a much needed boost to their health, but they will also enjoy the trip of a lifetime, taking home memories that money cannot buy! Thank you for helping to make this possible. Link Chair Elizabeth Parker / 01449 760343

Parish Council Clerk Rod Caird: 07785 331217

MY SPIRIT SANG ALL DAY A fundraising concert in aid of Ipswich Hospital Critical Care Outreach Service Due to personal experience of the Critical Care Outreach Service, Teresa Booth decided to organise a concert in aid of the Colchester and Ipswich Hospital Charity. The service provides support during the transition from critical care where the patient is used to one-to-one nursing, to being one of a number of patients sharing a medical team on a ward. The concert will take place at 3pm on Sunday, June 30 at Henley Community Centre and all proceeds from ticket sales will be given to the charity. There will be performances from Gippeswyk Singers, Suffolk Soul Singers and Shingle Street Folk Band. There will also be instrumental and vocal solos performed by other local musicians. The concert will showcase a wide variety of musical styles including classical, folk, soul and gospel music. Tickets cost £10 and are available (preferably in advance) from choir members, by emailing or on the door. Refreshments will be available.


NEWS / OUT & ABOUT SUFFOLK ENERGY-FROM-WASTE FACILITY BARHAM & CLAYDON SURGERY Annual Report 2018 SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Suffolk County Council have been working in partnership for more than four years to dispose of Suffolk’s household waste left over after recycling. In 2018 the energy-from-waste facility put 266,135 tonnes of waste to good use, generating enough electricity to power 39,357 homes. This equates to a saving of over 64,000 tonnes of fossil fuels and 134,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. The 2018 annual report is now available to download with information about our performance last year from health and safety and the environment to our visitor centre and work in the community. Download a copy from the news section at: SUEZ Proposals to Process More Waste As we enter our fifth year, the facility is working efficiently, so much so that it could process more waste. However, the capacity of the facility is limited to 269,000 tonnes per year. SUEZ will therefore be applying to amend our planning permission and environmental permit to increase this limit to 295,000 tonnes per year, allowing us to use Suffolk’s award-winning facility to its full potential. We would not need to make any changes to the appearance of the building, or the way that we operate the facility in order to accept more waste. There would be a small increase in lorry traffic, we estimate an extra eight trucks would visit the facility per day, and overall lorry traffic would remain well within the agreed number in the original planning permission. Emissions from the facility are tightly controlled and would remain within the limits set out in the facility’s existing environmental permit to protect the environment. If you are interested in finding out more, we are holding information sessions for local people at the facility on Friday, June 7 from 4-8pm and on Saturday, June 8 from 10am-2pm. Members of our team will be on hand to answer any questions and there will be opportunity to take a short tour of the facility. The tours will take place at half past the hour; you will be able to sign up on arrival. Any questions? If you have any queries about our operations, please do not hesitate to contact the facility: 01473 839149 / OTHER USEFUL CONTACTS To book a visit: 01473 839149 / Environment Agency: 0800 807 060 SUEZ Communities Trust: 01454 262910

Patient Participation Group news The surgery’s Patient Participation Group (PPG) is pleased to share some good news with our local community. In January we were made aware of a potential grant source, the PPG Pound Fund from Suffolk Community Foundation. An aim of this fund is “to improve health, wellbeing and knowledge of patients to develop self-care and prevention”. We promptly submitted a request to fund the purchase of a set of Resus mannequins to facilitate basic life-saving skills courses. Our application was successful. The Resus mannequins have now been purchased and several members of the PPG eagerly volunteered to be guinea pigs at the first training session. Under the expert tutorship of Dr Cheshire, we were shown how to perform CPR should a family member, friend or indeed a stranger in the street suffer a collapse and be in urgent need of this procedure. The photo shows our PPG Chair being guided in the process by Dr Cheshire while other participants watch on. The surgery will be arranging further training sessions at the surgery. We hope that many readers of this article will be interested in undertaking this training which comes highly recommended by those participating in the first training session. This knowledge could prove to be the critical intervention while professional help is on the way. It is also the ultimate ‘self-less training’ as trained individuals can only perform this technique on anyone other than themselves! Please look out for information on future training sessions at the surgery or alternatively contact the surgery direct to notify your interest. We are grateful to Suffolk Community Foundation for their generosity in funding this project. John Whitehead, Chair of PPG, The Barham & Claydon Surgery

JUMBLE SALE AT ST PETERS COURT Station Road, Claydon IP6 0HZ Saturday 22 June from 10.30am Tea/Coffees & Cake stall In aid of Air Ambulance ALL WELCOME

HENLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL Saturday 6 July from noon-4pm With stalls such as slime making and archery, events running throughout the afternoon, performances by the school choir and the Band Academy, refreshments and a raffle, there will be lots of fun and games for all the family! Free entry – everyone welcome.


BAR-CLAY MUSIC MAKERS GO GREEN Following another sparkling panto in January (Rapunzel), Bar-Clay Music Makers are enthusiastically planning their next production at the end of January 2020. At the recent AGM members agreed that this would be Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood, which we haven’t staged for many years. You are invited to a read-through on Wednesday, July 3 at 7.30pm, with auditions a week later on July 10. Auditions for the junior (Year 3 and above in September 2019) and senior (Year 6 and above in September 2019) choruses start at 6.30pm and adult auditions at 7.30pm. Senior chorus who would like to audition for a speaking part should also be available at 7.30pm. The readthrough and auditions are held in Claydon and Barham Village Hall.

First Tuesday of every month

Director Vera Rogers and the production team look forward to welcoming members old and new to join in the fun, whether on stage, back stage or front of house.

There are table top sales and raffles and all the money raised goes to the Air Ambulance.

For more information about BMM contact Vera: 01473 836972 / email


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We're Walking for Parkinson's Join Us Glemham Hall, IP13 0BT Sunday 9 June 2019 1.5, 3.5 and 5.5 mile routes To register go to: 0344 225 3691 Parkinson’s UK is the operating name of the Parkinson’s Disease Society of the United Kingdom. A charity registered in England and Wales (258197) and in Scotland (SC037554). © Parkinson’s UK



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OUT & ABOUT GREAT BLAKENHAM CINEMA It was lovely to have such great support from the community in April for our Paddington screening. I do hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. The Ipswich Bus Shelter residents and staff were a fantastic addition and a great help setting up and clearing away. It was so kind of the residents to show us their home. Jay and Gareth were brilliant answering questions and explaining the outreach work they do as well. Their cake sale raised over £90. Thank you to all who donated. It costs £10 a night for a bed so that’s nine nights covered for one person. If you would like to continue to help you could sponsor a bed, attend their Fun Day at Great Blakenham Village Hall on August 10 or even cook for the residents and deliver the food to the bus. For further details on how to sponsor a bed, please contact The Bus Shelter at: / 07769 337521 This month’s film has been voted for by our Facebook followers. We look forward to opening our doors at 2pm on June 16 for a free cup of tea or coffee and to enjoy Mrs Doubtfire at 2.30pm. The cake sale will be raising fund for locally based charity Age UK Suffolk who support older people. Their information and advice team are incredible. With their knowledge they check that people are receiving all the financial help they can to live as well and happily as possible. They are asking people to hold their own coffee mornings, called ‘Chinwags’, in June to help bring people together and reduce loneliness. Please don’t forget to add our future screening dates to your diary: July 21, August 18, September 15, October 13 and December 1. Tickets are for sale on the door; adults £4, under-18s £3. A warm welcome awaits at Great Blakenham Village Hall, Mill Lane, Great Blakenham IP6 0NJ. Doors open at 2pm for a 2.30pm start. Should you have any film suggestions, be happy to help out or have any queries, please do get in touch via our Facebook page of contact Becky at: / 07852 472082

WILDLIFE MEADOW OPEN DAY Paul and Alex Adams invite you to join them on Saturday 8 June between 11am and 4pm at The Stores Barn, Hemingstone IP6 9RJ. This small acre of land was planted in 2016, with six different types of grasses and sixteen English meadow flowers. Now flowering for the third year, this creates a vital habitat for many insects, animal and birds while playing a significant role in pollination. Alex commented: “We have returned this little pocket of rural Suffolk to its former state and we will be delighted if you can come along to enjoy the beauty of the meadow with us. We will be serving light refreshments on the day and there is ample parking nearby.”

CLAYDON AND BARHAM COMMUNITY CENTRE Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG Monday: Abicise HIIT Class (07963 566794), 6.15-7pm Tuesday: Karate (all ages) 4-7pm / Pool League in the Compton Lounge / Carpet Bowls in the hall / Ladies Darts, Crib (the card game) with single and double teams in the East Suffolk League / Bar Open 7pm-midnight Wednesday: Bingo / Pool League in the Compton Lounge / Bar Open 7-11.30pm Thursday: Street Dance for Young People, 6.30-8pm Friday: Karate (all ages) 4-7pm / Bar Open 7pm-midnight / Weight Watchers in the Compton Lounge 5.30-6.30pm – entry via the rear gate on the school side of the community centre. Money Box: Drawn on Friday evenings at approximately 10pm. It starts with 15 keys and the prize increases until the key turns the lock. Tickets to win the key are only £1. The hall is available on Friday evenings. Ideas welcomed! Saturday: Co-Op Juniors Dance Company ( 9am-noon / Bar Open 7pm-midnight Sunday: Bar Open noon-4.30pm / Christmas Saving Club and a traditional meat draw Pool Table: Three games for only £1. Usual playing etiquette rules We have several popular lagers and real ales, plus soft drinks, wines and spirits (including the latest gins) at very competitive prices (cheapest in the locality). The Main Hall and Compton Lounge are available for hire. Contact: / 01473 831805 Saturday, June 15: An evening with RL as Robbie Williams (tribute). Tickets (£10) are available from the community centre. Doors open at 7pm, music from 8.30pm. Saturday, September 14: The Ultimate Variety Show with professional local acts Andy Leach and Chelsea Francis. Andy is a performer with a varied repertoire, Comedy, magic and fun acts. Chelsea will be singing blockbuster hits from musicals and movies. Tickets are £10 for members and £12 for non-members.

Donations gratefully received towards the British Heart Foundation (Suffolk), who fund over £100 million of research each year into heart and circulatory diseases, strokes, vascular dementia and diabetes.

WHAT’S ON AT ELMSWELL LIBRARY The East Anglian Storytelling Festival Free storytelling at Elmswell Library with tales for all ages on Saturdays 1 and 8 June from 1.30-2.30pm. The Keep in Touch Community Café Wednesdays 19 June and 17 July at 10am at The Elmswell Fox IP30 9HD

HENLEY MOTHERS’ UNION It is with sadness that I report the passing of one of our group, Joyce Hornsby. Although I had not know her for many years, she was a delight to have as a friend. I am sure our lives have been made more the richer for knowing Joyce. Her fellowship, her sense of humour and her delicious baking will be missed. I felt that the following prayer was rather apt for our dear friend Joyce.

Lego Club: Sundays from 11am-noon

It is taken from a rather old brown Mothers’ Union service book. The little book is a treasured item as it must have belonged to my grandmother when she was a MU member in Winmarleigh, Lancashire. The edition I have was revised in 1948, Joyce would have been in her late teens, a young lady when this was printed.

Realise Futures Information, advice and guidance support groups to adults with learning disabilities and individuals on the autistic spectrum aged 19 and over. Monthly drop-in session with the next on Friday 7 June from 4-5pm.

O Father of all, we pray to thee for those whom we love, but see no longer. Grant them thy peace: let light perpetual shine upon them; and in thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of thy perfect will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Memorial Library, Cooks Road, Elmswell IP30 9BX / 01359 240974

Alex Pratt

Baby Bounce / Tot Rock: Fridays at 9.45am in term time



featuring fantastic local Chefs!



Face Painting | Circus Skills | Secret Chef Trail

MARKET PLACE, STOWMARKET Craft Gin Bar @ John Peel Centre


Real Ale Festival

@ Museum of East Anglian Life

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Private Hire

Monday 3

Crafts Addicts Barham PC Meeting

1-4pm 7-10pm

Thursday 6

Young Families Silver Surfers Slimming World

9.30-11.30am 11.30am–2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm

Friday 7

Gipping School of Dance


Tuesday 11

Women’s Institute


Thursday 13

Silver Surfers Slimming World

11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm

Friday 14

Moo Music Gipping School of Dance

10am-noon 4-6pm


Monday 17

Crafts Addicts

Wednesday 19

Barham PC Meeting


Thursday 20

Young Families Silver Surfers Slimming World

9.30-11.30am 11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm

Friday 21

Moo Music Gipping School of Dance

10am-noon 4-6pm

Thursday 27

Sunshine Service Silver Surfers Slimming World

10am-noon 11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm

Friday 28

Moo Music Gipping School of Dance

10am-noon 4-6pm


Please visit the Claydon and Barham website and use the online booking process. Follow the notes on the bookings page. If you have a problem please contact us at: / 01473 836972 (Geoff)

BRAMFORD TREFOIL GUILD This month’s meeting will be on Monday, June 3 at 2pm and we’ll be visiting Freston House Gardens. We meet on the first Monday of each month at Bramford Guide and Scout HQ. Visitors are always welcome.

BARHAM HALL PICNIC CONCERT At the time of writing (10 May) there was still 100 of the 450 tickets remaining for Saturday 29 June so we anticipate there will still be some left at only £14 each when you read this. Essential Sounds (an 18-piece Big Band) will again be the main entertainment while we enjoy our picnics in the wonderful setting of Barham Hall gardens courtesy of Mr and Mrs Burrows. We also welcome back Sarah Hitchcock (a local vocalist) who will entertain us with songs from the forties during the band’s two breaks. As usual we will end the evening with a flag waving Last Night of the Proms sing-along led by the band and Sarah. The gates will open at 5.30pm to allow plenty of time for visitors to view the beautiful gardens before the band starts at 7pm. Cheques payable to Claydon and Barham PCC should be sent with a selfaddressed envelope (with stamp if you live outside Claydon & Barham) to Roger Colthorpe, 5 Phillipps Road, Barham IP6 0AZ. It may be a good idea to call 01473 831079 to check availability and reserve tickets pending payment, but otherwise payment will be returned immediately if sold out. All proceeds will go towards the Claydon & Barham Church Fabric Fund to help fund the next major project which is to restore our ancient bells and get them ringing again with hopefully two additional bells. Barham Church bells which have not been rung properly since 1947, but we will hopefully be able to open a concert with a peal of bells in the not too distant future.

Sunday 23 June, 11am-4.30pm There are many hidden gardens to visit in this beautiful village, plus the churchyard which is a county wildlife site. You may meet a scarecrow anywhere in the village and wonderful actor and comedian Roy Hudd will again be judging the competition (professional commitments permitting). There will also be a fun mini scarecrow I-Spy trail for children throughout the village and the village hall will be a hub of activity both inside and out. Katie’s Garden is supporting us and will be selling plants. Teas, coffees and snacks, street style hot food by E8 Food Company and Peter’s Ice-cream will all be available and a garden shop will be based in Haysel House which is located next to the village hall. All profits will be divided between St Mary’s Church, Coddenham and The Stone Foundation, a new local charity set up to provide housing and tenancy support for vulnerable people. Plenty of free parking available. Admission £4 per adult, children under-16 free. Please make a note of the date and let’s hope for good weather.

ORWELL DECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETY Our talks throughout the year cover a broad spectrum of art and are delivered within a relaxed and welcoming environment. June 1 will be our last talk  before the summer break and  is titled  The Age of Jazz.  We are looking forward to meeting the guest speaker, Sandy Burnett, a musician and broadcaster whose  varied career  embraces broadcasting, conducting, playing double bass and communicating  his passion for music. For over a decade Sandy was one of the core team of presenters on BBC Radio 3. This included hosting the breakfast  show and live broadcasts from the Proms and Edinburgh Festival. He recently won silver in the Specialist Music Category of the PPI Radio awards. Our talks will resume September 4 when Anne Haworth will present a talk entitled Porcelain for the Chinese Emperors. The talk will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting We meet at Tower Hall, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew on the first Wednesday of most months. The meeting begins at 2.05pm and lasts about an hour with tea and coffee are available from 1.30pm. For the latest events and news please visit:

SOMERSHAM & DISTRICT GARDENING CLUB Our next meeting is on Monday 10 June when Stuart Gough and Tom Wilmer will give a talk on Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm. The meeting will be held in Offton and Willisham Village Hall at 7.30pm. Refreshments are available and a warm welcome. For further information please call: 01473 254941/830600


OUT & ABOUT WOMEN TOGETHER RECOVERY GROUP Meetings are self-help recovery groups for all women regardless of their addiction or life problem. They are facilitated by women who are in recovery themselves and people who have supported others in their journey to freedom. We provide an environment where women can talk about their daily struggles, share their experiences, strength and hope openly and honestly in a safe place. They can be with others who share a common desire to overcome addictive behaviour. It’s somewhere women can seek healing for one another. WT wants women to regain the self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth that addiction has stolen from them. Meetings are held at Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road, Ipswich IP1 6DH on Monday mornings at 10.30am, at Shepherd Drive Baptist Church, Shepherd Drive, Pinewood, Ipswich IP8 3SL on Monday evenings from 7.45pm and at Ipswich Community Church, Clarkson Street, Ipswich IP1 2JL on Thursday afternoons from 1.15pm. For more information please visit the Women Together Recovery Group Ipswich Facebook page or contact us at: 07503 416576 /

CLAYDON & BARHAM WI This last month has been busy, busy, busy. We hosted the group meeting where we were joined by ladies from three other local WIs. Our speaker was Marko the cartoonist. He gave a very entertaining talk about his work and got us all drawing our own cartoons. Two of our ladies attended a very enjoyable needlepoint workshop and came away with work in progress and inspired to do more. One of our members went to Denman, a college in Oxfordshire run by the WI. She tried her hand at willow weaving and tai chi amongst several other activities. A couple of our ladies have  been busy knitting Bobbie Buddies. These are donated to the police to carry in their vehicles and are given to traumatised children they  may come into contact with during their work.  Our next meeting is on 11 June at 7.15pm when Richard will tell us about the tomato growing facility that has recently opened. We meet in Claydon Village Hall and would love to see you there. For further information please contact Sue: 01473 831396

GIRLS HAVE FUN Are you aged between five and seven years? Bramford Rainbows meet on Mondays from 5.30-6.30pm in the Scout & Guide Head Quarters opposite the Victory Hall. Come and join us for crafts, cooking and lots of fun. For more information contact Helen: 07733 070012 We would love to see you.

HENLEY SENIOR CITIZENS On Thursday, May 9 we made our sixth annual trip to The Hut at Felixstowe. On arrival members were given morning coffee/teas. The fish and chip lunch supplied by Orwell Fisheries was, as always, delicious. This was followed by hot drinks once again and a time for catching up with each other. Due to the inclement weather we were not able to have our usual walks along the prom or even an ice cream as the kiosk wasn’t open. However, this did not deter us as we did two quizzes – one on birds and the other on food, each table playing against each other. Some of the clues were very cryptic and when the answers were revealed there was a lot of oohs and ahs and laughter. It would not be ‘seniors’ if we didn’t have a game of bingo which was followed by afternoon tea and cakes. Everyone went away with smiles on their faces so hopefully the weather didn’t put them off for a visit next year.      

GREAT BLAKENHAM OVER 50s CLUB The Great Blakenham Over 50s Club is open to anyone of that age living in Great Blakenham and the surrounding area. We  meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the Parish Room, Stowmarket Road, Great Blakenham from 2-4pm.   At our meeting on May 8 we enjoyed a games afternoon with Scrabble, Rummy O, Kan-U-Go and Trivial Pursuits as well as our regular bingo games. Our meetings in June will both have a musical theme  New members are always welcome so if you would like to come along and see what goes on we will be pleased to see you. Jackie Durrant, 01449 672690


COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES GROUP Book Club We meet at 10.30am on the last Thursday of the month at The Crown (Hungry Horse), Claydon for an interesting discussion on the chosen book. We have a few spaces for new members so do come along. Knitting Group We meet on the first Thursday of the month from 10.30am to noon in the lounge at Alisdair Place, Claydon. We are currently knitting lap blankets for St Elizabeth Hospice and hats and blankets for the pre-mature baby unit at West Suffolk Hospital, with more projects to come. If anyone has any wool they no longer require, which may be useful to us, it would be gratefully received at one of our meetings. Meet ‘n’ Eat Lunch Club This group has gone from strength to strength. At our May meeting we served 42 people. We meet at noon on the first Friday at Gt Blakenham Parish Room (the building with the green door, almost opposite The Chequers). A two course lunch costs £4, plus the optional raffle ticket for £1. Anyone who has difficulty with transport can arrange a lift by contacting: The Rev Carl – 833542; Ann – 831031; Pauline – 830723; Dorothy – 830906. Gipping Valley Art Society We meet every Tuesday afternoon from 1-4pm in Gt Blakenham Parish Room. We use our own materials and have our own projects, with Mike Wootton on hand to give us helpful advice and assistance where needed. We go outdoor sketching locally on the last Friday of the month – weather permitting. We recently enjoyed a demonstration by a local artist, Susan Boddy, who gave a very interesting watercolour demonstration and raffled one of her acrylic paintings, which was won by Mike. We had a table at the Easter Fayre which was well attended. We have plans to visit Flatford Mill and The Munnings Museum at Dedham to view the Munnings First World War art on loan from the Canadian Museum during the summer, together with other projects. We will have a stand in St Mary’s Church, Gt Blakenham in July for their summer fete, where original art will be on sale at a price to suit all pockets.  The Walk ‘n’ Talk Group We meet on the second Thursday of the month, weather permitting, in the car park of The Crown (Hungry Horse) and go for a walk lasting approximately 1.5 hours along local footpaths and bridleways. All welcome, together with dogs. Afterwards we enjoy the hospitality of The Greyhound for coffee and cake. Do come along and enjoy our local countryside and a chat.

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Providing legal support for couples & families Whether you are married, in a civil partnership, or cohabiting, splitting up can be an emotional time. We can offer advice and support on how to settle your differences constructively. We offer some fixed fee payment schemes for: • Divorce, separation and dissolution of civil partnerships • Disputes about children • Pre and post nuptial agreements • Agreements for unmarried couples

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Great Blakenham Craft Club is open to anyone living in Great Blakenham and the surrounding area, meeting every Monday from February to December in Great Blakenham Parish Room on Stowmarket Road from 2-4pm.  As mentioned in a previous edition, Fact and Fantasy was a cardmaking workshop featuring robots and unicorns as pictured. In May we had another cardmaking project and for June our workshop is entitled Summer Sewing. For further information please get in touch with Jackie Durrant: 01449 672690

CLAYDON PRE-SCHOOL 100 CLUB Our March 100 Club draw took place on April 25 and the winners were: 1: Brian Amass (46) 2: Lisa Robinson (6) 3: Amy Kading (14) Thanks to your support, £25.50 was donated to the pre-school. Half of all money given for the 100 Club goes to the pre-school and the other half is paid out in winnings. Membership is just £1 a month. You don’t need to have a child at the pre-school to be a member. Membership forms are available from the office or by email. Thank you to all those lovely people who continue to support us. We are very grateful.


ANNUAL SUMMER FETE Saturday 8 June from 10am-noon Please come along to support us – there will be fun and games for the whole family and cakes, teas and coffees will be served. We look forward to our fete and would love you to come and join us. We thank everyone who has made donations for the fete. As a charity run preschool we always welcome donations (toys, stationary, etc.) so if you have any unwanted items please contact us on or call into the pre-school during working hours. Firemen Phil recently came to visit us, bringing along his new equipment and outfits for the children to try on. We have recently purchased some new resources including play trays which are more accessible for all children. We are a small, rural, friendly setting based at Henley Community Centre. We pride ourselves, on having a high ratio of staff to children and therefore providing the maximum care and learning for the children. All staff are highly trained and continue regular training to build their knowledge further. Session places are currently limited and we now have children registering to start in September. If your child requires a space from September please contact us as soon as possible to check availability. We accept eligible 30hr funded children (the codes must be in place the term before they are needed). Children can join us from the age of two and we accept government funded and fee paying children. For further information please call 01473 833848 during session time (9am3pm) or email or manager, Bridget Wyatt: Bridget and the team


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This month, we would like to share with you news from our children in EYFS and Years 1 and 2.

Claydon and Barham Young Families is a Mother’s Union project which has been run by Mothers’ Union members and supporters for 28 years. We welcome mums, dads, carers and grandparents from Claydon, Barham, Great Blakenham and the surrounding villages with babies or children under five. Entry is just £1.50 per family.

In the nursery they have been having lots of fun taking part in different springtime activities. They have particularly enjoyed exploring the creative tray, which had lots of exciting springtime objects to assemble together. Reception have been enjoying the sunshine this term and have been building obstacle courses, hunting for mini beasts and even had a zoo escape where the animals stampeded through the garden. They are looking forward to many more sunny days. Years 1 and 2 have had a very exciting term learning first about Antarctica and more recently the complete contrast of Africa. The children became authors when they all had their stories published in a real book. Then they went exploring at Colchester Zoo where they got to feed the giraffes. The children celebrated the end of our theme with a sharing assembly for the parents and carers showcasing all that they have learnt. They have also enjoyed an African drumming and dance workshop. They had their faces painted, made tie-dye scarves, decorated African necklaces and learnt lots of traditional dance moves! By Lower Phase Leader Mrs Wells

CLAYDON HIGH SCHOOL We are now in the midst of exam season for our Year 11 students who will finish their exams at the end of this month. Students have made the most of revision days and catch-up clubs and have demonstrated maturity and resilience as they approach their final exams. I wish them the very best of luck for the future and hope that all their hard work will be rewarded with success on results day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Year 11 parents/carers for their support during the last five years. Students are looking forward to celebrating the end of their exams at the school prom on June 26. On Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 July, the school hall will be rocking to the sounds of Queen as we perform our school production of We Will Rock You. Both performances start at 7pm with refreshments available. The cast have been extremely busy rehearsing and are looking forward to showcasing their talents. Tickets are now on sale and can be obtained from the reception desk between 8am and 4pm. We hope you will be able to join us for a fantastic evening. If you would like to be involved in sponsoring the show, please contact Nikki McGuinness: Our PTA work hard to support students at the school and welcome you to book a table at their next quiz night on Thursday 4 July at 7pm. You can also help to generate funds for the school by depositing unwanted clothing, textiles and paper in the two recycling banks, located in the coach car park on Church Lane. We will be holding our annual Community Tea Party on Monday 15 July from noon-2pm. This is a lovely afternoon and a great chance to catch up with neighbours and friends. If you would like to book a place (for a small charge of £1) please contact the school or visit reception.

This month we meet on Thursdays 6 and 20 from 9.30-11.30am in Claydon and Barham Village Hall. Why not come along and join in the fun? You can make friends and enjoy some valuable play. Hope to see you there. For more information contact me on 01473 833788 or check our listing on This month we would like to wish a happy birthday to Finley and Arwen who both celebrate in June. Michelle

ANYONE FOR CROQUET? Ipswich Club Open Day, Sunday, June 9 Ipswich Croquet Club has been a part of Ipswich society for over 100 years, and more recently has produced world and national champions. This year two of its juniors have been selected for the World Schools Championships. Once a sport rated second only to cricket in this country it remains an enthralling game combining physical skill with mental agility. Today croquet is played as much for fun as competitively by people of all backgrounds and ages. In 1900 it became the first Olympic sport to include women. To celebrate this great sport the club is holding a free entry open day on its lawns at Fynn Valley from 10.30am to 3.30pm. This will be a great day out and for many a chance to try something a little different. All the equipment will be provided and club members will be on hand if required to show you the ropes. All you need is a pair of flat-soled shoes. Cakes and refreshments will be available at the pavilion, and the fabulous new Café Terrace will be serving food and drink including a great Sunday lunch which is well worth booking (01473 785267). For further information visit:

JOIN US FOR A SUMMER OF TENNIS! With summer now arriving, there’s no better time take up tennis. Bramford Tennis Club welcomes people with all levels of experience at both adult and junior level with special membership offers for first time members from as little as £25/year for adults, £10/year for juniors. Get in touch to find out how to join us while the offer lasts! LADIES SOCIAL TENNIS The aim of our ladies only sessions on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm is to encourage more female players to engage with the sport through a friendly non-competitive and supportive coaching environment. Sessions cost just £4 for members, £5 for non-members and are suitable for all levels. No need to book in advance; just turn up, take part and have some fun!

Many of you will be aware we lost a long serving PE teacher, Matt Jack, in April and we would like to thank you for all of the messages of support we received over this difficult time. We are collecting for his family’s chosen charities, The Mix and Hands at Work, as well as for a memorial at the school. If anyone with links to the school would like to support these, please contact reception.

JOIN US FOR OUR SUMMERTIME SLAM The Summertime Slam is one our annual family themed tennis festivals with parent and child teams having fun on court. Prizes will be available to all participants, so while the professional players get ready to take to the grass courts of Wimbledon, why not give tennis a try yourself by joining us for our Summertime Slam on Sunday, June 30 at 2pm?

If you would like to visit the school and see us in action, come along to one of our open mornings. The next one is on Thursday 6 June. Please telephone my PA, Ms J Saunders on 01473 836110 to book a place.

To find out more please visit:

Headteacher Ms M Taylor

Coaching Enquiries: / 07553 966380


SPORT / CHURCH NEWS NEEDHAM MARKET BOWLS CLUB The indoor season at the Meadlands has now finished. Congratulations to Brian Locksmith, John Milliard and Margaret Thorndyke on their Buzzard team winning the Birdie League Division C, and well played to my own teams, Churnet and Grouse, on finishing second in both their competitions. The Stowmarket League outdoor season is now in full swing. Tuesday teams have had mixed results; the A team have won both their games while the B team have lost two very close games in their first year in the first division. The C team have won one and lost one. The Wednesday team have started strongly in defence of their title, winning 6.5-0.5 at Walsham, before losing a very tight game 4-3 to Gipping Valley. Our Thursday team is enjoying their bowling and hoping for an improvement on last year’s results. We have been congratulated on the condition of the green, so a big thankyou to John Cook, Trevor Harvey, Alistair Bailie and all the other volunteers for their work over the winter months. On Sunday 9 June we host a friends and family barbeque, and Sunday 21 July is President’s Day, when the president’s team plays the captain’s team, with teams drawn on the day. There will be two friendly matches against Coney Weston, date yet to be confirmed. The draw for the club pairs and triples has been made; please consult the noticeboard to see who you are playing with and against. A date for finals day has yet to be arranged; any suggestions for events to fill up the day should be forwarded to Alistair. A Roving Jack or a singles competition have been suggested. You need to do something to earn your ‘bacon sarnies’! Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of NMBC can contact either Alistair Bailie on 01449 720759 or Pat Hadden on 01473 831308. David Hindley

TALES FROM THE 19th HOLE The HOGS visited the newly opened Cretingham Golf Club at the end of April, playing the Kingfisher Course. Tomasz Schafernaker had forecast a grim day, but the rain which arrived on the second hole was gone by the fourth, leaving a sunny and breezy day and one person leaving the course slightly burnt. Captain Brian was absent due to a back injury, so it was down to another snitch to pass info onto Keith, which led to an impressive list of fines for our chosen charity. These included contributions from the complete first group for slow play and the whole of the last group for failing to add up their team score properly (not the first instance of this in recent outings – I would suggest that calculators are packed in the bags for the future). The harshest fine was to Nick for missing his second shot on the 16th, an eight foot putt that would have given him an astonishing six points. He did manage to hole for three, matching the infamous five points scored in 2017 by ‘The Two Terrys’, but they’d achieved theirs in two shots (not that they mention it too often). Certainly an improvement on his last outing and he could return the non-awarded Golden Boot to the clubhouse confident that it wouldn’t be returning home with him later that day. The team competition was won by Tim (29), Mike (30), Scott (22) and Nick (21) with 74 points. Second with 70 points were Paul C (27), Grahame (28), Darryn (16) and Simon (26), while bringing up the rear were Peter (27), Keith (19), Steve (18) and Ian (27) on 68. Note: for those of you who have just got your calculators out, not all individual scores contribute to the team score! The individual competitions saw Ian win the 14th Hole Nearest the Pin, while Keith won the Longest Drive. Steve tried to stake his claim to this, having hit his ball further down the 17th fairway, but it was explained that this didn’t count and was too early in the round. This was only as a result of a wayward drive – he was teeing off from the 13th tee at the time!

FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES In recent weeks the number of people who have asked, “where has this year gone?” has been quite remarkable. It hardly seems like any time at all since we were celebrating the start of the New Year. Schools will be starting the final term before the summer break and for those finishing Year 6, both children and parents will be asking, “where has the time gone?”. Lots has been written to try and explain the phenomenon that the older you get the quicker the time seems to go, but one thing is for sure – time marches on. The Bible records that time stood still for a day and went backwards an hour, which tells us, God is in control of time. The psalmist writes, “My times are in Your hands” and gave him much comfort in several ways, I mention two here. Firstly it gave him a cure for present worry. The writer of this psalm was in trouble and had much to be concerned about that day for his wellbeing. We can be anxious about all manner of things but if we, like the Psalmist, put our life into God’s hands we can go to Him with all are cares and concerns and see how He will work things out. Secondly, knowing that the psalmist times were in God’s hands, it gave him peace regarding the future. The writer had an unknown future but he could trust a known God with it. He had confidence that God knew best even though he might not understand the things he had to go through. I do not know what the future holds for me, or my family. With all the uncertainty that is being broadcast these days about resources, finances and environment it would be easy to have fear for the future. But again if we put our lives into God’s hands we can have peace knowing that He is in control of all things. To put our lives into God’s hands and know that our times are in His hands we must turn to God and come to Him through Jesus. If you would like to know more then why not give me a call, join us on Sunday mornings at 10.45am or come to our last Discover & Do before the summer on Sunday 7 July at 4pm. We will have a craft and a talk followed by hotdogs. We will have a Family Fun Day on Friday 26 July from 10am-4pm, followed by a BBQ with games, competitions, coffee and chat, and more. WEEKLY EVENTS Monday Fortnightly: Little Owls Toddler Group, 10am-noon Tuesday: Weekly Prayer Meeting, 7.30-8.30pm Wednesday: Coffee Morning, 10am-noon. All welcome. Thursday: Home Group, 10-11.45am Friday: Children’s Club (primary school age), 6.30-7.30pm Sunday Morning Service: 10.45am-noon For more information contact Michael: 01473 839785 /

The next event will be at Bury St Edmunds Golf Club at the end of May.


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CHURCH NEWS THE CLAYDON GROUP OF CHURCHES The Church of England in Claydon and Barham, Henley and Great Blakenham We offer you a warm welcome to all our events and services. For enquiries about baptisms, weddings and funerals contact: Priest-in-Charge: The Rev Carl Melville, Claydon Rectory 01473 833542 / SERVICES IN JUNE Henley Church: every Sunday at 9.30am Barham Church: every Sunday at 10am Gt Blakenham Church: every Sunday at 11am Every Wednesday to August: 10am Service of Holy Communion at Barham Church Sunday, June 2: Easter 7 8am Holy Communion 9.30am Holy Communion 10am Holy Communion 11am family@blakenham 4.30pm families@4.30

Barham Church Henley Church Barham Church Gt Blakenham Church Barham Church

Sunday, June 9: Pentecost 11am Pentecost Praise HC Rectory Garden Sunday, June 16: Trinity Sunday 8am Holy Communion Barham Church 9.30am Holy Communion Henley Church 10am Morning Prayer Barham Church 11am Holy Communion Gt Blakenham Church 6pm High Mass St Peter’s, Claydon Sunday, June 23: Trinity 1 8am Holy Communion 9.30am Café Church 10am Holy Communion 11am Elevenses@GB 6.30pm Evensong

Barham Church Henley Church Barham Church Gt Blakenham Church Henley Church

Sunday, June 30: Trinity 2 10am Benefice Holy Communion 4pm Songs of Praise Picnic Sunday, July 7: Trinity 3 8am Holy Communion 9.30am Holy Communion 10am Holy Communion 11am family@blakenham 4.30pm families@4.30

Gt Blakenham Church St Peter’s, Claydon

Barham Church Henley Church Barham Church Gt Blakenham Church Barham Church

Further services and events can be found at:


families@4.30: Our new congregation for families and young people meets on the first Sunday of the month at Barham Church. The next one will be held on June 2. We have loads of fun so why not come along and join us? Come hungry! Visiting: If you, or anyone you know would like a visit from a member of our pastoral team, please get in touch with The Rev Carl, The Rev Cathy or The Rev Jenny. This might be at home or in hospital. Henley Church Fete: Saturday, June 15 from noon-3pm in St Peter’s Churchyard, Church and Vestry. Henley Chefs will be cooking a barbecue and there’ll be family games and activities, raffles, tombola, etc. Come along for a great time with the family. Claydon & Barham Annual Church Fete: See page 3. Barham Church Tower Tours Barham Church is opening its tower to raise money to restore the ancient bells which haven’t been properly heard for nearly 100 years. Reduced rate tours (£3) are available on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June (see page 3) and also at 8pm from Monday 24 to Friday 28 June (£10). Watch the sun go down, take beautiful photos, enjoy the atmosphere. Tours will not run if the weather is wet (see page 3 for other restrictions). Booking is essential: 01473 833542 / Barham Hall Open Air Picnic Concert: See page 15. Pentecost: Praise and Picnic takes place in the Rectory Garden on Sunday, June 9 at 11am. There will be no services in church that Sunday. Great Blakenham Village Fete and Doggy Day: St Mary’s Churchyard, Church and Parish Room on Saturday, July 13 from noon-3pm with loads of stalls with games, raffles, cakes, refreshments, ice cream and light lunch refreshments. There will be a chance to put someone in the stocks, enter the fantastic prize draw and show off your dog at the Doggy Day! There will be lots of fun items for dogs as well as humans, with groomers, dog toys, plus lot more! High Mass: For those who like incense in church, there will be a High Mass at St Peter’s Church, Claydon on Sunday, June 16 at 4pm. Roy Tricker will be preaching. Hall Bookings Barham Church Hall: Zoe Groom, 831804 Gt Blakenham Parish Room: Reg Barton, 839958 Henley Church Vestry: Margaret Gerrard, 831463 Find us on Facebook and Twitter by searching for: The Claydon Group of Churches

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In Touch News with Claydon June 2019  

In Touch News with Claydon June 2019