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Dr. G.R.D.C.S Tuesday, August 4, 2009



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Self Esteem

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By Akash KJ (2nd VisCom)

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Do you dress to please yourself or others? RESULTS:

Yourself: 62% Others: 38%

Sampras would still be holding the record for the highest number of grand slam victories and you would see Andy Murray endorsing Wilson tennis equipment. People with higher self esteem tend to be happier, more successful and more fun to be around. It has a massive effect on your thinking, causing your positive or negative outlook towards life. Because it affects your outlook, it also affects your attitude towards things. It affects your self confidence and paints yourself image. If you can't value yourself properly, then how will you value others? So why do people have low self esteem? Some people have low self esteem because they lack success, while other people have problems with self esteem

VisiQ? In 1935 American Government had killed a person on 1st Saturday of August. The very next day his friend died committing suicide. In his memory American Government had st

declared 1 Sunday of every August as friendship day. On this 74th friendship day The VisTimes wishes you to

Fat like me

share this story to all your “As I look out of my window, like friends and make them to others I desire to go out and face society, to meet my friends, to know about the true live like any other youngster. To friendship. spend endless hours jabbing away in café’s , having a weekend dinner at chic The restaurants and maybe to even h a v e a s o ca l l e d ‘ co l l e g e is imes sweetheart ‘.Thinking about it overwhelms me with joy ,but instead of a smile, tears of sorrow roll down my cheeks when I SMS “ON VisTimes” realize that my appearance raises to 09870807070, tall walls around my abilities .My to SUBSCRIBE free obese body , my foe that VisTimes via consumes my confidence and SMS alerts deprives me of the social existence that I crave for . I lie Free service powered by Google SMS Channels Labs secluded completely into a


because they lack success, while other people have problems with self esteem because of their appearance. Everyone is too fat, too skinny, too ugly, stuck up, too tall or too short. The list goes on. Everyone has a flaw, which makes them believe that they are HORRIBLE. And little do they realize how little these things matter. They blame their failure or their attitude on their flaws and spend the rest of their life complaining and cribbing. An obese person blames his low self esteem on his body and tries hard to look attractive. While the attractive person blames her low self esteem on not being successful.The successful individual has low self esteem because he works too hard and has no personal life, so no one loves him.

By Deepa B (2nd VisCom)

for . I lie secluded completely into a closed dark world where socializing is a taboo. And if dared to venture out ,where ever I go am haunted by people judging me by my weight and some even staring me down as if I was Michael Jackson reincarnated .Some even throw words which makes me question my self esteem , and at times I curse myself for being so abundant in appearance .Life is similar to being lifeless.“ The thoughts of an obese teenager, thoughts that they cover with radiant plastic smiles, as if all is rosy and sweet. And their arrogant and ignorant peers throw harsh questions without a second thought, “why do you eat

All you guys out there would kiss a picture of Kathrina Kaif without a second thought and all you girls (and some guys) would do the same to a poster of Brad Pit. But when was the last time that you kissed yourself in the mirror? Now don't get me wrong people, what I'm trying to say is that when was the last time you really loved being who you are? When was the last time you valued your life and existence? When was the last time you wanted to achieve your full potential? Never? You might feel that way for many reasons. Sometimes because of lack of success or maybe your personal appearance or even for some other reasons. But matter what you should love yourself. And if you

don't chances are that your suffering from low self esteem. It could be a little low or really low, but all in all you should try to keep it on top of the scales. Why? For example let's take the example of Roger Federer. Apart from the maddening and endless practice, the determination, the goal setting and all that Shebang, what do you think gives him that extra edge? ( No we're not referring to steroids here). Its self esteem, a very important element in your personality that helps you to function better as a human being. Now if Roger had bad self esteem the results would be devastating. That “wanna be“ Nadal would on the top spot, ( Yes I am a biased Federer fan ), Pete

Flaws are an inherit articles in our life, they are present so that we remember to appreciate true beauty when we see it. Some people even have problems when others think less of them and spend the rest of their lives trying to satisfy these small people instead of working on the more important things. When you're born, you are labeled like jars. People put labels on you to dissect you, to define you, to set borders around you, to classify and categorize you. To tell you who you can be with, and who you can't. To tell you what you are allowed to become, and program you into that mindset. Labels, to brainwash you into thinking that you are stupid and pathetic, and that your wants do not matter. But its time that you stopped walking around with a label on

your forehead. Let us remove those labels and be the people we were meant to be. Keep your goals in mind and work towards them, life is too short and there is no time to sit down and complain. People will always have their opinions about you, but those opinions do not define the real you, only your opinion matters. Keep that in mind and you will achieve it all. Painters all around the world picture the sun in their own ways, but that never affects the sun, it will always keep its true form, always rise and shine, to bring light into our lives.

so much?” or they pretend to console them, but their words are ridden with sarcasm, “oh! Your so fat, but I’m sure you can find ways to reduce if work on it.” We claim to be the educated wave of our society, but our outlook is far from rational. Fashion and style statements have deeply influenced young people in such a way that the ultimate goal on their physical agenda is to be ‘STICK AND SICK ‘.Youngsters are ready to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle to look like twigs. They go on crash diets and work out like crazy in attempt to look like models on vogue and to attract the opposite gender. But they fail to notice two very important things. One, models on Vogue and every other fashion magazine in the world have their pictures graphically manipulated so as to make them look like “Barbie” dolls. Two most

men think the small waists have a very plastic feel to them. When we asked a girl about her opinion, she said, ”Being fat is fine” but when asked about herself she had to spill the beans.” I wouldn’t like to become fat ...” Is someone being diplomatic? Women start smoking not because they enjoy it, but because of the misconception that it will help them loose weight. We have made our lives unethical and foolish. Today obesity has become a serious threat to psychological breakdowns in many young people I strongly believe that “we should never make fun of obese people and that we should try m o t i va t i n g t o g e t f i t a n d accomplish their goals“. And its said before that beauty is skin deep.

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Dr. G.R.D.C.S Tuesday, August 4, 2009

By Ajith Kumar (2nd VisCom)




Caricature Gossip




By Akash KJ (2nd VisCom) Gossip is all around us today. Its more abundant than the air we breathe. It is created in seconds and , and it requires little or no reason to be spread. And as it moves on from vendor to vendor, the information receives more and more exaggeration ( or animation as I prefer to call it ), the characters become more colorful and the incidents more fictional. And at the end of the day, you have a story so exciting that it would put the plot of a Jeffery Archer novel to shame. For today's teenagers, gossiping comes as a reflex. Most of us understand that its a bad habit and that it can result in colateral damage, but yet we immerse ourselves into the vicious cycle that it in turn creates. So you weave a fresh spell of gossip, you share it with your best friend, your “ Chaddi Buddy “, the one person in the world who is the keeper of all your little secrets , the one who wouldn't let you down even if someone put a gun in his mouth, at least that's what you think.

But even before you know it that supposedly loyal friend has already passed it on to his other “Chaddi Buddy”, who in turn swears secrecy on his parents, the God he worships and his new beige Labrador pup called “Scruffy”. So inevitably the message spreads faster than an e p i d e m i c . T h e re s u l t s a re devastating. You damage many reputations, you offend people, you make enemies. Your friends who once patted you on the back to comfort you, will now fear that you might just stab theirs. But shockingly gossip is actually the seed of " Language" . Many anthropologists believe that language evolved because gossip is a more efficient version of the " social grooming "essential for animals to live in groups. Apes and other creatures solidify their social bonds by cleaning and stroking one another, but the size of the group is limited because there's not enough time in the day to groom a large number of animals.

Speech enabled humans to bond with lots of people while going about their hunting and gathering. Instead of spending hours un tangling hair, they could bond with friendly conversation (“Your hair looks so unmated today!”) or by picking apart someone else's behavior (“Yeah, he was supposed to share the wildebeest, but I heard he kept both haunches”). So mind your own business, love all and speak ill of no one. Yes I know I sound like your teacher from third standard, who also happened to gossip a lot. But the no one is perfect and life is all about getting there.


5N bytes E W S further blow to the sport after Honda's withdrawal before the start of the 2009 season. However, since Wednesday's announcement, rival German car manufacturer Mercedes have reconfirmed their commitment to By Akash KJ (2nd VisCom) the sport.


The following might scene silly, but 2 out of 5 people get them wrong.

Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh PhD (Oxford). Slap yourself if you didn't know that one. Apple's iTouch Tablet President of India, Pratibha Patil. Slap yourself again if gone wrong.

Dr. P Umanath IAS Coimbatore Collector

- As long as you are in India you must look right and then left while crossing a road. - G8, The Group of Eight formerly the G6 is a forum, created by France in 1975, for governments of eight nations of the northern hemisphere: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; in addition, the European Union is represented within the G8, but cannot host or chair. "G8" can refer to the member states or to the annual summit meeting of the G8 heads of government. G8 ministers also meet throughout the year, such as the G8 finance ministers (who meet four times a year), G8 foreign ministers, or G8 environment ministers.

Michael Jackson "died three times" before he met his final end and reportedly found it 'exhilarating' when his heart stopped. The King of Pop was said to have jeopardized his life several times before his death on June 25 and allegedly enjoyed the s e n s a t i o n o f C P R (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Sources say that there were at least three instances in the last 18 months where Michael literally died before either doctors or bodyguards were able to bring him back. There were at least two instances in 2008 and both involved prescription drugs. One time they had to pump his stomach and another time do CPR .nOnce, after doctors finally managed to wake him up, Michael said he had died and gone to heaven, and it felt good. Michael said it was the most exhilarating experience of his life, to have seen how things looked on the other side, then come back to Earth again. There was another time earlier this year when he appeared to flat line. In each incident, his heart stopped," the source added.

German car manufacturer BMW has announced it is to pull out of Formula One at the end of the current season after a "landmark" decision to restructure the group's motorsport activities was made by the company's board in a meeting on Tuesday.BMW Sauber have opted to pull out Formula One at the end of the 2009 season. A statement on the BMW Sauber F1 Team's official Web site stated that "the Formula One campaign is no longer a key promoter for us" and that "current developments in motor sport" had resulted in the decision. Dr Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the BMW board of management, said: "Of course, this was a very difficult decision for us. But it's a resolute step in view of our company's strategic realignment." The team currently lie eighth in the constructors' world championship with eight points after 10 rounds and of their two drivers -- Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld -- Heidfeld sits a lowly 13th in the drivers' championship with just six points. BMW are the second manufacturer to pull out of F1 in a

Soon Apple's iTouch Tablet Will Become a Flagship Product. Among the tablet's salient features, as McCracken seesz it: Size: A 9.7-inch screen with something like 1024-by-600 pixels (the iPhone, by comparison, has a 3.5-inch screen and 480-by-320 pixels.) Operating System: A version of the iPhone OS that supports a larger screen and special tablet features. Interface: Like the iPhone's, it will be optimized for Web surfing, music, movies, very light e-mail, and other applications that don't involve much data entry. Applications: From the 65,000 available on the App Store. Connectivity: Wi-Fi for sure. Bluetooth almost certainly. The big unknown: will it have cellular broadband? Other features: A front-mounted camera for video chatting. Perhaps GPS for navigation. Maybe an SD slot for importing photos. No Firewire or USB, says McCracken, although we don't see why not. Cost: More than a netbook ($500 at the cheapest) Availability: December this year.




is imes



ords of the


b e t t r

By Divya Chugani (2nd VisCom)

are big hearted, forgiving and 1. Why did you choose MSW ? I've always wanted to be a Veterinarian, and hence I did my generous. B.Sc in Zoology at St. Josephs College for women in Cochin. I had a paper in Psychiatry which was a part of my curriculum 2. Altruist – Is one who concerns and I was immediately intrigued by the nature of the subject. himself with the welfare of others. Hence I chose this course specializing in medical psychiatry. He doesn't care too much about his 2. Could you tell us something about the course ? interest, other people comes first. Social work is not just about donating blood or conducting eye camps, but it involves many other aspects. The course covers mental health, many aspects of anthropology, 3. Placid – It's when you are calm, methods of social work, human rights and its laws, social easygoing, serene, undisturbed. welfare and its administration. We are allowed to either You are pleased with things as they specialize in Human resource or medical psychiatry. are. 3. What are your plans for the future ? I want to complete my M. Phil in Child Psychiatry and want to 4. Misogamist – Is one who hates pursue my career as a child psychiatrist in an NGO or a marriage! psychiatrist social worker in a hospital. 5. Gerontologist – Is a person who 4. What are you most passionate about? I love children and I want to help them get over disorders like deals with economic, sexual, social, child Autism, Schizophrenia, dyslexia etc. I love reading books retirement and other problems of about psychiatry. the elderly. 5. Have you made friends with anyone you've counseled ? No, we are required to maintain professional distance with 6. Cacophony – Unpleasant noise, our patients. We have to be nice to them so as to create a sense harsh sound. of comfort, so as be able to help them. And we are not allowed to counsel our family members or friends, but we are allowed to guide them.

- The expression is not “as less as possible,” but “as little as possible.” - You say and type Hi and Not “Hai - In some parts of the country this prickly stuff is commonly called “barb wire” or even “bob wire.” When writing for a general audience, stick with the standard “barbed wire.” - Originally these two spellings were used interchangeably, but they have come to be distinguished from each other in modern times. Most of the time the word people intend is “compliment": nice things said about someone ("She paid me the compliment of admiring the way I shined my shoes.”). “Complement,” much less common, has a number of meanings associated with matching or completing. Complements supplement each other, each adding something the others lack, so we can say that "Alice's love for entertaining and Mike's love for washing dishes complement each other.” Remember, if you're not making nice to someone, the word is “complement.”


2.Michele – The Beatles 3.Let the music play – Shamur


STAGE BEAUTY Director: Richard Eyre Writers: Jeffery Hatcher Release Date: 3 September 2004 (UK)

6. Hitler or Bush ? Hitler, purely because his brilliant oratory skills. I might sound politically incorrect, but I admire a few of the changes he made in Germany. Like how you would always hear his voice when you switched on the radio or how he made it compulsory for all men to play football and how all women had to be good mothers. All of it was obnoxious, but nice in a way. I think I'd make a good dictator like him “ she says smiling.

Genre: Drama Tagline: She was the first of her kind. He was the last of his. Plot: A female theatre dresser creates a stir and sparks a revolution in seventeenth century L o n d o n t h e a t re b y p l a y i n g Desdemona in Othello. But what will become of the male actor she once worked for and eventually replaced?

4.Aloochat Theme 5. Beautiful - Moby


ovie of the

M usic P ick

1.Hard Sun – Eddie Vader



interview with ST U D E N T MSW student FO C U S Neetha Pappachan


1. Magnanimous – It's when you

Dr. G.R.D.C.S Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7. What has psychiatry taught you? That we should trust people ,but not the devil inside them. My life is way better than the lives of many, as I have learnt to cope up with difficulties without getting stressed out.

Opening Windows to Creativity By Divya Chugani (2nd VisCom) The first stall that impressed me human interaction. Rather than his knowledge on bikes when we w a s

t h e

s e t u p

o f just explaining points or playing walked into his display. There were

“Nathaigoundaumputhr”, a slide shows, they let the crowd in many bikes and parts on display village near Coimbatore. What I on the fun. A similar approach was and attention to detail was simply loved was not just the display, seen from the Stall by 2nd B.Com amazing. but how the students visited the where the display features the

But when compared to last years

village and planted joy in the w o r k i n g o f a n i n t e r n a l show, one would notice that there hearts of its residents with their combustion engine and you are was a massive dip in enthusiasm actions. The 3rd B Com CA, they the fuel that goes through the and quality this year. The teasers spent a day there, understood various parts. The idea was which create the eagerness to see the requirements of the village amazing and implementation was missing, the hype and people and raised funds for the was decent. But it would have excitement was low. local school rather than spending been better if they had added a more on the set up. I believe it bit more attention to detail. was a brilliant idea and the implementation was amazing.

Overall the quality of each display could have been better. We did

There were many stalls that notice that there was one major were very informative like, ways fault, and it was that all the displays

I also liked display about the to save fuel, animal cruelty, ways had brilliant ideas. But whatever tribute to MJ. His fan follower to be eco- friendly, etc, but they t h e t h o u g h t o r i d e a , i t s st Like a carnival, our college was packed with visitors, stalls, cars, Shardha of 1 B Com highlighted could have been displayed in a i m p l e m e n t a t i o n i s m o r e posters and sign boards. Students eating and talking was the his life and achievements. The more innovative manner, rather important. It's the implementation

scene outside the SCIB block. One of the best events in the British rule extended for 50 years than just point blank explanation. that communicates and shows rd college the window display called the “Creative streaks” this left me lost in thoughts about The seven gates to hell by 3 B your actual talent, which was year shows off the creative talent of the students. Apart from how my life would be if it had C o m c o m p a r e d t e r r o r i s m , lacking. Hope to see more enthusiasm, the loud music and noise there were more than a dozen of happened. Brands in 60 seconds, corruption, child molestation and posters outside the block. The stalls had themes like the hard a game about identifying brands other negative qualities to hell. excitement and creativity in the rock café, tribute to MJ, the scary house, the human intestine, were loved by all. Here the The build quality of the display next window display. titanic, Halloween, bike doctors and many more.

students tapped into one very was very impressive. Parthiban

rd With a lot of expectations I entered the block not knowing important element, it was from 3 B Com CS startled us with

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Dr. G.R.D.C.S Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be a t s Blogging?

By Debangan Basu (2nd VisCom)

There are these days in your life that you would treasure and remember for all eternity, days that will seem timeless, days that you will never cease to remember. For me one such day was when my favorite band Iron Maiden was set to perform in Bangalore. As expected the show made national front page news. This was the biggest rock show in India with a massive audience of 30,000 people at the venue and thousands more outside listening. The band started out by playing timeless hits like "Wasted Years" ,"Run To The Hills" and "Fear Of The Dark" . It looked like everyone in the crowd had one common aim, to sing louder than Bruce Dickinson . The concert was a blast, and every Maiden fan in the crowd had the time of his life. But all good things come to an end, so after an hour on stage they signed off by playing "Hallowed Be Thy Name".I had lived a dream. My first Iron Maiden copy was a gift from my cousin.It was the "Number Of The Beast" album.Since then I have collected every Maiden album. To me their music is beyond compare, a legend of sorts. Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in East London, formed in 1975. The band are directed by founder, bassist and songwriter Steve Harris. Taking its name from the medieval torture device, Iron Maiden . It was a part of England's late-Seventies crop of heavy-metal bands that boasted simple guitar riffs, bone-crunching chords and shrieking vocals. Since their inception, the group has released thirty-five albums: fourteen studio albums, nine live albums, four EPs and eight compilations. Iron Maiden achieved success during the early 1980s and after several lineup changes, went on to release a series of platinum and gold albums. Iron Maiden have sold more than 70 million records worldwide, without significant mainstream or radio support, an achievement that is beyond rare in music these days.

Get the word out, with Blogger. Share your life, your product or your ideas for free with this blogging service from Google. Blogger has given the world a voice and offers endless template configurations even for the most inexperienced users. Blogger launched in 1999, was bought by Google in 2002 and is one of the most popular free Blog services. Since it comes under the Google family, its very easy to sign up for Adsense and automatically submit your Blog to the Google Blog directory, so as to make your Blog available to millions. Posting is straightforward enough for beginners who can choose from the available template designs, experienced u s e r s ca n m a n i p u l a te t h e template's HTML code to personalize their Blog if they want, bit its only optional. Blogger is ultra simple to use for blogging newbies, even my grandma uses it. Fine I'm kidding, but its so simple that she should give it a try . I've been a Blogger since 2007, back when I was in

By Manoj Varghese Mathew (2nd VisCom)

school. I started off with a simple no html poetry Blog backed by simple template designs that Blogger offers. I enjoyed the experience completely. I had free web space, ridiculously easy to use page building software and the “Google touch” added to the whole experience, what more could you want. So if you want to share your views, brand your organization or put your paintings, pictures, essays, poetry and what not on display, then you should try Blogger. Unlike many free Blog services Blogger lets you change the HTML co d e i n y o u r t e m p l a t e s t o customize your Blog. Additionally, since Blogger is so preferred there are countless free open source templates available from other sites, so your template choices are endless.

your Blog. But Blogger is free, so if you want to dabble in HTML, this is a good place to start. It even sports brilliant and simple applications that can add more appeal to your Blog. And you will never feel lost, because Blogger offers more documentation than other free Blog services; they have FAQs, tutorials, user forums and a searchable knowledgebase. In addition, since Blogger is so popular you can also find all kinds of advice online from third party sources. Blogger is one of best Blog tools out there. It is perfect for casual and semi–professional bloggers.

It is easy to insert your photo images. It comes with various word processing options and also has a preview and a spell check modes.( It's a blessing , trust me).The design options are a very simple and let you change almost every aspect of


The band won the Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2002, and were also inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk during their tour in the US in 2005.In 2009, after playing to over 2 million fans around the world in 91 concerts and unprecedented ticket sales, Metal Hammer magazine proclaimed Iron Maiden to be greatest metal band on the planet.




rs, ape p e E” ibe CRIB bscr To su us “SUBS Mail es@gm stim to vi

SMS “ON VisTimes” to 09870807070, to SUBSCRIBE free VisTimes via SMS alerts Free service powered by Google SMS Channels Labs

By Twinkle Talreja (2nd VisCom)

Eat Pray and love

Also to their credit is the recently released movie Flight 666,a documentary that follows the band on the first leg of their “In 'Eat, Pray, Love', Elizabeth Gilbert takes us on a journey to seek happiness, devotion and finally the Somewhere Back In Time World Tour of 2008.Flight 666 brings pursuit of balancing the two”. to the screen all the drama, excitement and hysteria that Liz is a hilarious writer and makes every page colorful. She is everything you would love in a tour guide followed the band around the world every time 'Ed Force One' (the band's private plane) touched down in a new country. and pays immense attention to things that really matter. She has managed to capture a place in the book “Awesome” is all I said when I first heard their music, and it's shelves of millions worldwide. She was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2002 for her previous work, mandatory if your into rock. 'The Last American Man'. Members Bruce Dickinson (Vocals) Janick Gers (Guitar) Steve Harris (Bass) Nicko McBrian (Drums) Dave Murray (Guitar) Adrain Smith (Guitar)

Here, Liz's subject is herself. She is a divorced, 34 yr old woman who is trying hard to come out of depression. It is then she decides to spend a year travelling in Italy, India and Indonesia. Liz plans to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, art of devotion in India and in Indonesia, the perfect balance. Liz paints all her characters in the most amazing way, they feel so real that you can almost touch them. The main characters include Elizabeth Gilbert, Giovanni, Richard from Texas, Ketut Liyer, Wayan and Tutti, and Felipe. All the characters played a credible role in helping Liz to become a happy and satisfied human being. Liz is a New York journalist who travels around the world on assignments. She leaves everything behind to set off on an adventure in search of pleasure and peace. Liz lands up in Rome and eventually meets Giovanni, a Tandem exchange partner. Their friendship blooms with time and brings them closer. Before she departs for India, Giovanni makes her quite familiar with Italian. Ready to learn the art of devotion ,

Cr e d it s

she meets Richard from Texas in an ashram in India, where she lives for a span of 3 months. Richard helps

her tackle situations. After the pilgrimage, Gilbert reached Indonesia in Bali. She figures out Ketut Liyer, the

medicine man, who leaves her ready to love again. The plot is natural , surprisingly the book doesn't keep you craving for more, but instead you achieve this

strange satisfaction when you finish the last page. A feeling that very few books deliver . The midsection of

(from left to right)

Divya N Chugani (Content Writer) Twinkle Talreja (Content Writer) Deepa Balaram (Content Writer) Akash KJ (Student Editor) Manoj Varghese Mathew (Tabloid Layout Designer) Debangan Basu (Content Writer) Ajith Kumar (Caricaturist)

WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKS mail us your views and comments to

the book, at the ashram ,drags slightly. The book lists into the realm of magical thinking as nothing seemed

to go wrong, not a single wish goes unfulfilled. The textures are missing. Also, the story seems to be unfinished . The climax isn't the best, but maybe that's the reason why this book is somewhat special. It would have been better if she had chosen to leave out the unresolved stuff. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading the 3rd part of the book. It was the best amongst the three. Gilbert is “the scientist of her own inner experience”. Despite a few cringe-worthy turns (“why have I been chasing happiness my whole life when bliss was here the entire time?”), Gilbert's journey is well worth taking. The VisTimes Tabloid Published from Dr. G.R.D.C.S, Coimbatore. Printed and Published by VisCom Department, Dr. G.R.D.C.S. Staff Editor: N. Thilka, Student Editor: Akash KJ (2nd VisCom). Volume. 1 Copyright: The VisTimes Tabloid, All right reserved. Reproduction in any manner, electronic or otherwise, in whole in part, without prior written permission is prohibited.

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