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Illumannations Nancy Mann shares her thoughts on giving the perfect gift. “I often say I feel like I’m the most fortunate girl in the world! So much of what we do at Mann’s Jewelers is imbued with significant meaning. I am often challenged with helping to select the “perfect gift.” Perfect has less to do with value and everything to do with meaning. I am delighted by this challenge and the creative opportunity to make selections that speak the words the giver wishes to share and embodies the sentiment behind their meaning.”

Have some of your happiest moments been shared by the seashore? Are you visiting snowbirds once the mercury drops? Consider this exquisite L’Objet Limoges porcelain and 24k gold trimmed Sealife paraffin candle, with three wicks and the scent of pink champagne. After the candle has burned completely through, dissolve the remaining wax with hot water and use as a jewel box or as a decorative vessel. $200

Wrap up a wonderful surprise with a big clue! Plan a quick getaway or an overseas voyage, then fold the itinerary into this slim leather passport case for an extraordinary presentation. Your travel partner will be more than pleasantly surprised, and you will have set the stage for the adventure of a lifetime. Personalization is available for an extra charge. Each, $67

They say life is a game of chess… and this Baccarat Jeu chess set is the perfect gift for your favorite champion. Hand-cut clear and midnight crystal pieces sit atop a board made of rare and exotic woods. $13,070

Is NYC a fond memory? Did your romance blossom while riding the rails? Remember a NY moment with MetroCard cuff links. $150

Are you sharing a holiday meal with family or friends? Bring this Baccarat Mille Nuits bowl filled with my homemade cranberry sauce and begin an annual tradition that is sure to become a holiday favorite. $155 Mix together in a bowl: 1 lb. fresh cranberries, finely chopped 2 tart green apples peeled, cored and chopped 1 cup sugar (or less to taste) ½ cup orange marmalade 10 oz. package frozen raspberries, thawed and drained 1 tsp. lemon juice, or to taste

(Can be refrigerated for up to one month.)

If I could select something for myself this holiday season, I would choose a collection of charms from jewelry designer Erica Molinari. A memorial necklace of sorts, I was taken by the personal nature of how these charms spoke to me when I first saw them. Shortly after my mother passed away—approximately eight years ago—I looked out of my back window and saw an owl in a tree. The owl came and went fairly frequently, and still comes to call today. Since I had never seen the owl before, I became convinced that the owl was representative of my mother watching over us. The quote on the back of this charm is by Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled...” And that sums up my mother’s mindset perfectly. Erica was in the process of making the diamond charm when she lost her father. The back of the charm has a quote in Latin that reads “Life is changed but not taken away.” Having recently lost my own father, I think this sums up loss in the most succinct way. The oval stone is a rose-cut lilac sapphire. Sapphire is significant because it is a hard stone, and to me it signifies resiliance in the face of loss. $14,740

Why is an eternity band the quintessential gift of love? The significance of an unbroken circle of diamonds evokes the most meaningful sentiment; “My love for you is eternal and never ending.” It’s hard to argue with that kind of love... From $650

Artistry in fine pewter, this magnificent centerpiece features a highly detailed reindeer pulling an old-fashioned sleigh. Use on a holiday table, a dining room sideboard or a fireplace mantle, and fill the sleigh with flowers, pine cones, candies or nuts for an everchanging seasonal landscape. 17” L x 7” H x 4 ½” W. $649

Love me, love my dog? Sometimes the best gift is one that shares the love. For every Our Cause For Paws tag or charm purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lollypop Farm to support animal rescue efforts and the prevention of animal cruelty. Available in sterling silver or 14k yellow gold. As shown, $75

What’s better than a fine bottle of wine? A bottle of wine with a gemstone bottle stopper. Ensure you’ll be invited back with this creative pairing. Long after the fruit-of-the-vine has been enjoyed, this distinctive treasure will be a sweet memory of a wonderful evening shared. Stopper, $75

fashion 411

Fabulous in Rochester Rochester native and fashion connoisseur Courtney Winslow shines the light on fall and winter fashion.


ll summer my mother kept looking at me sideways and asking “Are you okay?” Then one night my grandmother whispered to her, “Courtney looks exhausted.” No way, I’m totally fine. I chased three kids around the lake all day, then took a hike with one screaming monster strapped to my back pulling out my hair strand by strand, then... oh yeah, I made dinner for eight people, and now I’m picking up random socks, soggy towels and goggles that are spread out over a mile. Is there another way to look? Because I’ll pile on whatever face cream you’re selling, lady! The thing with summer is that you can only get away with the no makeup, lake hair, caftan-all-day look for so long. Eventually, your grandma’s gonna call you out on it. Then it’s time to get dressed, sweetie, and put on some damn rouge and mascara. Yep, it’s fall! A woman recently said to me, “I love seeing you and your kids in the Mann’s magazine; it’s like a big middle finger to everyone.” I said, “Thanks, I love to write and tell it how it is.” And then she responded, “You actually write that? Wow, I like you even more now.” Seriously, people, your confidence in me is astounding.

So this is how I see things playing out this season: burgundy is the new black, color block is the new stripe, and ugly is the new pretty. Yup, ugly is in. So go ahead and raid Nana’s

(That goes for you too, Grandma.)

Photographed by Tammy Swales

closet for colorful tweeds, Mom’s closet for foxy furs, and even Dad’s closet for an oversized men’s topcoat. Often, trends can be overwhelming in their entirety. Some of my favorite ideas come from the “micro

trends” that pop up during Fashion Week. Lots of times the major trends hang around from season to season: higher boots, shorter hemlines, etc. Another way to change up your wardrobe from year to year is to add small accents like a new bag, piece of jewelry or one major item that can be worn multiple ways (a jacket, cough-cough). So keep your flare jeans, your fringed everything and your cozy wrap coat, and then go out and treat yourself to some fabulous new extras. First stop is Mann’s! The bohemian trend doesn’t stop with a suede wrap skirt. Remember the feathers that you used to get at the roller rink, conveniently dangling on a roach clip, hanging from your Farrah Fawcett locks? Now, they have been dipped in gold and are better suited for dangling from your earlobes or lying across your collar bone. Then add an oversized shaggy fur draped over your shoulders to channel your inner Stevie Nicks. Second stop is Dado for a cape or poncho. I got 99 problems but a poncho ain’t one. I’ve already collected three this season. I love my black leather cape with Paddington buttons and a high collar; this motocross-meets-mod layering piece will be perfect over my color block shift. An oversized soft blanket poncho in cream and gray with an attached scarf will keep me cozy on the hayride,

Next, go on a thrift shop dig for something granny-chic. My husband thought my Juicy Couture velour track suit phase was painful; so just wait until he has to take me out to dinner at Char in a macramé tunic. Since the sexy librarian look also falls into the granny category, add some cat eye specs to your fuzzy Mad Men-inspired sweater. (But don’t get caught being naughty behind the book stacks with your fishnet pantyhose down below your A-line skirt.) Clashing colors and eclectic patterns layered with fur stoles intentionally tucked into wide belts make for a much more interesting home-for-theholidays look.

Winter shoe buying is like being on a game show: “Come on down! You’ve won a brand new pair of... BLACK BOOTS!” The problem is you’re stuck with your “prize” for many years. So splurge on a well-made boot like it was a piece of art you’d wear everyday (because you will). Follow the 1960s trend and stick with mid-calf boots with a chunky heel. Then make them stand out with gem-embellished heels, burgundy color, or glossy patent with snaps up the leg like Austin Powers. They’re like ankle booties, but higher up on the totem pole. They’re perfect with gaucho pants and a cropped chunky knit. But if the ’60s isn’t your decade of choice, then try a 1990s goth combat boot reinvented with jewel accents. Work boots instantly go glam when paired with oversized soft sweaters, drapey sequined skirts and luscious fur accents.

Remember the feathers that you used to get at the roller rink, conveniently and a caramel suede cape with fringe is perfect dangling on a roach clip, hanging from Now, let’s all take a for “glamping” (also your Farrah Fawcett locks? Now, they moment to thank the known as camping with fine wine, linens and have been dipped in gold and are better creator of the universe school. Summer was fun, but all Pendleton-decorated suited for dangling from your earlobes. for good things must come to an end. It’s okay to teepees) with the girls. miss those perfect blue skies, forget how you screamed at your beautiful children because you gave them the best day ever and they said they were bored, idealize those long afternoons by the pool (during, which in your memory, you are alone with a cocktail and a copy of Us Weekly), and long for a casual tan and lip gloss. Me? I’m ready for routine and uniforms. Bring on the Lululemon school drop-offs and snow boot pick-ups. As usual, you can spot me by my oversized coat and my oversized my next beach vacation.

Sutra earrings with pink opal, pink spinel and diamonds in 18k rose gold. $17,200 Sutra ring with pink opal, pink spinel and diamonds in 18k rose gold. $8,880 Above: Sutra earrings with diamonds in 18k white gold. $36,850

Photographed by Tammy Swales



from the



3 2

4 5 1. ROBERTO COIN necklace with mother of pearl and diamonds in 18k rose gold. $10,500 2. ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster, 34mm in 18k pink gold, bezel set with 12 diamonds with 11 diamonds set on Goldust Dream mother-of Pearl Roman dial and Pearlmaster bracelet. $40,050 3. TODD REED ring with gray fancy-cut pear-shape diamond and silver brilliant-cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold. $14,080 4. HALCYON DAYS gray enamel bangle in 18k rose gold plate. $215. White enamel bangle in 18k yellow gold plate. $195 5. MJ PRECIOUS PETITES triangle earrings with diamonds in 14k rose gold. $2,620 ALL AVAILABLE AT MANNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JEWELERS MAX MARA RUNWAY IMAGES COURTESY OF ACCESSORIES MAGAZINE.



oyster perpetual and milgauss are


from the




2 3

4 5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

PESAVENTO DNA necklace in ruthenium sterling silver mesh. $1,162 ALEX SEPKUS City earrings with diamonds in 18k yellow gold. $3,655 DAVID YURMAN Osetra ring with hematine in sterling silver. $1,250 STEPHEN WEBSTER Silver Capsule Superstone Open Ring with mother of pearl and white rhodium-plated sterling silver. $450 JOHN HARDY Dot Double Coil bracelet with freshwater pearls in sterling silver and 18k bonded gold. $1,695 ALL AVAILABLE AT MANNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JEWELERS CHANEL RUNWAY IMAGES COURTESY OF ACCESSORIES MAGAZINE.

Gold Struck Collection

from the






4 5 1. Hammered circle and fringe earrings in 14k yellow gold. $395 2. From the MJ ROCKS collection: sterling silver North Star pendant with diamonds and horn pendant with diamonds and bone on an 18” chain. $1,850 3. HERMÈS H Hour watch in stainless steel on an orange double leather strap. $2,575 4. EVOCATEUR Tigris cuff with Swarovski crystals in 22k gold leaf. $348 5. IPPOLITA Gold Drizzle ring with pavé diamonds in 18k yellow gold. $3,800 ALL AVAILABLE AT MANN’S JEWELERS REBECCA MINKOFF RUNWAY IMAGES COURTESY OF ACCESSORIES MAGAZINE.

from the



2 3

4 5 1. SHINOLA The Brakeman watch with leather strap in stainless steel with PVD VD black finish. $625 2. Superman cufflinks in black enamel. $60 3. BELL & ROSS Aviation Carbon Fiber Phantom watch with Clous de Paris dial, carbon fiber strap and matte black PVD finish. Also comes with a black leather strap. $6,700 4. TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield in black matte ceramic on a suede Alcantara strap with black stitching. $3,675 5. DAVID YURMAN Curb Chain bracelet in sterling silver. $1,100 6. DAVID YURMAN Chevron leather bracelet with sterling silver clasp. $350 ALL AVAILABLE AT MANN’S JEWELERS ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA RUNWAY IMAGES COURTESY OF ACCESSORIES MAGAZINE.


TAG HEUER CARRERA LADY DIAMONDS Cara Delevingne challenges rules. Being free-minded is her motto. Like TAG Heuer, she defies conventions and never cracks under pressure.

local liquor

American as Apple Pie (Whiskey) BY JENN BERGIN


ron Smoke Whiskey is a small-batch spirit that’s handcrafted in upstate New York. Its story starts on local, family-owned farms to guarantee that each batch of Iron Smoke Whiskey is distilled from only the finest grains. Actually, the story begins long before that. Back in the early ’90s, Stephen Brown—then the owner of Rochester’s storied bar and music venue, the Bug Jar—met Tommy Brunett, a local rock ’n’ roller who lived in an apartment above the bar. They became lifelong friends. Over the years, the guys went from hanging out downtown to hanging out in Tommy’s backyard, where he and his wife love to barbeque and entertain friends. “I’ve always loved whiskey,” Tommy says. “I drank a lot of it. Then a few years ago, I got this idea for a smoked whiskey. So we just started experimenting in the backyard with the smoker. It was awesome. I couldn’t believe that no one else was really doing it.” After over a year of trial and error with small barrels—and nine different recipes—Iron Smoke Whiskey was born. The first batch produced 166 cases that sold out immediately when it debuted in November 2013. The following batches sold out, too. To keep up with production, they opened a 10,000-square-foot distillery in the former American Can plant in Fairport. Iron Smoke had officially caught fire. Cocktails Join the Craft Movement Craft distilling has taken off, and much of the momentum is due to the Craft New York Act, which eases regulations and promotes growth for the state’s surging craft-beverage industry. Still, Iron Smoke stands out from the craft crowd. “There are big names in the industry that call themselves craft, but buy other people’s whiskey and blend it with their own,” Tommy says. “We would never do that. This is a slice of Americana. We really care about what we’re doing.” Iron Smoke Whiskey is made from a four-grain mash bourbon recipe. It has subtle and sweet smoky overtones—but it’s definitely not bourbon. “We won’t call it bourbon unless it’s aged at least two years,” Tommy explains. “We’re purists.” The whiskey is aged in virgin white-oak barrels, and while small casks provide a greater surface-to-liquid ratio for quicker maturation, one still needs to be patient with the whiskey process. So in the meantime, Iron Smoke introduced Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Whiskey. It’s more like moonshine, and doesn’t require aging. The recipe is corn whiskey mixed with apple cider, and it tastes like it’s warm out of your grandma’s oven. “Our distiller had a great recipe and we fell in love with it,” Tommy says. “It’s 70-proof but tastes just like an apple pie. So that can get a little dangerous.” Iron Smoke uses apples from Red Jacket Orchards in the Finger Lakes for the cider in Rattlesnake Rosie’s, and sustainably forests the apple wood used for smoking. Spent grains (a byproduct of distilling) are given to local organic farmers to feed their cows. This distillery is proving that farm to table isn’t just for food. Iron Smoke has plans to launch a bourbon in 2017, as well as a barbeque sauce and a whiskey barrel-aged beer collaboration with Genesee Brewery. The brand’s marketing mascot—a pipe-smoking skeleton named Skully—can be spotted in the hottest restaurants and hipster hideaways across the region, from New York City to your neighborhood dive. And it’s just the beginning. “Our distributors are clamoring for more, but they have to wait until it’s ready,” Tommy says. “We’re making the best possible whiskey, and we’re making it the right way.”

For more information on Iron Smoke Whiskey, check out

From Apple Pie Manhattans to an Iron Smoke and Coke, mixologists are getting crafty with Iron Smoke cocktails. Warm up with this one from Zack Mikida at The Revelry. LEFT RIGHT CENTER 1.5 ounces of Iron Smoke Whiskey .75 ounces of lemon juice .5 ounces of Rattlesnake Rosie’s .5 ounces of honey syrup Shake all ingredients with ice. 3RXULQWRDQLFHÀOOHGURFNVJODVV Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon. Enjoy!

top 5

Visit a local food and drink blog helping you embrace new experiences and fall in love with Rochester, NY.

Go Nuts for Local Donuts! You had me at “donut.” These five local shops will hit your sweet spot and satisfy your craving!



The Red Fern photo by Anjolee de Maroux




3 [1]




Duke’s Donuts

Ridge Donut Cafe

The Red Fern

Donuts Delite

Step into the Rochester Public Market on a Saturday morning. Check. Follow the intoxicating smell of donuts. Check. Find Duke’s Donuts under a bright orange canopy. Triple Check! What makes Duke’s Donuts unique from other donut shops? They have a portable donut stand and make everything fresh on-site every single time. You can find them at various farmers’ markets between Rochester and Buffalo. Their signature apple cider donut is made from a cake batter that uses cider sourced from Kirby’s Cider Mill in Albion, NY. These sweet creations are full of flavor and a wonderful complement to your favorite cup of Joe! The name behind Duke’s Donuts is a tribute to Grandpa Duke, who loved apple picking and donuts. His memory lives on in the joy that each donut brings! Bonus Pick: pumpkin donuts, get ‘em while they're in season! Rochester Public Market, Rochester 317.774.4399

Ridge Donut Cafe has been in the Marcello family for 36 years and serves as a go-to spot for many locals. It was formerly located on East Ridge Road (hence the name “Ridge Donut”) and currently resides on Portland Ave. It is home to the famed, massive apple fritter, which is #1 on your must-try list! You can taste the cinnamon, chopped apples and love in every bite. In addition, you’ll find everything from traditional flavors like hand-cut glazed donuts or chocolate top rings to more adventurous ones like maple with bacon or cherry Oreo. Indeed, their bakers are always experimenting in the kitchen to make new specials— but no matter what you order, these donuts will change your world! Bonus Pick: the chocolate-covered cronut, a hybrid of a croissant and donut that is delish! 1600 Portland Ave. Rochester 585.342.5236

Craving donuts, but can’t eat them due to a dietary restriction or allergy? Don’t you worry: The Red Fern, a vegan restaurant located in the Park Ave. neighborhood, has created their own vegan and gluten-free donuts to be enjoyed by all! Owner Andrea Parros believes in making creatively inspired food using made-from-scratch, locally sourced, organic ingredients. Every Friday, baker Karsten Brooks whips up three flavor offerings of beautifully crafted donuts available in the restaurant and at Pour Coffee Parlor. Past flavors have varied from vanilla rainbow sprinkle to chai ginger cookie crumble, and many more. The house favorite is the raspberry green tea donut made with matcha green tea, dried raspberries and topped with light pink frosting. Awesome Fact Alert: These cake donuts are baked, NOT fried, and are just as scrumptious as your traditional donut! Bonus Pick: strawberry blueberry cashew cream bars. For real. 283 Oxford St., Rochester 585.563.7633

This Rochester staple has been in the neighborhood since the days of poodle skirts and sock hops. Serving fresh donuts daily with smiles, the folks at Donuts Delite will make sure you enjoy the entire experience here from start to finish. With over 40 rotating flavors of donuts, it’s tough choosing just one. However, we bet their signature cannoli donut is sure to be your newest addiction. From your first powdered sugary bite into that delicious traditional blend of chilled ricotta filling, then ending with a chocolate chip surprise, you will be quickly transported to heaven. The shop is under the Salvatore’s umbrella and is a unique stop in the Rochester area where you can get a slice of New York-style pizza and a donut. Sweet and savory together; what’s not to love? Bonus Pick: the Boston creme donut is calling your name! 1700 Culver Road @ Empire Blvd., Rochester 585.288.5555

[5] Schutt’s Apple Mill Schutt’s Apple Mill, a family run business, has been delighting their customers for almost a century by treating them just like family. Each day you are greeted in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, from which you can take home freshly pressed cider and homemade fried cakes. Life doesn’t really get any better than that. Every morning, homemade batches of glazed, cinnamon sugar and plain fried cakes are infused with one special ingredient: apple cider. The cider itself, which you can purchase by the gallon or half gallon, is preservative-free and made with Schutt's locally grown apples. Pair the cider with a hot, gooey glazed fried cake and I promise that you can literally taste fall in your mouth. Check out the local goods featured in the store, and stop in to their newly built tasting room where you can sample Blue Toad Hard Cider made with 100% Schutt’s Apple Mill Cider. Bonus Pick: apple frost, a soft-serve vanilla treat made with none other than their apple cider! 1063 Plank Rd., Webster 585.872.2924

For an extended feature on donuts in Rochester, please visit

, %"01"/Õ+))6%0),4,21/ă%"+#2),20&01%",+)6,-1&,+Ą %,,0"#/,*0)""( +!0%&+6Ą,%"*&+,2+ "Ą,/43"01%14,4ăăă&+!!&1&,+1,1%")"$"+!/6 210Ą ,),/Ą2-!,0+!0*,,1%&+$1/"1*"+104"đ3"""+!,&+$#,/,3"/ÛÙ6"/0ă)(&+ +61&*"+!4)(,21#&++,1&*"ă,--,&+1*"+1+" "00/6ă /,*ƥÛÞ ÛÙÜß,+/,"3"+2"ĹÞáÞĚÛàÚĚÛâÙÙĹ0,,70),+ă ,*Ĺ&("20,+  ",,(                Ĺ           Ĺ        Ĺ          Ĺ            




Artist Alex Katz remains fascinated by the little black dress. His Black Dress project was first created as a series of paintings done on door panels, depicting standing women in the classic fashion design. He recently revealed his Black Dress, A Suite of New Prints at the Mary Ryan Gallery in New York City. This exhibition centered around nine original screen prints, each rendered at a monumental size of 80 x 30 inches, which mimic the size of the paintings. These prints follow Katz’s signature style of exploring portraiture and monochromatic elements. Among the series’ fans is noted fashion designer Calvin Klein, who wrote: “Alex Katz’s Black Dress series is… modern and wonderful… And despite their apparent simplicity, they’re extremely expressive and perfectly capture the essence of his subjects. You can’t help but notice these women, these beautiful enigmas drawn in bold and certain strokes. You wonder who they are, how they live, what they feel, just exactly what they have going on.”


Whenever you feel the need to celebrate a truly special occasion, open a bottle of Rocca di Frassinello Baffonero Maremma Toscana. This rare merlot (only 3,000 bottles were produced) takes the name of the vineyard in which the grapes are cultivated. Produced from the first vines to be planted at Rocca di Frassinello, Baffonero, the wine is fermented using natural yeasts in stainless steel for 15 days at a controlled temperature. It is then aged 14 months, followed by 12 months of bottle refinement. This fresh and truly impressive wine is an intense ruby red and the bouquet is concentrated dark fruit notes, including blackberry and blueberry. Fresh and full, it’s an ideal accompaniment to a variety of meats or aged cheeses. And good news: the makers even suggest it as a meditation wine.


With a tranquil yoga studio to inspire your mind and body, swimming pools that ULYDO WKRVH RI oYHVWDU KRWHOV DQG XQLTXH JDWKHULQJ VSDFHV IRU UHOD[LQJ ZLWK IDPLO\DQGIULHQGVLVQ WLWWLPH\RXXSJUDGHIURPJ\PWRFOXE"-RLQ0LGWRZQ and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll waive your initiation fee. To learn more, visit


If you want to experience the far corners of the world in ultimate opulence, the Asia Transpacific Journeys team specializes in customized itineraries built from scratch around a traveler’s interests. Perhaps you’d like to tour Australia’s renowned Barossa Valley vineyards with an expert sommelier? Would you prefer to plunge into Indonesia’s natural beauty and culture aboard your own luxurious single-cabin yacht, which provides complete privacy along with the services of a personal chef, massage therapist, snorkeling expert and personal concierge? Why not board the Sanctuary Ananda luxury riverboat in Mandalay for a four-night cruise down the Irrawaddy to Bagan? Or maybe go to Cambodia, where you can cap off a visit to Angkor with a stay at the Song Saa Private Island resort, located on Cambodia’s pristine Koh Rong archipelago, a deserted oasis of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs and glistening white beaches.


This fall and winter, The San Francisco Wine School is offering a three-day intensive “edu-vacation” for serious wine lovers who want the chance to learn about California wines (California produces roughly 90 percent of U.S. wine). The school’s founder David Glancy, one of only 12 people in the world to hold both a Master Sommelier diploma and a Certified Wine Educator credential, created this program because he believes that all lovers of California wine should know the whole story of the state’s diverse range of climates, grape varietals and wine styles. Those who don’t have the full three days to spare but are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area for vacation or work can attend any part of a SFWS professional wine program as a single-class workshop and still take part in a truly elite experience.



If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with a bear, Natural Habitat Adventures (Nat Hab) can fulfill your fantasy. The company recently chartered a vessel, which it rechristened M/V Natural Habitat Ursus (Latin for bear), and is preparing to take guests as close as is safely possible to the largest coastal grizzlies in the world. This new adventure, Alaska’s Coastal Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai, takes place in the spring and summer, and these photofocused departures are led by a naturalist guide who is also a professional photographer. While it’s not uncommon to find massive grizzlies in great numbers, there are only eight guests on each exploit, so get your reservation in early.



W all Streak

Fancy wall treatments can enliven any room.

extra? Drake and New York-based designer Charles Pavarini love adding eye shadow into paint to create a “strie” effect that, as Pavarini notes, “results in an ever-changing finish that varies in effect as it absorbs and reflects light.” Drake also favors using a topcoat of Japanese microflakes (which are applied with a 19th-century tool called a baby duster) to create gorgeous surface glimmer. And don’t be afraid to feel that “more is more.” For a room at New York’s famed Kips Bay Decorator Show House this past spring, Pavarini crafted a soaring mantelpiece that was clad in pewter-leafed travertine mosaic tile. Oversized mirrors, bold artwork and beautiful dishes were hung on many walls throughout the mutli-story dwelling. “I never fear hanging art on walls, even those that already have texture or color. I think it adds richness to the room,” says Drake. “You just want to make sure it doesn’t look like a gallery.”

BY BRIAN SCOTT LIPTON From top to bottom: Vertical Stitched wallpaper by David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Charles Pavarini’s “Midnight in Manhattan” room for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House Digital wall covering by Trove



our room may boast a gorgeous piece of antique furniture, a beloved family heirloom, or the most adorable photo of your children or pet. But the first thing people may notice when they walk in to that room is the walls. Fortunately, top-notch designers and wall treatment companies are continually finding new ways to make those four walls as visually arresting as possible. “There are plenty of divine solutions beyond mere paint to give these surfaces character, texture and serenity, all of which are particularly important if you’re dealing with new construction,” says noted designer Jamie Drake, whose clients include former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Wallpaper is definitely back in vogue, and patterns and textures have made a big comeback. We also love wallpapers that use digital printing, which can be created on-demand, as well as those that have hand-blocked patterns.” Indeed, the importance of having handmade wallpaper is also stressed by Jessie Deveraux, vice-president of marketing for Maya Romanoff, the well-known Chicago-based firm famous for its singular wall treatments and collaborations with such important designers as David Rockwell. “Our product development comes from the constant dialogue we have with major designers, and handmade, luxury finishes are really our top priority these days,” she notes. If you do want to paint the walls, why not add a little something


©2015 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated.










Every California Closets system is custom designed specifically for you and the way you live. Visit our showroom or call today to arrange for a complimentary in-home design consultation. See how your home can be more beautiful and functional with our exceptional designs, exclusive finishes and accessories.

ROCHESTER 2815 Monroe Ave. 585.381.4870



Dakota Johnson wore diamonds at the 2015 Academy Awards. Kristen Stewart wore Stephen Webster in the August 2015 issue of Marie Claire.

Our favorite stars share a love for our favorite brands!



As Seen On... James Marsden wore David Yurman at the Met Gala.


Allison Janney wore Ippolita at the U.K. premiere of Spy.

Meghan Trainor wore David Yurman on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Marisa Tomei wore Ippolita at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Dascha Polanco wore Roberto Coin at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Kate Winslet wore gold and diamonds in the April 2015 issue of In Style.


Express yourself with

MJ Precious Petites Life is better with little luxuries. Necklaces from $725 Collection from $150


Clockwise from top: The Polvere di Sogni collection; the DNA collection; Marino Pesavento; Chiara Carli


beautiful Pesavento offers unique creativity and innovation. BY BARBARA WHEAT


reativity and innovation are the hallmarks of the Italian jewelry line Pesavento, which has been experimenting with unusual materials and proprietary jewelry-making processes since 1992 to create bold and vibrant designs. In the early days of the brand, creators Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli were influenced by architecture, but their current inspiration comes from the multitude of beauty found in their surroundings. Their goal remains the same as it has always been: to put together beautiful pieces that every woman will enjoy wearing, whether on a daily basis or for special occasions. Each and every Pesavento piece is crafted entirely in Italy and is the result of the combination of the classic workings of the Italian goldsmith’s tradition, innovation and technological experimentation. Marino Pesavento describes the development process as being quite time-consuming, especially since it includes the actual wearing of the jewelry over several days to “understand the piece and discover ways to fine-tune it.” After any needed revisions are decided upon, the final

prototype is made and worn once again to satisfy the team. One of Pesavento’s proprietary manufacturing techniques can be seen in the DNA Collection: a process that delicately weaves elastic links into the sterling silver design, giving the piece a soft, flexible property. Like most of the Pesavento collections, DNA rings contain adjustable bars along the interior for easy sizing. Materials include antique pink sterling silver, 18K pale pink gold oxidized with a sulfate, and ruthenium sterling silver. Rhodium sterling silver dome rings, multi-colored leather and sterling silver-wrapped pieces characterize the Pixel Collection, which also features diamond accents in some designs. Meanwhile, Pesavento’s “dust” is a proprietary manufacturing technique that utilizes nanotechnology to combine enamel with other natural products. It can be seen in the company’s Links and Polvere di Sogni collections. Pesavento designs are the perfect additions to any jewelry wardrobe for women seeking an added touch of elegance and sophistication.







Stuart Parr’s vintage Italian motorcycles match unparalleled design and engineering. BY DAVID A. ROSE

From left: The MV Agusta


eople who collect cars or motorcycles don’t always do so for their beauty or even for financial rewards. What they appreciate most often are performance and history. One such collector is Stuart Parr, an internationally renowned architect, artist and film producer (whose recent credits include Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and Nina starring Zoe Saldana and David Oyelowo). Parr currently owns 26 gorgeous Italian motorcycles, including some from Ducati, MV Agusta, Magni, Laverda and other Italian marques, primarily from the 1970s. ”I began collecting Italian motorcycles about 10 years ago, and even though these bikes are in museum condition, I ride them all,” he insists. “In fact, if it’s 36 degrees or above, I’m riding.” What makes his collection so appealing? “I find the combination of design and engineering on these bikes immensely beautiful,” explains Parr. “During the era my bikes were made, people would race these magnificent machines on the track, and later show them off on public roads. They’re a perfect combination of speed, balance and beauty.” Less so for today’s bikes, says Parr. “I don’t especially like the design of

some of the new motorcycles. There are new cars too that I don’t like. Some of today’s designs have radiuses and angles that just don’t match up,” he explains. “I think the Italian motorcycle designers of the 1970s truly understood the need for this concept, and that’s why we have such fabulous bikes from that era.” While Parr also owns some vintage cars, he finds the company of motorcycle enthusiasts more to his liking. “You can take a car guy out to a bar in Montana where there are a bunch of American muscle cars parked out front, and he or she would likely act a bit snobbish because they’re not Ferraris or Lamborghinis,” insists Parr. “Whereas if you have a group of motorcycle enthusiasts at a ranch where there are a bunch of motorcycles for them to ride, they’d go ahead and jump on any of them and just have a wonderful time.” With his busy schedule, one might wonder when Parr might actually ride his magnificent machines. He finds the time. For example, when going from one activity to another in New York City, he simply hops on one of his motorcycles. Crosstown travel could not possibly be more pleasurable.



750s, Stuart Parr atop a NYPD motorcycle

Craftsmanship in Wealth Planning The complexities of investing require a clear vision and thoughtful planning. For decades, The Brown Group has worked with affluent families to develop customized wealth management strategies that span multiple generations. We look beyond the markets, taking a comprehensive approach that centers on each family’s unique values and goals and incorporates the vast resources available to us as part of one of the nation’s leading wealth management and investment banking firms. Call us to put our experienced professionals to work for you and your family.

THE BROWN GROUP Stephen S. Brown, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF®, C(k)P®, ARPC

375 Woodcliff Drive Fairport, New York 14450

James P. Goetz, CIMA®, ARPC

(585) 454-3985 (844) 233-8607 Toll-Free

Michael J. Perrone

Managing Director/Investments

Senior Vice President/Investments

Associate Vice President/Investments

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated | Member SIPC & NYSE |


Underwater PIONEERS Life began underwater. To understand life, we must understand the underwater world. BY DAVID A. ROSE


TOP: 2014 North American Rolex Scholar Ana Sofia Guerra with a pot-bellied seahorse in Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia CENTER: 2014 North American Rolex Scholar Ana Sofia Guerra with a potato cod at Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef, Australia BOTTOM: Crown of Thorns eradication by National Park Service of American Samoa employee in American Samoa



here’s something comforting about knowing that while we carry on with our daily lives, special people are acting as stewards of our oceans and lakes. Rolex Watch USA is the founding corporate sponsor for “Our World Underwater Scholarship Society.” They’ve been the organization’s partner since its inception in 1974, with the goal to provide young people with experiences that will lead to their becoming leaders in marine life conservaion. During the past 41 years, they’ve awarded 91 Rolex scholarships in North America, Europe and Australia as well as 89 internships. Many of the winners have established careers in underwater sciences, marine research and photography. Each year, the Society awards three new scholarships to deserving young people, with financial support provided by Rolex and equipment provided by various marine equipment manufacturers. Each scholar’s hands-on work is done side by side with underwater professionals. They travel the world to experience field studies, underwater research, scientific expeditions, laboratory assignments, equipment testing and design, photographic instruction, and other specialized assignments. Each scholar is required to keep a journal and to produce a film of their year, which they present at the Explorers Club in New York City at the conclusion of the scholarship period. Scholars are on the road from spring to spring with very little time at a home base, spending most of the year with the society’s friends, hosts and coordinators around the world. Michele Felberg from Houston is the 2015 North American Rolex Scholar. She’s always had an affinity for water, but it wasn’t until she took Environmental Studies at the University of California that she discovered her love for the underwater world. Michele and the other scholars received their awards at the New York Yacht Club, where they were presented with beautiful Rolex timepieces. “After I leave New York I go to North Carolina for a week of training, then to the Dominican Republic, the Pacific Northwest and then the Bahamas,” she told us excitedly, explaining that her long-term goal is to get people more involved in marine conservation.


CREATIVE COCKTAILS shake things up.

4 1 N . MA I N S T R E E T / / P I T T S F O R D, N Y / / 4 1 9 . 3 0 3 2 / / E R I E G R I L L . CO M / /

k gadgets

Gifting 2.0 GO HI-TECH (OR NOT) THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. Pesavento offers unique creativity and innovation

BY BARBARA WHEAT Every part of our lives is now wired (or wireless)–from smart home temperature-maintenance systems to self-driving cars. For the holidays, we present gadgets that introduce hitech systems into new arenas, as well as gifts of handcrafted elegance that allow you to slip (momentarily) off the grid.


Go Into Overdrive

Safe and Stylish

Race car sets haven’t really changed much in 40 or so years, until now. The Anki Overdrive features slot-free racing with cars that communicate via smartphone app. (The phone doubles as your controller.) These state-ofthe-art cars can “learn” new moves, achievements and defenses; up to six friends can race at the same time; and the flexible track is completely customizable. Young’uns will love it, but it’s stylish enough for a hi-tech office. Starter kit $150

Italian custom cruiser designer Abici’s new leather bike lock protects your bike from scratches and your clothes from grease. The chain is marine-grade stainless steel and the lock is nickel-plated brass (also wrapped in leather) to reduce tarnishing. As with bespoke Italian shoes, the leather will only improve with age. $160 at



Model Shown: GSTS110D-1A


A Riveting Ride It’s not often a starship captain helps design a custom ride worthy of a superhero. Actor William Shatner (Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk) partnered with American Wrench to create the Rivet Motors motorcycle, a three-wheeled "landjet." (He then took Rivet #1 on an eightday cross-country journey along the old Route 66, benefiting The American Legion.) Wrapped in riveted steel-brushed fiberglass like a WWII bomber, it’s designed to ride as smoothly as a car with the open-road passion of a bicycle. Price TBA

Good to the Last Drop It’s not often you come across halfcentury-old whisky, especially one that’s produced by an OBE. But that’s what you get with The Last Drop 1965 48 Year, which is culled from some of the best and rarest stock in Scotland. Founder James Espey (OBE) and his partners at The Last Drop Distillers have decades of experience in the liquor industry and craft impeccable limitededition négociant-style whiskies. Indeed, the “youngest” components of this edition (limited to 543 bottles) were distilled the same year the Rolling Stones released Satisfaction. $4,000

Sure Shot Blending the best of iconic style and trailblazing technology, the Leica Q, the latest release from the German optics leader, offers a high-sensitivity, fullframe sensor and super-fast aperture lens in a compact, fixed-focus Leica body. Designed to capture low light and high speed equally well, the 24-megapixel camera also shoots HD video and features WiFi wireless image transfer. There are also a host of luxe accessories available. $4,250

A Perfect Fit Like Fitbit for your clubs, Arccos golf trackers are sensors that fit easily onto the end of each club. You can now accurately measure, via iOS app, approach and driving distances, provide live shot tracking and receive full Tour analytics. Maps of over 20,000 courses around the world graphically display your game, shot by shot. $400 for 14 sensors, app and starter guide


wrap them in luxury with a gift card to the

available for purchase at our boutique or at



Get Smart Frederique Constant leads the horological world when it comes to integrating old-world craft with cutting-edge technology.


under the hood on the dial. Nonetheless, it does provide valuable insight into sleep time and quality of sleep, the amount of steps you take each day, and how many calories you burned daily. Better yet (and this is a big bonus), it doesn’t need to be charged, so there is no tracking data lost from the time it would spend being plugged into an outlet. Moreover, all of this recorded data is regularly synced up with your smart phone and is accessible at a moment’s notice. The accompanying Frederique Constant app, which is available on both Apple and Android platforms, allows you to set up in-app coaching to encourage you to achieve the goals you create. What I found most surprising while wearing the piece was discovering that I’m involved in a lot more “activity” each day than I would have suspected. Each time I glanced down, that little hand tracking my movements was chugging right along. I then tried to find ways to keep it moving steadily—like taking the stairs as opposed to the escalator. It was fun “seeing” that I was up and about so often each day!


s a watch enthusiast, I was pleased to spend a long weekend with Frederique Constant’s newest timepiece, the Horological Smartwatch, which features a surprising set of smart watch-style “complications.” I am a realtor, full-time father to a two-year-old daughter, and co-owner of a boutique with my wife, and my daily attire ranges from a sportcoat and dress shirt to a polo shirt with slacks. Would I be the right customer for this timepiece? Absolutely! This watch fit well for each and every occasion I found myself in, and I was complimented on it daily. It was slim enough to comfortably fit under the sleeve of my dress shirts, while being of an adequate size to look sporty while I was in short sleeves. (It is 42 mm in diameter, 13.35 mm in height and water resistant to 5 ATM.) While the version I was fortunate to wear was on a leather strap, I would likely purchase one with the available steel bracelet, simply because I prefer the heft of metal. Made by Frederique Constant in its laboratory in Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva, the Horologoical Smartwatch has all of the attributes of a luxury Swiss watch (plus patented software technology known as Motion X and Sleeptracker). And unlike other smart watches, it doesn’t show you what’s

In a world full of technology-specific devices, a watch of this nature with its sharp design and luxurious Swiss style fits easily into any businessman or businesswoman’s everyday lifestyle. It’s not just desirable, it’s basically a necessity! I truly look forward to what the future will bring from the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch family.

Rich Tyson is the co-founder of the Roc Scotch & Watch Club (












Roc City Skatepark HYLHSP[`

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Eight organic farms give us a peek at their lives

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One family’s battle for medical marijuana

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A bi-monthly magazine about innovators, artist, entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers.



5 Fall Finds Menswear is having a moment. The New York Times just launched a dedicated Men’s Style Section, #Menswear has become a household hashtag, and growth in men’s clothing sales has reportedly outpaced women’s wear. So if you haven’t updated your closet in a while, the time is now. We’ve made it easy by highlighting the top five trends for fall 2015. Here’s what you need now. BY ELISE DIAMANTINI


THE SWEATER Whether chunky or lightweight,


turtleneck or crew, sweaters are in season for fall. Have fun with this staple by layering one over a button-down shirt or under a sportcoat, or buy a statement sweater to be worn alone. You can never go wrong with luxurious cashmere sweaters like this gorgeous textured crewneck made by the popular contemporary brand Vince.

THE BOLD ACCESSORY A simple way to spice up your everyday suit is by adding colorful accessories like interesting cuff links, a knit tie or colorful socks. We particularly love these links from the vintage collection by Deakin & Francis, a British company now in its seventh generation.


THE PUFFER JACKET The puffer jacket is the “It” outerwear piece for


fall. It’s time to get rid of that big, bulky jacket because new slimmer styles will keep you current and warm. Canada Goose is an authentic brand that fuses fashion with function, offering waterproof, breathable down fabrics in trimmer, more modern silhouettes.


If you didn’t know, suits are now slim (not skinny) and the “new blue” is the right hue. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and David Beckham have been seen sporting this shade of blue because it’s fresh and versatile. (Pair it with black or brown shoes.)We love this style from Hickey Freeman, especially since it’s made in America.



This trend is your excuse to wear sweatpants in public. The only catch: they have to be tailored. No loose, baggy sweats from your college days here. We’re talking slim, sophisticated styles like this pair from Relwen, worn with sleek sneakers or boots.




LEADING THE CHARGE TAG Heuer sponsors the next big thing in auto racing. BY DAVID A. ROSE

THE RACE IN MIAMI The only American driver in the field was Scott Speed, who drove for the only American team, Andretti Autosport. Speed was 10th on the starting grid, but each lap he challenged those ahead of him and made one pass after another. During the penultimate lap he took over second position and then chased down the leader. He got within a millisecond of the first-place car just as the checkered flag dropped to end the race, rewarding Speed with a second-place finish in his home Formula E race. “Racing this car is the most unique experience I’ve had in my racing career,” notes Speed. “Without being able to hear the engine (and with such advanced technology), you have to be a lot more calculating in the car. Fortunately, this is a strong suit of mine because I’ve always been a methodical thinking-type of driver. It’s much more of a chess game in this series because you’re dealing with varying energy levels. And with so many important people behind it, [Formula E] will


surely be a big part of motor racing’s future.”

s the world becomes more sensitive to sustainability, so does the auto industry. While hybrid cars have been on the market for a while, experts predict with continued battery development, the future will be all-electric. In fact, this year marked the world’s first-ever racing series featuring all-electric cars. Held on city streets around the world, the Formula E races began in Beijing with subsequent races taking place in Malaysia, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, Miami, Long Beach, Monte Carlo, Berlin and Moscow, The season finale was on June 27, 2015 in London. I was in Miami for the first-ever Formula E race in North America—and it was amazing. Formula E cars closely resemble Formula 1 and Indy cars but they’re all-electric powered. The electric engines catapult them from 0 to 62 MPH in three seconds and to a top speed of 140 MPH. There are 10 teams in Formula E; each team has two drivers and each driver has two cars. At half distance, each driver pulls into the pits, jumps out of one car and slides into the other to complete the race. This will be the format for the hour-long race until a battery is developed that can last the whole event. All the elements that have thrilled race fans for decades are part of the show, but these cars burn no fuel so there’s no exhaust, no fumes and zero emissions. In addition to the pristine air, the most notable difference between Formula E and other forms of motorsport is the reduced noise level. With no screaming engines, the sound is limited to squealing tires, transmission gears and the whisper of the wind. A longtime sponsor of motorsports, TAG Heuer considered Formula E its next logical step in marketing since the company is genuinely committed to sustainability. (In fact, its facilities in Switzerland have solar roofs!) In addition to preserving the planet, perhaps the most significant contribution of Formula E racing is that the technology being developed in its advancement will ultimately translate to even better road car safety.






1 3



1 Initial pendants with diamonds in 18k yellow gold. Each, $250 2

Vagabond House Autumn Vine sauce bowl in carved acacia wood with pewter accents. $52

3 Halcyon Days bangles in black and cream, light pink and royal purple with 18k yellow gold plate. Patterned, each, $195. Plain $165 4

Faber-Castell BLOOM Piano rollerball pen in plum. $38

4 6


5 Jay Strongwater tiger ornament with exquisite detailing and hand-set Swarovski crystals. $165 6 William Yeoward cocktail book. In American Bar, William Yeoward, renowned for his glamorous take on interior design and table settings, shares his passion for cocktails. He visits five of his favorite bars and chooses cocktails from each to create a compendium of iconic and signature recipes by some of the world’s most acclaimed bartenders. Added to these are their helpful tips, plus Yeoward’s own thoughts on making drinks and, most importantly, how to present them. $25 7

Butcher cufflinks in enamel. $50

8 Bold drop earrings with diamonds in sterling silver. $195



Exclusive shops Luxury brands More than 170 specialty stores Brooks Brothers Michael Kors TUMI Von Maur

Route 96, Victor


(585) 223-4420



$750 1

3 2





1 Cashmere travel set with blanket, eye mask and zippered pouch. Available in a range of colors. $395 2

David Yurman Cable Classics bracelet with cabochon onyx in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. $695

3 Hand-carved bowl in cherry burl. 12” diameter. $282 4 Initial ring in 14k yellow gold (white and rose gold also available). $295 5 Shinola Runwell watch in stainless steel on nylon strap. $500 6

William Yeoward Fern caviar server in crystal with spoon. $575


John Hardy Dot Drop earrings in sterling silver. $295

8 MJ Facets amethyst stud earrings with diamonds in 14k yellow gold. $375 9 Pesavento Polvere di Sogni bracelets with black or brown dust finishes in sterling silver vermeil. Each, $282


9 8

Thank you Rochester for making Waterlily the #1 Makeup and Skincare store in WNY! We’ve transformed the beauty shopping culture at Waterlily and have made the counter experience a more pleasant one, a place to find the best makeup and most advanced anti-aging products in the world, a haven for beauty junkies where you can play with powders, lipsticks and fragrance, a beautiful and colorful place with a SPA known for amazing facials and brow styling. We’re your neighborhood store for friendly, expert honest advice... a place where women can feel empowered. Waterlily’s highly trained staff looks forward to serving you!

Beth Gamble FOUNDER

2383 Monroe Avenue | Brighton NY

585.442.5140 |



$1,500 1






1 Erica Molinari charms: Tree of Life charm in sterling silver. Cross My Heart charm in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold. Baby Bumble Bee charm in sterling silver with diamond. Charms, together $1,400. Chain sold separately.



William Henry Lancet Adobe pocket knife with ironwood inlay, mokume-gane frame and Damascus steel blade with citrine-accented button lock. $975

3 Sapphire earrings with diamonds in 14k white gold. $1,495 4 MJ Precious Petites cuff bracelet with diamonds and rainbow moonstone in 14k yellow gold. $895


5 L’Objet Fortuny Ashanti table in earthenware, mahogany wood and brass. The gold-accented top is removable for serving. $950 6

Baccarat oval crystal Eye vase in red features a striking wavelike design by Nicolus Triboulot. $1,470


From the MJ Constellation Collection: 14k yellow gold ring with diamonds. $1,395

8 Blue and white sapphire eternity band in 14k white gold. $1,250 9

David Yurman Empire Link men’s bracelet in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold detail. $825




Love from Detroit with

Shinola sweeps the country with its American-made style. BY BRIAN SCOTT LIPTON


ew companies have made a household name for themselves as quickly as Shinola, the Detroit-based maker of watches, leather goods and sports equipment that has become extremely popular since the brand was launched by Bedrock Manufacturing back in 2011. (The name derives from a once-legendary brand of shoe polish.) One reason for its spectacular growth is that the company’s devotion to using American parts and labor, including building an enormous factory in Detroit, is evident in everything it sells. “Shinola was founded on the belief that American industrialism and craftsmanship can be combined to create beautiful, practical and meticulously detailed goods,” says worldrenowned architect David Rockwell, who designed the company’s flagship retail store in New York City. For fall/holiday 2015, customers will see even more homegrown goods from Shinola than ever before, says creative director Daniel Caudill. “We have begun making our own watch straps in

Detroit, and started making our own dials here as well,” he says. “Eventually, the whole watch will be made completely in the U.S. Our goal is not to assemble watches, but to build them completely here, which will also create long-term sustainability for our employees.” Speaking of watches, Caudill says he’s excited about new straps that have the same texture as a football, and a new array of colors for both cases and dials, including oxblood, smoky topaz and dark green. “We’re using classic colors that we think look particularly beautiful, but mixing them in really modern ways,” he notes. Shinola is also growing its women’s watch business, although Caudill finds both genders often wear timepieces made for the opposite sex. “We have a nice assortment of dial shapes, but we also see that some of the more fashion-centric guys are wearing smaller watches, even some made for women, while some of the ladies are wearing the larger ones, perhaps bought for their boyfriend or husband, as a fashion statement.”


In some ways, the company’s biggest innovation is its expansion of leather goods, now that they have hired famed designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex to oversee the line. “They have really taken our leather goods to a new level of quality,” says Caudill. “The amount of detail they brought to our brand is astounding.” Shinola’s complete line of small leather goods, bags, and tech items will be available for spring 2016, although a smaller assortment is ready for fall. “There’s this one tote bag that I’ve been trying to steal the sample of ever since I saw it. In fact, everyone in Detroit wants it. It’s simple, clean, and with beautiful details,” he says. “But I will have to buy one like everybody else.” Shinola is also debuting its newest sport ball (in oxblood), as well as a few outerwear pieces created in conjunction with San Francisco’s Golden Bear. And by the end of 2016, expect a line of audio products as part of a collaboration with singer Jack White. “Every day, there’s something new and exciting going on here,” says Caudill.

Sculpture by Paley




3000 Monroe Ave.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (585) 292-1430 - - parking on both sides of the building


Circles of Life Lisa Koenigsberg and Benjamin Zucker share their passion for collecting rings.

views on ethical sourcing of materials. With vintage rings, you can’t really know. Zucker: My ring collection reflects my fascination with images: a woman holding an offering, figures crossed like intertwined lovers. I also like rings with inscriptions, and those with good stories.


Benjamin Zucker is a leading expert on precious stones; Lisa Koenigsberg is president and founder of Initiatives in Art and Culture. Both avid ring collectors, they shared their passion with Jack Ogden (fourth-generation jeweler and jewelry history expert) at a recent conference in New York City.

What’s the most important ring in your collection? Zucker: One of mine was a ring with an amazing diamond from India that Charles II gave to his 16-year-old mistress; it was then passed down through seven generations. Koenigsberg: My most important ring, by Ilias Lalaounis, is a bold sculptural piece that suggests a ram’s horn or calla lily (pictured bottom). My father bought the ring for my mother on a family trip to Greece when I was 15. Miraculously, on my first Mother’s Day as a mother myself, I woke up to find this ring behind my pillow. And it is this associational factor that for me is the true value of jewelry. Experiences, rituals, meaningful life moments—these can be recalled in a ring, be it historically important or simply laden with personal emotion.

When did you get the collecting bug? Zucker: When I was about six years old. I started collecting stamps; I soon became fascinated by rings since four of my uncles were diamond dealers. I learned that rings are a better bet, since stamps are created in multiples whereas each ring has a unique story. Koenigsberg: I acquired my first ring in 2007; my inspiration was Benjamin Zucker. I believe the collecting impulse is in all of us, dating back centuries. What was your first ring? Zucker: A granulated gold Jewish wedding ring (pictured top) with a lid that lifts up and reveals the inscription: Mazel Tov. My grandfather was both a rabbi and a dealer in uncut diamonds. This ring recalls his dual talents. Koenigsberg: My first was a Munsteiner ring (pictured center), with the stone cut by Bernd. I was intrigued by the depth of color, and by the juxtaposition of the warm gold with platinum accents.

Top: Jewish wedding ring of the 18th or 19th century, gold enameled, Zucker Family Trust Center: Gold ring featuring tourmaline cut and platinum accents by Bernd Munsteiner Bottom: Hammered 22K gold Ilias Lalaounis ring

What’s most important to you when you buy a ring? Koenigsberg: To me, in addition to provenance, I prefer collecting from living artists for the opportunity to cultivate a relationship and to witness the evolution of their artistry. I am also interested in the artist’s



What is your best advice to collectors? Koenigsberg: My best counsel: Be true to your own vision. Zucker: Your eye is an amazing mechanism. If you trust your own judgment and buy what you love, you can build a fine collection.



The complete offering terms are in a CPS-7 Application available from the Sponsor, File Number HO-15-0015.


the test of On the 100th anniversary of his birth, Frank Sinatra is being celebrated worldwide, including by Raymond Weil with a limited-edition watch. BY KAREN ALBERG GROSSMAN

Raymond Weil’s Maestro Frank Sinatra watch with its signature back and classic face; Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Band




n celebration of the centennial of Frank Sinatra’s birth, the world is focusing on everyone’s favorite cultural icon and his influence on American music, art and fashion. Among the many events, concerts and lectures around the country commemorating this significant milestone was a recent exhibition at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, curated by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles (where it will be seen beginning in late October). The exhibition features photos, family mementos, rare correspondence, personal items, art and music, much of which has never before been displayed in public. The exhibition’s quintessential Sinatra quote was given by Bob Santelli, executive director of the Grammy Museum: “Everyone who ever heard him sing felt a little bit better about the world and themselves.” And as contemporary crooner Michael Feinstein put it, Sinatra specialized in “songs meant to be experienced with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other.” Because he was born on 12/12 (1915), Raymond Weil is issuing only 1,212 pieces of their gorgeous Maestro Frank Sinatra watch. Featuring a classic design (white face, brown leather strap with brown stitching, thin profile) with stainless steel case, blue color numerals and dials (to reference Sinatra’s blue eyes), and open caseback with visible movement inscribed with his last name and signature top hat logo, this watch is a timeless treasure to pass down through the generations. In fact, of the 1,212 watches, numbers 1, 2, and 3 will be gifts to Frank’s three children: Nancy, Christina and Frank Jr. That’s life!

Designed By David E. Senise. A.S.I.D Spectrum Design Group Location: Pittsford, NY

The look of wood, the strength of porcelain




Today’s fashion-forward pearls can be mixed with traditional styles. BY RUTH J. KATZ



The genius behind the cultured pearl was Kokichki Mikimoto. Prior to his determined experimentation over 100 years ago, pearls existed naturally, and only naturally. They are created when an “intruder” (something even as tiny as a grain of sand) enters a mollusk, and in an effort to protect itself against the invading irritant, the oyster coats it with calcium carbonate, or nacre. Mikimoto developed a way to induce the oyster to create pearls “on demand” by introducing that irritant by hand, a laborintensive operation. Today, Mikimoto produces the world’s finest pearls in designs from classic to high-fashion. According to Meyer Hoffman, chief operating officer, Mikimoto America, “Design and fine craftsmanship are the core principles of Mikimoto, and the classic cultured pearl strand is iconic to the brand. Our new collection features an array of gemstones, vibrant colors, and new shapes, drawing inspiration from an imagined, magical world, exploring new and innovative ways to create jewelry that showcases the pearl, nature’s purest gem, in unexpected playful ways.”

he pearl is truly the world’s most timeless jewel. Cleopatra is said to have created a lavish repast by crushing pearls into nectar, while Coco Chanel was always awash in a sea of pearls (and is an excellent model to emulate by owning many strands, worn mix-and-match). So whatever pearls you buy today will become tomorrow’s heirlooms, as these gorgeous gems are always a solid investment. For fall/holiday 2015, fashion-forward designers are making bold statements with pearls in fanciful ways, whether mixed with cascades of rainbow-hued gemstone briolettes, offset with semi-precious stones, like lapis or turquoise, or wrapped like a twisted rope

(a torsade) and set with staccato notes of coral or jade. Today, pearls are often accented with rondelles (bead-like “spacers”) of emeralds, rubies, sapphires or diamonds, which telegraph chic opulence alongside the snowy orb. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen pearls mixed with wood, ebony— even denim! Still, the traditional look never feels dated. The crowning jewel of a bride’s wedding-day finery—a single, luxe strand of pearls—remains the just-right accessory. And that same single strand—whether crafted with pearls of the same size or graduated—packs an equally strong fashion punch worn with a simple T-shirt or a red-carpet-worthy gown. In the words of Peter Bazar, president of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (a non-profit association comprised of some 50 pearl manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers), “Pearls never go out of style and are the most appropriate jewelry for career women, socialites, politicians—any woman who wants to feel and look classy and sophisticated.”


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Not your average khaki color, Dried Herb evokes a sense of organic elegance. Like the olive in a classic martini, this shade of green gives the wearer an air of sophistication, even if it’s simply the color of a watch dial. DESERT SAGE T H E


The perfect combination of calming greens and sophisticated grays, Desert Sage comes into play as a relaxing neutral. The color of compromise mixed with the color of a plant believed to ward off evil is one that looks just as graceful on your bedroom wall as it does on you.

2 0 1 5



The inky midnight sky blends with the howling winds of storm clouds in the robust color Stormy Weather. The cool blues power through the dark grays, producing a color similar to the overcast morning just before a torrential downpour. Perfect if chosen as a matte or covered in sparkling accents. OAK BUFF

A welcome addition to woodsy neutrals, Oak Buff creates a sensation of comfort and coziness as a muted shade of gold. The toasty undertones of brown lend a sense of warmth to the bright yellows, ideal when paired with other soft neutrals like Desert Sage. MARSALA

A medley of seductive reds and softened browns, Marsala brings warmth and flavor to any setting. The wine-inspired hue can just as easily be used as a dining room color as it could a lip stain. With its malleable undertones, Marsala can pair with simple neutrals like Dried Herb or bright shades like Biscay Bay. B I S C AY BAY

A refreshing splash of color for the darkened neutrals, Biscay Bay brings together relaxing blues and energizing greens that instill a sense of calm in any context. To make for a truly serene ambience, pair with grounded neutrals like Dried Herb. REFLECTING POND

A dark icy blue, Reflecting Pond carries serious intent with its murky undertones of navy and the slightest hints of violet. The combination creates a striking sense of security and resolve. The gloomy shade can be brightened up with lively colors, like Cadmium Orange or Amethyst Orchid. CADMIUM ORANGE

A whimsical peach, Cadmium Orange brings out your inner child playing dress up. Establishing a feeling of fantasy, this quiet orange hue can add a striking contrast to a darker color like Desert Sage, or it can play with similar shades such as Cashmere Rose. CASHMERE ROSE

A gentle mixture of light and dark pinks, the ‘60s inspired shade Cashmere Rose brings a youthful poise to any outfit. Its versatility means it can be worn with dusky colors like Stormy Weather or similarly soft colors like Amethyst Orchid.



A deeply electrifying jewel tone, Amethyst Orchid gives off an aura of mystery and elegance. The glowing purple needs no help in the brightness department, but can be toned down with soft neutrals like Stormy Weather.


A kaleidoscopic dance of light. Each exuberant facet reďŹ&#x201A;ects one of the many different aspects of you.

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WeLoveLove Our Love Stories is always in the air at Mann’s Jewelers! We were honored to help write the next chapter of these couples’ love stories. BY ADENA MILLER

MARLENE & JOHN Timing is everything, they say. And nothing proves that like John and Marlene’s love story, which spans four decades. The duo first met in 1973 on New Year’s Eve at the Winfield, and after dating for two years decided to part as friends. In 2015, a friend brought up John’s name to Marlene, and she decided to track down her old flame on social media. The pair reconnected over a drink and to exchange stories, and realized after all that time apart, they were truly meant to be together. While John had plans to propose to Marlene during a weekend trip to Montreal, his excitement led to an engagement in Toronto, which was the first stop-over of their road trip. “He waited 40 years and that was long enough!” says Marlene. The couple married in April 2015 at Rochester City Hall’s atrium in order for each of their out-of-town sons to attend, and two months later held a second, larger ceremony at Abilene, where friends and family were able to celebrate.

RACHEL & BEN Ben and Rachel’s first meeting was at Java’s Café. While they were there, Ben, the owner of a film production company, says a goofy character from one of his documentary films made an unexpected appearance, which led to some colorful conversation. Ben was impressed that Rachel was intrigued (rather than scared off!) by the situation, and they were instantly drawn to each other’s intellect and conversation skills. The two came to love each other’s sense of humor, willingness to try new things and appreciation for the great outdoors. While on vacation in San Francisco, the couple decided to admire the Golden Gate Bridge from a scenic lookout point. As they enjoyed the view, the moment was made even more memorable when Ben got down on one knee and proposed. Ben says he made his ring selection at Mann’s Jewelers due to our strong community ties and unique selection. They will wed during Memorial Day weekend in 2016 and have planned a backyard country wedding.


ColorE Grade

Grade Clarity VS1

Grade CutExcellent

For over 80 years, GIA has brought clarity and global standards to gem evaluation. A GIA report means expert, independent verification from the creator of the 4Cs and the world’s most widely recognized gem authority.

Look for GIA-graded diamonds and jewelers who offer them.




family affair


Sylvia Weinstock (above) makes fabulous floral wedding cakes.

Before Sylvia Weinstock emerged 35 years ago, the wedding cake was simply a confection. Now, her fanciful dessert creations at Sylvia Weinstock Cakes are elaborate showpieces themselves worthy of celebration. Meanwhile, Weinstock’s daughter, Ellen, has put her own spin on the family business with

Ellen Weldon Design, offering creative event invitations addressed with elegant calligraphy. Accent recently caught up with this talented mother-daughter duo to talk personal taste, the differences between celebrities and “regular” clients, and why tradition will never go out of style. B R I D A L



Sylvia Weinstock: I always say I came into Manhattan at the right time, with the right product and a lot of luck. I was the new kid on the block doing something no one else seemed to offer: a beautiful cake that was delicious too. It started with a birthday cake and it slowly became wedding cakes. In New York, it’s all about word of mouth: I worked with one hotel and they told people about me, then I worked with the next and so on. Our cakes have traveled all over the world: South Africa, Europe, India, Asia. It’s a wonderful business in a lot of ways, but it’s not without its angst. Ellen Weldon: I got into calligraphy because in sixth grade, I failed handwriting class. It was my first “F,” and I couldn’t believe it! I took classes and it became an intense hobby. Later, my first job out of college was designing stationery for Cartier, and one of my big clients there was Estée Lauder. Later, I went to work for the company and then for Mrs. Lauder personally. After, I branched out and started my own company, doing work for L’Oréal,


How did each of you get into your lines of work?

Ellen Weldon can do everything from hand-calligraphy to digital printing for invitations.

Elizabeth Arden and other cosmetics companies. Now we do weddings, social events and a lot of corporate events. It’s wonderful.

There’s a sense that our culture is shifting to be less formal. Do you ever worry that wedding traditions may be lost over time?

Talk about how your personal aesthetic fits into the wedding experience.

SW: We passed City Hall in New York the other day, and there was a guy in a cart outside selling flowers. That’s something that isn’t fancy, but it’s a wedding tradition. Brides still want to walk down the aisle and have the ritual of the wedding. Some girls still wear the white wedding dress. EW: One of the challenges we’re having right now is the desire for digital invitations. We’ve been doing more and more of them, but when you’re as passionate as we are about paper— about how important it is to feel the invitation in your hand—it’s hard to get excited. Still, we try to bend to what our clients want.

EW: When brides and grooms come to me, I’m often the first person they see after they book the venue. I try to listen very carefully to their dreams for the wedding day. I had one couple who flew 20 couples to the Dominican Republic and they hung out at the pool. Now, we’re working on a wedding that takes place in Marfa, Texas. It’s a very tiny town, but it’s filled with art galleries. So we made a suite in which each piece of the invitation had a lovely photograph on the back. We want people to feel inspired just by opening it. I want them to look at it and say, I can’t wait for this wedding! SW: The cake is a showpiece at the wedding. We’re not inexpensive, but we are worth every penny. The cake is a luxury item, but all wedding items are luxury. You could choose to go off to City Hall, get married and have a hot dog. The great thing is, we have a wonderful team that can carve animals, buildings or anything the couple wants, although florals are our specialty. The main thing is that it has to please both the eye and the palate.

Both of you have worked with major celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. How did those experiences differ from working with “regular”folks? SW: Every bride who walks through our door is a princess. Sometimes this unknown person has been saving up for years to afford us, and her wedding means 10 times more to her than it does to a celebrity who’s been married B R I D A L



three or four times already! EW: Do you remember that time some movie star came in and asked you to do a cake for free? Some of them do that! And my mother said, “Oh, sure, let me have everyone in my shop come in and work for free for a week.”

What’s your favorite part of your job? EW: The people I work with, hands down. Clients come and go. It’s the people I work with who make me want to come back every day. Oh, and vodka at five o’clock. SW: It’s getting up in the morning and saying to myself:What wonderful thing is going to happen today? We teach the public to aspire to something that’s unique, perfect and deserving. We show them not to settle for just any old thing, or even for mediocrity. You are giving somebody else a great deal of pleasure and the best memories. We’re not in the funeral business. We’re in the business of joy. That’s what we do for a living.

How would you sum up in one sentence why being in the wedding business is so important to you ? EW: We make dreams come true. SW: For the people who don’t know how to dream, we teach them how.

e w t a h w r e v o c s i D to offer... have



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bridal style


atima Bayram Sable grew up with a love of fashion—and fabric. Her family owns Thimble Tailor, a trusted source for highend tailoring, alterations and garment cleaning in Rochester for over 25 years. Fatima started working at the shop on weekends and after school, and is now a master seamstress who offers personalized fittings and specializes in customizing bridal couture. Helping clients find the perfect fit eventually helped Fatima to find her own perfect match. Four years ago, she went out for drinks with her sister after a long day at the shop. David Sable introduced himself at the bar and they talked for a minute, but went their separate ways. Little did she know that her sister had slipped him Fatima’s business card. Months later, David showed up at Thimble Tailor with his entire wardrobe. “I’ll come here for as long as it takes to get you to go on one date with me,” he told Fatima. She agreed—and just over a year later, David proposed. Fatima’s love story is the stuff that fairytales are made of, but her journey to find the wedding dress of her dreams wasn’t exactly happily ever after. She traveled across the state in search of a gown that met her standards for quality and couture, and was disappointed by the lack of selection in her $4,000 budget—and the lack of customer service. In November, she opened Silk Bridal Boutique, adjacent to Thimble Tailor, to offer brides in search of the perfect wedding gown a storybook shopping experience. “I didn’t just go into this thinking, I’m engaged so let’s open a bridal shop,” Fatima says. “I asked myself, as a woman, what do I want? How do I want to feel? And that’s what I created at Silk.” Silk is trendy but still traditional, she says. Most importantly, Fatima hand-selects gowns that are good quality, while still at a good price point. Dresses range in

cost from $800 to a maximum of $4,000. Fatima traveled around the country and personally chose every gown in the boutique’s collection. “I based my selections on style versus quality versus cost,” she says. “So, I went with real silk and organza—and I made sure the dresses weren’t $7,000.” Fatima gets to know her clients, and works to understand each bride’s vision for her wedding day and personal style. “These are independent, fashionable women who want something unique,” Fatima says. “There’s no pressure here. Our goal is to satisfy and cater to the bride—not just until she buys a dress, but through her entire engagement.” Silk also offers a selection of dresses for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. “We will style mothers in their dresses with the bride,” Fatima says. “When bridesmaids’ dresses come in, brides use the showroom to get everyone together and try them on. We serve champagne and just celebrate the moment.” At Silk, there’s none of the awkward pulling and pinning often associated with trying on a sample size. Fatima’s experience as a seamstress allows her to get brides the right fit, right away. “No one else is allowed in my showroom to measure a bride,” Fatima says. “I want to look at her silhouette and proportions, and make sure the dress she’s picking is proper. I customize her measurements, from hollow to hem.” It’s a modern twist on the traditional bridal industry, where brides typically wait months for a dress to come in and then spend hundreds of dollars on alterations. Fatima has no interest in playing by those rules, and her dream is to eventually design her own dresses and sell them at Silk. Now that would be the ultimate happy ending.

Silk Bridal Boutique is located in the TopsBrighton Plaza at 1900 Clinton Avenue South. To schedule an appointment call 585.363.5555, or visit

The Seamstress of Silk BY JENN BERGIN



the perfect present

Wedding presents may be one of the best parts of getting married, but preparing your gift registry can seem like a Herculean task. Fortunately, the days of managing multiple gift registries and receiving (and returning) unwanted gifts are a thing of the past, thanks to modern websites like Zola, which now allow couples to create personalized registries on one website from any retail store. As Zola’s Allison Davis explains, “Today’s couples aren’t just getting married. They’re also moving, working and have busy schedules, which is why all-encompassing one-stop-shop wedding registries are more sought after than ever.”

Group Gifting: More couples are registering for big-ticket items like furniture, televisions or bicycles, allowing guests to contribute how much they like towards that gift. Tech Savvy: “Couples are opting for gadgets such as e-book readers, Apple TVs, Mophie juice packs, Nest Learning Thermostats and digital cameras,” explains WeddingWire’s senior editorial associate, Caitlin Zentgraf Krebs. Honeymoon and Home Funds: Instead of giving a cash gift, guests can help the happy couple save for their honeymoon or the purchase of a home. It’s a more creative way of giving a monetary gift because guests can choose what they’re contributing to. Another option is if the couple is honeymooning in Anguilla (for example), guests might buy them a relaxing couple’s massage at their hotel or a candlelit beach dinner. New Ways to Entertain: “Couples are moving beyond traditional gifts like china and crystal and opting for things that they will be able to enjoy more frequently in their newlywed life, like camping tents and picnic baskets,” says Zola’s Davis. Experiential Gifts: Some couples are registering for fun, experiential gifts like cooking classes, wine tastings or rock climbing sessions, depending on their interests, rather than things that might end up gathering dust in the hall closet. The Gift of Time: It’s the one thing a couple never has enough of: time together. And what better gift for a bride or groom than a beautiful watch to track it with?

NEED TO KNOW Zola shares its best advice for couples who are getting started on creating their registries. Register Early: Guests will likely want to purchase gifts for prewedding events (e.g. engagement parties, showers), so having a registry early on is beneficial for everyone. Number of Gifts: The number of presents you should register for is based on the number of guests invited to your wedding. Use the Zola Registry Planner to determine how many gifts you should register for. (That said, it’s always better to over-register than under-register.) Gifts should also be chosen across a range of price points so that you don’t force your guests into a situation where there are no items that they can afford. Make Your Registry Personal: It should be just as special as your big day! Customize your registry and make it beautiful with notes, special collections, pictures and even a custom URL. Let Guests Know How to Find Your Registry:Your friends and family will definitely want to know where you are registered, so don’t feel rude about getting the word out! First, tell your family and wedding party where you have registered (tactfully, of course), and allow them to spread the word for you. Also, include your registry on your wedding website, or if you feel comfortable, you can even put it on your bridal shower invitations or save-thedate cards.








modern love


depending on how you look at it, the fun or


the stress of planning the big day begins. Like

WeddingWire’s senior editorial

most other things, modern-day wedding

associate, Caitlin Zentgraf Krebs,

planning has gone online. In a survey

shares her secrets for staying

conducted by Mashable and, 89

calm and organized while

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Now,

percent of people said they used wedding

planning your big day.

planning apps to make checklists, look for

Relax : Take a step back from the



stress and remember to keep

countdowns. Of those respondents, 70




calm, cool and collected. We

percent started creating Pinterest boards

suggest regularly exercising,

before they even got engaged and 51 percent

eating healthy meals and

became “more realistic with their pins after

squeezing in the spa for a

they got engaged.” Clearly, the need for

mani/pedi. After all, you need your

online organization has become an essential

bling to shine!

part of the process for those planning their

Delegate: Your family and

upcoming nuptials.

friends are there to help. Feel free

There’s no shortage of online wedding

to give them a handful of tasks to

planning tools either. Sites like Pinterest,

conquer from your ever-growing

WeddingWire, and The Knot all offer

to-do list.

unique ways for couples to manage their to-

Have a Plan B : Resist the urge

do lists, keep track of inspirational images

to check the weather every hour

and ideas, host registries and create personal websites, among other things. WeddingWire even launched

on the hour for rain. It will simply

a WedSocial app to help guests stay informed of all the details regarding the couple’s special day. Pinterest has also

cause you more stress. However,

become an essential part of planning because it allows users to bookmark inspirational images, videos and ideas

that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t

on a personal page and/or share with others.

have a Plan B. Have Fun : The entire planning

And while online planning tools aren’t replacing traditional wedding planners, they are acting as

process allows you to get those

supplemental guides. These sites can help brides find

creative juices flowing. There’s no

local vendors, follow experts and be creative. It seems

judgment in having a Pinterest

like the ideas are endless online; the hardest part won’t

inspiration board! Your wedding is

be finding inspiration, but making decisions to narrow

supposed to be a reflection of

down what you really want.

your relationship, right? Savor It : From the engagement

WeddingWire’s senior editorial associate, Caitlin Zentgraf Krebs, says current wedding trends include

party to the goodbye BBQ, you’ll


feel the love when surrounded by




(especially seeded eucalyptus and succulents), rose

all your family and friends. Be

gold jewelry, temporary tattoos as favors and of

sure to take a moment to step

course, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud song for the

back and soak it all in.

first dance.




Diamond dewdrops glimmer against your warm skin.

MJ Dewdrops sparkle and shine. Collection from $750

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UNFORGETTABLE With striking 360-degree views, world-class cuisine and renowned event planners, the rooftop at the Strathallan is the ultimate destination for your wedding reception. Contact us to discuss the details of your special day. (585) 461-5010 | 550 East Ave. | Rochester, NY 14707

Z PRIVATE CATERING AVAIL ABLE Z 99 Court St. Rochester NY, 14604 585.325.7090

Flexible Financing Options When it comes to important purchases, we know savvy shoppers appreciate ďŹ nancing options. We are pleased to provide the Mannâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jewelers Credit Card, one more way we can help make your dreams come true.

CREDIT CARD BENEFITS INCLUDE: Ä&#x2018;Ĺ?+Ĺ?**1(Ĺ?"!! Ä&#x2018;Ĺ?,!%(Ĺ?!2!*0Ĺ?+Ăť!./ Ä&#x2018;Ĺ? */0*0Ĺ?.! %0Ĺ?2%((! Ä&#x2018;Ĺ?4(1/%2!Ĺ?. $+( !.Ĺ?,.+)+0%+*/

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Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Cardin, Patrick Kelly, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen…

Beauty 50 Years of EBONY

Fashion Fair January 31 – April 24, 2016 This exhibition explores the 50-year history of the show which, along with Ebony magazine, proved that black was indeed beautiful.

Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair was developed by the Chicago History Museum in cooperation with Johnson Publishing Company, LLC, presented by the Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum, and toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC. In Rochester, it is presented by the Gallery Council of the Memorial Art Gallery, Abigail Riggs Collection and Canandaigua National Bank & Trust. Additional support is provided by the City of Rochester, COMIDA and Nocon & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.




Givenchy by Alexander McQueen (France), Evening dress, fall/winter 1997–98. Photo courtesy of Johnson Publishing Company, LLC.


spirits Coco Chanel There are two different cocktails named for the famous designer. The first is an unlikely, but delicious, blend of gin, cream and Kahlua. The second is a Lillet-driven libation, variations of which are served at Betony in New York, as well as the Beaufort Bar inside the Savoy Hotel in London (where Mme. Chanel often spent time), as one of their four Character Cocktails. * 1.5 oz vodka * .5 oz Lillet Blanc * .5 oz red wine and blackberry syrup reduction * Moët & Chandon 2004 Vintage Champagne In a mixing glass, add vodka, Lillet and red wine reduction. Add ice, stir well and strain into a flute glass. Top with Champagne.

Hemingway Daiquiri Ernest Hemingway reportedly earned the moniker “Papa Doble” after downing 16 double daiquiris in one (very long) sitting. After being diagnosed, not surprisingly, with diabetes, he came up with his own version replacing some of the sweetener with grapefruit juice and reducing the alcohol. Consider visiting one of his Cuban haunts, still in business, like La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana. * 1.75 oz Caña Brava Rum * .75 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur * 1 oz fresh lime juice * .75 oz fresh grapefruit juice * .25 oz simple syrup Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake very well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wheel and maraschino cherry. If you prefer daiquiris frozen, that’s okay: so did Papa.


F AME game

Delirium: AKA The Bill Murray In 1917, the Waldorf-Astoria honored comic genius Charlie Chaplin with an eponymous cocktail. In 2015, Sweetwater Social, a vintage-themed craft cocktail bar with a relaxed vibe in New York’s Greenwich Village, offers up a drink celebrating contemporary clown king Bill Murray. “Now don’t tell anyone you saw me.” * .75 oz Elijah Craig Bourbon * .75 oz Ron Zacapa Rum * .75 oz Laphroaig Scotch Single Malt * .33 oz Demerara Coffee Syrup (or .25 oz maple syrup) * 4 drops Bittermens Mole Bitters Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until wellchilled. Strain into a rocks glass with one large ice cube. Garnish with three coffee beans.

Celebrity-themed drinks go way beyond the Shirley Temple. BY ROBERT HAYNES-PETERSON

Blood & Sand


elebrity-themed cocktails have been popular nearly as long as there have been cocktails. In the 1882 Bartender’s Manual by legendary barman Harry Johnson, historic punches are named after British notables who popularized them in the 18th and 19th centuries. Likewise, the Negroni is named after its alleged inventor Count Camille Negroni, and the Royal Highball—a signature blend of Champagne, cognac and strawberry juice created at the Ritz Hotel in Paris—was named in honor of Spain’s King Alfonso XII. Since the silent film era, however, the trend for naming drinks after entertainers has been something of a mainstay that continues to this day. Not every muse will inspire long-lived cocktails. (The “Taylor Swifte” at Jockey Hollow Bar in New Jersey, for example, may not be around by the time you read this.) Here, however, are a few libations still listed on select menus, along with a couple of new “classics,” that show promise for staying power.


This drink was named for the famed Rudolph Valentino film and first documented in The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930. Now, New York’s vintage-influenced Astor Room, situated in the historic Kaufman Astoria Studios, is the perfect spot to order it: Rudy shot several films here (and ate lunch in this same location). * 1 oz blended Scotch whisky * .75 oz sweet vermouth * .75 oz Cherry Heering Liqueur * .75 oz fresh orange juice Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake very well and strain into a coupe or cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

The Edison The Edison Downtown Bar in Los Angeles has long been one of the foremost craft cocktail lounges in the country. Located in a building that housed the city’s first private power-plant, the bar (and this drink) “celebrates an era of invention and imagination.” This drink effortlessly melds historic ingredients with contemporary technique. * 1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon * .5 oz pear-infused cognac * .5 oz fresh lemon juice * .25 oz honey syrup In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients. Add ice, shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel or flamed lemon peel.




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