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5055 Business Center Drive, Suite 108-114-Fairfield, California 94534 Phone: (707) 290-1256 –

Aaron Crutison Sr. Acting General President

Aaron Crutison Sr. Western Region Vice President

William D. Lyle Executive Director

Cameron E. Henry Western Region Assistant Vice President




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Henry A. Callis

,1.23$1%791.#%O1"2=4.#'%B1>%% ! 7@2=#;%G$#$19-%F1$4=0$#2% K$42$1#%L$;=.#%W=@$%F1$4=0$#2% Founders %%

Charles H. Chapman

Eugene K. Jones

George B. Kelley

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H. Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy

Brothers! It is with great pride that I present to the brotherhood the Spring Edition 2012 “Manly Deeds” Chapter Newsletter. Over the past year, our chapter has accomplished many things, but most importantly, we have served our community. As humble servants, we must continue to focus on our most valuable treasure, the youth. Every 26 seconds, a child drops out of high school. The Delta Psi Lambda chapter has a stake in our youths education, and we will not give up on them. It is evident with our annual Hallett Academy Tutorial Program and Young Men of Alpha mentoring program. Our chapter’s newsletter has evolved over the year. It is becoming more than a newsletter, but a medium that highlights our fraternal activities on a local, district, and national level. I am proud to be a part of a chapter that is engaged in not only the community, but within the bonds of the brothers within. We hold each other to the highest standard, and ensure that we are “Our brother’s keeper.” In this edition, we highlight oustanding young men who recieved our chapter’s annual “Harold S. Brown Scholarship Award.” I encourage you all to read over each of the young men’s brief biographies, and I am positive that you will all be impressed with these young men. Not only are they scholars, they are servants in their communities. I want to applaud the scholarship committee for doing a phenomenal job (and I know that it was tough for the committee to decide because this years applicants set the bar high). My beloved brothers of Alpha, as this fraternal year comes to an end, and as we move into our 106th year as a fraternity, may we continue to be steadfast servant leaders, to build upon our legacy, and remember to always be “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All!” Fraternally submitted, Brother Aaron R. Green, Editor

Thank you my brothers for supporting the March of Dimes March for Babies 2012 fundraiser campaign. A high five thank you to brothers and family for participating in the Boulder Area walk. Following the walk, brothers, sponsors, and family dined on an array of menu items at the Colbertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home. The March of Dimes and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. began collaboratively implementing Project Alpha in 1980. Designed to provide young men with current and accurate information about teen pregnancy prevention, Project Alpha consists of a series of workshops and informational sessions conducted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers. The three goals of Project Alpha programs are: Sharing Knowledge by combating ignorance and fear with factual information Changing Attitudes by providing motivation toward positive changes in sexual behavior Providing Skills by creating a sense of empowerment and self-esteem Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. chapters all across the country worked with their local March of Dimes to implement Project Alpha programs. In addition to Project Alpha, March for BabiesÂŽ serves as an example of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - March of Dimes partnership. In the last 5 years, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers have raised over $1 million for the March of Dimes. Brothers and friends of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter raised $2350 during the 2012 campaign. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to your continued support in the years to come. With kindest regards, Leroy Colbert, Jr.

The Rocky Mountain District: Service at an Altitude! “We must put service before self and put aside all petty differences and undertake to meet the needs of our race according to the demands of the times” – Jewel Nathaniel Allison Murray, 1956

The Brothers of the Rocky Mountain District (RMD) are prominent in the elevation of mankind by providing service and advocacy for their communities. In the RMD, we are the proud stewards of the “light”, and we hold it high! We are true to our aims of being “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All!” This Fraternal year has been a true blessing for the Brothers of the RMD where we have supported our National Partnerships and implemented our National Programs. The chapters in the RMD are fully compliant at the national, regional and district level. The kinship that we have developed in the Rocky Mountain District is very special. Brothers at all age levels are fully involved in the elevation of the community, scholarship, and Brotherly love. Each brother’s gift is valued, needed, and respected. This common thread of brotherhood allows each of us to fully understand the importance of what our Jewels started. As such, we fully understand the importance of being financial as it gives us the ability to move forward the goals of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc., and it allows us to be true to our founders, Brothers and the men yet to be our Brothers. We believe that the necessary hard work of the Fraternity is very relevant today, tomorrow, and into the future. The communities that we serve are in dire need of Leadership and Service. Hence, the implementation of our National Programs is very important to sustaining our communities during this time of economic down turn. We are very proud of the scholarships that we award annually and the various community services projects that we conduct. At this year’s RMD Conference at the University of Denver (DU) on February 25, 2012, the men of Alpha convened to discuss the most important issues facing our communities. The conference theme was “Making a Difference with Purpose, Commitment and Practice.” We met to develop new ideas and share existing strategies as they relate to the uplift of our communities. During the conference we conducted two community service projects. For High School students, we carried out our Go-to-High School, Go-to-College program under Brother Demond Harper’s leadership, where we showed and discussed the video “Bring your A Game”, and we facilitated a DU campus tour. We also donated money and musical instruments to the 1st Note Music Foundation, Inc. We are truly our Brothers’ keeper!

Bro. Dr. Jeriod D. Patterson, District Director


Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9). Are you your brother’s keeper? Do you know what brotherhood really is and what your responsibility is to it? Cain’s words have come to symbolize people’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for the welfare of their fellows, their “brothers” in the extended sense of the term. This is a question we would do well to ask ourselves today. Are we our brother’s keeper? Do we have a responsibility to watch out for and care for one another? A fraternity (Latin frater: “brother”) is a brotherhood, although the term sometimes connotes a distinct or formal organization and or a secret society. A fraternity (or fraternal organization) is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members and community. The only true distinction between a fraternity and any other form of social organization is the implication that the members freely associate as equals for a mutually beneficial purpose. When you associate with a fraternity you’re not just meeting new friends or acquiring a place to live and party. It’s much more than that. You’re becoming a part of a brotherhood. Brotherhood is a unique, private bond based on intangible, invisible principles. And because of this bond, you’ll be making friends which last for a lifetime. Being part of a fraternity is incomparable to anything else; it’s brotherhood, pure and simple. However, to know of its existence is one thing, to experience the brotherhood of fraternity membership is another? It is an oneness, which transcends all cultural, economic, and ideological differences and overlooks petty disagreements and selfishness. Brotherhood is the essence of Greek Life.


! So let us consider the original question, Am I my brother’s keeper and do I really know what that looks like? Here are a few statements that might help you understand your role as a brother’s keeper and Alpha. 1. We are to receive one another. 2. We are to edify another. 3. We are to serve one another. 4. We are to bear one another’s burdens. 5. We are to be forgiving one another. 6. We are to be submitting to one another. 7. We are to exhort one another. 8. We are to consider one another. 9. We are to be hospitable to one another. In light of such “one another” statements, is there any doubt that we are to be our brother’s keeper? Alpha is changing rapidly. Our roles within our communities are changing and the Fraternity is making historic changes within itself. What better time than now for us to look to each other and become our brother’s keeper. First of all...Servants of all...We shall transcend all. Fraternally,

Brother Elton Kirkwood Jr. Rocky Mountain District Area Director


Roderick L. Smothers, Sr., Ph.D. 34TH GENERAL PRESIDENT

Brothers have spoken resoundingly on what they want in their 34th General President. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve said you want someone you can trust, with professional executive experience; an experienced fundraiser who is a good steward of those funds. I am the only executive in the race. As a university vice president, I have raised more than $30 million over the last 10 years, and managed multi-million-dollar budgets. I am the only candidate with a capital campaign plan (CAMPAIGN FOR ALPHA) to raise $25 million for the fraternity over five years. What sets me apart is that I am a fiscal conservative, and my firm stance on our finances is: If we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have it, we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spend it; if we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need it, we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t buy it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that simple!â&#x20AC;?

Experience Where It Counts + Na[]Hj]ka\]fl$AfklalmlagfYd 9\nYf[]e]fl$@mklgf%Laddglkgf Mfan]jkalq$9mklaf$LP + Na[]Hj]ka\]fl$AfklalmlagfYd 9\nYf[]e]fl$DYf_klgf Mfan]jkalq$DYf_klgf$GC *((,%*()(! + H`&<&$E&H&9&$Yf\:&9&\]_j]]k$  DgmakaYfYKlYl]Mfan]jkalq$ :YlgfJgm_]$D9 + M&K&9aj>gj[] )11)%)11+!$  M&K&9aj>gj[]J]k]jn] )11+%)11/! + >Yl`]j$oal`gd\]klkgf Jg\]ja[cBj&!  afalaYl]\aflg9dh`Yaf*((.

+ Na[]Hj]ka\]fl$ Kgml`o]kl]jfJ]_agf  E]eZ]j$FYlagfYd:gYj\  g^<aj][lgjk *((1%Hj]k]fl! + 9kkaklYflNa[]Hj]ka\]fl$ Kgml`o]kl]jfJ]_agf  E]eZ]j$FYlagfYd:gYj\g^ <aj][lgjk )11.%)11/! + ;`YajeYf$;geeakkagfgf  ;gdd]_]:jgl`]jk9^^Yajk  *(((Âş*((,! + E]eZ]jk`ahAflYc]HdYffaf_ ;geeall]] )11.%)110!

+ <aj][lgjg^;gfn]flagfk$ Kgml`o]kl]jfJ]_agf *((+%*((1! + D]Y\]jk`ah<]n]dghe]fl ;geeall]] *((-Âş*((0! + Hj]ka\]fl$FmHkaYf\ PaFmDYeZ\Y;`Yhl]jk + 9\nakgj$FmHka;`Yhl]j + >Ydd)11+AfalaYl]$FmHka;`Yhl]j$ DgmakaYfYKlYl]Mfan]jkalq + Da^]E]eZ]j0-)+ E]eZ]j$K`adg`EakkagfYjq :Yhlakl;`mj[` + EYkl]jEYkgf$ Hjaf[]@YddY^Ă&#x2021;daYlagf

Campaign for Alpha (CFA) at a glance: + Launch five-year $25 million capital campaign to provide

+ + + + +

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity with long-term economic stability, financial and fiscal accountability and funds for the operational and capital needs of the organization. Establish diverse revenue streams to fund campaign. Create endowment commission and board of financial, economic and business advisors. Establish Office of Development, led by director of development. Create new, expanded network of friends and partners. Time line: In 2011, solicit feedback from brotherhood to identify CFA priorities and additional ideas; 2012, review, discuss plan at district, regional, national meetings; and January 1, 2013, implement CFA 5-Year Action Plan.

ALPHA ACTION and the Campaign for Alpha is really for them.

To learn more about Roderick L. Smothers, Sr., his ALPHA ACTION PLAN, and how you can join the team, visit his website, Facebook page, and on Twitter @rlsmothers

FOLLOW BRO. SMOTHERS ON: E-mail: H&G&:GP)-.-)Â&#x153;9MKLAF$L=P9K/0/.)Â&#x153; **-!1(/%/.(.

As the New Year of 2012 began, Bro. Jones was asked by the Rocky Mountain District (RMD) Director, Bro. Jeriod Patterson to lead the RMD in our National Program, “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People”. Brother Jones promptly responded by researching the requirements for the State of Colorado to do Voter Registration Drives (VRD’s). In working with the State of Colorado Secretary of State office, he was able to gain approval for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., in the State of Colorado to conduct VRD’s.

The first VRD was held at the 2012 MLK Marade, followed by multiple VRD’s at local high schools and other community events; we have registered 156 new voters thru May 5, 2012. In addition we have solicited the support of the Pastors of the Greater Metropolitan Denver Ministerial Alliance, to conduct VRD on Sundays upon request by the individual church leaders. In addition we will continue to do VRD’s in the high schools in the fall. Should anyone have additional questions please feel free to contact me or the Chapter focal points for VRD’s. Fraternally,

At the District Meeting this past February, Bro. Jones led the training for Brothers in attendance to be Voter Circulators for Colorado Springs and Denver. In support of Bro. Jones, Iota Omicron Lambda (Colorado Springs) has assigned Bro. Dudley Jones as the Chapter focal point for VRD’s, and for Denver’s DPL Chapter, Brother Demond Harper.

Bro. Steve Jones Colorado Voter Registration Organizer and Agent E-mail: Cell Phone: 303-868-6760

Hallett Academy Tutorial Program

End of the Year Celebration!

The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha celebrated the end of the school year and the 2011-2012 Tutorial Program for fourth and fifth graders at Hallett Academy in Denver, Colorado. The event was held on the evening of May 17th at the Microsoft Store, located at Park Meadows Mall. 11 of the 12 participating students in the program were in attendance along with 9 family members. Brother Jasper Peters, Community Development Coordinator for Microsoft, made arrangements hosting the event at the store facility and provided gift bags for all of the students. Brother District Director Dr. Jeriod Patterson provided pizza for the dinner. The students were overwhelmed and very much enjoyed the variety of computer games available on large screens. Most of the students had never been to the Microsoft Store nor were they familiar with the background of the company. A representative from Microsoft Corporation welcomed the students and gave a brief background on the company.

Brother Buford Thompson, Chairman of the tutorial program, gave the students and family members a brief overview of the history and mission of the fraternity. Each student was then recognized and presented with a certificate of participation in the program and a small stipend for good attendance. It was an enjoyable evening and a great celebration for the end of the school year. Respectfully submitted,

Bro. Buford Thompson Chairman Hallett Academy Tutorial Program Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Mr. Momodou L. Sonko

Momodou graduated from Overland High School with a 4.56 cumulative Grade Point Average. School & Community Involvement: Speech and Debate, Muslim Student Alliance, LINK Leaders, Overland Lacrosse Team, Inside Out Volunteer Program* Mr. Sonko has been accepted to John Hopkins University. Parents: Bakary J. Sonko & Ramatoulie Sonko.

Mr. Calvin J. Dorsey

Calvin graduated form Kent Denver with a 3.9 cumulative Grade Point Average. School & Community Involvement: Students Unified for Diversity Awareness, Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Golf (Senior Captain), member of 2 State Championships, Speech and Debate, Kent Denver R&B Ensemble, Breakthrough Kent Denver. Mr. Dorsey has been accepted to Northwestern University. One of his goals at Northwestern is to be able to graduate with the best combination of an intellectual and social education that can will prepare him to be the best doctor, student, and human being. Parent/Guardian: Mr. Rodney Dorsey

Mr. Shaquin D. Albrow

Shaquin graduated from Overland High School with a 3.9 cumulative GPA. He has a love for basketball and has a career goal working in the back office of the NBA, either as a team marketer, sports agent, or possibly a team manager. School & Community Involvement: Senior Class Student Council President, Black Student Alliance, African American Male Leadership, Juniper Village Retirement Home volunteer, Cherry Creek Diversity Conference volunteer, Honor Roll throughout each year in High School, Strong desire to attend Arizona State University. Parent/Guardian: Nataki Albrow

Mr. Mawukle Yubuah

Mawukle graduated from South High School with a 3.9 cumulative Grade Point Average. Mawukle understands that one important part of being successful in life is to know what your priorities are and which ones are the most important. His family is at the top of the list. Future Aspirations: becoming an executive and music producer. School & Community Involvement: National Honors Society, Black Student Alliance, People’s Presbyterian Youth Group, Varsity Soccer Team, Student Senate. Mawukle has been accepted to Howard University. Parents/Guardian: Rejoice and Ebenezer Yebuah

Mr. William Harris

William graduated from Overland High School with a 3.4 cumulative Grade Point Average. William is interested in majoring in Computer Science with a minor in business. He believes in never giving up and understands that he has a very bright future ahead of him. School & Community Involvement: Black Student Alliance, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), Varsity Football, AVID, band, Moorehead Recreational Center volunteer. William has been Accepted to Howard University. Parent/Guardians: Wayne and Mary Harris.

Mr. Stephaun L. Gaddis

Stephaun graduated from East High School with a 3.4 cumulative Grade Point Average. Stephaun has high ambitions to become a mechanical engineer and envisions the technology industry as the complete boost for his future career. School & Student Involvement: Black Student Alliance, Varsity Football, Architect and Mechanical Engineering (ACE), 2011 Jack and Jill of America Inc.* Alpha Phi Alpha “Go to High School Go to College”, Member of True Light Baptist Church, Applied to CSU. Parent/Guardian: Jeff & Ladana Gaddis

Mr. Adrian D. Jones

Adrian graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. Early College High School with a 3.4 cumulative Grade Point Average. He is interested in attending Colorao State University in the fall. Adrian is a “very optimistic person who believes that no matter what, things can be done if only you believe it can be done.” School & Student Involvement: President of National Honor Society, Students Standing for Christ, Colorado Christian Fellowship Praise Team, involved in tennis for 8 years, and has been on the Honor Roll since the 6th Grade.

Mr. Jordan M. Gaskins*

Jordan graduated from East High School with a 3.1 cumulative Grade Point Average. Jordan understands that following his heart is one of the true gifts of a great leader. Involved with CABPES (Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientist), Black Student Alliance, Volunteer for Denver Urban Ministries. Parent/Guardian: Donna Gaskins *2012 honorable mention

Scholarship Biographies provided by: Bro. W. Devon Miller, Director of Education

From left to right: Bro. Ellerby and Dunk (banquet co-chairs) greet the banquet guests. Bennie Milliner, Denver’s Road Home Executive Director (keynote speaker). Tracey Peters (University of Denver) & Bro. Jasper Peters (Microsoft Store) sponsors of the event. Guests attend the program honoring students. Scholarship recipient Yubuah and Family. (Photo credit: Brother Adrian M. Green)

The Microsoft Store Partners up again with Denver based Fraternity There are many common elements that bind Alpha men. One that is most recognizable is the dedication to strive and push forward. Eternally we move onward and upward. This is one of the distinguishing factors of our brotherhood. In 106 years of history and brotherhood, each new year presents new challenges. We are charged not only to honor our history, but to establish our future. In 2012, there are many unique challenges, yet the challenges to education are perhaps greater than they have ever been. There are those in our community who have been fortunate enough to receive a high quality education. This has allowed them to seek gainful employment and compete in a local economy. The playing field, however, looks quite different. Our competition is no longer local or regional, but international. Our economic concerns are no longer national but global. As much as these issues affect those of us already in the work force, we must realize the immediate need that exists in the lives of those who are still being educated. Many of our young people experience technology only through videogames and smart phones.

It is not the case that working knowledge of a word processor is enough to navigate the business world. Our future has programmers and engineers. Yet being technologically savvy is not the solution to this problem. In fact there is no one solution to the issues concerning education. It is a battle with multiple fronts, and we must address them all: providing technological training, positive role models, educational consistency, and a vision for the future. The price for failure is high. Clearly we cannot afford to sacrifice a generation, leaving them to a future that is tenuous at best. But rather than fear failure, we can imagine the joy of our success. We have the opportunity to give confidence and competence to our youth. We can reinforce positive examples, and set up gainful and competitive employment as the expectation, not the exception. Fraternally Submitted,

Bro. Jasper D. Peters The Microsoft Store

In my work, I have the unique opportunity to see the latest in developments in technology. The future is exciting and bright. Careers in technology are competitive, yet they statistically lack women and minorities. This is the status quo. We are able to choose whether or not this will remain the status quo. I also have the opportunity to work with a wide cross section of young adults. Some come from affluent backgrounds, and have been afforded all of the best educational and technological tools. They are often confident and have solid and well established plans. I also see young adults from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds. Often they have not had positive role models, they may not have high expectations for themselves, and often they have not been exposed to the tools that they will need to be successful.

Photo: Bro. Jasper Peters (Microsoft Sponor) with Scholarship award recipients. The store also provided computer software to each student, and a laptop to the top scholar.

An Alpha Connection Although these activities were not developed by Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., you might not be surprised to learn that Brothers of Delta Psi Lambda Chapter were present and involved. Brothers Eddie Cohen, Charles Griffin III and Gregory Diggs were among the many men served as facilitators/mentors for these students.

The 2012 Black Male Initiative Summit What do you get when you mix African American leaders and African American scholars with young African American students from Denver Public Schools? The 3rd Annual Black Male Initiative Summit (BMIS). This event was sponsored by the University of Denver’s Center for Multicultural Excellence and the African American Alumni Association. Additional support was provided from the School of Education at DU and Denver Public Schools along with Tiger Bee Consulting. It was held at Sturm Hall on the University of Denver Campus on Friday, April 6 2012. Can you imagine the sight of more than 200 Black men (along with some women), spending a full day at the predominately white, private campus to explore the intersection of empowerment, leadership and education? The Work This year, the theme of the event was “I am the Master of My Fate”: Inviting Young Black Males to Lead. More than 150 Black, male high school students were on campus; mostly in teams from various schools. Students were asked to identify an area of their lives (school, social, community, college and career readiness, etc.) where they would agree to make an active commitment to improving for the next year. Workshops were designed to hear from the students, provide resources and support for their goals, and to have them leave the event with a viable plan that can be implemented. The young men also had opportunity to meet with African American student leaders from other school and to showcase their spoken-word talents.

An unscheduled treat occurred when Brother Walter Kimbrough, outgoing President of Philander College and incoming President of Dillard University came by to share words of encouragement with the students. He just happened to be on the DU campus to support the dissertation defense of a doctoral candidate; heard the buzz about all these Black students on campus and decided that it would be important to support the event. We were all inspired by his presence and his words. You might also note that the DU Center for Multicultural Excellence supports the George Hailey Foundation and Delta Psi Lambda Chapter’s Scholarship program and banquet. There Goes an Alpha Man: As you can see, the Brothers of Delta Psi Lambda are always involved in a broad array of community service, support of education, and mentoring African American males. We do this in our own programs and activities, but it is nice to bump into each other as other good work is going on in Denver as well. It is not unusual to hear community members say to a Brother: “Well, I knew you would be here; you are an Alpha man!”

Fraternally, Brother Gregory Diggs, Ph.D.

Photo Credits: Bro. Adrian M. Green





On January 28, 2012 the brothers of the Delta Psi Lambda chapter of Alpha Fraternity, Inc. presented Bring Your A Game, to a group of bout 10-12 young men. The program is of fulfillment our chapter’s participation in the fraternity’s national program; Go to High School Go to College, administered locally as Young Men of Alpha.

The Bring Your A Game curriculum centers around a video that features prominent members of the African American community educating young men of the pitfalls of making bad life decisions. It encourages young men to use school as a means of future success. After the film the young men and the brothers in attendance discussed the contents of the film and how it relates to their own lives. The young men had plenty of questions, and the brothers were there to provide insight and seasoned advice. The event concluded with the young men and the brothers’ fellowshipping over a meal. Special thanks to all the brothers that attended and helped facilitate the session. ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT On February 25, 2012 the brothers of the Rocky Mountain District of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. presented Bring Your A Game, to a group of about 25-30 young men and

women from the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We were joined by a NAACP youth group on the University of Denver Campus. The presentation was cofacilitated by Delta Psi Lambda chapter brothers Claude Harris and Demond Harper. We presented the Bring Your A Game curriculum to the youths in attendance. Upon completion of the video, we provided the attendees lunch. Next we had very intense and informative dialogue. The youths were very open and honest. They also shared their own individual experiences in hopes of helping each other. The dialogue was so engaging that we had to stop due to the time of the evening. We concluded the sessions by providing the attendees with a guided tour of the University of Denver campus. A great time was had by all. Again special thanks to all the brothers that supported the session.

Fraternally, Brother Demond Harper Chairman GTHSGTC/Project Alpha

PROFILE OF BROTHER “LINK” YOUNG This profile proves that “Reclamation” really works. For it was after retirement and discharge from the U. S. Air Force and experiencing a very long break from active fraternity life that Brother Purvis “Link” Young became interested in becoming a viable and very active member of his only Alumni chapter, Delta Psi Lambda, whereby at first chance he became a life member. Let’s look at his journey chronologically…………………. Being one of eleven siblings of Reverend William and Mrs. Perline Young, Brother “Link” Young started his journey into education in the Mound Bayou School System. Having observed one of his favorite uncles….His Uncle Clyde, who he later discovered was an Alpha man, was the Principal of a local Elementary School. Through the years, “Brother Link” has always been involved in the World of Music. It was in the fifth grade that he was a Student Director of the Elementary School Choir, and In High School was a member of the marching band. Then, it was in College that he directed a Gospel Choir and was member of the marching band, but also held the position of Drum Major, and not surprisingly, it was during these formative years that he recognized a strong desire to play piano and organ. Brother Young matriculated into Mississippi Valley State University, and as it was with his Uncle Clyde, the observation carried over in 1969 as he observed how “Alpha Men on the Yard”, who carried themselves with high esteem and with appearances and that were beyond reproach. The record will show that while attending this, University, with a major in Music Education, Brother Purvis “Link” Young was initiated into Zeta Phi Chapter in 1970 of our great fraternity. After graduation from Mississippi Valley State University, Brother Young joined the Air force. During his tenure in the Air Force, he traveled extensively and often served as the musician and director of the gospel choir where he was stationed. While in the Air Force, Brother Young received a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Webster University. Brother Young is currently employed with the Social Security administration as a Management Support Specialist. During this employment he has received the Commissioner Citation, The highest award within the agency, and the regional Commissioner Citation, the highest award within the Region. While in the Air Force he, became engrossed with the Wild side. In 1982, remembering that he always had a yearning to own a Motorcycle, since one of his neighbors had an old smoking chain-driven motor-bike. So, having never losing the desire to

Photo: Brother Purvis “Link” Young ride a bike, even though he had never been on one, bought a 600 Honda “Silver Wing” which he rode until 1989. Then, after graduating up to a “1200 Kawasaki”, he became rider with a group of “weekend riders, and tells of a trip up on Trailridge Road. This is a road, at high altitude with no protective railings on the side of the road, which is two miles above the nearest tree top. The trip was slowed as the group came upon a slow driven RV on the highway. He was the only one in the group that was glad that their speed had been slowed down. The desire to ride dwindled in about 2001, when he sold his bike. He currently serves as the Minster of music at the Rising Star missionary Baptist Church in Denver, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Jules E. Smith. His passions are his Christian walk, his family, both biological and extended…particularly his God, Children, his Fraternity, Music, traveling and eating. He has recently developed a penchant for the humbling experience that many refer to as golf. Our brother has long believed that he “can do all things through Christ.” that strengthens him.

*Profile written by Bro. Harry T. Waters


On June 23rd, IOL is happy to host a friendly Rocky Mountain District golf competition. This will be a time of fun and great laughter for golfers and nongolfers alike. Black and Old Gold will take over Antler Creek Golf Course! Brother Doctor Fletcher has graciously opened his residence for a brotherhood smoke following the golf outing.

Greetings from the 515th House of Alpha! As this fraternal year begins to come to a close, the Brothers of Iota Omicron Lambda have a few additional activities to culminate yet another successful year! The Brothers recently celebrated 20 years of hosting the African American Youth Leadership Conference! In 1992, the Brothers of IOL founded the AAYLC at Hillside Community Center in Colorado Springs. Ever since, chapter members have been at the forefront of leading this conference. The AAYLC’s mission is to educate and empower youth to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens in their communities. This year, the conference hosted approximately 300 students; over the course of 20 years approximately 9000 students. During the conference, we also hosted Project Alpha, Bring Your A Game, and Voter Registration. One of the Aims of our illustrious fraternity is scholarship. We will be hosting our annual Scholarship Luncheon on May 19th, where we will be awarding chapter scholarships to several of our community’s best and brightest. In addition, in partnership with Colorado Technical University, we are also afforded the honor to present a full 4-year scholarship to a very deserving recipient. We know that the cost of education is continuing to rise, so it is imperative for us to continue to do our part to assist the next generation of leaders!

Summer is upon us, so for the Brothers who like to let the wind blow through your hair, or where your hair used to be, look for some emails from me regarding getting together for an Alpha Phi Alpha motorcycle ride or two. I have invited Brother Mark Tillman to come and enjoy the Colorado roads with us. Finally, as I prepare to leave this office as President of Iota Omicron Lambda, I would like to say how proud and humble I am to have been given this opportunity. Being able to lead, and being surrounded by leaders, is an awesome experience! The progress that we’ve made as a chapter, as well as the continued growth of partnership and collaboration between chapters in the District is what I will cherish the most. Let us continue to do the work of Alpha! Hold High The Name! Fraternally, Bro. Will Bell, President Iota Omicron Lambda Chapter

For example, our third and fourth grade combination class is currently working on a water expedition that causes them to examine where our water comes from, how its used, how to conserve and preserve this resource, and what the future is for water. They are challenged by questions geared for their level of learning such as how water is treated for consumption, water rights, and what water means in developing countries. The culturally relevancy component comes in when students are challenged to think and examine this issue from a perspective affects their community and how they can make positive changes that will benefit society at large. Designed within this expedition are the Colorado state educational standards for learning, which means that students are exposed to reading, science, mathematics, social studies, and writing.

As an administrator in a small charter school who has been on the front lines of education, I have learned a great deal. My experience has confirmed that education will always be the best way to correct the ills and uplift our communities. I work for Scholars to Leaders Academy (SLA) in Colorado Springs. It is a small school with 260 students. At SLA, we serve an ethnically diverse population (60% Hispanic, 12%, African American, 20% Caucasian, and 8% other) where 86% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Adding to that, many of our students are highly mobile; meaning that a significant number of them have attended two or more schools within a time period of six months to one year. High mobility translates into students having various gaps in their learning because of inconsistencies in their educational experiences. A number of our student have parents are or have been negatively involved with the justice system. When combined, these factors make educating children a challenging process. Our school, just like most other public schools, is trying to help these students overcome the socio-economic and personal obstacles that could prohibit them from getting an education. This means that students should be challenged to learn in a way that is engaging and culturally relevant. At SLA, we have begun to design our school within an academic framework called Expeditionary Learning. Expeditionary learning is rooted in project learning that calls for the students to inquire and investigate that results in something being produced that can be a catalyst for social change.

We feel that educating children in this manner will encourage them to ask deeper questions and most importantly, think critically. Critical thinking is essential to problem solving and serves as the greatest catalyst for social change. Change agents always asks the deeper questions that often challenge power that can result with a positive impact in society. The leaders of tomorrow will have to have this skill set in order to effectively move society forward in a method that will benefit all. These ideas that we embrace at Scholars To Leaders Academy are ideas that Alpha embraces. Education is the sword and shield that will attack social ills and defend against ignorance. In order for Alpha to successfully provide “service and advocacy for our communities” education will be part of the equation. In my mind, no other factor has the ability to address what the fraternity has taken on as servant leaders than education. Our task for the future will be not only develop the leaders who will take on what the future has in store, but to reach back and use education to empower people in communities where opportunities are scarce and are sometimes systematically restricted. All we have to do is to look at the aims of our fraternity to find inspiration. For the bridge from “manly deeds” to “love for all mankind” is “scholarship”. Scholarship is education and I am proud to be part of two organizations that will allow me to create a brighter future for all that we serve.

Fraternally, Bro. Alex Malone, Iota Omicron Lambda Chapter

Serving Overseas in Korea by Bro. Walter James “Jai” White Annyeonghasaeyo jal jinae sijyo (Hello and how are you?) I was made April 4, 2010, Iota Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado.I am a Major in the United States Air Force and have been on Active Duty for thirteen years after my commission from the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) at the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Currently I am finishing a one-year tour assignment at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. Here, I am the Chief of Space Operations during armistice and the Space Duty Officer during wartime, contingency or exercises at the 607th Air and Space Operations Center, Combat Operations Division. My many duties include providing combined and joint Command and Control of the Korean Theater of Operations’ space forces during United Nations armistice enforcement and contingency operations. I am responsible to the 7th Air Force Commander for integration, exploitation and assessment of space war fighting platforms within Korea. Additionally, I operate a $5M Missile Defense warning system providing theater ballistic missile threat and launch alert notification to the Combined Forces Command common operational picture. Also, I am the Division Space Subject Matter Expert who plans and assesses impacts on theater air, space and information operations. I live off the military installation in a beautiful high-rise, four bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Pyeongtaek City/Songtan area, which is a great experience for mingling with locals and other foreigners from abroad to shopping and dining in a walk, short cab ride/ train ride/drives distance away. It is wonderful how Korea and America has a continued strong alliance rather it be military, personal or religious. While in Korea, I have been active with the Mu Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. I participated in the Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Phi Alpha Martin Luther King Jr. March on Yongsan Garrison, Seoul Korea, and amongst other events. The Brothers are located throughout the peninsula of Korea with only one chapter in Seoul, however when opportunity arises, I make great efforts to work and fellowship with one another. My other activities include as choir director for the Osan Gospel Service at Osan Air Base where I teach and direct a magnificent Holy Spirit-filled choir that ministers throughout the local and distant communities in South Korea. Also when I find time, I take part in my passion of salsa dancing in Songtan, the local town or in Seoul. Also, I have had the opportunity to travel abroad to Okinawa, Australia, China, Japan and throughout South Korea with awesome experiences at each location. Living in Korea has truly been worth wild and I am grateful for this overseas assignment and hope to take another overseas assignment in the near future. Fraternally, Brother White Mu Phi Lambda Spring 2010 Iota Omicron Lambda

Photo: Brothers of the Mu Phi Lambda Chapter in Seoul, Korea

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE If a person is to be considered a truly educated person, he or she must not only be proficient in their major field of endeavor, but must have a good command of the English language; both written and spoken. Now having made this statement I will explain my reasoning.

I am of course somewhat prejudice in my thought because I am a professor of English, but it nevertheless is true that if you do not know how to speak well, your knowledge of the material that you are presenting will not be as effective. Case in point: Mr. Crump, the attorney who is representing the family of Trayvon Martin, I am told is very knowledgeable in the field of law, but when he speaks before a television camera he leaves much to be desired. If a pastor of a congregation who knows the Bible well, gets up to deliver his sermon and uses the wrong verb agreements or pronouns, will draw attention to how he is talking rather than what he is talking about.

A person can be so articulate in their chosen field of study, but if they do not have a good command of the English language they will stand out in a negative, not a positive manner. A lawyer or minister can know his subject matter ever so well, but if he uses bad grammar, people will not listen to what he is saying, but how he is saying it, thereby, loosing much of his audience.

Most, if not all colleges and universities today stress the point of effective speaking and writing as part of their graduation curriculum. This is because the graduating student is a reflection of that intuition of learning. Many professionals are finding this to be true and are taking refresher courses in English and speech just so that they can be more effective in their career field.

This goes for both verbal and written; if you do not know when to use principal verses principle in writing, the receiver of your message will look upon you as somewhat of a dummy and question your creditability as an expert in that field. An educated person in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world must have enough pride with himself to know that he has to know how to speak and write correctly in order to be well received and respected for his expertise in a particular area.

If the President of the United States delivered his State of the Union address using incorrect English, his message would be lost and his image would be tarnished as a leader. As Alpha men we strive to be good role models which include speaking well. Fraternally submited, Brother J Douglass Vaughn-Harris; M.U.A., PhD

Photo: Students in the Young Men of Alpha Program - Youth Ages 12 - 18 are highly encouraged to attend

Bro. Sam Pegues, Elvin R. Caldwell, Sr. Founders Award

Bro. Stephan M. Gater, Alpha Man of the Year

Each year in December during the “Founders Day” Program in recognition of the fraternity’s founding fathers, the committee members of Delta Psi Lambda’s “Founders Day” events has the revered duty of selecting from nominations received among active members in good standing with both the Chapter and the National office a recipient for the following Delta Psi Lambda Chapter Awards: Alpha Phi Alpha Man of the Year – whereby the nominees should be for a Brother who is active and in good financial standing with both the local Chapter and National Office who has gone above and beyond in support of the Chapter’s and National programs/activities for the year 2010-2011 chapter year.

The recipient of Delta Psi Lambda Alpha Phi Alpha Man of the Year Award for 2010/2011 is Brother Stephan Gater. He was selected amongst several nominees based on his leadership in working with the Chapter’s intake and reclamation programs as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument fund raising events. He also supported the fraternity by his participation in the local Thanksgiving Basket Distribution in honor of the late Daddy Bruce Randolph, a renowned Denver philanthropist. Congratulations to Brother Stephan Gater!!!


Elvin Caldwell, Sr. – is given in recognition of one of the Chapter’s founders, Brother Elvin Caldwell, Sr. It goes to a Brother who has been active and in good financial standing with both the Delta Psi Lambda Chapter and National Office for a minimum of the past five (5) years and has gone above and beyond in support of the Chapter’s and National programs/activities during that period.

The recipient of Delta Psi Lambda Elvin Caldwell, Sr. Award for 2010/2011 is Brother Sam Pegues. He was selected because of his more than 30 years of active participation in various chapter events, too many to list them all in this article, i.e. the tutoring of young black boys in the local elementary schools, college scholarship fund raising for the chapter’s scholarship recipients, and as a member of the caring/hospitality committee for the Chapter’s Senior Brothers just to name a few. Congratulations to Brother Sam Pegues!!! Fraternally, Bro. Art Wilson

Rocky Mountain District Golf Outing The 1st Annual Golf Classic Tournament Antler Creek Golf Course Colorado Springs, CO June 23, 2012 7:30am Sharp! Lunch & Fellowship at Brother Fletchers home (An Event for Golfers and Non Golfers)


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