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Time to play and room to grow In other words everything is possible

Assemble your child’s room from the ground up and watch it grow with your kid. Princesses grow up to become cool girls and little knights become grown schoolboys concious of their look. With children’s furniture from Manis-h you pick one piece to build and rebuild according to their needs.

UNFATHOMED POSSIBILITY Our furniture can be composed from a wealth of modules and colours to give your child’s room a unique expression. You and your child’s creativity get to decide. Our selection lets you build caves, add guest beds, tables and a range of functional storage solutions to save space. Explore smart accessories like desks, shelves, cabinets, decorative pillows, mattresses, bed pockets and more. All in the same well-known quality. We live to design beds and furniture that give your child room to grow.

NOTHING IS COINCIDENTAL For us, everything we do has a meaning to it. Nothing is left to chance or is without a reason. We believe 100% in what we do. To be modest, we do what we are best at.

02 ● Manis-h

You can trust us

Just the colour you wished for!

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CHILDREN LOVE COLOURS! MADE IN DENMARK Our products are developed, designed and produced in Denmark – mainly in our own factory where every single aspect is fully realized in the production. The development happens in close cooperation with experts and children. Our products are regularly tested to reveal the "real" effect and durability of the product.

SAFETY TESTED Play is a big part of a child’s everyday life. It’s important that products designed for them are safe and durable. You are safe with us – all of our furniture is developed, tested and approved according to the strictest regulations in the European Union.



1. CLASS QUALITY Our beds are made of beech wood combined with satety rails and boards made in solid MDF. Our paint is water-based and does not contain any dangerous chemicals. All beds are tested and approved in accordance with the strictest European standards.

AVAILABILITY GUARANTEE We offer a five-year availability guarantee on (standard) parts for our bed system. This means that you will be able to acquire the parts needed to adapt your bed, cabin bed, bunk bed or elevated bed for at least five years after initial purchase.

PRODUCT WARRANTY We also offer a 10-year product warranty against manufacturing defects. This is your guarantee that the product meets our stringent quality demands. Please note that normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty.

BED SYSTEM With a simple and manageable building system, the bed can meet the child’s needs throughout the entire childhood and adolescence. Just as you wish or need.

A WORLD OF COLOURS Which colour is your favourite? Children just love colours. They stimulate our senses, increase creativity and get us in a great mood. Choose between 21 nice colours for your bed or shelf.

EXPERIENCE, TRUST AND PROXIMITY At Manis-h we provide personal and informed advice that is reflected in our production. We have developed and produced children’s furniture since 1972, which has given us a strong and broad knowledge of the product, its needs and requirements

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Let the colours of the rainbow occupy the child’s room! Colours stimulate our senses, increase creativity and cheer us up. Children love colours, so why not pick a pink, petroleum or mint bed? All colours can be combined with legs in natural wood colour.

WHITE IS MORE THAN JUST PLAIN WHITE! You’ll find not one, but two types of white in our broad range of colours. Standard white has a broken shade and appears more sharp. Snow white presents a more clean and clear expression.

Choose from 21 lovely colours: CUSTOM-MADE SIZE You decide the length! We deliver bespoke beds to fit your needs. If for instance there is only room for a bed measuring 173,45 cm in length, our skilled cabinet makers adapt it accordingly.


Standard white

Snow white

Antr. grey 2

Denim blue 21

Azur mint 22

Silver 23

Light rose 24

Pink 32

Red 33

Orange 34

Black 39

Petroleum 40

Aqua 41

Mint 42

Dusty rose 25

Light purple 26

Rose 30

Dusty green 50

Clear green 51

Yellow 52

Purple 31

Discover our unique and functional building system


Ladder + 51 cm leg

Bed with headand foot end



Head- and foot end + 1/1 safety rail


Bed with safety rails

Small leg and safety rail


Ladder + 85 cm leg

Mid-height bed

STANDARD SIZE All our beds have as standard mattress size: Half-height bed



90 cm

160 cm

190 cm

200 cm

120 cm

160 cm

190 cm

200 cm

140 cm

160 cm

190 cm

200 cm

SPECIAL MEASURES If the room does not fit for a standard size, let us help you. If there is room for only a bed measuring e.g. 173,45 cm in length, we adapt the bed accordingly. A bed with special measures is made by our own skilled cabinet makers.


(ALMOST) UNLIMITED OPTIONS! You can rebuild and expand according to your changing needs with our clever and functional building system. Start out with a bed with safety rails and expand it with extension legs to get a high bed with space for a cave beneath. Add another mattress and get sleeping space for two children in the practical bunk bed.

… and back again

Add Bed

All without any waste or unnecessarry investments.

06 ● Manis-h

With the ToGrow Kit you can easily and cheaply rebuild a junior bed into a regular bed.

High sleeper

Add an extra bed without a slat base and place both bed sides at the back to get a high slepper. Add a slat base and get a high bunk bed. It’s that simple!

Bunk bed

90x160 cm



ToGrow kit

190x200 cm

90x190/200 cm


A good start

Furnish the nursery with our practical crib and beautiful, functional changing table. As your child grows, replace the crib with a baby bed, which can be converted into a junior bed. Change the crib into a bench and the changing table into a smart and functional dresser or cupboard.


Step 1 Newborn

Step 2

From 4 months

Step 3 Small child

08 â—? Manis-h

Changing table with soft shapes and rounded corners. Practical storage underneath.

SAFETY TEST... Your baby needs safety for a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. Our baby products have been approved by the most stringent European requirements and standards. The surfaces are treated with water-based paint, so there is no risk of hazardous chemicals for your child.

Side-by-side for that extra safety The side-by-side bed lets you easily remove one side of the bed and place the crib right next to your own bed. When the child grows out of the crib, convert it into a small bench, which you can use in the junior room.

Height adjustable bed base

Drawer color: Silver 23

The cave in solid beech creates the coziest framework for a good night’s sleep.

Use your space and create an overview

Add a canopy to create a cozy cave

If you don’t use the space beneath the bed for a desk or play den, it’s a perfect place to store toys and stuffed animals. The drawers have clever drawer guides that make them roll back and forth seamlessly. Pick your size and favorite color – tidying up has never been easier!

Regular drawers

All our drawer fronts are available with a selection of 21 colours.

Large drawers

All drawers have drawer guides so they’re always placed neatly beneath the bed.

Tall drawers

10 ● Manis-h

2 tall drawers fit below the junior bed. Add a narrow tall drawer to fit into the space below a 190 and 200 cm bed.

Flexible bed shelf for mounting in the headboard or on the front

Bed color: Dusty rose 25

Cool Retro for the little big kid

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With the Retro couch you have every opportunity... begin as a junior bed and end with a functional pull-out bed. A beautiful and classic couch - you can choose freely between all of our lovely colours.

Bed color: Petroleum 40

3-IN-1 CHAIR OR TABLE Smart functional chair with two seat heights or small table. Only your imagination sets limits. Pick any of the 21 lovely colours.

Step 1

Smart and functional bed in beautiful retro design with solid beech legs.

Step 3 12 â—? Manis-h

Now as single bed... with room for both cushions and blankets.

Step 2

Junior has grown a little bigger and safety rails are not necessary anymore.

Step 4

Add wheels to the retro bed and turn it into the perfect guest bed or pull-out bed below the big, comfortable Manis-h bed.

Smart and stylish junior bed This bed has a big headboard and grid safety rails. You get a high quality bed that’s robust, safe and will last for many years. If your child struggles to climb into their new bed, you can buy a small ladder for them. As your child grows big enough to hop up without help, the ladder becomes a useful kitchen stool. Measures of the mattres: 70x160 cm.

Make it your own with cute bed pockets

Bed color: Azur mint 22

Set of 2 pockets with space for teddy bear, book or... Can easily be mounted at the bed.

As junior grows up

Is your kid about to outgrow the junior bed? That’s easy to fix! You only need half a bed to make a new one. Replace the two junior bedsides from the ToGrow Kit – and voila! Your child has a big bed. Hide-a-way cover under the bed

Add ToGrow Kit, 2 x bed sides


1/1 safety rail

NOW, A BIG BED = 190/200 CM Incl 1/1 safety rail

14 ● Manis-h

Dressed for play

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With the half-height beds and bunk beds you can choose between a range of beautiful and interactive curtains. They create cozy caves and inspire play in an array of enchanting universes. Optional accessories make it easy to include the curtains as part of the fun. Wether it’s dressing a doll, building roads, playing checkers or having fun with numbers. The curtains are made up of modules so they can be adjusted to fit both the junior bed and a regular size bed.

PILLOWS THAT CREATE JOY Combine things in every way just as you like it. Available in many varieties and colours.

Use the junior ladder for added safety at bedtime. It can easily be moved for use in other places in your home - your kitchen for instance.

OEKO-TEX Our fabrics and textiles are Oeko Tex and REACH certified. This means that you do not have to worry about hazardous chemicals or other undesirable additives in our pillows, curtains, mattresses etc. Pillow cases and mattress covers have zip fasteners to make removal and washing easy. 16 â—? Manis-h

Available as half-, mid-height and bunk beds.

Room for hours of fun Add a climbing wall, a chalkboard or perhaps a ballboard to create a universe for play and learning. See all the available variants at manis-h.com

18 â—? Manis-h



Swivel bed side table.

Can be used on both mid-height bed, bunk bed and high sleeper.

Fits perfectly beneath a sloping wall

Bed color: Petroleum 40

Clever and functional half-height bunk bed offers Train or L-shape options. A fun and different way of decorating your child’s room. A particularly good solution if you have sloping walls and want to make the most of your available space. Only your imagination sets boundaries for how you use your half-height bed.

Mid-height bed... the step before High slepper

L-shape setup

How should your safety rail look? Choose between a lot of different variants and colours.

20 â—? Manis-h

Train setup

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If you don’t need extra sleeping space beneath the bed you can add bed drawers to make it easy to tidy up and hide the mess.

1-2-3 sleepers

Add an extra bed under the mid-height sleeper, and you have two places to sleep. Add a pull-out bed, and you have 3 places to sleep. With a curtain, and perhaps a blackboard, the lower bunk becomes a cozy cave.



Legs and ladder


Add Bed


Low pull-out bed (or bed drawers)


22 ● Manis-h

SAFETY KIT Makes it easier and safer for your child to climb the bed. The package contains: Handle of wonderful full-grain leather and non-skid safety walk.

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Plenty of room for everyone

A sleepover is always cozy and fun. Blowing up air mattresses and storing extra sleeping bags isn’t. A pull-out bed is more comfortable and convenient for everyone. Our flexible module systems make it possible to raise the bed even higher and make room for storage of linen while putting the guest at the same height as your own child.

24 ● Manis-h

Sleep well! A good night’s sleep requires a good mattress. A preschool-age child needs about 12 hours’ sleep and a school-age child needs about 10 hours’ sleep a day. This means that a big part of your child’s everyday life is used for sleeping. Consequently, your child needs a good mattress to sleep on. Our mattresses are made with a sturdy bedding. They can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. None of our mattresses are divided into zones since children are not the same size and don’t always lie the same way in bed. This means that a division into zones would have no effect.



The 12 cm tall foam mattress has a profiled topper for extra comfort. The topper ensures support for your child where it’s most needed. The mattress is soft so even the small child with a low body weight gets a high degree of comfort. The mattress is recommended for up to about 50 kg but can be used for bigger kids too.

12 cm mattress with a combination of 8 cm foam and 4 cm visco foam. Visco foam is temperature regulating and it contours the shape of the body in a natural way. This means that it will always support the body where needed - no matter how the body is positioned on the mattress. and which body weight that is put onto the mattress. The mattress is therefore recommended for all sizes and weights.

BED SHEET In order to take good care of your mattress and the cover we recommend that you use our bed sheet. Our bed sheet is made of a really wonderful cotton quality (100% cotton), which makes it even more comfortable for your child. The mattress cover is washable, so you do not have to use an extra bed sheet.

Increase and decrease the size Children grow fast. Now there’s a stol that grows with them. The threading lets you easily adjust it up or down to make it perfect for use at the desk, dining or kitchen table. For children and adults alike. This flexible solution means it’ll never be made redundant. Its classic design means it will always be in style. Pick your favorite among the 21 available seating colours.

Smart shelves fit both half-, midheight and bunk beds.

Your own 2-f loor “f lat”

With an office and a couch at ground level and a bedroom on the 1st floor you have your own “flat”. You can do your homework at the corner desk and if you want to relax, just lounge in the couch. It is easy to pull out the couch module and the belonging mattress to make room for overnight guests!

DESK Use one or maybe two desks under the high sleeper - right or left, you decide! Available in 21 colours.

CHILL OUT Make a “chill out” corner with the sofa bed - with space for friends.

CHEST OF DRAWERS Practical 3-drawer chest on wheels. Use it together with your desk or as a nightstand.

26 ● Manis-h

Tailoring your storage space SYSTEM STORAGE

The bed isn’t the only thing that can be adapted or expanded...so can our wardrobes, chests of drawers and shelving units. You only have to define your needs!

Easy to assemble Comes with 2 shelves

+ 140x70x52 cm

35x70x52 cm

+ 140x70x52 cm

Our wardrobes, shelves and chests of drawers are assembled with massive beech lists - delivered in nature or full-painted. Easy to assemble and very stable.

175x70x52 cm

+ 140x70x52 cm

35x70x52 cm

175x140x52 cm

Massive drawers All drawers in wardrobes and chests are made of massive wood. Extra high drawer sides ensure space for a lot of storage



Read more at manis-h.com

140x70x52 cm 28 â—? Manis-h

140x70x42 cm

35x70x52 cm

175x140x52/42 cm

Ideal for play and learning

When only the best is good enough

With a height-adjustable desk you get a solution that will fit your child from kindergarden to college. It gives your child the perfect workspace whether the task at hand is a pegboard, drawing or an essay. The desktop can be tilted for optimal ergonomics so they stay comfortable and focused for longer


Luxury writing pad with a soft surface.

With legs of massive beechwood you can be sure to have an absolutely robust bed - whether it is a high or a low one. Beech wood is a slowly growing tree, which gives it a hard and robust resistance and strength to sustain the wear and tear from years of daily use. So it is not without a reason that this is our preferred material.

NO KNOTS You will never find any knots sweating through the surface or weakening the strength of the wood, as there are no knots in our massive beechwood. We use only the best grading for our legs.

regulations in the EU. So your child is safe from harmful chemicals. The combination of the sturdy MDF and the sturdy oak legs make a stable piece of furniture that can be used for countless hours of safe play and sleep.

SURFACES If you choose our painted bed legs with a fully covering surface in the color you like, you will never see knots or discoloring from them. This also gives you precisely matching colours on bed sides and guard rails. All surfaces are tested to the most current regulations in the European Union to comply with standards for surfaces of children’s furniture.

STURDY SIDES TILTABLE DESK Massive beech with adjustable height - fits all ages! 2 Sizes 115 cm / 140 cm.

All bed sides, safety rails and so on are made from MDF – tested and approved in accordance with the strictest

The safe building system Due to the big flexibility of our bed system you will find more joints when you build your bed upwards. This is a big plus, because it means that you can remove exactly the same part and get back to your basic bunk without any bed ends. Our strong assembly fittings of solid, resistant metal fasten the legs by means of transverse bushes and strong screws across the legs. This means that there is an inner assembly fitting going up through the legs, the transverse bush from the side, which together with the screw connects the entire system.

DESK Space for storage under the desk.

30 ● Manis-h

The bed system is secured in all directions! The screw is at the outside of the leg, so you can tighten it fast and easily.

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