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Intergalactic Invasion Edition July 2009

Apollo Call:

Sun God On the Horizon

MCM Systems:

Who will control Terra?

Genesis 5:

Generational roleplay colony

TheLightofSeasons: Summer and Winter Seale


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Letter From The Editor You know, I’ve been with Maniera since the beginning. Last November, I found myself wanting something more from my Second Life. As a real world journalist / designer, I thought I would build up on my portfolio by writing an article or two a month for a Second Life publication. I had no idea what was out there or if magazines even existed in Second Life. I was expecting a blog, truthfully. I just never realised I would help to create one and be there to watch it go from an idea to a full blown success... much less that I would be the one to give it its “distinctive” look. I have been honored by the comments, both praise and criticism, on the feel of the magazine by both designers and non-designers alike. Thank you. With that said, the magazine is going to be changing its appearance during the month of July. While we will still strive to maintain our real world magazine feel, a new designer will be taking over. With each designer, a new style is demonstrated. My designs will continue to appear in the magazine in the form of ads done through our Maniera Ad Design service so please continue to check with me to assist in promoting your businesses and events. Ads designed with our services can be used outside of the magazine as well. This issue has been a difficult one due to science fiction, while having a large following in Second Life, is not “mainstreamed” into the Second Life fashion community. It stands apart which is perhaps one reason it has such a large following. It also has so many subgenres that it would be difficult to hit them all in one issue. We got some lucky breaks though such as a cover model, Apollo Call (“Sun God”), whose love for science fiction rivals my own. It was a very obvious choice for him to be the face for this issue. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Summer Seale (“The Lights of Summer & Winter”), Xxander Snook of MCM Systems (“Countdown to Terra”) and Dell Draken of Genesis 5 RP community (“Genesis 5: Roleplay Among the Stars”). While we could not cover every science fiction phenom, we tried to cover a variety of distinctive members’ projects in the community. You may have noticed we didn’t have a show to accompany the release this month which was pushed back a week due to the holiday and an incredible number of birthdays. Little known fact: quite a few members of Maniera, INC. are cancers born in the first half of July.. myself included. Due to the heavy concentration of birthdays and the major holidays (USA - July 4th; Canada July 1st, etc), the show will be held on the 18th, and it is an amazing looking runway by our Jennie Devin. Jennie built almost every runway used in Maniera release shows as well as some for our clients looking for an amazing show through our agency. For more information, contact Sami Kutanaga. Without further wait, turn the page to read Maniera Magazine’s Intergalactic Invasion Edition. And to a very good friend of mine... the sky is no longer the limit.

Nox Deigan Former Design Editor

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Maniera Magazine Congratulates Maniera Model

Glitter Bolissima

M s . S L I n t e r n at ion al 2009! Maniera Magazine 7

July Intergalactic Invasion Edition

Content: 30 Apollo Call:

Sun God on the Horizon

14 Getting REAL with Chloie I married her, but I’m gay! | He wants intimacy or else | Living two Second Lives

Apollo Call on his modeling career and his love of science fiction.

56 Countdown to Terra

MCM Battle Sim Community

A look at one of the most advanced combat systems in Second Life and the RP community revolving around it.

26 The Criss:

18 Second Life Fashion Are you giving off the “sugarbaby” vibe?

20 Second Life Male Fashion There may always be a great woman behind every great man, but there’s always great accessories on the man.

Museum of Contemporary Art

A look at one of Second Life’s destination spots to display contemporary artwork.

64 Genesis 5:

Roleplay Among The Stars The stranded descendents of the U.S.S. Shepherd created a home among the stars in this Star Trek universe RP Sim.

12 Secret Diary of a

Hopeless Romantic

He did what? The Do’s and Don’ts behind dating in Second Life.

74 Sound Off::

36 TheLightsofSummer&Winter It started off as particles and evolved into another world entirely, complete with a fashion line.

72 A Little Green Man

Trilogy Sci-Fi Author A real world Science Fiction author lives among us Earthlings.

24 The Model’s Handbook:

The Fine Line Between Sexy and Raunchy How to tell a successful model by how they present themselves.

42 Science Fiction Cinematography Photoshoot. A look at 5 science fiction movies and/or television shows that pushed sci-fi forward.

8 Maniera Magazine

Who do you want for dinner conversation?

“The Sun God” Maniera Model: Apollo Call MCM House Davion Flag Ship (“The Gun” By Sf-Labs) Pose Construction: Nox Deigan Photographer: Spsrtin Parx

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T h e

S e c r e

Hi, I’m Hopeless Romantic. I believe in butterflies in your stomach, love at first sight, and I agree with Snow Patrol that: “. . . those three words, are said too much... but not enough . . .”

This is my diary about the many facets and incarnations of love and romance in SL that I experience and hear about from my friends. :-)


12 Maniera Magazine

This past month has been pretty for me . . . So, after a few weeks of cyber-stalked by my ex, “Mr. Heartbr (see May/June 09 issues), I got a gre dose of much deserved CLOSURE which came the ability to become o advances by admirers. Yeah, I had a fe dear oh dear, there are clearly the welc admirers, and then the unwelcomed Now, the unwelcomed ones got me thi “Jeez, some guys just need a dum guide on how to impress a gal.” Hmmm. . . . Budding admirer note: today I’m gonna talk about som and don’ts for courting in SL. Well, h gain and hold my attention anyways So, I meet a friend of a friend in a c encounter, and he seems friendly, c and clearly is flirting a little - but I take it so seriously. Our first meet pretty casual, and leaves a smile on m . . . Our second one does not... * Mr Intense* Clearly, having Google he finds my RL website, provides m a full critique of the content and str of the site, and then proceeds with of questions about my career and general. This in turn makes me feel li being interviewed by the CIA!

DON’T: take an aggressive interest in one, and freak them out by your da knowledge of their personal RL. It impressive - it’s an invasion of pr and reminds us of Robin Williams in 1 Photo.

DO: trade interesting facts about each Strike a balance between taking a

H o p e l e s


y busy f being reaker” eat big - after open to ew, but comed d ones. inking: mmies

D i a r y

interest in someone’s life by asking a few (3 max) questions about them, and providing them with as much information about yourself as you are finding out about them. Fair is fair, and the conversation flows so much better :-)

My next admirer I met in a dance club, and he asked me politely to dance. I was impressed by the small talk, since he clearly observed the above “Do” very well. We exchange info about one another, and he seemed chilled and laid back. We hung out a few times, but then things in SL got busy, so I had less time to chill out. *Enter Mr. Moves Fast* Clearly, he liked me more than I liked him, and wanted more of my time. I started getting random TP requests, and sexual emote IMs from him, which was far from sweeping me off my feet, and made me feel uneasy. . . He was undoubtedly upset I didn’t respond, and demanded I make some time in my diary to hang out with him and be his “friend”.

rs take me do’s how to ;-) chance chatty, I don’t ting is my face *Enter ed me, me with ructure DON’T: IM potential suitors every time h flurry they log in, and then 3 or 4 times during the life in day demanding their time . . . I would give ike I’m you time if I really wanted to . . . (Get the hint?)

someazzling t’s not rivacy, 1 Hour

O f

before. Ta l k i n g a b o u t m y “p u s s y ” w i t h o u t giving me a little heads up first doesn’t make me feel special or turn me on . . . Oh, and one-way emoting will do nothing for your self-esteem. DO: Be flirty face to face. The feedback you get while flirting will give you an idea of how open the other person is to taking things further. Make sure you have a good chat foreplay before sex emoting. Now, enter my last admirer who came to my rescue a while back when I needed a boy avi to test (non-naughty) couples poses. Right away I’m struck by his humor, good wit, and manners. I’m a big fan of good manners, and heck, I have become H I S a d m i re r. Ye s, we h a ve a m u t u a l a d m i ra t i o n f or another, and you know what? After a month of hanging out, he just hasn’t done anything that warrants a DON’T. *Enter Mr. Got-It-Right* He is intellectual, yet never condescending; he’s passionate, yet never sleazy; he’s funny, yet knows when to stop; he hangs out with me almost every day, yet is never clingy; he stimulates my senses - mind and body - and makes me laugh out loud every time we’re together . . . Cue: Gushing.

DO: Let friendships develop organically. Give people space, and respect if they say He’s my only welcomed admirer right now, they are busy. If they like you, they’ll get and it’s early days yet, so I’m just enjoying back to you . . . (Take the hint) being around him. Budding admirers out there, take note from my diary, but mostly DON’T: Send sexually explicit IMs to from Mr. Got-It-Right - because he really people you don’t know very well, especially h other. did :-) <3 if you haven’t emoted with them in chat casual


R o m a n t i c Maniera Magazine 13

Getting REAL With Chloie

Sigh.. Chloie I feel so sad. I had an SL partner who I really cared for. We were very compatible and at my request had a more platonic relationship. Our intimate times together focused on dancing and cuddling and nothing more. It was a boundary that I established for myself as a standard for my virtual life. After a few months, he finally told me that he needed more and if I wasn’t flexible to forego my standard, he’d have to leave me. I stood my ground and true to his word, he is gone. I’m lonely and depressed, yet know I did the right thing. Will I ever have fun again in my virtual life? Sad and Single Hey Single, I’m so proud of you for not giving in to that pressure! As you already know, it was the right decision. He knew that was your standard from the beginning. You were up front with him. I suspect he was in denial though and really believed he would wear you down. Finally, desperate, he presented you with that ultimatum. I understand you are sad but that will pass in time and I’m sure you’ll meet another man who will really respect your position and want a special relationship with you. Hang in and find enjoyment with your friends and the other options for fun here in the meantime. Chloie, I’m in a pickle and need some advice. I have two men in my SL life and each one has asked me to live with them. I had such a hard time choosing that I finally decided to accept both offers. Of course, neither one knows the other exists! They are in opposite hemispheres in RL so completely different time zones. Neither one is in my time zone! I’m exhausted keeping up with them, not getting much sleep and having difficulty dealing with my double life! What do you think I should do? Double Duty

Double Duty Say What?! WOW Duty! You sure have your hands full! Girl.. what in the world were you thinking? Now I know it’s SL and all things are possible and I’d never be judgmental. In fact, you go girl!!! However, you already know that this can’t go on indefinitely and when these two lovers of yours find out the truth, you’ll have more drama than you ever bargained for. Another serious issue is your sleep deprivation while burning the romantic midnight oil with your lovers of opposite hemispheres. First and foremost, take care of your health and I would suggest you make a choice and if all things are equal, go with the fella closest to your time zone. Regardless, I think you know that you just can’t delay making a choice. Continuing with what you are doing will only result in you losing both in the end as well as ruining your health!

Dear Chloie, I’m a gay man in RL and living as a gay man in SL. I’ve had a dear SL friend for over three years now. She is straight in RL and SL. We’ve shared all our SL adventures together and even have collaborated in building a business together. I’ve always considered her my most trusted confidant and have great affection for her. She’s supported me through some SL and RL hardships over the years. All this is fine, but here is the dilemma. She recently announced that she partnered with someone and I was crushed. I was heartbroken and miserable since I heard the news. In fact, I finally shared this with her and asked her to partner with me instead. She accepted and broke her other partnership. I am ecstatic and we are to be married in SL. Please tell me I’m not crazy! This is so incredible! I am gay after all! Gay Groom AWWWWWW… Gay Groom. I love your story! It speaks to the wonders of SL in connecting with people you would have never expected to meet, let alone develop relationships with. Your feelings are so genuine that they transcend SL and the lifestyles of your realities. I see no confusion here. You are what you are and you each respect that, don’t want to change, couldn’t anyway, and yet share such love for each other. Please don’t waste another minute second guessing what you have. Just get out there and enjoy it! So many SLers are looking for exactly what you now have. Congrats!

Second Life Fashion

“First Impressions are everything.” It’s 8 pm SLT, and you’ve just caught a limo to a party at Liquid Ice. Your body looks fierce decorated with that cute cocktail dress you purchases at Q LA LA (shameless plug) last add an edge you compliment it with those silver heels from stiletto moody’s that everyone seems to notice. As the room begins to rezz, you spot him...the sexy avatar with the Belleza skin and KMADD hair, he dressed in a casual tux from Alphamale and his shape is meticulous tailored to embody every single masculine trait. Though the sim is LAG CITY – you push towards him… latching on to that Matreiya runway walk for all it’s worth…until you’ve positioned yourself strategically in his mouse-look eye line. You send him a private message playing coy “Do you come here often?” And as you wait for his response he turns and walks in the other direction, in a moment he replies, “Sorry I don’t date gold-diggers…” Was it my paper.doll skin or JCNY jewels that prompted him to think that I had a high-class agenda? Was it my courage to address him before he addressed me that turned him off so quickly? As I ponder the situation – I think more about the scenario – and my appearance, floating above my head is a little sign that says “Sugar Baby.” A group that specializes in finding women sugar daddies to fill their SL fantasies. While the acceptance into this group occurred rapidly through one of the many invites I get daily, its impact did not affect me until my the man of my SL dream went dashing away. Which brings me to the point of this month’s column…1st impressions are everything… so make them count. Whether you’re in SL for pure fun or you find it a therapeutic hobby, there are some things you should consider if

18 Maniera Magazine

you ever wish to truly be taken seriously here. Remember while we are playing pixilated characters made up of our own imaginations and desires – there are still real people behind every avatar, and as such we judge each other based on what we see initially. And if by chance, any of you are like me and an avid profile stalker…you know that the information within this realm can truly make or break further dealings with a person. In a strong effort to provide you with some vital advice…I have reached into the highly organized files of my consulting business to provide you with some solid information on making that great first impression: 1. Get a great profile picture: Even if you’re funding is limited you can find a good photographer to take a picture. Your picture should be a great depiction of your style and personality…whether punk, neko, furry or model…a profile pic says a lot about the persona you portray here in SL…

2. Monitor your group invites, and displayed groups in your profile. This especially important for business persons, models and other professionals in the SL world. While you may think its exciting to join every sex group on the grid...others may not share in this opinion. If you wish to succeed in this realm professionally, you should only add and display groups that display you in a positive light (or the light that you wish everyone to view in SL)

keep real life in the real world that’s fine by me…but say so. A profile without a rl section is like a good stiletto without the proper shoe-base…awkward and also makes you look like a complete newb to sl. As you move forward in sl it is important to consider the impression you are making in all situations. Trust me – nothing is worst that standing in a lag-filled sim alone, because everyone in the room thinks you’re money hungry…until next time darlings…

3. Keep it short and sweet. When looking at profiles no one wants to read a novel <3 Q of your life. Limit yourself – give the important issues. If you’re having trouble – I suggest these thrings: Your reason for being here (in one sentence.) Any goals or achievements (in three lines) and who you wish to meet (in one sentence). 4. You’re real life section is your territory, but at least say something! If you want to

Fashion Genius Fashion Editor Quincee Twine

I. Q.

What defines a phenomenal fashion designer? Is it their ability to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Their meticulous eye for color combinations and strategic placement of prims to make that “to-die-for” outfit? Or is it their power to break the lines of innovation in a world where even your wildest dream can be made realities? As a woman who has found her comfort and refuge among the wonderful creations in SL High Fashion…I am well aware of the drive and passion it takes to be successful in the SL Fashion World. It sends massive electrical tingles through my pixilated frame whenever I see that outfit that I cannot live without – the one that not only defines what I wish to be as a person, but also embodies just how fierce SL fashion can be. In honor of all designers in SL, I have made it my mission to uncover those diamonds in the rough that may not get the recognition they deserve here. Look out each month for my special feature, “I.Q: A Look at Fashion Genius,” I will give you a peek a designer that in my opinion meets all my standards of sheer fashion genius. Maniera Magazine 19

How To Dress A M an


Columnist Kathy Nikolaidis


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

certainly applies in the Science Fiction

Three little words (well more like one word

world. For example, in the “Matrix”, Neo’s

over used badly), but they are an attention

look is memorable becau s e o f o n e

grabber and that’s what accessories do to accessor y : his glasses.

In “Star Wars”,

any outfit. They get you noticed. Style is the Darth Vadar’s signature accessory, his ability to put an outfit together that shows

helmet, is paramount to his existence.

your personality. Accessories can really Without it being worn, he is no longer ruler help you with that. Just the right color of of the Empire, he is Anakin Skywalker. tie can make you go from looking great to

Whether you are fighting through the

amazing i n y o u r f a v o r i t e t u x . I f y o u galaxy or if you just want to look out of this h a d a n o p p o r t u n i t y to improve your

world, the following are some must have

look, wouldn’t you go for it?

male accessories.

The proper accessories offer the perfect

Men’s accessories are just the beginning

balance between the practical and or is it the ending to a great outfit? Either fashionable while in the process making

way, men’s accessories would be nothing

you look good and feel great. There is

without the clothes you’ve worn with them.

a generous amount of male accessories

Everything you wear should highlight your

available to suit every look; for the partier

best qualities and make your personality

going about town, for the urban feel, for

come to life (or to “second” life). Create an

the beach, and even the Sci Fi look. For all even more unique second life self with just of these looks, stylish accessories will the right accessory! accent any man’s look perfectly. This

20 Maniera Magazine



You’ll want to have at least three belts so

Create a focal point with men’s ties. There is

you’ll have the right belt to wear with all of

nothing is more elegant than t i e s t h a t

your clothing: a black leather belt to wear with

complement a suit perfectly. Having a striped

black shoes, a brown leather belt to wear with

tie for special occasions and a retro ties for a

brown shoes and a casual belt -- either leather or

casual night out will be fun and look great.

cloth -- to wear with sporty shoes HATS You’ll still want to have a few hats around for those times when you need them. For those casual days, baseball caps have long been the popular choice. But newsboy caps, fisherman hats, and bucket hats are fun alternatives as well. GLOVES Winter sports gloves will need to be selected for your sport of choice, but dress gloves should be chosen to coordinate with your winter dress coat. Motorcycles gloves, driving gloves, and leather gloves are very stylish and will give you that classy look sure to attract any lady. SCARVES Men’s scarves are all about style. Wool scarves: Choose your wool scarves the way you choose your socks: go with something subtle when you’re dressed up and allow for more colors when you’re more casual Fashion scarves: Men’s dress scarves can lend an air of old Hollywood glamour, like with a white silk scarf. Or they can create a modern pop star look, like with a paisley silk scarf. This can take a little more fashion panache, but will always make an impact. EYE GLASSES Choose eyeglass frames that are in scale with your face. The frames of your glasses should be as wide as your face. As far as the shape goes, you’ll want to pick something that contrasts

JCNY - MARINER XL, Mens Luxury Worldtime Watch Maniera Model: Jens Marksman WATCHES A watch is the single most important accessor y a man can own. It can make the classiest man look very sophisticated, the sportiest guy look amazingly athletic and the most casual guy look more relaxed then he’s ever been. Choose a watch carefully and according to your needs and looks. It will make everyone watch you.

with the shape of your face. Maniera Magazine 21

We have that moment when we log on and have decide what we going wear for the day, not unlike R But, in Second Life, we don’t deal with cellulite. We hav antigravity boobs, and every girl has a butt to die for. W can dress prissy, pretty, goth, or even slutty and no on thinks any different. Hell it takes me as long to get m makeup and hair just right to go out in Second Life as does in RL. So what is different about Second Life? Why it that a normal 40 year old mother of two thinks nothin of putting on an outfit with three inches of under boo showing to the public? In RL, I haven’t worn pantyhose in years and occasional will wear thigh highs, but stockings are the nor in Second Life with skirts so short that the butt chee are as common as cleavage. Why can a minivan drivin

The Model

The Fine Line Betw

By Sami Kutana

mother be willing to wander around the grid with glitt shoes, an open unbuttoned blouse, and just glitch pan and no panties (something I decided was just wrong do a long time ago)? The truth is Second Life has its own fashion rules. He we get to be the sexy that we cannot do RL. Still, there is fine line between that many seem to cross. When does girl go from sexy and hawt to just being a slut? It’s a ve hard question to answer with so many options out ther which brought me to my little experiment. I walke around a mall wanting to find where that line crosse The thought was also on my mind about the change Second Life policy, I went to Xstreetsl the other day foun out skins fall under adult content now. I had to thin what qualifies now as an adult sim? As I looked around, many stores have clothes that h that line: not quite crossing it, but very close to slut That adult sim thought came back again so I decided to g elsewhere to look and randomly choose a landmark fro my clothes LM file. The landmark I so blindly chose too me a place specializing in hair where I realized that bein 24 Maniera Magazine

For Future Updates on Models’ Han

to RL. ve We ne my s it y is ng ob

lly rm eks ng

a slut was not just the clothes, but an overall look. I would have to work a little for the fine line look. It wasn’t easy because the store had a nice selection of hair. After finding the perfect hair, something I wouldn’t think twice about wearing on a formal date, I hit the next button and was at an old haunt....Dolly Rock. I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t have at least one of Dolly Rock’s outfits. Her clothes are fun and run the gambit from formal to sexy as well as being seen in every club in Second Life. It was a perfect place to look for the borderline look, or one that says, “I’m sexy, but I probably not going home with you.” One the screams, “I might be that kind of girl, but you need to get to know me first.” I grabbed a friend we tried a few things on, just a note to Linden Labs - it should be a Second Life law that all

s’ Handbook:

ween Sexy and Raunchy

aga, Maniera First Model

ter clothes come with a demo so we can try them like in RL... nts just an observation. to We dressed in lookalike fun club fashion and then a nice, “We are really cute please. Look at us” attire; in my case ere wearing the same hair. I wanted the, “OMG this would s a get me thrown out of a club in RL” outfit. I know you all s a have one, but then I remembered the new Second Life ery policy on adult sims. I finally decided that it’s all a matter re, of every girl’s sense of sluttyness, but as it was put to me, ed if you can see a nipple, slutty! We tried on a few things es. and took some pictures and will let you decide, sexy or in slutty? Every woman in Second Life needs to decide nd how much skin is mystery and when does a girl show too nk, much that a guy thinks, “Ok, she’s drunk enough. Now, she’ll go home with me.” hit This was so much fun, I was thinking of looking tty. at others nuances of Second Life fashion. Why don’t you go send me some the observations you have about Second om Life fashion. Have fun with it, and we will talk next month ok on the blog about if we should wear underwear in Second ng Life and is it ok to show a bra strap here.


Maniera Magazine 25

The C r i s s :

Museum of Contemporary Art

What exactly is art? JILL BRIMM Contrib. Writer

Tolstoy posed this question in an essay he originally published in 1896, and followed by answering, “Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that other people are infected by these feelings and a l s o e x p e r i e n c e them” Where does the virtual art world fit in? Simply logging in and doing a three hundred and sixty degree pan would allow anyone to observe the liberal personal expression present in every build, every terraform, every flexi-lock-frock or barrel. Each and every content item is brought forth in an attempt to accurately convey it’s creators purpose, and thus inflict an impression. Prims and sculpties bend, broaden, split and hollow, desiring only their end form and their master’s pleasure. This virtual world is painted on a pixel canvas by the hands of thousands and thousands artists, both intentional and otherwise. In this vein of thought, archetypal in world content might be exceedingly difficult to distinguish from the truly urbane that many sycophants and social climbers seek to ensconce themselves in. Fortunately, SL has a new contemporary art museum that fails to make that 26 Maniera Magazine

distinction. Moreover, thankfully, it fails to even try. A short discussion with one of the owers will reveal the genuine nature of their quest and mission to not limit expression, to hold ingenuity as a gold standard and eschew orthodoxy. “The Criss” art museum is located at “THE CRISS” Museum of Contempora, Alajuela (192, 72, 22), and is the pet project of Scotj Cr iss and Kater ina Bur ner. Katerina can almost be heard cringing when she speaks of the proliferation of a generation of stodgy Second Life “art museums”, appropriately tagging many as “art masoleums where great works of art go to die”. Scotj, Katerina and their curator, Lana spend many hours sifting through SL content looking for the perfect additions to place on display, and the perfect artists to feature: “We only have been open three weeks, but we have so many plans. it is question,” said Katerina. “You know...Lana and I scour around SL trying to find innovation. So when we say contemporary art,we arent really meaning a style, so much as contemporary thought.” Katerina’s statement rings true, and she walks the walk. The Criss displays

ABOVE: Scotj Criss and Katerina Burner.

Photos by Hawk Perenti

BELOW: The Grounds of the Criss.

an amazing array of “innovations” from a number of different artists. Forms range from dynamic sculpture and abstract paintings to photorealism and live folk music. All of the elbow grease and love put into the creation of “The Criss” seems to have paid off in the end. The result is a dynamic, multidimensional, ecclectic showcase of talent and passion. An intellectual of any sort might find merit in debating the question of the limitations vs the limitless possibilities of virtual art in Secondlife

and in Real life. A critic might offer trite opinions on the nature, quality or form of pieces. An Average Joe might walk i n t h e d o o r o f “ T h e C r i s s” a n d f i n d a n a p p re c i a t i o n for the experiences, thoughts and feelings being “handed on” by the artists who display there. As Leo Tolstoy said, “Art is a human activity which has as its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings which men have risen.”

Maniera Magazine 27

Sponsored by


d by

30 Maniera Magazine

Photo by Spartin Parx

Apollo Call:

Sun God On The Horizon S

Spartin Parx Maniera Writer

tanding at a pool party, where I agreed to meet the first

male model to grace our cover, Apollo Call, I was glad this was my assignment to interview him! Call is a tall, dark, and handsome guy who happens to have a passion for Sci-fi. He is intelligent, shy, and funny along with many other interesting traits, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m getting ahead of myself; letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s start at the beginning. . .

Maniera Magazine 31

Photo by Spartin Parx

Call was introduced to Second Life by way of a curiosity. CNN did a story about the virtual world that caught his attention. “I was curious how real it was,” he comments about the story. What first sparked Call’s interest in male modeling was a “Mr. Virtual World” contest ad that a friend showed him. At the time, his interest lay more with Sci Fi on Second Life than modeling. However, letting his curiosity take hold, he decided to go ahead and see what the fashion industry in Second Life was like. It wasn’t until he was there and saw Phillip Dollinger’s style that Call was inspired. Among other contestants he noticed a common threaded look of cool style and a

as a male model in this industry has taught him a lot. “You know ... this modeling thing need lots of time and patience,” says Call. “When you modify your shapes or edit pants or hair or whatever, you have to be very patient ... and it takes time, and you have to go and find clothes or accessories to make you look good!” Call explains adding: “You need to be very esthetical and know how to create the whole production to present yourself in front of the audience … not only making yourself good ... it is the most important thing to make the clothes look great.” A couple of Call’s interests outside of modeling are building (though he seems

“I was a little different from other models, I didn’t come to SL to do modeling ... after a year I spent in Second Life, I decided to do this job. Apollo Call look of maturity and confidence. The first time he modeled in Second Life was for SF Design’s Show at Classic with Style Agency. He talks about the experience, “I already had many poses but I didn’t know about Huddles or pose me so I prepared poses in my screen . . . about 20 of them . . . I was buried in the model poses and barely could see the runway.” In h i s R L, Ca l l a l s o d o e s some mod e l i n g . However, when it came time to do it in Second Life he says, “ I was so nervous too . . . brought my cat to my roommate’s room . . . I could feel my heart pounding more than in RL. I don’t get nervous on stage at all [in real life].” When speaking to him about obstacles he has encountered, I realize his success

ver y modest about his skills.), and exploring. He explains the types of sims he likes to explore, “I love to explore the new world ... I have over 200 LM’s. I love medieval places as well as Sci-fi places.” However, many do not know that he also has a burning passion for Star Trek! Call enthusiastically describes his love for Star Trek by speaking about a Second Life group he is proud of: “‘United Federation Starfleet’ which is the largest Star Trek group in SL ... we have over 500 members.” Perhaps his curiosity rubbed off, but I wanted to know how Apollo found his way to Maniera Modeling Agency. “Sami was one of my students at Starfleet Academy. I am an assistant Dean of Galactic Science in Starfleet. And one day I saw her again Maniera Magazine 33

somewhere, and she told me about Maniera.” He continues, “She took me to Topaz and I had an audition and they gave me this opportunity!” When asked about the opportunity that was presented to him, Call replied, “it was a great opportunity ... Topaz is a very caring person and a great leader... she taught me about styling and how I could create my style different from others. I was a little different from other models, I didn’t come to SL to do modeling ... after a year I spent in Second Life, I decided to do this job.” When I asked Call if he had any advice for male models, he replied, “I think it is up to you how you live in SL ... this is ‘Your Dream Come True’ place, you can be many could be a super star, medieval hero or a starship captain.” He further explains. “Your avatar represents yourself, so if we look like ugly looking couch potato’s, it might not be so fun. If you like to be cool and good looking, you can be! Just you have to find your style!” His future plans are to continue modeling, building, spending quality time with his beautiful girlfriend, and furthering his rank in Starfleet. When Call sets his mind on doing something, he not only does it well, but he is successful in what he does. Leaving the pool party I realized, I had this awesome opportunity to speak with a very smart, creative, talented, handsome guy who happens to be very dedicated to his passions and his friends. Maniera wishes him congratulations on appearing on the cover of our July issue and wish him the greatest of luck!

A Look Inside: M: What is your favorite word? Call: one word? M: word. Call: Space ..........The final frontier! M: What is your least favorite word?

34 Maniera Magazine

Call: Prejudice.

Photo by Spartin Parx

Summer In a world where an avatar can buy the same shape as 100 others and ideas are copied like bad reality TV shows, it’s fun to meet someone who is truly unique in Second Life. I met the lovely, and mostly naked, Summer Seale at the sixth rezz day party of a mutual acquaintance that was the second avatar to ever create a prim skirt, but that’s another article. She was introduced as the best particle maker in SL; a lofty title, but one she easily lives up to. Like most of us, Seale started dancing to make a living, but wanted to add that little extra that would get her noticed. After buying a few particle makers, she realized the machines wouldn’t do exactly what she wanted and that there was no one around to teach her how to make her own particles. Seale decided to do what anyone would do and started to build her own; she found it easier to build things by hand. With the dancing days behind her, she has met the Ying to her Yang, her best friend and business partner Winter Seale. The two have a wonderful sim called Summer and build amazing particle lit mushrooms, furniture, very sexy clothing, and super cool adult toys for Second Life. They are the exact opposites, yet so much alike. Summer is blonde and Winter is a brunette, yet they are both a perfectionist at what they do and like any relationship they are always working on communication. As Summer points out, “ S e c o n d L i f e h a s s o m e w e i r d c o m m u n i c a t i o n issues at times.” But, this seems to make t h i n g s b e t t e r b e t w e e n t h e m i n c o m i n g up with amazing ideas even though it drives them each crazy (just like any other pair of 36 Maniera Magazine



ummer & Winter Seale

Lights of

r and Winter Article and Photos by Sami Kutanaga

sisters would). Winter is the scripter and brings to life the millions of ideas Summer has including 3D Modeling. The hours of playing have paid off with designs that can’t be found anywhere else in Second Life. Summer explains how she keeps Winter working, “I enslaved her on my platform and chained her forever. Sometimes, I feed her more than bits of script code if she’s good.” Winter describes how it works, “ The tr ick i s t o l o o k at an impossible idea and figure out how to fake it.” Sounds to me like any good relationship. With the recent changes the grid of Second Life has gone through concerning adult play toys, I had to ask how the two felt about it. Summer stated that 75% of Second Life has at least tried BDSM, maybe more, and rarely is ever an issue. If you’re in the market for that “special” toy for the bedroom, I have to recommend s t o p p i n g by S u m m e r and Winter’s store where you can find cuffs and very unusual open collar that they designed. The “naughty stuff” is located in a sky box to keep it separate from the rest of the sprawling store. This is one place you have to visit even if it is only to see the lights; there is no place quite like it in Second Life.

Summer :: 108, 90, 31. Maniera Magazine 37

Science Fiction C

Battlestar Original S Mini-series R

Blader Movie

Star Original S Plus multiple s

Star W Movie Plus 5 mo

Dr. W Original S Movie

Te l e v i s i o n

42 Maniera Magazine


r Galactica: Series: 1978; Remake: 2004

runner: e: 1982

Trek: Series: 1966 series & Movies

Wars: es: 1977 ore movies

Who: Series: 1963; e: 1996



M o v i e

Maniera Magazine 43

Photo by Eira Juliesse Maniera Model: Haidyn Inglewood

Photo by Eira Juliesse Maniera Model: Ocean Miami

Photo by Carey DuCuir Maniera Model: Java Clip

Photo by Spartin Parx Maniera Cover Model: Apollo Call

Photo by Carey DuCuir Maniera Model: Ethan Haalan

MCM Staff Members (Left to Right): Shanobe Weyland, Xxander Snook and Sahar Irata.

56 Maniera Magazine

C Carey Du Photo by

Countdown to Terra MCM Battle Sim Community By BlackBarbie Bravin


Maniera Magazine 57

If it were ever true that in

Second Life scripters were demigods then Xxander Snook, co-owner of the MCM combat system, is a god. Snook began his scripting adventure creating simple weapons for medieval and Gorean sims. As fate would have it, he met one of the main builders of the gaming sim, Shanobe Weyland, and started the adventure that came to be known as MCM Systems. The second owner of MCM, Sahar Irata, as introduced to Second Life through her best friend during a class discussion on virtual economies. Having become infamously known as “Gamer Girl” amongst her friends, she was enthralled by the topic of Second Life and was challenged to understand this new media for her personal interests, which... of course, is gaming. Many aspects set MCM apart from other gaming sims, though the one that stands out most significantly is the ability to customize your armor and weaponry known as “mechs.” “You can buy a chassy and then pick up weapons you want to incorporate within it,” Snook explains. “In SL one can customize the look, shape, and size of their avatar. MCM allows the same customization for your ‘Giant Fighting Robot’.” Irata continues, “I find that most weapons in SL lack customizability. However, in our combat sim nearly every weapon and mech has modified permissions. Therefore, everything except accessories, are fully customizable.” However, there are community standards. 58 Maniera Magazine

For example Irata explained that you cannot create an 86 foot tall pink rabbit. What you will find at the sim is a variety of fierce fighting robots and numerous other sleek creative variations. Many Second Life combat systems have a meter that dictates what you are by class, race, or a simple default. In MCM, you decide what to attach to your “mech” and what you are. No one is stuck being just one thing. In addition, the MCM systems meter can trigger multiple events at the same time. It has enough active memory to allow large scale battles in a

Pilots display colors and mechs on the field.

Photos by Carey DuCuir

single sim without the terrible lag experienced by most others. The MCM meter also allows for a unique array of functions such as explosions, over-heating, scrambling robot systems, total combustion of attacked robots as well as the ability to call in artillery strikes, ammo drops, and nuclear weapons. There is certainly no lack of imagination when it comes to role-play either… “Creating a rich background and history for your character or other characters is the name of the game here,” Sahar states. “Role-play can start or end with combat or

not include any at all. Your story is as brief or long as you want it to be, and is only limited by the imagination and time you put into it. This sim is dedicated to role-play and is built in a sci-fi and futuristic era, with weapons and armor which give you extra abilities and strengths.” Visitors can view the combat activities from the observation towers high above the battles. The area was designed so that people can watch the mech battles from a safe distance without lagging the mech combat sim, or otherwise getting annihilated during the course of a battle. This is the Maniera Magazine 59

only safe zone area on the ground floor of Biggest Surprise - Davion, Most Tactical the RP sim. Once you leave the safe zone, – Rydas, Blood Thirsty Award – Black you may not re-enter that zone in the Widows. middle of battle, meaning that if you are Players can also compete as individuals, actively pursued you must first be and several have made their way into the destroyed before re-entering. Hall of Fame. Current individual inductees Within the combat arena, anyone is include: Top Mentors – Hikaru Ling able to play as an individual or join a & Sarah Tepliki, Best Pilot – Randi Duke, faction. There are dozens of already Most Improved – Murlin March, Human established f a c t i o n s w h i c h b a t t l e Tank – Chad Hirano, Most Crazy – Butthole f o r s u p r e m a c y i n t h e g a l a x y i n Magic, Never Say Die – Tank Burner, a d d i t i o n t o n e w o n e s . M C M a l s o Hardest Head - Nekovnia Mistral, and s u p p o r t s Number Cruncher – Your story is as brief or long as you want faction battle Clint Streusel. it to be, and is only limited by the matches where How long would larger numbers imagination and time you put into it. it take to become a of players ban player? - Sahar Irata competitive together to battle Xxander explained that, other factions. depending on your These matches are tied to the website computer, it could take a few days to learn ( where events are the ropes, and a few weeks to really get scheduled as often as possible. good at it. “We try to run events often in the sim Irata explains that there are a number because it helps keep players interested,” of ways for a new player to get started. Snook explains. The first and probably most important is While you don’t have to be in a faction the personalized help new individuals get to be a player, Irata explains that the from the mentors. “We have seven factions battle for planets, ally with other wonderful m e n t o r s w h o m a k e factions, and backstab each other in battle t h e m s e l v e s available to easing new every Wednesday and Sunday 4 P.M. to 7 players in.” The mentors are Syn P.M. SLT. Oppewall, Ender Hanner, Hikaru Ling, There have been a number of truly Zankisha Akina, Kalel Mommsen, Sarah outstanding players, and last season the Teplicki, Agarthi Dreadlow. Second, Irata Hall of Fame was created to celebrate those continued, “The community hosts an individuals and factions with outstanding array of training courses every other performances. Current inductees within Saturday. Third, they are also creating a the clan categories are: Best Overall Clan MCM Systems Wiki so that veterans can - Zt Pirates, Toughest Clan - Jade Falcon, answer questions, give advice, and impart

60 Maniera Magazine

their knowledge. The MCM systems sim provides a rich and active environment that is growing, as Irata describes, “The next project will actually be an infantry combat sim complete with elemental suits, infantry vehicles, and an assortment of melee and firearm weapons. After that we p l a n t o m a k e a n a e r o s p a c e combat sim that will involve many types of galactic vessels battling it out.” Irata also expresses that MCM systems welcome players from all walks of life, and adds that she would suggest anyone take shot at it. “You don’t have to be a combat junkie to enjoy MCM systems. We have a wide range of p l a y e r s from many different communities. We have role-players, SL models, builders, combat junkies, e x p l o r e r s and just about everything else here, i n o n e g i a n t melt i n g pot.” Photo by Carey DuCuir

Maniera Magazine 61

The Assaul

zT Pirates V

lt On Terra June 10th, 2009

Vs. Terran Defenses

64 Maniera Magazine

GENESIS 5: Sim Opening: August 2nd, 2009

Sherrie Shepherd Maniera Writer

Coming soon to SL is a Role-Play (RP) sim continuing the Star Trek saga. Trekkies get ready for Genesis 5,, a planet inhabited by the descendants of the marooned survivors of the U.S.S. Sheppard. The Sheppard, one of the fleet of starships from the United Federation of Planets, was on an exploration mission of a new unexplored quadrant of the universe when it was disabled in an attempt to neutralize a worm hole. The ensuing catastrophe of events caused a destabilization of the Genesis star system. The Sheppard was able to limp around the star system picking up other indigenous survivors until finally coming upon the last planet that was habitable, Genesis 5. A visit to Genesis 5 finds the Planetary Governor, Dell Draken, on hand at the space station welcome center to meet and greet new arrivals. From the welcome center, a visitor can select a location to teleport to in the futuristic city below. Filling in the details of the Genesis 5 back story, Draken explains that the descendants of the survivors have over some 2000 years mingled with the other life forms forming one society, establishing a thriving city, and a rich culture and community. Once at ground level, the city towers above visitors giving the feel of stepping into Photo by Eira Juliesse

Maniera Magazine 65

Photo by Eira Juliesse

a future designed devoid of any earthly influences. A landscaped city square with comfortable areas for relaxation provides a pleasant diversion and a place to sit back to take it all in. Draken introduces Roses Wycliffe, the director of the city, and Anit Fa i r w e a t h e r, t h e g a r d e n e r f o r t h e c o m m u n i t y who is responsible for growing herbs for the use of the resident doctor and a major portion of the food for the community. The society is governed by a Council of Fi ve, a l l b u t o n e d e s c e n dants of th e o f f i c e r s of the U.S.S. Sheppard, with Draken a direct descendant of Captain Dell Draken. Other members of the council are Wycliffe, Fairweather and the General of the Protectorate (Police), Brahama Sabra, and Viceroy, Vixen Thibedeau. Draken loosely describes the form of government as a “democratic dictatorship.” Membership to the community is contingent upon the approval of the Council of Five. A tour of the city aboard the Zodiac Shuttle reveals the social infrastructure of the society, the Municipal Building, the Protectorate, Life Science Building which houses the hospital and research center, Governor’s Mansion, Hall of Justice, Club Generations, commercial shops and residential units. The city is threatened by the existence of two huge asteroids controlled by villainous pirates. While the original inspiration for Genesis 5 was the Star Trek Voyager, Draken emphasizes, “We wanted to go 68 Maniera Magazine

further. This won’t be just a sci-fi sim. It will be a sci-fi living environment. We are also planning to RP with Star Trek sims.” There are endless options for RP with the elite of the society, those descendants of the Sheppard, down to the underclass, those who exist to serve the upper class and provide maintenance for the city. Let’s not forget the evil pirates ready to pounce on

the city from their perch in the forbidding asteroids or the medical research projects gone astray that wreck havoc on t h e p o p u l a c e . Draken said, “We wanted more options in our RP than just a ship or a fleet… society interacting with each other. With this world, we can take our RP to places we couldn’t go with just the ship.” Draken wants Second Lifers to know,

“Anything is possible. Imagination is the only limitation. We can go wherever we want and it will be G5’s citizens that take us there. We want people to come and help make G5 what it will be. We’ve only provided the means to get there. Fun is the main mission.”

Photo by Eira Juliesse

Maniera Magazine 69

Photo by Eira Juliesse

Little Green Man: Trilogy Sci-Fi Fantasy Author

Taryn Gartner Maniera Writer

Razzap Snookums is not your normal looking avatar that one might encounter among during their travels all across the grid of Second Life. At first sight, Razzap Snookums is your typical little green man reminiscent of the Martians that can be found in various space movies from the 1950s. However, his purple Converse All Stars he wears make him a lot less scary than the Martians in the movies, and definitely more fashionable. I recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Snookums to discuss his love for Science-Fiction, Fantasy and his journey to Second Life. When asked about how he got started in Second Life, Snookums explained that in Oct. 2006 he encountered a blog that described a magical world called Second Life. Snookums, who has a heavy background in on-line virtual worlds including the game Everquest, said he had to see what Second Life was really about. I then asked Snookums to describe the one thing that was most appealing about Second Life, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was jazzed about the ability to make and design my own world and devlop my own personal content within.â&#x20AC;? Not even three days after reading that blog, Snookums became a fully fledged resident of Second Life, bought Lindens, and even rented land. Currently living in Northeast United States, Snookums has been an avid fan of Role Playing Games (RPG) 72 Maniera Magazine

tabletop versions over the past 30 years. In a tabletop RPG, the only limit is your imagination; players can do whatever they like. One of the more dynamic tabletop RPGs that most people have heard of is “Dungeons and Dragons” which was first introduced in 1974 with more than 20 million that have played and 1 Billion dollars in sales connected to the game. You may wonder what is so special about Snookums. Well, Snookums is also known as Ian A. Ralph who authored three books that can be found in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. The books have been released in 1992, 1998 and 2006. His 2006 book entitled, “Healer of Tasleon” was rereleased after some editing was done to the original manuscript. According to Snookums, the book could stand on its own merits, but needed to be marketed to the masses while getting feedback from his readers. The storyline along “Healer of Taselon” is based on a fantasy world of his own creation. According to Snookums, the story is a trilogy with podcasts and e-books in store for the future with no certain timeline for completion. When I asked Snookums why he became a writer, he explained: “It wasn’t a choice per say to be a writer the driving factor for my writing was a total compulsion that drove me. Second Life gave me a platform to make and grow characters and develop t h e i r ow n p e r s o n a l i t i e s within the stories.” Snookums states that none of his characters are boring or alike; they have different points of views concerning various topics. He also said that he wants readers to feel involved and connected, but most of all entertained. I questioned Snookums in regard to why he writes, and he had this to say: “I write for the fun of it and hope that folks can enjoy my work.” When asked what his future plans were, Snookums informed me that there are also future plans to take the characters from his book and possibly develop a sim connected to the theme of his book. If you are a fan of Sci-fi or Fantasy stop by Snookums’ sim called Blakslee Publishing. Snookums let me know that he would love to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have for him, “I am 100 % a sci-fi /fantasy nerd, and I am having a great time here in Second Life creating my own world.” LEFT: RAZZAP SNOOKUMS. Photo by Spartin Parx

“OMG, with no hesitation on this answer inquisitive eyebrows, along with intellig surely be a night to remember. I mean, se Darth’s heavy breathing or ET’s incom

- Saffire Jaxx “I would choose Spock from ‘Star Trek’, and the reasons why are because ET was such a noisy eater and had a one track mind. He always wanted to phone home. Darth Vader was obviously asthmatic and always forgot his inhaler and if the food was bad, it would be hazardous to my health with his bad temper.” - Zoffee Loring, SL Resident

“Well for me it would be Spock without a doubt. I would want him to show me how to do the Vulkin (sic) Mind Meld; “My mind to your mind” kind of stuff. Once you had the technique down, it might even give you the ability to read your SL girlfriend’s IM’s from the guy she’s flirting with while you’re dancing with her at some club in SL. Now that would be either good to know or very, very depressing.” - Splash Kidd, SL DJ

“ET. He brings the message of friendliness and peace from other worlds - no hostility for once! Over dinner you usually have a conversation, but with him you do not need to, you only sit there and enjoy the moment.”


Of the 3

who would you invi

1 2) Darth Vadar

3) Spock fro

- Iboya Cortes, SL Resident

“Darth Vadar because the movie ‘Star Wars’ was very much before its time that it is a classic. I like that he was also a bad boy, and I am sure I could have corrupted him” - somebunny Cheetah, SL Resident

74 Maniera Magazine

“I would like to have dinn would like to ask him if W jerk as he a - Buc

“I would invite Spock from ‘ full in-depth discussions about humans and Vulkin (sic), and h Then I would discuss the intricac the space-ti -R

r I choose SPOCK! With those cute ears and gent and LOGICAL conversation, it would eriously, can you imagine having to listen to mprehensible babble over a whole dinner?”

xon, SL Supermodel

nd Off:

3 choices,

ite to dinner and why?

1) ET from “Star Wars”

om “Star Trek”

ner with Mr. Spock because I William Shatner is as big of a appears to be.” ck Morane, SL Resident

“I’m not a ‘Star Wars’ fan. I saw the first movie when I came out and couldn’t tell you what happened. I didn’t watch ‘Star Trek’ much. I guess that leave ET because I could feed him cheaply just some Reeces Pieces.” - Carisa Franizzi, SL Club Owner “Not ET, because all he can say is ‘Phone home’, and not Darth Vader, because he’s liable to use his phantom death grip on me at any time. I’d choose Spock so I can role play my Captain Kirk against him.” - J1mmy Weiland, SL Resident

“Oh, I’d definitely pick Spock. Not that he would be a great conversationalist, but he has been my hero since he first voyaged with Captain Christopher Pike in 1965. He is a logical, reasonable person. He is the complete master of himself and believes in the power of his mind. Besides, everything I know about life I have learned by watching the ‘Original Star Trek Series’.”

Star Trek’ because I’d love to have the fundamental differences between how they can learn from each other. cies of SL and how it can be related to ime continuum.” Rusalka Nemeth, SL Resident

- Steve Tischler, SL Resident

Maniera Magazine 75

Maniera Magazine - Intergalactic Invasion Edition  

Maniera Magazine - Intergalactic Invasion Edition. July 2009.

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