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“ One day, a man named JOhn Baptist de La saLLe changed aLL the ruLes Of educatiOn. manhattan cOLLege is what happened.”

He made education practical but also personal. He made academics rigorous but also Human. experience and opportunity, sHaped by etHics and values, created a new kind of learning. today, tHere’s only one manHattan college, a place wHere tHe lasallian vision lives every day — training your mind wHile toucHing your soul.

There’s no oTher educaTion quiTe like man who invenTed modern Teaching. and communiTy of innovaTive lasallian of manhaTTan college for more Than

Learning de La SaLLe StyLe meanS that your teacherS are exceptionaL,

devoted to a perSonaL approach that centerS on you and your SucceSS.

that what you Learn iS both practicaL and cutting-edge. that vaLueS and

compaSSion Live at the heart of whatever you do. that experience StemS from opportunity,

and opportunity StemS from experience. and that coLLege muSt be Larger than cLaSSeS and

This, creaTed for you in The spiriT of The The achievemenT, humaniTy, opporTuniTy educaTion has been The passionaTe mission 150 years. even careerS — the LaSaLLian education iS about embracing a fuLL, caring and meaningfuL

Life. at manhattan coLLege, you wiLL be a big part of an exciting, diverSe Learning community

from aLL acroSS the united StateS and Some 60 countrieS. you’LL Live and pLay on a campuS of

ideaS, athLeticS, fun and friendS — aLL juSt minuteS from the city, with endLeSS reaL-worLd

opportunitieS to appLy what you’ve Learned and the vaLueS you’ve Learned to Live by.

a good college geTs you ready for someThing

Distinctive for its versatile core curriculum of interconnecteD courses across many liberal arts Disciplines,

Thing. The lasallian vision of compleTe ed

range of Dynamic careers, from communication to fine arts, international stuDies to urban stuDies. as in each

foundaTion for undersTanding yesTerday

by an internationally recognizeD faculty. thanks to De la salle, this is a college where the relationship

The school of arTs offers you The world’s

— a greaT college geTs you ready for any-

the school of arts makes it possible for you to tailor your eDucation anD offers a launching paD to a wiDe

ucaTion begins wiTh The liberal arTs, your

of the five acclaimeD unDergraDuate schools at manhattan college, in the school of arts you will be guiDeD

and being nimble enough for Tomorrow. between you anD your teachers is extremely close anD supportive. they know you, stanD by you anD inspire you.

knowledge as preparaTion for your success.

The science of Teaching is called peda perfecTly balanced wiTh The science of educaTion. somewhere, John bapTisT

buiLding upon nearLy 80 yearS of accompLiShment and nationaL recog-

nition in teacher training — and now aLSo weLL-known for educating

aLLied heaLth profeSSionaLS — rich, varied and extenSive fieLd experience

iS the haLLmark of manhattan coLLege. reaL-worLd experience beginS in your firSt year. the teacher training programS have been accredited by the teacher education accreditation counciL Since 2005, and the programS have created exciting new reSourceS for training tomorrow’S educatorS to uSe Leading-edge teaching technoLogy. from day one, you’LL have opportunitieS and acceSS here that you won’t find at many other SchooLS, and LaSaLLian tradition and innovation aSSure a rewarding baLance between knowLedge and compaSSion.

gogy. The arT of Teaching, when and The Technology, is called The school de la salle is smiling.

The lasallian TradiTion brings an added

combining a national anD international reputation, exceptional research facilities anD a highly respecteD faculty, manhattan

The school of science is your gaTeway To

on to earn Doctorates in the sciences or meDicine. research by unDergraDuate science stuDents, often funDeD by prestigious

and The life upon iT face increasing cha

science experience at manhattan. here you will benefit from research opportunities most stuDents Don’t see until graDuate or

scienTisTs who value compassion as high

dimension To The disciplines of discovery.

college has been rankeD number one in new york among private unDergraDuate colleges for the number of graDuates who go

research, medicine and more. our planeT

founDations, such as the howarD hughes meDical institute anD pew charitable trusts, is an important part of the unDergraDuate

llenges, and The answers will come from

professional school. these opportunities are strengtheneD by a wealth of new labs, facilities, technology anD learning spaces

ly as innovaTion.

from roboticS to the envi-

ronment, computing to infra-

Structure deSign, the SchooL

of engineering openS an incredibLe range of

poSSibiLitieS for your career. aS one of the

oLdeSt and moSt reSpected engineering

SchooLS in the country — the SchooL’S

department of chemicaL engineering haS

been ranked among the top five in the nation

by U.S. NewS & world report — manhattan

coLLege offerS you reputation, Location, Su-

perb reSourceS, perSonaL attention, and a

very SucceSSfuL and engaged aLumni network.

and the Learning experience founded on our

LaSaLLian tradition makeS your engineering

education both powerfuL and human.

imaginaTion and invenTion come alive real. engineers make The world work, of engineering is recognized as one of

Through The people who make Them and The manhaTTan college school The besT in america.

The school of business puTs you direcTly

with easy access to the corporate, marketing anD financial capital of the worlD, our school of business faculty

ing, experiences and resources for eThi

anD the Day after: the problems anD possibilities, challenges anD opportunities, workforce anD workplace.

The ones ThaT haven’T been imagined yeT.

comes to this city, which makes your manhattan college eDucation as global as it gets. that’s why our

for 8.3 million people — iT’s also known

on The fuTure’s fronTline, wiTh The Train-

make the most of the unparalleleD real-worlD classroom proviDeD by new york city. be reaDy for tomorrow

cal and excepTional careers, including

unique anD powerful alumni connections make internships anD opportunities almost limitless. the worlD

our largesT classroom offers seaTing

alumni represent such a remarkable roster of business, professional, artistic anD political successes.

as new york ciTy.

whether you’re watching, pLaying for fun or pLaying for

the metro atLantic athLetic conference championShip,

athLeticS are huge at manhattan. with 20 ncaa diviSion 1

varSity teamS for men and women — pLuS intramuraL, recreationaL and

fitneSS programS for aLL intereSted StudentS — the coLLege offerS

Jaspers play To win — our lisT of ncaa as your arm. and Jaspers play To learn sTudenT-aThleTes are on The dean’s lisT. every LeveL of competition and invoLvement. jaSper varSity teamS have

won dozenS of titLeS in every Sport, and manhattan iS a muLtipLe winner of

the maac trophy for beSt athLetic program. whatever your game, there

are great faciLitieS waiting for you, incLuding a modern fitneSS center.

conference championships is as long — an amazing number of manhaTTan

l i v i n g an d l e arn i n g d e l a s a l l e sT y l e

here’s how one manhattan college professor Defines your lasallian eDucation: “it’s about interacting closely

i T m e a n s J o i n i n g a d i v e r s e s T u d e n T-

— that’s the only way i can really teach well. so i’m not just imparting knowleDge, i’m imparting myself.” at manha

small “c” — in The original definiTion of The

ers who are respecteD leaDers in their fielDs. but unlike the large university, you’ll join those classmates most

can be and believe anyThing here, as long

means more Than simply going To college.

with my stuDents. i have to be completely involveD anD know as much as i can about each stuDent’s capabilities

Te acher communiT y ThaT is caTholic —

ttan, like a large university, you can expect classmates from across the uniteD states anD the worlD anD teach

word: universal and all-welcoming . you

often in small, participatory classes leD by faculty members who invest themselves completely in your success.

as you’re in Tune wiTh your besT self.

leT’s say you have 3,500 friends — noT web — who all hang ouT in your living room. wiTh Trees. ThaT’s The manhaTTan quad.

you’re going to meet, Live and Learn with a Lot of very intereSting peopLe on the Quad

and around the manhattan coLLege campuS, which iS Like a peacefuL, green iSLand; an iS-

Land of ideaS, community, Study, eventS, SportS and fun. it’S a beautifuL 22-acre iSLand,

yet Located juSt a Short Subway ride from the cuLturaL center of the worLd. “campuS

Life” meanS aLL of new york city iS yourS: theater, concertS, cLubS, muSeumS, LincoLn

center, greenwich viLLage, fifth avenue, the united nationS and more.

Green iS not juSt a coLor at manhattan coLLege. a recent preSidentiaL procLamation

dedicateS the coLLege to SuStainabiLity and to doing everything poSSibLe to reduce itS

eco-footprint. manhattan haS Signed on to new york city’S 30-in-10 initiative, an aggreS-

friends, buT see-Them-all-The-Time-friends and leT’s say your living room is ouTside. Sive effort by new york univerSitieS to reduce greenhouSe gaSeS by 30 percent by

2017, and haS become a member of the aSSociation for the advancement of SuStain-

abiLity in higher education. of courSe, “green” iSn’t new at manhattan: for more than

40 yearS, the coLLege haS conducted a nationaLLy recognized maSter’S program in

environmentaL engineering and haS offered an environmentaL concentration option

in the undergraduate civiL engineering major Since 1939.

don’t juSt go to coLLege — join a

community. don’t juSt train your

mind — touch your SouL. no matter

how many catchy SLoganS we write, we won’t

S ay it better than thiS manhattan coLLege

S tudent: “it S o undS corny, maybe, b ut thiS

a viTal parT of The unique lasallian is d oing go od Things for oTher s, your communiTy. Think of iT as an SchooL haS a Strong SenSe of vaLueS, Strong

educationaL vaLueS and aLSo Strong Life vaLueS.

you juSt Learn a Lot about Life here, beyond the

academicS. it’S been great to be part of that,

part of Something even bigger than getting a

degree. you feeL that every day.”

educaTion aT manhaTTan college offering your skills in service To inTernship for your soul.


peace Studies

general Studies philosophy psychology religious Studies

Who We Are

check out:


in 1848, four brothers of the de La Salle


urban affairs School of business

new york city. their mission was to begin

respeCted ACAdeMiC progrAMs

a school for french-speaking immigrants.

there are some 40 major fields of study

by 1853, the new school had relocated near

within five undergraduate schools, guided

131st Street in the manhattanville area. a

by an internationally recognized faculty,

decade later, the academy received college

sought-after leaders and real-world

accreditation from the state of new york

consultants in their fields, 95 percent of

and became known as manhattan college.

whom hold doctoral degrees. and there

christian Schools were sent from france to St. vincent’s parish on canal Street in

accounting computer information Systems economics finance global business Studies management marketing

the mission of manhattan college, deeply

are also opportunities for you to study

School of education

rooted in the traditions of excellence in

abroad in more than 30 countries. (for

elementary education

teaching, respect for individual dignity

details, visit

physical education and

and a commitment to social justice, is


human performance

unchanged: to provide a person-centered,

an innovative honors enrichment

contemporary educational experience

program gives you additional academic

radiological and health professions Secondary education Special education

characterized by high academic standards,

challenges and rewards. (for details, visit

reflection on values and principles, and

preparation for a dynamic, lifelong career.


School of engineering

check out:

check out:

chemical engineering



civil engineering

graduate education

computer engineering

An ideAl loCAtion

School of arts

electrical engineering

a quick 10 miles north of midtown manhattan,

communication and journalism

environmental engineering

adjacent to suburban westchester county,


mechanical engineering

the riverdale section of the bronx is a desirable


graduate engineering

community and the home of many of new

fine arts

york’s business, political, educational and

general Studies

cultural leaders. the manhattan college


campus, on the heights above van cortlandt


park, is a pleasant and tranquil location with

international Studies

easy access to the many benefits unique to

modern foreign Languages

new york city.

and Study abroad

School of Science biology chemistry and biochemistry mathematics and computer Science physics Science

An extrAordinAry librAry the intellectual heart and soul of manhattan college, the mary alice and thomas o’malley Library, holds 85,000 square feet of modern and completely renovated space. open 24/7, there are computer labs, more than 100 workstations, comfortable

since 1853, and if you live off campus, you’ll still find the same welcoming spirit and campus community. getting here is simple via car, bus or train from locations throughout the metro area. check out: life/index.shtml

getting here: FinAnCiAl Aid manhattan college was founded on the belief that all students are entitled to a high-quality college education, regardless of financial means. to that end, there are a wide range of scholarship and financial aid programs administered by the college, each designed

wired and wireless reading rooms and

plAy’s the thing

to help qualified students pursue their studies.

study carrels, a sophisticated media center

the jaspers compete in 20 ncaa division 1

approximately 80 percent of our students

and an internet cafe.

sports: men’s baseball, men’s and women’s

receive some form of financial aid or scholar-

check out:

basketball, men’s and women’s crew, men’s

ship. for more information on all your options,

and women’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s

please contact our admissions office and

and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s

speak to an admissions/financial aid counselor.

soccer, women’s softball, men’s and women’s

check out:

swimming, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s



live And leArn Student life at manhattan college is rich, dynamic, comfortable and supportive. there are a variety of energizing campus housing options. there are many events and activities to keep you busy. getting involved in campus life is easy and fun. there are some 75 clubs and

and women’s track and field, and women’s volleyball. and sports aren’t only for the very gifted — there are intramural teams in several sports, plus recreational and fitness activities from aerobics to martial arts.

getting here: direCtions to MAnhAttAn College by Car From long Island robert f. kennedy (triborough) bridge

check out:

(from South). follow signs to major deegan


expressway north (i-87), exit at van cortlandt park South, bear right off ramp,

organizations on campus. you’ll have the

CAMpus visits

bear right onto broadway. at second traffic

chance to participate in, organize and even

by calling the college in advance (800-

college parkway. proceed up hill to main

create a range of social service and social action projects in the community.

mc2-xceL), students can arrange to have an interview with a member of the admis-

with so much to do on campus and in

sions staff, have a tour of the campus, sit

nearby van cortlandt park and gaelic park,

in on classes, speak with faculty and visit

it’s amazing to remember that you are just

with other students. tours are given

a subway ride from the world’s most exciting

monday through friday between the hours

city. the best of entertainment, recreational,

of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Saturday

cultural and professional opportunities are

morning information sessions are also

waiting for you.

available during the fall.

remember that commuter students have

check out:

also found success at manhattan college


light, turn left, then left again onto manhattan gate on right. bronx whitestone or throgs neck bridge (from east). to cross bronx expressway (i-95), to major deegan expressway (i-87) north, exit at van cortlandt park South, bear right off ramp, bear right onto broadway. at second traffic light, turn left, then left again onto manhattan college parkway. proceed up hill to main gate on right.

From Upstate New York

From New York City

Saw mill river parkway/henry hudson

f.d.r. drive (from South). f.d.r. drive to

(traveling South). exit at 246th Street. turn

major deegan expressway north (i-87). exit

left at first traffic light, turn right onto

at van cortlandt park South, bear right off

fieldston road at circle, then turn left onto

ramp, bear right onto broadway. at second

manhattan college parkway. proceed down

traffic light turn left, then left again onto

hill to main gate on left.

manhattan college parkway. proceed to

new york State thruway (from north).

main gate on right.

washington bridge to henry hudson parkway north to 239th Street exit. Buses bus routes near the college are the no. 7, the no. 10 and the no. 24, all of which stop at west 239th Street and riverdale avenue. the no. 9 stops at broadway and west 242nd Street.

South on thruway (i-87), which becomes

west Side highway (from South). west

the major deegan expressway. exit at van

Side highway to henry hudson parkway

cortlandt park South, turn right off ramp,

north to exit 20, west 239th Street. at stop

bear right onto broadway. at second traffic

sign, proceed straight across intersection

light, turn left, then left again onto manhattan

(monument on left), past traffic light, bear

college parkway. proceed up hill to main

right at fork onto manhattan college

gate on right.

parkway. proceed to main gate on left.

park (last stop). walk up hill on west 242nd

From New Jersey

by public transport

getting here: AdMissions

Buses from New Jersey take bus to port authority terminal at either west 42nd Street or west 178th Street. from there, take broadway-7th avenue Subway (no. 1) to west 242nd Street/van cortlandt Street to main gate on right.

george washington bridge (from west).

metro-north: the marble hill, Spuyten duyvil

admission to manhattan college is competi-

new jersey turnpike or route 80 to george

and riverdale railroad stations are all near

tive, as you would expect, but if you are ready

washington bridge. follow signs to henry

the college. the marble hill station is the

to take on your future we want to hear from

hudson parkway north to 239th Street exit.

best choice for connecting with public

you. our admissions office is always ready

transportation or taxi. for schedule informa-

to answer your questions and discuss your

From New england

tion, call metro-north at (212) 532-4900.

needs. we strongly suggest you visit the

i-91S to wilbur cross/merritt parkway South

subway: no. 1 on broadway-7th avenue

campus and discover this amazing college

to hutchinson river parkway South. proceed

line to 242nd Street/van cortlandt park

firsthand. to ask a question, schedule a visit

to cross county parkway west to Saw mill

station (last stop). walk up hill on 242nd

or request application materials contact us:

river parkway South. follow to henry hudson

Street to main gate on right.

parkway South. exit at 246th Street. go

by phone:

From Airports

(718) 862-7200 or 800-mc2-xceL (toll-free)

to light, go straight two blocks to fieldston

Jfk: van wyck expressway north to grand

by e-mail:

road. make right onto fieldston, go to end

central parkway to robert f. kennedy

of fieldston and make a left onto manhattan

(triborough) bridge to major deegan

college parkway. continue around parkway

expressway to van cortlandt park South.

on the web:

straight to traffic light. make left (overpass)

to college (located on the left).

laguardia: grand central parkway to robert f. kennedy (triborough) bridge to major deegan expressway north to van cortlandt park South. newark, nJ: nj turnpike north to george by mail: manhattan college, admissions office 4513 manhattan college parkway bronx, ny 10471-9975

Bronx, NY 10471-9975 1-800-MC2-XCEL T E L : 7 1 8 - 8 6 2 - 7 2 0 0 • FA X : 7 1 8 - 8 6 2 - 8 0 1 9 E - M A I L : A D M I T @ M A N H AT TA N . E D U W E B S I T E : W W W. M A N H AT TA N . E D U



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