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Third Edition Vol. I No. 3 SSWRCE MDDE LATSOP REMOTSUC Your NEW Chamber Destination/Community Guide is Here Q&A with the Mayor! An Exclusive Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Publication Pier Railing Project! MBUSD Update Light Gate p 4 Fitness & Health Directory Happy Hour Guide
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Latrice McGlothin, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Jordan Alcott, Alcott Enterprises

Jordan Austin, Residence Inn MB

DeAnn Flores Chase, Chase Law Group

Robin Curren, SKECHERS

Cristan Higa, Beach Cities Health District

Peter Kim, Sloopy's Beach Cafe

Sherry Kramer, Continental Development Corp

Tamala Lewis, Dignity Health Sports Park

Maureen McBride, Tabula Rasa Essentials Inc.

Jill McCurry, Manhattan Village

Ann O'Brien, El Camino College

Hibah Samad, MBUSD

Brad Sperber, Manhattan Beach Toyota

Abby Waddell, Compass Real Estate

James Wroblewski, Westdrift Autograph

ASPEN Executive Search CBRE - Daniel Riely Coreology H2O Hermosa King Real Estate Brokerage Marsh McLennan Agencies Patty Brown Physical Therapy & Associates Richstone Family Center PhotoWalksTVPhotographer Strand Boards Sameday Health
Collection Chamber Team - David Archer, President/CEO, Kelley Misetich, Communications/Member Coordinator, and Danica Dusevic, Finance New Member Profile We are a 100%all volunteer nonprofit. We assemble sets of turbans, scarves and jewelry and donate them to individuals going through chemotherapy. For Additional Information Contact Us. 1116 Eighth Street Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Contact Iris Lee Knell, LCSWFounder/President Email: page 2 MBCC - New Members Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2022/2023 Contact David C 949.422.0873 Deliverables for Mar/Apr Edition Commitment by February 15, 2023 Collateral by March 1, 2023 Advertise In
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Light Gate

Light Gate is located at the top of 14th Street, between City Hall and the new library, along Highland Avenue The artwork is made of glass, laminated with prismatic lighting film that will create rich and varied light effects with the sun. Light Gate will focus the view through an opening down 14th Street to the Ocean. Each January 27th and November 14th, the sunset will align within the keyhole.

Light Gate was dedicated on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 on 14th Street and Highland Avenue with an artist presentation by Mags Harries and Lajos Héder in the Police/Fire Conference Room (420 15th Street).

ceo Note!

What's Up Manhattan Beach?!

The Third Edition of the MB Pier Review is out!

A Bi-monthly, Community Orientated Newspaper sent directly to ALL Manhattan Beach Residents, Businesses, and Chamber Members. And is an Exclusive Benefit for our Members and Sponsors

Content to include, not necessarily in every Edition, but not limited to, New Member Introductions, Events, a pullout “Community Calendar,” Parks & Recs, Business Advocacy, MB History, “Did you Know?”, Recipes, Water Conservation tips, Recycling, Dining Guides, Healthy Eating, Maps, Walking, Biking, Shopping, Professional Services, and More!

The MB Pier Review’s Content will focus on Items of general interest to the Community and Businesses without opinions or political bias, and do not necessarily represent the Board of Directors, Sponsors, or the Chamber Team All content will be included and/or excluded at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday and Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. See you out and about in MB! David

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Join the Chamber Today Starting from Less than $1 a Day! 20% Off Any Size Ad! January Mixer @FishBar Wednesday, January 18th 5:30pm - 7:30pm Food - Drink - Fun
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kechers - Holiday Fireworks New Business of the Year ick Abell nder of the Year Dine MB Chevron H ll f F The Simms Group Best of Manhattan Pictures of The Best of Manhattan!
Credit, Jefferson Graham
Jen Caskey Group
Home Sweet Home
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Musings of the Mayor! Q&A

Q Manhattan Beach is known for its location, its iconic pier, its schools, and small beach town character, what do you love most about the city?

A Everything! What’s not to love? I’ve lived here all my life and there’s just too many things to name the sunsets, the beach, the volleyball, the traditions, the shops and restaurants Seriously, I could go on and on But it all gets down to the people. People make a community and the thing I think we all share here is a love for our community We’re here for each other when needed, we support our local businesses, we gather and celebrate and watch out for each other and each of us shares and contributes to what makes Manhattan Beach special.

Q Looking back on 2022, what do you think is the biggest accomplishment the City accomplished last year? As we look ahead to the new year, what would you like to accomplish in 2023?

A Oh boy, this is always a tough question for me, especially since I can’t remember what I did an hour ago, let alone a whole year The truth is everything we do is big to someone This past year we either started or completed some big infrastructure projects like the Peck Reservoir and a redo of Fire Station 2 and the Sepulveda Bridge We hired a new Police Chief. We had an election. We continued coming back together at all our signature events If I had to name one thing though, it wouldn’t just be for this year but the last couple of years, and that’s navigating COVID It’s still with us, but we’re in management mode and overall, we did pretty well we saved businesses, kept folks safe and supported each other, not just as a city but the entire community

I’m looking to getting even more done in 2023 We’ll continue to evolve with COVID but that also means getting back to our normal business matters and planning for the future I really want to see us address our infrastructure needs for the future There’s a lot to do!

resources so we can never afford to do everything we want to do at any given time Whatever the program, service, personnel or infrastructure project, they all take funding and we only have so much of that. While we’re a fairly affluent city, that doesn’t mean city hall is affluent too Folks here like their taxes low and don’t like to write blank checks for open ended needs Yet we have a lot of unfunded needs Aquatic centers, more police, more firefighters, better parks, better streets, they all take money. So funding everything we want to do is always our biggest challenge Aside from funding, we really need to set aside the palatable divisiveness over every little thing that has sprung up in our city over the last couple of years It’s not hard to see why the fear and constantly changing information around COVID was a lot for people to take, and those fears and unknowns were used by partisan politicians to divide us further, and it also trickled down and was exacerbated locally by some folks pushing their own agendas leading into our last election With the election over, I’m hoping we can come together again and focus our efforts on the things that bring us together, that keep us special

Q You were born and raised in Manhattan Beach and no doubt, you’ve seen Manhattan Beach go through many changes, what is the most significant change that you’ve seen in your lifetime?


sports and play dates, e-bikes and cellphones, I hope kids today are having as much fun as I did growing up here. I hope that never changes

Q Do you foresee a permanent outdoor dining program using the public right-ofway in the future?

A I think this is a big and important conversation to have Will we use parking spaces or expanded sidewalks or both? Will we provide incentives to restaurants to remodel to include outside patio space on their own property as well? What will we charge to use public property? What will the law allow us to do, what will the Coastal Commission and the ABC and others allow us to do? What about fairness is outdoor dining only for those restaurants that charge a lot for a meal but not for the place that just sells burgers or sandwiches? What does the public want? There are lots of questions that need to be answered to have a successful program going forward and I look forward to that conversation

Q If you had to name just one accomplishment that you’re most proud of while serving on Council, what would it be? I’m sure you have a long list as this is your 6th term serving the City as Mayor…

A Yikes, there’s no way I could come up with just one and maybe that’s what I’m proud of most. I’ve been able to work with a lot of fellow councilmembers and staff over the years and times I’ve been on council and even when I was with the county to get things done for our community As I said before, every issue that comes before us was the most important thing to someone, and I’ve tried to approach things like that too nothing we do is trivial. And at the end of the day, I like to think the accomplishment I’ll be most proud of is always the next one

Q What

do you see as the biggest challenges facing the


A The thing about working in government is that we have endless needs but finite

A Money. We were a fairly sleepy little beach town where teachers and local aerospace workers could afford to buy homes and that’s not really the case anymore So, the cost of housing here has been a big change, and when the cost is high, there’s an incentive to maximize every square inch of a lot, so the size of houses has been a big change too. And where a lot of these were just local issues before we’ve done a lot to require open space and balance out house sizes, we now have Sacramento telling us that they want everyone living in high-rise apartments and they’ve effectively killed single family zoning This is a change we haven’t seen a lot of so far, but it’s coming, and it will be a challenge And I can’t resist this growing up here was awesome. After homework or during the summer, you’d leave the house, meet up with friends and not be home til dark Nobody got in that much

Q What do you do when you’re not serving the City? What do you do on your free time? page 6
Musings cont. on page 7
and somehow your parents would find out if you did With all the organized

Musings cont from pg 6

A What’s free time? I’m a full-time attorney, a part time administrative hearing officer, a senior advisor to a Long Beach councilmember and most importantly, a father of two But I do try to sneak in a volleyball game or two when I can at the beach

Q What is the difference between serving the City as the Mayor versus a Councilmember?

A Time The Mayor’s job is to represent council and run the meetings That means the Mayor gets every email and gets briefed on every issue and these days that involves anticipating and addressing a ton of related issues along the way The Mayor is also expected to be at everything and talk to everybody. It’s more than a full-time job. And to be perfectly honest, I love it I love helping people, I love making a difference, I love listening and solving problems And that’s exactly what you do as a Councilmember too, but being Mayor is that times 100.

Q Please describe yourself in one word.

A Well, I’ve been called a lot of things by a lot of people, some of them even nice, so I can’t say I’ve ever given this a lot of thought, but I’ll go with passionate I think most of my friends would agree with that At least to my face.

Q And finally, when was the last time you had s’mores?

A This past summer Date unknown And to be honest, I really only like the chocolate and graham crackers, I’m not into the sticky, gooey marshmallow I eat those separately out of the bag Does any of this count?

Thank you, Mayor Napolitano!

Meet Chef Alessio & Brother Dario! Nando's Trattoria

Home to 2 Guys From Italy!

There’s a new Authentic Italian Restaurant in town and this one is run by two Italian brothers, who are so interesting and so engaging that when you speak with them, you feel like you are in Italy.

Say hello to Dario & his brother Chef Alessio!

Born in 1977 and growing up in Sicily, the brothers spent weekends in their Grandfather’s bakery, that Grandpa started at only 16 years old! The bakery, known for the best cannoli in Italy, was so successful it became a restaurant Visiting on weekends the brothers learned the “Italian way”, where owners do it all, from scratch cooking to serving to washing dishes At the time, Dario’s goal was to come to American and get his MBA at UCLA Yet after finishing his degree in Poly Sci/Econ at the University of Catania, his acceptance at UCLA was blocked by 1 thing: he didn’t speak English well. In order get into the MBA program, English 101 must happen first He needed more money for classes and the only skill he had was ?


In 2006, Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, Dolce, in Westwood hired him to be a janitor From there he moved up to busboy It was there Dario learned why USA restaurants are different Especially when a famous guest was more interested in talking to Italian speaking Dario about her adventures in Rome, than she was talking to the boring waiter, and that waiter got mad and wanted Dario fired He now knew, giving guests an “experience” of being in Italy, would be his key to success After all, how can you share the experience of living in Italy if you’ve never been there?

By then Dario’s soon-to-be-wife, med student, Amy, had called crying that she was accepted into medical school Dario was confused, “This is good, no?” No! The school was in Chicago Dario didn’t blink, “Okay! Let’s go!” Dario fit right into the Chicago eateries until he met a Northwestern professor who helped make his dream come true. In 2011 Dario called the family back in Italy and recruited Chef cousin and Italian FBI Agent brother Alessio, to help open Nando! Dario quickly saw his untrained but humble gifted cook brother Alessio, soar, creating better authentic dishes with passion, love and inspiration, than trained their chef cousin Dario moved Alessio to Chef and won awards for Best Restaurant and Best Chicago Dish! In fact, Alessio’s Chicken Parm dish was so desired, that’s all guests ordered! So, the Italians took it off the menu! Making it a “special secret,” served only upon request

By now wife Amy had to complete her residency in Champagne, Illinois, about 2 5 hours from Chicago Again, Dario, cheered her on and headed to visit as often as he could The only problem was the food in Champagne was terrible So, to feed his love for great food for himself, he opened his 2nd, Nando! But when Amy had a fellowship at UCSF, Dario visited by plane Till they received a call on February 14, 2020, from California Dario had been looking to move back to beloved California to open a “Costal Italian from the Sea” restaurant And when a spot became open in Manhattan Beach, Dario didn’t have time to come visit and put down a deposit from just seeing a photo! Then COVID took hold and when they opened in January 2021, things finally began to get better

Today both Chef Alessio and brother Dario work together at Nando Trattoria Where they create Italian dishes the “old school” way Pasta made from scratch every day is cooked al-dente, and while fresh produce, Spiny Lobster (available only in their restaurant October-March), Swordfish, Tuna and Steaks are sourced local, quality ingredients like flour, olive oil, tomatoes, and balsamic are delivered straight from Italy!

How did they get the unique name of Nando for their restaurant? It’s the name of their beloved 19-year-old Dachshund! Busboy in 2006, to restaurant owner 5 years later, to now his 3rd restaurant in the greatest city in America? All in the past 14 years? This, my friends, is what we Americans call: “The American Dream!" page 7

Drought Developments – Manhattan Beach Moves One Step Closer to Water Sustainability as it Constructs a New Peck Reservoir

The 8-million-gallon reservoir’s cavernous interior is comprised of concrete columns and 2-foot-thick walls holding up the concrete roof slab, about the size of a football field With the ongoing drought realities as well as the community’s push for best water conservation practices, the City of Manhattan Beach devised a plan to address its aging reservoir and maintain a reliable and sustainable source of fresh water for residents for many years into the future.

A $34 million construction project, funded by the city’s water enterprise funds, the Peck Reservoir Replacement Project was a top priority of the city’s 2010 Water System Master Plan It not only increased reservoir capacity by 500,000 gallons, but also substantially upgraded its 60-yearold utility infrastructure with state-of-the-art systems and equipment Construction on the project began in October 2020 and includes:

A new 8-million-gallon potable water reservoir for operational, fire protection, and emergency storage

A new pump station building with new efficient pumps and electrical equipment that will transport water from the reservoir to the city’s water distribution system

Replacement of the offsite groundwater well transmission pipeline

A new groundwater treatment facility with a state-of-the-art filtration system that enables greater use of the city’s local source of drinking water

These new facilities and systems will help the city balance the use of imported water by creating an independent water source from local groundwater, and provide long-term dependability to its residents and stakeholders, especially in emergencies if imported water becomes


The new partially buried facility will be visually buffered by landscaped retaining walls and earth berms. Native drought tolerant plants, shrubs and grasses will beautify the site, along with colorful blooming crepe myrtle trees along 19th Street and Peck Avenue

“This project is an example of the city’s commitment to enhance existing facilities and use more groundwater,” said Manhattan Beach Mayor Steve Napolitano “By utilizing more of the city’s groundwater, the city reduces the need to import water and ensures a steady water supply is readily available to service Manhattan Beach homes for drinking water and to utilize during an emergency.”

Manhattan Beach’s clean water is imported from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and from city-owned groundwater wells

The Manhattan Beach City Council anticipates future cost savings by drawing more from local wells, which is typically more cost-efficient than importing water

It is estimated that construction will be near completion by winter 20222023, with the commissioning of the reservoir expected in March 2023 Additional information about the project can be found at

www manhattanbeachchamber com page 8 W W W C s

Pier Railings Prepare for a Facelift

The historic Manhattan Beach Pier's iconic "sea foam" railings are getting a facelift On December 6, 2022, the City Council awarded a capital improvement construction contract for the Pier Railing Replacement Project The project will be constructed in 2023 and accommodations have been made with the contractor to coordinate and allow for the City’s annual calendar of special events involving the Pier area

The Manhattan Beach Pier is approximately 928 feet in length and stretches from the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard over the Pacific Ocean. It was originally built in 1920, rehabilitated in 1991, and in 1995, it was listed as a state historical landmark as the oldest concrete pier on the west coast The Pier’s sea foam green handrails are considered a character-defining feature of the Pier One of the project’s main goals is to maintain the current look of the Pier railings to the maximum extent possible while balancing future maintenance concerns.


Meet the E-Biker! Tommy Torii

COVID changed many things for man people, but when the beach parking closed, die-hard surfer Tommy Torii w forced to bike down instead Then af seeing kids on E-Bikes Tommy thoug

getting an E-bike would make this b so easy, and so fun, Tommy thought riding one of these!” Boom In Octob was born and today it is a thriving locals needing extra bikes for family fun engaging employee event that team-lunch ”

Tommy didn’t start off as an entrepreneur, growing up in Gardena, he graduated from LMU in accounting and became a CPA for multiple entertainment companies Later he moved over to AVP, then AEG and then ACM Today Tommy chuckles at his “Triple A” corporate employee experience but when COVID hit and live entertainment was shut down, Tommy was open and ready to do something different And with the help of Rad E-Bikes Tommy was able to open his first rental shop and has a 2nd E-Bike Rental store called “MB E-Bike Rental” in the Redondo Beach Riveria

His favorite part about working in the E-Bike Business is serving “Happy” customers They come in happy, and they drop off happy With regular bike rentals, when done for the day, people will drop off their bike rentals looking physically and mentally exhausted Yet with E-bikes rentals, when people return to drop off their bikes at the end of the day, 98 out of 100 of them look excited and more alive than when the first came in! Why? With a regular bike, sure it’s fun heading out, but on that way back to the rental store, the fun is over, and the return trip becomes a grind With an E-bike, the return trip is just as fun as the trip out, because it’s about the “experience” and riding the bike there, back, up, down, is insanely exhilarating!

Please Note: Tommy & crew believe SAFETY is number one! With each rental comes an extremely nice/clean helmet that must be worn and snapped on properly Even for the “Too-cool” adults who have been riding regular bikes without incident for years, while you may be a responsible rider, other cars and bikes may not be Please respect the Helmet rule and wear your helmet properly

Best way to book: Reserve Online! Early! Holidays sell out!

Fun Suggestion: Thinking about buying an E-Bike? Drop in to test ride and upon return get a coupon for purchase from the manufacturer!

Manhattan Beach E-Bike Rentals - Forever Fun! 3616 Highland Ave P 213 986 7635 mbebike com

Living Tango vingtangocoach@gmail com 5% off your first private esson (1-2 people)

Beach E Biking

Delivery to Hermosa & Manhattan Beach 0% off electric bike rental 310.546.1078

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Article by Laurie McDermott
Pier Railing
Health/Fitness & Selfcare Spotlight

Notes From MBUSD Superintendent Dr. John Bowes

New Board Members Sworn into MBUSD Board of Trust

The Board of Trustees of the Manhattan Beach Unified S District (MBUSD) held their annual Reorganization Meetin Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Trustees Sally Peel (2018-2 and Jen Cochran (2013-2022) were thanked for their service as completed their terms Incumbent Trustee Jen Fenton and n elected Board members Wysh Weinstein and Tina Shivpuri sworn in by outgoing Board President Sally Peel Vice Pres Cathey Graves was elected to serve as Board President for the 12 months President Graves appointed Fenton as Vice Pres and Wysh Weinstein was elected as Board Clerk. Trustees Fe Shivpuri, and Weinstein will serve four-year terms Board Pres Cathey Graves and Trustee Jason Boxer are mid-way through their four-year terms
Check out the latest news happening in Manhattan Beach Unified Read the latest Superintendent’s Newsletter here:
Save the Date! Kindergarten Information Day is on Saturday, January 21! Join us! Learn more about MBUSD programs and transitioning into elementary school Q&A by
teachers, parents, and
Manhattan Beach Unified elementary principals,
Superintendent Dr. John Bowes.
Wysh Weinstein, Jen Fenton, Tina Shivpuri, and Sally Peel Jen Cochran and Sally Peel

MBCC - Member


Manhattan Beach Coordinating Council - 34 Years

Torrance Memorial Medical Center - 26 Years


West Basin Municipal Water District - 20 Years


City Wide Property Mgmt & Real Estate - 16 Years


The Hobin Company - 13 Years

SIMMZY'S - 12 Years

3 Leaf Realty - 11 Years

FishBar - 11 Years

Good World Peace, Inc (GWPOP) - 11 Years

Manhattan Dermatology - Ashley Magovern - 11 Years

Two Guns Espresso - 11 Years

Fusion Academy - 5 Years

Manhattan Tax and Accounting - 5 Years

South Bay Cities Council of Governments - 5 Years

Carmen Castillo DDS - 4 Years

Manhattan Beach Police Department - 3 Years

900 Club/Downstairs Bar - 2 Years

Corpobonito LLC - 2 Years

Employer Lawyer PC - 2 Years

Manhattan Beach E-Bike Rentals - 2 Years

TY Engineering and Design - 2 Years

Waterleaf Interiors - 2 Years

The Aesthetics Bar - 1 Year

Meet the Stylist! Sport Clips

Sport Clips, Fast, Professional Care In Sports Heaven! Have you noticed the new signs for “Sport Clips” around Mira Costa High School located in the same building as the 7/11 on Artesia? Yep! Sport Clips! Owned by a father and son team, Ron & Spencer Chamberland, the little hair salon is geared toward a Male (men and young boys) clientele looking for a Professional haircut in an exciting sports environment From the moment you walk into this Sport Clips location, you will feel the fun, upbeat atmosphere! Specially upon meeting Cheryl, the manager of this location here in Manhattan Beach Cheryl, a seasoned hair stylist clipping away for over 35 years, loves working in this Manhattan Beach location because the people are what inspire her She is not alone 7 other Stylists work at this location with her, which includes Maria (10 years as a stylist) and Ray, who owned his own barbershop for years, and now works with this wonderful team right in our little town!

What makes Sport Clips different is the 5 TV’s they have programmed with, what else? Sports, Sports and more Sports! Need a haircut during Game time? Fear not, you won’t miss a thing! Escaping work or school for a quick cut? They get you in and out in record time all while sitting in comfort enjoying uninterrupted Sports heaven

Please note: Sport Clips do serve women and offer dum-dums to kids when they are all done! They also have amazing empathy in comforting children as well as special needs kids who do not like getting a haircut Best part? These professional stylists offer Haircuts for a solid: $30! Plus, mention that you saw this article here in The Manhattan Beach Chamber Paper, and they will gladly give you a FREE MVP Upgrade: Shampoo & scalp massage, hot steam towel with 3 essential oils (eucalyptus, chamomile and lavender) and a shoulder massage!

1221 Artesia Blvd Ste 102 next to 7/Eleven P 424 277 9280 or check in on their Ap Article by Laurie McDermott page 11
February Networking Mixer @Tin Roof Bistro Wednesday, February 15th 5:30pm
- 7:30pm Food -
Hennessey’s Tavern 313
Blvd MB, CA Mon - Fri 4pm-7pm $6 Vodka Lemonades, Screwdrivers, Greyhounds, & 6$ Appetizers every day! Nine 24 Kitchen 924 N Sepulveda Blvd MB, CA Daily 4pm - 6 pm $10 off wine bottles, $2 off beer / wine /cocktails by the glass Ercoles 1101 Manhattan Ave MB, CA Daily 10am - 6 pm Up to $2.00 Off Everything except House Wine zinc@shade 1221 N. Valley Dr MB, CA Mon – Thu 4pm – 6pm $10 bites, $8 well cocktails & wines, $5 draft & bottled beers Wine Down Wednesdays $40 Charcuterie Board Rock'N Fish MB 120 Manhattan Beach Blvd MB, CA Mon – Fri 3pm – 5pm $74 95 The Pier Seafood Tower BREWCO 124
MB, CA Mon – Fri 3pm – 6pm Mon, Thu,
$5 Cowherd's for
$15 Build Your
Mercado MB 3212A Sepulveda Blvd MB, CA Tue -Thu 4
Fri-Sun 46pm Discounted margaritas and select food items. Silvio'sSouth mericanLounge andGrill 20 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Weekdays 3:00pm6:30pm Exclusive "Grand Opening" Social Hour Special! Specialty South American menus for 1/2 off, in August and September. SecondStory RestaurantatThe Belamar 3501 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach, 90266 Sun-Sat 4-6pm Discounted Small Bites and $7 House Wines, Draft Beers, and Well Drinks www manhattanbeachchamber com page 12
Hour in MB Sign up for free Join 32,000 of your neighbors.
Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach Blvd
& Weekend Football
All Football Games also
+ Herd Beer
- Thu - Prime Burger
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
- 6:30pm

Bootleggers in El


Jan Dennis, in her book, A Walk Beside the Sea, a History of Manhattan Beach (Janstan Studio) 1987 pp 113 -16, wrote: “In la bootleggers in action a boat which was an the barrels were floa hauled the barrels ou The activity was spo Officer, Henry Sights on by himself so he Department to stop illegal cargo as it agents were called placed in the fire hou authorities finally ma the $30,000 worth of through the station d no longer there beca out of the van when n van to become highe therefore, it was nece in order to get the va Beach police were p acted without consu remain active until th

Stroll - Surfboard Decorating Contest Winners! www manhattanbeachchamber com page 13
FishBar "Most Creative" Ocean Fitness "Traditional Christmas"
North Manhattan Beach Section
Photo Credit, Jan, Dennis, Images of America, Manhattan Beach Police Department, (Arcadia Publishing) 2003, p 24

Meet Altaf Amlani the Jeweler!

Blue Diamond Jewler is a Girl's Best Friend!

Manhattan Ave and 10th street P 310 309 7435 altaf@bluediamondjeweler com

Do not buy a single piece of jewelry till you have had an experience with Blue Diamond Jeweler Especially if you are searching for that unique, perfect gift and just don’t know where to start? Book time to talk to any one of the staff members at Blue Diamond Jeweler and you will be in for a personalized experience that you have only imagined!

Altaf Amlini, owner of a Blue Diamond Jeweler, is a physics master of both the physical as well as the spiritual Every day, except for weekends, Altaf holds a 10am zoom meeting to connect, coach and meditate with his staff on the special sacred place they are all a part of Of both Indian and Italian descent, Altaf was born in East Africa, Uganda in a British Colony. He attended boarding school in England at 11 years old, where he learned to be open minded and seek truth about life and its mysteries Altaf fell in love with Physics because he felt it was like listening to God teach how the universe works, saying, “If we had lenses several levels below, we would clearly see this ONE big field of energy and unity ”

He knew his calling when he heard the “we are one again” when his parents inspired him further, encouraging Altaf to embrace the people of the world, with different colors and many backgrounds, as one “We are all one!”

Altaf family relocated here to the USA and as much as he loved debate and the idea of becoming a lawyer, when his Dad introduced him to the Gem World, Altaf found working with the gems of the earth, drawing, casting and setting stones was so grounding and fascinating that he gave up legal and went to work with Dad

At the age of 20, Altaf opened Amlini Gold Mine, in Westchester Later when he moved his store to El Segundo, and then a 2nd store in Manhattan Beach, he renamed it Blue Diamond Jeweler, because his unique way of matching customers with the perfect gem is as rare as a blue diamond Altaf truly feels every client is worthy of the best experience, which falls right in line with his perspective that here on earth, we are all one!

A Blue Diamond, in the world of diamonds, is very rare In the Blue Diamond logo, you can see how the “B” shares two words, an intentional symbol of a dance between “being” and “doing,” which is the essence of the experience they want to bring to every customer that enters the store! While engagement rings are the core specialty, Blue Diamond Jeweler can create custom pieces for you or the special person in your life Doing everything in house, when a customer has an idea, Blue Diamond Jeweler can design a 3D version until the customer loves it, then they make a wax model and then they make it in metal They also have a very large selection of earrings, rings, pendants, and are competitively priced since the gems come right from the source. If you are looking to create your own custom piece for a special person and want a fine jewelry experience, the Blue Diamond Intimate Experience will “wow” you to your core They will not stop the search for you till they help you find exactly what you are looking for Which is probably why he won best Jeweler in the Los Angeles Times, 2 years in a row

What’s New? Altaf also has a store in Long Beach and will be taking over a store in Napa 2023

Free Gift for You: We offer complimentary deep cleaning of your fine jewelry

Best Part? When they lived in Uganda, seeing kids looking for food in trash left a lasting impression Today every Blue Diamond client fills out a form to send a portion of their purchase to a Non-profit program in Kenya to fund one student: 2 meals every day for an entire year!

www manhattanbeachchamber com page 14 page 15

Fitness & Health - Self Care Member Directory

Beach & Surfing Products

Dive N' Surf (310) 374-3441 Ext 103 www divensurf com

Beauty & Fitness


(310) 200-3636 order@blafit com BLAFIT com Chica Beauty info@chicabeauty com

Sport Clips Haircuts (424) 277-9280 haircutmenmanhattanbeachca com

The Kind Mat/Vernice Vita Inc. (310) 404-7224 email@rachealennis com www thekindmat com

Beauty Services

Aesthetics on Highland Inc. (310) 921-8320 rox@aestheticsonhighland com

Amico Salon (310) 903-8888 stephendamico@gmail com

Beauty Cult (310) 464-1369 info@joinbeautycult com www joinbeautycult com

Cielo Boutique Salon (310) 379-2900 tcrwell@gmail com www cieloboutiquesalon com

Hammer and Nails-Southbay (310) 469-9234 hammerandnailsgrooming com

Human Landscapers® (a.k.a. BOX®) (310) 802-5770 info@bikiniwaxing com www bikiniwaxing com

Jody The Butcher (424) 398-0026

Jodythebutcher@gmail com www Jodythebutcher com

Kasai Hair M B Inc (310) 989-6033 www kasaihair com

Mikell Coiffure (310) 545-5580 michael@mikellcoiffure com Www mikellcoiffure com

The Aesthetics Bar (424) 675-4102 wendy@theaestheticsbar com theaestheticsbar com

The Lash Lounge (424) 373-5274 manhattanbeachmarketplace@thel www thelashlounge com/camanhattan-beach-marketplace

Bikes / Ebikes Sales & Rentals

Beach E Biking (310) 546-1078 info@beachebiking com www beachebiking com

Hermosa Cyclery, Inc (310) 374-7816 www hermosacyclery com

Manhattan Beach E-Bike Rentals (213) 986-7635 ttorii@gmail com mbebike com/ South Bay Cycle (310) 881-8081 info@southbaycycle com

Health & Fitness Services

All Rise Martial Arts (323) 455-4092 www allrisema com

Coreology (310) 541-3600 hello@coreologyfitness com www coreologyfitness com/manhattan beach

RockIt Body LLC (310) 722-5333 info@rockitbody com www rockitbody com

The Daily with Lindsay (949) 296-5856 Lindsay@mamayousweaty com

The Studio (MDR) (323) 377-3991 lisa@thestudiomdr com www thestudiomdr com

Undisputed Fight Academy (424) 390-4442 info@undisputedfightacademy com www undisputedfightacademy com

Health & Wellness Area 52 (949) 981-8669 info@area52 com

Beach Cities Health District (310) 374-3426 communications@bchd org www bchd org

Breathe & Learn (412) 860-3984 joanie@breatheandlearn com www breatheandlearn com

City of Hope South Bay (310) 750-1715

Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group (424) 328-0203 drckim001@gmail com

Gather Endeavors Inc. (310) 844-8385 ssproule@thegoodnessapp com www thegoodnessapp com

Green Light Vitamin Drinks™ (310) 722-9986 colinraita@gmail com

KIA SINAY, L.Ac., INC. (310) 908-4134 kiasinay@gmail com pacificacupuncture net Kratom org (970) 900-6194 kratom org/ Neuro Wellness Spa (508) 308-3930 emily@neurowellnessspa com

Nikki Velasco Mindset Coaching (818) 492-8410 nikki@thecoachnikki com www thecoachnikki com

Sameday Health (310) 796-6945 yvetteenrique@samedaytesting com http://samedayhealth com

Therabody Reset, LLC. (424) 369-4480 Yoga Loft (310) 372-7334 www yogaloftmb com


Montage Boutique Spa (310) 376-6711 MontageMB com

The NOW Massage South Bay (310) 455-6766 southbay@thenowmassage com www thenowmassage com/south-bay Surf School

Aqua Surf School (310) 902-7737 aquasurf com”


Carmen Castillo DDS (310) 546-4559 crmncastillo ops@gmail com carmencastillodds com

Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions (310) 340-6663

Manhattan Dental Care Studio (310) 546-4675 erickdmd@hotmail com www Mdentalcares com


Manhattan Dermatology - Ashley Magovern (310) 546-1188 www manhattan-dermatology com

Ocean Skin and Vein Institute (310) 546-7780 oceanskinandvein com

Medical Services

DR U HAIR AND SKIN CLINIC (310) 318-1500 dru com/

Exer Urgent Care 4242950540

josh weinstock@exerurgentcare com www exerurgentcare com

KAISER PERMANENTE (424) 251-7674 www kp org/southbay (310) 600-0466

info@listenmed com

Los Angeles Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy (323) 268-6731 www laent com

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance www2 providence org/torrance/pag es/default aspx

Torrance Memorial Medical Center (310) 325-9110 erin fiorito@tmmc com

UCLA Health Department of Medicine (424) 273-9870 jfolkert@mednet ucla edu www uclahealth org/SouthBay


Beach Cities Optometry 3103768975

beachcitiesoptometry@gmail com

LORI J. CLARK, OD (310) 546-4618 drlorijclark@gmail com www drlorijclark com/ ORTHODONTISTS

Beach Braces (310) 379-0006

drpanucci@beachbraces org beachbraces org

Gimlen Orthodontics (310) 545-6525

contactus@bracesbythesea com

Physical Therapy

Patty Brown Physical Therapy & Associates (310) 606-5664

pattybrownpt@gmail com www pattybrownpt com


Mark Costopoulos D.P.M. (310) 376-3668 mcostopoulosdpm@gmail com

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Jan 18th
and Your
Unity in the CommUNITY
Manhatta Out and About in MB! Friends you may Know!
Thank You Manhattan Village For Sponsoring our Holiday Mixer Extravaganza!
Jan 11th Homelessness
Business - Joslyn Center 9:00
Feb 2nd
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