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Mini Foam Vault Table with Pebble Fabric

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Vault Topper for Level 3 System

48" Floor Bar Pirouette Trainer

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Lil' Fluffy Mat

















Sit-up Incline

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Jogger Mat

Mancino Tumble Trainers

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Preschool Pit



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Black Gray Navy Royal Pool Forest Kelly Lime Purple Pink Red Burgundy Orange Yellow Tan White



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Stall Bar Pad

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Warrior Fitness Wavy Steps

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Warrior Fitness River Rocks Warrior Fitness River Log

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Wavy Steps Low Wedge

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Award Stand Podium

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Vaulting FOAM VAULT TRAINING TABLE 3 sections! Add or remove blocks to adjust height. Struggling to get another vault positioned in your gym? From return stations on the side, recreational vaults on floor and taking a vault to the next level over a pit, this foam table can help with it all. When the additional blocks are not in use, use them as spotting platforms to give you that needed height! * Removable competitive vault surface attaches with 2" hook fastener.

Set of 3 Connecting Pieces for Most Gyms Top Block 36"W x 46"L x 24"H Center Block 36"W x 46"L x 151/2"H Women’s Block 36"W x 46"L x 81/2"H PSB-FVTT3 $1,350.00 Add the fourth block Men’s Block 36"W x 46"L x 121/2"H PSB-FVTTM $350.00

Pebble Fabric Detail

Top Block Foam Construction

MINI FOAM VAULT TABLE The Mancino Mini Foam Vault trainer helps your little ones vault like star athletes! Sized at 20"H x 29"W x 35"L and filled with premium polyurethane foam, the top layer is .75" EVA polyethylene foam. We’ve added Hook Flaps to bottom 29" edges to grab your carpeted foam for extra stability. Your preschoolers will love the vault experience without the vault anxiety! Add height and versatility to the Mini Foam Vault Table with the new 12" thick base block. PSB-MFVT



Mini Foam Vault Table MFVT with Pebble Fabric Vault Table Base Mat

$349.00 $382.00 $227.00

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

MANCINO CUSTOM VAULT ANCHOR MATS Safety around any vault table in your gym. MMC-VAM12 12cm x 8' wide x 4' long MMC-VAM20 20cm x 8' wide x 4' long

$598.00 $650.00

Also Shown: Competition Landing Mats | Page 16

VAULT BOARD SAFETY ZONE Our Contoured Vault Safety Zone combines high density, high compression polyurethane foam with crosslinked polyethylene foam for vault safety. PSB-VSZN PSB-VSZF

20cm x 8"W, Non-Folding 20cm x 8"W, Folding

$305.00 $330.00



Our round-off entry mat provides great support to the athlete training Yurchenkos. With its non-slip, pebble fabric surface and 2" wide hook & loop tape around the perimeter, it's sure to help boost your athlete to a perfect 10!

Perfect for the USAG TOPS Program 12� hand placement corridor criteria. See page 29 for more info.


39.4" x 51.2" Mat shown above with center stripe (not shown)



12" x 39"


$165.00 $185.00

Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats





LEVEL 3 VAULT SYSTEM - The Original Our three-piece system consists of one (1) 32" x 5' x 10' lattice-style pit and two (2) each 8" x 5' x 10' skill cushions to provide the required 32", 40" and 48" vault/landing surfaces. Each top surface is screen printed with the required stripe. Our side strap attaching system and two inch hook and loop fastening system on the ends allows for safe and solid top stacking. We’ve chosen a slightly softer prime polyurethane foam filler for a more comfortable “flat back landing”. Use these versatile pieces separately throughout your gym! Available as a three mat system or sold individually. Your color choice! LEVEL3SET LEVEL3PIT LEVEL3MAT

Complete 3 Piece System $2,900.00 32" x 5' x 10' Pit with stripe $ 1,578.00 8” x 5’ x 10’ Skill Cushion with stripe $ 670.00

LEVEL 3 MINI SYSTEM - The Most Versatile These versatile components include two (2) 24" x 5' x 5' Mini-pits that will surely be valued all over the gym! The 5' x 5' mini pits attach securely together with a 4" hook and loop system on the top surface plus an additional 2" web strap along the bottom edge.

LEVEL3MINISYS 2 Pits and 1 Skill Cushion Mat $2,419.00 LEVEL3MINIPIT 2 Pits 24" x 5' x 5' one with stripe $1,766.00 LEVEL3MAT 8" x 5' x 10' Skill Cushion with stripe $670.00


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

LEVEL 3 TRAINER SYSTEM - New! This topper encourages athletes to train new vaults in a safe environment. The contoured edge has the same angle and slope as a vault table. With 2 lines of loop Velcro sewn to the mat, you can utilize this mat for Level 3 training as well by removing the vaulting surface. LEVEL3MAGSET LEVEL3PIT24 LEVEL3MAGTOP

(1) Pit and (1) Sloped Skill Cushion 24" x 5' x 10' Pit with stripe 8" x 5' x 10' Sloped Skill Cushion with pebble topper and stripe

$2,085.00 $1,375.00 $735.00

BASIC LEVEL 3 SYSTEM - The Most Economical It only takes two mats, (1) 24" x 5' x 10' lattice-style pit and one (1) 8" x 5' x 10' skill cushion, to provide the required 32", vault/ landing surfaces. Each top surface is screen-printed with the required stripe. Perfect for gyms that need a multipurpose vaulting and safety pit system but don't have the space (or budget) for a larger system. LEVEL3SET24 LEVEL3PIT24 LEVEL3MAT

(1) Pit and (1) Skill Cushion Mat 24" x 5' x 10' Pit with stripe 8" x 5' x 10' Skill Cushion with stripe

Order now at 1.800.338.6287

$1,950.00 $1,375.00 $ 670.00


Bars ‘CLUB’ UNEVEN STAND ALONE • For recreation programs and for training up to Level 7 • Stand-alone without cable tensioning • Quickly adjustable heights and widths • Built-in castors for easy breakdown • Floor anchors included for optional installation • High bar adjustable from 218 to 266cm, per 5cm • Low bar adjustable from 143 to 193cm, per 5cm • Assembled footprint is 9' x 12' Please Call to Place Order.

PARALLETTES Great for elevated push-ups and reverse dips. The Parallettes take pressure off of your wrists and allign them to help ease the applied stress. MMC-PAR12

12"L x 7"H


PIROUETTE TRAINER An innovative new way to introduce athletes to turning elements. It has a rounded space for the athlete’s hand as well as hook and loop tape to attach to any 7” high floor bar. PSB-CZPT

25"L x 13"W x 7"H


MANCINO FLOOR BAR This 4’ long 7” high graphite rail provides a great training station for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Chris Zimmerman Original


48"L x 7"H



MANCINO MOUNT BLOCKS Tired of always looking for a spring board or panel mat to help your munchkins reach the bar or mount the beam, say no more. Choose from our original Euro-style or go bigger with XL size. MMC-ESMB MMC-XLMT

20cm H x 20" W x 31" L 20cm H x 24" W x 48" L

$190.00 $215.00 XL


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

BAR PADS When flying high over the bar, or trying a new skill, everyone wants a little extra security. Made of a premium polyurethane and wrapped in a Cordura fabric, our bar pads fasten on the inside seam. Great for Uneven bars, Horizontal bars, and Parallel bars. (Sold Individually.) PSB-BARPAD

7" OD x 36" long


These 12" and 18" long polyethylene foam and vinyl covered pads provide added protection while developing skills on bars and offer a low profile that is less obstructive. PSB-BP12 31/4" OD x 13/8" ID x 12" long PSB-BP18 31/4" OD x 13/8" ID x 18"long PSB-BARPAD5 5-Piece Set

$26.00 $39.00 $239.00

Save on our 5 piece set - includes (2) PSB-BARPAD, (2) PSB-BP18, and (1) PSB-BP12

BAR PADS See page 29 for more info. SMBarPadSet

7"OD x 30" Length


MANCINO CHALK STAND The Mancino chalk stand has been engineered to prevent tipping when several athletes are huddled around getting chalked up for competition. The bucket is also easily removed to chalk up high bars or rings. MMC-CHKSTND


MANCINO GYM CHALK With every purchase of Mancino’s Gym Chalk, we will make a donation of 10% to the Fight Against Breast Cancer. Help support this extraordinary cause today! MMC-CHK36

Call or check online for current pricing and availability

8 each 2 oz blocks packed in 1lb. boxes and sold in a 36 lb. case

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Balance Beams

BEAM LEG PADS Your beam legs require proper padding to ensure safety. Sold in a set to pad one beam.

BEAM SAFETY WRAP See page 29 for more info. SMBEAMWRAP


60" Length



$295.00 per set

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

BEAM LEG BASE FILLER SYSTEM Protect your gymnasts from injuries resulting from landing on the base of the beam. This filler system will create a continuous, safe surface for your club’s beam station. Sold in a set (4 pieces) to protect both legs of a beam. MMC-BLF for 12cm CLMs MMC-BLF20 for 20cm CLMs

$325.00 $350.00

MANCINO SUEDE BEAM PAD Mancino suede beam pad allows your gymnasts to gain confidence with new beam skills. Perfect for series training! Covered in suede and featuring a non-slip, back fabric this pad is secured with 7 webbing straps. Available in two lengths–choose the perfect size for your program. MMC-SBP96 MMC-SBP54

96” long 54” long

$294.00 $187.00

MANCINO BEAM THROW MAT Our quilt-textured Beam Throw provides maximum shock absorption at a minimal thickness. The anti-slip backing makes “length-wise” or “width-wise” usage safe and secure. PSB-BT

36" x 52" $309.00

BEAM THROW MAT See page 29 for more info. SMBT


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats


36" x 52" $319.00



Floor Systems Black

Royal Blue








Our Free X and Cheer Flooring systems are manufactured with crosslinked polyethylene foam bonded to durable 26 oz. needle punch carpet to create the ultimate tumbling surface. Lightweight for easy portability, these rolls are perfect for all Gymnastics and Cheerleading programs.

This design is perfect for easy set-ups and tear-downs. The “Sliced/Flexible” design allows the rolls to lay flat, even after extended storage.

• Available in 13/8 " and 2" thicknesses • S ingle rolls are 6' x 42' with seven (7) rolls needed for a 42' x 42' gymnastics floor and nine (9) rolls needed for a 42' x 54' cheer floor. • C omplete floor systems include all 4" hook fastener needed for roll attaching. 13/8" Thick Standard or Sliced/Flexible Design Carpeted Rolls FX1150 Single Roll 6' x 42' $605.00 FX7150 Complete 42' x 42' Floor $4,235.00 FX9150 Complete 42' x 54' Floor $5,445.00 2" Thick Standard or Sliced/Flexible Design Carpeted Rolls FX1200 Single Roll 6' x 42' $770.00 FX7200 Complete 42' x 42' Floor $5,390.00 FX9200 Complete 42' x 54' Floor $6,930.00

CROSSLINKED POLYETHYLENE “FOAM ONLY” ROLLS & SHEETS Available in rolls and sheets. FR1150 13/8" x 6' x 42' $359.00 FR1200 2" x 6' x 42' $533.00 FS1150 13/8" x 6' x 12' $112.00 FS1200 2" x 6' x 12' $166.00

MANCINO VAULT RUNWAY TAPE Tired of DIY measuring tapes on your Vault Runway?

We digitally printed a bright yellow 2" wide measuring tape and sew 2" Wide Hook Tape to the back to make it the most visible and secure unit in our industry. You certainly won’t miss the “trip hazard” or constant re-adjustment and straightening of your present measuring tape.

VAULT RUNWAYS VR1383X84 13/8" x 3' x 84'



US Standard - 82'



Metric Markings - 25m



Order anytime at mancinomats.com

MANCINO SPRING FLOORS Ready to add some new “Spring” to your tumbling and cheer programs?

Our premium Baltic Birch, pre-assembled spring floor panels are easy to quickly install. Top your Mancino spring floor with our carpeted foam rolls for maximum performance and durability. Please contact us for detailed information and current pricing.

MANCINO SPRING FLOOR CORNER PADS This corner block system provides the extra protection your athletes deserve. With the same construction as a competition landing mat, Mancino corner blocks protect the corner and fit flush with the top of the spring floor deck to help prevent injuries. Call for pricing, custom graphics and colors.

Rutgers University

2016 Pink Invitational College Meet

Ursinus College

Penn State, SCSU, Temple, West Chester & West Virgina


Vinyl skirting is an inexpensive way to enhance your floor system. This product is sold by the linear foot, making it easy for you to order exactly what you need. Available in solid colors or let us design something special for your school!




Order now at 1.800.338.6287



Mens Equipment MANCINO PARALLEL BAR TRAINERS Parallel Bar Trainers are a versatile training aid. They can be used in your boys’ program to develop new skills with beginner and advanced athletes. The tri-color design with a distinctive yellow fabric band acts as a visual for the hand rails. Made with HDHC Foam, the tops and sides are laminated with 2" crosslinked polyethylene foam for years of solid performance. We’ve added Hook Flaps to bottom 48" edges to grab your carpeted foam for extra stability. Choose from two different sizes!


48"H x 24"W x 48"L 42"H x 30"W x 48"L

$1,395.00 $1,450.00

MANCINO POMMEL MAT SET • C ompetition mats made to premium Mancino quality • S et of 4 mats each measuring 10cm x 78" x 72" for an overall matted area of 12' x 13' • M ats are securely attached together with 4" hook and loop fastener system. • A ll mats have a 1 3/8 " Crosslinked Polyethylene foam topper for safe, secure landings MMC–PHMATSET

10cm x 12' x 13'

MANCINO PARALLEL BARS MAT SET • 20cm competition mat set made to premium Mancino quality, five (5) piece set • Coverage area is 15' x 16' • Mats are securely attached together with 4" hook and loop fastener system • All mats have a 13/8 " Crosslinked Polyethylene foam topper for safe, secure landings. MMC-PBMATSET


20cm x 15’ x 16’


Order anytime at mancinomats.com


COMPETITIVE MEN'S GYMNASTICS EQUIPMENT • As used in competition • Height adjustment per F.I.G. specifications • Great for all ages and levels Call for pricing.


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Competition Landing Mats COMPETITION LANDING MATS All Mancino Competition Landing Mats have been engineered to suit any training or competition need. All are manufactured to our exacting standards and feature “one-piece 18 oz. vinyl tops” (no heat-sealed seams), top foam layer of 13/8 " crosslinked polyethylene foam laminated to bottom polyurethane layer, double stitched top edge, wide 4" loop fasteners on mat widths and two inch polyester web handles for easy moving.

12cm Non-Folding 7512N102 7512N103 7512N104 7512N106 7512N108

12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm

x x x x x

6' x 12' 6' x 15.5' 7.5' x 5' 7.5' x 12' 7.5' x 15.5'

$704.00 $842.00 $382.00 $869.00 $1,046.00

12cm Folding 7512F10 7512F103 7512F105 7512F107 7512F111 7512F113 7512F115

112cm x 6' x 12' BF 12cm x 6' x 15.5' QF 12cm x 7.5 'x 12' BF 12cm x 7.5' x 15.5' QF 12cm x 8' x 12' BF 12cm x 8' x 15.5' QF 12cm x 8' x 18'-8" QF

QF = Quad-fold design BF = Bi-fold design * Anti Slip Bottom available - Call for details

MANCINO ATTACHING SYSTEM Eliminate stress to your mat seams with our “Hook and Loop” Attaching System.

$808.00 $966.00 $932.00 $1,231.00 $977.00 $1,310.00 $1,539.00

20cm Non-Folding 6020N702 6020N704 6020N706

$395.00 $405.00 $470.00

20cm Folding 6020F802 6020F804 6020F806 6020F808 6020F709

20cm 20cm 20cm 20cm 20cm

x x x x x

7.5' x 12' BF 7.5 'x 15.5' QF 8' x 12' BF 8' x 15.5' QF 8' x 18'-8" QF

** All Prices include hook and loop fasteners on the width edges – V2

ANTI-SLIP SHEET Prevent “mat slippage” landings with our Anti-Slip Sheet. This sheet is double-sided, providing you with the best slip protection possible. MMC-ANSS


20cm x 7.5' x 4' 20cm x 8' x 4' 20cm x 7.5' x 5'

52" x 118"


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

$1,114.00 $1,492.00 $1,190.00 $1,570.00 $1,831 .00

Quad-fold Competition Landing Mat

10CM (4") THROW MATS The perfect “topper” for safe landings. This versatile, “Mesh on Top” mat can be used on both sides and our Mesh Runway design insures seam quality. Foam core is 10 cm (4") of premium quality polyurethane.


4' x 8' 5' x 10' 7' x 10' 8' x 15' 8' x 15.5'

$319.00 $411.00 $641.00 $1,000.00 $1,150.00

*Anti-slip bottoms available. Call us for details.


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Landing Mats 4" Skill Cushion (4' x 8') 8" Skill Cushion (5' x 10') 12" Skill Cushion (6' x 12')

Handle Design

Top stitch for added durability

SKILL CUSHIONS – 4", 8", 12" Pick your perfect Skill Cushion! From 4", 8" and 12" we have a variety of sizes perfect for your every need. With our signature grade foam and premium vinyl, these work horses of the gym are great for competition dismounts, training, and overall safety of the athlete. When you've got to stick the landing, Mancino is there to help!

4” Skill Cushion LM44X6 LM44X8 LM45X10 LM46X12 LM47X10

4' x 6' 4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12' 7' x 10'

8" Skill Cushion $224.00 $266.00 $365.00 $546.00 $575.00

LM84X6 LM84X8 LM85X10 LM86X12 LM87X10

4' x 6' 4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12' 7' x 10'

12" Skill Cushion $342.00 $413.00 $598.00 $882.00 $854.00

LM124X6 LM124X8 LM125X10 LM126X12

*Anti-slip bottoms available. Call us for details.

All Mancino Skill Cushions feature: • Foam: 1.8 lb. in density x 60 I.L.D. polyurethane • Cover: 18 oz. premium vinyl-coated polyester • 2” Polyester web handles on all sides • Heavy duty #10 YKK‚ zipper


Mesh Panel Design

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

4' x 6' 4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$386.00 $489.00 $743.00 $1,054.00

Skill Cushions

FOLDING SKILL CUSHIONS Single Fold and Bi-Folding options add value and functionality to our skill cushions. Easier to store and transport, these mats fold into mini-landing-pits and provide safe landings throughout your gym. Make your Mancino Skill Cushions do double-duty! Single Fold Skill Cushions LM45X10SF LM46X12SF LM85X10SF LM86X12SF LM126X12SF

4" x 5' x 10' 4" x 6' x 12' 8" x 5' x 10' 8" x 6' x 12' 12" x 6' x 12'

$433.00 $ 645.00 $ 663.00 $ 905.00 $ 1,150.00

Bi-Fold Skill Cushions LM45X10BF LM46X12BF LM85X10BF LM86X12BF LM126X12BF

4" x 5' x 10' 4" x 6' x 12' 8" x 5' x 10' 8" x 6' x 12' 12" x 6' x 12'

$492.00 $690.00 $703.00 $1,011.00 $1,172.00

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Landing Mats

MANCINO SAFETY PITS The ultimate in safety, our latticework foam construction design is available in both 24" or 32" thickness. Can be placed into your in-ground pit or used above ground throughout your gym. Covered in premium 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester with improved Breather Mesh sides to allow for maximum air expulsion upon impact. Mesh top available upon request. Show your gym colors with your new Mancino pit!

SP245X5 24" x 5' x 5' SP245X8 24" x 5' x 8' SP245X10 24" x 5' x 10' SP246X12 24" x 6' x 12' SP247X12 24" x 7'6" x 12' SP248X12 24" x 8' x 12' SP248X16 24" x 8' x 16' SP325X10 32" x 5' x 10' SP326X12 32" x 6' x 12' SP327X12 32" x 7'6" x 12' SP328X12 32" x 8' x 12' SP328X16 32" x 8' x 16'

$710.00 $975.00 $1,310.00 $1,712.00 $2,088.00 $2,161.00 $2,819.00 $1,446.00 $2,131.00 $2,534.00 $2,618.00 $3,398.00

Call for non-standard size pricing.

24" x 5' x 5' Mini Pit Perfect for Cheer Programs, too!


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

MANCINO SOFTY MAT Need a softer landing for your students? Our custom formulated polyurethane foam creates the perfect “pillow soft” landing. Order more than one and we will add our custom attaching system at no additional charge. SM166x8 SM187X14

16" x 6' x 8' 18" x 7' x 14'

$985.00 $2,024.00

TUMBL TRAK LANDING MAT Designed to fit under the edge of a Tumbl Trak and attach to the base. This mat provides a great landing area for athletes. The custom formulated polyurethane foam creates the perfect “pillow soft” landing when training new skills. SM187X14

18" x 7' x 14'


Attaching system to Tumbl Trak


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Landing Mats

MANCINO FLUFFY MATS We have perfected the size, foam and fabric to offer the best Fluffy in our industry. Our Fluffys are great for releases on bars, timers on vault, or just jumping around! Slides with ease on competition landing mats and is easier to move than your standard pits. With a Mancino Fluffy, you will never fall "hard" again! FM1260x80 12" x 60" x 80" FM1260120 12" x 60" x 120"

$438.00 $605.00

MANCINO LIL' FLUFFY MAT Great for floor bar drills, vault timers, bar releases and when tighter training situations exist. LF860x60

8" x 60" x 60"


MANCINO STING MATS Our 2" thick “premium upholstery grade� foam filler provides extra cushioning. and allows for a softer yet deeper landing surface. The cover fabric consists of durable 14oz. denim, and the mat is still hand-tufted. This unique Mancino touch increases the life of the mat and keeps the foam from shifting inside the cover. MMC-SM/0 MMC-SM/1 MMC-SM/2 MMC-SM/3



2" x 40" x 60"


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

2" 2" 2" 2"

x x x x

40" x 40" 40" x 80" 60" x 120" 84" x 120"

$125.00 $225.00 $380.00 $525.00

Hedges Mancino Hedges keep the big kids from the little kids, the parents from the students, and… Integrate our Hedge designs into your training circuits and birthday party themes…the possibilities are endless. We’ve created a 4-layer, premium foam construction to ensure that our Hedges ‘stand up’ and perform! Sized at 26" high x 60" long x 6" thick, our hedges are portable and stackable! Hook & Loop attachers secure them to any carpet-bonded floor. Want to use your logo or design? Call us for details.


6" x 26" x 60" 6" x 26" x 60"

$239.00 $289.00









Want to use your logo or design? Call us for details!

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Core Fitness

CORE FITNESS SIT-UP INCLINE The Sit-up incline is a great way to protect your back and assist with sit-ups and other corestrengthening exercises. MMC-CFINC30

12"H x 30" x 30"

CORE FITNESS JOGGER MAT This Mancino Jogger mat is a great cardio machine alternative. This low-impact, high-resistance training mat is great for all athletes.



12"H x 48" x 48"


CORE FITNESS STALL BARS Core Fitness Stall Bars are fabricated in steel to maintain the rugged aesthetic of the "fitness box industry". They are 8’ high when installed and are extremely supportive for adults in all training settings and perfectly suited for any athlete! Gray wall board not included. CFSTALLBAR


STALL BARS PAD The Core Fitness Stall Bar Pad brings comfort to your workout. This pad keeps your back alligned while performing tasks like leg lifts and other core training. Call for graphic options. MMC-SBP

1.5" x 2' x 4'


CORE FITNESS PARALLETTES Great for elevated push-ups and reverse dips. The Parallettes take pressure off of your wrists and allign them to help ease the applied stress. MMC-PAR12


12"L x 7"H (pair)


Order anytime at mancinomats.com



The Core Fitness Parallel Bars are designed for basic gymnastics and fitness exercises. Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble and store, these P-Bars are perfect for strength training of all age groups. CFPBAR54B CFPBAR36

Base unit with 54”H rails Conversion rails to 36”H


$1,000.00 $180.00

TUMBL TRAK Everybody knows that Tumbl Traks are a great training aid for any gym. Tumbl Traks come in 10' sections. Please call for Pricing.

TUMBL TRAK TOP PADS Replace your fatigued and unsafe frame pads with bright and new padding in your color choice! Call for digital printing options and pricing. TTTOPPADS

10"W x 60'L

Call for pricing

TUMBL TRAK VINYL SKIRT AND PADDED SKIRT Bring some pizazz to your Tumbl Trak with our digital printed skirts! Add extra protection to your gym with padded skirts that come in 5' sections. Please call for customized designs, sizes and pricing. TTVINYLSKIRT TTPADDEDSKIRT

21" standard Tumbl Trak drop 21" standard Tumbl Trak drop

Order now at 1.800.338.6287

Call for pricing Call for pricing


Encouraging physical fitness and finding your inner warrior.

Available in Camo color combos shown at right or solid red/black combo



Springboards are expensive and the teams are always in need of them. Give your warriors a boost with the “Launchpad”. Made of Baltic Birch and 9 Palmer springs.

Based on our classic Unizoid, we narrowed the top to simulate a ledge for teaching warrior vaults!


30” x 30” Square


12” Top Width-24” Bottom Width x 30”L x 48H”



Also shown: Lil' Fluffy | Page 22

WARRIOR WAVY STEP The Wavy Steps are a great obstacle to help warriors navigate height changes as well as achieve their goals of reaching their next progression. WFWAVE

28"H x 56"L


Also shown: L il' Fluffy | Page 22 Core Fitness 36" P-Bars | Page 25

WARRIOR ANGLED DASH Our Angled Dashes are the best in the industry! Contoured and designed for max performance these “foam only” dash steps will test your warriors balance, agility and mental toughness! Sold individually or in sets of 4.



30” x 30” Set of 4



30" x 30 Single unit


Order anytime at mancinomats.com







WARRIOR FIRM-TOP INCLINE Not your average incline! Designed to take a beating, this incline has an X-link top with flat edge. Great for creating a warped wall in your gyms when combined with a Mancino Tower Block set. WFLP

36”W x 16”H x 60”L


Premium “Warrior-Tested”


Foam Grades!

Warriors need to practice their balance and agility. Both items can be used flat side up or down to accommodate all abilities. WFRIVERROCKS WFRIVERLOG

Set of 4 18"W x 6'L

$300.00 $212.00

All Pieces anchor securely to your carpetbonded foam

25" x 24"


30" x 18"

These octagonal stability mats are small in stature but pack a big punch when it comes to stability and firmness. Teach your warriors how to jump gaps, vault and more. WFOP25X18 WFOP30X12 WFOP25X24 WFOP30X18

25”W x 18”H 30”W x 12”H 25”W x 24”H 30”W X 18”H

$242.00 $251.00 $284.00 $318.00

30" x 12"

25" x 18"


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Shannon Miller Collection

Olympian Shannon Miller teams with Mancino to develop her product line with a purpose-"Training Tomorrow’s Legends".

BAR PADS The SM Bar Pads were one of the first products that Shannon wanted in her “Training Tomorrow’s Legends” Collection. After all, when you need to get fearless on the Uneven Bars – you need to make sure you have a little extra padding to help build your confidence. All foam and construction per the Mancino version but offered in a custom length and sold as a set. Set of two in Orange Cordura with SM logo. SMBarPadSet

7"OD x 30" Length


MINI STING MAT This Sting Mat is a great size for tumbling take-offs and for padding the bar for high to low releases. Works great as a side station entry mat for vaults. Tufted just like the denim Mancino version to maintain foam and cover quality. Orange Cordura with SM Logo. SMSTING


2" x 40" x 60"

Order anytime at mancinomats.com


BEAM SAFETY WRAP The Safety Wrap provides a secure 5 foot section of padded beam for softening up those landings. Great for flight series, new skills, leaps and jumps, and just providing that overall safety for the athletes. The web strap system ensures a tight fit to beam. Orange vinyl with SM Logo. SMBEAMWRAP

60" Length


SPOT BLOCK Coaches are always looking for something to hop up on to and spot their athlete. With the Shannon Miller Spot Block, coaches can easily position the block to aid in releases, help with handstands and assist free-hip circles. Pefect for beam spots, too. Orange vinyl with SM Logo. SMSPOTBLOCK1

16"H x 24"W x 30"L


VAULT ROUND-OFF TRAINER Yurchenkos are one of the hardest vaults to teach an athlete. The Shannon Miller collection features a customized Yurchenko entry mat designed for proper hand placement during the round-off entry. Many athletes cross their hand over during the round-off which can cause the athlete to loose crucial power during the vault. This 12" wide hand pad helps guide athletes in the proper hand placements during the entry to allow for maximum power. Perfect for the USAG TOPS Program 12� hand placement corridor criteria. Pebble fabric with SM logo. SMVRT

12" x 39"


BEAM THROW MAT When taking a new skill to the beam and training our future stars, be sure to pad those beams! Our Shannon Miller Beam Throw is perfect for back handsprings, standing tucks, flight series of all levels, and can even be used on uneven bars for high to low releases. Ivory quilted vinyl with SM Logo. SMBT

36" x 52"


Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Folding Mats STANDARD TUMBLING MATS 1 3/8" THICK - 2' PANELS • 13/8 " crosslinked polyethylene foam filler • 2' wide panel design, accordion style fold every 2' • 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester surface • 2" Hook and Loop (H&L) fasteners standard on ends only or all four sides • Available in multicolor design, one solid or two contrasting colors H & L - 2 Ends 402V4X6 402V4X8 402V4X10 402V4X12 402V5X8 402V5X10 402V6X12

4' x 6' 4' x 8' 4' x 10' 4' x 12' 5' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

H & L - 4 Sides $140.00 $183.00 $228.00 $274.00 $219.00 $274.00 $382.00

402V44X6 402V44X8 402V44X10 402V44X12 402V45X8 402V45X10 402V46X12

4' x 6' 4' x 8' 4' x 10' 4' x 12' 5' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$164.00 $202.00 $253.00 $303.00 $254.00 $317.00 $425.00

STANDARD TUMBLING MATS 1 3/8" THICK - 1' PANELS • 13/8 " crosslinked polyethylene foam filler • 1' wide panel design, accordion style fold every 2' • 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester surface • 2" Hook and Loop (H&L) fasteners standard on ends only or all four sides • Available in multicolor design, one solid or two contrasting colors H & L - 4 Sides

H & L - 2 Ends 401V4X4 401V4X6 401V4X8 401V5X8 401V5X10 401V6X4 401V6X12

4' x 4' 4' x 6' 4' x 8' 5' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 4' 6' x 12'

$116.00 $175.00 $227.00 $266.00 $316.00 $171.00 $465.00

401V44X4 401V44X6 401V44X8 401V45X8 401V45X10 401V46X4 401V46X12

4' x 4' 4' x 6' 4' x 8' 5' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 4' 6' x 12'

$133.00 $197.00 $256.00 $307.00 $382.00 $198.00 $508.00

1 foot panels


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

Which Mancino Mat is right for you? STANDARD The most popular mat used in gymnastics, cheer and martial arts schools today! Firm protection at an affordable price.

DELUXE Perfect for larger, heavier gymnasts and cheer groups where extra thickness means extra shock absorption and durability.

PREMIUM Our best performer for maximum spring and shock absorption over the entire life of the mat. The foam combination makes the difference.

EDUCATOR Thicker with a 1" softer top surface to protect preschoolers’ knees, elbows and bottoms! Also great for gymnasts learning new skills and special needs settings.

2 foot panels

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Folding Mats PREMIUM TUMBLING MATS 2" THICK Superior Spring Action - A Mancino Exclusive

Mancino Premium and Deluxe mats are perfect for Martial Arts Programs.

• 2 layers of crosslinked polyethylene foam • Top layer - 13/8 " crosslinked polyethylene foam filler • Bottom layer - 3/4" aerobic EVA-type polyethylene • 2" Hook and Loop fasteners standard on ends only or all four sides • Available in multicolor design, one solid or two contrasting colors • 2' wide panel design, accordion style fold every 2' • 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester surface H & L - 2 Ends 102V4X8 102V5X10 102V6X12

4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$221.00 $348.00 $482.00

H & L - 4 Sides 102V44X8 102V45X10 102V46X12

4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$253.00 $392.00 $526.00

EDUCATOR MATS COMBO FOAM 2 3/8" THICK • Two layers of foam for a total thickness of 23/8 " • Bottom layer—1


" crosslinked polyethylene foam

• Top layer—1" prime polyurethane foam • Accordion style fold every 2', 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester surface • 2" Hook and Loop fasteners standard on ends only or all four sides • Available in one solid or two contrasting colors H & L - 2 Ends 924V4X8 924V5X10 924V6X12


4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

H & L - 4 Sides $212.00 $330.00 $454.00

924V44X8 924V45X10 924V46X12

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$235.00 $371.00 $498.00

DELUXE TUMBLING MATS 2" THICK • 2" crosslinked polyethylene foam filler • Covered in premium 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester • 2' wide panel design, accordion style fold every 2' • 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester surface • 2 " Hook and Loop fasteners standard on ends only or all four sides H & L - 2 Ends 202V4X8 202V5X10 202V6X12

4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$203.00 $307.00 $427.00

H & L - 4 Sides 202v44x8 202v45x10 202v46x12

4' x 8' 5' x 10' 6' x 12'

$225.00 $348.00 $485.00

Also Shown: 36 x 72 Folding Incline | Page 39


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Tower Block Sets
















Order anytime at mancinomats.com

MANCINO TOWER BLOCK SETS These multi-piece, versatile Tower Block Sets are designed to meet multiple needs in the gym. Use individually as Spotting Blocks, Parallel Bar Blocks and pre-school learning aids. Our secure attaching system allows for advanced training progressions. Great for creating that "tunnel bar" for athletes learning long hang pullovers, front/back giants, blind changes, and many more! Premium Mancino construction includes crosslinked polyethylene foam for stability and reinforcement. MMC-TOWER1 - 12 pieces includes: 4 ea 12"H x 34"W x 52"L 4 ea 24"H x 34"W x 52"L 4 ea 48"H x 34"W x 52"L *7' Assembled Height




MMC-TOWER2 - 4 pieces includes: 2 ea 24"H x 30"W x 72"L 2 ea 48"H x 30"W x 72"L *6' Assembled Height





Order now at 1.800.338.6287



Training Shapes Progressive Skill Builders MANCINO UNIZOIDS Back by popular demand! Our solid trapezoid pieces – Unizoids - will fast become the favorite Mancino Progressive Skill Builder shapes in your gym. Why pay the extra price for sectional trapezoid hook and loop attachments and stackable feature upgrades if you never take them apart ? Perfect for recreational vaulting, preschool circuits and "ninja" activities! The “flared” trapezoid base ensures sturdiness, and our premium foam combination with a 2” crosslinked polyethylene top surface endures years of heavy use in your gym. Covered in 18 oz vinyl coated polyester in our color selection as shown below. PSB-UZ12 PSB-UZ24 PSB-UZ36 PSB-UZ48

16”-20” W X 12” H X 48” L 16”-24” W X 24” H X 48” L 16”-30” W X 36” H X 48” L 16"-36” W X 48” H X 48” L

$195.00 $387.00 $555.00 $671.00





MANCINO TRAPEZOIDS & BABYZOIDS New "POP" color combo! Our “traps” are the best on the market due to our New HDHC Base Foam and exclusive crosslinked polyethylene individual section construction. The set is multi-colored with a 2" hook and loop system.

*Also available in Red/Royal/Yellow/Green Combo.



36"W x 48"L x 48"H (4 sections, each 12"H)



30”W x 36"L x 36"H (3 sections, each 12"H)


Order anytime at mancinomats.com







MANCINO SPOTTING BLOCKS We like to give you options, especially with such adaptable aids as Spotting Blocks. Our 7 sizes offer lots of options! Made with HDHC Foam, the tops and ends are laminated with 2" crosslinked polyethylene foam for years of solid performance.** We’ve added an additional rib of crosslinked polyethylene foam to the center of the three larger sized blocks for additional support and longevity. Colors as shown. PSB-SB/0 PSB-SB/1 PSB-SB/2 PSB-SB/3 PSB-SB/4 * PSB-SB/5 * PSB-SB/6

24"W 24"W 24"W 24"W 36"W 48"W 24"W

x x x x x x x

36"L x 16"H 48"L x 16"H 60"L x 20"H 72"L x 24"H 48"L x 24"H 72"L x 20"H 60"L x 30"H

**PSB-SB/3 Foam Construction

$215.00 $277.00 $373.00 $572.00 $505.00 $539.00 $1,095.00

Need a custom size? No problem! Call us with your specific requirements.

SPOT BLOCK See page 29 for more info. SMSPOTBLOCK

Order now at 1.800.338.6287

116"H x 24"W x 30"L



Training Shapes Progressive Skill Builders MANCINO INCLINES Mancino Inclines are the most functional and versatile Progressive Skill Building Shapes for your gym program. They are an excellent way to teach and reinforce good habits and proper execution of many gymnastics and cheer exercises. Order in one solid or two contrasting colors. PSB-24 PSB-36 PSB-48 PSB-48LX PSB-60


24"W x 48"L x 14"H 36"W x 72"L x 16"H 48"W x 72"L x 16"H 48"W x 84"L x 18"H 60"W x 84"L x 18"H

$148.00 $274.00 $332.00 $441.00 $518.00






FIRM TOP INCLINES Need a firm top surface on your incline for vaulting drills and flip flops? Our crosslinked polyethylene makes the difference. Our large 5' x 10' Folding Incline with firm topper is perfect for varsity cheer training! PSB-48E PSB-6010E


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

48"W x 72" Non-folding 60"W x 120" Folding

$401.00 $1,065.00


MANCINO FOLDING INCLINES Mancino’s folding inclines are designed for versatility and portability. Our large PSB-6010 and PSB-7212 versions allow for consecutive moves and transform into firm mini-pits or spotting tables. Order in one solid or two contrasting colors.


Unfolded 24"W x 48"L x 14" Folded 24"W x 24"L x 16"H



Unfolded 28"W x 72"L x 16" Folded 28"W x 36"L x 18"



Unfolded 30"W x 60"L x 16" Folded 30"W x 30"L x 18"H



Unfolded 36"W x 72"L x 16" Folded 36"W x 36"L x 18"H



Unfolded 48"W x 72"L x 16" Folded 48"W x 36"L x 18"H



Unfolded 60"W x 84"L x 18" Folded 60"W x 42"L x 20"H



Unfolded 60"W x 120"L x 22" Folded 60"W x 60"L x 24"H



Unfolded 72"W x 144"L x 22" Folded 72"W x 72"L x 24"H




Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Training Shapes Progressive Skill Builders

MANCINO OCTAGONS Octagons are some of the most versatile equipment a gym can have! Utilize these Progressive Skill Builders to train for every event. Great for back handsprings, front handsprings, and walkovers on floor. A great training tool for bars as well. Improve your cast hands, pirouettes and free hips all utilizing a trusted Mancino Octagon. Choose one solid or two contrasting colors. PSB-1524 PSB-2028 PSB-2530 PSB-3036 PSB-3540 PSB-4040

15"W x 24"L x 15"H 20"W x 28"L x 20"H 25"W x 30"L x 25"H 30"W x 36"L x 30"H 35"W x 40"L x 35"H 40"W x 40"L x 40"H


$124.00 $184.00 $253.00 $417.00 $449.00 $581.00

MancinoMatsCoInc For more octagon ideas check out our YouTube channel.






Order anytime at mancinomats.com


MANCINO HANDSPRING TRAINER The newest addition to the Progressive Skill Builder line! Great for teaching tumbling skills to kids of all ages and sizes. Best quality and best prices! PSB-BHT2530 PSB-BHT3030 PSB-BHT3035

30"W x 25"H 30"W x 30"H 30"W x 35"H

$252.00 $330.00 $420.00





*Mancino Rotellas still available online.

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


Training Shapes Progressive Skill Builders PRESCHOOL PIT A portable pit for any preschool area without the hassle of digging. Pits are free-standing and designed to for your specific needs. Walls lock to one another with inside and outside Hook and Loop fastening system. Please call for customized sizing and graphics. (Pit foam cubes sold separately. 4” cubes recommended) INCLUDES: (4) Side Walls at 10" thick x 36"H x 72"L (1) End Wall at 10" thick x 36"Hz x 52"L (1) Platform Block at 36"H x 36"W x 72"L (1) Vinyl Floor Cover Hook & Loop Attaching Strips MMC-PPSET

As shown: 6' x 15' Footprint


Also Available: Wavy Step | Page 44

MANCINO BALL POOL An exciting treat for the little ones and always a birthday party favorite, pick the best Mancino Ball Pool size for your space. Our sturdy 28" high walls are 10" thick and filled with a “three foam combination construction” for stability and easy set up. Walls lock to one another with inside and outside Hook and Loop fastening system. Each set includes: 4 each ball pool walls, 4 each inside attaching strips and 1 each bottom vinyl floor cover. Balls not included.





57" x 57" 85" x 85" 114" x 114"

37" x 37" 65" x 65" 94" x 94"

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

$ 896.00 $ 1,235.00 $1,559.00

42"H Solid Color Preschool Pit Roth's CrossPoint Gymnastics - Boothwyn, PA

36"H Custom Graphics Preschool Pit Centre Elite Gymnastics - State College, PA


Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Progressive Skill Builders PSB-SS5V



WAVY STEPS, 5-STEP & LOW WEDGE Mix-N-Match Fun! Teach your preschoolers to climb with 3 great Mancino training shapes! The 5-step is our traditional soft step, great for climbing or getting up to higher surfaces. Wavy Steps are a new stair type great for little climbers. The Low Wedge is great as a small slide or incline for teaching little rolls. All 3 items have loop Velcro on the top and can be attached. (Sold separately.) PSB-WS28 PSB-LWV PSB-SS5V

28”W x 28”H x 56”L 28”W x 28”H x 56”L 28”W x 28”H x 56”L

Top Attachment

$476.00 $378.00 $434.00

AWARD STAND PODIUM We take two Mancino 5-Steps and attached them with hook and loop tape for a secure and tight fit to make a fun and colorful medal stand! "Place Stickers" can be removed and reused with ease. Your choice of 6 Place Stickers in top 3 Medals or all Pop colors.



(2) 28”W x 28”H x 56”L (Stickers included)


SETS ONLY 1 through 6 Pop Stickers 1 through 3 Medal Colors, 4 through 6 Pop Colors


$56.00 $56.00

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

OCTAGONAL DONUTS For activities as limitless as your imagination. Use for pre-school circuits and team training drills. Mancino’s Octagonal Donuts are filled with high compression polyurethane foam and equipped with polyester web handles. PSB-1452 PSB-2054 PSB-3060

14"H x 52" Diameter 20"H x 54" Diameter 30"H x 60" Diameter

$483.00 $698.00 $936.00

DONUT HALVES Half the donut can be twice as useful for tumbling and walkover practice, rocking and balance exercises, seesawing, and crawling. Mancino Donut Halves securely attach with Hook and Loop tapes. Our premium foam grade makes the difference. Please choose one solid or 2-3 contrasting colors. PSB-5218

18"H x 52" diameter

Order now at 1.800.338.6287



Progressive Skill Builders

MANCINO STEP AND WEDGE SETS Our Step and Wedge sets help students develop motor skills while having fun. Incline can be used as a “mini” sliding area. Hook and Loop strips secure pieces together for play as one unit. Available in one solid color or two contrasting colors. PSB-SW Step: 56"L x 28"W x 28"H Wedge: 56"L x 28"W x 28"H $812.00 PSB-SWM Step: 22"L x 24"W x 14"H Wedge: 48"L x 24"W x 14"H $326.00

MANCINO SOFTSTEPS When it comes to mounting beams, reaching the top of an incline, and even getting a drink, our Softsteps give pre-schoolers the support and height they need to conquer any obstacle. Our foam makes the difference! Available in one solid color or two contrasting colors. PSB-SS/2 PSB-SS/3 PSB-SS/5


24"W x 14"H x 22"L 24"W x 21"H x 33"L 28”W x 28”H x 56”L

$164.00 $234.00 $423.00

Order anytime at mancinomats.com

PRE-SCHOOL TRAINING BAR Light, freestanding and great for all little ones, the Mancino Training Bar combines a great training aid along with affordability. This bar has a 1" rail (laminated in wood) and adjusts from 32" to 48". With our "pop and lock" system, adjusting is a breeze. PSB-PTB


Also Shown: P SB-20" x 28" Octagon | Page 40 Euro-Style Mount Block | Page 8 4" Skill Cushion | Page 18

MANCINO MAILBOX A favorite among the Progressive Skill Builders, the Mancino Mailbox will contribute fun to your program. Have your preschoolers use their muscles by simply climbing over it, or set it up as a drill on floor to teach your lower level compulsories a Dive Roll. PSB-MB

16" x 36" x 20"H



Order now atmancino_mats 1.800.338.6287/mancinomats




Progressive Skill Builders MANCINO SUEDE BEAM Perfect for your preschoolers, developmental athletes and for training new skills to your mid-level gymnast. We suggest using a 4' x 12' folding mat (see page 30) under the beam for added safety. PSB-SB8

8'L x 7"H x 4"W


MANCINO VINYL BEAM STRIPS Perfect for quick balance drills and directional movement in every gym program. These strips are 4" wide with hook fastener tape on back for quick attachment to your Carpeted Floor. Sold in sets of 4. Choose from two color set options. PSB-VBSP PSB-VBSPOP

4 each in primary colors 4 each in “pop” colors

$75.00 $75.00



Our lightweight and portable Training Beam is perfect for developing beam and motor skills. Your Team Kids will appreciate the extra width when learning new beam tricks! Various factory selected colors.

This two-in-one design is a preschool mat that folds into a crawl-through cube for a variety of activities. Multicolor design.


6" to 18"W x 8"H x 6'L


2'x 8' (flat), 2 sq. ft. (cube)


Also Shown: 401V4X8


Order anytime at mancinomats.com


MANCINO CARTWHEEL-INATOR A wonderful tool for any class program. This 12" x 36" with 8" peak block is a fun way to introduce students to cartwheels. Perfect for circuits and skill training for all ages! PSB-CART

36"L x 12"W x 8" Peak


MANCINO CARTWHEEL MAT Our original design! Use to teach left-handed and right handed cartwheels. Factory color choice. Pack of four also available. PSB-CWM 11/4" x 2' x 6' PSB-CWM4 11/4" x 2' x 6'

$59.00 $210.00

CATNASTICS MATS The Mancino Catnastic Mats speak for themselves. Just add to your circuit or obstacle course and the picture on each mat will remind the gymnast how to do the skill! Use them individually or all at once! Sold in 6 piece sets only. PSB-CAT 1 1/2" x 2' x 4'

Order now at 1.800.338.6287



Wall Padding

WALL PADDING Mancino Wall Padding adds that extra margin of safety and protection against wall crash injuries in the gymnasium, wrestling room, multi-purpose room and any environments requiring wall cushioning. Custom fabricated column and corner pads complete your padding project. Call our office and speak to our wall padding specialists.

Little League World Series Museum- Williamsport, PA




Mancino’s unique channel design wraps around the face and edges of the I-Beam. This safety pad is made of 3" thick polyurethane foam and is covered in our durable 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Call us for pricing.

Mancino designed these pads for protection around large pilasters— round, square or rectangular. These pads are custom manufactured to your specific size requirements. Call us for pricing.

Preformed to fit easily around posts, these pads are constructed of contour cut polyurethane foam and covered our durable 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester for both indoor and outdoor use. Call us for pricing.


Order anytime at mancinomats.com

REMOVABLE WALL PADDING Perfect protection for your Tumbl Trak area! Our Removable Wall Padding adds security and peace-ofmind when your gymnasts are practicing. Can be used as floor mats! Call for graphics and pricing options.

Mancino Terms & Conditions Ordering Information: To order high quality safety and training products from Mancino-call, fax, or email our factory for direct sales assistance. Use the model numbers, sizes, and color selections provided in this catalog to ensure accuracy. VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card are accepted. Our sales people are ready to assist you. Order anytime at mancinomats.com. Acceptance of Orders: All verbal orders, purchase orders and contracts are subject to acceptance by Mancino Manufacturing Co., Inc. It is understood that the installation, assembly and/or use of items is the responsibility of the buyer or user. Mancino Manufacturing Co., Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for personal injury or property damage incurred through the use of purchased items. Returned Goods: No returns are accepted unless authorized in writing by Mancino Manufacturing Co., Inc. The purchaser will pay all freight charges. A re-stocking fee of 20% will apply to refunds and/or account credits. Guarantee / Warranty: We are confident in the ability of our products to stand up to the demands of your application. Each is unconditionally guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Because we cannot control the individual use of our products, the user will assume all risk of personal injury when using any item listed in this catalog. Product damage caused by misuse or extreme use is not covered under warranty.

Prices: All prices are FOB shipping point and are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise notified, products ship from Lansdale, PA 19446. Warnings: All products contained herein are intended for use by properly trained and qualified participants in supervised conditions. Please know the limitations of your teachers and students and follow proper progressive learning techniques. Consult your USA Gymnastics Safety Manual for guidelines on matting requirements for equipment and safety certification. Mancino Manufacturing Co., Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for personal injury or property damage incurred through the use of purchased items. Mancino products are not toys. Any activity involving motion, height, or rotation may cause serious injury. These products are intended for the use of properly informed participants under the supervision of qualified trained professionals. Always consult an instructor before use, and check for proper mat positioning before each activity. Always know your physical limitations, and the limits of the equipment. Always avoid head and/or neck landings. Do not use this product if defects in cover or foam are evident. In accordance with Section 1. (b) of California Proposition 65 please be advised of the following warning: This product may contain chemicals know to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. *Prices effective through December 31, 2016 although subject to change without notice.

Order now at 1.800.338.6287


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