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Every three years Windwhistle’s whole School participates in a term of learning, focussed on ANZAC. This is to ensure the children have a thorough understanding of ANZAC and the sacrifice many made, and continue to make, to ensure we have the freedom we are so accustomed to, today. Throughout the term the children work towards preparing a full ANZAC service, including inviting members of our RSA and armed services. Children and their whanau sell poppies in the lead up to the day and present a donation to the local RSA.

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Thursday 18th April 2019

Armed services representatives and Windwhistle School pupils at the service.

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The Pork Pie Charity Run which takes place at Easter has been changed slightly this year because of the bridge wipe out in Westland. Many entrants have chosen to now spend two nights in Christchurch before heading down to Invercargill through the middle of the South Island. This leaves a reduced number going through Arthur’s Pass to the Coast having made that late decision now the washed-out bridge has been replaced. Brick (Wayne Wayne Boyes of Darfield) and Beef (John John Elstob, Elstob ex Darfield, now Hamilton) will take the two days in Christchurch option, and come out to Darfield on their lay day. Anyone wanting photos can catch the pair in the Darfield Hotel car park, mid-morning on Monday, April 22nd. It’s an opportunity to support Brick and Beef and take some photos with the Mini. The car has just had its sponsor wrap completed and is pictured here with John Elstob (Beef).

WEST MELTON KINDERGARTEN & NURSERY LTD Next to West Melton Shopping Centre ECE 20 HOURS are FREE! WINZ subsidies available Before & After School Programme

Phone: 03 347 4132 Spacious outside grassed environment Bike Track / Qualified ECE Teachers Low Ratios

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Thursday 18th April 2019

When a totally destructive fire began in the middle of the day, on May 28th, 1986, it spelt the end of the Gnomes Ski Hire building, which was housed in the old PGG/Charles’ Trading Post building on the corner of Bray Street and South Terrace. Folk from around the township came to assist and rescue stock, which they did; ironically

on display were only single skiboots and single skis - their partners incinerated in the stockroom at the back of the building. Needless to say the Disabled Skiers Association was pleased to receive a large quantity of brand-new single items of hardware! The Gnomes Ski business, keen to continue, then moved a

disused Church from around the over the past couple of weeks. repurposing. The site is to be corner on Ross Street to the Sadly there would appear to be developed for the occupation of South Terrace site. Rosters of little left of the building for PGG Wrightson. keen skiers in the area assisted with labour and provided appreciated skills to ensure the ‘new’ building was fit for purpose and that Gnomes could get back underway. It has occupied the main street site for 34 years, until it met its demise

In the middle of the day - May 28th, 1986 the building that housed Gnomes Ski Shop on the corner of Bray Street and South Terrace, Darfield, burnt down. The Brigade was quick to respond, as were locals that assisted - but very little was able to be saved.

Left: the disused church on Ross Street, Darfield that was upgraded and turned into the new premises for the Ski Shop before being transported down the street and relocated to the site of the old burnt out building.

Left: Mid 1986 the building is onsite and getting readied for occupation. Gnomes as it was - snowfall in June 2012.

End of an era - going, going gone - the 34 year tenure of the Gnomes building has ended and the building has gone!

Thursday 18th April 2019

When Gnomes Snow Shop made its move to their new location it saw the business elevated to a whole new level enjoying a huge surge in turnover and dramatically increased customer numbers. “The work load has just become too much for a husband and wife team,” reported business co-owners Ally and Leith Kerr. Kerr “So after much discussion and being fortunate to find the right candidate for the proposal, we have offered a minority partnership to Andrew Bellanti, Bellanti who is a much valued staff member.” Andrew has been with Gnomes for two seasons and in that time Leith and Ally explained that he had shown them, and the company, a solid commitment, along with a passion for the industry. “In my opinion,” Ally said, “a vested interest tends to yield great results and as a team it keeps all three directors on the same page with a uniform vision for the future, working and striving towards growth and attainable goals for the business.” Roles at Gnomes Alpine Sports have been evolving over the past two seasons, Ally heads finance and marketing, Leith looks after HR (the Store now employs up to twelve staff) plus organises appropriate visas for any overseas workers required, and Andrew will head sales and purchasing. “During the main part of the season we are all customer focussed and it’s this team of three that have the technical knowledge required for successful sales etc,” Leith and Ally said. New to the ownership team, 23 year old Andrew grew up in Milford, Michigan, USA and has recently completely his Bachelor of Business Administration, focussing on supply chain management. Andrew is the middle child of five boys who were all home schooled, and he learnt to ski in his home state as a family, as well as vacations ‘out west’ (Colorado). Andrew commented that he enjoys living in Darfield and as one of his interests, other than skiing, is mountain biking, the

area has plenty of terrain to accommodate this. “I approached Gnomes for a job while I was in the States,” Andrew said, “and I arrived here in April 2017. I recently completed a season in Alaska working as a ski boot fitter for a leading retailer, but I enjoy this area as it’s so close to the mountains and the ocean. It’s the perfect place to live to enjoy outdoor activities.” Leith and Ally concluded, “we are very pleased to have Andrew on board and look forward to an exciting future as business partners, as well as friendship.”

It’s that time of the year again when Gnomes Alpine Sports, In Darfield, holds its massive preseason sale. It’s a sale that’s looked forward to by many a keen skier/boarder because of the outstanding bargains to be found on quality equipment. Initially planned as an expedient method of quitting rental stock to ensure the business had new up-to-date equipment always for hire, the annual sale has now become something of a stand-alone

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L to R: Andrew Bellanti, Ally & Leith Kerr of Gnomes Alpine Sports with the youngest member of the team 3½year old Brockton Kerr - who is already looking forward to another season up the mountain.

event. This year’s sale takes place from Friday, April 26th for three days only and attracts skiers from all over Canterbury and even beyond (there’s a regular contingent from the West Coast who attend). “The sale has grown each year since we purchased the business thirteen years ago, and we don’t envisage this year being any different,” Gnomes co -owner Ally Kerr said. “It really is a great way to get

kitted out for the slopes at reduced prices, either by purchasing ex-rental ski and snowboard gear at super low prices, or previous season retail stock all heavily reduced,” he added. “With recent snowfalls and southerly weather patterns hitting the Alps over the past couple of months it’s shaping up to be a promising season,” Ally commented. Gnomes reputation for outstanding service, top-

quality hire and a boot fitting service second to none, make them a destination choice for skiers from all over New Zealand, as well as tourists from abroad. Darfield is fortunate to have the business, located in purpose built premises on the main street, in its midst as it brings passersby and visitors to the township, along with their business dollars.

See the advertisement in this issue for full sale details.

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Thursday 18th April 2019 Darfield Village Meats would like to thank you for your support since opening.

Porterhouse Steak

$25.99kg Your Local Craft Butcher!

Call to schedule your home kill today

35 South Terrace, Darfield | Ph 03 925 8956 Hrs: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 6pm, Sat 8:30am - 12noon

‘Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Specialists!’

Brian & Rose Walker SPIDERS & WHITE TAILS

0800 667 778


By Lucinda Jarvis. raised in a safe environment owned it in days gone by. Darfield Village Meats has officially opened its doors with co-owners Matthew Rovers and Blair Wards commenting that so far the business has exceeded their expectations. “We really weren’t sure what to expect,” the pair commented, “seeing as the Shop hadn’t been operating for a while.” Both Matthew and Blair felt Darfield needed a Butcher’s shop and they figured together they could make it a reality. Blair and his family, wife Melissa who works at Darfield Dental and their two boys Cash and Steele, moved back to New Zealand about fifteen months ago from the US, where Blair had been playing rugby. The move home to New Zealand for the Wards was an easy one as they wanted their children to be

and for them to get to know and spend time with extended family. Blair, who was raised in West Melton, initially completed his Butchery apprenticeship at Countdown after an opportunity to do so presented itself while he was in after-school employment at Prebbleton Butchery. Twenty three years ago he also worked at the same Butcher’s Shop he now coowns! The Wards’ family like to ski and both Cash and Steele play rugby league for the Rolleston Warriors. Matthew moved to Darfield four years ago and his partner Cathryn is from the area. They have a son Harry and a very new baby, Zac. Zac Cathryn’s family also has history with the Butcher’s shop with her great uncle Jonny Creamer having

‘Owned and operated FREE QUOTES in Darfield since 2008’ We do NOT Tele-market!

Matthew describes himself as an avid hunter and also has a love for classic cars. Both Matthew and Blair want to provide good quality meat with great customer service. They also provide a homekill service and Blair is planning to introduce a variety of American style cuts. He’s already producing the famous American buffalo wings, using Franks buffalo sauce from America. Matthew and Blair are very proud to be continuing the one hundred plus, years of tradition behind a Butcher’s shop in Darfield and look forward to making the acquaintance of current, past and future customers.

See advertisement in this issue for more details about Darfield Village Meats.

(L-R) Darfield Village Meats’ co-owners Matthew Rovers and Blair Wards outside their shop.

62 SOUTH TERRACE, DARFIELD PH 03 318 7450 FAX 03 318 7451



Monday 29th April At the very latest!

This is the final chance to visit Terrace Station’s heritage garden this autumn and view the changing nature of the woods and gardens. Falling autumn leaves and final showings of roses, other shrubs and flowers will enchant. There’s also the chance to wander through the woodland walkway with its majestic tall trees. The converted summer house, the Hutch, has a fascinating display of old garden and farm tools. Children’s activities will be available and there will be

woodland plants for sale. Entry is $5 and children’s entry is free. “Please bring a picnic to enjoy on the lawn, but leave dogs at home,” say event organisers. Terrace Station will be signposted from the Hororata roundabout and at Milnes Road.


Sunday 28th April, 11am - 3pm

Thursday 18th April 2019

After being snowed out and then flooded out one would imagine organisers of Sheffield’s biennial Ball may have shied away from a third event. But no they’re working on the theory of third time lucky and planning is well underway for their forthcoming Black Tie Ball. The event will raise funds toward a new playground at Sheffield Primary School and the PTA/Ball committee are hopeful of a sell-out attendance and no adverse weather to thwart arrangements. “Despite the weather's best attempts to dampen our spirits in the past, this event still stands as one of our favourites and is always a sell-out,” explained committee member Kerri Booth. Booth

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“Black Tie engenders glitz and glamour and it’s a great opportunity to get dressed-up and embrace the theme,” Kerri added. “We are always humbled by the support we get at this event from surrounding communities,”

she said. “Groups from Oxford, West Melton and Kirwee show up in full force for a good night and to support our School. We so hope they will do the same again, as our committee has really worked hard to turn on a great night.”

Sheffield School’s PTA/Ball Committee at their previous event Red Carpet Ball, two year’s ago. L to R: Donna Hamilton, Alice Greenwood, Ruth Jennings, Rhonda Molloy, Leeza Van der Salm, Helene Kelly, Sarah Wright, Lu Wengler, Kerri Booth, Tash Jones, Nick Pratt. The same team is organising this year’s Black Tie Ball.

Closed Sat 4th May With Easter This weekend and all the chocolatey goodies that we may partake in, it was good timing for me to be at an advanced skin training with ‘La Clinica’ skin company last week. We had a big focus on how sugar affects our skin in relation to not only acne and problematic breakouts, but also ageing. The consensus diet-wise in regards to skin, used to be that eating fatty foods like pizza and chocolate would cause acne and other skin issues? It turns out, it isn’t the fat in those foods that’s the culprit behind everything from breakouts and eczema, to premature ageing - it’s the sugar! With more and more research showing that diets high in sugar cause everything from diabetes to heart disease, it’s no wonder that the effects of sugar on skin are not to be sniffed at either. So what exactly does a lolly-laden diet do to your complexion? Read on to find out. Spikes Inflammation - When you eat something super sugary, like a big piece of cake, or simple carbs like white bread, your body immediately creates an insulin spike to stabilise blood sugars. When insulin increases, so does inflammation. This won't help existing inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and eczema, therefore sugar can provide food for these problems. Causes Breakouts - Sugar increases inflammation throughout your body, making blemishes extra red and painful. A diet high in sugar also suppresses your body’s infection-fighting, white blood, cells. Your skin will then be vulnerable to those bacteria causing the breakouts, and the inflammation can increase cortisol which may increase oil production - eek! It Ages you! - Ladies and Gentlemen enter ‘Glycation’: This is the area that struck me as it may not be something we would think of as an obvious link. When a body is flooded with sugar, this sugar can attach itself to your collagen protein in a nasty process called Glycation. During this process a new kind of substance is made by the skin, called AGE's (advanced glycation end products). These break down elastin and degrade collagen’s strongest fibres to a weaker form, which causes wrinkling, sagging and loss of firmness. So what can we do? We can't be a total no fun zone! A healthy balanced diet of natural sugars, and whole grain carbohydrates will help - but we all have out-moments (Easter goodies)! Taking a B-vitamin supplement to mitigate the effects of sugar will assist, and vitamin B-1and B-6 inhibit the protein-destroying effects of AGEs.

FOR STOCKTAKE Farmlands Darfield Store will be CLOSED all day on

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Party Ice Gift Cards Swappa Gas Bottles Coffee & Food To Go Trailer Hire We hope you have a Safe & Happy Easter!

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Thursday 18th April 2019

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MEDIA PLAYERS ….. If you like to play music or movies occasionally then this is for you. If you have a DVD movie and want to play it by popping it into your op?cal drive, Windows 10 will try and use its inbuilt Media player, but this some?mes doesn’t work. What you could do is this...

When Moana Maniapoto and her fellow musicians toured New Zealand in 2017, some of their fans loved them so much, they carried their own guitars and ukuleles to the show - and joined in. Now she is back on the road with ‘My Name is Moana’, a ninety-minute tribute to the ocean, including garage party classics, as well as those inspirational songs that have taken Moana and her musicians across thirty countries. Moana and her musicians will host their own little garage party and the audience is invited to bring their guitar or ukulele and join them! A delightful showcase of sublime singing and captivating storytelling awaits the audience, drawing them in to discover and share their relationship to the Ocean - and to each other. This year Independent Music NZ recognised Moana and the Moahunters’ TAHI (Southside 1993) as the 2019 recipient of the Classic Record, an award acknowledging New Zealand’s history of inspiring music albums. You can find Moana’s

Moana and musicians will be in Darfield on May 14th. music on Youtube, including songs with her bands, The Moahunters and The Tribe. Moana has played hundreds of stages in Istanbul, Moscow, Florence, Berlin, Warsaw,


but what you could also do is this…...


Opening Hours 7:30am - 5pm

• •

Educare Ph 318 7943 3 Year Ph 318 7948 4 Year Ph 318 8843

Toronto, Venice, Shanghai, Seoul, Vienna, and Taipei. She has taken her haka-funk-dubfusion to the Sydney Opera House (Australia), as well as to the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Sziget (Budapest), and Norway. Her band, ‘The Tribe’, performed in and around Glasgow in July 2014 as part of the ‘Boomerang Project’ collaboration with Scottish and indigenous Australian musicians. Sponsored by Arts on Tour NZ and the Malvern Community Arts Council, ‘My Name Is Moana’ comes to Darfield on Tuesday, May 14th.

See the advertisement in this issue for further details. It’s free and clean, as far as malware is concerned. It will play your DVDs and video media files, as well as your music if that’s what you want to listen to. A bonus is that the player can also convert files from one format to another e.g. abc.mpc to abc.mp3. The format is very simple with things like, ‘open disk’ and ‘open file’ and its opera?on is not buggy, or slow. There are other media players, but be careful and do your research as some carry other programmes aDached to them. These load and install themselves upon installa?on of the media player and can do unexpected things to your machine. Above all go and have a look at what’s out there and if you need help just call me and I can give advice.

This column is supplied by Mark Jones from Super Computer - see advert inside back page

20 Hours ECE are FREE!

Hayley Slater LMC Midwife

Open Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm

WEST MELTON Supporting women within the Selwyn District Telegraph Road Darfield M: 027 298 1189 E:

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ROLLESTON 10 Beaumont Drive Ph: 03 347 9561 E:


Thursday 18th April 2019

April 26th - 28th 2019, will see the sixth, annual, Hororata Pig and Possum Hunt take place once again. The Hunt is the collaboration by organisers of resources and ideas to create an event which not only raises funds for the community, but also gets families outdoors, with pest eradication an added bonus! The committee has tried to involve the wider community and the amenities within it. They will host the final weigh-in day at the Hororata Domain from midday on April, 28th an event which will involve many local groups and individuals. Various community groups and organisations have been approached to help with

catering and refreshments, as well as the standard requirements of a hunt which include the weighing and distribution of prizes. There are plenty of fun activities and an MC to also help the day along. Organisers are pleased to add to this year’s event a display from local butcher Brent Shearer. Shearer Brent will show how to skin a deer and break down the carcase. Sponsor, Mountain High Clothing will also have a stand at weigh-in day for those attending to peruse. The organising committee has spent time approaching numerous much-appreciated sponsors with the result they can offer over $6,000 worth of prizes. This includes the major

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spot prize of a $1,000 Outdoor Adventure Sports voucher. The competition offers prizes for pig and deer categories, as well as $300 for the most possums weighed-in by an individual/ group. The event has been designed with families in mind and children under the age of 15 can enter for free. Youngsters are still eligible for a wide range of prizes across numerous categories. For a full list of competition categories and rules, go to the Facebook page Hororata Pig & Possum Hunt. Entries can be accepted by mail or online through Eventbrite.

See the advertisement in this issue for further details.

26th - 28th April 2019 at the Hororata Domain Entry fee: Adults - $40 Junior (U14yrs) - Free Entries close 18th April Entry forms available from: • The Facebook page (message

for an entry form) • • Rebecca Smith 027 313 2270


SPOT PRIZES • Lucky Hunter Draws: everyone who enters is eligible for a spot prize • Lucky Hunter Draw: anyone weighing in a pig or a deer goes in the draw for a prize. • First 100 kids to enter an animal receive a goodie bag

Most Possums weighed in by an individual or team wins $300.

Hororata Pig & Possum Hunt

Council Decisions - Wednesday 10th April 2019 Parking strategy The Council approved the districtwide parking strategy, which incorporated the Hearing Panel's recommendations, at its meeting this week. As the district continues to grow rapidly, having a coherent long-term strategy for managing parking has become increasingly important. The strategy aims to provide a clear direction for parking management into the future. It focusses on providing residents and visitors with parking that supports safe, efficient access to services and destinations across the district and to provide for vibrant town centres. The strategy takes into account the different needs of parking in rural areas, residential and town centres across the district. Over the past ten years the population of the Selwyn District has grown from 38,000 to more than 62,000 (about 55%), making Selwyn the third largest territorial authority in the South Island. While vehicles travel 385 million kilometres on Selwyn roads every year.

No consultation required on Annual Plan The Council decided at the meeting that it will not enter a period of consultation on the Annual Plan for the 2019/20 year. The Annual Plan sets out the Council’s work programme and budgets for the coming year, and is based on the Long-Term Plan 2018-2028 (LTP), which was adopted last year following public consultation. Councillors noted that the plan is substantially unchanged from what was proposed in the LTP, and any proposed changes to budgets and timings are not significant, or material. Rates rises are also consistent with what was forecast

last year. As a result there is no requirement to undertake formal consultation process on the plan this year. The Council will still provide information to residents next month on the proposed plan for 2019/20, including information on progress to date in delivering the LTP targets, major projects planned this year, local projects and the impact on rates. Information will be made available both online and in news media.

Voting papers to be randomised In the first formal steps towards the local body elections on October 12th, the Council voted to have names on the ballot paper listed in random order. The decision is consistent with the way ballot papers have appeared at previous elections and means candidates will appear in a different order on each ballot paper.

The Poolsafe Quality Management S c h e m e ( Po o l s a f e ) i s a n independent assessment of public pools to ensure that their operations and facilities are safe. Darfield and Southbridge pools began the process to become accredited in October 2018, developing new policies and training staff. The process was checked by Recreation Aotearoa, which also visited the pools in February. Council Chief Executive David Ward noted that getting accreditation was a process that involved a lot of hard work. “It’s far more than a box ticking exercise, a lot of time and effort goes into it.”

Full reports can be found in the Council meeting Agenda at:

HOMEKILL PROCESSING SERVICE NEW: Paddock to Plate Service Mobile slaughterman available! For fast efficient service, please call us to book your slaughter and processing!

Tel 03 317 9497 • Mob 027 355 0451


Procurement policy The Council adopted a new procurement policy aimed at ensuring the best spend of Council money. The policy sets standards for how the Council manages spending money in purchases and contracts. Value for money, transparency, accountability and fairness are the four key principles the Council will follow when planning, sourcing and managing all decisions on procurement. The policy also sets out that Council will ensure local suppliers are given fair opportunity to compete for all Council business.

Pools receive safety accreditation Darfield and Southbridge pools have become accredited by Poolsafe for the first time, while the Selwyn Aquatic Centre has also been reaccredited.

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Thursday 18th April 2019

By Anna Mackenzie, declined, have already been Council and any submitters who Senior Planner, Baseline Group through a Council hearing have sought to be part of the

WHAT YOUR BANK STATEMENT TELLS THE BANK ABOUT YOU. If you are looking to get a mortgage it would pay to spring clean your spending habits! Your bank statements will tell the bank a lot about you. Under the Responsible Lending Code banks have migrated to Best Customer Outcome, and if your statement shows weekly spending at the same place then this could be considered by them to be a habit you are unlikely to break, and so it could be factored into your servicing. If this is tight then it may well dictate the outcome of your application. Be mindful of this when you regularly get $50 a week from the local, or a regular payment to the TAB for example. Also, unarranged overdraft fees on a regular basis are very much frowned upon, so if this is happening to you, ask your bank for a $200 backstop limit which could alleviate the unarranged fee. And don’t be tempted by the quick fix Moola or Gem solutions. Credit checks against your name will negatively affect your credit rating. Do a budget and try a regular savings plan instead.

Ginny Nelson Providing you with quality advice for Mortgages Refinancing & Re-fixing Loans, Mortgage Protec?on, Life/Trauma, Income Protec?on & Health Insurance

Phone: 03 3477 205 Mobile: 0275 391 006 Email: Web: Disclosure Document Available on Request

The RMA does not guarantee that every resource consent application will be successful, and some applicants may find themselves being told that they are not allowed to proceed with a proposed activity. This could be for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include that the decision maker considers that the effects on the environment are more than minor, or that the proposed activity is contrary to the planning frame work. Applicants are allowed to appeal a decision that declines a resource consent application to the Environment Court within thirty working days of the decision being made. This generally requires a lawyer to file documents giving notice of the appeal, and the applicant will have to pay a filing fee to the courts. In most cases, resource consent applications that are

process, and have been declined. The decision may have been made by an independent commissioner, or by specifically trained Councillors. The costs of these Council hearings can be very expensive and the applicant will have to pay for experts to present evidence. The expertise required may include planners, traffic engineers, acoustic engineers, civil engineers and landscape architects, and depends on the specific details of the activity. The experts will give their opinions of effects on the environment arising from the proposed activity. By not having this expertise an applicant will possibly increase the risk of a consent being declined at a Council hearing, due to insufficient information. If an appeal to the Environment Court is filed, the Court can seek that the applicant, the

court proceedings, have a discussion prior to any formal Court hearing. This gives them the chance to see if they can work out the details and reach a consensus on the consent decision. This process is known as court assisted mediation and is carried out behind closed doors, with only those present in the room privy to the details. The only information to come from court assisted mediation is any final agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, the case proceeds to an Environment Court hearing, and each party has the opportunity to provide the same, or similar, swathe of experts as at a Council hearing, but with legal representation as well. The cost of this process can far outweigh the cost of a Council hearing and is a process for the wealthy and the brave. This raises the questions - if we have the right approach when managing our natural and physical resources under the RMA, or if it is simply a moneymaking scheme for our expert and legal professions. I think we need some system of resolving our environmental disputes, but I do see the costs of our current system mounting. It might be a good time to go back to the drawing board and identify what we are trying to achieve with our RMA and see if we could do things a better way.

See the advertisement in this issue for Baseline’s contact details.

Thursday 18th April 2019


Contact us for an appointment Rolleston Office: 78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square Darfield Office: Malvern Business Hub, 68 South Terrace

T: W: E: E:

(03) 374 2547

By Wayne Stack - SDC Historian being the first car to make a 1908, proved to be very T he f i rs t tw o i nt e rn a l combustion engine cars arrived in New Zealand in February 1898, although they could not be legally driven on the colony’s roads at that time. ‘Motoring’ was so new that legislators had not yet decided how to deal with the unfamiliar contraptions. The engines for these early cars had only been developed by Gottleib Daimler in Germany fourteen year earlier in 1884, with Karl Benz’s first primitive petroldriven tri-car not being built until the following year. Motoring in New Zealand was first formally promoted by Wellington MP William McLean when he introduced a private members bill seeking permission to import and drive motor vehicles and to store flammable substances for their propulsion. This resulted in the introduction of the Motor-Car Act (1898). The act limited the speed of vehicles to twelve miles per hour, with vehicles having to be registered with local authorities and after sunset having to carry a forward facing light. The first car (a Benz) to arrive in Canterbury was shipped to Christchurch by Nicholas Oates. Oates He was to receive the first traffic fine because he failed to stop the vehicle when he came upon a tethered horse. The horse bolted, taking the lamp post which it was tied to, with it. This resulted in Oates receiving a hefty fine of £30. Steam-powered cars were also introduced around this time, with a locomobile steam car

journey from Dunedin to Christchurch in 1901. The first steam-powered car (more accurately a motorised buggy) in Australasia was built in the Addington Railway Workshops in 1880 and was said to have travelled up to 30mph. Motoring as a pastime was not a popular concept with some sectors of New Zealand society around this time. Horse-drawn cartage was the traditional mode used by freight carriers and motor vehicles were initially seen as a threat to this, while church leaders advocated that motorists should not be able to drive on Sunday - the Sabbath. At the turn of the 19th century the poor state of the roads in Canterbury, especially in rural areas, limited motoring mainly to town and city streets. The roads in country areas were mostly poorly maintained bridle tracks whose conditions were at the mercy of the weather and geography. Dusty in summer and muddy in the winter, the corrugations in the roads threatened to shake the early cars to pieces, with the abrasive silica dust damaging exposed engine parts. For many years there was a lack of bridges on country roads and drivers were forced to ford rivers and streams, sometimes with dire consequences to the driver, passengers and vehicles. Likewise, the roads and tracks in the foothills and mountain passes challenged the mosthardy of drivers and vehicles. For these reasons the Model-T Ford, which was introduced in

popular in New Zealand, especially with farmers. It was simple and robust and could take the knocks from poor country roads, bush tracks and farm paddocks. Early motorists did not have to obtain a licence, this did not occur until 1924, while compulsory third-party insurance was not introduced until 1928. Warrants of Fitness for private motor cars was not obligatory until as late as 1937. Cars were expensive and owning one became a status symbol, although they were put to practical use. They became an essential tool for rural doctors in being able to deliver bedside services to their patients in isolated areas. Early motorists had to carry their own petrol supply in four gallon tins known as ‘flimsies’ which they bought from the local grocer or blacksmith. It was not until 1926 that petrol bowsers were introduced. Over the years motoring has become an important aspect of the social life of New Zealanders. The Automobile Association was established initially to promote social gatherings for motorists, with the first club started in Christchurch as early as 1900. Such activities grew in popularity over the years with the arrival of bigger touring cars in the 1920’s and 1930’s. And it is these cars of yesteryear that provide a continual reminder of the golden age of motoring in New Zealand.

• Coalgate: 13 Cross Street

First home or Investment. Tidy open-plan two bedroom home on 1012m2 section. For Sale $265,000. Open to view Sunday 1 - 1.30pm. Leeston: 9 Johnston Street Character home complete with rimu panelling and lead light windows. Four large bedrooms, open-plan, two living areas. Large garage with attached sleepout or hobbies room. 1009m2 section. For Sale $410,000. Open Home Sunday 3 - 3:30pm. West Melton: 1266 West Coast Road 3.2374ha, older home with open-plan living, two bedrooms and a sun room, mature setting with pool. Great four-bay shed (two-bay enclosed) with sleepout, four paddocks, own well. Great opportunity to land bank or a handyman’s dream lifestyle. For sale $669,000. Phone to view. Motivated vendor. West Melton: 1/51 Wild Road Private & peaceful, beautifully presented four hectare property, three-bay (one-bay lock up) shed, threephase power. Lovely 15-year-old home with three bedrooms, two living areas, modern kitchen, office, double garage with laundry and extra toilet. Sleepout with shower and toilet. Stunning garden with pool. For Sale by negotiation. Vendors are very motivated. Phone to view. Darfield: 30B McLaughlins Road Superior townhouse, large open-plan living with a conservatory, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, large double garage with internal access. Price reduced and ready to move in now!

Min Cookson Ph: 03 341 4301 M: 027 249 5417 E:

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Around sixty vintage and veteran Run starting from the Darfield Everyone is welcome to come to cars will participate in the second Recreation Reserve, on Anzac the Recreation Centre carpark to annual Dutton Garage Malvern Day. see the cars between 10am and 11am. They will then tour through Darfield, Sheffield, Coalgate, Hororata, Glenroy and on to Glentunnel where they will once again be available for viewing at the Hororata Golf Club car park. Located at the Hororata Golf Club - in Glentunnel. The oldest vehicle this year is a ! Tel: 03 318 2799 Wolseley that was built in 1900. It Phone orders welcome! is owned by Colin Winter of Dunedin and has arrived in the district especially to participate in the Malvern Run. The Wolseley has been owned by Colin’s family for over seventy years and was purchased originally by his father after being found in Balclutha. The car was restored and made to run, but not before smashing the false teeth of a helper who was working the crank handle when it backfired! The Wolseley is powered by a

Proud to Support the 2019

Dutton Garage Malvern ANZAC Run! Looking forward to seeing you for lunch on the day!

Thursday 18th April 2019

single cylinder motor of only 4½ horsepower and, like many other cars of that era, has a clutch made of leather. Its longest run saw it driven from Christchurch to Nelson. The next oldest car is a 1905 Alldays and Onions owned and restored by George Lee of Christchurch. It is powered by a twin cylinder engine and the restoration took George almost ten years to complete. Other very unusual Veteran cars that will be seen this year are a New Pick driven by Dale Conlon of Nelson, two very early motorcycles, an Abingdon King Dick and a very early Triumph ridden by Russell Dale of Timaru and Graham Sword of Kaiapoi respectively. Of the sixty cars participating twenty one are over one hundred year’s old and they include Ford Model T’s, Briton, Albion, Unic, Renault, Cadillac, Rover, FN and Swift, amongst others. To recognise the importance of these very o ld cars a commemorative badge has been made and will be presented to the owners by Royden Mauger of Dutton Garage and these badges will no doubt be attached to the cars and become a part of their history.

The run is organised by the Vintage Car Club and Malcolm McGibbon of Darfield, who is looking after the event on the day, he will be travelling with his wife Anita in their 1915 Swift. Their two sons Bevan and Kieran, Kieran will also be participating, along with their partners, in their 1916 Ford Model T Speedster and 1948 Jaguar. Malcolm commented that Anzac Day is such an important day for all New Zealanders and to be able to commemorate it with family and friends of the Vintage Car Club is special. He is also appreciative of the support given by Dutton Garage, Terry Hutchinson of the RSA, Jason and Jarnia Kupe of the Willows Cafe at the Hororata Golf club and of course the Malvern News in their assistance in the promotion of this Vintage Car Club event. Come along to the Recreation Centre between 10 and 11am on Anzac Day entry is free, or come out to your gate and watch and wave as these old cars and motorcycles go by. You will be sure to get a wave back.

Malcolm McGibbon Malvern Run Organiser VCC Member.

1900 Wolseley owned by Colin Winter of Dunedin.

Happy to be supporting the 2019 VCC Malvern Run Car Display! We will be closed from 19th April, Re-opening 29th April - due to the Easter & ANZAC Holidays, apologies for any inconvenience!

91 Horndon Street, Darfield Phone 318 8229 Fax 318 8720

Thursday 18th April 2019

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COME & SEE THE CAR DISPLAY 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17:

Colin Winter 1900 Wolseley George Lee 1905 Alldays & Onions Tom Stephens 1907 Ford Steven Kidd 1909 Briton Bob & Andree Hayes 1909 Renault Tony Ayres 1911 FN Russell Dale 1911 Abingdon King Dick Joseph McClintock 1912 Ford Dale Conlon 1912 New Pick Don & Judy Bennetts 1912 Albion Colin Hey 1912 Wolseley 12/16 Tim Palmer 1912 Unic Mike Whall 1914 Rover Graeme Willis 1914 Renault Graeme Sword 1914 Triumph Baby Brendon Wright 1915 Ford Chris Dyer 1915 Ford

18: Malcolm McGibbon 1915 Swift 19: Kieran McGibbon 1916 Ford 20: Les & Marie Bennett 1918 Oakland 21: John MacLauchlan 1918 Cadillac 22: Graeme & Kay Shaskey 1920 Essex 23: Brian Newberry 1922 Itala 24: Selwyn Cox 1923 Essex 25: Kerry Clements 1924 Austin 26: Ray Maginness 1926 Dodge 27: Leigh & Tony Craythorne 1926 Morris Oxford 28: Murray Sanders 1926 Chrysler 29: Don McClelland 1927 Essex 30: Ian McKinlay 1928 Austin 31: Graeme Palmer 1928 Ford 32: Rob & Diane Ross 1929 Dodge 33: Ralph Biggs 1929 Ford 34: Max Duncan 1930 Ford

35: Greg & Anita Inwood 1930 Ford 36: Max & Adrien Duncan 1930 Ford 37: Dave Inwood 1930 Chevrolet 38: John Comber 1930 Plymouth 39: Wynne Butler 1931 Riley 40: John Screen 1936 Plymouth 41: Kerry & Joan Miles 1938 Austin 42: Vic Daniel 1939 Dodge 43: Ian & Bev Crew 1939 Chevrolet 44: Danny & Sharon O’Malley 1939 Chevrolet 45: Adrian Crequer 1939 Buick 46: John & Jenny Thomson 1939 Buick 8 47: Bevan McGibbon 1948 Jaguar 48: Tony Reid 1952 Lea Francis 49: Dutton Garage 1953 Jaguar 50: Dutton Garage 1957 Jaguar 51: Russell Barnard 1960 Hansa

Anzac Day (25th April) 10am - 11am

At Darfield Recreation Centre Phone Malcolm 027 433 8047

All ?mes are approximate: Darfield Recrea?on Centre 10-11am; Sheffield 11:30am, Coalgate 12pm; Hororata 12:15pm, Glentunnel 12:45-2pm. 11:30am

12:45 - 2pm 12:00 noon Rec. Centre 10 - 11am 12:15 pm 52: John Blondell 1960 Ford 53: Roy Grainger 1962 Ford 54: Noel Nevin 1962 Sunbeam 55: Tony Gooding 1962 Riley

56: Peter Jenkins 1964 Daimler 57: Tim Eagle 1977 Datsun 58: John Dyer 1981 Mini 59: Barrie Walker 1984 Ford.

INTERNATIONAL SUPER, CLASSIC, COLLECTABLE CAR SALES INTERNATIONAL SUPER, CLASSIC, COLLECTABLE CAR SOURCING Dutton Garage is a prestige automotive retailer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Originally founded in Melbourne Australia, the Dutton brand itself is synonymous with a rich auto racing history. Since its new acquisition, the Dutton Group has created new dealerships and partners across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This rapid expansion allows us to source cars from around the globe & create a larger network in the motor industry. Since opening our doors in Christchurch we have been astounded by the love and passion for motorsport and historic cars that the community collect around the country. We are proud to be supporting the Malvern Anzac Run and are looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts that will be joining the rally.

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Thursday 18th April 2019

Thursday 18th April 2019

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Thursday 18th April 2019

Call Ollie 0274 772 166 Visit us on


General Engineering Fabrication Rural Industrial On-site Services Based in Kirwee!

Challenge Darfield is your local Genesis Energy LPG agent, for all your 45kg LPG delivery needs Switch over to Genesis at

6 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 03 318 8201 | M: 0274 340 060

Local Ethan Rose finished a faster next season,” Ethan now. A big thank you to Mum, great 2018-19 season with a second at the Oceania's XCO Championship in Bright, Australia on April 9th. This goes with his three wins from Nationals, North Island and South Island Championships. “Ethan just missed out on the perfect race season by 0.2sec in a sprint for the finish line with another kiwi lad Jacob Turner from Rangiora taking first,” explained Ethan’s father, Adam Heard. Heard “It was very nearly a kiwi first, second and third until North Island’s Adam Francis got a puncture halfway through the race,” Adam added. “The three Kiwis had a big gap on the Aussies from the start.” Ethan commented that, “he was happy with the result but knows he could have gone faster if he hadn't got sucked into Jacob's race plan of racing fast, slow, fast throughout; but that's racing! “I'm happy for Jacob he's a great racer and a good friend, it will motivate us both to be even

added. “I’m really pleased with my season taking three of the four titles I wanted and a second isn't bad,” he said. “It's time to give the training a break and go hit some jumps

Alex and Jackson are year six enviroleaders at Greendale School. Each term the group brings ideas to life from their meetings with parents and children, focussing on, ‘how we can make a difference to our environment’. Early next term their idea is a ‘Clothes and Accessories Swap’. For all those participating in the ‘Clothes and Accessories Swap’ a gold coin donation is required. People are welcome to bring babies, children's or adults clothes and accessories that are no longer required and swap them for something else they would like; coat hangers and racks would also be welcomed if they are available. Anyone unable to make it to the Swap day, can drop off clothing to the Greendale School office.

“Thanks in advance to those School’s wonderful vegetable p e o p l e , ” c o m m e n t e d a garden,” they concluded. spokesperson from Greendale For more details visit their School. The gold coin donations Facebook page: will be going toward the Greendale School Fundraisers.

Dad and family and all my sponsors. All this wouldn't be possible without your help and thank you to everyone else who supports and follows my riding,” Ethan concluded.

Above: Ethan at Oceania's XCO Championship showing great form. Photo credit: MTBA

Above L-R: Alex and Jackson holding some of the items which will be available to be swapped at the ‘Clothes and Accessories Swap’ which will be held in early May.

Thursday 18th April 2019

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Kelvin Kimber Specialists in a range of farm and lifestyle buildings

Lucy and John Paterson (L & R) about to share a piece of the Darfield ITM fifteenth birthday cake, cut by Store Manager, Faye Saunders at the celebrations to recognise the occasion, held last Friday.

Darfield’s Rob Potts was invited to join Hynds Heart Racers cycle tour for their four South Island legs, raising money for the Heart Foundation. The ninestrong team, with three from Mt Eden Cycle Club, one from Nelson Wheelers, one from Mar lb oro ug h, tw o fro m Chr istc hurch, o ne fro m Queenstown and Rob, were in the Corporate Category, that started with the professionals and A and B graders, with social riders getting a 1 - 1½ hour head start each of the big-climb days. Day One was an undulating forty kilometre individual time trial from Glenorchy to Queenstown that included 580 metres of ascent. “The times of the first three over the line, counted - say no more; but my time didn’t feature,” Rob laughed. Day Two was a bunch ride sixty kilometres over the Crown Range to Wanaka, with 770m of ascent. “Day Three was the big day of 113km over Lindis Pass to Omarama, with 1,110m of ascent; 4½ hours in the saddle on top of a very sore back-side from the day before,” Rob reported. “The day started with

below zero temperatures in Wanaka, so lots of layers, but was damn hot by the time the Lindis summit was reached,” he added. “It was topped off by a soak in the hot tubs and a massage.” Day Four was a quick 55km sprint from Mt Cook Village to the main road. All in all, the riders experienced 260 kilometres of racing and 2,800 metres of climbing, with 9 hours

and 37 minutes in the saddle. Heart Disease is New Zealand’s single biggest killer and is largely preventable. The Heart Foundation undertake research, education, support and awareness. “The goal of the team is to raise $20,000, before the end of April, for the Heart Foundation and we are currently sitting on $19,267,” Rob explained.

If you want to support Rob, Hynds and The Heart Foundation, then please go to: to donate.

Phone: 03 318 7342 Mobile: 0274 383 572


GRASS GRUB - PROTECT YOUR PASTURE! Mild infestations (10/spade) can cause 20% production loss of your pasture! Worried about your pastures? Get them Checked, call our Agronomy team today! Molloy Agriculture Ltd have the tools to help protect your pasture from this pest! Office: 03 302 8098 Mountainview Argonomy David Molloy: 0274 362 441 David Mangin: 0274 802 216 Colin Woolsey: 0274 362 448

Gregor Robertson: 0274 362 438 Gary Rackham: 0274 362 459 Gemma Oliver: 0274 324 434


FOR ALL YOUR ENGINEERING ENGINEERING REQUIREMENTS ‘No job too big or too small!’ • Can do onsite work • Repairs & maintenance of all farm & associated equipment

• Light manufacture • Stockist of Aeroquip hydraulic fittings.

Contact Gary Feast Darfield’s Rob Potts raising funds for The Heart Foundation.

Phone: 03 318 1020 • Mobile: 027 432 5947

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Thursday 18th April 2019

Drainage&Trenching SectionClearing StumpRemoval Supply &Install DevonWater Tanks&Septic Systems

Supply of HardFill &TopSoil

•Stock Stock yards •Deer/sheep Deer/sheep fencing •Post Post driving •Post Post & Rail

•Residential Residential •Free Free no obligation quotes •Subdivisions Subdivisions •All All work guaranteed •Dairy Dairy conversions •Over Over 20 years experience in this district •Lifestyle Lifestyle blocks

Ph/Fax: 03 318 8838 Mobile: 027 221 9874 Email:

30+ years Fencing Contracting experience. Small and Large Scale Fencing. Free Estimates Sheep, Dairy, Deer and Horse Fencing Animal Sheds, Yards, Shelters and Runs Horse Arenas and Horse Rail Post and Rail • Post Driving • Electric Fences Lifestyle Blocks • Sub-divisions. Steve is available to help with Planning & Design Phone: 03 312 4747 Cell: 027 312 4747 Email: Web:

...continued from front page. They also prepare wreaths to present to the RSA members at the service. This year they were assisted in their wreath preparation by two local women Mary Abbott and Barbara Bryant, while Ian Evans and John Heffernan accepted the wreaths on behalf of the local RSA. Sixteen representatives from the armed forces attended the ceremony with all three armed forces represented. Warrant Officer 1 Tyrone Howard addressed the children and community during the service, delivering a well pitched explanation to the children, which was much appreciated. A special mention goes to WWII veteran Tom McK e nz i e who w a s in attendance on this special day. The day dawned in a sombre mood with bleak conditions and heavy rain. The weather cleared just prior to the service with the only drops coming from the few tears of those gathered in remembrance. The service commenced with the National Anthem sung in Māori, English and Sign Language. Year 6 students welcomed the community and visitors, with the

• 2 Topdown Cultivators • Ripping • Vaderstad Drill • Fodder Beet Planter • Direct Drilling • Ploughing • Cultivator & Roller • Swifterdisc


Mobile: 027 922 3843

Above: Princess Mary boxes being given.

Above: Windwhistle pupils standing proudly wearing their ANZAC poppy's at the recent service. senior room students reading out the District Roll of Honour. Following Warrant Officer 1 Tyrone Howard's address the children presented each of the armed service personnel with a Princess Mary Box that they had made and filled with little treats and mementos, just as Princess Mary did during WWI. This was a very special moment between the children and the attending members of the armed services. The whole school sang 'Let's Live as One' - a very apt song

for ANZAC and more recent events. The poppy donations and wreaths were then presented to the RSA with each senior student buddied with a junior student. It was impressive to see the respect shown by all of our learners as they approached the members of the RSA at the foot of the monument. It was also impressive that every child recited the Ode to the Fallen from memory, prior to the Last Post played by Kath Wilson. Wilson Following the service everyone returned to school for an indoor picnic where it was noted the armed forces spent time in the classrooms with the children playing games and chatting about their learning. We are very fortunate to live in a community where these events still take such priority. It is heart warming to see everyone gathered together as one, to remember. On behalf of the School and community I would like to thank Kathy Mehrtens, Mehrtens one of our teaching staff, for organising this event, it was very well attended and appreciated by all.

Bronwen Seaward Principal, Windwhistle School

Thursday 18th April 2019

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Tree too big? Not enough light? Or just untidy!

Selwyn's Qualified Arborist An audience of over three hundred attended the Peak Meat Hot Topic on Thursday, March 28th, including the Lincoln and Canterbury University vice-chancellors. The refreshments were all vegan, supplied by Lincoln Catering. Kim Hill and panellists Ronan Phelan, Vegan and Environmentalist; Nick Pyke, Pyke Director Ag Innovate; Jocelyn Eason, Eason Plant and Food Research; Kevin Marshall, Marshall Chairman, Riddet Institute Board held a lively discussion on the topic. There were some frequent exchanges especially between Rowan Phelan and Kevin Marshall who seemed to be on opposite sides of the debate. There were many differences of opinion with Ronan emphasising that we

needed to reduce meat and milk in our diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons, while Kevin did not agree. Although Kevin did agree that the numbers of cows in Canterbury should be reduced a little. Kevin emphasised that while some western countries were reducing their meat and milk consumption. If other countries were increasing their consumption and if we didn’t produce it, it would be produced in areas where the production was more environmentally damaging. Jocelyn commented that there was much research on new plant foods and these would come on the market soon, and Nick Pyke suggested that we should be diversifying and growing more crops. The

panellists agreed that a balanced farming system needed some animals, as well as plants, even if the animals weren’t eaten! At question time the audience asked a number of searching questions of the panellists. Many of the questions emphasising the environmental impact of producing meat and milk, especially on water quality and climate change. So the consensus seemed to be that we have probably reached Peak Meat production and that we need to diversify to produce more plant-based food. Tasty, unique plant-based foods should be developed. The panellists considered that the plant-based ‘meat’, or labproduced meat, is probably just an intermediate stage as consumers change their food buying habits. It was also agreed that consumers are the key. If the public want farmers to change, then consumers need to demand change. The 2019 Kim Hill Hot Topic was the ninth coordinated by Lincoln Envirotown.

Dr Sue Jarvis, Lincoln Envirotown Trust Lincoln University & Chair of the Kim Hill Hot Topic Planning Committee.

NaLonal Cert, HorLculture; NaLonal Cert, Advanced HorLculture NaLonal Cert, Arboriculture; Diploma, Arboriculture

For Tree Care, Maintenance & Removals Contact Brandon 021 061 5397 • 03 317 9587


For all your small excava/on requirements • Site & Garden Clearance • Lawn Construc?on (Small & Large) • Driveways

• Hole boring (200 – 600) • Sheep & CaDle Yard Clean Outs • Shingle Supplies

Give Neil a call on 022 451 7207 or email

Nothing’s a Problem!

Above: Ronan Phelan (Vegan Proponent) and Nick Pyke (Ag Innovate) enjoying a light moment in the discussion.

Available for:

Landscaping Painting Fencing and more!

Phone: 0800 720 720 Mobile: 022 069 6183 Email: Website: Full range of plant available including diggers and trucks

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Thursday 18th April 2019

• Rural Builders • Stables & Sheds • Houses & General

Stock Yards Residential • Rural All Fencing Solutions

Ph Matt 027 421 9685

After poor weather caused the event to be postponed by a week, the Te Ara Kākāriki team and their guests were pleased to experience a pleasantly mild morning for the beginning of Sunday’s, April 14th, Plantout Tour. The tour is held annually and provides an opportunity for interested locals to come along and see examples of the Trust’s work and learn about Canterbury ecology. Te Ara Kākāriki Greenway Trust was set up in 2006 to address the lack of natives on the Canterbury Plains. Trustee Peter Joyce explained how the name Te Ara Kākāriki can mean two things: Te Ara means pathway and Kākāriki means green, which refers to the native corridor the Trust is aiming to create. Kākāriki Karaka is also the name of the critically endangered orange fronted Parakeet, of which around only 100 wild birds

TESCAR ROTARY PILING RIG CFA Piling, Soak Holes, Piling & Retaining Wall Construction Light weight & compact for hill or difficult access sites Capable of up to 1m diameter to 25m depth Fixed rates for Soak Hole Drilling

CONTACT NATHAN 027 549 9670


remain in several Canterbury valleys. The Trust hopes the bird will one day use the native corridor they are creating to return to the Plains. Guests were able to wander through almost 10,000 native trees at the first Plantout Tour site in Lincoln. With plants ranging from six-month-old seedlings to towering fifteenyear-old trees it was an opportunity to see some mature specimens. Colin Meurk – Landcare research ecologist, pointed out the main species which make up the podocarp forest community. Along the way Colin pointed out a six metre Totara tree that he estimated would be fifteen years old. On closer inspection he found the beginnings of tiny green berries. He told the group that in a year’s time the berries would develop into a bright red fruit providing a nutritious food source for the birds who could then deposit seeds within two and half kilometres of the site. The second site of the tour was Stackwoods Bend, a Te Ara Kākāriki Kids Discovery Plantout (KDP) site along the Halswell River in Tai Tapu. Lou Drage, Drage Te Ara Kākāriki’s KDP coordinator told guests the programme provides educational planting days with about fourteen schools and allows the students to be involved in the planning of the site. Stackwoods Bend is a Ladbrooks School project and has been crowdfunded by

Million Metres streams over the past two years. Last month their second fundraising campaign was completed meaning Ladbrooks School can now plant another 200 metres of stream over the next two years. Rain cleared as guests arrived in Kirwee for the afternoon Plantout Tour. As a precaution landowners Susan Hall and Kevin Dunn welcomed everyone into their barn for an introduction to their site. The couple have planted about 6,000 natives at the site since 2015 in what Colin Meurk described as an ‘oasis in a desert’ referring to the lack of natives in the wider area. Colin showed a map of Te Ara Kākāriki greendots planted so far, highlighting the progress made towards the greenway. With almost 78,000 natives planted at 73 sites, guests were interested in where the gaps might be. One landowner who is planting at his property with the Trust this spring was pleased to see his site would be in an area that seemed in need of a greendot. Pam Aldersley - Te Ara Kākāriki trustee spoke about how sites like this are important, not only because of the plants, but for the whole biodiversity of the Canterbury Plains. “We’re not only providing habitat for the much loved Tui, Bellbird and Kakariki, we’re improving the environment for invertebrates and lizards. We’re helping the environment by carbon sequestering, we’re reducing runoff into the waterways and looking after our unique heritage,” she said. The last site of the day was a Hororata wetland - part of a fenced off area on Leon McKavanagh’s Dairy farm. Plantings around some spring fed water were helping provide a healthy mudfish habitat. The Canterbury Mudfish, which is New Zealand’s most threatened Mudfish Species, is unusual because it can survive up to three months without water. Leon told guests the waterways on his site do dry up at times and he was pleased to hear from a group monitoring the site this year, that they were still present after this. Te Ara Kāk riki host public K kāriki plantout days in Spring, you can find out more about the trust at

Thursday 18th April 2019


The countdown is on, with play please contact the Club. See you there. Malvern netball starting on We can't wait until kick, or Saturday, May 4th. throw, off on May 4th. Sharon Howard, President Darfield Netball Club held our Club day on Sunday, April 7th, attended by most of our junior members. They had a great time playing parents and committee members. Jill Moore, Moore the Club’s patroness was also in attendance, which is always great to see. With the extension to our Club rooms now finished, it was officially opened by Jill Moore and Lorraine Strowger, Strowger who had the honour of cutting the L to R: Jill Moore and Lorraine Strowger cut the ribbon to ribbon. The extension includes officially open the new Club house extension on April 7th. two toilets and a changing room. A special shout-out needs to go to Lorraine who was the liaison person between the Selwyn District Council, builders, INC contractors, and the Recreation Centre committee to get the extension finished. Great job Lorraine. Our member numbers are still growing, so if you are not yet Tuesday 30th April - 7:30pm registered and would like to

At the Darfield Library Contact Lynn Meder - 318 8712. All Welcome!

Results 13th April 2019 Match of the Day: Stableford Winner of Over 70’s Trophy (Best two of three rounds): K Adams Match of the day - Stableford: Stableford 1st: B Allison 41 2nd: 2nd W Watson 40 3rd: C Banks 39 4th: S Clark 39 5th: M Hancock 39 6th: G Hawket 39 7th: M Scott 39 8th: S Jeffs 38 9th: 9th G Gifkins 38 Closest to the Pin: Pin #3: M Scott #9: J Counter #13: #17: S Jeffs #13 D Benn Men’s Longest Drive: T Doyle Drive Women’s Longest Drive: Drive M Scott Longest Putt: J Benn Putt Two’s: Two’s W Watson, G Hawket, J Counter, S Jeffs, J Johnson Eagles: Eagles S Johnson, G Hawker Best Gross: G Hawker 72 Gross 9 Holes - Stableford: E Green 20 Stableford

Thank you to all our sponsors

Results 13th April 2019 Match of the Day: Bisque Par Competition Best Gross: 73 Gross M Weatherly Bisque Par Competition: Competition 1st: M Will, I Williamson, D Reardon +7 2nd: A Hogg, K Kibler +6 3rd: J Reardon, D Smith +5 4th: 4th T Edwards, P Cardosi, S Edwards, N Penney, S Williamson, D McGregor, I Palmer +4 Closest to the Pins: Pins #2in2: D Hobbs #6: N Muir #11: S Blakely #14: A Sime #17: N Muir (Hole in one) Next Week: Winter Stableford - Round 2

Friends of Kirwee Model School

AGM Monday 6th May, 6:30pm Kirwee Model School staffroom EVERYONE IS WELCOME Come along, get involved & make a difference! (A supper will be provided)

BOARD OF TRUSTEES ELECTIONS Nominations are invited for the election of three parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a copy of this notice has been posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office.

Nominations close at noon on 17 May 2019 and may be accompanied by a candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidate’s names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school.

The poll closes at noon on 31 May 2019. Signed - Rhonda Hamilton-Cross (Returning Officer)


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Thursday 18th April 2019


Sheffield Free Book Exchange Be at the Sheffield Plunket on Sunday 21st April 12 - 3pm for the community book exchange!

Café Hope Open 10:00am Sunday 21st April


AGM Tuesday 21st May 2019, starting at 1:30pm in the Darfield Recreation Centre

Old & new members are all welcome!


AGM Thursday 2nd May 2019 7:30pm Darfield Recreation Centre ACCOMMODATION


For Overseas Staff from mid-June to early October: • • • • • •

Springfield area (no further than Sheffield). Boarding in private homes. Shared accommodation/flatting. Full houses/farm cottages. All options considered. Company secured rental payments.

Please contact us on: 027 448 8558 or

29Mar-2May 15 - 29 Apr

Flora & Fauna Art Exhibi?on The Shearing Shed is Closed for School Holidays

19 - 26 Apr

Malvern News OFFICE CLOSED for Easter & ANZAC Holidays 10:00am 12:00pm 12:00pm 4:30pm 8:45am 10:00am 10:00am

11:00am 10:00am 10:00am 7:30pm 1:00pm 7:30pm

8:00pm 3:45pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 12:00pm 1:30pm 12:00pm

CELEBRANT - Michelle Spence. Weddings and Civil unions in Selwyn area. Please phone 318 3000 or 027 205 4660 or visit the website:


Sheffield Bowling Club House, Sheffield All Welcome

21st Apr 21st Apr 21st Apr 23rd Apr 25th Apr 25th Apr 25th Apr 26-28 Apr 26-28 Apr 28th Apr 29th Apr 29th Apr 30th Apr 30th Apr 1st May 1st May 2nd May 4th May 4th May 4th May 6th May 6th May 11th May 12-17 May 14th May 17th May 21st May 24th May 31st May 4th June



Selwyn Gallery 11 Cardale St, Darfield

Café Hope Sheffield Bowling Club Sheffield Free Book Exchange Sheffield Plunket Terrace Downs Resort Easter Celebra?on - Country Style Lunch Darfield Library Malvern Community Board Mee?ng SH73 from McMillan Street - North Terrace will be closed un?l 9:30am Darfield Recrea?on Centre VCC DuDon Garage Malvern Run Car Display Open Day - 230 Horndon Street Renova?ons Pig & Possum Hunt 2019 Hororata Domain Ski Sale - 3 Days Only! Gnomes, Darfield Autumn Garden Open Day Terrace Sta?on Posi?ve Pilates - Wed Mat Classes begin (8weeks) Darfield Physio & Gym MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE AdverLsing Content Deadline for 3rd May Issue Malvern News AdverLsing Deadline for 3rd May Issue Malvern School of Music AGM Darfield Library Posi?ve Pilates - Wed Mat Classes begin (8weeks) Darfield Physio & Gym Rolleston News AdverLsing Deadline for 8th May Issue Malvern Community Patrol AGM Darfield Rec Centre Farmlands Store - Closed for Stocktake 40 South Tce, Darfield Malvern Netball Year 5 & 6 will start today Darfield Netball Courts Aus?n Powers & The Legends Show Oxford Club Malvern Netball for Years 1 - 4 starts today Darfield Netball Courts Friends of Kirwee Model School AGM Kirwee School Staffroom Sheffield School PTA - Black Tie Ball Darfield Rec Centre Learn to Fly Gliders Canterbury Gliding Club ‘My Name is Moana’ Coming to Darfield Trinity Church, Darfield Windwhistle School BOT Nomina?ons Close Darfield Garden Club AGM Darfield Rec Centre Springfield School BOT Nomina?ons Close today Windwhistle School BOT Poll Closes today Springfield School BOT Vo?ng Closes today

ACCOUNTANTS ARE you wasting your CHIMNEY CLEANING valuable time trying to CHIM Chim. We'll sweep your logkeep up with your accounts? burners flue, check the Call us now for hassle-free firebricks, baffles, air-tubes accounting, tax and business and controls. We're experts advice - all right on on coal-ranges, also sweeping your doorstep. Sterling any sized open fire. We quote Accountants @ Malvern and undertake repairs, flue Business Hub, Ann-Maree extensions and install bird 021 215 0981. netting. 0800 224 464 Members NZHHA. WINTER’S coming! Time to service your fire. Accumulation of soot seriously affects performance. Latest rotary brush technology. Free “Making Accounting Easy for You” moisture check on wood. Personal & Business Tax Returns, Safety inspection. All work Business Compliance, insur ed & guara ntee d. GST & FBT Returns, From $80 single story. Phone Monthly Accounting, Annual Financial Accounting, 0800 SWEEP ME or PAYE/Payroll 021 0277 1927 IRD Approved Tax Agent Ph: 021 589 199

DOGS PUGS - adorable pure bred, fawn & black. Vaccinated, vet CATTERY checked. Available now! ANGEL Cats Boarding Cattery, Phone for viewings & details Oxford. Love & cuddles 027 553 3556. galore! Pick-up & delivery. Check us out on Facebook @angelcatscattery or w ww . a n g e lc a t s .b i z C a l l Sarah 03 312 1452 / 0210 424 367 or email CARPET 312 Kiri Kiri Rd, Oxford E:


NEED carpet? Go local! Very competitive pricing, seldom beaten. 30 years servicing this area. In home sample service, also repairs and installations. Phone Alan Roberts 021 227 2080.

9am-11am, 4pm-6pm Inspection welcome



Darfield Life Church


Ph Anne, Vern or Gareth Whiting

03 312 3355 027 288 8724

Open 7 Days

Sunday 6.30pm 10:30am - First Sunday of month. Ps Wayne Watson 027 281 8340 17 North Terrace DRIVER TRAINING

Nikki King

Thursday 18th April 2019 DRIVEWAYS LIFESTYLE, LIFESTYLE farm tracks, yards and dairy lanes our speciality. Screened rotten-rock, it’s local and lasts better. Springfield Quarry phone 318 4132. FIREWOOD & COAL

R K FIREWOOD Supplying wood for this Winter!

Old Man Pine, Bluegum, Macrocarpa, Oregon. TRY THE HOT MIX!

Page 21 FOR SALE



36m2, 1 1/2 bedrooms (1 double, 1 single) Off grid at moment, also wired for on grid Diesel generator Added extras: small conservatory, verandah & trellis fencing French doors in bedroom Hob New vinyl flooring Wagner Sparky fire On skids, easily removed at buyer’s expense.

Great buying at: $120,000 (As new - $155,000 without extras)

Phone 027 222 3821

EXpos available. All top quality, clean wood.




Interior & Exterior House Painting, Light Commercial Gib Stopping TRADE QUALIFIED • SMALL TEAM Garage Floors ‘All about quality!’ Farm Fences/Buildings Airless Spraying & more! Phone Scott 021 029 83216

Udi Painting & Decorating For all Pain/ng and Decora/ng services! Interior & Exterior Pain/ng & Plastering Fully Qualified  Wallpapering Roof PainLng  All work guaranteed Free Quotes.

Contact Udi Aale 021 074 2075

Phone Rini 027 451 7300 FLATMATE WANTED ROOM half price rent in exchange for help with pets & clean up for an hour in mornings. 15 mins from Darfield. On 18 acres with forest walks & mountain views. Must be an honest animal lover with references. Phone 027 553 3556.

FOR SALE Complete capital stock replacement line 97 cross bred heifer calves BW 151 PW 153 (new scale). Calves are G3 DNA profiled - $850.00 + GST Please phone Grant McIlroy

027 345 9262

FOR SALE LUCERNE hay. Conventional bales. Good quality. Shed stored. Kirwee area. $10 per bale. Phone 318 1964. OREGON fence rails, 150 x 40mm. $4.60 per metre. Contact Graeme Knowles 021 613 229. POINT of lay hyline/shavers pullets for sale. Please phone 021 863 158. SPA pool - Deluxe model. 6 seater, head rests, lounger, massage seats, pop-up speakers, water fall, insulated locking cover, cover lifer & steps. Replacement $12,500. Asking $5,995. Phone 021 207 0532.


UNDER PIVOT TRIMMING Phone Chris O’Donnell 027 210 2532 | 03 318 8479 Email:

HEDGEHOG Hedge & Shelterbelt Trimming Owner Operated Geoff 021 549 499 A/h 03 324 3482

WOOD shavings - untreated, clean shavings suitable for horse stables, calving sheds, chicken houses and rabbit h u t c h e s . Av a i l a b l e i n 70L bags, 1m 3 bales (compressed) and bulk delivery. Phone 03 344 1676 for more details.

PIVOT RUT SHINGLE Screened AP40 ($10 per m3 + GST)

PHONE: 027 405 8899


Hedge Trimming in Canterbury

Call Don today on 021 066 3011 or 03 318 2983 • Half size tractor for easier access

• Up to 6m height topped at 5m or less

• Branch size up to 50mm • Cutter drops material to side of hedge

HOUSE TO LET RURAL Darfield. 1 bedroom, semi-attached, self-contained flat. Furnished or unfurnished. Phone 021 267 8735.

Roof painting, stopping & wallpapering, gib fixing, weather board, barges & fascia repairs. References available.

Phone Dave on 021 142 0567 PAINTING & DECORATING

‘For all your decorating needs’

Micky Conway Painter & Decorator Darfield Based Will cover all areas Contact Micky on

021 125 1613 FULLY INSURED

INSPECTIONS TENANCY Inspections! Offering initial & routine inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you. Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections Ltd on 027 313 2270 or email


ROOM TO RENT SINGLE lockable rooms in Darfield Hostel. Internet, sky TV. $160pw. Please phone 027 479 1431 or 318 3660. SINGLE room available in Kirwee, in warm family home. $150 per week. Including power & Sky. Phone 027 446 0704. SCRAP METAL BEST prices! Amalgamated Scrap Ltd. Buying cars & farm machinery. Specialising in farm clean-ups. Rod McQuoid buyer. Ph 027 695 0480 or 0800 030 712. SCRAPMETAL - cash paid for all types of metal farm machinery, old cars etc. Please phone Wayne 027 749 9736 or 03 323 6610 (Licensed Dealer). SITUATION VACANT



LOCKSMITH Selwyn based 24hr mobile service, keys cut and general lock and safe maintenance. EFTPOS available. Call Locktight Security 021 171 8060.

Part-time Seasonal Positions CAFETERIA, LIFTS & CAR PARKING Applicants need to be able to work every weekend during the season, as well as during the July School Holidays. Have a pleasant personality, with excellent communication skills and can work independently. Transport from Springfield is provided. SHUTTLE DRIVER 3 - 5 days per week. Class 2 & P licence. Needs to be confident driving on snow & mountain roads. Applicants please send CV and application to:

Page 22

Thursday 18th April 2019 SHEEP SHEARING

Mobile Sheep Shearing Canterbury


Satisfaction Guaranteed! Phone or text Wilf Lock on 022 044 0654 or 03 347 8226 (A/H)

TINTTINT-A-WINDOW Solar Protective films. Fade UV block. Heat Glare control. Privacy. Safety/ Security. Frosted films. Free online quotes. Ph 0800 368 468.



COUNTRY TOUCH SERVICES Your very own LOCAL, reliable & experienced

Window Cleaner

• Small Mobs • Lifestyle Blocks • Drenching, Tailing,

Foot Trimming etc



Generator available

Ph Shaun Adams


for a quote on

CALF REARER REQUIRED We are seeking a full-time & part-time Calf Rearer for the 2019 season. Rearing approx. 300 heifer calves from 1,200 cows. Previous experience is necessary. The farm is well set up with everything you need to rear excellent calves. You may also assist with milking the dairy herd at times. Working alongside a young energetic team of five other staff. Position will start late July & finish end of October (more work available for the right person). Located 15 Min from Hororata. 20 Min to Dunsandel and Rakaia.

Contact Paddy Bentham on 027 817 8173 or email

021 204 1274



Your local mobile Hose Doctor

DUNSANDEL STOP SHOP CASUAL WEEKEND WORK Experience in making coffees & customer service an advantage. Week 1: Sat 5 hours Week 2: Sat 12 hours

Ph 022 602 6502 0800 4 ENZED (0800 4 36933)

Ph 03 325 4154 or email your CV to


CLEANER - COALGATE Permanent PartPart-time Position (Min 20 hrs per week, Mon - Fri) Bathurst Resources is New Zealand’s largest specialist coal company. We produce over 2.2 million tonnes of coal each year and proudly employ over 450 people. We are currently seeking a cleaner to be part of a growing team of friendly and professional people at our Canterbury Mine. The role of the Cleaner is to provide an efficient and effective cleaning service. You will be responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the crib room, toilets, offices, windows and the general office area at the Canterbury Coal operations at Coalgate. Responsibilities: • Cleaning of crib rooms, offices, toilets & training rooms. • Vacuuming & mopping of all floors. • Empty rubbish bins. • Clean out microwave, fridge & cupboards. • Stock up tea, coffee, sugar and refill water container. • Freight pick up as and when required • Any other cleaning & general duties as required. Competencies: • Excellent time management skills. • Excellent organisational ability. • Ability to use initiative. • Flexible, resourceful and motivated. • Tidy and respectable personal presentation. If you are interested in applying for a position, please send a copy of your updated CV to:

Semi retired dairy farmer looking for work; gardening/farm work. Ph 0274 786 420

WANTED BOTTLES - wanted to buy. Pre1940’s. Glass or clay types with NZ company names on. Phone 03 360 3699. WINDOW REPAIRS SHELLEY’S Glass and Glazing. Got a broken glass window? Insurance work, Pet doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single/Double glazing, Splashbacks, Fire Glass. 32 years in the glass industry. Operates in Oxford, Cust, Darfield, Rolleston, West Melton & Surrounding Areas. Call your local Glazier - Mark on 03 312 3253 or 0272 426 368.


• • •

• •

Trade Qualified 25+ years experience Member of Master Painters New Zealand Association Local References

Call Jon Poultney on 027 238 8362 Email:


VACANCY - PRACTICE NURSE We have a vacancy for a Part or Full time Practice Nurse to join our team in Darfield and West Melton.

CPR Level 5 Current vaccination & smear taking certificates Strong computer literacy Medtech 32 experience NZ residency / work visa ι ι Ph: 03 318 8511

 Maintenance & servicing  Bathroom & kitchen renova?ons  Mains pressure hot water upgrades  Blocked drains  Pump servicing  Central hea?ng  Fast, friendly professional service

Laser Plumbing Christchurch West 03 348 6920

Servicing the entire Selwyn District So try us first!

Thursday 18th April 2019

Page 23 TRADES





HOME REPAIRS General Maintenance, Home Improvements, Alterations, Re-lining, Weatherboard Replacements, Fences & Decks

House & Roof Pre--Paint Wash Pre Hydro Drain Cleaning

Murray Thomas Ph: 027 809 4929 | E:


Moss Treating: roofs, footpaths & driveways.

Cleans most surfaces: fences, paths, brick, block, wood, concrete & machinery.

Free Quotes. Ph Mike Richards 03 318 8380 or 021 179 0584

New Computers • Virus Asus Zenbook UX430 Laptops Removal • Intel i5 3.4GHz • Problem Upgrades quad core Solving Software CPU • 512 M.2 SSD Closed Saturdays harddirve Jon Lawrence • 14" anti-glare Ph: 03 3183 699 • 8gig RAM $1795

Mob: 027 688 9103


Incl GST


Bodie Seymour • • • • •

022 418 5297

Mirrors Catdoors Splash Backs Retro Fit Double Glazing Insurance Repairs

Ph 03 318 4128

TRADES AUTO & Marine Upholsterer 3967 West Coast Rd, Phone 03 318 7378. Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm.

Heat pump supply, installaLon, servicing & maintenance

NEW kitchens, wardrobes, laundries or what ever you need! Remodelled or just new doors. Good advice, good price. Ring Lex 03 349 0150 or 027 439 3926. PORTABLE sawmill for all your timber requirements and macrocarpa sales. Please phone Graeme Knowles on 021 613 229.

General household & business electrical work.

Give Nigel a call now for your no obliga-on free quote

Ph: 021 387 750


Your LOCAL & reliable tradesman



SuperComputer Sales and Service of new and used machines. Networking, Virus protection, Backup Re-loading and Restoring of Windows. Plain old fashioned Help & Assistance!

I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, & Mark Jones that we can do nothing to change it, 03 318 1956 027 210 4242 look before they cross the road. 0800 427 427 - Stephen Hawking.

Page 24

Thursday 18th April 2019

Daily On Site Sales & Servicing

Darfield based with over 38 years of local knowledge and experience

Authorised Service Agent for Most Brands since 1996! • Ovens Machines • Cooktops • Dryers • Washing Machine • Dishwashers Hire from $8 p.w. • Washing

Septic Tank Cleaning Jetting Unit for blocked drains Camera Investigations | Port-a-loo hire

Reg. Service Technician

Office 318 8609 | 0274 338 693 |

david wilkinson Contact your LOCAL certifying specialist. Over 30 years experience.

registered electrician phone 03 318 1231 fax email

Mainland Plumbing & Gas Ltd Ph Glenn: Kirwee Based

027 445 0684

03 318 1235

po box 26 kirwee

we’ll be there when you need us. guaranteed. on time guaranteed or your first hour is free! conditions apply.

Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

Selwyn Electrical Ltd Your Local Registered Electrician


021 732 331

RURAL PLUMBING SERVICES LTD Simon O’Connell • Certifying Plumber M: 021 048 4799 • H: 03 317 9174 E: Darfield based, working Canterbury wide. All Maintenance, Hot Water Cylinders, Log burners, Spouting, Rainwater Harvest, Wetbacks, Pumps, Alterations (new and existing)

Maintenance Renovations & new builds Pump servicing and installation Water filter installation Water pump hire Supply and installation of septic tank systems • Gas and wood fire installation • IQP in backflow prevention • Teatsprayer servicing • • • • • •

0800 752 400

“One call & we’ we’ll do them all” all”

318 1676 or 021 184 2448

Bricklaying & Blocklaying Stonework Restoration Work Chimney, Fireplace & Firebacks • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed • • • •

VINCE DALY Ph (03) 318 8020 021 250 6944

Upholsterer Recover: Lounge Suites Dining Chairs Squabs etc Free Quotes Based in Weedons Ph 03 980 4979

How come you’re so relaxed? It’s the school holidays!!

Specialising in: 

 

 

Feedlots / Silage Pads Agricultural Effluent Storage Systems Driveways / Patios Residential Foundations & Slab Excavations & Shingle Supplies New Homes Farm Buildings

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Issue 866 - Thursday 18th April 2019  

Issue 866 - Thursday 18th April 2019