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ISSUE 870 Friday 7th December 2018

By Lucinda Jarvis. day is where life-long friends Local Simon Earl and team mate Greg Thompson tackled the third edition of The Pioneer Mountain Bike Stage Race through New Zealand’s Southern Alps held from November 25th-30th 2018. This event has proven to be a true pioneering race. Those competing got to see some of New Zealand’s stunning scenery through pristine high country also they got to experience the brutal nature of this challenging ev e nt. Bo th loc a l a nd international mountain bikers tackled the six-stage race in teams consisting of two competitors, the riders must stay no more than two minutes apart from each other for the entire race. This competition pushes competitors to their absolute limits and then beyond to discover new limits for themselves and their teammate. The social lounge in camp every

are made, while memories are made out along each stage of the race. Simon and Greg were very excited to be part of this competition and they could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air on registration morning. The first day (21km 1,100 metre vertical) saw competitors start and finish at Coronet Ski Field base. Simon and Greg were very pleased how this stage went considering the masses of mud down Rude Rock which is a legendary down hill trail. The next stage (69km 2,200 metre vertical) had the teams circumnavigate through Ben Lomond Station, this stage of the course was very challenging and went around the Queenstown Gondola mountain.

Continued on page 6….

Simon very proud of his efforts over the different stages of racing, feeling ecstatic to have finished.

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Friday 7th December 2018


Christmas Stock now in Salon! We have gorgeous Gift Packs for that special someone! 45b South Terrace, Darfield | Phone 03 318 7687 Find us on Facebook for online bookings

Body washes, moisturiser, body bu2ers; they are all part of our daily rou,nes and some of the biggest selling products in our consumer markets, but what are we using on our bodies ingredients wise and if we are looking for a more chemical-free op,on what should we be looking to avoid? Washes: Sodium lauryl sulphate is a chemical to create the foam in washes, however it has been linked to skin irrita,on and there has been some evidence to link it to serious health issues. Try looking for sodium laureth sulphate which is far more gentle; or a product that uses an alterna,ve altogether. Moisturisers, bu7ers, lo8ons: If It o=en feels like you’re applying, reapplying and repea,ng, with not a lot of joy, you may want to look at the types of oils in your products. Cheap carrier oils, or oils of low quality, can give these frustra,ng results. Instead look for oils that are cold pressed which retains the integrity and molecular structure of the oil. As a result the oil remains as nature designed it. Low molecular weight oils like jojoba, coconut and macadamia oils enable them to be readily accepted into the skin and drawn into the deeper layers of the dermis, passing with ease through the cell membranes to nourish each skin cell. Using a quality product will also mean you will use less product in the long run; saving you ,me and money.

A brand I love that cks all these boxes is ‘Pure Fiji’. Made in Fiji with local, mostly organic, ingredients, and suppor ng their local economy, this amazing product is not only gorgeous, but a product that our clients keep coming back for more of.

Sarah Barnard

Christmas Party! Sunday 16th December - 2pm start At The Terrace Surf & Turf Bar Live entertainment provided: Pistons, Karen Overton, Ukulele Club & Matt Hall.

11 Cardale Street, Darfield - Phone: 03 317 9400

On January 19th, Darfield Volunteer Fire Brigade will host the South Island Waterway competition at the Darfield Recreation Reserve. The Waterway Season is made up of four regional, or two Island

events, annually, and one additional national event held biennially. This competition, run by the United Fire Brigades Association (UFBA), was first introduced in 1885; and provides a wonderful opportunity for spectators to watch Brigade members go through their paces. The competition is open to any firefighter and consists of two and four person teams who compete in a range of hose running and pump operating

tests in a fun and competitive environment. Along with skill, dexterity and fitness one of the more important aims of the competition is also to improve these firefighting skills. Described as being fast paced and exciting to watch, it’s right on the doorstep for locals to head along and support their team. Teams are comprised of a maximum of five persons for a four person team and three persons for a two person team and no person can compete in both two and four person sections at the same UFBA funded challenge. Teams must compete in all relevant events and comply with uniform requirements, including helmets, during each event. Teams can be eligible to enter a composite team providing that team members are all from the same Province - in the past Darfield have been part of a ‘Rangfield’ team - Rangiora and Darfield. Darfield Brigade organisers are planning to attract food and coffee providers to the event, making for a fun-filled, actionpacked, spectator day for all!

Friday 7th December 2018

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CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH Spaces Still Available!

Members of the Go Hororata Committee visit other centres to research what is required at their new facility. The Go Hororata Committee includes representatives from the Hororata - Reserve Committee, Citizens’ Committee, Tennis Club, Scouts, Rifle Club, Playcentre, Parish, Primary School and Community Trust. The committee is chaired by Dave Sligh and has just invited expressions of interest from community members and businesses for the new Hororata Community Centre. This progressive collective committee formed from the nine community groups, along with elected members of the public, is currently working towards developing a conceptual plan for the new Community Centre. “Now the Hororata Community Centre has been approved by the Council in the Selwyn tenyear plan we are keen to progress the project. It is important we continue the momentum our community has at the moment by progressing to conceptual plans thanks to funding from the Hororata Community Trust,” Dave explained. “There are many examples of successful partnerships between commercial business

$100 per person

and community projects that Octa Associates have developed a survey which benefit both parties. The provides the opportunity for Hororata Community Centre is an opportunity for interested people to have their input on businesses to become involved the types of features that could be included in the Hororata right from the early stages, with Community Centre. this exciting project on a Selwyn Reserve. One that is fast building a reputation as a major This can be accessed through Canterbury event venue. the Go Hororata Facebook Interested parties should page and closes on contact Go Hororata via their December 16th. website for further information, or to be involved.” ( 20 Hours ECE are FREE! Go Hororata has appointed Octa Associates to work with the community to develop a detail brief for the H ororata Community Centre and to engage with architects. The aim for this step of the project is to Open Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm produce a conceptual design and proposed placement on the WEST MELTON Hororata Reserve. 65 Iris Taylor Avenue Ph: 03 741 1785 “Go Hororata is committed to deve lop ing a m ult i- us e E: ROLLESTON Community Centre which is an 10 Beaumont Drive asset to local residents, the Ph: 03 347 9561 Selwyn District and beyond so it E: is important at this point that all Web: c o mm u n i ty gr o up s a n d businesses express their interest in being involved in the project.

For a Buffet Lunch, including 1 drink Bed & Breakfast | Licensed Restaurant | Group Bookings Weddings | Receptions | Catering | Devonshire Teas

Ph 03 318 7686 or visit

FACTORY SHOP OPEN EVERY SUNDAY IN DECEMBER 10:30am to 3:00pm • See great instore specials • Taking Christmas salmon orders now • West Coast whitebait available while stocks last • Gift/corporate gift packs available now Open: 8am - 5:00pm weekdays| Eftpos Available

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For all your Fruit & Vege Needs

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A Springfield School Fundraiser!

Last orders 17 December at the latest!

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Friday 7th December 2018

689 East Maddisons Road, Rolleston Ph: 03 347 4595 Mob: 0274 843040


The informa on and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. The final approval of le(ers for print, rests with the editors. (Unless by prior arrangement, le(ers to the Editor should be no more than 200 words [approximately] in length.) Le(ers to the editor won’t be considered for publica on without the writer’s name (given and surname) and area of residence (not address) also being printed. Le(ers wri(en using a pseudonym, are unable to be published. The Editors

To the Editors: As a registered patient of the Darfield Medical Centre I’m disappointed to hear that they won’t be signing up to the new lowered fees for Community Services Card holders. These came into operation on December 1st, but individual Medical Centres can opt in, or out, of the lowered charging initiative. Maybe the Government should have made it mandatory and also maybe if enough pressure was brought to bear, our local Medical Centre would reconsider their stance on not signing up. As a patient who often requires frequent appointments and one who is on a low, fixed income - the current situation with our local Medical Centre just isn’t acceptable.

Laurie Squires, Hororata.

CHRISTMAS HAM Order yours today from Johnny Fresh! Wishing all of our customers a Safe & Happy Holiday! Tel 03 317 9497 • Mob 027 355 0451

Switch your home’s 45kg LPG bottle supply to Genesis and receive:  Great LPG Pricing  First 45kg bottle free (on standard twin 45kg bottle set-up)*  A 15% Prompt Payment Discount* * Terms and conditions apply

Monday at Darfield Preschool few more tyres into the play physical activity and develop saw some of the strongest four area from the back paddock. creativity,” said a Darfield year olds assist with rolling a “These are great to increase Pre school and Nur se ry spokesperson. “The boys who undertook the task decided that the tyres were pretty dirty and needed a wash, so they rolled them over to the hose. As was expected the hose washed the tyres down, but also turned the surrounding dirt into mud!” While this scenario could easily be classified as a parent’s worst nightmare, one of the Preschool teachers suggested a mud bath! “It wasn’t too long before there were lots of children joining in the mud bath and having lots of fun,” it was reported. “Messy play encourages so much; such as social skills, turn taking, tactile experiences, Kaiako Abby endures a coating of mud with creativeness, and of course Pippa Thwaites, Jack Faulkner and Dixie Deans. excitement. We all had so much fun covering ourselves in mud, even the teachers and it was • Qualified, dedicated staff great hearing the children share • Excellent child: teacher their afternoon adventures with ratio their parents when they headed A place for children to home.” learn & have fun, in a safe & inspiring rural environment. Where children are nurtured, families are valued & life-long learning is encouraged.

1D Cardale St, Darfield Ph 03 318 8836

Noah Lenssen well and truly got into the mud-bath spirit!

Friday 7th December 2018

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Contact Janelle & Macca for all your motoring requirements!

HUMS, BONKS WHISTLES & DRIPS We have had a few random easy fixes lately. A customer called and complained of an intermittent loud ‘HUMMMMM’ from their car. Murphy’s Law states, “when you take your car to a mechanic because it makes a funny sound you will not be able to demonstrate it for the mechanic, nor will you be able to describe it.” Of course after the first check it was silent and sounded normal. A few hours later the customer returned, “it’s doing it now!” I checked it over and from outside you could hear a faint hum, while inside it was really loud and coming from the boot. I opened the boot and found an aftermarket speaker (sub-woofer) vibrating its self to pieces. I unplugged the speaker and all was silent again. Easy fix! A second issue was described as a long metallic ‘brrrrrrrrr donk’ when sharply accelerating or braking hard. We completed a road test with the customer and traced the noise to beside the left rear seat. This repair actually took a while to trace, but it ended up being a marble which had fallen under the rear seat, and was rolling along a floor rail, back and forth, as the car started and stopped. Totally bizarre! Another customer presented her car with a loud ‘vibrating whistle’ at around 60-80kph, Off we went for a drive and sure enough it started at 50kph and was constant up to about 70kph. We turned round to head back to the workshop, and it didn’t make a noise?? So we did another U-turn and sure enough 50kph off it went - then back to the workshop and nothing. This one did take a lot of driving around, but it ended being a loose windscreen trim and at a certain speed it would let loose and vibrate. It was also wind direction affected, so if you were driving into a head wind it would vibrate sooner. The last complaint we get at the start of every summer. “My car is leaking water. It’s clear and when it dries it leaves a stain on the garage floor”. Most of the time we can fix this fault over the phone without even seeing the car. Every vehicle with air conditioning will have a drain under the vehicle to let out condensation caused by the cooling process. This drips out onto the garage floor and mixes with the dirt and oil on the garage floor. It’s not unusual for a puddle the size of a dinner plate to form after a long drive on a hot day. But if the fluid is green, red or yellow and never really evaporates, then get it checked ASAP! At Darfield Automotive we still have pre-holiday service spots available, call us for an appointment and don’t forget we offer free pickups from West Melton and Kirwee townships.

Closed from 1pm Friday 21st December 2018 & re-opening 8:30am Monday 14th January 2019 Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year from all of the team here at Coalgate Motors! Come in and see us for all of your motoring needs!

Happy and safe Christmas motoring from Macca, Janelle, Tim, Sam, Heather & James.

On selected Bridgestone car tyres & selected Bridgestone or Firestone 4x4 tyres. * Conditions apply. Offer valid from 3rd - 24th December 2018

PLUS - Swipe your AA Smartfuel Card with any purchase and go in the draw to win up to 50L free fuel! *Conditions apply. Offer valid from 3rd - 22nd December 2018. At participating stores only.

2-6 South Tce, Darfield

Ph 03 318 8201 | M: 0274 340 060

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Friday 7th December 2018

Tenancy Inspections Offering initial, routine & final inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you! NOW also offering a Cleaning Service & Property Management Service!!

Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections on 027 313 2270 or e:

41 Cardale St, Darfield | $ 520.000

This beautifully presented home features: • Open plan spacious kitchen/dining/living • 3 double bedrooms • Internal access double garage • Double glazing • Stunning gardens

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

Joe Brankin Steph Kimber 021 324 529 027 418 2150

...continued from front page. The next stage (102km - 2,700 metre vertical) saw the best day of competition for Simon and Greg, teams started and finished in Alexandra. The boys had a blast even though it was tough and this day they finished 43rd out of the 270 teams that were competing. Next up was the Alexandra to Bannockburn stage (79km - 3,000 metre) this was a very challenging stage for this team, at the 40km mark Greg had a bad crash heading downhill at great speed. He was so determined to finish this stage of the race and he knew he had unfortunately broken his ribs, but the determination got him through to the finish of this stage. On completion Greg went straight to hospital, where it was found that he also had a punctured lung. Greg commented, that it was hard to breathe but he just kept going showing how tough and determined he was, unfortunately this was the competition over for him but this just made Simon more determined to finish the job for both of them. The last day, Bannockburn - Queenstown (86km - 2,600 metre vertical) was a very tough day for Simon, he was very lucky to have his wife Kate and boys fly down in

Simon Earl and Greg Thomspon, who competed in The Pioneer Mountain Bike Stage race as a team. the morning to see him at Bungy Bridge which was 30km from the finish, this was a fantastic boost for Simon who hadn’t seen his family for a week while he had been racing in the toughest Stage race he had ever done. “They are amazing support,” Simon commented. “The amazing sense of achievement was pretty cool, I knew I had a bit of mental toughness but not this much. I would definitely do this again for sure but who knows when,” Simon concluded. The Pioneer started and finished in the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown, the six incredible days of racing links together the best back country riding in the South Island. The course included a mix of local trials, farm tracks, New Zealand Cycle Trails and single tracks. It sent competitors deep into remote back country where they really discovered what it meant

to be a Pioneer, climbing big cl i mb s, a s c o mp e t it or s ascended onto tussock covered hills, traverse mountain ranges, explored secluded valleys and revived the spirit of the original pioneers. The terrain varied each day and really let the competitors see what they, their team mate and bike were made of. This was a non-technical course but one of the most important assets for the competitors was their lungs as the climbs ranged from 1,1003,500 metres and covered between 21-101km for each stage. Luckily for competitors the course was marked so they could just concentrate on the gruelling task at hand. Check points and aid stations were scattered around the course to keep these tough competitors on track and well looked after. Well done to all those who competed in this prestigious event. ROLLESTON LAW

Contact us for an appointment Rolleston Office: 78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square Darfield Office: Malvern Business Hub, 68 South Terrace

T: W: E: E:

(03) 374 2547

Friday 7th December 2018

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• West Melton: NEW LISTING 1266 West Coast Road

Darfield’s Steve Roberts crosses the finish line in the 115 kilometre Enduro class, to come first overall in the event. The Bridge to Bridge mountain bike event is actually two events held at two separate times of the year. The original Bridge to Bridge has just taken place, Sunday December 2nd, on the South Bank of the Waimakariri River (from the Waimakariri Gorge Bridge to State Highway One Bridge), while the Bridge to Bridge ‘North’ is held in June, on the North Bank of the Waimakariri River. Last weekend’s event saw four mountain bike rides held on the day; the traditional 58 kilometre ride from the Gorge, a 30 kilometre ride from The Willows, a 12 kilometre Recreational Ride from Haul Road and an Enduro of 115 kilometres going up the North Bank of the River and back down the South Bank, all finishing at Whites Crossing. Categories were set so as to cater for everyone, young old, middle aged, athlete, weekend warrior or first time rider. The event is touted as being heaps of fun and with spot prizes, as well as age group category prizes meaning there’s a good chance of being rewarded for effort. There were some notable results from locals competing, amongst them was first placegetter in the 115 kilometre Enduro Mountain Bike category (and also first place overall) Darfield’s Steve Roberts. Roberts Steve’s two daughters Charlotte and Anna also had great results in the 30 kilometre (first place) and 12 kilometre respectively.

Left: Darfield’s Warren Thomas and Nicole Sarginson cross the finish line in the 115 kilometre Enduro class. Also in the 115 kilometre enduro class was Nicole Sarginson, Sarginson who came in at second place and Warren Thomas at 18th. In separate categories of the 30 kilometre race Suzanne Meager came in

at second and Scott McIlroy at first. The News congratulates all those from the area who took part, placed or not - a huge achievement to ride such distances!

3.2374ha, older home with open-plan living, two bedrooms and a sun room. Set in a mature setting with fenced pool. Great four-bay shed (two bays enclosed) four paddocks, own well. Great opportunity to land bank or a handyman’s dream lifestyle. For sale $669,000, phone to view. • Darfield: 1585 Clintons Road 2ha stunning small lifestyle property. Lovely home, two living areas, four bedrooms, excellent outdoor living. One enclosed shed plus a four-bay shed, good shelter and fencing with a stunning garden, a property to be proud of. Phone to view. • Oxford: 515 Domain Road 4ha bare land in two paddocks, power and water to boundary. Possible option of a vendor lease back. Covenants are in place to protect your investment. For Sale: $250,000 inc GST. • Hororata: 80 Cordys Road 37.6411ha bare land with sheds, woolshed and cattle yards, a rare opportunity here to build a dream home on this magical site with a stream. Well fenced and sheltered. $1,475,000 plus GST (if any). • Darfield: 1932 Telegraph Road 4.97ha, an amazing opportunity here to invest or land bank, zoned Living 1. Lovely large brick home with two living areas and four bedrooms. Phone to view. What an opportunity.

Min Cookson Ph: 03 341 4301 M: 027 249 5417 E:

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Friday 7th December 2018

7 Currie Street, Darfield | $365.000

A ¼ acre in the central township makes this property a great starter. Features include: • 3 bedrooms • Large double garage and workshop • Private sunny outdoor areas • Mature garden and trees

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

It was definitely a proud parent moment for Bridget and Jack Carter last Sunday, December 2nd as they watched their son Nathan mount the podium to receive a gold medal. To received the medal Nathan ran in the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Road Race competing in the para athlete section. “It was a lovely overcast morning,” reported Bridget, “perfect weather conditions for running,” she added. The race started and finished at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr stadium and there were eight runners in Nathan’s section and they started alongside a field of fifty other competitors. “N athan was the on ly representative from Darfield high school and he proudly brought home a gold medal,” Bridget commented. He was well up in the middle pack of the runners and came in at a time of 7 minutes 16 seconds for two kilometres, which was a personal best,” she added.

Shortly after the race the medal ceremony took place in the Stadium with Nathan saying to his mother, Bridget that he was ‘super-proud’!

“This was a huge, proud moment for our family,” Bridget said, “his determination continues to inspire us.”

Nathan’s long legs and determination saw him achieve a goldmedal winning performance last weekend.

Joe Brankin Steph Kimber 021 324 529 027 418 2150

Arhh the 8me of year. Christmas is here. Happy Christmas to you & yours. We all want the best we can when purchasing gi=s for people. The best way to choose is to Google the product that you want ie. Laptop computer. Don’t forget to put NZ a=er it then it will look in New Zealand. Once you have that result go through them and see what they say about the thing that you are ge-ng. If you find a common thread then put the common item into the search screen as well. That will give you another lot to look through. When you spy another common thread add that. Do this two or three ,mes and then lastly put ‘buy’ in there and you will see shops that sell the item that you are a=er. Obviously ‘buy Christchurch’ will get you local, rather than na,onal. Let your fingers do the walking. A very Merry Christmas to you all and I hope the New Year bring lots of prosperity and happy surprises for you. Finally, for those who don’t know I’m a fireman at Kirwee and if I don’t show up one day for your job it may be that we’ve had a fire call and that’s what’s keeping me from your door. I will call you when I can to arrange another ,me to visit as soon as I get back from the call-out.

This column is supplied by Mark Jones from Super Computer - see advert inside back page

I can’t believe I’m wri,ng this, with less than three weeks to go ,ll Christmas, how did that happen? Due to the weather condi,ons, most of you will have no,ced the fly popula,on is very low. But be aware, as soon as we get some sun and heat, things will go mad! Some of the ways to keep them away are: • If you have dogs pick up their faeces regularly. • Wash your rubbish bins regularly during the summer season. • Barbecues are normally close to the house, so make sure you keep them clean and clean-up any spills, as well as the fat tray. While families are away on their Christmas holidays it’s a great ,me to have your home treated on the inside for flies and whitetails. The house is empty and there’s no food out. See if you can find a rela,ve or a neighbour to leave your key with and we can treat your home while you are away. If this suits, give us a call for a booking 0800 667 778. If you have an ant problem there are a few things you can do to help keep them at bay also: • Clean any outside sumps which service the kitchen - especially if you have a garbage disposal unit. • Empty indoor food rubbish bins daily and keep them clean. Cut away any trees that are touching your house or roof, especially if your boundary trees are touching your neighbours’ trees. • Again keep wheelie bins clean. • Don’t leave cat and dog food out, put it away a=er feeding. Because ant control can be very expensive we have wri2en a pamphlet on ant control and can supply you with products we know work, once you know how to do it. Being on the spot with the right gear is the most effec,ve method of control. Call us at 0800 667 778 for a kit. Thank you all for your con,nued support and we wish you all a happy and safe Christmas. Regards

Brian and Rose Spiderban NC Ltd

‘Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Specialists!’

Brian & Rose Walker

0800 667 778 ‘Owned and operated in Darfield since 2008’


Free Quotes We do NOT Tele-market!

Friday 7th December 2018

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Tree too big? Not enough light? Or just untidy!

Selwyn's Qualified Arborist Na8onal Cert, Hor8culture; Na8onal Cert, Advanced Hor8culture Na8onal Cert, Arboriculture; Diploma, Arboriculture

For Tree Care, Maintenance & Removals Contact Brandon FULL INSURANCE

021 061 5397 • 03 317 9587

EXPERIENCED ARBORIST & CLIMBER John Royle Ph: 03 384 2500 or 027 510 4637 Email:

• Hedges • Trees - Pruning - Shaping - Reductions - Thinning - Felling - Removals - Plantings - Forestry

On Sunday afternoon, December 2nd, the Malvern School of Music hosted fourteen talented, local, music students, to play one of their 2018 exam pieces, to an appreciative audience at Trinity Church, Darfield. Adele Langlands Langlands, Cecilia Pascoe and Pauline Sewell were pleased to be able to give an opportunity for these students to play to their family, friends and local supporters in recognition of all the many hours of practice that goes in to sitting exams.

Pauline Sewell Back L to R: Beryl Lawrence (Grade 3 Cello Distinction); Cecilia Pascoe (Grade 7 Cello Merit); Henry Holdem-Bluck (Grade 7 Violin Merit & Piano Pass); Thomas Holdem-Bluck (Grade 1 Piano Distinction); Ethan Spence (Grade 2 Piano result to come); James Stead; Ellen Walters (Recital for year 2 Performance Paper in Cello at Otago University); Front L to R: Cameron Newell (Grade 4 Piano Merit); Courtney Newell (Grade 6 Piano Pass); Emily Waters (Grade 3 Violin Merit); Aiko Sakurai (NCEA Piano Level 2 Ex); Claire Langlands (Grade 5 Piano result to come); Katherine Hadler (NCEA Piano Level 1 Performance Ex); Esther Choi (Grade 5 Violin Merit). Additional results: James Stead, Ethan Spence and Claire Langlands NCEA Group Performance Level 1 Ex. Absent: Emma Ozanne (Grade 2 Piano Merit); Ann-Maree Ozanne (Grade 3 Piano Merit); Beatrice McGlashen (Grade 2 Violin Merit); Issy Kennedy (Grade 3 Flute result to come).

Available for:

Landscaping Painting Fencing and more!

Phone: 0800 720 720 Mobile: 022 069 6183 Email: Website: Full range of plant available including diggers and trucks

• 2 Topdown Cultivators • Ripping • Vaderstad Drill • Fodder Beet Planter • Direct Drilling • Ploughing • Cultivator & Roller • Swifterdisc


Mobile: 027 922 3843

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Friday 7th December 2018

For your High Capacity Mowing Requirements! ‘Lifetime of Agricultural Contracting experience’ Contact Nigel today on

021 338 949

• Able to assist with large harvest jobs • Can provide service to small contractors/farmers • New 240hp JCB • Kuhn triple mowers • TRACTOR & DRIVER HIRE AVAILABLE!

Full, Independent Agronomy Advice - Agri-Chemical Supplier - Ravensdown ‘FlowFert N’ Supplier Crop & Pasture Spraying - AgRecovery Collec8on Site Syngenta Nozzle Retailer - Bateman Sprayers SALES - SERVICE - PARTS Office: 03 302 8098 David Molloy: 0274 362 441 David Mangin: 0274 802 216 Colin Woolsey: 0274 362 448

Gemma Oliver: 0274 324 434 Gary Rackham: 0274 362 459 Gregor Robertson: 0274 362 438


For the third year running Selwyn District Libraries are promoting a district foodbank drive, with proceeds being donated to the Ellesmere Foodbank. This community organisation supports all residents of Selwyn in times of need. All contributions are much appreciated, so please visit the Darfield Library and add to their ‘Cantastic Tree’. Donations of canned goods are welcomed, they must be non-perishable with the original label and within the best before date. In previous years over 1000 cans have been donated across all libraries and it would be fabulous to match or surpass this number. Cans can be donated until December 19th at the local library and service centre.

Friday 7th December 2018

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WEED SPRAYING Godfrey Pest Management Limited Saturday’s respite from the rain saw a good crowd turn out to enjoy a community Christmas picnic in Coalgate. Bouncy castles for the children and the chance to catch up with friends and neighbours were all part of the successful event. Not to mention the always popular appearance of Santa Claus (with gifts) and it was reported the homemade cinnamon rolls on the food table were a hit too! Organisers thanked everyone who came along and enjoyed the entertainment, wished them all Merry Christmas - proving just what a great community, Coalgate is.

Registered Chemical Applicator R1550 Contact WAYNE GODFREY P: 027 232 6791 E:

Owner / Operator Wouldn’t a Christmas party without the appearance of Santa Claus - and the Coalgate event was no exception.


Phone Shane on 021 876 786

HAY BALING BALEAGE CONVENTIONAL (SMALL BALES) MEDIUM SQUARE BALES ROUND BALES Crowds enjoying the Coalgate Christmas party - right: the decorated Morris Minor in which Santa Claus made his entrance.


THOMSON CONTRACTING Phone: 03 347 3479 Cell: 027 289 868

• Excavators

1.5T to 20T • Heavy • • • • •

Transporter Hire Truck & Trailer Hire 6 Wheel Drive Grader Shelter Belt Removal Root Raking Stump Removal

• River

Protection • Drainage • Farm Water

Schemes • Site Works • Shingle

Supplies • Driveways • Logging of trees

Rob Curle - Cell: 027 508 2240 E: Specialising in rural excavation - Wishing our clients a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! AH: 03 318 4722

Full Service from start to finish!

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Friday 7th December 2018

GIANT KALE High yielding, best drought & aphid tolerant variety! IDEAL FOR DEER, SHEEP & CATTLE Excellent P&G Test. $6.50kg + GST Contact Ian Reed on 03 318 8270 or 021 257 7729 or Sheldon Reed on 027 619 9050 Email:

30+ years Fencing Contracting experience. Small and Large Scale Fencing. Free Estimates Sheep, Dairy, Deer and Horse Fencing Animal Sheds, Yards, Shelters and Runs Horse Arenas and Horse Rail Post and Rail • Post Driving • Electric Fences Lifestyle Blocks • Sub-divisions. Steve is available to help with Planning & Design Phone: 03 312 4747 Cell: 027 312 4747 Email: Web:

• •

• • • •

Windrowing, 15ft twin side knife draper front - any crop. Harvesting, 2 axialflow combines both with conventional & draper pick up fronts. Augers, tractors & trailers all available. Grain & seed specialists. Experienced operators, 50+ years combined knowledge. Contact Earl 027 270 8066 Competitive pricing.

For all your small excava on requirements • Site & Garden Clearance • Lawn Construc,on (Small & Large) • Driveways

• Hole boring (200 – 600) • Sheep & Ca2le Yard Clean Outs • Shingle Supplies

Give Neil a call on 022 451 7207 or email

Nothing’s a Problem!

Recently the Malvern Primary and Intermediate Schools Athletic Championships were held. This was a very successful event with six records being broken in the primary section and eight in the intermediate section. The students who have been s elected for the Canterbury Championships will have competed on Wednesday, December 5th.

Yr5 Boys Toby Thwaites, James Lopas, Dustin Rowlands, Cameron Cridge

PRIMARY SCHOOL CANTERBURY SELECTIONS: Long Jump: Yr5 - Stella Sanders (Darfield) Toby Thwaites (Hororata) Yr6 - Brooke Ebdon-Collings (Greendale) Riley McNae (Darfield) High Jump: Yr 5 - Eva Gregorini (Darfield) Declan Chaffey (Darfield) Yr 6 - Suzie Scales (Sheffield) Lucas Tapa-Wither (Greendale) Shot Put: Yr6- Brooke Ebdon-Collings (Greendale) Phoenix Kokaua-Lush (Darfield) Discus: Yr6 - Brooke Ebdon-Collings (Greendale) Henry Pratt (Sheffield) Short Sprints: Yr5 - Libby Lyons (Sheffield) James Lopas (Darfield) Yr6 - Barbie Badua (Sheffield) Lucas Tapa-Withers (Greendale) Long Sprints: Yr5 - Maddison McPherson (Greendale) Toby Thwaites (Hororata) Yr6 - Sara Hefferon (Darfield) Tahu Walker (Windwhistle) Distance Run: Yr5 - Tia-lee Miller (Hororata) Gus Ferguson (Sheffield) Yr6-Sara Hefferon (Darfield) Jimmy Ferguson (Sheffield) Relay Teams: Yr5 Girls Libby Lyons, Maddison McPherson, Lani Atulolu, Stella Sanders

Records that were broken:

Yr6 Girls Barbie Badua, Suzie Scales, Sara Hefferon, Brooke Ebdon-Collings Yr6 Boys Lucas Tapa-Wither, Tahu Walker, Nikau Davies, Riley McNae.

DARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL INTERMEDIATE ATHLETICS CHAMPIONS: Yr7 Boys - Samuel McConnell Yr7 Girls - Jody McCarthyDempsey Yr7 Girls Reserve - Thrixy Badua Yr8 Boys - Cole Atutolu Yr8 Boys Res - Casey Taylor Yr8 Girls - Lily ChampionSmith and Zara Mclean.

Long Jump Yr5 Toby Thwaites, 3.65 Yr6 Brooke Ebdon-Collins, 3.88 Yr7 Jody McCarthy-Dempsey, 4.44, old record 4.14(2002) Yr8 Cole Atutolu, 4.88, old record 4.77 (1983) High Jump Yr5 Declan Chaffey, 1.16 Yr6 Lucas Tapa Wither, 1.20 Yr7 Jody McCarthy-Dempsey, 1.35, old record 1.30 (2017) Yr8 Cole Atutolu, 1.47, old record 1.46 (1989) Discus Yr6 Brooke Ebdon-Collins, 20.23 Yr7 Jody McCarthy-Dempsey 26.49, old record 22.96 (2018) 1000 metres Yr5 Gus Ferguson, 3.50 100 metres Yr7 Thrixy Badua, 14.35 sec, old record 14.48sec (2002) Shot Put Yr7 Jody McCarthy-Dempsey, 9.76, old record 9.748 (2017) Yr8 (2kg)Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey, 10.18


3x3 Medium Square Baling Round Baling up to 1.5m Small Square Baling Individual Wrapping - all sizes Tube Wrapping 3x3 & Rounds Cartage Truck & Trailer Op onal Cropcu(er

Opera ng from West Melton to Darfield & surrounding areas!

ALSO BUYING: Standing Grass & Lucerne

Contact Yoeri Woudenberg Ph: 027 771 6653 E:

Kelvin Kimber Specialists in a range of farm and lifestyle buildings Phone: 03 318 7342 Mobile: 0274 383 572

Friday 7th December 2018

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KIMBER RURAL FENCING FENCING By Lucinda Jarvis. Results: Students placed in the Year 7 boys - 91 competitors The annual Sports Canterbury Triathlon for primary and intermediate students was held at Pegasus Town on Wednesday, November 28th. This event always attracts a large number of entries and this year was no different. Students have to swim, bike and run as an individual competitor. This event is often an exciting competition for students as it can be a first for many of them swimming in a lake. Students put a lot of time into getting fit for this competition.

top 50:

The Government’s $40m investment in the award-winning TranzAlpine scenic train will bring thousands more tourists onto the West Coast each year, creating jobs and enabling other tourism ventures, KiwiRail Acting Chief Executive Todd Moyle said. The investment, announced by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones last week, includes adding a further two passenger carriages and a new premium service to the train, which links with the Coastal Pacific’s premium service announced last week. “The TranzAlpine already makes a significant contribution to the West Coast economy, bringing 82,000 passengers into Greymouth each year which supports around 400 local jobs,” Todd added. “Over the summer peak the service is often booked out, so Government support to add two more 63-seat carriages and introduce a new premium carriage is great news for the West Coast. “We expect that close to 120,000 passengers will be using the expanded TranzAlpine service within a decade. The many millions of dollars more those people will spend in the region is expected to support about 290 new local jobs. “The Greymouth, Arthur’s Pass and Christchurch stations will also be improved and KiwiRail will be investing in upgrading our reservation systems and in

international marketing for the premium service. “The TranzAlpine passenger business has grown by 90% over the past five years, with February and March this year being record months for ticket sales. “The new premium services on the TranzAlpine, and Coastal Pacific which will offer more space and high-quality food and beverages to go along with

8th Thomas Watson(Weedons) 24th Joe Cookson (DHS) Year 5 boys - 86 competitors 30th Charlie Blackburn (DHS) 10th Dustin Rowlands (Hor) 49th Robinson Logan 11th Toby Thwaites (Hor) (Weedons) 29th Noah Watson (Weedons) Year 7 girls - 63 competitors Year 5 girls - 61 competitors 7th Holly Smith(DHS) 12th Josie Roycroft (West Mel) 23rd Kiana Buechele (DHS) 20th Poppy Freeman (Hor) 36th Kimberley Harris (DHS) 28th Georgia McNeill (Weedons) Year 8 boys - 67 competitors 46th Mia Helps (West Melton) 15th Dylan Butler (DHS) Year 6 boys - 112 competitors 22nd Ben Smith (DHS) 28th Buz Blain (West Melton) 42nd James Willats (West Mel) 41st Blake Booth(Hororata) Year 8 girls - 62 competitors Year 6 girls - 72 competitors 2nd Isla McPherson (West Mel) 8th Zoe Parker (Hororata) 20th Charlise Miller (DHS) 9th Sophia Voice (West Mel) 39th Rory Perrin (DHS). The students listed are from 12th Jessie Smith(Hororata) Congratulations to all the local Selwyn primary and 37th Riley Youngman-Mark (Kir) students from Selwyn who also intermediate school’s. 50th Ellie Flett (Hororata) competed in the Triathlon.

FOR ALL TYPES OF AGRICULTURAL FENCING 20 years experience 4WD tractor/loader

Deer, Dairy, Vineyards, Subdivisions, Residential.

Glenn Kimber Phone: 027 222 9899

25 years experience in farm development & maintenance

Fencing & Excavating Phone Warren or Carey 027 224 3628

the world-renowned scenery, will allow us to tap into the fast growing, international highvalue travel market, and deliver even more benefits for the West Coast. “KiwiRail will also be working with tourism agencies and operators on the West Coast to develop itineraries that connect TranzAlpine passengers with other tourism experiences and accommodation.”

Drainage&Trenching SectionClearing StumpRemoval Supply &Install DevonWater Tanks&Septic Systems

Supply of HardFill &TopSoil

• Rural Builders • Stables & Sheds • Houses & General

Cattle Yards Sheep Yards Domestic Animal Shelter Construction • All types of Rural Fencing • • • •

PHONE 021 225 5833

Josh Bell Fencing Ltd • • • • •

Specialising in: Pivot fencing Sheep & deer netting Post & rail Yards All types of residential

Phone: 027 2144 369 Email:

INDIVIDUAL ROUND BALING With option of plastic on plastic or net on plastic! This season, as well as net wrapped bales, we’re excited to also offer our valuable clients the latest in film-on-film baling technology. • High quality baleage • Superior oxygen barrier • Exceptional puncture resistance • More compact, dense bales

‘No job too big or too small!’

Call Bob 027 436 9400

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Friday 7th December 2018

Summer in Selwyn is Back! 4 x 3 Big Balers 3 x 3 Med Square Balers Fusion 3 Plastic on Plastic Individual Round Baler Round Baler (Optional Chop) Rotor & V Rakes • Tedders Mowers • Tube Wrappers Individual Wrapper • Cartage

Offering honest & reliable service BOB SEARLE:

027 436 9400 03 318 0820 KIERAN: 027 378 6365 MIKE SEARLE: 027 496 6265

Over sixty events are coming to the district as part of the Summer in Selwyn event programme, kicking off in December and continuing until late March. Selwyn residents will have received the Summer in Selwyn events guide in the mail recently. There is something for everyone to enjoy this summer in Selwyn. Council-run events include two outdoor movies at Lincoln and Leeston and two drive-in movies at Rolleston and Darfield, starting with the Christmas classic movie Elf on December 16th. Council Senior Events and Recreation Advisor Dave Tippett said there is something for everyone to enjoy this summer in Selwyn. “Summer events are fun for the whole family and help make Selwyn a great place to live by connecting people to their community,” he added. “We are proud to present a fantastic line up again this summer, with a great range of community-organised events on offer as well.” • Pool Parties will include a special Christmas Pool Party at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, as well as events at the community pools in Darfield, Southbridge and, for the first time, Sheffield. • The ever popular Teddy Bears’ Picnic will return to Rolleston Community Centre and Rolleston Reserve jam-packed with family fun. • Picnic in the Park events and Summer Skate/Scooter Jams are coming to eight locations around the district, while a new event - Summer 3X3 Basketball Jam – encourages anyone to jump into a game and have a go. • Other entertainment includes live music at local parks with A Month of Sundays in February. Residents can bring a picnic and relax while listening to an outstanding line-up of our local talented musicians at the Lincoln Green. • A number of Selwyn District Libraries events are also taking place over summer including craft and story book workshops, Summer Reading Bingo and games challenges spurring on multi-generational fun. • A great range of community-organised events are on offer too including Christmas parades, fêtes and picnics, and fitness-related events.

For a list of Summer in Selwyn events, visit: or


Phone: 0800 372 003

Been in the business for over 40 years! Email:


Friday 7th December 2018


The Premier T20 competition got underway on Saturday, December 1st and is where two games are played in one day. Darfield's first game was played against Weedons at Kirwee where stand-in captain Sean Carston won the toss and put Weedons into bat. An up and down innings saw Weedons post 140 runs from their twenty overs with Chris Warner taking 2/25 and Anoop Surendran 3/21. The chase began well until an untidy run-out slowed the innings. Chris Warner made 61

Results 1st December 2018 Match of the Day: Stableford 1st: C Banks & D Gibbons 3rd: S Jeffs 41 4th: G Hawker 5th: B Nahkies 39 6th: G Heffernan & J Johnson Nearest to the Pins: Pins #3: W Watson #9: G Hawker #13: C Banks

44 40 38

Sponsored by The Terrace Surf & Turf Bar #17: #17 D Rutter Longest Drive #11: #11 Men: J Shipley Women: S Best Longest Putt #18: #18 G Logan Two’s: Two’s W Watson, T Michael, M Scott, C Banks, D Rutter 9 Hole Stableford: Stableford 1st: M Kikstra 21 2nd: G Logan 20 Best Gross of the Day: Day G Hawker 73

Sponsored By Baseline Thank you to all our sponsors

with the Darfield bowlers finding another level of intensity resulting in Kaiapoi only scoring one run from the first three overs. Toby Kars and Tim Hauschild in particular, bowled with discipline. A low total of 108 never looked enough and Darfield can thank some improved catching and ground fielding for that. The chase was made to look easy as Alister Collins paced his scoring to finish on 45 not-out After a short break the next with help from Sean Carston game against Kaiapoi, at the who added an aggressive 23 same ground, got underway runs and the ever nimble Simon runs including five sixes. It was left to the tail to scamper towards the target. A straight six down the ground from Callum Bettington in the final over got them close but with two required from the last ball numbers 10 and 11 could only scamper a single and the scores were tied. Weedons however take the points based on count-back, because they lost fewer wickets.

Results 30th November 2018 Men: 1st: K Kibler, P Abrahams, K Vailuu 4th: M TeWha, M Inch, P Arcus 7th: G Oakley, N Penny 9th: M Gall

26 24 23 20

Ladies: Ladies 1st: F Taylor 31 2nd: L Palmer 24 3rd: B Bryant 22 Two’s: P Arcus Straight Drive: Drive M Inch Closest to Pins: Pins Men: Men P Arcus & K Vailuu Ladies: Ladies A Laidlaw, F Taylor Hard Luck: Luck R Abbott November Twilight Average: Average M Gall

7th Dec

TARGET RIFLE 800 yds 800 yds TOTAL Daniel Alexander 48.03 50.05 98.08 Charlie Ledbrook 45.00 46.043 91.03 F CLASS Mark Alexander 54.03 46.01 100.04 Peter Carter 48.01 44.00 92.01 For further details see the Malvern Rifle Club’s Facebook page.

Shannon McAleer

AGM Thursday 13th Dec 7:30pm at the Hororata Cafe


Hororata Historical Society

Results 1st December 2018 Match of the Day: Brown Bros Cup R4 & Summer Stableford R3 Best Gross: A Inch 74 Gross 1st: J Hicks 46 2nd: D Smith 43 3rd: S Prendergast 43 4th: P McOscar 41 5th: G Thomas 40 6th: S Oliver 40 7th: D Platt 38 8th: J Morten 37 Closest to the Pins: Pins #2in2: P McOscar #6: S Oliver #11: A Sime #14: K Kibler #17: A Sime

7th Dec

Unusual conditions greeted shooters at the Malvern Rifle Club Range on December 1st - bright sunshine. Despite the sunshine, shooting was restricted to 800 yards again due to the wet ground conditions closer to the targets. The north easterly wind blew down the range from the targets with frequent changes of strength and direction. With some Club shooters competing in Wellington the small number of shooters present enjoyed their afternoon shoot. Congratulations to Daniel Alexander shooting his first ‘50’ at 800 yards since converting to the Target Rifle Class. First of many we hope.

Edwards with 31 not out. Darfield's next T20 games are against Sefton at Sefton, then Leeston-Southbridge at Dudley Park Rangiora, on Saturday, December 8th.

Hororata Museum & Cotons’ Cottage

DHS Out of Zone Applica,ons close today 5:30pm

Social Bowls - All ages welcome

Kirwee Bowling Club

Christmas Picnic In The Park

Westview Park, Darfield

9th Dec


9th Dec

10:00am EARLY Adver8sing Deadline for 14th December Xmas Issue # 2

11th Dec


Kirwee Community Hall AGM

Kirwee Community Hall

11th Dec


Glenroy Collie Club AGM

Coalgate Tavern

11th Dec


Malvern Collie Club AGM

Sheffield Hotel

13th Dec


Kirwee Rugby Club Christmas Thirsty Thursday

Kirwee Rugby Clubrooms

14th Dec

10:00am EARLY Adver8sing Deadline for 20th December Xmas Issue # 3

14th Dec


Social Bowls - All ages welcome

Kirwee Bowling Club

16th Dec


The Shearing Shed Christmas Party

Terrace Surf & Turf Bar

17th Dec


Xmas Euchre

Kirwee Community Hall

20th Dec

12:00pm Malvern News office closing for 2018

21st Dec


Farewell for Reg & Cheryl Riki & Family

Sheffield Pavilion

25th Dec

Christmas Day Buffet Lunch

The Oaks of Darfield

5-10 Jan

Methven Summer School

14th Jan


Malvern News office opening for 2019

30th Jan


Rolleston News Deadline for 6th February Issue

14th Feb

Twilight Netball begins today

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Friday 7th December 2018



NEW CLASS AVAILABLE Suitable for beginners, people that have had a break, surgery or those that have just missed some classes. Dancing is going well for classes that started in May. Join us for great company, some fun and exercise. ALL AGES WELCOME!

Call Jenny 03 312 4896 or 027 445 2285 for details.

John & Charles Enys Castle Hill Runholders 1864 - 1891

Book by Jenny Abrahamson Available now at Darfield Post Shop



A Community & Public Farewell to

Reg & Cheryl Riki & Family Friday evening, 21st December 2018 At the Sheffield Pavilion, Starting at 6:30pm After 25 years as Sheffield Publicans & over 30 years in the Sheffield community. They are now moving on to the next chapter in their lives.

Great Christmas gi7 idea!

Ladies please bring a plate for supper & gentlemen a gold coin donation, would be much appreciated. B.Y.O

Phone Jenny 03 351 9510 or email

Any apologies / information to:

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Ph: 021 589 199 E:



Malvern Collie Club





WANTED - Holiday accommodation from 30th Dec - 2nd Jan. Parents with adult children & partners, 1 dog (outdoors). All very tidy, well behaved & respectful. Anywhere up to 3 hours from Christchurch. Contact Trudy (Pharmacy) on this number only 021 869 968. CHIMNEY CLEANING


Starting at 6:30pm in the Clubrooms

Currently set up as a cafe with room for a possible secondary business, perhaps tourism. A 3 bedroom house also available if required. Terms & conditions negotiated upon application.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

Phone Bronwyn Squires 027 291 7242

Thursday 13th Dec

“Making Accounting Easy for You”

IRD Approved Tax Agent

Tuesday 11th December 7:30pm - Coalgate Tavern

Tues 11th Dec - 8pm Sheffield Hotel

ARE you wasting your valuable time trying to keep up with your accounts? Call us now for hassle-free accounting, tax and business advice - all right on your doorstep. Sterling Accountants @ Malvern Business Hub, Ann-Maree 021 215 0981.

Personal & Business Tax Returns, Business Compliance, GST & FBT Returns, Monthly Accounting, Annual Financial Accounting, PAYE/Payroll


Annual General Meeting


CHIM Chim. We'll sweep your log -burners flue, check the firebricks, baffles, air-tubes and controls. We're experts on coal-ranges, also sweeping any sized open fire. We quote and undertake repairs, flue extensions and install bird netting. 0800 224 464 Members NZHHA.

Call (03) 347 0024 050 876 6897 (SOOTYS) Email:

Now is the best time to have your Wood burner serviced... Don’t wait until winter! - No delays.


Star8ng Thursday 14th February 2019 6pm & 7pm rounds - 40 min games • • • • • •

5 a-side netball (rules will be circulated) Mixed teams of 5 players (up to 2 males) $175per team - Payment due on 14th Feb Played at Darfield for 6 weeks Prizes for grade winners Register by 1st Feb by sending team name to:



ELVY, JAMES ELLIS The family would like to thank relatives & friends who travelled to be with them, to everyone who called in, phoned, sent flowers, cards & baking, everyone who attended James’ Memorial Service, the Coalgate Bowling Club for allowing us the use of their clubrooms & providing refreshments. Special thanks to Darfield Fire Brigade and St John Ambulance

SERVICES WE OFFER ARE: • Bird Netting • Chimney Cleaning • All Repairs • Refurbishment • Installs / Removals We can offer the one stop shop. Health checks, bird proofing, repairs, installations, refurbishment of woodburners, removal of fires, specialise in all wood burners including Pyro Classic & Ethos. We are recommended by leading Fire Retail outlets, have long standing relationship with leading Property Management companies along with a large private client base.

Friday 7th December 2018



CARPET/Window Cleaning. NEED carpet? Go local! CARPET Very competitive pricing, Thorough job, good price, seldom beaten. 30 years q u i c k d r y i n g . H i g h l y servicing this area. In home recommended. Ph/text Robert sample service, also repairs anytime on 027 299 9599. and installations. Phone COMPUTERS Alan Roberts 021 227 2080. SELWYN Computers - For all CATTERY aspects of home and business ANGEL Cats Boarding Cattery, computer repairs, sales and Oxford. Love & cuddles service or for some friendly galore! Pick-up & delivery. advice. Phone 03 318 8800. Check us out on Facebook @angelcatscattery or w ww . a n g e lc a t s .b i z C a l l Sarah 03 312 1452 / 0210 424 367 or email CHURCH NOTICES

Darfield Life Church



Sunday 6.30pm Ps Wayne Watson 027 281 8340 17 North Terrace FOR SALE

COAL WAGON Enquiries & offers

Phone or text

027 435 2872 Can be viewed in Darfield


Store Lambs (numbers to suit approx. 27kg average) Various breeds store cattle numbers to suit 18 month Bulls (Stock finance available)

Phone Grant McILroy - 027 345 9262



Ph Anne, Vern or Gareth Whiting

03 312 3355 027 288 8724

Open 7 Days 9am-11am, 4pm-6pm Inspection welcome



1 bedroom self contained, fully GREENDALE - 4 bedroom home. furnished flat for rent, Phone/text 027 774 1171 for $280 per week. Power & more information. p h o n e n o t i n c l u d e d . MODERN cottage. Charing Cross Private section in Kirwee. area. Two bedroom, study, A v a i l a b l e i m m e d i a t e l y open plan living with wood No pets or smoking. Phone burner. Sunny & warm with 027 439 6509 for further north facing verandah, double garage. Suit retired or info. professional people. No DRIVEWAYS smokers or pets. $350 pw. Phone 021 655 777. LIFESTYLE, LIFESTYLE farm tracks, yards and dairy lanes our speciality. QUIET sunny & warm. 3 bedroom farm house with log Screened rotten-rock, it’s local and lasts better. burner. $300 pw. Pets Springfield Quarry phone n ego t i ab l e, r ef er e nce d required. Ph 03 318 6866. 318 4132.



Supplying wood for this Winter!

Old Man Pine, Bluegum, Macrocarpa, Oregon. TRY THE HOT MIX! E=pos available. All top quality, clean wood.

Phone Rini 027 451 7300 FOR SALE CHRISTMAS decorations - Norse of Course. Exquisitely made by Maree Hann (nee Hansen). 182 Deans Road, Homebush RD1. Drive in. Open 10am 4pm 6 days (closed Monday). You won’t believe your eyes. OREGON fence rails, 150 x 40mm. $4.60 per metre. Contact Graeme Knowles 021 613 229. POINT of lay hyline/shavers pullets for sale. Please phone 021 863 158. TREATED pine rails, 150 x 40. $4.80 per metre. Ph Graeme Knowles 021 613 229. WOOD shavings - untreated, clean shavings suitable for horse stables, calving sheds, chicken houses and rabbit hutches. Available in 70L bags, 1m 3 bales (compressed) and bulk delivery. Phone 03 344 1676 for more details. IN MEMORIUM


HEDGEHOG Hedge & Shelterbelt Trimming Owner Operated Geoff 021 549 499 A/h 03 324 3482

Hedge Trimming in Canterbury

3 Queen Street, Coalgate Ph: 021 141 7140

CHARACTER VILLA IN COALGATE North facing deck, sunny & light open plan kitchen/dining/lounge. Rimu floors, wood burner. Renovated, new wiring/plumbing & full insulation. 3 large double bedrooms, main with ensuite. Tidy 860m2 section, double garage & storage shed.

$400,000 ONO (open to all offers) A Trade Me reference: #1752685406

LAWNMOWING available over Christmas for lifestyle blocks, Darfield, Kirwee area. Will use your lawn mower. Hourly rate. Phone Steve 027 253 1053. LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH Selwyn based 24hr mobile service, keys cut and general lock and safe maintenance. EFTPOS available. Call Locktight Security 021 171 8060. MASSAGE THERAPY

THERAPEUTIC massage - get rid of muscular aches and p a i n s b e f o r e Christmas. Contact Erna Henning on 027 300 4002. PAINTING & DECORATING

Call Don today on 021 066 3011 or 03 318 2983 ‘For all your decorating needs’

Micky Conway Painter & Decorator

• Half size tractor for easier access • Up to 6m height topped at 5m or less • Branch size up to 50mm • Cutter drops material to side of hedge

Darfield Based Will cover all areas Contact Micky on

021 125 1613 FULLY INSURED


Aim Louise Orangi (n Stewart) HOUSE FOR SALE



Painting & Decorating

20/6/82 - 4/12/17 At the 1 year anniversary of Aimee’s passing, Aaron, Archie, Beau and Family would like to pass on their heartfelt thanks to everybody in our wonderful community who helped us during Aimee’s illness & have continued to offer support over the last year. It’s at times like these when one really appreciates the words ‘tightknit community’, we are truly blessed to be part of one. There are too many of you to thank individually, however, your kindness & generosity will never be forgotten.

027 228 0812

Qualified Tradesmen with over 35 years experience • Free quotes & advice • References available • Specialist applicator of imported wallpaper. •

Page 18

Friday 7th December 2018




Interior & Exterior House Painting, Light Commercial Gib Stopping TRADE QUALIFIED • SMALL TEAM Garage Floors ‘All about quality!’ Farm Fences/Buildings Airless Spraying & more! Phone Scott 021 029 83216

Udi Painting & Decorating For all Pain ng and Decora ng services! Interior & Exterior Pain ng & Plastering Fully Qualified  Wallpapering Roof Pain8ng  All work guaranteed Free Quotes.

Contact Udi Aale 021 074 2075

Roof painting, stopping & wallpapering, gib fixing, weather board, barges & fascia repairs. References available.

Phone Dave on 021 142 0567 SCRAP METAL SITUATION VACANT BEST prices! Amalgamated FENCING Contractor, looking to Scrap Ltd. Buying cars & farm employ a fencer for local machinery. Specialising in farm and high country work, clean-ups. Rod McQuoid - experience with heavy buyer. Ph 027 695 0480 or machinery an advantage. May 0800 030 712. suit Uni student. Phone SCRAPMETAL - cash paid for all 021 640 748. types of metal farm machinery, old cars etc. Moorpork Ltd Please phone Wayne 027 DRIVER (Class 5) REQUIRED 749 9736 or 03 323 6610 Transporting pigs from our 2 modern, (Licensed Dealer). high, health indoor piggeries at SHEEP SHEARING

Mobile Sheep Shearing Canterbury • Small Mobs • Lifestyle Blocks • Drenching, Tailing,

Foot Trimming etc Generator available

Ph Shaun Adams for a quote on


Oxford & Aylesbury, to Timaru, Sunday to Thursday with a modern auto tractor unit & 16m trailer unit. Applicants are required: • To keep truck and trailer washed, cleaned & maintained on a daily basis • To maintain our strict biosecurity standards, health & safety practices & excellent stockmanship. Moorpork offers a competitive salary package & sociable hours. Applicants must be NZ citizens, permanent residents or have a valid work visa, and be a resident of New Zealand at the time of application. Please email CV's to Or phone Cherie Ackroyd on 027 297 3777 or Ben Voice on 027 459 5871




FARM Position, Sheffield. Would 41sqm sunny warm new SINGLE lockable rooms suit school leaver or semi- commercial space to lease in Darfield Hostel. Internet, retired farmer. To help out from Jan 2019. 7 North sky TV. $160pw. Please over harvest. Could lead to Terrace Darfield. Car parking & phone 027 479 1431 or permanent position. Farm option to share available. 318 3660. experience advantage but not Looking for someone to fit in WINDOW REPAIRS necessary. Start ASAP! Phone with our performing arts/ sporting vision. Rent by FOR all glass requirements 021 146 4985. negotiation. Email Tara phone Phil 317 9046 or COUNTRY PAWS 021 046 6046. KENNEL & CATTERY SHELLEY’S Glass and Glazing. We have Christmas holiday work WANTED Got a broken glass window? available in our busy boarding Insurance work, Pet doors, kennels and cattery. This is a physically demanding job and BUYING possum fur. $130 per Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single/ involves a lot of cleaning so a high Double glazing, Splashbacks, kg. Phone Charlie 318 3144. level of fitness is essential. The ideal candidate must have a Fire Glass. 32 years in the DEAD, damaged or derelict passion for animals and be confident managing all sizes, breeds, ages cars, trucks, vans & 4WD’s, glass industry. Operates in and temperaments of dogs and cats. Oxford, Cust, Darfield, including motorbikes. Cash Work will be on a roster system Rolleston, West Melton & and hours may vary so some paid. Phone 03 318 0650. Surrounding Areas. Call your flexibility is required. Please apply via email stating UNWANTED or unsaleable local Glazier - Mark on 03 relevant experience and a sheep, goat & cattle buy. 312 3253 or 0272 426 368. contact phone number to: Please phone 027 293 1561.

Café Assistant We have a vacancy for a Cafe assistant in Springfield. This position is for Tuesdays and is a full day. There would also be an opportunity for more hours going forward. Experience is not necessary as full training is offered. You will need to be reliable and honest. This is a varied and busy role which involves all duties in running a Cafe and Store.

For an Interview Please phone Karyn

03 318 4840


COUNTRY TOUCH SERVICES Wishes all customers a very happy Xmas & safe New Year! Taking window cleaning bookings for January now!

Wilf Lock 022 044 0654 TRADES


Mark & Richard Moore FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS New Homes | Alterations | Decking | Log Fire Installations

Mark: 0274 366 027 Richard: 0274 529 650

Friday 7th December 2018

Page 19 TRADES


Heat pump supply, installa8on, servicing & maintenance


General household & business electrical work.

Give Nigel a call now for your no obliga on free quote • • • • •

Mirrors Catdoors Splash Backs Retro Fit Double Glazing Insurance Repairs

Ph: 021 387 750



HOME REPAIRS General Maintenance, Home Improvements, Alterations, Re-lining, Weatherboard Replacements, Fences & Decks

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Your LOCAL & reliable tradesman


Bodie Seymour

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AUTO & Marine Upholsterer 3967 West Coast Rd, Phone 03 318 7378. Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm.

Interior Plaster Contact us today! Maintenance Evere7 Sullivan Renova ons & New Homes Ph: 021 022 13500 Locally Owned & Operated 15 years Experience E:

NEW kitchens, wardrobes, laundries or what ever you need! Remodelled or just new doors. Good advice, good price. Ring Lex 03 349 0150 or 027 439 3926. PORTABLE sawmill for all your timber requirements and macrocarpa sales. Please phone Graeme Knowles on 021 613 229.

 Maintenance & servicing  Bathroom & kitchen renova,ons  Mains pressure hot water upgrades  Blocked drains  Pump servicing  Central hea,ng  Fast, friendly professional service

Tiler & Registered Water Proofer

Laser Plumbing Christchurch West 03 348 6920

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Servicing the entire Selwyn District

or phone 03 318 1973 or 027 421 1637

House & Roof Pre--Paint Wash Pre

Moss Treating:

Hydro Drain Cleaning

roofs, footpaths & driveways.

Cleans most surfaces: fences, paths, brick, block, wood, concrete & machinery.

Free Quotes. Ph Mike Richards 03 318 8380 or 021 179 0584

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SuperComputer Sales and Service of new and used machines. Networking, Virus protection, Backup Re-loading and Restoring of Windows. Plain old fashioned Help & Assistance!

Yield to tempta on. It may not pass your way again. - Robert A. Heinlein

Mark Jones 03 318 1956 027 210 4242

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Daily On Site Sales & Servicing

Darfield based with over 38 years of local knowledge and experience

Authorised Service Agent for Most Brands since 1996! • Ovens Machines • Cooktops • Dryers • Washing Machine • Dishwashers Hire from $8 p.w. • Washing

Septic Tank Cleaning Jetting Unit for blocked drains Camera Investigations | Port-a-loo hire

Reg. Service Technician

Office 318 8609 | 0274 338 693 |

david wilkinson

Contact your LOCAL certifying specialist. Over 30 years experience.

registered electrician phone 03 318 1231 fax email

Mainland Plumbing & Gas Ltd Ph Glenn: Kirwee Based

027 445 0684

03 318 1235

po box 26 kirwee

we’ll be there when you need us. guaranteed. on time guaranteed or your first hour is free! conditions apply.

Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

Selwyn Electrical Ltd Your Local Registered Electrician

ROB KELLOCK 318 1676 or 021 184 2448


021 732 331

RURAL PLUMBING SERVICES LTD Simon O’Connell • Certifying Plumber M: 021 048 4799 • H: 03 317 9174 E: Darfield based, working Canterbury wide. All Maintenance, Hot Water Cylinders, Log burners, Spouting, Rainwater Harvest, Wetbacks, Pumps, Alterations (new and existing)

Bricklaying & Blocklaying Stonework Restoration Work Chimney, Fireplace & Firebacks • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

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VINCE DALY Ph (03) 318 8020 021 250 6944

Upholsterer Recover: Lounge Suites Dining Chairs Squabs etc Free Quotes Based in Weedons Ph 03 980 4979

Ways to Confuse Santa Claus • Instead of milk and cookies, leave him a salad,

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Maintenance Renova,ons New Builds Pump servicing and installa,on • Water filter installa,on • Water pump hire • • • •

• Supply and installa,on of sep,c tank systems • Gas and wood fire installa,on • IQP in backflow preven,on • Teatsprayer servicing

0800 752 400

Renova ons, New Houses, Hot Water Cylinders, Kitchens & Bathroom Upgrades, General Maintenance!

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Issue 870 - Friday 7th December 2018  
Issue 870 - Friday 7th December 2018