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Eighteen year old Lauryn Sinclair, Sinclair of West Melton is not only in her first year of tertiary study at the University of Canterbury studying Law and working part time at Rolleston New World, but is also embarking on a trip to Uganda to assist with the building of a school. Lauryn has become involved with an organisation called Purpose Projects as a volunteer. This is a Non Government Organisation that takes volunteer trips to developing countries to help with specific, achievable projects. The current project is to help build a school for 1,000 children in Uganda and Lauryn plans to join the trip in January 2019 and travel to Kkoba, Uganda for a month. “The whole ethos behind Purpose Projects is that it provides our local community with a direct link to the community in Kkoba, Uganda,”

Lauryn explained. “The idea is to involve the local community in the development of a third world country, in a way which will benefit the lives of many. We are currently in the process of beginning to raise support to gather funds which will go directly towards the construction of the school in Kkoba and I am hopeful there will be locals in my community who may be able to assist.” Lauryn and her family have lived in West Melton since 2014, and commented that they really loved the community atmosphere both there and across greater Selwyn too. Lauryn came to be involved with Purpose Projects when she met Laura Robinson, Robinson the founder of the organisation at university. Laura had concerns about some organisations’ fundraising revenue not always reaching its target. “It was because of this she decided to form her own

ISSUE 849 Friday 13th July 2018

volunteering organisation for students, with a focus on transparency,” Lauryn said. “Each volunteer raises funds which go directly towards a project in a developing community. “I have volunteered overseas in the past (on a school World Challenge trip to India in 2016) and I loved every second of it and always knew that I wanted to do more of it in the future! It was an incredibly rewarding experience which totally changes your outlook on life in general,” Lauryn enthused. The main project for the volunteering trip is the construction of a school. It is partially built, with one block completed, as other volunteers have worked on it through a partner organisation (Hope Line). However, the volunteers came individually and only with limited funds, meaning that little progress has taken place over a long period of time. We aim to have the project completed and

opened in 2019. Alongside the construction work we will also be involved in local outreach and development programmes, including education, teaching and the local health care centre. “Additionally we will be working alongside local business people through micro financing providing them with financial assistance from funds we have raised, in order to encourage them to become self supporting,” Lauryn added.

Lauryn Sinclair of West Melton will head to Uganda early next year to assist with the construction of a school.

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The partially completed school in Uganda that Purpose Projects aim to finish so that it can accommodate 1,000 pupils.

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Friday 13th July 2018

A rush to set out more seating was required, when the Darfield Recreation Centre was filled with more than 200 people attending the Selwyn Gets Ready AF8 (Alpine Fault Magnitude 8) video last Thursday evening, July 5th. While the eventuality of the Alpine Fault rupturing some time soon, is scientifically indisputable, the video explained the event in an unemotional, informative fashion. The information gleaned from Dr Tom Wilson of the University of Canterbury on the video was easily understandable and presented

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in a calm, ordered manner. The closing comments of the three civil defence members employed by Selwyn District Council - were the wake-up call. They dealt with the actualities of the event - the intensity of the shaking, the evacuation process, the destruction of infrastructure, the necessity to fend for oneself, and the likely long length of time before assistance would be available. It was sobering stuff! Darfield’s Brian Davidson, Davidson addressed those attending in his role as spokesperson for the local volunteer Civil Defence group. He also called for more members to join them and it was mentioned by the Selwyn speakers that it would be groups like this that would be relied upon for assistance and information in an earthquake. The video spoke of the very real chance of the Alpine Fault rupturing in the next fifty years. The minimum time it had ever ruptured was after 140 years and the maximum 510. However both these occasions were thousands of years ago

and thanks to carbon dating of trapped fibres it can be scientifically proven that for the past few thousand years it has ruptured every 300 years - it is that time now! Those attending heard that the shaking expected in an AF8 event for Darfield residents would feel of similar intensity to that in the 2010 quake, but rather than the seconds that that quake lasted, an Alpine Fault event could be up to four minutes long. However the intensity and the time duration is directly related to how much of the fault was to rupture and the direction it set off from. The Selwyn Civil Defence members asked those present to consider how they would manage without power (the power generation dams etc wouldn’t be functioning) - for possibly many months, how they would manage without fuel (no road/port access). They pointed out that it would be a South Island wide event and being prepared was the only way to get through it.

10am - 4pm, Sat & Sun

Visit us upstairs at 51 South Terrace, Darfield.

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Alongside a screen which was part of the Selwyn Civil Defence presentation - spokesperson for the Darfield volunteer Civil Defence unit, Brian Davidson, addresses the crowd.

“YOUR LOCAL VETS IN ROLLESTON” Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm

Following the gathering of knitters at the Darfield Library on June 9th to participate in the ‘Knit in Public Day’, booties, beanies and blankets were created to send to the Neonatal Trust. Some beanies will also be donated to the local St John Ambulance to be an additional resource in the maternity packs which are carried on board each vehicle. “Many knitters in the community

visited the library to collect a knitting pattern,” reported Darfield Librarian Isabel Milward, Milward “and we’d love to receive any beanies still being knitted before July 20th. These can be dropped off at the Library and will be donated to either the Neonatal Trust or to the local St John,” Isabel said. “Thanks again to all who contributed and made this event such a success,” she concluded.

Friday 13th July 2018

The Kirwee Players will soon bring a devilishly different Show, ‘The Witches Of Eastwick’ to the Kirwee Community Hall (August 3rd to 11th). The Witches Of Eastwick is a wicked comedy set in a typical small town, where gossip is rife about three single women. The Show offers a witty, irreverent and pointed glimpse of small town people and values, but with a twist in that the three main characters are witches! The cast this year consists of twenty three strong members and has a creative team (Phil Phil Dean, Anna Randall and Darren Weber) Weber that has been together now for four years. Auditions were held in March with rehearsals beginning in mid April and while the cast had been rehearsing between 6-8 hours per week this has now increased to 10-12 as opening day approaches. There are six lead characters: Darryl Von Horne played by Glen Clark - Glen has been involved with countless shows in community theatre since the late 1990’s, but this is his first appearance with Kirwee Players. “Working alongside this talented Kirwee Players team has been such an awesome experience.” Alexandra Spofford played by Kelsea NelsonNelson - Cummins Kelsea has enjoyed returning to Kirwee Players after spending the last couple of years with various theatre groups in Christchurch. She feels privileged to perform alongside such a talented and lovely bunch of people.

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By arrangement with CAMERON MACKINTOSH LTD presents


Kirwee Community Hall (L to R) Vanessa Simmonds who plays (Jane Street), Kelsea Nelson- Cummins who plays (Alexandra Spofford), Izzy Tocker who plays (Sukie Rougemont) and Glen Clark who plays (Darryl Von Horne). Sukie Rougemont played by Izzy Tocker - This is Izzy’s sixth show with Kirwee Players, having performed in The Full Monty, Oliver, Grease, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas and Viva Mexico. Jane Smart played by Vanessa Simmonds - Vanessa began in musical theatre five years ago as a way to build singing confidence. This is her second show with Kirwee Players and her first in a leading role. Felicia Gabriel played by Julia Baars - Julia returns to Kirwee Players stage to perform in her eighth Kirwee Players after an eight-year hiatus. Clyde Gabriel played by Callum Fitzwater - Callum started his musical theatre experience back in 1992 with The Blenheim Operatic Society' production of Finian's Rainbow. He has had many roles since then, This is his first production with Kirwee,

and he is absolutely loving it. As well as the lead roles there is the well-oiled production team behind the scenes that work tirelessly to put on the shows each year. Isabell Stott makes and/or sources all of the costumes each year. Don Gillanders designs and builds the elaborate sets. Mabel Knight and Linda Gosling are this year sourcing the several hundred props. The trusty hands of David Stott, Stott Stage Manager and his team are behind the scenes, with Rob Kellock Production Manager. Everyone volunteers their time with some people having been involved since Kirwee Players began in 1977.

Tickets available at Darfield Pharmacy or online at Director: Phil Dean Musical Director: Darren Weber Choreographer: Anna Randall

3 - 11 August 2018 Opening Gala $40 Adult $25 Seniors (65+) $22.50 Student $20 PG Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre Interna onal (Australasia). All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.

For the past five years shows have been sellouts - see the advertisement in this issue for ticket sale information and don’t miss out! TAB Gaming Widescreen TVs Accommodation


Liquor Centre

Windows updates are there to protect your machine from nas es that get into your PC and want something from you. Some updates stop you in mid-Windows and suggest that there is an update and you need to approve it. Others are completed without your knowledge and are of a more cri cal, or urgent nature. Updates are for a whole number of reasons, security, service releases, system updates, major updates etc etc. They come through regularly not just the second Tuesday of the month; but when required! When you defer/delay the update your PC is not protected from the thing that the update is working to get rid of. If you do the update you are. Its not rocket science and if you take that few minutes to complete the process your machine will thank you and run be6er. The problem does come when the update has been completed by Windows and your machine needs to restart, but doesn’t tell you. Strange things happen and it doesn’t behave as expected. The things that normally work don’t and you don’t know why. When this occurs restart Windows and the issues will go away as all of the files are closed down correctly and, more importantly, when it restarts, the files are all correctly integrated and installed. Don’t fight city hall! Go with the flow. This column is supplied by Mark Jones from Super Computer - see advert inside back page

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Friday 13th July 2018

On Wednesday, June 27th, a large number of Lions, their partners, and several invited guests from other neighbouring Clubs, gathered at Darfield High School for the Malvern Lions Club’s annual Changeover Night and the conclusion of their 47th year as a Club. The occasion doubled as a fundraiser for the School’s P.T.A. Following a fellowship time and a delightful meal delivered to the tables by several senior students, outgoing Malvern Lions’ President Tony Mitchell, Mitchell presented his annual report. Tony began by thanking his fellow Lions and partners for their excellent support in the many projects that had been undertaken, throughout the twelve months. He said that the Club’s membership had remained steady at the optimum number of around fifty, despite the most unfortunate passing during the year, of two highly regarded and dedicated Lions, Ken Shipley and Hamish Reid. Reid Three new and very enthusiastic members, Daryl Collier, Collier Rob Potts and Anthony Dalziel had recently joined the Club. Since the beginning of the Lions’ year on July 1st 2017, the Club had raised and distributed by way of grants,

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Business Hours • • • • •

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9:00am 1:00pm 8:30am 9:00am 9:00am

- 5:30pm - 6:30pm - 4:00pm - 4:00pm - 3:00pm

David Rumble will be away suppor ng his son Zack who will be rowing for New Zealand in the world junior rowing champs in Czech Republic, he will be away for 3 weeks in August. Do you have urgent work that needs our a1en/on? PLEASE get in contact now!

Phone: 03 318 8392 | Email: 42 South Terrace, Darfield (Opposite Malvern Butchery)

L to R: Donald Wright recipient of the Ramsay Gibson Award with outgoing Malvern Lions’ President Tony Mitchell. over $50,000. to a number of individuals, groups and organisations at local, regional and national levels. Fundraising activities had included several catering events, including the two local A & P Shows, the Hororata Highland Games and Night Glow, marshalling at the Coast to Co ast event, supervising green waste collections, running a casino night and an annual golf tournament. The recent golf tournament had raised $19,000 for the Malvern Cancer Support Group, to assist them with the exceptional service they provide to several local families. President Tony reported that sixteen members and partners had recently attended the annual District Convention, which this year was organised by New Brighton and neighbouring Clubs. He said that t hro ugh att en di ng conventions, members gain valuable ideas to take back to their own Clubs, to use. Tony then commended individual Lions, their partners, and all those holding leadership roles, saying that together their dedicated efforts had ensured that the Malvern Club continues to be one of the most successful. The Club’s Board, he said, had been an especially well balanced one, which had delivered high quality leadership to the Club throughout the year. He noted that three key roles were being vacated after several year’s outstanding service, those of Secretary,

Treasurer and Bulletin Editor. He thanked Brian Redfern, Redfern Roger Muir and Les Clement, along with their wives Jan, Jan Nicky and Vicky, Vicky for their outstanding service in these key roles. Three special awards were presented during the evening. Donald Wright was this year’s recipient of the Ramsay Gibson Award. Donald with the dedicated support of his wife Jenny, Jenny had given outstanding leadership for the past two years as catering convenor. Two other Lions, Brian Redfern and Brian Davidson, Davidson were presented with Melvin Jones Fellowship awards. These awards are issued by the Lions Clubs International Foundation for dedicated humanitarian services. Both had served for many years as the Club Secretary, among other roles. Tony commented that the role of President had been a wonderful experience, and that he was extremely grateful for the supportive nature and encouragement provided by all members and partners, including the excellent support given by his wife Heather. Heather He wished incoming President Keith Taege and Helen, Helen every success for the year ahead.

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Friday 13th July 2018

Selwyn Connect links fastest growing district in New Zealand with its website expanding to accommodate the unprecedented growth in the district’s population and business community. Following her recent arrival in Rolleston, the creator of Selwyn Connect, Colette Benjamin, Benjamin found it difficult to locate information and listings of local businesses, products and services. These frustrations coincided with her wish to start a business. Having built and managed successful businesses previously, Colette completely understands the time and financial constraints business owners have in marketing themselves. This led to the creation of Selwyn Connect, an innovative online platform showcasing local businesses. “The response has been incredible,” Colette said. “The

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site has gone from strength to strength and additional features have not only enabled businesses to advertise their special offers or talk about their latest news, but it also helps to push them up in Google rankings.” Selwyn Connect is not simply a business directory, but a sophisticated internet tool to help businesses promote their services and easily connect with the Selwyn community. “Selwyn Connect uses metadata and search engine optimisation tools to their full potential and you will find your business showing up in multiple listings and through a variety of internet searches.” Colette says that this clever use of internet search engines helps businesses stand out in the local market without having to pay large sums to Google to promote their companies. Close

Colette Benjamin. to 500 businesses are already listed and the website receives over 3,000 page views per week. “Most importantly, we are a local Selwyn business that can help other Selwyn businesses and the community to keep it local.”

See the advertisement in this issue for contact details.

The informa on and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. The final approval of le+ers for print, rests with the editors. (Unless by prior arrangement, le+ers to the Editor should be no more than 200 words [approximately] in length.) Le+ers to the editor won’t be considered for publica on without the writer’s name (given and surname) and area of residence (not address) also being printed. Le+ers wri+en using a pseudonym, are unable to be published. The Editors

To the Editors: Thank you for placing our article in the Malvern News re looking for old bikes. We have been overwhelmed with the response with fifteen bicycles arriving from a huge radius including West Melton, Rolleston, Coalgate and further afield. Thank you to all our donors we truly appreciate your help. Our children are going to be so delighted with the opportunity to learn to ride a bike, or have a bike to ride on, here at school, as well as having spare parts in case anything goes wrong. Good reading people. Thank you from the Principal and staff at the Hororata Primary School.

Marty Gameson - Principal, Hororata Primary School To the Editors, I had the chance to go through the Ritso Street properties, Darfield, when they were put up for sale by our Council. I have never been so disgusted by the condition of these houses. The houses have been vacant for approximately eighteen months (except one) and the lack of maintenance has been beyond belief. Two were ‘P’ contaminated, one reeked of cat pee, while the third had water pouring out of the header tank in the ceiling, and had been like that for so long that grass seed was growing on the carpet 15cm long. The carpet was ruined, as was the plaster board. After notifying the Council, Sicon had a long overdue tidy up of the grounds of these properties. The total cost of repairs was $81,659.19 not including Sicon’s clean up. We are now told the money from the sale of these properties is going into consolidated funds - not back to Darfield or Malvern!

Errol Ashby - Malvern Community Patrol


Contact us for an appointment Rolleston Office: 78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square Darfield Office: Malvern Business Hub, 68 South Terrace

T: W: E: E:

(03) 374 2547

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Friday 13th July 2018

Hororata: 2373 Bealey Road ‘Charming and Affordable Lifestyle’. 2.2ha, lovely older four-bedroom home recently renovated. Single garage, two-bay barn and utility sheds. Close to Hororata and easy commute into the City. Open Home Sunday 12-12.30pm. For Sale: $485,000 • Darfield: 1612 Clintons Road Immaculate, small lifestyle property, Oamaru Stone home, open-plan with separate lounge, four bedrooms, ensuite and family bathroom, internal access from double garage, excellent outdoor living. Three-bay shed (1 bay lock up). For Sale: $775,000. Open Home Sunday 1 - 1.30pm. A must view! • West Melton: 1621 West Coast Road Larger Lifestyle. Stunning 8ha property with lots of options, many paddocks and lots of great sheds, good shelter, can irrigate. Large home with indoor pool. Reduced to sell $1.295M plus GST (if any). A must view and must be sold. • Springfield Tidy home on the corner, kitchen, separate family room, double-glazed, three bedrooms and sleep-out. An excellent first home or investment opportunity. For Sale: $287,000. • Darfield: 1932 Telegraph Road An amazing opportunity here to invest or land bank, zoned Living 1, lovely large brick home with two living areas & four bedrooms. Open Home Sun 2- 2.30pm. • West Melton: 144 Neave Road Four-year-old home of distinction with great shed, set on 4ha of land. Phone to view. •

Min Cookson Ph: 03 341 4301 M: 027 249 5417 E:

On Sunday, June 23rd hundreds of riders participated in the Bridge to Bridge mountain bike event and amongst them were a large contingent of locals many of whom achieved results in the top ten of their categories. Bridge to Bridge ‘North’ is a three section mountain bike event on the Northern Bank of the Waimakariri River and billed as a fast mountain bike ride, great for a mid-year ride, especially as it is downhill all the way. The 60km race started outside the Waimakariri Gorge Golf Club, on Thongcaster Road, travelled to Browns Rock Road and into the River at the Intake. The ride then travelled east, through to the finish going past the State Highway One river bridges, through Waimakariri Park, back on to the stop bank to Kaiapoi and finished on Raven Quay. The 60km ride was a mix of shingle, stop bank and single track, except for the Thongcaster Road portion. The 30km event started at Downs Road and travelled east past the State Highway One river bridges, through Waimakariri Park back on to the

With their well-earned awards - Maria Fowler, Julie Crequer, Charlotte Roberts, Steve Roberts. stop bank to Kaiapoi and also finished on Raven Quay. This ride was a mix of shingle, stop bank and single track all the way. The 15km event started at Harrs Road and travelled east on the stop bank to State Highway One river bridges, through Waimakariri Park back on to the stop bank to Kaiapoi before finishing on Raven Quay. T his was recommended as ideal for children to get the experience of mountain bike racing - with a parent support rider. The News congratulates all those who competed - known local competitors with results in the top ten places of their

categories are: 60km section: 18-39 Female: Nicole Sarginson (5th) 18-39 Male: Steve Roberts (2nd) 40-49 Male: Simon Earl (2nd) 50-59 Female: Maria Fowler (3rd) 50-59 Male: Warren Thomas (4th) 30km section: 13-17 Female: Charlotte Roberts (2nd) 40-49 Female: Julie Crequer (3rd) 60-69 Female: Sue Meager (2nd). Apologies if any names were unknown and omitted in error.

Friday 13th July 2018

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WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING Be very careful which fuel nozzle you put into your car. Traditionally you can only mix petrol and diesel in your vehicle’s fuel tank. While this is an inconvenience, it more often than not means, draining the tank, refilling with the correct fuel and away you go. No harm done. There is now an exhaust emissions fluid which is available and in my opinion far, far too easy to purchase and has dire consequences to your vehicle if it is mixed into the fuel system. Crystals which form in the fuel system when Diesel Exhaust Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) fluid is mixed with fuel - a costly mistake for the owner! has many different commercial names but the most common are ‘AdBlue’ or ‘Go Green’. DEF is used in very new modern diesel vehicles. DEF is injected into the exhaust system to help eliminate harmful exhaust emissions and is available at most truck stops, and some fuel stations, normally beside the truck diesel pump. The problem arises if the DEF pump nozzle is mistakenly squirted, even if it is a very small amount, (as little as 50mls) into your vehicle’s fuel tank. The DEF fluid is very corrosive and when mixed with fuel it will grow crystals inside the fuel system. These crystals go through the fuel system which destroy the internals of the tank, fuel pump, fuel lines and fuel injectors. It is very, very expensive to rectify. I have seen a quote to replace the complete fuel system in a diesel 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe at $16,000. We have a petrol Toyota Camry vehicle in our workshop right now that is already over $3,000. But the problem isn’t limited to road vehicles. I’ve also heard of a tractor costing $75,000 to repair! It gets worse. The repairs are not covered by mechanical insurance. All these vehicle repairs have to be paid for in full by the vehicle’s owners. OUCH! So my tip this month is; go to your friendly local service station and get the forecourt concierge to help you out. If you are after cheaper fuel and go to truck stops, please be very careful which pump you choose. Happy and safe driving,

Macca and Janelle, Darfield Automotive warrant and service centre

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Friday 13th July 2018

Catering for all your onon-farm slaughtering

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The fifth Annual Report of the Malvern Community Patrol was presented to those attending on June 28th, 2018. Errol Ashby - Community Patrol Chairperson reported: • On July 5th 2013 a public Meeting was called in Darfield to gauge interest in setting up a Community patrol. With local and regional help, we have grown to over forty members, a car of our own, and a lot of positive feed back from throughout the community. • To my committee, I owe a debt of gratitude for their ongoing support, and also to our Patrol Members. • To the local police, we owe our sincere thanks for advice and direction, and to Dave Pittkethley who gave great advice on approaching The Four Winds Foundation for funding our new patrol car; we miss you out on the road. • Assistance and local support is very much appreciated. We are grateful for fuel, roster compilation, newsletters, food and vehicle maintenance - to name but a few. • Our annual barbecue was well attended and was a good chance to meet up with others during daylight hours. • The Safe R Plate scheme netted S41O. for very little effort - a successful fundraising event. One that we will take up again in the spring. Thanks to those who participated - it was a cold wet exercise! • With a membership of over forty we have added a third night patrol, and numerous day patrols. • It was interesting to learn from a local woman out walking and heard some schoolchildren comment when the patrol car drove around the corner ‘we are behaving aren't we?’. We don't always know what effect we have! • Young children still pose a challenge at night, as do cars not obeying road rules and the odd boy racer. • Last year we travelled 12,340 kms and contributed 1,020 hours - while this year to date for five months 7,404 hours and 535 hours have been added to our efforts. • We continue to attract new members which is a sign of ongoing success. • A Tablet will be trialled for easier and more effective recording, and while this may take time to learn, I am hopeful of success.

Errol Ashby

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Friday 13th July 2018

St John Youth Darfield recently held their mid year prize giving (July 4th), with special guests, Graham Gillespie, Gillespie Knight of the Order of St John (KStJ), Tracey Dunn, Dunn Korowai Area Youth Manager (AYM for West Melton and Darfield), and Lynda Walter, Walter Te Waihora Area Youth Manager (AYM for Ellesmere and Rolleston). We had a range of awards to present and during the night Tracey Dunn presented five penguins (6-8 year olds) with their Super Penguin Award, which recognises completion of the nine Penguin badges: First Aid, Safety, St John, Communication, Healthy, Caring, Games, Resourceful, and Hobbies. Recipients were: Kaitlyn Craigie, Craigie Larbi Frizzell, Frizzell Bentley Todd, Todd Hunter Kennedy, Kennedy and Cearnaigh Dawson. They were presented a badge and certificate to mark their achievement. Some penguins were presented the first aid, resourceful and healthy badges that had been worked on over the last two terms. We also farewelled Katie Tozer, Tozer Darfield’s Penguin Leader who stepped down from her role. In appreciation she was presented with a card and a farewell gift. Cadets also received their badges, the Greens (8-10 years) received their Home Technology, Accident Prevention, and Communication

Page 9

Badges, the Blues (11-12 years) received their Home Technology and Communication badges, and the Golds (13-18 years) received The Arts, Communication, Drill, and Child Care badges, of which some were obtained by attending camps. A special recognition went to Rebecca Inch and Susanna Sampson who received their 100 hour community service shield, and Samuel Ireland who received his 800 hour community service shield. These were presented by Lynda Walter. The climax of the night was the presentation by the Knight of the Order, Graham Gillespie, who presented the second Grand Prior to be achieved by a Darfield cadet. Alicia BradleyBradleyTaurua received her Grand Prior. This is the ultimate award in the Youth Programme, where a cadet must complete twelve badges from a curriculum of thirty available badges of which six are compulsory. This programme is recognised as one of the best educational youth programmes in New Zealand. Alicia now has the option to receive her parchment at a formal ceremony at Government House, presented by the Prior of St John in New Zealand, the Governor General.

Hannah Ireland

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Alicia Bradley-Taurua with Knight of the Order of St John (KStJ) Graham Gillespie.

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Providing quality on-farm cultivation and drilling services from the main divide to the big smoke Cearnaigh, Bentley, Kaitlyn, Hunter and Larbi five Super Penguin recipients.

Full service from start to finish Ploughing ● Subsoiling ● Power Harrowing Discing ● Maxitilling ● Rolling ● Levelling Conventional Drilling ● Roller Drilling ● Direct Drilling

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Blower Truck Available for bulk deliveries

Website: Email: 021 248 8227 or A/H 03 318 8227

Friday 13th July 2018

Twelve years ago the Selwyn Community came together and decided what their Envirotown should do and be. The initiatives undertaken in the past twelve years have been largely in response to the community’s concer ns and r eq ue st s expressed at that early meeting. Public Hot Topic discussions were planned, a Native Reserve and Community Gardens were planted, a Responsible Business Awards scheme was started, along with numerous other environmental and community

projects. “Selwyn is a rapidly changing District and so it is worth reconsidering what is important to each of us,” said Dave Fitzjohn, Fitzjohn Lincoln Envirotown Trust, Project Manager. Lincoln Envirotown Trust are inviting people, of all ages, to drop in and share their thoughts at a family friendly, open afternoon. Selwyn’s Environment - What is our future? This will be held on July 22nd at the Lincoln Bowling Club.

WE NOW HAVE A LOGGING CREW AVAILABLE TO REMOVE YOUR TREES! We do a full clean up service We can sell your logs or you can sell them We grade as we go We have a comprehensive Health & Safety policy in place • Our staff are all qualified! • • • •

Rob Curle - Cell: 027 508 2240

• • • • • • •

Design – Installation – Servicing Toro Irrigation Systems Lawns - Gardens Lifestyle Blocks - K-Line Irrigation Sports Grounds - Horticulture Trenching Free Quotes

Freeman Irrigation Ltd Phil & Kristie Hudson Free Phone: 0800 22 33 92 Website: Email:

Children enjoying communal gardening.

Having initially intended to purchase a ‘Digital Signage Trailer’, but finding the cost prohibitive Community Patrols Canterbury, who work in conjunction with NZ Police, have embarked upon the next best thing - leasing the equipment. A Digital Signage Trailer, owned by, and leased from, Fulton Hogan, will shortly spend a fortnight in this area, highlighting in words important issues like safety and traffic issues. Drivers can expect to see the trailer reminding them

to stop at intersections, or advising of ice on roads, amongst other things. The trailer, which is being trialled as

“People are invited to drop in to discuss their ideas, concerns, and vision for the wonderful District of Selwyn. Activities will be provided to give something of interest for all ages, along with plenty of refreshments and snacks.” There are also to be a few short talks on such issues as ‘water’, ‘growing healthy food’ and ‘waste free living’ for those interested. “The main idea is for people to come in at any time and talk about their views and suggestions relating to Selwyn’s community and environment. Anyone can join the conversation prior to the day by completing a fifteen second survey about ‘Se lwyn’s Environment - what is our future?” on the Lincoln Envirotown Facebook Page, Website or Eventbrite. These sites also contain further information (location, times etc) of the drop-in day.

to its effectiveness, will also spend a fortnight in southern areas of Selwyn before its success is evaluated.

A Digital Signage trailer, similar to this will soon make an appearance in the area for a two week trial. The device has been leased by Community Patrol NZ (Canterbury), who work closely in conjunction with NZ Police.

Friday 13th July 2018

When the Malvern News welcomed a group of Kirwee Model School pupils to their office to view the newspaper’s production a few years ago, it was commented on at the time, how knowledgeable and interested the students were. So it was no real surprise to find that one of them (Finn Finn Clark) Clark was recently named in the St Thomas of Canterbury silver medal winning team at the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC). The Christchurch round (one of three in New Zealand) was held at St Andrew’s College on July 1st and 2nd. Invited schools from around the region entered their top academic students in teams of three for the two day event which involved debating, collaborative writing, the Scholar’s Challenge (an intense general knowledge exam), a team multi choice test and a talent showcase. Teams acquire points for each challenge before WSC collate these. The highest achieving scholars go to the next round which is held in Melbourne and from there the highest achievers go on to Barcelona. Finn competed with fellow classmates from St Thomas of Canterbury College - they are all members of the School’s ‘Alpha’ group (an advanced learners programme for gifted and talented students).

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Tree too big? Not enough light? Or just untidy!

Selwyn's Qualified Arborist Na onal Cert, Hor culture; Na onal Cert, Advanced Hor culture Na onal Cert, Arboriculture; Diploma, Arboriculture

For Tree Care, Maintenance & Removals Contact Brandon FULL INSURANCE

021 061 5397 • 03 317 9587

Jacob O'Connell, Finn Clark and Will Hodgson. Proud Cantab boys competing in a worldwide academic competition. The WSC was founded by Daniel Berdichevsky and the first World Scholar’s Cup took place in Korea in 2007. The first ‘global’ round followed a few weeks later, bringing together students from Korea, Singapore, and the United States. The idea behind the World Scholar’s Cup was to create something different than traditional academic competitions and conferences: a celebration of the joy of learning, a tournament as rewarding for the team that came in last as the for the team that came in first, an enrichment opportunity that motivated students not just to demonstrate their existing strengths, but to discover new ones.

Results 5th July 2018 Match of the Day: 1st Championship Qualifying Senior: Senior 1st: J Pottinger 92 2nd: N Weavers 94 Intermediate: Intermediate 1st: J Blatch 92 2nd: J Jenkins 96 3rd: L Smith 98 4th: P Rivers 100 Junior: Junior 1st: K Battersby 102 2nd: L Scott 105 3rd: M TeAwa 105 4th: M Robertson112 5th: J Wilson 112

Results 7th July 2018 Match of the Day: Stroke, Best Nett & Putts 1st: C Davidson 65 2nd: M Gall 68 3rd: J Benn 69 4th: J Redfern 72 Nearest to the Pin: Pin #3: D Martin #9: D MacDonald #13: Not Struck #17: J Benn Longest Drive #11: #11 Women: Women D MacDonald Men: Men D Martin Longest Putt #18 - sponsored by Darfield Tyre Centre: E Green Two’s: Two’s J Benn 9 Hole Best Nett: Nett 1st: J Pascoe Putts: 1st: B May Putts: Winner of Henderson Swilken Trophy: Trophy

Results 6th July 2018 Match of the Day:12 Hole Stableford Men: Men 1st: 1st G Chambers 34 2nd: P Fletcher 32 3rd: S Stewart 31 4th: C Bishop 29 Ladies: Ladies 1st: C Thorne 27 2nd: A Green 23 Closest to the Pin: Pin #2in2: R Abbott #6: M Robertson & P Fletcher Results 7th July 2018 Match of the Day:18 Hole Stableford Men & Ladies Combined: 1st: J Wilson 36 2nd: R Renfrew & P Hicks 35 3rd: P Pearce & K Jenkins 34 4th: G Chambers 33 Closest to the Pin: Pin #6: J Wilson #11: R Renfrew #14: R Renfrew #17: G Chambers

Played On 26/6/18 1st: K Adams

The advice from MPI is to avoid unnecessary movement of cattle. Due to this, most Schools in the area advise that at their Pet Days this year (usually held around October) they won’t be offering calf classes. All is not lost though as some schools have come up with innovative ways to get around the issue and allow children to still participate with their beloved animals. Hororata School for instance have organised a video link to help them with this situation.

• 2 Topdown Cultivators • Ripping • Vaderstad Drill • Fodder Beet Planter • Direct Drilling • Ploughing • Cultivator & Roller • Swifterdisc

STEVE ROBERTS M: 027 439 8410 E:

26 Putts

Thank you to all our sponsors

Available for:

Landscaping Painting Fencing and more!

Phone: 0800 720 720 Mobile: 022 069 6183 Email: Website: Full range of plant available including diggers and trucks

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Friday 13th July 2018


Sheffield Free Book Exchange Be at the Sheffield Hall on Sunday 15th July 12 - 3pm for the community book exchange!



Café Hope Open 10:00am Sun 15th July Sheffield Bowling Club House, Sheffield All Welcome

KARWI YOGA Beginner yoga, based in Darfield. Call Rachelle on 021 565 940 or PM me at ‘Karwi Yoga’ on Facebook!

OFFERS TWO FREE LESSONS We are a freestyle Martial Art, teaching in a fun & relaxed atmosphere

Come along and have a look. Gain confidence, co-ordination, fitness and self-defence. We cater for all age groups and fitness levels. Templeton Community Centre • Mondays & Fridays TIGERS: 3-7yrs 3.30-4.05pm PANTHERS: 7-12yrs 4.10-4.55pm XTREME: 12+yrs 5.00-5.50pm FREESTYLE: Adults 5.55-6.55pm KICKBOXING: 15+yrs Fridays 7.30-8.30pm

For any enquiries ph Jacque or Allister 03 324 2084 Facebook: Proactive Martial Arts Templeton/Papanui

13th July

Shearing Shed will be closed for School Holidays


14th July


Annual Quiz Night ‘The Southern Man’, Live Music

• IR3 Tax Returns • Cash Manager Rural /

15th July


Sheffield Free Book Exchange

15th July


Café Hope

16th July

12:00pm Darfield Red Cross AGM

17th July

10:00am Malvern News Adver sing Deadline for 20th July Issue

25th July


Rolleston News Adver sing Deadline for 1st August Issue

27th July


Friday Night Housie

29th July

11:00am Malvern Game Hunter Weigh-in & Prizegiving

Coalgate Tavern

29th July


Mamma Mia! Plunket & Toy Library Fundraiser

Hoyts Cinema, Riccarton

The Witches of Eastwick

Kirwee Community Hall

Friday Night Housie

Darfield Bowling Club

1st Sept

DRFC - 2018 End of Season Dinner

Bangor Func on Centre

2nd Dec

Friends of Darfield Hospital Xmas Trail



Phone Alan Roberts

021 227 2080 CELEBRANT


17 North Terrace



31st Aug

In home sample service. 30 years in the area. Very competitive rates!

Darfield Bowling Club

28th July

3-11 Aug

- Go Local! -

Darfield Life Church

12:30pm Mid Winter Christmas Buffet Lunch

Malvern Game Hunters 25th Hun ng Compe


CARPET/Window Cleaning. CELEBRANT - Michelle Spence. CARPET Weddings and Civil unions in Thorough job, good price, Selwyn area. Please phone q u i c k d r y i n g . H i g h l y 318 3000 or 027 205 4660. recommended. Ph/text Robert anytime on 027 299 9599. Contact C A Ferras CLEAN Green Eco Clean. Qualified Certified Accountant No job too big or too small. Ph: 03 317 9981 CHIMNEY CLEANING E: Residential & commercial CHIM Chim. We'll sweep your log professional service. Clean -burners flue, check the ovens, windows, new builds. ALTERATIONS firebricks, baffles, air-tubes Full deep clean, on-going BEV’S Clothing Alterations & and controls. We're experts cleaning & rentals. Repairs. 6 Snowlea Place, on coal-ranges, also sweeping Environmentally safe product. Wilfield, West Melton. Phone any sized open fire. We quote Covering all your cleaning 03 347 0703. and undertake repairs, flue jobs! Local. Phone Clean extensions and install bird Green 027 846 6228. netting. 0800 224 464 HOUSEKEEPING, HOUSEKEEPING cleaning & Members NZHHA. gardening service for professional homes & busy families. Hard working, mature CHURCH NOTICES lady to help in your home. Reasonable rates. Please 11 Cardale Street, Darfield phone Marcia 027 443 0478 INSIDE n out cleaning services. Darfield Hotel Your local cleaners for one off Darfield Hotel or on going cleans! Domestic, commercial, specialist builders Terrace Downs Resort cleans, carpets, ovens, Sunday Sheffield Hall windows, total or one off 6:30pm cleans. Please phone 020 Sheffield Bowling Club House 406 93732 or email Ps Wayne Watson 296 Horndon St, Darfield 027 281 8340

15th July

27-29 July


Offering help with: Xero Setup • Data Processing • GST Returns • Budgets and more... From $45/hr + GST


9 - 29 July

ARE you wasting your valuable time trying to keep up with your accounts? Call us now for hassle-free accounting, tax and business advice - all right on your doorstep. Sterling Accountants @ Malvern Business Hub, Ann-Maree 021 215 0981. LAY ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants. Rolleston Office phone 03 347 4501, Leeston Office phone 03 324 3030. “Real people, real knowledge”.


Greendale School PTA Quiz Night & Auc on

Greendale Domain Hall



Slow Computers Data Recovery Virus & Malware Removal Internet Issues Email Setup Advice and Support

Friday 13th July 2018





SUMMERFIELD Fencing - in your SHEFFIELD 2 bedroom, semi LOCKSMITH Selwyn based MASSAGE therapy could be area now. Lifestyle. Farm. attached, self contained flat. 24hr mobile service, keys t h e a n s w e r t o y o u r Sheep. Cattle. Horse. All types In private rural setting. Phone cut and general lock and muscular aches & pains. safe maintenance. EFTPOS P l e a s e c a l l E r n a o n of animals. Fences. Yards. 027 458 6338. available. Call Locktight 027 300 4002. sheds. Arenas. Shelters. Runs. 27 years contract fencing. HOUSE FOR RENT Security 021 171 8060. John is available to help with COUNSELLING PAINTING & DECORATING PAINTING & DECORATING 3 Queen Street, Coalgate design and planning. Phone Carol & John Summerfield $400 per week EXPERIEN CED counsellor 03 312 4747. EXPERIENCED Ph: 021 141 7140 available to provide focus and Character villa in Coalgate. support. Dawn Logan BA FIREWOOD & COAL North facing deck. Sunny, light, For all Pain/ng and Decora/ng services! open plan kitchen, dining & lounge. (Psyc) Cert Psyc Care (Otago) Interior & Exterior Pain/ng & Plastering Rimu floors, wood burner. A&D Counselling (C.I.T). Ph R K FIREWOOD Fully Qualified Wallpapering Renovated, new wiring, plumbing Supplying wood for this Winter! 027 252 7533. Roof Pain ng All work guaranteed & full insulation. 3 large double Old Man Pine, Bluegum, Free Quotes. bedrooms, main with ensuite. Tidy 860m2 section, double ANXIETY & DEPRESSION Macrocarpa, Oregon. Contact Udi Aale 021 074 2075 garage & storage shed. getting you down? TRY THE HOT MIX! Keen to consider rent

Udi Painting & Decorating


an issue for you?

Anna Dalzell Dip Tchg, Dip Psyc, NZANLP Wellbeing Coach & Counsellor can help you be your best self more often!

Phone: 027 271 1672

EUpos available. All top quality, clean wood.

Phone Rini 027 451 7300 HEDGE TRIMMING

INSPECTIONS TENANCY Inspections! Offering initial & routine inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you. Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections Ltd on 027 313 2270 or email

HEDGEHOG Hedge & Shelterbelt Trimming

DRIVEWAYS LIFESTYLE, LIFESTYLE farm tracks, yards and dairy lanes our speciality. Screened rotten-rock, it’s local and lasts better. Springfield Quarry phone 318 4132.

to buy options.

Owner Operated

Geoff 021 549 499 A/h 03 324 3482

References available.

Phone Dave on 021 142 0567


Hedge Trimming in Canterbury




FOR SALE LUCERNE meadow silage mix. 36 medium bales. $60 each, collection from paddock. Phone 021 152 2212. MAZDA Atenza 2008. 182,000ks. 1 lady owner. Regularly serviced. $7,7500. Phone 03 318 0798. MEADOW hay, $6 each. Phone 021 152 2212. MEADOW hay. Conventional bales. Shed stored. $5 per bale. Phone 027 510 1348. PEASTRAW - Medium square, $40. Phone 03 318 3055. POINT of lay hyline/shavers pullets for sale. Please phone 021 863 158. TOW & Mow ATR mower or behind car, used 3 times. 1900 cutting width, ideal light paddock mowing, around trees and orchard rows, full width cut. Replacement $8,000 incl GST. Asking $5,500 incl GST. Phone 021 207 0532. TOYOTA Landcruiser 16 inch, 6 stud wheels. Falcon 14 inch wheels with snow chains fitted. Phone 318 8656. WOOD shavings - untreated, clean shavings suitable for horse stables, calving sheds, chicken houses and rabbit hutches. Available in 70L bags, 1m 3 bales (compressed) and bulk delivery. Phone 03 347 7352 for more details.

Roof painting, stopping & wallpapering, gib fixing, weather board, barges & fascia repairs.

Trade qualified Specialising in... • Int/ext house pain ng,

Call Don today on

• • • •

021 066 3011 or 03 318 2983

light commercial Gib stopping Garage floors Farm Fences/Buildings Airless spraying… & more!

All about quality!

Brian & Rose Walker We only use NZ made products that are proven to work!

0800 667 778

‘Owned and operated in Darfield since 2008’


Phone ScoR

021 029 83216

We do NOT Tele-market!

• Half size tractor for easier access


• Up to 6m height topped

If it flies, climbs, creeps or crawls, we'll get rid of it!

at 5m or less • Branch size up to 50mm • Cutter drops material to side of hedge


Phone: 03 332 1962 Email: OPEN HOME

18B Pemberton Drive,

• • • •

Do you have a Food Control Plan? Do you need reliable & affordable Pest Management? Don't want to pay too much? FREE, no fuss, set up & LOW cost monthly or bi-monthly servicing!

Darfield Sunday 15th & 22nd July, 1.30pm - 2pm


CALF DISBUDDING • 17 years experience • Pain relief (No Pain) used to

minimise pain & discomfort • Tetravet sprayed to reduce

risk of infection • • • • • • •

Three bedroom Four years old Sunny family home or rental Open plan living Efficient modern heating/insulation Quiet street Double garage.

For more information check out TradeMe: FWD165

• Hygienic systems in place • Equipment disinfected &

cleaned after each job • All equipment provided

(excluding labour to push calves into the crate) • All calves MUST be yarded or penned before arrival • Multiple visits if required


• IHC Charity calves disbudded

free of charge. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: • 4 bale portable head crush (side by side) • Rubber ringing bull calves • Weighing • Drenching & vaccinating (client to supply). SEASON 1 AUG - 16 NOV 2018

Ph: 021 059 4980 E:

Friday 13th July 2018


ROOF & house maintenance. All aspects covered including spouting, mortar, tiles, re -roofing, roof painting, moss, mould & silicone sealing. General repairs. Phone 03 347 6702. SCRAPMETAL BEST prices! Amalgamated Scrap Ltd. Buying cars & farm machinery. Specialising in farm clean-ups. Rod McQuoid - buyer. Ph 027 695 0480 or 0800 030 712.


Mobile Sheep Shearing Canterbury • Small Mobs • Lifestyle Blocks • Drenching, Tailing,



COUNTRY TOUCH SERVICES Your very own LOCAL, reliable & experienced

Phone • 25 years experience David Barnhill • Local qualified builder 027 618 2345 • All types of work undertaken including additions, or alterations, new houses, sheds etc a/h 317 9144

window & oven cleaner. Satisfaction Guaranteed Ph Wilf Lock for bookings on 022 0440654


Generator available

Ph Shaun Adams


for a quote on

Andrew Love

021 204 1274

Contract Window Cleaning


Commercial Residen al

FENCER wanted - position Free Quotes SCRAPMETAL - cash paid for available for person with E: all types of metal farm fencing or similar experience. M: 021 818 816 machinery, old cars etc. Please phone Geoff Please phone Wayne 027 021 640 748. 749 9736 or 03 323 6610 H O U S E K E E P E R n e e d e d . WINDOW REPAIRS (Licensed Dealer). Thorough & efficient. 2 hours FOR all glass requirements weekly at Darfield. References phone Phil 317 9046 or SITUATION VACANT required. Phone 318 7353. 021 046 6046. SHELLEY’S Glass and Glazing. Got a broken glass window? Insurance work, Pet doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single/ Wanted for busy, rural truck workshop. Double glazing, Splashbacks, Class 4/5 license advantageous. Fire Glass. 32 years in the Top money and flexible hours glass industry. Operates in for the right person. Oxford, Cust, Darfield, Rolleston, West Melton & Contact Brendon on 021 244 4498 Surrounding Areas. Call your or email local Glazier - Mark on 03 312 3253 or 0272 426 368. ROOM TO RENT WANTED TO RENT

General Maintenance, Home Improvements, Alterations, Re-lining, Weatherboard Replacements, Fences & Decks

Murray Thomas Ph: 027 809 4929 | E:

House & Roof PrePre-Paint Wash Hydro Drain Cleaning Cleans most surfaces: fences, paths, brick, block, wood, concrete & machinery.


SINGLE lockable rooms in Darfield Hostel. Internet, sky TV. $160 pw. Please phone 027 479 1431 or 03 318 3660. VEHICLE FOR SALE 2000 Ford courier Ute, 4WD, Double Cab, 2.5 Diesel, 5 Speed, 262,200 km. Cambelt and glow plugs recently replaced. Mint condition, $12.500 ono. Phone 027 213 8557. WANTED BUYING possum fur. Phone Charlie 03 318 3144. OLD bricks. Please phone 03 318 1123 or 027 823 8080.

CARS, VAN, 4WD’S & TRUCKS WANTED! Cash paid on pick up. Any condition accepted. Ph John 03 347 9354 or 027 476 2404


FARM house or cottage. 3 bedrooms with log burner. In Hororata, Sheffield or Darfield areas. Long term for retired person. Please phone 027 351 5080. WEBSITES

NEED A WEBSITE? and startups

roofs, footpaths & driveways.

Free Quotes. Ph Mike Richards 03 318 8380 or 021 179 0584

LOGFIRE INSTALLATIONS Showerdomes Tiling Adrian’s Building Services (03) 324-3125 Locally based, NZ Home Hea ng Installer 10+ years

• • • •

• Perfect for small business • Tailored for your project • Local

Moss Treating:

Mirrors Catdoors Splash Backs Retro Fit Double Glazing Insurance Repairs

Contact Joel at: or



Ph 03 318 4128

■ ■ ■ ■

New Builds Extensions Renovations Kitchen & Bathrooms

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Friday 13th July 2018 TRADES





AUTO & Marine Upholsterer 3967 West Coast Rd, Phone 03 318 7378. Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm.

NEW kitchens, wardrobes, laundries or what ever you need! Remodelled or just new doors. Good advice, good price. Ring Lex 03 349 0150 or 027 439 3926. PORTABLE sawmill for all your timber requirements and macrocarpa sales. Please phone Graeme Knowles on 021 613 229. UPHOLSTERER - Recover lounge suites, dining chairs, squabs etc. Free quotes. Based in Weedons. Please phone 03 980 4979.

Licenced Builder

• • • • •

Phil Marsh Ph 318 4131 Mob 027 357 3696

Interior Plaster Contact us today! Maintenance EvereR Sullivan Renova ons & New Homes Ph: 021 022 13500 Locally Owned & Operated 15 years Experience E:

Heat pump supply, installation, servicing & maintenance General household & business electrical work.

Darfield based with over 38 years of local knowledge and experience

Give Nigel a call now for your no obligation free quote


Your LOCAL & reliable tradesman

Ph: 021 387 750

Septic Tank Cleaning Jetting Unit for blocked drains Camera Investigations | Port-a-loo hire Office 318 8609 | 0274 338 693 |

New builds, extensions, alterations, farm buildings & light commercial. Let our expertise help your vision!

Steven Cusdin 021 029 73925 |

• • • • • •

Aerials/Dishes TV/DVR Set-up Wall Mounting Freeview/Decoders Cabling Phone Jacks

• • • •

Multi-room Systems Hook-ups Pre-wire (All Types) All Installations of: TV, Freeview, Home Theatre, Hi Fi

Ph Simon 027 430 1211 | 03 317 8091 COMPUTER


SuperComputer Sales and Service of new and used machines. Networking, Virus protection, Backup Re-loading and Restoring of Windows. Plain old fashioned Help & Assistance!

A man travels the world in search of what he needs Mark Jones 03 318-1956 and returns home to find it. 027 210 4242 - (George Edward Moore) 0800 427 427

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Friday 13th July 2018

Daily On Site Sales & Servicing Authorised Service Agent for Most Brands since 1996! • Washing • Ovens Machines • Cooktops • Dryers • Washing Machine Hire from $8 p.w. • Dishwashers

Tiler & Registered Water Proofer Look me up on

or phone 03 318 1973 or 027 421 1637 e: bowen

Reg. Service Technician

021 732 331


New Computers • Virus Laptops Removal • Problem Upgrades Solving Software

Closed Saturdays

Jon Lawrence Ph: 03 3183 699 Mob: 027 688 9103

Acer A315A315-21 •

• • •

AMD 2.5GHz Quad core CPU 8gig RAM $995 Incl GST 250 SSD 15.6” screen

Renova/ons, New Houses, Hot Water Cylinders, Kitchens & Bathroom Upgrades, General Maintenance!

027 445 0684

Your Local Registered Electrician


Phone Mark

318 1676 or 021 184 2448

027 869 0026

david wilkinson

Contact your LOCAL certifying specialist. Over 30 years experience. Mainland Plumbing & Gas Ltd Ph Glenn: Kirwee Based

Selwyn Electrical Ltd

registered electrician phone 03 318 1231 fax email

Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

03 318 1235

we’ll be there when you need us. guaranteed. on time guaranteed or your first hour is free! conditions apply.

RURAL PLUMBING SERVICES LTD Simon O’Connell • Certifying Plumber M: 021 048 4799 • H: 03 317 9174 E: Darfield based, working Canterbury wide. All Maintenance, Hot Water Cylinders, Log burners, Spouting, Rainwater Harvest, Wetbacks, Pumps, Alterations (new and existing)

The Original Computer! Maintenance Renova ons New Builds Pump servicing and installa on • Water filter installa on • Water pump hire • • • •

• Supply and installa on of sep c tank systems • Gas and wood fire installa on • IQP in backflow preven on • Teatsprayer servicing

‘One call and we’ll do them all’

0800 752 400

po box 26 kirwee

Memory was something you lost with age An applica on was for employment A programme was a TV show A cursor used profanity A keyboard was a piano A web was a spider's home A virus was the flu A CD was a bank account A hard drive was a long trip on the road A mouse pad was where a mouse lived!

Issue 849 - Friday 13th July 2018  
Issue 849 - Friday 13th July 2018