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College Guiding Statements Children come first when: 1. The College cultivates the whole child Students at the College enjoy a balanced education which aims, through an excellent academic and co-curricular programme to develop their individual intellectual, physical and emotional well-being. 2. The College values community well-being and provides a safe learning environment Students, parents and staff are provided with a secure and safe environment to promote personal, social and emotional well-being and growth. 3. The College shapes children to become global citizens who have an understanding of the complexities of an ever changing world Through developing an understanding of the needs of global communities, an awareness of the world around us and celebrating cultural diversity, students truly become global citizens. 4. The College develops a passion for learning through enquiry, curiosity and active collaborative participation Students at the College are encouraged to become self-motivated inquirers and thinkers with a passion for learning. Students develop the confidence to self-assess and to collaborate with others becoming effective communicators. 5. The College respects the natural world and its resources both globally and locally The College develops individuals who are knowledgeable about the world in which they live. Students should aspire to be caring individuals with compassion and tolerance for others and an awareness of environmental issues. 6. The College prepares children to live their lives honestly with a spirit of respect for themselves and others We believe it is important for our students to have a firm commitment to deep-rooted values in order to nurture principled individuals who act with honesty, integrity, respectful manners; as well as being flexible, pragmatic and open to new ideas. The College expects its students to be openminded and respectful of the diversity of our community, including themselves. 7. The College prepares children to take risks and show endurance and resilience to achieve goals Students at the College are encouraged to persevere as they encounter unfamiliar situations and explore new ideas and to be resilient in the face of adversity, inspiring the self-belief to become confident risk takers. 8. The College challenges each child to be the best that they can be and discover who they might become The College creates a learning environment that encourages exploration, experimentation, questioning and discovery. It prepares its students to be reflective in analysing opportunities, in facing challenges and to learn from their mistakes.

Definition of Learning Good learning is an experience which inspires students to take ownership of their knowledge and understanding. Students are happy, engaged, challenged and valued. They are able to question, reflect independently and collaboratively, and communicate confidently on their progress.


Malvern View Issue 2

Table Of Contents 02. College Guiding Statements

24. Kidzania Trip

02. Definition of Learning

25. Al Azhar Park Reception Trip

04. Welcome From The Headmaster

26. IB Diploma

05. Quality Assurance Visit

26. Safer Internet Day

05. Ramadan Iftar

27. School Photograph

06. Lego Visit - Reception & Nursery

27. Cooking Technology

07. Music

27. Ramadan Bags

08. House Singing Competition

28. International Day

09. Book Week

30. Pharonic Village Visit

10. Music at Lunch Time

30. World Environment Day

12. All Dress Up Days

31. WESC Farm Visit

14. MCE’s Got Talent

32. Songs From The Shows

16. FUE Dentistry Visit

34. Art Exhibition

16. Sitara Trip

36. Sports Days

17. Kawalis

38. Co-Curricular Activities

17. Tahya Masr Fund Raising

40. Ballet Show

18. Reflections on Egypt

42. Prize Giving Ceremony

19. Author & Psychologist Visit

44. MCUK Summer Camp

20. Ski Trip

46. MCE Sports Teams

22. Well Spring

47. The Malvern Qualities

Malvern View Issue 2


Welcome From the Headmaster

John C Maxwell, the American author who primarily focused on leadership once said: “People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life.” That is what Malvern College Egypt is all about – offering our pupils learning opportunities which encompass not only academics, but sport, the arts, music, and a myriad of other activities that broaden their minds and help them grow into well rounded global citizens. In short we try to help them find their purpose in life and to advance it. It has been a busy second half to the year and I believe that everyone is looking forward to the summer break. As a community, however, we can look back with great pride at what has been offered, and what has been achieved. Malvern College Egypt, a school of many nations, but a family of one.

Duncan Grice Headmaster


Malvern View Issue 2

Malvern College UK

Quality Assurance Visit Malvern College Egypt was visited for the annual Quality Assurance visit between 7th and 9th March 2017 by Miss Nicola Dudley, Director of Education for Malvern College International, Mr. Chris Hall, former Head of Science of Malvern College UK and ISI Inspector, and Mr. Chris Manville, Early Years Consultant and ISI Inspector. During the visit, discussions took place with students, teaching staff and members of the College Leadership Team; a large number of lessons were observed; CCA activities were visited and meals were taken with students in the school dining hall. Parents and students had been given the opportunity to complete a survey prior to the QA visit. The College was given an A* grading for its academic programmme, the first time this has happened for a new Malvern International school.

Clearly a significant amount has been achieved by the school in the six months since its opening and the College staff, students, parents and community were commended for the hard work and commitment that has gone in to the early stages of making the College such a success. Duncan Grice - Headmaster

Ramadan Iftar A big family Iftar party was hosted by the Azzazy Group at the Four Seasons Hotel in order to thank and reward our teachers and staff for all the hard work during the year. All teaching and administrative staff enjoyed the Egyptian food and music. Azza ElSherbiny Cheif Executive Officer

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Lego Visit

Reception & Nursery We were fortunate to benefit from a visit from the Lego store in Cairo.

The Lego store team arrived in school and set up many Duplo and Lego workstations. Each child was able to enjoy creating using these versatile blocks. The Lego store team were very generous and visited the school over two days to ensure that all of our children could have time to experience the Duplo and Lego available. These photographs tell their own story, each and every child here had the most enriching educational experience. The Duplo and Lego blocks strengthen the children hands, with the pushing and pulling required to construct with them. Each child’s imagination is stretched as they design, refine and make their own individual creations. Thank you, Lego Cairo, for putting smiles on everyone’s faces!

Sally Dibb-Holland - Head of Early Years


Malvern View Issue 2

In our first year at MCE we have been extremely busy exploring the talent of our students. Across the year there has been numerous performances both musical and dramatic. Our first term saw the whole school taking part in the Winter concert, which celebrated Christmas around the World. Two concerts, one for Early Years and Year 1 - 2, and an evening performance for Year 3 - 9 took place. Both were well attended by parents, and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Miss Griffiths also worked extremely hard with the Drama CCA group in the first term, putting on an informal show of devised pieces. The parents were delighted with the talents of our students. From January we started work on our first school production that took place in May. Songs from the Shows really allowed the students talents to shine through and develop talent for the future from our younger performers. Songs from a variety of musicals, solo pieces and whole cast pieces delighted the audience. In addition to all of this, our students have performed in Cairo Battle of the Bands, coming 5th overall with Mariam Abdellatif winning Best Vocalist. The Ballet CCA group performed with Cairo Ballet this term, House teams have performed Beatles songs in an Inter-House singing competition, and the Student Council organised a highly successful Malvern’s Got Talent Show. Tina Marsh- Director of Music

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House Singing Competition The music department was full all week with students rehearsing for the Inter House Singing Competition. It is great to see so many taking part in musical activity. I thoroughly enjoyed judging the competition today. What a fantastic way to finish another busy week. The first major House competition took place with the Secondary School students competing in a House Singing Competition. For the last two weeks the students have been undertaking many hours of practice, much of which has been in their own break and lunch times. Each House was given a famous song by The Beatles to adapt, learn and perform to the whole college. Myself and Mr Gillespie-Payne, the Head of House System in Secondary School, were very impressed by the level of commitment from many


Malvern View Issue 2

students and the enthusiastic and even innovative ideas used to make each House stand out. Although very nervous and even shy to begin with the entire Secondary School community did themselves proud by giving their full energy to the wonderful performances. I would particularly like to thank the student House Captains and the Heads of each House for their efforts to get each House to the rehearsals on time and bring a new lease of life to each House. Congratulations to victors Foster House with their polished version of Yellow Submarine.

Tina Marsh Director of Music

Book Week At MCE, we want children to grow up to be lifelong lovers of books and reading. To encourage our students to read and enjoy books, Malvern College devoted a week in March to activities centred around reading and books in acknowledgement of World Book Day. An event like this is a great way to complement students’ regular reading. The week started with a visit from an award winning children’s author, and culminated in a day of dressing up as our favourite book characters and performances by the winners of the Performance Poetry Competition. Weeks like this are an opportunity to bring together different year groups and create connections across our whole community. Many events spanned year groups. To name a few, teachers visited classes and read their favourite books to the younger students, older students supported younger ones on our lunchtime craft tables designing spines for their favourite books, and Year 9 studied the conventions of children’s books, wrote their own books and read them to the Reception students. The energy and enthusiasm of the staff and students was a credit to the school. Abigail Griffiths - English Teacher

The Year 9s had the opportunity to read books that we have written to the Reception children in March. I think it was a brilliant idea for us to really learn how to interact with the younger children, and for us to bond with them. The children all had smiles on their faces after we had read to them, so it was pretty obvious that they loved it! I mustn’t lie though; I am certain that the Year 9s loved reading books to the younger children just as much as they enjoyed being read to. Even some of the toughest people in the class really enjoyed it; we got to see their soft side. Although this was fun, we did get to learn a few things in the process of writing the books. In class we have been looking at how to structure a book, as well as speech punctuation. We have also looked at repetition and onomatopoeia and how we could include them in our books to also make the children learn something at the same time. Mariam Abd El Latif - Year 9 Pupil

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MUSIC AT LUNCH TIME Through the organisation of Zeina Hany, our Music Prefect, we have set up Thursday lunchtime performances on the first Thursday of each month. These are informal performances for students to give all students the opportunity to perform to each other. The school choir and soloists have also performed at key assemblies across the year, from the Prefects Investiture assembly to Prize Giving. We are looking forward to even more performing opportunities in the new academic year. It has been a delight this year to see so many students taking part in performance opportunities and supporting each other. A great lunchtime of musical entertainment greeted our students and staff. I would like to thank all those students and staff who took part and supported our participants. Our Year 9 rock band also entertained the College at lunchtime. It was lovely to see these talented students performing as well as children and adults of all ages enjoying the music. As our instrumental programme develops, I hope that we will have many more opportunities to watch our students perform. Tina Marsh- Director of Music



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Our first dress-up day at MCE was Halloween, celebrated at the end of October. All the Early Years pupils, as well as the staff, got into the ‘spirit’ of the occasion and came to school dressed to startle, scare and stupefy! As these photographs demonstrate, lots of fun was had by all! As our year progressed, we also enjoyed dressing up as Book Week characters, and finally our International Day. Thank you to all our parents who have been entirely imaginative with many wonderfully creative home-made costumes. I particularly enjoy standing in our Early Years Reception area to greet all the children on dress-up days, I have a permanent smile on my face as each child sails past delighting in their costumes! Joining the Primary children to salute the flag whilst they are all dressed as a variety of Book Week characters is also a special memory for me. Sally Dibb-Holland - Head of Early Years


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Book Week Dress-up Day

International Dress-up Day

Crazy Hair & Crazy Socks

These photographs tell their own story of another magnificent day at Malvern College Egypt! A very big ‘’thank you’’ to all our parents who supported the day with children’s costumes from all over the world as well as from different eras within Egyptian history. It was great that students from across the College, from our very smallest to our oldest, all took part with enthusiasm and enjoyment. The International Day parade within the Early Years shared area was lots of fun, giving each class and individual the opportunity to show off their costumes whilst the appreciative audience clapped along to some joyful Egyptian music. Identifying various teachers on the day was a challenge too – who are Tigger and The Bad Tempered Ladybird? Johnnie Kittermaster - Head of Primary

Malvern View 13 Issue 2

It was a fabulous assembly to end the term with our first Malvern’s Got Talent competition. Thank you to Petras Verseckas for organizing and hosting this event. To the performers - you all have a great deal of talent and we do hope you continue to pursue these in the future. The judges decided on Josephine Grice in Year 6 as our first winner – well done Josephine. Congratulations to Alia Hussein and Rola El Debakey upon winning the primary competition. Duncan Grice - Headmaster


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Performing on stage has always taken a lot of initiative and skill, requiring performers to muster all of their courage and deliver their best performance for the audience. The pupils were impeccable at this. It was inspiring to watch such perfected acts that all engaged the large audience and grasped their gaze upon our passionate performers. We hope to hold the event again this academic year for both our Primary and Secondary Years. Wayne Maher - Head of Secondary

Malvern View 15 Issue 2

TSVISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS FUE Dentistry School Visit As part of our topic on teeth, Year 4 went to the Future University Dentistry Department. We were given an informative tour of the facilities by the Head of Faculty, Dr. Nevine. The children were shown the various clinics and laboratories where the students of the university learn to become dentists. We were also shown the lecture halls and theatre where we watched a video on dental hygiene. Dr. Nevine was very impressed with the children’s knowledge, their attentiveness and the great questions she was asked. Well done Year Four. Jonathan Bailey Assistant Head of Primary

Sitara Trip

The Reception and Year 1 children were able to enjoy the Sitara theatre production of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. The day began with each class piling onto their own Malvern College bus, strapping on the seat belts and setting off on our first trip. Everyone was excited at the prospect of visiting the theatre.

We were greeted in a warm and friendly way by the Sitara staff, who explained the format of the day. The Reception children began their day by going into the theatre to watch the show and the Year 1 children moved to the theatre workshop spaces. The ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ show was interactive and had children joining in dressed as the dwarfs and Snow White. There was a lot of humour involved and everyone was encouraged to take part, applaud and cheer. A lot of fun was had by all of us who enjoyed taking part in a very professional production. Meanwhile the Year 1 children were enjoying the ‘Gruffalo’ workshops, which involved making props which they were then able to use in a short show of the ‘Gruffalo’. Each child had the opportunity to be as involved as they wanted to be, with the Sitara staff being supportive and encouraging throughout. Lunch took place in the middle of the visit, followed by the Year 1 children then watching ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and the Reception children taking part in the ‘Gruffalo’ workshops. We all had the most amazing day, which was completed by a safe journey back to MCE. Sally Dibb-Holland - Head of Early Years


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VISITS VISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS VISITS VISITS VISITSVISITS VISITSVISITS Kawalis Year Four visited the Kawalees Theatre group on Sunday for a William Shakespeare Macbeth experience. The children have been studying play scripts in class and this was a fabulous addition to the children’s learning. The children initially watched an adapted play from the Kawalees’ actors and then they were split into two groups. The two groups rotated during the day where they were given acting lessons, visited a recording studio, dressed and prepared their make-up, and the day culminated with each group performing Macbeth to their peers. The Kawalees actors said that our children were the best behaved students they had ever had visit them, which is excellent to hear. This was a fabulous day and the children really enjoyed the experience. Jonathan Bailey Assistant Head of Primary

Tahya Misr Fund Raising We were pleased to receive representatives of the National Bank of Egypt who were working with the Egyptian government to promote the Tahya Misr Fund. Setup in July 2014 by President el-Sisi, this fund encourages citizens of Egypt and expatriates alike to contribute financially to the development of the nation’s schools, hospitals and other essential public services for the least fortunate among us. Malvern College Egypt has a strong ethos of community engagement and we were therefore delighted to take part in the government’s initiative. Students and teachers alike were able to contribute whatever they felt was appropriate and received an official Tahya Misr certificate in recognition of their contribution. Robert Porter - Gap Co-Teacher

Malvern MalvernView View 17 17 Issue Issue22

Reflections on Egypt When I told people in August 2016 that I was going to be spending my Gap Year in Egypt most of my friends simply responded ‘why?’. My Friends did not consider Egypt to be a prime destination to spend a year between school and university: I think most of them preferred the traditional route of backpacking around South East Asia and Australia to the dusty desert of Egypt. To be frank, the perception of Egypt in the UK is a little bit anonymous. Considering myself as not a particularly religious person we don’t exactly have a lot of Mosques in Malvern UK - I was concerned as to how I would be received religiously in Egypt. To be honest with you I was worried. I’d spent my entire life in a very sleepy (and pretty boring) English town. I was moving to a country a world apart from my own, one which I barely knew anything about, to a completely new school with people I had never met. I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me that thought I may have made a massive mistake as the EgyptAir fight left from London. I was happy to have been proven wrong on all these counts. For the nine months that I was lucky enough to spend in Egypt don’t think that there was a day I didn’t enjoy. I can honestly say that I have never met such kind and generous people as the Egyptians. I’ve got lots of stories to illustrate this point: a favourite was on a trip to Alexandria when a family helped me to the correct train, to the correct carriage and even to the correct seat. They would come back regularly to check that I was okay and didn’t need anything to eat or drink. I can guarantee that if there was a lost looking foreigner in London the reaction would not have been the same. However, it was my final day in Egypt that demonstrated the generosity of Egyptians more than anything. In the Uber to the airport I spoke to the driver about what I had been doing in Egypt, how much I had enjoyed it and I even got a chance to practice my (terrible) Arabic one last time. As we arrived and I gave him the money he smiled and insisted that there was no charge. Again and again I tried to give him the money however again and again he insisted that this final journey would be free. Egyptians have every right to be proud of their country. Egypt is home to countless artefacts, an ancient wonder of the world and a rich history that has spanned thousands of years. Most of all however Egypt should be proud of its people who welcomed not just myself but all the expats here in Cairo. We may have been terrified at your roads and suspicious of your Molokhia however you more than made up with this by teaching us ‘habibi’ and inviting us to iftars. In short I love Egypt. I love the


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country even though it obviously has its imperfections: which country could claim to be immune from that? Most of all however I love the Egyptians who treated me so well and made me feel not as an outsider or a foreigner but as a welcome guest. As for the Gap Students our time in this country has come to an end. Sadly, I had to leave a little earlier than George in order to take an exam for university. However, I’ll be returning just as the term ends to go diving with my Dad in Hurgharda. Next year I will, inshallah, be studying Politics and International Relations at Bristol University. I even get to spend a year abroad as part of it so who knows maybe I’ll get to come back! George meanwhile will be taking up a place to study Airline and Aviation Management at Buckinghamshire New University. We will always however remember fondly our time in Egypt as well as the friends that we have made here. Not only have we begun to discuss when we might next return to Egypt but in fact urged our friends that this year instead of choosing France or Spain for a holiday it should be Egypt! Robert Porter and George Eldridge Gap Co-Teachers

Author Visit In March, the author of the Dark Lord series, Jamie Thomson, visited to the school. He gave us an interesting assembly about his books whilst also doing some workshops with the students. In the assembly, he showed us how to talk like a Dark Lord and also what the Dark Lord has in his trunk of things. During lunchtime Jamie Thomson did some book signing in the library. If you bought one of his books, he signed it and gave you a Dark Lord name. In the Year 7 workshop he told us how we could come up with an idea to write a story about. Some of the ideas were a bit weird, but overall we gained some good techniques to get an idea for a story. We learnt how we could get an idea for a story by thinking about the characters or the setting. My class made a story by giving ideas for settings, and then we voted on what setting we would like. We chose “the first day on earth in Egypt�. The day was really interesting; we learnt a lot, we did some activities and most of all we had fun. Sophia Faux - Year 7 Pupil

Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week Book Week

Psychologist Visit On the 7th, 8th and 9th of May, Dr Gavin Reid (Educational Psychologist) visited Malvern College Egypt to assess several students and provided recommendations to support their learning. He also met with parents and staff to share his expertise with us. Dr Reid will visit Malvern College Egypt regularly to review the progress of students he has assessed, and if required will assess additional students. It is worth noting that Dr Gavin Reid is a leader in his field and internationally respected. His input is very much valued in our pursuit to get learning right for every child.

Nicol Fleming Head of Learning Support

Malvern View 19 Issue 2

SKI TRIP On the 17th of March, 16 students and 3 teachers began the journey to La Tzoumaz, Switzerland. As this was both the first MCE ski trip and in fact, the first MCE international trip, students and staff were very excited. After saying goodbye to parents, we proceeded through the airport to meet another school (KICS) with whom we would be sharing our trip. After a short flight to Geneva we started the bus journey up into the mountains and for some of our students, this was the first time they had seen snow! After arriving at our resort, we checked in to the chalet and the trip began in earnest. The students were whisked off to ‘the cave’ where the reality of skiing set in. For those who have never tried on ski boots, this was probably the most painful and worst part of the trip. I am sure the designer of ski boots made them as uncomfortable as possible to put on! The pain was soon forgotten as we started socialising with KICS and enjoyed the evening activities. Our first day on the snow was amazing. I was most proud of our beginners who after managing to sort out their ‘left and right’ skis, mastered the snow plough (pizza slice) and could control their speed and direction after only a few hours. The advanced skiers refined their skills in the morning before heading up on the chair lift to start exploring the mountain. As we visited outside of the main school holidays we were lucky enough to almost have our own private ski resort.


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We did not queue once for any lift and if you saw another person on the mountain, you were surprised. All students made excellent progress and the skiing got better every day. In the afternoons and evenings, we were entertained by the fantastic Les Elfes staff before sitting down to an excellent meal. The students were well and truly spoiled whilst away. On the final day, a small ski race took place on a challenging part of the mountain. This gave us the opportunity to watch each and every MCE student complete the course and all staff were delighted with the progress that had been made. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and all too soon we were packing up and making our way back for the very long flight back to Cairo. We have already started looking into next year’s trip and I will be sharing information regarding this with you soon. I would like to thank Mr. Maher and Ms. Griffiths for all their help whilst away on the trip and also all the students for being fantastic ambassadors for MCE. Iain Driscoll - Director of Sport

Malvern View 21 Issue 2


WellSpring Year 5 enjoyed an amazing three days at the WellSpring Camp in Beit El Wadi. From the moment we arrived the children were active, enthusiastic, engaged and happy. They were divided into two teams, Aqua and Vida, and participated in a variety of games and activities designed to develop teamwork, responsibility, leadership and resilience. In addition, the children had the opportunity to challenge themselves on the zip wire and high ropes. It was wonderful for us, as their teachers, to see the amount of courage and determination shown by our pupils. We are immensely proud of them all and commend them for their excellent behaviour throughout the camp. The staff at WellSpring were very impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and reflective comments at the end of each day. We would also like to say a big thank you to Mr. Eldridge for joining us and adding so much to the children’s enjoyment of the experience. Philip Birch - Year 5 Teacher


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Secondary Thirty Secondary School students from Years 6 to 9 attended the first Malvern College Egypt Adventure and Sports Residential at WellSprings Camp at Beit El Wadi in March this year. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to experience learning outside of the classroom and make new friends across the year groups. Students spent the week taking part in various activities including, dodgeball, basketball, dancing, football, low ropes course, capture the flag game and a treasure hunt. Stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking on the challenge, many students also experienced the more adventurous activities like the High ropes course and the Zipwire. Through taking part in these activities and spending time everyday reflecting on their experience, students developed personal development skills such as improved communication and focus, team work, leadership. Here are some of the quotes from students who attended the Residential: ‘’The extreme activities such as the Climbing wall, Zipline and High ropes taught me to never be afraid of things you’ve never tried, this can help me to try things and enjoy life.’’ ‘’You should always take the time to get to know more people’’ ‘’Being passionate about something can help you move forward’’ ‘’Everyone has their own qualities and that everyone has different fears for different reasons.’’ Sally Madden Head of Co-Curricular Activities

Malvern MalvernView View 23 Issue Issue22


Nursery Trip The Nursery trip to Kidzania couldn’t have taken place without so many of our wonderful parents volunteering to join us. This meant that we were able to have a 1 adult to 3 children ratio, which ensured that all of our children could have the most fun possible whilst staying safe. Our day began with everyone piling onto the MCE buses, strapping on the seatbelts and setting off up the road to Kidzania. We were met by the professional staff who had each child issued with their individual security bracelet. Once inside Kidzania, the fun could begin. Each child with their group and adult was able to experience the very best that Kidzania has to offer. Our topic of ‘People who help us’ was able to be experienced at first hand as our children had the opportunity to try their hand at being ‘first responders’ and every kind of useful occupation. Lunch had been pre-ordered in advance and was delivered in one of the Kidzania restaurants. Our children all remembered their manners and were a credit to the school throughout the visit. Our day finished with our safe delivery by our wonderful MCE bus drivers back to school. A very big thank you to all the mothers who gave up their time to accompany us on the trip. Sally Dibb-Holland - Head of Early Years


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Al-Azhar Park Reception Trip

To link in with the Reception children’s topic of ‘growing’ we were able to take part in a variety of activities provided by WESC within Al Azhar Park. Again, we have many mothers to thank for accompanying us on this very successful outing. The day was warm, however the WESC staff had set out blankets under the shade of the trees and ensured that the toilets nearby were clean and open for the children. Each activity which ranged from the life-cycle of a plant to creating an individual craft flower was overseen, resourced and supervised by the WESC team of staff. Each child within their small group had the opportunity to take part, and explore a small area of the park whilst looking for many items in their ‘natural world’ bingo game. Lunch was enjoyed picnic style after a visit to the toilets to wash our hands, followed by a few more activities. Our excellent security team were with us throughout the visit, on hand to ensure our safety. The children were able to consolidate the learning they had experienced in the classroom in the wonderful environment of Al Azhar park. Claire Driscoll - Reception Teacher

Malvern MalvernView View 25 Issue Issue2 2


IB DIPLOMA It gives me great pleasure to announce that MCE is officially a Candidate School for the IB Diploma Programme and can formally begin the authorisation process (officially from September 1st ). I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wayne Maher, Head of Secondary School for driving this forward – it has not been an easy process and without his drive, perseverance and stamina it would not have happened. Duncan Grice - Headmaster

Safer Internet Day The theme of this year’s ‘Safer Internet Day’ was ‘Selfie’ and the children were given an assembly on the use of photographs/media online. The ‘Safer Internet Day’ is now a worldwide initiative that started originally in the UK. It was started to encourage children of the need to be aware of their actions, and also the ramifications of their actions, online; it is to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. The prevalence and ease of accessing social media is a growing concern and I was impressed with some of the maturity and awareness the children demonstrated. Jonathan Bailey Assistant Head of Primary


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NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWSNEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS School Photograph School photographs were taken this term by a UK firm Pret â Portrait. The children looked very smart and photogenic in their uniforms. Duncan Grice - Headmaster

Food Technology The Food Technology room has been busy again this term with our students enjoying a cooking CCA, trying out their own healthy eating recipes, as well as the ‘Silly Science’ club making their own ice cream! Nicola Maher Head of Secondary Science

Ramadan Bags Thank you everyone who donated the essentials for our Ramadan Bags for people less fortunate than ourselves. Students and staff from the College delivered our Ramadan bags to the face orphanage in Maadi. Mai Sharawy Chairperson of FoMCE

Malvern View 27 Issue 2

International Day We had such fun on our International Day which began with a parade including all of the Early Years, Primary children and staff. Each family had made a big effort to represent their country with their costumes. The parade was accompanied by some rousing Egyptian music which had everyone clapping, whilst admiring the children showing off their colourful and interesting costumes. We all wondered who was the mystery woman on the staff, resplendent in ethnic costume, only to discover that it was Ms Belcher, she tricked us all! The younger children enjoyed sharing foods from their native countries throughout the day, and sharing information


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and knowledge about their home and traditions. Later in the day a mystery man in full Emirati costume and sunglasses joined us for the Primary assembly, who was it was all wondered? As the sunglasses were removed, a gasp from the children, as they recognised Mr Kittermaster!

Sally Dibb-Holland Head of Early Years

A School of Many Nations But A Family of One.

Malvern View 29 Issue 2

Pharaonic Village In the spring term Year 3 studied a topic about Ancient Egypt as part of their humanities curriculum. They were so enthusiastic about this unit of work where their education was very successfully enriched with a visit to the Pharaonic Village in Giza. The children went back in time to view scenes from the everyday life of the ancient Egyptians. They also went inside a replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb and saw what a mummy would look like. The children had great fun creating their own papyrus too! It was a day of great value and enjoyment. These hands-on experiences are such an important part of engaging children in their learning and it is a key focus for our educational philosophy at Malvern College Egypt. Jacqueline Belcher - Year 3 Teacher

World Environment Day In the Primary School we had an excellent assembly on World Environment Day concentrating on waste and rubbish in the world. Plastic bags cause many minor and major issues in geographical terms. The most general issue with plastic bags is the amount of waste produced. Many plastic bags end up on streets and are considered by many to be aesthetically displeasing. Our pupils learned about the devastating consequences of world pollution and how to avoid doing it themselves by recycling, turning off lights, picking up rubbish and spreading the word to other people to do the same! Hopefully we can reduce the amount of rubbish on the streets of Cairo and one day Egypt can join countries like Bangladesh, Rwanda, Macedonia, Cameroon and recently Kenya in banning plastic bags to make our country even more beautiful. Johnnie Kitterrmaster - Head of Primary 30

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WESC Farm Visit

Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Years 1 & 2

The WESC team brought a selection of animals into MCE for the children to have a first hand experience of caring for them. The animals that visited MCE were a hedgehog, two rabbits, a couple of tortoises, a group

was extremely beneficial to our children many of whom had never seen any of these animals up close. To see the children’s faces whilst they grew in confidence in gently touching and petting the animals was magical.

of goats and two buffalo cows. Each small group of children were able to touch the animals under the supervision of the WESC staff team.

The highlight of the day was when the hedgehog made a dash for freedom and surprised everyone with his speed. Was it Sonic the Hedgehog? My thanks to Miss Clark for organising this.

The children were able to find out where the animals live – their habitats, and the kind of food they eat. This unique experience, very generously funded by MCE,

Sally Dibb-Holland Head of Early Years

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In Term 3, MCE put on its first school show: a medley of songs and scenes from different musicals: Oliver, The Sound of Music, Wicked, Chess and Annie. The variety of songs and styles of music made for a vibrant, fresh performance and created opportunities for a number of students to take solo and duet parts. Two scenes were chosen from Oliver. Haia Salim and Fahad Mufadhli took the lead roles of Olivia and the Artful Dodger. However, they were effectively supported by some accomplished comedic performances by Mawadda Abdel Kader as Nancy, Sophia Faux as Charlie, and the rest of Fagin’s gang. As for Fagin himself, Mr Bailey was a strong lead who helped bring out the best in the student performances. Danna Hegazy’s sweet rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie was contrasted well with the lively, whole cast dance number, ‘A Hard Knock Life’. Three duets were performed. The first, by Josephine and Jasmine Grice, from the musical Chess, seemed deceptively simple, but was an accomplished performance with careful harmonising.


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DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA Mariam Abdellatif and Talita Jada gave very strong musical performances of two songs from Wicked, showing strong vocal range. Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 gave a charming performance of ‘Eidelweiss’ and ‘So Long, Farewell’ from The Sound of Music which included a number of solo performances showing the confidence of our younger pupils. The whole cast came together for a climactic choral rendition of ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King. Putting on a school production is always challenging, but putting on a school production with students from Year 3 to Year 9 which allows all the age groups to participate and develop was potentially very difficult. It is a credit to our students that the show was such a success. Many of the senior school pupils took on roles of responsibility, either supporting with the direction, helping coach younger pupils, or helping to organise props. The success of the show was a credit to their community spirit and leadership skills. Abigail Griffiths - English Teacher

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An Exhibition of Visual Arts from Across the Whole College.

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What an amazing way to celebrate the creativity and skills that have been developed over the year by our students. I was so proud to see their learning on display and have also really enjoyed being inspired by looking at the talent demonstrated in the exhibition. A special thank you to Mr. Faux for his outstanding leadership in this area. His passion for art has been inspiring for our students. Thank you also to all the other staff and students who helped create such a great exhibition. Duncan Grice - Headmaster

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Sports Days Y1 & Y2

On the 10th of May I had the pleasure of hosting the first of three sports days in what would be an amazing week of sport. The students in Nursery and Reception had been working hard on practicing the many different activities they would complete on the day. Despite the searing heat, all students participated fully and had a great time and displayed great teamwork and sportsmanship. On Wednesday, it was the turn of our Year 1 and Year 2 students to take to the field. They too had spent countless hours perfecting their skills and this was evident on the day with the students completing every station with skill and precision. The Year 1 and 2 students also had the challenge of completing the ‘shuttle relay’ which is a 30-metre continuous relay. In the scorching heat this was not an easy challenge but they all rose to the occasion. It was fantastic to witness the exceptional performances of so many students during our first ever Sports Day. I was delighted to see so many students pushing themselves individually and in support of their House. Thank you to all those parents who were able to join us to support the children and the College. Johnnie Kittermaster - Head of Primary


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did set the tone for the rest of the days event. The first track events were undoubtedly the hardest, the primary 800m and the secondary 1500m. Without a proper track to practice on at MCE, the students found the going incredibly hard as although they had practiced at school, the reality of running on a track set in and it was much harder! At the completion of these events, the primary students completed their track program whilst the secondary were on field events With some great performances, both on the track and field, the scores halfway through saw Foster with a narrow lead. As the primary and secondary swopped over, the determination to win the first annual sports day was huge and this was reflected in the outstanding performances from all. However, only one House could be crowned the first ever MCE Sports Day Champions and this honour went to Foster House. I would like to thank all staff for their fantastic help and support in organising the day. Special thanks goes to my fantastic MCE PE team (Heba, Yasmine, Mahmoud, Ahmed and George) for all their help and support, not just on the day, but in the build up to all 3 sports days! Iain Driscoll - Director of Sport

Primary & Secondary

On Thursday 11th of May, the main Year 3 to Year 9 sports day took place at the Maadi Olympic stadium. Students were bussed from MCE to the stadium and the excitement on the bus was palpable. The students were not let down as when they arrived they were greeted by a great view of what was to come. The first event was the Tug of War which was overseen by a World Champion Tugger, Mr Birch. This highly competitive event really

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Co-Curricular Activities

Malvern College Egypt recognises the importance of educating and supporting the whole child and recognises the needs for physical health, extra academic challenge and engagement. The CoCurricular activities programme has been available for students from Nursery through to Year 9 and has given students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of different activities. Through the CCA programme students have learnt the value of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, discipline, diversity, and a sense of culture and community. Activities have included learning a new language, playing an instrument, designing a website or taking an art class. Many students have chosen to participate in physical activities such as Football, Ballet, Judo, Netball, Touch Rugby or swimming. All of the activities have provided students with an opportunity to make some decisions, feel proud of themselves as they learn new things, experience challenge and make new friends outside of the classroom. Malvern College Egypt would like to thank all the companies and individuals we have worked with this year: the MCE teachers and Staff, JW Marriott, Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Ippon Judo Academy, The Art CafĂŠ, Cairo Language School, RoBone, Andromeda-Labs, Dessy (Body Pump, Body Balance and Body Attack), Madoka (Yoga) and Susana (Spanish). Sally Madden Head of Co-Curricular Activities


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Ballet Show

Cinderella Ballet Show - Tuesday 13th June 2017 In June, 12 students from Year 1, 3 and 6 performed in the ballet Cinderella with professional dancers from the Cairo Opera Ballet Company. Reception and Years 1 to 3 all came together to watch the spectacular performance together with teachers, parents, relatives and friends of Malvern. The brightly coloured costumes looked stunning against the black backdrop and students put on an impressive ballet show. It was fantastic to see the students all come together after two terms of rehearsals as part of the CoCurricular activities programme. Ballet is a form of dancing which may tell a story, express a mood, or just reflect a piece of music. It is not


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as easy as it looks and you will be surprised to know that it takes both physical and mental strength to be a ballerina. Students need to learn to be flexible and carefully follow instructions. They need to have the ability to learn quickly, listen carefully, concentrate and work well in a team. It is clear from watching the show that these twelve students had developed some of these skills and they should all be very proud of themselves for their achievements.

Sally Madden Head of Co-Curricular Activities

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Highly Commended Students, Leavers & Prize Giving Ceremony Our Highly Commended students received their certificates in a special assembly. We also found out the Artists of the Term and had a chance to say thank you to our parent reps. We also, sadly, said goodbye to all our students and staff who are leaving us. MCE’s Prize giving Assembly where we honour those students who have made outstanding academic and holistic achievement was received very well by staff and pupils. The Headmaster proudly shared his thoughts: “It is only after reading student reports, looking at the Malvern View, browsing through the Yearbook, talking with parents and walking around the College campus that you realise just how much we have achieved as a community at Malvern College Egypt in our inaugural year. This just doesn’t just happen. It is down to the drive of all the staff, the support of the parent body and the desire and commitment of our students. I thank all of you for your support and encouragement over the last year and I look forward to your continued support as we push our academic standards and holistic opportunities even higher and continue to celebrate the success of our students.” Johnnie Kittermaster - Head of Primary


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Early Years

The Early Years and Year 1 Prize Giving was an opportunity to celebrate the success of our youngest children. Certificates were awarded for: In Pre-Nursery *Circle time super star *Caring and sharing *Jolly good friend *Ray of sunshine *Helping hands *Lovely listener. In Nursery *Listening to your teachers *Sharing with your friends *Being kind to your friends *Being helpful to your teachers and friends *Playing with gentle hands In Reception *An active and enthusiastic learner *A creative and critical thinker *For being independent *For having good manners *For being a kind friend In Year One * For being a good friend * For being a creative thinker * For being a problem solver * For being an independent learner * For being a team player Each child was proud to receive their certificate and the staff were delighted to be able to celebrate the end of our first extremely successful year within Early Years and Year 1 at Malvern College Egypt. Sally Dibb-Holland - Head of Early Years

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Malvern College UK Summer Camp Three boys, Matthew, Bishoy and Karim made Malvern College Egypt history when they became the first, of we hope many, to visit Malvern College UK. Joining a summer camp of other students from Malvern College Qingdao and Chengdu the boys were under the stewardship of Paul Wickes, a Malvern College housemaster and politics teacher, as well as a team of seasoned activity assistants. The nervousness of meeting so many new people in a new country was quickly replaced by excitement and anticipation of the weeks to come. The course offered two major opportunities for the students. The first was intensive English lessons taught by native speakers that, through the course theme of Harry Potter, made the learning both accessible and fun. The second was to put the language learnt into practice by regular activities and excursions. The result was that students were totally immersed by not just the English language but by British culture and tradition. There can be no more effective way of learning a language and the students quickly saw a rapid increase in their English language ability. As well as a skill that will enhance their long term educational prospects the improvement in English language will have a direct impact on their work at Malvern College Egypt by allowing them to express themselves more effectively and fluently. 44

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For the first week and a half the activities and trips were centred around Malvern and the county of Worcestershire. Naturally first off was to scale the famous Malvern Hills; inspiration for William Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’ the unofficial anthem of England as well as the source of the Malvern water that the Queen herself drinks although sadly we did not see her! Later on in the day a traditional afternoon tea was enjoyed which included scones, cream first and then jam, alongside English tea. Later on in the week visits included the home of Shakespeare, Stratford upon-Avon, and the traditional English towns of the Cotswolds. Not only were students treated to extensive travel and opportunities but it was accompanied not with England’s infamous rain but with pleasant sunshine. The students even received an impromptu visit during this time from Mr Bailey and Mr Porter, our gap year student, who both live locally. They enjoyed immensely seeing the students and seeing how they were getting on. It was however the last week that brought the most excitement. Early in the morning the students boarded a bus to the Lake District, a UNESCO world heritage site. The journey included both a ferry ride and a short stint on a traditional English steam train. While next to the iconic Lake Windermere we managed to get a bit of shopping in and see the Beatrix Potter museum.

Nonetheless there was no respite and we were soon on a train hurtling up the North-West Coast towards the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. For the next two days we stayed at Edinburgh University and were treated to a walk up Arthur’s Seat, a tour around the city, a traditional Scottish evening complete with haggis and bagpipes and finally the opportunity to enjoy Scotland’s shopping. We returned on a flight to Birmingham utterly exhausted at such a whirlwind tour but nonetheless delighted at such a fun time. Not content with a visit just to one capital city the Malvern staff had organised a trip to another, the capital of the UK London. Staying at University accommodation we toured London including Buckingham Palace and Westminster, home of the British Parliament and British government. Perhaps less traditional was the opportunity to sample some Chinese food, such as a hotpot and dumplings, with the Chinese students however it was certainly enjoyed and appreciated by our students. Our trip culminated in a visit to the Warner Brothers Studios home of Harry Potter where we saw the famous characters, learned about how it was filmed and even got to ride our very own broomstick! Sadly, all good things must come to an end and the next day we were taken to London Heathrow, said our goodbyes to the Malvern staff and boarded our flight back to Cairo.

The staff and activity assistants of Malvern College remarked on the friendliness, politeness and charm of the Egyptian students. They formed strong friendships with students from around the world and stood out as leaders who were quick to represent the Malvern qualities. At all times our students acted as excellent ambassadors of Malvern College Egypt and led their fellow students from the front. We are extremely proud of their achievements and could think of no better way to begin an enduring partnership of exchanges between Malvern College Egypt and Malvern College. Robert Porter - Gap Co-Teacher

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MCE Sports Teams

The U16 Boys football team made fantastic progress last year. Under the guidance of Mr Birch, the team gelled and played some fantastic football. We look forward to seeing them continue to make progress again this year.

Girls U11 football was a big hit with the students last year. With enough players for two teams, Mr Birch constantly had selection issues as all were so keen to participate. The girls not only made fantastic progress but enjoyed themselves whilst doing so.

The U11 boys football team had a great season. Coached by Mr Bailey and Mr Birch, the boys honed their skills and demonstrated many of the Malvern Qualities. Although not always successful in terms of results, the boys never gave up and I am sure they will be rewarded this year as they continue to progress.

With the U16 girls, a coach could not ask for a more dedicated and willing team. Their team spirit and commitment to learning new skills and tactics ensured that the girls improved week on week. With two additional morning training sessions this year, they will continue to go from strength to strength .

As the first competitive team at MCE, Elite Swim Team has paved the way for sport at the College. Making great strides in the pool at every meet, we very quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Mr Diab and Mr Driscoll continue to work with the team, ably assisted by Mr Salah, Mr Dahy and Mr Nasr . Iain Driscoll - Director of Sport


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