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The Mini Malty Your 3-show pass to Season 2014

The Rule of Three There is an ancient Latin saying: omne trium perfectum – everything that comes in threes is perfect. That’s why we think you will love the Mini Malty. It’s the ideal bundle of three shows of your choice with three perfect benefits: 1) Extra pocket money

The Mini Malty will save you around $30* on tickets to spend on dinner and drinks before the show, so you can make a night out at the theatre the perfect catch up with friends. 2) Plan the year ahead

You’ve got your tickets. You’ve marked your calendar. All you have to do now is show up. And if plans change and you can’t make it, you can exchange your tickets for another night #. 3) Best seats in the house

Nab the best seats before everyone else catches on. * Based on individual full price, in season tickets # Conditions apply - see

Your Choice The Rule of Three can be seen in the form of the perfect meal: entrĂŠe, main, dessert. When choosing your three shows, go Ă la carte, or let us recommend a set menu.

The Big Ticket Items

Season 2014’s spectaculars, tackling the big themes and cracking the big jokes. 1. The Government Inspector 2. The Good Person of Szechuan 3. Calpurnia Descending

That’s a Bit Dramatic Three Engine Room-developed plays that will take you on an unforgettable journey. 1. Night on Bald Mountain 2. The Good Person of Szechuan 3. Walking into the Bigness

Page to Stage These literary adaptations see words leaping from the bookshelf into the spotlight. 1. Frankenstein 2. The Witches 3. The Riders

Strike Up the Band From opera to show tunes, music is another character on stage in these three productions. 1. Walking into the Bigness 2. The Riders 3. Calpurnia Descending

First Hand Accounts Tales of love, hate, life and death drawn from real life experience. 1. Ugly Mugs 2. The Book of Loco 3. Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday

Simon Stone’s mischievous misreading of Gogol’s classic

The Government Inspector The Government Inspector / was never meant to happen. Just weeks from opening night, an ensemble of actors is presented with the script for a play they were never supposed to perform. To save the day, a star director is shipped in from St Petersburg. But is he really who he seems? In the hands of a stellar cast and the ever-inventive Simon Stone, this laugh-out-loud comedy of errors / proves you can fake it ’til you make it. By / Simon Stone after Nikolai Gogol Direction / Simon Stone Cast / Fayssal Bazzi, Mitchell Butel, Gareth Davies, Robert Menzies, Zahra Newman, Eryn-Jean Norvill, Greg Stone

28 February – 23 March Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


A co-production with Belvoir. Proudly supported by Art Series Hotels.

A (wo)man is compelled to create life regardless of the cost

Frankenstein Frankenstein / as adapted by THE RABBLE, situates Mary Shelley’s masterpiece in a matriarchal dystopia that worships female fertility. The tormented genius Viktor Frankenstein is consumed by his/her inability to create life. Driven to terrifying lengths, Viktor subverts the laws of nature and gives birth to a motherless monstrosity. The outcome / reveals nothing is so painful as great and sudden change. By / THE RABBLE Created by / Kate Davis & Emma Valente Direction / Emma Valente Cast / Emily Milledge, Dana Miltins, Jane Montgomery Griffiths, David Paterson, Mary Helen Sassman

21 March – 5 April Beckett Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


Proudly supported by The Danielle and Daniel Besen Foundation.

A true classic of the Australian repertoire

NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN Night on Bald Mountain / has been called Patrick White’s attempt at the first Australian tragedy. A new nurse has arrived at the isolated Bald Mountain. Fresh blood, she is quickly swept up in the machinations of a cast of oddities each haunted by their past lives and festering addictions. The flaws of human nature soon emerge as forces beyond all control, and the gothic mountains loom large demanding sacrifice. As the characters struggle against their insatiable desires, each tragically / confronts the corrosion of one’s better self. By / Patrick White Direction / Matthew Lutton Cast / Peter Carroll, Ida Duelund Hansen, Julie Forsyth, Sue Jones, Melita Jurisic, Luke Mullins, Nikki Shiels

5 May – 25 May Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


A confronting tale from our own backyard

UGLY MUGS Ugly Mugs / are the faces that modern life finds more convenient to ignore than confront; the violent clients of a culture concealed. Inspired by her work supporting Melbourne sex workers, Peta Brady writes and stars in this discordant experience laced with pitch-black wit. Ugly Mugs weaves a complex drama about the disturbing realities of life on the streets, exposing the dark truths that / lurk around every corner. By / Peta Brady Direction / Marion Potts Cast / Peta Brady, Toby Wallace, Sara West

16 May – 7 June Beckett Theatre A co-production with Griffin Theatre Company. TRADITIONAL LIGHT


Proudly supported by Malcolm Robertson Foundation.

Something for the foul-smelling mice you call your children

THE WITCHES The Witches / re-imagines Roald Dahl’s classic as a family-friendly one-man performance. Guy Edmonds conjures a cast of gnarled old women, squeaky children and everything in between for an experience as ghastly as it is gleeful. Bring the kids and join an orphaned boy as he outsmarts a world of witches to / discover magic is real and wickedly fun. By / Roald Dahl Based on the stage play by / David Wood Direction / Lucas Jervies Cast / Guy Edmonds

19 June – 5 July Beckett Theatre Suitable for ages 6 to 106



A Griffin Theatre Company production. LIGHT


Brecht’s parable on morality and materialism

The Good Person of Szechuan The Good Person of Szechuan / is a prostitute – poor but generous. Impressed by her righteousness, the gods reward her. From then, Shen Tei has something to lose. Directed by international avant-garde theatre-maker Meng Jinghui, Bertolt Brecht’s realist parable is rich in moral complexity. Ultimately, the audience must decide whether Shen Tei’s behaviour is justified or if it / crosses the line. By / Bertolt Brecht New translation by / Tom Wright Direction / Meng Jinghui Cast / Daniel Frederiksen, Genevieve Giuffre, Bert LaBonté, Genevieve Morris, Josh Price

27 June – 20 July Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


Proudly supported by Maureen and Tony Wheeler, Playking Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund.

A play about losing the plot

The BOOK OF LOCO The Book of Loco / is a hilarious and destabilising theatrical experience. Alirio Zavarce writes and stars in a semiautobiographical demonstration of his ‘Theory of Rational Madness’. With the audience’s willing participation, he gives credence to the paradox that sometimes you have to be mad to stay sane. The Book of Loco bravely / re-enacts one man’s duel with his own sanity. By / Alirio Zavarce Direction / Sasha Zahra Cast / Alirio Zavarce

17 July – 2 August Beckett Theatre



Proudly supported by Avant Card. LIGHT


A theatrical autobiography of the life of Richard Frankland

WALKING INTO THE BIGNESS Walking into the Bigness / tallies the experiences and losses that amount to a man. From a 12-year-old abattoir worker, to an investigator for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, these are Richard Frankland’s yarns exactly as he spins them – unvarnished and rich in blackfella humour. Under the direction of Wayne Blair (The Sapphires, Redfern Now), this intimate work traverses life’s undulating terrain / on a hunt for meaning. Story by / Richard Frankland & Wayne Blair Written by / Richard Frankland Direction / Wayne Blair Cast / Paul Ashcroft, Luisa Hastings Edge, Rarriwuy Hick Musician / Richard Frankland

1 August – 23 August Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


Proudly supported by Malthouse Theatre’s Future Fund.

A contemporary opera drawn from Tim Winton’s novel

The RIDERS The Riders / is a new Australian opera. Scully’s wife, the mother of his child, has disappeared. Her absence looms large as those left behind look for answers. Stirring and strange, Winton’s prose is translated into a modern amalgam of theatre and music that questions why we so often / give chase to elusive hopes and transient identities. By / Iain Grandage & Alison Croggon Based on the novel by / Tim Winton Conducted by / Richard Mills Direction / Marion Potts Cast / Jessica Aszodi, Jerzy Kozlowski, David Rogers-Smith, Barry Ryan, Dimity Shepherd

23 September – 4 October Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL


A co-production with Victorian Opera. LIGHT


A documentary performance about being young and growing older

Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday / is the creative culmination of extensive research by Malthouse Theatre 2013 Female Director in Residence, Roslyn Oades. It’s a documentary performance scripted from real-life conversations with people approaching their 18th or 80th birthdays. Relive their fears, aspirations and memories in a work that / celebrates the effects of time on life. By / Roslyn Oades & collaborators Direction / Roslyn Oades Cast / Matthew Connell, Jim Daly, Diana Perini

9 October – 26 October Beckett Theatre



A co-production with Melbourne Festival. LIGHT


It’s the role of a lifetime, but the chalice soon proves poisoned

Calpurnia Descending Calpurnia Descending / sends up the dangers of fame with the tale of Beverly Dumont – a reclusive Depression-era Broadway washout. Beverly limps towards obscurity until a naive ingénue appears offering a final shot at glory, and both women are drawn into a world of paranoia and sleaze. Rich in wit and piercing cultural critique, this fabulously entertaining work takes two of Australia’s finest male actresses and / ignites a backstage battle royale. By / Sisters Grimm Created by / Ash Flanders & Declan Greene Direction / Declan Greene Cast / Paul Capsis, Ash Flanders, Sandy Gore, Peter Paltos

12 November – 30 November Merlyn Theatre TRADITIONAL LIGHT


A co-production with Sydney Theatre Company.

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