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Your Wentworth Valley Community Newspaper May 2009

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Wickersley Community Plan moves forward Open day at Community Centre to launch further consultation The development and production of a Community Plan for Wickersley is set to swing into action thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Awards For All fund, and an agreement with Rural Action Yorkshire to provide support in preparing the plan. “We are finally in a position to move forward,” said Kevin Chalk from the Steering Group which has been working on the plan for some time. “It is now a question of collating the information we already have and involving as many people within the community as we can.” To that end an Open Day is planned at Wickersley Community Centre and Library on Saturday 13th June. An Italian-themed buffet is planned as well as entertainment provided by pupils of Wickersley School and Sports College. The Awards For All grant totals £5,932 and part of this will go to fund professional support in Data Base work from Rural Action Yorkshire. “The service level agreement we have entered into with Wickersley will enable us to help with all aspects of the Community Plan,” said Tina Chambers of Rural Action Yorkshire. The organisation was originally funded by central government to help promote community-led planning, and help with funding

applications. Now that funding has ended it helps in the production of the plans themselves. “We will attend local meetings, create an action plan and help to make the sure that delivery of the plan is done on a time-scale which ensures it is relevant and topical,” said Ms Chambers. “We will also help organise events to attract people from the Community, as well giving advice on data analysis. We have worked on many plans across Yorkshire, giving the benefit of our expertise and professional support.” The Steering Group, formed of local volunteers, has worked on getting a close engagement with representative cross-sections of those who live, play, learn or work in Wickersley in order to construct and reflect the views and aspirations of the whole community, irrespective of age or background. “Previously confirmed Objectives remain unchanged,” said Mr Chalk. “Local key concerns, interests and aspirations have emerged, been gathered and logged in some detail. Priorities have come together into various groupings over time.” • LEISURE AND RECREATION • TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT • LOCAL ENVIRONMENT • CRIME AND SAFETY

are the first four of the Top Priority groups “Now it is a matter of relatively valuing all the issues, in order to achieve best improvements through detailed prioritisation, ranking and, in due course, realistic engagement with prospective providers to gain effective partnerships for getting things done,” he added. “We plan to organise Action Sub-Groups to prepare reports on the four areas of interest.” Forward thinking, resourceful and interested people are still needed in order to ensure that the majority of Wickersley people’s interests are well represented and carried forward. In the past attempts to mobilise the Wickersley community has met with limited success, but the funding means that more can be spent on publicity and events. All residents are invited to join in. At present the group meet on the third Thursday evening of the month at 6.30 pm in the Wickersley Community Centre. Call 334745 or drop a note via the Wickersley Community Centre. Janice Curran, Community Plan Facilitator, can also be contacted for information. Telephone 334745 or e-mail Janice.Curran@rotherham.

Wickersley Cricket

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May 2009

Events Calendar

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Improve your holiday Spanish

Wickersley School & Soorts College, 19:00 - 21:00 for 10 weeks Full fee £55, Conc £50 Tel Gill: 01709 709208


Maltby Lynx Youth Group

Dance & Social Club

Maltby Lynx Youth Centre Thursdays,18:30-20:30, 14-25 yr olds Tel: 01709 336421

Edward Dunn Memorial Hall Every Friday 14:00-16:30, Tea Dance Everyone welcome

Bats in the Branches

Maltby Local History Society



Entrance to Wickersley Woods, Wood Lane, 20:30 Everyone welcome


Maltby Library Outside Wesley Centre, 18:30 Old Maltby Walk and visit to St. Bartholomews Church

Wickersley Operatics Society

Wickersley Community Centre Tues 18:30 - 21:30 Thurs 19:30-21:30 Open to all over 16yrs



Muglet Lane, 14:00

Sunnyside Community Centre, 19:30 - 20:15, Every Tuesday


Wickersley Community Centre Every other Tues, 13:00 - 15:00 Tel Margaret: 01709 543991


Don Quixote

Rotherham Civic Theatre 19:30 Thurs 21st - Sat 23rd, Call box office: 01709 823621


Sugarcraft Course

WEA Learning Centre, Ship hill, Rotherham, £27.50, Conc. £25 Free to people on selected means tested benefits For info call : 01709 838728


Tea, coffee & biscuits served

Folk and Acoustic Night

Braithwell & Mickelbring


The Three Tuns, Stainton 20:00 Folks, Blues, 60s, Anything acoustic Call John: 01709 813530

812158 & 363706

The Funeral Home, Coleridge Road, Maltby S66 7LT Pre Payment Funeral plans available.

01709 815959

Pre paid funeral plans available

24 hr service Dedicated to Dignity, Care & Respect


Edward Dunn Memorial Hall 19:00. All Welcome For info: 01709 812035

est 1891

17 Morrell Street Maltby S66 7LL


Parish Centre (next to METS) Morrell Street, Every Tues/Thurs 9:00 - 11:00, 1st session 50p Tel: 07817 405255

Edward Dunn Memorial Hall Every Friday 14:00-16:30 Everyone welcome

Serving Maltby and surounding areas for over 40 years. For a caring, professional service 24 hours a day

Maltby Independent Funeral Service


Maltby Environmental Group

Funeral Directors

Office & Chapel of Rest


The Wesley Centre, Blyth Road 19:00 for 19:30 start £3 Admissions pay on the door Everyone welcome

Maltby Town Council Surgery

Bartholomew & Sons

Jeremy Neal Funeral Director


Wickersley Writers Workshop

Wickersley Old Village CC Vs Tickhill CC Muglet Lane, 14:00

Film Society: The Other Boleyn Girl


Maltby Miners Welfare CC Vs Warmsworth CC



Church & Village Fair The Ruddle Centre & playing field, Braithwell 13:00 - 17:00


May 2009 3

Community News

Car Parking Concerns in Maltby The ongoing work on the new Leisure Centre in Maltby continues to produce parking problems in the vicinity of the site. In Maltby, finding a parking place close to one’s intended destination used to be a simple matter and local shops were, once, well supported by passing trade. High Street used to offer far more on-street spaces and any overflow was readily absorbed by the old Civic Centre, Sports’ Centre and Market car parks. Now real pressure is being placed on the viability of local shops as formerly loyal customers are forced to drive past them to find more convenient service elsewhere. Soon there may be no local shopping choice for people who have to walk or to use the bus. Building the new Leisure and Services Centre, on what were formerly mostly car parks, has caused mayhem. Vulnerable pedestrians seeking essential services are exposed to the hazard of inconsiderate onstreet and pavement parking and what regulation is in place is either inadequate or un-enforced. Last month’s very busy Maltby Forum meeting gave voice to deeply-felt local concerns. It passed a resolution asking that the secretariat write to RMBC’s Chief Executive. Maltby Town Council

has now added its full weight to the Forum’s efforts. The letter sent by the Forum asked that the proposed 157 parking spaces (which are planned to serve the fully operational Leisure and Services Centre) should be increased by 100. Below is the response the Forum has received from the Chief Executive. “Whilst the Services Centre is now in use, and generating significant parking demand, the Leisure Centre and associated on site parking facilities are still far from complete. In this respect, it was noted during a site inspection on Thursday 26th March 2009 that some 100 cars were parked on site with others parked in nearby streets. As you are aware, planning permission RB2006/1690 was approved on the basis of 157 parking spaces being available on site. The on street car parking situation will continue to be monitored from a road safety point of view. Indeed the Council is to provide a zebra crossing in Braithwell Road adjacent to the site and has an aspiration to introduce additional waiting restrictions in the vicinity once the position and layout of the crossing has been finalised. “With regard to the appropriate

Oh Danny’s Boys! The Three Tuns continued their domination of local pool bagging the Winter League to add to their triumph in last year’s Summer tournament. Back then skipper Danny Derkin laid down a challenge to other teams claiming his side were unbeatable and strong favourites for a double title triumph, although they had a slight hiccup losing

their opening game against the White Swan. “We left it until the last game against the Haynook just to keep the other teams interested. Our run in looked challenging on paper but don’t believe all you read in the paper.” said Danny after the latest triumph. “I guess it will just be more of the same when we begin again!”

92 High Street, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7BN

01709 817944

number of on site parking spaces, the Council, in common with other Local Authorities nationally, has a policy of maximum car parking at new developments with a view to controlling traffic generation thereby promoting sustainable travel and improving air quality, congestion and road safety. The maximum car parking appropriate to this development is considered to be of the order of 196 spaces. Any proposals to significantly increase this figure would be opposed by the Transportation Unit on sustainability grounds. Indeed, the site is in a highly sustainable

location and ideally located to benefit from non-car modes of travel. A Travel Plan is required under the terms of the planning permission although details have yet to be submitted.” Whilst largely offering “jam tomorrow”, this letter makes clear that the provision of an additional 40 spaces is realistic (although there remains a strong and wellsupported case to do better). Of concern, though, is the current lack of the promised Travel Plan. If this were to prove viable, it would free up parking spaces for patients and customers by encouraging Services

Centre staff to car-share, to use public transport or to walk or cycle to work. Maltby has already suffered too much recent disruption of access to essential services and, with the Leisure Centre now not scheduled to be completed until March 2010, the town faces almost another year of the same. The Forum has now followed up the above response with the Transportation Unit. A member of staff has promised to investigate by whom, and how soon, the long overdue Travel Plan can be put into place. It might help a bit but don’t hold your breath!


May 2009

Community News

Save our school campaign holds its first meeting A Wickersley councillor has urged those residents who are against Maltby Community School becoming an Academy to write to the Secretary of State about the ‘woeful’ consultation process. A public debate about the Academy status, headed by a panel, was held in a packed and rowdy Wesley Centre and Peter Thirlwell told those in attendance to complain over how poorly the community was consulted. Cllr Thirlwell spoke of how badly consultations had been advertised, that leaflets about the Academy were sent out five days after the

objection date and that dates of the consultations didn’t feature on the Rotherham Borough Council website. Rotherham MBC’s decision to make the school an Academy was unsuccessfully “called in” by Cllr Thirlwell. He said, “The consultation was woeful and completely flawed, it should have been community based. It’s the council’s Achilles heel, it wasn’t carried out properly.” The proposed Academy will be sponsored by Rotherhambased media education company U-explore, Rotherham Council,

and will have Sheffield Hallam University as its education partner. A spokesman for Hallam University said “Sheffield Hallam University is working with sponsors Rotherham Children’s Services and the Rotherham Educational Firm U-Explore to support the establishment of a Learning Community in Maltby which will incorporate Maltby Academy. The University is in discussion with the school and the sponsors to extend and develop wider professional development for all staff who will be employed in the Learning community to support the learning

and development of children and young people. The University will also extend its existing partnership with the schools in Maltby for the training of new entrants to the workforce.” Another member of the panel parent Jill Adams used government research carried out by Pricewaterhousecoopers on academy schools which revealed that 12% of lessons are taught by unqualified teachers and that academies were introducing more vocational courses and replacing GCSE exams with B-techs. She said, “This is unbelievably stupid. Letting a private company control the curriculum beggars belief. It’s like a surreal comedy on BBC 2 with democracy going out of the window.” Worries over governor accountability and class sizes increasing were also raised. Headteacher Dave Sutton has backed the school’s Academy status and a Maltby governor at the debate backed the Head, saying “The Academy is not for profit. Only the kids will profit. There have been consultation problems. But it’s a good idea and Dave Sutton is totally sold on it.” An e-mail sent from a supporter of the Academy status was read out at the start of the debate and he wanted those who were against to produce figures of how many staff wanted to leave and base their opinions on fact and not hearsay. In the past three years the school has flown up the exam league tables and nearly doubled the amount of students getting 5 A-C GCSE results. The achievement was recognised in 2008 when the school received an award for the most improved GCSE results in the region this combined with a glowing report from OFSTED. Panel member and science teacher Malcolm Astell said,

“Six years ago when I first started if the Academy had been offered we would have taken their hand off. Since then we’ve improved and will be the only improving school in the country to be turned into an Academy.” Amidst rumours of teachers walking out over the Academy Mr Astell suggested an anonymous survey of staff to find out how many opposed the idea. Many residents and parents held aloft ‘No Academy’ signs and highlighted worries over the Academy to the panel. One concerned party included a group of pupils from the school who wanted to know why they didn’t have a say when they go to the school. Ted Millward who chaired the meeting said he now had 450 signatures in a petition against the Academy and many of those who signed it admitted they had not heard about the school becoming an Academy before he raised it. At the climax of the meeting Cllr Thirlwell reiterated his intentions he said, “You need to get a petition to re-consult. The decision should not stand. This is the only avenue now. Once it becomes an Academy the school will be lost forever.” But Graham Sinclair, who is directing the project for the council, said the Academy would bring the best quality learning to Maltby. “We understand that people have concerns regarding changes and we have been working hard to give information to parents, staff, governors and pupils at schools across Maltby about what these changes mean, as well as the general public in Maltby,” he said. “Now we will be working closely with all those directly involved and those who have been part of the consultation process to make sure the Academy gets off to the right start.” There are plans for further debates on the matter, the first taking place at the time of going to press, and there are petition forms in the Wesley Centre if you wish to sign against the Academy. by Chris Gayton 5

May 2009

Community News

Hargreaves fund pays out The Hargreaves Community Fund presented another round of cheques to local groups last month. Big beneficiaries were Lillyhall Junior School whose Girls football team celebrated their achievement of reaching Wembley with a £1,000 cheque to go towards a new kit and equipment. The school also received a cheque for £1,470 from Maltby Town Council to cover the cost of hiring coaches to ferry the team and their many supporters to the famous ground.

Maltby Luncheon Club also collected £1,000 to go towards outings and social events. Meanwhile Friends of Maltby Parks were given £250 to organise the Easter Egg hunt which proved an enormous success. Finally Crags Infants School received £500 for a sound system and disco equipment. The Fund still has money available for this year. Interested parties should contact the Fund as soon as possible for application forms.

The whole three yards The long-running saga of a smoking shelter at a Maltby Club has ended in farce. Last May Brooklands Club on Rotherham Road had a retrospective appeal to the Rotherham MBC planning committee rejected. The original order to demolish the shelter was the result of a single complaint from a neighbour over noise levels. After a lengthy and expensive appeal it has now been decided the shelter will be rotated 90 degrees and moved three yards!

above: Ann Thorpe centre collects £1,000 on behalf of Maltby Luncheon Club

Cllr John Turner who holds his surgeries at the club and had to step down from the planning committee because of that interest, described the club as “Very well run and conscious of its responsibilities to neighbours.” No figures are available from either party indicating how much the debacle has cost but is sure to run into thousands of pounds. Club members describe the saga as “ridiculous” “a waste of time” and a “waste of money...ours and theirs”. It appears to be a no-win situation all round as it is unlikely the work will reduce noise levels significantly Our picture shows the shelter in its new position with the patch of earth left indicating where it originally stood.


May 2009

Community News

Another successful evening for Carol Ann! Carol Ann’s fashion show for the summer season 2009 took place at the Consort Suite, Thurcroft with an audience of over 300 women on behalf of a great cause, the Rotherham Hospice. The evening was fun and friendly, with a taster of the variety of stylish clothes available at Carol Ann’s clothes shop in Wickersley. Designers featured by the models included Faust, Satsuma, Imagine, J’Adore, Sagaie and Absolut Jeans. The show highlighted what the predominant colours for the summer season are, turquoise and white and navy and white. As host, Carol Ann organised the evening superbly, arranging outfit changes swiftly and making the models catwalk run long enough for the audience to view each outfit, as well as providing a constant commentary which kept the audience laughing throughout. This fashion show had an extra treat with a surprise appearance from Carol Ann’s son, Daniel Claxton who performed a few cover songs in his tribute act. He is undoubtedly a talented performer, who we’ll hear more from in the future. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. What more can a women ask for, an evening of socialising with friends, a few drinks, looking at and talking about clothes and lots of laughs.

May 2009 7

Community News


May 2009

Comments & Letters

Editorial It is great news that the Wickersley Community Plan is all set to move forward thanks to Lottery Funding via Awards for All and the service agreement with Rural Action Yorkshire. To date a small Steering Group has been doing all the hard work, but now it is time for other members of the community to step forward and involve themselves in one of the most important local plans for years. The Government has made it clear that it is keen on the local generation of planning, on the basis that local people know best what is needed in their community. Opposition parties are broadly in agreement and so a potential change of government should not change things. As all residents of Wentworth Valley know, however, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council are not always so keen on this up-flow of information, but for now let us not worry too much about that. The Steering Group have identified four key strands to the plan. These are Leisure and Recreation, Traffic and Transport, Local Environment, and Crime and Safety. Some will hold a higher priority for individuals than others, but that is where your input is needed. Next month sees an opportunity to get involved with the Open Day planned at Wickersley Community Centre. Let’s make it a day to remember and show that Wickersley is keen to have a local community voice.

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This week, as always, we have watched and read of reports of unpleasant events and incidents – economic crises, government morality, crime and also natural disasters. Many of us go through a range of emotions ranging from shock and horror to disgust and despair. Yet amidst these situations, I would like to tell readers of a small incident that occurred yesterday. I hope you do not find it too sentimental as it is, just facts. In my neighbourhood (as many others) we have been experiencing a particularly bad spate of inappropriate behaviour by youths and younger children. We are “lucky” that we are surrounded by fields and countryside, where people are able to walk their dogs. As I was doing this yesterday, I realised that I had lost a fob from my keyring – not valuable but a personal momento. I began looking back along the way I’d walked, not expecting to find it in the long grass and mud. A group of young people shouted across to me “What you lost?” I shouted back and they came over to me and started to help me search. After a few minutes, I said that it didn’t matter, we weren’t going to find it.. One lad said “It’s ok – we aren’t doing anything anyway”, so I said (half jokingly) that if they had nothing much to do, why not pick up a few of the plastic bottles lying around and get the blue bags that have been caught in the trees? This idea amused them at first, then one asked his friends. “Shall we? They ran off, bending to pick up the bottles that either they or their mates had discarded the night before. Serendipity - the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. Perhaps today I will again be incensed by the destructive fires that these youths set, the pointless litter throwing and bottle smashing. But yesterday, for a while, I saw the better side of their nature. And it doesn’t half gladden the heart.

Brenda Abou El Ola Little London Maltby


I attended the first meeting of the group “Save Maltby’s Education”. We were addressed by the panel for the first hour and were told that we would then debate and only one question per person would be accepted. The meeting was a sham with incorrect information being given to the audience. When people tried to give correct facts and positive comments, about an Academy School, rather than negative points they were abruptly and rudely told to “shut up” by the chairperson. The words “stupid”, “ridiculous”, “nutters” and “a load of crap” were used to describe the professional people involved with the Maltby Community School, the Academy proposal and RMBC. I believe that this was an unacceptable use of language chosen by the panel and in that particular situation they should have opted for a politer and well mannered approach other than disrespecting and belittling other human beings. I thought we lived in a democracy rather than individuals bullying other members of our society into believing their personal opinion.

All in all I believe the meeting has only angered people and emphasised how we must not let these individuals hold back the progress and opportunities for our young people of Maltby and our community.

A Jenkins by e-mail Sir

I attended the meeting organised by ‘Save Education in Maltby’ on Tuesday night at the Wesley Centre. As a parent of a child who will be going to the comprehensive school in two years time I was thankful that someone has taken the time to try and present the truth about academies. I was deeply suspicious when the leaflet from RMBC came out about the academies only 10 days before the end of the consultation. I now realise that this is common practise when academies have been set up else where in the country. The platform was excellent. We had a speaker from a school in Doncaster that is going to be made into an academy who pointed out that, like Maltby, his school has the local authority as a co sponsor but already the staff have been told they will lose 13 teaching staff from a total of 80, increasing class size from 22 to 27. He told us that GSCE courses were being abandoned and students were being made to take GNVQ/BTEC courses instead. One speaker told us how academies willfully ignore the funding agreements made by the local authorities and the sponsors and employ a large number of unqualified staff to deliver lessons. I am extremely alarmed by the new proposals and feel very angry that we have not had time for proper consultation with time to hear voices from both sides of the argument. The fact that the majority of people haven’t a clue what an academy means despite all the publicity from RMBC clearly indicates that the school and the local authority have been deliberately ‘economical with the truth’. It was an excellent meeting despite a few pro-academy individuals who tried to stop people’s voices being heard. This was the first public meeting that has been organised to present the case against academies and these few pro - academy individuals really exemplified how interested they are in democracyonly if it presents their point of view. The meeting was chaired well and very fairly. Most people were angry at these particular individuals but the chair ensured that they had a fair hearing and it was a shame that these people talked through most of the contributions from the floor.

Yours Mrs M Manewell Maltby Sir

The main point of the meeting at the Wesley Centre, Maltby, 28th April and the leaflets that have been given out, was to highlight the fact that only STATUTORY CONSULTATION has been been done on the Maltby Schools issues, rather than the FULL PUBLIC CONSULTATION which RMBC policy advocates for such issues. It was clear that there are numerous people who should have, but have not been consulted, very many of these parents. It was unanimous that those attending the meeting felt that the consultation was greatly flawed and inadequate. (Perhaps unanimous is not the correct word as only about 4 or 5 people did NOT put their hands up to the question

“who thinks the consultation was unsatisfactory?” and then the same 4 or 5 people did NOT put their hand up to the question “who thinks that the consultation was satisfactory”, obviously using their prerogative to disassociate themselves from an issue as and when they feel) An e-mail was read out from someone who had asked it to be read at the meeting, in support of an academy. It made the claim that anyone who does not agree with an academy for Maltby does not have the interests of our children’s education at heart. I have heard this view stated on at least 2 occasions over the past couple of months and am insulted and disgusted, as I am sure many others are, at this view. Unfortunately the e-mail was anonymous, so no one is able to take issue with the writer. Anonymous e-mails ? This is stooping very low to get one’s views across. There was suggestions that all concerned are balloted for their views and that a further consultation period is insisted upon. It was announced that the next step is for leaflets to be given out outside MCS at 5.30 – all supporters welcome. A petition will be available to sign on Saturday 2nd May outside Tesco and the new Co-op in Maltby, and that there will be a further meeting next Tuesday, 5th May, Wesley Centre, Blyth Rd, Maltby at 7pm.

Brenda Abou El Ola Maltby


School kids who have bought food i.e. chips then discard them on Maltby`s pavements, do nothing but show the people of Maltby their utter contempt for the town. So to teach them I think that every school day after lunch break a group of ten school kids should be made to sweep the pavements . I suggest from the Don Jon Pub all the way to the Queens traffic lights, both sides supervised by the councilman worker that normally is left to clear their mess up.

Mr Colin Ogilvie by e-mail


I would like to express my most grateful thanks through your columns to the Maltby District Nursing team, especially Sister Sharron Carrick, and Senior Staff Nurses Gail Buckley and Mary Hutton. I have had a serious leg condition, and have been in a bad way. The illness was very stubborn, and I had to receive intensive treatment during the cold winter months. I was practically based at home with the nurses. Mr Bushby of Weldricks Pharmacy must have developed writers cramp doing all the prescriptions, and my thanks go to him too. I would also like to give thanks to the Doctors at Blyth Road Medical Centre, Shelton, Avery and Contardi. To all the medical team I shall be eternally grateful, but in particular I would like to salute the District Nurses who are a credit to their profession. Maltby is lucky to have them! I would also like to say thank you to my daughters Ellen, Shelagh and Alison who have been so helpful, and of course my wife of 57 years Barbara.

Tom Rhead Maltby 9

May 2009

Community News

Wickersley artist opens show at Rotherham Library Katie Hardy and Richard Braham two local multi-media artists are exhibiting their unusual sculptures during May A Wickersley artist is celebrating a new exhibition at Rotherham Library. Katie Hardy is sharing the space with Richard Braham, both are multi-media artists. Katie’s work is a series of felt sculptures, mostly influenced by her relationship with materials and the use of needle felting techniques. “I made the ‘Monkeys’ using dyed merino wool. Originally trained as an illustrator I continue to bring images and narrative to my work. The characters of my current work are inspired by the creatures from the children’s storybook ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and form part of a larger jungle installation;” she explained. Katie, 24, has lived in Wickersley since childhood. “I did my A level art at Wickersley comprehensive and went on to study at RCAT in Rotherham town centre. After taking time out to develop my art I went on to study an MA at the Barnsley campus of Huddersfield university.” The ‘Interdisciplinary Art and Design’ course at Barnsley has had a massive influence encouraging interdisciplinary amongst its students, allowing freedom to work in their chosen medium and materials.

“The felt sculptures that I make are very unusual and grab peoples attention, I think that most people can appreciate them in some way. I make art that people can appreciate in different ways, for example; provoking people to make their own conclusions about the concept behind the work, some people might appreciate it in an aesthetical manner, or it might stimulate others to create their own art,” said Katie Richard meanwhile is a sculptor who creates both abstract and figurative work. This work demonstrates a childlike aesthetic and encourages intrigue, suggesting that each object requires individual investigation. “My large pieces are formed from corrugated card; compressed, carved then covered in wood shavings and glue and painted with acrylics. Other images recurring in my work are coated in textured materials and finished in flat colours,” said Richard. “ My main influences in my work are current world news and politics, animal anatomy and card sculpture. I have always used card since I was a child for its diversity and much of my work tests this medium’s malleability.” “Our current installation plays on the contrast between our chosen subject matter and differing working

methods. By rigidly confining our creations we investigate the interface between the natural and the mechanical. We are currently students on a M.A. course at the University Campus of Barnsley as part of Huddersfield University.” Their work will be on display at Rotherham Library until May 11. Admission is free.


Community News

May 2009

Tarmac get round the block problem Unique solution helps to double throughput at Maltby quarry Kalmar’s unique brick and block handling solution doubles throughput at Tarmac’s Topblock production plant in Maltby, Rotherham. Handling large quantities of blocks can not only be awkward, but also time consuming. Ever increasing pressure to become more productive without increasing production costs presents new hurdles for manufacturers to overcome. Leading concrete block manufacturer, Tarmac Topblock, has several manufacturing sites throughout the UK, one of which is at Maltby, Rotherham. The Maltby site opened in 1989, producing light to dense concrete blocks with a capacity of up to 120,000 blocks per day. The site already runs at a high efficiency rate thanks to raw materials being dug out of the earth from the onsite quarry, but Eddie Morton, Works Manager for Tarmac Topblock, needed a faster, more efficient method of transporting the blocks from the production line to the drying stacks, and from the drying stacks to the delivery vehicles. Simply supplying more trucks would have been a logistical nightmare, as the available space to collect blocks from the production line was already limited. Tarmac needed a solution that would allow the materials

handling to keep up with the production line running at full capacity. To this end, Kalmar set about developing a solution in collaboration with Fabcon Clamps of Ireland. The solution was to develop a clamp with enough strength and control to safely lift more than two packs of blocks at a time, in fact, a clamp and truck combination that could lift double! The result is a new 4-block clamp, the 5T1800D, fitted to a Kalmar DCE140-6 industrial lift truck. While this may sound simple, the benefits have had a profound effect on the production capability of the Maltby site. The new 14 tonnes truck has a 6 tonnes capacity with the clamp fitted and is able to take 4 block packs from the production line, consolidate the packs (using a sideshift cylinder built into the clamp) and stack the blocks for drying or loading onto delivery vehicles. This new concept enables twice the amount of blocks to be handled, ensuring the production line is always running at maximum speed. Mr Morton commented, “Previously we used 10-tonne capacity trucks, but with the larger 14-tonne trucks we have fewer health and safety issues thanks to a reduced number of truck cycles. Because the visibility is so good on this truck, another benefit is

that damage to product has been reduced and in general, the handling operation has been made easier. We also like the fact that we’re reducing our environmental impact by burning less fuel and using fewer tyres.” This reduction in fuel has been brought about through extensive research and development, developing new innovations that can be put into practice. One such innovation is the development of Kalmar’s optional Optidrive system. The standard CAN-bus electronic control system allows the truck’s operating parameters to be adjusted to suit the site characteristics. Optidrive takes this one step further and controls engine revs and gear changes

Journey through time to mark Chamber Centenary Charity ball celebrates landmark for Rotherham Chamber at President’s Ball A unique ‘journey through time’ will see local business people and their guests experience the sounds, sights and sensations of the past 100 years, at a charity ball celebrating the centenary of the Chamber of Commerce in Rotherham. The Rotherham Centenary President’s Ball (sponsored by Harworth Estates, the property division of UK Coal PLC) will take place at Magna on Saturday 16 May and guests will travel from the present day to a 1909-themed celebratory dinner from a special menu (sponsored by Jenkinson Insurance). The journey over the past 100 years will take guests through the following eras: 1909 through to Twenties (sponsored by Oxley & Coward, CTS Ltd & the Rotherham Advertiser) Thirties and Forties (sponsored by Rainforest) Fifties and Sixties (sponsored by B&B Press) Seventies and Eighties (sponsored

by Morthying) Nineties and Noughties (sponsored by Rotherham Transformers Group) There will be live music on the evening from Dave Brennan’s Jubilee Jazz band and the Keith Peters Big Band, while entertainment will be provided by the Gillian Banks Theatre School (sponsored by J P Glasby). Rob Hannon, Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce’s Rotherham President, said:“Reaching 100 years of the Chamber of Commerce in Rotherham is a huge milestone for both the Chamber and the town, therefore we are aiming to mark the centenary in fitting fashion. As always, a great deal of planning and effort is going into putting the President’s Ball together and making sure it surpasses the high standards set in previous years. “The ‘journey through time’ will vividly illustrate the massive industrial, social and cultural

changes which have occurred since 1909. During this time the Chamber has remained a constant source of support to businesses and the local community as a whole and, indeed, its role is as vital to Rotherham as ever. “We look forward to celebrating the Chamber’s achievements over the past centenary at Magna with our members and as many guests as possible.” The 2008 President’s Ball won the Corporate Event of the Year prize in the prestigious Yorkshire Business Insider Business Tourism Awards. Catering for over 500 people, the President’s Ball transformed Magna in order to play host to a trip ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, delighting all those who attended the charity event in May 2008. Tickets for the 2009 Centenary President’s Ball are priced at £60 plus VAT (£550 for a table of ten). To book a ticket, call 0844 414 5100 or book online at www.brchamber.

automatically at the optimum level, ensuring that just the right amount of power is delivered to the transmission or hydraulic functions depending on travel speed and lifting speed. This makes a huge contribution to fuel (and therefore cost) savings. ‘We’re very happy with Kalmar’s solution. The new trucks have proven to be a great success - we can handle twice as many blocks as before with much less travelling time! Pressure on the drivers to keep pace with the production line has also dropped and our running costs have significantly reduced as well,” Mr Morton said. KH

Chamber Link Up Enhances Training Offers Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce have linked up with their counterparts in Sheffield to provide a focused workforce development service for businesses across the region. The two Chamber organisations have announced a new collaborative partnership with the publication of a new training brochure for Spring/ Summer 2009, under the ‘Chamber of Commerce Training Courses’ identity. The new brochure includes courses ranging from personal development and leadership and management to internet marketing and international trade, as well as sector-specific courses such as food and retail, construction, engineering and manufacturing, finance and accounting and environmental. Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce director Mike Smith said: “We are delighted to be working with our colleagues in Sheffield to simplify and improve training services to companies and individuals across the region. “We understand the need to

offer employers an ease of access point for the various workforce development programmes across South Yorkshire. Investment in training is crucial and this partnership makes it easier and simpler for people to choose and book the training they need.” Sheffield Chamber’s director of business development Paul Reeves said: “This consortia approach to workforce development will ensure the continued high quality of the content and delivery of our workforce development output which is of paramount importance to both the Chambers and their customers.” Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce was established in 2007, by the merger of the formerly separate Chambers in both towns. Prior to the merger, Rotherham Chamber won the British Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Skills Award in 2006. For more information on the Chamber of Commerce Training Courses offer, call 0844 414 5100 or visit 11

May 2009

Community News

It’s The Saturdays on Friday! With just two months to go, WEEKEND@LAST has unveiled two of the must-see acts who will grace the stage at this year’s much anticipated outdoor concert, which promises to make the event a weekend to remember. Britain’s hottest new girl band The Saturdays will be joined by BRIT Award nominees Scouting For Girls, entertaining a 10,000 strong audience in the grounds of one of South Yorkshire’s most exclusive stately homes, Sandbeck Park, residence of the Earl and Countess of Scarbrough. It is now confirmed the weekend concert will take place on the original concert dates, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th July 2009. Tickets for the spectacular event went on sale from 10am on Wednesday 22nd April, log on to to guarantee your place and for all the latest event news. WEEKEND@LAST will see Scouting For Girls perform songs from their platinum, number one, self-titled album, including Heartbeat and She’s So Lovely. The Saturdays’ Sandbeck performance will be an all singing, all dancing spectacular of their pop hits including Just Can’t Get Enough, Up, Issues and their brand new single, Work. The bands are performing to help raise funds for Rotherham based charity and concert host SAFE@LAST, which works with and on behalf of young people at risk of running away. The concert will involve, inform and

crucially generate funds for the charity. Charity founder and festival director, Hilary Massarella comments: “We’re genuinely thrilled to have such an amazing line-up. We’ve spent months negotiating the best bands with Scouting For Girls and The Saturdays confirmed to perform on Friday 10th July. “Our bands are two of the best live acts in music today. With 10,000 fans joining them at a wonderful venue, this summer’s WEEKEND@LAST is set to give music lovers in Yorkshire something to shout about.” Confirmed for the Saturday night performance is Queen: A Rock and Symphonic Spectacular, featuring stars from the hit West End musical We Will Rock You and a 60 piece symphonic orchestra. The phenomenal act will blow the audience away with performances of some of Queen’s world famous hits including: I Want It All, Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions. For tickets log on to www. or alternatively call the dedicated box office on 01709 835 904 kindly run by one of the partners Rotherham Visitors Centre. Lines are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30am - 5.00pm and 9.30am -1.00pm on Thursday and Saturday, so ensure you have your dialling finger ready or your web browser refreshed.

Wheelbarrows to bikes Members of the Braithwell and Micklebring Wheelbarrow committee who organise the annual wheelbarrow races in Braithwell, are to cycle the 140 miles of the coast to coast route from Whitehaven to Newcastle. They are collecting sponsorship money for the Cancer support centre in Sheffield. “We are to ride this route in May and are to use Hostels as accommodation on route.

We have raised quite a sum on money so far for such a small group and have received great support from Fosters Cycles of Rotherham, who have and are providing much in the way of transport up to the lakes, cycle spares, servicing and repair etc. There are other businesses supporting our little adventure as well; Pawsons Transport and Michael Swinhoe Heating and Plumbing,” said Andrew Humphries.

Bowls Triumph Brian Roberts and Dave Floyd both won 21-8 for Wickersley in their 204-132 victory over Yorkshire Main in the Doncaster Bowls Association Premier Section Maltby took an early lead but

they had to cling on to record a 157-146 victory as Bill Sudworth (21-6), Bill Walton (21-9) and Tommy Jones (21-8) hit back for Denaby, but Maltby managed to close their ends.

May 2009


Community News

Rush for University places predicted this summer Students hoping to attend university in the Autumn are being warned to have some kind of fallback position. Fierce competition for university places this summer looks certain as a late surge in older applicants seeking to escape the recession is revealed in figures published today. “Snapshot” data from the University and College Admissions Service (Ucas) shows an extra 38,952 applicants for fulltime undergraduate degrees at English universities – a rise of 8.8% – at a time when the government has announced a cutback in the number of extra places it will fund. In January ministers restricted the number of extra students they can take on in the next academic year to 10,000 – representing a cut of 5,000 – which means at least 28,000 potential students could miss out on university places. Universities are expecting the number of late applicants to rise as the employment situation deteriorates and people seek qualifications to help them in the job market or sit out the credit crunch on campus. Among 21 to 24-year-olds, numbers rose 14.7%, and those aged 25 and over rose 15.8%. This is compared with a rise in students aged less than 20 applying to English universities of 7.3%, suggesting an increase of applicants who have been in employment. Vice-chancellors said they were encouraged by the unprecedented interest in higher education but warned of “fierce competition” for places. There are fears that universities will under-recruit rather than risk heavy financial penalties for overshooting their student quotas, as ministers have threatened. The most popular courses are law, psychology, medicine, design studies and nursing. There was also a rise in overseas applicants of 12% to 67,114 – most from Ireland (5,425, up 13.5%) and China (4,965, up 10.7%). Diana Warwick, chief executive of the umbrella group Universities UK, said: “We expect a challenging admissions period this summer due to the restriction on the number of undergraduate places that will be funded this year. This means that

competition for places will be particularly fierce for those courses in high demand.” Pam Tatlow, chief executive of the Million+ university group, said: “These figures are the tip of the iceberg and there will be more applications to come. “It would be unthinkable if thousands of students were unable to improve their chances of future employment by being deprived of the opportunity go to universities which have the capacity to teach them. “The government will have to fund more places unless it wants to add to the unemployment queue or resile on its promise to improve higher level skills.” Wes Streeting, president of the National Union of Students, said he was “very concerned” and called for an immediate review of student numbers for the coming year and more investment now to prevent costly long-term unemployment later. “Unless there is an urgent expansion of places, universities will be unable to meet this demand,” he said. Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, urged the government to reinstate funding for second chance students taking qualifications equal to or lower than the one they already hold that were cut by ministers in September 2007. The higher education minister, David Lammy, said the government would fund an additional 10,000 student places - 30,000 more than in 2007-08. “Higher education is one of the best pathways to a rewarding career and a good investment for the future and this government is committed to ensuring that people with the talent and potential to succeed have the opportunity to do so, a fact seen in the record numbers of people going to university,” he said. “It is excellent news that international students continue to apply to come to the UK in ever greater numbers, this is a real vote of confidence in our universities and testament to the high quality of provision available.” David Willetts said: “There are 9% more applicants this year, yet few additional places. “Ministers are paving the way for thousands of young people to be disappointed this summer, forcing them onto an appalling job market,” he concluded.

England and Germany share events at Wickersley

The cultural and sports exchange visit between students and staff of Wickersley School and Sports College and Wickersley’s twinned town of Oeringham, Germany took place over Easter and was the 35th occasion that the event has taken place. In all 43 German students (aged between 11 and 17 years) travelled to Wickersley accompanied by Elke Danner, whose parents helped establish the event 35 years ago. Each German visitor is paired with a student from Wickersley school and they are invited to spend the week with their families. Both German and English students enjoyed a full timetable of cultural visits and sporting activities all arranged by Victoria Robinson (Music teacher from Wickersley) and accompanied by teachers and ex-teachers from the school, including Nicola Jacobs, Dennis Keighley, Terry Callahan and Terri Plowman, who have all been instrumental in keeping this exchange event so successful over the years. Activities included skiing; swimming; climbing; visit to Magna; and a trip to Chatsworth. This was the chance for many of the students to renew their close ties to their friends who they have been linking with for many years, some of whom are now in the 6th form and have been involved in the exchange since year 7. For some students this was their first time on the exchange and they will hopefully continue the relationship with their German partner for many years to come. Next year it will be hosted in Germany and the students from Wickersley

are already looking forward to travelling over there. Although an interpreter,Volker Fau who is also a local councillor for Oeringham, travelled with the group, language between the students is never an issue and there were many tears when it came to saying good-bye.

May 2009 13

Community News


May 2009

Community News

“Life Course” at Edlington Fire Station

Redwood school Boys U-11 side narrowly missed emulating the girls from Lillyhall School with a Wembey appearance when they went out in the Northern Area finals held in Bury. The boys, played as Rotherham United FC in the “Football in the Community” competition. Redwood won through to the finals after becoming Rotherham Schools Champions in a thrilling final held at the Don Valley Stadium

Several students from Sir Thomas Wharton Community College attended a “Life Course”, at Edlington Fire Station, for students who are at risk of being excluded, bullied or bullying. The idea is to encourage a positive

which ended in penalties. They were unlucky not to get through to the final but came upon some great teams like Bradford City, Rochdale, Accrington Stanley and eventual winners Chesterfield Town. Pictured are the players Malcolm Baker, Charlie Trueman-Smith, Bobby Quinn, Sol Williams, Rudi Crabtree, Ashley Brook, Callum Snell and Martin Jones.

rather than negative view of life. Our students gained much from the course. Congratulations to Andrew Attenborough and Carl Utley for getting top marks. They were the fasted at all the excercises such as rolling out the hoses.

Craggs Fisheries has launched a new menu for its takeaway service and also stepped into the field of sports sponsorship with a strip for a local club. Owner Richard Clarkson said “We are looking forward to seeing customers old and new coming in to sample the new menu...great food at great prices!” 15

May 2009

Community News

Niaomi called up by Yorkshire again Fourteen-year-old Maltby cricketer Niaomi Twiss has been selected for the Yorkshire County Squad for the third consecutive season. Niaomi was originally selected as the first choice wicket-keeper for Yorkshire under 13’s in 2007. She enjoyed a successful season which culminated in playing in the National Championship semi-final match against Wales at Loughborough University. Last year she was selected for the County under 15’s team and played eight games in the Northern Group of the National Championships against Cheshire, Lancashire, Durham and Northumberland. Niaomi batted high up the order in several games contributing very effectively. This included opening the innings in the home fixture against Northumberland at Leeds where she scored 33. The county coaches also recognised her ability with ball and she ended the season opening the bowling against Durham. She finished the campaign as joint leading wicket taker with nine wickets. In addition at the end of the season, Niaomi was called in at the last minute to keep wicket for the Yorkshire under 17’s team in the National Championship SemiFinal against Somerset at Loughborough. Niaomi was also a key figure in the South Yorkshire under 15’s team in 2008 in the inter-district championships, which also involves West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. The opening game of the championship was against North Yorkshire at Brodsworth, which saw Niaomi in direct competition with some of her fellow county players. Friendships were put on hold for the afternoon and Niaomi notched her maiden half century when scoring 58 not out, which guided South Yorkshire to victory off the last ball of the game. Niaomi plays most of her club cricket for Maltby Miners Welfare Cricket Club. She played for the boys under 13’s, 15’s and 17’s teams during 2008 in the Sheffield and District Junior Cricket League. She actually won both the batting and bowling awards for the under 13’s team, which was a terrific effort. Her performances for the under 13’s included a five wicket demolition of Whiston Parish Church Cricket Club in just her four allotted overs. This 5 wicket haul included her first hat trick! Niaomi also turned out twice for the

Main Season ends with a whimper Despite the the call from a furious Steve Adams for the side to play for their places in the final game of the season, Maltby Main put in another lacklustre performance to go down at home to strugglers Lincoln Moorlands. The manager had accused his players of having their minds on their summer holidays after the defeat to Shirebrook Town, but the deckchairs were still in evidence in the season’s swansong at Muglet Lane. The result meant that the Miners failed to crack the top ten as the season fizzled out like a damp squid. It also meant finishing behind Parkgate whom Adams had targeted to give his side an incentive in the final games. The match completed a topsy-turvy season which saw some highlights, but too many disappointing results when the club seemed to be putting a run together. Effort could not be faulted generally, but inconsistency was the main problem. Despite some fine results against the topperforming sides, too often Main slipped up against lesser teams they should have taken points from. Since 2004 the Premiership has been a struggle, apart from 2006/7 which yielded a top ten finish. The problem of holding onto players that have been nurtured at Muglet Lane has been an issue, and this season there have been financial problems and poor crowds. Nonetheless the management and admin team are confident that financially things could be better next year, and key players persuaded to stay on. Before the final game of the season keeper Jamie Bailey was presented with the Player of the Year Paul Hinsey Memorial Trophy.

men’s Sunday team at Maltby in the Barnsley Cricket League. Perhaps her best performance, however, came on the last Saturday of the season when she was selected to play alongside her dad, Keith, for the men’s second team in the South Yorkshire Cricket League against Dearne Cricket Club. Niaomi surprised the guys from Dearne with the pace and accuracy of her bowling and collected her first wicket in the league by clean bowling the opening batsman. She only conceded seven runs in the five overs she bowled in the game. She receives great support and respect from all her fellow players at Maltby. Niaomi played her women’s cricket last year for both Anston Cricket Club and Treeton Cricket Club in the White Rose League. She notched several high scores for Anston including her career high score of 59, which ironically helped them win the

local derby game against Treeton. Playing for Treeton later in the season she destroyed the Harrogate based team of Pannal with a five wicket burst. In the final friendly game of the season, she collected her third half century of the campaign with an unbeaten score of 53. Niaomi has been training hard all winter in readiness for the new season and she has several ambitions for the 2009 campaign when she will play for Yorkshire, Maltby and Treeton. This includes a determination to force her way into the under 17’s Yorkshire Girls Squad and Maltby’s men’s second team. Niaomi’s medium term goal is to represent Yorkshire at senior level. Her long term ambition is one day to play alongside some of the current World Cup winners for her country. KH


May 2009


Wickersley get points on the board Wickersley Old Village finally got some points on the board when they overcame Whitley Hall at Northfield Lane in their Premiership game. Having won the toss Jonathan Trower’s decision to bat looked the wrong one after just a few overs. Jaco Castle and South African Donovan Koch tore into the top order reducing the home side to 25-4. James Bentley and Greg Norton then staged a recovery adding 92 for the fifth wicket before Bentley fell lbw to Ben Webster for 56. Norton, ably assisted by Liam Heathcote, took Wickersley towards respectability with 40 priceless runs, with Heathcote scoring 31. Even so a total of 195 for nine off the full 50

overs looked well within WHitley Hall’s range. They did not start well, however, Jonathan Davies removing skipper Alex Fletcher for a single. Koch then took charge dominating a second wicket stand of 48, before being fourth man out with the visitors reduced to 63 for four. Although Castle resisted with 39 Whitley Hall collapsed to 127 all out off just 39.1 overs, Jonathan Davies, Andy Harrison and Shahid Hussain taking three wickets each. A feature of the game was the staggering nine lbw dismissals which the umpires saw fit to give! In Wickersley Old Village’s second game they lost heavily to Treeton by

seven wickets. The Old Village posted a total of 216 in their innings, opener Jonathan Trower scoring over half the runs with a fantastic 111. The Old Village made early inroads into the Treeton top order and at one point they were rocking at 55-3 with Jonathan Davies taking out the two openers. However, Danny Kemp and Chris Cobb put on an undefeated 165 from 177 balls to see Treeton home. The result saw Wickersley rooted to the bottom of the table before the weekend’s climb to respectability. Pictured left Whitley Hall skipper Alex Fletcher perhaps a little too confident during Wickersley’s innings meanwhile right James Bentley gets his head down

Double Trouble Maltby brothers score first round knock-outs in Sheffield

SILKY SKILLS: Nathan turns on the style

It was double trouble when Maltby boxing brothers Andy and Nathan McCann starred on a fight night bill at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Sheffield recently. Both Nathan and Andy won their fights with first round knockouts. Elder brother Andy is the popular local prospect (formerly fighting as Andy Ward) whose career appears set to move forward. Looking as if he meant business from the first bell, Andy had his opponent on the back foot immediately. It was no surprise when he dropped him with a crushing body punch. Although his opponent struggled to his feet it did not take Andy long to finish him off with raw power. “I was up for a scrap, getting him into

the “phone booth” and keeping the pressure on,” said Andy. “Nathan and I have contrasting styles, he is a pretty classy boxer.” Younger brother Nathan, making his debut, showed those skills, albeit in another short fight. His power and accuracy of punches soon stopped his challenger who had no answer to the onslaught with anything that troubled Nathan. “I have been sparring with Andy before the fight, and he has taught me a lot. He is a great role model for me,” said Nathan. Both boys fight out of the Queen’s Gym in Maltby, where they also help to train aspiring young boxers. KH

RAW POWER: No escape from Andy

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