Winners: Award Winning Artists 2020-2022

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Winners | Award Winning Artists 2020-2022

An exhibition of award winning artists

Front cover: Halla Shafey PS, Gardens of Paradise 2 Inside front cover: Teresa Lawler RI, Distant City : The House on the Edge of the Sea

Winners Award Winning Artists 2020-2022 27 July to 6 August 2022, 10am to 5pm Late night opening until 8pm on 3 August Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1 An exhibition of award winning artists

Works are available to browse & buy at 020 7930 6844 | |

Introduction Welcome to the exhibition, Winners | Award Winning Artists 2020-2022. The idea behind the show is simple, yet we hope effective: to bring together new works by artists that won awards between May 2020 and May 2022 at the annual exhibitions of the art societies within the Federation of British Artists at Mall Galleries.

We are proud that throughout the pandemic, our art societies continued with their annual exhibitions, prizes and awards included, the winners of which we are pleased to spotlight in this special show. What follows in this catalogue is a foreword from Anthony and an image by each exhibiting artist, as a taster of the fuller exhibition.

Between them, the eight exhibiting art societies award over 100 prizes every year, making winners of many deserving artists. Of the 182 prize-winners who were invited to submit works for the present show, more than eighty per cent took up the opportunity. Hence selection was key in order to present ‘the best of the best’.

We hope you enjoy the show, here, on our website, or better yet, upon the gallery walls...

We are grateful to the exhibition’s selector, broadcaster and art critic Anthony J. Lester, for choosing which works to feature from our recently acclaimed artists. Anthony curated the Federation’s fiftieth anniversary exhibition in 2011 (‘Pure Gold’), and we are delighted to benefit from his curatorial eye again for a show which focuses on the last two years, a period which marked the sixtieth anniversary of the Federation, fifty years since the opening of Mall Galleries, and – of course – Covid-19.

The Societies of the Federation

Alistair Redgrift, Development Manager Mall Galleries / Federation of British Artists

Royal Society of British Artists Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Royal Institute of Oil Painters New English Art Club Royal Society of Portrait Painters Pastel Society Hesketh Hubbard Art Society Royal Society of Marine Artists Society of Wildlife Artists

Selector’s Foreword I first became an art ‘junkie’ when, as a schoolboy, I purchased at auction a brilliantly fluid but masterfully controlled watercolour by the Scottish painter William McTaggart (18351910). The cost: a mere five shillings (25p). Oh, happy days! Since those bygone years my taste in art has gone from conservative to what I like to think is eclectic, which in turn, I hope is reflected in this selection of works. For me, the overriding ingredient in any work of art is quality, with the occasional bit of waggishness thrown in! What I have learned when considering the merits of fine art is that there is neither old nor new, only good or bad. Call me a dinosaur if you like, but I find it difficult to understand the logic of some art. For example, in April at Sotheby’s Paris somebody paid £710,000 (plus buyer’s premium) for an invisible painting by the French artist, Yves Klein (1928-1962). What the purchaser acquired was just a receipt from the artist for one of his invisible paintings. Then of course, there is the infamous banana duct-taped to the wall, which sold for $120,000 (about £90,000) at a Miami art fair in 2019. Entitled The Comedian it was by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan (b. 1960) and, because the banana goes rotten and needs replacing, what the buyer received was, again, just a receipt.

Thankfully, those submitting work for Winners did not tender invisible art or bananas! Each artist put forward work of eminence and, although the task of selecting was daunting, it was also highly pleasurable. We all have diverse preferences so I tried to select a wide variety of styles and subjects. While there may be works which I intuitively feel a particular affinity, I do believe every work is vested with an equal measure of artistic merit. At a time when some within the art world assert that ‘anything can be art’, this exhibition is definitely reassuring. It was, I believe, the 17th century French master, Nicolas Poussin, who said that paintings should have no other aim than the delectation and joy of the eyes. I share this sentiment (the William McTaggart I bought all those years ago still gives me pleasure) and I hope you discover your own masterpiece among Winners. Anthony J. Lester Hon.RMS FRBA FRSA International Association of Art Critics

Exhibiting Artists Adebanji Alade VPROI Michael Alford Michelle Anderson Thomas Arthurton Tanya Avchinnikova Maximillion Baccanello Janine Baldwin PS Martyn Baldwin RBA James Bartholomew RSMA Merlin Bateman-Paris Angela Bell Frances Bell AROI RP Keith Bennett PS Varsha Bhatia RI Ann Blockley RI Gareth Brown RSMA Charlotte Bullock Alistair Butt RSMA Anna Calleja Will Calver Dea Campbell Lucy Cariou Kevin Clarkson Amanda Coleman ROI Richard P Cook RBA Richard Cross Saied Dai NEAC RP Roger Dellar PS RI ROI Phoebe Dickinson Shaun Duke Brin Edwards SWLA Mark Elsmore RI Kristian Evju Ruth Fitton Cherryl Fountain Jack Freeman Emily Gillbanks Margaret Glass PS Sarah Granville

Steven Allan Griffiths RI Jack Haslam Naila Hazell Paul Heredia Caitlin Heslop Lesley Hilling Curtis Holder Sung Lin Hon Benjamin Hope NEAC PS ROI RP RSMA Felicity House PS Hero Johnson Maria Kaleta Andrii Kateryniuk Sandra Kuck Suzon Lagarde Teresa Lawler RI Andy Lee Stephen Leho Jason Line NEAC Zi Ling RI Catherine MacDiarmid Mark McLaughlin Nicholas Middleton Paula Mitchell Srirangam Mohankumar J F Morgan RSMA Luis Morris ROI Liz Myhill Rika Newcombe Paul Newland NEAC Steven Outram RBA Samuel Owusu Achiaw Tim Patrick Richard Pikesley PPNEAC David Pilgrim ROI Rob Pointon ROI Nik Pollard SWLA Chris Polunin Adam Ralston AROI

Dave Roberts Fiona Roberts Zuzanna Salamon Halla Shafey PS Janine Shute Carolyn Simpson ARSMA Brian Smith RI Gregory Smith Hanie Soltani Sarah Spencer VPNEAC Ruth Stage NEAC Norma Stephenson PS Will Taylor RBA John Threlfall SWLA Sian Tillott Ollie Tuck Simon Turvey SWLA Esther Tyson SWLA Nneka Uzoigwe Nicholas Verrall RBA ROI David Walker Kimberley Walker John Walsom ROI RSMA Tianyin Wang Christine Watson PS Peter Wileman FROI RSMA Annie Williams RBA Steven Wood Ben Woodhams SWLA Robbie Wraith RP Belinda Wrigley

Paul Newland NEAC Fires Oil 64 x 69 cm £2,000

Kevin Clarkson Something for the Weekend Acrylic 65 x 85 cm £1,200

Thomas Arthurton Umbra Ursae Oil 96 x 116 cm £4,800

Angela Bell Isabel Oil & coloured pencil 25 x 20 cm £825

Janine Shute Just a Teaspoon Pastel 85 x 65 cm £645

Nneka Uzoigwe The Still Life Teacher Oil 75 x 63 cm £4,500

Zuzanna Salamon Tell Me If You Hear Me Falling Charcoal 82 x 62 cm £1,300

Srirangam Mohankumar Pink Lilies Watercolour 71 x 56 cm £700

Catherine MacDiarmid Cold Place 2 Watercolour 60 x 45 cm £950

Merlin Bateman-Paris Polar Bear Charcoal & chalk 86 x 61 cm £8,500

Mark McLaughlin Autumn Oak Oil 96 x 82 cm £6,500

Fiona Roberts Untitled 47 Oil 61 x 46 cm (unframed) £950

Jack Freeman Girl with a Gold Earring Oil 52 x 48 cm £3,400

Nik Pollard SWLA Lee Bay 3, North Devon - 12.02.20 Mixed media 38 x 48 cm £700

Lucy Cariou Summertide (2022) Watercolour 70 x 50 cm £1,300

Keith Bennett PS Adam Plays His Glockenspiel Pastel 84 x 66 cm £850

Tanya Avchinnikova Crosby Beach, Along the Shore Soft pastel 41 x 41 cm £670

Cherryl Fountain Chilli Mania Watercolour 84 x 74 cm £1,900

Jack Haslam Blackbird Watercolour & gouache 50 x 50 cm £480

Adebanji Alade VPROI Black & Gold Landscape III Oil 28 x 40 cm £975 (top)

James Bartholomew RSMA Heavy Seas in the Cove Watercolour & pastel 50 x 127 cm £2,200 (bottom)

Ann Blockley RI Dartmoor Hawthorn Water-based media 72 x 85 cm £1,950

Curtis Holder Sunday 5:04 am Coloured pencil 145 x 124 cm £4,500

Sung Lin Hon To Be Identical Oil 50 x 40 cm (unframed) £560

Benjamin Hope NEAC PS ROI RP RSMA Earthenware, Bottles, and a Kettle Oil 49 x 49 cm £2,300

Hanie Soltani Phantom Gouache 75 x 55 cm £1,500

Norma Stephenson PS Farms and Barns and Grazing Sheep Pastel 47 x 47 cm £750

Ollie Tuck Still Life with Cooked Prawns Oil 22 x 30 cm £475

Shaun Duke Girl in Patterned Dress Oil 95 x 64 cm £1,450

Paul Heredia Stack Oil 30 x 16 cm (unframed) £850

Tim Patrick The Red Room Oil 205 x 170 cm (unframed) £14,000

Steven Allan Griffiths RI Plenitude III Watercolour 88 x 85 cm £4,500

Zi Ling RI HRH Princess Margaret, In the Middle of Pink is the Burning Silence Mixed media 112 x 86 cm £5,000

Maximillion Baccanello Hanging Plums Oil 65 x 45 cm £1,450

Naila Hazell Interacting with Shadows Oil 80 x 100 cm (unframed) £4,000

Steven Outram RBA The Vanishing Day Oil 52 x 48 cm £2,250

Suzon Lagarde Among the Garbage and the Flowers Oil & chalk pastel 100 x 50 cm (unframed) £1,200

David Pilgrim ROI Incoming Tide, Kynance Cove Oil 35 x 42 cm £795

Adam Ralston AROI Tower Bridge Oil 45 x 55 cm £750

Varsha Bhatia RI Entrance, St Pancras Hotel Watercolour 45 x 55 cm £1,000

Janine Baldwin PS Bare Winter Trees Pastel, charcoal & graphite 64 x 64 cm £795

Ruth Fitton Things Not Seen Oil 77 x 57 cm £8,000

Andrii Kateryniuk Golden Hour Oil 53 x 68 cm £1,500

Halla Shafey PS Gardens of Paradise 2 Soft pastel on acrylic 78 x 100 cm £2,650

Luis Morris ROI Ada Oil 45 x 36 cm £900

Lesley Hilling Ubik Mixed media 130 x 130 x 15 cm (unframed) £8,000

Andy Lee Tring Reservoir Oil 27 x 42 cm £450 (top)

Anna Calleja Suspended Oil 40 x 80 cm (unframed) £2,500 (bottom)

Richard Pikesley PPNEAC Cloud Shadows, Eggardon Oil 51 x 53 cm £1,550

Simon Turvey SWLA Spring Oil 60 x 50 cm £2,675

Martyn Baldwin RBA Pink Donna 2 Oil 47 x 37 cm £1,500

Saied Dai NEAC RP Rose with Crescent Moon Oil 80 x 80 cm £14,850

Chris Polunin Snow Scene Oil 55 x 65 cm £2,900

Stephen Leho 2020 Oil 73 x 57 cm £3,800

Emily Gillbanks Four Things Oil 160 x 190 cm (unframed) £16,588

Carolyn Simpson ARSMA Snoozing Duck Soapstone 16 x 40 x 15 cm £1,300

Liz Myhill Sudden Hailstorm Mixed media 100 x 140 cm £2,400

Robbie Wraith RP Keys & Postcards Watercolour 53 x 43 cm £3,500

John Threlfall SWLA Mid Afternoon, Midsummer, The Ross of Mull Pastel 53 x 65 cm £680

Steven Wood Self Portrait Watercolour 82 x 57 cm £1,800

Michael Alford The White Well Oil 66 x 66 cm £2,450

Kristian Evju Interventions II Mixed media 60 x 100 cm (unframed) £9,000

Mark Elsmore RI Jophiel’s Vacation Watercolour 76 x 57 cm £820

Felicity House PS Tulips and Peppers Pastel 59 x 47 cm £850

Brian Smith RI Art Quarter New Orleans Watercolour 64 x 78 cm £1,800

Maria Kaleta Platinum Jubilee Weekend at Piccadilly Circus, London Oil pastel 78 x 101 cm £1,750

Michelle Anderson Landscape Composition 8 Oil 28 x 34 cm £530

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI Line Chefs, Prepping Oil 47 x 42 cm £695

Will Taylor RBA A Certain Attitude Etching (edition of 50) 61 x 69 cm £495

Samuel Owusu Achiaw Looking Charcoal & graphite 70 x 85 cm POA

Jason Line NEAC The Studio Window on a Summer’s Day Charcoal 90 x 70 cm £1,200

Annie Williams RBA Patchwork in Blue II Watercolour 58 x 67 cm £900

Nicholas Middleton Broken Rails Oil 30 x 42 cm £600

Rika Newcombe Green Stylus No. 3 Ink 43 x 47 cm £1,400

Sandra Kuck Beauty in Morning Light Oil 137 x 76 cm £29,500

Christine Watson PS Fez Scaffolding VIII Pastel 75 x 58 cm £650

Frances Bell AROI RP Edd in the Window Oil 94 x 94 cm £7,800

Margaret Glass PS At Low Tide Pastel 40 x 60 cm £750

Sarah Granville Neighbours Gouache 36 x 48 cm £480

Gregory Smith Warspite Oil 42 x 57 cm £700

Sarah Spencer VPNEAC Norfolk Seascape Oil 35 x 39 cm £975

Richard P Cook RBA River Thames Looking towards St Pauls Oil 70 x 90 cm £3,500

Amanda Coleman ROI Early Morning - Hope Valley Oil 23 x 38 cm £650 (top)

Alistair Butt RSMA Early Spring in Borrowdale, Cumbria Oil 40 x 69 cm £1,600 (bottom)

Tianyin Wang The Crown Charcoal 55 x 55 cm £720

Rob Pointon ROI Amongst the Pillars of The Royal Exchange Oil 60 x 70 cm £1,900

Phoebe Dickinson Sunset Study Oil 29 x 46 cm £2,600

John Walsom ROI RSMA Green Space Oil 52 x 41 cm £1,500

Brin Edwards SWLA Blackbirds with Apples and Jackdaws Oil 75 x 85 cm £1,895

Dea Campbell Ladybird, Ladybird Acrylic 153 x 81 cm £3,200

Peter Wileman FROI RSMA Something Deeper Oil 103 x 128 cm £9,500

Ben Woodhams SWLA Rising Tide II, Wadden Sea Watercolour 75 x 95 cm £1,150

Nicholas Verrall RBA ROI Reflections Martigues Oil 50 x 60 cm £3,850

Will Calver Still Life with Radishes Oil 34 x 34 cm £1,000

Gareth Brown RSMA Euphorbia Leaves II Oil 83 x 78 cm £2,950

J F Morgan RSMA On Station - The Pilot Schooner “Nordsee” David Walker Leadenhall Street Oil 55 x 75 cm Watercolour 43 x 42 cm £1,500 £850

Charlotte Bullock The Beast Oil pastel 145 x 195 cm £12,000

Paula Mitchell Four Sale Oil 37 x 37 cm £800

Caitlin Heslop By Your Side Pastel 44 x 54 cm £590

Teresa Lawler RI Ark 2 : On the Edge of the City Oil & acrylic 80 x 80 cm £2,800

Ruth Stage NEAC Evening Hydrangeas Tempera 60 x 68 cm £2,000

Belinda Wrigley Shadow Play Oil 160 x 125 cm £2,750

Sian Tillott Blossom at Kew Graphite & charcoal 66 x 86 cm £1,400

Esther Tyson SWLA Adult Raven Preening First Screenprint (edition of 250, 50 available) 37 x 50 cm £250

Richard Cross Tribulation Watercolour, gouache & ink 41 x 51 cm £750

Kimberley Walker In the Pink Watercolour & gouache 76 x 81 cm £1,250

Dave Roberts Autumn Storm at Loggerheads Pastel 64 x 82 cm £950

Hero Johnson Donna with Strawberry Tree Branches Oil 120 x 100 cm (unframed) £8,000